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Hotel Mumbai (2018) - full transcript

Hotel Mumbai tells the astonishing true story of the victims and survivors of the devastating attacks on Mumbai in 2008. A story which fearlessly tackles the defining global issues of our time. A story about ordinary people. Real people. People of all races, all colours, all creeds, binding together in a gruelling fight for survival. A story that celebrates humanity's highest ideals - compassion, courage, resilience and an unwavering desire to live.

You feel strong.

You feel calm.

There is no fear in your heart.

Look across at your brothers...

and see me in their eyes.

You are all like sons to me.

I am with you.

God is with you.

Paradise awaits you.

God is great.

VT station. Quickly.

Cafe Lilopal, quick.

Yes, Brother.

We're leaving now.

You know the Taj Hotel?

Your sister didn't come. Again.

She's at home with the flu.


How late are you?


Get some rest and
I'll see you in the morning.

It's okay my darling.
It's okay.

Why are you crying?

Why are you crying?

Look around you, my brothers.

Look at all they've stolen...

From your fathers.

From your grandfathers.

Remember your training.

Don't draw
attention to yourselves.

Don't be late
to your destinations.

Timing is critical.

Start with the
train station first.

All other targets
within the next 30 minutes.

Remember, the whole
world will be watching.


- Ajmal, where are you?
- I'm in the toilet come quickly.


Coming! Coming!

Behind the car!

We'll kill these fuckers.

All of them!

Let's go!

Kill the bastards!
Kill them all.

I'll take the one...

with curly hair.

Yes, she's sexy.



The tall one.

What did he say?
Give him the phone.

Are you fucking blind?

You didn't see me coming?!
You didn't see?!

Who drives like this?!

You can't see straight!
You jumped in front of my car!

So what, you'd run me over?!

What's your problem?!

There's been an attack.
Is the hotel safe?!

Yes, of course.

So everything is okay there?

Yes, sir. All okay here.

Have you ever seen such a place?


It's just a hotel.

It looks like paradise.

Let's unpack here.

A bit further back.

The girls are
in my suite already?


Start without me,
and I'll be up after dinner.

Phase one is complete, Brother.

We're moving upstairs.

Well done,
you've done good work.

One thing...

Keep your
phone on at all times.

I want to hear their
cries with my own ears.

These animals have no humanity,
Abdullah, remember this.

Yes Brother.

None of them
deserve Allah's mercy.

Yes Brother. God is great.

God is great.

Where is she?

She's here somewhere.

I saw her come in.


Houssam, come here!
Look at this.

Look, they have a
machine to flush their shit.

Even shitting is fun.


Hello, Brother.

Imran! What's happening?

I've just finished
killing another woman.

Well done.

Now listen...
I have to tell you something.

Yes, Brother?

Stand them up in
a doorway next time.

So when the bullet goes through
their heads, it goes outside.

You don't want it ricocheting
back into the room.


Okay, Brother. Okay.

There are a few
people gathered downstairs,

throw some grenades at them.

There's no harm in throwing
a few grenades, my brother.


Yes! Yes!

Yes, Brother.

We will give them a surprise.

Throw some grenades.

Okay, okay, Brother.

What did he say?

He said "Throw the grenades."

Yeah, we've got some.
Let's throw them.


Try this.

What is it?

It's very tasty, try it.

You ate this?!

Go on, try it.

You moron!

This is pork, throw it away!

Spit! Spit! Spit!

Do you need water?

Take it, take it.

May Allah forgive you.

You dumbass, they're vegetables.


Eat it.

Fucking asshole.

Why are you getting angry?

Go away.

Imran, I was just kidding!

Get fucked.

- We need to go upstairs!
- I'll go from the other end.

Imran, come back, buddy.

Papa will come home
and we'll play together.

It's okay, Seva.

It's okay.

It's okay...

It's okay.

Get them back!

Hey, cameras back! Go back!

Cameras get back! Get them back!
Get them back now!

I've got four men.

- Only four?
- Yes.

We have to do something.

Special Forces are hours away,
they're still in Delhi.

- Still in Delhi?!
- Yes.

And we have orders to
stand down until they arrive.

We have to do something...

The CCTV room is
on the second floor.



We'll go up there!

We'll see their positions!
We can't just wait here.

If we just stand here...

there won't be anyone left.

God is watching
over you my child.

Close your eyes,
let's pray together.


What good have prayers
ever done us, Mother?

What can I say?

I'm worried about you.

I love you. I'll pray for you.

I'll call you.

Okay, my dear.

Call 409.

Hurry up and call 409!

Call 409.

Call 409!


Hands up.

Keep your hands up.

Who are you?

Please, I have a family!

He's clean.

We're police.

This area is not safe, go back.

CCTV room, where is it?!

Where is the CCTV room?

CCTV room? Tell me!

Tell me!

Move. Move. Move.

Hang on, Brother. I'll check.

Seems Chinese.

Could be Japanese.

But she's dressed
like an American.

Good, we want Americans.
But alive next time.

We need rich hostages.
Important hostages.

No passport, no wallet. Nothing.

Check her bra.

Put your hand in
her bra and check there.

No, I'm so sorry Brother...

I can't touch her there.

She's an infidel.
It's not a sin.


Imran, check now.

Get Up!


Hands up! Hands up!

Hands up! Hands up!

Turn around! Turn that way!

Turn that way!

Hurry up!

I've got a white boy.
Chinese girl's boyfriend.

Well done, Imran.
Take him to the suite.

And find more hostages.
Important looking hostages.

This way, this way!

Inshallah, Brother.

Are you deaf, asshole?
I'll fuck you up!

Right! Right!

You don't understand
left and right?!

Yes, I'm here. Open the door.

Stay quiet.

This way, this is the room.



- They're just boys.
- Hello?

- Hello sir.
- Yes, Patel?

We've reached the CCTV room.

There's only two of us left.

Send more men.

I can't, there's
too many VIPs inside.

We've got orders to
wait for Special Forces.

Where is this room?

Colaba Police.

Open up.

Mohit Singh.

Colaba Police, open up.

We are here to save you.

There's another one!

Main lobby.

There's the Chambers Lounge,
there are many people there.

Open up, motherfuckers.

How many people are in there?!

At least fifty,
could be more by now.

Fifty people?

How many bullets do you have?




Open up!

Open up, fuckers!

None of you will be spared!

Stay here and
lock the door, okay?

Open up, motherfuckers!

It's just one guy. Get ready.


Abdullah? What is it?

There's two more!

There are people in there.
I heard noises.

We've got to shoot them.

Kill them all.

No, no, no.


- They have gone this side.
- Houssam, be careful.

Are they behind us?!

I don't know.

Doctor? We need a medic please.

Hey, Houssam...

Do you believe the Bull will
give the money to our families?

Imran, we're in
service of Allah...

Nothing else matters.

The Bull says we need
more hostages, let's go.

His leg is hurt,
it's hard for him to walk.

What happened?

It's just a scratch.
Houssam, you go too.

Take care.


Keep an eye on
the American, okay?

Alright, good.


Father! Father, it's Imran.

Imran? Thank God. Thank God.

Jamilla, it's your brother.

How's your
training going, Imran?

Training is going well, Father.

Father, I called to say...

Father I love you so much,
I love you all so much...

We all love you very much.
Your mother misses you a lot.

You're making us
all proud, my son.

Father, I wanted to ask, did
they give you the money yet?

No, not yet my child.

No money yet.

But don't worry, these
are very noble men of Allah.

Very good people.

Father, make sure you
get the money from them.

They swore it on the Holy Quran.

Father, give my love
to Jamilla and Mother.

- Father.
- Imran?

- Father... Father... Father
- Imran, are you there? Imran?

Go that way.

Go that way!

Go that way!

Go back!


Shut up and move.

Rashid, what's going on?

I got two more, Brother.
High rollers.

Good. Put them with the others.

Later, you'll line
them up by the windows.

And blow their brains out
for all the cameras below.


Get down!

Get down!

Stop! Get down!

Get down!

Tie him up.

Hands behind your back.

Whoah. Gently, gently.
Just her hands...

She look local?

Who is Brother Bull?

You can do whatever
you want to me.

I don't know.

Brother Bull...

what did he ask you to do?

He said...

"You are Muslims."

"The infidels defraud you."

"They left you in poverty."

"They left you behind,
as they went ahead."


"Do Jihad."

"Go and do Jihad."

Call him again.

What was your plan?
Where were you going next?

We were going to die.

His phone is off.

Houssam and I were just outside.
We're here now.

Yes, we already lit the fire.

Okay, I'll ask.

What's your name?

What's your name?

What? What's your name?

Tell me! Speak!

- What's your name?
- I don't understand.

What, asshole? What?



Ask him in English.

Ask him. "What is your name?"


Tell him.


I'm sorry Brother, I don't
understand. It's a long name.

That's alright, Abdullah. Check
his pockets, check his wallet.

Check everywhere,
you will find something.

Okay, Brother.

Hold this.

Check his pockets.

What's all this?

Yes sir, this is Houssam.

Yes Houssam?

We found his
wallet and passport.

Send me a photo of it.

Just a second.

Good, we will
run a check on him.

Sending it now.

Don't touch it.

Fuck off!

Fucking peasants.

You dog!

Spit on me!

Spit on me!

Just try, you dog!

Spit on me!

Spit on me!

You, stay down!

Heads down! Heads down!

- Houssam?
- Yes?

What's that noise,
what's happening?

Abdullah, he's gone mad!
He broke the Russian's ribs!

- Put the Russian on.
- Okay, Okay.

Speak to him.

Put Abdullah on.

Yes Brother?

What are you doing?!

He spat in my face, Okay?

Abdullah, calm down.

This is not the
time to get angry.

These people are
not important anymore.

CNN just showed that Special
Forces have landed in Mumbai.

You should be clear-headed
about what to do next.

- Understand?
- Yeah...

- Yes, Brother!
- Yes! Yes, Brother Bull.


It's time.

From Mumbai to Washington,
let them hear their screams...

as we've heard
our Muslim brothers scream.

God is great, Brother.


Brother is saying, it's time.

All praise to Allah!

Imran, you stay here.

Keep an eye on them.
If anyone moves...

Anyone moves,
you shoot them. Okay?

Stay down!

Stay down!

Don't you understand?!
Get down or I'll shoot you!

Brother says we must light
every corner of the hotel.




Be quiet, or I'll shoot you!


Get to the Chambers lounge!

A lot of people are escaping!

Sisterfuckers, sons of pigs.

Hurry, go now!

Yes, Brother! Yes!

Go upstairs!
People are escaping!

Yes, Brother.

Yes, understood. I'm going now.

- Hello Brother.
- Imran.

Many people are escaping
from the Chambers Lounge.


Get to the Chambers
Lounge, right now.

Chamber Lounge...

Okay, what about the hostages?

Kill them all.

Okay, Brother.

There is no God but Allah...

Allah the kind,
Allah the gentle...

Hey witch!

How do you know this verse?!

There is no God but Allah...

Shut up... Shut up...

Shut up.

Shut up or I'll shoot you!

How do you know this verse?!

How do you know it?!

Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up!

Shut up or I'll shoot you!
I will shoot you!

I'll shoot you,
I'll shoot you...

Imran, talk to me.

Is it done?
Have you killed them?

No Brother...
One of them is Muslim.

One of them is Muslim.

It's okay if he's Muslim.

Finish him off.

Focus on your mission.
Finish him off.

It's a woman, she's performing
Salah. She's performing Salah!

Eyes down! Eyes down!

Shoot her, Imran. Shoot her!

God willing this is also a
good deed. Just shoot her.

Imran, shoot her!

Close your eyes!
I'll kill you!

I'll kill you!
Close your eyes!

Eyes down!

Eyes down!



It's blocked.
Let's go further up.

This is it. This is it.


Get back. I'll teach them...


- Rashid, get back!
- They've gone this way!


Stop, or we'll shoot you!

Allah awaits you.

For Allah's sake,
you must not retreat.


Give me a magazine!

I'm out. I'm out.

Be brave, my lions.

The whole world is watching you.

Allah awaits you in paradise.

Keep your phones on...

so the whole
world can hear you roar.

All glory to Allah!

God is great!