Hosto (2023) - full transcript

Patrick gets a visa to Japan in order to provide for his family. But when he needs to earn bigger, he is introduced to becoming a hosto. Can he survive this world full of indecent proposals? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I am Patrick, twenty-six years old.

My life story is not that different
from other young men.

The Lord changed
my life when CA was born.

He is not like other kids.

Since that day, I swore that
whatever happens, I’d raise my son well.

As long as I am alive.

7 I was impulsive in my youth.

8 I thought what I felt was true love.

9 But I was wrong.

I just got carried away by earthly desires.

Then someone came into my tumultuous life.

He slowly guided me towards the right path.

Our relationship may seem wrong to
society and is considered as a sin by God.

But for me, one of the most beautiful
things that happened in my life,

was the day I met Daniel.

- Daniel.
- Yes?

Thank you for everything.

- So dramatic.
- No, I mean it.

Thank you. If it hadn’t been for your
help, I wouldn’t be able to go to Japan.

I’d do anything for you. You
know I love you very much.

Don’t measure my love by
the money I spend on you.

No, it’s not the money.
Everything you've done for me,

how you’ve been helping
me, I really owe you a lot.

You don’t have to pay
your debt of gratitude.

What’s important is that you’re here.

Enough of that.

It’s Vicky.

- Hello?
- Hello, Daniel! How are you?

Are Patrick’s documents ready?

Yes, they're all complete.

Everything you need.
His visa, school papers,

letter of acceptance, even
his highschool diploma.

- I have them all here. - That's good.

I also e-mailed you his flight details.

I’ll check. I’ll take care of your darling.

- His class is from 9 to 12.
- He’ll be done with school by lunch time,

after school, he’ll go
straight to your souvenir shop.


That's just 1 to 5 right? Don’t
worry, this kid works hard.


He’ll be able to fulfill his
dream to study in Japan,

- so he can work there.
- That’s all because of you.

Thank you my friend. See you soon.

- Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him.
- Okay

- See you soon. - See you! Bye!

What’s that?

For your expenses.
You’ll need this, take it.

Thank you, Daniel, you're really kind.

Thank you.


- Hi Patrick!
- Hey, Patrick’s here!

- Son.
- Patrick.

- I'm glad you're here.
- I just got my documents from Daniel.

- Your papers are all good?
- Yes, I have them here.

- Are you sure they're complete?
- Yes, Dad.

- Have you eaten?
- I’m good, Mom.

- We still have sardines.
- I just dropped by to give you this.

To help with the expenses here.

Thank you, we’ve actually
ran out of money, son.

- What food would you like?
- I’m fine.

I really just wanted to hand you that.

- Thank you.
- Okay, I still need to pack my things.

- You will be leaving now?
- Yes, Dad.

- You take care, okay?
- I will.

- I forgot.
- Yes?

Daniel will have a farewell
lunch for me tomorrow.

- We’ll eat at a restaurant.
- Really?

Wear something nice.

- If you say so!
- Dad, please take a bath.

Of course, we’ll be eating out!

- Thank you.
- Okay, Mom. See you tomorrow.

- Bye.
- You take care.

Patrick’s a really good person.

Let’s eat.

You eat a lot, okay?

- Where have you been?
- I went to Mom’s house.

- How are they doing? - They’re okay.

- Delicious!
- Very good.

How's Daniel?

He already took care of all
my requirements for Japan.

That’s great. You eat now.

Later, I’ll just take a shower.

- Let’s just eat when CA’s done, alright?
- Okay.

You don’t want any more?


Son, always remember, value your
education and study well when you’re there.

And of course, do not forget

how Daniel has helped
all of us, especially you.

- Yes, Dad.
- Never forget that.

- Son, be careful there.
- You too, take care of yourselves, okay?

Of course.

Patrick, don't forget your gifts for me.

Even used items as long as
they're branded.

Remember: second hand but branded!

- Me, I just want cup noodles.
- What kind?

Noodles are cheap there.
"Nissan" seafood noodles.

What do you mean? Nissan’s a car!

Oh, I meant Nissin. Nissin ramen.

How long is your flight?

I think four hours.

Three and a half hours.

Where in Japan will you go?

I think it’s Fukuoka, or...
Is it Kita.. Kitakyushu?

Son, it’s also my dream to go to Japan.

Is it cold there?

They say it’s cold there now.

- Does it snow there?
- I’m not sure.

I think CA can sense that he won’t be
seeing me for a long time. He’s quiet.

Good thing our grandson’s
with us in this trip.

- He still doesn’t know.
- He’s a good boy.

Son, take care.

Thanks. Aunt, take care of things here.

Make sure you don’t forget!
Bring home gifts for us.

Take care now, okay?

All baggage must be
stowed in the nearest storage.

Do not place baggage in
the aisle, or around the exit.


- Hello, welcome to Japan.
- Hello!

You okay? How’s the trip?

Fine. I'm feeling
a bit anxious now.


My husband. This is Patrick.

Patrick, you will see later
our house is near the ocean.

21 The oceans in Japan are beautiful.

Yes, but I think the beaches
in the Philippines are better.

What’s that about, Aunt Vicky?

Oh, that’s seijinshiki, a
ceremony here in Japan.

It means, they’ve reached the age of 20,
their time of transitioning into adults.

They have to be responsible now.
They’re no longer kids or teenagers.

They can decide for themselves now.

Oh, they have that here.

Let's bring down your bags.

Please help us. Thank you.

- That's heavy.
- Come this way, Patrick.

This is our home.


- Welcome to our home.
- Please come in.

We're home.

Patrick, let’s take off our shoes.


We can’t take our shoes
inside the house, okay?

Go ahead.

I have to leave for work now.

Yes, I'll take care of
everything here. Bye.

You can leave the shoes here,
and we have slippers over there.

Alright, I’ll take care of it.

Let me help you.

Here, you can use this.

Patrick, wear this.


Come in!

As you can see, we put slippers here.

If you’ve used it outside,
you can’t bring it in,

unlike what’s done
sometimes in the Philippines.

You’re going to work now? This is
my daughter, Thea. This is Patrick.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Do you really need to go now? - Yes.

She’ll be working with you,
at the place we told you about.

At the souvenir shop.

- Alright dear, take care.
- Bye.

- I'm leaving.
- Take care.

You can eat whatever food we eat.
That’s included in your board and lodging.

I'm sure you need time to
get used in our food here.

So if you crave Filipino
food, you can cook here.

- Just not dried fish.
- Okay!

The house will smell.

And another house rule.
Alcoholic drinks are not allowed.

You can have a bit, but never get drunk.

And another one: no drugs, alright?

- Drugs are forbidden.
- I don’t do drugs.

That’s all. I’ll prepare lunch in a bit.

Where’s the comfort room?

On your left. The door on the left side.

This is the second floor.

- This will be your room, Patrick.
- Okay.

Be careful.

That’s Richard. This is
Patrick. He’s also a Filipino.

- What’s up, bro.
- I'm good.

- Alright.
- I’ll just rest for a bit.

Get settled first, come
down when you're ready.

I’ll cook Japanese food for you.

- Thanks, Aunt.
- Okay. See you later.


- Hey, bro.
- Hey.

How’s the Philippines?

Not much has changed,
traffic’s still the same.

- The traffic.
- Still polluted.

Anyway, can I connect to the WIFI here?

Sure, here it is.


- That one.
- Thank you.

If you need anything, I'm here.

Okay, thanks, man!

- Hello?
- Hello, Daniel.

I’m here at Aunt Vicky’s house, she’s nice.

She and her husband
picked me up at the airport.

Yes, I told them to pick you up.

It’s so cold here, and it’s very clean.

Well you’re in Japan,
and it’s winter there now.

Are the people nice to you? So be
good, try to get along with everyone.

Alright. I’ll call you again when I get to
work or when I need to ask something.

I might get shy asking Aunt Vicky.

Sure, just give me an update. Okay, bye!

Alright, bye!

Excuse me, ma’am, where’s Classroom A?

- On the second floor.
- Thank you.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

My name is Mr. Yokota.

I'm 65 years old.

My birthday is October 14.

I like Sumo Wrestling.

It's nice to meet you all.

What's your name?

I'm Khatri Khom Bahadur.

Mr. Khatri.

Sambahamphe Limbu Manju Kala.

Ms. Manju Kala.

I'm Magar Ajaya.

- Thapa Susan.
- Mr. Thapa Susan.

I'm Karl Ramesh.

- What's your name?
- I'm Nath Suresh.

- What's your name?
- I'm Regmi Janaki.

- What's your name?
- I'm Sapkota Suraj.

- What's your name?
- I'm Patrick Cruz.

- What Patrick...
- Cruz.

Mr. Patrick. Thank you.

I'm Katwal Sanchina.

- What's your name?
- I'm Karki Sailendra.

Everyone said their names?

- Where are you from?
- I'm from Nepal.

- Nepal.
- I'm from Nepal.

- Where are you from?
- I'm from Thailand.

- Where are you from?
- I'm from Indonesia.

Where are you from?

I'm from the Philippines.

- Where are you from?
- I'm from Nepal.


- Hello, Daniel.
- Hey, what’s up?

It’s my first day in school.

How was it?

It’s tough, I can’t
understand anything.

We’re not allowed to speak English.

I should’ve studied the Japanese language
before I came here, even the basic words.

Nihongo, you mean. Start
learning it, do your best.

Yes, what else can I do, I’m here already.

Well, you take
care over there.


I just wanted to
give you an update.


Thank you. Bye.

Tsujiri Chaho Souvenir shop

Good day.

Good day.

- Welcome to our shop.
- Welcome.

Hey Patrick, how did
your first day in class go?

It was so hard. I did not
expect it to be that difficult.

It's only hard at first, but
you’ll get used to it for sure.


- Class dismissed.
- Bye teacher.

- Bye sir.
- Bye.

- Suresh, can we talk?
- Okay.

Are we allowed to work here in Japan?

It’s okay but only for 28 hours in a week.

Students are not allowed
to work more than that.

I see. Thank you.

- Thea.
- Yes.

If, for example, I tried
to look for another job,

do you think Aunt Vicky would get mad?

I don’t think so.

But that’s up to you. Can you handle it?

Look at your situation. You go
to school then you go to the shop.

Do you think you can do it?

I have to even
though I’m studying.

I need to send money back home.

You know I have a family.

I understand.

Okay, I know someone. Would
you like to work at a hotel?

- Sure!
- Alright, I’ll recommend you.

Thank you, Thea.

Thank you.

Please let me see your biodata.

This is your passport?

Did you bring also your alien
card? Can I photocopy your IDs?

I will also photocopy your passport.

How old are you?

Sorry, I don't understand.
Please speak in English.

Okay, how old are you?

- Twenty-six.
- Twenty-six? Okay.

But if you live here, you should
know how to speak Japanese.

Otherwise you’ll have a hard time here.

So please study the Japanese
language well. While you’re here.

You can work here from
six to twelve midnight.

Excuse me.

Thank you for your hard work.






Yes... (Have you seen a Japanese movie?)


I have...

Oh really?

What kind of movie is it?

Let's go together.

Don't you know?

Is it your first time to go?

I'm at the airport.

- I'm going.
- I'm going.

- This is Tokyo.
- This is Tokyo.

- This is Kokura.
- This is Kokura.

I'm going to Kokura.

I'm going to Kokura.

By bullet train.

To Kokura. I'm going.

I'm going to
Kokura by bullet train.

I'm going to
Kokura by bullet train.

I'm going to Kokura by bullet train.

I'm going to
Kokura by bullet train.

I'm going to
Kokura by bullet train.

Okay, we’ll study this now.

- I am...
- I am...

- Filipino...
- Filipino...

It means, I am a Filipino.


- Mount Fuji is...
- Mount Fuji is...

- Beautiful...
- Beautiful...

It means, Mount Fuji is beautiful.

‘Kirei’ means beautiful.

- Sorry. My wife’s calling.
- Okay.

Hi, sorry...

I just remembered, we
need money for CA's therapy.

I'll take care of it.

Okay, thank you.
Where are you?

I’m at work.

What are you doing now?

I’m learning to
speak Japanese.

And this is Thea. Aunt Vicky’s daughter.

Hi Thea!

Is that allowed babe? Aren’t
you supposed to be working?

It’s fine. Thea’s the manager here.

Okay. I’ll attend to CA now.

- Take care. Bye.
- Okay, bye. I love you.

- Bro, let's eat.
- That looks delicious.

Bro, may I have a spoon?

Forget about using a spoon,

practice eating with chopsticks.

All Japanese use chopsticks.

Is that so? Okay.

It’s easy.

What were you saying
earlier? About your mother?

My mother is a friend of Aunt Vicky.

My mother used to help her.
Until she married a Japanese.

She got lucky.

So now, I’m the one who’s with her.

So where do you work?

At a hotel. I work as a bellboy.

- Bellboy?
- Yes.

- How’s the salary, is it big?
- It’s big.

The salary is small, but
the tips make up for it.

I can earn 10 thousand yen in
just a day. That’s the minimum.

How much in Philippine peso?

About five thousand.

As long as you can
sweet-talk the Japanese.

It’s big, right?

That’s just for one night.

Bro, maybe you can get me hired
there? I need to have extra income.

Just make sure there’s
no issue with Aunt Vicky.

That won’t happen.

Okay, I’ll take care of you.

- You sure that job’s safe?
- Yes.

I’ll take care of you.

Come with me later, you can check it out.


Hey, come with me. See where I work.

- Here?
- Yes, upstairs. Come on!

- Just do what I do.
- Okay.

You told me to
copy what you do.

Not my walk.

You should have clarified.

[chattering ]

- Baby!
- Baby!

Babe, this is my friend, Patrick.

This is Bechay, my girlfriend.

I’m Bechay.

- You’re Filipino?
- Yes.

- Can you speak Nihongo?
- Not really.

You should learn it so
you can get customers.

Alright, we’ll just go over
there. You just observe what I do.

[customers chatting]

Thank you.


- Is he new?
- That handsome guy?

Our regular customer
wants you please join us.


Come, join us.

I don’t drink, sorry,

Thank you.

He's cute.

Bottoms up!

Are you going to snitch
on me to Aunt Vicky?

- I won’t.
- Really?

Don’t worry.

Working as a bellboy sounds
better than being a callboy, so it’s fine.

Moron, I’m not a callboy.

You can find callboys on the street,
while hostos are respected here.

It’s alright. You might
be the one to tell on me.

Why would I do that?

Let’s go.

- You okay?
- Yes.

We’ll go there, it’s my favorite,
the Yomohei ramen shop.

Their menu looks delicious.

Haven’t you had enough of ramen,
we’ve eaten here a hundred times.

Babe, let’s not
argue, let’s get in.


You know how to use the
chopsticks already, right?

Babe, order again.

Let’s finish this first!

This isn’t enough,
it’s embarrassing.

- Please.
- We’ve been with him for hours.

The only thing I know
about him is he’s Patrick.

Patrick is a new lodger where I live.

- You know where I live, right?
- Yes.

- What’s your plan here in Japan?
- Me?

I'm studying here. But I need extra
income so I tagged along with Richard.

What about you?

I also work at a bar, like Richard.

But right now. I’m his
customer slash girlfriend.

What type of visa do you have?

Entertainer visa.

It’s only good for three months
so I just go back and forth.

I pay my employer so he’ll
sponsor me for the visa.

Isn’t that expensive?

It’s okay. That’s why I work
at a bar where I earn a lot,

but this guy just spends it all.

Hey, that’s not true. Don’t believe her.

Just joking.

- Come on, order more food.
- You do it.

Try this. It's yummy.

Your order is here.

Thank you babe. This is also good.

Here, try it.

Sure, thank you.

How’s your stay here in Japan?

I’m having a hard time because I don’t
understand Japanese that much yet...

But it’s fun here when you get used to it.

- You’ll start to feel at home here.
- Yes.

Of course you’ll miss your family in
the Philippines, but you’ll enjoy it here.

426 At least, here, we’re together, my
baby’s always with me, supporting me.

You're such a sweet talker!

Order again!

- You want to order again?
- Sake.

Let's get some sake.

- You okay?
- Of course.

I love you.

I love you.

You smell so good.

You're such a charmer.

Babe, can you give me 30 thousand yen?

I knew you’d ask. Wait.

That’s why I love you so much.

- What is he doing?
- What is he doing?

He is eating his meal.

He is eating his meal.

- Hello, mom, what’s up?
- Hello, son.

Son, how are you?

I’m sorry, I had to call.

Your father hasn’t
taken medicine for two days.


His BP and sugar level increased.

Then the electric
disconnection just arrived too.

I’m shy to ask Daniel for help.

The money he gave has just run out.

Okay, I’ll try to come
up with some money.

I’m at school right now.

I’m sorry to bother you son.

Alright, you take care.

If you want to work, I can hire you.

But you know that those with student
visa are not allowed work at night.

So here's my deal: you will
get 60 percent of your salary,

then the 40 percent is
my cut, for my protection.

No problem. I just really
need to earn more money.

Sorry, excuse me.



Thank you.

If you turn this volume,
the sound will be louder.

This is your pay for this week.

I already took my cut.

Thank you.

You can work longer hours next
week so you can earn more, okay?


- Hello Patrick!
- Hello.

Please help me. I got into trouble.

What kind of trouble?

I got into a fight and
they found drugs on me.

What the hell! What
mess you got yourself into?

Yeah, I didn’t mean for this
to happen. Please help me.

The police are
asking for 50 thousand.

50 thousand?

Where will I get that much money?

So what can I do, Patrick, I
don't have anyone else to turn to.

Why won’t you stop getting
involved in that kind of thing!

This is the last time bro. I
promise not to do it again.

What am I supposed to do?

I hope you can help me, the police
will put me behind bars if I don't pay up.

Okay, I will try but I can't
promise. I'll see what I can do.

I’ll call you later. Alright, goodbye.

- Bro, how are you?
- Bro, I’m sorry.

What’s the matter?

I’ve no one to ask help from.

Okay, I'll get money tonight.

Bottoms up!


Well, do your thing. Be slick.

Of course.

- Thanks, bro.
- I'll go ahead.

- Baby!
- Excuse me.


Thank you.

Our guest is here.

- Good evening.
- Hi.

Is he available now?

Your order, your usual drinks?

Yes and him.

Got it.

Please get her drinks and Patrick.

- Madame is calling you.
- Okay.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Hi! I am Patrick.

It's nice to meet you.

- Can you speak Japanese?
- Just a little.

- Oh a little.
- Yes.

- Cheers!
- Bro.

You can do it.

Where are we going? Let's have ramen.


You're so cute.

I will come here every night to see you.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Here’s your money.

Excuse me! Sorry!

Thea… I’m a mess right now.

It’s so hard to survive in
another country… just to earn.

All the hard work, the sweat
and blood’s never enough…

I’ve even sold my soul just to earn more.

I wish I could forgive myself
for everything I’ve done.

I’ve done many things
here that’s against my will.

I don’t know how far and for how
long I must carry this weight inside me.

But there are things I
must do for my family.

It just hurts that I have
to forget myself to do it.

I hope I can forgive myself
for what I’ve been doing.

I don’t know how I can go back from this.

Patrick, look at me.

I believe that you can do it.

You will get through this.

Whatever problem comes into
your life, I know you can survive it.

♪ I thought I saw you again
in the midst of strangers ♪

You can do this, okay?

♪ I thought I saw you again
in the midst of strangers ♪

♪ So I closed my eyes and thought of you ♪

♪ All I remember is the
moment that I was with you ♪

♪ I can’t see you walking
besides me anymore ♪

- I'll go ahead.
- Patric, wait!

Daniel and I talked yesterday.

Since you're earning extra income,

you'll be paying the full rent now.

- Okay?
- Understood.

I'll pay for the rent by
the end of the month.


♪ I remember every piece of you ♪

♪ Atmosphere of that day ♪

♪ Same like the day we were together ♪

♪ If we can continue how we were,

I will devote my heart to
you forever and ever ♪

♪ I believe forever ♪

♪ I believe ♪

Patrick, I was thinking…
it’s just a suggestion…

so you can fix your life here in
Japan and make things easier.

We can get married.

- Are you sure?
- It’s not what you think.

Since I am a Japanese citizen here,

we can have an arrangement...

a marriage of convenience.

Then after one year,
we can file for divorce.

That way, your life here
will be so much easier.

You can work here legally.
And earn more for your family.

But I can’t afford to pay you.

You don’t need to pay me.

I just want to help you, and
we’re friends anyway, right?

Hello, Daniel! I have
to tell you something.

Thea is suggesting we get married.

I don’t know how I’m
supposed to face Aunt Vicky.

She might get angry at me,

and think that I'm abusing
her daughter's kindness.

Your call.

Think it over.

That’s a great offer, and your
child can definitely benefit from that.

So what do you think?
Should I accept her proposal?

Well, you’ll need to have a
serious talk with your wife about that.

Explain to her the nature of
your arrangement with Thea.

Okay. Goodbye.

- Hello?
- Hello Jenny!

Babe! I'm glad you called.

I have good news for you.

What’s that babe?

You remember Aunt Vicky’s daughter?


Yeah, I remember.

She's willing to help me.

We will get married, but
that’s just on paper, don’t worry.

Jenny, our dream is to live
here in Japan with our son.

After one year, we’ll get divorced.

Babe, stop that.

Our agreement is that
you’ll just study there, right?

What marriage are you talking
about? Stop this nonsense.

What are you thinking?
She has good intentions.

I can work here legally.

Stop it, Patrick,
don’t force this on me.

Jenny-- Hello?

Jenny, listen to me. Don’t get angry,

and don’t get jealous.

I won’t have it. Don’t
make a fool out of me.

We are not having an affair.

Whatever, I don’t
want to talk anymore.


Sorry about that.



- You piece of shit!
- Bechay...

- Stop it, Bechay!
- Don’t touch me!

You two-timing son of a bitch!

Please stop!

Let go of me!

You won’t get a cent from me again.


Hello, Jenny…

Please talk to me, don’t hang up.

I understand how you feel,
but try to understand me too.


Hello Daniel.

Please help me out.

Maybe you can talk to Jenny.

What happened, Patrick?

I’ve been calling her
but she won't pick up.

Make her understand that
I’m not doing this for myself.

This is for our son.

I told you, talk to her first,

now if you can’t make her accept
it by pleading, or by explanations...

alright, I’ll talk to her for you.

I just want to save money for my son.

I miss them so bad.

I know you’re the only one
who can understand my situation.

So I hope you can reach Jenny.

Don’t worry, I will do what I promised.

No matter how you look at it,
Daniel, that’s hard to accept.

I cannot share my husband.

He’s not some object
that I can lend somebody.

That’s up to you. Just think about it.

Like I said, it’s just a way
to make your life better,

secure the future of your child.

What, Daniel… you’ll give him up now?

After ten years together…

Well I guess, at least
you were happy with him.

Besides, you can’t claim him either,
because he wants somebody else.

Correct! That can’t happen.

Maybe all he feels for you is gratitude.

Actually, deep down I know that.

It’s just that,

sometimes I can’t avoid feeling
hurt about what’s happening.

That’s normal, we're gay.

We love, we feel happy
but we also get hurt at times.

That’s the story of our lives, right?

We’re always the ones who
must give way and sacrifice…

we’re always the ones
who must keep giving.


I don’t know if I should just give up.

646 But...

of course,

I love him.

Of course I love those he loves.

I respect his decisions.


But this time, I don’t
know how to accept it.

It’s just like what you
said. That’s our destiny.

Let's just accept it.

I’m sorry.

I’m getting all mushy.

Cheers to us.

Let’s go up.

Thea, I’ll need to return
to the Philippines first.

Jenny’s been thinking all
sorts of bad things about me.

She thinks I’ve been fooling around here.

She doesn’t understand
that I’m doing this for the child.

I will come back right away, I
just need to talk to her personally.

Are you sure about that?

I am sure. This will be for my child.

She doesn’t talk to me anymore.

Do you know what you’re getting into?

He’s got a wife in the Philippines.

You know that, don’t you?

Mommy, I just want to
help. What’s wrong with that?

Be careful in choosing
who you should help.

Only a few deserve our help.

And you think he doesn’t deserve my help?

I’m just thinking of your future.

You're going to be his mistress?

Mommy, someone also helped you
before. That's why we're here now.

This is different.

I’ve seen and experienced it all

so I don’t want you to
continue with your plan.

Please stop here.

Here's my payment.

- Hey Patrick, how are you?
- How are you?

Thanks for all your help.

That’s nothing, just make
sure you make a fresh start,

you’re the oldest but you’re
still a burden to Mom and Dad.

686 Don’t tell them about what happened.

Dad's sick, he might
worsen if he hears of it.

Sure, no problem.

- You go ahead.
- Okay, Patrick.

Hey! It’s Patrick!

It’s Patrick!

Why’d you come home so soon?

- How are you?
- Come in!

Dad this is for you. There's Yen inside.

- And of course, for uncle… - Wow!

That’s what you asked for.

For you Mom, it’s lotion.

CA! Papa’s home!


You like this right?

- And babe, this is for you.
- Thank you.

CA, play with your toy outside. Okay?

Let’s play later, okay?

If that’s what you came
home for, I still will not allow it.

Why is it hard for you to
accept my explanation?

I will never be able to accept that.

I will never understand that, Patrick.

It’s enough that I accepted
your relationship with Daniel.

But this,

I can never accept this.

Now you must choose: push through
with that or keep me and your son.

Don’t make me choose.

If that’s your choice,
let us just end this.

I don't want to break up with you.

I’m just doing this for our kid.

Because CA needs us. He has special needs.

He needs us for the rest of his life.

Thank you, Daniel.

All for family.

My wife did not give her permission, Thea.

I knew from the start, that
she wouldn’t change her mind.

I was hoping she would see it my way.

I love my son, Thea.

So I’ll do anything for him.

Even if his mother doesn’t approve.

I want him to have a chance, someday…

to live like other kids.

I understand you, Patrick.

What about you, Thea…

are you expecting anything in exchange?

I won’t lie to you.

Patrick, I don’t want to ruin a family.

I do this because… you are kind.

You have a good heart…

you will do anything for your family.

That’s why I like you.

And you aren’t hard to love.

And remember this, Patrick,

I can be an instrument for
whatever you need to do.

I am here for you.

For as long as you need
me and as long as I can.

Thank you, Thea.


Some people come into
our lives at the wrong time.

Like Thea,

who sacrificed until the end.

Like Jenny,

who sacrificed when I had
a relationship with Daniel.

My son who is innocent of what
is happening in world around him.

And Daniel, who
sacrificed his true feelings,

even as I continued to hurt him.

They say that love is a wonderful feeling.

But until when can I
endure the pain inside of me…

because of the decisions I
made for the people I love most?