Horton Hears a Who! (2008) - full transcript

One day, Horton the elephant hears a cry from help coming from a speck of dust. Even though he can't see anyone on the speck, he decides to help it. As it turns out, the speck of dust is home to the Whos, who live in their city of Whoville. Horton agrees to help protect the Whos and their home, but this gives him nothing but torment from his neighbors, who refuse to believe that anything could survive on the speck. Still, Horton stands by the motto that, "After all, a person is a person, no matter how small."

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On the fifteenth of May,

in the jungle of Nool,

in the heat of the day,

in the cool of the pool,

he was splashing,
enjoying the jungle's great joys.

And Horton, the elephant,
heard a small noise.

- Horton!
- Horton!

Good morning, class.
Are you ready?


Jump on board!

Look out, below!

Tommy's on board.

Katie, you there?

- Ha-Ah-A.
- O.K.

There it is.

This is one of the jungle's
most amazing creatures.

The leaf bug.

In order to protect itself from predators

It disguises itself as a leaf

This one's got quite a deep grip.

Come on, little buddy!
Don't be shy!

I guess I was mistaken, Kids.

There are obviously no leaf bugs in this area.

- Oh, yeah.
- Even a per... Oh! They're on me.

Look at, there are bugs

I think I swallowed it.

Shoot up!
Uh-ek it's not coming.

Pull it out.

Uh, OK.

Then, humphing her nose
was sour Kangaroo.

A type who's convince
she knows better than you

She made every law
and then forced every rule

as self conclaimed head
of the jungle of the Nool.

Why can't I play with
the other kids, Mom?

How many times have I told you?

The jungle is no place
to act like a wild animal.

My, that Horton certainly is eccentric?

And that children are learning
so much from him.

Learning to be a bunch a
hell brain half-wits.

And that's why my Rudy
is pouch schooled.

So, while Kangaroos
still there sneering a sneer

Horton, how it's the best time of my life.

What are you gonna show us then?

Once again the speck floated
right by Horton's ear.

And he heard it again.

Just a very faint yelp,
as if some tiny person were calling for help.

And you know what he thought?

What he thought there must be someone
on top of that small speck of dust.

Or even a family.
It just might be so.

A family with children just starting to grow.

I wanna live!

I got to go.
Katie, you're in charge.


Come back!

One more, one more,
One more, one more.

- Ah here someone coming.
- Get here those.

- Wait!
- Sound the alarm!

Excuse me!
On my stamp feet!

Sorry, Wickershams.

I promise I'm gonna
clean all this up later!

Bring the arrow!

I love the smell of
the banana's in the morning.

Bananing Hou!

Come on, guys! We're all mammals!


I feel diplomatic process
is beginning to break down.

There you are.

I'll catch it. catch it.

- Hi, kids.
- Wow!


Now you're safe.

I know I heard you say something.

I just know it.

Where are you?

- Horton?
- Uhoo, sorry.

I just... ah.

There was this speck.

And the... they called up for help.

- And I was...
- The speck...

called out for help?

Well not the speck. I mean

That's ridiculous.

Is what you thought I've been?

No, the speck can't call out for help.
Come on.

Get real!


There's tiny person on that speck
and needs my help.


There aren't people that small.

Whoa, maybe thay aren't small.


We're big.

- Horton!
- No! Really, think about it.

What if there is someone

way out there,

looking down on our world right now.

And to them, we are the speck.

And then this someone else come along,
he say,

"Oh, there can't be people that small. "

And the first guy would say

"Are you calling me a liar?"

And the second guy would say

"If the shoe fits wear it,

and now that fits a blind. "

and the first guy pick supper break.

And you might wanna zip up
the pouch for this next part.

Alright, Fat boy!

- You want some of there...
- Horton?

There is nothing on that speck.

But I heard.

Did you?
Really? Oh my!

Then how come I don't hear anything.


If you can't see, hear, or feel something,

it doesn't exist.

Believing in tiny imaginary people
is just not something we do.

Or tolerate here in the jungle of Nool.


Cause I verified I really tried

I can find somebody

- who believe what I'm saying.
- You will do nothing of the sort.

You will not breathe the word of
this lie to anyone else.

Specially the children.

I do not want you poisoning their minds
with this nonsense.

Our community has standards, Horton.

If you wanna remain a part of that,
I recommend you follow them.

Have a nice day.

Alright then!

I'll ah... take that an advice.

Certainly appreciate your input.

I don't understand.

I know I heard you.

It was just clean as nose on my face.

That's it.

Maybe you can't hear me!

Of course your ears must be tiny.

I need to speak up!

H- E-L-L-O-W!

Now some people out there

might think I know who

they find they agreed
with that Sour Kangaroo

"There can't really be people as small as a mice"

Well there can.
And there are.

Becuase Horton was right.


That single "Hellow" traveled all the way down

to the speck, to the flowers,
to the fount of the small town.

The town known as Whoville
for there live the Whos

Really happy in safe,
knowing only good news,

unaware that their world
was a speck on a clover,

unaware the sweet life
they knew might be old

The Mayor of Whoville
a man named McDodd

who's devoted and faired
and little bit odd.

The Mayor and his wife
they had children to spare.

96 daughters, some here
and some there.

96 girls to love,
96 girls to teach.

But the Mayors have only few second for each.

Daddy, I do better than best on my whostory test.

Ah, whostory. I remembered well.

That's one of my girls.

Her is has been using my hairbrush?

Her is has been using my hairbrush.

Look, over there!

There, all better.

Can I please have whophone, daddy?

Everyone else in my class has one.

Oh, really? Everyone?

- Aw! I will think about it.
- Daddy, look! Daddy look!


It's "th" sweetheart.
It's "Tooth"

In Whoville tradition, unlike yours or mine,

Mayor's oldest is the next Mayor of line.

And who was the oldest lead and stand tall?

It was JoJo, his son,
the smallest who all.

So, JoJo, what's what's shaking?

What's happening?
What's the world?

Now to you or to me, it's finally clear

that JoJo did not want his father's career.

But the Mayor pressed forward
completely illuded.

And JoJo just sat there in silence and lude it.

Oh, JoJo!

- Hey! Why this he get more time?
- That's not fair!

Son! Hey!

And why didn't he speak?

Well I think the leg was
frightened if he did,

he might let down his dad.

You know what's awesome?

This is awesome!

Just look at the men and the women
hanging on these walls.

You, my boy, are part of family legacy
that spans centuries

You know what?

Your grandfather was Mayor of Whoville.

And, your great grandmother, that's right.

All the way down to your


Not so great

Great, Great

Great, Great, Great



Some day I hope to join them.

Be one of the Grates.

I tell you JoJo there is nothing like being Mayor.

I get to sign resolutions,
approve ordinances, submit budgets.

And in the edible parade

I'm the one city noun top of the giant people.

Some day

That can be you too, JoJo.

Some day you'll be the one
wearing the Mayor crest.

You just...

You just need to...

You know what I mean?

O.K. Good chat!

I'm glad that we had this talk

That I'm continuing now by myself.

Oh! There. There are to become fit.

Nothing wrong with this Morton.
Nothing wrong with this.

Just you and me in the speck.

Shouldn't a breeze.

We're club. We're group.

We can take a vote on issues.

We can be a secret to society

- to control pirate's power in the world.
- Horton?

And no one else can join

Unless they wear funny hats.

Listen, Horton!

The chair reconize it's brother Morton.

I am really happy
you found this speck in all.

But you might wanna
think about keeping it to yourself.

Um, what, what?

Are you talking to what clover.

That doesn't look good.

You know what doesn't look good?

You, talking about the speck
like the speck isn't even there.

Speck never said nothing bad about you.

But hey!

Good luck with your illusional superiority.

You know the speck can think
anything you want about me you to speak.


I see what's going on here.

Morton, no matter how tight
this speck and I get,

the speck could never replace you.

I'm only sad that I would have to
explain that at this point.

Well, that's awesome Horton.
That really helps.

Just try to keep this to yourself.
I'll see you later.


Hey, Horton?
What's you got in there?

What? Nothing.

We're not doing anything.

Who's we?

We? What we?
Did I say that?

I just... Oh, no.
I would never say that

because that would a play that
I was with someone and not alone.

O.K. There is a story
you can't talk to anybody

I mean it.

If anybody finds out about this,
it could be very very bad.

I'm not sure why.

We won't tell anyone.

And if we do, we'll tell them
not to tell anyone.



I'm taking a bath, right.

Cause my skin gets kind a dry.
My roof asht

While Horton can clean about
the speck that he found

How he'd save this what at really drowned.

The Mayor set off
on his morning commute

and noticed things
not quite the same on his route.

But please don't blame Horton
for he didn't know

That a swamp pump a bub

I do it in the water like this

Was a big bub flew.

Hey, Joe! Don't work too hard!

Ah! These luxery condos
they have gone themselves.

Hey, you look at that.
I guess they do build themselves.

Oh~Kei, that happened.

Now the Mayor knew it was his job

to convey the unusual things
that he noticed that day.

There was one problem.

Though his will was strong

- You are late.
- Thank you Miss. Yelp.

Nothing in Whoville had ever gone wrong.

We have all happy be
with all the we've got.

We like it in here Whoville.
We like it a lot.

We're all very busy with
Who-Centennial's coming up. So,..

Let's break this meeting to order.

Mr. Mayor I presume you have
some good news for us.

Well, it's news. I don't know.

If we need to go label it good or bad
anything like that

The thing is I have noticed
some odd goings on in Whoville lately

Good on goings on?

Well, you know.
Tremors, clouds surly in the sky.

And it seems to me just be safe,
we might wanna consider...

Pospo nin th WhoCentenia?

Consider what?

Pospo nin th WhoCentenia?

Speak up, man!

Postponing the Who-centennial, alright?

We're about to celebrate 100 years
of Whoville happiness in harmony.

And you want to postpone the celebration?

Well, what if Whoville's not safe.

Nothing ever goes wrong in Whoville!

Never has and never will!

You bloodly boob!


The Who-centennial will proceed as planned!

The Mayor was really being an idiot.

It will be all smile from now on.

Girl, I got 15,000 friends already.

What? What you mean it don't look like me?

That look just like me.

Ten years ago...
Wait a minute, hold on for a second.

Treats me like an idiot?

I'm not an idiot.

Do I look like an idiot?

- You don't want me to answer that.
- I'm not an idiot.

That's nerve call me a boob?

I would never call somebody a boob.

He is a boob.

Look at you, Yak.

Look at your face.

And I bet.

You don't look so good with this
staple on your head!



- Thank you, Miss. Yelp.
- You're welcome.



Who's you that?
I'll go out punch you.



Who's there?

I'm... This the Mayor.

The Mayor?

The Mayor?

Uh, look at this Mayor!

I knew it.

I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.

There's life on this speck.

The speck?
What speck?

Well, Am...

I don't exactly know
how to tell you this. But...

You're living on a speck.

Well, I ee hate to disagree with you.

Oh, voice from the drain pipe.

But, I live in Whoville.

Well, then the Whoville is a speck.

Right. O.K. Seriously.
Who is this?

Is this Bert from accounting?

No. This is Horton.

I'm an elephant.

O.K. Horton, fake name.

Where are you?

Well, from where you standing?

I guess I'm...

in the sky.

Compare to you I'm enormous

which is saying something
because I slim down quite a bit I swim.

Your whole world fits on
a flower in my world.

Oh, man, this is even inclusion for you Bert.

Don't believe me?

Watch what happen
when I put you in the shade

- This is absolutly impossi...
- Dark.




- Dark, light, dark, light... Dark!
- Wow!

- Light!
- Uooo

Don't you see?

We're in the middle of some kind of
amazing cosmic convergence.

Two vastly different worlds.

Miraculously crossing path!

Mine colossal!

Yours miniscule.

Yet, somehow we've managed to make contact.

If you think about it,
it's pretty amazing.

Is everything O.K. down there?

Oh. I.. I don't know.

You tell me...

You're the one holding the speck.

I'm the one holding the speck.

I'm the one holding the speck...

Don't you worry, Mr. Mayor.


Hold, please.

What on all this mean?

The Mayor haven't the clue.

So he went to the office of Dr. Larue.

Brainiest brain on the staff at Who you.

Dr. Larue!

Oh, this is crazy.

Oh, Mr. Mayor.

Ah, how may I be a assistance?

I don't know. Hey.

You know I just wondering...

If our world was a tiny speck

floating to space,

how would we know?

Oh, why would you ask something like that?

Oh, no reason, no reason at all.

I don't even remember.
Yes I do.

You know what?

Some guy was talking to me

not an elephant in the sky,
a guy on the ground

Ah, there would be several ramifications

Good ramifications?

A tiny speck.

Uh-huh, yeah, tiny speck.

Floating around...

Well, we'd have inexplicable tremors.

Dramatic changes in the weather.

And if we didn't eventually achieve
some sort of stability

our world would be destroyed


Destroyed, oh destroyed.


Ah, no. This is Danny.
Horton is busy right now.

I'm joking. That's me.

Ah, we're doomed.

Listen, Horton!

Turns out I need your help a little bit.

Apparently if that speck
keeps moving around,

our whole world
could be obliterated.


I need you to find us, The Who's,
a safer, more stable home and fast

No problem, Mr. Mayor.

Let's see...


That's a nice view.

Hello, is everything ok?

What's going on up there?

This entire jungle is a house of death!

Oh, wait.

There's a good spot.

And it's when Horton saw
at the top of mount Nool

a small cave that looked peaceful and quiet, and cool,

where a sun flower grew
proud and tall from the ground.

There he knew every Who would be safe,

would be sound.

I found it Mayor.

The perfect place.

Right up there.

- On the top of the mount Nool
- Mr. Mayor?

- Yeah?
- I wish we could...

Oh-ho, Ah, Shiny. Ah-ha.

The Who-centennial Committee is waiting for you

to look over the giantly bar
for the edible parade.

Oh, and then you will do at the dinners
for your Whowill Canal.

You know, sticking Who in front of everything,
doesn't make it hurt less.

Just waste time!

I don't wanna go.

Listen, Horton. I got to go.

Apparently there's a problem with the meatball.

You just take care of that meatball, Sir.

And leave the freaking out to me.

So, then Horton began his long paraless track

determined to save the small world on the speck.

Horton was faithful and soul working kind.

I got ya.

He was a brave hero.

I'll protect ya.

At least in his mind.

We must become invisible.
Travel silently.

For there are forces
that would seek to destroy us.



So, you think you can stick upon me, Huh!

E- Yab! Ah-Dadada!

It's clear that you're no match for my ticky kei!

Oh. Ha-a.

I see you have mastered
the way of the snaping branch.

Watch me tumble!

Horton! Let's go!

Mother Kangaroo has monkeys.

I wll make monkeys of these monkeys.

It is their destiny, Huh-Uh!

Hoi-Yat! My Tumble!
My Tumble!

- Oh
- Horton is the Greatest Hero of them all, Ha!

Horton! Horton! Go!

Ah... Hu!

Oh, mount Nool is that way!


To the top of the mount Nool.

As fast as lightning.


Oh, sorry little fella.

You'll be fine.

Just the killing thoughts.

- Horton!
- Horton!

- Look!
- Go go go!

We've all got own clovers
with worlds on them.



In my world everyone's pony

and they all eat rainbows
and poop butterflies

That's beautiful, Katie.

In a really weired way.

My world is called Jessicaland

Everyone worships queen Jessica
because Jessica is so beautiful.

Jessica, that was awesome.


Mom, be careful!

My best friend Daddly Cons on there.

- Rudy, no one lives on this.
- What?

It's not possible.

That Horton is a menace.

Mom, Mom, please.
You're so weird.

- Don't do this to me.
- Honey, go to your room.


It's good.

What do you think you're doing?

Ha, you guys are in trouble.

Have you forgotten what we discussed?

Oh, no. I'm an elephant.
And elephants never forget.

It's a curse, really.

I remember I was on my head.

And you said, and I looked up.

And you said what are you doing?

And I said the thing about the speck.

Then you pulled my ears.

- And you pulled my fore head.
- Horton!

What? You did.

Give me that clover, Horton.





Are you sure you wanna
fight this fight, Horton?

Because I promise you it will
get very ugly, very fast.

And you need to ask yourself.

Do I really wanna put myself through this?

For a clover?

Take it from me, Horton.

You don't.

So, hand it over.

No! I can't give it to you.

There are people on this speck.

Granted they're very small people.

But a person's a person.

No matter how small.

You just crossed the line, Horton.

And I'm gonna make you pay.

That Horton is a menace.

He has those kids using their imagination.

It's sick.


I got to get this speck
up to the top of mount Nool ASAP.

Whatever that means.

Probably act sweetly awesome peckidom.

I mean, how hard can that be?

It's just the straight plumit to certain death.

This looks...

kind a precarious.


No need to worry.

Obviously when they build a bridge like this

they take into account
that elephants will be crossing here.

Alright. Feel good.

I'll just get... Woo Waaa




Woo-uh, That's true.


Hello and how are we today, Mr. Mayor?

Say Aaah



Linch, please.

Eh, I think a few of this boards
could stand to be replaced.



I just need to think light.

I'm light as a feather.

I'm light as a feather.

Heavy feather.


- This will just pinch a little.
- Ahaa

I'm lighter than a feather.

What's lighter than a feather?

Ha-ah! Air!

There's nothing lighter.

So, it stands to reason...

that the more air I have,

the lighter

I'll be.

Next, please.

Alright. It was absolutely terrifying.

If I just pull myself up

trying not to panic.




That could've been a disaster.


I feel really good right now.

It is my new sense of purpose.


Hey! JoJo, I need your help.
Can you help me?

O.K. Great.

O.K. First. I need you go to the girls room.

Take down the hall collection,
and then...

Stop looking into my arm.

Put away light bulb collections, and then

you know what? Just take of
anything that might break or shatter.

Ok, take a good long look.

Got it?

Thanks, JoJo.

I'll take that.

and that

Oh Yaaa!

Hi! You're home late.

Oh, sorry Hon, I was just...

- having some dental works on my arm
- So, what was that?


What are you doing?

Wa- What do you mean?

Well, I'm no detective, Nedd.
But you are hanging from the chandelier.

I just thought it might look better

somewhere it can't fall on us
and crashes our sleep.

What is going on?

Hey, Hon...

Did you ever get the feeling
that you're being watched?

Am... Ya, sure.

I suppose.

And then you get feeling that
maybe that thing watching you is... Ah...

A giant elephant?


You know, how you get that weird feeling
that your world is actually a tiny speck?

And that the elephant
that I talked about earlier

he's carrying it around on a flower.

And you realize that if you tell anybody,
they think you are crazy...

But you still feel the responsibility
to keep everyone safe.

You know that feeling?


You know, I'm gonna have to say no.

Do you know that feeling?



Wow! I am beat.
Time to hit the hey, I guess.

I know you're under a lot of stress.

And if you're seeing elephants
and flowers, then fine.

Just don't tell anyone else that story.

Ok? And remember...

It's not the end of the world.

The end of the world?

Horton, the Mayor. Horton, the Mayor.
Come in Mayor, over.


I get terrible reception here.

How about this?!

If I get all broll course?!
Can you hear me?!

Yeap! Roger that!

Are we at that safe place yet?


I'm pretty sure the worst parts' over.

This is your elephant speaking.

Just sit back, enjoy the ride
and we all happy to mount Nool in no time.

No, you can't have ice cream.
Go back there.

Who's there?

Is there someone else there?
Well, that's my wife and kids

You have a family.

I do indeed.

A beautiful wife, 96 daughters,
and one son.

Hohohoho, busy guy.

And we all share one bathroom.
You know what that is.

Yeah. Don't I know it.



- What?
- Sweetheart. You know you're on the roof, right?

What's that? No, you need to go to bed.
Daddy's having a break down.

Ned? What are you up to now?

I was just about to put the kids to bed,

when I got off the roof.

And I, that's the, that's what happened, right.

- Daddy?
- Yes?

- Can I have a glass of water?
- Of course.

- Me too, me three, me four...
- Ok.

Hey, JoJo! Wow.

Liquid, lot of liquid.
Just the person I wanted to see.

Yeah. I've realize that we have not
been seeing eye to eye lately.

and most of it is my fault.
It's true.

You know what I've been trying to do?

I have been trying to impose
my vision of your future on you.

Let me make this perfectly clear

JoJo, you can be
whatever kind of Mayor you wanna be.

Hands on, strong and silent,
outspoken, it's up to you.

Well, good

I hear so much better.

I am expecting big things
from you, youngman. Big things!

Alright. Good night.

Good stop! Good talk.

Then, JoJo snuck out feeling lonely and sad,
and tragically misunderstood by his dad.

And where was he going
at such a late hour night?

Up to Whoville's abandoned star study tower.

A place where the boy felt contented, free.

A place he could be what he wanted to be.

And what was inside there,
I'd say if I could.

But up above, the Kangaroo was up to no good.

Can I come out now, Mom?

No, Rudy. Stay in the room.

- But, Mom?
- Stay inside.

Mr. Vlad-I-Koff?

Eating, go.

Yes. I realize you're busy.

But I need your help.

It's Horton.

He's become obsess with a clover.

And he actually thinks
there are little people on it.

I want that clover destroyed.

Sure, what a big deal this is.

For you, bro.

I'd do it myself.
But being a lady,

I prefer not to get my hands dirty.

But I hear you have no problem with that.


No problem.

Easy busy.


I will only do this for a price.

In exchange for a brand new pair of...


- This...

- little kangaroo.
- Mom?!

Quiet, Rudy.

Momy is thinking it over.

We'll thanks but, on a second thought

I think I'm going to have the Wickersham Brothers
take care of this for me.

Yeah, of course, Wickersham
I mean they're classy operation.

You know, they'd... Wait! No!

You can't go over Wickersham.

No No. No no no.
Wickershams would be perfect for this job.

But, they are monkeys.
He's not scary.

Ah, thanks anyway.
Maybe next time.


Here is what I will do
the precious clover.

I will take it.

I will crush it.

And I will devour it.

Bigger than it looked. One second.

Oly moly.

Then I will regurgitate it.


I mean I devour it second time.

So two times devour.

Sounds nice.

But I think I'll talk to the Wickershams.


Here is best part.

I do all


That's free bro.

What do you think?

- Deal.
- Yes. Score. Thanking you.

You won't regret.



Open up, Mr. Mayor!

Mr. Mayor!

It's snowing in the summer!


Yes, it is.

It's a dramatic change in the weather.

As if we're on a speck floating to space.

I don't know how you knew.
But, somehow you did.

And Whoville is headed for disaster.

- Oh, Horton.
- What?

Ah, nothing. I'm on it.

It's up to us to save the people of Whoville.

Snow is not lucky.

That's not... Stop.

Ok. Anybody else?


No no. Don't join it.
This is not fun.

Uh, this is sign of doomed.

Oh, sweety, that's.
No. No no no.

They took. they took.

Stop having fun immediately!

This is dangerous.



Uh? What?

Hey, there.

We're in big trouble down here.

It's happening.
It's snowing in the middle of summer.

It's end of the world!

Hold on here.

I think I know what your problem is.

There, get better?

That seems you have worked.

Eh-uh. Do I smell peanuts?

Yes, they are my favorite snack.

But they tender linger.

Ohho! K-Uh. Debrick, No.

Oh-O. Hang on Mr. Mayor.

I may have to put up a flight.

Frightened elephant can be very dangerous.


You come down the under, buddy.

You hungry for trouble?

I don't know how you can easy self by.

Take a fight.

I hate running.


- Don't do that!
- Horton!

Horton? Don't...
There you are.

We got trouble. Wait. Stay. Wait.
Can you hear that?

No I'm here. Ok. Listen.
No, go.

Kangaroo has gone nuts, bananas.

She's telling everyone that
you should be kicked out of Nool.

She said that?

I thought we're friends.

Where is she'e gone to Vlad's.

Vlad. Vlad.
I know two Vlads.

Is it the bad Vlad or the bunny Vlad
that makes the Cookies?

Yeah, Horton.
She's sending you a bunny with cookies.

I think we can assume it's not bad Vlad.

Yeah, that's good call.

So, unless you're cool
with giant razor sharp claws,

There be not fights up your body,

If I give her the clover.

I can't.

I promised the Mayor.

I meant what I said.
I said what what I meant.

And an elephant's faiths were 100%.

Please, for me, just this once,
be faithful 99% of the time.

I've never gone 99% on anything.

I think I'm awesome.
So come on.

I meant to what I said
and I said what I meant.

I'm gonna say it.

You can that all days it's not happen then.

- An elephant's faithful 100%.
- That's right.

That's my code. My motto.

But thanks for the worning.

Motto. O.K.

But watch the skies.
Keep watching the skies.

Mayor, you need to get
everyone on the ground, now.

- Two, Three, four...
- I wanna sound the alarm.

There's a good possibility we maybe attacked
by a giant cannibalous bird.


There's small chance
it could be bunny with cookies.

But, I wouldn't count on it.

- Oh, they are formidable words.
- Ya

Are you there?

Ya, no. That's a great idea.
It just...

in order to get everyone mobilized
I need the O.K. of the city council.

And they never listen to me.

I've been called boob.
Several times.

- I can't do it.
- You have to talk to them, Mayor.

O.K. Listen.

Bad Vlad.

Bad Vlad.

Bad Vlad!

That is definitely not a bunny.

Lost him.

Mean to lose him.
And I lost him.

This tree for real, come on!

Hang on, Whoville!
This is gonna get rough!

Now you're going to dead-end.

Get ready for the best.

Leave me alone!

No! Hold on!

I just know he's gonna
jump out somewhere.

- Hello?
- Ah-Ak!

Chess mate.

Now it's time for me to take clover

and crush all the little people on a two sang...

This is where we get off.

Ah, right in the beak!

Ah. Cool line.

Usually I can I think
those things to later.

- Mayor?
- Ah, Horton.

Are you O.K.?


Well, more or less.

- What happened? The bird?
- Ya, it attacked me.

Mayor, your people are in danger.

You know what, I'm gonna do it.

I'm going to go out there.
And tell them what is going on.

Now quick. Get go on.

Hey, Mr. Mayor! Something's wrong!

My basement is in the attic.

The science museum is history.

- We're lost thousand in this messy.
- What's going on Mr. Mayor?

I'm declaring a state of emergency.

Don't worry. Don't worry.

The Mayor is just being a moron.

No wait.
Whoville is in terrible danger.

Everyone needs get down to the
underground storage area immediately.

Time time.
Let's do this democratically.

Who wants the joy and glory
and festivity of the Who-centennial

to proceed as planned?

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

And who, like the Mayor,

thinks it would be better
to spend the Who-centennial

in an underground storage area?


Wait! You got to listen to me.

Our whole world could explode.

Much more quickly.

And our world wouldn't be that noise.

The people have spoken Mr. Mayor.

You're finished.

No one believes you.
No one supports you.

- Horton believes me.
- Horton?

Who's Horton?

Horton is a giant elephant in the sky.

Don't bother look. He is invisible.

And he is the one risking his life

to get Whoville which by the way

is a speck on a clover just safety.

I can prove it.

Horton's voice comes out of this horn.


I have all the Whos gathered in town square.

Let them know you there.


It's a kind of high pressure situation then.

Wow. I'm really run a blank here.

I know.


Horton, We're waiting.

Time to show everyone
that you exist and...

By extension what a none boob I am.


Everyone look at the wind.
What do you think that means?

It means, Um, it means...
obviously, uh...

Let's the Kite Flying Race begins!

What a perron on you Horton! Ha Ha Ha!

Woo, brain freeze!

Give Me Back

- My Speck!
- Not this time, guy.

I'm so sorry that I let you down, but...

this... this is bigger than me.

Get the famliy together
and get some where safe.

I will!

I believe you.

I've got you now, elephant.

No No No!

Oh, no.

Huk! Eung.

Yeah! Hahahahaha...



Anybody there?


But clover by clover by clover he found

But the one that he sought for
was just not around.



And by noon poor Horton
more dead and alive,

Had picked, searched,
and filed up 9005.


Sorry to bother you.


Knock knock.

This is the way you take.

Whos there?

If there were any Whos there,

You get it! Whos there.

I can't give up have them with you.

All day he looked.
Looked on and on.

Till his hope was almost gone.

No. No. No. Please No!

Ah~ This is unfair!

But wait!

Could this one be the one?
Was all this searching finally done?

Ah~ yes, for this was the hour

Horton have found
from the 3 millions flowers.


Mayor! I found you!


Are you there?



Mayor, are you there?





Ah... no. This is Floyd.

Can I take a message?


You're Ou-Kei!

Horton! Horton! Stop! Stop it!


There must have been
rough down there.

I can't believe I found you.

You really have me worried.

Say. The Mayor was right!

Daddy, daddy, daddy

O.K. I'm alright and so are you.

Citizens of Whoville!

I'd like you to meet our friend Horton.

He's going to help us.

He-e-v-ham I've got this.

This is the chairman.

Idiot! You're finished in this town.

Is that understood? Finished.

Huh-uh I'm just joking.

Good one.

Horton, this is my wife Sally.

You exist! This means
my husband isn't crazy.


And... a few of my daughters.

- Haley, Holy, Hooly, Hilder and Heddy.
- Hi!

And here is Miss Yelp, my loyal assistant.

- And here's Dr. Larue.
- You saved us.

And Bert from accounting.
And Mrs. McQuilligan.

And Mr. Farfoogan
from the Cloogan Farfoogans.

And the oldman in the bathtub.

Let's not overwhelm the poor fella.

He's never gonna remember
all these names.

Whow. I'll try my best.



Haley, Hooly, Holy, Hilder, Heddy.
Miss. Yelp, Dr. Larue,

Bert from accounting,
Mrs. McQuilligany,

Mr. Farfoogan of the Cloogan Farfoogans.

And wasn't there an old guy in a shower?

- Um, bathtub.
- Oh, Yeah!

We're all here, Horton.

And, We ALL believe in you.

Wow! That's awesome.

And it's reponsibility I do not take lightly.

I promise you a future that
it's safe, sound, and stable.

We will create a world where every Who
is indoubt with 3 indelible rights

To be determined that a later date.

And we will put us back on Mountain Nool
before the end of this a decade.


This, this is the elephant that is crazy.
Oh my goodness.

I could tell anyone and it's to the kangaroo.

Quick to they find out of them.

Hoho, you should've been seeing me.

I really read the elephant habit.

I chase him like doorman and then
I break him into million little elephant pieces.

It was thing of beauty,
Really my best work.

Classic Vlad.

- And the clover?
- Clover is finished.

No vain million years Horton finds it.

Believe my beak.
Clover is gone forever.

I just saw Horton.
And he is still talking to that clover.


Whoa, come on.

Hang you, Bro. It's me you're
talking to. We have history.

Come on. Let's don't forget
I did this for Free.

What is happening to the jungle of Nool?

There once was a time
when people were people.

And specks were specks.

All I say it you can't see it, hear it,
or feel it, it doesn't exist.

Our way of life is under attack.

And who's leading that attack?


Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Wait a minute!

This is Horton we're talking about
you'll know about him.

He wouldn't hurt a fly.
Except for that fly city he sat on.

He didn't that on purpose.

- Shut up, mouse.
- Oh, Yeah. That's weired.

I feel my brain is burning.
I got to go.

Are we going to let troublemakers
like Horton poison the minds of children?

Not the children!

When Horton tells our children
about worlds beyond the jungle,

it makes them question authority.

Which leads to the fires,
which leads to shocking!

Yeah! Horton must pay!

Eat that speck!

We have to do something!

- For the children!
- For the children!

Are we going to let him get away with this?


Morton! I told you 100%!


- Morton, pick up your feet, Gee.
- It's not me.

Oh, Hoho. I see. It's an angry mob.

Sorry Morton.
I thought it's you who's making all the...

But it's...

Hold on.

Run, Horton!

There he is!

Let's grab him!

Let's take him!


Hey, fellas.

Good to see ya.

All at once.

You're look really great as herd.

Horton, Horton, Horton look at that mess
you created for yourself.

All this holible lure over us
is silly little flower.

It's a speck.


I mean a silly really all this talk of
roping you and caging you and well

we don't need to go into the details.

The point is this angry mob
of all a trouble you're in.

It can all go away.

- Really?
- Of course.

All you have to do is admit to everyone

that there are no little people
living on that speck.

That you're wrong and I was right.

You do that,

and things can go the right
back to the way they were.

But, if you don't,

You're going to have to pay the price.

So I just have to say it isn't true?

Go ahead! Rope me! Cage me!
Do whatever you want!

But there are people on this speck.

And they have a Mayor.

Who has 96 daughters
and one son name JoJo,

Who all share a bathroom
whatever that is.

And even though you can't
hear or see them at all,

A person's a person,
no matter how small.

That was beautiful, Horton.

Rope him! Cage him!

Burn that speck in a pot of
boiling pees on that oil!

They don't believe we're here.

We've got to make some noise!

We are here. We are here. We are here.

We are here. We are here. We are here.
We are here. We are here. We are here.

Come on!


We are here. We are here. We are here.

This will take you not to make up stories
about people on specks!

Listen. There they are!

- Rope him!
- Cage him!

It's not working.

I can hear you.
But, their ears aren't strong enough.

We need to be louder.

Get every Who'd make noise! Everyone!

We are here. We are here. We are here.
We are here. We are here. We are here.

JoJo, where're you going?

We need every voice! JoJo!

You need to make some noise down there.
Or we all be destroyed.

The Mayor grabbed the tamtam
starting to smeck it.

And all over Whoville,
They ooped up all racket.

They rattle tin kettles,
they beat on brass pans,

On garbage fills absonal,
cran berrry cans.

They blew on byzu bilzl
brasstic big tubas.

On durming Soom-pazum,
Boom-pazum, plutes


Can they hear us now?

Listen! Please!

It's the most beautiful thing ever!

I don't hear nothing!

I don't think so.

But, keep trying.

Never give... UP!

Are you sure that every Who
down in Whoville is trying?

Where's JoJo?

Probably up the old observatory.

Hey, there's a limit.

That's not supposed to
strech that far!


You built this?

We are here. We are here. We are here.
We are here. We are here. We are here.

You're making a mistake.


This doesn't concern you, sweety.
Back in your pouch!

Everybody, don't stop!

Keep going! This gonna do it!

- Can they hear?
- No!

No matter what happens,
I couldn't ask for a better, son

Ah, hey, JoJo?

Come on! Keep going!


We are here. We are here. We are here.
We are here. We are here. We are here.


We are here. We are here. We are here.
We are here. We are here. We are here.


We are here. We are here. We are here.
We are here. We are here. We are here.

I hear it! I hear it!
They are there!

And that yelp.

That one small extra yelp put it over.

And all the Who noises brust out of the clover.

- I hear it, too.
- Me too, wide.

Rudy. Give me that! Come Ru...

Rudy, get back in the pouch now.

No, Mom.

Uh, Wickersams, get that clover.

What the... E.. Anybody take it from him.

You did it, Mayor.

You did it.

We did it!


Well done, son.

Alright, Mayor!

Dad, you're one of the Greats.

Wow! Easy everyone. Easy!

Oh hi, Vlad.

Well, I shouldn't. But,

Oh man, that is nice touch.

I'm a mess with this.
I'm emotional.

Here come the water slide.

There is so much people to thank.

The good people of nool

who put me in a cage
and fork me with sticks

That was me!

My buddy morton
for being the only who stood by me

Well, not right by me
he hidden in the bushes

sending me good thoughts.

He's small.

Dude, you're a worrier poet.

And most of all I'd like to thank to
the Mayor of Whoville.

- Who believed me from the beginning.
- On, Horton.

We're going to miss you.

Hm-um, Gee

What are we gonna do without you, Horton?

Ah, don't worry.

I always be around.

- And even as I wonder,
- On~

Keeping in them sight.

You're a candle in the window.

- On a cool dark winter's night.
- Beautiful metaphor.

And I'm getting closer than
I ever thought I might.

Uh, that's a little high funnys.

Baby, I can't fight this feeling any more.

I've forgotten what I started fighting for.

- And if I have to crawl upon your floor.
- Crawl upon the floor.

- Come crashing through your door.
- Crashing through your door.

Baby I can't fight this feeling any more.

I can't fight this feeling any more.

And so all ended well
for those Horton and Whos.

And for all of the jungle, even Kangaroos.

So let that be a lesson to one and to all

A person's a person.

No matter how small.