Hope (1970) - full transcript

"Umut" is the story of an illiterate man and his family, whose existence depends on his income as a horse cab driver. When one of his horses is killed by an automobile, and when it is clear that neither justice nor charity will prevail, the man, played by G├╝ney, begins a slow slide into despair. On the advice of a local holy man, and fuelled by an indefatigable optimism, he sets out into the desert in quest of a mythical lost treasure, slipping further and further into that final, ineluctable moment where hope itself becomes the last terrible delusion.

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Soup seller Cafer

S?mer Bank
The secure place for your savings

Check this lottery ticket.

Nothing, brother.

- Nothing at all?
- Nothing.

Brother, give me a paper with the lottery numbers.

Cabbar is much changed nowadays.

Gentlemen, at your service,
the cart is waiting...

Brother, need a taxi?

Get in quickly, brother

- Need a cart, brother?

- Need a cart?
- No.

- Need a cart, brother?

- How much to the Priest's Garden?
- 3 lira.

- That's a lot.
- So what do you want to pay, brother?

- 75 kuru?.
- That's too little for the Priest's Garden.

- What's your final offer?
- 75 kuru?.

Piss off.

Look here, I'll take you there for 2 1/2 lira.

2 1/2!

The horse dealer came.

They couldn't find you.

He says, if you don't pay within 3 days,
he'll take the horse back.

The grocer wants his money too.

The agent Ali Osman came by.

They are going to pick cotton.

He asks us if we were going too.

Cemile has an exam tomorrow at school.

The girl doesn't even have shoes.

It would be good if you could give her one lira
as pocket money.

That's all I've earned.
8 lira 75 kuru?.


Cumali, get us two glasses of tea.

Oh my God! How could you put
the dog into wash basin?

- Your debts are piling up, Fatma.
And I don't see Cabbar anyhere nowadays.

He works day and night,
he doesn't earn anything.

He should change his cart.
Nobody will get into that old cart.

- Give him my greetings
and tell him to pay his debt within 2 days.
- In?allah

- Let me ride too.
- Piss off.


- Has your father gone out?
- Yes.

Brothers, you know they will be closing off all the main streets to us.
We must protect our rights...

drink your water

I've no luck, I haven't won a penny in 10 years

"The cart driver is waking up.
The knife has touched the bone."

- Check it once more.
- I did. There's nothing in it.

- not even amorti?
- nothing

Let's check the list.
Maybe there's a mistake the paper.

And then we'll have to close our deal.

In jail in Mara? I met Durmu? Ali, he's dead now.

like you, he was very interested in the lottery.

It's not a hobby for me, it's a hope.
I have a lot of debts.

perhaps I'll be able win to 3-4.000 lira and pay off my debts

I earn 15 lira daily. I don't know whether I should pay back my debts
or support my family.

If you had listened to me,
you wouldn't have to worry.

It's just a fantasy of yours.
You don't find a hidden treasure by invoking magical prayers.

Look, brother, underneath the earth is
full of silver and gold.

- 2 sacks of bran.
- Give him 2 sacks.

Your debt is getting high, Cabbar efendi.

Business is quiet. The carriage is old.
The customers don't like to get in.

There's only one kettle boiling at home.

You owe 95 lira.

If it exceeds 100, I won't give you any more.

- You're in deep thought, Hasan.
- He dreams of hidden treasure.

Fine. Have fun. The earth is full of antiques, money, gold, silver.

- If I only had money.
- the people have money stored in their pots.

you just have to squeeze their throats in the darkness
and the thing's done

that's out of the question

We're not robbers.

- Finished, Cabbar.
- thanks. How much?

- 15 lira is enough.
- by the fear of God

Do I earn 15 lira a day?

The materials alone cost 12 lira.

- Here's, 5 lira. I'll pay the rest later.
- You already owe me 45 lira.

- Did I ever run away or deny my debts?

- Don't get angry, Cabbar. I was just mentioning it

Leave me alone. Take your hands off.

Mehmet Emin, let's go.

- Give me some of that watermelon.
- No.

- Give me some.
- No.


what's do you think you're doing?
Spending 2 hours on that job

Do you study English?

yes, I am

the answer is wrong

it must be, yes, I study English

how tall are you?

I am ...

14 years old

We asked your height, not your age, my girl.

- What's your father's job?
- Cart driver.

How many brothers or sisters do you have?

Five, my teacher.

Cemile hasn't studied.
What shall we do with you?

you didn't even answer the second question

- Let's ask another question.
- Yes.

why didn't you study?

- God be with you.
- God be with you, Hasan. What are you doing?

brother Cabbar

- How are you, brother Cabbar?
- I'm getting along.

it's obvious how we really are

Is it true that the city administaration is going
to abolish the horse carts?

Maybe the old ones like mine.
The new ones won't be banned.

if a man had a good horse and a good cart...

a good horse, a good cart takes money, brother

when you have money, everything is possible

you can eat kebap


drink wine

and sleep in fine beds

When you have money, you become strong.

You can fill your belly.

you can have a family, kids

If you don't have money, you are
the worst, the dirtiest person in the world.

they chase you away from every place

the poor man is always cold

and why is he always cold, Cabbar?

because he has no money

for instance, on a cold winter day,
if you have some money in your pocket

you won't freeze

you'd sweat as if you were in a hamam

but without money,
you'd freeze even in summer


because money keeps a man warm

if you had money, your horse would get good food

if you don't have money, your horse will starve

I found a Hodja, Cabbar, but what a Hodja!

he's like a saint

when he says his prayers, we'll find the hidden treasure
as if it had fallen into our lap

but to get those prayers said, we need money

if we had 500, 600 lira, Cabbar?

we'd be rich within 10 days

don't you think you're a bit crazy, brother

this is not a dream, this is totally real!

but at the moment I've no money

but don't be surprised if you see me one day living like a pasha

A pack of cigarettes and a box of matches.

My cart's done for!

See what you've done.
The car is ruined.

how shall I be able to get the same coat of varnish?
how could you leave that cart on the street unattended?

what are you saying, bastard?

You kill my horse and talk about paint?

Police! Police!

What have you written?

It was almost evening.
I had parked my cart and was waiting
in the shadow of the Sun cinema building

I hadn?t any cigarettes left,
I went out to buy some

Being alone the horses got scared.
A cyclist came.

then a cyclist came from the opposite direction,
in order to avoid hitting the cyclist...

Mr. Commissar...

Shut up. I know all about these horse carts,
they?re the cause of all the accidents.

- Just a minute, commissar...

Shut up. It not your fault, but the city administration's.

you?re always causing accidents and dirtying everywhere.
They should've abolished carts.

But commissar, my horse died.

Well, if you leave the cart alone, sure it?ll die...
Wasn?t it in a parking space anyway?

No it wasn?t, it was in the shade

You don't park your cart in every shady spot.

the gentleman feels pity and won?t file a lawsuit

but I want to file a...

Shut up. you don?t know what?s good for you anyway

didn?t you see the state the car is in?

and you were parking in a forbidden area

and you left your cart alone, so you?re guilty

and you attacked the man, guilty again

- My horse died.
- Still talking? Take him out.

Shut up.
Take it down.

- What will you do now, Cabbar?
- I don't know.

- Why don't you go to our former master Seyfi bey?
he?s a good man.

You worked for him for 9 years.

Maybe he'll help-out.

- Will he?
- I think so.

Sir, last night my horse died.

- Where?s your woman?
- Over there.

girl, bring some beer

- you took a long time.
- His horse has died, he?s asking for money.

has he come inside?

whose turn is it?

You just played.

A bus has run over Cabbar's horse and killed it.

- The horse we gave him?
- Right, father.

Cabbar owes us 950 lira.
He can't pay the money.

- Let's send word, see what he says.
- He can't pay it.

Cabbar's horse has died.
Kazim will get the other one.

He owes me 98 lira.

Cabbar can't pay his debt without his horses.

If he can't pay, I know what I'm going to do.

My horse died, Sir.
I could manage if I bought a new one for 500, 600 lira.

Otherwise my family will starve.

I'm sorry, I can't afford it,
otherwise I would have helped you.

thank you, sir

What does the guy?
He's kept you busy for half an hour.

- His horse has died, he needs money.
- Who cares about his horse.

He owes us 55 lira.
Go to him and get the money.

- What's up Cabbar, what do you want?

- My horse has died, Tahir a?am.

I came to you.
I could manage if I buy a new one for 500, 600 lira.

Your horse is none of my business.
Did I tell you to move into the city?

All horses die in the city anyway.

Get going, the city will feed you.

180 lira. Stupid of me.
What can I get from him?

You can take his daughter.

My horse died, Uncle Hamit.
I went to everyone whom...

...I worked for. No one lends money.
You're my last hope.

Business isn't good. My horse works at sand pits.

The horse of that cart died.
I couldn't replace it.

You could work at the sand pits.

- Go, buy salt for 25 kuru?.
- Let's go together.

- Let's buy a watermelon.
- There isn't enough money.


Take one of those.

- Easy. It's my turn now.
- Okay, ride it.

- You bastard.
- Mother, don't.

I wish you were dead.
I'll kill you if I catch you.

Mother, I won't do it again.
Please, I promise.

Grandma, father. Don't, mother.

I wish I was dead and rid of you all.

- Why's the boy crying?
- I gave him money to buy salt.

& the bastard spent the money on
a bicycle ride.

Come on, son. Did mother beat you?
I'll beat her too.

You keep spoiling them.
All this is your fault.

As a father you ought to beat them.

I'm miserable because of them.
I wish them misery too. And there are so many of them...

May God free me of them.

Go, ride the bike.
And 25 kuru? to buy salt.

He'll ride the bike!
Give me the money.

If you ride the bike again,
I'll break your legs.

Give me the money, I said.

Don't spoil the kids.
You'll go, I'll have to tolerate...

...them. I'm sick and tired.
I'll leave the house.

They make me miserable.
I wish the same on them.

Don't curse.
We've got enough trouble already.

- I wish them all dead.
- Don't curse.

- I will.
- You'll die instead of the kids.

I wish all of you dead so I'd be rid
of you all.

- Enough, don't make me mad.
- What if you're mad?

- Shut up.
- I won't.

I hope you break your hands.

Move, girl.

Shut up.

Let's go to buy salt.
We could ride the bike.

Mother beats us.

She can't. Then father beats her.

- What about your exam?
- They'll tell me tomorrow.

Shut up.

Number 238239 one million lira

Number 140413 200.000 lira...

Number .... 100.000 lira

40.000 lira extra bonus...


20.000 lira extra bonus numbers....

The last 3 numbers 109,392, 504 won 1.000 lira.

- Nothing for my ticket?
- Nothing, father.

- not even amorti?
- nothing, father

Children, come to dinner.

daughter, take those

Come on, dinner's ready.

Eat your food.

I would sell the cart and the horse.

They won't pay much.
It wouldn't even cover our debts.

If I could buy a horse,
I could at least earn our bread.

The cart is old, no customer wants to take it.

the city administration is going to abolish them anyway

they're already collecting the old carts

I've got an idea,
I don't know what you think about it

I could sell all our things at the flea market
that are worth selling...

...then I could buy a horse.

As you wish.

A cart driver can't pay his debts,
if his horse is dead..

he's like a man who has his arm cut off

What will Cabbar do now?
He has no money to buy a new horse.

Let's sell his cart and horse
and share the money.

Cabbar owes all of us.

- 80 lira for the gun.
- I won't sell it.

- 100 lira.
- I won't sell it.

- 120 lira.
- No.

Take your gun and go.

one lemonade

Don't hit me. I won't do it again.

don't hit me, brother

Burn some cotton, I'll make her smell it,
it may help.

Fatman, where is the cart and horse?

- They took them away.

Who did?

- The creditors.

- I want 950 lira.
- He owes me 180 lira.

- 98 for me.
- 55 lira for me.

- I'll pay 1000 lira.
- Sell it.

How can sell my cart and horse?

If you'd paid your debts, we wouldn't.

may you be cursed!

Your fatherworks hard
to pay for your schooling.

And you fail.
We don't buy food but buy books for you.

the same useless ticket.

- May I have some of your wine, brother Cabbar?
- Help yourself.

I'm going to die of impatience.

I talked to the Hodja. He's a genius
but I have no money.

if we had money, Cabbar?
if you sold your cart and horse?

make use of your head, Cabbar

The treasure is waiting for us between two bridges
on the Ceyhan River.

I have neither a horse nor a cart

- the creditors seized and sold it.
- you don't say!

I've got nothing but an old gun.
They won't pay much for it.

A gun?

This gun can save our lives.

what about us going to the rich quarter of the city
and can rob a rich man?

- That's crazy.
- use your head, brother.

If I had a gun like yours
I wouldn't hesitate for a moment.

do we have any other choice? we haven't.

- They'll catch us.
- Who will?

If I go to prison right now, my family will starve.

Who'll catch us? Nobody will know us

We'll go to rich people's quarter.

They've always got money in their pockets.
When you pull the gun...

...you'll scare the shit out of them.

a part of the rich are real cowards.

I've no bullets.

You don't need any.
Just show the gun to the richt and they surrender

Just say yes.
300-500, then our lives are saved.

We'll find Hodja H?seyin.
His breath is strong.

In one week we find the treasure.
Then you can...

...buy a cart, two horses.
I can get a woman.

If you say yes, our lives will be saved.

Hasan, brother, let's forget it.

Oh my God.

Don't move. Give us your money.
He's got a gun.

give us your money

"What do you say?"

This man is a foreigner.
Give us all your money!


Money, I said. Don't you understand?

- Didn't you sleep?
- I waited for you.

- Are you hungry?
- No.

What happened to your face?
Did you have a fight?

Didn't you sell the gun?

Our movement is to protect our rights.
We get them if we...

...stick together.
They keep closing the doors to our daily bread.

All the same, we'll always we keep fighting.
We'll continue...

...our fight till we get our rights.

Unity is strength. Let's stick together.
They want to abolish horse-carts...

but they don't care for our welfare.

Listen, brothers.

In our country, many people are without work.

Abolishing carts, they'll put us among them.

- Did you see Cabbar?
- He just walked away.

we won't be traitors to our solidarity

you all join our movement,
with God's help we'll win

- Aren't you joining our protest?
- My cart is sold.

I'll join you with a flag.

Bayram's horse is dead too.
He can't join us. My condolences

Good luck for us all.

- Would 340 lira be enough?
- 340 lira?

- Would it be enough?
- Really? Have you got the money?

- I have.
- We must find H?seyin Hodja.

The treasure is on the banks of the Ceyhan River,
between bridges.

- But I don't know where.
- Does Hodja know?

He has demons, fairies, angels.
He'll tell us right away.

I often intended to do this,
but I didn't have enough money.

- What if we can't find it?
- This Hodja is different.

- The Hodja wants a deserted and quiet place
- we can go to my house

We don't have enough to eat
and you brought him here.

It's 3 days now and he keeps mumbling and praying.

How dare you! This Hodja is deep.

Now he's calling all demons and fairies
who will give him information.

If the treasure is deep under the earth,
it's hard to find.

Look carefully, tell me what you see
in the water.

Tell me what you see in the water?


Why are you crying, son?
Just tell me what you see.

Stop crying. Stop it.

- See what you've done.
- Shut up, go away now.

- What is going on, brother?
- The devils are interfering the ceremony.

The devils scared the kid so he can't see
where treasure is.


You see a tree? A dead tree with thin branches?

- A dead tree, son?
- I don't see anything.

Look carefully. You'll see a dead tree,
with two stones under it.

A white stone and a black one.
A white spot on black stone.

The kids may lose their minds.

This water business is confusing.

Nothing like that.
This Hodja cures the insane too.

The devil confuses the kid.
I can see it, the kid can't.

The treasure is between a
white and a black stone.

Under a dead tree.
There's a river on the right of tree.

Right. Ceyhan River is on the right side.

- is it necessary that the child sees it?
- He must.

- Hodja wants to make sure.
- Don't you see a tree?

Go to your mother.

If the treasure is between bridges
on Ceyhan River.

...let's go there and dig
when we see the dead tree.

We'll ask the Hodja.

If we look into the water,
can the devil confuse us?

The devil is a queer thing

- Hatice could try it.
- We'll try.

Look carefully into the water.

Tell me what you see, don't be afraid.

- What do you see?
- There's zinc.


what else?


- And?
- A horse-shoe.

- And what?
- A baby shoe.

A baby shoe?

Don't look around. Look at the water.

Could that treasure be so near us?

- Near us?
- Yeah. I mean near the house.

No, I'm sure.
The treasure is between the bridges.

Really. My God.

What are you doing, Cabbar?

Man, the treasure is by Ceyhan River,
not here.

There, between the two bridges.

You caught cold.

You sweated, kept digging all night for that silly treasure.

that's why you caught cold.
I wish you'd drop dead

I wish you were dead.
I haven't had a happy day living with you

I never had a
happy day in 16 years.

I know but you'll have happy days.
he's a deep HOdja.

We'll find the treasure.

Woman, you'll forget
the miserable days then.

We'll eat well, meat, baklava,
have beautiful dresses.

We'll buy a nice cart and strong horses.

These are all fantasies.
as if you'd find the treasure

- We'll find the treasure, woman
- Till you find it...

"don't die, my little donkey,
hold on till summer..."

till you find it

Hodja, could the treasure be under
this garlic?

God give me patience!

- How are you, son?
- I'm alright, Hodja.

- We're leaving tomorrow.
- Could we find the place?

- We almost found it.
- Where?

We'll go to the market. We need equipment.

Don't get up.

Didn't I tell you, this Hodja is deep,
he knows his job.

Call children, this is our last day.
We'll go shopping.

We'll have kebab, we'll soon be rich.

- Really?
- God is great.

Good thing we bought these bullets.

- I think it'll rain.
- Rain is good, brings prosperity.

Go away.

You're eating paper.

Waiter, bring us rak?.

It'll rain, we must take the beds in tonight,
we can't sleep outside.

Look after the kids. I'll give you 40 lira.
Try to manage.

I'll be back in 10 days. Then we'll be rich.

- So you won't be here 10 days.
- We'll be rich in 10 days.

I hope so.

- It's raining hard.
- let it rain.

I'll wake up the friends.

So, you won't be here for 10 days.

You used to go away for months.

I used to long for you.

longing for someone isn't easy, Cabbar

I used to leave but I came back penniless.
Now I'll be rich.

God, show mercy.
a cart and horse...

if you don't show mercy for me,
at least for the kids, they had so little in the past

- Cabbar
- but the children!

Forget the children. Come here.

What's up, Hasan?

You too, son?

The devil got hold of my mind.
I couldn't sleep. Nothing but water here.

Fill up the pit. We're leaving.

- How much is a donkey?
- Depends on which you want.

We'll take those.

- How much?
- We'll see, if you want to buy.

Give me some water.

Wrestling. First prize is 500 lira.

500 lira, that's good money.

- Hasan, this is Ceyhan River?
- Right.

- Is the treasure around here?
- It is.

This is Ceyhan River, this is Misis Bridge.
This is...

...Ceyhan Bridge.
The treasure is between bridges.

...under a dead tree.

Under a dead tree.

Cabbar, be careful where you walk.

We're in the domain of the treasure.

This is Misis Bridge.
We'll walk along the river.

...toward Ceyhan Bridge.

Hodja, we almost reached Ceyhan Bridge.
No trees, nothing.

Cabbar, look at the hill, is there a tree?

There's nothing here.

Hasan, brother, here is a dead tree,
a dead tree.

Here's the black stone.
Where's the white one?

No other stone.


Don't get excited.
We'll have a ritual bath in the river.

Then find me 101 white stones.

You've got to be careful, son.
The treasure can run away...

...in disguise. Like an ant, insect,
snake or a bird.

If you notice the treasure
running away and touch it...

...it turns to gold.
It regains its true shape.


Couldn't you sleep, son?

I'm guarding the treasure,
so the demons...

...won't steal it.
I left 40 lira for my family.

no one may rob my family.

You better sleep, son.
We've got a lot of work tomorrow.

Buy cheese, olives, grapes, onion and bread.

And check if anyone knows about us.

nobody must suspect anything

Don't worry, Hodja efendi.

- God be with you.

Half kilo cheese, half kilo olives,
a kilo grapes.

...a kilo onions

and a bottle of wine.

Hodja. Hodja, hurry up. Come and see.

This is a stone, son.

Could our treasure disguise itself
as a stone?

Demons can disguise its shape,
as a bird or a snake, but not like that.

If it becomes a bird, how can we catch it?
Can we shoot?

If it's a bird and you shoot it,
it becomes gold and falls down to earth like a golden shower.

we must be prepared and
keep the gun with us.

- Any news?
- Cabbar scares me.

He found a stone and thought
it was the treasure.

He has his gun.
If treasure is a bird, he'll shoot it.

Hodja, could the poor man lose his mind?

- Where have you been?
- They paid 40 lira for the donkeys.

There was nothing but bread in the village.
I found the watermelons on the field. What did you find?

Water, just water. It's almost a month.
there's nothing but snakes and water

I left 40 lira at home.
They must be starving.

- The poor man is insane.
- He'll be sane when we find the treasure.

- What's going to happen?
- God is merciful. He will make us smile again some day.

The treasure is running away.

The treasure. The treasure.

I caught it. But it's not the treasure.
It's a snake.

it's a snake!

- Cabbar, pull yourself together.
- Cabbar, calm down.

Cabbar, calm down.

The snake means luck, good news.

Go to the river, take a ritual bath.
We'll find the treasure.

The treasure is near us. We'll find it.

We must find it.

I left 40 lira for my family.

The kids must be starving.
They must be waiting for us for a month now.

Be purified in your heart
so you can be near God.

Even if the treasure is seven layers
beneath the earth...

...we'll find it put your purified soul
in the hands...

...of God's angels. The treasure will pull
you to itself.

Believe in God,
take shelter in His benevolence.

God won't leave us, He'll be with us.


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