Hope (2014) - full transcript

On his clandestine journey from Cameroon to Europe through the Sahara desert, Léonard meets Hope, a Nigerian girl who's following the same dream.

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"The cheapest way into Europe,
is the road.

But you have to brave the Sahara.

Pray you don't meet
the police or bandits.

Pray your driver
doesn't abandon you in the desert.

In Algeria, hug the walls,
you're no longer home.

In each city,
find the Cameroonian ghetto.

Never let anyone see your money.
Focus on your goal.

Go up to Morocco,
to a place called Gourougou.

There, a tall fence
surrounds the Spanish city of Melilla.

If you make it over, you're in Europe."

Hey, boy.

My friend.

See that girl, over there?

Don't mess with me.

Mess with you how?
I'm showing you a girl!

Don't be stupid. That's a boy.

I'm telling you that's a girl!
Why argue?

Get off it.

I'm telling you that's a girl
and you're arguing.

Hey, Congolese brothers!

Hello, sweetheart.

That's a man.

I'm telling you she's a woman.
Why argue?

Hello, sweetheart.


How are you?

How are you?

How are you?

How are you?

How are you?


She's Nigerian. I told you...

So she's not a girl?

She's even Nigerian.

Bring her here!

Bring the girl!

Undress her!

I'm telling you she's a girl!

Look. She's a girl, right?

He's right!

Come on.

Come on.

Get back there!


Fuck off!

We're just playing!

You, get out.

Get out!

Tamanrasset is that way,
20 km from here.

Walk straight ahead,

you'll be there before morning!

Wait, man.
We can't just leave her in the desert.

Brother, you're crazy.
She'll catch up.

Let's go!


The others already left.

What are you doing?

Do you hear me?

Come on, let's go!

Please, get up. Let's go.




Give me something. Come on!

You filthy son-of-a-bitch!


Please, water.

Water, please.

Go home!

Go home!

Get lost, negro!

Slow down, brother.

We have to walk.

This city is dangerous.

If the police arrest you,
they'll take you to Tinzaouatine.

What's your name?

- Léonard.
- I'm Guélor.

Tell your girlfriend to walk faster.

She's not my girlfriend.
She's Nigerian.

Stay close to the wall.

Is it still far?

We have to walk.

For Cameroonians, it's over there.

- Good-bye. Good luck.
- Thanks.

For Nigerians,

it's over there, behind the rocks.

I'm going back to the Congolese ghetto.

Thanks again.

You're the new arrivals?

Stand up!

Stand up like a man!

Where are you from?

Northern Cameroon.

- I can't hear you.
- Northern Cameroon.

Northern Cameroon?

- Were you told there's an entrance fee?
- No.

Here, for men, it's 2000 dinars.

For women, it's 4000.

We're not together. She's Nigerian.

- What's that, little brother?
- She's Nigerian.

No fuck-ups, little brother!

Where're you from?


What is your name?


Don't you know there's a Nigerian ghetto
in Tamanrasset?

Go sit over there.

Hurry up!

This isn't Cameroon.

This is the front line.

Here, there are rules and laws!

You come here with a Nigerian woman.

That's your fuck-up.

You'll have to explain this
to the Chairman.

You wait here.

Don't look at me!


My sister's inside, let me in!

Cool down!

I'm going inside that ghetto!

Do you know who you're talking to?

I'm the Nigerian Chief Defense!

I will mash you!

Want me to cut your head?

What's with you? Are you mad?

Don't call.

Who are you?



- Who are these two men?
- Quiet!



Watch yourself or I'll kill someone.

I like you. You're good soldiers.

Don't be angry!

My sister!

My own sister.
You gave him my sister!

No, I don't want to go with them
to their ghetto.

I want to stay here with my man.

You shut up!

I love him!

I don't understand your gibberish.
I don't want to hear it.


Pay the Nigerian Chairman...

Stay with me? What for?

I don't want problems.
I told you.

Don't mess with me.

And how will you pay me back?

Don't mess with me.

Please, my friend.

Be quick.
I have bigger fish to fry.

- How much is this?
- 120 euros.

That's chicken feed, nothing.

I need more money.

What you triggered is dangerous.

Bringing a Nigerian girl here...

See this scar?
It's from my last fight with them.

With them,
you pay or it's a guaranteed fuck-up.

You're a dead man.

- What's in your pocket?
- Nothing.

I see a phone, you say nothing?

Do I look like I have sand in my eyes?

Take it out, little brother!

You're unbelievable!

- Baloo!
- Power!

The Lord's love for us

Is stronger than any other love

He guides us each day,
like a star in the night

When we share our daily bread,
He gives us his love

'Tis the bread of friendship,
the bread of God.

Glory be to Thee,
Eternal Almighty God.

Yes, You are alive.

From above the rocks,
You pour us water.

In the desert, You watch over us.

In wartime, You protect us.

Glory be Thy name,
Jesus Christ our Savior.

Your light has led us
through the desert darkness

and brought harmony into our lives

by letting us prevail
over the Nigerians.

Glory to Thee, Jesus Christ,
for You are alive!

Yes, You are our Lord!
You are our guide!

Bless this work
that You give us the opportunity to do!


And Hope!

By the power vested in me here,

I, Baloo, chief of this turf,

the only fertile turf of the desert,

here and now,

I declare you man and wife!

Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go!

I don't want this girl.

I don't want her!

I don't want her!

Be happy, my friend.
This is what you wanted.

Come dance at least one dance.

It's your wedding!

It's the day of your wedding!

Stop it!

Stop the music!

Who wants to spend the night with her?

Who wants to? I'm serious!

You, how much can you offer?

Who wants a night with her?
Tonight is for sale.

I have 600 dinars.

Offer more!

What are you doing?

Offer more!

I have 1,200.

I have 1,800 dinars.

- Please! 1,800 dinars going once.
- 1,900.

Make your offers!

- 1,900 going once.
- And you?

- You?
- 1,900 going twice.

- What do you say, musician?
- 2,400.

Me! 4,000.

- 4,000 going once!
- 5,000.

- 5,000 dinars...
- 5,000 going once.

- 5,000 going twice.
- I give 6,000.

- 6,000...
- That's enough.


7,000 going once!

7,000 going twice!

7,000 going three times!
Going four times!

Going five times!

Don't ask where the wind comes from,
just tell yourself it blows.

Your wedding was beautiful.

Don't look at me like that.

You lied to me.

I didn't ask you for anything.

You have no idea the burden I bear.

An entire family is counting on me.

I didn't leave to fool around.
You understand that?

If I needed a wife,
I'd have stayed in Cameroon.

You eat my money.

And you come dance before me?

You think I'll let you?

This here...

This is half of the money you took.

You must pay me back all my money.



Free boy, where you running to?

He's not like us.

His water's boiling at home.
His massage is waiting.

Who'll massage you?

I've got Miss Five-fingers
to keep me good every day.

Tell us, man.

In what position do you take the girl?

- Tell us!
- Stop running away.

Why're you running away, brother?
Tell us the position.

Riding Horse or Standing Harvest?

Or is it the Pebble Picker?

Back off, brother.

Those English-speaking girls love sex!

They have nothing left to learn.

You do it once.
She says, "Again!"

Twice, "More!"

Three times, "More!"

She will wear you out!

Or is it...

How are things going with your wife?

I saw her, she's a sweet girl.
You take care of her.

I never asked for a wife.

Make an effort!

I don't want to see her wilt
in this desert.

I see girls arrive
and in less than a month, bam!

They're a wreck.

- Boy.
- Yes, Chairman.

Are the passports ready?

Here's the ready-to-travel.

Do the other quickly.

I'll finish it right away.

Good work.

You're capable.
I need men like you.

Young man.

On your feet. Come with me.

I need the money.

What money?

The connection money.
I negotiated the Nigerian.

Listen, boy. Think of the community.

Wait, that's not enough.
What about insurance?

I cover you. You think you walk here
because you're strong?

My friend...

You have no choice.
I run business here!

It's the law of my ghetto.

Little brother, be proud.

You took all my money.

I gave you a golden goose.

The money.

How much?

Almost nothing.

Here, we make very little money.

All these men...

want me, but don't have money.

No. You can't go to town.

It's very dangerous.
You can't go there.

Is she the one?


There's 20 euros for you
and 20 for me.

Go to room 5.

Third floor. Room 5.

- Baloo!
- Power!

Come inside.

Quick, don't stay outside.

A beautiful picture.


No, I just came
for the passport pictures.

It's a nice souvenir,
for you and your wife.

What do you say?

Only 200 dinars.

No, 200 is expensive.

It's expensive for you?

How about 150?

That's not much
for a picture of Paris.

100 dinars.

Can I see a smile?

To the left, please.

That's it, ma'am.

These are the best memories that stay.

Give me some.

Me too!

What's the occasion?

Wait your turn!

The fritters are browned.

Uncle Léonard!

Give him some.

Give me a fritter!



Thank you.

When the cat's away,
the mice will play.

Good evening, little brother.

Good evening, Chairman.

Who authorized you to do that here?

No one.

Where's your wife?

Where's your wife?

She's out.

Little brother...

how dare you put ashes in my whisky!

Get up.

Where's the money?

- I don't have any.
- How much do you make?

- What?
- With the girl.

How much do you make at the hotel?


It's my business.

You have a business here?

How much does she give you?

You're doing business behind my back?

You double-crossed me!

Is this your turf? Is it?

- Is it your turf?
- Is it your business?

This here is my turf.

- You're staying here.
- Undress him.

Make him comfortable.

- I'm sorry!
- Stop whining.

Where's the money?

I warned you.

You are bold.

Thank you, Chief Defense.

If you want to go to Europe,
leave the girl here.

We'll take care of her.

This case is bigger than you.

Leave me the girl. It's my biz.

Do you understand?

A woman is like a snail,
she walks with her house on her back.

You can't.

Chief Defense?





The money.
How much do you have?

I work. I make money.
Why aren't we leaving?

Passports are expensive.
We can barely cover the trip.

Understand? We have to pay
the ghetto fee in Maghnia.

And the guide who'll take us,
won't we pay him?

You think it's easy?

Here, your fritters.

See this?

This is how I make a living.

We'll develop this,
multiply the bills with it.

And you're privileged to see this.

You're lucky.


Who is it?

Where's your money?

Where is it?



You think all of Africa's for sale?

You screwed my wife!


I'll kill you.

No, not the passport.

Not my passport!

Léonard, stop it!

Is that Morocco?

Not a sound and no one outside.

- Understood?
- Understood.

Come wash.



What's this in French?

Why not?

And what's this in French?


The nose.

And what's this?

This. What's this?

The mouth.

"Shut the mouth."

Sons of bitches, get off my land!


What do you want to do in Europe?

Once we get there,
I want to study again.

Go back to school.

You're here for Europe?

Come, it's free. Come.

You're from Cameroon?

Sisko, I'm from Côte d'Ivoire.

Are you Nigerian?

I knew it.

You see that?

That is Europe.

Over there, when you're hungry,

the food falls from the sky
into your mouth.

Over there, mosquitoes drink Coca-Cola.

Have you ever seen that?

Over there, roaches eat spaghetti.

Over there, donkeys speak!

You know donkey?

Over there, they speak.

Sheep wear bras...

Over there,

it's amazing,
a true botanical garden!



Isn't that beautiful?

I'm a real marabout.

No joke!

- How are you?
- Good.

- Guys, what's the word?
- It's cool, man.

Let her have your seat.

Welcome to you.

Ma'am, take a seat.

Make yourself comfortable.

Classy welcome.

Take a seat, sir.

All I can say is,
since you're new,

since you just arrived
in Gourougou,

tell yourself you've died
and your corpse is walking around.

Why is that?

Because over there,

when you attack
and you don't make it in,

they break you, brother.

That's right.
They've already broken my right hand.

The barbwire shredded my feet.

So here,
tell yourself you're walking dead.

That fence you see is 7 meters high.

Once you reach the top,
there's a thing we call the V.

When you storm the fence,

and you're finally next to it,
don't look up

or it will paralyze you.

You have to go with a thick jacket.

Thick jacket and gloves.

Once you reach the fence,
take off your shoes,

otherwise your feet
won't fit in the holes.

See? So take off your shoes,

you keep walking.

And if the Moroccan police call you,

don't pay attention...

Otherwise, it'll confuse you
and they'll catch you.

So once you're at the fence,

just look at Melilla in front of you.

Free boy, when you touch the fence,

you think of the pain you left behind.

Your adrenaline starts pumping

and this incredible strength kicks in.

You run, you run! With boundless joy.

It almost drives you mad.

You can feel no pain.
You've reached the Promised Land.

When I arrived, man,

I saw the fence and I was scared!

I could've peed on myself.

But I had this rage,

I could see the light of Europe.

I was galvanized, I had to go inside!

I had to go eat the chicken, man.

When I grabbed onto the fence,

it did not lie.

When I reached the V,
it was my first time.

Some, when they reach it,
are unable to go through the V.

I broke the V and found myself inside.

If you make it into Spain,
get ready to run a marathon.

With the last of your energy,
you run for it!

You scream as you run.

That day, you run to never run again.

What is it?

What's the problem?


Do you have any idea where you are?

Or what you're saying?

After all our efforts?

Everything we've done together?

Now you tell me you don't want to go?

Look at me.

This is my dream.

I left Cameroon to go to Europe.

So, I intend to get there.

That's all I want.

This isn't possible.
We made it here together.

After all the efforts,
everything we've had to endure...

Now you're telling me...
Why? What's going on?

What's going on?

Am I the father?

Ok, guys.

I have some excellent news
for us tonight.

I've spotted a section of the fence

that will take us to Europe tonight.

If you do exactly as I say,

we will triumph.

Not only will we triumph, guys,

but we'll sleep
in white sheets tonight.

If I say "crawl," you crawl.

If I say "get down,"
all of you get down.

And if I say "run," you run.


let's put our rage out on the field.

Let's put our rage out in the field
and we will triumph.

We'll be through
with the Moroccan police.

Only this time,
we'll do it in One Spirit.

One Spirit, guys.

Now, let's head out.

Coming, Léonard?

Léonard, we're off!

- They want to see Chairman.
- They, who?


Drop your bag.

Face the wall.

Raise your arms.

Best for my Chairman!

Chairman, you've got clients.


It's the Cameroonian guy
traveling with a Nigerian girl.

Let the girl step up.

In front.

What's your name?


Who is this?

My husband.

What's his name?


Stand up straight!

Why do you shake?

Are you sick?

What did they do to you?


Pull up your jacket.

Watch yourself.

You've got a belly?

Who gave you belly?

Who gave you belly?

Who gave you belly?
I'm talking to you!


Who gave you belly?

Want me to slap you?

Who gave you belly? Tell the truth.

He did.

What's with you? Are you crazy?

- You're not telling the truth.
- It's not him...

It's not him.

You want me to burn a hole
in your face?

Leave her alone, she said it wasn't him.

Take her to the women's room.

You, get out.

You can't stay here.

He will multiply money for you.

Take her away!


You multiply money?

I can do it.

Chairman is talking to you.
Want me to slap you?

DC, leave him.


You can multiply money?

I know how.

You can multiply money?

Take it.

Multiply the money now.

Multiply the money now!

That's not how it's done...

Sit down!

Take the girl out.

Multiply the money.

Multiply it, I'm watching.

Multiply it or I'll remove your ear.

You think this is a joke?
Multiply the money or I'll cut it off.

Multiply this money!

Put your hand down.

I'll remove your ear.

I'll remove one.

Multiply this money!

Want me to cut your ear off?

Should I cut one off?

Cut it!

Should I?

Cut it!

I won't cut it.

A Cameroonian
bringing in a Nigerian...

Get up. You're my friend. Get up.

Stop shaking.

Get up.

Leave him alone.
You're my friend, come.

Stop shaking.
Come sit with me.

You're shaking.

Why are you shaking?

No more shaking.

You're my friend.
You see the match we're watching?

You like football?

You're called the Lions of Cameroon,

but you behave like rabbits.

What do I call him?
Rabbit or Lion?


I'll call him Rabbit.


I'll call him Lion.

I see some guys over there.



you prove to me
whether you're Rabbit or Lion.

Go ahead.

Hello, my Congolese friends.

I'm looking for Michaux.

- A problem?
- I need a passport.

Stand over here, please.

- How goes it, brother?
- Hey.

You wanna die?

Shut your mouth!

Get in.

- What's going on?
- Nothing.

I didn't take the passport.

You took the money!

Give them the number!

They'll kill you, brother!

See this knife?

If you give us a wrong number again,

I'll remove one of your eyes.

I gave it to you.

I will remove one of your eyes.


You wanna die?

Cough it up!

Want me to slap you again?



You, I can't tell whose side you're on.

Dial and call.


Talk quickly.

Quickly! Talk to him!

Send me 2,500.

- 2,000 what?
- 2,500 euros.

- Deliver or I will bury you!
- Tomorrow at 11.

You gonna die!


- What now?
- I need calling credit, please.

You eat free food.

Free house...
What else do you want?

I helped with the Congolese.

- Lion, don't push it!
- Please.

- Don't push your luck.
- James, please.

You be careful.

- I want to see my wife.
- Why you here?

- You know the rules.
- Wait...

Make it quick.

Gloria, come here.

How are you?

I'm fine.

What do you eat here?

Do they feed you well?

Do you miss my bankou?

Do you know when you leave?

What do you mean, sell it?

We have to get out of here.

Your time is up.


I gave you 50 dirhams.


What do you want?


What's with you?
Why you walk like a lazy cow?

Give me a towel.

Now get out. Quick!

Where'd you get it?

I managed.

I'll give you 2,000 dirhams
for the passport

because I like you.

I just want to leave with my wife.

I want to go with my woman.

Which woman?


Which woman?

All the women here are mine!

You come here,

ask me to help
send your woman to Europe.

I set things up so she can go...

You're all the same.


It's a good passport.

Chairman, look at it.


How much must the girl pay
once in Europe?

35,000 euros.

35,000 euros.


You heard the Chairman:

swear to honor the 35,000.

Are you ready to pay the money or not?

Make Chairman reduce the money.
It's too big.

You will pay!

Are you ready to pay the money?

Speak up!

Hold this.

May our ancestors hear our prayers.

May she meet with good fortune.

May she obtain the help she seeks.

Hold its legs.

Tie the legs first.

See what I'm doing to this fowl?

If you reach Europe
and you don't pay...

Watch what I do to this fowl...

Look at what I do to this fowl,

how I kill it,

how I rip its head off.

- See this?
- Yes, sir.

Here it is!

Open your mouth, my girl.

Open your mouth!

Open up!

Chew and swallow!


- Assistant.
- Here.

Make her drink!


Come on, drink!

It won't harm you, unless you don't pay.


Drink up.

Voodoo spirits,

we thank you!

All is well.

Our wishes will be granted.


The deal is done.
Everything is ok now.




How's it going?

We're leaving.

James, my Vice Chairman!
Go safely.

Hope, come here!

And don't forget,
never let Hope out of your sight.

Hope, go safely.





God be Praised!

Subtitles by Mariette Kelley