Hope (2013) - full transcript

Tragedy of a 8 year old girl coping with a gruesome rape damaging her internally and affecting emotionally tries to overcome all obstacles that are about to happen in her life aftermath of the incident with a good support from her family and those around her.

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When’s the meeting?


You’re ready already?

Okay, okay. Hold on.


You never came to
the PTA meetings last year.

If you’re late,
you’ll get on their bad side.

I’m almost ready.

I didn’t even do the breakfast dishes.

Do that later and come out now.

Okay, okay.

I’m ready! I’m leaving! I’m on my way.

I’m going! I’m on my way!

Where do I go?

Dog meat?

I can’t eat that.


It’s time for our lunch break.

Today’s menu is chicken soup.

I, the factory manager,
will eat last as always.

Please only take one piece
for those behind you.

Hey, you!

Don’t eat two pieces like last time
or I’ll kill you.


Let’s eat together.


Cheers everyone.

Summer break is coming up.
What should we get the teacher?

How about a dress?

-Good idea.

What do you think, Mi-hee?


How about a flowerpot?

Forget it.

These days, we give gift cards.


How much should we give?

You decide, Vice President.

-Of course.

Let’s go.

I’ll text you how much we’ll pitch in.

-It was good.

-I’m full.
-Did we collect money today?

-How much do we pay?
-We ate a lot.

Hope’s mom, you’ll pay?

-Why not?

How about you and I
split the bill this time?

I didn’t even eat!

She’s too busy at the store
and never came out much.

She always said
she should treat you ladies.

Should we give Hope’s mom a chance then?

Why not?

-Thanks, Hope’s mom.

How much you got?

I have 20,000 won.

Take credit cards?

198,000 won? That’s insane.

Damn women ate a whole dog.

It’s to get on their good side

or else your kid will get left out.

WATERMELON 20,000 won

Why’s it so dang expensive?

Tell your husband
to give Hope’s dad a raise.

He’s only the manager, not the boss.

By the way, aren’t you going to tell him?

How can he not tell?
Looks like it’s a boy.

He has no interest in me.

Then how’d you end up getting pregnant?

Honestly, we did it once in three years
and it happened.

Three years?

My husband is always all over me.

He can’t get enough of me.

How can I raise two when one is so hard?

Don’t say that.

Have the baby. It’ll grow on its own.

None left?


No sense of loyalty.

Im Dong-hoon, is it good?


-I only ate one, honest.
-The bones can’t be from one.

-Like it?
-It’s good.

Don’t you get food at home?

Yeah, I do. Just rice though.

I’m so skinny, but my wife’s getting fat.

Good for you, pal.
I can’t eat at home or here.

I only get rice at home and here.

And my three sons say I stink
and won’t ever come to me.

Want it?

-Forget it, man.

Give it to me. You got three of the same.

But this is a rare card.

Yours isn’t.

Want it?

Let’s trade with this.

This one for five of those.

Young-seok, you cheapskate.

-No deal, cheapskate.
-Let’s go.



Wait for me!


I died again! This sucks!

Hey, Han Young-seok.


That’s not yours. Don’t hit it.

I paid to play on this. What’s it to you?

Why you little--
Don’t try bossing me around!


Fine. Your face is way bigger. So there.

Wanna die!

Mommy, I’m home.

Hi, Hope.

Young-seok is the problem.

What are you grumbling?

Try this. Ahh.

I don’t get this at all.

Get what?

It’s a math question.

I can solve most questions,

but I have no clue with this.

How can a second grade math question
be so hard?

Read it again.

Should I ask Daddy?


He probably won’t know more than me.

Come eat!

“Young-su has nine pencils
and Jin-hee has three.

How can they have
the same number of pencils?

Write your answer.”

What did you write?



Just add nine and three together,
then divide by two.

It’s not that easy.

Think that Young-su is Young-seok

and Jin-hee is me.


There’s no way
Young-seok would give the pencils.

For us to have the same,
he’d have to give me three pencils.

There’s no way he’d ever give me anything.

That’s not the answer.

Dong-hoon, say something.

Listen to your mom.
Don’t start fighting with her.

Spicy noodles give me ulcers.

-Don’t eat it then.
-I didn’t say I won’t.

Forget it. Go watch baseball.
I’ll raise Hope by myself.


Listen good to your mom.


Let’s get you to bed.

Kokomong, the sausage

Silly, playful Kokomong

A whiz inventor, Kokomong

Leader of the kids, Kokomong

Young-seok, you waiting for Hope?

No way. I’m not waiting for her.

Then what are you doing here?

I’m waiting for the boys.

-Let’s go!
-Okay. Let’s go.

But Hope will be out soon.

Daddy, do you know how to tie hair?

Of course I do.

Come here.

Sit down.


I’m on my way out.

Your second child’s sick?

The flu? Oh, no.

I can get there in 20 minutes.

Sign for the goods,
then open the warehouse.

Okay. Bye.

Ouch! Forget it!


-I’ll tie it up pretty.
-Forget it!

I always just pin my hair.

Mommy’s always busy.

You look prettier with your hair pinned.

Hope went to school, right?

-She’s still home.
-Oh, no. She’s late.

-Got it.
-The other kids already went?

I gotta go check on stuff coming in.

Where’s the umbrella?

-Look under the counter.

Hope, you’ll be late!

What the--


I’m all wet! Run!

Hey, this way!

It’s cold!



Don’t pout.

I’ll tie your hair pretty tomorrow.

You always say that.

All grown up?

Talking back to your mom.

Want Mommy to walk you to school?

Forget it.
I can run there in three minutes.

Don’t go down muddy alleys
and take the big road.

I was going to anyway.

Take the big road!


If we’re late, we’re dead! Run!

It’s pouring! I’m so cold!

Wait for me! Slow down!

Hey! Hurry up!

Wait up!

Going to school?

That’s a pretty umbrella.

Mind sharing it with me?

But... I’m late for school.

Come in!

They’re coming in now.
I’ll count everything.

Don’t worry.

Be careful!

Why’s the gas bill so high?


Where are you?

At home.

Oh, my, my, my.

What? Something happened?

There are cops everywhere
outside the school.

The school?

I came by to give Young-seok his umbrella.

But you know
the construction site near here?

One girl was found half dead here.

Hello? You hear me?


This is Inspector Seo.

Are you Im Hope’s father?

Yes, I am.

Hope’s hurt badly.
We’re taking her to Chang-won Hospital.

The hospital?
My daughter should be in school.

She’s going in and out of consciousness.

Please come as fast as you can.

Hello? Hello?


How was she when you first found her?

She had severe facial injuries
and was bleeding all over

and barely conscious.

Then who made the report?

-We got a call from 911.

She called us directly.

Are you Hope’s mother?

Please calm down, ma’am.

The CT scan shows many cuts
and lacerations from the rectum to colon.

She needs surgery.


We may have to remove
parts of the large and small intestines.



What happens now?

The forensics results will come soon.

We’ll find the culprit. Don’t worry, sir.

Constable Lee, stay here
and keep reporting on her status.

It happened by the school?

How’d you know?

Which road was she on?

Was it the big road?

What do you mean?

I told her to go that way.

I sent her out alone in the rain.

Cut it out.

Did Young-seok’s mom know it was Hope?

She called me,
said a girl was dying near the school.

-Stop it.
-I can’t.

If she tells one person it was our Hope,

I’ll rip her mouth off!


My little girl--

Im Hope’s guardian, please?

Did the surgery go well?

Someone had better come in now.

Just one, please.

Stay here. I’ll be right back.

Listen carefully.

We have to remove
the large intestine and anus.

If we don’t do it now, she could die.

Sir, she’ll live
if we make an artificial anus.

An artificial anus?

A colostomy to put
the small intestine outside.

She’ll have to live like that for life.

Please save her.

What happened?

Is she alive?

Daddy, you came?


Where’s Mommy?

We’re taking turns. She’s right outside.

We’ll always be here. Don’t worry.


The doctor says you’re all right, Hope.


What about work?


I’m all done.

I thought Mommy and you would be busy.

The bad man should be caught.

I was really hurt.

So I just called 911.


When did you get so smart?

He was wearing beige pants.

And a vest with many pockets.


The bad man.

He should be caught.

Let’s talk about that later. Okay?

It was near the school.

I’m so sleepy. What if I forget?

It’s okay.

The police say they almost caught him.


After you get a good sleep,

Daddy and the police will catch him.

Go to sleep, sweetie.

Okay, Daddy.

My throat feels dry.

And I feel like I have to poop.

Yes, sir.

Yes, Chief.

Results came for the fingerprints
found at the scene.

Did they find him? Arrest him?

We found a match out of ex-cons
and located his whereabouts.

Why aren’t you arresting him?

Constable Lee, why did you bring him here?

Have a seat, sir.

Who’s the bastard?

Where does he live?

I’m not allowed to give you any details.

You have his prints! You know who he is!

But we can’t arrest him
with just his fingerprints.

He’s here? Who is it?

There’s not enough evidence.
I can’t arrest him without a warrant.

Why can’t you get a warrant?


The fingerprints could be
from anyone passing through.

We need more definite evidence
for a warrant.

What more evidence do you need?

Like surveillance camera footage or DNA.

There were no cameras at the scene
and no DNA yet.

If the victim testifies
and identifies him,

we won’t need a warrant.


Can you arrest him now?

She can’t get investigated like that.

It’s just testifying.

Whatever. She’s your child.

You want her to recall that horrific day?

You call yourself a father?

Don’t you have any feelings?


Fine. Let’s say I don’t.


Sunflower Center helps
sexually abused children.

They help children deal with the trauma.

Why did this happen to our little girl?

If the cops would have watched
those guys better,

this wouldn’t have happened!

Sit down.

We have to get that bastard!

Please calm down.

How can we?

Please go home
and bring her toys and journals.


That’s what the therapist asked for.

I’ll try to convince your wife.



Must you do this now?

We have to catch the culprit.

It’s only been three days.

She’s psychologically unstable.

Are you sure?

It’ll be the same no matter when.

It’s not easy for her.

I won’t do it
without the parents’ consent.


asked to catch the culprit.

Are you sure about this?



Can you talk?

You don’t want to?

Then you can just nod.

Can you see me?

Kokomong, the sausage

Silly, playful Kokomong

I’m pretty, aren’t I?

As you see,

Im Hope can state opinions
and is clearly conscious.


It rained a lot that day, right?

You met a bad man on the way
to school and had a close call?

About the bad man--

Think you can tell me?


Is this the man?

What makes you think this is him?

The face.




Just in case,

can you choose from other pictures too?


Can you point him out again?

Hope? Can we give it another try?

Good girl.

As time goes,
she could behave differently.

She could suddenly start screaming

or not talk at all.

What do you mean?

She needs both physical
and emotional healing.

It may be hard
with just the family’s help.

The whole family
may all need treatment too.


Call me.

What are you doing?

Don’t scare us with things
that didn’t even happen.

What’s with you?

If you’re done, I suggest you leave.

Who is it?

I came to get the dishes.

I left them outside.

I don’t see them. Where?

Of course they’re there.

You son of a--

Must we do this?
I don’t want the room with six patients.

We don’t have a choice.

Yes, Constable Lee.


Thank you.

-I’d better go to the police.
-Did they catch him?

I’ll be back.


Chief! Chief!

Sir, you can’t come here!

Let me in.


Why’d he come here?

Let me in!

-You can’t, sir!
-Let me in!

-Let me in!

-Let me see his face!
-Sir, are you the victim’s father?

Sir, an interview, please!


Police arrested a man for abducting
and raping an eight-year-old girl.

The girl was found
with wounds and intestinal ruptures.

She survived a major surgery
and is hospitalized.


Oh, no!
This can’t get out all over the news!

Poor Hope!

Quiet. The kids will hear.

Young-seok, go in.

Choi abducted a girl
on the morning of the 19th,


dragged her to a construction site
and raped her.

The victim’s identification
of the culprit led to the arrest.


I heard he got caught. Where are you?

The hospital is on TV and everything.

Is Hope okay?

Choi abducted a girl
close from the school,

took her to a nearby place
and assaulted her.

Choi is 51 years old

and lives less than one kilometer away
from the victim’s house.

Three months after his ankle
tracking device was removed,

he committed the same crime.

Hear about the child rape case?

-The girl was just eight years old.

I heard she’s in this hospital.

Are you out of your mind?

You got her to testify for this?
We’re moving her.

Wait. Not that way.

Hope, you okay?

-Many folks are here to help you, Hope.

Are you the father? How did she testify?

No! Stop!

We’re here, Hope.


Did I do something wrong?

Of course not.

-Is Hope okay?
-Come here.

Hope, it’s okay.

It’s all right.

Help! Please, help!

Hope, it’s okay.

It’s okay.

Daddy will get this.

Please, hurry! Help Hope!

Ma’am! Ma’am!

Call emergency!

-Stop! Go away!
-Hope! Hope!

Don’t move! Don’t move!

-Go away!
-I’ll clean it!


Stay still!

Stop it! Go away!






Your wife fainted!

-Her breathing is unstable.
-Help her breathing.

Bring the respirator.

-She’s bleeding!

Her heartbeat is too high!

Call pediatrics.

I was going to tell you.

After what happened to Hope, I lost track.

Are you mad?


How can you not tell me for five months?

By chance,

were you not going to give birth?

They said the baby’s fine.

Don’t cry.


I know it must be hard for you, sweetie.

But Mommy’s sick.

She can’t come by often.

You said you wanted a sibling, right?

There’s a little brother
or sister in Mommy’s tummy.

Know what that means?

Aren’t you hot?

You don’t like Daddy?

Don’t know?

Hope, are you embarrassed?

It’s Daddy. Don’t be--

I’ll be outside

so you can cool off.

Don’t cover your face.

The therapist asked me
to give this to you.

The woman from Sunflower Center
who was here before.

Oh, my.

What are you doing?

Well, I’m--

-It’s nothing.
-Are you okay?

It comes to 2,870,000 won.

The trial is set
for 11:00 am next Tuesday.

Dong-hoon? Hold on. It’s too noisy here.

Why didn’t you call me earlier?


Still there?

About my severance--

What are you talking about?

You’re on vacation. What severance?

I’ve been here for two weeks.

I don’t know when it’ll end.

-There’s the trial too.
-Be honest.

If it’s ’cause of money,

I have some cash set aside
my wife doesn’t know about.

You can use it.

You helped out a lot last year
when my mother-in-law died.

Fool. Don’t say that.

Do I have to beg to lend you my money?

If you need to borrow, just ask.

Need money or not, pal?

I need it.

Fine, then.

I’ll lend it to you.

I gotta go back to work.

I’m going too.

I’m fine.

You’re not fine.

You had a close call.

A close call?

But I have to see that bastard’s face.

How can I trust you and rest here?

Then I’m not going.

-Are you threatening me?
-You should talk.

Threatening me with the unborn baby?

-My kid’s hurt.

And my pregnant wife
thinks she can run around.

What am I supposed to do?

You came?

Thank you.

Didn’t eat anything, did you?

You said...

when I called that morning...

that I knew everything
and called on purpose.

That if I told even one person,

you’d rip my mouth off.

I guess word travels fast.

I didn’t say I’d rip it off.

I said I could rip it off.

Trying to act strong,

you couldn’t even cry, could you?

You act way tougher.


You think it’s my first time
coming here today?

I came more than 10 times.

I just watched from afar and left.


You should have come to see me.

I was dying to see you.

You said you’d rip my mouth!

I didn’t say that.

Try some food.

Stop crying, girl.

Is this laundry?

Stop crying and eat.


Around 8:30 AM on July 19, the defendant

dragged the eight-year-old victim
to a nearby construction site,

assaulted her face and abdomen,

choked her,

then sexually assaulted
her genital parts. Correct?

I don’t remember at all.

I worked all night and came home at dawn.

I drank alcohol and slept.

Then, can you explain
the bloodstain on your clothes?


There was blood?

I submit forensic results stating
the blood belonged to the victim.

And video of the victim’s
identification of the culprit.



The shoes and vest the prosecution claims,

are they yours?

Yes, but I lost them a few days ago.

Where did you lose them?

About three days ago,

I left them at the construction site,
but they disappeared.

When did you find them?

They were outside my house
on the day of the arrest.

Objection. The defendant just claims
to have lost and found them.

There is no evidence to support that.

Is there evidence to prove it?

We’re searching, Your Honor.

We’ll ask the construction workers
and find proof.

Then present it when you find it.

The next hearing will be
at 3:00 PM on September 25.

Court is adjourned.

You bastard!

You call yourself human!

After what you did to her! You bastard!

You don’t remember?

You son of a bitch!

Memorized your moves?

Yes, I did.

Me too.

But I can’t.

Don’t worry.
If you miss anything, I’ll jump right in.


It’s okay if you make mistakes.
Just make big moves.

One at a time.

Hello, everyone!

I’m Kokomong.

Let’s invent something great today too.

Hello? I’m pretty Aromi.

Why am I so beautiful?

Ta-da. I’m Kero.

Want to see the new dance I made?

All our friends are here.
What will happen today?

Let’s go to Refrigerator Land.

Let’s roll together

Let’s gather together

Kokomong is calling

It’s time for fun

It’ll be fun

-Let’s roll together

-Let’s gather together
-Hurrah, hurrah

Hold Kokomong’s hand and run like the wind

Kokomong, Kokomong

I love Kokomong

Today and tomorrow

Let’s play together every day

-Let’s roll together

-Let’s gather together
-Hurrah, hurrah

Hold Kokomong’s hand and run like the wind

Run like the wind


How did the trial go?

There’s no result on the first day.

-When’s the next trial?
-A month later.

What are you doing with this on?

Can’t you tell?

I thought you hated that therapist.

Who cares, when she’ll help my child.

Young-seok’s mom.

-You came?

When you’re done drinking,
go trade with the egg.


Water, please.

-You came?

You too?


I spent the whole day with the sisters.


Yes, sisters.

Women fight easily and get close easily.

I see.

My role is kind of important.
I’d better go back in.

-Of course.



Eat lots.

Drawing pictures and compliments
won’t open up her heart.

Kids relieve stress by laughing
and playing till they sweat.

It’s 19,000 won an hour per costume
for two hours.

You borrowed four costumes.

It comes to 152,000 won.

One helper costs 10,000 won per hour.

So for two hours that’s 80,000 won.

But since the ladies helped,
it comes to 172,000 won.

Just give us 150,000 won.

Why does it cost so much?

It’s all for a good cause.

-It’s 150,000 won.

Do you take Visa?



Here you are.

How much is it to borrow this for the day?

It’s 70,000 won for the day.

For a week, it’s 350,000 won.


Can you give a discount
or accept installments?


Hold on.

This is kind of old.

We don’t use it much.


Just use it and give it back later.

-Yes, sir.

Cheer up, sir.

-Thank you.

Thank you.

My daughter

experienced the same thing as Hope.

When she was 16, she committed suicide.

That same year,

I drove my car into the river to die.

As you can see,

I just lost my legs.

And I’m still alive like this.

The man who did that to my daughter

is still alive and roaming free.

Can you sleep well?

You don’t look good.

I can’t sleep much.

Five months?

Six months?

It’s due in November.






Now that Hope is eating,
we’ll cut back on her IV.



I’m going to ask some questions.

And you answer, okay, Hope?


Let’s put one on since you answered.

Want me to put one first?

You’re not talking much these days?


Can you talk today?

Would you like to put one on?

This is the night sky.

When the night sky
gets filled with butterflies,

Hope will be able to speak again.

And sleep well again.

And also be able
to solve hard math problems.

Isn’t that amazing?


Can you write?


Hope, what’s today’s date?


That’s right.

You must be on summer break.

How many days till school starts?

Three days?

What do you want to do most
when school starts?

Can I go to school?

Of course.


Why do you think it’s a lie?

Why do you think you can’t go?

I’m embarrassed.

What are you embarrassed of?


That day?

I’m not going to tell my friends.

You think they know or don’t know?

I think they know.

Give me one.

I can have it all?

No changing minds.

Let’s go.

See ya.

Where will you say you went
when you were away?

I thought

I’ll say I went to my cousin’s
with my parents.

Or went on a trip.

If I don’t explain well,
bad rumors could start.


What didn’t you like most
about being sick?

Missing school.

And my parents being unable to go to work.

Spending lots of money.


The man asked me to share my umbrella.

I thought of just leaving.

But he was all wet in the rain
and I should share.

So I did.

People say it’s my fault
and nobody praised me for sharing.

Oh, my.


Good job.

I’m beat.

Give it to me.

-Just 10,000 won, please.

What do you want to do most
when you leave the hospital?

Go to school and meet my friends.

And see the baby being born.

But I won’t be able to go to school...

and I’m worried my homework isn’t done.

When the baby’s born, I want to hold it.

But with this on,

I’m worried I’ll get
dirty stuff all over the baby.

What if the baby is so cute,

my parents only love the baby?


It’s Kokomong!

Ever have a thought like this?

Hoping things will be like
before when you wake up.

Yesterday, I thought that.

I felt like things will go back to normal
when I wake up.

So I took all my pills.

And prayed before going to bed.

But when I woke up, nothing changed.

How do you feel then, Hope?

Granny used to say when she’s frustrated,

“I’m gonna die.”

But now I think I know what she meant.

“I’m gonna die.”

What do you think it means?

Why was I born?

Look, Hope. Isn’t it pretty?

Blow it out.


-Congratulations, Hope.
-Thank you.

We haven’t been home so long, I’m nervous.

Are you?

Can’t we stay here?


Worried about going home?


Finished paying?

Gwang-sik lent me his car. Let’s go.


Wanna go down with Daddy?

I’ll go first.


What’s wrong? Are you carsick?

We’re almost home. Okay?

It’s okay, Hope.

We’re here.

Take her in. Hurry.

Hope, let’s go in.

That’s good.

It’s okay, Hope.

It’s all right, Hope.

Hurry in.

Let’s go. We’re home.

It’s okay. We’re home.


Young-seok, did you come to see Hope?

Did Hope come home?


Wanna see her?

No, I was just passing by and wondered...

I heard you won’t play with her
’cause she said your face is too big.

Aw, man.

Who says rumors like that?

Hope’s mom told me.

I’m going crazy.


What’s the matter?

I came to walk to school
with her that day.

If we went together,

nothing would have happened.

What’s with you, boy?

It’s okay. Don’t cry.

It’s all right.

Want some candy?

Let’s go inside.

“Greet teachers respectfully.

Don’t run in the hallways.

Book report due tomorrow.

Bring consent forms
for extracurricular activities.”

I can take her there.

The baby’s about to pop out.
I’ll take her.

Let’s put this on.


It’s not that far.

Mom, I wanna go with Hope.

Hear that?

Heard that?

Okay, then.

We’re all dressed and ready.

That’s a good girl.

We’re all set.

Mommy, the crackling sound is too loud.

Are you worried about that?

If the colostomy bag
ever falls off or leaks,

please call me.

Of course.

And can she avoid
direct contact with male teachers?

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

The teachers will take caution.
Don’t worry.

Do you think the children will make fun?

With you doing all this,
they’ll all be good too.

I’ll come dressed more suitably next time.

So sorry.

Take care.

I’ll be going.

What if the bad man comes again?

I’m scared. I hope he gets punished.

Isn’t today your day off?

Oh, no.

Hope didn’t go to school?

Didn’t I tell you?
We’re seeing the therapist today.

Oh, right.

Hang in there.

She says Hope is getting a lot better.

I’m okay.

How is Hope’s father doing?

He leaves before Hope gets up.

I feel so sorry for him.

Worrying about him,

you’ve gotten a lot better.

Of all the kids in the world,

why’d this happen to our little girl?

I wish the same thing happens
to all the kids in the world.

Then Hope wouldn’t stand out
and be in pain more.


But after thinking like that,

I’d feel sorry for the baby.

This happened to Hope
because I’m so evil to the bone.

I think.

Whenever I clean her colostomy bag,

I wonder when it’ll be over.

Did her grandmother live with you?


My mom lived with us
till she died last year.

She used to say,
“I’m gonna die” all the time?

How did you know?

She said that when she moved
because of her arthritis.

When I asked Hope
what she thought that meant,

she thought for a while

and said it meant, “Why was I born?”

Hi, Young-seok.

Hope can’t walk fast,
so you go a step behind her, okay?


I can go by myself.

I’ll walk behind you.

Don’t come near me.

Fine. Go first.

See you later.

Thanks, Young-seok.

Where are you off to again?
You should eat lunch.

I’ll be back.

-Where are you going?


What’s inside that bag?

Why do you want to know?

Want some candy?

-Me too.

I gotta go home. Bye.

See you tomorrow.


The Kokomong over there,

is that your new friend?

Is it a boy or a girl?

I have no idea.

Kokomong is just Kokomong.


I just want to say, don’t be sick.

Sorry about before.

We’re still friends, right?


See you tomorrow.



Are you


You’re Daddy, right?

Answer me.

Because of me--

Are you not talking
because I wasn’t talking to you?

Aren’t you hot?

Let’s go home.

-I’m home.
-Hi, Hope.

Oh, my!

What’s this?

It’s Daddy.

What the heck!
What are you doing in there?

Mr. Im Dong-hoon?

Registered mail.


Why does Hope have to
go to court to testify?

The Defense submitted Hope’s
psychological records as evidence.

The judge said her testimony
video is not reliable.

It’s going to kill her.

Still, if she doesn’t testify now,
things could get worse.

The sly bastard is claiming
physical and mental weakness.


He wrote petitions saying
he can’t remember when he’s drunk.

If that gets recognized,

he’ll get 15 years maximum
or get off in just eight or nine years.

Think it over, sir.

If Hope testifies before the judge,
he’ll be cornered.


You sent

three petitions?


I don’t remember it.

I’m frustrated too.

After what you did,

how can you not remember?

Whenever I drink, I can’t remember.

They force me to remember,
so my head hurts.

Your head hurts?

If I really did that, I deserve to die.

Doing that to a kid can’t be human,
but an animal.

Did you come to settle?


I would love to be able to settle.

But I don’t have anything.

If I get out soon, maybe I can make money.

You know what I mean?

You went there.

You remember.

You know my daughter.

Think I’d let you walk, bastard?

Please be polite to me.

Wondered why she was so cheeky.

Guess she takes after Daddy.

Think wisely.

How long do you think I’d be in here?

I’ll get out someday.

So what!

What will you do?

Come out, you bastard!

Come here.

My wife said

she wished the same thing
happened to all the kids.

I thought that was really bad of her.

But now I think that.

I know how you feel.

You can’t. You didn’t go through it.


Can you think differently?

That it was an accident?

Like she was walking one day
and got hit by a car.

An accident.


An accident?

Think of it that way
so your family can move on.

Stop the car.


Stop the car.


If it was your kid,
can you call it an accident?

I need to walk.

By chance,

did you take insurance on me?

What insurance?

Life insurance?

Something like that.

I have no intention
and no money for insurance.

I’ll work you like a dog forever.

In 10 years, how old will Hope be?


The bastard could get out
in eight or nine years.

That’s insane.

Hope won’t even be 20.

If the trial goes wrong,

I’ll deal with him on my own.

You’ll kill him or something?

Why not? I could.

Since the Defense motioned against
the victim’s video testimony,

I call Im Hope to the stand.


Do you know why you’re here?

Why did you come?

To punish the bad man.

Do you remember taking the video
with the police in the hospital?


You must’ve been in a lot of pain then.


But you still remembered?


You saw pictures
and pointed out the bad man.

Could you do that again?

Hold your hand up
when his picture comes up.



Is this the man?

No more questions.


On that day,

can you tell me what the man smelled like?

Did he smell like cigarettes?

How about alcohol?


How much?

Did it smell a lot?

No more questions.

The defendant could not prove
losing the shoes and vest.

The victim’s blood marked shoes
and vest belong to the defendant.

The defendant’s fingerprints
were also found at the scene.

I never went there.

All the evidence points to you.

Although painful to recall,
the victim came and identified you.


Are you okay?

I ask you one last time.
You really can’t remember?

Did I really go there?

Do you accept the charges?

Did I do it?

If I did, I deserve to die.
I’ll take due punishment.

But I really don’t remember anything.

I submit evidence of
the defendant’s alcohol addiction.

Defendant, make your final statement.

I really don’t remember anything.
I’m innocent.

Are you finished?

No, sir.

Your Honor, I didn’t do it.
I was too drunk.

I don’t remember anything.

It’s possible I didn’t do it!

I’m innocent.

I’m wrongfully charged.

Sexual assault case 2012-211.
I’ve reached a verdict.

Defendant Choi Jong-sool

brutally assaulted an eight-year-old.

Then choked her and raped her.

The assault is ruthless
to the point of torturing.

Resulting from this,

the victim has been wounded
with a permanent disability.

He is responsible for scarring
the victim and family for life.

Also having a past record of abuse,
he must be punished severely.

That’s right.


the defendant was intoxicated,

and his impaired state is recognized.

To the defendant Choi,

under the Act on Special Cases
concerning sexual assault, Article 9,

Article 7

and Article 14,

he is sentenced to 12 years.

Just 12 years.

Information on the defendant
will be made public for five years.

And the request for the victim’s
compensation is overruled.

How can this happen?


Why go easy on him because he’s drunk?

Then drunk driving shouldn’t be charged!

Drunk driving is wrong,
but you go easy on almost killing a kid!

You call this a trial?

A child almost died.

And she’s our child.

I’m here and her dad’s here.

And the one responsible is here.

There’s evidence too.

But just 12 years?


You know how old she’ll be
in just 12 years?


Daddy, let’s go home.

Let’s go home, please?

Let’s go home.


Let’s go home.

Let’s go home.

Get up.

Let’s go home.

Here he comes.

Oh, my!

What a big boy!


His face is big too.

Men should have big heads.

But not as big as yours.

Looks like it’s going to be big.

Who named him?

I named Hope. Mi-hee named him.

What is it?


Im Happy?

Yup. Im Happy.

-Look here.

He’s looking at us.

-Isn’t he smart?
-You’re silly.

The loneliest person is the kindest.
The saddest person smiles the brightest

because they don’t want others
to feel the same pain.

- Anonymous -

I felt like I needed to go home today

and left after second period.

My friends may think it was weird.

What should I say on Monday?

I’m worried about that.

I wish I wasn’t sick.

Throw it to third!

Get him!

You worked all night? Aren’t you sleeping?

I’ll watch this, then sleep.

Yelling at a rerun.

They’re making me tired.

I made an airplane today.

I made it for my brother. It looks great.

I’m good at making
and fixing things like Daddy.

If that fool didn’t make
an error, it’d be over.

Go Lotte.

Give up on Lotte.

What? They’re winning.

But they lost 7-8.

Don’t tell me that.

Do you have to tell me now?

Man, I can’t sleep now.

You being born is a blessing.

It’s all right

You can stand again

More than the past

The future is more important

I swallowed my tears

Because I’m not alone

I know that well

I’m so thankful

Hope. There is hope

Never be sad again

Trust in love that abounds

Hope. There is hope

Never be in pain again

Now be happy again

I’m scared

I’m afraid

But I’ll live on

Hope. There is hope

Never be sad again

Trust in love that abounds

Hope. There is hope

Never be in pain again

Now be happy again

Hope. There is hope

Never be in pain again

Trust in love that abounds

Hope. There is hope

Never be in pain again

Now be happy again