Hop Pickers (1964) - full transcript

LOVE HARVESTS IN SUMMER seems to anticipate 4 years the wrongful intrusion of the soviet tanks. And with the style of WEST SIDE STORY, puts music, color and emotion surrounding the born of a mate, first love in a youngs school, quite outdated and square. The movie ends better than "WEST SIDE" and even better than the sad czechoslovakian story. The scenes of the hops harvest to make the famous czech beer, the sky ever blue and all the conflict and debate that emerge in the czech society and inside of each member of the school, could have found an answer, flowering a little late in the so called czech spring.

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The story you're now about to see

with such a bizarre opening,

your son's or daughter's it could be

with or without the folks' knowing.

Your boy or girl it could've been,

not only on a hop brigade,

and if it makes you think again,

why, the film will make itself paid.

We are all much of a muchness,

and it would be absurdly senseless

to attempt here to draw the line

between two plus three and five,

between two plus three and five.

Yet another day gone by, gone by!

Gone by, gone by, yet another day!

Our one and only thought is:

Hops are our green gold!

All we ever think about is:

More hops, truth be told!


Don't you sneer, don't you sneer,

we're only in it for the beer,

for beer, have no fear, for beer,

every Czech the call will hear.

So young people, mums and pops,

come with us to pick the hops,

hops bind the nation together,

hops, nothing but hops forever!

No yackety-yak!

Yackety-yak, yackety-yak,

yes, we do, oh yes, we get it,

but citizens, don't forget it,

we work around the clock!

From Czech Šumava to Slovak Tatras,

all across this one big country,

just recall,
whenever in good cheer,

it was me
picked the hops for your beer!

- Me! - Me!
- Me! - Me!

- Me! - Me!
- Me! - Me!

Our one and only thought is:

Hops are our green gold!

All we ever think about is:

More hops, truth be told!

No second helpings
for noisy hooligans!

Look, Hanna!

Good evening,
just a little soup, please.

Where did this get-up drop down from?

I'm making a show of it.

Even workers can behave like humans
at the table!

Hanna, you're such a brat!

- Yikes!
- Pardon me, Hanna!

Pardon me indeed!

Let the lads be, comrades dear!

They're both Czechs, now, after all.

They'll find a way, have no fear!

To resolve things in a brawl.

Whatever a dogmatist may say,

it's always biased and askew.

The only thing to win the day

is a healthy exchange of views,

is a healthy exchange of views...

What's going on here?

I slipped, Miss.

I gave him one on the jaw.
And he knows well why!

Fighting like tomcats!

Hanna, go and get changed,
come back to supper like the rest!

And the rest of you - dismissed!

You're a devil for work! Not bad
after a whole day of hop picking!

So what?

I knew it wouldn't be for free.
But first take me to the river.

- What happened to you?
- I collided with someone's fist.

Boys will be boys!

Hey, Jack, turn it off!

I'm tired of these talks, Philip.
I know you are, too.

If I had such trouble with every
one of you, I'd be retired by 40!

Look at me when I'm talking to you!

If you only saw yourself!

- You can't see me either!
- Cut the wisecracks, will you?

Why aren't you in the river, folks?

Now shake hands and make amends!

- You really are driving me crazy!
- Oh, it was you, then?

No worries, Miss. Got my shorts on!

You came after curfew last night,

Take care on the road,
there are still trucks around.

- Greetings to Auntie!
- From me, too!

We could do with forty like him!

Enough scolding for now!
Let him have a swim!

Cold water couldn't remove this.

My soups are never thin, my dear.
Now don't give it a second thought!

They're all black as your boot.
Thrilled they don't need to wash!

Hang it up and tomorrow it'll be
like new. Stitch in time...

Three days I kept it up. And now
'come to supper like the rest.'

Can't I dress like a real person?

Agnes, switch on the light,
my hands are wet.

What did I tell you? And don't you
wring it, it's drip dry.

I wanted to infuriate them,
and I sure did.

- Mum, he loves her.
- Who? Whom?

The fella who socked the other one.
I've kept an eye on him all right.

You little chatterbox!
Go with Hanna and fetch me the coat!

Come on, I'll let you try on
my stilettos!

There's not much
I don't know about them.

I can even think like them.

Only with this rebel I'm flummoxed.

I know I shouldn't be saying that
in front of you, Philip.

- What'd you pick these for?
- To keep gnats off when dried.

- Can I go now?
- Wait a minute.

No use now, as long as he's
with them, it's all right.

I don't understand this pedagogy
of yours, my Dad would give us all

a thorough dusting and that
would settle all disputes.

He's a loner. Never with the others.
Contemplating nonsense.

No, Philip, I want you to hear this.
Why not confide in your teacher?

- All right, does God exist then?
- Of course not.

- And how do you know?
- Didn't they tell you at school?

Well, at school...

I'll be going then.
This way's a shortcut for me.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

What's this with Jack, Philip?
Jealous of him or something?

- Of him? - Learn harder
and you'll get A's too.

Don't be lazy and you'll do
twenty loads of hops per day too.

Nothing is preventing you
from being like him.

Except for everything.
I just can't stand him, that's all.

- Philip...
- Goodnight.

- How it suits you!
- What class!

- Imported stuff?
- Or straight from Paris?

Dear geese, in the west this is
what everyone's wearing.

Take this back to your Mum.
It's not suitable here.

- Where'd you get all this?
- He loves her, if you wanna know!

My dear child...

- Who loves her?
- The fella who socked the other one.

- You mean Philip?
- That'd be the day!

My charm hasn't ripened
for some ordinary Joe!

With eyes of grey,
he'll come for her.

In a car of at least
120 horsepower.

With those eyes of his,
she's well-nigh mesmerised.

And he'll tell her:
Hoppity hop, hoppity hop!

We'll waltz around, waltz around,
waltz around the clock!

I work in the metropolis
as manager of the co-op shop.

Indeed, why not? My charm I can say
is not to be seen every day.

And seek though you may,
both near and faraway,

you won't find a match, I daresay.

Or he'll come sailing
on a little white boat.

He'll stop by the pier
and throw her a rope.

And she'll come climbing up,
showing her daring...

The engine roars
and off they're sailing,

sailing around, sailing around,
sailing around the world!

Maybe she can find a job there,
at the post office or elsewhere.

Indeed, why not? For I'm of the kind
people like to call beauties.

Who else but me has more of a right
to find out what true love is?

Or he may come just on a simple bike
and still I shall say to him:

- Still she'll say to him...
- My darling.

You've been long expected.
Your coffee's on the table.

That's what she'll say,
that's what she'll say,

that'll be the way!

The right way, with the right guy,
straight to the world's top!

Hoppity hop! Hoppity hop!
All the way to the world's top!

To Timbuktu and back, here and there,
with the right guy - everywhere!

Beg your pardon!

Are we on a summer job picking hops
or where are we?!

Go home, Agnes!
It's past your bedtime!

Excuse me, which way to the village?

You're nowhere near the village.

You must go back to the main road
and head toward Žatec.

I see, thank you, Ma'am.


Must have taken a fancy to you.

Life is a carousel,
turning you around and around,

and more often than not,
you've no idea what it's about.

You take your seat,
not knowing where you're heading,

and there's no conductor,
and no extra padding.

There's no use trying
to give us your sound advice.

Why, you here, your honours,
yourselves can barely realise.

- Back so soon?
- She was a bore.

Did you find him?

I don't know how to put it...

To put it short, he gave you the slip
again, as usual.

Why do I always have to deal
with such dimwits...

Something bothering them again, huh?

It's so super simple,
at least not beyond my ken,

grown-ups today are infantile,
and children are wise old men.

The wise don't seem to worry,
the smart, they have no sorrow.

In short, we're all at a fair,
that will be no more tomorrow.

Jump onto life's whirligig,
or you'll be left aside.

May the dumb pull the cart,
and the smart enjoy the ride.

It's ten o'clock, boys.
Lights out and silence!

- You're stepping on my hand, hussy!
- Shut up, gals!

I'm going to tell
Miss Jane Amos on you!

Let me get my beauty sleep, will ya?

Anybody here?

No. Hanna! Are you for real?

Come in, do come in!

Wait, I'll put on the light.

Just a moment.

There we go.

Geez Louise.

Wonderful, huh?

Excuse me being like this.
I'll make us some tea, okay?

What will you have with it?
Chocolate, or cocoa biscuits...

And where's the fridge?

You're living here like a king,
you rascal.

I can't complain.

This here, for instance,
was some kind of a sieve.

All it took was a pair of skilful
hands, which I obviously do have...

This was the toughest job.

This originally stood in the hall,
and moving it all by yourself...

But with brawn and brains,
you can make it rain!

And despite my innate modesty,
I must say I take great pride in this.

It obviously isn't a university
library, but it's worth the while...

Masaryk, Marx, Lenin, Seneca,

- And a harmonium over there?
- What about it?

You don't mind at all the 20 girls
below living in feudal conditions?

That we're stepping on each other's
necks, stumbling over one another?

I won't leave it that way, gentleman!
Button up your collar, ladies coming!

Hanna, please, don't go yet.
I've got to tell you something.

It'll only take a minute,
but I've got to say it now or never.

- Hanna, I... I love you.
- Well that's different. Go ahead.

Well, sit down, over here perhaps.

Surely some head teacher used to sit
here, or maybe a famous writer.

Are you cold?

Here I lie, night after night,
and I can't sleep for thinking of you.

And I've such a strange feeling,
that I'm sieved through the hammock.

- Like flour, you know, I feel so small
when I think of you. - That's nice.

And I just keep imagining that you
suddenly come up here and say hello.

- What? - Nothing,
just keep on rocking me like that.

And when you really did come in
and said: "Anybody here?"

- I felt as if the Virgin herself...
- Mary.

Yes. I'm glad I can tell you.
I don't mind if I look a fool...


Hanna, bring your stuff up here
and stay with me. Just stay with me.


Do you hear me, Hanna?

Life is a church all white,

where I play on the organ.

On its keys I spell out right

the name of my dear maiden.

Life is a house all white,

all around there's a garden.

Life is a thing unique, quite,

for now I have you therein.

For God's sake,
are we at a midnight mass?

Don't you hear it, Hanna?

May all the bells in the world

sound and ring their ding dong!

Let them ring loud and strong

for us alone.

For you and for me.

- What cheek! - What nerve!
- What extra space!

- What a rogue! - Hold me back!
- What an individualist!

- Make him pay! - Make him suffer!
- Terribly and right now!

Lynch him!
Tar and feather him!

No! He must be tried first.

What is the age-long quality
that makes a man genuinely human?


A contrario: what has that age-long
sociability made of a man?

A genuine human!

Isn't it thus unbelievable
of what this creature is capable?

Unbelievable! Unbelievable!

A contrario: is this creature capable
of behaving in a way so unbelievable?

Yes, he's able! Yes, he's able!

Persist in error if you would,
but I've surpassed such heresies.

I'd rather live in a barrel of wood,
like good old Diogenes.

Exemplary punishment he deserves
who turns his back on the masses.

That's right! Clear as daylight!

If for his barrel he yearns,
let's put him in up to his ears.

- No you won't!
- Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

Are you crazy?
People are asleep.

- What's the matter?
- Pardon us. Why did nobody tell us?

Good riddance, girls,
nothing's happened!

Why so bashful?
We were young once, too!

- Sweet dreams!
- If only you knew how silly you are!

You're silly girls, really!

Just look at me, girls! Not that
I wouldn't want to, but like this?

I've no idea what she sees in you,

but change quickly
and don't catch a cold!

You're crying?
Don't cry.

There're plenty of girls
who've done it already! Long ago!

- Shut up, will you?
- And as for these cackling geese...

- No worries, we won't give you away!
- I'll throw something at you!

- Hanna, tell me...
- Leave me alone!

Wait, just tell me... how is it?

With Philip?
He's terribly wild!

Geez Louise!

I've had you in mind for ages.
Didn't you notice?

- No. - Except a girl can't be the first
to say something like that.

The day is lovely!

The day is lovely!

The day is lovely!

With you!

The day is lovely!

The day is lovely!

When two love each other,
then winter feels like summer!

Then winter feels like summer!

With you! With you!
With you! With you!

- The day is lovely!
- The day is lovely!

The day is lovely!

The day is lovely!

When two are able
to sit at the one table,

to sit at the one table.

With you! With you!

How to explain it, Comrade?

If they all worked like these two,
the hops would be picked by Saturday!

- What's the damn reason?
- I don't know whether I can divulge,

I'm afraid if I told you why,
you might not be as tolerant as I.

You said yourself
you were no educator.

Listen to how it goes on!

The day is lovely!

The day is lovely!

The day is lovely!

When work-weary, beaten dead,
I lie on our shared bed...

- What?! - On our shared bed,
with you, with you!

With you! With you!

That's how it is, Comrade Chairman!
Here they live like two doves.

And their radiating happiness
reflects itself positively

in their work in the hop field!

Hop is our green gold,
but our deliveries are overdue,

I know of a way quite bold
of stimulating you, my crew!

- One! - Two!
- One! - Two!

When over each young couple
happiness spans its rainbow,

you'll be able to do double
what you used to do before!

- One! - Two!
- One! - Two!

- The day is lovely!
- The day is lovely!

- The day is lovely!
- The day is lovely!

When two love each other,
then winter feels like summer!

Then winter feels like summer!

With me! Come help me
so the children can move in.

Beneath a thatched roof
I spent all my young days,

beneath that very same roof
may love flourish always!

They're young after all!

Never fear experiments!


Of our thatched roof
so fond I have grown...

Tell her to leave me alone!

- Alone we are at last!
- Alone they are at last!

Who to the thatched roof
would not gladly return?

Beneath this roof my Dad
hung the last sheaf of corn.


Nearest and dearest,
Mummy and Daddy,

we'll repay your love with interest,
at the time of the harvest.

- Mum, I don't like it here.
- It's for a good cause.

- Everybody's singing, sing too!
- A little discomfort's worth it!

Just wait till tomorrow!

Mr. Editor, in just a few moments
you'll see the result of our work!

Our one and only thought is:
hops are our hard currency,

and that's why we think this is
the place we ought to be.

Let's up and away to the hop fields
so that our busy hands

may change into bushels
enthusiastic target plans.

What you see is youth,
no hooligans or scamps,

- the youth we like to see...
- Especially in the hop fields!

We're not for boys and girls
that are all mixed up and crazy.

We like youth whose zest and zeal
never falters or grows weary.

We've wired their parents!
You must shoot that as well.

- You're very kind, Mr...
- Ottie's my name.

Mr. Ottie, to be so patient
with our Mary.

And be a credit to us,
for hops are our hard currency!

- Well, take care of each other!
- We will, Mum!

- The day is lovely!
- The day is lovely!

- The day is lovely!
- The day is lovely!

When two love each other,
then winter feels like summer!

Then winter feels like summer!

With you! With you!
With you!

- How much?
- Average.

Stifling weather!

If it pours for another three days
again, I'll shoot myself!

Get moving, lad, get moving,
you're seventeen, aren't you?

I'm over two thousand years old!
As old as Plato plus 17 to boot.

In that case, I'm not surprised
you can only pick ten of those!

- How many?
- Eighteen!

I want to pick more than 20 today.

This lad knows he studies off
the workers' money.

If you pick 20 today, you can come
catch some crayfish with me tonight.

If you're not going to your auntie's
tonight again, of course.

Probably not, she has a slight cold
and she doesn't want me to catch it.

So we've got a deal then!

Some of your wards, Comrade,
deserve a worker's box on the ear!

- You again, Philip?
- I only praised Jack, honour bright!

Comrade teacher, Masaryk, Marx,
and Seneca, do they go together?

- Where did you get that idea?
- It only just crossed my mind.

- Like to come and have a chat?
- Not interested.

- You will. - Of course.
- You're cowards!

Sorry we've no more seats.
Besides, it won't take long.

- You thought I wanted to scrap?
- Can one of you put the chain back on?

A nice auntie.
Not everyone's so lucky...

Mind your own business.

You'll have plenty to do,
you're moving out tonight, mate.

Oh really?
How come I don't know about it?

You had bad luck last night.
But we would've found you anyhow.

- It's too much comfort for one.
- And Hanna's unlikely to come again...

- Leave Hanna out of this, will ya?!
- Stop it!

- Did you tell him the good news?
- Yes, but he won't budge.

We'll come at nine.
You can go now.

I'll smash your face in one day!

The black soul of a beetle
can only match its equal.

True love is much too noble
to be enjoyed by a hoodlum.

If you want to know what love is
you must ask the proper lad:

Ask Philip, he will tell you
all that true love signifies.

- Shut up, I tell you!
- Philip, you must really be crazy.

I'll send you home
and there'll be peace.

There won't be peace!
Never and nowhere!

- Who wrote that?
- Don't tease him, Jack.

It seems instead of bread
you should get some sedatives.

- Can I dine with you?
- Of course, go ahead.

Besides, I wanted to apologise
for last night.

It wasn't your fault.
The girls are just a bunch of...

- It was quite nasty of them.
- Look, I'll go and tell them...

It would be no use.
This morning, when you left,

I took my mattress to your place.

- Do you mind?
- Heavens, of course not!

- Nobody could be happier than me.
- You won't convince them anyway.

After all, I'm only ashamed
of what I really do wrong,

and I'll at least get
some sleep this way.

Skip that!
You are childish...

Good boys are to be found

of good boys there is always enough.

To good boys rewards will be given,

I really go for the good boys.

We cry:
Boys, you must never slacken!

With good boys no dangers ever

Among whom?
Among what?

Life is sweet among the good boys!

I sure do know my grammar,
my Dad put me through my paces.

For it was he who taught me
to decline all my cases.

Smart boys take
what's theirs by right,

with smart boys who stick
will get their share.

To whom? To what?
To smart boys belongs the good life!

You're serious?
I'm sorry for this faux pas.

I apologise for the dress yesterday,
I simply misjudged you both.

- Let's go.
- How come? You nuts?

Excuse him, he's anything
but a gentleman.

You make a gesture and I'm supposed
to sleep under bars, eh?

Let's get out of here!

You're marvellous!
You're the greatest psychologist...

Would you care to take a walk?

- Sure, let's go.
- I meant on your own.

- I'd like to wash up.
- Of course, how stupid of me.

I'm off then.
One more thing, Hanna.

Nobody has ever seen a happier
hop picker than me! Not even on TV!

Hold it for me!

A bit lower, darn it!

See the little rascal?

What's wrong?

Manon is fate, Manon is my fate,
and this I only learned of late.

Manon my first love will be my last,
without Manon I'd be love's outcast.

Manon is a butterfly, Manon's a bee,
Manon is a rose in a church alley.

Manon is what never loses its bloom,
Manon is my reason sunken in gloom.

Manon is what never loses its bloom,
Manon is my reason sunken in gloom.

Manon is my reason sunken in gloom.

Manon is a child with flaxen hair,
Manon is an angel impeccable, fair.

Manon is my first and last duty,
Manon is my way of dying for beauty.

Manon is my first and last duty,
Manon is my way of dying for beauty.

Manon is a butterfly, Manon's a bee,
Manon is a rose in a church alley.

Come here. Do you know her?

- Who?
- That girl, Manon.

Yeah, she's small and stout.
Her Dad works on the railways.

He's pretending to be in love!

- Good evening, Miss.
- Good evening.

- Looking around too?
- Not really.

The evening is so marvellous
I just don't feel like going to bed!

Stop it, there's somebody outside!

Who's there?

Is anybody here?


- What's that you have?
- Nothing.

It's not mine!
Honest! Goodnight.

If I were you I'd forget about it.
We've given him enough scare.

- Thanks, cool!
- You're lucky!

Because when I'm happy
I can't bear to see others suffer.

Don't hide your love behind fear,
shout it out for the world to hear!

- Do you know who wrote that?
- No.

I did! Just now!

Don't hide your love behind fear,
shout it out for the world to hear!

Love if you have somebody!
Pay no heed to anybody!

Love and be beloved,
now's the time for it!

Hanna, it's all I could find.

Heavens, what's this?

And they lived together ever after
like brother and sister.

I know.

I'm no Apollo either.

- That's true. But I think...
- Be quiet, please. And don't look.

You're an ordinary weasel.

- Extraordinary!
- That only makes it worse.

All the same, I wish you goodnight.

- Night.
- Night.

I still respect you quite a lot.

A fool like me can't expect much.

And that's what makes it so nice.

This story still contains many BUTs,

just like the whole world around.

Virtuous mothers, give us a chance

before trampling us all down.

We also ask all the fathers too

to postpone their heated debate

and swallow as they're prone to do

their BUTs until it's all too late.

An error that has gone abroad

first requires some correction:

we're neither serial-made load

or of a standardised production,

or of a standardised production.

- It's getting past being a joke.
- Not really.

- Damn it, man, everybody's...
- Look, get a hold of yourself.

Everybody saw us flitting
and now we're the joke.

- Hop-picking like lunatics...
- You deserve a cake.

I can't just watch as he goes out
to get her flowers and then...

- You really wanna stay out of it?
- Don't fret, I'm working on it.

- You can take it lads, it's goulash.
- Swell, my favourite.

And that matter will be okay, Jack.
My hubby promised to put in a word.

Then you're invited, Missus.

What a silly idea! It'll be nothing
but twist and I'm well past that.

- What's the idea?
- A party with a cake.

Didn't I tell you something
was in the making?

- A district official's been here?
- No, why?

- You've such a look on your face.
- You'd have it, too.

- Stuff's vanishing from my office.
- Nonsense! - What's nonsense?

If I want to sit down
and my chair is gone?

If I want to know the time
and the clock isn't there?

- You're joking.
- Joking? Read that.

I confirm I've borrowed
the following for a short time:

one wicker chair, one lamp,
one tin of white enamel paint.

- One clock with deer.
- The wedding present!

- The one with the antlers!
And no signature either! - Really.

And not a word about the curtain
I had round the sink in the office.

It's hanging on the line.
I've just washed it.

- I'm going to iron it now.
- Mum! It's not there!

There's just a piece of paper
saying it's been borrowed!

There you have it!

The wise will forgive many things.

Save many whose mind is not
in full health,

but whose illness is not past cure.

He will follow the wise yeoman,

who doesn't grow only straight
and tall trees,

but builds support also to the bent,
helping them to straighten up.

Have you seen the cake?
The one Jack and the boys got?

- Gosh, I'm reading Seneca to you,
while you... - I'm sorry.

- Some are pruned not to suffocate
growth... - What?

- Not to suffocate growth!
- Oh, I see.

Others he will manure,
because of poor languishing soil.

The wise sees how to cultivate
each character, how to remedy flaws.

- Is he in the Communist Party?
- Who?

- This Seneca fella.
- My goodness, he died 40 BC!

He was quite daring then, wasn't he?
And there'll also be a party!

Do you have anything decent to wear?

Hanna, how can you think of dancing
as I read you things like this?

Like here:
He will follow the wise yeoman,

who doesn't grow only straight
and tall trees.

It's amazing is what it is!
Or this:

Each creature has a different voice.
It's as if the guy lived today!

Just look what's going on today,
where's the wise husbandman?

It must be you, hiding away
in the attic.

I'm just an ordinary girl, Philip.
Why are you telling me all this?

If you think it's right,
say it so that everybody can hear.

Stand up.

Stand up so I can measure your back.

- That's for me?
- No, for one jack-a-dandy.

Stand straight.

I strain my eyes so he'll be warm
when we go walking on Petřín Hill...

- Together?
- No, with one jack-a-dandy.

Could I have stuck it out otherwise?

No, don't do that again.

Not here!
It might seem silly to you.

But I don't want our teacher to see.

- I do have! - What?
- A suit, a single-breasted grey suit.

And a white shirt, too!

Put on, lads, your party suits,

brush your hair and shine your boots.

Smooth skin and a careless mien

are evidence of your self-esteem.

We must try the latest hairstyle,

no matter what the weather be like,

and heedless of other folks' smiles,

raise your beehive three floors high.

Wax your mustachio,
trim your hair and beard,

put on your tuxedo,
for tonight's dance, indeed!

If doubt should come upon you,
steal a glance into the glass,

the sight will soon assure you
you're a right bonny lass.

The great moment is now at last,

how lovely is the world around!

When boys put on their very best,

girls just mustn't lag behind.

Offer your manly arm
each one to his gorgeous lass,

and lead her with manly charm
to the festive polonaise,

to the festive polonaise!

Curtain up!


Ladies and gentlemen,
be my guests.

Quite unexpected.

May I look after you as your host?
It's somewhat my celebration.

Go ahead.

Shall we sit down?
The bar or the long horse?

Pity to live beside a real person
for years without realizing it.

One word would have been enough,
instead of tripping me up!

Just say the word, and I'll cut off
the offending limb!

- You're such a savage!
- I terribly respect you, Hanna.

You're a real persona for me,
honest to God.

Tell me, what do you see in him?

His great advantage is he's utterly
unlike you. But you'll go farther.

I'm building the country.
The more you build in public,

the less people interfere
in your private life.

Older and cleverer people do it.
Why shouldn't I?

Twenty baskets a day win me a cake.

Every extra basket opens the door
to life.

Says your Dad?
Do you tell this to everyone?

No, you're the first.

- I'll take that as a compliment.
- Hanna, let's go!

Let's go then. I'm so glad, Jack.

I used to quite fancy you
at some point.

Your good-to-honest face.
You've no idea how I thank fate.

Our prayer is, our prayer is:
Bossa nova, Bossa nova.

Let's repeat those two small words:
Bossa nova, Bossa nova.

Our prayer is, our prayer is:
Bossa nova, Bossa nova.

This prayer will take you far,

get you what you want,
a moped or a car.

And though Charles the Fourth
was a feudal emperor,

he introduced wine into Bohemia,
and not beer.

I'm ever so happy. To think
that I was almost afraid to come.

This prayer will restore your health,

which is more than wisdom or wealth.

And though John Amos Comenius
was a Brother of Czech Unity,

we shouldn't, comrades, exclude him
from our socialist community.

Is this how you planned it to go?

Do you think he'll go
flower-picking tonight?

Is your comrade teacher here?

Sorry to disturb, but I must.

I've already talked to other groups.

It's the first time I've had
such hard workers here.

But it's the first time we've had
things gone missing, too!

Nothing's ever gone missing
in our class.

I have a whole list.
First the lamp from the combine.

I thought a co-operator had
borrowed it, such things do happen.

But then things from my office.

A clock with a stag with antlers,
a true masterpiece!

Curtain on a rod, worth 300 crowns!

One wicker armchair standing
by the window.

All with a note saying they're
only borrowed.

If you weren't students, I'd think
somebody was furnishing their flat.

Does anybody here know anything?

We have no thief among us.

I vouch for the whole class
with all my earnings!

Good of you, Jack!

All right, so I'll go ask
somewhere else.

I only hope you're not wrong.

What's wrong with the boy,
what's eating him?

Why are his eyes aflame,
why does he look so strange?

A rhino has a thick skin,
pity he's not with it akin.

Only a rhino could such burden bear,
such emotion without consequence.

Passion devours him
like a candle the flame.

Will he die so young?
Why, that'd be a terrible shame!

Three words on his tombstone,
when all's over and done.

Just: He loved her, he loved her...
But ask we must: Was he the one?

What then?

You look very silly.

At least I look my part,
which is more than some can claim.

- You promised you'd bash my face in.
- Only now I don't have the time or mood.

Manon's a butterfly, Manon's a bee,
Manon's a rose in a church...

- Don't be crazy, what's the big idea?
- You'll see.

- As long as we know where you are.
- You'll sit and keep quiet.

- Till we come back.
- I won't keep quiet, I'll roar!

It won't be of any help.
So, farewell and goodbye.

- You'll have to let me go anyway
and I'll go and tell... - No, you won't.

Our teacher would throw a tantrum
if she knew about your little attic.

Heavens, nothing happened there...

Thus to all noxious individualists!
See you later.

A masterpiece.
Part of your dowry?

- I don't recall anyone inviting you.
- No?

- Still, seeing I am here...
- I'll scream!

- I bet you won't. - Where's Philip?
What have you done with him?

There in the game preserve,
with his toes turned up!

Don't worry, we'll untie him later.
Just give me what you give to him.

I can't bear you!
If you touch me I'll vomit!

If he comes to any harm,
you'll pay for it, I swear!

So, how was it? Tell us!

Where're you supposed to be?

We wanted to pick up some knowhow.

Made themselves nice and cosy here,
haven't they?



- What have you done to her?
- Nothing, don't be crazy, Philip.

You're a new, historically still
undefined type of swine!

You honest-faced rat!

Come on, then!
Come on!

I've learnt more from you
than from the whole of Seneca.

It's your kind one must fight!
So, here's a start!


When I sock you one,
you'll stay down for good!

Really, it wasn't because of you.
Or not only.

I'd do anything for you.
But this was a matter of principle.

- A kind of flash in my head lit up...
- Wait! - And I saw... - Wait!

Did you know that sometimes
you're almost quite handsome?

Wait, Hanna, you mustn't!
Not when we're here like this.

Because, you see, there are times
when all guys are alike,

so if you want me to stay here,
then pull yourself together!

You're the most peculiar fella
I've ever met.

I'll take anything from you,
even another chapter of Seneca.

Forget about Seneca!
I've written a poem for you!

Or rather made it up in my mind.
Do you want to hear it?

It's still rough...

Life is a house all white,
all around there's a garden.

Life is a thing unique, quite,
for now I have you therein.

I mean that you're here,
you see?

Not just you,
that I'm here as well.

I'd better continue.

Life is a house all white,
which we keep on building.

Life is a thing unique, quite,
rich, strange and beguiling.

Look, I mean something like this:

If life were complete, finished...
That would be the end of it all.

You must understand that, Hanna.

It grows out of marble,
I know of no better quest

than to carry it block by block
upon one's shoulder, with zest!

Yes, comrade teacher, the poet
wished to say life's not so bad.

Yes, maybe, that too!
I won't shut an eye tonight.

- In that case I'll make us coffee.
- I'll go and put it on myself.

What's this?

- Who are you yelling at?
- Never you mind...

If you want to know what time
it is, just ask Philip.

Well I'll be...
If you want to know...

- What the hell, man?
- Where's Philip's bed?

Up in the attic, you gimp!

Good, that'll be exactly
bath temperature.

The last time I was looked after
so well, I was seven weeks old.

I wish I'd been there then.

You can be today.

And hurry, it's late.

This was the happiest week
of my life.

- What do you mean, "was"?
- I'm going back downstairs.

- Where?
- To the gym, tonight.

- Why?
- Because...

Because I'm happy.
I'm so happy it's driving me crazy!

Because I'll be even happier there.
I'll lie there with the guys,

they'll keep tossing and snoring,
smelling of sweat,

I won't be able to sleep.

And I'll keep imagining
that I'm here with you.

And I'll think of the things
we'd do if ever we get the chance.

I'm so glad you can't see me now,
because I'm almost crying.

And I'll go back to the girls
and be terribly sweet to Božena.

I'll let her in my bed and tell her
how it all really went down.

And she'll say we're both crazy
not to have stayed here.

But you'll explain that to her,
you'll explain the inexplicable.

Hanna, for the first time in life
I feel I'm doing the right thing.

And I thank you for it.

I want to be going out with you
till death do us part, Hanna.

Not till then,
only until we buy a bike.

Look, the light in on!

Well, I'll be damned!

You'll go far in life, lad!

Here we are: If you want to know
what time it is, ask Philip.

I'll return it. I promise.
I'll return it first thing tomorrow.

All right then.
Look, the curtain!

- Don't go there!
- Philip!

Philip, who's here with you?

Go away, or I'll kill myself!


Let's go.

Hurry, Hanna,
they'll be back any minute!

Come out, don't be shy.

- I tell you, I'm afraid.
- No, don't be, Miss.

The roof isn't so steep and there's
scaffolding right next to the house.

It's better if only he gets
into trouble.

Hanna, don't be afraid.
No one will split on you.

He'd have killed himself!
You rat, rat, rat!

I've tried to understand you.

I didn't agree with you,
but I respected you.

Today I can tell you I even thought
you might be better than the others.

For that I'm sorry.

- And that's what you get!
- Don't be rude!

Why's it so difficult to understand?
Nothing happened there, honest!

What you think did happen,
can happen in a park any day.

And he'll say he was
at basketball practice

and she'll say she was
at her piano lesson!

Let me speak! All I did during
the fortnight was kiss her hand.

And all she did was give me a kiss.

It's awkward to talk about it,
but I'm worried about her.

Go on, expel me, but please,

I beg you, stop searching for her,
she's innocent.

She's so innocent people like you
probably can't even imagine it!

- Philip!
- I'm sorry, I...

Look, I was young too once
and I know how to forgive.

But what you've said to the teacher
here only a cad would say!

Come along.

I didn't mean it that way.
It's just that I'm unhappy.

- It's terrible.
- In every class you'll find...

It's terrible if what he said
was true.

Don't be naive, dear colleague.

I say you've no right to shut
him up like a murderer.

Where could he go, poor devil.

And besides, it's far from certain
he is such a scumbag!

What do you mean by certain?

What do you think I did at his age
when I had a girl in the haystack?

Look, don't shout at me
or you'll wake up Agnes!

If you think she's asleep,
you don't know a thing about kids!

- Looking for a box on the ear, huh?
- I feel sorry for them.

What do you mean, "them"?
Get to bed and go to sleep!

I've been waiting for you, Ma'am.
I wanted to...

Leave me alone! All of you!

Were you to weep your eyes blind,

were your grief deep as the ocean,

with tears you'd never matters mend,

for life would still go on.

Hanna? You there, do you hear?

Yes, Philip, I can hear you.

Keep reading, aloud!

For tears it's ever much too soon,

and just the weak would heed them,

empty complaint can nothing gain

for life will still go on.

Let your love your solace be,

a solace to your grief,

that all the filth they pour out
cannot foul your clean belief.

Were you to weep your eyes blind,

were your grief deep as the ocean...

- Hanna, in the morning
they'll come for me. - I know.

You really thought I'd let you
take the blame alone?

Woe be to you and three times woe,

woe be to him who his own way goes,

sitting in judgment: judges stern,

who with righteous indignation burn,

who if ever faced with real trouble,

would unto others make it double,

who if themselves were in a spot,

would have all about it soon forgot.

It's in the interest of society

to separate the wheat from the chaff,

you caused but trouble and anxiety,

- so it's as plain as a pikestaff,

so it's as plain as a pikestaff.

You can believe me, Philip,
that I haven't slept a wink today.

Knowing how huge my responsibility is
and that there's no shunning it.

You stand on the threshold of life.
You've no right to waste it away.

You're meant to grow up
into decent adults,

not cynics willing to desecrate
everything that makes man human.

It may sound pathetic but that's
how I feel about it.

You're to be expelled from school.
I must do it!

Though I'd much rather believe
what you wanted me to believe.

But I will make one concession.
I shall not seek the girl.

Your punishment will be
a sufficient warning for her.

Sit down somewhere, Hanna,
this is too serious a matter.

Now I can tell you,
comrade teacher:

Till yesterday you all
gravely wronged us.

Today you have
the right to judge us.


Do you know what awaits you?
Expulsion, shame, and contempt.

I'll take it, comrade, except
for the shame and contempt.

Chairman, I'd be grateful if you'd
see them to the morning bus.

- Bye, see you.
- Take care.

- All the best.
- Thanks.

You feel sorry for them, Jack?
They don't deserve that.

No, not sorry.
Just terribly envious.

Goodbye, goodbye!

Be it agreeable to you or not

the true-to-life content of our plot,

there's no doubt it's not advisable

to seek in life a proper timetable.

Let all who remain young at heart

be guided by this rule of thumb:

Never let life become a schedule,

and never let evil hearts us rule.

So when a couple meets,
young and fine,

upon life's long, long railway line,

may they go together hand in hand,

may they reach their journey's end,

may they reach their journey's end.