Hooligan Escape the Russian Job (2018) - full transcript

Five British men have been arrested following some trouble with rival Russians. After being gassed and kidnapped, the group awake and realise they have been taken from their cells and are now trapped in a derelict warehouse with no way of escape. Someone is out for revenge and will stop at nothing to get it.

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France 2016

The European Cup

English football hooligans are set upon bay their Russian rivals.

The Russians are vicious, organised and brimming with deadly intent.



Everybody here?

Are they coming or what?

Davie, this is
down to you, mate.

Down to me?

As it is, down to me?

He's just running off, mate, a bit of DP.

It's bad, isn't it?

Just hold still.

It's fuckin' bad.

Boys, this is an office with CCTV.

The only way out is
back the way we came.

Well, those Russian fucks
better be ready for us.

Yeah, 'cause that worked
out so fuckin' well before, didn't it?

Fuck off!

Everyone get
something they can use.

They're not fuckin'
about, are they?

Yeah well, neither
are we, mate.

Boys, here they come.

Vince, come and hold this.

Keep it still.

Come on then!

Well, that don't
sound too friendly.

Ed, Ed!

Come on, get out!

Come on, Vince.

Let's go!

Come on.

Fuck you!

Come on, come on get out.

A warrior's dead.

Russia 2018

The World Cup

England Fans are warned -

"Any offensive behaviour will be met with a "firm" response."

"Fans should expect to setve time in Russian prison if they engage
in any acts of violence."

♪ Who the fucking hell are you ♪

Russian prison

♪ Who the fucking hell are you ♪

♪ Who the fucking ♪

♪ Who the fucking ♪

Hooligan Escape

Hey English,
shut the fuck up.

Fuck you, Russian wanker.

Oy Ed, what's Russian for cunt?

I think it's
spelled D, A, V, I, E.

Not sure how you
pronounce it though.


Russian for cunt!

Oy mate, in the next cell.

You're a (speaking in
a foreign language).

I'm Polish, and I speak
fucking English, you idiot.

Don't stop you
being a cunt, does it?

Davie mate, shut the fuck
up, or I'll knock you out.

You're getting on my nerves.

You're the main
reason we're in here.

You don't see them Russians looked at me in the hotels.

Did you not see that?

What, so anyone who
looks at you funny

that's a fucking reason
to kick off, is it?

Technical, mom gives me that.

What did you fuckin' say?

You fuckin' prick.

Moscow suburbs

It is about time you proved yourself. Yes?

These fuckers owe Dimitry money.

You know what that means.

Let's send them a message in blood

Go, I will keep watch.

Agent 58, I need
to speak to Malloy.

Hotel, echo,
November, nine, nine.

Sir, this is not the gulag,
just some drug hangout.

Nothing here but junkies.

Yes, sir.

Any problems?


Yes chief, let's have it.

Come to release us?

What'd we do?

What's all that?

Fuck off with your
fucking camera.


What's all that about?

Dimitry's Kill Rooms

Do you still think it is a good idea to steal from Dimitry?

A warrior would not do what you have done.

A warrior would kill and rule by fear.

You exist creeping around in the shadows.

Like an insect, noy a warrior.

Therefore you do not deserve a warrior's death.

I will send your entrails to your loved ones.

So they can see how gutless you have become.


What do you want?

I hace found your English hooligans.

You certain?

You certain?

100 Percent

Transfer funds and I'll prepare them for you.

With pleasure

Check your account now


I'll send my men. They will arrive in twenty minutes..

I am busy at the moment..

What's that?

What the fuck is this?

I see the look of fear in your eyes.

A warrior would not have that look.

Only a stealing whore.


They have found the English. I want you to pick them up.

Bring them to the Gulag.

The Gulag?. Yes sir.

We may need to translate.

Bring the bitch with you. If you think you can trust her.

She just killed a junkie. She'll be fine.

Good. See you soon.

Let's go.

Welcome. Vodka?

Where are they?


Give me a hand you fucking retard.

I think he means you.

The Gulag

You must do as you are told.

Yeah, right!

This is serious.

Only the privileged few or the seriously unfortunate end up here.

Three warehouses, all conneted, all with a very different purpose.

No one exits alive, unless Dimitry says so.

You will have to step out. No exceptions.

No one in or out.

Not even if we wanted to.

Only Dimitry can tell the guards to let us out.

I hope you are not claustrophobic.

Mow we wait for Dimitry.



Yes, mate.

Jeff, come
on man, wake up.


All right, fuck off.

It's you I know.

You all right?


Fuck this.

Davie, wait.

What the fuck?

Who are you?

Davie, calm down.

Who the fuck are
you, and where are we?

Davie, stop being a
cunt just for two seconds

till we find out
what's going on.

Tom's right.

Why don't you give it a
rest you fuckin' halfwit.

All I see is four of
them and five of us.

And a Beretta, 15
rounds in a clip,

enough to do all of
us and then some.

All right Mr. SA
fuckin' S, why don't you

show us your stones
then, hey grandad, hey!

Go on!


There is no way out.

Ww must wait for my boss, Dimitry.

If you are calm until he arrives, there will be no trouble.

If you do not listen I will shoot.

Not to kill, to injure.

So you can be conscious for Dimitry's questions.

Yeah, we don't
speak Ruskie, mate.

There is no way out.

We must wait for
my boss Dimitry.

If you are calm before he
arrives, then no one gets hurt.

If you do not listen,
I will shot not to kill

just to injure so you may
be conscious for Dimitry's


What the fuck
is happening here Ed?

Some nasty Russian's pointing
a gun at your head, Jeff.

So do as he says.

Fuck this.



You, translate.

Let us out.

Help me.

He needs an ambulance!

What are we gonna do?

No way out for you.

No way out for anyone.

Boys, Davie mate,
please stay awake.

Stay awake, Davie.

Get us out of here.

It's locked from the outside.

No one's getting out
of here, not even us.

We have to wait for Dimitry.

And, who's Dimitry?

It's the boss.

Your turn.

Ed, what are we doing?

Get him in the van.

Vince mate, we will be
next if we don't hurry.

Vince, we all love Davie,
but we haven't got time

to think about
what's just happened.

He's gone.

He's dead.

Get him in the back of
the van, out of sight.

It's not gonna do you
any good to dwell on it.

This wasn't us.

They did this, and they
will do the same to us.

You think this Dimitry
character is gonna be happy

about what we've
done to his boys?

Tom, help Vince out with Davie.

Can't we just hot wire this thing and ram it against the door?

You're gonna need a stick of dynamite
to get through that thing.

I was a site foreman.

Big fuck off
drill might do it.

I don't see of
those laying about.

Gimmie a hand.

Cut me some seat
belts and some wire.

What are you going to do now?

Find us a way out.

What are we gonna do, boys?

We're gonna wait for
Ed to do his thing.

Now you're going to tell
me how my friends and I

can escape this little pickle
we've found ourselves in.

What is Russian for exit?


Speak nice and clearly for me.

He's been tortured
himself, you know?

Told me one night while
he was out of his nut

on disco biscuits.

This is where we
muse at the efficacy

and morality of torture.

I ain't got a clue

what you just said.

Just be glad he's on our side.

All right.

Boys, I'm not up for this.

I sit at a computer desk all
day staring at spreadsheets.

Vince, we're
fuckin' in it, mate,

whether you like it or not.

There are three warehouses
all joined together

but no exits.

There are at least
two guards armed

with assault rifles on watchtowers
around the perimeter.

I didn't hear him speak.

I've seen
it with my own eyes.

That sounds a health
and safety nightmare.

There is a service hatch.

It does not lead outside.

But it will lead to the next warehouse.

It is only Dimitry who can command the door to open.

We are all captive here.

There's a service hatch.

It's used for maintenance.

It does not lead to the
outside, but it does lead

to the next warehouse.

This is not good for you.

Dimitry is the only
one that can command

the doors to be opened.

We are all captives here.

Good enough.

Where is this service hatch?

Ask him.

All right Ed, what are
we gonna do about Davie?

Well, we can't take
him with us now, can we?

We can't just leave him here?

Yes, we can just
leave him here.

This is fucked up.

There must be another
way out of this.

Listen to Ed.

I'm good.

Well, let's just stand
around here moping about.

Yeah all right, point taken.

But, why not we just hold on
for just one second, yeah?

Hold on, what Jeff?

Come on.

Follow me.

Listen, can't we just wait
for this Dimitry character

to show up, and when he
opens the door, we just jump

the bastard?

Guards with guns, Jeff.

You saw what happened to Davie.

Yeah, but I don't see
why we should have to run

and hide.

We ain't done fuck all wrong.

I don't think these lot care
too much about that, Jeff.

We've got a corrupt copper
and a Russian mentalist

so far in the middle of
fucking we don't know where.

And, I, for one, don't
fancy using this thing

against a bunch of Russians
with tactical gear.

But, go ahead.

Now this Dimitry has
clearly made this door

a bottle neck, so we're
gonna have to find another way out.

But, if you want to Butch
and Sundance it, mate,

be my guest.

Come on.

Where are they?

Do you know the importance of this? You have failed.

Are you a warrior?

Do you deserve a warrior's death?


Look at me!

Look at me, Boris!


Boris. You are pathetic!


You are pathetic.

Too soon for a joke?

Why, go on.

It's not about Davie,
may he rest in peace.

He'd have ended up in
prison soon enough anyway.

But, he'd still
be alive at least,

and that would've
been his choice.

We're in this
mess because of him.

We're in this
mess because you started

that fight back in France.

What you on about,
you fucking diff?

They ain't the same
fucking Russians.

There's more than one
dickhead bunch of Russians.

You don't know that.

They could be the same.

Shut up you idiots.

So, what's the joke?

What's this tunnel and
Vince's mom got in common?

They've both had four geezers
stuck inside 'em at once.

Again, with the mom jokes.

Give it a rest,
you fucking retard.

That's what she fucking said.

No time for short jokes.

Tell me why we have no camera's in 'The Choke'?

It is just a holding area.

You know these men?


They killed your comrade yes?


Find them.

Are they not with Boris?

Boris is dead. You are next if you fail me.

Boris has faile me. Will you?


English, show yourselves.

English, show yourselves.

You are rats in a maze.

You are rats in a maze.

I am the monotaur. You are the hunted. I am the hunted

I am the Minotaur.

You are the hunted.

I am the hunter.

I think he's
mixing his metaphors.

I don't think he
gives a fuck mate.

Two years ago you killed my comrade. Now it is your turn to die.

Two years ago, you
killed my comrade.

Now it is your time to die.

So it is the
same fucking Russians.

You're right.

I concede.

That's big for you, Jeff.

Someone give us
a hand with this.


Boris told them somthing - he was a coward.

What did that coward tell them?

A maintenance shaft.

I want to help.

Good. Come with me.

If some guy spots us,
it's game over, boys.

Get changed.

What do we do now?

We need to split up
and look for an exit.

There must be a way out.

No, I'm not up for this.

What happened to armed
guards, and assault rifles,

and all that?

There has to be
another way out.

If we stay in here, we're dead.

Yeah, but none of us know
where the fuck we're going.

We'll take it in sections.

We'll meet back here
in five minutes.



Who did this to you?

I don't know.

Where is he?


I don't know.

Out of my way.

Where's Tom?

I don't know.

Give him a minute or so.

He might've found something.

Any luck?

Fuck all.

Everywhere's bolted.

It's like a fucking fortress.

Or a prison.

Yeah, right.

That didn't sound good.

Ed, where the fuck you going?


Everyone line up.

One at a time you will remove your uniforms.

Hurry up. I haven't got all day.

Come on!

Look at me!

Look at me!

Look me in the eyes.


Over here now!

Take off your hood. Hurry up.

Where are your friends?

Where are your friends?

Did you kill my comrade in France?

Did you kill my comrade in France?

That was my brother.

That was my brother.

Did you kill my brother?

Did you kill my brother?

Are you a warrior?

Are you a warrior?

Are you a warrior?

Tom, on your feet.

Don't fuck about.

Come here.

Get off me.

I can help you, or I can
break your arm right now.

No, please.

Let him go.

You're empty.


All rounds expended.

What about now?

We need to get out of here.

They're gonna be all over
this place in seconds.


Tom, go and get the others.

We'll be in here.

What are you gonna do?

Just quick as you can.


What are you looking at?

Get back to work.


Have you made it to the gun storage?

Yes. Just now.

Come here Immediately.

Bring me my favourite rifle.

What about watching the screens?

Can you go mobile?


Good. Then go mobile. Fives minutes.

Yes. On my way.

Your boys killed my friend.

And, your lot killed
Dimitry's brother.

So that was a good
fucking move, wasn't it?

I'm guessing he's
talking about two years ago

in self defence.

He was about to kill Jeff.

I should be at the football.

I don't need to explain
to you what's going on here.

You've seen it for yourself.

These people are slaves.

Dimitry runs things.

I am here to put a stop to it.

Yeah, that's
what it looks like.

Well, I'll just get
this computer working.

You can type all that up.

Two years, I've
been working at this.

Boris, I was in with Boris.

All I have to do is get
the location to MI6.

Secret agent, yeah?

It's called an
intelligence officer, Ed.

But, you already know that.

You're not long out
yourself, are you?

Seeing as you're
out of the regiment,

you're back in the shit.

I'd say about three years ago.

What the fuck are
we doing with her?

I can help you.

Yeah, after what
you lot did to Davie?

If it wasn't for you
fuckwits, I could've made

a call by now.

I would've swiped
Dimitry's satellite phone,

called the location into HQ.

Oh yeah, that old chestnut.

Can you find a way out?

It's my first time here.

I know as much about
the layout as you do.

Well then you have
absolutely no fucking use

to us, are ya?

I can still get
close to Dimitry.

I can help you from afar.

We need to get out of here.

Please, he has a satellite
phone before you interrupted...

I just don't get why
he's so pissed off with us.

Apparently, it was
Dimitry's brother we killed in France.

Technically speaking, you
killed his brother in France.

You and the rest of those
Russians are bad news.

What do you
bring to the party?

I'm an accountant.

And you?

Tap dancer, what's if
fucking got to do with you?


Hello, don't you want to know what I can bring to the table?

Ed, what are we gonna do?

Ed, if we let this bitch
go, she is gonna lead

that bastard right to us.

He's gonna find you anyway.

None of us are getting
out of here alive.

Ed, all I have is from Boris.

I found it in the
safe about a week ago.

I haven't had a chance
to analyse it yet.


Not yet.

Please let me help. I'll rip them limb from limb.

Of course.

It wasn't enough for
six to have the layout,

they need the exact location.

I thought that would
show me a way back out,

but this place is
locked up tight.





Shut up.

Ed listen.

The longer we stay in here,
the more we end up like sitting ducks.

You got that right.

Do you reckon you can
get his phone then, get us out of here?

I can try.

Well I can't
just sent you back.

Keep him busy.

Hopefully in the chaos,
I can swipe the phone.

You sure about this?



You can't just send me
back without a scratch

it would look suspect.

We need our struggle
to look authentic

like we fought, and
I'm lucky to be alive.

This is fucked.

I'm sorry.

Vince hits harder than that.

His mom does.

Why is it always my mom?

We have to do
whatever it takes.

Hey man, this is dark.

Whatever it takes, Ed.

Let's just hope this works.

It's okay.

It's okay.

You said you would not fail me.

It seems you are a liar.

Did you face the man who killed my brother?


It was the man who shot me. Yes?


He is not like the others.

Perhaps a warrior for me to kill.

I cannot be sure.

We will kill all of them to make sure.

Give me a gun and I will end them!

This is more a woman's work.

Search for them.

Come with me.

Somewhere on this wall is
a way into the next building.

Found them.

Bring them to me.

Bring them to me.


Bring them to me.

Choose your weapon.

You said you will end them.

Perhaps something more personal.

How about this?

Now go.

We'll watch from here.

If you were to fight like men and not rats,

I would respect you more.

I send a woman to insuit your bravery and courage.

You die if she succeeds.

If she fails you all die.

I still win.

What the fuck?

I think he's forgot
we don't speak Russian.

There's the door.

I'm gonna find something
to help open it.

What did he just say?

You die, or we all do.

I just needed more time.

I couldn't get the phone.

I can still do this.

I've come this far.

Just think of all
those people suffering

because of Dimitry.

You do what you
think is right.

All of those people, Ed.

We can all still
get out of this.

You can't trust him
to keep his word.

I'm sorry.

Whatever it takes.


Ed, Ed!

Stay down.

Still think he trust you?

He's coming.

How do we get out of this one?

For fuck's sake, Jeff.

Keep pressure on the wound.

Bright ideas?

I need a distraction.



Ed, you all right?

Oh, fuck!


Oh, fuck!

Shit, move, move.

They're both down.

I have no idea if they're dead.

Come on.

Quick, quick.


You gotta keep
pressure on the wound.

We're go and look for
more medical supplies.

He's losing a lot of blood.

Ed, Ed, listen I know none
of this is your fault, mate.

Shut up talking bollicks.

You'll be fine.

Jeff, I'm not gonna like
this is gonna hurt like fuck.

Bite down.

What the fuck
are you doing, Ed?

On three.

No, no.

What the fuck are you doing?

Oh fuck.

Ed mate, is there something
you're not telling us about?

Did they feed you funny
pills in the SAS or what?

I'm just doing what needs
to be done to keep us alive, Vince.

This building has six floors
probably something to do

with more drug stuff,
something they want to hide.

It'll be dug into the ground
to avoid heat signatures.

Standard evasion
for the thermals

on our surveillance drones.

It means more places for
us to hide though, yeah?

More places for us
to get lost more like.

If it is heat they're
trying to avoid,

there'll be some kind of vent
whether it's a human sized

vent or some other clever
device, we won't know

until we look around.

It could be a machine.

There's literally hundreds of ways
you can expel heat from underground.

Oh fuck.

All right, we're gonna go
look for more medical supplies.

Tom, you stay with
this lot, yeah.

Just in case.

What about you?

I'll whim it as always.

It usually works.

You're enjoying this, aren't you?

I'm loving it.


Eat, sleep, buy some guns,
stab your mate with a player.

Happens all the time.

We are going no where
fast unless we find

Dimitry's satellite phone.

I know.

We're gonna have to wait
for him to come to us

and somehow avoid
being butchered.

He's got more firepower than us, and this is his domain.

What is this place called?

According to the map,
it's called The Traffic.

I think there's an ebb
and flow of people here.

Boris, he used to joke
about how many women

he fucked when he was
back here like he was

part of their
initiation or something.

He sounds a lovely bloke.

Oh yeah, one of the best.

So guns, drugs, and
people trafficking.

Everything is about money
and control with these people.

Nothing else matters.

So you think there may
be some other people here,

people that could help?

Maybe people who are
scared out of their wits.

Russia is a breeding
ground for sex slaves.

We are in the middle
of fucking nowhere.

Boris drove us out here.

There's nothing for miles.

It's the perfect place
for a hub like this.

All the drugs and the people
are under Dimitry's control.

After all this time and
effort, Dimitry's gonna

kill us all.

If we die, all of
this is for nothing.

Well then we don't die.

We get the phone, we
call it in, save the day.

Poet of your
squadron, were you?

The reality is mostly
drinking tea and fartin'

waiting for something to do.

I got that down to a fine art.

There's no good
tea in Russia, Ed.

Do you see them?

I can't see them.

No CCTV on the basement level.

Patch yourself up.

Any man who finds the English, contact me immediately.

Otherwise get on with your jobs.

They want the best Slavic girls money can buy.

He's gonna need
some water at least.

Where the fuck are they?

They'll be back
just be patient.


Tom, Tom?

Where the fuck you going?

What are you doing?

Buy you some time.

Fuck it.

I'm gonna lead
them a merry dance.

I'll be back for some water.

Be careful.

The same in every language.

Come on - look nice for our buyers.

Turn around!

Turn around!

I just want to go home.

Sounds like your girl.

Yeah, I think so.

Now it is your turn you stupid whore.


Make like you're with Dimitry.


Personally attending
the new batch.

One of these girls
must know a way out.

If you don't do as you are told -

This is what happens.

This way come on, Come on.

Where do you think you are going?



Fuck it.

What are you doing here?

I'm your new boss.

Let me just check with Dimitry.

Thank you.

You okay?


It's just the look
I was going for.




My friend is in urgent
need of medicine.

Do you know where
we can find any?

Anything to ease the pain?

they drug the girl.

They drug me too.

Two days I have been here.

Hey, hey, that's enough.

He has keys.

Get the keys.

Medicine, you know where?


What about others?

We'll come back for them.

Had to be vodka.


Nothing on the radio
for about 10 minutes.

I don't like this.

Oh well, could be worse.


We should get back.

Where are they? Where are the others?

Get up!

Where are they?

I ain't got not fucking
clue what you're saying, mate

Point the gun
at the floor, Vince.

Where's Tom?

He went looking for water.

Get me out of this.



She's not gonna
bite you, Vince.

Fuck a duck, that hurts.

No time
to fuck ducks, Vince.

It's a figure of speech.

Hear this.

I have your black friend.

He will die in the next ten minutes if
the English don't present themselves to me.

That includes the snake whore Veronika.

I am on basemant level -2.

Face me so I can kill you all.

Ten minutes from now.

They've got Tom.

He said if we don't
face him in 10 minutes,

he's gonna kill him.

He's got Tom?

He said hand to
hand, bare hands,

this warrior thing
he's obsessed with.

Not content with the
speed of a bullet.

Wants it up close
and personal, does he?

What are we gonna do?

Come with me a minute.

The reason I joined
up in the first place

was because I thought
I had a screw loose.

So I went to war,

fought for my country,

and then watched as
one by one my mates

were killed in front of me.

These boys,

these boys have been here since day one,

school mates, you know?

Always there to pick me
up when it weren't going

so well.

And, I will do anything
to get 'em out of here.

I get like a tunnel
vision, like blind rage,

you understand?

Got it.

The kip out diet.

Sorry it's been days.

Where is he?

He said basement
level minus two.

So he's below us knowing
full well that there's

no exit on this
floor or the next.



So now what?

Jump up and down,
hope for asbestos.

I don't fuckin' know, Vince.

Give me a minute.

Let's give up the ghost, mate.

All you need
is a sat phone, right?


If we go, we're fucked.

If we stay here,
then they kill Tom,

and then they come looking
for us, and we're fucked.



This is what we're gonna do.

♪ You are a cunt ♪

♪ You are a cunt ♪

♪ Nobody likes you
'cause you are a cunt ♪

♪ You are a cunt ♪

♪ You are a cunt ♪

♪ Nobody likes you
'cause you are a cunt ♪

♪ You are a cunt ♪

♪ Nobody likes you
'cause you are a cunt ♪

♪ Nobody likes ♪

♪ You are a cunt ♪

Fuck you!

♪ You are a cunt ♪

♪ Nobody likes ♪

♪ You are a cunt ♪

♪ Nobody likes you
'cause you are a cunt ♪

You all right, Tom?

Peachy mate, peachy.

He's been teaching me the.

Going well, is it?

Not bad, mate.

Over there.

Where's Veronika?


Against the wall.

Get over there.

Some roulette first.

So some may be relieved of the pain

I am about to inflict.

He wants to play
Russian roulette.

No, no!

Ladies first.

No, no, hold on,
mate, take me first.

Tom, Tom!

It's like being
bitten by your mom.

Shut up, you cunt.


Come on!

You and me.

Finally a wapior to face me.

Now come to my kill room. Shaw me what you can do.

Now would be good!

Oh definitely.

Agent 58, I need
to speak to Malloy.

Hotel echo,
November, nine, nine.

Have found location.

Repeat, have found location.

Trace this call.

Trace this call.

The old axe in
the heart trick.


Vince mate, you good?

Yeah, I'm good.

You know Natalia,
I meant make the hole

with the axe and
pass the gun through,

not the other way around.

I'm sorry it was
easier for me this way.

You did okay.

So kind.

So what now?

We wait for the cavalry.

How long's that gonna take?

They didn't say.

How long's that sort
of thing normally take?

How long's a piece of
string for fuck's sake.

If anything not friendly
walks through that door,

shoot it.

What am I gonna use?

How long's it take to bleed out?

It depends.

Just stop talking, mate.

You'll be fine.

Unless there's another
load of guards on the way.

In which case...

Here, use this.

Cheers, mate.



Do you reckon your mom
will visit me in hospital?

Fuck off.

That didn't sound Russian.

Hooligan Escape
- Russian Business -

Subtitles by explosiveskull