Hooked on You (2007) - full transcript

Working her fingers to the bone at the bustling Prosperity Market to help her father repay his debt, beautiful Miu has a dream to make it, both professionally, and of course, romantically. However, life as a fishmonger isn't exactly Miu's aspiration, so, with this in mind, she gives herself a limited, three-year time frame to find Mr Perfect. Now, as her thirtieth birthday and the new millennium are just around the corner, all eyes are on Miu, whose time to fulfil her dream is running out. Will charming Miu ever find the man she is looking for?

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I learned a word after I got here.

This word has 4 letters only.

But it took me 10 years,

to understand its meaning.

The person who taught me this
word can't speak English.

Dad, get out.

All this for 20 bucks?

Don't you know how much
you get for 20 bucks?


Get out of the way.

What the hell.

You want $800?

That's a double, I don't have it.

Let's do it next time then. Fine...

I'll give you $800 next time.

This time I'll give you $20 more.

Excuse me.

$20 worth of beef for two people.

That's not enough for 2. Here's $50.

That's all I get?

Yes that's all.

Veggie. What?


How could you fail your exam?

Back to where it belongs.

Go... None of your business.

Go... Back.

Go... Back.

Dad, there is a dumpster outside.

I don't care. That's where they belong.

Look, I don't have $800.

Fine. I'll pay you $200 more this time.

Business is business.

Deal. $800 then.

Who is it?

Speak. Fishman, somebody is on our turf.


I won't refund.

Add some ginger. It gets ride of the smell.

Some green onion and tomato.

They bring out the flavor.

Next fry the fish. Boil everything.

The fish soup will be ready.

First time cooking for your boyfriend?


Can I ask you something?

How old do I look?

I wish. I'm 24.

That's 6 years before I hit 30.

I only have 3 years left.

You got a bigger problem.

Stop standing around.

Trouble is coming.

Get out of the way.

What the hell?

Where were you?

At the bank.

Why didn't you keep an eye on the stall?

You asked me to go to the bank.

Shut up.

It's totally your fault.

Sorry, bro.

I told her not to do it.
She wouldn't listen.

She's just a kid. Give her a chance.

How much for an eel? 50 bucks.

I want this one.

You can have it for free.

This area is mine.

Don't cause troubles.

Brat, who's causing the trouble here?

You started it.

What's wrong with you?

Just leave it.

I'd been here for 20 years.

You can't scare me with that knife.

Uncle Right.

Whoever is against them is against me.

Whoever is against Uncle Right,

is against me.

Uncle Right, your friend
has a cocky attitude.

He's working for me to repay my debt.

If you keep making a mess,
how can I get my money?

You've taken up a lot of the businesses.

How dare you trash my place.

I haven't even said a single thing.




This is settled.

Uncle Right, it's fresh.

That's fine.

Pay the debts on time.

Go back to work.

Let me walk you out.

Is the main switch off? I
don't want to get electrocuted.

Smash it.

Piss into it.

Me again?

You had too much to drink,

you have more to piss.


Fish congee. 15 bucks.

15 bucks a bowl.

Delicious fish congee. 15 bucks.

15 bucks.

2 fish congees.

My daughter. The fish congee is great.

2 bowls take away.

She's the maid who always
shop at the market.

When did he pick her up?

His taste is worst than yours.

This is your weekly allowance.

I won't help if you overspend it on girls.

I will take her home then.

Don't you dare.

That's my point.

Let's go.

Fish congee. 15 bucks.

Let's buy a congee.

I don't want one.

30 bucks thanks.

One bowl take away.

Smells nice.

Did you make it yourself?

Yes, with the left-over fish.

It earns more than selling fish balls.

I'm impressed.

Porky. Trying to be Romeo?

I live upstairs. Come
over if you have time.

That's15 bucks.

15 bucks. Thank you.

Bye. Bye.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

You're late.

I'm earlier than yesterday.

2 boxes.

1 box. Fishman, the goods aren't so fresh.

I'm getting these to swap with Miu.

I said you're late.

Late for what?

Just force her to take the goods.

Will you take it if I force you?

Tell him again he's late.

We are really late.

Got it.


Morning. Morning.

You deserve this.

Why didn't you keep an eye on the stall?

I was with you. Shut up.

Cut the crap.

How dare you mess up my stall?

I didn't. You did it.

It's not me.

Just leave it, Fishman.


I told her already.

Jerk, you were in it too.

So what?

I know I was wrong.

But I'm changing.

Look at this girl.

She grew up with a gambling father.

She spent her entire life in the markets.

She suffered a lot.

Miu, don't be afraid. You have me.

And all of us.

We won't let him bully you.

Fishman, you shouldn't mess up the place.

The market is also a place
where the kids study.

Keep it clean.


I'm not responsible for the trash.

It's me, I did it.

I didn't cut your electricity either.

I did that too.

I'm confused.

You could simply clean
up the garbage for Miu.

Why trash Fishman's stall?

I did it to tell Miu that I'm here for her.

Let's leave it. I just want to sell fish.

Okay... Let's all help clean up.

Come on.

You're out of your mind.

Fortune Market is so small.

There hadn't come a girl for over a decade.

Have you gone mad for that woman?

Don't touch my head.

You want her too?

Bro Dragon, what's the flower for?

It's from a handsome guy.

Who is it?

He's old fashioned.

Shut up.

Sorry to bother you two.

I'll never fall in love
with a market vendor.

Don't touch my head.

Which one is it?

The one with the white shirt and tie.

What does he do?

He's in the I.T. business.

I.T. business?

I.T. is the future.


Is your work busy?

Sometimes. How about you?


What is your hobby?

I enjoy swimming in the morning. You?

My hobby is a kind of luxury.

What is it?


Normally I don't get more
than 3 hours of sleep.

I see. You must be very busy.

- The Gourmet Festival is coming.
- The Computer Fair is coming.

Let's go to both of them together.

That's great.

I almost forgot. This is for you.

The latest products of our company. Try it.

You work in the I.T. department
of a bakery franchise, right?

I'm a shop manager.

We're computerizing everything.

Fruit tart is coded 007. Egg roll is 009.

Try it.

Kiss her. Kiss...

Have more...

I'm very happy to have found my beloved.

I have no more regrets in life.

Don't say that.

I've something to announce.

I'm leaving Fortune Market.

Where to?

Anywhere. As long as I'm not a vendor.

What can you do besides a vendor?

You don't know anything else.

Anyway, I don't want to be a
vendor for my entire life like you.

I raised my kids with the chicken stall.

But none of them are selling chickens now.

Jerk. What do you mean?

You won't survive outside.

You'll be on the streets.

Just leave it.

Miu, I will become somebody.

Fishman, I'm moving to the
US to be with my family.

Now, I hand over the market to you.

I am Miu.

Miu, I'm spending my life with him.

Fortune Market needs you to keep it going.

Don't be like Porky.

I am Fishman.


The market shall never change.

The market shall never change.

Cheers. The market shall never change.


The people are content
with their lives here.

Take a look at them.

Veggie's life reminds me
of what I would become.

But that is not going to be my destiny.

Rumors are flying that St.
Annie Bakery is closing down.

Customers are waiting in line
to redeem their cake coupons.

Don't jostle please.

13 dozens, thanks.

Sir, please line up.


It's me.

What about mine?

Give it to me, we are together.

Queue up.

Don't push in.

This was our spot.

Why didn't you come that day?

I was sick.

Then... Why didn't you return my calls?

Just sell your cakes. Stop asking.

This is for you.

Do you have egg rolls? Yes.

Let's go. Move.

Your turn.

My stomach is about to burst.

Mom, I need to poop.


I'm so full.

I have to do some exercise.

Miu, though I'm not good
looking as a fruit tart.

I can't make you full like an egg roll.

I'm not as romantic as
French chocolate rolls.

Or maybe you just don't like cakes.

But I know,

I can't make you fall for a baker.

Don't you have manners?

Why don't you like him?

None of your business.

Why are you avoiding him?

There's no reason.

I got it. You're picky.

So. What's the problem?

He isn't my type.

That's why I support paid sex.

It's a simple transaction.

More money gets you better things.

What you pay is what you get.

But dating can lose time and money.

It gives no result.

You're not a woman. You won't understand.

It's women like you, low quality
but setting such high standards.

I don't have time to waste.

When I reach 30, it's all over.

Are you going to die at 30?

I'll be going nowhere.

That's why I must repay the
debts to leave this place.

The lease ends when I reach 30.

Still, you don't need to work so hard.

You have no determination and planning.

Determination and planning.

Even Baker is no longer
determined to wait for you.

This bracelet will bring
luck to your love life.

I don't need this.

It's worth $400.

If I'm still single at 28, I'll wear it.

One pair.

Let me see.

What is the greatness of make-ups?

What is it? Retain youth.

Guess how old I am?

We're about the same.

Are you serious?

Try this wonderful lip gloss.

The most popular color this year.

It's beautiful.

I will help you put some on. Rub it.

Like this? Yes.

You look different already.

Don't wipe it off. It looks nice on you.

Go away. Fishman.

I know why there's no business today.


Calm down.

I'm fine.


It's so bloody. It's so fresh.

Calm down.

Fatty. I'm fine.

Calm down.

I'm fine. It's got nothing to do with me.

Where is Miu?

Thank you.

Who allowed you to sell fish here?

Who allowed you to sell fish here.

Calm down. Calm down.


I'm the manager of Fresh Food Department.

My name is Choy (Veggie)-Yuk
(Meat)-Yu (Fish).

Can I help you?

Calm down.

Do you need any help?

Choy, listen.

I'm listening.

Our market won't go down.


Thank you for coming.

Thank you for coming.

Fresh Food Department Manager

Let's start working.

Fortune Market is modernizing
together with the world.

We accept credit cards.

We offer free delivery
for purchases over $200.

With purchases over $50,
you will be given a stamp.

With 10 stamps, you will
get a telephone card,

to call local or Philippine.

Excuse me, what is this?


You are so honest. I'll have $20.

Please help yourself.

Free tasting.

5 bucks for ten pieces. Come and try it.

Steamed fish already prepared
for your convenience.

What is your boyfriend's favorite dish?

He's now my husband.

Any luck for you? You're 30?

2 more years.

You have a huge problem.

Damn you.

Come and have a look.

90 bucks please.

Thank you.

Write down 50 bucks.


Cashier is over here. Gifts this way.

For purchases over $20 you get 10 feet.

Everyone gets a prize.


Hurry up. You're so slow.

Are you making purchases?
You had drank a lot already.

I have to try it first.

Another cup of carrot and pear juice.

Strawberry, apple and orange juice.

You'd broken the limit on your card.
Pay cash.

I want delivery.

Delivery? All the trucks are out.

You're strong enough to carry it yourself.

I came only because you offered delivery.

Fine. Wait a moment.


I'll never come to Fortune Market again.

You ate a dozen pieces already.

Leave if you're not buying, bitch.

Your food is disgusting.

I told you many times.

You shouldn't call them
bitch at their face.


I'm not referring to you.

You were supposed to watch my stall.

You're a piece of shit.


What are you saying?

Orange, banana, tangerine, pear, pomelo.

Are you buying?

I haven't made a cent.

You four had drank too much.

We're tasting for you.

You should be honored.

Just give it to them.

No more.

Do it yourself. I quit.

Damn it.

Just be quiet.

Stop fighting.

Shut up.


Fishman, you got a complaint.

What is it?

It's just a trivial matter.

Our supermarket has lost some trolleys.

I wonder if the trolleys are here?

2 bowls of congee.

Bill please. Be right there.

Here are your cake and noodles.

Thank you.

A bowl of sesame paste. Got it.

Want try some noodles? They are delicious.

The fried dough's freshly made too.

Okay, fried noodles please.

Coming right up.

I want to pay off my debt

and get married before 30.

That's very rude.

Fried noodles.

An 18 year old guy was found dead,

after working 18 hours everyday.

I need to pay off Uncle Right's debt.

It was all your fault.

Trying to reform the market.

Now I owe more money than before.

I lost money too.

But we are no losers.

We successfully discovered
that reforms didn't work.

I also successfully discovered that I
can't pay off 2 installments of debt.

Just take a rest.

I'm not as fortunate as you.

15 bucks a bowl.

Suppose there are 100 bowls of congee.
I'll buy all of it.

15 bucks? Should be 98 bucks per bowl.

Since we're close friends,
altogether $5,000.


Don't pretend to be rich if you're not.

Close shop.

Thank you.

Great. All sold.

For an extra $2, I'll get
a cold drink tomorrow.

Where are you going?

Fish market. I will get some
clams for tomorrow night.

Come by early, bring more money.

Sir, is this your stall?


You are causing obstruction
in public area. ID please.

What is the most profitable business today?

Smuggling pork.


Why supermarkets can sell pork so cheap?

Because I supply them.

I plan to smuggle goose too.
Are you in? Nut.

Tofu Ping said you have made
a big buck smuggling pork.

Better than the market.

Can I join up with you?

I want a better partner, not a woman.

You're not young either.

Don't be so mean.

I know you have higher standards.

Just show me how to make more money.

Have you gone crazy?

Smuggling will affect the market.

Since the bird flu crisis,
no one goes to the market.

Also supermarket has everything.

We must change with the society.


Reform again?

We should learn from the master.

Smuggling. You guys are crazy.

Don't you dare to smuggle.

Ignore him.


I dare you to help her.

You're not helping me.

I just gave you $5,000 last night.

It's barely enough to pay my debt and food.

I'll pay for your dinner then.

What are you looking at?
What's your problem?

Dad, what happened?


He fell downstairs, so
I brought him up here.

No I didn't, I was here having sex.

She knows the facts.

Don't try to lie to
her, she'll get worried.

As parents, don't let
your kids worry about you.

Fishman was also prostituting here.

Let's not disturb him. Come on.

Are you okay? Yes.

Let me help you.

It hurts.

You deserve it.

Call me if you need any help.

How can you carry him?

For safety reasons, we
should go together next time.

I can get you cheaper fish from the market.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

I paid off 2 installments
you owed Uncle Right.

No more smuggling business.

Thank you, pal.

Pal? Shut up.

Never judge a person by his look.

Men paying for sex is better
then keeping mistress.

Shut up.

Thank you.

That's fine.

This is all I have.

I'll pay you off in a year.

With interests.

Take the bracelet.

It's only worth $400.

Don't you need the luck?

It's useless anyway.

It's a cold drink.

What about you?

I ordered it for you.

Your father's still gambling?

He can't give it up.

You should get a new father.

How about Uncle Right.

Then I don't have to pay the debt.


Dad had gambled away his stalls.

Fish vendors are like that.

Not me. I'm rich.

I know that.

But make sure you don't tell Miu.

She's poor. She might borrow my money.


Do you often visit Fung the prostitute?

None of your business.

Does she have a great figure?

Ask your dad.

He won't tell me.

Better than yours.

How long is each visit?

About half an hour.

Clean up your place.

What are you doing?

You're here because you
dad brought a woman home.

Tonight will be Miu's treat.

You even prepared a grouper.

More money gets you better things.

That's what you said.

It's been a year.

I can finally pay back what I owe you.

And treat you a grouper.

Where did you get the money?

None of your business.

Return my bracelet.

I lost it.

How can you lose it?

It's just a bracelet. You
really think it will help you?

You wish.

Who knows.

Where is the tissue?

It stays there from now on.

I have cleaned up everything.

This area is mine. Don't cause troubles.

That's what you said when
you first came to the market.

What I said was...

You can have the eel for free.

This area is mine. Don't cause troubles.

How dare you make troubles in my flat?

Then Uncle Right would say

whoever is against them is against me.

You've left out my dad.

Just leave it.

Give her a chance.

You're the one who wants to go shopping.

Excuse me, can I see this one?

Maybe you should take
it home for a few days.

What kind of attitude is that?

Sorry. I've plenty of money.

Let's go. It's not her fault.
It's not her fault?

Just leave it.

I've seen the wallet many times.

Whenever I come by,
I'll ask her to show me.

In fact, she has a great temper.

Why didn't you buy it?

You know, wallets should last.

Though the wallet is close to my dream,

It's not exactly what I have in mind.

I don't want to regret on
something so expensive.

What exactly do you have in mind?

A Gucci that looks like Prada.

Why don't you just buy a Prada.

I want a Gucci, but similar to a Prada.

That doesn't exist.

Why do you care. It's my money.

How come you suddenly have so much money?

You really want to know?


Have you ever heard of the Millennium bug?


It's a virus which will
break out in year 2000.

This parasite attaches to the intestine.

You'll feel stomach cramps.

The large and the small
intestines get all tangled up.

Your metabolism will break down.

That's why you need the medication.

So all of us will need it.
The demand will be huge.

I've invested everything on it.

Is it a fraud? Why can't
we find it on streets?

It's not available to the public.

The distribution network
is very comprehensive.

I'm the Vice President. I can buy the
medicine directly from the President.

Then, I'd look for 5 people.

I'll get commission from each of them.

My first subordinate is my father.

After I took the medicine, I feel great.

I can buy the medicine at wholesale price.

I'll become the Chairman
after I find 5 Chiefs.

I'm the Chief.

As long as I pay the Chairman
I can make purchases.

I have 5 Captains as my subordinates.

I'm a Captain.

I pay fees to the Chief.
I have 5 Administrators.

With the commissions,

I'd already made $5,000.

Selling tofu is just a hobby now.

Give me $5,000, you'll become a Chairman.

If you join now,

you will get an award in France.

What an honor.

Chairman? I want to be a Vice President.

Here's $50,000.

Calm down.

The President will come
to the market today.

To talk to us about the award system.

We've never met him in person.

But you can meet him straight away.

Luck is always with me.

What are you? I'm a Captain.

How about you? I'm an Administrator.

Administrator? I'm a Captain.

Captain? You're a Chief. I'm aChief.

Chief? Then I'm the Chairman.

I'm the Chairman.


Who is he? He's Joe. He's a Chairman.

Where is the President?

Police. Freeze.


Police. We suspect that
you're connected to a fraud.

Sir, who is the instigator?

He never showed up before.

There's only one person I haven't seen.

That's you.

I just joined.

Bring them back.

The police sent a undercover
agent to the markets,

and successfully uncovered
an international fraud.

Which involves up to 80 million dollars.

The suspects are connected to an
international crime syndicate.

This is Kit reporting for News Broadcasts.

Why am I such a fool?

I've lost all my savings.

I'm done...

It's dangerous. Come back in.

Be optimistic about it.

Why am I such a fool?

It's over.


You'll only break an arm
and leg at this height.

Why did you do this to me?

What have I done wrong?

Time is ticking away.
I can't turn my life around.

As long as you're alive,
you can still make money.

I don't have anymore time.

Why did you do this to me?

I have all the money you need.

I'm 29 already. I'll help you.

I'd lost everything. It's over.

I don't want to spend the
rest of my life in the market.

I don't want to sell fish anymore.

Pull yourself together.

I'm scared. I'm scared of heights.

Let's move back slowly.

No! I'm scared. I can't move my legs.

Okay. We'll stay here.

Take a rest. We can have supper later.

With a cold drink.

Are you hungry?

How about some fried rice?

"Romance is born out of
the efforts we give."

"Each moment we share is what touches us."

Fishman - 32 years old Miu - 29 years old

This is all the money I have left now.

It's not enough to keep
the fish stall going.

Come over. I'll wait for you.

We can't afford to eat.

Don't be superstitious,
it's just my daughter.

She is troublesome.

We can't afford to eat.

Are you Miu?

Who is it?


Baker? What is it?

Do you have time tomorrow?


I'll let you know tomorrow.

"Let you know tomorrow". You're 29.

Even I would find younger girls than you.

Your time is almost up.
This is your last chance.

Baker or Porky?

Fine. Baker or Fruitman?

You're kidding?



Or Fishman.


He still called after 2 years.

Although he may not be the best.

But he'll bring the bread home.

You mother left this for you when she died.

Wear it tomorrow, makes you look prettier.

What else are you hiding?

None of your business.

Are you coming over?

Smuggling goose will make big bucks.

Cheap roasts are popular
when the economy is bad.

I also plan to sell frozen chicken.
Are you in?

I said it's not my kind of work.

Then why were you selling medicines?

I was conned into it.

But I won't con you. Consider my offer.

A skirt?

She looks pretty when she's made-up.

Thank you.

Excuse me. Do you have a mirror?

Yes, wait a second.

Here's the mirror. Thanks.

Are you Miu?



Miu, it's been a long time.

Have you met?

Met? Hello.

This is my fiancee, Mavis.

Take a seat.

I'd opened this shop for a month.

I plan to serve dinner later.

I'd like your help ordering
produce from the market.

Sorry for troubling you.

That's fine. It's great to serve dinner.

Customers can return
to the office by 2 p.m.

This is a great location.

Only 2 stops to Macau.

The ferry will take you home in no time.

Let me know when you start franchising.

Invite me to your birthday party too.

I'll come even come uninvited.

I want that wallet.

It's sold.

When will you re-order?

It was a limited edition.
It's no longer available.

Does this come without the buckle? No.

Does this come with another color? No.

I'll take this. Give me a new one.

This is the last one.

You want it?


Miu, I want to help. But
business is business.

Your lease is up, but you still
haven't pay off all your debts.

What do you want me to do?

Uncle Right, can you extend my lease?

You don't have anymore money to pay rent.

So how long do you want
to extend the lease?

As long as I can.

Chickman has sent a letter.

He said something about using e-mails.

I don't know how it works, help me.

Where is it?

Stop visiting Fung. Become
Miu's ideal husband.

Here it is.

Chickman's e-mail.

I'll reply it at home.

For you.

What's the occasion?

I happen to see it on sale.

Open it.

I plan to celebrate the
Millennium on the rooftop.

You got to come.

Take a look.

This is like your old one and waterproof.

You said a wallet should last.

This wallet will last you
a long time in the market.

Fishman. What?

That's rude.

Fine. We're even now.

I'm comfortable with you.

I appreciate all your help.

But I haven't given the
relationship much thought.

Determination and planning, right?

There are some kinds of
people that I won't consider.

Some things,

aren't meant to happen. They
shouldn't be part of the plan.

Do you understand?

I'll pay you interest for what I owe you.

There's no need.

I better go home to
reply Chickman's e-mail.


You can still take the gift as a friend.

Thank you.

You're so lucky today.

Be the dealer.

You could win more.

I win.

You're making a killing.

Give others a chance.

Be the dealer again.

Shut up. Let me think.

What are you thinking of? Just deal.

Shut up.

You already started?

Why are you cooking my fish? Where's yours?

You are selfish.

Miu's buying beer. She'll be right back.

Mind if she join us?

Of course not.

How about you?

I don't mind.

Fishman, you haven't been visiting me.

You've increased the price.

He won't come again.

Are you impotent?

Of course not.

You are.

Pick between Fung and Miu.

What for?


I pick Fung.

None of your business.

I pick Fung too.

I pick Fung.

I pick Miu.

Hear that? Man who wants
sex would pick Fung.

I came here for food.

But this is about something else.

I'm an expert on love.

I've used a scientific method to test Miu.


In her eyes,

there was a split second of hesitation.

So I made a choice for her.

Who did you pick?

I messed it up.

It's your fault. You've separated them.

But we can still save this relationship.

She'll be 30 in a few days.

After we finish the hot pot,

fix her up while it's hot.


Have the wedding banquet on the rooftop.

Cakes from St. Annie.

Wednesday is good for
marriage in the Luna calendar.

Cut the crap.

You shut up.

I'm not feeling well.

Let me get something to drink.

I had won $50,000.

I was going to continue gambling.

But I held back. The money
can go toward Miu's wedding.

You held yourself?

I held myself... Held myself.

What the hell?

Old man.

Are you okay?


Dad. Dad.

I remember the day my father died,

it was only 5.8 degrees.

The coldest day in the last decade.

It's also the longest day in my life.

You can't be here for Miu's debt.

Your father never had any luck in gambling.

But the day he died he won a lot on a bet.

The debts are all paid.
Here is your receipt.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Uncle Right, I'll walk you out.

Did Miu's father betted with that $50,000?

That wouldn't pay off the debts either.

The youngster is innocent.

I've collected enough
interests over the years.

Dad. Dad.


You can finally leave the market.

Pay off my debts before 30.
Find an ideal husband.

I'm a genius.

You think that's good?

Watch me.

That's nothing.

Just take your steps casually
as if you're walking a dog.

Concentrate on the pins. Throw it.

You missed. Stupid.

If I hit a strike, I'll add extra
egg to my fried rice tomorrow.

What the hell.

I've been practicing. You
can't be better than me.

I'm the bowling champion.

That hurts.

Stop pretending.

I'll throw you in to a
fish tank and sell it.

No one will buy me.

I'll buy it then.

What for?

To eat.

I got it. To make fish congee.

Delicious fish congee. 15 bucks per bowl.

Should be 98 bucks.

The morning I turned 30,

I was in a man's flat.

A vendor's flat.

I saw a future I don't want.

Fish congee and meat congee.

Fried dough and cake.

Morning. Morning.

Fishman, striped mullet has sold out.

Where's Miu?

Haven't seen her all morning.

Bought me breakfast?

It's not for you.

Government is demolishing Fortune Market.

What? It can't be true.

What happened?

How can they do it without informing us.

Ask the district councilor for help.
I'll look for Miu first.



Landlord: The key is
on top of the gate. Miu

The number you have dialed
has been disconnected.

Eye lines are the most
important feature of a girl.

Look, something seems to
bother this classmate.

But a good eye line can
cover up her secret.

Eye liners can change
the shape of your eyes.

Stop at the corner of the eyes, the
effect will be round and wide-eyed.

You'll get a more exotic
look if you continue to draw.

A thick eye line defines
the shape of the eyes,

as a result it improves your expressions.

Leave it. They're tearing down the place.

I'm leaving.


Learning is the first step
to creating a new life.

Make-up will give you a new
look to face the future.

The number you have
dialed is not registered.

Tomorrow is the Millennium eve.

I'll be waiting for you on the rooftop.

Miu, give me a brush. Yes.

Not this. I want a blush brush.


Where's the brush?

She's new. Please give her a chance.

It's fine. Sorry.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Happy New Year.

Take a 15 minute break. Enjoy yourselves.

It's just a job. Take it easy.

Have a drink.

Thank you.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

Tell you a secret.

What is it?

I know they call me sissy.

But actually I'm not gay.

This industry is dominated by women.

I never thought you are.

Thank you. Happy Millennium.

Happy Millennium.

Shut up. I can't hear it.

Bro Hung. Bro Hung.


Let me try to talk to him.

Porky, I'm just a cop,
not the Police Inspector.

I would let all of them in if I could.

Why don't you and I go in together?

Let me get prepared.

Fishman, it's me.

Be careful.

I'm Porky, I'm back.

Stop messing around.
Fortune Market is over.

Fishman, your old man wouldn't
want to see you like this.

Just leave the fish.

This world is full of opportunities.
We'll work together.

I'm sure we'll get rich.

There's a lot fish to be cleaned.

Fishman, put the knife down.

Put the knife down. Please don't hurt him.

Be careful.

Let go, Fishman.

Let go. Take him away.


Be careful... Take care of Fishman.

Madame please help.

Watch out...

Don't jostle...

Miu, how much longer? 10 minutes.


Dow Jones Index will definitely drop.

NASDAQ Index too.

What about Hang Seng Index?

Grandfather, you've an e-mail.

Fishman is asking how we are.

Tell him we're fine. Ask
him about Hang Seng Index,

and business at Fortune Market.


Chickman and Veggie, I've
no idea of Hang Seng Index.

But business at the market
is getting better by day.

Miu and I are just like the same old days.

I'll trash her stall
and she'll cut my power.

We'll play watermelon bowling when
we need to settle an argument.


Take 4 steps.

Your hands should swing
smoothly like a clock.

Follow through and release the ball.


What's wrong?

So what if it's a strike?
Your steps were all wrong.

It's just a game.

You should still be serious about it.

In 2002, I started selling
fish congee in the market.

Of course my congee
tastes better than Miu's.

Because I use fresh fish.

I've stolen most of Miu's business.

She's begging me for a living.

Go down the page.

King of Fish Congee.



I'll call you when I arrive in Tokyo.

This fish congee is not fresh.


Why aren't you eating?

Didn't you say the congee is fresh?

Have more.

I have to go now.

I'll drive you to the airport.

There's no need. It's too time consuming.


Let's pay.

You can leave first.

Bye. Bye.

I'd finally found my
career after I turned 30.

But I still haven't found my ideal husband.

I'm coming.


Miss, are you okay?

I'm fine.

Let me take you to the hospital.

It's fine. I'm in a hurry.

You won't believe this.
Someone who owed me money,

paid it off with a load of masks.

Who knew SARS would earn me big buck.

No matter what you say... I know.

I'm here to ask a favor.

Can't you give a helping hand?

You? Helping people?

Fake marriage.

You must be going mad.

Thank you.

It was my fault.

That's fine. I'm okay now. Bye.


Sorry, I'm late.

What happen to you?

I fell running across the street.

You should go to a doctor.

I didn't want to be late.

Let's take her to the hospital first.

Mister, could you please help me?

My dad is 70. He's very ill.

I need to stay in Hong
Kong to look after him.

She's from China and doesn't
have the right of abode here.

Where's your sympathy?
She's a devoted daughter.

Why don't you marry her?

I'm going through a divorce myself.

Not with her. I want to marry this one.

Real marriage.

You should see what each
other looks like first.

Please help me.

Plenty of celebrations for
the handover these days.

Some people protest.
Others organize banquets.


Why don't you protest?

We have free meals here.


How is Chickman?

He's had too much junk food in the States.

He has high cholesterol
and needs an angioplasty.

That serious?

I came back first to prepare his surgery.

He's afraid of surgeries.

He said he wants to visit
Fortune Market one more time.

So he wouldn't turn in his grave.

The market's been closed for 6 years.

Match. Closed?

Your e-mails said the
market's been doing great.

I don't even know how to send e-mails.

Who else would it be?

Do you know how to drive?

It hurts.

Madam, are you okay?

Madam, get off the car first.

Come out.

Honey, I'm involved in a car accident.

I'm fine. It's not too serious.

I'm Fishman. Who are you?

Sir. Where is the driver?

Over there.

Why were you so careless?
Are you bleeding? No.

Did you hurt your neck? No.

How about the waist? No.

Is it possible that you're
hurt in other places?

You're so careless.

You should've worn rain boots.
They wouldn't come off easily.

Do you have a concussion? What's so funny?

When did I become the King of Fish Congee?

I got bored writing. So I did the drawing.

This picture has caused a lot of trouble.

Chickman thinks the market is successful.

I never thought he would come back.

He believed in everything you wrote.

How am I supposed to find a market for him?

There are still a lot
of things left behind.

Like what?

You're kidding.

When is Chickman coming back?


I'll look for vendors and stock.
You look for customers.

He'll look for stocks and customers.
I'll look for vendors.

He'll look for customers. I'll look
for stocks and you look for vendors.


Okay then...

Tofu Ping. When did you
become a domestic helper?

Wah suggested me to.

Come back.

Where to? Fortune Market.


He became a security guard.

What happened?

Chasing a thief.

You're a fruit vendor.
This is not your job.

Come back to Fortune Market.

Could I just pay money?

I don't look like a vendor anymore.

But Chickman remembers you as one.

I left the market a long time ago.

But you used to come back all the time.

I just wanted to show off.

How are you going to show
off if Chickman dies?

This 2 boxes.

2 boxes. Great.

You must be tired after
long hours of flight.

Let's rest back at the hotel first.


We're going to Fortune Market
after dropping off luggages.

Chickman handed over the market to us.

We'll show him the best of Fortune Market.

Even just for one day.


Sit down and do your homework.

It's almost done.

Just like the old days.

How many customers have you found?

Where are they?

What? I was in charge of the vendors.

I was in charge of stocks.

You were in charge of customers.

I was in charge of customers?

I want people to shop, not to fight.

Why would I want people with tattoos?

I'll go and look for people.

Don't bother about tattoos.

Pretend it's a gang fight. Hurry.


Chickman is one block away.

What are you doing?

Fishman, what are you doing?

Excuse me.

Please allow a pregnant woman through.

Thank you. Thank you.

Get out of the way.

Where's everyone?

Get to work.

Business as usual.

Let's look around.

You won't believe this.

When I said the market is re-opened.

The neighbors all rushed here.

Excuse me, 20 bucks of meat.

Here you go.

All this for $20?

Tofu Ping. We're not here for free tasting.

Fruitman, we're here to buy.

Fishman, thanks for making
the market so prosperous.

Thank you.

Thank you.

How many months?

6 months.

Still haven't found the one?

That's impossible. Every time I come,

many vendors are checking you out.

But they are all losers.

I don't think they're all that bad.

Police. Out of the way.

Out of the way.

Fishman, what are you up to now?

What's the matter, Hung?

Uncle Chickman, don't mess with them.

The market's been closed for 6 years.

You're trespassing.

Excuse me.

Could you please let a
pregnant woman out first?

Customers can all leave.

Leave at once.

Who's going to take wrap for this?


You're too old to take the wrap.

I've been in this market
for over 5 decades.

You used to work for
me when you were young.

I have no regrets after
seeing what they did for me.

I can rest in peace.

I'll take the wrap.

Me too.

And all of us.

Now I'll have to take the wrap for this.
Call for more cars.

Sir, can you comment on the incident.

Fine. No problem.

One by one. Get in the cars.

Hold on.

Hung, come here.

Sir, this is against the procedure.

What's your post?

PC. I'm the Inspector.

How to use it?

Get ready, look here.

1, 2, 3, smile.

Great. Again.

Where will you hang the photo?

Next to my congee signboard.

You're a copycat.

Don't tell Miu. She'll steal my business.

Worry I'll sell my
congee next to your shop?

You'll do anything.

When will your shop open?

Next month. I need a brand name.

Just call it "Miu's Beauty"

That sounds like the name of a stall.

Why does it sound bad?

Still thinking about a
Gucci that looks like a IV?

It's a Gucci that looks like Prada.

Have you found it?

It doesn't exist.

However, I found one I really want.

Really? Let me see.

You want to see it?


Daddy pick up the phone…

Playing with the phone again?

Put mommy on.

Yes, I'm almost done.

I'll see you later.

Why are you hiding the wallet? Forget it.

Why? Show me how it looks.

Listen to me.

Please don't look.

Whatever you say.

The renovation here is luxurious.

How much did you put in to it?

What about with all the
products and utilities?

Hundred of thousands?

Ready. Smile.

1, 2, 3

Just call it the "Miu's Beauty".

You're speaking English?




I have to go.


Your friend looks familiar.

She is a well-known make-up artist.

Have you been naughty?

She played all day and
wouldn't take a shower.

In 2007, Fortune Market was demolished.

I haven't achieved all my
targets in the last 10 years.

In the past, I would of thought I failed.

But what I realize now is,

I have successfully discovered
everything is just part of a process.

Today, I gave an interview
for a fashion magazine.

They used the name of my
make-up school as the caption.

It is where my story begins.