Hooked Up (2013) - full transcript

Looking for a good time, two friends on a trip to Barcelona befriend a couple of girls but it's not fun they find, instead they get trapped in a house haunted by a devilish ghost bent on tearing apart anyone that enters her dwelling.

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Aww yeah!


We're gonna get
some fucking pussy!


Aw, shit.


Come on, man.


We're just gonna...


Ugh, it's gross.

I hate you.

Can you just leave me...
- What are you mumbling?

Come on, use your words.

- She fucking left me, man.

She left me.

Aw, fuck, man!

You are the most disgusting
roommate in the world


Peter, this is
a very important video,

and you're gonna thank me
for this later.


What do- what do you think
you're doing?

Nothing lasts forever.

You know this.

Dude, you don't know anything.

Yeah, dude.

I'm gonna tell you
what you're gonna do, okay?

You spent the last six years
tied to some chick.

You call it love,
I call it a waste of time.

- Fuck you.

Hey! 'Kay?

She's your ex-girlfriend now,

and she doesn't deserve
any respect.

I just want
a fucking girlfriend, man.


Look at yourself!

You're disgusting.

What-- Why would you ever wanna go
through something like this for a girl?

Okay, man?


I know what's going through your mind,
you wanna call her.

I'll tell you what, man,

she doesn't wanna accept
any of your phone calls.

And that's disgusting. Aww...

Okay, dude?

She doesn't wanna hear
from you.

You gotta accept that because
I have a better plan for us.

You wanna know what that is?


...sun, beach, hot babes,

beautiful weather,

beautiful city, okay?

Five days is all I ask.

If you want Lisa
when we come back,

I will help you get her myself.

I don't want your help.

- Yeah, you sure about that?
- Yeah.


We're going to Bar--


We're going to Barcelona!

Dude! We're going to Barcelona!


Dude, what the...

There's my bag.



Fuck! Such a fucking idiot!

I swear I'm gonna fucking kill you one day, man.

You're such a fucking baby.

Yeah, you better run,
you pussy!

It's the last time
you do this shit to me!

Hey, buddy.

How was your bath?

We had a pretty good day
today, right?

I mean, that one chick
in the red bikini

wanted me so hard,

and if she didn't have
that kid,

we would be gettin' it on
right now.


Yeah, getting dressed
like a big boy!

I like it!

Well, I got something
in store for you,

my friend!

Let's take a look-see.

Right here.

Look what we have here.

What is that?


my friend...

...is the passport to the vagina.


The real deal!

No... They don't
make this stuff anymore.

They sell it everywhere here!


The fuck you doing?
Make a toast.

- After you.
- No!

You're such a little girl.
- Yes, after you.

'Kay, since the baby
won't do it,

I'm gonna make a toast
to Barcelona.

I love it here.

Careful with your teeth.


Let's play some music.

Pass me that iPod, sir.

- Just be careful with it.
- Okay, okay.

All right, all right.

* We are gonna get down tonight *

* Uh-huh

Oh, yeah, all right.

I don't like that shit, and...

There we go.

What are you doing?

Dude, you're totally sending
a message to her.


Give it back.

No, dude,
you told me

that you would forget
about her for this vacation.

Yeah, but it's not that easy.

I can't just forget about her.
What are you doing?

I'm taking out the SIM card.
I'm gonna take out mine, too.

When you try to steal it later--
- Don't... Give it back!

Calm down!


I'm sorry, it's just...
This is her favorite song,

and you just put this shit on.

What is wrong with you?
Then fuck this song!

Come on, man.

Why do you look so sad?

Cheer up!

Wanna change the song?

We're gonna change the song.

All right.

This night's gonna
be unforgettable!

This is way too gay.

So, what's the plan tonight,

It's our first night here,

and it's what I like to call
the "sizing up" night, 'kay?

We see what's cookin' in town,

and then,
we make our first contact with the local girls.

So, you're saying we're
not gonna score tonight?

Dude, who said that?

All right, sizing up
takes a matter of minutes.


Well, I've known you
a long time, man, and, uh,

if I can count right,
I think it's...

yeah, um, one.

You've only had sex
with one girl your entire life.

Uh, two.

No one knows that for sure.
There's no proof.

All I'm saying is,
it took you 23 years

just to convince one girl to let
you stick your penis inside her.

What makes you think
tonight's gonna be so different?

What's your strategy here?

I'm gonna be myself.

'Cause that's worked so well
for you already, right?

We're in Barcelona, okay?
Studies show, uh...

Easiest, hottest girls
in the world.

Cheap alcohol, and they
love it when you drink it.

And the bars don't close
'til the sun comes up, al right?

And you forget
that we are Americans.

Well, you've been American
your whole life, too.

Has that ever gotten you laid?

We are in Barcelona, okay?

They treat us like gods here
for some reason.

And... you know...

They hear the accent,
they just kinda form a line.

Ladies and gentlemen,

let me introduce to you

Cuba litro,
five bucks!

To Barcelona.

Chug, chug!
Come on, drink it all!

Faster, man!

Cuba litro, five dollars,
let's see what you got!

Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug, chug, chug!

Keep going!
There's so much left!

Come on!

Finish it off!

No, wait, wait!
There's a little bit left.

Gotta keep going.
- Fuck you.


Watch as the Tonio

approaches a female specimen
for his mating ritual.

He is out of his element

as he approaches the Spaniard.

He is lost.
He's a baffling buffoon,

but he tries his best.

His rituals are poor at best,
but watch, wait!

He goes for his greatest skill,
the hair swipe behind the ear.

Nothing. Whoa!

But out of surprise,

the alpha male attacks,

defeating our
imbecilic asshole.

I feel bad.

You should feel embarrassed.

That guy has no idea his girl
is about to leave him tonight.

Well, I guess we made a friend.

What's up, man?

You got a...

...a name?

Here, it's yours.

Take it easy.

Do you wanna get outta here?

Wait a minute,
wait a minute.

What are you doing?


What the fuck, man?!

Are you serious?

It's steaming.

Oh, my God, that's disgusting!
Why the hell did you do that?

Wait a second.

I feel bad.
I feel bad!

Let's make a toast!

Let's make a toast.

'Kay? To you.

To you.

Get the fuck outta here!

Go left! Left!

Wait, stop, stop!

I don't think he's behind us.

What the fuck?
Why'd you do that?

Coast is clear.

Nobody steals a girl...

...from Tonio.


Are- are you okay, man?

Dude, you're panting
like an old dog.

Peter, do you need something?

Aw, you motherfucker!

Nobody steals a girl
from Tonio.

No, but uh...
I'm really having an asthma attack.

Perfect, perfect.
Where to?

The hotel.

Stop, stop fucking around.

What, you haven't had
enough yet?

Enough what?


Peeing in beer bottles, running
from crazy boyfriends, come on.

I haven't had enough of anything,

especially girls,
that's why we're here.

- It's why you're here.
- We!


Look, I'm really tired.

I just wanna go home
and get some sleep.

Okay, you're being an infant!
It is one in the morning here!

'Kay, that means the night has just begun.
Here, take this, take this.

Ah, you don't wanna party,
you want girls, man!

- Yes!
- Yes...

- All right--
- Girls!

Boy, you have to go
to Apollo, man.

- How do I, how do I get there?
- You see girls, man?

Apollo, where Apollo?

It's right there, man.

Nice, thank you!
Thank you!


Fucking awesome.


I don't know, man.
I'm tired.

I don't wanna go out anymore.


So great!

We gotta celebrate!

Get some drinks!

Uh, let's go upstairs!

Ohh, whiskey!

Por favor, seƱor.

'Sup, dude?


What, you got, you got two?

You gonna do both?

Yeah, no,
I'm gonna drink a lot,

but one of these are for you.

That's funny,
I thought I told you I'm not drinking tonight, man.

I don't want any.

I don't want anything
to do with any alcohol.

The fuck?

Dude, don't be
such a wet blanket.

I don't wanna drink.
All right?

Why? Why would you possibly
not wanna drink?

Do I have to remind you
what happened last time?



All right, so here's
a recap for you.

You took me to a party,
you got me so fucking wasted

that I ended up kissing
another girl

while my girlfriend was at the party,
that I didn't know of.

She saw me,

and then she fucking
broke up with me, huh.

Now my relationship is ruined.
My life is fucking over

due to alcohol
and, possibly, you.

Isn't that
a good enough reason?

Yeah, 'cause I really forced that girl's tongue down your throat,

but that's not even the point!

Okay, we are in a different
country across the world!

Okay, you're with
your best friend,

and you know,
you told me

that you were gonna
at least forget about her

for tonight.
- Yeah, I know,

but I just don't think
I'm ready yet, okay?

You can't be serious!

Dude, come out of it.

Ohh-- Don't move, don't move.

Mamma mia!

Ohh, you talk to her.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is it.
This is it. This is your time.

This is your shot.
Come on, man.

Dude, I'm not gonna let you--

I'm not gonna
let you pussy out.



You're not from here,
isn't it?

No, no, no.
I'm from, um...

You know Buffalo... New York?

- Ohh, Americano.
- Yeah, yeah.

You like this place?

Yeah, it's cool.


Look, your drink's
already here.

You're not going
to buy me a drink?

No, no, no, no.

You're weird.


- Am I dreaming right now?

You're always dreaming.

Dude, you just let one of the hottest girls I've ever seen walk away!

You know people pay
thousands of dollars

to have sex
with girls like that.

Okay, good for them.
All right? I--


You don't like girls,
that's what you're telling me!

That you're- you're coming out
to me right now.

I like Lisa, okay?
That's all.

Well, Lisa made it pretty clear she doesn't want you anymore!
She broke up with you!

You called her hundreds upon
hundreds of times last week.

She didn't answer
a single time.

Okay? She's probably out
boning some other guy.

That's fucked up.

Come on, Peter.

Do you really think
she would do that?

Yeah, probably.
I mean, that's how people are.

In order to move on
and forget about someone,

you find somebody else.
That's the way it works, okay?

But what are-
what are you doing, man?

You're ruining your night.

Y-you're kinda ruining
my night now,

and for what, huh?
Is it fair?

Is that fair?

No. You're right.

It's not fair.

So let's get some justice.

Oh, yes!



That is awesome!


My man!

My man!

Let's go get some bitches.

Hey, show some respect!

Show some respect!

Yo! Yo!


Hey, man!

You got- you gotta
get up to get down!

Yeah, like... like that!

You're getting the start,
but you need some...

you need, like, girls dancing.

I don't want to--
She should be dancing with you.

Go find that girl! She's...

The one that was
hitting on you, man.


All right, yeah.
Move like that!

That's- that's good, man.

You gotta get ones like those!

No, you just look weird--
She's right there, man!

Holy shit!
That's fucking fate!

That is... That--
Those hips!

No, look at her!
Don't look over...

Look at her!

Go dance with her!

All right,
I'm not joking around.

There's no rejection.
Look at this!


Oh, shit!

I guess I'm gonna have to
show this to Lisa!

Nah, you're cool, look at you!
You're walking!

Like a professional!

Holy crap.

Yeah, you're good.

No, dude, I called first!

No. Uh-uh.
No way.

Not tonight.

Look at my girl, she's gonna
pass out in 20 minutes.

I don't care,
that's your problem.

What are we talking about?

- Okay, we only, we only have one bed.
- Really?

Yeah, this asshole thought
it'd be funny.

It's not so much, is it?

- Well, that's actually great.
- It is?

Yeah, so we could have
a four way.

Get the fuck out of here!

I'm joking.

We could go to my
grandparents' house.

There are a lot of beds,
and nobody lives there,

so I guess we're
all right with that?


Yeah, for sure,
that's cool.

It's all right.
- For the four way!

This house is very old,
but the beds still work.

No, no, no. Tonio.

Oh, be careful with the stick.

If the door closes,
you won't be able to get out.

Dude, throw away the stick,
so we can fuck forever.

Come on, guys.

This is the house of romance,

and I'm here
with my new friend... Noemi,

and we're just having a magical
evening with the great Tonio,

and it's only gonna get better
from here,

isn't that so, Noemi?

Just act drunk and confused
if you agree.

Okay, now, we're only one step

at a time,

and we're here!

I'm excited.

Here's your room.

All right, wait for Tonio
in here, uh,

don't be afraid
to get started without me.

Come on, Peter.

Come on.

You wouldn't be with Little Miss Thing right here

if it wasn't for me getting you
to step up tonight

and man the fuck up,

so dude, I just need
one little favor from you.


Record this!

I gotta see this chick naked.

- You're that perverted?
- Yeah, obviously.

Are you serious?

Dude, don't be selfish, okay?

Are you gonna film you and
your little ratchet in there?

Uh, yeah.
What do you think this is?

To share the wealth.



I'm not promising anything.

Go get her, tiger!

Uh, hey, doggy!

What are you doing?

Oh, I-I'm just, um...

You wanna do a movie, huh?

You have some music
on your phone?

No, not on my phone,
but I do here.

No, not this song.


You think maybe we could
just change the song.


Where you going?

Oh, shit, that's not right.

Whoa, okay.

My God...


Holy shit.

Give me that.

Wait, th-this isn't
a good idea.

Can... We could just...

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

I can't.

I just can't do this.

Okay, um...


So are you gonna
get naked or what?

I'm tired.

All right, so then start now,
so we can go to bed earlier.

Come on, put some...

...effort into it.

I can't, I'm tired.

Come on, baby.
That's all you got?

- Let's get this over with.
- Okay.


No, no, don't stop.
Don't stop, don't stop.

Dude, what the fuck
are you doing?

We have to go.

Why would we ever
have to leave this place?

Because you have to take me
to the hospital.

I have to take you
to the hospital?

Holy fucking cock!

What the fuck?!
- What's going on?

Dude, what the fuck
happened to you?

I don't know how-- I told her
I didn't wanna do anything,

and she bit me

You told her you didn't--

You deserve it
for being a weirdo.

Look, we have to go.

Dude, you see what I have?

I don't give a shit
what you have.

Do you see what I have?

All right, all right,
15 minutes.

No! All right,
we're leaving now.

You could bring her
to the hotel with us.

You know, you can have
the room, I don't care.

Let's just go.
- Oh, God damn it.

All right, you wanna go
to the hotel?

We'll go to the hotel, okay?

- I just want to sleep.
- Okay, all right, that's a yes.

That's a yes.

All right, Peter,
it's a yes.

- Let's go! Now!
- All right, okay. Noemi.

No sleep time, no, no.

No, no, we go.

We go now,
fun time still.


I just wanna make this video

so that everybody out there
knows Peter is capable

of ruining even
the most perfect night.

I mean,
if God himself told me that we'd leave here without being laid,

I would slap him in the face
with my cock.

- Cut it out.
- Cut it out, dude, you have to admit, tonight--

Wait, you think I wanted
this to happen?

Oh, I forgot my watch.

I hope you're proud of yourself.

Can you just leave me alone?

Dude, I'm fucking with you!


Does it hurt?
- Of course it does.

All right, let me see it.

No, I'm not gonna
show you my dick.

- Yeah, 'cause I really wanna see your dick--
- Maybe you do.

Dude, I just wanna know if I
should have to worry or not.


Oh, this little thing?
You're such a girl!

Where you going?
- Outside.

Dude, we have to wait for her.

I need to get some air.

Watch out for the stick.

Are you sure you
don't wanna stay?

She doesn't look like
she bites twice.

It's locked.

I guess we have to ask
your girlfriend for the key.

Great, this is the last thing
I need right now.

No problemo.

Turn that shit off.

Do you wanna see or not?

Yeah, just get it
outta my face.

All right, so stop complaining.


So what do we do now?

Well, I guess we gotta go up and ask her to open the door for us, right?




- What are you doing?
- Noemi, she's not here.

She's probably puking
in the bathroom.


Why don't you try
using her name?

I don't know it.


She must be up here.



I'm sorry for
what happened before.



Can you just open the door
downstairs for us?

Yeah, the keys are upstairs.

Have you seen the other girl?

She's over there.

I will be right back.


Drunk bitch is passed out

Let's find her.

What a guy...

Oh, shit.

What the...?

What the fuck have we
got ourselves into?





Did you hear that?
Turn it off! Turn it off!

Do you see that light?

Is that light?

Yeah, yeah.
Let's go.

You start.

Let me do it.
Take this.

What is this?

It's her.

It's all her.

"Desgracia en Barcelona."

Disgrace in Barcelona?
What the fuck?

Who is this chick?

Do I fucking know, man?
Look at this shit-- Oh, fuck!

What the fuck is...?

Holy shit...

Oh, my God.

- Oh, we're fucked.
- And it's your fault

All you talk about,
hittin' on girls with your stupid bullshit.

Look what you got us into!

How would I have known
this would happen?

I don't know, aren't you
the man with the master plan?

Calm down, okay?
We're gonna get out of here.

We're trapped.

Come on, we haven't looked
hard enough downstairs.

Let's go.
Come on!

Come on!

Give me it.

D-did you hear that?

No. I didn't hear anything.

Okay, go.

Shit, Noemi,
I think that's her.

Good for her.

- We can't just leave her here.
- Um, yes, we can.

Have you seen my dick?
We have to get outta here, man.

Oh, shit.

What are you doing?
You don't even know her, man!

It's our fault
that she's here, man.

No! It's your fault!

Are you serious?
You're a fucking idiot!

Ah... fucking Tonio.

What are you waiting for?

Okay, check it out.

What the fuck?

Dude, what the fuck!
Is that hers?

I don't fucking know, man.

All right, come on.
Go over there.

- No way!
- Check it out!

Don't you want to save your girlfriend?

You got us into this place.

It's fucking disgusting.



Noemi, are you there?
- Hello?

Give it to me.



It doesn't work.

Let's go.

Come on, scaredy cat.

Yo, I'm cold, man.

You're shaking.

I'm not feeling well.

It's nothing, let's go.

Did you just hear that?

Oh, fuck!

What the fuck is she doing?

Grab that chair.

What is it?
What's wrong?

Tonio, are you hurt?

Dude, are you pooping?

Oh... smells so bad.

Oh! Oh!

Oh no. No, no.

Oh, shit.
- Is she dead?

Is she wet?

Yeah, she smells like gasoline.

Shh, shh, shh.

Don't worry, it's me.

Shh, shh.
- What's that smell?

What are we doing now?

I don't know, man.
Think of something.

Fuck! Fuck, man.

I want to call my mom.
- On what phone?

Where's your phone? Okay, we can try,
we can try. Where's your phone?

Where's your phone?
- My phone? My phone?

Yes, your phone.
Where is it?

Come on.
Where is your phone?

Whose idea was it to take out the SIM cards,
you fucking idiot?

Come on, you have to tell us
where your phone is.

She's not here.
Take the phone.

Be careful, man.

What are you doing?

I gotta see Lisa again.


Oh my God, Peter.

You're insane,
you fucking hulk.

I'm gonna go out there

and I'm gonna
fucking find this bitch,

and I swear to you,
she's gonna let me out.

And then I'm gonna find
the first flight home,

and I'm gonna leave,

with or without you, okay?

Wait a minute.
- No.

I've waited long enough already,
all right?

Take this.

There's three of us
and one of her.

Let's fucking get her!

Take this.


Come out!

Where are you,
you fucking bitch?!

There's no way she'd try anything.

On the count of three...

...we attack.


You wanna lock me out?!

Well, I'll lock you in!

Oh, God!
Peter, are you okay?

Oh shit!

Oh, fucking God.

Are you--
Are you okay, sweetheart?

Peter, Peter,
get it off of her.

Calm down!

Peter, come on, pull it out!

Get it out!

Get it off!

Get it off!

Sweetheart, are you okay?

What did you just say?!

No, the fucking other thing!
What did you just say?!


Come here.
- You're hurting her!

Calm down!

Cal down!

What does it say?!
Read this!

"Desgracia en Barcelona!"

What else does it fucking say?!

21 years old,

young, and raped, and burned
by American tourists!

She's fucking dead, man!

Come on, can't you see?
We're fucking Americans!

Holy shit!

They raped and murdered her!

They fucking burned her,
now she's back from beyond the grave!

Since when do you
believe in ghosts?!


You've seen her up close, man.

She's all burned.

I don't fucking care
what she is,

I'm getting the fuck
out of here!

I have to see Lisa.

We can't go anywhere, man.
She's gonna kill us.

Shut the fuck up!

Someone named rubianca69

is sending me a video message
through bluetooth.

It's my phone!
It's my phone!

What the hell?

Let's go!

No way!
It can't be that easy!

What the fuck are you doing
just standing there?!

Let's go!

Man, you need
to fucking calm down!

The door is fucking open!

It was a fucking video!

What the fuck do we lose
by going downstairs?!

What the fuck are you
gonna do here?!

It's a trap!
- Let go of me!

Trying to get us, man,
we're fucking American!

She's not a fucking ghost!
Ghosts don't exist!

I locked her
in the fucking room!

She's fucking dead, man!
She's gonna kill us!

Well, what the fuck
do you wanna do, then?!

Just get the trap
off of her foot!

You have to be brave, Noemi.

Let's go!

Are you okay?

Shine the light on the door.

We're still locked inside.

She's not a fucking ghost.

I told you she was a ghost!

Where is she?
Where the hell is she?

Come on!
Let's go!

Oh, shit!

I told you she was a ghost.
I told you she was a ghost.

I told you she was a ghost.


Don't touch me!

If we would have just run we wouldn't fucking be here right now!

You have no idea.
- I have no idea?!

God damn!

We're all scared.

I just wanna go home!

Same with us!


We're trapped!
We need help!

Ask him for help.
Tell him we're trapped!




Look, look,
tell him where we are!

Make him call the police!




Answer, you fucking shitty kid!


I'm sorry.

I said don't fucking touch me!

Whoa, man, what are you doing?!
You gotta calm down.

Are you gonna defend her now?

What are you saying, man?
What are you saying?


So you can just leave
with your fucking girlfriend?!

I don't know what you're talking about.


Who is this?

It's Peter.
I'm an American.

Why are you talking to my son?

Look, we're trapped.

Where are you trapped?

In Barcelona in this fucking
crazy person's house.

Stop joking, kid.

It's not a fucking joke,
all right?!

We're in her fucking grandpa's
house, and there's--

We're fucking trapped!

Where is this house?

Where is it?!
Where are we?!

Where the fuck are we?!

I don't know!
I don't remember!

I was really drunk!

We don't know.

Look, it's just a really
fucking old house,

and there's fucking
dead bodies here.

Just figure something out!

Go find someone else,
you punks.

If you talk to my son again,
I will call the police.

Are you serious, sir?!

Sir, listen!
Answer, please!

What the fuck?!

I hope you and your fucking
shitty son kill yourselves!

My purse!

My phone... is not here!

What a surprise!

You've gotta be shitting me!

Give me that fucking thing!

Peter, what are we gonna do?

It's barbed wire.

What the fuck are you doing?!

Getting out of here!

Fucking shit!

It's the fucking virgin, man!
It's the fucking virgin!

What the hell?

We gotta take her
to the hospital.

We have to take her
to the hospital.

I have to go home.

My mom thinks I'm studying.

She wants-
She wants her mother.

She wants her mother.

You killed her.
You fucking killed Noemi.

You don't smoke.

Peter, what's happening to you?

Don't you realize
what you just did?

Put that shit out, man.
Put that sh--

Listen to me.

You just killed a person.
- It was an accident.

You just gotta calm down.

I just have to get home
to Lisa.

How the fuck am I gonna
explain this to her?

Explain what?

The fucking scar on my dick,

What the fuck am I gonna say?

Can't think about that
right now, man.

We have to stay together.

Fucking gasoline!

What are you doing?
Get over here!


You okay, man?

What's wrong?
What's wrong?


No, no, no.
Oh, fuck oh, fuck.

The asthma.
Oh, shit.

Where's your inhaler?
Where's your inhaler?

I'll be right back.

Go, go.

Go, go, go.

Pete- Peter, I got it.

Help! Help!
Please help!


Peter. Peter.

Fuck you!

We're goin' home!

Wake up.

Wake up, man.


What took you so long?

I fucking found an exit, man,
and I killed her.

Your fucking hands.


In the kitchen...

Right, let's fucking go.

Peter, come on.

We have to get out of here.

Come on, hurry up.

We gonna see Lisa?

Yes, you will,

very soon.

I have to get back to her.

You will, man.

That's the door.

Go ahead, open it.

Are you sure?

Obviously I'm fucking sure.

I was just in there.

Oh, no, this can't
be happening.


What the fuck, man?

We have to find
another way out.

Are you lying to me?


Are you lying to me?

Lying about what?

I don't know.

It took you so long
to get the inhaler.

I just told you, man,

the door was open,
I went inside,

and she attacked me.

I don't know.

I think you're trying
to get rid of me.

Get rid of you?

I'm really trying to figure out what the fuck you're talking about.

That's what I think.

For real.

Why would I want
to get rid of you?


I don't know.

I think...

...you're trying to get revenge
for your girlfriend.

Are you crazy or what?

I could have escaped
and came back for you.

The least you could do
is act remotely sane.

It's Noemi's phone!

We're saved.

Shit, we won't be able
to get it.

You can grab it.

We're drenched in gasoline,

I don't care.

You got me into this shit...

...and I need to get home
and fix things with Lisa.

But, dude--

I'm not doin'--

Hurry up!
- Shut the fuck up!

They're gonna hang up!

Do you wanna live or not?!

Oh fuck. Shit.


It's an alarm, man.

She took out the SIM card.

Let me see.

It's not working.

Show me!

You don't believe me?


You fucking believe me now?

Why did you make me kiss
that girl at the party?


At Michael's party,

when Lisa caught me.

You insisted I kiss
that other girl.


You really think this is what

we should be talking about
right now?

Why not?!

Maybe because we're drenched
in gasoline

and there's a crazy, psycho
bitch trying to kill us.

I thought you killed her.

Was that a lie too?

I thought I killed her,
I told you.

I fought her in the kitchen,
then I stabbed her in the face.

What happened at the party?!

Shit. Okay.

I told Lisa to come, okay?

I wanted her to see you
hook up with a girl.


You know why I did it.

I don't fucking care
why you did it.

You still did it.

I hope you're fucking dying
and I never see you again.

He did it on purpose.

Tear Lisa away from me.

Took her.
Piece of shit.

He always wanted her too,
I know it.

I gotta get out.

Fuck you, Tonio!

He fuckin' tricked me.

He got me out.
I didn't wanna.

Why am I here, Tonio?

Where are you hiding, bitch?!


Come on out of there!




Turn around.

Turn around!


Oh man, I'm sorry.

I thought you were
the dead girl.

Did you see her?
- No.

I'm so sorry.

So this is how you treat
your friends, huh?

Don't fucking touch me.

Man, I told you I thought
you were the dead girl.

Where are you going?

Don't ever touch me again!

Is- is this about Lisa?

She cheated on you...

...with Sam.

Saw them making out at the bar.

Stop lying!

I'm not lying.

That's why I did that
at the party.

That's why I called her.

I thought you wouldn't be able to handle
the fact that she was cheating on you.

I thought it would be easier...

if she just left you.

It's her! It's her!
Oh, shit!

Fucking get her!

Fucking bitch!

Get her now!

Tonio, you fuck!
Fuck you, Tonio!

Fuck you!
Fuck you, Tonio!

She's dead!

Fucking bitch!

What, man?

We have to find an exit.

You can put the f-
the knife down.

An exit?
For what?

So you can finish
your master plan?

What master plan?

This, the party.

Don't act like an idiot.

You know exactly
what I'm talking about.

Lisa played you like a fool,

not me.

You know why you did it, though?

Because I'm your friend?

You liked Lisa.

I knew since the first day,

you were always jealous of me.

You've been planning this
for years.

And now you're trying
to convince me

that she cheated on me...

when I know
she wouldn't do that!

Dude, do you understand
what you're saying?!

Fucking lunatic!

I saw her cheating on you
with my own two eyes.

I never liked her as a person.

In fact, I hate her!

She sucks.

I did everything that I did
because of our friendship.


Put that knife down right now!

Tonio, don't be a pussy!

Dry your fucking face!

I'm gonna kill you, Tonio!

I swear I'm gonna kill you!

What the fuck is that thing?

Jesus, I don't wanna die.

Please, I don't wanna die.
I'm still young.

I don't want--
I want to go home.

I- I have to go home now.

Help me...

Help me...

I know you're there.

Help me, please.


Go away, you demon.

What did I ever do to you?

- Please.

Listen to me.

I just need your help.

Yeah, right, ghost bitch.

You wanna kill me.

Wait, wait, wait.

I know how to get out of here.
- How?

You have to unchain me.

No, you wanna kill me.

I don't wanna kill you.

It's my sister.

What the fuck?
You're the burned one?

Please don't stare.

I thought you were a ghost.

No, there is no ghost.
It's my sister.

She's dead.

We need to get out of here.

I'm not falling for your trick.

You don't have
any other choice.

The key is over there.

Please hurry.

Where is it?

It's the third from the right.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Get the fuck out of here.

Follow me.


Oh, Tonio!

Come out and play!

Where are you?
Come on Tonio!


I'm gonna fucking kill you!

That is fucking shit, man.

That is some fucking
heavy shit.

That's the exit.

Wait, I'll find the key.

Go. Come on. Come on.

Come on!

It's locked.

I'm doing my best.

What is all this shit?

What the fuck is this?


What the fuck?


I thought you
were gonna help me.

What's wrong?

You're not--
Who are you?

Don't you recognize me?

No, I--
I didn't mean to hurt you!

I was just so scared!

Now she's a fucking ghost.

Oh, Peter, I love you!

You're my best friend!

I can honestly say that I have
never been happier to see you.

Now we can find an exit.

There is no exit.

Of course there is.
We just need to find it.

Bet you didn't see
this ending coming, huh?

No, now we can get out of here.

You thought you could take
my girlfriend so easily.

You thought I wouldn't
even care.

Peter, I already told you,
I don't wanna steal your shitty girlfriend.

She was cheating on you.

Do you know... what they
used to do to liars?

Come on.
Open up.

I said open up!

Look, I'm Tonio.

You wanna go get some girls?

Why don't you hit on
that girl over there?

Why don't you kiss her?

Why don't you just
shut the fuck up?!

You see this?
This is what they used to do to liars.

Unfortunately for you,
I'm a little more tough!

Hi, Lisa.

I just wanted to let you know
that I miss you...

...and this trip
and being here is...

...well, truly made me realize
how important...

...you are to me.

I know I made a mistake...

...but I hope that, in time...

...you'll realize...

...that that's all it was.

A mistake.

I love you, Lisa.

You're the only one
I've ever loved.

I know that I'm the only one
for you, too.

I hope...

...that when you watch this...

...you'll follow me.

And if you follow me...

...this won't be the end...

...but a whole new beginning.

One where we can finally
be alone together...


...without anybody
bothering us...

...or telling us what to do...

...the way it always
should have been.

Just you and me.

I love you, Lisa.

I'll be waiting for you.

I hope to see you soon.