Hoods (1998) - full transcript

Angelo, together with a group of five other people, is ordered by his father, an Italian mobster, to kill the son of an enemy of his, who has destroyed one of his buildings with a bomb. The problems grow bigger when they discover that the person they have to kill is really a nine-year-old.

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I know it sounds simple,
but you gotta stay alert,

- Rocky?
- Yeah, okay, Jerry.

You hit cross street traffic
both directions

in the alley behind me.

- You got your piece on ya?
- Yeah, I got it.


Yeah, you do a good job,
we'll get you a suit that fits.

- Okay, pack her up.
- Okay.

I know there's a war going on,

but I got a big problem
right here, Ange.

I mean, I been paying
for a lot of years,

I think I'm entitled
to a little consideration.

I mean, I don't ask

for a lot, right?

Just a few inspection things...

All right, and that thing
with my friggin' wife.

You know what, Mario?
How about every time I see you,

there's some new thing.
What are we saying here?

That I ain't got a right
to voice a concern?

I mean, all right,
I know I got a big mouth,

I know, I mean, if I think it,
I gotta say it. All right.

Granted. But, this--
This here thing is important,

what I'm talking about.

I mean, I'm getting myself
into a real situation here.


This guy opened up a place
over on Reed Street,

What kind of place?

You know, coffee, espresso,
the whole thing, right?

So I went in there
the other day,

took a look around,
you know, on the QT.


It's very close,
you know what I'm sayin'?

This guy's doing a lot
of the same stuff as me.

Like what?

You know, w-w-with the cakes,
with the sandwiches.

And you know what else?

With the iced coffee,

he's doing
the sweetened ice cubes.

Doing the sweetened ice cubes?

You believe this shit?
Fuckin' tragedy.

Hey, that's like
a trademark thing for me.

I mean, I don't know,

I welcome a little competition,
but this...

I don't know, I mean,
this fucking guy,

he's got new floors,
air conditioning...

I can't air condition
this place,

the wiring won't take it.

What's the point, Mario?

You know, I...

I think this guy should have
a little trouble,

is what I think
I'm sayin' here.

Little trouble?

It's getting late, Ange.
We'll run it by him.

I put myself in your hands.

Well, I'll run it past my pop.
We'll see.

That's good enough for me.
All right, thanks.

Appreciate it.
Hey, don't worry.

Noonsie, that's with me.

Believe this hard-on?

We're out there fighting
for our lives,

this SOB wants us
to mess somebody up

'cause he don't wanna pay
an electrician.

You don't pop some guy because
he put in an air conditioner.

It ain't that simple, it ain't
a black and white thing.

That's exactly what it is.
How do you figure?

It's a clear case,
there's a line.

You don't cross the line.
What line?

Hey. Happy birthday.

It's your birthday, you forget?

What the...?

You didn't have to
get me a gift.

I handed it to you,
it's yours.


You like it?

What's not to like?

It's beautiful,
I love it!

That's good,
'cause it set me back large.

You paid for this?

Are you trying to hurt me,

You think I'm going to get you
a hot watch for your birthday?

Yes. Yes, I think you would.

Hey, you got a point,
you prick, you.

Hey, Johnny.

Hey, look at that face.
Is that beautiful or what?

Yeah, it's a beautiful face.

can I show you something?

Sure, babe,
what do you got?

Santino, come here.

Come here.

Tell 'em what happened.

Okay, so this guy comes in,

And he says,
"You got French cigarettes?'

So I says, "Yeah."
And he hits him in the eye.

And then-- And then, he says,

"You still got 'em?"
And he hits him again,

- then he walks out.
- French cigarettes?

- When did this happen?
- Couple of weeks ago.

Couple of weeks,
and he looks like that?

What did he hit him with,
a Buick?

He's got fine skin,
he bruises a lot.

Well, who did it?

You know that guy,

Charlie Flynn.



All right, leave it to me,
I'll take care of it.

Johnny, next time
something like this happens,

let me know a little sooner,

- You see how this works?
- I've been looking for an excuse

to clobber
this son of a bitch for months,

now the dumb fuck
hands it to me on a platter.

I'm telling you,
you live right,

this kind of shit just happens.
What the hell?

Hey, no, no, no.

- Bullshit! Put the car down.
- Say again?

Put it down!
What the fuck you talkin' about?

I'm gonna cut you a break.
What's your name?

Dave? Nice name.

All right, Dave,
news flash,

you're not towing this car.

No, and I'll tell you why.
It belongs to Angelo Martinelli.

So what?
So what? You ever read a paper

in your fucking life, Dave?
Martinelli. Ring a bell?

This car parks here every day,

and it never gets towed,

I hook on,
the car goes.

You get here before I hook on--
You're not listening to me!

You ain't towing his fucking
car. Put it down now, now!

Hey, are you threatening me?
Yes, I'm threatening you.

You don't put this car down,
I'm going to hit you so hard,

your mother's womb
is going to ache for a month.

You got a lot
of fucking nerve, man.

I work for the city.
I don't gotta take this shit.

You're seconds from a beatin',

Did it occur to you, you
might do better with people

if you didn't yell, and scream
and threaten them?

What are you,
Mahatma Gandhi here?

People like to be treated
like human beings.

You wanted to be treated
like a human being?

That's right.
Is that what you're sayin'?

Just a second.

He wants a bribe.

How much?
I don't know, probably 50.

Hey, Mahatma,
50 good for you?

Now he's embarrassed.

He wants more.

Hundred. Guy thinks
he's John Dillinger.

You want me to
smack him, Ange?

Say the word, baby,
I will kick this fucker's balls

up to his esophagus.

He's just doing
his job.

Taking bribes
is his job?

He works for the city.

Piece of shit cost me
15 minutes of my life.

Plus, I think I sweat
through this shirt.

Dellarosa's gonna have
a heart attack

we're running so late.
What is that?

It's Pops conditions
for the troops.

Yeah, as bad as last week?
It's fucking crazy!

This guy ain't gonna go
for this. I don't know why

we're bothering to take this
to the table.

Pop wants him to give up
all hijacking of trucks

on the west side.

What's that leave him?

That's what
he was fighting for.

Well, that's what
I'm saying.

This kind of stuff
makes my neck hurt.

Get that.

Mary, how are ya?

Yeah, I'm not here.

I'm not here!

He's not here.

Whoa! Easy, babe,
all right, all right.

Yeah, yeah,
hold on a second.

She says you're
full of shit, Ange.

I don't care what she says,
I ain't talkin' to her.

You tell her, that if
she don't stop calling me,

and pissing me off,
I'm gonna come over there

and get that jewelry
I gave her

and stuff it down
her fucking throat!

You hear that, Mary?
You hear that, you bitch?

Give me this!
Hey, what are you laughing at?

Listen! What?


Are you kidding me?

You marry him--
You marry that scumbag,

I'm supposed to accept that?

Yeah, bullshit!


Whoa, Ange. Ange! Look at this.

This ain't good.

Ashley, are we rolling?

What's the story?

How's my hair? It's important.

It's quite a scene, here.
Stay with me, stay with me.

- Is there a mob war going on?
- Get out of here!

Can you make a statement?
Get out of here. Rudy!

Get the fuck out of here.

Who do you blame for this fire?

You piece of shit!

Let's go, Rudy.

Well, you just saw it,

I have just been assaulted.

Are we...
Are we on?



What the hell happened?

What do you think?
They lit the place up.

Who else?

Threw a fireball
right in the door.


- Who's that?
- Rocky.


Can't believe it.

Kid was 17 years old.

I don't know, Ange.

I don't think Dellarosa's
exactly being straight with us

about wanting to
keep negotiating.

Anybody else get hurt?

That's it.

Look at my jacket.

We are definitely
in an area here

of way too
fucking close.

You done the math yet on what
would've happened

if we'd show up
on time?

I give myself a heart attack
just thinking about it.

It's not my place, Ange,

I gotta say it. This war
is for the fucking birds.

Not even making any money
anymore, you know?

I don't mean to sound venal, but
I like a little jingle jangle

in my pocket from time to time.
That's me.

Can't remember the last time
we had a really big score...

Rudy, please,

just shut up for one second.

Today is my 50th birthday.


What the hell happened?

I wonder about that.

I really do.



Where we goin'?

Um, Pop's house.

How you doing, fellas?
Doing good, Mr. Martinelli.

Come in.

Well, what happened?

They hit the warehouse.
With what?

Fire bomb.
Jesus Christ!

That's it.
That's the limit.

Calls me for a sit-down

and then this?

They, they got
that kid, Rocky.

Maybe we out to send someone--
How's the building?

Give me that!
It's not great.


I'll tell you what
I'm gonna do.

He hurts me...

I'm gonna hurt him.

Listen, Pop, we've been
hurtin' them for six months.

It's turning into one of these
back and forth things now.

Jesus Christ,
listen to that!

My kid sits around,
sipping espresso,

picking up bag money.
Figures that makes him

crown Prince of Cappuccino
or something.

Pop, all I'm saying is we're not
making money anymore.

You know what
your problem is?

You're a goddamn coward.

Got no stomach for a fight.

Get me out of here.

I got a gambling joint.

I remember this one
son of a bitch.

Who was it?
Dutchman, Pop.

Right, the Dutchman.

They burned that joint,
26 people got hurt.

They burn the gambling joint,

we don't just sit there
and take it.

We hit 'em back!
We go right to their houses!

Right into their homes.

They burned
our gambling joint!

They burned
our gambling house!

Dad, Dad, Dad,
just-- Just...

Calm down. We're talking
about a warehouse.


Not the gambling joint,
we're talking about a warehouse.

I know that.

What is that, supposed to be
some kind of crack?

You feelin' all right?

You want a glass of water?
Seltzer or something?

Seltzer! What do I want
with a goddamn seltzer?

You know I hate seltzer.

Makes me burp.

I'll tell you what
we're gonna do.

And we all agree on this,
am I right?


We're gonna start
picking off his people,

one by one.

And the first one's gonna be--
What was his name?


Carmine Dellarosa.

Carmine Dellarosa.

Who's that?
What the hell do you care?

Carmine Dellarosa.

Carmine Dellarosa.

Well, yeah,
but don't you mean Carlo?


No, I mean Carmine,
goddamn it.

I don't know who that is.
Let me show those

son of a bitches
that I'm serious.

Listen, Pop, I mean, if you
want me to fix this thing,

I gotta know who the guy is.
I never heard of him.

Dellarosa bastard,

he's gonna come
to me begging,

on his knees.

You mark my word.

When I'm through with him,
he's gonna see how serious I am.

I got a stone.
A stone here!

You watch.

You watch and see,
Frank, if I'm right.

Give me the smoke.


Slow down a little.

- Yeah, hello?
- Hello, Angelo.

Mary! What--

What the hell are you doing?
Are you nuts?

This is my father's office!

I told you!

Just keep your voice down.

Okay, fine,
I'll meet you.

At th-the-- The place.

What are you gonna do?

Stand there looking
at your shoes?

Go get somebody to do the job,
make the contract.

Listen, Pop,

I think maybe you should, um...

Well, I mean--

Well, I just think--
Don't think, okay?

I don't want you to think.
You got a problem?

No, but, um...

No, you listen to me, okay?

You're thinking because
you're my kid,

you can get away with
this back talk crap, right?

No, wrong!
You're wrong.

And I'll tell you what, you're
gonna get this thing done

or you're gonna be sorry,
you understand?

Dead sorry.

Now you're gonna go do it,
and don't come back here

until it's finished.
I don't want to see you.

You got that?
Get out.



happy birthday.

One more.

One more! No.

At 5:00, he's going to be
at 98 Primrose--

Wait a minute, you mean today?

I've only got six hours?

He's expecting a driver
to pick him up there...

Hey! I only got six hours?

It's his cousin's house.

Old man Dellarosa
has a summer place.

Nobody's there,
totally unguarded.

You with me?
Yeah, I'm with ya.

These are the directions
to the house.

The key.

Do it there,
leave him there.


Let Dellarosa find him
in the pool.

Carmine Dellarosa?

- Carmine?
- Rudy.

Who the hell is that,

I'm asking you,

who the fuck
is Carmine Dellarosa?

I don't know.
And we're gonna whack him?

Would you just drive the car?
Since when do we whack people

we don't know who they are?
Is this guy a civilian?


When is this supposed
to go down?

We gotta pick him up at 5.

Was this your old man's idea?

Will you just drive the car?

And I ain't doing it.
I'll tell you that.

I ain't poppin' nobody
I don't know who they are.

Fine, who's asking you?
I'm just telling you,

And I'll tell you this.
This is pure lazy bullshit,

that's what this is.
Poppin' somebody's uncle,

a brother-in-law. This is
some accountant from Utica

who's not even involved,
and why?

Because he's an easy pickin'.
It's pure lazy bullshit.

Are you through?

Yeah, I'm through.

So where we goin' now?

You know the place downtown?
The place I used to have?

Yeah, the place.
Take me there.

Why? Can I ask why?

I gotta meet Mary
there for a second.

Mary? Now?

We don't got time now, Ange.

Rudy! Please!

Five minutes, right back.


This better be good.



Hi, baby.

"" what?

What the hell is this?

What do you think?

I think you've
lost your mind.

What's the matter, Ange?

Don't you love me anymore?
Love you?

You're lucky I don't
throw you out this window!

Four years out of my life!
Don't be like that.

I told you, baby,

a woman gets to be
a certain age,

she wants to be
a married woman.

You said no, so you got
nobody to blame but yourself.

I'd been married,
I didn't like it.

Hey, that ain't my fault,
your wife was a bitch.

Come on, Ange,

you can't blame me
for what I did,

I want a kid,
I want a ring,

is that so bad?

Don't mean we gotta stop.

I miss you.

You think that I'm gonna--
Why not?

We did it when
you was married.

Why not? Why not?
You been married two months,

you wanna start
screwing around?

It's not screwin' around!
What do you call it?

It's different.

It's with you.

You know what
I got to say to you?

You wanna get laid?

See your son of a bitch husband!

How could you marry
a guy like that?

You know what he
does for a living?

No, it never came up.

And don't give me that face,

Ange, I never asked
you either.

I don't wanna fight.
Come on...

Let me give you something nice
for your birthday.

You still want me,
I know you do.

Lady, I wouldn't screw you
if there was a gun to my head.

Don't say that.
Get used to it!

I don't want to see you again,
I don't want you to call me,

I don't want to get these
little poems in the mail.

Nothing! Finished! Over!
Go fuck yourself!

Hey! You don't
talk to me like that.

I ain't one of your stupid
eighth avenue broads.

Let me tell
you something else.

Next time I see that
husband of yours,

I'm gonna ruin his
whole fuckin' week!

She belted you.

I tell ya, you gotta love
a broad like that.

Or shoot her.
I don't want to talk about it.

No problem, okay?
It's no problem.

Let's talk about your father.

Come on,
listen to me.

Here's the thing...

- My father's a great man.
- You know he's a great man.

He's been wonderful to you,
your whole family.

Absolutely, I'm not arguing
that, Ange.

You'd still be picking up
garbage in Poughkeepsie.

So you don't you go giving me--
I'm grateful, okay?

He give me a break,
I'll give you that.

It's just that when
a man is as great as he is,

- as he was--
- Hey.

Just hear me out, when a man
is as great as your father was,

the people who care about him

shouldn't let him mess up
that greatness.

You know, besmirch it.

Your father has a place
in history, Ange,

and the people who care about
him can't let him screw that up

just because he's
fucking crazy.

I'm not complaining
about the rough stuff, mind you,

I've done my share
of the tough ones.

I know.
You remember Joey Maloney?

Did that get ugly or what?
And did I complain?

Damn right I didn't.

It was disgusting
what I had to do to him.

Are you all right, buddy?
Yeah, stiff neck.


Please, please,
please, no singin',

but I appreciate
the thought.

- Anybody got any aspirin?
- Aspirin?

What's the matter, you sick?

We got word
on a job today.


We gotta take out...

- Carmine Dellarosa.
- Who?

You mean Carlo?
No, he means Carmine.

Ange, who the hell
is Carmine?

What, are we whacking
off strangers now?

You gonna blow out the candles?

Come on, Ange,
make a wish.

- Very nice.
- Good, Ange.

So who's in?


You want volunteers?

Clued me out.
Don't look at me.

Ange, I can't see myself
doing this thing. I mean,

not knowing who this guy
was and all, you know--

Unless we can convince
this guy to commit suicide,

we gotta pick a shooter,
all right?

We gotta find someone.

Somebody close,

'cause we only
got about five hours.

What if we can't
find nobody?

I don't know. I guess
you guys gotta draw straws.


that stinks.

I don't know, Ange,
sometimes I wish

I was just a regular Joe,
you know?

Like a...

blackjack dealer
or something.

You want out,
you can bow out.

You don't have to come
if you don't wanna.

Come on, Ange,
you know me?

For richer or poorer.

You see,
my father wasn't always nuts.

He just had a...

funny idea about...

what was...


He told me

to get his hat
out of the car.

Out of the car...

It was a trick.

Kind of a strange present
to give a child,

when you think about it.

Hey, Ange,
how 'bout that guy Mick?


Mick. No, no,
he's not around anymore.

What's he, dead?
Nah, he moved to Mexico.

Same diff.

How about Bernie Espazedo,
He's around.

What about Bernie?

For crying out loud.
Bernie with the shakes?

What's he gonna do?

That guy couldn't kill
a shed kitten.

You don't know that.

Jimmy, do me a favor,

forget about Bernie.

So how we doin'?

as far as we can figure,
we got two possibilities.

There's, Benny Crippa,

and this Jefferson guy.

How about Charlie Flynn?

He's a wacko.
He'd do it.

I bet he would.

Hey, Ange, how 'bout Flynn?
No, absolutely not.

What's wrong with him?
I don't like him.

What's not to like?
He's the perfect guy.

Ange, he's fucking batshit.

Clip his own mother.

I got a score
to settle with him.

Why don't you hire him first,

and then settle it

That's a good idea,
hire someone and then clip 'em.

How do I get anybody to work
with me after that, Einstein?

Okay, Ange,
sorry I brought it up.

So it's Crippa
or Jefferson.


Jesus Christ.

The fuck is going on?

Geez, Dellarosa's on
a fucking rampage today.

You believe this, Ange?

Jimmy, go take a look.
Why me?

I'm just saying you're closer.

Hey, do me a favor, take that
gun, stick it in your mouth

- and shoot yourself.
- What'd I do?

Ange, where you going?
No, no, no, no.

No, you don't want to
try in there, stay down.

Stay down there.
Be careful.

- All right.
- Jesus.

There they go, Ange.

Fuckers. They're gone.

Let's get out of here!

I got glass
in my sleeve.

Lift! Come on, ladies,
keep smiling.

Here we go!

Come on, girls! Ready?

Geez, look at that, Ange!

- All right, all right.
- Come on, let's go.

- ...three, two, one.
- Grapevine, left, let's go.

No, no, no. No way.

What do you mean, "no"?
What did ya do, retire?

Look, I'm into a whole new thing
here, Ange. I'm sorry.

That's it?
I know you 20 years.

I don't know
what to say to you.

I'm all done
with that stuff.

I wanna do this now.
You gotta be kiddin' me.

You wanna spend the rest
of your life jumpin' around

like a fuckin' fruit in one
of those, Tony suits?

It's not that bad. I mean,
it's a healthy life.

You could use a workout
now and then, ya know?

No offense.

Watch your mouth,
Mister Health.

I'll shove some bee pollen
up your ass.

Friendship means nothin' to you?
Allegiance? Nothin'?

Look, it's not personal.

I couldn't afford to stay in.

There's 15-year-old kids
out there'll pop somebody

for a fucking cheeseburger.

Yeah, where?

Rudy, I got a wife.
I got three kids.

- I ain't goin' back.
- You're breakin' my heart.

- Let's go.
- Come on, come on.


Ever think you'd like
to get in shape?

Lose a few pounds?

Want a punch in
the mouth?

- Holy shit.
- I wouldn't want to have to

take a piss in that thing.
Look at that.

Where is my fuckin' money?

What'd you say, bitch?

I don't have it.
Jefferson here?


I don't got the money!
You got an appointment?

I can't hear you, bitch!
An appointment?

It's all right, Alphonse.

I know these guys.

Please, come in.


How are you, my brother?

Good to see you.
Good to see you.

how ya doin'?

Good to see you.
You all right?

- What's goin' on, J?
- Welcome.

Please, gentlemen,
have a seat.

How can I help

A job, um...

We gotta clip
Carmine Dellarosa.

You mean Carlo.

Well, who's he?

You go around killing people
and you don't know who they are?

Ours is not to question why...

I'm very sorry, gentlemen,
but I cannot help you.

And why is that?

I don't pop people these days.

You know what I'm into now?

Small stuff.

Cut off a foot.

Or a hand.

Burn 'em with a lighter.

He's maiming.
He's into maiming.

Beat 'em with a pipe.
- Yes, sir.

Pull out their teeth.

What the hell
you pull out their teeth for?

Debt mostly.

That's got to hurt.

A rock and a hard place, Rudy.
A fuckin' rock and a hard place.

Come on, Ange, it's not
that bad, all right?

Make it simple.
Just go to your pop and say:

"Nobody wanted to do it.
We couldn't find anybody."

Did you ever say anything
like that to my father?

Ange, you know what I say?
Why not try Flynn?

Again with this.
Let's give him a call.

I agree with Tony.
We're goin' nowhere.

Ange, let me call him.
I mean, we got no choice.

You wanna do it?

You wanna whack him


So let me call him.

All right. Okay?

Yeah, okay, fine.

Go call the son-of-a-bitch
before I change my mind.

Hi. Is Charlie around?



This is what we're comin' to?
This is who we are?

We hire fuckin' nut bars
like Charlie Flynn?

Will you
get off of my back?

- Hung up on me.
- Flynn?

His wife.
He's got a wife?

Who'd marry
a guy like that?

Some tongue on that broad.
Nice language.

Maybe we should go over there
and talk to him in person.

No, no, Ange! Ange, no.
No, we got it this time.

You shouldn't have to pay
on your birthday.


Ange, it could be worse.

How is that?

It could be you
gettin' clipped.

That'd be worse.

Sometimes I think

if I've gotta listen to these
voices for one more second,

I swear to God...

That was the first time
I ever saw a gun up close.

And Dad...

makin' out like he was...

some kind of a bandit.

And Mom.

She just about had a fit.

"Put it away, put it away."


Hey, Ange.

We're here.

Yeah, sorry.

Yes. Over here, come on.

Take a walk.

Hey, Tony,
what are you doin'?

Hello, Mary.

What do you want?

Well, I-I need to talk
to your husband.

Is Charlie here?

Are you,
expecting him?

You think I'm gonna
tell you where he is?

Look, I, I know what
I said earlier--

No, I just--

Could I just come in
for second? Just a second?

You got a lot of fuckin' nerve,
you know that?

Mary, please.

You wanna do somethin'
to him, right?


I'm in a jam here.
It's a different situation

from this morning.
What do you want him for?

I just wanna talk to him.
It's a business thing.

I am not lyin'.

Honest to God,
on a stack of bibles.

You gonna tell me
where he's at?

You gonna tell me when
you're expecting him?

Are you expecting him?

Are you not living together
anymore? Are you separated?

I'm not tellin'!

Look, I don't wanna fight with
you anymore, 'cause you're upset

about what happened earlier
today. Okay, I'm sorry.

I had a bad morning. Mary,
I am running out of time here.

All I'm asking is where is your
husband? It's a simple thing.

You're acting as if
I'm gonna shoot him!

I swear to you,
that's not the case.

I-I give you my word.

If I tell you,
what'll you give me?

Whatever you want.

Whatever I want?


What do you want?



You want me
to give you money?


a piece of work.


Hey! Hey!

Rudy, I get the feeling that
Ange knows this dame. Ya know?

Think so?

No. No, way.

And, and?
Come on.

Pleasantville Hospital.
He's in the hospital?

Hey, Mary,

is it okay if I put on this--?
Get the hell out of here!

You heard him. Get outta here.
Wait a minute. Who was that?

Was that a guy?
That was a guy!

What the fuck
is the matter with you?

I don't like bein' alone, okay?
I guess not.

What do you know, anyway?
Why don't you get outta here?

You got what you wanted.
That ain't right.

You don't know anything
about right.

You're a goddamn thug!
Thug? What do you mean, thug?

What are you
beatin' on me for?

You cut people's heads off
and you point a finger at me?

Are you nuts? What head?

You know what
I'm talking about.

You can't talk to me that way.

Who's gonna stop me, you?
Yeah, me. And I got four guys

waitin' outside who'd happily
break your friggin' neck

if I asked them.
So don't start with this--

Shut up.
Shut up?

Okay, have it your way.
I'm sick of your mentality.

I don't why you're so
goddamn mean to me.

What did I ever do to you?
I'm a good person.

Your husband's lying sick
in the hospital

and you're screwin' half
of the friggin' city!

What do you think
he's in there for, appendicitis?

It's a mental hospital.

It is?

He's been committed.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

He is?

Since when?

I don't know,
a couple of weeks ago.

He just kept gettin'
worse and worse.

Gee, Mary, I'm sorry.
I didn't know.

I couldn't
take it anymore.

He was sick. He just was
hittin' me and stuff.


He stuck me
with a kitchen knife.

That's terrible.

Why didn't you tell me?

I was embarrassed.

Aw, ya poor kid.

I figured you'd just say
I deserved it.

Sweetheart, I never would've
said anything like that.

You wouldn't?
No. Nobody deserves that.

I have to go to work.

All right, now what?
Any ideas?

Flynn's out, right?
We can't use him now.

of course not.

But where's that
leave us?

Maybe we could get Charlie,
like, ya know, a day pass.

Come on. Here we go.

No, no, no! No, no, no!



Listen, honey, we need to take
a patient out for the afternoon.

This afternoon?

Yeah, how do we go about
doin' that?

You gotta get

Well, who do we get
that from?


Which doctor?

The patient's doctor.

Are youse havin' fun with me?

'Cause if you're havin' fun
with me,

I'm gonna have fun
with you.

Let me see
Charlie Flynn's doctor.

Charles Flynn?

Yeah, how's he doin'?

How do you mean?

How do I mean?


I mean,
is he all right?

Yes, um, his condition
is improving.

You're from the State Board,
aren't you?

Yes you are.

Yes, you are.



We're family.

I see.

Is he still violent?



Jeez, that's too bad.

Well, of course,
he's still violent.

What am I expected to do,
work miracles?

Let me tell you something.
I protest.

I protest in the most
vigorous terms,

the Board accusing me--

--of, of, of, of,
of incompetence.

They take away my practice,
and-- And then dump me

down here in the midst
of all this...bedlam!

What was it you wanted?

Could you let Charlie
out for the day?

What? No.

No, no, no, no, no, no. That is
completely out of the question.

He's still very,
he's still very violent.

Come on, Doc, you said he was
okay. You said he was better.

He's-- He's better than--
Than he was.

He's coming...

You know, h-h-he's coming along.

When he
first arrived here,

he was completely
out of, um,

out of, you know,
out of touch.

But now, after only two weeks
of my-- Of my therapy,

he finally understands that this
is not the thing at all.

But he's still a--
Still a remorseless brute.

But he is tr--
You know, he's trying.

Tryin' what?

Trying to feel.

This man is trying
to cultivate a conscience

like it was a house plant.


And these fucking charlatans
around here

are calling me
a drug-addicted quack.

Let me tell you,
Charles Flynn...

Charles Flynn was--
Let me help you with that.


Can we see him?

Hello, Charlie.


How ya been?
How have I been?

Pft, how have I been?

How the hell does it look
like I've been?

You look good.
Don't he look good?

You look great.
Yeah, he looks good.

It's a nice room, Charlie.

Yeah, yeah, real nice.

What do you got,
a north view here?

I don't know.

Charlie, we got a job.
You want it?

I can't
leave the hospital.

Well, I don't see no
lock-up here.

If I leave the hospital,
I-I can go to jail.

We'll cover for ya.
It'll just take a couple hours.


You got a cigarette?


Sammy, give him a smoke.

Give him
the whole pack.

It's my only one.

All right.

Are these French?



They look French.

No, they're--
They're American cigarettes.

They're like,
they're like menthol.

They're just regular
American cigarettes.

They better not be French.

Gimme a light.

How much?

The usual.

I want more.

We'll work it out.

That's nice.

Aah, aah, aah!


I didn't feel nothin'.

What the hell
did you do that for?


Did you see that,

What the fuck
was that?

I-I mean, I told you
I didn't like this guy.

I mean, he's not only a psycho,
he's a fucking jerk.

Hey, Ange, look at him.

The son-of-a-bitch
left the door open.

Pft, fuck the door,
he's pissin' in the sink.

All right, come here.

- Here's what we're gonna do.
- You're gonna switch clothes

and get into the bed.
Me? Why me?

Because Jimmy's gotta do
somethin' else.

And I can't get Charlie
to wear that fuckin' outfit.

I gotta do somethin'?

Yeah. When I tell ya,
you go into the hall

- and you create a diversion.
- Man, like what?

Like, I dunno, run around
screamin' like you're a rabbit.

A rabbit?

Why does it have to be
a rabbit?

Just fuckin' do it.
How long do I have to be here?

Just a couple hours,
till we get back.

- I just lie there?
- Yeah.

If a nurse comes, you just pull
up the covers and start snorin'.

Hi, Charlie.

Everything come out all right?

Hey, everybody, I'm a rabbit!

Goddammit, I'm a rabbit,

I'm a big fuckin' rabbit!
With big fuckin' furry ears!

And I got a fuckin' tail!

And I got a big fuckin'
fat rabbit turd.

Get off of me,
you little fucker!

Get off of me! I'm a rabbit!

Get off of me! I'm a rabbit,
do you get that I'm a rabbit?

I'm a big fucking rabbit!
That's what I am.

Close the door.

- Let's party.
- Come on, come on.

Ange, I was just thinkin'. It's
just that now you got the guy

and you got Rudy here.
What do you need me for?

What am I gonna do?

You wanna take a powder,
is that it?

Well, Sammy and Jimmy
ain't goin'.

Get outta here.
Wait a sec.

Give me a ride back
to the city.

Get outta here!
Come on, Ange.

Beat it!
Ange, please.

Aw, man!

See ya later, Tony.

Bye, Tony. Can't we walk?

Jesus Christ!

Hey, no! Come on, guys!

Charlie, please.

You got a gun?

Gun. You got a gun?
No, mine's in the shop.

They didn't give ya
a loaner?

When I went down there all they
had were these giant,

chrome things,
like fuckin' Howitzers.

What am I gonna do with that?

Walk around with that fuckin'
thing in my pants.

Where's yours?
I gave it to Tony.

It was messin' up my sweater.

It's a $300 sweater.

I really think
we're gonna need a gun, Ange.

I gotta feel somethin'.
I gotta feel somethin'.

Crap, nothin'!

What are you gonna do,

Come on, come on,
come on.

Here we go.
Now, are all of these clean?

Yeah, sure, Ange.
There's no numbers here.

Hey, you want somethin' neat?
You want a Mac?

Mac is a nice piece.
Thirty rounds. Pop-pop-pop-pop.

A lot of people want this thing.
Call it the "room broom."

It sweeps right up.

Get it?
What do ya say?

Yeah, whatever.
How 'bout the Colt?

Yeah, just give us
the Colt. Hurry up.

Well, you're certainly in
a hurry. You goin' someplace?

Yeah, we're going
duck hunting.

And what's this
gonna cost?

Two grand.
Aye, yai.

Little money grubber.
It's a collector's item.

Yeah, a lot
of collectors want guns

with the serial numbers
filed off.

Fifteen hundred.
A grand.

You want ammo
with that?

Nah, don't bother.
We're gonna throw it at him.

Two bucks each.
Two bucks?

How 'bout two punches
in the face?

Two bucks each.
Fuckin' thief.

How we doin'?

Ten minutes.

Now I recognize it.

He's expecting his driver
to pick him up.

What was that, 78?

Now, you just tell him:
"The car is here."

- You got that? Don't get cute.
- "Your car is here."

Ange, I got it.

We're nice and simple.

Gotta get outta here
before the real guy shows up.


Hey. How ya doin'?

Is, Carmine Dellarosa here?

That's me.

Great. Is,
Carmine Senior here?

There's no Carmine Senior.

You're Carmine Dellarosa?

You the driver?

I gotta say bye to Nana.
Would you take my bag?

Excuse me?

Put my bag in the car.

Are you fucking
kiddin' me?

Are you kiddin' me?
Him? Him!

Holy fuck.
Rudy, just get in the car.

Are you gonna do this?
Will you just--

What the fuck is
the matter with you? This?


if we're still arguin' here
in five minutes,

we're gonna get shot!
Get in the car.

Rudy. Please,
j-just get in.

We'll talk about it
on the road. Go. Go!

I can't fucking believe it.


Ange, can we...

can we just
sit down on this?

Can we just--
Will ya just--

I'm tryin' to drive!
Where are we goin'?

Just shut up!
I gotta think.

Give it a rest, you bum!

Kid. Hey. How old are you?


The kid's 9, Ange.
Nine years old.

Where's Archie?
Who's Archie?

My regular driver.

he got the afternoon off.

Ange, please.
Rudy, listen!

I got no choice.
You know the rules.

What rule? What rule
are you referring to?

If I disobey
my pop on this one,

do you know what's
gonna happen to me?


For Christ's sake,
you're not telling me

you think your pop's
gonna clip you?

He said that?

Are you kiddin' me?
He actually said that?

My... I don't know
what's more ridiculous here,

the fact that he said that
or that you need more proof

your old man has lost
his fuckin' mind.

All right, we just need a plan
here, that's all. Okay?

So here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna make a U-turn,

we're gonna drop the kid off
on a corner, any corner,

We tell your pop
that the original driver

picked him up early. Okay?
That's not disobeyin'.

All right? Nobody's seen us with
him, nobody knows we got him.

Dellarosa will find out he was
snatched, he'll be very nervous,

keep an eye on the kid. Your pop
won't be able to clip him,

he'll have to pick somebody
else. There's your plan.

Whether we do the kid or not,
I still get paid.

Shut up, ya nut bar.
Ange, it's simple, okay?

I can't believe we're
gonna do this.

No, no, you can't
talk to me that way.

He can't talk to me
that way.

Hey, Charlie. You think
you're the only crazy one

in the front seat?
I don't give a shit

how desperate you are
with your macramé--

That's it. Pull over.
Take me to the hospital. I quit.

Hey, put a cork in it, or I'm
gonna smack the both of youse.

I'm leaving now.
Let me out.

Where ya goin'?
I don't need to stay in it.

Don't fuckin'
look at me.

Hey, kid.

Hey, come here.

Get right up
on here.

Look at that face, Ange.
Will you look at that?

Look at the little guy.
Rudy, will you just stop it?

Okay, kid, thanks. I just wanted
to show him the nice haircut.

I've been doin' this
a long time, it's not right.

Let's do it.
Let's just drop him off.

Come on.
I-- I-I-I can't!

Why not?

Will you stop yelling
at me? I'm stuck.

I can't turn!
That's no big deal.

It's just traffic.

As soon as we get
to the other side of the tunnel,

you turn around. That--
That's-- That's great.

Ya know, you got some attitude
on you, you know that, pal?

I remember thinkin',

this is gonna be fun.

This is gonna be really cool.

My dad showin' me how.

What could be better?

The way he held the thing
like a fuckin' paintbrush.

Loudest thing I ever heard.

Hey, Ange!

What a coincidence?
You believe this shit?

- You know what the tie-up is?
- I was just up there on foot.

There's this giant fuckin'
mongrel lying right there

in the middle of the road, just
restin' there. This fuckin' big.

Looks like a dinosaur.
You believe this shit?


Who's the kid?

Hey, isn't that...

No. Fuck.

Mind if I smoke?
I don't care if you burn.

Why are we going this way?

Well, w-we gotta run
a couple errands

before we take ya home.

Okay. Don't get me home
after 6.

If I'm late for dinner,
my dad'll kill me.

Has that, car
always been back there?

You think he's followin' us?

Make a right.


Are we racin'?
No, everything's fine, kid.

Just take it easy,
all right?


Ange, that's water.
Water, Ange!


- Son of a bitch!
- Somebody's shooting.



What's the matter with those
guys? We got a kid in here.

Are those guys friends of his?

Yeah, friends and relatives.

Hey, where are you going?

Hey! Hey!

You recognize this kid?

I'll throw him
out of the car right now!

Turn it around!
Turn it around!

Good job, kid.
Looks like you scared them away.

I want to go home.


Not having fun yet?

Is that your airplane?

It's nice.

I built it.

You built it yourself? Wow.

What sort of plane is it?



Yeah, it's from--
It's from World War I.

They used it to shoot down
all the Germans.

That's really nice.

It's French.

Let me see that.

That's beautiful.

Where are we going?

We're gonna take you
someplace real special.

Are you kidnapping me?

Me? No.

Why would you say
something like that?

Hey, Ange, tell the kid
where we're going.

We're, going to your dad's
summer house.

Is my mom
gonna be there?


Your-- Your mom's
gonna be there.

I mean, everybody's
gonna be there.

Maybe not when we arrive,
but they'll be there.

They'll be there.

You have my word on that.

I'll go in the house with you.
These guys wanna wait out here.

Nice place.

I cannot believe you're gonna
let this happen.

We do this, what's it gonna be
tomorrow? It's gonna get worse.

How far down are you
gonna let us get

before you do something here?

Will you shut your goddamn
mouth? This isn't my fault.

I'm not the one
making this happen.

This wasn't my idea.

You're the one
letting it happen.

You want a soda?

Um, no.

No, thanks.

What's that?

That right there.


You better not let my mom
see that. She hates guns.

Well, I'll try to be
real careful about that.

Here's one.


Why do you have it?


For what?


I gotta shoot you, kid.

No, you don't.

Yeah, I do.

Does this still work?

Thing's ancient.

The serial number's off.

A couple of-- This is bent.
That's great.

What'd I do?

Fucking relic. What?


I don't know.

Sit down.


Hey, kid!

I don't know.
After this,

I gotta rethink
some things.

Rudy, come on.

Look at you. You're sweating.
You're shaking.

You don't want this,
but you're too chicken.

What do you want from me?

If we don't do the kid,
I gotta do my dad!

He's an old man, Ange.



Please, don't do this.

Well, I can't do this one
for you, Ange.

It's your choice.

You know?


I'm gonna find you.




How did I get
this stuck?

I'm sorry, Rudy.

Kid, cut it out.

Kid! Kid.

Jesus Christ,
cut it out!

Please, please, please,
please, please!

Let go of my leg.

Let go!




No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no!


Do that again.

My leg.

Grab my leg and--
And say, "No, no, no."

No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no!



Holy cow.

Ooh. Ooh.

Look at that.

Thank you.

Thank you.

God, kid, thank you,
thank you, thank you.

Ooh, you're so cute.

Holy cow. Holy--

Ange, thanks.
I mean, this is great.

I feel so good. I mean,
I had an experience now.


That I don't even
want the money.

I just feel so-- Holy cow.

I feel...

I feel. I feel.
I gotta-- I gotta--

I gotta see my doctor.
I gotta go back to the hospital.

I gotta share.


That ain't good.

Rudy, he's alive!

Yeah, yeah.
I see that, Ange.

That's great.
Yeah, it's great.

He's got the gun.

Yeah, well,
that's the downside.

What the hell are we
gonna do now?

I don't know.
Why are you asking me?

Hey, should we make
a run for it?

Into those trees
over there?

I don't know. Looks dicey.

Got a better idea?
Not really.

It beats sitting around
waiting to get shot.

You got a good point, Ange.

Okay, on the count of three.
Ready? One--

Ange. Ange.
Two-- What?

Ange, Ange.

All right, kid.

Here's what
we're gonna do.

The chasing part was fun,

but why don't we put
the gun down now

and we'll just go home?
How about that?

Put the cannon on the ground
and we'll put it in the car

and we'll--
It's all over now.

No, don't shoot!
Don't shoot, Carmine.

It's okay. It's okay.

It's-- It's okay.
Just stop. Stop.

Just stop.
You don't have to shoot.

Just don't. Don't!

Give me it.

Hey, Rudy.

Hey, that's the first time
I've-- I've faced down a gun.

I guess I ain't
such a chicken--




Hey, Rudy.

Rudy, come on.
Don't-- Don't do this.

He's dead.

I was talking to him
10 seconds ago.



What do you want me to do
with the kid?

Take him back.
Take him home.

Go on, get out of here!

Rudy, you're bleeding
all over your...

Got it on your shirt.

Put on your belt.

Do you know
how to drive?


I took it from him
and then it went off,

and I was laughing.
I said, "Rudy..."

But when I turned around,

he was laying
on the ground, and...

I didn't get a chance
to say goodbye.


Is there a problem here?
Go home, Harry.

Go on, beat it.

That's just great.

No, that's fine.


I didn't know
you were coming over.

I know.

It's okay.

Look. Ange, look.


There he is.

You could say goodbye, Ange.


Say goodbye to Rudy now.

Say goodbye.

Go on.

Goodbye, Rudy.

There you go.

Goodbye, Rudy.

I'm just gonna stay
a little while, okay?

It's okay, honey.
You don't have to explain.

I'll leave
in just a little bit.

No, shh.

Do you want me
to come in?

No, it's okay.

Go on home.


I'll call you
in the morning.


Go on, beat it.

Who's that?

It's okay, Pop.
It's just me.

So did you kill him?


I killed him.


I was thinking...

maybe we ought to clip
someone else too.

Who was it?

Go to sleep, Pop.

I'm so tired.

What time is it?

It's late.

Just go back to sleep.

I was dreaming.

I was going somewhere.

Go home, guys.

Get some rest.

You sure?

It's okay?

Yeah. Go on home.

Thanks, Ange.

See you later.

Yeah, see you later.

I don't know.

They give you something,

they take away
something else.

It's not all one way.