Hood (2015) - full transcript

When RJ (Matt Singletary) returns home to Chicago after an 8 year tour in the army, he quickly finds that the streets he once knew are now eerily similar to the war torn villages and deserts of the Middle East. His Uncle Richard (Harlem Globe Trotter Curley Boo Johnson), who has taken care of him since he was a little boy, explains the rules of the urban battleground - Don't go out at night, gangs, drugs and money rule these streets, and Trust no one.Is there any way to stop the cycle of violence? To push the gangs out? To save our children?This modern day retelling of the Robin Hood Legend amps up the action and heroism. All while taking a look at what's really wrong in the neighborhoods of Chicago.RJ is an arrow slinging savior of the city. Along with Father Benjamin Tuck (Malik Yoba), Marian (Mahogany Monae), his childhood love who now runs the community center, and his comrades in arms from the army, RJ and his crew are out to stop the drug trade and gangland war that's spread across Chicago. Stealing from the rich and corrupt, giving back to the poor and the police, it's a fight for peace on our streets. But someone is behind the scenes handing out the weapons, flooding the neighborhoods with drugs and fueling the warring gangs. Can RJ stop them before the city explodes?

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No! No, you son of a...

- Reed!
- No!


Reed, no!

You, come here!

How many more?
Is there another team?

Will! Will!
Leave him alone!


Now, wait your turn!

You like it in there?

This is the last place
you will ever see.

Where is the other squad?

There is nobody else.

They thought that you...


Survivors weren't part
of my orders.

You wanna live?
Who gave us up?



Secure the other weapons
and let our friends out.

Yes, sir.

All right, boys,
now they know something's wrong.

I clicked off 600 meters

from the gate
when they brought us in.

There was a comm cent
and a barracks.

Give them 15 to arm and rally,
90 to run.

And don't forget about
the two in the towers.

They're not gonna
leave their post.

That gives us less than two
minutes till they're on us.

I'll stay with Will,
Reed and the prisoner.

We need whatever weapons
and packs you can find.

Rally back here, signal command,

and go for the the evac point
through there.


Yes, sir.

You yell one more time,
you go out screaming.

Will, you ready?

My legs...
Sarge, I got no legs right now.

You got eyes?
Pick up that gun.

Yes, sir.

Take that ridge line.

We'll get the radio back,
we'll be

out of here in one minute.

Atash moves, twitch him.

Copy that.

I called opp comm, Sergeant.

They says it's a negative
on the evac.

Waiting for
further instructions.

Let me see it.

Opp Comm,
this is Sergeant Locke.

We have wounded and intel.

We request immediate evac
at pickup location 1. Over.

Sergeant, we have eyes
in the sky reporting back

the evac zone
is too hot for pickup.

Stand by for alternate.

We can confirm,
enemy operations are down.

The area is clear. We do not see
or hear friendly choppers.

We gotta move now.

Hold, Sergeant.
We are working on alternate.

I repeat:
Hold position.

Let me speak
to the officer in charge.

This is
First Lieutenant Carpenter.

- Sergeant, you have orders...
- I said let me speak

to the officer in charge.

Major Turner.
I know he's in the room.

- This is Turner.
- Major Turner,

our situation has changed.

After escaping enemy capture,
my men and I are proceeding

towards evac location 1.

We have wounded and a prisoner.

It's Atash, sir.- He's alive?

Soldier, your orders
were to kill on sight.

My orders seem a bit conflicted

from intel I just received
from the hostile.

Just as you seem
a bit conflicted about our evac.

I don't like what
you're insinuating, soldier.

You'll like it even less
when I tell it to ops, brass

and straight to your face, sir,
but I promise you this:

either you send the chopper now,

or I cross this desert
and come get you.

Twelve minutes.
Evac confirmed. Zone 1.

- Command out.
- Copy that.

Let's move.

I've only been here
for a few hours.

You know what I realized?

Help is a long way away.

No. No!


Staff Sergeant.

I read it.

What I don't understand is

two medals, 14 commendations,

the fastest to your rank
I've seen...

and you want to go with this?

Yes, sir.
I do, sir.

Won't stick.
Not enough of it.

Not without Atash.

And Turner has connections.

I know.

Every day I wake up...


I thank God.

I know he has angels
watching over me...

and over all my brothers
and my sisters.

Protect me, Lord.

♪ Been a long time comin'
but I'm finally here ♪

♪ I done made it
through the struggle ♪

♪ All the blood,
sweat and tears ♪

♪ I ain't never showed fear
in the valley of death ♪

♪ Always had the angels with me
watchin' over my steps ♪

♪ I take a deep breath,
exhale ♪

♪ Prayin' to God
I don't end up in hell ♪

♪ 'Cause my flesh is weak
but my spirit is strong ♪

♪ Lord, forgive me 'cause I
know I don't so much wrong ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm-a fight
to stay strong ♪

♪ Prayin' I don't go astray ♪

♪ Dear Lord,
help guide my way ♪

♪ I wanna use this music
to erase the loss ♪

♪ Show the whole entire world
why you carried the cross ♪

♪ Help me keep my head up
when the enemy's close ♪

♪ Show me how to stay humble
when they brag and boast ♪

♪ Deliver me from evil,
help me flee from sin ♪

♪ Protect me with your armor
when the battle begins ♪

♪ You don't have to give up ♪

♪ No, you don't have to fight ♪

Welcome home.

♪ We are in this together ♪

♪ Yes, it rains when it pours ♪

♪ Deep in your soul
you're still in control ♪

♪ Got to hold on ♪

♪ Keep it forever ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Keep it forever ♪

Lord, thank you for bringing
my nephew home safe.

Thank you for protecting him,

as we thank him
for protecting us.

A blessing on his life
as he starts again...

and hold those that have passed
from this world close to you.


I need a job.

Wait till it's light outside.


Hey! Roland!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

What do you think you're doing?

You don't skip my class.
Not my class.

You have three minutes
to get back to the center

before I call your parents.



You take your eyes off of them
for a second, and just chaos.

Thank you.

Yeah, I'm crazy,

and you're kidding kids.

- Dang! Marian!
- What?

- Stop hitting me.
- Who are you?

- I'm a friend.
- I don't know you.

If I were trying to hurt you,
I'd be swinging,

and I wouldn't be wearing
a suit.

You changed.

You haven't.

No, not yet.
Sent my resumes out.

Had a couple interviews.

Times have been better.

Seems that way.

You know,
those were serious people

you stepped in front
of back there.

- Not that you're not serious.
- Oh.

Will you stop complaining?
I got you ice cream.

I know, I know,
I know. Okay?

You know,
I used to run with my set

back in the day.

Yeah, I remember.

It's the look in their eyes.

Fire. Death.

It's almost like
they want the pain.

For you, for them.
It doesn't matter.

Is that why you left?

I couldn't do it to him anymore.

I mean, my uncle was
staying up late every night.

He was wondering
if I was gonna come home

or if CPD was gonna come
knocking on his door

and he was gonna have to bury me

next to his sister
and my father.

So I joined up

and decided to get an education.

And I figured
that if something happened

on the battlefield,
at least I'd die for something.

And now you're back.

I got that old feeling again,
I guess.

A soldier can't win
if he's fighting for money

or power... nothing.

I know who those guys were
back there.

The community center
is not a fix, R.J.

It's a distraction.

Hope, maybe.

Roland, the youngest one,

when he first came in
with his mom

to take an art class,
I asked him,

"Do you want to be an artist
when you grow up?"

He said he wouldn't live
that long.

I don't accept that.

So those of us who can do,
we teach,

we take them to museums,
take them fishing.

Just get 'em out, like you.

We can't fight all the gangs,

but we can push 'em back
a couple blocks

and give these kids
some room to breathe.

Uh, one moment.

Did Roland and Eddie
make it back?

Yes, they did.
They're inside.

I gotta... But maybe you can
come to the center sometime,

talk to the kids.

I mean, a real army hero
like you.

They'd love to see that.

I'd love to.

L.D. on the track.

- Cool out.
- All right, here we go.

- Nappy.
- Boom.

Put your hands
down to your side slowly!

Where you goin' tonight?
Meet some friends, bro?

Do white people actually think
that sounds okay?

Man, answer the question.

I'm goin' to the store.

- For what?
- For juice.

Juice? Why you so nervous?

I'm nervous? Look, man,
I'm just taking a walk.

Pull your hood down
so we can see your face.

I haven't done anything, man.

Come on, man.
You good? Let's go.

I'm sorry, Uncle Richard.

Trouble sleeping?

A bit, yeah.

Take my advice.

Don't go out at midnight
in this neighborhood.

Nothing settling about that.

I didn't mean to wake you,

worry you, but the cops,

they grabbed me and threw me
up against a wall for no reason.

Dressed like that,
I'm not surprised.

A young black man in the
middle of the night in a hood?

They can't tell you
from the outlaws around here.

You're lucky
they "talked" to you.

I got away.
I don't think they saw me.

But when I was running back,
there were women and children.

In the yards?
Gathered by the fences?

It's the only safe place.

People hear fighting, commotion,

they head to the backyard
before the shooting starts.

They don't want their babies
to get hit with a stray bullet.

How often is that?

That's no way to live.

I'm glad you're okay, son.

Yeah, about 3:00.


Over here.
Further east.

There he is.
Right there. Stop!

Marian said you were home.

I was over
at Mrs. Hill's place

dropping off her dinner.

Poor thing broke her ankle.

Mrs. Fitzwalter,
it's nice to see you.

No, it is nice to see you.

And thank you so much
for your service.

Now where you going
looking so good?

I have an interview down on
43rd and Newton in 20 minutes.

Mr. Gill's place.
The accounting job?

Well, you tell him that I said
you're perfect for it.

You know, him and I go way back.

It wouldn't hurt.
Not at all.

And dressed this clean...

Honey, you make sure you stop
by the block on your way home

and maybe I'll take you
out to lunch

and show you off as my own.

- Is your shop still...
- On 38th?

Mm-hmm. Right next to
the community center,

and I know you know
where that is.

Honey, I'm still doing
hair, nails and gossipin'

from 8:00 to 8:00 every day.

Except on Sundays. Gotta give
God some of my time.

- Yes, you do.
- Yes.

Well, listen.
You go ahead,

'cause you can't be late and
expect them folks to hire you.

Go on. All right.

And listen, tell your uncle
I said hello, okay?

- Okay.
- All right.


Boy, that apple there

sure came
from the same fine orchard.


It's light.

Nation, you didn't
even count it.

I don't need to count it
to know that you're scared.

Sunday. Four.


When I sold you the block,
you agreed to my terms. Yeah?

If you need more enforcers
or carriers.

Recruit them.

Sunday. Four.

If you're late,

I'll have 10 Kings find you
and beat you for two minutes.

The other Incas will find you,
finish you off,

and I'll give them your block.

Do you understand?

Yes, Nation.


- Hello, everyone.
- Hi, Marian.

- Got your homework?
- Yeah.

Good, 'cause you guys are being
real nice and you had me scared.

I'm like, "Maybe they don't
have their homework."

- Can I see you, please?
- Yeah. Be right back.


Everything with the home...

Have you been shot before?

Never been shot.

You ever lose a friend?

It's an interesting feeling.

Feel a little conflicted.
You just...

You know it's part of the job.

It was rough.
You know, I just, uh...

Makes you kind of think how...
how fragile life is.

You know, he was
there in the morning,

there with me when we left,

and then he was gone.

All right, girls, let's go.

Be good, girls.

Great job today.
Good night.

Marian, thank you.

No, thank you for coming...

No, no.
Those kids are amazing.

They teach you.

They asked me questions
I've never even thought of.

So maybe you'll come back.



You only got one life, man.

You got a dream,
you better follow it.

How bad do you want it?

You willing
to give up everything?

♪ Picture givin' up everything
all for this music ♪

♪ For the love, for the thrill
I get when I rip those beats ♪

♪ And the zone
when I go into it ♪

♪ I spin it so fluid ♪

♪ You all better do
a little catchin' up ♪

♪ I'm past the point
of no return ♪

♪ Came way too far
to think of givin' up ♪

♪ Done the stuff
'cause I'm here now ♪

♪ Gangs gonna feel
that fear now ♪

♪ They know I'm down
like Forbes flashing ♪

♪ That bull...
that y'all call rap ♪

♪ Ain't rap, got no flow ♪

♪ It got no heart,
it got no soul ♪

♪ GhostRyder,
I been the truth ♪

♪ And I'm gonna stay that way
when I hit this booth ♪

♪ I give it all I got
until it's all over ♪

♪ Walk it like I talk it
Lord knows I'm a soldier ♪

♪ I done give it
everything I have ♪

♪ And I came so far
there ain't no turnin' back ♪

♪ I give it all I got
until it's all over ♪

♪ Walk it like I talk it
Lord knows I'm a soldier ♪

♪ I done give it
everything I have ♪

♪ And I came so far
there ain't no turnin' back ♪

♪ Royalty of a king ♪

♪ Bloodline of a warrior
Money on my thoughts ♪

♪ I ain't thinkin'
'bout callin' her ♪

♪ When I get them offers up
I won't be ballin' ♪

♪ Just to kill
on every track ♪

♪ Till our producer
get a callin' up ♪

♪ I know you feelin' this like
poison in your jugular vein ♪

♪ Who'll fill my pockets
when I'm strugglin'? ♪

♪ Meanwhile hustling's
payin' ♪

♪ I feel myself
in the booth ♪

♪ Screw what
them others sayin' ♪

♪ I'm Allah, Buddha,
Yahweh and Christ ♪

♪ To who
your mother prayin'? ♪

♪ I give it all I got
until it's all over ♪

♪ Walk it like I talk it
Lord knows I'm a soldier ♪

♪ I done give it
everything I have ♪

♪ And I came so far
there ain't no turnin' back ♪

Hey. Enrique?


Hey, stop.

Did they take the money?

You found him like that?
You don't know what happened?

Don't lie to me!

I swear to God.
Get outta here!

Get outta here!

What the hell?

I give you the gun.

You protect the block, eh?

Because two blocks
away from here,

they're robbing me blind.


What did you see?

Don't play with me.

I'm not playing with you.

What did you hear?

You can't use your eyes.

Close them.


You look exhausted.

They took my blood, my piss

and my pants.

When you let 'em
take your pants,

it's 'cause you ain't
goin anywhere for a while.

I thought I lost you
out there tonight.

No, son. I'm with you.

- I'm with you.
- Sorry.

The doctor had me give him
something to help him sleep.

No, it's okay.

He needs his rest.

Thank you for being with him.

Your father's a good man.


He is.

So you said you found the
money right there at the door?

Yeah, I find it
when I open the door.

Okay. Did you see anybody
walking around the neighborhood

or anything like that?

Was like 6'2",
something like me.

Any guy with a hood on?

Maybe possibly a tall guy?

Well, this is a surprise.
People waiting to get in here.

Problem is,
we're too old to learn anything.

Alderman Lackland, this is...

The lady and I have met.

Alderman Lackland.


John. Please, both of you
call me John.

We're family here.

Besides, I'm not that old.

John has been one of the
center's biggest supporters.

Made it a big issue
in his last campaign

and helped get the doors open.

You want to tend
to the families,

you have to take care
of the neighborhood,

watch the children.

We can't have this mess
like we did last night.

No one's safe.

Did they say what caused it?

Not what. Who.

Some banger in a hood.
Rival gang.

Maybe Deuces.

Held up a corner enforcer.
Took the money, the drugs.

Big score.

Killed a couple of Latin Kings
in the shootout, I heard.

Terrible. I know.

They'll find him.

You don't come into Kings land

and raid the hens
without someone having to pay.

I talked to the precinct,
uh, Sheriff Brewer.

They're gonna add
some presence around here

until he's caught
or the Kings kill him.

I should go.

Push my soapbox somewhere else.

John, thank you for coming.

- Always welcome.
- Least I could do.

You tell your mother
I said hello.

I'll do that.


I'll pray for your uncle.

Thank you, sir.


Thank you, John.

R.J., I'm so sorry.
How's he doing?

It's his heart
more than anything.

Years of high blood pressure,
and it finally caught up to him.

Are you going down there?
I could get someone to...

No. I'm just gonna
let him rest.

I was actually hoping you'd
let me hang out here for a bit.

Sure. Of course.

I don't know how many kids
we'll be having today.

Oh, my Lord.


Man, this ain't nothing like
no Wu-Tang, man.

It's not.

Martial arts
is just that... art.

Control your breathing,

control your body,
control your mind.

Maybe your life.

Millions of people
all over the world

practice this every day

to help them stay in shape,

to help them relax.

But most importantly,
to help them focus.

R.J., when you get a chance,
I need to talk to you.

Okay. All right, guys.

Five on five.
I'll be back.

This is unbelievable.

Terry, Jessie's mom,

said that she found $100
in her mailbox.

People are finding money
in their homes, stores.

He must have had to dump it
before he left the block.

What makes you think
he dumped it?

You don't steal $7,500
from the Latin Kings

and just gift it to people
like Santa Claus.

What if somebody did?

Well, then he can
do it again tonight.

It'll definitely keep this place
open another three months.


Roland stopped by
about an hour ago.

Said your uncle was helping him
escape from the shooters

when he collapsed.

Thinks it's all his fault.

You want me to talk to him?

I don't think he wants
to see you right now.

I think he's ashamed.

Where is he?

I sent him to get the devil
scared out of him.

Strive for peace
with everyone...

and for that holiness

without which no one
will see the Lord.

See to it that no one
be deprived the grace of God,

that no bitter root

spring up and cause trouble...

through which...
many may become defiled.

Don't do it, Roland.

The Lord is my helper,

and I will not be afraid.

What can anyone do to me?


Don't turn away from the Lord.


his plan and design
for your life is...

Don't turn away from God.

- Amen.
- Amen.

- Say it again.
- Amen.

Amen. So...

Get on outta here before
your mama worries some more.

See you on Sunday.

Can I help you?

No, I'm good.

Are you?

Now, unlike some priests,

I don't take too kindly
to strangers

putting their hands
on little boys.

Now I know
you're not his father,

so I'm gonna ask you again.

Can I help you?

Uh, I'm sorry.

I met Roland
at the community center.

He was in an incident
last night.

- Hmm.
- He was with my Uncle Richard.

Oh. You're Richard King's boy.

Yes, sir.


It's all right, Father...

Tuck. Benjamin Tuck.

Father Tuck.

If you don't mind my asking,

Roland was a little upset.

What'd you say to him?

Same thing I say to all of them.

"God has a plan for your life,
which is why you're still here."

You know, that was
two different Bible verses

you quoted back there, right?

Yeah, I did forget.

But... I thought I saved it.

Do you believe it?

That little boy was shot
six times last summer,

and he's still with us.

So if God's not watching
over him,

he's not watching
over any of us.


You don't have to say that
just for me.

I was the reason
my uncle was out last night.

He was looking for me.

Making sure I was okay.

Yeah. I'm sorry
about what happened.

He was here with us first,
right here in this church.


Few of us get together
three times a week.

We pretend it's
about the budget or the choir,

but it's really so that...

they don't know
what we're talking about.

Our lives are not our own.

Fear's dictating everything.

These kids are dealing
with drug dealers

and gangs and...

This is our neighborhood.

And we don't have a say.

It's not your fault,
what happened with your uncle.

I've known that man
for 27 years.

That was his choice.
And you know what I think?

I think he wishes
he could have done more.

I think he wishes it was him
in that hoodie,

putting the fear into the hearts
of those bastards.


I know about that too.

Yeah. I mean, God bless him.

God bless anybody
who's gonna stand up,

even for one night.

You got me all riled up here.

I need to go get
some Pepto or something.

Keep 'em running.

Hey, how you doin', man?
Got somethin' for me, man?

Hey, man, pull your pants up.


All right, he ran right there.
He ran right there.


You're not afraid?

Of you? No, ese.

I don't want to hurt you. Just
give me the money and the drugs.

Can't do that, man.

You see, out here,

this is life.

You take it.

Inca, casinca, they punish me.

I fight you,

I might win.

Either way, I take a beating.


Just stop.
Here and now.

Why the hell should I listen to
anything you have to say, bro?

'Cause I'm not your enemy,
and I'm not going anywhere.

You think just 'cause you steal
from a couple of enforcers

that you run Kings town, hmm?

No. And I don't want to.

You started this life for...
your brothers.

Now you're as scared of them
as you are of me.

Why do you continue?


What if I paid you?
Come work for me.

Take these streets back.
Give it to them.

You can't.
You're just...

One man taking the streets
by force?

How do you think
this all started?

Just one.

What you want from me? Hmm?


Just watch.

If I'm wrong, what do you lose?

But if I'm right,

we take Kings town
and give it back to them.

You still get your money
and nobody beats you.

Tell them it was a good fight.

Think about what I said.

- Sorry.
- You will be.

Vatos locos!

Wait, wait, wait.
It was an accident.

No. See, an accident is when
someone gets hurt for no reason.

I'm gonna beat you senseless for
causing trouble in my backyard.

That makes it more fun.

No! No!

Juanito, you promised.
You gave me your word.

Ma, I told you I wouldn't fight.

But the fight, it comes to me.

He's the one
been running around stealing.

Casinca is looking for him.

He finds him here,
it's bad for all of us.

You used to run with the Kings?

But no more?

No. No more.

I used to be out there too.

A long time ago.

But now,

I just want this
off the streets.

I want the same thing
you want for your son.

For them.

These people
will never know peace

as long as this is out here.

Man, go!

Get out of here,
before I change my mind.

Juanito, I need your help.

Tell me who runs the Kings.

Tell me how,
and I'll take them down.

Take them down!
You're just...

He wants to help.

When you told Inca
you wanted out,

did anyone help you?

No! Now they follow you in
the street like you are a dog,

an enemy.

Ma! I...

You promised me, Juanito,
and you promised your kids.

Now you tell him
what he wants to know.


Doesn't that mean Little John?

When you pick a fight with more
than one guy, what do you do?

Pick the biggest guy, drop him.

The rest will run.


Kings have hundreds of soldiers.

They recruit them.

Familia that comes up
from Mexico, new immigrants.

But they're followers.

Most don't speak English

and aren't hard
from the life yet.

They just need a place to sleep,
something to eat.

Then you have the enforcers.

They stand watch.

They have the guns on the block.

Above them,

the casincas hand them
the weapons and drugs.

It's like a snake with food.

It rides all the way
up and down.

The block,

that's owned by the Inca.

He's been around a while,
and he won't go quietly.

He paid for the block.

He gives the soldiers a home.

Pays the supplier and Nation.


Nation owns Crown Town.

You have all these blocks
run by the Incas,

but Nation runs it all.

And he don't care.

You pay...

or you die.

You recruit...

or you get beat.

Twelve vatos every month.

Replace the old ones,
those that ran

or muerto.

How do I find Nation?

Show him he's lost something.

He will find you.

I can't run with no one anymore.

Not even you.

Protect your family, Juan.

When I come stir the nest,

they'll come to the blocks
looking for me.

They're scared.

But if you help the people,
show them the way,

take care of them...

they will stand up.

You go after Nation...

I'll fight with you too.

So what's next?

First up
on the news at 10:00 tonight,

more crime on the south side
of Chicago

or vigilante justice?

Stand up.

This is how we do it.

♪ You know me
See, I'm from the go ♪

♪ But in case you didn't know ♪

♪ The economy getting the rap
They gotta flow ♪

♪ Do or die or twist 'em
Kick 'em in the lip, yo ♪

♪ Now there's somebody
that you need to know ♪

♪ I'll live and let die
on the streets of Chi ♪

♪ Keep buddha-heads baked
'cause they gotta stay high ♪

♪ So try if you may and get
slayed in a strange way ♪

♪ I cause more conflict
than Cruces, hey ♪

♪ Today is the day
for Chicago ♪

♪ I'm loaded, cocked
and ready to pull the trigger ♪

♪ I'm cold-blooded
on this... apparatus ♪

♪ Use it and it'll get you
Facebook status ♪

This is no life.

♪ So cool out like Chris
and bob your head to this ♪

♪ Before they reminisce
over you ♪

♪ My God, my God,
my God, my God ♪

♪ See, Chicago ♪

♪ Stand up
when you hear this flow ♪

♪ Because a... like me
is gonna let you know ♪

♪ Stop and listen to the beat ♪

♪ 'Cause a... like me
is so unique ♪

♪ So stand up, Chicago,
when you hear this flow ♪

♪ Because a... like me
is ready to go ♪

♪ I'm here to let you know
how this hip-hop go ♪

Oh, baby, where you going?

Looks like your ride
is late, eh?

Looks like
they're not showing up.

What's in the purse?

Are you gonna give it to me,

or do I gotta cut it off of you?

He missed!

You stay here.

Check his aim.

You've not failed me.

He's failed all of you.

You see, a brother who cannot
take care of his family

cannot be trusted.

Not now or not ever.

I am disappointed.

They can't stand
the sight of you.

So who's gonna take his place?

Who's gonna take care
of his brothers?

We appreciate your kindness.

What can we do to thank you?

Tell me what the people need.

Can you turn water into wine?

Don't get me wrong.
We're grateful for the money.

You are definitely
doing God's work,

but unless you have more
from where that comes,

and plan on opening
a proper grocery store,

our people are still gonna
starve in this food desert.

Gotta walk three miles
in each direction

to get fresh produce.

Old folks,
mothers with young children,

they can't walk that far.

Sure, they can go
to a quick mart

or a liquor store
to get staples,

but that's not real food.

Where are you going?

To find a caravan.

That can't hurt.

You won't be needing that,
my friend.

Friend? What friend?
You jacked my truck.

A friend only takes
what's necessary.

He spares your truck
and he spares your life.

And a friend...

Pays you for your troubles.

Why would you rob me and pay me?

We're not robbing you.

- We're robbing them.
- Of the food.

Your truck will be delivered
to a safe spot

as soon as we take
everything that we need.

Now, put this on.

You're gonna count to 100,

then walk back
to the truck depot.

Uh-uh. No peeking.

It's safer for you,
and it's much safer for us.

Thank you.

It only takes a few minutes.

If the conversion works,

your heart
will be back in rhythm.

That's right.
There's nothing to worry about.

We do this every day.

And if your heart
stays in rhythm,

and you start feeling better,
in three or four days,

we'll start talking
about going home.


Thank you for the donation.

My pleasure.

Hello. I, um...

I'm not really sure
how this is supposed to work,

but, um, you wanna
help me out here?

I fee...
feel a little stupid.

You talk. We listen.

And, hopefully, provide.


So there's more than
one of you now.


So you're not really chatty.

So how about we talk about
rituals and sacrifice?

Your news at 6:00
starts right now

with more reports of the
hooded vigilante in Chicago.

♪ Most of my life
I been dealin' with struggle ♪

His victims this time, a series
of local grocery stores

and their food supply trucks.

Apparently, only the food
was stolen,

and the trucks were recovered
empty just a few hours later.

No one knows what happened
to the trucks' contents,

but a motivation seems
to be emerging in the case.

In a handwritten note
left at one scene,

The Hood, as he has been called,

asks a local food chain operator

to open stores
in select neighborhoods.

The Hood also claims
in that note

that the robberies will end

only when the new store
construction begins.

♪ If I lose focus,
I might miss my plane ♪

♪ I done made that mistake ♪

♪ But I ain't makin' it again ♪

♪ Make it through
the struggle ♪

♪ And put my back to the wind ♪

♪ Back in the struggle ♪

♪ I can make it through it ♪

♪ Got my eyes wide open ♪

♪ Come on, let's do this ♪

♪ Life is a struggle ♪

- Get up outta here, man!
- Go! Go!

♪ I will make it through it ♪


What's going on out here?

It's okay, Ma.
Nothing's going on.

You can go back inside.

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Do this ♪

♪ All I ever wanted to do
was make music ♪


I understand. Yes.

I'll see that it's done.

You have my...

What's the matter, baby?


Can you hear that?

For the first time
since I don't know when.

And I love it.

Marian, I am so proud of you.

I am.

Because you believed.

You believed.

And God is so good.

And The Hood?

I like to think that
it's somebody here tonight.

Just tired of all the hurt.

He has brought us
to our feet again.

But you knew all the time.

You knew...

that people are good.

They just need a light.

Now look what you done did.

Lord, got me leakin', honey,

and all these fine men here.

Girl, I don't have time
for that.

- Let's get these plates.
- Yeah, let's get these plates.

- I love you, baby.
- Lots of people are hungry.

Hi, guys.

I'm Schuyler Rae.

Before we start,
I wanna give a big thank you

to Alderman Lackland...

and, of course,
Marian at the community center.

Thanks for having us
out tonight.

♪ I like fire on a summer day ♪

♪ You'll find me ♪

♪ Curled up,
rocking like a baby ♪

♪ I never knew how much
I needed you to hold on to ♪

Hey. May I?

- What?
- Nothing.

- I'm glad you're here.
- I'm glad I'm here too.

Are you really?

What do you mean?

You said you left the army

because you got that feeling
that something wasn't right.

Just hoping
you're not getting it now.


You like having me around?


I know it's tough,

with your uncle
and getting a job.

I keep busy.

- What...
- What? What if?

Marian, it's not
that kind of story.

What if stands in the way
of too many good things.

A month ago, I could have
never imagined any of this.

I'm happy right here.

Right now, with you.



So what's it stand for?


Robin James.

No meaning.

My mom heard it
and liked it, I guess.

I never thought
it was tough enough.

A month ago...

♪ If you wanna run away,
let's run ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Run away, if you wanna
run away, let's run ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Hey, this is my letter ♪

♪ To you ♪

Ah, nothing happens around here
without this man.

Nice turnout we're having
here today, aren't we?

- Yes, sir.
- Ah.

I do everything for the people.

Everything I do
is for these people here.

- Nice of you to come out.
- We miss you at the meeting.

Oh, well, you know,

when money is involved, some
things have to be put aside.

Go and enjoy yourself.

I think I will.
Good seeing you.

Rosa! I'm sleeping!

I said I'm slee...

You said we could trust you.

That we were brothers.

Carnales. Do you remember?

But nobody's seen you
for two weeks.

There's trouble, and you run.

You turned your back on us.

That's not what you promised me.

That's not what I paid you for.

All these years,

when you had nothing,

Nation takes care of you.

So I see that you
need to be reminded.

You need me to remind you
of your business.


if your family
cannot trust you...

maybe you don't deserve
any family.

One chance
is all I promised you.

Your life belongs to me.

If you cannot pay,

she will.

You understand?


Yes, what?

Yes, Nation.

Good boy.

Get him dressed.

All of them.
You go door to door.

Anyone who's left,

if they're not there,
you wait for them.

- You understand?
- Yes, Nation.


- They're with me.
- And you are?

On the job. Picking up a man,
following a lead.

On The Hood?

All right.
Do what you do.

- Be safe.
- You too.

You okay?

Forty-two, Alan.

Kings dragged 42
from their homes last night.

Are they...

Nobody knows.

They don't even know
if that's all of them.

Some of these kids are staying
with their families illegally.

They're not just gonna

report them missing
to the authorities.

You know, it might be time
to work with the police.

Are you serious?

R.J., Will saw more patrols
out there last night.

I mean, these guys are armed on
every single corner out there.

But these cops,

they're just chasing shadows
out there.

We could show them
what we've got.

That way they have
less shadows to chase.

I know that look.

Where you going?

To make more arrows.

The Kings are fighting back.

- They're taking kids.
- I know.

You cut off
his recruiting and...

took his supply
and his cash flow.

He'll need a quick score.



Save as many as you can.

If he's gonna go down,

he's gonna take
whoever he can with him.


I'm with you.

Whatever you need.

- You dropped something.
- Hey, wait.


I can hear you, man.

I'm going after Nation tonight.

I can get them back.

You want us to come with you?

No. If he's holed up,
it'll be dangerous.

No matter what happens,
stay inside.

I need the yards
and the streets clear.

Can you spread the word?


I'm sorry, John. I didn't
realize anyone else was here.

Tough night, Benjamin.

Yes, it is, but...

we will get through.

With prayer?

And faith.

That's right.

No. I'm worried this time
that's not enough.

God helps those
who help themselves.

It is a dangerous thing
to put our faith in man.

It is.

John, what did you do?

What needed doing, Benjamin.

One moment.

- Who is it?
- Sheriff's department.

I'm sorry, I have to see ID.

What's this concerning?

It's a neighborhood matter.

Some trouble with the gangs.

Oh, my God.
Is it Roland?

No! Mama!

What is this?

This is about your boyfriend
in a hood

stealing my money.


I don't like deals, Ben.

It's part of the job.

Nation is crazy.

He will tear
this neighborhood apart,

and you know this,
you have seen this.

Perhaps he will.

But that's part of the purge.

Worse a neighborhood gets,
the more funding it gets.

Hell, developers love to come in

and "save" a neighborhood
in peril.

I can control Nation
as long as he gets his money.


The idea of a man in a hood
protecting people,

stealing from the gangs,
giving to the poor.

That's not reality.

How's that for reality?

Or should I fully whip your ass?


I feel you.


And I admire your faith.
I do.

But you should know...

your divine purpose
is how it all ends tonight.

I knew you couldn't resist.

I trusted you
to lay it all at my doorstep,

and you did.

But now,

you're unnecessary.

Let's go. Let's go.


What? Breech.

They captured 42 last night.

The house
is virtually unguarded.

It's a setup.

So, if we're chasing,

where are they?

They know.

We gotta go.
You take 58th. You take Western.

We gotta rally the guys
at the roof.

We gotta go back
to the warehouse.

- All right?
- All right.

Let's go.


Afraid to fight.

John, prince of the city.

You can't even do it yourself.

Not my style.

Don't want the hands dirty.

Robin! Robin!

Just get this car out of here.
You do it right now.

Do it. Right now.
Get outta here.

Come on out.

I know you're there.

Same team.

Same team.

Kings have been up and down
the block all night.

We were wondering
when you were gonna show up.

We're here now.
What can we do to help?


There's more of us around.

How many?


'Cause I think they're taking
more hostages tonight.

Saw 'em in an SUV with a woman
about 10 minutes ago.

Fully strapped.
We're gonna need backup.

Which way?


We'll handle it.

If you can, protect the block.

We'll send more people later.

You know...

I was wondering whether we were
gonna get a chance to meet.

Now, I must admit,

I had something else in mind,
but you know what?

This will do.

This will do just fine.

You make them think
they got a choice.

That they can say no.

That they can take my money.

That's stealing.

You stole from me.

But despite your crimes,

you got it easy.


Marian? Mmm.

Your men, well, with you gone,

they'll run, they'll die...

makes no difference to me.

Go ahead. Do it!

No, no, no, no, no.
Nation está aquí.

- You saved me.
- They saved both of us.

I'm Robin.

Thank you.


You save us.

You protect our streets.

You fight for us.


- Ow!
- All right, man up!

It's already turning.

Cleaned it out the best
they could with what they had.

Yeah, you're lucky to be here.

Not luck. Him.

Nation, he's a sheriff.

Men, badges, everything.

I'm thinking ex-military too.

He knew exactly
how we were gonna respond.

He knew where to lead us
and how to hurt us.

So what do we do?

I don't know.

And he has Marian.



Hit him at the church.

They hit the warehouse too.
It's all gone.

Money, weapons, evidence.


Right out of her apartment.
I'm sorry.

Okay. They know about me.

But they have no idea
how many of you guys there are.

So we have two options.

One. Save your breath.
We finish this.

What are you doing?

You can't rob a hospital
in a flak vest.

Give me your shirt.

I'd almost given up on you.

Sit down, sit down.

He's resting.

I gave him a little something

to help him sleep
through the night.

You won't wake him.

What do you mean
you gave him something?

Well, I had the nurse.

Oh, don't.

They'll arrest you.

Nation kills Marian.

Sit down!

I said he'll be fine.

For a soldier,

you have a bit of trouble
sticking to the mission.

Should have been killed
at the house.

All of you.

Cleaner that way.

None of these ends to deal with.


if that's the way it goes,

I'm here to play along.

You won't win, you know.

You'll try
because that's your way.

In the end,

there's just too many of them,

no matter how good
you think you are.

Maybe there's
another possibility.

And that's why you're here.

That's what I do.

I facilitate
what needs to take place.

Now, Nation has a business

he would like
to continue running.

You have people you care about

and would like to see breathing.

What do you get?

I get to keep spinning
the plates, of course.

And to see that my people
and this neighborhood

get what they want...
what they deserve.

They don't have the fight
in them anymore, R.J.

They're tired,

weak, beat down.

What's the best
you can offer them?

Another war?

Who will survive?

Who can you protect?

Take Richard with you.

I can get the girl back.

Isn't that what really matters?

You're young.

Don't die for this.

Be a shame.

Come on. Get in there.

Get in there.

- They're moving her.
- Yeah.

Their best hope
is to keep her on the road

like they do
with their shipments.

We can't do a one rush
on their location.

There's no beating them.
Only him.


He loosened
his grip on the blocks,

and I'm guessing
he's gonna wanna take that back.

So we're talking 47th.
So, cover is...

No. No more hiding.
Not for me.

We need to hit them
where they live and breathe.

For them,
that's drugs and money.

We need information.

And then...


Keep the lab mobile.

You can create
and cut the products

anywhere it needs
to be distributed.

What's that,
seven, eight muffins?

I don't care anymore.

You don't even add anymore.
You multiply.

Oh, this close to retirement,
you think I gotta worry?

That's a lot of muffins.

Don't move.

- I got something for you guys.
- Oh, yeah? What's that?

- The end.
- The end? The end to what?

All this.

Whoa! Hey.

What? What's that?

Track it.

Follow it to the source.

The drugs. The lab.

Bring everybody you got.

'Cause they're not gonna stop
unless you make 'em.

- Freeze!
- Don't. Stop.

Hold it right there.

Who are you?
Why are you doing this?

I'm just a kid from the block
who's seen and had enough.

I can.
So I have to.

Dispatch, I have something.

I'm gonna need
detective assistance.

Copy that.


What are the odds of that?

We locked down?

Chained to the bed.

Copy that.


Now why would you want to go
and do that?

You just made this
an unfair fight.

Did I?

You were right.

This block isn't big enough
for the two of us.

Seven in custody now.

Officers in foot pursuit
of two more men on Harlem

near the underpass.

Units 9 and 14, please re-route

to Harlem and 78th
near the underpass.

You're done.

Suspects from
narcotics vehicles...

Your supply's gone.

I'm gonna cut it out of you.

Every piece
that you took from me.

This is my block.

No. It's theirs.

And when we're done,
we'll let them decide.

How you feeling, hero?

Oh, hell!

Get the girl.

No! No!

Get up.

Get up.

I told you.
I told you. My block.

Not enough room...

for the two of us.

Piece by piece.

Hold it right there!

Put it down, son.

You don't know
what you're doing.

You're just gonna get hurt,
go to jail.

You put it down,
or your life is over!

I mean, who are they
gonna believe? You?


No, John, no.

They'll believe him.

And, John, you'll pay.
For all you've done.

I'll make sure.


I... You don't understand.

I do. Perfectly.

You sold us out,
had your friend killed.

And for what?



All I ever wanted...

was to provide for my...

Enough, John. Enough.

You make me sick.

Take one more step, Richard,

and I'll cut her wide open.

You got him?

Got him.

He moves again,
put two in his eyes.

But you won't move,
will you, John?

Because you're out of moves.

And snakes can't stand up,
can they?

You got enough?



Everybody has that moment...

when the grass ain't as green
as they thought it was and...

they wish that they could go
back and make the other choice.

This is my moment. Yeah.

♪ Lookin' in the mirror
and it ain't as clear ♪

♪ As it once was when I
used to have no fear ♪

♪ But now I know the score ♪

♪ And how to play the game
better than I did before ♪

♪ It ain't about the fame
or the money or the sh... ♪

♪ The remnants of the rags
that I now turn to riches ♪

♪ All of us who laughed thought
we left you in stitches ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm on the attack
stayin' with some bitches ♪

♪ I know I'm cuttin' deep
Diligently I sleep ♪

♪ I'm dreamin' of all
the things I'ma-I'ma be, oh ♪

♪ Relentless
in a bit of a mess ♪

♪ Though the prices sky
like St. Nick at Christmas ♪

♪ It's not fight of life
It's fight or flight ♪

♪ And it's day and night
that I'm moving to discover ♪

♪ Paints a platform
left to right ♪

♪ I can spell it out for you
but I'm not that type ♪

♪ I'm sinful
People say that I'm awful ♪

♪ There's a rhythm in my heart
and the beat is colossul ♪

♪ I went down for you
like a holy apostle ♪

♪ Walking on the third day
No tomorrow ♪