Honzíkova cesta (1957) - full transcript

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Qui-et, child-ren, we be-gin.

This is Gonzik, and this is a train.

The train is moving.
Gonzik is waving.

The movie is called...

...The Journey of Gonzik

One more time.

Quiet, children, we begin.

This is Gonzik.

And this is the train.

The train is moving.

Gonzik is waving.

Come on, children.


Gonzik, don't be afraid.


Let me ride.

I'm here. Leave me!

Why are you shoving?

Gonzik. Gonzik!

Gonzik, come here.

Imagine, someone wrote to you.

To me?

It says here, "Jan Tichy, a
pupil in Prague Kindergarten".

Is it you or not?


Here you are.


It's a letter, see.

I know...

...but what's in it?


...he wrote to me.


Can you read?

Big deal!


That's an "O"...

...and here's also "O".

- And so...
- And so you're a fool.

Madam teacher!

Madam teacher!

Guys, follow me.

Sir, can we ask you...

A quarter to ten.
Exactly. Cheers!

What are you staring at?

Go play!


We have a letter.
Please read it to us.

Well, show me.

"Dear Gonzik,...

...The plums in the garden are already
soft, and the apples have all fallen.

Grandad. This is written by
my grandad.

Puntya runs around the village
sniffing at the boys.

He can't find you.

The cat sits on the gatepost,
waiting for you to come."

Here it's smudged,
so I can't read it.

"You must come."


Now let me work.

How far is it?


- Very!
- And will you go?


I am not afraid...I'll go.

Yes, yes, yes, braggart.

I'll go, I'll go, I'll go.

The flower by the brook...

...is called primrose.

He on whom this word falls...

...must be up and away.

Mum! Mum!


Plums in the garden are soft,
and the apples have fallen.

A cat runs around the village.

I have no time for your
silliness, Gonzik.

Go home and play.

Here, take this.

Gonzik, what are you doing?
I wish you'd be happy...

...without making a mess.
Just look at it!

Gather everything together,
and don't start with something else!

- Mum, I'm going out.
- Out of the question!

I'll do it myself.

I was going to.

You heard me!

Are you going to do it?

I'm not staying here anyway.


I'll go away.

I'll take the marble...

...and stick, and I'll go.

And that's it!

Don't be in a hurry to leave me.

Do you think someone will want you?

Such a messy boy?

Look, it's mine.

You see, my grandad
wrote to me.

Grandad doesn't understand.

Dad only comes home from work
on Sundays, and I have a job.

Who will go with you?

I'll go myself, Mum.

I'm big enough and not afraid.

Don't even think it!

Mum, Mum, I'll be obedient.

I'll tidy up.

You may have the marble.


But it's impossible, Gonzik.

You're not going anywhere.
What would Dad say?

- Come on, Gonzik, come.
- I know, Mom.

I won't leave the coach
until they tell me to.

Come, Gonzik, come.

I won't stick my head
out the window.

You see, I know.
Right, Mum?

- The train's leaving, we must run.
- Wait wait.

Now, it'll be easier.

Just don't push ahead
of the others.

Gonzik, please stay here,
and don't go out, okay?

Here's your suitcase. Grandad
will be waiting for you.

Mum, go now.

I can manage.
Nothing will go wrong.

Say hello to them.

- Here.
- What is it, Mum?

Something for your journey.

Mum, dear!

So, you're Gonzik?

Do you want something?

I want to pee.

Come with me.

Well, young man?

Oh no. Are you really crying?

I'm not crying.

I just spilled my candy.

- Where are you headed?
- To my Grandad.

And you're going alone?

Grandad will meet me.

I'm also going to Grandma.

Here, help yourself.

Thank you.

Very good candy.

What's your name?

I have two names.

You don't say!

It's true!

Mum calls me Gonzik...

...and at school the teacher calls me
Jan Tichy.

That's also me!

So you go to school?

Uh-huh. I do!

I walk with the other guys to school...

...and then we eat breakfast.

Aha. I see.

And where are you going?

To work.

I work here...on the road, you know?

Safe journey, Gonzik.

It's time for me to get off.

I must go further.

Thank you for the candy.
Say hello to your grandad!

Further, further, further, further,
soon there, soon there.

Choo, choo, choo, choo,
the train chugs along.

The cart is waiting,
Grandad's waiting...

Puntya's waiting,
The cat's waiting.

Grandad's waiting, he has a whip.
That's why I'm not scared!

If somebody comes, Grandad
will whip, and Puntya will bite.

Ticket inspection!

Your ticket.


Thank you, but I'm on duty.
I can't accept.

So then?

It's like...,
I, please...Mummy...

Are you the boy who's going to
visit his grandad?


- Who will be met by his grandad?
- I am.

Why didn't you tell me you're
all by yourself, Gonzik?

I thought I'd have to
put you off at the next station.


It's what happens when someone
doesn't have a ticket, you know?

But you won't put me off, will you?
You see...

...I'm going to see my grandad.

Well, we'll see.

Here you go.

Come on, Gonzik.

So look after yourself.


You'll find Grandad there.

Grandad, Grandad!

Wait a minute!
Easy, Mindo! Whoa!

Let's have a look at you, traveler.

Did you forget anything?

My suitcase. Grandad, my suitcase.

- Grandad?
- What is it, Gonzik?

Whose horse is this?

I know Puntya, I know the cat, but
I've never seen the horse.

The horse belongs to the cooperative,
you know.

Grandad, what's the cooperative?

The horse belongs to the whole village.
I borrowed it for today.

- And grandad...
- What?

What else does cooperative mean?

For instance, the field. You see?

All these are our fields.

And we also have pigs.

They are my responsibility.

And as to the hens,
Grandma is responsible.

Grandad...and Puntya,
is Puntya the cooperative's?

No, Puntya is not the cooperative's.
He's only ours.


So where's the fire?

Just see what I brought!

Gonzik come to me.
Show me if you can jump.

Well, of course you can!

You wouldn't be hungry, would you?

I'll make something for you, come.

- Grandad, the suitcase!
- Here you are.

You carry it yourself?
So go and eat.

Look, Grandma, I have a suitcase.

You have a nice suitcase.

You must have brought me something.

- Here, keep the marble, Grandma.
- Marble?

- A marble, what should I do with it?
- You play with it.

I better put it away, so I don't lose it.

Eat quickly, and let's go to the garden.
The plums are like honey.

Let's see, you'll be more comfortable.

I'll put it here.

- Now give me your shirt.
- I can do it myself.

Sure, you can. Like that.

Put it on.

Puntya, wait.
Don't swallow it.

You forgot to spit out the stone.


Did you see?

By the way, I've come.

The other boys will tease you.

Are you afraid to play
with a stranger?

Puntya, do you want a plum?

I'll pick as many as you want.

I can.

We'll eat them all up.

What are you thinking?
There's nothing to worry about.

Catch me.


Punyta, over here!


Come down here!

Hang on! I'll be there!.
You'll see!

You'll be there till tonight.

- Ferdo, come on!
- See you later!




What are you doing there?

I climbed up to pick Grandad's plums.

- You want one?
- Throw me one.

Come here so you won't miss it.

There is a hole in the fence.

You were here last year.

You're Gonzik, right?


It's sweet.

Let's go.


This is Gonzik.
He's from Prague.

And this is Victor.

Do you want a baked apple?

Gonzik's a dick.

You know what my name is?

There are boys in my street...
Franchik...and Pepi.

We have a park to play in.

Do you play with kites?

Where can they fly a kite?
There are only houses and no sky!

- The sky is everywhere.
- True!

Well then, look.

Oh! Look, it's smiling-the kite!

It doesn't smile. It frowns.

Not true, I know it. Up there,
it smiles, and down here it frowns.

- Here you see!
- Gonzik, take this.

Hold tight.
Don't let go of the string!

Look at it now.

Give it to me!

I'm not giving it.

Victor can't see us.

Gonzik must obey Victor,
and, anyway, he gave it to him.

Listen, if you don't give
it to me, I'll hit you!

Just you try!

I'll make a hamburger out of you!
I warn you!

Calm down!

Gonzik and Theresa are lovers.


Gonzik's dick's a drummer's stick...

...for drumming poor Theresa.

Theresa ups and yanks his stick...

...so Gonzik can't get off her. Ha ha ha!

Oh, Grandma, let me go, oh.
Oh, Grandma...

We need to wash away all the dirt.
You're like a chimneysweep.

Hush! Almost already. Now.

Well, I don't recognize you.
Grandad, your shirt!

My boy, I'll give it to you.

So, let's go.

Eh, but isn't he heavy?

Hold him carefully.
Don't drop him.

Will I sleep here alone?

If you're afraid, I'll sleep with you.
But you mustn't kick.

Yes, yes, yes, I will.
So I'll sleep here alone.

Well what do you know?

What a boy.

But Puntya can sleep with me.

Not Puntya.
Puntya's guarding outside.

Well, then, the cat.

I'll sleep with the cat.

The cat sleeps in its basket.

You can't even see him at night.
He's blacker than night.

You know what, Grandma?

You can lend me the
marble. It glows in the dark.

You can keep it for yourself.
I don't have time to play with it.

You probably don't know how to play
with it either.

Good night.

Come on, buddy. Come on, buddy.

Nice kitty, don't run.

Be nice, kitty, don't run.


Punt, hush! Shhh!

Puntya! Kitty!

Hush! Shhh!

How did you get in here, rascal!
Get out! Out!

Hush, you'll wake Gonzika.

It's better to light the lamp
so he won't be afraid.

It seems to me he's a foolhardy chap.

Look, he's sleeping like a log.

Scat! Go away!

What do you want?

Here you go.

Grandad! Grandad!

Grandad, is this a bad goat?

Did she frighten you?

Did she try to butt you?

Yes, but I didn't let her.

Really? You should offer her
a sprig of acacia...

...and she'll follow you like a sheep.

Look. Now goat, now goat.

Now, you see?

So, come.

Yes, they're real elephants!

You know, Grandad, when I grow up,
I'll also have such pigs.

I'll take one home and
make him a bed in the kitchen.

This one!

Now look what you've done!

Fine helper!

Stay here and don't move.



Puntya! Away!

Go away!

Grandma, let him.

We came to help, see?

As though I needed any help!

Now that I think of it,
you can go fetch our lunch.

Oh, Puntya, away!
Wait, till I catch you...

Good afternoon.

You're Gonzik Tichy, right?

What's the old man doing?

- Grandad's feeding.
- Feeding?

Kid, today it's pancakes.


Do you like pancakes?

- Yes.
- Me too.

They make very good pancakes here.
Very good!

Three meals today.

You're a Tichy, right?

What's your grandad doing?

Grandad is feeding, and Grandma too.

- And are you helping too?
- Yes.

Yes? Then you need a snack.
Do you like pancakes?

- Yes.
- Yes? Well, take that.

Thank you.

So. Be careful.

Don't drop it.

Wait a bit, I'll help you.

Some pancakes, yes please.

That's a fine boy!

Who's the boy?

- Are you Gonzik? - Yes.
- Tichy? - Yes.

Grandad's feeding, Grandma too,
and I'm fetching the pancakes.


- Come play.
- I'm delivering pancakes.

Imagine! I wouldn't want to
stop the pancake delivery.

- And who are you playing with?
- With you.

How so?

What do you see? Look.
I threw, now it's your throw.

It's not true.
I don't play like that.

- No, you play...like a girl.
- Not like a girl!

Then show how.


It happened by chance!

Wait, I'll show you.

You see?


What about it?

I'll give you the knife, and
you give me the marble.




You were unlucky!

First you lost the marble, and now...

What marble?

The one that Ferdo won.

I won. He grabbed it from me
and ran away.

I'll get it back.

Wait, I'll tell Victor.
Come on.

Have we a new gardener?

Thanks for your help,
but it's enough.

- Did you come to watch?
- I...

It's Gonzik Tichy.
He came from Prague to his grandad.

Aha! So, that's who you are...

...well, how's that, it's
Gonzik Tichy, the bright pupil.

What about your dad?
Has he no time to visit us?

I came alone.

Alone? I have to reward your
arrival with a fine tomato.

Did you know that your dad and I
were great buddies?

In the past, however. Things change.

Listen to me, Gonzik, may I show
you our school?

I'll show you where
your dad sat.

Well, let's go.

Look, this year we planted tomatoes here.

That's good, huh?

Gonzik...take this.

Thank you.

- You won't forget about visiting
the school? - No.

- Definitely not?
- No.

Well, I'm looking forward to it.

Did you hear? I may visit the school.
School! School!

Theresa, what do you do in school?

Learn. We learn everything.

Such as?

Reading, and such like.

Today we learned about dogs.

There's nothing to learn about a dog.
It's just a dog.

Well, yes, so what?

What did you learn? A dog is a dog.

A dog is a person's best friend.

That's how it is!

Is this a school?

That's huge.

Look, see here...and there, look.
You see?

This way.

This is our classroom.


This is my seat.

You see, the board.

And there, look at the dog.

- It's just painted.
- How do you like it?

After all, it's not real.
I have a real dog...

...and a cat, and I don't
go to school.

We have only a small school.

One day I'll go to a big one.

Aha. The dog is a person's
best friend...

...and what about the cat, Theresa?

We haven't learned that yet.
That will be tomorrow.


Louder, children.


Sit up straight.


Silence, silence children.

Haven't you ever
seen a living cat?


I thought, since you only have it
in a picture, I'll bring a real one.

That's very kind, Gonzik.

Thank you very much.

Well, take a seat.

No, no, wait, I actually
promised you something, right?

Gonzik Tichy, where?

Ah, yes, there. Come on.

Ferdo, move a little.

Gonzik...your father sat
here when I taught him.

Give me your cat.

Well, if you want, I'll
tell you about cats.


Do you know what cats can do?

They can catch mice.


They can catch mice. They can
pull their claws deep into their paws.

Can you tell us why?

- So what won't hear...
- So the mouse won't hear!

And when does the cat put its claws out?

Who knows?

It's for you.

When he climbs a tree...

...and when boys pull her by the tail.

Gonzik, how many legs does your cat have?



What, Gonzik, five legs?
Tell, five?

Gonzik counted the tail too.

Well. Think, think, Gonzik?

My cat...he can't find his way home.

Go after him.

Well, then, run.

Please, let me go with him...
so he won't get lost.

Good. Okay, off you go.

Come on, Gonzik.

Run along. Go on!

So children, let's read on.

Turn over the page.

All done?

- Read!
- He's small and he's flying...

I'll give you the marble!

Theresa's a baby!

I'll show you who's a baby!
I'll give you five legs!

Wait, I'll tell you something.

What then?

We must look for your cat in the woods.

Do you think he's there?

Cats like to walk in the woods.

Well, let's go.

Will we still fight?

I won't, if you won't.

Well then, let's go.

You can't catch me.

- Cat! - Kitty! Kitty! - Cat!


Gonzik, he's there!
Quick, climb up!

Ferdo! Ferdo!

Ferdo! Where are you?

Ferdo! Don't hide, come out!


Ferdo, come!

I'm your friend!


Ferdo, come out.

What do you want?

You forgot your school bag, see?

Give it here!

- Where's Gonzik?
- How should I know?

You should know, since
you're always with him.

Just tell me where you left him.

If not...I'll empty your school bag.

In the woods, okay?

He was chasing a squirrel
and didn't want to go home.

Victor! Victor!

What have you been up to?
You'll get it...

Gonzik! Gonzik!

Take a look.

Gonzik, wake up.

I've been looking everywhere
for Ferdo.

Where's Ferdo? He's
wandering somewhere.

He's been fooling you.
He's been home a long time.

He wanted you to get scared.

He'll get it!

Shoo! Shoo!

Well, what is it? Get moving!

Chase her away!

Go away!

A goat must be grabbed
by the horns and dragged.

Out of the way, now.

- Come on, goat. Here, little one.
- A little one, is it?

Gonzik, comrade,
you know how to do it.

How did you do it?


Gonzik, I caught your cat.

Come on, Gonzik.

Come to the stream after dinner.

- I'll teach you how to fish.
- We make sand ovens...

...and cook them.
Come play with us.

And in winter we skate.

- Mum!
- Gonzik!

Ferdo! I saw you, Ferdo.
Come out!


You'll go with Gonzik to Prague.

A kiss.


Gonzik, will you come back?

I'll come. Right, Mum?

Of course.

Grandad can't manage
everything alone.

He needs your help.

- Well, let's go.
- Ferdo!

Ferdo, don't worry. The cat's
already at home.

I know.

- For you.
- Ferdo, keep the knife.

I've been given so much.

Take it! Ferdo gives it to
you with all his heart.

- See you later.
- Come back soon.

Ferdo! Ferdo, take it.

Good-bye, kids!

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