Honsla Rakh (2021) - full transcript

What happens when a lovable, rooted, desi, Punjabi young man, who's a single father with a seven year old boy attempts to find love again, find a mom for his son, crosses paths with his ex who comes back into the city after a seven year gap? Honsla Rakh, starring Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa, Shehnaaz Gill and Shinda Grewal is a romantic comedy set in Vancouver, Canada that has warmth at its center and deals with the emotional bonds between father and child, and love between men and women in modern times.

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"Make all your decisions now."

"Pacify the ones
who are upset right now."

"Make all your decisions now."

"Pacify the ones
who are upset right now."

"Make all your decisions now."

"Pacify the ones
who are upset right now."

"If someone needs to be thrashed,
tell me now."

"Tell me if someone has to be
ousted from home."

"Make me do what you need to, now."

"Don't complain later
that nothing was done."

"I'm brave
and courageous today."

"I don't know about tomorrow.
We'll see."

"I'm brave and courageous today."

"I don't know about tomorrow.
We'll see."

"We'll see."

"Live life to the fullest.
Leave no stone unturned."

"We'll live like kings all night."

"Live life to the fullest.
Leave no stone unturned."

"We'll live like kings all night."

"Don't stop drinking."

"Let's do bottoms up."

"Seeing our glasses clinking"

"your father will be furious."

"I'm brave and courageous today."

"I don't know about tomorrow.
We'll see."

"I'm brave and courageous today."

"I don't know about tomorrow.
We'll see."

"I don't know about tomorrow."

"I don't know about tomorrow.
We'll see."

"Check this out."

"Life is beautiful,
you won't get another one."

"Don't waste it."

"When someone smiles at me,
I become theirs."

"There's no stopping then."

"Forget your worries."

"The youth is short-lived.
You'll lose it."

"I'm brave and courageous today."

"I don't know about tomorrow.
We'll see."

"I'm brave and courageous today."

"I don't know about tomorrow.
We'll see."

"I don't know about tomorrow."

"I don't know about tomorrow.
We'll see."

"I don't stop."

Yes? Where are you coming from?

I've come from work, where else?

Are you drunk?

Are you crazy? You think so?


I'm not drunk. Smell my mouth.

Come here. Come on.

- Will you really smell it?
- Yes, come.

- Don't you believe your dad?
- No, come.

I'll come then.


I'm coming.

Look, I'm walking straight.

I'm here.

- Release your breath.
- Can you smell it?

You're not breathing.

- Can you smell it now?
- Yes.

Get down in a chicken's pose.

How can I go down
in a chicken's pose?

- I'll do the fish pose.
- No, chicken pose.

- Fish.
- No, chicken.



He seems more like my father
than my son.

May I come in, sir?

This is great. You got angry
and came upstairs.

You know, I did the hen pose
by mistake.

You're lying.

I even laid a few eggs downstairs.

- You laid eggs?
- Of course.

Okay, never mind.

We'll make omelette
out of them, tomorrow.

Okay, then. Okay.

I'm sorry and I promise

I won't even drink once a month
from here on.

Connection promise?

- Connection promise.
- Okay.


- Reading time?
- Yes, reading time.

Is it your turn or mine?

Okay, you read.
I won't be able to read tonight.

Don't be ridiculous, Stagnus.

How could you possible
know an Avox? Snaps Affy.

The very thought what's an Avox,
I asked stupidly.

What a good day today!
What good vibes! Right?


- I have a surprise for you.
- What?

We're going to meet your new
mom this evening. Yes!

What kind of surprise is this?

I don't want to go.

What's your problem?

Don't you feel
like having a complete family?

When we wake up in the morning our
pancakes would be waiting for us.

I don't feel so.
That's what you want.

- Only I feel that way?
- Yes.

But you do want little siblings!
I know!

You want someone to play with.
I know, bro.

- Got you!
- No.

I just want you.

Oh, love you too, bro!
But I'm not going away from you.

What if I bring you
a mom who's a foreigner?

- A foreigner?
- Oh, yes.

I've had enough of Indians.

Let's have some pasta with 'paratha'.

You know, cross culture!

Just imagine, lasagna along with
radish 'parathas'.

- Radish 'parathas'?
- Yeah, man.

Oh, come on! It's not eww.

Now you're going to get
a foreigner mom.

Study well.

- Okay, Dad.
- Hey!

I've told you to call me brother
when we're outside.

- Call me dad at home.
- Sorry, brother.

It's okay, brother.

- Hi, John.
- Hi, buddy.

Did you play the game yesterday?

Bye, younger brother Honsla!

Good day, honey!

I'm also going to college.

- Bye-bye.
- Bye, mom.

See you later.

You're looking red today.

Come on.

Hi, hello.

I'm Honsla's brother.

- Hello.
- Greetings, brother.

Greetings, brother.

- Greetings, brother.
- Greetings, brother.

Greetings, brother.


- We'll have to change the staff.
- Why?

Why are they calling me brother?

Call me Yanky or sir at work.

Anyhow, pack some
'Chamcham' and 'Gajrela' for me.

I see!

This means you're visiting
a girl's house again.

I'll have to handle
the restaurant again today.

That's what you've been hired for.

And everything's set.
What's there to handle?

You always take sweets
but your marriage never gets fixed.

But the restaurant is
making money, right?

Especially for you guys.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Have some tea.
- Oh, yes.

- You have a beautiful son.
- Oh, thank you.

Did you greet your grandparents?

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

If you like her,
show me a thumbs up.


Beth, dear, why don't you
call Nicky down?

Nicky, darling, come on down.


Oh, here she comes.

Nicky, look, this gentleman has
brought you some Indian sweet.

Oh, wow. Exciting.

'Chamcham'! I love 'Chamcham'!

This is so good.

This is my favourite. Wow!

Hold on...

The chair won't be able
to take the weight.

Not funny!

How could you even think
that she'd be your mom?

- What did she lack?
- She lacked nothing.

In fact, she was too much.

People's wives walk with elegance.

She'd have stomped.

Come on, man! I got away, bro.

I have one more surprise
for you, buddy.


We're going to Calgary tomorrow to
meet your new mom, by flight, bro.

Come on!

Dad, you've ruined my weekend
while trying to find me a new mom.

Get her photo first then we'll go.

I've seen her picture.

We just have to go
and give our consent.

Oh my God! What a good day today!

There are good vibes coming, right?

- I prefer window seat.
- Okay, perfect.

Let him be, he'll sit on my lap.

- Smile now.
- Here's your passport.

Thank you.

Smile now.

Not everyone gets
the opportunity to meet a new mom.

- Attention, please.
- Hey! Hello!

From Vancouver to Calgary
has been dealyed.

What did she say?

The flight
is delayed by five hours.

To heck with them!

It's a two hour journey
and it's delayed by five hours.


The girl's family will refuse.

They'll call me unprofessional.

Oh, no!

Dad! Dad!

Dad, look. Cross culture.

- Cross culture.
- Who?

- See!
- Where?

Oh, my God!
Mermaids on earth!

Back off.

I think it'll work out this time.

God always does the right thing.

Wait and watch what happens now.

Back off.

What are you laughing at?

Anyway, they don't know my worth.

- The next one will be a super woman.
- Yes, of course.

Turn left...

- What are you doing? Turn left.
- I'm doing it.

Turn left...

I lost because you kept talking.

- It's my turn now.
- What?

- My turn?
- No, play on your phone.

My phone's battery is dead.
Give me.

- Charge it.
- I forgot the charger at home.

- Where are you going?
- To the washroom.

I know what you want to do.

You want to play
your game on the toilet.

- Do you have an iPhone charger?
- No.

- Ma'am, can you take care of my bag?
- No.

You're useless.

Okay, Katie's going to
work this day... Okay.

Excuse me. Do you have
an iPhone charger?

I don't think so. Let me check.



I'm sorry.

- This is a bad day.
- What did you say?

I didn't abuse you.
I'm talking to myself.

Thank you.

Excuse me, guys. Do you have
an iPhone charger?

- No.
- No.

- No, sorry.
- Alright!

- Please...
- Five hours.

He's been playing
his games alone.

Excuse me, ma'am.
Do you have an iPhone charger?

Excuse me, ma'am. Ma'am!

Sister! Sister, you forgot your bag.

Sister! Sister, you forgot your purse.

Sister! Sister!

You forgot your purse, sister.

Who are you calling sister?

- You want some coffee?
- No.


- You want ice cream?
- No.

It's been five years.
You still remember?

I remember everything.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

- Happy anniversary, darling.
- Same to you, baby.

I didn't realise
how this year went by.

These babies ruined my romance
with all their crying.

Excuse me, sir.

Can you please make your baby quiet?


Your baby is ruining my baby's romance.

- So, where were we?
- You know what?

We'll never have babies.

We'll both fulfill our dreams together.

We'll make a career. We'll study.

Whatever makes you happy
makes me happy.

I told you I didn't want a baby.

Sweety, this is a natural process.

Everyone does it.
We did it too.

And this baby shower outside
must be your natural process too, right?

I did it to cheer you up.
So you could be happy.

What will I do with
the baby shower?

What do I do?

Nothing looks good on me.
How will I go out?

And look at what you're wearing.
It's such a boring colour.

Should I wear a 'Lehenga'?
Will that make you happy?

You want to see me happy, right?

I don't want a child.

Sweety, I took you
to the doctor, didn't I?

The doctor said an abortion
would be complicated.

Oh God!

- Sweetu...
- What happened, dear?

Sweety looks angry.

No, Aunt...

Sweety didn't like the ice cream.

There's a lot of ice cream outside.
Come and eat there.

Everyone's waiting for you.

- Yes, we're coming.
- Come on, come fast.

I know you're having mood swings.

But everyone's waiting outside.

It's embarrassing.


"No one's as beautiful as you."

"No one throws tantrums
like you do."

"While handling your tantrums"

"I might lose myself."

"Your eyes intoxicate me
like alcohol."

"She doesn't even call me."

"She doesn't even call me."

"Your eyes intoxicate me
like alcohol."

"She doesn't even call me."

"No one can get away from that."

"No one can get away from that."

"We have to dance..."

"We have to dance.
Why dance alone?"

"We have to dance.
Why dance alone?"

"We have to dance.
Why dance alone?"

"We have to dance.
Why dance alone?"

"This Sardar has lost
his heart to you."

"I can give my life
to see you dance."

"I can give my life."

"This Sardar has lost
his heart to you."

"I can give my life
to see you dance."

"You can guess how crazy I am."

"You can guess how crazy I am."

"We have to dance..."

"We have to dance.
Why dance alone?"

"We have to dance.
Why dance alone?"

"We have to dance.
Why dance alone?"

"Let the cheques be encashed."

"You can't avoid dancing with me."

"Let the cheques be encashed."

"You can't avoid dancing with me."

"The world gets happy
to see us together."

"To see us together..."

"The world gets happy
to see us together."

"We have to dance.
Why dance alone?"

"We have to dance.
Why dance alone?"

"We have to dance.
Why dance alone?"

"We have to dance.
Why dance alone?"

"We have to dance.
Why dance alone?"

Sweety, you're over-thinking.

It's just four months
and then we'll have fun.

You have no idea what people
were saying at the baby shower.

What did they say?

They said I should
stay at home now.

Now I should think about
the child's studies, not mine.

- Who said that rubbish?
- Pammi and Dolly.

To heck with Pammi and Dolly.

I'm angry at you, Sweety.

You didn't make good friends
who'd give you good advice.

Let me talk to Pammi and Dolly.

- I'll teach them a lesson.
- No.


A person could lose his mind.

This is a natural process.
Go to sleep.

I wonder what's wrong
with Sweety these days.

She fights with me over
trivial things.

All this happens during pregnancy.

Even if she's not sweet to you,
you be sweet to her.

Be patient.


- Bye, Sweety.
- Are you going to work?

- Yes, why?
- Nothing. Go.

Go, get lost!

You don't care about me!

Sweety, who am I working
double shifts for?

For whom?
Tell me, who are you doing it for?

Obviously, for you.
For the future of our child.

You care about the future
of our child.

You don't care about me!

I'm lying at home all day long!

No one even offers me tea.

Listen, Sweety,
can I get you a camper?

I'll fill a bucket of water
for you here.

Am I a cow? Why would
I drink water from a bucket?

I didn't mean it literally.

Sweety, you're misunderstanding

- Sweety, listen to me.
- What?

Look, Sweety, your future
won't be spoilt.

We'll fulfil all your dreams
together, Sweety.

Okay, then, if you think so,
then I'll give the baby to you.

- Will you take care of him?
- Sweety, control.

Will you take care of him? Tell me.

We'll take care of him together, Sweety.
What are you saying?

We'll take care of him together.

Move away.

Yes, Mrs. Singh. Tell me
what your problem is with him.

I want a divorce from him.


She's having mood swings.

She even hit me yesterday.

This is how she is.

When she has a headache
she think it's stomach ache.

When I ask her what's hurting

she says, "if you love me,
figure it out."

Tell me. You...

We don't want any divorce.
Let's wrap this up.

Don't listen to him.
He's a cunning man.

I loved him and this is
what he did to me.

This is my love.

And this is God's blessing,
you know it.

When God has given us a gift,
we'll take care of it together.

I take care of the baby all day.

What do you do for him?

Let the baby be born first
then you can take care of him.

Whenever I'm leaving for work,
I see her sulking on the sofa.

When I come back, she's still
sulking on the same sofa.

She eats ice cream all day.
She'll turn into a whale, ma'am.

- Excuse me, Mr. Singh. Please.
- Sorry, ma'am.

I had my dreams, career
and studies.

He didn't let me do anything.

Ma'am, ask her about her dream.
Ask her what she wants to become.

Sir, please ask her.

What were your dreams, Mrs. Singh?

My dream was to be
an astronaut in NASA.

- I see!
- I want to ride a rocket.

Did you hear that?
She wants to ride a rocket.

Ma'am, her dream is to roam
the universe.

She'd have gotten down somewhere.

- I had backup too.
- Look at her.

If I hadn't become
an astronaut in NASA

I'd have become a fashion designer.

You should ride a rocket.
It's automatic. You can do it.

He keeps mocking me all day.

I'll tell you what

get me the divorce and let him have
the child's custody.

I can't take care
of the baby alone, sir.

I can't either. Hear me out.

You have to take care of the baby.

Sir, a father can't take care of
a baby on his own.

Look, Mr. Singh

if the mother doesn't want the baby
you can't force her.

- Ma'am, no one can force me either.
- You will take care of him.

Calm down, guys.

We will file your divorce papers.

The judge will decide who gets
the baby's custody.

Are your dreams fulfilled?


You want to see something?

Look at this.

My designs get published
in magazines.

The package is good too.

Take a look.

Your back-up plan worked?


What about your restaurant?

Did you open one,
or were you just boasting?

Go ask anyone whose Raj Kachori
'gol gappas' are famous.

They'll tell you about my restaurant.

That's great.

- Here's your coffee and your ice cream.
- Thank you.

You're a lucky man.
You have a beautiful wife.

Dear, we regret that Sweety left.

She left me six months ago, Dad.

Yes, my child.

But all couples fight, Mom.

Uncle and aunt fight all the time.

My child!

You grow with age.
Look how calm they are now.

What's the poor girl's fault?

She had big dreams.

Let her fulfil her big dreams.

I'll live alone.

You're not alone, dear.

You have a son to take care of.

We're both working.

We can't watch him.

You have to take care of him, dear.

But daddy, I'm working too.
How will I take care of him?

I can't even hold him properly.

You can do it, dear.
Be patient.

You must be patient now, dear.


"Men don't take tensions.
They work things out."

Hey, what's that you're carrying?

My in-laws asked me to be patient.

Are you going to raise it alone?


What's his name?


"Be patient. Be patient."

"Be patient. Be patient."

"Be patient."

"Hey, yo, play that again."

You want water?

Are you hungry?
You must be hungry.

My in-laws have given me
a hungry child.

"Those who scare easy..."

Oh, look at this!

"Life doesn't give them
a chance."

This? No?

"Those who scare easy..."

"Life doesn't give them
a chance."

What the heck is this?

"It's like a gamble,
and I'm lucky."

Okay, hold on. I'll get
your milk right away, dear.

"Be patient. Be patient."

"Be patient. Be patient."

"Be patient."

"Just move on, brother."

"Just be relaxed."

"Just move on, brother.

"Just be relaxed."

"Don't panic. You can do this."

Oh, God!

"Be patient. Be patient."

"Be patient. Be patient."

"Be patient. Be patient."

"Be patient, brother."

"Hey, yo, play that again."




- Oh no!
-"Be patient. Be patient."

"Be patient. Be patient."

"Be patient, brother."

Yes, dear. Yes.

You don't even eat.
How do you poop so much?

Yes, right away.
Oh, look at this.

We've run out of nappies, dear.

Wait, I'm coming. Wait.

Don't move, I'm coming.

"Men don't take tensions.
They work things out."

Right. Left. Center

"Be patient. Be patient."

-"Be patient. Be patient."

"Be patient."

Let me go. I'm a human being.

"Hey, yo, play that again."

"Those who scare easy..."

"Life doesn't give them
a chance."

"Those who scare easy..."

"Life doesn't give them
a chance."

"It's like a gamble,
and I'm lucky."

"Be patient. Be patient."

"Be patient. Be patient."

Hey, my baby!

Where should I leave you?


Hello, aunt?

Aunt, what happened?

I fell in the bathroom.

- Aunt, I wanted to know if...
- Pass me that water.

Keep it here. I need to take my medicine.

This medicine.

Keep it here.

- Okay.
- Aunt, just for a day, could you...

I've washed the clothes.

Put them in the dryer.

- Okay.
- And listen.

I've chopped the vegetables.
They need to be cooked.

- Aunt, I'm getting late.
- Listen...

- I'll order food from the
restaurant, aunt. - Listen...


I wonder what games
she plays in the bathroom.

He was dancing so terrible.

- Sir, 'Chicken Toofani'.
- Wow!

Wow! Marvelous!

Awesome! He's so good!
He's amazing.

Sir, continue with
'Chicken Toofani'. Ma'am, please.

Yes, fantabulous.


Hello ma'am. Hello sir.

Where are you going?


You're all messed up, silly.

Come on.

Yes, so, anyway...

Yes, I'll just get it.


It was fun.

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Get out, you are fired.

- Who'll hire you?
- Slowly.

- Hold this.
- Bro..

He's just gone to sleep.

Find me a job which
I can do with the baby.


- What kind of job...
- Please talk softly, he's sleeping.

What kind of job would allow you
to take your baby along?

I'll tell you what, become a janitor.

Considering my current situation,
I can even become a sweeper.

If your wife had left you,
you'd have known.

- What?
- Nonsense!

I think you should remarry.

Get it over with.

You want me to remarry?

I better take care of him instead.
At least no one will leave me.

Can't you speak softly?

- I didn't even say anything.
- Eat.

Didn't you ever miss us?

I did, a lot.

But I didn't have the courage
to come back.

Did you get married?

I tried.

Name, Yanky Singh.


22? No, 26.

Sex, male. What else?

Marital status? No.

Baby? Yes.

I'm not married
but I have a baby.

This doesn't sound right.

Okay, I'll explain later.

Baby, no.

- Nittu!
- Yes, Yanky?

It's your off. Why don't
you baby-sit for two hours?

It's not my off. I'm at work.

Make an excuse.

What excuse? This isn't Punjab

where I can say that I want to go home
as my uncle passed away.

I'm sorry, I can't do it.

You never help me.

My aunt isn't dead.

She must be fine now. Yes, she is.

Is she dead?

Where is she?


Excuse me.
Sorry, a bit late.

- Is that your baby?
- Babies belong to God.

Open the lid.

- It's time for his milk.
- What?

If he starts crying,
he won't let us talk.

Open the box, and add one scoop

- then two scoops.
- Oh my God!

That's it. Not a third one.

If I add three scoops, he poops.


Let's add some hot water to it.

This is a good day.

It doesn't feel like
this is our first meeting.

I feel like we've know each other
for ages.

I get such good vibes from you.

Let's mix this.


Just a second.

So, tell me, when are we
getting married?

Whose baby is this?

You can consider him your own.

Are you out of your mind?

You really think I'd marry someone
who has a child?

Did you tell me you had a child?

No, but I didn't hide it either.

This is not going to work out.

Oh my God! Holy!

Good luck with you and your baby.

Okay, thank you.

Excuse me. Hello.

It's such a nice day.

It doesn't feel like
it's our first meeting.

The world fears babies so much?

I'm marrying for his sake but I
can't marry because of him.

You have a... Yes, I have a baby.

Do you have a problem with that?

Here you are. Marry me
if you want or get lost.

She's so desperate like me.

I'm very happy that you have a baby.

Oh, yes.

Can you send me his picture?

Oh, yes.

As I adore... adore kids.

As I adore kids?

The first line is fine.

I'll send your photo, Honsla.

Which one? I'll send this one.

Oh, no. I don't want to miss this
because of the darn tube.

This is fine. Take this.

It's such a lovely day.

It doesn't feel like
this is our first meeting.

I get such good vibes from you.

I think we'll be a family for ages.

You know, I love children.

I always wanted to adopt a child.

Next year, I'm starting
a charity for them.

Start two. We'll have two, not one.

- That's wonderful.
- Oh, yes.

But we should get married first.

Then we'll have to meet
my parents soon.

- Let's meet them today.
- Right now?

Yes, we're both ready.

And the wise say that you must
not delay anything.

Yes, my dear.

He's getting cranky.

He won't let me have tea.

It's time for his milk.

Let me make his milk,
then we can talk.

Right away, son. Right away.

My son's milk is here.
Gal Gadot is here.

"Gal Gadot is here
with my son's milk."

"She's Wonder Woman.
My son will drink milk."

"Come on."

I want to talk to you.

- Come.
- Sleep.

"Go to sleep."

The boy seems nice.

Yes, dear. How are you?

Listen to me, dear.

The boy is married and has a child.

Your sister has two children too.

She's divorced.

If we could get her married to him...

But Mom, he likes me.
Don't bring this up in front of him.

He'll feel bad.

We've even sworn
to be together forever.

- I think he truly loves me.
- Santosh!

The boy has agreed
for our elder daughter.

- What?
- Come.

You want to marry my sister?

Well, he suggested that the elder
one should marry first.

So, sister is...
No, not sister.

If you can take care of three
children then I don't mind.

- But I do mind.
- Talk softly, he's sleeping.

You don't need a wife, you need
someone to take care of your child.

Dad, I won't marry him.

She won't agree, sir.

Let's go back to plan A.
Let me marry the younger one.

- I won't marry you. Get out.
- You'll wake my son up.

What a strange family!

Don't you guys get along
with each other?

Honsla, it's time
for both of us to grow.

You are growing up.

I could have too.

Oh, such a cute baby!
Excuse me.

It's such a cute baby.
Can we please click a picture with him?

- With him?
- Yes.

Yes, consider him your own.

Carry him.

- Please take our picture.
- Hi, baby!


- Carry him.
- Hi!

- The baby's so cute.
- So cute.

The baby is lovely.

Take our picture.

Yes. Yes, smile.

- Here you are.
- Yes!

What a lovely picture!

Let's take one more. Ma'am,
take the baby to the centre. Yes.

You look lovely, ma'am.

Here you are.

Look! The picture is beautiful, ma'am.

- Take this. Okay, bye, ma'am.
- The baby, sir?

Oh, you can keep him.
It's not a big deal.

- Okay, goodbye.
- But the baby is yours, sir.

Babies belong to God, sir.
Look at her smile.

Look at how happy she is.

You can keep him.

Okay, I'll tell you what,
keep him for a year.

If you don't like him,
I'll give you a full refund.

- Yes.
- Okay?

- Good offer?
- Are you serious, sir?

I'm very serious, sir.
You can talk to ma'am.

I'll tell you what, sir.
Hold the baby for a while.

We'll go on the side and discuss this.

- We'll be back.
- Ma'am!

- We'll be back.
- Ma'am, convince him.

Honsla, I think it's time for me
to grow too.

- Run...
- Why don't you discuss here, sir?

- Where are you going?
- No, brother! Go.

Ma'am, stop sir.
Ma'am, please stop!

Why do you want to give the child
away for adoption?

I'm a single parent.

I don't have any relatives.

- Okay. - I can't work
or take care of the baby.

Do you want only Punjabi parents
for him or any foster parents?

- I'd prefer Punjabi parents.
- Okay.

Well, it seems like we have
all the documents.

Whenever we find suitable parents,
we'll call you.

- Thank you.
- Yes.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

Yes, dear.

Hello, Mr. Yanky.

- Mr. And Mrs. Siddhu.
- Yes!

Sorry, we were so excited
that we came early.

No... Welcome.

Thank you.

Look at you.

Look at how lovely he is.

So cute!
- Hi.

Wow! - Oh,
you're so adorable.

Oh my God!

Did you read the documents?


- Can I make a call?
- Okay.

- How are you?
- You're so cute.

- Bring him to me.
- Hello.


- Nittu.
- Yes, Yanky.

Nittu, the family is here for Honsla.

- How do they look?
- They look great.

I've found out.
They're financially stable too.

That's great.

Honsla will have a good life.
You'll be set too.

Don't think too much.
Let them take him.

Yes. Okay, bye.

- Look at him.
- Yes.

- Excuse me, Mr. Yanky.
- Smile.

I need your
sign on the official documents.

- What? Sign, yes, I'll sign.
- Yes.

- Where?
- Over here.

- Okay.
- Sweetheart.

- Hi.
- Hey.

- Hi.
- Cutie.

Come to me.

- He's lovely.
- I know.

Congratulations to both parents.

- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.

Bye, Honsla.

Let's raise one
to our friend's freedom.

Yanky, you must feel
lighter now.


Is it the same appointment
you spoke about?

That's the one.

But I wanted to meet my friends.

That's why I let it go.

- Hello, sir.
- Hello.

I forgot to give you Honsla's toy.

Oh, I see.

If he cries...

- Hello! Excuse me.
- Honsla!


I thought you must be married
and settled.

But you were doing all this
on your own?


Darling, our flight's boarding.
Come on, let's go.

That's my husband.
I got married last week.

Dad, who was that?


She was my girlfriend from college.


Her husband came, so she left.

Attention, passengers.

Flight AC147 travelling from
Vancouver to Calgary

has been cancelled
due to bad weather conditions.


- For more information...
- Dad!

- Our flight is cancelled.
- passengers must report...

It wasn't cancelled.
It crashed today.

People come and go.

We're standing right here.

When will our flight take off?

Keep this. Sit straight, Honsla.

- John's mom is getting married.
- Who's John?

My friend.

You should have told me
his mother was single.

I'd have married her.

You'd both play as brothers.

His mom is 47.

If this continues, dear,

I won't even find older women.

Yes. I have an idea.

- You'll find a 25 year old.
- How?

- Matrimonial site.
- I already have a profile there.

Matrimonial site!

- When?
- When you were a baby.

That's the difference.
I was a baby then.

Now I'll make the account
and I'll chat.

He'll chat?

Hey, hold on.

I already have a profile in it.
Don't make another one.

Wait and watch.

Full name?

You don't know your dad's name?

Yanky isn't a name.

Waryam Singh.

Waryam Singh Waraich.

Waraich? What?

- W...
- Yanky is fine.


- Write 27.
- 27?

So what?

You made an account with
the age 27 six years ago.

Forget that.
What's your age now?

Write 29. You can lie a bit.

When you go to court to marry,
they'll check your ID.

You'll be embarrassed.

Just write 31, or close it.
I don't want an account.

Let's write 32, okay.

Okay, then.

Kids... No.

What... What have you done?

I said you can lie a bit.
You're erasing evidence.

Dad, I know what I'm doing.

Wait and watch.

Send a request to a nice girl.

Yes, hold on.

She's okay. - No.
- She's okay.

- Not bad.
- No.

Hold on.

Isn't she the one from the airport?

Yes, you saw her?

Yes, I looked at her by chance.

- You have a sharp memory.
- I'm your father.

- Should I send her a request?
- No, wait. What does she do?

Yoga teacher.

- Yoga teacher.
- Yes.

- Go ahead.
- Okay.


- Put my picture.
- Dad, curiosity.

I didn't know my son
was so talented.

I simply hate you, Yanky.

But I like you.

What's your name? Jasmine.

Breath in.

And breath out.

Yoga is beautiful,
not just for your body

but also your mind and soul.

Here you are.
Your minister's gone.

- Mom, Jasmine is here. Hurry up.
- Lie down right here.

- Let me make my move first.
- Come on.

- On the floor, mom.
- To heck with you!

She is coming.

What happened to you, mom!
Drink water!

I know what you're worried about.

- Jasmine's marriage.
- Take a deep breath.

Take a sip of water.

- All this is due to weakness.

You don't eat
out of worry. - I won't survive.

No, Mother-in-law, not yet.

We can't send you off until you
see your granddaughter's wedding.

Even the prayer meeting seems
dull without 'Jalebis'.

Did you see that?
She only wants to see me dead.

- What's happened!
- Jasmine!

My granddaughter!

Hey, what happened, Jasmine?

I can act too.

You could have acted
to marry then, dear.

You've made my profile on
the matrimonial site.

I'll even meet guys if you want me to.

What else should I do?

Just get married, dear.

Why do you want to trouble
an old woman?

Tell me what kind
of a guy you like.

Should we get him made in China?

I'll get married this year,
I promise.



He's been playing games.

I'm sure he hasn't checked.

How are you, dear?

Hit that car.

Was there any reply from there?

There was no reply yet.

- She will. Be patient.
- Yes.

Anyway, charge this.
Make sure the battery doesn't die.

Relax, Romeo.
Let me sleep at night.

You have to go to work
in the morning.


Dad! Dad! Dad!




- Yes! Yes!
- Yes!

I'm going to bring you
a mother in a week.

Give me the phone.
Let me start chatting.

I made your ID. I'll chat.

No, dear, you go to school.
Children don't do this.

- Give me the phone.
- I'm not going to school.

- I'll chat.
- I'll chat.

- I'll chat.
- I'll chat.

- I'll chat.
- I'll chat.

- I'll chat.
- Hey!

- She'll reject you if you chat.
- Don't underestimate your dad.

Trust me.

"My beloved will come today."

I'm telling you for the last time,
let me chat.

Dear, go and study in school.

Take your bag and
concentrate on your studies.

Hey, John.

- Bye.
- Bye, sweetheart.

Bye, honey younger brother.

Bye, dad.

I'll do my homework, dad.

- Bye, dad. Love you.
- I'll see you at home.

- See you later, dad. Bye.
- Congrats, John's mom.

You did it!

Let's go, sweetheart.

What's he afraid of?
I'm just like you.

What should I write?


Hello, gorgeous. Yes.

Hello, gorgeous.
How are you?

Oh, the gorgeous is online.

How am I?

You're asking how the leaves
are doing in autumn?

You do this on purpose, don't you?

Means? Means...

Asking the condition of leaves
in spring.

Purposely? Purposely?

Where did she go?

Never mind she didn't get it.
I'll send her a poem.

You're like the leaves
of pomegranates.

It's monsoon,
why don't you embrace me?

Take this.

She replied. Means?

She always asking the meaning.


Two leaves of pomegranate...

In the rainy weather hug me,
beloved. Take this.

Smiley, smiley, two hearts,
two hearts, take this.

All the hearts for you.

Take a kiss also.

Dad! Dad!

Dad! Dad!

What happened?

Dad, did you chat with her?
What did she say?

What happened to the belt?

Tell me, did you chat?

- How was your day?
- It was fine, Dad. Did you chat?

Should we go to McDonald's?

Dad, don't go off topic.

Tell me. What happened?

She blocked me.

She blocked you!
What did she ask?

She asked why I didn't
have a display picture.

I told her if she saw my picture,
she'd lose her sleep.

What else?

She wasn't interested.

Wow, dad!

I knew this would happen.

You never listen.
You always rush things.

I'm sorry.

What do we do now?

What else?
We'll have to find a new one.

We'll look for a new one but

I'd be really happy
if we could have this one.

Will you impress her if you
meet her face to face?

Face to face?

She hasn't even seen me yet.

If we had met face to face,
she'd never forget me.

She blocked me without seeing me.
Silly woman.

Can you wake up at 6 am?

- Why?
- Done.

Get ready to go to Stellar Park in
the morning.

How do you know?

It's written on her profile.

She goes jogging every day.

- Show me.
- Look.

Let's go. Let's go.
Let's go to sleep. Come on.

Let's go to sleep.

We have to go
to the park in the morning.

Don't overeat at night.
Let's go. Let's go.

Is this the park?
Was it another one on her profile?

Dad, wait a bit.
She must be late.

She didn't seem like
she was a latecomer.

She's here. She's here.

She's here. Stay down.

- Should I go?
- Go on.

And don't hang up on me.

- Hello.
- Dad, did she smile?

- No, she didn't even look at me.
- Is it?

She's busy running.

But I did get good vibes. I did.

- Then follow her, dad.
- Okay.

Follow her! Follow her!

- You're going ahead of her.
- Okay.

What are you doing?


- What is it?

You said you'd impress her
face to face. What's this?

How should I impress her?
She's not even looking at me.

Dad, you'll have to go
next level.

Should I stand on a cycle?

Dad, culture.

"Listen, you, who's running away."

"Listen, you, who's running away."

Dad, she left.

She... She didn't even say bye!

This is a goodbye from her.

Dad, what are you doing?

I'm exhausted.

Let me breathe, dear.

It's okay, dear.
Girls like her take a lot of time.

So, let's give her time.
I'll miss school today.

Why would you miss school?

Go to school.
Don't miss your studies.

We're not kids who'd run after girls.

"By the ocean..."

"I wish to have a companion,
a lover"

"who'd quench my thirst."

Excuse me.

- Hold on.
- Mad.

She smiled.

Go away, Honsla.

I think only Yanky's style
can impress her.

How was your weekend?

Yes, it's going to be a long day
for me.

How was yours?

Yes, Nittu.

Do you want my number?

604... No!

You don't have to write it.

Just write it on your heart.
You'll remember.


Have you written it on your heart?

In case someone hasn't
memorised it...




Hey, excuse me.

Why are you following me?

I'll stop following you
if you want.

Yes, please stop.
Don't do that.

And what's this?


It's an initiation from me.

I've written both my numbers.

One of the numbers
is often out of range.

What should I do
with your numbers?

Don't pretend to be innocent.

You need a companion
in this unknown country.

Are you crazy?
Are you mad or something?

You were the one acting weirdly
at the park today, right?

I see! So, you noticed me?

I was making a scene
for no reason.

So, you were watching me.

You have sharp vision,
naughty girl.

Should I call the cops?

They'll arrest you
under charges of stalking.

Arrest me in the prison
of your heart.

Handcuff me.

Hold it now.

Your grip is quite strong.

Please accompany us to the station.

- Sir... We're friends, sir.
- No.

- No, no.
- He's been stalking me.

I don't know him.
- Friendly talk, ma'am.

- She is just kidding.
- No.

She's my nursery friend, ma'am.

Is he your father?


We'll let you off with a warning.
Next time you won't be so lucky.

- Have you done your homework?
- Yes, I'm done.

Did you do your homework?

Well... I even gave her my number.

You always ruin things
in desperation.

Just do what you want.

I did what I had to, son.

I've given up.

You tell me what I should do, son.

Now I'll do what you say.

- Let me think.
- Okay, think.


- I'm thinking.
- Okay.

Thank you, Alex. Thank you.

- You have a good day. Bye.
- Thank you.

- Hi, everyone.
- Greetings.

Good morning, everybody.
I hope you had a good weekend.

So, we'll quickly start practising
what we learnt last week.

So, let's get started. Yes.

Oh yeah. Amazing.

Thrust the knee
a little bit out. Chest up.

Hands further up.

Very good. Hands up.

Little bit straight up.

What are you doing here?

The tree pose.

I mean, what are you
doing in my yoga class?

I've paid for it. I got
admission five minutes ago.

I'm sorry for the other day.
I'm really sorry.

My intuition wasn't wrong.
The situation was wrong.

- Is it?
- I've really come to learn yoga.

But why did you come
to learn yoga?

I've heard that yoga
helps you live longer.

And I want to live with my wife
and child for many years.

Really? How many children
do you have?

If I was married,
I'd have at least seven by now.

Why don't you just say
you're single?

- Oh, yes, single. And you?
- Excuse me.

- Could you help me with my pose?
- Yep!

Yeah, sure.

To heck with you!
He ruined everything.

- Hands up.
- Excuse me, ma'am.

Ma'am, can you correct my pose?

- You're doing great.
- Is it right?


Excuse me, can you correct my pose?

- Yeah, sure.
- Oh yes.

So you just put your
hands up like this.

- Yeah, just right up there.
- Foot should be up like this.

- My foot?
- Yeah.

- And you put your hands up like this.
- Okay.

What's happening here?

Ma'am, my position wasn't proper.
She was correcting it.

Go back, Daniel.

Okay, fine.

Thank you, Daniel.

Ma'am, can you correct my pose?

Breathe in now.

Should I breathe out, ma'am?

Back arch. Look up.

- Yes...
- Ma'am, can you correct my pose?

Excuse me, ma'am?

Ma'am, hands should be like this
or like this?

Like this.

That's why.

Ma'am, can you correct my pose?

- Who gave this guy admission?
- Who?

- Yanky! How are you?
- Hi!


Greetings, guru.

- I feel refreshed.
- This guy.

"I'm flying."

Follow me.


And slowly exhale.

Good morning, guys.

Ma'am, can you move?

- Hold your breath for ten seconds.
- Ma'am, please go back.

Hello, Daniel!


Okay, we'll inhale one more time.


Imagine you're in
a beautiful garden.

You can smell all the
beautiful flowers.

And you can feel
the breeze on your face.

You can see these beautiful tall trees.

You can smell the flowers.

Now a butterfly has flown from the
flowers and is on your shoulder.

It's now on your stomach.

Now a bee flew from the flowers

came on your shoulder
and stung you.

Oh no!

But you're okay.

You're enjoying the breeze,
the water and the air.

Now the dog sitting next to you...

No, no, you won't scold it.

You'll shoo it away with love.

Now the one coming to you,
to befriend you is a tiger.

She's playing pranks with me.

Take a deep breath.

You'll feel all this
stillness inside.

Have you been like that since your
childhood or do you have a flaw?

I was born cute.

- Why haven't you eaten, Grandma?
- What should I eat?

Your mother has cooked
tasteless food.

Okay, tell me what you want.
I'll get you something to eat.

Note it down. 'Dahi Bhalla',
'Raj Kachori', 'Gol Gappa', that's it.

Now tell me where I'll find these.

Get it from wherever you want,
but now Tarkari Sweets.

Do you know of a nice place

where I can find 'Raj Kachori'
and 'Gol Gappas'?

- Tarkari Sweets?
- She doesn't want it from there.

- Then...
- Bye.

Oh, Yanky!

- Oh, yes.
- Come here.

We need your help.

- Who needs it?
- She does.

Oh my God! My guru!
I'm always ready.

Her grandma has ordered
'Dahi Bhallas' and 'Gol Gappas'.

- Do you know of a nice place?
- I know a great place.

I was just going there.

Let me serve you, Guru.

- No, thank you.
- It's okay.

As you wish.

Anyway, there are several cases
of cholera these days.

If you want it for your grandma,
make sure you go to a good place.

May God give your grandma
a long life.

But cholera...

Oh, my God!
So much pressure these days.

Ladies first.

Greetings, ma'am.

This way.



Thank you.

Excuse me.

Yes, coming.

- Yes?
- Hello.

- Hello.
- Can I ask you to get 'Dahi Bhalla'?

- Okay.
- 'Raj Kachori'.


- What else?
- 'Gol Gappas'.

- Some 'Gol Gappas'.
- Okay.

Oh, yes. All packed, to go.

- Okay.
- Oh yeah.

Excuse me.

May I go to the washroom, ma'am?

- What?
- Can I go to the washroom?

- You need my permission for it?
- You're my teacher now.

- Should I not ask you?
- Please go.

I'll be back soon. Okay.

Okay. Yes, yes.

- So long?
- I was setting my turban.

- Thank you.
- My treat.

No, I got this.

It's okay, you can
deduct it from my yoga fee.

Keep the change, bro.

- Thank you, sir.
- Let us go.

Why was everyone grinning at us?

I mean...

They must be wondering
what a great couple we make.

You commended this restaurant.

If my grandma doesn't like
the food, she'll kill me.

I'll get you out of
yoga class tomorrow.

And what if your grandma likes it?

What then?

"You say something,
I'll say something."

"Dear beloved."

Where did you get this from?

My friend recommended this place.

Where's my 'Kachori'?

Yoga teacher?

For me?

'Eat me!'

You know what?
Your friend has great choice.

- Should we start?
- Yes.

First breathe in.

Breathe out.

Never mind. Burping is good.

- Go ahead.
- Yeah.

Yoga is lovely.

Breathing in and out.

- Should we start again?
- Yes.

First breathe in.

Breathe out.

That's fine, but what's your progress?

Will she marry you?

I think she likes me.

- How do you know?
- Next pose, dear.

You don't have X-rays for this, dear.

They are just feelings.
And I can feel it.

Feeling in.

Feeling out.

Feelings are coming.

Feelings are going.

Next pose.

Dad, don't be hasty.

Be friends with her first
then go on to the next step.

That's what I'm doing.

I'll give her a
friendship card tomorrow.

Dad, can we sleep?

I need to go to the market
tomorrow with Nittu uncle.

Get me two underwear
of size 90.

Grey colour.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...

The things we do together.

- Hello.
- Hello.

The matter has reached
up to love.

- How long did it take?
- Four years.

You did the entire course,
didn't you?

I'm going to get the result today.

- Best of luck.
- Thank you.

Bro, remove those leaves.
They don't look good.

Sure. Thank you.

What a good day today!
I have good vibes coming.

Oh, my God!

That one?

Dad! How are you, dad?

Dad! Dad!


Dad! Hello, Dad!

Dad! Dad! Dad!

Dad! Dad! Dad!

Dad! Love you, dad!

How are you, dad?
You didn't come home?

- Dad, mom is looking for you.
- Let's go.

Please don't leave us.

- The couple is fighting.
- Please.

- What are we going to do there?
- My God!

- The world is so deceitful.
- Oh yeah.

He hid his son in his relationship.

Look at them.
How mean the world is!

Why were you screaming dad
in the middle of the road?

I've told you to call me brother
outside and dad at home.

It's such a simple thing.
Why don't you get it?

Take this.

I didn't know you were
with sister-in-law.

- I mean, mom.
- I'm talking about myself.

We shouldn't keep any secrets
from Jasmine.

We should just
tell her the truth.

We have to tell her now.

Will I live in the Gurudwara
after your marriage?

I'm telling you,
I'll tell her tomorrow.

Don't be impatient.
Build her trust first.

Tell me something.

Should I stop being hasty
or build her trust first?

Say one thing.
You're confusing me.

Jasmine is calling.

You said I should build trust
but I think she loves me.

- Should I answer it?
- Answer it.


Hello! Were you sleeping?

Not yet.

I just start
dreaming about you.

Really? Isn't that why
you joined my yoga class?

Yes, I've been doing yoga
since I was a child.

Let me see you
at yoga class tomorrow.

So, what made you think of
this handsome boy?

Is your phone on speaker?

No, I'm alone.

I'm alone. Tell me.

No, the way you've been talking today

boys usually do that when they put the
phone on speaker to make others hear.

No, no...

Why have you called me so
late at night? What's the matter?

Hold on.

Actually, I came to
the restaurant you recommended.

Grandma has asked for food.

And you know that she acts
stubborn like a child.

She just wants what she wants
and it's their closing time.

Can you do something?

- You're at the restaurant?
- Yes.

I'm coming right now.

Lock the door from inside.

- Don't be hasty.
- Okay, okay.

Sir, you're here?

We were coming to your house
to give you the key.

Forget the key,
a girl came here.

- The girl from the other day?
- Yes.

She's right behind you.

- Hi.
- Hello.

- Hi.
- You were behind me.

I was just asking him.

She came to get cupcakes
but we don't make them.

Sir, the salary I got was less.

I worked overtime, sir.

He's talking to you.

He's talking to you, not me.
He keeps saying this to me.

So, shall we leave?

No, just say what you have to.

No, that's it. Let's go.


So, you're the owner
of this restaurant.

I'm a good cook too.

And I'm very hungry.

So, shall we have
candle-light dinner?

Let's do it.

Shall we?

Shall we?

The foreigners are amazing,
aren't they?

They just say what they
have to at any cost.

It's happening.

You're cute.

- You're cute.
- Thank you.

"With the moustache,
you get an Indian look."

"Your looks are killer."

"The fair complexion
suits you a bit."

"Your Balenciaga
adds to your style."

"When you wink at me, beloved"

"it feels like there's guitar
playing in my heart."

"When you wink at me, beloved"

"it feels like there's guitar
playing in my heart."

"It feels like there's guitar
playing in my heart."

"When you wink at me, beloved."

"It feels like there's guitar
playing in my heart."

"When you wink at me..."

"I'm a little close, and a little far."

"When you smile,
I skip a heartbeat."

"When you smile..."

"I like you. I want to be wth you."

"When we look at each other,
nothing seems difficult."

"Tell me. What do I lack, beloved?"

"It feels like there's guitar
playing in my heart."

"When you wink at me, beloved"

"it feels like there's guitar
playing in my heart."

"When you wink at me, beloved"

"it feels like there's guitar
playing in my heart."

"You're well aware
of all my routes."

"My sandals match
with your boots."

"This is my first love.
I don't know how to express."

"The dresses match
with the colour of the turban."

"Look carefully just once, beloved."

"It feels like there's guitar
playing in my heart."

"When you wink at me, beloved"

"it feels like there's guitar
playing in my heart."

"When you wink at me, beloved"

"it feels like there's guitar
playing in my heart."

"When you wink at me, beloved"

"it feels like there's guitar
playing in my heart."

"When you wink at me, beloved"

"it feels like there's guitar
playing in my heart."

- Come on, man!
- Oh, buddy!

Why did you hit me?

- I didn't!
- You hit me first!

- You hit me first.
- See what you are doing?

- You killed my player.
- I didn't hit you.

Come on, man!

- Bomb site!
- Go and open the door, someone has come.

Go outside and open.

You go and open,
I went last time.

- It's your turn.
- I went the last time.

Pause this right now. Pause it.

- You never listen to your father.
- There you go.

- I said, pause it!
- I did it.



- Honsla!
- Hello.


- Yanky.
- Your new mom is here. Run away.

The yoga teacher is here. Run away.


Run away.


Breath in.

Breath out.

Why did you close the door
on seeing me?

You've come to my house
for the first time.

I had to perform the ritual.


Don't step on the oil.

This is amazing, you must have found
the house on the internet, isn't it?

- You live alone?
- Yes, I live alone for now.

Later, it'll be you and me.

And you play Play Station alone?

Yes, I switch between
player one and player two.

This is what I do, all day.

Do... you want to
eat something or...

This must be yours too, right?

This? You found it!
I was looking for it.

Yes, it's... mine.

I bought this, but it shrunk.

Look at this. Here!

I was this big first,
and now I've come to this. Sorry!

What do you want to eat?
What do you want to eat?

Should I make some tea?
Pizza? You want to eat ravioli?


I think you are not in a good mood,
I'm not getting good vibes.

These are my toys.
I like guns.

This is my upcoming project.
I started it.

I started it when I was a child
but it isn't done yet.

Those are my childhood shoes.

I've kept all my childhood stuff safely.

Can we have tea outside?

This... this is my childhood cycle.

My childhood bear.

Oh yeah! Let's go upstairs?

This is my childhood.

Come, let's see some more of my
childhood stuff upstairs.

Isn't he your son?

Yes. I wanted to tell you.


- Jasmine.
- Shut up!

- Listen...
- Don't try to explain anything.

Don't you have any shame?

You have a grownup son and you've
been pretending like you're single?

Is this a joke to you?

What are you teaching your son?

You're playing
with people's feelings.

People like you should be in prison.

I don't want to see
your face again.

Iron Man is coming for you!

Dad, everything was spoilt
because of me.

No, dear.

This was bound to happen.

Iron Man is coming back.

He's coming. Hold it, Honsla.

Dad, I know it,
mom left you because of me.

I overheard your conversation
with mom at the airport.

You hid it from me all this while?

Whoever you love, leaves you.

Nothing can be worse than that.

Don't talk so wisely.

You love me
and you're with me.

I love you and I'm with you.

What do we lack?

Dad, the new mom was very nice.

What's wrong with us?

She'll regret it
when she gets home.

When we wake up

she'll be standing outside with regret
but we won't take her in.

We'll play Call on Duty all day.

I'll take the bottom screen.

- I will, not you.
- I will take it, that's it.

You took it the last time.

Okay, the one who wakes up early
gets the bottom screen, okay?

Okay, now go to sleep quickly.

If both of you have come to cry

and do your emotional drama
then please leave.

I told you it won't work.

We came to apologise.

You apologise for mistakes,
not deceit.

- No, we apologise for deceit too...
- Hold on.

Just leave quietly

or the child will also go to the
children's cell along with you.

I don't mind.

Just marry my dad.

Marry him?

So that we can have another child like
you and he can marry a third woman?

No, I swear. You're last.


I feel disgusted to even think about

having a life partner like you.


What does disgust mean?

It means, you may be angry
but you still love someone.

That's what it means.

Love with someone like you?

Tell me something.
Where's the first one?

She must have left for sure.

My mom isn't alive.

She's no more.

She has passed away.

My father was married before,
now he's a single parent.

Can't he even marry
if he feels like?

He's the best father
in the world.

So, please, marry him.

He has never asked me
for anything.

Not even a single toy.

But I wonder why he's being
stubborn for you.

Before me, he feels
that you should be his mom.

I know you'll find
better guys than me.

You'll find a better family than ours.

We won't trouble you again.

We're sorry.

Was that too much?

You were a bit too much in the end.

Bless you.

Why did you have to tell such
a big lie that Sweety is no more?

If I had told the truth,
we'd have lost new mom.

What do you think? Will she come?

I don't think so.

- Should I reverse?
- Go ahead.

- Should I drive?
- Yes, you'll have to.

She's coming. She's coming.

She's coming. She's coming.

Honsla, ask her if she consents
to the marriage or

does she need me
to drop her somewhere?

Honsla, you ask your dad if he'll
change his mind after marriage.

- If he does, we'll change him.
- Yes.

That's what you'll keep doing.

Okay, fine, get ready
and come tomorrow.

Meet my family.

- We're ready today.
- Yes.

This is a good day for us.
We're here.

Let's meet your family today.
I'm getting good vibes. Let's...

Should I first tell them
that I like someone?

Okay, fine.

But my dad won't accept

that you're married
and even have a child.

We'll have to lie to him.

- Lie? We can't lie.
- We can't lie.

- Yes.
- We can't lie.

Anyway, he'll find out
after marriage.

- Yes.
- We'll manage after the wedding.

But tomorrow, just tell him
he's your younger brother.

Okay, sister-in-law.

Okay, then. We did practise
being brothers.


- Okay, then, see you guys tomorrow.
- Bye.

- Bye.
- Bye.

You're great!

What do you do, dear?

He's the owner of that restaurant,
Happy Singh.

The one whose food you loved.

That restaurant!

Oh, dear! Then you must get married.

So, let's have sweets then?

Hold on, dear.
We will have sweets. It's okay.

- No need to hurry. Let's talk first.
- Yes.

Who's this boy?

He's his younger brother.



- The brothers look so alike.
- Yes, obviously.

- He's my younger brother.
- I see!

Dear, you should have brought
your parents along.

His parents passed away
when we were little.

When you were little?

When he was little.

Yes. I've raised him like my son.

You look like father and son.

It's obvious, I raised him like my son.

Dad, I really like Yanky.

- I want to marry him.
- So sweet.

- So, let's have sweets.
- Hold on, dear.

It's fine that kids these days
want to marry their lovers.


Our nephew married
the girl of his choice.

- Really?
- They got divorced.

I see!

And we're afraid the same doesn't
happen with our daughter.

You should get rid
of your fears.

Us brothers will treat
your daughter like a princess.

How nice!

Shall we have sweets?

We must now.

Come on, dear,
let's prepare for the wedding.

What preparation?

We'll handle the catering.
You can arrange the rest.



Hang on, I'll just come.

Honsla, where's your dad?

- My dad...
- Jasmine?

Tell me...

- Dad, I was just asking him
where my dad is. - Yes.

Guests are looking for you.

Come, let's go inside.

- Where's your dad?
- He must be in the room.

When there's no one around,
call me mom.

- Okay?
- Okay.

- Mom.
- Yes, mom.

- I'll go meet your dad.
- No... I'll go call dad.

Dad! Brother!

"It's the wedding night."

"I will lift your veil."

Do I look all right, idiots?
Or should I change?

It's fine.

No matter what I wear now
I am getting married anyway.

- "It's the wedding night."
- Brother! Brother! Dad! Dad!

What happened?
Why are you panting, dear?

- Mom is here.
- Then send her.

What are you doing here?
Hey, idiots.

Go out
and manage the arrangements.

Give the new couple some privacy.

We're no longer kids.
Go play.

- No, dad.
- Go.

- The old mom is here.
- Sweety is here?

- Sweety is here?
- Yes.

- Were you dreaming?
- No, I saw my old mom.

- There you are! We are in trouble.
- What is she doing here?

You won't marry now.

Why is she here?

Dad, hold on.


- Should I pack our bags?
- Yes, pack them to be safe.

- Okay.
- I'll go try.

Yes, I'll go pack.

Move aside, sorry.



What is she doing here?

Oh God.

Oh please!

Congratulations for your marriage.

Thank you. Thank you.

I'm so glad you came.

Who gave you the invitation card?

- I found out at the restaurant.
- Greetings, ma'am.

Why are you here?

I wanted to
talk about something important.

6047802772. Note it down.

- I wanted to meet you.
- What's left between us now?

I've told these people
my wife is dead.

- Dead?
- Talk softly, they'll kill me.

A person has to do such things.

I'll explain it to you later.
Just leave now.


Jasmine is here.

- Yanky!
- Get out of here. Don't talk to me.

Yes... Jasmine!

Oh my God! Where were you?

I've been looking for you
since morning.

- I've been looking for you.
- You were looking for me?

- Yes.
- Bride's face is glowing so much.

Dad wants you to meet someone.

He's looking for me?
Oh my goodness gracious.

Let's go meet him.

Let's meet him.

Who are they?

They are our family friends.

They handle our legal work too. Come.

I want to enjoy the wedding.

How many people are we going to meet?
Come, let's enjoy the wedding.

Yanky, they've been waiting.

Come. It'll only
take a minute. Please.

- What have you done!
- This is too much.

- Oh no! Waiter, you're too much.
- Go change your clothes.

Excuse me.

Did you see?

Fathers are full of
joy at the daughter's wedding.

Her dad is full of 'Dal'.

- Okay, then.
- I think we've seen you before.


No, my face is so familiar

people think of me as their own.

- You enjoy.
- Wait.

Darling, isn't
he the one we got divorced?

Oh, yes, I recognise you now.

You did get me divorced once.

Then how did you end up
with Jasmine?


Well, I'm organising
the catering here.

- Oh, I see!
- Secondly, I'm also Jasmine's groom.


Does Jasmine's family know
you're divorced?

Oh, yes, Jasmine knows everything.

It's going to be a surprise
for the family.


But you were going to have
a baby too.

He's here too. I thought I'll
introduce everything together.

A second surprise.

If you don't believe me,
you can ask Jasmine.

There's Jasmine.
Jasmine, please come.

Jasmine, come.

- Hi. - Hello.
- Jasmine...

Tell them that you know
I've been married before.

- Yes, he told me everything.
- I see.

He's been married.

Then his wife died.

- Oh, I see.
- Yes.

Oh I'm so sorry.

But please don't tell my family.

- Not at all. If you're happy,
we won't tell them. - No.

- Thank you.
- Anyway, these are confidential matters.

I'm so sorry to hear that.
How did she die?

How did she die?


The rocket crashed.

- Oh, I see.
- Give me some time.

- You please take care.
- Jasmine!

Make sure they get served well.

- Yes, don't worry.
- Enjoy.

"When I was young"

"I was enthusiastic."

Jasmine, please make your grandma
stop dancing.

I'm not getting good vibes today.

"I was excited."

Just look at her.

I'm afraid something
might happen to her.

Please stop her.

Thank God, they left.

No one found out.


Aunt, what are you doing here?

I found out about the wedding.
I couldn't resist.

Look, Aunt, both of us
don't know each other here.

My in-laws have counted
their guests and ordered food.

If they count any extra guest,
they'll catch you.

If they catch you, you know,
I'll fight with them for you.

No, dear, don't fight with anyone.
I won't tell anyone.

Both of us don't
know each other here.

Have fun. Look that way, aunt.


You're just like your dad.

You know...

Why haven't you gone yet?
What are you doing?

I told you, Yanky, I wanted to
discuss something important.

- Okay, hurry up.
- You relax first.


I'm relaxed. Look how relaxed I am.

- I beg of you.
- Honsla.

Who's she?

- Yes, hello! Yes!
- Who's she?

- She... You haven't met yet?
- No.

Oh, my bad!
Let me introduce her.

She's my college friend.
But she's well-settled.

She's married to a foreigner.

And she is my wife to-be.
My better half.

Nice to meet you.
I'm glad you came.

- Now you should leave.
- Won't she stay for the wedding?

No, she has an evening flight.
She can't stay.

But now that you're here,
stay for your friend's wedding.

No, but she has a busy schedule.

Why are you after her?
You're so stubborn.

- I mean...
- If you insist, I'll stay.

How can you stay? You don't
have any wedding clothes.

Big deal, Yanky.
I'll arrange for the clothes.

- Enjoy the wedding.
- Thank you so much.

You're welcome. Come.

What do you think?
Will I get married?

I'm getting bad vibes.

Let me try one more time.

"The stars on your Lehenga, beloved"

"make me go crazy."

"When you start glowing, beloved"

"it feels like the money
invested was worth it."

"Chanel size five."

"Chanel size five
suits you the best."

"Everything about you is great."

"Everything about you is great.
Your car is pink too."

"Chanel size five."

"Angel, take my heart away."

"Look at me with your big eyes."

"Angel, take my heart away."

"Look at me with your big eyes."

"Don't be afraid to hug me."

"Don't get tired of dancing."

"Look at your white dress..."

"Look at your white dress.
You paired it with black."

"Chanel size five
suits you the best."

"Everything about you is great."

"Everything about you is great.
Your veil is pink too."

"Chanel size five."

"You're so attractive
that you pull me towards you."

"When you use my name with yours,
it feels great."

"It's your obsession, beloved."

"It's your obsession.
I can't think of anything else."

"Chanel size five."

"Chanel size five
suits you the best."

"Everything about you is great."

"Everything about you is great.
Your veil is pink too."

"Chanel size five."


He's sleeping.

- Did anyone see you?
- No.

Oh, my goodness gracious.

What are you doing here?


- No, Sweety, no...
- Yanky.

Listen to me.

Forget me, Sweety.

I can't leave Jasmine for you.

I've moved on in life.

I've moved on in life too.

I haven't come here
to call off your alliance.

- You haven't?
- No.

Sit down.

What are you doing then?

You know, Yanky

- since I saw Honsla at the airport...
- Then?

- I keep thinking about him.
- Then?

- Look, you're getting married.
- Then?

- Please, can I take Honsla?
- Shouldn't I give you something else?

Honsla isn't a thing that
I can hand over to you.

You want to take Honsla?

You know, I've convinced Sam too.

- Sam said we can take Honsla.
- To heck with your Sam.

Honsla is my son, he'll stay with me.

- Isn't he my son?
- Talk softly.

- Isn't he my son?
- He's not, we're done.

- Go sleep.
- Please agree, Yanky.



- Open it.
- Quiet.

Jasmine, we're in deep sleep.

Yanky, I want to meet you.

Jasmine, just spend this night alone.

A few nights later, we'll live
together forever.

Open the door please.

If she see us together.

My wedding will be called off.

Just tell her I'm your friend.

Does a friend behave like that?

Open up, I need to talk.

Jasmine, I'm opening it.
I can't find the light switch.

No, no, no. Hide over there.

Hey! Why should I hide?

I'm coming, Jasmine.
I can't find my slippers.

- Why should I hide?
- Wait a minute. Please.

- I'll go near the sofa.
- Go ahead.

I'm coming. I found my slippers.

I'm coming, Jasmine. Jasmine.


I was fast asleep.

You were asleep?
I can't sleep.

Now don't tell me that
I stole your slumber.

I won't be able to endure
that accusation, Jasmine.


- My family is so happy.
- Yes.

They have so many desires
for my wedding.

I know.

But I find all this
a bit weird.

Yes, all this does feel a bit weird.

Now I feel like we're cheating
them by not telling them

about Honsla and you.

Yes, we are cheating them
but what else can we do, Jasmine?

Jasmine. What's happened to you?

This nervousness is normal.

Let me help you relax.

Do you feel relaxed now?

Come on now, let's go to sleep.
We have to wake up early.

Get up. Are you feeling better?

- Are you feeling better?
- Yes.

What happened?

Don't you smell
women's perfume?

You caught me.
You won't let it be a surprise.

I've ordered a special perfume
for you from Dubai.

As a surprise.

Yes. You just get
all the secrets out of me.

That's it.

Come on.

This is strange.

You don't want to give me my son.

And you're hiding your son
and getting married?

Do you have any idea
what you're doing?

If Jasmine's family refuses
to accept Honsla

what are you going to do?

Look, Yanky,
you still have time.

Give the son to me.

You can get married with ease.

Think about it.


You haven't slept yet?

No. What were you thinking?

Thank you.


Hi! Thank you.

Thank you.

Jasmine, I wanted to talk to
your family and you.


You can talk after marriage.


Dad, I want to discuss
a small thing with you. May I?

Tell me, dear, what do you
want to talk about?

Let us all sit together
as a family.

It'll take two minutes,
we can continue after that.

What do you want to talk about?
He's too much.

You can talk all you want
after marriage.

Let us hear what he has to say, dear.

Listen, everyone. Our son-in-law
wants to say something romantic.

No, no... Let the relatives enjoy.

They are our relatives, dear.
Don't be shy.

Just say what you have to.

- Tell us, come on.
- Tell us what you have to say.

Tell us.

Can we sit down?

- Sit.
- Yes.

We'll sit and talk.

You look beautiful.

She's beautiful.

Well, I...

Hold on a minute.

Let him come, please.


Yes, sir.

Well... Dad, I...

Brother-in-law, stand up.
We can't see you.


- Cheers!
- Cheers!

I don't know
where to start from.

Start from the start.

Well, it's a small thing but
it's going to be a big deal.

Mom, I wanted to say that

I was...

married once before.

What did you say, dear?

Mom, I was married before.

I knew about his marriage.

He insisted on telling
you all about it.

- But I forbade him.
- Yes.

But he doesn't listen.

- You told them after all.
- Right.

Such an honest man!

- Very good, Yanky!
- Very good!

Such an honest man.

- Thank you. Thank you.
- It wasn't that small to hide.

You should have hidden it until
after the marriage.

But Dad, his first wife is dead.

She'd fight a lot with him.
He still lived with her.

She wasn't that bad.
Both the parties were at fault.

- Did you know his first wife?
- Ask him.

Tell us.

Yes, Mom, I wasn't done talking.


I was married to Sweety.


You said she wasn't nice
and she died.

He's invited her to the wedding.

Excuse me guys... Excuse me...

Should I serve the drinks?

Yes, start serving the snacks also.

You lied to me?

I told you I had something to say
to you and the family.

I just combined
both the things.

Jasmine... The other day,
I said that by mistake.

And Sweety is already married, Mom.

That white guy is her husband.

I have no relations with Sweety.

If you have no relations,
then what is she doing here?

Well, I came to take Honsla.

You didn't get along with
your husband.

What will you do with his brother?

Well, Grandma,
I'm still not done talking.

Well... We...

We gave birth to a son too.

Oh, my God!

Your revelations
are going to kill me.

And Honsla is not my brother,
he's my son.


- Sit down, Mom.
- Give her water.

But don't worry

we'll all sit together as a family
and resolve this.

Get out.
Get out of here.

You hid the matter
of your first marriage.

How can we get our daughter married to
someone who has a seven year old son?

Well, I'll take Honsla.

Don't call off the wedding.

Dad, you get married.

I'll go to my old mom.

Can you stay without me?

Will you like it?

Will you play Call of Duty alone?

Love you daddy.

Honsla will stay with me.

But I love Jasmine a lot, uncle.

Honsla and I will keep
Jasmine very happy.

- Oh my God.
- Get out of here.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Sweety.

Dad, you spoke a bit too much.

No, I had to say it.

Look at that.
He caused trouble and fled.

Deceitful man.

If he had to deceive, he'd have
told the truth after marriage

not today.

He left you for his son.

This is what I liked
about Yanky.

He took a stand for his son.

You won't find a boy like Yanky.

I've seen how he has
raised Honsla.



Hold on, boy.


- Let it be. We'll go home.
- Dad, let's wait.

I'm furious but I'm stopping
because you insist.

Fine, they'll come on their own.
Just stay here.

- They haven't come.
- They haven't?

What's this?

Where did they go?

They called out just once
and then left?

Dad, I told you to stop
when they first called.

I thought they'd come running
and try to patch up.

What kind of a father is he?

Dad, the new mom didn't call either.

It's okay, dear.

Girls from good backgrounds
obey their parents.

Dad, what do you mean
by background?

Family, dear.

If your drama is over,
can we have the ring ceremony?

Father-in-laws are like fathers too.

Don't mind them.

We've listened to
what you had to say.

Now you listen to us.

Yanky, come, dear.
The guests are waiting.

Honsla, you come. Let him be.

- We'll find you a new dad. Come on.
- Yes.

Come on.

- Come.
- Okay.

Look at him.

Okay, fine, I'll come too.

You won't find a nice boy like me.



Dad said we can stay at your
house during summer vacation.

Honey, I'm always with you.


- "Stars..."
- Thank you.

- "as the same colour as yours..." - You
can come to meet Honsla whenever you want.

- "I got a kurta stitched"
- One photo, please.

"as the same colour as yours

- "I got a kurta stitched..."
- Come on.

"When I see you around"

"I find you amazing."

"When I see you around"

"I find you amazing."

"Boys can't stop looking at you."

"Boys can't stop looking at you."

"When you dance..."

"When you dance
and do your steps."

"I go crazy about you when you
dance and do your steps."

"I go crazy about you when you
dance and do your steps."

"You pierce my heart."

"The hunter has become the prey."

"You pierce my heart."

"The hunter has become the prey."

"You inspire musicians
to make music."

"No one can take their eyes
off you when you dance..."

"When you dance and do your steps..."

"I go crazy about you when you
dance and do your steps."

"I go crazy about you when you
dance and do your steps."

"You've made
my dreams beautiful."

"I swear, you've made me
an alcoholic."

"You've made
my dreams beautiful."

"I swear, you've made me
an alcoholic."

"You've made me immensely happy."

"You've made me immensely happy."

"We collapse when you dance
and do your steps."

"I go crazy about you when you
dance and do your steps."

"I go crazy about you when you
dance and do your steps."

"When you
dance and do your steps..."

"I go crazy about you when you
dance and do your steps."