Honor Thy Father (1973) - full transcript

Story of the rise and fall of the Bonanno organized crime family.

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November, 1967, Cypress Gardens

Restaurant, Queens, New York.

The victims... Thomas D'Angelo,
James D'Angelo, Frank Terelli...

condemned and executed in
a bloody, four-year Mafia

War between the board of
directors of organized crime...

known as The Commission...
and Joseph Bonnano...

boss of a powerful,
300-man organization... who,

at the age of 26, emerged
as the youngest Don

in the National
Brotherhood of the Mafia.

His son... Salvatore Bonnano...
in honoring his father,

became part of that war.

This is his story.

Hey, Cowboy!

You look great.

That Arizona weather
really goes with you.

You got a nice tan and all.

Hey, give me the suitcase.

Hey, let me carry that.

Good to see you, Bill.

Have a good flight?

Where's the car?

Out front.

What do you hear from my father?

I was talking to him
day before yesterday.

He's been moving around, but
he says he'll get in touch.

45 minutes after
landing in New York, Salvatore

"Bill" Bonnano, along with
two captains in his father's

organization, arrive at the
Long Island estate of Joseph

Magliocco... the new boss
of the Profaci family

and longtime friend and
ally of the Bonnanos.

The historic bond between
these two organizations

had been further strengthened
by the marriage of Bill Bonnano

to Rosalie Profaci in 1956.

How do you like this guy, yeah?

Why you bring them, Bill?

This is family.

They're family, too.

Everybody here?


Is my wife coming with me or not?

Course she's coming with you.

Because if she's not coming...

Hey, why do you talk so silly for?

Do I or do I not have
a right to my own wife?

says you don't have a right.

Does he have the right to kill
my daughter with heartache?

We are Profacis, Mister.

And nobody does that to us!

I'm a-warning you, if you
hurt my daughter anymore...

You, what are you talking about?

He knows what I'm talking about.

What is he doing

here if he don't love her, huh?


Young people.

Young people make mistake.

They're together now!

That's what's important.


Everybody agreed, huh?

Hey, Bill.

No more trouble, eh?

And you... now... Go!

I'm sorry, mama.

Oh, Bill.


You're the best, Bill.

You pregnant?

Hey, look at the baby, eh?

He got big, huh?


Let me see how tall you got.

Bill, it's your father.

Bill's father had
been underground for months

avoiding government subpoenas
and hiding from rival Dons who

suspected him of
plotting takeovers

within the organization.

Despite warnings from the
Commission led by Stefano

Magaddino, Joseph Bonnano
decided to go his own way.

His defiance of the
Mafia high command

had begun to affect the
loyalty of his own family,

even among the men closest to him.

How are you?

You look fine, Salvatore.

Very fine.

You don't say hello?

Hey, Gaspare, how are ya?

Hey, look at this guy.

If this is what the desert does
for you, I'm moving right now.

How are ya, Bill?

I'm OK.

We must talk.

Get the coffee.

Half an hour.

Everything's OK with Rosalie?

And the girl you've been
fooling around with?

That's finished, Pop.

Rosie and I talked it over.

We worked it out.

Oh, we're going to sell
the house in Phoenix.

We're gonna move here now.

My Uncle says we can stay with
him until we get a new place.


Very good.

What's happening, Pop?

Sit down.

I got big trouble with
the federal investigation.

They been chasing me all over
the country with the subpoenas.

And that ain't enough.

Magaddino... yes,
Magaddino... is trying

to push me out of the Commission.

The rest, they just
sit at the table.

Not a word.

They want me to come
in for a meeting.

But Magaddino
doesn't want to talk.

He wants to shoot.

So I thought I'd tell
you this because you've

got to be careful now.

There is a big push here.

You watch out.

Not just from them... from our own.


I don't know.

Gaspare, I think.

He's been with you
since the beginning.

Like this arm.

This... hmm!

One thing you must know,
Salvatore, one thing

you must remember... Magaddino
wants to break up my family,

kill it.

Gaspare is his brother-in-law.

No matter what...
blood is blood.

You watch out for him.

You remember that, hm.


What's it gonna be?

A girl.

How can you tell?

Feels that way.

You go around feeling it all day?


But I can tell.

I can tell.

Is it true women feel
sexiest when they're pregnant?

Where you going?

Come here.

Let me get... take this thing off.

What's gonna happen
with your father?

Is everything gonna be all right?

Everything's gonna
be fine, just fine.

What's that for?

I got something working here.

But nowadays you don't
know who you can trust.

Mr. Magliocco.

Hello, Bill.

Everything all right?

Yes, everything's
been taken care of.


You know what you have to do.

Let's go home.

What's all that about?

Well, it's a shame
your father's having

all this trouble with Magaddino.

But you know, Bill, our family's
been together a long time.

Since Sicily.

Your father and me... we
gotta help each other now.

What are you talking about?

Let's go.

Two months later,
the significance of this event

was the topic of discussion
at a meeting of the Commission

in which Sam DeCavalcante...
self-appointed peacemaker

and go-between...
tried to hold back

the mounting forces of war.

Mr. Magaddino, please.

Let me talk to Bonnano just once
more before you make the vote.

You've been talking
to him for a year now.

He never come in.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you.

I... I gotta talk to Bill.

Everybody out, please.

Everybody out.

Go, go call the doctor.

Close the door.

Bill, I've gotta talk to you.

Sit down.

Take it easy, Uncle Joe.

Take it easy.

No, I've gotta tell you.

Look Bill.

I had it all set up
to hit Magaddino.

But my own man tipped him off.

You remember the day you drove
me to the cemetery, that guy?

They bought him.

It's all out in the open now.

What else do we need?

and Magliocco try to hit me.

You tell me there... why?


So he can be the Boss
of all the Bosses.

He even sent for his college kid

from Arizona to help him.

First thing you know, the
kid was seen with Magliocco

in the car while he's
making a contract.

They'll think I'm in on it.


Me and my father!

No, no Bill.

I took the whole blame.

They're not going to believe you.

You know the way they are!

Oh, dear!

Why did you do it?


Why did you do it?

What made you do
something like that?

Perfect setup.

While the kid takes
care of the family,

Bonnano's free to
move around and signal

black flags all over the world.

Even try to grab some action
in Canada... my territory.

This guy's got a big appetite.

How long are you going
to keep feeding it?

All right.

We vote.

Easy, easy, Uncle Joe.

Easy, easy.

Everything's gonna be all right.

Nice and easy.

Joe Bonnano is no longer a
member of this Commission.

He loses his family.

We get a new boss for his people.

House of Banana.

With the death of Magliocco,

and the removal of Joseph
Bonnano from the Commission

and from the head
of his own family,

the way was open for
Gaspare DeGregorio

to make his bid for power.

Such a man.

Such strength.

What's there to understand?

We all gotta die sooner or later.

Even you.

Listen, I gotta take care
of a couple things in town.

I'll see you later, huh?

That guy's always got
something to take care of.

A busy man these days.

I see you've got
your escorts, huh?

Ever since Vellachi spilled
their guts, I'm protected.

They're city-paid bodyguards.

Listen, Mari.

Are we all in agreement?

Gaspare here will take
over the Banana family.

He has our support and protection.

Make sure everybody
understand that.

Any Banana people as don't
come in with Gaspare,

they're marked.

We start with his numbers people.

And then we take his union boys.

Step on 'em.

Squeeze 'em.


Hello, Officer.

Nice day, ain't it?


Nice sunshine.

You should go out and take a walk.

It's good exercise.

Nice, nice fellas.

What's going on here?

Little insurance, Sam.

From me?

Sam, I respect you.

You got good intentions.

But I don't think you understand
this thing all the way.

OK, I'm here.

Now you talk.

Don Pepino.

There's gonna be
blood... lots of blood...

if you don't straighten
this thing out.

For 30 years the Commission

didn't come between a
Boss and his family.

Now they tell the
world that Gaspare

DeGregorio is the boss here.

And me?


I have nothing.

There is no Commission.

Only Magaddino speaks.

Everybody else is afraid to talk.

But this is my family.

My business!

But if you could just get
it straight about the hit!

What hit?

What hit?

Am I responsible for
what Magliocco did?

If they have proof,
let them speak it.

Let them show it.

No, Sam.

Magaddino makes a
big stink so I have

to come in and talk to them.

And what do I find when I come?

I find my death.

But Don Pepino, you
don't understand.

Sam, save your breath.

But there's going to be war.


Goodbye, Sam.


I like you.

Whatever happens, don't
get caught between.

Sam is right.

There could be a war.

Get our people ready.

I want you off the street.

Spread out, disappear.

Wait for Magaddino's hole.

What about Gaspare?

We hit him?

It ain't his fault.

Magaddino is just using him.

Gaspare, Gaspare,
what are you doing?


We go.

Salvatore, listen.

I've got to keep moving around.

It's up to you to
hold things together.


Think everything out.

Each one in the family...
their life is in your hands.

Remember that.

Frank, you take care of him.

All right.

Now give your daddy a big hug.

I'll call you when I get a chance.

Take care, huh?

Remember to tell the gardener not

to cut the hedges no
more than a foot high.

Oh yeah, call the electrician.

Tell him I want flood
lights on all the corners.

Remember that.

I will.

All right.

Give me a big one.

I got a nice place in Queens.

Nice and quiet.

Well, let's hope
it stays that way.

The pressure was on.

With the continuing
sponsorship of Magaddino

and the help of Frank
Mari, Gaspare DeGregorio

began his campaign to take
over the Bonnano empire.

For several weeks, Bill
Bonnano and the family captains

remained in hiding,
waiting for the command

to move against
Gaspare DeGregorio.

Strangely, it did not come.

October 22, 1964... Joseph Bonnano

and his attorney, Walter Maloney
were returning from dinner.


It can't be!

It can't!

Let's face it.

If they got him, he's dead.

Shut up!

He's not dead, Frank!

Doesn't make sense.

He tells us to disappear and he's

out on the street with his
lawyer where they can nail him?

Come on, will ya?

He's not dead, Frank!

Tell everybody on the
street to keep checking

until we know what
the hell happened.

He's not dead, Frank.

I know it.

Hey, you hear they got
Joe Bananas last night?

Got nuthin'!

It was fixed.

Hey, what do you know?

Look, the guy's a fox!

The grand jury's on
his back, Magaddino's

got shooters in every alley.

So Banana fixes to get snatched.


He's even got his own
lawyer there for a witness.

What could be better?

He's had it.

I'm telling you,
he's in the bottom

of the river with sea men's shoes.

You seen Joe Bananas, eh?

So tell him.

Tell him!

Get outta here!

Atta boy, Elliot.

Go get 'em.

If you can't spend the holiday

season with your loved one,
a long distance telephone

call is almost like being there.

Make a lonely Christmas
a Merry Christmas.

Hey, how long we gonna wait, Bill?

How many men we still got with us?

I figure 100, 150
hanging in strong.

Well, that's wonderful.

Another month, we'll have four.

Why don't you knock it
off with those cigarettes?

Lay off, will ya, Bill?

They're gonna kill you.

Oh, well, we all gotta
die sooner or later.

What are you reading now?


"Being and Nothingness"?

I don't believe you.

We're locked up in this
rat trap for three months.

I'm lucky if I get to go walk
around the block once a week,

and you're sitting here, reading
Sartre to cheer yourself up.

and Nothingness."

That's us.

We exist, but we're nothing.

Hey, Frank, out there astronauts
are circling around the moon.

And we're here, two
guys fighting a war that

started 200 years ago in Sicily.

Vendettas that began with
who stole who's chicken.

I can't get it straight
in my head, Frank.

I'm not a part of what's out
there, and I don't belong here.

Like I'm suspended some
place in time and space.

What are we doing here, Frank?

It's our father's wars.

We're their sons.

We've got no choice.

It's a question of honor.


Hi, it's me.


How are ya?

I'm OK.

Any news about your father?

Not yet.

I just don't have any answers.

What about Christmas?

What do

you want me to tell the kids?

Tell them we'll have another
Christmas when I get back.

A double Christmas.

Double presents.

Double everything.


Bill, can't you just...

Look, honey, it's...
it's hard enough, huh.

Don't make it any worse.

I just called to say I love ya.

I'll call ya in a
couple of days, huh?

Goodbye, honey.

I'd like

to send some Christmas flowers.

Yes, sir.

In what price range?

I don't know.

$30, $35.

Something nice.

And who does it go to?

Mrs. Rosalie Bonnano.

428 East Meadow Road,
East Meadow, Long Island.

I'd like to buy that rocking horse

in the window.

Sir, that's $360.

That's all right.

Wrap it up.

In the months that followed,

violence led to more violence.

Confusion ruled on the families.

Defections took
place on both sides.

Loyalties which had existed
for years changed over night.

With the fate of Joseph
Bonnano still unresolved,

the balance of power
continued in question.

The families became vulnerable.

Federal and local law
enforcement agencies,

making the most of this
atmosphere of betrayal

and fear, unleashed
a campaign of arrest,

surveillance, and subpoenas that
cut deep into the foundations

of secrecy and silence on
which the organization had

been built.

Income from operations
began to dry up.

The situation had to be
resolved if the families were

to survive.

Bill Bonnano was faced with
his first command decision.

Hey, Nick.

What's on your mind?

Can we go somewhere else?

It's cold over here.

Talk here.

All right.

Now look... Gaspare's a sick man.

He's had three heart
attacks since he took over.


Tough is right.

Nobody can move without
getting a lousy subpoena.

The cops tell the papers
we did this to your people,

you did this to
ours, and then nobody

knows who's doing
what to who, right?


So, uh, Gaspare says
that we have a sit down

and we work it out.

Either we do that
or everybody loses.

You believe this guy, Johnny?

Work it out or shoot it out.

Come on, will ya?

Now you call it.

Anywhere, anytime.

No tricks.

Anything you want to set up.

We'll let you know.


But soon, huh?

This thing is getting
everybody crazy.

What do you think, Johnny?

It stinks.

Gas has been getting
a lot of heat.

Maybe he just can't take it.


I don't know.

As long as they let us set
it up, what can we lose?


Eh, let me talk to ya.

Your father would never go for it.

Look, Frank.

Til he gets here to say yes
or no, I make the decisions.

We take the meeting.

Well, it gotta be
in our territory.

We need some kind of edge.

What about your Uncle's joint
down on Troutman Street?

That's good.

I know that neighborhood
like the back of my hand.

Go set it up, Frank.

Where's Vinny?

He's up the street, up front.

Where's Aldo?

He's supposed to be by the corner.

He's there.

It's five
degrees and I'm sweating.

Yeah, take it easy, will ya?

Watch behind ya.

Bill, watch it!

Cover me, cover me, cover me!

Damn you, Gaspare!

Damn you!

Come on.

Get outta here, Bill.

The ambush on Troutman Street

has baffled police, who
found no victims and not

a single blood stain.

Rumor has it that the shooting
was an attempt by the forces

of Gaspare DeGregorio to
eliminate Salvatore Bonnano,

who since his
father's disappearance

has remained the unifying force
in the Bonnano organization.

The whole neighborhood

is crawling with cops.

They're asking a lot of questions.

But nobody heard nothin',
nobody saw nothin'.


Never should've taken the meeting.

And Gaspare's got us
shooting at each other.

Just what the cops want.

Well, Magaddino ain't
gonna like the goof.

Gaspare's in big trouble now.

What the hell are we
talking about here, huh?

Who's in trouble with who?

Who's mad at who, here?

Look, Bill, we gotta
make some moves fast.

I mean, these guys are gonna
be coming through our window

if we don't nail 'em.

Wait til we hear from my father.


Make up your mind.

There isn't a chance he's alive.

We don't move until
we know for sure.

How the hell are we gonna
hold this family together

if our people don't
see us doing something?

And we're losing
soldiers every day.

What am I going to tell them?

Tell them to wait.

For what!

He's dead, Bill.

Bury him!

I don't wanna hear you
say that anymore, Johnny.

You understand?

Your Honor?

I am Joseph Bonnano.

I understand the government
would like to talk to me.

You're Joseph Bonnano?

Yes, Your Honor.

Bill, it's for you.

What's the matter, Bill?

My father just walked into
the federal court building.


He's alive, Billy!

He's alive!

Hey, how do you like this guy?

They got a room full of
subpoenas waiting for him

and he walks out on bail.

His lawyer's gotta be a genius.

So what happened?

Next month they are gonna

put you and I on the stand.

And they are gonna ask
us a lot of questions.

So the less you know... hm?

But you were gone 18 months...

Let it go, Salvatore.

Just let it go.

Did they take you...

Now fellows, the family.

Now something more serious.

I just wanna say... I
just want to thank you

for your patience
and your loyalty.






And, uh, to my son.

The new consigliere.

What's the matter, Joe?

Go down the wrong pipe?

Drink some wine, Joe.

Open his collar.

Take his tie off!


I think he's dead.


No, it's nothing!

It's all right!

It's all right, I'm telling you!


Look, I'll show you!

I'll show you!

I'll eat it myself!

It's good.

It's good!

There's nothing wrong with it!


It was his heart.

That's right.

It was his heart.

It can't be the pasta!

It was his heart.

Hey, Rosalie, come here.

Come on.

You gotta see this.

The hell with that!

Come on.
Put it down.

Let's go.

Come on.
Put it down.

Come on.

You, too, mom.

Come on.

You were beautiful.

She's getting older,
but she's getting better.

Hey, keep your hands to yourself.

Come on.

Hey, Bill, look
how skinny you were.

Hey, Mr. B, look
at you dancing with Rosalie.

A regular Fred Astaire.

Look at Mari.

He was seen on Troutman
Street a couple days

before we had the trouble.

Where's Tory?


Tory, honey, I told you
never to open that door.

Please don't open that.

You stay away from it.

People on the street
think we're falling apart.

We show them nothing's
changed, business as usual.

Tell all our
collectors that we want

to get paid on time, every time.

They think Troutman
Street hurt us?

We lay it on double to show
them how wrong they are.

Cheer up, Johnny.

We're gonna get it all back.


How about let me go out

and collect a few of those creeps

that went over to Gaspare?

Rosalie, would you bring
me a glass of water, please?

Sure, Mr. B.

Hey, honey, we got company.

Two more plates, huh?

Two more!

Is that all?

Are you sure there
isn't more, Bill?

Just tell me what else...

Knock it off!

Lower your voice and knock it off.

Hey, Bill, you better
come in here, quick!

OK, that's it.

He's going to the
hospital right now.

Get his coat and car.

You're coming with me
if I have to drag you!

Get the car.

Get his coat.

Come on.


What'd they say at the hospital?

He's gotta stay a couple
of days for some tests.

He looked terrible, honey.

He'll be all right.

You know Frank.

He's made of iron.


You have to take those things?

Make you all dopey in the morning.

Maybe you can sleep
through all that.

I can't.

I don't know how human
beings live like this.

Look, I promise
you, Rosalie, they'll

all be outta here
in a couple days.

You know, it's not
just us anymore, Bill.

It's the kids.

The kids.

They come home from
school and they

tell me everybody's teasing them.

They say, here come the bananas.

The bunch of bananas.

Now what kind of a thing is that?

They don't understand.

They will.

They won't be ashamed.

They'll take it if they have to.


Why should they have to?

Cause that's the way it is.

That's some answer.

That's some hell of an answer.

Cause that's the way it is.

What's the matter?

I can't.

I can't.

Just a few minutes, now.

Hey, as if I had more.

Either come over here
and kiss me or get out.

Let me die in peace.

Why don't you knock off
all that talk about dying?

I brought you a present.

Book to cheer you up.

It's called "Emptiness
And Despair."

I always meant to read that.

It's the essays of Mark Twain.

Thanks, Bill.

Put it in here.

What's this?

Sam snuck them into me last week.

Same old Frank.

Well, I guess I'm out
of it now, finally.

What are you talkin' about?

Out of what?

You're not going
anywhere without me.

Who am I gonna yell at, huh?

Magliocco, Notoro, now me.

All gone.

It's finished.

What are you talking about, Frank?

The family is old and
dying, just like me.

And it's just you
and your father now.

You alone.

We got a lot of good guys.

Johnny Morales.

That's what I'm trying to tell ya.

Morales left us.

He's with them now.

I don't believe you.

It's true.

You'll see.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I gotta leave
you alone like this.

But I can't help it, Bill.

Look at you.

You shoulda never
been mixed up in this.

I mean, you just got caught up.

Remember one night we talked?

Our father's wars?

But there's no honor here.

Take it easy, Frank.

I mean, can ya... can ya take
a walk with Rosie and the kids?

Can you go to the beach?

It's no good.

It stinks.

And it's gonna get worse.

With me gone and
Morale switching over

to the other side, it's like
a bunch of rest deserting.

Frank, take it easy.

It's... it's finished, kid.

Get out.

Get out while you can.


Yes, we have an
emergency in room 421.

He was the best.

Well, It's good he went quick.

Sometimes these things
can last for a long time.



How do you feel about Morales?

I checked it out, Pop.


Why would he go with
them after all this time?



Maybe he just didn't feel he could

be under boss as long
as I'm still with you.

How many people you
think we still got?

100, maybe.

Frank said it's
finished for us, Pop.

Falling apart.

You... you believe that?

No, Pop.

We got a lot to do
to save this family.

I know.

You don't have to do this.

Who else you got now, Pop?

To celebrate their new alliance,

John Morales and
Gaspare DeGregorio

planned further attacks
on the Bonnano family.

I've got about 20 in Flushing.

I got 15 more.

Very good, Johnny.

Very good.

How many that leaves them?


60 the most.

All right.

We're on our way now.


Law enforcement officers

are convinced that the
return of Joseph Bonnano,

who was allegedly kidnapped
at gunpoint two years ago,

will signal the beginning of
open warfare to resolve once

and for all who will
take the reins of power

within the Mafia.

The entire underworld seems
to be holding its breath,

bracing itself for
the bloodbath to come.

Vincent Cossasey.

Vincent Garofalo.

Family affiliation, Bonnano.

Uncle Pete,

I'm gonna be an astronaut.


No kidding?

Or a dentist.

My uncle's a dentist,
and he knows a lot.

Yeah, but your father

knows a lot, too.

But he isn't a dentist.

What's he do?

He's a driver.

Nah, come on.

He does more than that.

Yeah, he watches television

and he drives.

Aw, come on.


Yes, Papa?

Come inside a second.

I wanna talk.

What kinda work you think I do?

I don't know.

What if your Scout
Master said to you,

what does your father do all day?

What would you say?

I wouldn't tell him anything.


Because I don't know what you do.

OK, next witness.

Call Tory.

Has anybody ever asked

you what I do for a living?


Stop that.

Stand up straight.

Suppose your teacher asked you.

What would you say?

I don't know.

Go send your sister in.

You know what daddy does for work?



I don't know.

Where do you think daddy
gets his money from?

From a man.

What man?

I don't know.

Gentlemen, I have something for
you and your friend, Gaspare.

The war continued into 1967-1968.

Attack and counterattack.

Family affiliation, Bonnano.

Rosalie, please wake up.


Rosalie, wake up, please.



I'm coming.

I'll be right there.

What's wrong?

What's the matter?

What's going on?

What color suit was Bill
wearing when he left?

What are you talking about?

What was he wearing?

I don't know.

Pete found... found this
in the back of his car.

I don't remember it
being there before.

Maybe Gaspare's men left it.

Was he wearing this?

I don't remember.

What are you talking about?

You are his wife and
you don't remember?

No, I don't remember!

How would I know
what he was wearing?

I never see him anymore, anyway.

Well, is he dead?


Where is he then?

I don't know.

Well, then, you think
he's dead, don't you?

Rosalie, please.




I ask you if my husband's
alive and you tell me calmare?





I can't stand it anymore.

I can't stand it and I won't.

I won't!

I just won't.

I can't stand it anymore.

I can't.


Oh, Bill, it's so good
to hear your voice.

Well, we didn't know
if you were alive.

And then the radio said
you were in Canada.

I was, but I'm back now.

Honey, when can you come home?

Look, please.

Honey, no more questions.

Can you meet me?

Yes, of course.


Pete will set up the whole thing.

But I don't want you to
say anything to anybody.

You understand?

Not a word.

I won't.

I love you.

I love you, too.


There he is now.


Do I look all right?

You look terrific.


No, honey.
Get in the back.


Please don't ask questions.

Just get in the back and lie down.

Honey, we're gonna get out now.

But I want you to put
your hand over your eyes.

I don't want you to
know where we are.

Please, honey.

It's important.

OK, you can look now.

Bill, I can't.

Not like this.

What'd you expect?

The Ritz?

I'm on the run!

They're shooting at me!

You don't wanna be with
me then get the hell out!

Go ahead, get out!

I'm sorry, honey.

I need you so much.

I need you.

I need you so much.

It's OK.

It's OK, Bill.

Tell Mr. Magaddino
not to worry.

Everything will be taken
care of by next week.

See ya later.

February 1969, 5:00 AM.

Thomas Zumo.

Family affiliation... DeGregorio.

Hey, Bill.

Take it easy.

Take it easy?

Gaspare's bringing
muscle from four states

and I get subpoenaed in
Arizona for back taxes.

Just what I need in the
middle of this lousy mess.

I gotta go back there and
try to straighten it out.

Well, it's a bad time to leave.

Hank, they got me by the throat.

They could clear me out
with this piece of paper.

I gotta go now.

Let me have a couple of thousand
to cover me down and back.

Well, I haven't got it.

What are you talking about?

Look, Bill, four of my books
have gone over to Gaspare.

Last week we had hits on
three numbers... big winners.

We had to pay off quick
to stay in business.

It, uh, just cleaned me out.

I can get it for ya in three
or four days, but, uh...

Hank, I don't have
three or four days.

I gotta go now.

Well, how bout your father?

I'm not gonna ask him!

He's got his own problems.

Payroll, rent on apartments,
cars, bail, lawyers.

War is expensive.

OK, Bill.


Use this.

That's Tirello's.

That'll take care of
your problem for a while.

Sure this is all right?

He owes me.

All you gotta do is,
uh, sign his name

like it's written there.

Look, Hank, I got enough problems.

I told you, he owes me.

It's covered, Bill.


Thanks, Hank.

Good luck, Bill.

Take care of yourself.

I'll be at my father's
place in Tucson.


No matter how many times

I come back, I still get
excited when I see it.

It's the cowboy in you.

You better believe it.

This is home, baby.

Five one nine five
seven four nine.


The bills

on the card haven't been paid
for the last three months.

Mr. Tirello, the
bills on this card

haven't been paid for
the last three months.

Look, there... there
must be some mistake.

Mr. Tirello.



Mr. Tirello, do you still
live at 487 Riverside Drive?


And do you still

have the two accounts at
Manhattan Chase of New York?

Yeah, that's right.

I see.

That's all.

Thank you.


The man is not who he says he is.

Destroy the card, please.

All right.

What's the problem?

The problem, sir, is that you
are obviously not Mr. Tirello.

I had a feeling about that card.

What the hell's he gotten me into?

Take it easy.

Take it easy?

I've been signing Tirello's
name all across the country.

Well, Perrone will
take care of it.


Bill, they just hit Hank.


Just now.

Bill, I gotta go.

I'll call you back
as soon as I can.

They just hit Perrone.

We've got company.

Couple of Feds.

They wanna see ya.

You here on official business
or is this a social call?

Hey, your friend, Perrone.

He got it, huh?

Say what you have to
say and get outta here.

Just want to find out when you're

going back to New York, Billy Boy.

When I feel like it.

Well, just be sure you feel
like it a week from Thursday.

Little matter of a credit card.

Thank you, Papa.

He's beautiful.

Think everything out.

Each one in the family...
their life is in your hands.

Remember that.

It's our father's wars.

We're their sons.

It's a question of honor.

We've got

a lot to do to save this family.

You shoulda

never been mixed up in this.

It's finished.

Get out while you can.

It's up to you

to hold things together,
you understand?

I mean, can ya... can ya

take a walk with
Rosie and the kids?

I don't know.

What about Christmas?

What do you want me
to tell the kids?

I don't know.

Just wanna

find out when you're going
back to New York, Billy Boy.

I don't know!

Honey, when can you come home?

I don't know!

So what are they hitting us with?

Conspiracy, perjury, and
50 counts of mail fraud.


What can I get?

$65,000 in fines and 220 years.

It was only $2,400.

It's not the money, Bill.

They're looking to put
you away and they finally

found something with
this credit card.

Not only that,
Tirello's been arrested.

The charges are vague.

Might even be falsed.

But if they squeeze
him strongly enough,

he can incriminate you and
save himself by telling them

that Perrone got
that card illegally.

They really want
me bad, don't they?

I'm not gonna kid you, Bill.

It doesn't look good.

I just lost everything
I own in back taxes.

I'm in the middle of a war.

I could go to prison
for 220 years.

You say things don't look good.

When do they ever
look good, counselor?

November 10, 1969.

The government opened its
case against Bill Bonnano.

The war had taken its toll.

The family had
suffered heavy losses

in casualties, deaths,
and defections.

In an effort to gain time
and to regroup their forces,

Joseph Bonnano had left New
York for his house in Arizona.

And Bill Bonnano, on
his father's advice,

had moved his family to
San Jose, California.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Bonnano
has already admitted

to signing the name Don A
Tirello believing the card

was obtained for him legitimately.

His use of the card is meaningless

unless the government can
prove fraudulent intent.

The real issues here are was
the card extorted and did

Mr. Bonnano have anything
to do with that extortion.

Judge Mr. Tirello carefully.

His credibility is going
to mandate your verdict.

Thank you.

Mr. Phillips,
call your first witness.

Did you give Mr. Perrone

to use your credit card?


Well, tell us... when you met him,

did you notice anything unusual?


Mr. Perrone was wearing a gun.

Mr. Tirello, is it
true that you were

arrested on March 14 on a charge...


Your Honor, I would like to
show that this man's testimony

is motivated by
self-preservation because

of criminal charges
brought against him

after Perrone's death.

Your Honor, I object to
these remarks of Mr. Kreiger.

Don't make statements
in the presence of the jury.

If you wish to take it up further

you may approach the bench.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Will the defendant please rise?

Mr. Foreman, have you
arrived at a verdict?

Yes, we have Your Honor.

How do you find the defendant?

We find the defendant guilty.

Before I pass sentence,

let me state that there has
been reference to the fact

that Mr. Bonnano's
father is reputed

to be a former Mafia chief.

However, I am passing
sentence giving

no consideration to this.

As far as I'm concerned,
guilt is personal.

Mr. Bonnano, you
stand convicted on 55

counts of three different crimes.

Government ready?

The government

is ready for
sentencing, Your Honor.

Defendant ready?

Bill Bonnano is ready, Your Honor.

Mr. Bonnano, is there

anything you have to say
before I pass sentence?

No, Your Honor.

B Bonnano, it is adjudged

that you be committed to the
custody of the Attorney General

or his representative
for a term of four years.

Bail shall continue
until such time

as you are notified to
begin serving your sentence.

What do you
think of the sentence, Bill?

Is this the
end of the Bonnano family?

Is your father
gonna stay in Tucson, Bill?

Is he retiring?

How'd you work
the continuation of bail?

Think you got a fair shake, Bill?

No comment.

All right, gentlemen,
that's enough.

Now let's break it up.

What are you thinking about?

That I only packed you
two pair of underwear.


It's true.

There's two more pair on the
line and I just... I forgot.

I don't believe you.

I'm going to jail and
you're talking underwear.

Just like my mother.

She used to say,
whenever you go out

make sure you wear
clean underwear.

Otherwise, you're
walking down the street,

a garbage truck runs
over your knees,

you gotta go to the hospital,
you're full of blood.

They gotta take your clothes
off and what do they see?


Oh, Bill.

What's gonna happen to us?

I love you so much.

I like this time of the day best.

The way the sun looks.

The quiet.

Don't worry, Salvatore.

I will take care of
Rosalie and the kids.

They gonna be all right.

Well, I guess I better
get started, huh, Pop?

I was looking through some
old stuff, and I found this.

My report card from Sicily.

99 in mathematics.

Not bad, no?

Will you... will you
take a later plane?

I gotta go, Pop.

We better say goodbye here.

Excuse me.

My name is Salvatore Bonnano.

Oh, yes.

We've been expecting you.

Salvatore Bonnano
has just surrendered.