Honor (2010) - full transcript

Two Maroccon organized crime families suffer the tragedies of their respective lives.

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Moshe Edri, Leon Edri,
Yaniv Hamama,

Paul Simon,
Haim Bouzaglo, Yoram Millo,


A Film by Haim Bouzaglo

I'd like to discuss...

the casino in Serbia.

According to my information
the Bardugo family is interested.

Things are heating up.

I propose that we
forget about this casino.

- Hear me out.

We leave this casino,
and try to get into Croatia.

I think the deal
is more advantageous.

I want this casino.
- But Leon, listen to me.

Think about it...

Two minutes.
- Two seconds.

War will break out with Bardugo,
you don't need that.

What I thought we could do...

I want this casino.

End of story.

- Forget it!

I said I want this casino!

- Cheers, Princess!


Ze'ev Revach

Amos Lavi

Shmil Ben Ari

Rita Shukrun

Haim zenati
Liron Levo
Rafi Amzaleg

Moran Atias
Natalie Atiya

Eyal Rozales
Albert Iluz
Yaron Levy-Sabag

Marina Shoyf
Jill Ben-David
Evelyn Hagoel

Icho Avital
Raymonde Amsalem
Smadar Kilchinsky

Uri Avrahami
Flori Alkaslassi
Meital Boublil

Arik Mishali
Alon Dahan
Johnny Arbid

Guest appearance:
Aharon Ipal


- I'm coming!

- I'm coming, Dad.

Are you at the table?
Shabbat Shalom!

Shabbat Shalom.
- Shabbat Shalom.

"What a rare find
is a capable wife..."

Directed by:
Haim Bouzaglo

"Her worth
is far beyond that of rubies.

"Her husband puts his confidence
in her and lacks no good thing.

"She is good to him, never bad,
all the days of her life.

"She looks for wool and flax,
sets her hand to them with a will.

"She is like a merchant fleet,
bringing her food from afar.

"She rises while it is still night
providing provisions for her house,

"the daily fare of her maids.

"She sets her mind on an estate
and acquires it.

"She plants a vineyard
by her own labors.

"She girds herself with strength
and performs her tasks with vigor.

"She sees that her business thrives,
her lamp never goes out at night.

"She sets her hand to the distaff,
her fingers work the spindle.

"She gives generously to the poor,
her hand stretches out to the needy.

"She is not worried
for her household because of snow,

"for her whole household
is dressed in crimson.

"She makes covers for herself,
her clothing is linen and purple.

"Her husband
is prominent in the gates,

"as he sits
among the elders of the land.

"She makes cloth and sells it
and offers a girdle to the merchant.

"She is clothed
with strength and splendor.

"She looks to the future

"Her mouth is full of wisdom,
her tongue with kindly teaching.

"She oversees
the activities of her household,

"never eating the bread
of idleness.

"Her children declare her happy,
her husband praises her,

"Many women have done well,
but you surpass them all."

"Grace is deceptive,
beauty is illusory.

"It is for fear of the Lord
that a woman is to be praised.

"Extol her
for the fruit of her hand

"and let her works
praise her in the gates."


Here, Dad.
We're starting. Just a minute.

"The sixth day.

"And the heavens and the earth
and all their hosts were completed.

"And God finished by the seventh day
His work which He had done,

"and He rested on the seventh day
from all His work which He had done.

"And God blessed the seventh day
and sanctified it,

"for on it
He rested from all His work

"which God created to function.

"Attention, gentlemen.
- Rabbis and my teachers!

"Blessed are You, Lord our God,
King of the universe,

"Who creates the fruit of the vine".
- Amen.

"Blessed are You, Lord our God,
King of the universe,

"who has sanctified us
with His commandments,

"has desired us and has given us,
in love and good will,

"His holy Shabbat as a heritage,
in remembrance

"of the work of Creation,

"the first of the holy festivals,
commemorating the Exodus from Egypt".

"For You have chosen us
and sanctified us

"from among all the nations
and with love and good will

"given us Your holy Shabbat
as a heritage.

"Blessed are You, Lord,
who sanctifies the Shabbat".


Shabbat Shalom, Dad.
Just a minute.

Grandma, Dad wants to talk to you.

Shabbat Shalom, Son.

Mama, Shabbat Shalom.

What did you cook, Mom?

Tell me,
so I can eat in my imagination.

Fish and meatballs with peas,
vegetable soup. - What else?

Beef. - Wow, its delicious.
- It's as if you're here, with us.

Look, see, I'm tearing the heart.

Don't tear my heart.

Shabbat Shalom, my son.

God willing,
you'll be released soon

and sit here
at the Shabbat table.

is not the same without you.

"You open your hand; you satisfy
the desire of every living thing."

"Blessed are Thou,
Lord our God,

"who brings forth bread
from the earth.

Amen. - Amen.
- Amen.

Jacko, take!

Catch it!

He gets on my nerves.

It hurts!

Its okay.
You'll feel better now.

May all go well.

- Amen.

You'll be a grandma!
- This is great!

Come on, come on.
Come on. Let's go.

Reporting directly
from the scene of the crime.

This criminal event took place
in the heart of the Tel Aviv Port.

Murder in broad daylight.
At 6:30 p.m., just before Shabbat,

the murderer rode up on a motorcycle
and shot Kobi Aroya, aged 45,

from Netanya, at close range.

This is yet another murder
in a string of hits in the struggle

between the Marciano and Bardugo
crime families.

They don't let up for even a moment,
ah? - Police sources say...

Don't you understand
it will reach us eventually, too?

It has nothing to do with us.

"The victim was the right hand man
of Daniel Bardugo,

"son of Leon Bardugo,
a key figure in Israeli crime."

The police are concerned
that the murder will increase

the wave of attacks
in the underworld.



Give me a light.

Do you see what's happening?
You're more of a prisoner than I am.

You were here before me
and will still be here

long after I'm gone.

You're pleased. Know why?

Because you don't understand
that you're doing time.

The Ashkenazis decided your fate
a long time ago.

When your parents came to Israel,
they stuck them in a small town

and turned them into the cheapest
manpower in the country.

Your salary
barely covers bread and air.

But you're so busy running around

looking for air and food
for your family

that you don't see
that you're doing time. Get it?

You don't understand
that you're doing time.

You're not living,
you're simply surviving.

Only surviving.

They can't break me.
I have backup.

I won't play their game.

Whatever was not given
to my grandfather,

I took by force.

You're the real prisoner.
You know why?

Because you'll never take hold
of your life and break the cycle.

They humiliated your parents.
They changed their names,

changed their past,
erased their past.

They made them ashamed
of what they are.

Ashamed of their food,
their music, their language.

And you continue the chain.
You continue the chain,

and your son will continue the chain
and his son will continue the chain.

It'll never end.

Do you understand that, Zargari?

Miro is an IDF officer,
in a combat unit.

The only thing he cares about
is his army career.

He's become a good person.
Just like Gabi, the lawyer.

Clean, conscientious, a feminist.
They're the pride of their families.

Perfectly suited
to the general fa?ade.

It appears that Sassi
is Leon Marciano's weak link.

Attention-seeker with a convertible
and lots of hot women.

A real show off.

Him and his
screw-up friend Fahima.

His father is always mad at him and
Daniel hides everything from him.

But because
Daniel knows what he's like,

they keep close tabs on him.

This Marciano drives me crazy.
Are you actually saying

that he won't go after a hot babe
who comes on to him?

I don't think he will.
He's faithful on principle.

He's proud of the fact
that he doesn't cheat on Denise,

despite the fact that
he could have any girl on earth.

The Bardugo family
is just the opposite.

He's had many women.
But the thing that gets to him

is that his brother Herzl is in jail
and doing whatever he wants to.

Michael, his eldest,
is doing a good job filling in.

He's level-headed, intelligent,
happily married.

The fact that we haven't
been successful yet

doesn't mean
we'll never succeed.

They cannot
be hermetically sealed.

We have to penetrate both families,
Bardugo and Marciano.

Marciano openly supports
a religious political party.

He recently gave them a large sum
to build a synagogue in Paris.

They have a company dealing in
Customs brokering and import-export.

That's what they do. Import, export,
right under our noses.


Bardugo is buying up property
like mad in the Gush Dan area.

He's already opened
another real estate company

and he has an insurance company
that's actually a gray market bank.

They both have casinos
in the Czech Republic, Slovakia,

Romania, Hungary and now
they're starting to expand inward

to Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania.

Excellent. We can trace
our family roots, Naftali.


With all that money,
they have all the time in the world

to kill each other.

Not that that's a bad thing,
they're doing our work for us.


Look, it's always been
a matter of honor between them.

Now it's our honor.

Looks good.
- Big time.


Don't work so hard,
you can speak Hebrew.

- Nope.

No, but I was there for a while.

- Czech.

I'm Bardugo.

Do we know her?
- I've never seen her.

I think you have a surprise.

You don't know
what I'm talking about.

The baby.

"I will sing my praise

"Before the God of my father

"For the jewel of my heart

"Elijah the Prophet

"...for the pleasure of my heart,

"Elijah the Prophet..."

"This is the seat
of Elijah the Prophet,

"may he be remembered for good.

"You choose and bring near
to dwell in Your courtyards

"We will be satiated with the goodness
of Your house, Your Holy Temple.

"With your permission,
my teachers, gentlemen.

"With the permission of
the Heavens.

"Blessed are You, Lord our God,
King of the universe

"who has sanctified us with
His commandants

"and commanding us concerning
circumcision." -Amen.

"Blessed be He."


"Blessed are You, Lord our God,
- Blessed be his name.

"King of the universe,

"Who creates the fruit of the vine."
- Amen.

Mazal Tov!
- Mazal Tov!

Mazal Tov.

Mazal Tov, Father

This is the prayer.

Mazal Tov!
- Mazal Tov!

Mazal Tov!

Mazal Tov.

What do you think?

What a view, ah?

Do you want to be part of it?

When we came to Israel,
I was a small boy.

The kids in school would call me,
"Marciano! Marciano!"

And laugh at my name.

The eighth graders broke my bones.
I got into a lot of fights.

They broke this bone.

His mother, may she rest in peace,

was the school nurse, Nurse Pinsker.

She took good care of me.

She had very soft hands.
She reminded me of Mother,

may she rest in peace.

How much does he owe?

760,000 shekels, before interest.

That's a lot.

What's he got?

A house in Givatayim.

How much is the house worth?
- 180-200 thousand dollars.

That almost covers it.

Not really,
you're not figuring the interest.

That house is all I have. If you
sell it, I'll be left with nothing.

You should think
before walking into a casino.

Not afterward.

You're complaining?
You're getting off easy.

You should be thanking God
that Leon is so merciful.

I loved your mother very much.

No interest.

"The dark one, they call me,

"but my skin was white."

Sorry I couldn't answer before,
I was with everyone.

How are you?
- Okay.

And you?
- I'm with you there.

I'd tell you to kiss Daniel,
but, you know... - Yes, I know.

I wish it were possible.

I miss you.
You know you're here with me.

You're always in my heart.

I have to go.
I'm crazy about you.

Hi, Dad.

The crying was heartbreaking.

Good thing you didn't come.

I was there.

I'm always there.


I want you to remember,
phone number for Michael.

My friend the marble guy.
He should make him a nice tombstone.



- Got it.

- Forget the area code.

- How much is 60 in gematria?

Kaf is 20, Lamed is 30...
- Samech. The letter Samech.

60, another Samech.
- 60-10.

10 is Yud.


Sassi, there's a package on the way.
You import and export, right?

A package?
- Yeah.

You know we don't deal with that.
My father is opposed to it.

Your father doesn't have to know.
You'll get the money.

Besides, you'll earn
a lot of respect, a lot of power.

Listen, you import wine, right?
There's a new method now.

The stuff comes in liquid form.
We bring it to our lab and dry it.

We're left with pure stuff.
Its worth millions, millions.

If you're interested,
we can be partners.

What do you say?

This is complicated.
Let me sleep on it.

Do you want a girl
to sleep on it with you?

Watch what you say.
- Don't get mad. I'm kidding.

I know you're the king.

- Cheers. - Cheers.

If you ask me,
I think this is our chance.

Show everyone what you're worth.
Daniel will start to appreciate you,

you'll have your own money.
You won't have to beg for alms.

Why are you heating things up?

How many times have I told you
not to interfere. You're not family.

Excuse me for interrupting,
but that Arab seems sucks to me.

Your father won't like you doing it.
You know how he feels about drugs.

I know. I didn't agree.
I said I'd sleep on it.

Who are you? You're a bodyguard,
so keep your mind on guard duty.

Do you want something to drink?
- No thanks.

How did you get to us?
- Through an ad in the paper.

What are you looking for?

Three rooms with a sea view.
High quality.

This is high quality. The address
is there. You can see it right away.

This really is high quality.

Don't come back, ah?

- Cheers!

Kandis arranged a great girl.
Let's have some fun.

I only go for legit stuff.
You never know.

"The prince"

He's gone, Tzuri.
He's gone.

What happened? No!

Call the police, that man's dead!

Call an ambulance.

So, Fahima?

Don't you have a home?

Do you live with Sassi?

Are you roommates,

or a couple?

Come on, Sassi.
You're a goody-two-shoes,

but every other week
you're at a memorial or a funeral.

I don't understand. I was shot at,
now I'm the one being interrogated.

Just routine...

Why do you need
those "Gorillas" (bodyguards)?

I just like animals.

Anything else? Can I go?

Yes, Sassi, you can go.
But watch your back. It was close.

Thanks for your concern.

Mom, can I talk to you a minute?
- Of course.

What happened, sweetheart?

What is it? Don't scare me.

I've been hiding something
for a long time.

Talk to me, please.
Don't scare me.

You know
you're the only one I can talk to,

you're the only one I trust.

So speak. I beg you. Tell me.

Come on, sweetie, come on.

What happened?
- I can't take it anymore.

Please tell me what happened.

Tell me. Tell me.

Tell me.

I'm in contact with Lulu.
- What?

If Daniel finds out,
he'll kill us both.


Are you out of your mind?
- Mom, I love him.

It had to be him?

You're crazy.
You're completely out of your mind.

This is all we need right now.
Just what we need.

How can you not understand?
- What is there to understand?

What is there to understand?

Answer me!
What is there to understand?

Do you have a record?
- Two years inside.

Very good.

For what?
- I beat someone up.

Someone known?

He was known.
Killed recently in Beer Sheba.


I don't know you,
I've never come across you.

I wasn't here.
I traveled the world.

Amsterdam, Frankfurt.
- Amsterdam?

Are you clean?
- Like fresh snow.

I'm done with all the nonsense.

Barazani recommended you.
So did someone from the synagogue.

What do you say, Sassi?

What can I say?
No one can fit Tzuri's shoes.

He's shoes? God forbid.
- I didn't mean that.

He was like my brother.
- I don't like him.

Who asked you?

- Cheers.

How's business?
- Very good.

Are you still in Marseilles?

Marseilles is Marseilles.

The city of Marcel Pagnol.

I have to attend to something.
Then I'll retire to Paris.

For the rest of my life.

- To relax a bit, ah?

Yeah, to relax.
- Good.

Maurice, Maurice...

I haven't seen you in a long time.

40 years...

40 years...

What a wonderful time
in Madagascar.

Do you remember Maurice Kadosh?



He was a good friend of mine.

We were like brothers.

Leon, Leon, what are you doing?

This is from Maurice Kadosh.

That's the best idea...

It's a 40-year-old story.

Clean up this shit.

"Let's go, my friend,

"toward the bride,

"and receive the presence
of Shabbat.

"Observe and recall

"in a single word,

"we were made to hear

"by the unifying God.

"God is one

"and God's name is one,

"in fame and splendor and song."

Would you be willing
to leave your wife for me?


You won't get anything else from me.
I'm just a whore to you.

You're talking nonsense.
I'm crazy about you.

I fantasize
about you all the time.

With you, I'm 30 again.
I forgot what love is long ago.

Come here!

Gabi, I wonder why
Herzl hasn't called today.

Don't worry, Grandma.
Where can he get to, in prison?

He's probably sleeping.

I know, but Friday
is the most difficult time.

I know.
Urile', bring the salads.

"And God blessed the seventh day
and sanctified it,

"for on it
He rested from all His work

"which God created to function.

"Attention, gentlemen...

"Blessed are You, Lord our God,
King of the universe,

"Who creates the fruit
of the vine..." -Amen.

"Last made,

but first planned.

"Let's go, my friend,

"toward the bride,

"and receive
the presence of Shabbat.

"Rouse yourself!"

Mama, your fish is delicious...
- "Rouse yourself!"

Is the word "prison" male or female?
- Male.

So why so they say
"prison flows"?

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

What do you mean, what am I doing?
I'm breastfeeding. - But why here?

What's wrong?
Does it ruin your Shabbat?

You pretend to be religious,
but you have no respect for God.

At this rate,
we won't have any family left.

Sassi was miraculously spared,
Tzuri is gone.

This isn't just a warning sign,
its an ambulance siren wailing,

to get you to understand.
But you're all too dense!

Dad, you have to stop this.

Meet with Bardugo
and straighten things out.

Do you want me to talk to him?

Why are you playing
these Moroccan games of honor?

Innocent people are being killed
in the streets because of you.

Why am I serving in the army?
This honor will take us all down.

It's not a matter of "honor",
it's the principle.

Whoever's weak will
lose everything.



Can't we have
one calm Shabbat in this house?


Why do you do things like that, ah?
Are you looking for attention?

It takes one to know one.
- What do you mean?

Did you really think
I'd be mother of the year?

I hoped.

I'm not going to breastfeed any more.

You're insane. - I'm insane?
And what is sane around here?

You don't have to get mad.
- Yes I do. I'm sick of it already.

I'll wait outside.

What's wrong, sweetheart?
Did they upset you?

Dad, the minute I finish school,
I'm out of here. Out of here!

Why are you in such a rush?
You know I want you by my side.

Why not work with Ronit,
in the gallery?

Travel abroad, to auctions.
My friends will buy.

Your friends?
You live in a fantasy world, Dad.

Art isn't an easy field.
And with a name like mine...

- Name.

You should take pride
in being a Marciano.

Be proud.

Don't you dare touching me.

What's the matter?

What's the matter?!

You'll pay dearly for this.

I didn't want to make a scene
in front of the children at dinner.

What are you talking about?

Come here.
- Leave me alone!

Don't play games with me, you hear?
Don't play games with me!

I know
exactly what happened in Bucharest!

I'm not stupid.

You forgot who washes
the dirty laundry in this house.

I don't know what you're
talking about. - Stop it!

Stop it! Calm down!

You ruined this, too?
You ruined this, too?

The only clean thing you had.
You ruined it, too?

Get away from me.

Stop, what is it?
- Get away from me.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Leave me alone.

Let go!

Come here! Come here!
Come here!

Look at me!
What is it? What happened?

What happened?

Take your filthy hands off me.


Fuck you!

Eli, Eli...

You could have had it all.

You could have stood by me,
enjoyed the finer things of life.

But you... you wanted more.
Too much.

You joined Bardugo.
You got into drugs.

And worst of all,
you were with my sister.

No! No!

No! No!

Where is he?

Where is he?

Where is he?
Where is he?

Where is he?

What do you want from me?

What are you doing here?
- I thought you might need some help.

You're nice, all of a sudden?


An IDF officer is outside.
He wants to see you.

Who is he?
- He didn't say.

What's it about?
- He didn't say.

He's called a number of times
and wants to see you.

I don't like this type of meeting.
I've told you before,

you have to check more thoroughly
before you schedule meetings for me.

I tried. He sounded very mysterious
and was very adamant.

Okay, send him in.

You can go in now.

- Hello. Have a seat.

I'm Miro Marciano.
From the Marciano family.

I assume you're shocked.
It wasn't easy for me to come here.

But I think we have to talk.

We've both taken different paths
than the rest of our families.

You're a lawyer
and I'm an army officer.

I thought we could find
some common ground and together,

as the "sane" ones in our families,

work to stop the tragedy
that is currently taking place.

Before the situation gets worse.

My father won't like this meeting.
He won't like it at all.

Neither will my father.

Nevertheless, I can't say
that I disagree with you about this.

So what do we do?

I thought we'd try
to arrange a reconciliation.

You take care of your side
and I'll take care of mine.

This is going
to be very difficult.

Yes, but not impossible.

The bottles arrived. I'll arrange
for you to get into the warehouse.


But I don't understand
where the stuff is.

The cocaine arrives in liquid form,
like water. We'll empty the bottles,

take them to a lab, dry them
and end up with pure cocaine.

Get it?

I want you to know
that I took a huge risk.

My father doesn't like
to deal with drugs.

It's a dirty business.

Money is money,
and you made good money here.

Besides, what's the difference
between being addicted to drugs

and being addicted to gambling?
Your father also deals in dirt.

Leave my father out of it.

Good evening.

Out with it! I've been on to you
since this morning.

What are you doing here?

there's a lot of money involved.


We can split it.

Who's the deal with?

All these bottles
are full of liquid cocaine.

Faress and his boys
will be here any minute.

You made a deal with Arabs?

You're insane!

We don't touch drugs.
You'll take us all down, you ass.

Come with me.

Get in.

Let's go, let's go.

Get a move on!

Wake up!

It's all your fault.
Come on. Hurry up.

"Don't wait. Go in, fast.
Major screw-up."

The deal's off.
Sassi made a mistake.

He'll return your money
first thing tomorrow morning.

What do you mean no deal? You've
got the stuff, it's worth millions.

We don't deal in drugs.
It's a rule.

What rules?
I don't care about your rules.

Nobody move.

Don't move.
Come here, you.

Come with me.

What's the matter?
- Quiet.


Leon, this is Tzelniker.
- Yes?

Your son, Sassi's in trouble.
- What?

He's been brought in
for questioning.

They believe he's been involved
in a drug deal with the gang from Lod.

At the moment they've got
nothing on him.

I think I can get him out of it.

I'll let you know later.
Bye, Leon.

What's wrong?

What happened?

Your stupid son.
- What about him?

He's involved in a drug deal,

after all my years of warning him
to stay away from drugs.

He's involved in a drug deal.

With Arabs.
- We have to help him.

Denise, with Arabs.

You think he's an idiot?

That he doesn't know you're leaving
everything to Miro and Danny?

How can you not see it?

You've become sophisticated.
Liquid cocaine. Congratulations.

for the mid-Eastern creativity.

Come on, start talking.

What are you so happy about?
You didn't find anything.

Can't an Arab sit down
with a Jew?

Tell me, Fahima,
when will you stop being a loser?

Sassi's shadow,
you're a big fat nothing.

No one in the family
looks at you twice.

You know that if you leave here,
Leon will finish you off.

You'll be lying in some ditch.

And then there are the Arabs.

You screwed them over too.

You're finished. You're dead.

I have a suggestion,
tell me the whole story,

you'll get tons of money,
you can live out your life.

Turn over a new leaf,
become a mentsch.

This is a chance
of a lifetime, Fahima.

Are you listening?

Are you falling asleep on me?

I had nothing to do with this.
I have nothing to say.

Don't you get it?
You're screwed, big time.

A drug deal, caught red-handed.

Cause for a celebration.

You don't even realize how happy
I'll be to see your dad's face

when he hears about this.

What happened?
I thought you didn't touch drugs.

Is business slow in Europe?

We're screwed.

The son of a bitch pulled a fast one.
We're going to have to let him go.


Okay guys, this is a waste
of time for all of us.

You're going home.
So are Faress and Suleiman.

The investigation's
taken a new turn.

Nice one, Daniel.
You've saved everyone.

But I suggest you
keep a close watch on Sassi

because he made a few
more enemies tonight.

We should keep a low profile.

No way.

I'll get him and everything he has,

I'll burn his blood and his heart.

Fucking rat.

Why should we sit quietly?

That ratting son of a cripple.

I always knew
you were my biggest problem,

that you were different
from everyone else.

A drug deal...

with Arabs, no less...

What were you looking for?
To score big and be successful?

What were you trying to prove?


send him to Bucharest.

Look after him for me.

Arabs never forget.

Arabs never forget.

A drug deal.

Now get out of my sight until
I feel like seeing you again.

Go, until he'll calm down.

Can't you manage without that?

I don't feel
like seeing life as it is.

And I'm fed up with you
always hiding me from everyone.

Nice view, isn't it?

You wish.

I don't know
how I got a son like that.

God only knows what other
problems are in store for us.

If it wasn't for Daniel and his sharp
instincts, we'd be in deep trouble now.

Mom made cookies.


Come, sit with us for a bit.
- I can't.

I have to go to the library.

I have a big exam tomorrow.

Good luck, Shirley.
- Thank you.

What you told me before
makes me happy.

I also think this has to be
stopped before we all go under.

Will Bardugo go for it?

His daughter will convince him.

She seems serious to me.

His daughter?

Don't tell me you like her.

Someone had to make
the first move here

and all of you suffer from
that well-known Moroccan disease,

"I won't make the first move.
Let him say it first".

So I decided
to take the first step.

That way you can hold
on to your precious lost honor.

His daughter?
- Yes, his daughter.

I don't know what to say.
This could be a trap.

He seems very honest to me.
He really is concerned.

This might be a set-up.
You can't trust anyone.

Dad, don't think
about it. Think of us,

what's best for us,
what might happen to us.

We have everything
we need so why spoil it now?

We have to put an end to
this vicious circle of distrust.

They're even talking to Arabs now.

This way of thinking
will only lead to disaster.

Okay, let me think about it.

Herzl won't like this meeting.
Motti'll go and tell him about it.

You're still the boss.
He loves and respects you.

Now tell me.
What's going on with... Mom?

Why is she so depressed?

How should I know?
She makes up stories about me.

Is there anything to them?
- Of course not. - Good.

The rabbit goes to meet the wolf,
thinks he'll come out in one piece.

It was Gabi and Miro's doing.

That's what they taught her
at university? Compromise?

It's seen as a sign
of defeat in our world.

Doesn't she understand
that Machiavelli rules?

I don't understand either.

Machiavelli was a smart man.
A true prince, from Florence.

I adopted two sayings of his.

One, "The voice of the dead
is the voice of God.

"Violence is the only
way to avoid failure",

and the second saying:

"Be as smart as a fox
and as brave as a lion".

Now I understand.

Tell Amos that I want you
to take the walk to Canossa too.


Never mind.

The reconciliation.

"Shall the sword devour for ever?"

Do you know who said that?

Avner ben Ner said it
to Yoav ben Tzruia.

Two very powerful people.

Both thought they were right
and they both compromised.

You're right. He's right,
but there will be bloodshed.

The cemeteries are full
of people who were right.

What is the reason for this war?

When will it all end?

You know that this is
an opportunity to meet here today

If we held this meeting
2 weeks from now

who knows
if I'd see all of you here.

Friends, this war must end,
here and now.

It won't end well,
you all know that.

I never heard of any winners
in a Mafia war in Israel.

There were always only losers.
Friends, war only has losers.

There are no victories in wars.

And now, do it.

Kiss and make up. Settle this.

At first, don't make real peace.

Start with no more war
and move on to peace.

Actually, Miro initiated this
and I joined in.

I think we've reached
an all-time low

and it's very fitting that this
meeting is being held here,

at the lowest place in the world,
right next to the Dead Sea.

There's a joke about the underworld,
real criminals don't live to be 50.

I believe that if we think smart,
we can and we should

declare a truce.

I believe that the very fact
that we're all here today

shows that both sides
are serious and agree.

Our families are
really very similar.

The same prayers, the same food
at home, the same customs.

From a business aspect, the division
between us is quite clear.

You were once good friends,
truly good friends.

I see no reason
why you can't get along now too.

I suggest we put the past
and our honor behind us,

we forgive
what happened in the past,

we turn a new leaf
and start out on a new road,

a better one for all of us.

What about Herzl?
Is he on board?

I'll deal with Herzl.

Come on, let's raise a glass.

"Lechaim"(to life).
- Cheers. - Cheers.

Come on, kiss and make up.

"When I see you in my glass...

"I drown in your beer.

"When I see... in your beer...

"I drown in your beer..."

Come on, Jacko.
Oh, this is unbelievable.

It's healthy.
- It's healthy. It's very healthy.

- Yes, Shtrudel.

What do you want to know?
- What's happening, Veronica?

Everyone's here. Both families came.
They're enjoying themselves.

It looks like
they buried the hatchet to me.

What about?
- He's okay.

Everything's going
according to plan.

Bravo, Veronica.


Shirley, say something...


You dry it in the sun, yeah.

It saves energy.

You mean Herring?

- Herring. Herring.


Shirley's gone.

Get the car ready.

Come on!


"Merciful God in heaven who shows
compassion for all his creatures,

"have pity on the soul,
spirit and body

"of this young girl, murdered
in the prime of her life,

"Shirley, daughter of..."
- Denise. - "...Denise."

"God's spirit will guide
her in the Garden of Eden.

"Our Lord, Sovereign over all,
will show her compassion

"and will bring her
to her resting place,

"They will come in peace
and will rest in peace

"together with all the daughters
of Israel and let us say, 'Amen'."

"Exalted and sanctified
is God's great name

"in the world which He has created
according to His will.

"May He establish his kingdom.

"May his salvation blossom
and his anointed near

"in your lifetime and your days

"and in the lifetime
of all the House of Israel,

"speedily and soon
and say 'Amen'.

"May there be
much peace from Heaven

"and good life and satiety
and salvation, comfort and saving

"and healing and redemption
and forgiveness and atonement

"and relief and deliverance

"for us and for all His people,
Israel and let us say, 'Amen'.

"He who creates
peace in his celestial heights

"may He in his mercy
create peace for us

"and for all Israel
and say, 'Amen'."

May you find solace in the Lord.

She was so young...

You know, Miro...

you and Shirley
were my big hope,

my dream,

to become an Israeli family...

A real one.

Without the crime label
sticking to her.

I was so proud when you graduated
from your officers' training course.


I had so many plans.

I wanted her to see the world,
to broaden her horizons.

Someone's been missing you...

I know exactly what's on your mind...

You have me,
and you have a son,

and I don't want
to raise him by myself.


Call an ambulance!

"...He will cover thee and under
His wings shalt thou take refuge.

"His truth is a shield.

"Thou shalt not be afraid
of the terror by night

"For Thou will not abandon
my soul to the nether world;

"neither will Thou suffer
Thy godly one to see the pit.

"Thou makest me
to know the path of life;

"in Thy presence is
fullness of joy,

"in Thy right hand bliss
for evermore." Kaddish.

"Exalted and sanctified
is God's great name

"in the world which He has created
according to His will

"May He establish his kingdom.

"May his salvation blossom
and his anointed near

"in your lifetime and your days

"and in the lifetime
of all the House of Israel,

"speedily and soon
and say 'Amen'.

"May His great name
be blessed..."

How are you, Dad?

Look at that. Michel and Jacko
left me to do the job by myself.

You killed Michael.

After I made peace with Bardugo.

Despite everything
he did to me in prison.

You killed him
and you went behind my back.

Why did you do this to me?

You are no longer my son.



In these times of taking stock
we must find love, what unites us,

and we must respect our friends,
we must be careful what we say

as our Sages said when interpreting
the words, "He who wants to live".

"Who is the man that desires life,
and loves days,

wherein he may see good.

"Keep thy tongue from evil,
and thy lips from speaking guile."

The Shiva is
a time for taking stock.

The deceased left behind
much sorrow, pain and grief

for many people
especially those close to him.

He left parents, a son and daughter,
a wife, a brother and sister,

and a dear grandmother who
prays for peace and unity.

And you saw for yourselves,
dear Mr. Leon,

he, too, in the midst
of his own grief, came,

taking a step
towards unity, affinity, love.

With God's help, we believe
that the future will be much better,

and these flowers will grow in love,

the family will grow strong,

the families will unite,
and peace will reign.

Why do you keep following me?

Afraid someone will kill me?

I wish they would.

My little flower.

I wish they had killed
me instead of you.

Get back.

"Maasiyahu Prison"

"Blessed art thou, Lord
who sets captives free."

Amen, Dad, amen.

Welcome home, my son.

Look, I made
the couscous that you like.

Welcome back.

Hello, how are you? Okay?

It's nice to see you, Uncle.

Look at you. You've grown.

Hello there, my brother.
What's new? - How are you?

Praise God. I'm well.
- Welcome back, Herzl.

Come on. Let's drink a toast
in honor of his release.

Give him a glass.

He has one.

Come on, welcome home.
- Cheers. - To life!


Okay, before we start eating

the delicious
Couscous Mom prepared,

I want to say
a few words to Herzl.

Let's forget the past
and focus on the future.

Let bygones be bygones.

- Cheers.

Ecclesiastes, Chapter 1, Verse 9.
The wisest of all man says:

"That which hath been
is that which shall be

"and that which hath been done
is that which shall be done

And... - "There is nothing new
under the sun."

"There in nothing new under the sun."
Cheers. - Cheers.

Your way never proved itself.

So far it has only been
the cause of mourning and murder.

And where does your way lead?

Don't you understand?
That's the irony of life, of fate.

We think we are leading but
it is really the path that leads us.

Enough with the sayings
that only you understand.

Go to pave asphalt.

We have no future together.
- I know.

I'm mad about you.
I can't stop thinking about you.

Do we have anyone in Bucharest?
- There's Florin.

This time we have to be smart.

I don't want any slip-ups.
- Yes, boss.

Give me a chance.
I'll prove myself to you.

Is Emmanuel better than me?

It's Dad's decision.

Sure. Kadosh is better
than Marciano, right?

There's a financial
basis for all this.

Your father, Leon,
has thought of everything.

The main thing is he took the
casino in Serbia away from Bardugo.

Yes, but at what price?

Okay, Michel,
I'm going to rest in my room.

Get the suitcases and the car ready.

It's Dad's decision.
- I'll prove it to him too.

Mom sends her love and kisses.

It's clear. Go in.

Call an ambulance!
- Daniel!

Danny, Danny!

Stay with me!
- Ambulance!

I'm telling you, it wasn't us.
You don't believe me.



"My Lord, guard my tongue from evil
and my lips from speaking falsehood."

They have other enemies.
Who knows, maybe it was Florin.

It could have also been the Arabs.
Think about it.

They have a real serious
quarrel with Sassi.

What happened?

That Sassi has 9 lives
He got off without a scratch.

Daniel is more serious.

He lost his "nuts".

May God protect us.
- Amen.

What are you doing? - Get in.
- What are you doing? - Get in.

You're good at building, right?

You're paying
for your father's mistakes.

What are you doing?

Where's your father now?
Looking for a headstone to cry on?

What are you doing?

What are you doing?


now it's your turn, you rat.

Get away from me.
Police. Search warrant.

Hi, Bardugo. How are you?
What are you doing here?

Moved on to foreign merchandise?

This is for you, Naftali.

Oh, you came for your laundry?
What's wrong?

Raymonde doesn't do
your laundry anymore?


Come here, dear.
- What is it, Ma'am?

What do you think? What will you
make today? - The usual. - Yes?

Nothing's changed.
2 pots of fish, 1 spicy, 1 not.

I don't want a mess again. This one
likes it this way, that one doesn't.

There's 2. What else
do you want? There's also salad...

Maybe some peas?
- Peas? Okay.

What did you do to your eyebrows?
- Nothing. - Don't tell me nothing.

Nothing. - What nothing?

I took some black paint,
like this. - Oh, yes?

I dyed them.
What? What's wrong with you?

I don't know,
I can't breathe.

I don't know. Help me, open it up.
- What's wrong with you?

Oh, it's the nerves.
- What nerves?

Nerves. There are nerves here.
Here. What's wrong with you.

I'll get you some water.

You take everything to heart.
There's no end to these things...

Come on, drink it. - No.
- What do you mean? A little bit.

Don't shout.
- It'll make you feel better.

Come on.
- Did you unzip it? - Yes.

I can't breathe.
- A little. - I can't breathe.

A little. - I can't breathe.

Leon, Leon!
- Don't shout.


She doesn't feel well.
She can't breathe. Give her air, air.

What's going on, my dear?
- Nothing

She won't take the water...
- I'm chocking.

I'm chocking.

Call an ambulance. Quickly.
- Ambulance.

Wait, my dear...

I'll try to get you out of here.
They found the drugs in her house.

From what I understand
you were just using.

In the meantime keep quiet,
don't say a word.

I'll take care of everything.

Mom doesn't know too much but...
she suspects.

Mr. Marciano,

I am very sorry.

We did everything
we could but we lost her.

She fought until the end.
I'm sorry.

We have nothing left, Dad...

How are you, father?

When you go out,

you should look impeccable.

How are things?

How are you?

Me? Here?

Perfect. It's easy, it's...

Thank god.

It's the last one. No...

The last one...

"Exalted and sanctified

"is God's great name."


"In the world which He has created
according to His will

"May He establish his kingdom.

"May his salvation blossom

"and his anointed near."
- Amen.

"In your lifetime

"and your days

"and in the lifetime
of all the House of Israel,

"speedily and soon

"and say 'Amen'."


"May His great name be blessed

"forever and to all eternity.

"Blessed and praised,
glorified and exalted,

"extolled and honored,
elevated and lauded

"be the Name of the Holy
One, blessed be He."

"The sixth day.

"And the heavens and the earth
and all their hosts were completed.

"And God finished by the seventh day
His work which He had done,

"and He rested on the seventh day
from all His work which He had done.

"And God blessed the seventh day
and sanctified it,

"for on it
He rested from all His work

"which God created to function.

"Blessed are You,
Lord our God..."

What's the matter with you?

Today is Shabbat.


"What a rare find
is a capable wife...

"Her worth
is far beyond that of rubies.

"Her husband puts his confidence
in her and lacks no good thing.

"She is good to him, never bad,
all the days of her life.

"She looks for wool and flax,
sets her hand to them with a will.

"She is like a merchant fleet,
bringing her food from afar.

"She rises while it is still night
providing provisions for her house,

"the daily fare of her maids.

"She sets her mind on an estate
and acquires it.

"She plants a vineyard
by her own labors.

"She girds herself with strength
and performs her tasks with vigor..."

Just going for a bit of fresh air,
that's all...

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