Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993) - full transcript

Three pets (Chance, a young dog unfamiliar with the world; Shadow, an aging, wise dog; and Sassy, a snobby cat) are left behind when their family goes on vacation. Unsure of what happened, the animals set out on a quest to find their family. This journey across America is very dangerous and the animals risk never seeing their masters again. The group of pets travel across forested mountains and areas of wide-open countryside, while their family searches for them in the same areas.

My name is Chance.

I know it sounds odd, but most names do
if you think about 'em long enough,

maybe even yours.

I was abandoned when I was very young.

I lived on the streets, scrounging
for food, sleeping wherever I could.

That seemed like fun at first, but

pretty soon it landed me behind bars.

But I don't like to talk about that.

Let's talk about after that
when I got my second chance...

and my name.

You see, this family came along, and...

and, I guess you could say,
they rescued me...

'cause they adopted me and brought me
to live with them at their house.

But it was their home, not mine.

Still, it sure was an improvement over,
well, over that other place.

Lots of space, fresh air,

plenty of interesting things to explore...

and all the underwear I could eat.

- Chance!
- Sassy?

You've just woke me up
from a very deep catnap.

What's the matter, Sassy? You get up
on the wrong side of the litter box?

Even a very great beauty
needs her beauty sleep!

Beauty sleep? You'd have
to sleep for like... a month.

Oh, you are such a typical dog.

Indeed. The house was full
of new clothes to be shredded...

on account of the family was growing.

You see, Bob was joining
the family by marrying Laura.

Her little girl was Hope.
Hope belonged to Sassy.

The little boy, Jamie, was supposed to
belong to me, but I didn't need anyone else.

I was a loner.

Still, I had to admit it,
he did have a lot of very good ideas.

He was the one who named me Chance.

Laura's older boy was Peter.

He belonged to Shadow.
Shadow was faithful.

Shadow was loyal. Shadow was a chump.

He just sat down there
while I had all the fun upstairs.

Chance, stop! The blouse is dead.

That's right, but I gotta shred it...

into teeny, tiny little pieces,
and I really...

I swallowed a button.

Oh, what a shame!
Too bad it wasn't a zipper.

Hey, you better beat it, powder puff,
or you're gonna end up dog meat.

Is that any way to speak
to a petite dewdrop?

You big flat-faced butt-sniffer!

Shadow, down.

I really should
give that pup a talking-to.

Uh... I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

Who is this?

Somebody new, 'cause I never forget a face.

Oh, whoa! Food! Food! Hello, food.

Hey, wait, wh-whoa! Where ya goin'?

Hey, you with the food, drop it!

Drop it! Drop it!

They wanna serve that
on the floor, I think.

Yeah, down here on the floor,
kind of an alfresco thing.

I know what I'll do, I'll give him the look.

- Sorry, fella, not for doggies.
- Flying meat!

Hot, hot, hot!

I wonder if I could have that dog stuffed.

Yech! Green stuff! I hate that.
Who eats this stuff?

Bingo! Now we're talkin' turkey.

Back off, old man!

You're just jealous
'cause I smelled it first.

- Would a rolled-up newspaper mean anything to you?
- No. Why?

All right! Okay.
Just wanted to smell it.

To make sure it was safe for people.

- I'm keeping my eye on you, pup.
- Yeah, I'm just gonna go, uh... mingle.

Hey, how are ya? Nice to see ya!
Hey, nice shoes. I should know.

Hey ya, bud. Nice tie. How're ya doin'?

You want me to show you
a place where you can bury that food?

What do you think? Give me a little?

Hasta la vista.

What was that? Broccoli! Ptui!

They're not taking these pets
to San Francisco with them, are they?

No. Laura has a friend from college
who has a ranch up near Bishop

and she's agreed to keep the animals
while they're gone.

Ladies, please, you gotta help me.

I'm starving, and I can't remember
when I had my last meal

and I'm an orphan and I'm weak and I'm helpless

and if you don't feed me, I'll shrivel
into a pile of bleached bones so please.

Go on, shoo!

What, do you want, shake a paw, shake hands?
Is that worth most of your food? All your food?

Shoo, I said. Go on.

Doesn't even know how to shake right.
You need training.

You need the training.

Ah, great.
And I suppose you know a better way.

Yes. I'll get food
by acting like I don't want food.

- That's stupid.
- I'll prove it.

You don't have to prove it.
I believe you're stupid.

Oh, Sassy, I wish we didn't have to go away.

I'm going to miss you so much.

Just watch me work.

- Hungry?
- No.

But it's shrimp. You like shrimp.

- I couldn't possibly. No, no, no, no.
- Come on. It's good.

I can't. I just can't.

I have those four pesky ounces
still hanging on from Christmas.

- Well, if you insist.
- Told you.

- It works. I don't believe it. A twofer.
- Have another one.

- I gotta remember this.
- It's like I said all along, poopsie:

Cats rule and dogs drool.

- Get a life. Get nine of 'em.
- It's true.

Cats are smarter than dogs
and more attractive...

and we don't drink from the toilet.

Why not? Uh-oh. Moving food. Gotta go.

Must follow. Must follow. Must follow.

- It's Peter against Shadow. He's coming up!
- I'm gonna get it, Peter.

- Come on. I'm gonna get it.
- Peter steals it!

- You gotta bounce it better than that, boy.
- Shadow makes the jump. Peter takes it!

Come on. I'm gonna get it.

- Scores it!
- I can still do this pretty well, huh?

You're my favourite boy in the world.

Oh, I love you, Peter.

I hate this mushy stuff.
I got a cake to catch.

Hey, guys.

You know, Shadow's gonna have
a ball at Kate's ranch, aren't ya, boy?

Gonna be sunshine and fresh air,
lots of room to run.

I still don't see why we can't
take him to San Francisco with us.

Peter, I want him to be able
to go as much as you do.

- We gotta think about what's best for Shadow, don't we?
- Well, yeah.

I mean, we're gonna be living
in pretty tight conditions.

Besides, my work there is temporary.

We'll be back before you know it.

What if he doesn't understand? What if
he thinks I abandoned him or something?

Are you kidding?
He's gonna be so busy chasing horses...

and bothering chickens,
and you're gonna be busy.

- There's tons of stuff for both of you guys to do.
- There's tons of stuff we can do here, together.


Come on, Shadow.

Okay. Now, act like you don't want it.

- Attention, everyone!
- Goin' in.

My bride tells me it's time to cut the cake.

I hope you've all saved room because the
mother of the bride made it herself.

I couldn't possibly.
Really. I'm dieting.

- Chance!
- I got a pound to lose off my hips and I'm...

Oh, man! Don't tell me
to do that. Sorry.

Dig in everybody! There's plenty
for everyone!

No! Stay there.


You have to stay there or you can't play.

Cats are smarter than dogs, huh? Right.

- She doesn't even know the meaning of the word "stay".
- No. Stay there!

The savage beast spots
his unsuspecting victim.

Slowly he sneaks through the tall grass.

- Don't even!
- Moving in for the ambush.

- Keep away from me, you mutt!
- He runs. He leaps!


My poor baby! Are you all right?

He threw me in the big litter box!

- Nice shot, Chance.
- That's why they call it the catapult.

- You got a lot to learn, pup.
- Call the vet, now!

I'm telling Mom what your stupid dog did!

I've never in my life!
I think my fur is falling out!

- I'm losing my fur!
- Hey, it's time to hit the road, guys!

I wanna get going before it gets too late.

Luggage? Why luggage?

I think... I need to eat some grass.

That's Grandma's cake!

Yuck! Come on, Shadow.

I learned an important lesson that day:

Cake and polyester don't mix.

You know, I was actually starting to
like doing things with the whole family.

They weren't so bad, for people.

They were all so happy together.
And Shadow, and even Sassy, seemed happy.

I was beginning to think
that maybe this time,

with this family, things were
gonna be different, better.

Tah-dah! Bat dog!

Well, if it isn't the newlyweds!

Hi, kids!

- Hi! Oh!
- Hi!

- How was the wedding?
- Excuse me. Pardon me. Look out. Comin' through. Look out.

Whoa, this place
is a smell-o-rama. Hallelujah!

I've died and gone to Kentucky!

- Wish I could've made it.
- We wish you could've been there.

- Hey, you! Congratulations!
- Thanks.

I don't know how to thank you
enough for what you're doin'.

You're kiddin'. The more the merrier. I just have
to take that one short trip I told you about.

- You're going away?
- I help drive the horses to winter grazing every year.

- Just for a couple of days.
- Who's gonna take care of Shadow and...

My neighbour, Frank. He always
watches the animals while I'm gone.

Don't worry. He's very trustworthy.
Do you have a minute to come in?

Wish we could, but we got a long way to go.

Chance! Come here, boy! Chance!

This is Miss Kate, Sassy.

She's a nice lady,
and she'll take good care of you.

- Won't you?
- Yes, ma'am.

Chance! Come here, boy! Chance!

Hey, gimme that Frisbee!
Here. Good boy, Chance.

- How far can you throw that Frisbee?
- Pretty far.

- Can you throw as far as that field over there?
- Maybe you better do it.

Hey! Now look what you did.
You let it escape.

Don't worry.
I'll wrestle it to the ground...

and chew it up so good it'll
never fly away again.

I hope he doesn't forget me.


- I'm gonna miss you so much.
- I know.

I know you're sad. I wish I knew why.

We'll be back to visit
next week, okay? I promise.

What's wrong?

Peter! It's time!

Don't worry, Peter.
I'm here to protect you.

Be a good dog.

- Stay.
- Stay?

- Hope, where are you going?
- Good-bye, Hope. Bye-bye.

All right, all right, all right.
Easy on the fur coat.

I got it! I got it! It was crafty,
all right, but I... Jamie?


Peter. Wait.


Oh, no, not this.

Shadow? Chance?

Come on, fellas!

Come on!

Come on, guys. We're gonna be back
for a visit in a couple weeks.

I thought we'd be back next week.

Yeah, Mom. I told Shadow
I'd see him next weekend.

Oh, honey, they don't know the difference.
Yes, they will.

You know we can't come back every weekend.
Two weeks then.

It can't be any longer, okay?

Okay. Two weeks. It's a deal.

- Cross your heart?
- Cross my heart.

I just don't understand.

Who are you gonna get to watch over you?

Who's gonna wait for you
to come home from school?

Who's gonna sleep at the foot of your bed?

You'll come back.

I know you'll come back.


Come on, boy! Come and get it!

Hey, Shadow, come on. Breakfast time.
Come on, boy.

Come on. That's a boy.

Hey, which of you guys are regular
and which ones are extra-crispy?

Hey, I know that noise. Kibble!

Come on. Breakfast time.

Kibble, kibble, kibble,
kibble, kibble, kibble!

- Gimme some! Kibble, kibble, kibble!
- No! Get down, Chance!

- Kibble, kibble, kibble, kibble...
- No! Ow! Ow! Chance!

- Where's the kibble?
- There you go. Here you go, Chance.

Oh, Sassy! I'm sorry!

Ooh! My beautiful tail!

Sorry, baby. Okay, look,
here's your breakfast.

See? Here we go.

All right, it's your turn. Okay.

- You're supposed to warm it up.
- Come on, girl. I'm so sorry.

- Come on. Okay, come on.
- It's cold.

Well, don't expect a big tip from me.

I feel I'm going to be sick.

Hey, hey, stop! That's mine!

Yeah, well, you snooze, you lose.

Ooh! Canines!

Whoa! You sick or what?

Hey, bath toys! Oh, oh! That's cold!

Come on, come on, come on. I'm not gonna
hurt you. I just wanna chew on your neck.

Whoa! What was that?

Whoa! What a pig!

Hey, what happened to your fur?

Excuse me, excuse me, but I'm
the new chicken monitor here.

You gotta fix this dog door.
It's a little small.

I'm afraid I may have left
a very important bone here.

Here we go! Look out!

Ho! I got ya! Whoa!

Whoa! What the...

Help! It's Birdzilla!

I swear I'll never eat a McNugget again!

You guys won't believe some of
the weird stuff they got around here.

They got this bird the size of a Rottweiler.

Looks like somebody ran over his head.

Oh, man, what are you waiting for?
They're not coming back.

That just shows you how little you know.

It's happened before... to me.
People use you and lose you.

Shame on you for betraying your boy.

Me betray him? Who ditched who?

I mean, not that I care.
I can get along just fine without him.

- How dare you call yourself a dog.
- A cat would know better.

Dogs are supposed to be
faithful, loyal and true.

To people? Why?

Didn't you even notice how sad
Jamie looked when he left?

Sheesh! I'm sorry.

Man, I didn't know anybody cared so much.

- Ask her about Chance!
- They're doing just fine.

- Let me talk to Shadow.
- Peter wants to talk to Shadow.

Peter, somebody here
wants to say hello to you.

Shadow. Shadow?

Can you hear me, boy? Look, I know
I promised we'd be back tomorrow,

but we can't make it for another week, okay?

I never understand a thing
when they do this.

Me neither, but you
might as well humour them.

Did you hear that? He said hello.

What'd he say? What'd he say?

He said Chance ate Sassy.

Nah, I'm just kidding.
He said Sassy loves it there.

You know, I don't even miss the old place.

I mean, there's a lot more stuff to do here.

Ugh! I miss it.

It's so much harder
for a lady to keep clean here.

Thanks again, Kate.

How much longer?
Peter should've been here by now.

Why don't you relax, Gramps?
Find yourself a shoe.

- Oh, pups.
- Do you have any idea where that's been?

Oh, yeah. That's why I love it.
You want some?

I'm not into leather.

- Now, where's she going?
- Huh?

Okay, you guys. I'll be back
in a couple of days.

A car ride! We're goin' on a car ride!
Let's go! All right!

No, no, no. Sorry, boy.

Not this time.
You stay here and be good.

Okay? Bye-bye.
Frank'll be by to feed you later.

- Something's happening.
- What? What do you think it is?

I don't know, but I don't like it.

That's peculiar.

Locked in. I hate being locked in.

This is just like it was back at the pound.

- Chance, calm down.
- You don't get it, do ya?

The pound is where humans lock you up
when they don't want you anymore.

- Not want me? Impossible.
- Don't listen to him.

He's just makin' it up to scare you.

Oh, yeah? You two pampered pets haven't
been out on the streets like I have.

I've been to the pound, remember?
Don't tell me there's no pound.

I know about the pound.

Something doesn't smell right.
They've been gone way too long.

Much longer than they should've been.
Something's really wrong.

Wake up and smell the kibble. They dumped us.
No! It isn't true!

- They love you, and they dump you.
- Not Peter!

You could be right, Shadow. It's been
too much time, way too much time.

Something is keeping Peter from coming
to me, so I'm gonna go to him.

- You guys kill me. She locked the gate, remember?
- I don't care about gates.

I'm going home.

- What?
- What'd he say?

- No way!
- Shadow, wait!

It's too far. You don't know the way.

What if they come back here looking for us?

It's time to go, Sassy. I'm going home.

It's crazy! Who'll feed you?

You won't make it out there on the road!

That's where they catch you
and take you to the pound!

I'm stayin' right here. Huh?

Oh! Birdzilla returns!

Hey, guys, guys, wait up! Wait up!
I'm comin'!

Don't let him eat me!
Don't let him eat me!

Did that hurt.

Look out, chicken broads.
Comin' through! Pardon me.

Home is just over that mountain.
We'll be there before dark.

How do you figure?
It took us ages to get this far.

That was the long way. We'll take
the shortcut, straight up and over.

Hey! Wait up! Hey, guys, wait up!

- Here I am.
- I thought you were gonna stay, pup.

I thought I better come along
in case you two needed protection.

My hero. Guess I'm gonna have
to stare at your butt the whole way.

I'll race you to the trees.

And so began the most
perilous journey of our lives.

The Sierras extend
to over 250 miles north and south...

and to over 50 miles east and west.

This makes them the second largest mountain
range in the western United States.

- Ow! I broke a nail! I broke a nail.
- Not much further now.

I think Little Miss Fur Ball
needs a rest, don't you think?

What's the matter, pup?
Too much for a tough guy like you?

What are you talkin' about?
I'm just sick of hearin' her whine.

This ground isn't nearly
soft enough. Ah! Ah!

- Almost there, Sassy.
- I hate these package tours.

Here, dogs! Come on!

Kitty? Here, kitty, kitty!

That's funny.

"Thanks for feedin them...

"Old dog seems really homesick.
Taking him and the other two..."

Taking 'em where? Cat on a stock drive?
You gotta be kiddin' me.

Okay, okay.
I know you're hungry. I'm comin'!

I wanna be home where the tallest thing
I have to climb is a bookshelf.

Top's just ahead. You'll be able to see
our house from there. Keep marching.

Don't worry. I'm gonna be glad
to put this place behind me.

First of all, there's way too many
new smells to learn.

Not to mention, I got about ten million trees to mark,

and I don't know about you
but I am running on empty.


Oh, Shadow.

Whoa! Get a load of this.

You could see everything from up here.

Except the house. I don't see
the house. Where's the house, Shadow?

Well, thank you, Shadow.

It's been simply a divine vacation,

but I think I'll just stay here
and wait for the bus.


- Hey, where you goin'? Where's he goin'?
- Shadow?

I told you. I'm going home.

- You can't be serious.
- I have to go. Peter might be in trouble.

You look around. We're in trouble. Home's
not that way. Can't you smell straight?

Oh, it's out there. I have a sixth
sense. You'll have it... one day.

Shadow, you're not as young
as you used to be.

I'm going home, Sassy, that's all.
Now, you two coming or not?

Look, there's no way I'm gonna let
an old-timer like you go it alone.

I'll be your guard dog.

This isn't a game, pup. If you're coming,
you're gonna have to keep up.

All right. Hey. Don't worry about me.
I got the stuff. It's you I'm worried about.

You two are really gonna
go off and leave me here?

You wait for that bus. You'll do fine.

We'll send you a dead bird
when we get there.

- I prefer to do my own shopping.
- Au revoir, Sassy!

Hey! All right. All right. Wait up!

I can't believe I'm following...

a couple of irresponsible,
misguided, mangy canine plague lifters.

There was more to that old boy
than I'd given him credit for.

I was soon to learn just how much more,

but even in that moment I had to admire
his faith, wherever it might lead us.

Check it out!
What kind of animal made that?

That? You don't wanna know.

Whoa! That's as big as Sassy.

- Thanks, darling.
- Whew! But it smells better.

At least I don't roll in it
like some species.

Oh, right. Like if you yap at it,

it's gonna come right down
and ask you to eat it.


What's that smell?
That smells interesting.

Whoo-hoo-hoo! I never thought
anything could smell too much.

Hey! Shadow, wanna have some fun?
Go stick your head in that hole.

Pace yourself, pup.
We got a long way to go.

Don't sweat it, pops!
I could go on like this for days!

- Ugh! I'm too pooped to poop.
- Shh!

- Just sleep.
- I can't sleep. Too tired to sleep.

I'm tired and I'm hungry.

And this place is spooky. I don't
like it here. Gives me the creeps.

Oh, 'fraidy cat... I mean, dog.

You two pipe down and go to sleep.

- Now what?
- There's somethin' out there.

- Oooooh!
- Enough, Sassy! Now, sleep.

I'm tellin' you guys
there's something out there.

What was that?

Something's out there.
What do I do? What do I do?

- Stay right where you are.
- What is it?

- A moose, probably.
- Oh, a moose. What's a moose?

A big razor-toothed animal. Comes out at
night to eat the tails off smaller animals.

Yeow! Uh, uh, don't worry.
I'll, I'll protect you.

- Of course, mooses can't climb trees.
- Don't have to.

They can reach right up to the top.
You'll be safer on the ground with us.

Me, Sassy, sleep in the dirt?

Well, look who's down
in the dirt with the dogs.

Morning, honey.

Ugh! Dog breath! Blech!

Up and at 'em, you two!
I've found our breakfast.

- Great. I hope it's garbage.
- No. Even better.

With you two gourmets, I can just imagine.

- Fine. Stay here and diet.
- Are you calling me fat?

Of course not, for a hippopotamus.

- I meant to do that.
- Ha, ha! Serves you right.

There's one. No, wait, there's one.

- Shadow, how'd you get one of these?
- Sassy.

Oh. Wait, there's...

Sassy, help me out here, will ya?
I'm starvin'.

- Say it first.
- Oh...

- Say it!
- Okay. Cats rule and dogs drool.

- I can't hear you.
- Cats rule and dogs drool! Ya happy?

- Thank you, precious.
- You're welcome, cupcake.

- There you go.
- Hey, thanks.

Whoa, fish! Sit! Hey, fish! Ho!

Whoa, here you go! Stop! Sit! Sit!

Stay, fish, stay! Roll over!

Hey, hey, scram! Get your own fish.

- Careful, pup.
- No. No. We didn't invite these guys.

Get outta here! Buzz off, ya party
crashers! Go steal some porridge!


You guys catch that? I smoked 'em.

- I wouldn't be so cocky, Chance.
- Hey, whoa, whoa. Time out.

- Look, when Chance scares somebody off, they be gone.
- Uh, Chance.

Lousy punks. Think 'cause
they're bigger than me...

they can steal my fish,
well, they ain't even that big.

- Chance, get away from there.
- What... is this? Uh...

Gosh, you look hungry.
May I... recommend the trout?

Well, looks like we don't have
any choice but to go straight across.

Chance, when will you grow up?
That bear could've eaten you.

Do you realize how painful
that would've been... for the bear?

- Oh, go hawk up a hair ball.
- Oh, yeah, that hurt. Ooh! Really hurt!

Sassy, Chance, I'm sorry,
but we're gonna have to cross here.

- There isn't a bridge here.
- Come on.

- I don't see any stepping-stones.
- Hey, wait up.

It's gentle here, Sassy.
You could swim across.

I don't have to swim. I have a note.

It's fun to swim.
Come on. You'll like it.

Except for the water part.

Come on, you two.

- Don't be such a sissy, Sassy.
- You know how to swim?

I happen to be a champion dog paddler.

Banzai! Oh, that's cold!

- Oh, that's cold.
- It's easy, Sassy.

I prefer the dry look.

I think I shrank in there!

Please don't make that noise, Sassy.
I'll come back and swim beside you.

Don't bother.
I'll find my own way across.

The water just gets worse further down.

Where is sh... Sassy!

I can't believe what they want me to do.

Just so they can have
the pleasure of my company?

She just doesn't want
to get wet. She can swim. She can.

She won't. She won't,
she won't, she won't.

She won't, she won't, she won't, she won't.

Ah, this is more like it.

I'm so clever I amaze myself.

Will ya look at that?

- Cats rule and dogs drool.
- Jumpin' rocks.

- Typical cat move.
- Good girl, Sassy.

- You all right?
- Never better.

Never better! Ooh! Ahh! Yes!

Well, good work.

- I just had this coat cleaned.
- Sassy?

- Oh, help! Help!
- Sassy's in the river, Chance.


Hang on, Sassy!

Sassy, I'm coming. Keep your head above water!

Oh, Shadow...

Shadow, help me!


Help me! Shadow!

Shadow, please!

Sassy, swim. Swim hard.

Please... help!

- Sassy! Sassy!
- Shadow!

Oh, no.

Did you find her? Where is she?

I couldn't reach her,
but we've got to keep trying.

Hurry! Maybe she made it
to the other side.

I-I don't see her, Shadow, do you?

No. It swallowed her up.

I shouldn't have made her come.

It's not your fault.
She wanted to come.

But it's my responsibility.

I had a responsibility to Sassy...

to love her and protect her...

the same as I have to you...

and to Peter.

And the same as you have to Jamie.

But... we didn't ask for this job.

We didn't have to. It's built in.

Has been ever since the dawn of time...

when a few wild dogs took it
upon themselves to watch over man,

to bark when he's in danger,

to run and play with him when he's happy,

to nuzzle him when he's lonely.

That's why they call us man's best friend.

Looking at him that night,
he seemed so wise... and ancient,

like the first dog
that ever walked the Earth.

I just hope that one day I can be like him.

I'll miss you, Sassy.

There you are. Master of the sky.

You're the boss.

Well, now.

Third sighting in four months.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.

What's that?

You poor thing.

How did you get way out here?

Lemme see.

You're alive?


Get you all cleaned up here now. Yeah.

- Shadow?
- What's a classy dame like you...

doin' way out here in the sticks?

- Shadow.
- Some rest.

- Chance?
- Some food.

- Shadow? Shadow.
- Be all right.

You'll never catch anything
if you're not patient.

I can't help it. I'm starving.

I'm starving too,
but you have to be patient.

Stop barking. You'll
scare everything away.

- Don't move a muscle.
- I won't. I won't.

- And wait till I say go.
- Say what?

- Go!
- Yeah!


There goes the bunny.

There goes the pup.

There goes breakfast.

Uh! I hate fast food.

- That's it, pup. You're on your own.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'll do it right.

- Give me a second chance.
- That was your second chance, Chance.

Give me a third chance.
Come on. Please! I'm starvin'!

All right. One last time.

How did Sassy do this? I don't want it.
I don't want it.

I don't want it. I! I! I! I don't want it!

Sassy'd love to see this.


Chance? Sassy?

Welcome home!

Been watching for you
all morning. How was it?

Oh, boy, that trail gets longer every
year. I need a nice soak in a hot tub.

- How'd the animals take to it?
- The horses?

No. The dogs and cat.


- You didn't take 'em with ya?
- You don't take pets on a stock drive.

That's what I thought,
but your note said you'd taken 'em.

No, ma'am. I gotta tell ya,
domesticated animals...

wouldn't stand a chance out here.

We've got bears, mountain lions.
These are serious predators.

Is there anybody else in
the Park Service I can call?

Oh, would you? Oh, I'd appreciate it.

Oh, I gave you my number,
didn't I? Oh, good.

Yeah, it's just a shot. Bye.

You've done everything you can.

Not everything.

- Well, maybe we can go look for them.
- Really?

I really don't think we're
gonna be able to do that, guys.

- Why couldn't we?
- Look, Peter, we all miss 'em.

We're gonna do everything
we can to find 'em,

but we have to be patient.

We have to do something.

Trying to find three animals
in the wilderness...

is like trying to find
a needle in a haystack.

I think we need to be realistic.

I don't care what you think.

I told you he'd think I abandoned him.

But you made us come anyway!

- It's your fault! It's all your fault!
- Peter!

- Professor?
- What?

- They're waiting for you.
- Who?

Dean Maxwell and the Grant Committee.

Oh, I forgot.

Print! Print, you
stone-age piece of junk.

- Professor.
- Yeah, yeah, okay, okay.

Listen, um, could you
do me a big favour, please?

Have 50... No. Have 100 of those
printed up as a personal favour to me.

I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

Hungry, hungry, hungry,
hungry, hungry, hungry.


First thing I'm gonna do when I
get back is raid the trash can.

- I just want to see Peter.
- Yep, straight into the garbage.

Snout first. Darn good eatin'.

Oh, no. I'm with strangers.

And I look like something
the dog dragged in.

Well. You made it through the night.

I guess that means you're gonna be okay.

Think you can keep some milk down?

Was that my sixth life?

Oh, I'll just say it was my fourth.

Here you go.

Nice, warm goat's milk,

compliments of Aretha.

Hey, this isn't low fat,

but, uh, it is pretty good.

- Remember hot dogs?
- Yeah.

Never much liked the name.

I don't think they're
really made out of dog.

I don't think they're made of meat.

- They taste the best when they fall in the dirt.
- Yeah!

Did you know Peter used to slip me
broccoli under the table?

Gag me with roughage!

Shadow. Shadow, Shadow.

Shadow! Shadow!

Shadow! Shadow! Shadow! Shadow!

- Shadow! Shadow! Shadow!
- What?

There's a b-b-big, a c-c-ca...

A huge cat!

Balderdash! You're smelling things.

Now, stop scaring the fish.

Bu-but it was there!

I-I didn't just smell it! I...

There it is again! Shadow! Sh-Shadow!

- Shadow!
- Young dog, just...


I'm such a wimp!
I'm runnin' from a cat!

I won't tell if you won't.

Of course, this isn't your
ordinary house cat!

I mean this is like Arnold Schwarze-kitty!

Listen, if I don't make it, I got
a pile of bones buried in the backyard.

- We'll make it.
- And I...

I knew it! We're trapped! We're goners!

Look, the bones are buried
next to the jungle gym.

The TV remote control is under the seesaw.

Seesaw? Seesaw!

- Chance, you're a genius!
- I am not! What's a genius?

Never mind. This is
gonna take teamwork.

I sure hope this works.

Get ready, Chance. Here he comes.

He's right behind me. Wait for
my signal, okay? And get down.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Come on. Come on.

- Get ready, Chance.
- I'm ready, I'm ready.

Not yet.



Hey, cut it out.

- Chance, now!
- Hasta la vista, kitty!

- Awesome!
- Yeah! We did it!

Wow! Couple of geniuses!
Right, Shadow? Yes! Look at that!

Hey! Hey! Dogs rule...

and cats drool!

What's that?

Shadow? Shadow! And Chance!

All right, all right.

But take care of yourself now.

And steer clear of the river!

Come on, guys, keep barkin'.
Let me know where you are.

They were here, all right.

You were great! You were like Rin Tin Tin!
Like who?

Rin Tin Tin! Don't you ever watch TV?

- That's not real!
- Oh, it is too!

- You can't smell it, can you?
- Anyway, you were great.

Okay, thanks, Chance.


Couldn't be.

- Sassy! Sassy!
- My boys! My boys!

Sassy! Sassy! Sass... Gopher hole!

- Chance! Shadow!
- Sassy!

- Shadow! I thought I would never see you again!
- Sassy, you're alive!

- Sassy!
- Oh, I missed you so!

- Oh, I missed you so much, Sassy.
- Yeah, me too.

- Really?
- Yeah, well, we could use you around.

- I missed you too, Chance.
- Hey, can we go fishing now, Sassy?

Chance, you are hopeless, but all right.

- Let's go fishin'.
- Yes! Fish, fish, fish, fish, fish!

Great fish, Sassy.
Full stomach sure feels good.

- Yeah, I pigged out.
- Oh, excuse me.

We'd better get a move on. We can
still make a few miles before dark.

I'd give anything to have Hope
scoop me up in her arms right now.

Yeah, I can't wait to see the look on
Jamie's face when we come strollin' up.

Jamie? I thought
you didn't care about him.

Why, of... Whoa!

Hey! Check it out! Intruder at 4 o' clock!

- What is that?
- You got me.

I think it's a squirrel
havin' a bad hair day.

Leave it alone, Chance!

Are you kiddin' me?
I gotta check this out.

- Hey, you, pal!
- No, don't! Doesn't smell right.

Will you look at this guy?
This is like mondo bizarro.

All right, pal. You know the routine.
Assume the position.

I sniff you; You sniff me. Hey, hey.

Hey, where you goin'?
Did I say you could go?

Come back here.
Hey, what about that hair?

What, you stick your tongue
in a toaster, huh?

He bit me with his butt!

Chance, you really are
a bulldog, aren't you?

I was just curious!

Like my mother always said,
"Curiosity killed the dog."

- Sassy, can you pull those things out?
- I'll try.

Sassy, Sassy, you got my lip!

- You got my... lip.
- It's all right, I'm a professional.

- They look like they're in deep.
- Really deep.

Whatever you do, don't lick yourself.


- Right in here, just tell us. Through the door.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Excuse me.
- Yeah?

I need some help finding
a member of my family.

Actually three members of my family.

- How long they been missing?
- They ran away about a week ago.

- Your name?
- Peter Burnford.

- Where are your parents?
- They, they don't know I'm here.

- You better give me their names.
- Laura Burnford, that's my mom.

And my dad...
Well, her husband's name is Bob Seaver.

I need a physical description
of the missing persons.

Well, there's Shadow. He's got
brown eyes and sandy-coloured hair.

And Sassy's got blue eyes.
She's Himalayan.

- Himalayan?
- That's right.

And Chance is...
Well, he's white with black spots.

- Black spots?
- That's right.

Look, kid, this is the
San Francisco Police Department.

We can't go chasin'
after stray cats and dogs!

I'm sorry, but we got
more important things to do.

This is important to me,
and my brother and sister.

What are we supposed to do,
just forget about them?

Let me tell you something
that might help you out.

Sometimes when we're lookin' for a suspect,

we make up these reward posters
and we put 'em up all over the city.

Now, sometimes it works.
Sometimes it doesn't. But... it's a shot.

Yeah, maybe I'll do that.

Hey, kid, good luck.


Peter, do you want me
to help you find something?

- Mom? Who made these?
- Bob did.

- He did?
- Yeah, he sent them everywhere.

- Why didn't he say anything about it?
- After the way you talked to him...

the other night, I think
he's afraid to even look at you.

And he didn't want to get your hopes up.

Has anyone called?

I miss Shadow, Mom.

- Oh, honey.
- I really miss him.

I know you do.

- You gonna make it, Chance?
- Yeah, sure.

You go ahead, Sassy.

Oh, no.

Don't worry, Chance.

The water... I... It isn't so bad.

- Yeah, sure.
- No, really.

If we can just hold
his head above the water...

- Wait. Listen.
- Now what?

I don't know.
Stay there. I'll find out.


No... don't be afraid. Good dog.


Sassy? Chance?

It's okay.


- Poor thing, she's lost.
- Yeah, I know how she feels.

It's okay.


- Molly!
- Molly!

- Molly!
- Molly!

- Molly!
- Molly!



- Shadow, is that people?
- Yes, I'm going to find them.

No! No strangers, Shadow. They'll
take us to the pound and lock us up!

- We'll never come out again.
- They're just lookin' for the little girl, Chance.

She needs us. We have to help.

I hope you know what you're doin'.

- I don't wanna go back there again ever.
- Don't worry.

Sassy, you keep her warm.
I'll be right back.

Hurry, Shadow.

- Molly!
- Molly!


What is it, old fella?

- Molly! Molly!
- Daddy!

Molly honey!


Are you okay?

- I'm not so sure about this.
- It's gonna be all right.

Thank you for saving my little girl's life.

- Uniforms. They've got uniforms.
- It's okay.

- They're here to help.
- Hey, wait a minute. I know you guys.

Mark, get over here. Look at this.

Mark, these are the animals
that were on the flyer we got.

- I can't believe it.
- These are them.

This guy's in pretty bad need of a vet.

Okay, guys. Okay, guys.
You're goin' home.

- Home? Home!
- Oh yeah, you're goin' home.

Is this a Robert Seaver?



Yo... You found them? That's great!

They're okay.

They've been taken to the Pineville
Animal Shelter on Route 90.

Thank you! Yes!

Yes! Oh, yes! All right!

Hope! Come on!

All right, children, now,
settle down, settle down.

All right, now, let's see.

- Jamie!
- Mom?

- We found 'em!
- Yeah!

- What? Found who?
- Yes, yes.

Sorry about the magic pumpkin,
Miss Winters. We'll replace it.

Wait a minute.

- We've turned around.
- What do you mean?

- What are you talkin' about?
- This isn't right. Home's the other way.

They took us to the pound! I told you!

This is it!
This is the end of the line!

- We gotta get outta here!
- Just calm down!

No! You don't understand!
Dogs and cats come in here...

and they disappear and
you never see them again!

It's okay, Chance.
These people are only trying to help.

- Calm down. Nobody's gonna hurt you!
- Shadow! Help!


Shadow! Shadow! Shadow, help!

- Help me! Shadow!
- It's okay. Come on. It's okay.

Oh, no, don't let 'im
take me in the back room!

No! Shadow! Please! Help me! Shadow!

Run, Sassy, run! Save yourself!

Okay, missy, your turn.

No! Wait a minute! Kirkwood!

Family's gonna be here real soon.

So this is it. Chance knew all along.

Took off that way. Can't be too far.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.

"Here, kitty, kitty, kitty."
Not on your life, chubby.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Here, kitty. Scat!

Darn. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

No, dummy, dummy, dummy, dummy.

Dumb... cat!

Oh! What a bozo!

Hold on, boy.

- Take a look at you.
- Hey, what are you guys gonna do?

You are one lucky pup, yes.

Hey, hey, get your paws off me.

I just got those two back.

Hmm? And I will not lose them now.

Oh, yeah. Chow down, chubby.

Oh! Okay! Okay, I'll talk.

I... left the gift on the carpet!

I let Sassy take the heat for the time...

I unrolled the toilet paper
all over the house.

I stole underwear
on three occasions.

- Okay, okay! Four, four!
- It's all right. It's okay.

Hey, kitty. Hoo, hoo.

Hey, shake that tail, baby!

I don't believe it. Catcalls.

Ha, ha, nice whiskers, baby!

So, big fella, what are you in for?

- Sassy? Sassy!
- Shh! Keep it down.

- I told you to run away.
- I never listen to dogs.

- Where's Chance?
- They took him into the back room.

I think something awful is happening to him.

Ow! Ow! Please stop! Please stop!

Oh, just let me die!

They're killing him, Sassy.

Knock it off!

Hey, cat. How'd you get in here?

I'll take care of Tubbo.
You get Chance. Whoo!

I'm comin' back for you.

- Attagirl, Sassy.
- All right, this way, Thunderbutt!

Chance! Can ya hear me, Chance?

- Ow! Shadow! Shadow, please help me!
- How'd he get out?

- I don't know.
- Don't let them hurt me any more! Please!

Whoo-hoo! This way.

No, this way. Just don't fall on me.

Okay, come on this way. That-a-boy.

Am I bad? Oh, yes.

- Chance?
- Enough already.

Hey, Shadow! Are you there?

- I'm out here, Chance.
- Well, get in here.

See, old fella, your friend...

Get outta here.
Run, Chance! Run for it!

- Where's Sassy?
- She's on a secret mission.

I'm bad, I'm bad. I... Oooh! Ow!

- That hurts.
- Got ya.

Watch it! Watch it!

Let her go!

- Come on!
- This way, guys!

- Come on!
- Kirkwood! Kirkwood!


- Hurry! Come on!
- Dig, dig. Dig, Chance, dig.

I'm tryin'! I'm trying!

Oh, no! I'm stuck!

Hurry! Here he comes!

- Hurry up, Chance!
- Aaah! It's choking me!

- You come back to Daddy. Come on.
- No!

- Come on.
- Get off of me! Shadow!

I ain't goin' back! No! No way!


If I didn't know better,
I'd think they'd planned this.

You know, if you hadn't made those flyers,
we'd probably never find them.

Well, it was a long shot, but we got lucky.

♪ I told the witch doctor
I was in love with you ♪

Boy, Shadow, the way you nailed that vet.

- You're a regular action figure.
- Oh, it was nothing...

next to you trippin' that big guy, splat!

- Not to mention...
- Yeah, Sassy the super cat.

♪ I was in love with you
Bum-bum-bum-bum ♪

♪ And then the witch doctor
He told me what to do ♪

♪ He said that
Oo-ee-oo-ah-ah ♪

Sure, cats are agile,
but dogs have brute strength.

- Well, that may be, but...
- Hey, hang on just a minute.

- Come on, come on. Let's go, guys.
- No, wait.

What is it, Shadow?

I don't know.
I got a funny feeling all of a sudden.

Like something's telling me
to go back the other way.

Strange, huh?

What, back to the pound?
What is he, crazy?

Yeah, you're right.

Shadow and Sassy
had risked their lives for me.

I never knew I'd have friends like that.

The feeling was all very new to me.

I liked it.

I'm sorry this worked out this way, sir.

Yeah, me too. Thanks.

Let's keep looking, Mom.
They were just here!

Honey, that was hours ago.

I mean, they could be miles away by now.

Listen to me. The people here have
promised to do everything they can.

And, and they'll call us
the minute they get word.

We came so close to gettin' 'em back.

At least we know they're alive.

If the animals made it this far, they
just might make it all the way home.

- Shadow!
- We can't give up.



We goin' in circles?
That tree smells familiar.

Of course it does. It's pine.

Hurry up!

Look, you guys. We made it!

Wow! Shadow, this is incredible.
You were right all along.

Oh, isn't that the most
beautiful sight you ever saw?

Come on, you two. Let's go home.

Even now I don't really know how he did it.

But there we were, finally...

looking down at the road
that would lead us home.

Home is just beyond these tracks.

We should be there before dark.

- I've heard that before.
- Just be very careful.

Come on, you two. Watch carefully
where you're going. Look both ways.

- Stay with me. Hurry up now.
- Not so fast.

Come on. Hurry up.

Come on! Come on!

I'm coming! Wait up!

You all right, Sass?

Me? I laugh at danger.

Me too, but I'll laugh later.
Let's get outta here.

I'm so sick of nature I could puke.

After this I intend to live indoors
on a velvet cushion...

filled with bird feathers and be served
fillet of mouse on a silver platter...

All right, Sassy.
We're nearly home. Come on...


- Shadow?
- Oh, Shadow.

Poor old guy.

- Shadow?
- Are you okay?

Yeah. My leg hurts pretty badly.

- Is it broken?
- I don't know. It's hard to move it.

Hey, hey, look at this.
It's not as steep over here, Shadow.

- Maybe you can climb out here.
- I'll try.

Come on, come on. You can do it!
You got us this far.

Yeah, that's it.

That's it. Great, keep comin'.

Come on. If you can jump in a river
to save me, this should be easy!

Yeah, that's right. And after outrunning
a mountain lion! Come on.

- Come on, Shadow!
- That's good!

That's good.
Take it slow now, take it slow.

One step at a time.
One step at a time, Shadow.

Oh, oh, hang on!

Come on. Come right back.
Come right back!

Come on. You're so close.



Oh, Shadow!

No, no, no, don't lie down.
Don't lie down!

Sorry. I can't make it.

- Why not? Of course you can make it.
- Try, Shadow. Please try.

I just can't.

Look, you pushed me this far. Now I'm
pushin' you the rest of the way!

You know, back there in the woods
even when things looked really bad,

I always believed we'd make it 'cause
I thought you were too stubborn to quit.

Well, you're not gonna quit.
Not now, not when we're this close!

Now try again!

Do you think it's easy for me
to admit I can't do it?

I'm too old.

That's not true.
There's nothing you can't do.

I have nothing more to give, Chance,
and it's time for you to be on your own.

But I want you with me.

I love you, Shadow.

You've learned everything you need, Chance.

Now all you have to learn
is how to say good-bye.

I won't let you give up.

Now, I can't stay but a minute,
but here's a "welcome home" pie for you.

Oh, thank you.

- Where are the kids?
- They're out in the backyard with Bob.

I know he's gonna break his neck.

- How are they doing?
- Um...

They're much better
now that we're back at home.

Burnford goes for the slam! Yes!

- Yeah!
- We win!

Me next! Me next!

Hope, I think I'm gettin' too old
for this stuff.

Oh, please, Daddy, please!

Yeah, come on, Dad.


- Get up. Come on.
- Okay.

- Now, don't let go whatever you do.
- I won't.

Here we go!

Did you hear that?

Hear what?

It's a dog!

Okay, guys, turkey's on the table...


Oh, no, honey, it's not...

Here, Chance! Here, boy!

I know that bark. It is him!

- Jamie!
- Chance! Chance!

- Here, boy!
- Jamie!

Jamie, my boy!

- Oh! Yes! Yes!
- Chance!

- Yes! Jamie! Jamie!
- I knew it! I knew it!

Jamie, you don't know how much I missed
you and all the things that happened.

Jamie, you smell like a million bones!
You're my favourite boy in the whole world!

- I love you, Jamie!
- Where have you been?

- Where have you been? Oh, Chance.
- Where have you been?


- You scoundrel you! Look at this guy.
- You made it!


Hope! Hope! Hope! Hope! Hope!

- Oh! Hope!
- Oh, my baby.

- I thought I'd never see you again.
- Oh, Sassy.

- Sassy's back!
- Sassy!

Look at this!

Oh, Sassy, I'm never gonna let you go!
Never, never, never.

Oh, sweetheart. Sassy can't breathe.

Family's all comin' back together, huh?

Come on, Shadow.

He was old.

It was too far. He was just too old.

Oh, Peter, honey.

- Peter.
- Shadow!

Oh, Peter. I worried about you so.

- Shadow!
- Peter, you're okay!

- Shadow!
- He's here! Oh, I'm so happy!

I thought about you all the time.

Missed you!

I missed you, Peter, and I love you.

It was Shadow's victory, really.

His belief was the thing
that got us through.

And in that moment,
I saw the years lift from him.

He was a puppy again,
reunited with his best friend.

Shadow! It's good to see you, boy.

As we turned to go inside the house,

a strange new feeling came over me.

I had a family, and I had
found out that sacrifice...

and friendship and even love...

were more than just the mushy stuff.

Come on, Chance. Come inside.

At last, for the first time in my life,

I was home.

Turkey! Turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey...