Hometown Christmas (2018) - full transcript

"Back in Louisiana for Christmas, Noelle Collins (Mitchell) has big plans to resurrect the town's live nativity, a beloved tradition that her late mother used to put on. Things become ...

It's freezing out there!

Goodbye, Chicago.
Louisiana, here I come.

Hey, Will.

I just passed the sign,

I'm about fifteen minutes out.

Great! Hey, could
you do me a favor, Sis?

- What kind of favor?
- Marshmallows.

- Marshmallows?
- Jen's family,

they always drink hot chocolate
while they decorate, so...

- I thought I'd bring a little bit of home...
- To her.

All right, I'll swing by Heleaux's.

And can you also grab
some nutmeg and some cream.

- And some hot chocolate.
- All right!

- Just text me a list.
- You're the best, Noelle. Thank you.

Hey, there, Noelle!
You're home for the holidays?

Home for good!


You're back.

You stole my line.

And you stole my marshmallows.

I need 'em.

So do I.

I really need 'em.

You don't even like marshmallows.

I like them on sweet potato pie,
especially when it's my mom's.

Well, my brother is romancing
his new fiancée,

and I am not going home

How about we flip for 'em.

Fine. Got a quarter?


Well played.

Here, let me help you with that.

So, I guess you're still mad
at me.

I'm not mad.

Why are your eyebrows doing
that thing where they pinch together?

It's been years, Nick.

You know, both of us standing here,
after all this time...

It feels a little like fate.

It's a small town.

Under the mistletoe.

Keep the change, Martha.

See you around, Noelle.

I can't believe him!

Nick Russell.

Welcome home, I missed you!

Hi! I missed you too.

When did you and Jen get here?

Got in last night.
Is that...?

Thank you.
I owe you big time.

You have no idea.
Where's Dad?

He and Jenna
are in the living room.

We just pulled more Christmas
decorations down from the attic,

they're going through the boxes.

Well, you better get back in there,

because he is going to share every
embarrassing childhood memory.

Too late.

Will shoved his whole face
into the mold,

so instead of a cute
hand print in plaster,

we got a cute nose print
for Christmas.


I knew you'd want to preserve
this face

- for prosperity.
- Look who's here.

- There's my little girl!
- Hey, Daddy!

- How was the drive?
- Long! I'm just so happy to finally be here.

I can't believe I haven't seen you all
since last Christmas.

- And you... Hey!
- Hey!

- Let me see it.
- It's official.

I stalked the whole proposal
on social media, but this...

is so much prettier in person.
Big brother, you did so good!

Yeah, he did.

All right, now you
just relax and settle in,

we'll go get your bags
from the car,

and then this guy is making
hot chocolate for everyone.

Is he?

Don't make your old man
do all the work, come on.

Right behind you, Pop.

OK, sit down,
I need more details.

- OK. I had no idea!
- 'Kay tell me...

I always loved that picture
of the two of you.

Me too.

- What's that?
- A gift.

But Christmas
isn't for another week.

I won't tell if you won't.

Go ahead.


I can't wait to see it on
your door at the clinic.

I always hoped
that, before I retired,

you and I would get to work side
by side, and now, here you are.

Well, losing Mom put a lot
of things in perspective.

After I finished my residency, I knew that
I wanted to start a new chapter back home.

Besides, I wanted to learn
from the best.

Well, I'm sure we'll each teach
each other a thing or two.

Thank you, Daddy.

You're welcome, sweetheart.

I think that'll look really good.

You really didn't have to do this
just for me.

There's nothing I wouldn't do
for you.

Plus, we all benefit, trust me.

And I can't take all the
credit. Noelle helped.

He called,
I just picked up the supplies.

Well, that was very thoughtful
of both of you.

Found this last night,
thought you might like to see it.

Is that...?

Mom's nativity binder.

Show notes, contact list,
production design ideas,

Years of memories in those pages.

Our mom used to put on
the nativity every Christmas Eve.

The kids would play the characters,
we had live animals,

we were the only nativity around
that had a live camel.

Will was the shepherd,
three years in a row.

- "Head" shepherd.
- Son, there is no head shepherd.

Agree to disagree, Pop.

I can't believe
she kept all this.

So, what happened
to the nativity?

They haven't put it on in years,
Mom was the driving force behind it.

When she got sick, they
tried to change things up.

They had a variety show,
a Christmas carnival, but...

it was just never the same.

That's why I'm bringing it back.


Now that I'm home,

I thought the tradition
should go on.

When were you gonna
tell me this?

I talked to Pastor Louis,
he loves the idea.

Oh, good.

If you need any help,
count me in.

- Yeah, me too.
- Oh, you're all helping!

I just...

I don't think the shepherd costume
is going to fit you well.

Ha ha. Very funny.

I'm really excited. There's
some big shoes to fill, but,

I hope I can do Mom justice.

Nobody better for the job.

Thanks, Daddy.

This one
was one of my favorites!

- Santa.
- That's perfect.

Looking good, Jen.

Thanks, Peter.

I didn't know
these were in the attic!

These are the nativity costumes,
Mom sowed all of these herself.

And I remember wearing this one.

Oh, no!
It has holes in it.

Are they all like that?

Looks like it.
The kids can't wear these.

No, wait, you should be able
to patch these up.

You think?

Call Polly.
She was always good at that.

Hey, Sissy,
look what I just found.

- What year is this video, again?
- 1999.


I can't wait.

Give us a round of applause, please,
for our young little actors.

They did such a wonderful job.

That was Dad.

You were never much of a clapper,
always loved a good whistle.

Still do. I'm trying to teach Will,
he just never picked it up.

All right. Dave,
you know the tune.

She's amazing.

She ended the nativity every year
with that song.

It was always the best part.

Noelle, are you gonna sing?

What? No.

You have to sing,
it's tradition!

I... don't know.

You've got a beautiful voice.

Dad, the last time y
ou heard me sing, I was like 12.

And you were good.

I'll think about it.

On that note,

I will call it a night,
let you kids catch up.

Don't forget we're going
to the Christmas fair tomorrow.

At the farm,
bright and early, yes?

Great! I can talk to Randy about
the animals for the nativity.

Speaking of the Christmas fair, I...

I've invited someone to join us.
She's an old friend.


I've actually been meaning to speak
to you guys about it specifically...

Dad, you don't need
our permission to bring a date.

- It's not a date, exactly...
- We're OK with it, Pop. Really.


All right.

See you all in the morning.

- G'night!
- Good night, Pop.

OK. Well, on that note,

I'd better head up to bed, too.

I am exhausted,
it has been a long day.

- No way, you just got back in town. Let's celebrate!
- Yeah, let's go out!

What exactly do you have in mind?

To my amazing sister,
thank you.

From embracing Jen
like she's family,

to keeping
our mother's spirit alive,

you will always be smarter than me,
but never better looking.

Hey, now!


So how do you really feel
about Dad's mystery woman?

I'm OK with it.

Well, it doesn't bother you that
he's bringing her tomorrow?

- Does it bother you?
- It's just that...

the farm
was always a family thing.


- Cute guy, over by the pool table. Red shirt.
- Oh, no.

You ready to lose 20 dollars?

What, you know him?

Well, I dated him.

Well, there's more than that,
we were high school sweethearts.

Nick and Noelle
were prom king and queen.

Was not!

Just homecoming.

They were supposed to go
to college together,

but then Nick got drafted,
chose baseball instead.

Yep. I tried, he didn't.

Daily phone calls turned into weekly
phone calls, turned into no phone calls.

Ancient history.
I've moved on.

That's good, because
he's headed this way.

Well, well, well.

Of all the gin joints
in all the towns

in all the world,
she walks into mine.

You don't own the place, Nick.

Actually, I do.

My mom and I bought it
six months ago.

- What happened to Mister Joe?
- He retired.

Do you guys need a fourth?
We could play teams.

No, I'm fine on my own.

A little birdie told me that you were
back in town for good. Is that true?

It is.

But don't worry,

I'll find another gin joint.

Legends is all yours.

Since when did you become
such a good shot?

A lot can change
in ten years, Nick.

- Good morning.
- Morning!

Is something burning?

Just Dasher, Dancer and Prancer.

Donner and Blitzen
managed to survive.

Will made me reindeer pancakes.

Is that supposed to be
a reindeer?

The antlers are tricky.

It's the thought that counts.

So... Last night was fun.

My head is still spinning.

You had to know you'd run
into him at some point.

She's here.


- Hi.
- Hi.

You remember Mary Russell
from church.


- Hi.
- Hi.

And, of course, her son.



Well, this is fun.

Mary had mentioned that
she needed some more decorations

for sprucing up Legends,
so I invited her along.

And I wanted to say thank you for letting
us tag along, so I made this gingerbread.

I know it's one
of your favorites, Noelle.

Thank you, Mrs. Russell.

No, no. No, please.
Call me Mary.

That's very sweet of you.

And this is my soon-to-be
daughter-in-law, Jen.

- Hi, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.

Why don't we find a place
for that in the kitchen.

Yeah, sure.


- Gingerbread!
- Yeah.

Did you know about this
last night?

I knew we were going to the fair,
but I didn't know it was with you.


If you want me to leave...

No, we're adults, Nick.

We can get through the holidays
without it being a thing.

I agree.

- Good.
- Good.



I haven't been to the Christmas
fair as a guest in years,

I'm usually working at it.

Think Noelle was OK with this?

She was all for it.
How about Nick?

He didn't know until
we pulled into your driveway.

- Let me get that for you.
- Thank you.

And let me get that for you.

Thank you!

All right everybody,
let's do this!

I think we can make room.
Here, we'll squish.

- Looks a little tight.
- We can take my truck.

If I know my mom,
she'll bring back a haul.

- You OK with that, Noelle?
- Sure.

All right, why don't
you follow us, then.

I control the radio.

Just like old times.

I've always loved this song.

OK. I walked myself
right into that one.

So, are you happy to be home?

Yeah. You know...

Chicago is nice, but I always knew
I'd end up back here, eventually.

- In this truck, with me?
- No. Not that part.

Hey, we had some pretty good
memories in this truck.

Remember that time we were
driving down to the beach

and we got pulled over?

And we had to talk ourselves
out of a ticket.

Wait, we?

No, I distinctly remember
I got us out of that ticket.

What do you mean, "I"?
It was a team effort.

No, you were freaking out!

I was not...
I was not freaking out.

You were.
I mean you were shaking.

I might have been nervous.
You were crying.

Yes, to get us
out of the ticket.

All right, the waterworks
might have sealed the deal.

Worked every time!

See, this truck's
been pretty good to us.

My favorite time of year!

This is amazing.

Well, what we lack in winter,
we make up for in wonderland.

You really do!

So what do we do first?

How about we head outside,
play a few games?

Little friendly competition.

Well, we always start
with the hayride

- before it gets too busy.
- That sounds like fun.

Hayride it is, then.
Why don't you lead the way?

- The hay were meshed.
- I know.

I loved it.

They might have some more room
on the back.

Dad, let's get our usual spots.

Come on, come on, come on!

Yes, yes.

I feel like a kid, too.
I've only ever done this...

Thank you.

Excuse me.

OK, I'm beginning to think
you're doing this on purpose.

I saw an opening.

Hold on, it may get bumpy
back there!

Don't worry. I got you.

That was so much fun.
This place is incredible.

I knew you'd love it.

OK, what's next?

I promised Jen we'd pick up some
local ornaments for her family.

Ooh! You can't go wrong with
the alligator with the Santa hat.

- The alligator...?
- With the Santa hat.

- Are you kidding me?
- No!

Then you can get the...
decorations you wanted to get.

Yes, but not before I beat you
at the wreath toss.

- Really?
- Yes.

It's on.

- Nick, Noelle?
- Oh no, you guys go right ahead,

I've gotta go over
to the animal pen first.

- We're gonna feed the goats.
- OK.

I don't recall inviting you.

It was implied.

Come on.

All right, whoever can toss the most balls
through the ring in 20 seconds wins.

You gotta keep your toes
behind the line.

Are you ready?

- You are going down.
- Challenge accepted.


It's harder than it looks.
Toes behind the line!

Hey, worry about your own ring,
don't think about me.

- Sorry.
- What exactly are you aiming at?

Five seconds!

Five, four,

three, two, one, time's up!

Woo! I think I came on,
out there, at the end.

I think you beat me by a mile.

Oh, no, I would just say
the same thing.

It looks like we have a tie!

- Ooh!
- Can you believe that?

I'll let the happy couple decide
who gets to take home the prize.

- We're not a thin...
- Thing. Even so...

You know, I'll take it,
then I'll, you take it.

- Aw, thank you.
- You really want it.

We should get your
decorations and find the kids.

Yeah. Sounds good.

I had no idea
you had that good an arm.

Yeah. Well, where do you think
Nick gets it from?

Look, he's coming over for more.

- I think the goat likes me.
- He's cute.

- You got the list?
- Yes.

We are keeping the roster light
this year, Andy,

so, all I'm looking for is a couple
sheep, a donkey, if you can swing it,

and the camel, of course.

You're bringing back
the nativity?

Yes, that's the plan.

Now, if ya'll like,
I can throw in Delilah here,

she is a real crowd pleaser.

Was there a pig at the manger?

It's called
artistic license, son.

You know,
I think we're just gonna stick

with the source material,
this time, OK?

You the boss, Doc.

Hey, check this out.

Give me your hand.

Hi! You are...

You have to try
to catch a chicken.

Aw, you and soft bunny.

So, how'd you do?
Find anything nice?

- Well, there were so many to choose from.
- So she bought all of them.

- Attagirl!
- Yeah, I thought you'd like that.

So, Where's nick?


with his adoring public.

Nick, he used to play
in the Majors, he's a...

bit of a hometown hero.

What do you mean
by "used to play"?

He hurt his shoulder
this spring.

He lives here now.

You didn't know that.

- There they are.
- I hope we didn't keep you all waiting.

You guys really cleared 'em out!

The wreaths are mine. The
Christmas spirit was contagious.

- So, we all ready to head out?
- Sure.

Actually, there's one more thing
that we need to do.

Southern snowman!

Wh...? I have made plenty of snowmen
in my life, but none without snow.

Here's your chance, then.

Mom, Dad,
Will and I would pair off

for a little friendly competition.

Except, with Noelle,
the friendly part was very optional.

OK, OK. I can be
a little bit competitive.

A little?

And the best part is the losers
buy the winners spiced cider.

Well, I am not buying.

Let's see about that.

So, are you ready to defend
our title, partner?

I was thinking because it's Jen's
first time, she and I would partner up,

- and we're engaged, so...
- Yeah, of course.

- Sorry, sis.
- Yes!

Gosh, duh!
No, I... Dad?

All right, then. What do you say
we kick a little tail?

Let's do it.

We're gonna...

We're gonna need the paint.

- We're gonna need the paint.
- You're cute.

Knit up.
Don't let him steal anything.

What if we do like...

Come on, Randy.

Now this is just my opinion,
they all have fine qualities.

Drop the hammer, Randy.

Number three.

Come on!

Randy, look!

There's gotta be a winner!

All right.

I will take that large cider,

and don't skimp on the spice.

Better make it two.

Nice work!

We always did make
a pretty good team.

Yeah, we did.

- I still think ours is better.
- Right?

What are you doing?
It doesn't go there.

Where else would you put it?

At the front door.

You buy wreath to enjoy it.
What better place to enjoy it

than in the comfort
of your living room?

No. You buy a wreath
to welcome people.

To welcome them
at your front door.

Well, good thing
you bought two.

Hey, wait. You have two doors,
you're gonna need both wreaths.


- Noelle...
- Mom?


- What was that?
- I have no idea.

This is not what it looked like.

Really? 'Cause it looked
like you two were kissing.

- What?
- We were kissing but we wer... it wasn't kissing.

- There was mistletoe...
- Yes!

Who put mistletoe
up in the house?

That was me, but that's not
how I saw that playing out.

It was just in good fun.

You know what, let's just take
a breath for a second,

and, why don't I call and order
some food, we'll have dinner together.

You know what,
we really have to get going,

I've gotta stop at
Legends on the way home.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah. Thank you so much for letting us tag along.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Good night, Dr. Collins,
good night.

So, you...

like Mrs. Russell.

Mary. And yeah.

I do... Quite a bit.

So, the kiss was not just
a holiday formality.

Not exactly, no.

We've been... spending a lot of time
together, and we've grown very close.

In fact, I was thinking about
asking her out on a proper date.

That's great, Dad.

You should.
You deserve to be happy.

Well... You could
have given me a heads up.

Or even more of a heads up.



OK, nicely done.

I'm just gonna take this down.

But I don't know,
maybe you should ask Noelle.

- Ask Noelle what?
- Dad's looking for date night suggestions.

I haven't asked her yet.

I just... wanna make sure
that she feels special

I don't think Mary's dated much
since her divorce.

Well, what does Mary like?
What's she into?

Well, she loves to cook.
She sings in the choir at church.

She loves old movies and
she's a sucker for a good steak.

Mary sounds awesome!

Why don't you take her
to that local chophouse

on the west side of town.

I don't think I could get
a reservation over the holidays.

What about a picnic?

It's simple and romantic,

and you could do it
just about anywhere.

Now, that is a great idea.

All right, I am off.

I've gotta go to the clinic today
but after that I'm all yours.

- Good luck with your first rehearsal.
- Aw, thanks, Dad.

And you know what?

On that note,
I am going to be late,

so, remember, we are meeting
Pastor Louis at the church. Got it?

- We'll be there.
- See ya.

- OK, everyone ready?
- Yes, Coach!

All right, take your positions.

OK, Charlie.

This one's coming to you. Remember,
there's a runner on first and second.

I'm gonna do a double play,

I like it. All right,
show 'em what you got.

I'm coming!

Noelle! Over here.

Hey, Polly!
It is so good to see you.

Good to see you too. I'm sorry
to have you meet me here,

my son is doing this baseball
clinic for the next few days.

I figured you'd wanna talk
sooner rather than later.

Oh, please. I am just so grateful
that you reached out,

and you are doing me the favor
for these costumes.

You know, I remember one year, your
mom made me the star of Bethlehem,

and I refused to say
a single word the entire day.

I was determined
to stay in character.

I think I remember that.

Hey, Is Nick Russell
running the clinic?

- There you go.
- Play second, play second.

Play one, play one, play one.

Nick is the whole reason
the kids are here.

He sponsors one of our
little league teams, too.

You know, he could have
just slapped his name on it,

but the whole season he was out
there with the boys every week.

All right, guys.
Bring it in, bring it in!

They really look up to him.

There we are. High fives!

Yeah, I can see that.

- Good hustle, guys!
- Let's talk fabric.

So I'm thinking, for Mary,
something like this. This for Joseph.

So we have a little hiccup
with the costumes,

but what I really can't wait for
is for the kids to get here.

Noelle and Will Collins.
Well, this sure is a treat.

Pastor Louis,
it is so great to see you.

I remember the two of you being in
Sunday school like it was yesterday,

and now look at ya.

Dr. Collins.

- And you! An engaged man.
- Yes, sir.

This is Jen.

So nice to finally
put a face to the name.

Pleasure is mine, young lady.

Noelle, I can't tell you
how excited we are

that you are bringing back
your mom's beloved tradition.

It's gonna be something special.

I hope so.

Here are the keys. Gets you
in anywhere you need to go.

If you need anything else,
let me know.

Thank you. Now, if you could
just point us in the direction

of the props,
that would be great.

So, nobody told you.

Told us what?

What happened?

Well, nobody's used it
in a really long time, now, and...

We've had some problems
with some leaky pipes, and...

I'm afraid not much has survived.

Oh, no. The myrrh.

Don't let this get you down.

We can make more, right?

Well, this is gonna put us behind.

I'm a wiz with the glue gun!

I am not, but I do have
a great attitude.

So we've got moth-eaten costumes, no
props or set... and a show in four days.

Well, it can only go
up from here, right?

You know what? Hey!

Would you guys mind going
back inside and, I don't know,

getting a jump on repairing
the damage?

- Sure. What about rehearsal?
- I can run it solo.

- With all those kids?
- Are you sure about that, Sis?

I'll be fine.
I can totally handle it.

Good luck.

All right, everyone,
I'd like to grab your attention, pl-

OK, hi, everyone.
Right here...

Please, just settle...

They're all yours.

Wh-what are you doing here?

I heard some of my kids were in
the show. Thought I'd stop by.

I brought cookies.

All right, everyone to the front,
please. Yep, you too.

OK, everyone,
take a look at your marks.

These are our final positions.
Look at who our buddies are.

All right, now, let's try it again we're
gonna go offstage, OK, everybody? Exit.

Yep, you guys go that way,
all right, yup, that way.

Angel Gabriel, come on out.

All right,
Mary and Joseph, your turn.

OK, you're the three wise men,
Bethlehem's best and brightest,

you got the gifts, and it's
your job to get 'em there.

Now it's a tough road ahead,
you got the sand, snakes,

so put on your game face,
and follow that star. Got it?

Good, right here.
Boom. Boom. Boom.


Do I get to ride a donkey? In the
story, Mary rides in on a donkey.

Well, in our story, Mary walks.

You know what, I think this is
a perfect time for a break,

how about five minutes,
let's go have some snacks.

Careful, everybody careful.
There you go.

Can I be the drummer boy?

I bet the cow has a snare drum,
he's in a punk band.

Well, there wasn't a drummer boy
in the nativity.

It's in the song.

I'll think about it.

Then I don't wanna do it

Wait, you don't wanna be
in the show anymore?


What's up, Chuck?

She made me an angel, Coach!

Well, not just any angel.
Angel Gabriel.

Oh, yeah? That's...
that's a very big role.

Yeah! Did you know that Nick
was actually the Angel Gabriel

when he was in the nativity.


I... was.

He's a head angel,
he calls all the shots.

He's like...
like the MVP of the angels.


I was the shepherd.

I remember.

These cookies are delicious.
Who brought these?

Same time tomorrow?

- You bringing the snacks?
- You got it.

Hey, when were you gonna tell me
that you live here now?

Thought you already knew.
My life isn't exactly private.

Well, it's not like I've been
spending my time

researching you on the internet.

I may have looked you up,
once or twice.


Have a good night, Noelle.

Are turning out great.

I've always seen myself as more of
an idea guy, but I am nailing this.

Yeah, you are.

Who's that?

My dad just sent me
these pictures.

They just got back
from playing in the snow.

That looks like a lot of fun.

Yeah, it is.
We go skiing and sledding,

and then it always ends up
in this epic snowball fight.

My dad and I are on a bit
of a winning streak.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Well, aren't you two
the definition of adorable.

State the obvious much?

What is that?

Your mission, should you choose
to accept it.


We need the whole town to know
that we're bringing back

the live nativity, so...

word of mouth
is our best friend.

I think that we should go out
in pajamas,

really get the town talking.
I mean, who could say no to this,

and this, and...?

- No!
- No...

All right, thought I'd try.

Are you sure you don't need help
with the kids today?

Nick is swinging by to help me.

Yeah, I mean he coaches
a lot of the kids,

- so he knows them.
- Yeah, that makes sense.

They have an established rapport.

We're agreeing with you, Sis.

Yeah, we're not implying...


All right, anyway.

leave no window unflyered.


OK, time to go change.

You sure we can't stay
in the pajamas? Please?

OK, now you're definitely
spying on me.

I thought I'd bring
my flyers today.

Guess I'm a little late.

Today was a half day.

But I can email all the parents,
make sure they get the information.

Yeah that...
that would be great.

OK, well, guess
I'll... see ya at the church.

Oh, no. You're not getting
away that easily. Come with me.

But I...

So, I need to rehab my arm
a little.

I was gonna throw
into that backstop.

Now, I throw at you.

Excuse me,
you're gonna do what?

I'll go easy on you.

Nick, this is crazy.

You'll have fun, I promise.

Hey, here. Just...
All right.

Make sure
to keep your elbow up.

And then swing
all the way through.

- All the way through. Got it.
- Good.


OK, now just keep your eye
on the ball.

Easy for you to say,
you're the pro.

That was... that was close,
just a little high. Try again.

One more. You ready?

Bring it on.

Run! Run!

Wh-Oh! OK.

Not a move
you see in the Majors.

You got some moves, woman!

Yeah, and don't you forget it.

See you at the church.

I'm sorry, we don't
open for a few more hours.

- Oh, well, I can always come back later.
- Oh, no, no!

You have a standing invitation.

Can I help you?

Yes, can you hand me that
tub right there, please?

- You bet.
- Thank you.

So, I hear that Nick is helping
Noelle with the nativity.

I'm glad to hear
they are mending fences.

I think when you love somebody,
it never really goes away.


The real reason I stopped by...

Hey, do you wanna have dinner

You know what, never mind.

No, no. Yes!


Pick you up around seven?


- Good.
- Good.

- More?
- Yeah, down here. This next one.

I picked up donuts.

Even splurged for the red
and green sprinkles.

That's really sweet.

We need to make rehearsal marks
for the kids, before they get here.

So, I need three yellow,
and two blue.

Got it.

So, how'd the clinic finish up?

Kids had a blast.
I may have had some fun, too.

- You're really great with them.
- Thanks.

I remember what it was like to fall
in love with the game at that age.

You ever think about coaching?

What do you mean?

You'd make a really great coach,
now that you're back.

- I know that you were gonn...
- No, I'm not back for good.

Just until my shoulder heals.


Actually, I was offered a position
at the high school.

It'd be a great job, but...

I'm thinking it would mean
my baseball career is over.

- And I'm not giving up that easily.
- Yeah. Of course not.

You OK?

Yeah, I just...

I want today to run smoothly.

Could you grab
the rehearsal props?

I think they're
in the hall closet.

Yeah, sure.

"The shepherds and their sheep
reached Bethlehem

and found the baby in the manger,
just as the angel had told them".

This is great.

Yeah, it is.

You're a miracle worker.

I don't know about that but...

we might just pull this off.

- Mom!
- What's happening?

OK, everyone just
move slowly and calmly.

Just drop your props and be sure to
grab your parent's hands on your way out.

- Stay calm. You're all right. Follow me.
- Wait.

Thank you, Sean.

Pastor, is everything OK?

Well, there was no fire.

But there was a burst pipe.

Oh, no.

Some old roots have been
growing into the main water line

- and chose today of all days to do us in.
- So, what does that mean?

Unfortunately, it means
that we're gonna have to find

another venue for the nativity

or we're gonna have to cancel it

- The show is in 72 hours.
- I'm sorry, Noelle.

The Lord works
in mysterious ways.

We can build a new manger, but we
can't exactly build a new church.

I mean,
this is a complete disaster.

- Well, look on the bright side.
- Which is?

I don't know. But I'm sure there
is one, so we should look at it.

The important thing is
you've got backup.

We'll all pitch in,
and we will give this town

a nativity
they'll always remember.

It's already one
that you can never forget!

One hundred and twenty two flyers
are now covering the entire town.

There's no one who doesn't know
about the nativity.

Great. I'll just need you to
go back and pick up 122 flyers

that have the wrong address.

Wait... what happened?

Apparently, the Lord
works in mysterious ways.

- We lost the church.
- No... What can we do?

I was supposed to go over and
help Holly with the costumes.

Maybe you guys
could head over there?

- Yeah, sure.
- We're on it.

And how about us?

Could you call the parents

and let them know what's happening,
but assure them

that the show is still on?


How can I help?

now we need to find a venue.

OK, I'll drive.

- Excuse me. Hi.
- Hey.

- Do you rent out your theater?
- We do.

- When would you need it?
- In two days.

I'm sorry. Our sets are still
up for our winter kids show.

Billy Buttons
Barnyard Jamboree.

They'll be up
for a few more weeks.

It was worth a try.
Thank you.

- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

Now, what?

What about
the high school gym?

I could talk to the athletic
director. He's a friend.

- A gym?
- Yeah, I know it's not ideal.

But, hey, when there
was no room at the inn,

Mary and Joseph
had to improvise, right?

No room at the inn.
Nick, that's it!

I know where to have the show.
Come on.

What better place
to have the nativity

than where it actually
took place?

- In a barn!
- Well, technically it was a stable.

Barn, stable, whatever.

- It's perfect.
- Hey.

Nick and Noelle, what brings
you two out here at this hour?

we really need your help.

A pipe burst at the church,
and now the nativity may not happen

because we need a place for their
show, so I was wondering if maybe...

It's all yours.

- Really?
- Yeah.

What better place to have
a nativity than a barn?

That's what I said!

Thank you, Randy.

You saved the show.

Well, I think we all know
who saved the show.

Tell you what. I'll get it
cleaned up for you,

and I'll see you guys in the
morning... bright and early?

Randy, thank you.

- No problem.
- Thank you.

We have a venue!

I told you
there was a bright side.

Thank you.

You're welcome, Miss Collins.

- Bright and early tomorrow?
- Yes. And that's... Dr. Collins to you.


I see you found it.

Grab a fork.

Don't have to tell me twice.

Mary says that when she doesn't
know what to do she bakes.

Lucky us.
Any luck finding a venue?

- Randy's letting us use the barn.
- That's great!

Now I just hope we can get
everything together in time.

If Mom could see us right now...

She would never let us
eat it out of the pan.


You know...

I can't ever remember Mom

having all this thrown on her
at once.

I think she would have
been just as freaked out.

You're doing
an amazing job, Sis.

That strangely
makes me feel better.

Well, that's what I'm here for.

Well, that and... the pie.

That bite is ridiculous.

I'm gonna take this
back. This is for me.

You missed some.

- Fancy meeting you here.
- Good morning.

The word is there's gonna be a
pretty big show here in a few days.

You know anything about that?

Yeah, you know, I may have
heard something about that.

So, what should we do
first, Doc?

OK, just go up on the right.

Going... OK, just a tad more.
OK, yes, perfect!

Nice work.

OK, perfect.


Good. A little bit higher.

All right, guys, last piece.

Pop, looking sharp.

Thank you.
Where are you guys headed?

We're just grabbing dinner.
Nothing fancy.

Are you sure you don't wanna
join us, Sis?

- I think the couch is calling my name.
- All right.

- But you guys have fun.
- OK. Have a good night.


I noticed that you forgot
the napkins,

so I threw some in there.

What would I do without you?

- Wish me luck.
- You won't need it.

- Have a good night.
- You, too.

George, darling...

- Hi.
- Hi.

What are you doing here?

I thought you might like
some company tonight.

Nice slippers.

What's with the guitar?

We have a finale to rehearse.

Thank you.

This park is so pretty
at Christmas time.

Sometimes I drive by, just
so I can look at the lights.

I thought you might like it.

You did good.

I have to admit, I was
a bit nervous about tonight.

It's just me, Peter.

Exactly. It's you.

I sort of thought this...
chapter of my life was closed,

and I was OK with that.

And then you came along.

We've known each other
practically our entire life.

I know, but I feel like
I'm just getting to know you,

like I get to know something new
every time we're together.


the time I signed up for one of
those dating apps a few years ago?

You see?
That's my point exactly.

A friend of mine created
the profile for me,

and at first I was angry,
and then I thought,

you know what? What the heck,
I'm gonna give this a try.

Well, it was awful.

I can't even imagine.

I was checking my phone incessantly,
which is not like me at all.

Then I bought Legends and
that became my entire life.

And then Nick got hurt, and all I cared
about was making sure that he was OK.

Who I was...
and what I wanted...

got lost in there somewhere.

But not anymore.

Sometimes second chances come
from the most unlikely of places.

Yes, they do.

- Careful, that's hot.
- Thank you.

So, have you been thinking about what
our parents are doing on their date?

No, but... now I am.

Really no surprise your dad
wanted to ask my mom out.

- She's a catch.
- Well, he's got a lot going for him, too.

I mean, small town doctor,
full head of hair...

I mean, two amazing children,
I mean, he's a triple threat.

Can't argue with that.

I'm really glad
you came over tonight.

I'm here on official...

nativity business.

- You OK?
- Yeah.

Just a friendly little reminder
from my shoulder.

What exactly happened?
Torn rotator cuff?


For a pitcher,
it's potentially a career ender,

- as I'm sure you know.
- What did your doctors say?

A few think I'm out for good.

Some say
that may not be the case.

I wanna believe
it's not the end.

I'm really sorry, Nick.

Thank you.


Time to practice.

I don't really wanna do this.

That's too bad,
because you've got a show

in two days.

OK, fine.

But I don't want to sing alone.
At least... not tonight.

I'm OK with that.

It's been a long time since
someone's walked me to my door.

I hope you can get used to it.

I had a really nice time tonight.

Me too.

Should I have hung mistletoe?

No. No.

We don't need it.

Good night, Mary.

Good night.

Shh, you're being too loud.

No, I'm not.

Will! Will!

Well, well, isn't this
an interesting development?

- Come on, let them sleep.
- No, no, I gotta get a photo.

Will, no.

- They won't know, it'll be quick.
- No, Will...

Go, go!

Hey, sweetie, what are
you doing here so early?

I was out of coffee.
How was your date last night?

That sounded really weird.

It was lovely,
thank you very much.

- So, will there be another?
- I hope so.

So romantic, there were lights...

- Well, OK.
- Stars and wine...

Thank you,
I don't need the details.

Hey, you know what,
I forgot to tell you.

I ran into Principal Wilson
at the grocery store.

Oh, yeah?

They've interviewed
a number of candidates

for the coaching position
at the high school.

That's great. The team
has a lot of potential.

- You know, honey, it's not too late to...
- Mom!

I told you, I'm not looking
for anything permanent.

I know, I just wanna make sure
you've thought it through.

For better or worse, you do tend
to lead with your emotions.

Hey... if you can't trust
your heart, what can you trust?

That is deep.

Someone really smart must
have taught that to you.

Thank you for the coffee.

- And the muffin!
- Yes.

- I love you!
- I love you, too!

What's in the bag?

The old flyers.
At least I got what I could.

Great. Just toss them.

Or better yet, recycle them.

Don't worry,
I'll put 'em to good use.

Hey, darlin'.

What's all this?

You're cooking?

I thought I would whip up
some of your mom's gumbo.

A little fuel for you
to get through final show prep.

Smells good.


where's Mom's recipe book?

OK, now, I might not be
the best cook in the world,

but if there's one dish I know how
to make by heart, it's this gumbo.

Oh, really?

The holidays were hectic,
raising you kids and...

Your mother and I did not get a
lot of quality time at Christmas.

So, I always made it a point to sit
in here in the kitchen with her

while she made her gumbo.

We'd have a glass of wine, and
we would talk about... everything.

What was Mom like
when you first met her?

Well, you know your mom.
Staggeringly beautiful...

annoyingly confident...

You're a lot like her,
you know.

I know this whole Mary thing
kind of took you by surprise.

But I don't want you
to think for a second

that I don't miss your mom
every single day.

It's important to me
that you're OK with this.

I know.


Are you gonna let me try
that gumbo?

There we go.

- OK, it's hot but...
- That's good.

- It's perfect.
- Awesome!

I can't believe
the show is tomorrow.

I know,
it's been a whirlwind.

You mentioned us all
in the special thanks.

Honestly, I could have never
pulled this off without you guys.

Has it been weird at all...
spending so much time with Nick?

Actually, he's been great.

I mean,
especially with the kids.

You two seemed pretty cozy
last night...

- We fell asleep.
- On each other!

- By accident!
- I'm just saying there was some

- minor cuddling happening.
- There was no cuddling.

How do you know?
You were asleep.

It's OK if you like him.

Maybe you were put back into
each other's lives for a reason.

No. He can't wait to get back
to his old life.

If you tell him how you feel,
maybe he'll want to stay.

All right.
Only a couple left.

- You got that last one there, Will?
- Yes, sir, I do.

Very nicely done, boys.

I bet that shoulder injury
gets you out of a lot of things.

Can't deny that.

What I can do...

is crack a couple of beers.

I'll take mine to go. Gotta
get back to those animals.

You boys have fun.
Will, appreciate you, bud.

Randy, thank you.


High school Nick and Hometown Nick
seem like two different Nicks.


You know, it is my job to be
the protective older brother.

It's a job
I take very seriously.

I get it.

And I've had a long time to think
about how stupid I was back then.

Yep, you were pretty stupid.

Just make sure this time...
you realize what you've got...

before you let it go again.


Let's get these back
to the women in charge.

Yeah, let's do that.

- That goes right in there.
- Perfect.

So, Nick, were you
in the nativity as a kid?

Yeah, it was kind of a rite
of passage around here.

Yeah, Nick always wanted to be
one of the three wise men.

Then there was that one year,
he took matters into his own hands.

- What did you do?
- I stole the frankincense.

And as memorable as it was,
I'm really hoping

that the kids all stick to
their assigned parts this year.

- Hey, you guys have plans tonight?
- Why?

My friends and I are doing
a little night fishing,

at the pond behind
Evan Taylor's house.

It's nothing fancy,

but should be a good time.

Would love to have you all.

You guys still do that?

Yeah, it's tradition.

What they do is
they take Christmas lights

and wrap around
the fishing pole.

I'm pretty sure
it scares the fish away.

But it looks festive.

Well, I've never been
night fishing.

All the more reason to come.

You guys should totally go.
I've got a lot of work to finish up...

She'll be there.

No, I've got a lot...

I guess I could take a break.

Great. Well, it starts around eight,
but you guys can come whenever.

I'm gonna grab some more bulbs.


I think the words you're
searching for are "thank you".

You're the worst!

Thank you.

It means a lot to me
that you came.

Of course.
I wanted to come.

- After all, it's tradition.
- That's right.

Hey, you wanna go take a walk?


So, are you missing Chicago?

A little.

But it's always been a dream
of mine to work with my dad.

Any tough goodbyes?

What... you mean,
like a boyfriend?


I had a semi-serious relationship when
I first started my residency but...

it didn't work out.
Too many long hours.

Yeah, I had a few of those
"didn't work outs".

- Not fun.
- No.

I never really knew
if girls liked me

or if they just liked the idea
of dating a baseball player.

I dated a baseball player once.

Oh, yeah?
What was he like?

Wait, let me guess.

He was handsome
and charming and...

a little selfish,
a touch full of himself.

- A lot full of himself?
- So you've met him?

Yeah, I think I knew the guy.

Haven't seen him around
in a really long time.

The truth is, Noelle...

I didn't deserve you.

I was so focused
on my dream that

I didn't make you
feel important.

And I pushed you away.
I'm sorry.

I never wanted you to give up
on your dream, Nick.

I just didn't know
why I couldn't be part of it.

My biggest regret was that...

I didn't just lose a girlfriend.
I lost a friend.

And I needed that
more than you know.

I missed you, too.


Oh, sorry.
We lost track of you and...

No, it's OK. We were...
just about to head back.

We were gonna see if you wanted to
head out, but if you wanna stay...

No, no, you're right.
Tomorrow is a big day.

I'll meet you by the car?

Yeah, K. Night, Nick.

Good night!

Don't stay up too late.
I need you there with me tomorrow.

I'll be there.

Good night, Nick.

Good night, Noelle.

Good morning, Sissy.

- Happy show day.
- Merry Christmas Eve.

- What did you get me for Christmas?
- No! You know the rules.

No touching, shaking,
or holding Christmas presents

until Christmas Day.

Good luck with that.

So, you're ready
for the show tonight?

Yeah, I think I am.

Speaking of which.
I better get going.

I've gotta meet Nick
at the barn.

Hey, about last night...

- I'm sorry if I interrupted, or I've...
- No!

You didn't interrupt anything.

But I hear she interrupted
an almost something.

What? Of course she told me.
We're engaged.

- We tell each other everything.
- Sorry.

You know, Nick and I just...
got caught up in the moment.

- It just happened.
- Almost kisses don't just happen, Sis.

Did you tell him how you feel?

OK, so, how about we just
don't talk about the kiss,

or almost kiss, or whatever
you think it was, which it wasn't.

I will... I gotta go.

I'll see you at the show.

See you at the show.

- Let me know if she comes back.
- Why?


Let there be light.


- Hey.
- Do you have a second?

Sure. I'm just going over
the checklist for tonight.

Noelle asked me
to help out backstage.

- So, what's up?
- There's something I want to show you.

We're almost there.

- A few more steps.
- OK.

Stop right... there.

- Keep your eyes closed.
- OK.

I was saving this
for tomorrow but...

you know how great I am
at keeping secrets...

and I just couldn't wait.

Open your eyes.

It's snow.

Well, technically
it's old tax papers and...

the old show flyers and...

some papers I shouldn't
have shredded but...

yeah, it's snow.

I can't believe
you did all this.

I saw how much you were missing
your family the other day

when they were playing
in the snow.

And you have been
such a trooper this week.

I have loved every second
I've spent with my new family.

I can't wait to start
our lives together.

So... you and your dad
are snowball champions, huh?

I see how it's gonna be.
Did you see how I caught that?

Let's see what you got.

When you didn't answer your phone
I thought you might be here.

I am going to bake
an apple pie

with a rosemary buttermilk crust.

It will be my contribution
to the refreshment table.

That sounds incredible.

I know Noelle
has really appreciated

everything you and Nick
have done to help.

And... I do, too.

- Nick and Noelle are quite the pair.
- Yes, they are.

We raised
some pretty terrific kids.

They take after their parents.

So, what are you doing
before the show?

It is the weirdest thing.

I've had this hankering
for an apple pie

with a buttermilk rosemary crust...

I believe I can help.

It looks
just like I remember it.

I don't know...

I think it looks a touch better.

Let's go to Legends
and grab something to eat

- before we have to be back in a few hours.
- OK.

Hey... Nick, Noelle...

There's a bit of a situation.

- What kind of situation?
- It's the animals. They're gone.

- What?
- All of them?

I mean, except for the pig.

- What happened?
- We gave them a bath for the show tonight,

you know, and I guess...
the pen got left unlocked.

Look, I got a guy out
looking for them, right now.

Noelle, I am really, really sorry,
but I promise you

I will do my best to find them
before the show tonight.

What are we gonna do?
I mean,

it's a live nativity. If we don't have
animals, then what do we call it?

The town doesn't come out to see a show
because of a few farm animals.

They come out to see the kids
and the story of Christmas.

- I know what to do.
- You do?

If I'm not back before
the doors open, just stall.

- Wait...
- Just stall.

Mary, Peter.

- Hi.
- Pastor, how are you?

I'm good.
You two must be very proud.

- Yeah.
- We are.

It's amazing how everything
just fell into place

like it was supposed to.

- Look at that. I guess we'd better find a seat.
- Enjoy the show.

So, are we a "thing" now?

Yeah, we are a thing.

Have you seen Noelle, yet?

No, I haven't. You need
to get backstage now,

- Jen's waiting on you.
- OK.

OK, my shepherds.

Go to the back, get your
head dresses and your staff.

My angels, come over here
and get your halos and wings.

Where have you been?
I've been kind of freaking out.

The doors are open,
but I don't know

how much longer we can wait.
What can I do?

The kids are already
almost in costume...

Do you have Noelle's narration,
in case she doesn't show up?

No, it's in her binder.

OK. Well, the show is about
to begin, so...

- I suggest you start making something up.
- Me?

- We have animals!
- Noelle, thank goodness.

- You look amazing.
- Thank you.

Jen, you find our smallest shepherds
and angels and change them into that.

My little angels!
Come with me!

- Where did you...
- Kids in costumes.

I remembered that they were
putting on the barnyard play

at the theater,
and I just took a chance,

and luckily they are not
performing over the holidays.

That's amazing.
And hilarious.

Hey, when there was no room
at the inn for Joseph and Mary,

they had to improvise, too, right?

One minute to curtain, everyone!

You ready?


I think so.

Places, everybody.

- Mary, Gabriel, you're on deck.
- Joseph, you're with me.


Go get 'em!

OK, Will, dim the lights.

Good evening, everyone.

Welcome to tonight's telling
of the Christmas Story,

where we get to share with all of you
the true meaning of this day.

"A long time ago
in the town of Nazareth,

lived a young woman named Mary.

One day,
while Mary was at home,

the angel Gabriel suddenly appeared.

The angel said,
'Do not be afraid.

You will have a baby boy,
and you will name him Jesus"

Mary and Joseph were married

and then traveled from Nazareth
to Bethlehem for the census.

When they finally reached Bethlehem,

the only place that they could find
was a stable amongst the animals.

That night, an exciting and
wonderful thing happened.

Mary and Joseph had a baby,

Jesus, the son of God.

She wrapped him in swaddling clothes
and laid him in a manger.

In the fields outside of Bethlehem
there were shepherds keeping watch..."

Go, go! Go on.

"An angel said,
'Do not be afraid,

for there is born to you this day,
in the city of David, a savior'.

So the shepherds and their sheep...

cow, camel, and donkey...
hurried to Bethlehem

and found the baby,
just as the angel has told them..."

Jen, look what I found.

Oh, my goodness.

- Am I too late?
- I just sent them.

They look so cute
in their animal costumes.

- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.

You're still a star to me, baby.

"When Jesus was born,

a brand new bright star
appeared in the sky.

Some Wise Men in faraway countries,

who studied the stars, had read
that a new star would appear

when a great king was born.

So when they saw the star,

they set out to find the
new king and bring him gifts.

When they found the baby,

they spread the gifts
they had brought before him,

gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Everyone's hearts
were full that night.

For unto us a child is born.

Now every year on Christmas Day
we come together

to celebrate what happened that night.

And remember,
if you see a star in the sky,

it could be a sign
that a miracle is on its way".

- You were great out there.
- Thanks.

You're ready to bring it all home?

I don't think I can do this.

Yes, you can.

I'll be right there with you.

Aren't they adorable?

Now, traditionally, the show ends...

with a song by the beloved
Carol Collins.

We all remember that voice.

Well, her daughter Noelle
didn't want the tradition to end.

So we'd like to perform it
for you tonight.

You got this.

Thank you.

She was really pretty.
I was really impressed...

There's my girl.

- Sweetheart, the show was fantastic.
- Thanks, Daddy.

- You were great.
- Who knew you could sing like that?

Your mother
would have been so proud.

Where's Nick?

- We thought he was backstage with you.
- I'm gonna go find him.

- I will meet you guys out by the tree.
- OK.

- Great job.
- Thank you.



I thought I lost you.

What are you doing out here?

Just thinking.


This week.
How crazy it's all been.

Tell me about it.

It's actually the first time
since being back

that I haven't wanted
to be somewhere else.

- It's mostly because of you.
- Well, I had fun this week, too.

Everyone loved your song.

Well, I blame that on you.

Maybe nest year we do a duet?

Legends has open mic night
every Thursday.

Plenty of time to practice.

Well, you know, you have
to physically be here

in order for that to happen, right?

Yeah, I'm not going anywhere.

- What about your baseball...
- I seem to remember

someone saying I'd make
a pretty great coach.


You took the job?

I don't understand.
What changed?

I was chasing the wrong dream.

I know what I want, now.

To be near my family, to make
a difference in the place I grew up.

And to do all of that...

with someone I love by my side.

I want that, too.

So, does this mean
you'll come to my games?

Of course.

I went to all your games.

- Did you?
- I did.

Does this mean I get a jersey?

I might be able to have
the hookup for that.

- Do you know someone?
- Maybe.

- There it is.
- The tree!

They're they are.

Looks like you found him.

Hey, babe.

- You were so good up there.
- Hey, everybody!

Everybody! Hey, well...

Well, we certainly have been
blessed so far, haven't we?

But this evening would not be complete
without the lighting of the tree.

Noelle, you wanna come help me
do the honors?

Thank you, Pastor Lewis.
This is so exciting.

OK, everybody, count with me.

Three! Two! One!

It's a beautiful tree.

So, you got any plans for New Years?

What exactly
did you have in mind?

Well, I'm up for anything.
As long as it's with you.

How was your first
southern Christmas?

- It was absolutely perfect.
- Yeah?

Even without the snow?

Snow is overrated.

You pulled it off.

We pulled it off.

- Same time next year?
- It's a date.

Merry Christmas, Noelle.

Merry Christmas.