Hollywood Vice Squad (1986) - full transcript

A mother goes to Hollywood to find her runaway daughter. The Vice Squad discovers that a dangerous gangster has turned the girl into one of his junkie teen prostitutes. The Squad also investigates illegal betting and a BDSM pornographer.

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(dramatic music)

- [Police Radio Woman]
Commander wants you to check

out a lewd conduct claim at
Santa Monica and Fairfax.

- [Police Radio Man] Roger 90.

- [Police Radio Man] Six
Victor Niner this is 20

requesting the street
Mary Ocean Charlie 746.

- [Police Radio
Woman] Standby 20.

- [Police Radio Man] Six Victor
10 this is Six Victor Six.

- [Police Radio
Woman] Go ahead Six.

- [Police Radio Man] Hey Les,
we just got a double header

at the Sunset Sax, can you
help with the transportation?

- [Police Radio Woman] All
units be advised a 211 just took

place at the service station
at Santa Monica and Hermosa.

Male Caucasians
armed with blue steel

revolvers fled on
foot, no further.

- [Police Radio Man] Six Victor
90, this is Six Victor Two.

Is Culvers in the office?

- [Police Radio
Woman] Yes he is, Two.

(intense music)

♪ Come on baby love
me all night long ♪

♪ Come on baby
sit on my shlong ♪

- Thank you very much.

♪ Come on baby let
me be the ace ♪

♪ Come on baby come
on sit on my face ♪

- Very good, I love America.


(tires screeching)

Hello baby.

- What did you have in mind?

- I am new in town.

I come to America, the land
of opportunity, to make

a Hollywood movie and to
meet the blonde bombshell.

- You just met her, honey.

- Oh thank you very much.

Friends say to me, come
to Hollywood Boulevard.

- Well you came to
the right place.

You're not with the
police, are you?

- Police come to
Hollywood Boulevard too?

Everybody have fun in America.

- Yeah we'll have lots of fun.

What's your name, fella?

- They call me Long Wang.

- I'll bet they do.

- It's my Hollywood stage name.


So what are we going to do?

- Drive.

(intense music)

- What the hell are you doing?

Jesus Christ.

Get the fuck out of the way!

Come on!

(car horn honking)

Come on!

(loud crashing)

Six Victor 90, my
partner's in trouble.

- Please, nothing
crazy, I want to live.

You can have all of my money.

- You bet your ass I can.

Now drive you
fucking slope head,

to someplace nice and quiet.

- Slope head?

- Drive!

- I got a black and white
code three, I'm in pursuit.

(tires screeching)

- Faster, make this Jap
trap move, you guys made it.

- But I'm Chinese.

- Same shit.


(tires screeching)

(car horn honking)

God dammit, you're a cop.

- I no cop.

- Bullshit!

- Alright, I'm a cop.

(tires screeching)


(tires screeching)


He's a drag queen and
he tried to 211 me.

- You go down the
hill, I'll go around.

- Alright.

(intense music)

Ah shit!

(loud splashing)

Hey so you gonna
help me, or what?

- I can't swim.

- What do you mean
you can't swim?

- I can't swim.

- You never told me that.

- You never asked.

That's enough Ray,
we want this asshole

in the courthouse not
the coroner's office.

- You know what that
fruitcake called me?

A fucking slop head.

- Well?

- My parents were born in
Italy, I was raised in an

Italian ghetto, and I happen
to make a kick ass cannelloni.

- [Stevens] Yeah right.

And I thought this guy
had an identity problem.

- Rough night, sweetie?

- Oh aren't we testy tonight.

I bet you're a fucking Leo.

(speaking in foreign language)

Chili con carne to you too.

- I gotta tell you something,
you're beautiful, never shave.

I think he likes you.

(phone buzzing)

- Yeah.


Send her in.

Mrs. Stanton,
please have a seat.

Didn't you get my letter?

- Oh yes, I did.

- I'm afraid you've
made a mistake.

The wait out here could be
very long and painful for you.

- Do you think it would be
any less painful in Ohio?

- Do you have any concept
about what goes on out there?

Any idea at all?

- Look Captain Jensen,

this is not the only
place where life is hard.

I had Lori when I
was 17 years old.

Her father's never
even seen her.

I quit school to raise her

and I haven't stopped
working since.

I'm familiar with a hard life.

- But that's the
Midwest, Mrs. Stanton.

Let me give you a crash
course about Hollywood.

Each year thousands
of youngsters

come out here reaching
for their dreams.

They're out there
now on the streets

wondering where their
next meal will come from.

Most of them will be victims
of one kind or another.

Too many will wind up in jail,

county general, or the morgue.

Now please understand
the last thing I need is

another well meaning mother
wandering the sewers.

- She's my daughter,
my only child.

- Does she drink, do drugs?

- She drinks, I
guess most kids do.

She doesn't do drugs,
nothing like that.

- [Jensen] Does she
know anybody in LA?

- Right before I left town
one of her girlfriend's

gave me this letter from her.

Man named Walsh wanted to help
her get into show business.

- Walsh?

- James Walsh.

- What else can you tell
me about your daughter?

- She's um, just a little girl.

She has a lot of
growing up to do.

Actually Lori is
a very quiet girl.

Not so much with her
friends, but with strangers.

I always had to watch over her.

I didn't smother her,

but I always tried
to take care of her.

She never had to work, she
doesn't know how to cook,

she wouldn't even know
how to make a living.

I can't imagine her in a
big city like Hollywood.

(ominous music)

- [Jensen] This is
Six Victor Commander,

I want Hawkins to
put a case together

on James Walsh and
Pretty Girl Escorts.

- [Police Radio Man] Roger 90.

- Mr. Walsh, your
phone messages.

- Thank you, Charlene.

- You have any messages
for me Charlie?

- The name is Charlene.

- How come you never
give me my messages?

- Because you're
such an asshole.

Go on in.

- Suppose you told
Mr. Walsh about

these nasty rumors I've
been hearing lately?

- I don't know what
you're talking about.

I haven't been holding out on
tips, Mr. Walsh, I promise.

- Bullshit.

What is it Lori, hmm?

You losing your
little girl charm?

Maybe just getting lazy?

- No I'm not.

I'll try harder, I will.

- You better.

'Cause that stuff
you like so much

that makes you feel
so good is expensive.

- I know it is.

- And another thing,

you don't carry this
stuff when you're working.

- That's right.

I can come up with the
bail for a whore bust,

but if they catch
you with that stuff

I might have to let you rot.

You understand, don't you?

You understand, don't you?

Say it!

- Yes I understand!

- Good.


So good.

You better get to work.

- Thank you, sir.

(upbeat music)

- [Man] Hey baby,
you a working girl?

- Pull into the lot so
we can talk about it.

Okay that's far enough
buddy, just stop right here.

Looking for something?

- A party.

Would you like to join?

- What kind of party?

- You, me, and Mike.

- You, me, and who?

- You, me, and Mike,
here in the car.

- Who's Mike?

- Who's Mike?

- Meet Mike, shake hands.

Get acquainted.

- I bet you have names for
every part of your body, huh?

- I thought I'd
heard everything.

- I call mine Roscoe, only
when we're on good terms.

- What do you call your ass?


- Rory, what do you call yours?

- Jaws.

(laughing loudly)

- Hey he likes you, I can tell.

Come on, go ahead, don't be shy.

- I'm a little shy.

- He's really very friendly.

He likes to play.

A secret.

Mike just loves getting
kissed behind his left ear.

You're getting real
excited, right?

- Does it show?

- The glazed eyes give you away.

Come on, well you can
look at it real close.

Alright, will you do it for $50?

- Okay bought and paid for.

(upbeat music)

- [Man] $55.

- [Betty] That's more like

a speed limit than
an actual offer.

- [Man] Hey it's a work of art?

You know some works of art
you can look at from far away.

But some, you have
to get real close.

- Hey, hey, police.

- Oh my god.

What's that doing down there?

- Ricky.

- [Ricky] Shut off
the fucking car.

Hey come on, shut off the car.

- You dented my dildo.

- This is not funny, will
you please stop the car?

- Now I'll have to buy the
kit a new paint patch set.

(tires screeching)

No way, no way, Grace
would kill me for this.

- You son of a bitch.

(tires screeching)

- Kill me, kill me.

If you don't, Grace will.

- I'm gonna take your
fucking suspenders

and wrap them around your neck.

Stop the car.

- [Man] You ruin my car service.

(loud crashing)

What'd I tell ya.

- Come on.

- I'm innocent.

Innocent as the day is long.

- Everything's okay.

(zipping loudly)

- Of course.


I wanna die, I wanna die!

- You're not gonna
die, you're not gonna

die in my custody,
too many reports.

- You are hurting my arm.

- Why did you move in
on my bust like that?

- You were as nervous
as a whore in church.

- You asshole, that was my
bust, I could've handled it.

- That's Mr. Asshole to you.

- Listen Rambo, I can do
anything that you can do.

- Oh yeah?

- I bet you can't grow a beard.

- I bet you can't
pee standing up.

- I bet you and
Mike could teach me.

(upbeat music)

(kids giggling)

- [Kid] I wanna see.

- Hey kids, what's going on?

(kids laughing)

- [Barry] Come on let's not be
afraid to hurt the kid here.

What do you think we're
making, Mary Poppins?

- [Woman] Jesus Christ Barry,

what do you expect he's only 16.

- I don't give a damn,
he's supposed to act.

No, no, no.

Come over here, stand
over there, not like that.

I need some pain here, pain.

That's what sells cassettes.

See this, like this, see this?

Moron, like that.

Alright here we go.

Tina, get in here, hurry it up.

You think any chance
I get this shot today?

- [Camera Man] Clear the
lens, I wanna get a vote.

- [Barry] Let's get
it right this time.

God dammit, I've
spent a lot of money.

- [Camera Man] Cameras rolling.

- Let's do a take.

- [Camera Man] Viking Love
Space scene A take two.

- [Barry] And action.

- Take this gift,
oh viking queen.

- [Queen] I accept this boy.

- So what else is new?

This is the porno
capital of the world.

- I've got a feeling this
guy's in some real rough stuff.

And besides, I think
he's using underage kids.

- Then give it to
Miller and Chavez,

if it's violent enough
they'll put a case together.

- I'd like to work
on this one myself.

- Betty, you don't
know shit from shinola

about porno investigations.

Let me tell you
something, nine out of 10

of these cases get thrown
out on a technicality.

These guys know how to make a
porno bust stand up in court.

- I'm sure they do, but
I think I could handle

the investigation just
as good as they could.

I'd like to try it myself,
nothing against them.

- You could learn a lot
from Miller and Chavez,

but not if you're
always pushing.

- But Captain,
among other things

they resent working with women.

- That's bullshit.

They resent competition,
especially from a
younger officer.

I know you mean well,

but you come on just
a little too strong.

- But Captain.

- But nothing.

Give the info to
Miller and Chavez

and I'll tell 'em
you're working with 'em.

- Yes sir.

- Six Victor Commander,
this is Six Victor 26

we're just about ready to
bust into Jessie's again,

even though I don't like it.

- [Jensen] Neither do I 26,
but if you don't Luchessi

might blow away half
the books in this town.

- Hey looks like Jessie's
doing some business today.

- [Ron] You know any
book maker that's not

doing business this time of day?

- Mm hmm.

Two dollar round robin, four
to six, and second and third.

Okay Freddy.

You got it, baby.

- Jessie my man, you got
something for a dry throat?

- You ain't set it
up for last week.

Now you want a freebie?

- Man you know I'm good for it.

Hey after the fourth race,

I'm gonna be making
the champagne sing.

- Two dollars a race,
all you're gonna

be making is the
soda water sing.

(upbeat music)

- If I make the stiff
I'll give you the signal.

Try and get the phone
while I'm still on it,

judges love that
kind of evidence.

(upbeat music)

(phone ringing)

- Hello?


- Yeah this is VK Arne.

Is number four scratched
in the third race?

Well let me have five
dollars across the board.

Yeah is High Top scratched in
the seventh race to Saratoga?

- Saratoga?

Hang on, I'll check.

- Go, go.

- We're off and running.

(intense music)

(loud crashing)

Move over there, Jesse.


- Yeah he was taking
the third bet.

Did he wipe it off the table?

- No, come on over.


- Police officers, freeze.

- Oh my god.

- God help me, I'm crippled.


- Woman, shut your mouth.

- Why?

What the hell's going on here?

- Oh shit woman anytime
you see your face busting

on a book in the neighborhood,
you know they gotta be cops.


- Anybody see a search warrant?

- Why are you doing
this to me, Sergeant?

This is the third
bust in two months.

- I try to tell ya Jesse.

If you keep me busy
someplace else,

I wouldn't be
dropping in so often.

Like stiffing me at
the Luchessi operation.

- Man you must be smoking
some of that funny stuff.

That cat plays hardball.

I mean hard.

- Come on Jesse, you and
I go back a lot of years.

You know I wouldn't
put you up front.

- You don't have to,
he'll find out some way.

- How?

All you have to do is ID him,
I'll take care of the rest.

- Do you know how
mean that dude is?

He's got New York
in back of him.

- We're talking about extortion.

How much are you
paying him, Jesse?

- Come on Sarge, don't be
asking me questions like that.

- You know it's hard
for me to believe

that the books in this
town would knuckle under

to some strong arm
punk from back east.

- When you get old
the bones get brittle,

you don't move so fast, Sarge.

- For Christ sakes
Jesse, let me help you.

- I don't know, Sarge.

I don't know.

(upbeat music)

♪ Street wars

♪ Hey loyal believers

♪ Over achievers

♪ Burning on a short fuse

♪ So get your walking shoes

♪ And walk my way

♪ Will it be today

♪ You know I just can't stop

♪ You know I just can't stop

♪ Hey girl

♪ Street walking

♪ I bet I know my clue now

♪ Just street walking

♪ Well it's me and you now

♪ I got to, got to, got to go

♪ Street walking

♪ About to blow my cool now

♪ I'm a cha cha cheese

♪ Get your walking shoes girl

(upbeat rock music)

- The old man is here
and he don't look happy.


Hey sugar.

- Say sweet pea, you
on vacation tonight?

- What are you talking about?

- You know damn well
what I'm talking about.

Get your ass in the car, woman.

- [Woman] Just go home.

- She ain't been here long
enough to turn a trick.

- Hey you, you can keep
your big mouth shut,

if not I got something
you can put in it.

(loudly gawking)

Oh that's right, get smart,
get smart, and I'm gonna kick

all you bitches asses 'cause
I'm a man, a real man.

- Yeah.

- I don't know what
pimps you all work for,

but you gonna sell
some pussy tonight.

- What's up?

- Captain wants to see us.

- Something hot?

- No code on it.

Something about a missing girl.

I figured we better do it
now though before you got

yourself involved with some
popcorn pimp or something.

So just why are we
getting involved

with a missing juvie story?

- Something the mother said.

Kid got hooked up
with Jim Walsh.

Ring a bell?

- Yeah, Pretty Girl Escorts.

- One in the same.

Here she is, Lori Stanton.

- Just how long ago
were these taken?

- A year and a half ago.

- She'll look 10
years older now.

- Any of his girls talk?

- Walsh's girls are too
terrified of him to roll over.

He's a ruthless bastard,
he'd kill anyone who talks.

- You know the thing about
Walsh is he keeps him on dope,

and when he's done with 'em
they either die or disappear.

But I got an idea
on just how we might

be able to operate
Walsh's short spot.

- I'm listening.

- We've all known how
Walsh and the others

have been selling,
renting, and leasing

whores to each other for years.

So why not nail his
ass for slavery?

- Slavery?

You've lost me, Hawk.

- Well now check this out.

Meet Edward DeBussey.

Yeah I like that.

See I just happen to be the
baddest dude to ever come from

Detroit, and I'm in the
pleasure business, the pleasure

business, and I gots to build
my stable, don't you know.

- Sounds risky.

- Yeah but what we
do is we buy girls

from Walsh and then
we nail his ass.

- Come on Cap.

Look if this kid's working
for Walsh it's just

a matter of time before
she gets a hot shot.

- Slavery.

I love it.

Do it.

(ominous music)

- Man I must be getting senile.

Even my mind's on vacation.

- Relax, Jesse.

- [Jesse] I have no
business being here.

- [Ron] Like being
owned by that punk.

- I don't wanna hear that trash.

- You'd rather hear the
sounds of your bones breaking.

That bastard will kill you once
he gets your betting codes.

Is that him?

- Yeah that's the Luchessi.

The one in the middle.

- Our number one is leaving
with two passengers.

Welcome to Hollywood, mother.

He's in a Chrysler limo.

It's going northbound.

Pick him up 26 Adam.

- We got him.

We're so close I feel
like part of the family.

- Lots of room,
he's hinky as hell.

- Oh shit.

- [Police Radio Woman] Six
Victor Six, an 80W victim

at Hollywood and Vine,
possibly Lori Stanton.

Check in advised,
Six Victor Commander.

- Roger 90, we're
in the neighborhood.

- Stanton, isn't that the case

that Hawkins and
Judy are working on?

The kid hooker, right?

- Come on get up.

(loud thudding)

I got him now, get up.

(woman crying)

- Officer down.

Hollywood Boulevard west of
Highland, request ambulance.

Can you handle it?

- Yeah go after him but watch
out, he's on angel dust.

- Let's get the bust, let's go.

- I'm with ya.

(intense music)

- Oh god.


(tires screeching)

(car horn honking loudly)

- Okay what do we do now?

- Right, here's
what we're gonna do.

You're gonna pull up
right behind that sucker.

I'm gonna get out on the hood

and then I'm gonna
jump onto the bus.

- You'll kill yourself.

- Listen man, one of
us has gotta do it.

- Okay you do it.

- That's what I
thought you'd say.

Now watch this man, this is
gonna look just like Bruce Lee.

(intense music)

(women squealing)

(tires screeching)

♪ Demon

♪ Demon

(loud crashing)

(passengers gasping)

♪ Baby you're alright

♪ Demon

♪ Demon

♪ Demon

- Freeze you motherfucker.

(loud thudding)

(tires screeching)

(loud crashing)

- I'm a clown, I'm a god.

(woman screaming)

(glass shattering)

- How you doing, Bruce?


(loud crashing)

Get him, I'll check
the people in the car.

- Alright you asshole,
freeze, party's over.

Now get on up there,
come on get on up there.


Like the dust huh, dust freak?

- Don't worry folks, I got
everything under control.

(clapping and cheering)

- My hero.

- Cuff him.

- Hey babe let's get with it,
gotta get ready for Mr. Walsh.

It's gotta look
like the real thing.

- You know this is great, it's
almost like playing house.

- Only these boys don't
play, and neither do we.

Candy's our ticket to get 'em.

- Candy the call girl.

(upbeat music)

- Sorry Jim, but
we got a problem.

- Which one?

- Lily.

- Lily?

Who's Lily?

- All the girl's are busy,
we got a couple tricks

at the Regency, Lily
won't take them.

- What's the matter with you?

You forget how to make these
bitches do as their told?

- And even if she
was willing to work,

her head's so fucked up she
can't even find the hotel.

- She might cooperate
if we cut off

that shit she's been
sticking in her arm.

- Cut her off and she's gonna

roll over on us just like that.

Remember Sally Ann?

- Sally Ann, isn't
that the bimbo

that got you two years in Chino?

- Yeah.

Has that China
white been cut yet?

- No, still 75%.

(ominous music)

(distant laughing)

(woman lightly humming)

♪ If that baby bird don't sing

♪ Mama's gonna bye
you a mockingbird ♪

♪ If that mockingbird
don't sing ♪

♪ Mama's gonna buy
you a diamond ring ♪

♪ And if that diamond
ring won't shine ♪

♪ Mama's gonna buy
you a valentine ♪

♪ And if that
valentine's not true ♪

♪ Mama's gonna make
one just for you ♪

(ominous music)

- I've got my best detectives
looking for your daughter.

- I appreciate that, Captain.

But what about James Walsh,

have you been able
to find him yet?

- No, but we're still looking.

- You must work all the time.

What about your family?

- My work is my family.

Especially since my wife
died about 12 years ago.

- Oh.

Any children?

- Oh yeah.

But they're all grown
up and moved away now.

- Any grandchildren?

- As a matter of
fact I just became

a grandfather six weeks ago.

Prematurely, of course.

- Children.

It isn't easy, is it?

- Be patient, we'll find Lori.

(distant sirens blaring)

(police radio chatter)

(woman sobbing)

- What's going on Dale?

- I'm glad you could come, I
think you'll be interested.

- Who is she?

- Janette Tobin.

- Doesn't ring a bell.

- Her neighbors are
convinced she's a hooker.

Your vice files indicate
that her street name was Lily

and she worked for an out call
service named Pretty Girl.

- Walsh.

- Walsh?

- Yeah he runs the out call.

How'd she die?

- Coroner wasn't here
yet, but it's an OD.

It might be more than that.

I checked everything,
her books, her records,

and uh I can't even
find a bank book.

- So you think someone
might've helped her?

- Yeah, you got it.

What happened to the other guys?

- Sorry boss, we had
a late bust last night

then we had to be in
court this morning.

- So what's going on?

- Dead hooker.

She may be connected
with the case

that Judy and Hawk
are working on.

I want you two to
team up with them

after you find out
everything you can here.

- Is that the Walsh case?

- Pull out all the stops.

- I wish somebody cared.

(knocking on door)

- Good luck.

- Just a moment.

One moment.

♪ I want to hold
you in my arms ♪

- Mr. DeBussey?

- Yes.

- I'm Candy.

- Oh right this way.

Can I see some identification?

Credit cards, business card.

- Identification?

- Nothing personal,

I just want to make sure
you're not a vice cop.

- Oh I see.


- Yeah.

Okay, now lets get the
business out of the way.

Service call is
$50, my tip is $200.

- And just what
do I get for $200?

- A piece of Candy.

♪ I need you to make
me feel real inside ♪

- Tasty.

Now put your clothes back on.

- What?

- You heard me, baby.

I'm not here to
buy what you think.

- What are you here to buy?

- Maybe you.

And then maybe not.

See we're in the same kind
of business you and me,

only I'm taking
over the out call

business in this part of town.

Now if you work for
me, you'll be wearing

fine clothes and
driving a sports car.

And if you don't,
you're ass will be

collected welfare
some damn where.

Now get your ass on out of here
and think about what I said.

♪ That's shining to
guide me right through ♪

♪ My darkest days

- We're on our way.

- Don't worry boss, she just
went into Walsh's office.

We've got her covered
like stink on doo doo.

- I'm sorry, it's not my fault.

He said he was gonna
take over your business.

- Dirty cheap shit hustler.

Candy, get out of
here, get back to work.

Hey, if I hear you talk
to Mr. DeBussey again,

you'll be out of
business permanently.

Go pay that son of a
bitch a visit, will ya?

- My pleasure.

- You oughta keep your
eye on that little bitch.

And what about Lily?

- She checked out this morning.

- Easy come, easy go.

- One Carl Queen November 585.

- You get the Caddie?

- Does a sissy eat quiche?

- Come on man, I like quiche.

- You would, you hoto.

What are you doing, partner,
we gotta go do our homework.

- Come on man.

- Wait a minute, can't
we do something now?

They might be using
that minor in there.

- Yeah and some joker might
be leading a prayer meeting.

We don't go in
there until we know

what the hell we're doing.

- [Miller] That's right.

- This is the way we work.

We've got to get as much
information as possible

on the suspect to establish
enough probable cause

to satisfy a judge so he
can sign a search warrant.

- Yeah and then we gather
enough evidence to file

a case on the suspect, and
then we take 'em to court.

That's it, Betty.

- Yes sir.

So did you get
anything on the guy?

Uh hang on one second, okay?

Mom, hi.

- Hi.

- Come on in, I'm
just on long distance.

- Go right ahead, don't mind me.

- Sorry I had to get the door.

Uh so, any previous arrests?


No convictions, shit.

Yeah, well I'll call
Philly and Detroit.

- I hope the city is paying.

- Uh huh.

Well thanks a lot, thanks
a million, I owe you one.

Alright, bye bye.

Sorry, police business.

- Haven't you had enough fun
playing policeman, Elizabeth?

- That's police officer, Mom,

and I'm not playing,
this is my career.

- But you could do so much
more with your education.

- Mom, drink your tea.

- How can I?

This cup has a chip in it.

(ominous music)

- Beautiful view from here.

Don't you agree, Jesse?

- Yeah I guess so.

What's the matter, Mr. Luchessi?

I've been making my
payments on time.

- It's not your payments,
it's your mouth.

- What are you talking about?

- I've been told you've been

getting cozy with
some cops lately.

- Man, where did
you hear that shit?

- Then you weren't
talking to vice?

- Yeah I was talking to
'em, but I can't help that.

They've been leaning
on me for years.

- You know Jesse, Willy
James and Harvey White

didn't follow instructions and
they're in the hospital now.

You see this is an equal
opportunity business.

- Come on, Mr. Luchessi.

- My friends in New York
don't like your actions,

and that bothers me.

I don't want to hear you talking

to vice unless
you're being busted.

Come on fellas, not in the face,

I spent a fortune
on this bridge work.


- Hello sweetheart, it's me.

- [Wife] Oh hi sweetheart,
I'm so glad you called.

- What's the matter?

- [Wife] Oh it's Pumpkin,

she won't go to bed until
she can talk to you.

- Oh okay, put her on.

- [Wife] Okay, say hi honey.

- [Pumpkin] Hi Daddy.

- Hello pumpkin,
how's my little girl?

- [Pumpkin] I'm fine.

- You go to bed Pumpkin.

I'll see you in the morning
and maybe we can go to the zoo.

- They're moving, Daddy.

- I gotta run, sweetheart.

- [Pumpkin] Oh may we have
popcorn and cotton candy?

- Yes sweetheart, I'll see
you later, I've got to run.

- Come on, Daddy.

- I promise, Pumpkin.

(intense music)

- They gotta be cops.

Who else would be tailing us?

- Take me home.

- Ron, stop the car.

- What for?

- Back up.

In the alley back there.

(tires screeching)

- Six Victor 26,
we're breaking off

our tail for a
brawl in progress.

(upbeat rock music)

Six Victor 26, you sending help?

Major 414 Northeast corner

of Hollywood and
Wilcox in an alley.

- [Police Radio Woman] Six
Victor 26, you're where?

- Right, Hollywood and Wilcox.

We're on the Northeast corner

of Wilcox and
Hollywood in an alley.

♪ No way, that's shit

♪ Come on man throw me $100
I swear I'll pay you back ♪

♪ Come on dude

♪ Ah fuck you then
I don't care ♪

♪ You're fired

- Six Victor 26,
cancel, yeah code four.

Does Pumpkin know you
do this for a living?

- [Bald Cop] Hey?

- Huh, does she?

- [Bald Cop] I hope not.

Let's go find Luchessi.

- [Hawkins] Well
now let me guess.

You must be the proprietor
of Pretty Girl Escorts.

- Well you might say
I'm a representative.

- Representative?

You hear that baby they
sent me, me a representative.

Hey lookie here, sucker, I
don't deal with representatives.

So the door's right
behind you, dig it?

- I don't think you
quite understand.

- No baby, you don't understand.

Take a look behind you.

Now get your representative ass

on out of here while
you've still got one.

- We'll be in touch.

- Hey and you tell
them I said I deal

with the top dog or
I don't deal at all.

Well guys the way I
figure it's gonna take

that scumbag about 25
minutes to get back to Walsh,

it's gonna take Walsh another
five minutes to recover

and then he's gonna
say something like,

who does the Black man think
he is to talk to us like that.

Hey we've got a good
half an hour to kill,

somebody order a
pizza or something.

- He called me representative.

He says he doesn't deal
with representatives.

- Who the fuck does that goddamn
Black bastard think he is!?

(phone ringing)

- Uh yeah?

Oh Mr. Walsh, what
can I do you for?

- Listen I was a
little curious about

your business plans here
in Hollywood and I thought

perhaps we might be able
to have a meeting, sir.

- Why not.

Hey I'll tell you what,

since I'm new in town I'll
even let you pick the place.

- [Walsh] Eight o'clock
at Ruby Lee's on Vine.

- Sounds good.

You and me.

- [Walsh] Right, sir.

- We're in business.

- Alright.

- Mr. DeBussey, Mr. DePussy.

- I think we better
be careful, Jim,

this guy could be a bad dude.

- Well we'll do
to him what we do

to all the bad
dudes, call Daniello.

- Sweetheart.

- Would you stop.

- [Waitress] Here you
are sir, your brandy.

Okay I'll put that on
the tab for you, sure.

- This won't take but a minute.

He'll bite.

- [Waitress] One second
sir, I'll be right with you.

- Mr. Walsh.

- Yes sir, sit down.

Would you like a drink?

- Yeah, let me have
a scotch and water.

- [Waitress] Hi there,
you ready to order?

- I'll have a margarita.

What are you gonna have?

- Something fruity.

Singapore sling.

- [Waitress] Okay.

- And give my friend a Roy
Rogers, two cherries please.

- [Waitress] Alright.

- So, tell me a little
about your business here.

- I deal in works of art,
only the finest works of art.

- I think I can be of assistance
to you because I happen

to have an outstanding
collection of good pieces.

- What terms?

- Oh you could
buy them outright,

or you could lease them say
six months to the crack.

Pardon the pun.

- No problem.

- I have the best looking
young pussy you ever saw.

Fuck art.

- Yeah, you talk
like my kind of man.

We'll do some business.

- Yeah, art.

- What do you say, Picasso.


- Look man, I was at the
hospital and I forgot.

- Oh don't give me that crap.

You said you were gonna
meet us this morning.

Where were you?

- The deal's off.

I'd rather live.

- Are you out of your mind?

Luchessi already has
his finger on you.

If some blue suiter
stops him for a ticket,

he'll put you back
in the hospital.

- Look Sarge, you
catch me dirty bust me,

if not then back off.

- Come off it Jesse.

We know Luchessi's doing
a number on all the books.

If we don't get cooperation,

the alley's will be filled
with books and betters

waiting to be scooped
up by the paramedics.

Right now we're the
only friends you have.

- This body can't
afford your friendship.

I'll take my chances,
so just leave me be.

- Suit yourself.

Let's go.

Stay as close to
him as possible,

Luchessi's next step
might be murder.

- Yes sir.

(tense music)

(phone ringing)

- Yeah.

Hey look she knew there
were certain hazards

involved with using
nipple clamps, alright?

And look so what if
they're black and blue,

use a little makeup to
cover them up, okay?



(tense music)

- God dammit Betty,
you can't do those

kinds of things,
it's against the law.

- But I caught the
degenerate cold.

- We can't use any of that
stuff as probable cause.

Everything you did was illegal.

Frankie, talk to her.

- Hey.

- I have other evidence.

- Christ, I'm afraid to ask.

- Listen to me.

First, our man has several busts

in New York and Philly for
S&M but no convictions.

Second, I ran those plates
and came up with the name

Nesbitt, a cameraman who
was busted for child porno

five years ago here in LA,
he did six months in county.

Wait I'll show you.

Oh shit, hi Captain.

- What's going on?

- We underestimated her, right.

- Yeah, case is looking good.

- Mr. DeBussey.

- It's DeBussey.

- Right, right.

Have you made a
decision, Mr. DeBussey?

- I'd like three girls.

- [Walsh] Have you made
up your mind on the terms?

- I want to buy them outright.

So how much?

- We'll talk about that
later after the showing.

- Tonight I'm gonna take
care of a convention,

I'd like the three
to attend a party.

- Yeah no, no, no
parties, no, no, no.

- Makes it too
easy for rip offs.

- The cops like to use parties.

- So what's your proposition?

- I'll call you a
few hours before

the convention and
give you the details.

- You have a nice
day, eh, Mr. DeBussey.

- That's right.

(intense music)

- Why don't we just prowl?

- I'll do it.

- The warrants are tight.

See anything good just add
it and give us an update.

- If we're lucky.

- I keep thinking
about that poor kid.

You've gotta be crazy
to do that kind of shit.

- No brains, no headaches.

(distant screaming)

- Something's up.

- Some bastard's in there
screaming like a banshee,

and all the lights are on,
they've gotta be shooting.

- I'll call it in, someone
can run it over to a judge.

- What do you mean call it in?

By the time we get
a warrant signed,

some poor kid will be history.

- Without a warrant
we can lose the case.

- Hey come on she's right Tom,
screw the warrant, screw it.

- Fuck it vamanos.

(intense music)

Take the back in case
anyone tries to split.

(loud crashing)

- Hey, get the fuck out of here.

God damn cops!

(women screaming)

Get the hell out!

(women screaming)

(loud crashing)

- [Man] What the
hell's going on.

- [Woman] No, get away.

- [Frankie] You
shut the fuck up!

(glass shattering)


(loud thudding)


- Please try to run, barf bag.

- Need any help?

- Yeah, could I
borrow your cuffs?

- Anytime, partner.

(knocking on door)

- I wasn't at the
hotel when you called,

but I came as soon as
I got your message.

- Please sit down.

I'm sorry.

- Oh she isn't?

- No.


This Jim Walsh you
were telling me about,

he runs an out call
service called Pretty Girl.

- I don't understand.

- Your daughter's a prostitute.

- That's ridiculous.

Your best detectives have
come up with the wrong Walsh.

That's not my Lori.

- I'm sorry Pauline, but
we haven't made a mistake.

And I'm afraid it's worse.

She's on heroin.

(humming happily)

- Why you come
busting in my house?

I've done nothing wrong.

- Jesse, you put me in
a very bad mood lately.

Your friends the cops, they've
been following me around.

- I told you they
ain't my friends.

How many fucking times
do I have to tell you?

I've been playing ball.

(glass shattering)

(loud thudding)

- Alright guys, let's
go down to the station,

this shouldn't take too long.

- This ain't gonna
take too long neither.


- Hey, what the
hell are you doing?

- I want some more
of that mother.

Pretty good for
an old fart, huh?

- Daniello, how are you doing?

- Beautiful.

- You're looking good.

- Thanks.

- Working?

- Sure.

- [Farber] Staying
out of trouble?

- Sure.

- [Farber] Mr. Walsh has a nice
piece of work for you here.

- Daniello, look I really don't
expect any problem tonight,

but it pays to have
a little insurance.

Look you remember our
little talk on the phone?

- Yeah.

- You know where to go,
you know what to do?

If he doesn't fuck her
that means it's a scam

and you've gotta waste him.


I don't need any
witnesses either.

- Beautiful.

- You're the best.

- So are you, pal.

(phone ringing)

- You got me.

Uh huh.

Diamond Gems on Hollywood
Boulevard, half an hour.

- Okay this is it, don't let
him slip through our fingers.

- We'll take care of it.

It's party time.

(upbeat music)

- [Man] Arthur,
Arthur right here.

- Hey Mr. DeBussey,
right on time, sir.

And this is Veronica.

- Nice to meet you.

- Veronica is my associate as
well as being my main lady.

Why don't you ask
your lady to join us?


Ah, that's terrific.

We're a regular foursome.

- [Hawkins] Yeah just
like the rich folks.

- Right.

- Let's do what they do
and take care of business.

- I've uh, I've got two works
of art set up for tonight.

- Two?

I asked for three.

- We start with two.

They'll provide
the entertainment

for the boys at the bar
there and if everything

goes alright, you'll
get the third one.

- Man, what are
you talking about?

- Look I don't know you,
I don't know your clients.

You could be cops, you're
ripping me off trying to steal

my girls from me, so let's just
take it one step at a time.


If you and the boys are what you

say you are there's no problem.

But I'm the one who has
everything to lose, see?

So I'm taking control
of this situation.

- Well now let's see.

You expect me to
send my two men off

while you keep that
gorilla at my back.

- No, no, no, no.

You mean Farber here,
he goes with them.

- That way they won't be lonely.

- This ain't business,
this is bullshit man!

- How's that uh, how's
that expression go uh,

oh yeah, take it or leave it.


- Yeah boss.

- The man here is
full of fun and games,

wants to two of you to
trick two of his ladies.

- Alright a little
fringe benefit, huh?

- Here, just in case you don't

have enough charm for a freebie.

- I'm telling you man, that
son of a bitch is no fool.

- Someone gets to make a call.

(intense music)

- Oh god, I feel awful.

I wish he'd get here.

(cocking gun repeatedly)

Do you have to play with
that thing, Daniello?

- Aren't we jumpy.

I just bet you could use
something to calm your nerves.

- [Lori] No kidding.

- Just do your job and
you'll get your shit.

It'll be very groovy.

- I just wish the
guy would show up

so we could get this over with.

- You should meditate,
it's beautiful.

- Oh great.

- So pal, how'd
you get this job?

- Go fuck yourself.

- Must've went to college.

- Excuse me, time for
the little boys room.

- Wait, wait, do me
a favor will you?

Just humor me one more time.

Look under the table and take
a look at Veronica's snatch.

- Say what?

- [Walsh] You won't believe it.

- My man, your elevator don't
quite make it to the top.

- I can guarantee he's not gonna

see anything he
hasn't seen before.

- Go ahead, please.

Isn't that something.

- What's the matter, baby?

- Just sit there quietly
and enjoy your drink, puta.

- What's going on?

- Nothing, just a
weird sense of humor.

Chick here is giving brand new
life to the term beaver shot.

- That's funny.


- Okay it's room 208, all you
gotta do is say Jim sent me.

Oh ho, ho, no, no, no, nobody
said anything about orgies.

Just the chink here.

That way you have
your own private pad.

Now you get in
the car and drive.

You enjoy yourself.

- Remember Ray if you
touch her we lose the case.

- [Farber] Get in the car.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Hey man I'm not gonna
do anything stupid, okay.

You get her to point that
thing somewhere else,

accidents do happen.

- If I blow your balls off
it won't be an accident.

- Just a little while
longer, alright?

If everything's okay, your
house boy's gonna be alright.

- What's that supposed to mean?

- If the China man plays
any games, there's a shotgun

in the closet that'll
give him a radical lesson.

- [Walsh] Shut up!

(knocking on door)

- Who are you?

- Oh uh Jim sent me.

- Hey man I don't
give a shit about your

fun and games right, but I
gotta go to the bathroom.

If I don't get
there soon I'm gonna

piss in my pants and
this here is silk, man.

- Cross your legs.

(loud crashing)

(gun shots blasting)

(loud thudding)


Somebody stop him!

- [Woman] Oh, is
the food that bad?

- Like a drink?

- Yeah sure, that'd be fine.

(intense music)

Uh listen would you uh
mind if I wash my hands?

I'll be right back.

- She says her name is Veronica
Ramos and she's not talking.

- Dammit.

We don't have much time,
now make a deal with her

if you have to but find out
where Chang and Stevens are.

- Yes sir.

- What are you looking
at me like that for?

I'm going to the
hospital, not the morgue.

- Hey baby, we almost met it.

- He's gonna pay for
this and it's on you.

- You got it.

- That's it, that's
all you heard?

Just a shotgun in the closet,
no location, nothing else?

- [Hawkins] That's it, Captain.

- Excuse me, Captain.

- What have you got?

- Tropicana Motel,
Santa Monica Boulevard.

- Great, room number?

Judy, you handle things
here, I'm gonna find Chang.

- Alright.

- I'm gonna borrow this.

- And you've got to find Walsh.

(sirens blaring)

- [Jensen] Six Victor
Commander, the Tropicana Motel

on Santa Monica
Boulevard, request backup.

(sirens blaring)

(intense music)

- Straight ahead, huh?

- Yeah.

- You know what I've been
thinking about doing?

- No, what's that?

(tires screeching)

- All clean.

- Great.

Why don't you take
your jacket off?

- [Chang] Take my jacket off.


- Make yourself comfortable.

Yeah right here on the bed
that's fine, just lay it down.

(intense music)

- Yeah boss?

- Chang doesn't know it,
but there's a shooter

hiding in the closet
with a shotgun.

- Oh shit.

Cuff that asshole
in the front seat.

- Do you believe the weather
we've been having lately?

- Come on, let's get it on.

What are you waiting for?

Get undressed.

- [Chang] Hey baby,
what's the hurry.

We haven't even talked
about business yet.

- If we scare this
guy he'll open fire.

We don't know
which room he's in.

- Well I know what
room he's in, 208.

- Great.

Now let's get a
map of this place

and I want you to try to get
into the bathroom window.

Can you do that?

- You bet.

- Let's go.

- Uh.

How much?

- $200 up front.

- [Chang] And what
do I get for my $200?

- Anything you want.

- Listen you think I
could get another drink?

I'm really thirsty.

(intense music)


(gun shots blasting)


(gun shots blasting)

- Leave me alone, leave me
alone please, leave me alone!

- You're alright, come on.


Come on you're okay.

Come on, come on, you're
okay, you're okay.

Okay we're gonna get you help.

(intense music)

- Freeze motherfucker.

(gun shots blasting)

- You lousy bitch.

(gun shot blasting)

- I don't know anything else.

Why would they tell me any
of those things anyway?

- Well we'll be in touch.

Now your mother's outside.

- What?

I don't wanna see her.

She didn't care about me.

All she thinks about is
what other people say.

- You're being pretty
hard on her, aren't you?

- What do you know
about any of this?

- I know a policeman's
in the hospital

and a couple of your asshole
friends are in the morgue.

And if it wasn't
for your mother,

you would probably be
in there with them.

If it wasn't for her, nobody
would care if you screwed

your brains out, or rotted in
jail, or OD'd on that shit.

When you mother found
out you might be in LA,

she dropped everything and came
out here searching for you.

She's gone through hell.

Does that sound like
somebody who doesn't care?

Listen Lori, maybe your
mother did make some mistakes,

but it should be obvious
that she loves you very much,

and that you both
need each other.

- Right.

- You think about it.

- [Announcer] Sixth
floor nursing supervisor,

call your office.

- Pauline I'm sorry, she
doesn't want to see you.

Give her time, she's
been through a lot.

- [Lori] Mom?


- Why do you do this to me?

- Look, will you
just give me my hat?

- No.

- Why?

- Because this is stupid,
it's the middle of July.

- How long have we
known each other?

- Five years.

- And in all that
time have I ever done

anything to make you
question my judgment?

- Yes.

- [Chang] What do you mean yes?

- Well what about the time
you dressed up like a rabbi?

- Oh forget about that.

- And the Shriner?

- Alright, alright I'm
human, I make mistakes.

- And how about when you
dressed up like a wiener?

A god damn wiener.

- Listen, I'm telling
you it's gonna work.

It is every hooker's
fantasy to fuck Santa.

Trust me, eh?

♪ Jingle bells, jingle
bells, jingle all the way ♪

- I love Christmas.

♪ Oh what fun it is to ride

♪ On a one horse open sleigh

- [Chang] Ah Merry Christmas,
America land of opportunity.

♪ Oh what fun it is to ride
in one horse open sleigh ♪

- Ho, ho, ho.

- Santa Claus, hi honey.

- So, have we all been
good little girls tonight?

- Isn't he cute.

- I've got underwear
just like that, Santa.

- Oh baby, light my fire.

- Hey Santa, do eight
reindeer pull a rickshaw?

- Oh thank you very much.

- Wanna come down my chimney.

- Oh no problem.

- Hey there how'd you like your
nose to glow like old Rudolph's?

- Oh just call me Rudolph.

- Santa, for $500 we'll take you

to the North Pole via
the southern route.

- All of you?

Ladies, ladies,
please, please wait.

I would like to say to
all a Merry Christmas,

and to all, you're
all under arrest.

- Fuck, he's a cop.

- Mm hmm.

- I'm getting rousted
by fucking Santa Claus?

- [Chang] Darn tootin'

(loud thudding)

(upbeat rock music)

♪ Wild women showed me

- Shit.

♪ Keep the woman going

- Help, help.

- Hey, hey.

♪ You know they all console me

(loud thudding)

♪ Yes you know it's true

♪ Something about

♪ Talking about it

♪ Talking about
wild, wild women ♪

- Kung fu shit really
works, doesn't it?

- I've been telling
you that for years.

Now have you learned
something here tonight?

- And as for you
asshole, you can forget

about getting any
presents this year.

What a bummer, we didn't get

one bust out of the whole bunch.

- [Stevens] Don't worry, they'll
all be back tomorrow night

and you'll think of
something stupid to do.

- [Chang] Think we'll
ever get off whore detail?

- [Stevens] Not at this rate.

♪ Talking about it

♪ I'm talking about it

♪ I'm talking, talking

♪ Talking about
wild, wild women ♪

♪ Don't let ber fool yah

♪ Oh no

♪ Don't let her gain control

♪ Do it like I told ya

♪ Underneath my control

♪ Yeah it's getting
out of control ♪

♪ Talking about

♪ I'm talking about

♪ I'm talking, I'm talking

♪ Talking about the
wild, wild women ♪

♪ I said the wild, wild women

♪ Well you know it's true

♪ Talking about

♪ I'm talking about

♪ I'm talking, I'm talking

♪ Talking about the
wild, wild women ♪

♪ Say the wild, wild women

♪ Wild women show it

♪ I guess those
women control me ♪

♪ There's nothing
more to show me ♪

♪ And you know it's true

♪ Yes you know it's true

♪ Talking about

♪ I'm talking about

♪ I'm talking, I'm talking

♪ Talking about the
wild, wild women ♪

♪ I said wild, wild women

♪ I said wild, wild

♪ I said wild, wild women

♪ I said

♪ You know they all console me

♪ And you know it's true

♪ Yes you know it's true

♪ Talking about

♪ I'm talking about

♪ I'm talking, I'm talking

♪ Talking about the
wild, wild women ♪

♪ I said wild, wild women

♪ I said wild, wild

♪ I said wild, wild women

♪ I said wild, wild

♪ I said wild, wild women

♪ I said the wild, wild

♪ I said the wild, wild