Hollow in the Land (2017) - full transcript

While the notorious Keith Miller remains locked behind bars for murder, his family is paying the price of a tainted name. High in these mountains, bad blood runs deep. A year after Keith's crime, a body is found in a nearby trailer park. Keith's son, Brandon, goes missing and becomes suspect number one. His headstrong sister Alison decides to take things into her own hands and track down her brother to clear his name before the cops get to him. Can she prove her brother's innocence when all the evidence suggests otherwise? The harder she looks, the more people turn up dead. And soon Alison becomes a suspect herself. In a town tucked away between a mountain range, secrets get buried deep. And if she's not careful, she'll get buried with them...

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You lost, Miller? Huh?

You deaf, too?
Trailer park's that way.

Yeah, keep chirping, bud.

What, you didn't think
we'd hear that shit, man?

-Yeah, I didn't say anything.

What you going
to do about it?

Shut your mouth.

Like your dad
shuts his mouth?

What did you just say?

Say that again.

Around all that prison dick.



[police sirens blare]

Yo, yo, yo...

Get the fuck
out of here, Tyler!

Run, man!

Are you serious, Miller?

You pull this today?

Face on the ground!

Okay! Easy!

I'm not fighting you back!

You Millers think
you can do whatever you want.


[turns off water]

[water rushes again]

Al! Al!

Come have a drink
with us.

Can't today, Len.

Come on.
One drink.

-I have dinner with Brandon.
-So what? Bring him.

'Bout time the little shit
learned how to drink, anyway.

He's 17, Len.
Doesn't need much teaching.

All the better.

Let's sneak him in.

Yeah, I would,
but, um...

it's been a year today, so...


Right, of course.

Hey, listen, uh...

Lindy really wants you guys
to stop over.

We got one of them
new entertainment units.

We got Oilers games,
stuff like that.

I mean, it'd be good
to just sit down and talk,

you know?


I mean, it's going to be
summer time,

and you'll be gone,

and we won't see you.

Another time, for sure.

Hey, listen, you know,
if, uh...

it doesn't have
to be everybody neither.

If you just want somebody
to talk to...

you know?


Hey, how 'bout today?

Why don't you work
on getting jobs,

you little shits?

[Man]: Hockey player
shoots a grizzly,

and the whole damn country
gets their panties in a bunch.

Fucking libs, eh?

Let the boys play the game,
you know.

This too.


[TV plays quietly]

[Newscaster]: Today marks
the one-year anniversary

of a tragedy here in Castlegar.

Eli Balkoff, a prominent youth
within the local community,

was struck and killed
in a traffic incident last year.

It was at this gas station
where the incident occurred.

An intoxicated local man
robbed the store

and fled in his truck,

where only a few metres
down the road,

a 15-year-old Eli
was riding his bicycle home.

Now Eli's parents,
owners of the local pulp mill,

Helen and Jim Balkoff,

are turning this tragedy
into something good.

[Helen]: My son was
a public servant in the making.

My husband and I would like
to continue that legacy,

and we're very proud
to begin construction

on the Eli Balkoff
Centre for Youth

to help misguided youths
find their way.

[Newscaster]: Keith Miller,

the driver of the truck
that struck and killed Eli,

was known to police

and had been released on bail
earlier that year

for previous
drug-related offenses.

Miller was sentenced
to 15 years and six months

in prison.


[answering machine]:
You have one message.


Al, it's Darryl.

We need you down here again.

[door buzzes]

[Darryl]: Come on, let's go.

You need to get
a cell phone.

Sorry, Darryl.

Just got your message.

Thanks for coming in.

What'd he do
this time?

Oh, you know,
another scrap.

Took some doing,

but the other kid's not
going to press charges.


I can't keep doing this.

I know.

Thank you.

[Chief]: Saves us
a lot of paperwork anyway.

Got enough of that
with your name on it already,

don't we, Brandon?

Can I go?

-Yeah, you can go.
-All right.

[Chief]: You know,
one of these days,

you're going to do some
real damage to someone,

smart ass.

You'll have bigger problems
than just paperwork,

I can guarantee that.

-Can you?
-Yeah, keep it up.

You'll be sharing a cell
with your old man in no time.

Fucking asshole, man.

Talking shit.

[Alison]: Stop it.

[yelling indistinctly]

Why you got
to be such a shit?

-Fuck those guys.
-Fuck those guys?

Fuck those guys.

-Those guys let you walk.
-They didn't let me do shit.

They didn't let you do shit?
Then how you out here with me?


Just open the door.

Dad made the front page.
You want to be next?

You're right on track.


Oh, wow.

You get a key cut?

We just heard
about Brandon, so...



-You good?
-Yeah, you okay?

Oh, yeah.

I didn't know
what day it was.

You knew we had dinner.

Look, why don't
we just visit him?

I mean, he's in jail.
He's not dead.

He had it coming, Ali.

He's a fucking goof.

He was talking shit about Dad.

God, you sound
so much like Dad right now.

Don't say that shit.

You do.

Come on.

I'm nothing like him.

I stick up for my family,
for my friends.

I did the right thing.

If you did the right thing,

then I wouldn't be picking you
up from the police station.

Oh, fucking shit, man,
I can't stand this.

If some guy is standing there,
fucking with us,

you just want me to do nothing?

I'm just going to sit there

and let somebody sit there
and chirp at me, chirp at me?

Like, I fucking reacted.

Who loves you?


I do...

but I don't know
what to do anymore,

'cause we keep having
this conversation

over and over.

What, do I have to sit you down
and lay some ground rules?

No, come on.

Ali, nobody asked you
to be the parent.

Who's it going to be, then?

It's me and you, remember?

Four months until you're 18...

and what does that mean?

That Darryl
can't help you anymore.

That means...

that means real jail.

What the fuck do you care
if I go to jail?

The fuck I care?

You're fucking
leaving, remember?

-You're leaving.
-That's not set in stone.

That's set in stone!

It's set in stone

because the minute I turn 18,

I don't need a guardian anymore,

so you can be free
to take off,

do whatever you want!

Even if I do,
even if I do,

that doesn't mean
you're kicked to the curb.

I've been saving up money
for the two of us.

Bullshit, Ali!

That's what you're doing!

What am I supposed to do?

You're not making
this easy for me!

All I'm doing
is picking you up

every time you make
a stupid fucking mistake.

I am trying here, Brand.
I'm fucking trying.

What the fuck
do you think I'm doing?

Tyler, where you going?

We're, uh, headed out.


what about dinner?

Just grab something
with my huge allowance.

Coming home tonight?

I don't fucking know.

[opens a beer can]

[beer splatters]

Fuck it.


[phone rings]

[Charlene, on phone]:



Are you drunk?



Maybe yes.

You want to drunk
with me?


hon', you know I can't.

But I'm all... frisky.


Yeah, I like it
when you say that.


After this custody shit
with Sophie's over, okay?

Earl's on my ass
about everything.

Oh, come on, Char.

I need some company.

You know we can't.





I've got to go.


[fire crackles]

[rock music playing]

[car approaching]

Fuck, whose car is that?

Oh, it's fucking Earl!

He's supposed
to be bowling.

Well, he's not.

-[Earl]: Where the fuck are you?

You piece of shit.

You fucking rape my daughter,
you piece of shit?

I'm her boyfriend,
you fucking idiot.

Hey! Hey!

[phone ringing]

[phone ringing]


Hey, get some clothes on.

We're coming over.

What time is it?


Something's happened.
I need you to get up.


Get your ass up.

Okay, fuck.

Is Brandon there?

I don't know.

Find out.
We'll be there soon.

[kettle whistling]

[car drives up]


Morning, Miller.

-[Darryl]: Is Brandon around?

You know
where he might be?

I do not.

Have you spoken to him
at all this morning?

[Darryl]: Al?

Can we come in?

So you're sure
you don't know where he is?

I'm sure.

[Chief]: Well...

we talked to Sophie Hinters.

You know Earl Hinters,
Sophie's dad?

I do.

Well, we found him
this morning.

He's dead.


And according to Sophie,

Brandon was involved
in an altercation with Earl

before it happened.

The chief found her

when he arrived
at the scene.

Earl's car's missing, too.

You think Brandon did it.

We're just looking
to find him is all.

Was hoping
you'd have an idea.

I don't.

You are his legal guardian,
are you not?

Yeah, he sleeps here.
I feed him.

Whatever else is his business.

Real tight-knit, huh?

If you do hear
from him,

will you let us know?

We just need
some information.

Where is Sophie now?

She moved back in
with Charlene.

[Charlene]: Come on.

He wasn't good at much,
but he sure knew how to hit.

What happened?

Earl happened.

He got all liquored up

came home early,
caught them mid-fuck.

He just lost it.

He almost took
Sophie's head off.

By the time she woke up,

cops everywhere,
Earl in the kitchen.

I'm so sorry, Char.

Fuck Earl.

I'm just glad
Sophie's okay.

Did she say
if anybody else was there?

Just Brandon.


The police
are going to find him,

and then we're going
to figure this out, okay?

Do you think
he could have done it?

I know
it's hard to believe.

It's just not looking good
right now.

I'm just being honest.

All right?

You said the same thing
about your father,

like he wasn't a dealer.

You know you did.

I just think that you should be
prepared this time.

He's not Keith.

He was the only one
there, Ali,


you know how he gets.

Got to get ready
for work.

Don't worry,
I'll be quiet.

Hey, come on...

I'm sorry, Mr. Balkoff.

What are you doing?

Yeah, I can see you're
eating your fucking lunch.

Would you roll
the window down, please?

Roll it down!

This is stupid,
you sitting here, Al.

Could really do
without a lecture today, Len.

You can't sit here
like this.

You've got to do something.
He's your brother.

He can sort himself out.


"He can sort..."

God, I am so sick
of this woe-is-me bullshit.

I told you,

I could do without a lecture
today, Len.

I didn't ask
for your goddamn opinion, okay?

Oh, you didn't ask
for my opinion,

but you're going to get it.

Get out of the car.

Not getting out
of the car.

Get out of the car.

I'm not getting out
of the car, Len.

You think
I won't drag you out?

Get out of the car,
I said!

Come on!
Let go of me!

Look, you think
because your old man's not here

to slap some sense
into you,

that I won't do it?


You think
Brandon is a murderer?

Do you? Huh?

I don't know.

No, you don't know.

You don't know.

He was there, Len.

You know how he gets.


Earl was a shithead, Al,

and a crook.

Maybe he didn't deserve
to get what he got,

but he was on everybody's
list around here,

so you don't know.

How do you think he pays for
that fucking car of his, huh?

Hard work?

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah.

It's happening again,
isn't it?

Look, Al,

I know your old man's not high
in your books right now.

I get that.

He screwed up.

He ran over Balkoff's kid, Len.

God, Al, would you let me
finish, for God's sakes?

He fucked up.

He fucked up
real bad,

but that's on him.

That's not on Brandon.

Look, you've got to--

you've got to pull your head
out of your own shit

and get it together,

because if they find him first,
they're going to string him up.

You know this.

You're all he's got.

I know.


there's plenty other people

got that "hating the Millers"
shit down pat already.

There's no need for it.

You're a real
asshole, Len.

I know.

Worst part is,
I'm right.

Thank you.

You got it, kiddo.

[rings desk bell]

How are you?

What's up?


were you working
last night?


Just looking to get
some information.

About what?

A regular...

called Earl.

The guy
who died last night.

He was here,

Well, uh...

somebody said
that he left early.

Do you know why?

Heard he got a phone call
from someone.

Phone call from who?

I don't know.

Well, maybe the person
working last night would know.

Do you have a staff
list or something?

Look, I don't even know
who you are.

I can't just give you
information on the staff.

Oh, shit.



2:00 to 10:00.


Which one of you
are Freya?

[phone rings]

[Young girl on phone]:
Yeah ?

Uh, yeah, hi,
is Freya there?

She just left.

Left where?

The game, obviously.

Everyone's going,
except me.

[clears throat]

Who is this?

Uh... it's okay.





Can I talk to you
for a sec?

You're Miller's
sister, right?


Miller's sister...
the dyke.

Can I just talk to you?

Hey, don't touch her.

There a problem here, Freya?

There's no problem.

I wasn't fucking talking
to you.

It's fine, D.

Can you just fucking
talk already?


Were you working
at the bowling alley last night?


I'm just looking
for some information.

Do you know who called Earl?

Why you want to know?

I'm just curious.

Is this about your brother?

I'm not talking to you, okay?

I don't know
who called, okay?

I told the cops
the same thing.

I mean,
some guy just called him,

and then dude lost his shit
and ran out the building.

You sure you don't know
who it was?

Any ideas at all?

She's sure.

I'm sure.


Hey, Al.

Al... Hey.

Hold this for a second.

Alison, wait up.

Alison, wait up.

Al, I'm on call, come on.

What do you want,

Hey, would you just stop
for a second?

What do you want?

I know it sounds
like I think Brandon did this,

but I'm just following
what we have to go on here.

Yeah, and his history wouldn't
have anything to do with it,

would it?

I can't deny
it isn't a consideration, Al,

but it's not the only one.



I shouldn't even be
telling you this,


but there may have been
someone else there last night...

at Earl's.

We found footprints
at Earl's front window.

Do you have any idea
who it was?

I was hoping
you might know.

Look, when he left,

he was with Sophie
and his friend, Tyler.

After that, I don't know.


Okay, yeah,
I'll see if I can talk to him.

Oh, shit.
Come here.


-Just come on.
-What's wrong with you?

What are you doing?

It's the chief.

He hasn't stopped
since he found Earl.

I really don't need him
seeing us talking.

Look, hey...

Brandon's fingerprints
were found

on what we think
is the murder weapon...

Blunt force to the temple

with the base
of a bowling trophy.

Listen, Sophie said

Earl burst in
and attacked Brandon,

but we need a witness
to back that up,

so if you can think
of anybody else,

just tell me...

because it could mean
the difference

between murder
and self-defense.

Look, obviously
I didn't tell you any of this.

If you hear anything
from Tyler,

just... call me.


Thank you.


[indistinct voices]

Haven't heard from you all day.
Where were you?

I'm here now.

Did you just disappear?

I'm sorry.

Is Sophie here?

Yeah, she crashed early.

Where were you?


I found out

that someone else might have
been there last night.


how do you smoke cloves?

What are you doing?

What do you mean?

What, you're
a detective now?

No, I'm just...

[lights cigarette]

it's just...

want to figure some things out.

Like what?

You're not a cop, Ali.

You're just going
to get in the way.

I'm worried Brandon's
going to take the fall.

And if he did it?

Then he turns himself in
before anyone else gets hurt.

I've just got to find him.

Yeah, how you going to do that?
You going to make flyers?

Don't be like that.

No, I am serious.

I don't want to see you
get into something

you can't back away from.

Do you know something?

I know your family's
not very popular right now.

When have we ever been popular?

This is
serious shit, Al.

Earl was murdered,
all right?

If this was Sophie,
you'd be doing the same thing,

and you know that.

You would.

I'm sorry.

Okay? I'm worried
about you.

You don't have to be worried
about me.

I'll be fine.


Don't go.
Come on.

You just got here.

It's fine...

but I can't stop
thinking about this,

so I wouldn't be good
here tonight.

Look, just tell Sophie

that I'd really like
to talk to her at some point.

I will, I will.
Just come inside.

I've got to go.

[door opens]


You can't just walk in here.

Oh, you're
one to talk.

Were you just at
Earl's trailer?

Why are you
asking me that?

Well, that's the wrong answer,
isn't it?

Someone saw you, Al.

What were you doing?

I just wanted to see it.

See what?

I just wanted
to see it for myself,

understand it.

And what did you find out?

What is it?

I don't know.

Don't lie to me.

I'm not lying to you.

All this trouble...

for an art project.

You don't think
that looks a little suspicious,

like maybe you're trying to
hide something else from us?

I'm not trying to hide
anything from you.

Well, being as you just went
through a crime scene,

I'm having a tough time
believing you.

Darryl, check
the house please.


I knew your mom,
you know.

She was a screw-up, too.

Fruit doesn't fall that far,
does it?

Not as bad
as your dad,

mind you.

It's no wonder
she left.

It's all clear, Chief.


we just built some trust,

That's how
that works.

You tell me
the truth...

I believe you.

Don't let us find you
messing around again

in places
you shouldn't.

The next time you need
to see something for yourself,


each other?



[footsteps approaching]

[door opens]


I, uh...

saw that your mom's car
wasn't out there.

Yeah, I think
she left somewhere this morning.

That's cool,

'cause I actually...

[clears throat]

wanted to talk to you.

Anything on Brandon?



but I went to the trailer park
last night.

You went there?


I found this.

Does that mean
anything to you?

Can you think
of anything?

Yeah, Leland wears there.


He's punk.

Do you know
why he would have been there?

He's the guy that Brandon
beat the shit out of.

Know where I might find him?

Tyler's girlfriend,
Freya, might know.

Her and Leland
used to date.

[woman]: Oh, my god
You have got to be kidding me.

What are you doing here?

I'm showing support
for Charlene and Sophie.


And you think
that's appropriate, huh?

How dare you
show your face

after what your
brother did.

He's missing, Helen.

He's not guilty.

It's Ms. Balkoff to you.

I'm so sorry about Eli.

Don't you talk about him.

Leave my son
out of this.

We're here
to show true support...

from those who know
what it's like to lose someone.

that counts for something.

Come on, girls.

What's up, slit?

What the fuck
are you doing here?

You even allowed
to be here?

I did go here once.

Yeah, but you don't

No, I don't.

That's very astute.

What's up?

Can we talk?

[Boy]: Come talk to my dick
when you're done!

Where'd you get that from?

I found it
at Earl's trailer.

Look, I don't want
any trouble.

I'm not the cops,

but I could talk to them.

So let's try
this again.

Do you know who called Earl
at the bowling alley?


Yeah, it was Leland.

You sure?

We dated a while.

But you don't anymore.


With Tyler now.

Why wouldn't you have told
the cops about Leland?

I don't want to be
associated with anything.

I mean,
Leland was a really bad scene,


I got caught with shit
I shouldn't have.

Police are the last thing
I want to deal with right now.

Well, do you know
what he told Earl?


Uh, whatever it was
really pissed him off.


He live
at the trailer park?


Where at?

Come on,

I'm not going to say that
you told me anything, okay?

I'm not going to say anything
to anybody.

I didn't give you that.

Leland doesn't do visitors.

Why not?

He's a dealer?

Where have you been?


You talk to Tyler?







[car approaching]

No, no, no, no...

No, no, no, no!

[Chief]: Engine's
still warm.

She can't be far.

Get a perimeter going.

[Darryl]: We're not sure
what's happening yet, Chief.

I warned her, Darryl.

Find her, and
bring her in.

Yes, sir.

Chief! You'd better
come look at this.

[dogs barking]

[distant country music playing]

[Len, muttering] Who the fuck
do they think they are?

Son of a bitch...

Little pussy,

I'll fucking
smack him in the...

Hey, Len.

Hey, Al.



Troy cut you off again?

Ah, asshole.

Thinks I'm
a fucking pussy.

I'm no fucking
pussy, Al.

I know.

You're goddamn right
I'm not.

I know.
Hey... Len?

You got some beers
at home?

Yes, I do.

Give me your keys.

You drive.

Yep. Come on.

[door rattles]


We're closed.

Just a question.

What is it?

Do you know
if Charlene was working today?

I know she was supposed to.

She didn't show up?

Nope. Didn't answer
her phone neither.


[locks door]

Oh, man...

[Len snores]


[Charlene, voicemail]:
Hey, this is Charlene.

Can't get to the phone.
Leave a message.

[hangs up]



It's me.

[Darryl, whispered]:
Hold on.


Al, we're bringing in officers
from Trail and Nelson.

How did you know I was there?

[Darryl sighs]

They're talking
about bringing Tactical in

from the coast.

Darryl, how did you know
I was there?

Oh, we didn't.

The Chief got a tip

that Leland may have been
the witness at the trailer park.

Yeah, he was.

He was also the one

that called Earl
at the bowling alley.

How did you know that?

Do you think he was trying
to set up Brandon?

You know, for the fight,

Hold on, hold on.

Where are you getting
this information from?

[motorcycle draws close]

Alison, come in, please.

If you share
what information you have,

we can work this out.



[starts engine]

[tires squealing]



Is he all right at least?


Why are you
chasing me?

You wouldn't stop!

I was getting chased!


Are you with him?

We're safe.

Stay out of it.

He's my brother.
Give me something.

He doesn't want
you involved...

and hey, leave Freya
out of it, will you?

She's going through
enough shit already.



Where's everybody
partying tonight?

How bad
do you want to know?

Just tell me, 'kay?

How 'bout a case?

Tell me now,

and I'll get you next time.
I'll get you next two times.

[Toque guy]:
How about a case,

and you show us your tits?

How about a handjob
while you're at it?

Fuck off
and tell me.

Get the fuck off me!

Up Snob Hill,
Kristy Peterson's place.

We'd be going, too,
if we had a boot.

Piece of shit kid.


Just this.

Don't move.

Police are out looking for you
all over town,

and I got you,
so just don't move.

You don't know
what you're doing.

The hell I don't.


you know me.

Yeah, I do,

and you're a Miller.

And I didn't do anything.

Shut your mouth.


This is Dave Foster
from Twin River Liquor.

I have Alison Miller here.

It's not even loaded.


Len, wake up!

If you're so innocent,
why are you running?

Len? Len!

[engine starts]

What the fuck?


[door rattles]


Lenny, you drunk fuck, wake up!

Hey, Dave.

[engine revs]

I'm proud of you, Al.

Thanks, Len.

[loud music playing]

[loud music playing]

[loud music playing]


Why the fuck are you here?

What the fuck?

[Alison pants]

Open the door!

Tyler was in town today.
What did he tell you?

Nothing! He...

He mentioned you by name.


fucking stay out of it!

I can't stay out of it.

This is my brother.

He's in some shit,
and I don't know what it is,

so can you please just help me?


I don't know what
to fucking tell you.

Just tell me where he is!

[banging on door]

Pass Creek, okay?

Pass Creek,
above the falls.

They ditched Earl's
car up there.

Open the fucking door!

Get out.


[Dustin]: Freya, move!

Dustin! Fuck off!

What are you doing?

Fuck, what are you doing?


get off of me!

Where are you going?

The fuck are you doing?

Party just got started!

Let... go of me!

You like it on your
back, don't you?


I like it rough, too.


Fucking piece of shit!

[vehicle approaching]

[engine turns off]


[starts hyperventilating]


[bursts out sobbing]

[branch snapping]







[Alison grunts]



[gasping in pain]

[car engine revs]

[gasps in agony]

[car approaching]



[gun cocks]

You can stay right there!


I need your help
out here!

I found her
in the field.

[Alison cries out in pain]

What the hell

I didn't shoot her.

Now, just...
just take this.

Come on. Come on.


Okay. There.

[Alison grunts]

Debbie, get the kit.


This is Keith's girl.

The kit!

Okay. Okay...

Oh, no...


Debbie, hurry up!

[door creaks shut]

[Debbie, in other room]: Well...

Police have roadblocks


She is in something bad.

Was there anything
about who shot her?

[Debbie]: Nothing.

No one's talking anyway.

Oh, Jesus, Ruth.

What do we do with her?
We can't keep her here.

Where else
is she going to go?

I don't know,
but she can't stay here.

[Ruth]: Who's going
to know she's here?

I don't know,
and neither do you.

For Christ sake,

this ends one way for us
if word gets out.

Oh, you're awake.

Uh, good.

Are you hungry?

You should be.

I made some soup.

How long have I been asleep?

Since yesterday.

We didn't think

that the hospital was
in your best interests.

How do you two know who I am?

We knew your mom.

I don't recognize
the two of you.

You were just a kid.

I wouldn't imagine
you would.

Is that how you know
my dad?

It's a small town.
Everyone knows Keith.

Guessing that field out back
has a lot to do with it, too.

Nothing that concerns you.

We're, uh,
we're growers.

That's enough.

She has a right
to know.

No, she has no rights at all
in this house.

Can't afford another
Miller charity case.

[Ruth]: Either that,
or she was dead, Deb.

Just get rid of her,

soon as she's able.

This comes back to us,
I swear to God...



This have to do with my dad
robbing that gas station?

Why don't you eat first?

I won't be staying long.

[grunts in pain]

Keith owed a lot of money
to a lot of folks,

and some of those folks
were the kind

that you wouldn't want
to be owing money to.

They started threatening him.

With what?

With you guys.

How do you know all this?

Well, Keith knew
what we... did,

and so...

after your mom left...

we-- we put him in touch
with the right people,

like he wanted.

We didn't know
he was using, though.

That came back on us.

He used to talk
about you kids a lot.

I'm sure he did.

He did!

Showed us pictures, and...

He was real proud of you.

I know you don't want
to hear this, Alison,


your dad was trying
to protect you that day.

He dragged that kid
under his truck

for a full block, screaming.

I don't care
what he was trying to do.

He left us alone...

just like Mom.

A child should never pay
for the sins of the parent,

but they most
certainly will.

Eli Balkoff's death
was a tragedy.

I mean,

Keith did a lot of bad things.

You've got a lot of reasons
to hate him...

but you can't let his past be
who you are now.

I mean, your mom leaving
the way she did,

that set him off in a bad way,

and it wasn't all her fault.


is a hard man
to like...

but he would do anything
for you,

anything for his family.

I think that you are alike
in that way.

You heard about Brandon?

I want to help you, Alison.

I think we owe you that much.

[phone ringing]

[Charlene, voice mail]:
Hey, this is Charlene.

I can't get to the phone.
Leave a message.



[phone ringing]

[Darryl]: Tarasoff.


Al? Hey!

Where are you? Let me--
let me come and get you.

I found Tyler's body.


Above Pass Creek.

Whoever shot him
was still there.

How do you know?

Because he shot me, too.

Jesus, Al.
Are you okay?

I'm okay.

Did you see who it was?

I didn't see who it was.
I just saw their car...

red muscle car.

How would they have known
I was up there?

Well, how did you know?

I talked to that Freya girl
at Petersons'.

Chief questioned her.

She didn't mention anything
about Pass Creek.

Yeah, she doesn't really like
talking to anybody.

You found anything on Leland?

Yeah, uh...

I confirmed
that Leland called Earl

at the bowling alley

and told him
that Sophie was being raped.



Now, it looks like Leland
was staking out the trailer,

because 14 minutes
after he called Earl,

he called us,

from the same payphone
within the trailer park itself.

He made Earl angry enough
to attack a minor,

and then he tried
to get him caught red-handed.

Who would try to set up Earl?

Earl's a nobody.

I don't know,

but whoever it was,
they didn't want him dead.

They must have had something
to gain from his arrest.

Someone to gain.

Where are you going
with this?


I found Charlene's cigarettes
at Leland's.

Charlene Hinters?


If Earl gets arrested
for beating up a minor,

then Charlene gets custody
of Sophie.


so maybe Charlene
paid Leland to make the calls,

but if she wanted Earl arrested,
then who killed him?


Alison, you still there?



Keep your phone close.

[Debbie and Ruth argue

He doesn't
need them!

He doesn't
value that...

You remember what I said.

Sorry about her. Um...

Keith robbed us,
too, that day.

Not that we could
report it, obviously.

She's still sore about it.

I can relate.

Prove me wrong.

Can't guarantee
it's going to come back.

Can't guarantee
we won't report it missing.

Yeah, hold on, um...


It's better to have it
and not need it.

Thank you.

[engine starts]

[light party chatter]


Nobody move.

Where is she?

Where's Helen?

[Helen]: I had a thought
about the Marlowe character.


What are you doing?

Why do I have a bullet hole
in me?

I don't know. I don't know
what you're talking about.

I saw the car, Helen!

I saw Eli's car.

I don't have it.

Who does?

I can't.
I'm begging you.


[loud gunshot]


It wasn't my idea.

He just did it.

I didn't have anything
to do with it.

With what?


He killed Earl

and made me give him
Eli's car.

I didn't have anything to do
with it.

Who? Who?



It was Chief.

Chief killed Earl?

And what do you have
to do with it?




had an affair...

right after he was
transferred here.


He wanted me
to leave my family, but...

I just couldn't do it.

He won't leave
me alone.

And he's using Eli's car
to cover his tracks.

Oh, God...

Somebody get me
a cell phone!

[phone rings]

[Darryl]: You've reached
Constable Tarasoff.

please leave a message.

[Alison]: Darryl?

Meet me at Charlene's
as fast as you can.


[Sophie]: Mom?

[Charlene]: Oh, fuck! Shit!

Shit, shit, shit, shit.

[gasping in pain]


What the fuck, Ali?

She shot at me, okay?

Show me.


What are you doing here?

Does she know?

About what?

About Earl.

God, you could have had
Brandon killed, you know that?

It was an accident.

What is she
talking about, Mom?

[Charlene]: I never meant
for any of this, Soph.

You've got to know that.

What is she talking about?


Tell her.

Brandon's a fighter.

All right? I knew that.

He just had
to take a few hits from Earl

before the police got there.


just custody is all I wanted,
okay, babe?

I just wanted
to take care of you.

I never meant...

What the fuck?

No, Sophie,
you've got to believe me.

You had Dad killed.

No, no,
that's not what happened.

That is exactly
what happened!

He's fucking dead, Mom.

Nobody was supposed
to die, all right?

I never meant that.
You've got to believe me.

She didn't do it.

It was Chief.


We've got to get
out of here.


[car approaching]

Oh, God...


Let's get her in the corner.

[Charlene cries out]

[Alison]: We're going
to hide her.

[Charlene yells]

Take this.

Look at me.

Chief comes in here,
you shoot him.

Okay. Okay...

Baby, I'm so sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.

[loud footsteps approaching]

[banging on door]

Police! Open up!


Ali, you okay?

We need
an ambulance, though.

What happened?

Don't fucking move.

Drop it.

Drop it!

The belt, Darryl,

and the vest,
come on.

Fucking move it!


Throw it over here.

Okay, okay.

Toss it!

Jesus fucking Christ!

[Darryl]: What
are you doing?

Hey, I radioed for backup.

They're on the way.

Fucking move it, Darryl!


Everyone knows.

They know about the affair.

They know about Earl.

This was never
about Earl.

He was a bonus,

a body to plant.

After tonight,

Keith is going to know
exactly how it feels...

child for a child.

That'll be justice.

He was your kid.

You and Helen...


Yeah, my kid, hmm?

His name was Eli.

[Alison cries out in pain]

What the fuck are you doing?


They did this to me, Darryl.

I had no choice.

[Darryl grunts]


Would Eli really want
so many people dead?

You shut your fucking mouth!

Earl and Brandon...

that's all this needed to be.

I had your fucking brother
right there.

All he had to do
was stay put...

and now I got you.

That's my justice.

[gun clicks]


[Ali gasps]

[gunshots firing]


[car speeding away]


[car wheels squealing]

[car stops]

[distant police sirens

[dogs barking]

[Len]: Hey.

Come on.

Right over here.

Who loves you?


I'm sorry, Al.

It's okay. It's okay.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

[door slams]

Hey, Daddy.