Hükümet Kadin 2 (2013) - full transcript

Hukumet Kadin 2 is the second installment of the series. The second film goes back to the year 1949 and follows the journey of the main character Xate and her sons and daughter as she campaigns on behalf of her recently jailed husband. Xate's nemesis Faruk rallies against her, trying to win the elections himself. Xate works hard both to win the elections and to make sure her village gets to have a brand new school. Just like in the first film, the entire shooting took place in Midyat.

What you're about to watch
is pure make-believe.

After all, nothing real-life
is as entertaining as make-believe.

So please cast your minds back,
as far back as you can.

It was the prohibition years.
Books, newspapers, words were banned.

Promises of freedom were all empty.

The only hope
was the ballot box.

The year was 1949.



-Right beside you!

Where's your sister?

Dad says one outing's enough
per family.

So now we'll take turns
going to school.

One of you will learn science
and the other algebra?

-Yes, we'll take pot luck.
-Dear God!

-On his way!

With everyone else, that is.



-Bursting for a pee!

Then go before leaving!

But there're 12 of us at home!
I never get my turn.

OK, sing a song
and you'll soon forget.

These animals don't move, Faruk Abi.

Giddap! C'mon, giddap!

Idiot, you're talking to them wrong.
They're mules, dammit!

You say 'giddap' to horses.
Like you say 'shoo' to dogs...

You say 'boo' to chickens,
'woo' to cats and 'moo' to camels.

They all speak different languages?

Of course, numskull! When you tell
the poor animal to giddap...

...you're speaking a foreign
language. It's confused.

They say one language, one clan.

Another language, a whole other clan.

So what am I supposed
to say, Faruk Abi?

How do I know?
My mule's spineless.

-I can understand but not speak.
-Get moving!

Don't make me crazy.
I'm talking to you like a person.

It's Xate Yenge, Faruk Abi.

Hello, Xate Yenge.

Aren't you sick of carting these kids
to school every morning?

What of it, cuss-face?

Well, so long as it does some good.

What's two and two then?

Not a lot.


We haven't done that yet.
What can I do?

You ninny,
why are you answering him?

Don't get too friendly
with these labourer types.

They're just labourers.

Why do you go
straight for the jugular?

Look, we're at work here.


C'mon, what do you do, Faruk?
You call smuggling 'work'?

Your dad's the district governor!
At least have some shame.

Well, we're serving the district.

Here, tea, tobacco.
Look, sugar.

As sweet as can be.

-Try some, Mother Xate.
-Don't 'mother' me!

-Out of my way!
-OK, you aren't my mother. So?

C'mon, move!

-Wait for me, Mother Xate!
-Quick, run!

-Do the rest at school.

God bless you,
treasured people of Midyat.

Your new election speech, Mr Mayor.
May it reap rewards.

I get so excited every election.

Thanks, Ýkram.
Leave it there.

Are there really
no new candidates?

Faruk, the district governor's son,
is saying he'll run.

But he'd get nowhere in any election.
Just get out there, start speaking...

-...and we'll win hands down again, God willing.
-Let's hope so.

We still have a lot to do
for this town, Ýkram.

In the next term, hopefully.

Mr Mayor, I saw some errors
in this last one.

But I couldn't reach True Copy,
the woman who wrote the document.

Maybe she's away, Nazmi.

I'm sure you'll find her.

Don't come in!

Get rid of these
banned books, quick!

Come in!

Good day!

There's a letter from Ankara.


In the name of God!

Why would Ankara write to us now,
all of a sudden?

It's an official letter.
But I need a signature.


Please, I wouldn't dare.
I'm no good at Ankara-speak.

I'd use a banned word by mistake.

No point angering the government
for no reason.

Ýkram, can't you do it?

If only I could!

I just changed my signature.

And I still can't decide
whether to use the old or new one.

Believe me, I'm all in a muddle.

-Give it to me.
-Here you go.

To: Mr Veysi Doðu,
District Governor, Midyat.

This is for the district governor.

When I saw Ankara
I was too scared to look at the rest.

-I'm sorry. Have a good day.
-Goodbye then.

May God help Veysi Bey!

Being posted here
has done him no favours.

He had it easy in Yalova.
No one interfered.

Put those books out of sight, Ýkram.
Someone may come.

Let me get a decent shave.
See you on the square.


Good morning, teacher!
Off you go.

Every day there are less of them.
I bring whoever I can find.

The more they learn before winter
the better.

It's just the season for learning,

Welcome, Xate Hanim.

Look, really.
Come to classes one day.

-You'd learn to read and write.
-I'm too old.

Who'd run the household?
I'm a listener.

My husband and kids study, I listen.
I have a hearing memory.

-At least you'd learn the alphabet.
-I do know a few letters.

But I don't want to say
what they are now.

Never mind that now.
I'll learn one day if need be.

I got the children's ID booklets.
Look, they're all here.


-But they're all the same age.
-Yes, starting school age.

All born the same day.

A brood of 14, that is.

Their names have changed too.

But their real names
aren't allowed.

I mean, Sidar, Berivan,
they're all banned.

So I gave them new names.

Look, that's Abdo, Ýbo, Feyzo, Deriko,
Zeyno, Þehmo, Cano, Aliko, Fedo...

...Dilo, Fato, Ayþo, Fadiko.
And that's Cüneyt.


The old governor's name.
That gave me the idea.

Never mind the names.
They've got to school.

Just let them learn plenty.

You know, if it weren't for you,
no one would bring their kids.

If Aziz Veysel wins the election again
and builds the town a school...

...then they'll all come to school.

OK, I'll be back to fetch them.

Ruken! C'mon now.
You recite the oath today.

I am a Turk! I am honest!
I am diligent!

-The rest is kismet.
-My motto is... To protect my juniors.

That's him gone too!

You can't do that!
It's the second bull you've shot.

What can I do? I told him 50 times
to keep out of my field.

He wouldn't listen.

Ah, I wonder why? Did you notice
anything strange about him lately?

No. What's wrong?

For heaven's sake, he's an animal!

If you told him to keep out,
how would he understand?

-Why not tell me?
-You were too far off.

Look, OK.
I shot your bulls.

So have my granddaughter
as a bride for your grandson.

She's a hard worker.

Is she worth two bulls?

Last year we turned down
an offer of four bulls.

And I offered four bulls,
but you've killed two.

-And it was Faruk.
-How many bulls do you rate him at?

Faruk has everything you could want
from two bulls.

Well, OK then. It's a deal.

I have a bull sitting on me right here
and the bastard won't shift.

Faruk Abi,
can we feed these animals?

It might get them moving.
What else can I do?

What's it got to do with food?
Their problem is psychological.

It's getting no sex.
Not having hard-ons gets them down.

Hey, don't be so hard on the beasts!

Get the pun? I play with the words
and give them a whole new meaning!

It's awesome, I tell you!

I'm awesome!
What an incredible brain I have!

I can't help laughing at myself!

What are you staring at, lame brain?
Get those groceries to the villages.

And don't come back
till you've sold the lot!

What's up, fine people?
Where are you off to?

Stay away, Faruk.
We're off to pray for rain.

We don't take the unclean.

May God forgive you!

Seeing there's no water
I did my ritual wash with earth.

Why does he never stop?

Selam aleykum, Faruk Abi.

Aleykum selam, mail person.
What's up?

Good tidings, let's hope.

I went to the district governor's
but your dad wasn't in his office.

There's an official letter for him
from Ankara.

-From where?

Faruk Abi?

-Faruk Abi?

Ankara, a letter for my dad?

He's gone!

Faruk Abi?

I'm orphaned, fatherless!
A letter's come for Dad from Ankara!

-Ferhat, don't go!
-What's wrong?


Ankara's sent Veysi Bey
an official letter.

Which Ankara?
Our Ankara in Turkey?

The capital, Ankara.
You know, by the Salt Lake.

So that's why
I had the bull sitting on me.

Here, Faruk Abi.
The donkey, my official donkey!

Here. The donkey's going!
Wait, donkey!

Don't leave me on my own
with Ankara!

Here, look. Ankara.
Just open it, huh?

-I can't, Faruk Abi.
-Look, from Ankara. Go on, open it.

-Don't make me.
-Get out of here then!

Leave me alone with myself.

He's gone! Dad's gone!

Oh God.

Oh God.

In the name of God.

OK, Turkish delight goes on top,
boiled candy underneath...

...and this crap on the bottom.

The crap's just to fill the gaps,
to cut down on the boiled candy.

Süleyman, you count the sheep
every morning, right?

Every morning, one by one.

But after a certain number of sheep
I nod off.

Sleep just overcomes me.

Nedim! Bedri!

Come and put
these horses in the stable!

Coming, Mum!

Let's go put
the horses in the stable.

Feed and groom them properly.

So let's groom
and feed them properly, huh?

-God give me strength!
-C'mon, Nedim.

C'mon, you lot. Hurry!
The meat still has to cook.

C'mon, Süleyman.

-Oh no! Grandpa's asleep again.

-So no sleep for us tonight.

Wake up, Grandpa.


Me failu failatun failun.

You never wake a man
in the middle of a rhyme!

You ruined my rhyme scheme!

Zümre Abla,
this isn't fair on you.

You're due any day.
We can do the memorial dinner.

Wait, I'll just recite
one last Kausar sura.

It's a dinner for Mother Türkan.
She did so much for me.

In the name of God,
the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Aren't you going to
pick out the stones?

What if they use them
to stone the devil?

You're right.
Wait, I'll pick out the stones.

Keep one for yourself.
For two birds with one stone.

-How's it going, girls?
-Fine thanks, Mum.

-Is your dad back?
-Yes, in his room.

Mum, how's my nose ring?
I decided to jazz up my nose.

Yes, it's pretty.
Makes your nose look rich.

Mother Xate, should I wear
this or this one for the dinner?

The one you're in is fine.
It's meant to be plain, right?

-Keep it on. It shows off your looks.

Xate! C'mon, where are you?

On my way!
I haven't forgotten you!

You're a true brick, Xate.

You do yourself in
on that daily round.

If the kids all fit in,
I'd give them my official car.

No, don't worry.
I manage with the horses.

But the car is a good 80 horses.

No! How's that?

It's just a machine.
Don't tease, Aziz Veysel.

It has the power of 80 horses.

Careful! You'll cut me.

-Let me do it for heaven's sake.
-No! You're hopeless.

You always miss patches
on your chin and neck.

And God forgive
that barber, Blind Rahim.

He hacked your forehead last time.
I still don't see how.

He told me
my forehead was so wide...

...that it always got in the way of the blade.
-For goodness sake!

Just go like this.

And like this.

Let's see.


I left you a full moustache
to make you look grand.

-I'll do a Premier's one if you like.
-For heaven's sake, Xate!

Are you making fun?

How could you think that,
Aziz Veysel?

I didn't touch your hair.
It's great as it is.

-I mean your head's a fine shape.
-God give me strength!

You haven't noticed my hair.

What's different?
It's your same old hair.

But I hennaed it.

Never mind.

There's no new election candidates.
You're on your own again, huh?

Well, no official applications yet.

Even if they apply,
they're doomed.

Who could match the soft heart
underlying that hawkish look of yours?

There, that's the look I mean.

What are you talking about?
For heaven's sake stop it, Xate.

Look, sir, tell me what the problem is
and I'll let him know.

Are you going to take us
to the mayor?

Don't bother then.
We'll find the way.

-No, of course it's no bother.
-C'mon then.

OK, which way?

Do you have reverse gear?

It's just some cars don't here.

Anyway, we reverse back.

Then we do a Zu-turn.

'Zu' means fast.

We call a fast U-turn
a Zu-turn.

Then there's a U-turn.
And that takes you back to square one.

I mean, if you hit a dead end.

OK, let's go.
First backwards.

Aziz, don't be late
for Türkan Abla's dinner tonight.

C'mon now, would I be late?
Oh, this mortal life!

But the clan thought Türkan
a good match.

She was so kind, so good-natured,
you know.

You're right, she was.

I was 14
when I came to this house.

I was tongue-tied with fear,

She burst a paper bag in my ear.
Then I started talking.

Maybe I get my hearing memory
from that.

She so wanted to see Behçet grow up.

But she passed away
before he even went to the army.

Türkan Abla was your first love.
And a true big sister to me.

There's no 'her kids and my kids'.
They're all like full siblings.

Love doesn't need the same blood.
We're one heart. Who needs more?

-Nothing can repay you, Xate.
-Don't! You're making me blush.

I'm speaking to you
in the language of love.

True, it's not a language
much spoken around here.

Just you and I speak it.

You have justice in your heart.

It's not in books.

You've never treated
any of my children differently.

You've cared for Grandpa Abdürrahim
like your own father.

-Bless you, Xate.
-God bless us all.

How could I not care for him?

Well, he's your uncle's sister-in-law's
sister-in-law's mother-in-law's...

-Uncle's uncle's son.

-So he's close family.

C'mon now.

Don't be late to campaign.

May worthy promises
turn into plenty of votes.

I remember it like yesterday.

It was the constitutional era
I was a New Guard then.

But in fact I was an old guard.
Well, a very old New Guard.

I was senior, in other words.
In command of all the new New Guards.

Were there no soldiers then,
Grandpa Abdürrahim?

Aren't the New Guards older?

Look, my grandfather was a New Guard
so that's how I remember it.

My grandfather was tight
with Sultan Abdülhamit.

So when Abdülhamit was falling,
he tried to keep him on the throne.

But fate decided otherwise
and sent the great sultan packing.

And when Vahdettin, the last sultan,
was teetering on the throne...

...he phoned the barracks to say
he was fleeing, did I want anything.

-I said I wanted him fit and well.

And that I'd love to be given
this place. He did that and fled.

I never saw him again.
Turns out he really was fleeing.

-Vahdettin gave you this town?
-Yes. So what?

This place was all land back then.

Then again, it still is.

Not a damn thing happens here!

Give me some Turkish delight.

I'll give you some
Turkish delight.

No, don't! It'll stick in his mouth.
He has false teeth.

Leave me alone! They're
100-year-old teeth. It's OK.

They're a relic
from my late grandfather.

How did they fit the teeth
to your mouth?

I fit my mouth to the teeth.

Luckily it's a hereditary thing.
My grandfather had 32, so do I.

What's going on?

Listen. The year was 1910.

That year, well nothing happened.
We were sitting around like this.

Ankara! Ankara! Beautiful Ankara!
Everyone doomed wants to see you!

Rain men! May God grant your prayers!
How did it go?

I have total faith in you!

You'll have it raining
in five years at most.

Knock it off, Faruk!

Seems to be spitting rain, huh?

Or is that just bug spit?

There isn't a damn leaf stirring.

Your new mayor will bring rain!
There's change on the way!

Dad! The capital's in sight, Dad!
Land ahoy! And that land is Ankara!

Last call for passengers to Ankara!
Right, I'm out of here!

Mum, Dad,
brothers and sisters!

Of course!
You're leaving today, Yusuf.

Out of the way, girl!
Let your mum die for you, my Yusuf!

Oh, my Yusuf!

Let your mum die for you, my baby!
Oh, let me die for you!

Where are you going, son?
Oh, let me die for you, my baby!

-How long will this faculty take?
-Four years.

-What will you study for four years?
-Stop stirring, girl!

If only I were dead and buried!

If only I were
dead and buried, Yusuf!

Oh, let me die for you, my baby!

Enough, Xate!
Enough for heaven's sake!

Say a thing 40 times
and it comes true.

Say goodbye for once
without dying for that person.

What are you saying, Aziz Veysel?
I'd die for him from love.

Because I love him. Don't I, son?
I'd die for his siblings too.

They're no different.
And I'd die for my parents.

Like they'd die for me.

Love someone
and you can't help dying.

The imam says
our religion allows it, right?


Hey, Mum. OK.
Let me die for you too.

-My baby, you make me blush. Thanks.
-C'mon now, son.

My lion of a son.

So my son's off to study law.
He'll learn justice.

He'll give justice to people.

How long's the journey to Ankara,

Almost a day, I reckon.

For heaven's sake go slowly, son.

Well, tell the bus to go slowly.

-God give me strength!
-Yusuf is going!

How will we get by without him?

-Find yourself a girl there.
-I will.

Yusuf! Tell Ankara
to drop by now and again.

-It never happens.
-I will, Mum.

Grandpa Abdürrahim,
aren't you seeing Yusuf off?

What on earth's going on?

What have you done to Grandpa?
He's all jammed up.

The Turkish delight's got stuck!

-How about boiling water in the gap?
-Animal! He's not an animal!

-Open your mouth! Say "ahh"!
-Wait! You're teaching him the ABC?

Look, he's all jammed up.
All he can say is "ugh".

Try the back by his wisdoms,
by his 20-year teeth.

But he says he's 100.
What 20-year teeth?

Wait, I know a tooth prayer.

Nedim, fetch me a screwdriver.

I'll fetch you a screwdriver.

Don't say it, Nedim!
Do it!

I'll won't say it then,
I'll do it.

My, he's all jammed up.

Hey, Xate!

The door.

-A screwdriver.
-Give it here.

-If we could find a gap.

We'll get it open!

Hey, son! The door!

Breathe, breathe.

What's up, Ýkram?

-Welcome, commander.
-I'm not so sure, Mr Mayor.

Aziz Aga, the commander has
news from Ankara.

Mr Aziz Veysel Nuroðlu,
by reason of opposing the government...

...inciting the people, and indeed
inspiring an assassination attempt...

-...on the Prime Minister--
-Wait, stop.

What am I guilty of?

-An assassination?
-Not you. The books you read.

Due to citing 'The Glass Palace',
the banned book by Sabahattin Ali...

...in your official correspondence
and keeping other banned books...

...in your office,
we will be detaining you...

...in Mardin Prison for a period
pending trial.

Yes! Got it!

There's Turkish delight everywhere!

Gule, go brush Grandpa's teeth
with this. Quick! Hurry!

Where's your dad?
Are you leaving, Aziz?

I'm leaving, Xate.

Kids, your dad's off to campaign.
C'mon, come and say goodbye!

Run, run, run!

Aziz! ????

Here we are.

Why's the army here?

Goodbye, Xate.

Soldier, where are you taking
my husband? Ýkram?

Xate Abla,
they've arrested Aziz Aga.


Aziz, what about your campaigning?

And the memorial tonight,
the prayer readings?


Yusuf, don't go to the faculty
when your dad's going to prison.

You'll study and get arrested like him.
Don't go, Yusuf.

-Don't go!
-Don't change your mind, Yusuf!

Go and learn justice.
And don't forget what I said, OK?

This world was here
before you were born.


Muslims and Christians,
black and white.

All children used to play
in the same garden.


Then they brought in
borders and laws.

Don't go, Aziz!

That meant there were now
crimes and punishments.

They thought of everything.

And when you arrived, they said
this is the world, live by its rules.

Don't imprison yourself
in the borders of that world.

Think it over again.
Say your own words again.

Justice isn't just written in books.

Always be just of mind and heart.

And when you do this, listen always
to your heart and conscience.

Help me, Almighty God,
Lord of all worlds.

A son in the army, a son at the faculty
and a husband in jail.

Give me patience, dear God!

Oh, Aziz Veysel!

I told you 50 times,
you're a grown man.

What are you doing with books?

Now the home's without a head
and the town without a mayor.

Who knows what louse
will take over.


-Welcome, Veysi Bey.

Talk of the devil!
Cuss-face and his father.

This way, Mr District Governor.

Forget 'district', he's the governor!
A telegram came from Ankara.

They appointed Dad!
He's Veysi Doðu, Governor of Mardin!

And I'm the governor's son,
Faruk Doðu.

Now don't be shy if you want
anything from the president.

We'll fix it pronto with a telegram.

Grand National Assembly, stop!
Ankara, stop!

Enough, Faruk. Stop showing off.

We've come for a memorial.
And Aziz Veysel is in prison. Just stop!

You're right.

May Türkan Yenge rest in peace.

I swear my heart is still grieving.

She never died,
she lives on in my heart.

After you, Dad.


God, what bad luck!

Aziz Aga in prison,
and Türkan Yenge departed.

Stop opening old wounds.

What are you saying, Dad?
Türkan Yenge cured everyone's ills.

She fed everyone hungry.

She wasn't just Aziz Aga's wife.

She wasn't just these people's mother,
she was mother to us all.

Midyat has lost its mother.
How can I not tear my heart out?

I swear
I still dream about her sometimes.

It's so wrong.
The face and heart of an angel.

She died falling off the roof
shaking the carpet, huh?

-Really, Faruk--
-Hey, OK, OK.

For God's sake!

Then let's say the Subhanaka, huh?
For Türkan Yenge.

No, the Al Fatiha.

We've said the Al Fatiha 50 times.
Aren't you sick of it?

God forgive you!

OK, Dad. In that case
let's say three Al Ikhlas.

They'll round out the Al Fatiha.

In the name of God!

That halva was off.

Lam yalid? Lam yulad?
Isn't there a 'wa' in-between?

-I'm not sure. Lam yalid.
-No. Lam yalid wa lam yulad.

Wa lam yakul lahu kufuwan ahad.

Three times.

-Why cover up? We've an outsider here?
-No, Mother. We have gas.

What's stinking?

Xate Abla, where's the toilet?
Mum can't hold it in long.

She lets off freely
for a change of air, huh?

The toilet's outside.
Go on, take her.

-That's her ablutions ruined.
-We'll do them again.

Oh my! What on earth is it?

You'll all get poisoned.

Truly, I'm very sorry to hear
about Aziz Veysel.

I never met such an honourable man.
It's crazy.

Did they say the exact reason?

They said it was for
reading books.

Good God!
May God forgive them.

How come a book?

He's finished.

Plus he used lines from certain books
in his official letters.

Isn't that right, Ýkram Abi?

Right, they found them
from other books too.

Sabiha Ali, Kazým Hikmet,
all of them.

What more?
Murder would've been better.

He's a grown man. What's he doing
reading books? What is it with books?

So he made a mistake, Faruk Abi.

For all of us, to err is human.
But by God he was a great man.

He certainly was.

-God help him behind bars.

Now the town's left orphaned
right on the eve of the election.

But who could be
a decent mayor like him?

-Who could do it?
-That's what I'm saying. Who?

Don't think we'll let you, Faruk--

Sorry, Mr Governor.
It just slipped out of my hand.

Your finger slipped out too,
huh, Þehmuz Amca?

Faruk! If I'm grand vizier,
you're my right-hand man, OK?

It just slipped out of my mouth.

Ugh, he stuffed his teeth back in!

Use a toothbrush twig on it first.

What is this?

The election's three months away.
What do we do? Stay mayor-less?

Aziz Aga hasn't been sentenced yet.
His trial's pending.

Here, Zümre.

-You're pregnant. Don't get poisoned.
-My dad is still everyone's candidate.

Less of the bluster, lad!

Good God!

Do you plan to run for mayor
in Aziz Veysel's absence, Faruk?

We'll be mayor-less.
Aziz Aga is in jail.

Aziz Veysel Nuroðlu
is still a candidate!

Who's going to do his campaigning?

The squares will be empty.

-It's all empty talk.
-I'm going to do it!

Answer the challenge, c'mon!

Lo, a heroine is born!

Coming, Zümre! Zümre?
Grit your teeth. Zümre's giving birth!

-Mum, the baby's on its way!

Your wife's giving birth, Baran!
Find the midwife.

The baby's coming!
Where's the midwife?

Mum, she's giving birth!
Open your veil!

No, don't! There's still gas around.
Don't breathe through your nose.

Hey, where's the midwife?
Tell her the baby's coming!

Who's the midwife?

-Faruk Abi, seen the midwife?
-Get out of here!

-What's my midwife to you?
-The midwife's my wife.

-Where's my wife?
-Where's the midwife?

-Find me my wife.
-We need the midwife first.

-I need my wife more.
-Where's the midwife?

-Where's my wife?
-Wait, stop!

-You're both after the same woman.
-Right! The midwife's your wife.

There's just one midwife.
Find her.

Baran! Your wife's giving birth!
Get the midwife! She's in the toilet!

OK, Mum!

If Hatice is in the toilet,
good luck to you tonight.

Oof, Dad! Some memorial!
We get a birth instead.

C'mon, let's go.

Where's your mum?

In the toilet.
On her annual break.

In the toilet? Now of all times!
My wife's giving birth!

Go, go! I'll deliver her.
I'm always with Mum at births.

I've cut 15 umbilical cords so far.

-You're a midwife?
-An assistant midwife.

God help us!
Make way!

-I want no one in the way.
-Move! The water, Mum.

-I have rags too.
-Put them here.

-Stick this rag in her mouth.
-Make way! Come in.

Where's the midwife, Baran?

You brought the midwife's daughter.

Fehime says she'll stand in
and cut the cord.

-She's an assistant midwife.
-How will you do it?

-You still aren't fully born yourself.
-You think I can't, Xate Abla?

I'll do anything!
Just so long as I want to.

God gave me far sight,
a sensitive ear and a sound body.

Dear God! Baran, go.
Shut the door behind you.

-Take care of her, Mum.
-Don't worry.

-Cover her!
-Shut the door, Baran!

-Mind it doesn't come the wrong way.
-I take no one the wrong way!

Here goes!

It's coming, Zümre.
C'mon, Fehime! Quick!

-What's up, Baran? Have they started?

-God help us.
-Let's hope it's a boy.

Grandpa Abdürrahim,
let it be healthy, boy or girl.

What does it matter?

If it's a girl,
it's unhealthy whatever.

She'll grow up, run off with a man,
then honour killings, blood feuds...

Lots of deaths.

That's exactly
what Grandpa Korkut said.

Shall we give him
some Turkish delight?

C'mon, girl! Keep going, Zümre!
C'mon, Fehime! Get cracking!

Fehime? Girl?
She's not moving. Fehime?

-She's passed out, Mum.
-Let's lie the blind bat down. C'mon.

Lift, lift, lift.

The baby's coming. Wake up!

Zelan, bring the cologne!

-Mum, what about Zümre?

I'll do it. I've been
at three different births.

Here goes!

What are you doing? Being at a birth
isn't delivering a baby!

Get up. Over there.
Stay right here.

Mum, we can't leave Zümre like this.

I feel great. Here goes!

Out of the way, girl!
The baby will stop coming.

Clear the way for the baby!

I couldn't help overhearing,
Xate Hanim.

I'd like to try myself
if I may.

Shut the door!
Out with you! Now!


-You're going to deliver it?
-Yes. So?

I've delivered four calves
and seven lambs.

Humans are easiest. Only two legs.
They can't kick even if they try.

-Rags ready?



Wipe my sweat.

Here goes, in the name of God!

Oh my!
What's this, girl?

There's two umbilical cords!

Oh my gosh!
It's a boy!

Gule, go give the good news!
The baby's arrived!

Pass the water.

The baby's born!
A healthy, beautiful boy!

What a treasure.

And he's got raven hair.
Just look.

Here, you hold him.
May he grow up strong and healthy.

-Thanks, Mother Xate.
-Careful now.

Has it come out yet?

Yes, Fehime, he has.
Soon as he did, he asked after you.

We'd have been doomed without you.
May it be your turn next.

Too right!

Thanks to you, I went in a granny
and came out a midwife.

-Plus you're running for mayor, huh?

You challenged Faruk Bey, right?

Aren't you campaigning
instead of Dad?

-I said that, didn't I?
-Yes, you did.

Mum, if you carry on at this rate,
you'll even be mayor some day.

No, c'mon!

Hats off!

-Hello, boys!

-How are you?
-Fine, thanks.

The town will have
water, roads, electricity!

A school and mosque--

And mosque will be built!
The old will live in nursing homes!

Cows will be milked!

Sheep will be counted!
Cattle will be fed!

Children will be educated!

Babies will be breastfed!

-Nedim Nuroðlu Mardin Midyat!
-Yes, ma'am!

Ready the horses!

I'll ready the horses then, ma'am!

-Don't say it, boy! Do it!
-Yes, ma'am!

Stand to attention!

Long live, ma'am!

You too!

In the name of God!

Oh my God!

I'll be like that German
toothbrush moustache?

There's no way I can lie.
My ears go red.

I've got myself into hot water.
What do I know about politics?

Don't give me grief
at this time of morning!

No way, Dad. What's with marriage?
I'm still way too young.

Then you can't
win the election, idiot.

The public want to trust their mayor.

You need to paint the picture
of a happy family.

Look, I don't believe in monogamy.
It's against the laws of nature.

-Out of the way!

"Agh"? What's that?
I didn't do a thing, I swear.

She parks her ass in front of my hand
and then goes "agh"!

It's time he was married.

Son, your granddad agreed
with her family. What can we do?

Go and shoot one of their bulls?

-You want to start a blood feud?
-C'mon, Mum.

You'll find me
someone with ugly feet.

What? What's with the feet?

Feet? I like feet.
I have a thing about feet. So?

He's crazy. What can I do?

You fool,
Merdan has four daughters.

They cover up before going out.
You just don't notice them.

Look, I promise
I'll get you the prettiest.

I'll inspect all their feet
at the baths.

C'mon, Mum!

How will you know
which feet are pretty and which ugly?

They all have
their own shape and form.

You'll find me a pair
of fungus-ridden flat-fleet.

-What is this?
-Enough! Leave out the feet!

If you don't marry,
forget winning the election!

The town will be yours
and the province mine, clown!

C'mon, son!
Just say yes to it.

-Or forget the election.
-You sure ruin a person's appetite!

I'm not eating the eggs!

They're rock-hard anyway.
I like them soft!

-Oh no!
-People will say...

Grandpa shoots a bull
so I'm dumped with the girl next door.

I'd fall for that?!

Well, maybe I would.

Get a load of that!

What bosoms!

Hey, girl!

-Yes, Faruk Abi?
-You live here?

-Out in the yard? You never go to bed?

For goodness sake!

Where are you hopping?
Just having a little joke here.

She's something else.

Dad! OK,
let's ask for the girl's hand tonight.

I want the public trusting me.
The election can't wait, Dad.

I can't bear to let you down.

What's up?
Where's the happy family?

This is one mixed-up family!

OK, the province is yours,
the town and woman mine.

C'mon, Þivan, Mizgin, Ruken, Rojda!

C'mon! I still have to visit
your Uncle Aziz!

-What's this, girl?
-Smuggled tea and sugar.

It's local produce week.

God spare me!
C'mon, climb on! We'll be late.

-C'mon, Jivan!
-Dad won't let me come any more.

Why not?

He says studying
made Uncle Aziz go to jail.

He says, who knows
what they teach you there?

He says don't break the law
or justice will get us.

Tell your dad
justice isn't written in laws.

Justice is a person's conscience,
their heart.

Let's go or we'll be late for school.

Mother Xate!

Dad said if you want to study,
study here under my nose.

Take care of yourself, son.
Go on, go back inside.


Xate Hanim!

The cart ruts are still warm.

They can't be far away.

-Xate Yenge!
-Xate Hanim!

Xate! Wait for me!

Why did you sit me
on top of the wheel?

No other seats next to a girl,
Grandpa Abdürrahim.

I said I'd do it last night,
but I'm not sure I can after all.

You'll do a fine job, Xate Hanim.
You mustn't give up.

Yes, don't let some shit take over,
Xate dear.

-Ýkram won't leave your side, promise.
-Right, at your service!

If Aziz Veysel hears,
it'll finish off his pride and honour.

He'll die right there in prison.

And I'll be left a widow and orphan.

But no one's going to snitch.

Thanks, Xate Yenge.
You're doing a great deed.

And if you win,
Aziz won't say a word.

If you don't win,
Urfa or Diyarbakir are nice.

Well, as places
to live out your years.

Stop, Grandpa!
I'm already tense as a tambourine.

I won't let anyone cheat Aziz Veysel.

Just so long as he doesn't hear.

Let's see if he notices
my braids this time.

Your what?

His grandson, Grandpa.

-Hey, what's going on?

Easy now!
Calm down!

Women and children first.
OK? C'mon, easy now.

-What's going on?
-Easy! C'mon, don't panic.

-Don't panic!
-What's going on?

You'd think we'd had an earthquake.
Just sit still and I'll change it.

C'mon, smile!
You've had a baby.

-This is no good.
-C'mon, smile for God's sake!

I can't see your mouth.

Make your eyes smile.
Look at him with love.

-Perfect! Now hold that pose.

Damn your crazy ideas!

Why do I have to be your wife?

You grudge your big brother
a souvenir photo, huh? Brat!

Zümre won't come. What can I do?
No, it's wrong, no it's sinful.

Anyway what's the difference,
you or Zümre?

Put on the burka
and you're both the same.

What are you trying to say, Baran?

Look, what matters
is inner not outer beauty.

Don't you know yourself inside?

-Anyway so what?
-Knock it off.

Why are you fighting?
It's come out great.

-Coy looks. Just like lovebirds.
-Stuff your lovebirds!

Your dad will be back soon.
Will you say Mum first or Dad?

C'mon, tell Auntie.
You're going to Mum now.

Off we go then.
Here, Zümre.

Thanks, Gule.
God willing it'll be your turn next.

-God willing.
-Look, my aunt's son is still single.

Your family had me as a bride
so an exchange would be easy.

A what? I'm not doing
a marriage exchange!

-Or child marriage either?
-Child marriage? What's that?

Being in diapers, not talking yet
and having to say "yes"?

Don't do that to this baby.
I won't let you!

-An arranged marriage then?
-Can't I fall in love normally?

-First marry, then love.
-Why? Is marrying for love sinful?

It's custom, tradition.

Right. Years later
all these customs will die out...

And I'll still be
paying the price, right?

-Thanks, Zümre. I'm fine as I am.
-God forgive you.

Who's my little baby?
Going to talk, are you? Say Mama.



Have a seat, Xate.

-You took the kids to school?

How are you? Is your health OK?
Is the bed comfy, the food good?

I'm fine, all's well.
But never mind me.

How are the kids, Xate?
Has the grandchild arrived?

Yes. Yes, he arrived.
He wet himself with his first pee.

Aziz, look.
I'll leave these with the guard.

Some clothes and books.
I guessed time doesn't pass here.

What are they, Xate?
What books?

The only unbanned ones
I could find.

You can look at the pictures.
They're very funny.

What's happened with the elections?
Any new candidates?

Yes. That louse Faruk is running.

Well, let him do it this time.

Don't fret about it.
There's always next time.

Anyway, what does it matter
if you're mayor or not?

-As if it was a big thing.

What are you saying, Xate?

I'd meant to bring water
and build a school.

Anyway, another time hopefully.

Let's see what the court has to say.

You're all OK, aren't you?

Yes, we're fine.
What to do? The cares of life.

I mean, the election,
candidates, campaigning...

We couldn't care less about that.


But still, Aziz Bey,
I haven't withdrawn your candidacy.

As you know,
people vote for the family here.

I mean, just in case.

The Almighty is full of miracles.

One day, it was either Mehmet V
or Mehmet VI.

Definitely a Mehmet. Anyway.
One day, I'll never forget--

Visit's over!

-Thank God!
-Just a moment.

Carry on, Grandpa.
Don't leave us hanging.

-I've forgotten the rest now.
-OK, let's go then. C'mon.

You go ahead.

-OK, take care.
-I'll give these to the guard.


Your braids are beautiful.

You noticed?

The nut one is best.
Let's get that, Faruk.

Hey, candy person,
that's pistachio, right?

Yes, but it's the most expensive.

I can't keep up
with your tastes, Mum.

We're asking for a girl's hand,
not taking on a harem.

Why not get the plain?

Shame on you!
A future mayor pinching pennies?

We'll have a kilo.

No, 750 grams will do.
I don't eat it. I'm diabetic.

-It's borderline.
-C'mon, son!

-We still have to go to the jeweller's.
-Why? The girl's getting gold as well?

No, son!
Gold to pin to Xate's grandson.

We'll get a nice name tag made.
They've called him Memik.

They can call him Poison
for all I care.

Stuff jewellers and name tags!

You can't visit bride and baby
the same day!

My budget has its limits.

Besides, why give the baby gold?

-It's a baby. It shits itself.
-Stop grumbling, son.

-Here, Faruk Abi. Ready.
-Hand it over.

Look, I'm paying you up front...

So I expect your vote.
That's enough.

You can spare me this.

Mum, you're driving me
to the brink of bankruptcy!

They'd do the same
if you had a baby. Don't be mean.

I need to have 12
at the very least.

Look, you must call
the first one Sermiyan...

...after your late uncle's


No way! C'mon!

I swear to God I never heard
such a laughable name!

-What kind of name is Semiryan?
-Don't mock Grandpa Sermiyan!

What, Surly-man?

Man, what a name!

Exalted is Your majesty.
There is no God but You. Amen.

Zümre! He spoke, right?
I swear he did.

And he'd say "amen"? He's a baby!
He'd say "Mum" or "Dad" if he spoke.

OK, he's a baby,
but I think he said "Dad".

-But he might say "Mum".
-"Mum" is hard, "Dad" easy.

Even if he said "Dadada",
that would do me. Right, son?

Hey! Look at Daddy.

Go on, say "Dadada"
so your mum can hear.

He isn't talking.
Have you upset him?

God keep me sane!

Xate Yenge, I'll hop off here.

Mustn't wake
Grandpa Abdürrahim.

Yes, he's a light sleeper.
He'd snap awake if war broke out.

Before I forget,
let me give you this.

I wrote
your first campaign speech.

Thanks for the trouble.
I'll get it read to me at home.

God willing we'll be out
with the public tomorrow.

I found a busy village.
We'll start there.

I'm pretty nervous.

Aren't you?

No, I'm feeling quite calm.

May our holy war be blessed.

Clear the way!
The cavalry are coming!

Learn those promises
off by heart!

Look at you, Xate Yenge!
The picture of ambition!

What are you promising people?
Watermelon seeds?

I'm promising poison, Faruk.
Most of all to you.

-Forgive me, Veysi Bey.
-No, feel free.

You took the words
out of my mouth.

-Thank you. Thanks.

You look so pretty
in that photo, Zümre.

Thanks a lot.

Umm, I was speaking for Zümre.

Right, let's pin on the gold
and take our leave.

As you know, we still
have to ask for the girl's hand.

How generous of you, Faruk.
You shouldn't have.

It's hand-worked filigree.
I couldn't find 24 carat.

I thought 14 carat
would be an insult.

It's something special to make you
think of me whenever you look at it.

There you are.
May he grow up strong and healthy.

-I have a good mind to--

C'mon, to the girl's family!

If you'll excuse us.


Take care now.

-Have they gone?

Xate Abla, please! I need your help.
I'm dying of nerves.

It's the first time
anyone's asked for my hand.

OK, c'mon then.
I'll get you as ready as I can.

Let me see how it looks.

No, terrible.
With those huge flowers.

It makes you
look like an old woman.

And this shows up your haunches.

Do an O-turn, go on.

What if we try this?
Let's put this on your head.

Go on, pull it back.
No, that's too ugly.

Yes! That's perfect!

But not on you.

Give me a grin.

Don't grin.

No. It doesn't work.

Oh God, that's even uglier!

If red doesn't suit you either,
what do we do, Fehime?


Look, I've found this one
with silver thread.

If this works, fine.
If not, wear your shalwar. Here.

That doesn't work either,
but you look rich.

Like a millionaire.
Wait, let's paint your lips.

Look, I mixed red and green pepper
to get a different shade.

Now come here.

Old cuss-face will fancy you.
Come closer.

Here, you'll look gorgeous.

Now go like this.

-I'm on fire, Xate Abla! Blow on me!
-Oh my! Lipstick looks bad too?

I'm on fire, Xate Abla!

C'mon, Dad. Get to the point
for God's sake!

Wait, be patient! OK.

The reason for our visit is
an auspicious one, Merdan Bey.

I'm listening, Mr Governor.

It seems your father
shot my father's bull.

That's right.
May it rest in peace.

And we'd rather not shoot your bull.

Anyway our bull saw your daughter
and liked her.

Never before did I see
legs and bosoms like that.

Not to mention
those feet of hers!

She takes after me a bit.

Quiet, animal!

It's the excitement, Mum.
I can't contain myself.

You think I'm a size bigger inside
than outside?

What a joke!

So let's have the broad--
The girl as a wife.

The reason for our visit
is an auspicious one.

They've started talking!

C'mon, girl.
Get a move on!

One wants no sugar,
one medium, one sweet.

I'm making them separately
or there'll be no foam.

I'll do the foam.
Just hurry up!

What does your son do for a living?


Well, I smuggle stuff
over the border.

Really, Hatice!
What do you think he does?

It's Faruk.
The Governor's son.

-He earns a good salary.
-Drinking, smoking, gambling?

All of them thankfully.
I'm also big on feet.

I like them.

Why's that?
I'm asking because it's proper!

-Fehime, what happened to the coffee?
-Just coming!


Don't look at the tray, girl!

Don't get excited,
you'll spill them.

Stop looking, girl!

That's all of them gone!

Just tell Nevide to bring them.

A walking earthquake!
What's her problem, father-in-law?

Couldn't you find
a more clumsy maid?

That's the girl.
That's who we're asking for.

What? Who?

Tell the truth.

-That is the truth!

She's a hard worker,
just a bit flustered at seeing you.

Get up for God's sake!
I'll grab that Turkish delight.

Well, very nice to meet you.

God bless her makers.
OK, goodbye.

Sit down, son.

Dad, there are four girls.
Why are we going for the butchest?

Son, sit down.
Sit down, dammit!

Not giving the flowers
or the Turkish delight.

Don't. Just don't.

The others were married off
as babies.

She's the only one left single.

Dad, there's nothing they can do.
Let's go for God's sake.

Just shut up!

Merdan Bey.

At the command of God
and word of the Prophet--

Leave God and the Prophet
out of this. It's blasphemy!

Will you shut up!

Ah, Nevide.
Serve the coffee.

There! That's the one I mean!

I mean this girl.
It's the same thing. Her.

Nevide isn't our daughter.
She's our maid.

-So what?
-You want a maid?

Don't scorn the working class, Dad.
I won't let you tread on them.

Thanks, comrade.

Just shut up, will you!

Well, Merdan Bey?
Do you give Fehime's hand?

Yes, like a shot!

At least give her
as a reward on the side!

They'll be a perfect match.

Many happy years together, son!

God damn those years!

Drink poison.
I'm not touching it.

The Turkish delight's mine.

Congratulations, Fehime Abla!

Is this it, Ýkram?
We're campaigning here?

Xate Yenge, we speak
wherever we find a crowd.

Drummer! Piper!
Stop the music!

Yes, on behalf of
our valued mayoral candidate...

...his honourable wife
will now address you.

A round of applause for her!

I hate to break off the dancing...

...but I wish the bride, groom
and their families great happiness!


I see the bride doesn't have
a five-piece gold necklace.

A five-piece
is every bride's right!

Well said!

Some have a four-piece and one-piece.
That won't do!

They should have a five-piece!

Xate Yenge,
the groom's side isn't happy.

Also, the brown household gear
always falls to the groom's side.

That's wrong!

What's brown household gear?

Screened cupboards, laundry sticks,
dish racks... They're all brown.

Screened cupboards, bravo!

And then some fathers
still ask for a bride price.

Woe betide anyone
who asks for a bride price!

There's going to be a brawl.

C'mon, pack up. We're going.

-I'm not done with my speech.
-Kismet. C'mon!

-Do you promise me your vote?
-We do!

-You promise it to me?
-We do!

-You promise it to me?
-We do!

Then in return
I'll sacrifice myself!

Very soon you'll see me
as the picture of a happy family!

My marriage
will be your marriage!


I'll bring water
to villages without it!

I'll build clinics
in villages without them!

I'll build schools
in villages without them!

I'll have children
for people without them!

Bravo! Bravo!

What's she doing here?

He's my fiancé.

But let me tell you right away
I may not have children with her!

She screwed up my speech.

Who brought her?
Tie her up at home.

Go ahead.
Have a good funeral.

We've lived here together
for maybe centuries.

No one can ruin
our comradeship.

The path for us all
is the path of God!

Start on the promises, Xate Yenge.
The promises.

-We'll build roads for you!
-Bravo! We'll build roads!

-Where to?
-Well, wherever.

I can't give an exact address,
I won't lie.

We'll tarmac the road into town.

-We'll tarmac the road into town.
-The road into town, bravo!

Look, it's Ýkram saying this.
I'm just repeating it.

If it ends up we can't build the road,
don't curse at me. I never lie.

What are you saying, Xate Yenge?

Stop! Don't butt in, Ýkram.

Look, how will we take our children
to school from here?

The roads are lousy.
If they stay that way, no school.

If a path was made outside every home
there'd be a road to school.

Oh no, Ýkram!
I'm late fetching the kids!

OK, goodbye!
You pack up the stand and stuff.

Quick, pack up!

May God protect you!

May the devil be with you,
my dear gambling brothers!


The day I become mayor,
God's my witness...

...all hookahs in these teahouses
will be free!

I'll put an end to card cheating
and tile stealing!

No more niggling suspicions
when you sit down to play rummy-o.

-Mayor Faruk! Mayor Faruk!

What's with the hand, Faruk Abi?

Do this and it makes F for Faruk.
You try.

-Mayor Faruk! Mayor Faruk!
-Go on, do it.

-Bless you!
-Mayor Faruk!


Name the main sources of livelihood
in Southeast Anatolia.

The southeast, son!

What are the main sources
of livelihood here?

Smuggling, making flatbread,
watermelon seeds.

Is that it? That's all you've learned
in all these months?

C'mon, son! There's drying peppers,
milking cows, grazing animals.

Sorry, teacher.
I was just, umm, helping out.

No problem, Xate Hanim.
OK, class over for today.

-Bye, teacher!
-Goodbye, children!

Goodbye, kids!

Well, you picked up Kurdish fast,

-Bye now.
-Xate Hanim.

The kids' parents sent word.

As of tomorrow only two or three kids
are continuing school.

They see Aziz Veysel Bey
as a man who broke the law.

They worry their kids will go to jail
like him.

I see their point. You've stood firm,
but in the end we've lost.

No, we haven't.
Because we haven't given up.

I won't give in
to their idea of justice.

Their laws are the whim of Süleyman,
whoever he was.

I'm building the town a school.
So there!

Wait a second. What will the kids do
until the school's built?

The school will be on some land.
You can do classes there.

Classes open to the public.

How do you mean?

Well, open-air learning.
Open learning!

Hey, that's a good name! Bye!

Open learning?

Oh Jak, my friend!

They buried me
before I'm even dead.

Just look at those pretty girls,
at their feet, their legs.

And look at the feet
of the woman they got me.

I swear she wears a size 46.

-Don't exaggerate, Faruk.
-Exaggerate what?

Think of a donkey, say.
Even that beats her on charm.

She's a cavewoman, stunted all over.
She can't talk, she just sniffs you.

Well, they say dates eaten yesterday
sting your ass today.

Whatever you say, you're right.

What sin did I commit
for God to think I deserve her?

Maybe if I go to confession one day
God will forgive me.

You're a Muslim.

True, but maybe
my sin was Christian.

We're Assyrian Christians.
We don't do confession.

-You need to go to another church.
-I will, wherever that is! Just say.

-The Vatican.

You need to bring in the Pope.
It's the only way to purge your sins.

If it weren't for this election
I'd ditch that cavewoman yesterday.

Boy, this is strong!

Girls, give me a refill
with those pretty feet of yours!


How's it going, brothers?
Did God have mercy on you?

-For goodness sake!
-God forgive him!

-Faruk, who are those guys?
-The Midyat rain crew.

-Midyat rain crew?
-A folklore team.

We have to build that school somehow.
Kids, you'll help me, huh?

Of course, Mum.

But what about getting permission?
We have Veysi Bey as governor now.

Who cares about permission?
We'll build it with God's permission.

If we build the school
they'll have to give permission.

We need desks, books.

In other words, money.

Here. Won't they do?
They came from Aziz Veysel.

Then there's bricks, cement.

Ýkram Abi, who uses
the mayor's official car now?

No one.
It's sitting idle.

-So let's sell it.
-We can't. It's an official car.

But we could donate it
and get us some funds.

Somehow we'd collect the money
to buy the car back by the next election.

Surely no one would ask
where the car is.

Aziz Aga has got to win the election
and be mayor.

Otherwise the whole scam
will come out.

We won't just lose face, we'll be
convicted of damaging state property.

We could win.

Couldn't we?

What if we do win?

We must win.

We will win!

-We'll build a school!


Look this way!
Attention over here!

I've made a deal
covering everything possible...

...with the most on-the-ball holy man
in Southeast Anatolia.

From now on
it will rain regularly every month.

We'll bring you water!

Water's coming, bravo!

We'll bring tornadoes
full of showers, storms and snow!

That water will soon be here!

We'll rule the weather!

Good day.

A gift from Faruk Abi.

Must be a bad omen.
What 's inside?

Here, it's from Faruk Doðu.

Enjoy the provisions
we're doling out!

-It's not fake?
-Food can't be fake!

Wise up and make
your own provisions!

Your need is our need!

The man's likable actually.

Don't touch the provisions
cuss-face Faruk brings!

Now Xate Hanim
has begun building the school...

...she's handing out provisions too.

Children won't
go to school any more!

The school will come to them!

We'll do our level best
to build the school!

But if in the end we can't do it...

If, say, there's an earthquake,
or the kids get sunstroke in class...

And God forbid,
wouldn't you say?

Give me your votes
and I'll give you everything!

We donated the car
to the new district governor.

So he kindly made a huge payment!

Thank the Lord!

-We're building the school!

Offside? I was this side of the line!
That's not offside!

I need that whistle a sec.
I'll give it right back.

Dear lads, give me your votes
and I'll scrap offside!

No way! You may as well
scrap back-passing too.

Right, I'm going.

Take this! Clear off
and don't come back!

Prima donna!
Like he'll play for Turkey.

How do you know?
Maybe I will.

Stop looking down on people.

You bastard!
Wannabe-mayor bastard!

Look, that crowd are parasites.
They'll go play for someone else.

Listen, dear lads. I swear on my life
that the day I become mayor...

...I'll scrap offside.

-Everyone is free!
-Faruk Abi.

They're building a school.

-They're what?
-Building a school.

Here, friend. Thanks.
Carry on, run ahead.

Pack up.

What shall we build?
A mosque or what?

Don't worry,
I fixed something.

We can't leave this election to fate.

Gather the clan leaders
for a talk, pronto.

For the eve of the election
I'm fixing a big propaganda drive.

I love you, Ferhat!
As a person, that is.

My sonny boy!

For the eve of the election
we need to fix a big propaganda drive.

It's OK. It's OK.

It's OK. It's OK.

Gule, have you finished
the flatbreads?



What's this?

What kind of bun dough is that?
God damn it!

It's all gooey!

I told you 50 times to make it
the thickness of your earlobe, it-wit!

But my earlobes are that thick, Mum.
What can I do? Look!

Then let's tell people
our buns are gooey...

...because my Gule's earlobes
are gooey!

So if I told you to add
a fingerful of salt...

...you'd add a hoof-ful
with those donkey hands, huh?

Go! I'll do it.

Pass me a handful of flour, girl.

Call that a handful?
Did your hand go near the jar?

Right, out of the way.

Can't trust them with anything.

I'll pour in the whole lot.
It's the only way.

There's a saint buried here.
He doesn't want this.

He wants nothing on top of him.
Don't push it. Heavens above!

See that?



The school's folded.

What do you mean?

A saint's buried there.
The walls keep caving in.

It's true.
The spirit man took a look.

Oh God!

Without the school
we'll lose the election.

And if we lose the election
our scam will come out.

Bravo! How did you do it
without being noticed?

Thin wire. Yank it
and the wall falls down.

Here, that's yours.

And here's yours.
OK, bye then.


And this is a gift from Faruk Abi.


Xate Abla!

Xate Abla.

-You're all we need, Fehime. What?
-Here a second.

Please don't leave me
on my own tonight.

Believe me, I'm terrified
Faruk will change his mind.

Be my witness, I beg you.

Am I supposed to make buns,
build a school, win the election...

...or get you married?
God is most great!

Wait, stop!

The bride and groom, our mayor!
A round of applause!

Whose mayor?
What makes him mayor?

Praises be!

Now let's have the bride and groom.
Our witnesses are ready.

Now for the wedding vows.

You deserve her,
I'd witness it 1000 times!

You applied to our municipality
for a marriage licence.

I didn't apply.

And we found nothing
to prevent you marrying.

She's blind, lame, deaf
and you're still saying that!

What more do you want?

No, she's beautiful.
Look at her.

Inner beauty is enough.

Give it time and that'll show
on the outside, God willing.

Do you, Fehime,
daughter of Merdan...

...take Faruk, son of Veysi,
as your husband?

Yes, yes, yes!

Do you, Faruk,
son of Veysi...

...take Fehime, daughter of Merdan,
as your wife?

-Look, Faruk!
-Yes, what?

He said yes!

What are you talking about?
I said yes to him!

I said yes to my dad!
I said it to him!

-Well, it's said now.

So by the powers vested in me
I now declare you man and wife!

I spit on your face!
What in the name of God is that?

Stamp on his foot, Fehime!

What kind of foot was that?
I swear if it wasn't for being mayor--

Dammit! Let me spit.

Here we go.
In the name of God.

May God give you happiness,
Faruk Bey.

-To the bridal chamber!
-No, no!

C'mon, get up.
To the bridal chamber!

-I don't know this tune.
-You do, you do.

Don't, I'm too young.

-Look, I'm fasting!
-It's past sundown, Faruk. Food time!

-C'mon, move!
-I won't speak.

I'll blow my stack.

Stop! Let me down.

I just want to look for a friend.

-Strength to your loins!
-I'm on the edge. Don't push me.

Strength to your loins!
Good luck, Faruk!

What are you doing?

Yes. I heard you liked it.
Here, enjoy.

It's wine?

Pressed with my own feet.

Oh God!

What's wrong, Faruk?

Damn the ring
and this marriage!

Damn you, Fehime!


Look! Isn't that the spirit man
who came to our building site?

That's him.

-Wait, I'll tell Mum.
-Run, girl!

-And the veil, when she--
-Mum, look.

The guy talking to Governor Veysi
is the spirit man who came to our lot.

Let's have him over to the house
to drive out a demon or two.

In the name of God! What's up?
Is the groom gone?

He drinks so much.
I can't do anything to please him.

I gave him wine
pressed with my own feet.

He barely drank a glass
and threw up.

You did what?

Well, he shouldn't have had
that last glass.

Are you sure he has demons?


Anyway, his first wife was a demon.
She's still in there.

Fine then.
In the name of God.

With the powers given me
by Almighty God...

...may the demon who chose
Abdürrahim Bey as her spouse...

-Oof, there you go.
-What? Has she left me?

-No. The demon doesn't speak Turkish.
-How do you mean?

It's a foreign demon.
He must've married a Christian.

What are you talking about?

How long have you been in town,
Spirit Man?

The demons just sent me.

Recite me the Cow Sura then.

-Is now the time for that?
-Don't give me excuses, crook!

Baran! Nedim! Süleyman! Bedri! Adnan!
Come here!

-Yes, Mum?
-Have pity on me!

I swear I won't come
near your town ever again.

The picks and shovels aren't for you,
they're for the school.

Now clear off!

An evil spirit strikes the spirit man!

Fehime, I never let you down,
so don't let me down, OK?

Sure, Xate Abla. Anything you say.
Women together!

Don't let your husband
mess up the school again.

Don't let him near the school.
Keep him busy all the time, OK?

Don't worry.
I'll watch him like a hawk.

I'll stop him the moment he strays.
And use my female charms if need be.

I'll lend a hand
if Fehime Abla can't do it.

I spit on that hand!

Ugly thing!

OK, take care.

Thank you, Nevide.

-What's going on?

-Get in there!
-What's going on?


-What are you doing? Fehime!

-I'm not letting you out!

You bastard, why did you
throw it on my way?

What's going on?
The chicken!

What's that?


What is it they do in foreign films?
They revive them.

They blow into their mouths.

Ugh, filth!
Oh, God!

C'mon, get up!

Get up!

She's dead.

My dear clan leaders,
I'll get straight to the point.

It was tough getting away
from my freak of a wife.

As you well know,
the reason we've met here today...

...is the day after tomorrow's election.

If a single person
from any of your clans...

...sinks low enough
not to vote for me...

...these spacious, hand-dug graves
are ready and waiting.

So how do we
convince the whole clan?

Ferhat is at the border tonight...

...getting the last load of provisions.

Hand them out to the clan first thing
and the job's done.

-I want no surprises!
-Faruk Abi!

I'm digging Mahmudo a small one.

Why are you doing graves
for them all, idiot?

Some don't want to be buried, right?

They'd rather be
thrown in the sea...

...or burned
and have their ashes kept in an urn.

My faith in every religion is endless,
let me tell you.

-Faruk! When did you agh--
-What's going on?

What is this?
God is most great!

It's a ghost, dammit!
It's a ghost!

The woman haunts my dreams!
She's my nightmare!

I've broken my leg!
I swear my leg's broken!



Where's Ýkram Abi?
The election's in two days.

Ýkram has personal business.
He's on leave.

It's the same way as always.

What's this?


It's the same way as always.
Who put up these signs?

-That has to be a good way.

Those signs were a genius idea!

How do you remember
where all the mines are?

Iran, Syria, Iraq...

...we laid all their mines.
I was a morporal at the time.

-You mean corporal?
-In name, but I did far more than that.

Shah Rýza was leader of Iran
back then.

The very day he came to this country
I was on duty.

He got to the border and I said,
"The code word!"

He said, "Shah".
I said, "Pen!"

He said, "Rýza!"
Me, "Abdürrahim!"

"Pleased to meet you.
Go ahead."


So I did a lot for relations
between our two countries.

How did we get onto this?

Valued people of Midyat!

Prized people of Midyat!

Tomorrow you'll all be voting
of your own free will!

I bring you greetings from my husband,
Aziz Veysel Nuroðlu!

Why isn't he here himself?
Not in jail, is he?

He hasn't been sentenced yet.
Stop spreading doom!

C'mon, how can a jailbird be mayor?
Give me a break!

-Xate Yenge!
-No violence! Stop the violence!

Move on to the promises.
Start with Midyat, c'mon!

OK, the promises.
We'll make Midyat a sub-province!

But Midyat already is
a sub-province.

We did that long ago,
but you never realized!

-And I'll make Midyat a province!

Being a province won't do Midyat!
Allah's my witness, we'll be the capital!

Mayor Faruk! Mayor Faruk!

Don't be fooled by empty promises!
We're talking a school!

-We said we'd build a school!

And I'll build you a mosque!

I swear I'll build a mosque!

The Assyrians are going.
Make it a church too.

Where will I find all that money?
I'm not building anything.

No! I'm not building
a mosque or a church either!

Everyone is free to believe!

-I'm free too! I'm building neither!

-Don't walk there!
-They're going.

We said we'd build a school
and we have!

She's built a school!

So let's all go to the school now!

This way! All together!
To the school!

Where are you going?
When did she do it?


Look, I'll bring you water!

I'll bring electricity!
I'll bring plugs and sockets!

Did you dole out those provisions
to the clans?

What provisions?
Nothing showed up!


Once the flag's up
we'll have everything in order.

-C'mon, kids! To the school!

My little treasures!
You're so precious.

Now go learn your ABC
and be something in life. Run along!

You're crying.

No, I'm not, son.

Believe me, Adnan,
I feel born again with these kids.

Today's my re-birthday.

Mum, look!
The district governor's come.

Good for you, Xate Hanim.

-I never saw such determination.
-Thank you.

-Thank you.

Who knows what you'd get done
if you were mayor?

Really it's nothing,
Mr District Governor.

The money I gave for the official car
and the car too...

...are yours for the keeping.

Thanks, Mr District Governor.

Have the school opening tomorrow
with the election.

It'll help votes.

-Good thinking.
-For sure, Mr District Governor.

And the election day...

-Is this breakfast?

-Faruk took all the food we have.

Good morning, people of Midyat!

Where are you going, hoppers?
Off to vote?

Here you go,
I got you good rosewater.

Here you go, provisions.
Off you go.

I dreamt about you, you know.

This isn't just so you vote for me.

You can't have kids, right?
There's sultan's elixir in this, here.

-Who are you voting for?
-You, Aga.

You're too good to me, sonny!

You're from the Mahmudo clan, huh?

You have to vote for me anyway.
So move on.

Valued people of Midyat!

May this new school
serve us all well!

Bravo! Bravo!

Our school is called
The Republic Primary School!

In other words,
Aziz Veysel's big love!

And he's been cleared of charges!
He'll be with us tonight!


-I didn't know that.
-You're governor and totally out of it!

What can I do?

-I'll be picking him up hopefully.

And he read all those books.
What happened to justice?

Here we go, in the name of God!

It's crappy cement.

May the school do well!

C'mon, in you go.

Voting has begun
for the mayoral elections!

Good luck to us all!
Now let's get going.

Good voting!

Single file!
Everyone will vote!

May your vote count.

In the name of God!

Are you building in there
or what?

All the best
to country and nation!

Let's do the count.
Everyone's done.

Careful, son.

Faruk Doðu!

Aziz Veysel Nuroðlu!

-Faruk Doðu!

Aziz Veysel Nuroðlu!

-Faruk Doðu!

I know that.




-Faruk Doðu.

-I'm going to cry!

Aziz Veysel, 143.

And now for the last vote.

Aziz Veysel Nuroðlu.


Is there a hole in here?

Count, Faruk Bey!
Count again.

That jerk Ferhat got those provisions
and all the mules blown up.

They didn't get provisions,
that's why.

I didn't get the provisions out.
Damn you, Ferhat!

Idiot, go and make up with him.

-With who?
-Well, you fired the lad. Ferhat.

Ferhat! Ferhat didn't vote.
Ferhat didn't show up!

Ferhat didn't show up!

How much longer to go?

One hour.


Go, Faruk! There's barely time.


I'll dig through mountains
for you!



You're so cute!

I picked them for you.
Wild flowers. Want to eat them?

Do some fortunetelling then.

Loves me.

Loves me not.

Votes for me.

Votes for me not.

Hey! What's up, friend?
Talk to me.

What do you have against me?

If you sit under this tree any longer,
I'll have to deal with you, Ferhat.

You sure are stubborn!

Remember the day
we first met?

You were collecting dung cakes.

I saw you and told myself
I should lend that lad a hand.

C'mon, Faruk Abi.

I was dying with the mules that day
and all you cared about was votes.

But you didn't die, did you?
How prettily you don't die, hopper!

Look, Ferhat.
Let's wipe the slate clean.

We'll start things afresh, huh?

Those mules were my friends.

I shared my loneliness
with them.

Look, I like animals too.
And then I like you.

I mean, liking animals is one thing,
liking you another.

Trust me,
I'll get you a donkey.

C'mon, don't break my heart.

-Is that a promise?
-It's a promise, Ferhat.

A promise.

I get to be mayor...

...or I don't.

C'mon, let's go see.

Give me your hand.
Take the flowers.

Run, Ferhat, run!

The final score:
Aziz Veysel Nuroðlu, 144 votes...

Faruk Doðu, 144 votes!

That's it,
I swear to God.

Wait, hold on!
This time I object.

What do you object to?
The votes were counted in public.

OK, but what happens now?

There'll be an election re-run
sometime soon.

But cuss-face here didn't win!

Man, I can't fix provisions
in time for the next election!

Everyone's vo--

Fehime hasn't been.
Hey, where's Fehime?

-Where's Fehime?
-She said she'd come.

-I made it, Faruk!
-She hasn't voted yet.

-She only just found the way.
-Time's up, Faruk Bey!

There's five minutes left.
Four now.

Fehime! Fehime!

Make way!
Make way for the vote!

Make way!

Good for you, Fehime.

Out of the way!
There's a vote here, a vote!

Give us a voting slip.

Look, see this?
You stamp it here.

Not there, here.

How many fingers? Huh?

I can see everything, Faruk.

Don't you worry!
God gave me eyes like a hawk.

I can see close up,
far away, everything!

And not just one,
two of everything!

You're umm, so beautiful.

OK, beautiful.
Look, you stamp it here.

My victory's is in the bag.

my mayor husband!

Let's hear it!

My beautiful wife, my darling,
come here!

All that work for nothing.
C'mon, let's go.

The final score. With Fehime's vote,
Faruk Doðu, 144 votes...

Aziz Veysel Nuroðlu, 145 votes.

Thanks, Fehime.


The bans have been lifted.

The new PM has served you well.

Justice finds a way
sooner or later.

But generally later.

Good to see you, new mayor!

What's Xate been up to this time?

Is this what I married you for?

I was going to be mayor!

What happened
to that happy family picture?

God, Fehime!
Damn you Fehime!

Come here, c'mon.

What's up? What?

What, son?

Over here!

My son's about to talk,
I swear he is.

Believe me,
he's trying to say something.

C'mon, speak!
Say Dada.

Are you going to talk, treasure?


Bless the tongue
that said "Granny", Memik!