Hitler's Hollywood (2017) - full transcript

- Doctor?
- Yes.

Anything missing?

No, I have everything.

Good, then have a think.

I'm thoroughly happy.
It couldn't be better.

Then all's well.

Yes, indeed, gentlemen
We're happy indeed

Because from now on
The world belongs to us

Yes, indeed, gentlemen

Worries are far away

We do what we enjoy

Whoever disturbs us
Before he twigs it

We'll have soft-soaped

Yes, indeed, gentlemen

You can bet on it

Indeed, indeed, indeed!


Go down to 30 meters.

Silently. No movement in the submarine.

Our lives no longer belong to us.

They're no longer ours, Boehm! Are they?

We have to go on for as long
as there is still breath in us.

On the submarine, again and again,

until the dear Lord sets us free.

Sleep well, fellows.



I can't see you.


"I do not want to die in vain.

I would love to perish
on a hill of sacrifice

for the Fatherland.

To bleed the blood of my heart
for the Fatherland.

And heralds of victory descend.

We have won the battle.

Live on high, 0 Fatherland.

And do not count the dead!

For you, sweet one!
Not one too many has fallen.“

Still the world does not collapse

It still carries on
Still the world does not collapse

It will be gay again

It will be sky blue again

"Propaganda is an art form.

Propaganda has just one objective,

and that objective
is to conquer the masses.

Alluring people into an idea
so in the end they are captivated by it,

and can no longer free themselves
from it."

We're in a madhouse! Come on.

“Propaganda is totalitarian,
regressive and nihilistic.

You remove any remaining substance
from meaningful terms,

and use their shell to advertise
with an enticing appearance.

From beneath the tumult of propaganda
a skull appears.“


People, listen to the call...

Can't you sing?

I'll teach you.

- People, hear...
- People, hear the...

The call for the last battle.

People, listen to the call...

You see, there are things going on

that you don't understand.

But us proletarians,
we have to watch ourselves.

That's it.

And now, you youngsters have to help us.

You have to stand by us old ones.

Or we won't manage it.

- You don't even have a girlfriend.
- What's the point?

Come on. Don't be like that!

- Where should I go?
- What a question!

To your father, of course,
where you belong.

That is the very question.
Where does the boy belong?

I had very good parents.

But at 15, I ran away.

Thousands have run away.

- Then they were rascals.
- Youngsters are wonderful!

Youngsters have always been a big mystery.

They ran away to trappers, to gypsies.

The great pull of adventure
has always called.

Where does a boy belong?

Open it then!

You've all gone mad!

There, Heini!

Here's a mirror.


Our flag is fluttering at us.

"A clear criticism of earlier,
crass and exaggerated attempts

to please the new rulers.

The communists are portrayed not as
opponents but as comrades led astray.

At the end, the ghostly columns
of SA soldiers marching

seem to emerge from the dead Heini

as if he were resurrected in their ranks."

...which represents all Germany.

And we'd now like you German boys
and German girls...

to take in what we hope
Germany to be one day.

We want to be one nation

and you, my young people,
will now become this nation.

Spades down!


- I almost forgot.
- What?

- Shall we go?
- A new film?

In Rome,
the 14th International Sports Week.

In the polo tournament, Prince Louis
Alexander and his team had a strong win.

The Prince received the Gold Cup
from his fiancée, Princess Irina.

If the gentleman
would like to come closer.

Not a word of truth in it.
It's all nonsense.

People don't like to be alone at night

Because love in the moonlight

On the one hand and the other
And more

Because people need
A little bit of love

You have to be able to play the piano

Whoever plays the piano
Has luck with women


A giaour!

A giaour!

Don't do anything to hurt my father.

I'm not saying it for him.

It was great between us two

But sadly, sadly

Business interests come first.

We four.

If only you know how good you look
In an apron.

Would you give me a couple of
bread rolls for me to remember you by?

Would you like some sausages too?

If I may.

My pleasure!

As I stand here
Is how I am, yes sir!

There was you, only you.

I'm alone in the night

My soul wakes and listens

The wind has told me a song

Of fortune indescribably beautiful

It's lovely. I'll never leave.

- Never?
- Not ever.

- The steamer leaves tomorrow.
- I shan't be on it.

Are you mad?

You and the rest of our cold high society,

what do you know about nature?

You're behaving like a wild one!

Like a wild one indeed!



The wind has told me a song

Of a heart

That I am missing

The wind

You see,

ten years ago, I turned back,
just as the steamer was leaving.

Back then,
I thought the island was paradise.

Then, later, I thought it was hell.

- And now?
- Now...

I don't regret it.

Regrets are always foolish.

- What sort of a person are you?
- I have a good heart.

It just needs to be uncovered.

Panic hovers over us, gentlemen.

Do you know what that means?

Panic amongst two million people?

The paper has been banned.
The police have closed the printers.

- Madeleine Lawrence?
- No.


No, Madame, she's not here.

It is your mother's fatherland
that renders you this service.



- Did you fly here?
- It was no distance.

- Where is your airplane?
- I parked it on the market square.

"The effectiveness of propaganda

demonstrates one of the chief
characteristics of modern masses.

They don't believe in anything visible,

not in the reality
of their own experiences.

They do not trust their eyes and ears,
but only their imaginations.

What convinces masses are not facts,
not even invented facts,

but only the consistency of the illusion."

And if I found a fortune
I'd just gobble it up

I wouldn't need to go to work

I wish I wasn't so

But it's no good wishing I am as I am

To stick with our popular comparisons,
the penny is slow to drop.

Today I see the world in a rosy light

Everyone wears a smile on their face

Everything looks like under a charm

I have you, and you have me
What more do we want?

I am young and you are young
And the world is our oyster

Everything is easier to achieve
If we stick together

From today my life has been restored

Along with the apartment
You have refreshed my heart

I have you and you have me
What more do we need?

You can admit it.
No need to be embarrassed.

A charming little woman
who is afraid and is ashamed to be afraid

who admits that she's ashamed she's afraid

is the most perfect woman
a man could wish for.

I'm sorry to disappoint you.

I'm generally very daring,
brave and strong.

Why do you want to be like that?

You see, that suits you far better.

No, leave it here.

Perhaps this heroic woman
will scream again and then...

- Then I'll show you how brave I am.
- Awful.

- Show me.
- What?

What you look like when you're brave.

Oh, God, that's awful. It's all wrong. No.

- Don't I look brave?
- Yes, but it doesn't suit you.

Far too many wrinkles.
All your charm has gone.

No, a woman's face must be soft.
Tender and feminine.

- I like you much better weak.
- But I don't like myself like that.

Because you can't see
how attractive you are then.

- Can we change the subject?
- Of course. To the weather or so?

- You're in danger.
- Always.

Don't you love danger too?

When people go to bed
In a pointed nightcap

And entreat their king to protect them

We slip festively dressed
Behind the taverns

Dawdling along under the street lamps

The night isn't only for sleeping

The night is when it all happens

When morning finally dawns

Behind dark panes

And the men without a bride
Stay side by side

They hatch bombs out of conversations
Held in whispers

Rebellion, rebellion in the catacombs

- Good heavens!
- Look at Debureau.

Are you crazy?

Watch out!

Don't use your sword, but your verses.
They're more effective.

The night isn't only for sleeping
The night is when it all happens

World War II begins

Our purpose is to work for the nation.

That is the ruling principle of my work.

Everything else is secondary.

Whoever was born to be leader,
needs no other teacher

than his own genius.

My sons, what is the answer?

Are great minds born or formed?

Formed, Your Highness.

Born, Your Highness,

not formed.

Let's discuss that.

Genius is not born of its mother
but of the entire nation.


But the state, through its schooling,
first points the way

to perfection.

No. Genius, abandoning imperfect schools,

can, with its own resources,
find its way to perfection.

I'm so calm now.

So happy.

I loved my wife very much.

Good-bye, Franziska.

At school they said we don't have
a proper father. What do you think?

It's rubbish.

Franziska, I can't leave you again.

You did for years looking for adventure.

Now when it means something, you can't?



June 1940, German Occupation of France.

France was crushed in 39 days.

Germany knows that this victory was won

thanks to the leadership of brave soldiers
and excellent organization.

A view of the Eiffel Tower.

Left of the Fuhrer is Professor Speer.

A few days ago,
Chamberlain declared to an American

that England and her allies feel
they are custodians of civilization

fighting medieval barbarianism.

So these are the custodians of culture.

And these are the barbarians.

Where rats appear, they bring destruction.

They are shrewd, cowardly and cruel
and usually appear in large swarms.

In the animal world, they represent
insidious and subterranean destruction.

No different to the Jews amongst people.

Jewish spirit and blood will no longer
contaminate the German people.

Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler,

Germany has raised the banner
against the eternal Jew.

Europe cannot be at peace
until the Jewish question is settled.

If the international financial Jewry
were to succeed

in driving nations into another world war,

it will result not in a Jewish victory,

but in the annihilation
of the Jewish race in Europe.

Are you all bridled up?

- What do you mean? Is this a circus?
- We'll see when the soiree begins.


From the front you look like
Catherine the Great.

And from behind as fit as Napoleon.

Don't mention Napoleon.
He was anti-Semitic.

That's why he also went broke in Moscow.

Here in Frankfurt we have our head office.

In Gibraltar, there's England.

And what is there?


Want to set up a branch there too?

The reverse, my dear man.

We are the branches of Jerusalem.

People appear not to know how to deal
with a great man.

- But you do know?
- Well, yes.

I mean, I don't know.

But I should be glad if I could say
I am a loyal servant to my master.

Stop that!

Would the lady like to dance now?

No, not anymore.

It's outside. Start!

Then remove it.


Let me have it back.



There he sits, the unholy Jew.

In months of trial,
all he has done is lie.

Let me live! I want to live!

I want to live!

Excuse me, miss. I have a spare ticket.
Perhaps I can be of service to you.

Here come the Germans.

- What's happened?
- I have to leave.

You don't need to worry about hurting me,

Inge, you have to trust me.

You are to be my wife.

- Is that really still so?
- Inge.

That can't shock a seaman
Fear not, Rosemarie

We won't let our life sour

Fear not, Rosemarie

And when the whole world shakes

And the world becomes unbalanced

That can't shock a seaman
Fear not, Rosemarie

One night in May

So much can happen

You can lose your heart

And it goes one, two, three

One night in May

You can dream so sweetly

Sitting under trees

All sorts of things can happen

We would like to drink cool wine

Where glasses should be clinked

For we must, we must be parted

Give me your hand

Your white hand

Farewell, my darling

Farewell, farewell

For we sail

For we sail

For we sail to take on England


That's pretty. Where's it from?

It's from... the south sea.

It might upset him.

"Leaders have a concern that supersedes
all utilitarian considerations.

They want their predictions to be true.“

After months of silence, the Fuhrer

takes the only remaining
possible course of action, saying,

"I have decided to place
the fate and future of the German Reich

back in our soldiers' hands.

Germany is in a terrible crisis.

We live in a period
which will determine everything

and change the face of Europe."

The army attacks.

Which Germany do you mean?

The outdated one, resting
on the splendor of the Holy Roman Empire?

This utopia should collapse.

A German Empire must come,
and Prussia lead it.

Only Prussia has the material
and moral right to hold this position,

not Hapsburg.

Hapsburg has proved itself incapable
of such leadership

because it is prepared to share
its power with foreign nations

who cannot have the interest
of the Germans at heart.

"The similarity between Otto Gebuhr's
screen Friedrich

and the popular image of Hitler
cannot be ignored.

A genius.

Of course his plans and deeds
are based on intuition.“

You must be wondering
why I have called on you unannounced.

I don't wonder about anything with you.

What's to become of us?

Don't worry about that, ladies.
You'll go to a concentration camp.

- And now?
- Now we should get some sleep.

- And where?
- Somewhere nice.

A heart like mine
Doesn't like to be alone

All clear!

War with the Soviets.

That's why the captain had to leave

I know another miracle will happen

And a thousand fairy tales will come true

I know no love can pass so quickly

When it is so immense and wonderful

In the beautiful time of roses

I found a darling

Berlin has 4,220,000 inhabitants.

I want to show you Berlin.

- You're from Berlin tool
- Why?

- Charlottenburg Sports Club.
- No, the trunks are from the old lady.

- Old lady?
- Yes.

Oh, your old lady? You leave your mother
alone on the first day of your holiday!

- First day, I wish!
- Why?

It's my only day of holiday.

I like you much better than earlier.

And what about your mother?

I have no mother. I have no one at all.

- Not even relatives.
- Nor do I.


- I just had to get away from It all.
- Really?

- Don't you believe me?
- Of course!

- That's exactly what Mum said today.
- Your mum?

- No, our matron. That's what we call her.
- Then she had a great idea.

What are you doing this afternoon?

- I have to ask Inge.
- The loudspeaker?

You weren't listening.


That was a delightful picture, Madam.
So natural.

It will be a lovely series
alongside the fashion show.

An event of the day, something unique,
like you.

It's current.

- But it's usually done by men.
- Photography?


- Photography.
- And usually the event too.

The body keeps working while we sleep.

The heart beats, the lungs breathe.

But we're not aware of it.
At most we dream.

The city sleeps that way too and dreams.

Within It,
Its blood circulates and life goes on.

And are you...

Are you happy, Rolf?

Happy, Renate?

Who is happy?

In terms of the principle of
the people's right to self-determination,

I have to say we wild ones
are the better democrats.

On the bridge, too le doo

The girls walk up and down

Your friend says to come up.
We're nearly there.



What's the smell?

- You can't just puff at me.
- I'm sorry, but...

I had to puff.

Your hair.

I won't do it again.

Do you want the total war?

Do you want it, if necessary,
to be more total and more radical

than anything
that we can even yet imagine?

...a surprise, which will
shoot up our shares beyond expectation.

that's all I wish to say for now.

But please trust in me.

As we all trust in our Titanic.

Who is in charge,
President Ismir or the captain?

The captain naturally does
what the president demands.

And why does he demand such nonsense?



La Paloma, ohé

It will be over some day

The sea will take us one day

And not return any of us

On the Reeperbahn, at half past midnight

Whoever has never, in the snug night

Come back to the sea.


Come back to the sea.

Stay with me.


In an industrial plant in Berlin.

"The sun sinks.

Not much longer will you thirst,
burned heart!

A promise is in the air,

blowing to me from unknown mouths.

The great coolness comes."


Yes. Beautiful.

That was wonderful, Aels.

Oh, there's no skill in hitting it
at this distance.

But from a galloping horse
is something else.


Do you see the rainbow?

The bridge which swings over us.

Who knows
how soon we will have to walk it?

What should I think about then?

About you?

If I were to die now...

that would be the sweetest death.

"Gentlemen, in 100 years
a wonderful color film will be shown

about the terrible times
we are going through.

Don't you want to play a role
in this film?

Stand firm so that in a hundred years
the viewers do not boo and hiss

when you appear on screen.“

In the summertime many a one

Has lost their heart

No love is more sacred
than the love of your fatherland.

No joy is sweeter than the joy of freedom.

But you know what is in store
if we don't win this battle with honor.

So whatever sacrifice is required

make your priority the sacred values
for which we are fighting and must win

if we are to remain Prussians and Germans.

With foreboding, but undaunted

Dawn is breaking

And the sun, cold and bloody

Lights up our bloody path

In the next few hours

The world's fate will be decided

Others are shaking now

And the certain die is cast

They're shooting at our town!

Come on!

I take Prussia and Kolberg to my heart.

There only remain a few jewels
in our crown.

Kolberg is one of them.

Hans Albers made 19 more films after 1945.

He considered Grosse Freiheit Nr. 7
his best film.

He died in 1960.

Ilse Werner was temporarily banned

from working due to
her role in Wunschkonzert.

Never able to repeat her former success,

she made just ten films
in the Federal Republic

but worked as a dubbing artist
and TV presenter.

She died in poverty in 2005.

Ferdinand Marian
was issued a life-long work ban

due to his role in Jew Suss.

Shortly before he was likely
to be pardoned, he died in a car crash.

Suicide was suspected.

Veit Harlan was exonerated post-1945.

He went on to make 11 films
in the German Republic.

In his many trials, he claimed
the Nazis had taken his non-political work

and used it for their aims.

He claimed he was forced to make
Jew Suss.

He never asked for forgiveness.
He died in 1964.

Kristina Soderbaum was allowed
to work directly after the war

and appeared in her husband's films.

One other film role followed,
in Hans-Jurgen Syberberg's Karl May.

She died in 2001.

Helmut Kautner
was a major filmmaker post-1945.

He went on to make 27 feature films
and 24 TV films. He died in 1980.

The screenwriter of Munchhausen
was the popular author, Erich Kastner.

As a banned author he had to use
a pseudonym, Berthold Burger,

absent from the opening credits.

Kastner was given special permission
to write the screenplay.

The screenplay included some
anti-totalitarian barbs,

but Kastner couldn't go too far
for fear of endangering himself.