Hinterland (1998) - full transcript

Anybody there?




You've come, my Jacquinou.

My Jacquinou.


My beloved Jacquinou.

I've lost some weight.

You look fine.

You could finally wear
that dress I sent you.

Where's Dad?

He's gone shopping.

I'm glad he's still here,
poor man!

He never stops.

Aimée cooks for him.

You're handsome.

You've turned a bit gray.
It looks good.

You've got the same hair
as my dear mother.

She had waves like you.

We'll go to cemetery.

I dared not ask your brother.

Whenever you want Mom!

Am I not a little bit jaundiced?

A little bit Mom, yes.

But it will go away.

A severe indigestion.

My son...

My beloved son.
Give me a kiss!

Dad's coming back with a pan.

Some soup.

He's going to wonder
whose car it is.

If I'd known you were coming,
I'd have done some cleaning.

- Jacquinou.
- Dad.

- Watch out! The soup. Shit!
- Sorry.

How do you think she is?

She's tired.

A jaundice... a severe jaundice.

Guillaume will come
in a short while.

He'd have liked her
to go to hospital.

But I'd rather keep her at home.

2 injections a day.

- Did you call anybody?
- Yes.

That's why you came.

I got a job in Toulouse
for a month or two.

I won't be that far.

I'll be able to come now and again,
if you need something.

It's OK. The National Health Service
will support all the costs.

Moreover I still have
a few customers.

- I'll put away all these medicines.
- Don't touch, you'll make a mess.

She hasn't been well
since her brother's death.

The policemen came to announce it.

They didn't even send a letter.

The shock must have caused her
all that stuff.

I'm bringing her the soup upstairs.

She's been eating soup
and yoghurts only.

- Where will you sleep?
- At Auntie's.


Eat up if you want us to go to Auch.

I'm not hungry.

I vomit everything.

That's the pills.

You don't look well.

I didn't sleep well.

The trucks... all that...

I have a lot of nightmares.

My poor daddy...

My poor mummy...

They're still there... in Auch.

The house... You...

Your brother...

The little baby...

You're so different,
you and your brother.

Is he coming?

He knows I'm here,
he'll come later.

He took care of everything.

He often has rows with Dad.

I'd rather he wouldn't come.

He pokes around everywhere he can.

Such a dirty house.

Dad can't do everything.

Do you feel well enough here?

Please, Mom...

I'm here with you.

That's enough.

I'm so ashamed sometimes.

There's no much comfort here.

You've taken different habits.

With the kind of people you see
in Paris, you must think...


It's good for you.


Dad's calling you.

Get some rest, Mom.

I'm leaving now.

I have a clear conscience,
I've never cheated on Fernand.

But he... I'd rather stay silent.

We should call them... whores.

They came to pick him up that far.

I can say I often cried
in front of my sewing machine.

Hurting... They hurt us!

Oh yes, they did hurt us.

You know, about your poor mother...

Some said she was the one
who smothered the little boy.

I perfectly remember it.

It was the cat.

Your father came to fetch me.

"Aimée, Aimée, come quickly,
something's going wrong."

He was still hot... blue-faced.

The doctor couldn't do anything.
It was too late.

Poor Line, it made her suffer a lot.

He was buried in a civil way.

He hadn't been christened.

This drum roll, Jacqui,
it was so gloomy.

Eat! I made this soup with beans
from my vegetable garden.

And if needed, there are
some fresh eggs here.

I'm not hungry.

Take my father's egg cup.

You've got older too.

Since I was operated,
I can see you.

I wonder how I stayed such
a long time without seeing.

When I looked at myself in the mirror,
after the surgery,

so old with my wrinkled face,

I did cry a lot.

An old bag like me, sometimes,
I think I'd rather be...

Don't worry! You will be 100.

- Look at Augusta...
- Oh no, don't talk about this one.

You'll bring this to your mother,
won't you?

Don't worry, Auntie.
3 min 15 sec for the eggs.

Sit down.

You got the matches there,


You're flying off the handle
very easily!

Just like your brother.

The spitting image of Yvan.


For you and Mom.

- Ah, you're back in town.
- Yes!

But... Is that Alain or Jacqui?

It's Jacqui. Alain is the one
who lives in Bordeaux.

Jacqui lives in Paris.

We see him from time to time.

And we say: "Hey, here's Yvan's son".

- 40 francs?
- Yes.

So, Yvan, good luck!
I know what it's like...

- Bye!
- Goodbye!

- Is it true about your job in Toulouse?
- No.

I didn't want Mom to worry
about my visit.

If she thinks I'm in Toulouse,

I can often go back and forth easily.

We never know.

Your brother says we should
find another doctor.

He's quite good.

I saw him, he's quite good.

- Did you see him?
- I talked to him on the phone.

The injections he gives her
are too strong.

I wonder if that's the reason
why she's so tired.

Sometimes I have the feeling
he's going to kill her.

You know Dad...

she's not doing very well.

It isn't a jaundice.

Not a jaundice, no...
it's a hepatitis.

Hepatitis A or B,
I can't remember.

A new one...

one that's lasting.

Miss Lagnan got the same.
It lasted 3 months.

And now she's well.

You know Dad...

We never know.

That's all those pills
that kill her.

4 months ago, she was fine.

But 3 months ago she heard
about her brother's death.

That's all crap.

I don't think so, Dad.

The psychological shock caused
the disease hidden for a long time.

If you wanna go to the rugby match
tomorrow, I can stay with Mom.

You bet! Not in the mood for it.

When I'm not here, I'm anxious.

Last Sunday, I went
to the rugby match

and I thought about Mom
all the time.

I dropped down the bucket.

Why don't you call us?
I've given you the stick..


Show him the ultrasound picture.

No! Not there... in the drawer.

You see these stains.
There, it's my liver.

I have no more liver.

It doesn't work anymore.

That's why I'm jaundiced.

The doctor said it'll go away.

Did you take your pills?

I'm going to sleep.

Jacqui, Jacqui!

Quick, Jacqui, come down!

Something happened to Line.
I'm going there.

It's the end, my poor Jacqui.

It reminds me of my mother.

How sad it is.

- She had the same...
- Simone!

She never liked your mother.


- How much, Doctor?
- Not today.

This one!

Line's ready...
I'm gonna call Yvan.

The sheets! They're upside down.

- Doesn't matter, Auntie.
- Are you crazy?

Whenever you want, Yvan.

My dear little Mum...

My dear little Mum...

I loved you so much...

Who's the jerk who removed her watch?

- She's dead?
- Yes she is.

Do you find an example?

Ah! This one's OK.

We regret to announce the passing

of Mrs Joseph Courtis,
born Jeanne Carrière,

in her 98th year, at her children's home
in Mirande, the 4th of June.

From Mr Joseph Courtis,
her husband,

Mr and Mrs Courtis, her children,
and all her family.

The religious ceremony will take place
Wednesday, June 9th at 3 p.m.

We thank all those who take
a part in our sorrow.

What do you think, you,
the literary man.

Well, it's OK.

- OK, sold! You see to it, Annie?
- Yes!

The funeral director's here.

I need someone to come with me
to the cemetery

to check the size of the vault.

- OK, let's go.
- Ah, Annie!

Great thanks for your help,
you and Simone.

- I'm glad you're here.
- Of course!

We're neighbours, we have
to help each other...

My father and my grand-father have been
Yvan's customers for so long.

Jacques? Come on.
Go and show him the grave.


I don't know where it is.

Oh, you should find it.
Enough with your bullshit!

- Do you have a measuring tape?
- Yes, I've got one.

Life in town suits you well!

- You look more and more beautiful.
- Alain, please, not today.

So what? Why should I stop
teasing, life goes on.

Have you seen my brother?
This bastard still looks good.

Haven't seen him for 10 years.

Stop chatting and put this book
at the door.

They'll sign the book
so they won't bother us.

Here's my little brother.


It's in this area.

I haven't been here for 10 years.

We went this way...

and then...

I'll be shouted out.

Too bad, you'll come back.

Ah, here it is.

Not in a very good state.

OK, that'll do!

Are we ready?

It reminds you of your son!

Oh sorry... Sorry!


- Auntie!
- Jacqui.

Poor dear Line!

In the name of the Father and the Son
and the Holy Spirit.

Alain! A day like today,
we could make peace.

You're such a pain!
You're an old scumbag.

Lord Jesus, you wanna take with You
the ones the Father gave you.

Guide Line to her everlasting house.

She's just left the house
where she lived on earth.

Give her your welcome
among those you keep with You.

Jesus said :

"I am Resurrection and Life.

The one who believes in Me,

although he dies, he will live."

We're waiting for our Savior,
Lord Jesus-Christ.

He who'll transform our mortal bodies,
modelled after his Holy Body.

Lord, our only God,

we recommend you our sister.

Your Love stayed with her
all her life long.

Deliver her from Evil

and guide her next to You,

where neither mourning, tears,
nor pain exist,

but joy and peace.

Auntie, leave him alone...

He doesn't want to speak
with you, that's it!

What have I done to him?

You know he doesn't like you.

Lord, give her everlasting Peace,

and your shiny eternal Light.

Jacqui, an autograph, please.

- Me too.
- Jacqui, an autograph, please.

- It's not the proper time!
- We never see him.

If you were a plumber or a policeman
just like me, no one would talk to you.

It's amazing,
as I hardly do anything.

In Parisian bars, it's the same.

A good way to try
and pick up someone.

I saw you sometimes
in a magazine.

My neighbours gave it to me.

You made me laugh with Jeofrette.

She's a jerk.
Sometimes I see her in Bordeaux.

I avoid her like the plague.

Lunch with us?

I can't leave her alone.

- Jeofrette's been very kind to me.
- As you like.

- An autograph Jacqui, please.
- Jacqui, Jacqui, an autograph...

Thank you...

I'm sure your brother's not going
to loose his appetite.

He's always been violent,
just like Yvan.

As a young boy, he was
already quick-tempered.

When I took care of you both, I could get
nothing out of him, he broke everything.

Not his fault, he sucked out
the poisoned milk from his mother.

He was bottle-fed.

Yes, right! He almost died.

We thought he was lost.

The priest had given him
Extreme Unction.

Not an excuse. A day like today,

he should have made an effort.

And this cake I bought for Yvan...

Because of your brother,
we're here as three morons.

And Line, she's not always been
very... Hasn't she?


- So what? I'm telling the truth.
- Yes, it's no reason.

Oh, you may speak. I left home
when I was 16, so...

He loved her.
Yes, he did love her.

Sometimes he was stupid too.

She was beautiful.

Oh yes, a real beauty.

She messed up all the town
when she arrived.

And what a happy girl she was.

She was always singing.
She sang like a nightingale.

She loved Luis Mariano and Tino Rossi.

"Rossignol, rossignol de mes amours..."

You know Jacqui...

When a woman is beautiful,

she shouldn't be left
to sing alone too long.

How many times I did come
to reconcile them.

And when my dear poor Louis died,
they didn't even come.

Bordeaux isn't so far away!

When I was staying with you,
they didn't even come to fetch me.

Oh yes, you're right.

We had to bring you back,
you weren't even 15.

You stayed for 3 months with us.

Yes, my first run away.

And I had found you
a job as a projectionist.

Why did they make you come back?

Mom had been ill, I think.

Yes, a miscarriage.
In fact, she almost died.

Yvan didn't deprive himself either.

Yvan, not that much...

Yvan, he liked going fishing,
hunting and drinking with friends.

Anyway, men only like
to be together,

and then they complain.

He has always been such a show-off.

What a swanky guy!

He has always spent a lot of money.

Poor Line, she didn't even have
enough money to buy a pair of shoes.

And how many times I had
to give them some money.

As a young boy, Jacqui,
you were often ill.

I had to pay the doctor
quite a few times.

The same with your uncle,

Yvan always wrote to him:

"Your sister isn't well,
could you send us some money?"

OK... once, twice...
but three times!

And then he was surprised
not to hear from them.

The same for you, Jacqui,
your mother did complain,

you didn't often come to see her.

Three times in twenty years!

You could have made an effort,
for sure...

I was broke!

Each time I came,
they asked me for money.

What a cheek!

Don't worry, he's not going to ask
any money from your brother.

Have a bit of cake, Jacqui.

Thank you.
I'm not fond of this cake...

Come on, Aimée, another piece...

- A little bit.
- You're very fond of it!

Ah cakes... my little weakness.

It's a family weakness.

You know, during last World War,

your father came back earlier.
He was injured.

And he found out what's been going on.

What a fuss!

They almost divorced!

But since the hairdressing salon
belonged to your mother,

your father said nothing!

That's Yvan's way.

And you, Auntie, during World War II?

What about the war?

Pétain... The Germans...

Hey, I got two girls.
I had to feed them.

Yes, but nonetheless,
you were pro-German.

Yeah, that's right, I could
have killed De Gaulle.

So what? The Germans...
They came to save France.

Hey Auntie, you can't say that.
Remember what they've done.

And what have we done?

We protected the Jews,
and some of us were killed.

Hi Jacqui.


Got a room?

The quietest one.

I'll give you number 3.

Your mother, she's well?

She'd like you to visit her.

Annie! If you see my brother,
tell him I leave tomorrow.

Ah... my sweet Dolly.

You're so sad.

Mom's no longer with us.

The two of us will be alone now.

Oh, you got fleas.

Come! I'm going to put
some powder on you.

We'll swap rooms, Dolly.

A new room...
for the two of us, now.

You're crazy to stay here.

- I'm exhausted.
- Bullshit!

Come home with us,
there's a room upstairs.

I can't.

I'm leaving tomorrow.
Come on, let's take a walk.

Fuck! I haven't been here for ages.

It was on Whitsun.

A lot of stands everywhere.

You were an altar boy.

There was a procession.

I followed with olive branches
and you blessed them with that thing...

The censer!

A long time ago.

We no longer believe in anything.

Every Thursday, with the priest...

- What was his name?
- He must be dead, no?

He would be at least 100.

Tillac... that's it, Father Tillac...

Yes, that's it.

- You have a good memory.
- Unfortunately.

And Christian's death,
do you remember?

You piss me off with your memories.

Come on! Let's have a drink.

I smoke too much.

I should stop drinking,
look at this belly.

You're slim, you stay fit.

And you put hair gel.

Yes... It keeps a touch
of freshness.

It makes you look younger.

What are we going to do with Dad?

It's so stupid Mom left first.

There was a room for her at home.

But I don't want him...
No way!

- But he hasn't asked you for anything.
- For the moment!

The other day, he fell asleep
with the gas on.

Mom turned it off
when she went to vomit.

If anything happens,
we will be in trouble.

You know he never payed
social contributions.

No contributions, no pensions.

We have to hope he'll never
get sick, it'll cost a lot.

Futhermore he's got no savings.

If you want to take him with you
in Paris, it's up to you.

Leave him alone.

He's well here.

He's happy with his chickens,
his lizards, his mice.

You're a poet, you!
A real poet.

You're a dreamer, just like my son.

Now he's 75...

we should take for him
an insurance policy.

An insurance at his age...
Very expensive!

It costs 15 000 francs a year.

I enquired about it,
he has to stay fit for 6 months.

6 months without disease,

otherwise we're done with it.

It makes you laugh? Doesn't it?

You've seen how much he spends?

He'll buy anything.

When Mom was alive,
it was OK...

but now, no limits.

Bars, restaurants, and more!

With his 20 000 francs on his bank
account, we'll be in deep shit.

You gonna sign me a power of attorney.

- We'll have to keep an eye on him.
- He doesn't need you.

He got his own customers.

Well... so few.

Of course, you're in Paris.

He can do anything, you know,
he becomes senile.

The other day...

he hung his gun on the door:
"For sale"!

You should have come and visit them
instead of sending money.

You gave him bad habits.

The motorbike you bought him.

It wasn't a real gift.

One of these days, we'll have
some problems, Jacqui.

You laugh, you laugh...
I don't laugh.

Yes, you're right, buying this bike
was something stupid.

The other day, he almost fell
into the lake.

You see?

But no one told me.
He didn't boast about it!

We'll ask him to give it
to your son.

Tell him.
He always listens to you.

- And how are your kids?
- OK!

They don't do a bloody thing
at school.

My daughter... I don't care,
she has plenty of time.

But him!

He always has a girl friend.

They fuck at home
and then, he fails the exam.

But I warned him:

"If you fail your leaving exam...
you'll go to work like everybody else."

"If you wanna be a worker,
it's up to you."

- What does he want to do?
- Police chief.

It'll be hard.

He'll have to study law.

He should get a university diploma.
But I can't help him.

Fortunately our neighbours
check his school work.

- And Delphine?
- Delphine, veterinary surgeon.

She'd like to do it.
It's a lot of studies.

It's a pity, she likes
animals so much.

She'll never gonna make it.

She repeated her 9th grade.

And it costs a lot.

We're leaving tomorrow.
You come and eat with us.

I should see Thérèse, shouldn't I?


Come on, Yvan.
Don't let it get you down.

See, I found that.

It was Line's pot.

My poor Mom.

She had all this money.

I won't spend it.

I'll buy you flowers.

You'll have the most beautiful flowers
of the cemetery.

She liked flowers.
Yes, she did like them!

She liked them a lot.

Don't you think so Dolly?
She was fond of flowers.

Who's the asshole who left the light on.

Ah, my little brother.

At the same place...

Everyone wants you.
They want to see the star.

All assholes.

Before you were a loser,
a wretch, a fag,

but now you're on TV,
they're asking for you.

A bunch of fuckheads.

You're the best, yes!

Come on, drink with me.
Shit! You're such a jerk.

This clock pisses me off.

I live according to sunlight..

I wake up with the sun up,

and I go to sleep when it's down.

A little piece of roast, Yvan?

Stop at our place when you go
back to Paris, it's on your way.

I'll have to be in Paris
next Wednesday.

I don't have your address.

We'll give it to you.

Turn this TV off, I don't give
a shit about the news.

Some coffee, Yvan?

I'm falling asleep...
I'm going to bed.

Come on Dolly, come.

You've seen all he eats.

He could have hemiplegia,
this jerk.

And he gonna sleep like a log.

If you knew the strange dreams
I have!

You seem absent-minded, Jacqui.

You think too much,
like your mother.

Yes... yes.

Some think too much,
others not enough.

Come on, let's go.

It's stupid Dad hasn't bought
this house.

I'll come back here.

Thérèse doesn't want to.

But I'm going to buy something small.
A plot for a house.

You should have bought Guy's house.

Something fine for you,
just outside the town.

Too late.

When rats piss me off,
I collar them.

Are you crazy or what?

Show me those pictures.

It's Mom.

Dad, Mom and I...

We all were so cute.

Let me see.


You were not here, you were ill.

There, this is Robert.

He died of cancer,
he would be our age.

Michel... A cop in Paris.

Luc Biraud, died in Algeria.

I should have left with him.

I was transferred to Pau...
no reason why.

Here's Robert.

Some said he died of aids.

I made my son do the aids test.

His girl friend too.

So we don't worry.

And that one, it's Ramon.

He was gifted, this idiot.

What a waste! Money!

He couldn't keep on.

You know Jacqui, that's injustice.

What will we do with this salon?

You gonna sign
the power of attorney.

Where is it?

Got it!

You don't loose your way?

What shall we do with the insurance
and all of that stuff?

Going back to Paris,
I'll stop at your house.

Knitting Jacqui, knitting...

Jacqui... the girl!

Speed up!

See you soon!

When I'm not here, nobody's here.

My goodness, Jacqui!

I didn't recognize you.

I knew you were around.
Your poor Mom...

- Shall I fill it up?
- Yes.

- When are you leaving?
- This evening.

This evening?

- Did you see my wife?
- No.

Go inside and say hello to her!

Otherwise, you know her,
I'm going to get bawled out.

Got no time, Philou, my father's
waiting for me at "The Barge".

Come on, get in. Don't piss me off!
Jeanine will be happy.


I recognized you quite well,

we see you so often on TV.

- Do sit down.
- 5 minutes.

My father's waiting
for me at "The Barge".

He's so proud of you.
An aperitif, Jacqui?

A pastis please.

Poor Yvan... Life will not
be easy for him now.

He's never been alone.

What are we going
to see on TV soon?

A soap, broadcasted again.

I'd learnt flamenco,

with a Spanish teacher.

You're so funny, Jacqui!

You look just like Philou.

- He's going back this evening.
- So soon?

I see your brother from time
to time, Maxou.

We have fallen out.

An inheritance problem.

- How is he?
- He's fine.

His friend's just died.

- I hope you take care?
- Condom, condom...

You look quite well for your age.

Stop talking crap!

You make him blush.

Making my Philou blush,
you must work hard at it.

You know my mother
slept with your father?

Yes Jacqui, I'm so glad
you talk about it.

You see this shawl,
your mother knitted it for me.

You know what she said
when I went and fetched it?

"Listen, Miss Monvoisin,"

"I don't understand why Philou
doesn't say hello to me."

"The past is the past."

"Not because Jacqui's his half-brother
he should ignore me."

Just like it!
With tears in her eyes.

Why should we talk about that?

Jacqui's talking.
It’s incredible you're so similar.

A bit more macho, no?

Wait a minute Jacqui!

She was right,

his father was handsome.
- Your mother was nice too.

They made a lovely couple.
They almost got divorced.

It's your father, Philou,
who wanted to get divorced.

He was ready to sell his lands,
to leave with her.

Grand-father Lumbreras
put a stop to it.

Hey! Look!

It looks like me as a younger man.

You see, you said it.

I hope you don't mind me telling you.

No, no...

You're not the only one.
Almost all of them. It was wartime.

You can keep it if you want.
I have many others.

So, I'm gonna eat with my father.

- You could have waited for me!
- You know what time it is?

I'm going to say hello
to Germaine and come back.

- Jacquinou!
- Germaine!

We're waiting for you.

I got a riddle.

My first one sucked
the poisoned milk from his mother.

My second one was stifled by a cat.

and my third one isn't
the son of his father.

You're boring me... No time!

The Pruez family!

I've just had a drink
with my half-brother, Philou.

- Who told you?
- Jeanine.

- Didn't you know about it?
- That it was him, no.

My poor Jacqui, you're
the only one who doesn't know.

All the town knows about it.

Apparently your brother
would be the doctor's son.

That's for table nr.12,

Thanks Germaine.

And tell me "Enjoy your meal!".

Sorry, I hadn't seen Germaine yet.

I suppose you've selected
the high price menu.

I can't help doing that.

I've always liked the "confit".

If your poor Mom was here,
she would tell me off.

Love you!

Martine! Just a little bit of foie gras
and a half-bottle of Sauternes.

Your brother says I waste money,

but I won't spend it in the grave.

Just see your poor Mom.

And I don't need much to live on.

2, 3 customers a day.

And it's OK with
what you're giving me.

When I leave, I'll stop at the cemetery.

And push the pots into...
because of the wind.

I'll go tomorrow.

Some white wine, Dad?

No, no...
Such sweet wine, only with cakes...

- Yvan's a real gourmet.
- You said it.

They say I eat too much.

If we listen to them, we do nothing.

Do this, don't do that.

I'm 75, what will remain to me?

You're right Yvan,
don't let them push you around!

She's very kind.

I always give her a good tip.

And she gives me leftovers
for the cats around.

Do you still feed
your lizards with crab meat?

Oh yes, they like it very much.

I have to buy traps.


They're cute,
but they're too many.

You have Mom's smile.

I'm glad you let me leave at 16.

Thanks to your mother.
There was no big future ahead.

And your brother was already working
in the salon.

I see Maxou, my neighbour in Paris.

He also left at the age of 16.

He was born on the same day as me.
It's strange, isn't it?

We never saw him again.

- When did Mr Monvoisin die?
- May 14th 1952.

You ask yourself strange questions.

We lived in Auch...

at grand-father's, at this time.

Do you remember that?

I remember everything, Dad.

You were a little boy.

I was 9.

I got sick at that time.

You know... Jacqui...

You have nothing to blame me for.

I've always loved you.

But... I don't blame you, Dad.

- Hey, you've finished the bottle?
- Yes.

Come on, Dad...

To us! To Mom!

- You're proud of your son, Yvan!
- Oh yes.

Now you know many people,
you'll have no difficulties going up.

- Germaine!
- He doesn't like talking about that.

But we're proud of you, Jacqui.

- Don't you agree, Yvan?
- Oh yes.

We haven't served you dessert yet.
What are you having?

- An ice-cream.
- And you Jacqui?

A coffee and the bill.
I have to drive now. - OK!

Mom liked that ice-cream.

Here you are, Dad.

Damn it... The cemetery!

- Good shot!
- Oh, a ghost.

- Do you wanna play?
- I no longer feel like it.

I'm a member of a club in Paris.
I never go there.

Each year I think:
"I gonna go"...

and I don't go. Hello!
- Hello!

- Jacques.
- I know you!

- I'm Roland's daughter.
- Really?

- Yes.
- Wow!

- The daughter of Roland and Denise?
- Yes.

I worked on local markets
with your mother.

- How is she?
- She's dead.

You should come to our place,
Dad'll be glad to see you.

- Yes, but...
- Do as you like.

- Are you looking for crickets?
- Yes, but I can't get them.

Wait... Look!

A grass blade, you see...

You tickle in the hole.

You touch it... Look!
You got it!

Look, it's nice.

She's as stubborn as her horse.

She never listens to anyone else.

It proofs her temperament
and her heredity.

Oh yes!

Now you must know
everything about me!

You're a brilliant student.
Your name's Aurore.

And you never listen
to your father.

- You address her formally?
- I like it that way.

Usually mothers are
the possessives ones.

A bit of two at the same time.

You've always been ambiguous.

Come on! We were almost 15.

- Did you try again?
- Are you crazy?

It makes you blush.

- I was the Bette Midler of the town.
- Who's that?

A girl who slept
with a whole rugby team.

Your daughter's so beautiful.

Yes, it gives me a lot of problems.

If she'd been a boy,
it would have been easier.

That's what they say.

And your brother, how is he?

He's well.

Do you put him as a character
in the film synopsis you wrote?

I didn't speak about him,
I used his character

to describe others.
That's what writing is about.

Remember. The first time I came back
they beat me up, didn't they?

You were very provocative.

Please, Roland, I was blond-haired...
So what?

You know, here...

Here's the most beautiful girl
for dancing...

Bet you we're going to the fair.

- You're going out again?
- Dad...

Hey Jacqui, what are you doing?
Fuck you!

Come on! I take you back home.

- Did you sleep with her?
- No!