Hinokio (2005) - full transcript

Satoru (Kanata Hongo), a wheelchair-bound elementary student, locks himself away from the outside world after his mother dies. His father designs a remote-controlled robot to go to school for him, allowing him to interact with people and do normal things.

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Family's too late!

- Flatline.
- Tried how long?

55 minutes.

Pronounced dead at 05:27 A.M.

All rise!


Good morning!

Good morning.

Be seated!

Today, I'll introduce you all
to a new friend.

This class has been 24 members,
but from now we'll be 25.

"Grade 6 Class 2"

Come in.

This is Iwamoto, Satoru.

Probably you're all aware
that recently,

when for some reason a student
is unable to attend class,

robot substitutes are being tried.

This school has agreed to accept...

Iwamoto as the first case.


say hello to everyone.


Pleased to meet you.

I'm Iwamoto.

- He talked!
- Amazing!


Yes, Onodera.

Does this robot
move of its own free will?

No. Iwamoto the boy controls it.

Fuel supply?


What's your body made of?

Titanium alloy, plastic,

and also, to reduce weight,

wood of the hinoki cypress.


So, you're "Hinokio"!


Not "Pinocchio," but "Hinokio."


Ah, Hinokio!

He's Hinokio!

Okay, quiet please!
No more time for questions.

And Iwamoto's seat will be...

It's empty beside Jun.

Okay, you can sit in that seat.

Everyone please make him welcome.

First class is in the music room,
don't be late.


Hey, why take the trouble
to have a robot attend school?

Why do you attend school?

Who knows?!

I don't know why, either.

Where were you made?

Overlord Electronics.

What's that?!

They make personal care
and nurse robots.

Obey the Three Laws of Robotics?

- Can you fly?
- You ' rocket-punch'?

That's enough.
You shouldn't all ask at once.

Time to change rooms.

Knows the music room?

No way, he just transferred.

He's going himself.

He's programmed.

We're late!

We got him!

I'm Kudo, Jun. Don't forget it!

I'm Joichi.

I'm Kenta.

What happened?

Hurry, class will be starting!

Hinokio, if you can't
play the flute, try that.

Do it!

Hey, any interesting new games?

Well, you heard about "Purgatory"?

The Net role-play game
that starts suddenly while gaming?


Seems there's an entrance to it in the
game "Cybercity," but I can't find one.

Sounds great!
Maybe I'll look for it too.

Shh! Be quiet!

Ouch! That hurts!

Hey, that's no fun.

What? What happened?

No one is home at the moment.
Please leave a message.

Satoru, how was school?
Nervous after being away so long?

How's the 603 doing?

You're brilliant with that stuff,
so I'm not worried.

Let me know if there's any problem.


Anyway, just keep on trying!

Don't give up, even if
things happen that you don't like.

Seems there's an entrance to it in the
game "Cybercity,"but I can't find one.


NAME: Satoru
BORN: April 13, 1998

Welcome to Purgatory.

You have died.

Now, your soul has left your body,

and you are approaching Purgatory.

I'm home.

Get my phone message?

I got sweets. Eat them with me?


I'll be waiting in the kitchen.
Come out.

Found 'Spirit Flute.'

Took 'Spirit Flute.'

Satoru played 'Spirit Flute.'

Thank you, Satoru. I am Eri.

Your flute playing
has lifted the curse.

Satoru, how was school?
Nervous after being away...

- Wow!
- Amazing!

All are correct!

Thanks, Iwamoto.

Okay, who'll solve the next one?

- Here!
- Right, Kosaka.

Correct. Return to your seat.

And who'll solve the next?

- Here!
- Here.

Yes, Onodera.

Come to the shrine after school!

- We got him!
- Yeah!

Oh! Smoke's coming out!

Not even waterproof! Hah!

Don't be so stuck-up from now on.

Let's go!

Didn't think it'd be so easy.


If we tighten this, it should work...

- Kenta, plug it in.
- Okay.

Here goes.

It's working, we did it.

Picture's no good.

Dr. Nonomura, inventor of
earthquake prediction, resigned...

Maybe here for revenge?

He said a large-scale earthquake
will occur very soon...

but the Earthquake Prediction
Association firmly rejects this...

Thank you, Hinokio.

Your flute playing lifted the curse!

Hinokio, from today you're one of us!

What are you doing?

Hey... this belongs to Jun.

Did you steal it?

That's terrible.


What should we do?

Find something!



Guess it's broken.

Your request won't be answered.
You're going to Hell!

Your endless cycle of life
has been broken.

You will suffer here forever.

That is your fate.

"Running out of jelly, frozen foods!"

Satoru, if you want to say something,
can't you talk to me directly?

It's tough, but you have to
keep trying to recover.

Satoru, I know that you can hear me.

Let's start homeroom.

- Here!
- Yes, Kosaka.

Yesterday Hirai's group
bullied Hinokio, I mean Iwamoto.

That is a problem!

Iwamoto, is that true?

Hirai, please stand.

Hosono and Jun were also involved.

Hosono, Kudo, please stand.

Why did you do that?

I don't know...

Stop lying!

I saw it happen.

I don't know what we did
that can be called "bullying."

I see. Iwamoto, did these three
do something bad to you?

Tell everything.


Not really...

Told you so! See!

Even you lie?!
After I told about it for your sake!

Hey, Sumire,
you got a crush on Hinokio?

Be quiet!

Be quiet!

All right, all four of you sit down.

Everyone, Iwamoto's
making a real effort to attend class,

so don't do anything
that discourages him.

Iwamoto, if you have any trouble,

no matter how small,
tell me about it.

You understand?


All of you understand?


Fine. On Monday
of the week after next,

we'll have a retest in
Japanese and math.


You still have time,
so make sure you study.

Those with low marks
will have detention.


Come with us.

Why didn't you tell about yesterday?

You don't think you were bullied?

Ah, tacks are still in!

Doesn't it hurt?

I have no such sensation.

Can it be that...

you want to be one of us?

Is that it?

Should have said so earlier!

Carry this.

Mine too!

And mine.

Come on.

Ah! Who said to grab a whole box!

Idiot! That's a carton!

Let's run for it!

"Seasoned Squid"

What a surprise!

Can't eat all of that.

Let's use it for bait.

That works as bait?!

Won't know without trying.

No luck here.

Okay, next.

On your marks. Get set...


On your marks. Get set...



Working all night again?


Things going okay with Satoru?

Huh? Well...

Still ignoring you, I guess?

Talkative robot! Enough.

I'm really just guessing,

but aren't you and Satoru very similar?

Why do you think that?

In the same way that
Satoru runs from you,

you also run from Satoru.

At his age, he doesn't
want his father to coddle him.

Forcing him to communicate
could have the opposite effect.

See! You are running away.

You know,
the human heart is a scary thing.


Yes. As vast as space and as
deep as a bottomless swamp,

it's a complex thing.

That's why you're scared of Satoru.

Ah! I forgot I was talking to you.

So, who were you talking to?


Nothing at all...

This late already!
You should be going, Yuki.

And you?

Just a little more,
the sample program is almost finished.

The sensory 'force feedback system'?

Don't work so hard.
I'll debug it tomorrow.


Instead, you should spend time at home,
for Satoru's sake.

Oh, this is a bit...

Sir, are you listening to me?

Yeah. What?

It's okay. I'm leaving, good night.


Satoru, come here!

Satoru, Happy Birthday!

Sit down.

Happy Birthday.

Both look this way!

"Happy Birthday.
Heat the stew before eating, Dad"

Hey, why didn't Kenta come?

He's hooked on "Purgatory." Says he
played all night yesterday, too.

It's that interesting?

Try it once and you're hooked.

Play long enough and
the game stuff happens for real.

You believe that stupid stuff?!

Hinokio, let's go fishing.
Joichi, you going?

Not me, cram school starts soon.

Hinokio, bring that.

See you.

Purgatory is where souls
are held in a state of suspension.

Your soul has left your body,
and is now approaching Purgatory.

Ever fished for sea bass?

In games.

That doesn't count as fishing.

Ready? Pull the line,

raise the arm,

then cast like this.

Oh! Caught something?

That's a big one!
Beats a game, right?

So, seems you really gaze at Eriko.


Akishima, Eriko. You know,
with long hair, in the next class.

She's really popular with the guys.
You like her too, right?

That's not so.
You surmise incorrectly.

Got it, just talk normally.

I'm talking normally.

You're so easy to figure out.

Another rubber boot?



What was that?

Hey, that your kid brother?

We saw what he did back there.

You guys are real smart,
using a robot to do your shoplifting.

Think you can lend that robot to us?

We want him to get something
better than snacks, though.

You guys really like eating
lots of this stuff? Huh?

We're going home now anyway...

Hang on!

Let go of me!


Get them!


Let go of me!

- Shut up!
- Let go!

Don't struggle!

Told you to settle down.



You're not bad... jerk!

- Hurts!
- Let's go!

Ouch! Wait!

Sumire, where's the money?


I wanted you to hurt the robot, not Jun!


What's going on?

Come in.

Nobody's home, just relax.

That's so interesting?


It's my dad's. You can have it.


It's okay. He died ages ago.

I was going to throw it away.

My mother died, too.

In a car accident.

Is that so...

My dad died suddenly, too.

He seemed so healthy,
then he just stopped moving...

He just died right in front of me.

I didn't like him much,
so we never really talked.

I don't know any more
why I disliked him.

I wonder...
what happens when people die?

First, you go to
a place called Purgatory.

Purgatory? Not to Heaven?

It's not so easy going to Heaven.

Wonder if Dad made it to Heaven?

Want me to find out?

You can do that?


You talking about that game?

There really is a link to our world.

How do you know?

In the game I saw
the shrine and your flute.

Just by chance.

I don't know.

That also...

resembles the Purgatory tower.

We're almost at the Purgatory tower.

What is your request?


Whisper it just to me.

Oh, yeah...

Request Japanese and math retests
in my class be cancelled.

I know the way from here.

Well, good-bye.


This is for you.

Thank you. Bye.

Next Sunday,
we'll really catch that huge fish!

Okay, Hinokio? See you!

Yes. Good-bye.

Poppy, fetch!

Good dog.

Go get it!

I'm a bit late.

Glad you made it.

The others aren't coming.

The heavy rain, I guess.

No, they're all hooked on that game.

The game's about that place
called Purgatory, right?


Why's that game so interesting?

I don't know.

But you believe in it too.

So, when I told you about my dad,
you said that.

I'm sorry.

No need to apologize...

Do you really believe in that game?

I don't believe in anything.



Oh! It's here!

It's huge!

Idiot! Can't swim, but jumped right in!

Thought I'd float a bit
because of the hinoki cypress wood...

I was afraid you'd be eaten!

Like when Pinocchio was in danger.

You're a real idiot.


What you looking at?!

I'm not looking at anything...


Hey, Hinokio! What's wrong?

Hinokio! Hinokio!

Are you okay?
Come around! Hinokio!

Please don't shake so hard.

You're not dying?

No. Just shorting from the water
that leaked in.

Don't scare me like that!


You didn't know I'm a girl?


I don't like this body.

It's been defiled.

My aunt said so.

You are not defiled.

Yeah, right...
You don't know anything.

I don't...

I don't go out of my house.

Since Mother died in the accident,

I've been inside my room.

I tried to go outside a few times,
but I just couldn't do it.

A year passed,

then Father made this robot for me.

So, you're still in your room?

Yes, still here...

Do you have a window?


What can you see?

I just see one spooky chimney.

Just one?


You enjoy living like that?


That's a lie.

Yes, I don't enjoy it.


Sure you're okay here?


I'll get them to repair me tomorrow.

Thunder really scares me!


Satoru, do you...

do you... like me?



This toy's really been around!

Put it back carefully.
Satoru notices such things.

Like I said, you're afraid of Satoru.

So what if he gets mad about it...

Can't make more repairs here.

That's true.

Yuki, sorry but...
could you go wait in the car?


Satoru, are you listening?

If you're there now,
won't you please listen to me?

I want to know your feelings,

and... what you're thinking about.

To understand you better.
That's all I want.

But if you won't talk to me,
I can't know what you're thinking.

I know that you've
been hurt in many ways,

but so have I.

Can't we who have been hurt...

become a little closer?

You know,

now our family is only you and me.

Since your mom died,
one year has passed.

If your mom knew
your situation now...

she would be sad.

You killed her.

You're the one that killed Mom.

Mom would never forgive you.

So, I won't forgive you either.

Welcome home. Jun, got a minute?

Sorry, surprised?

Remember I said I wanted to
introduce you to someone?

This is Shibata.

I'm Shibata. Pleased to meet you.

My daughter, Jun.

I invited him to dinner with us today.

Say hello.

I'll start preparing.
Jun, wait a bit longer.

Have a seat.

- Beer okay?
- Fine. Thanks.

Sorry, she's always like that.

I'm a bit nervous, too...

Hook-up of 603
to main computer completed.


Really did get treated roughly...

Huh? Well, joint connections
are easily broken.

Sir, I meant you.


Oh... about Satoru?

Sorry, I didn't mean to listen in,

but what Satoru said troubled me.

In fact,

I had talked with my wife
on the phone just before her accident.

She died just after our quarrel.

That's why Satoru
feels so bitter towards me.

But I'm glad he said that.

He refused to talk to me till now,
so even bitter words are welcome.

Next, if I can speak to him directly,
one to one, without using the 603,

that would be one more step.




Going through here
leads to the Purgatory tower.

Follow me!

Hey, is Kenta away today?

He's hooked on "Purgatory."
Really like a junkie.

And maybe Satoru too?

Satoru? Oh, Hinokio. Maybe.

I can't play if my big sister's around.

If Kenta fails today's test,
he'll have to serve detention.

He said he requested to
cancel the test in "Purgatory."

No way!

- Good morning, everyone.
- Good morning.

Please listen.

For personal reasons
your regular teacher is absent today.


Quiet please! Quiet down!

Sit down, please. You listening?

So today, I will be teaching instead.

Well, repairs are completed.

From now on,
try to use it more carefully.

Okay, Satoru?

Hiraga Gennai was a
truly dedicated individual.

While fulfilling clan duties,
his curiosity remained intact.

Work, zealous research...

I just see one spooky chimney.


That tickles, Poppy! Stop it!

Stop it, Poppy! Stop it, I said!


It's me, Jun. Satoru!

I know you're there! Satoru! Satoru!

Kenta got hooked on "Purgatory,"
he's a real junkie!

Be careful, Satoru.

That's all. See you.


Idiot! You worried me.


Satoru, tell me honestly.

You like Eriko, right?

I'll set up a date for you. Thank me!

Well, I...

Leave it to me.
I've known her for a long time.

- At school tomorrow?
- But...

See you!

I see...
you'll be getting a new father.

Keep it secret that I'm
transferring until I'm gone, okay?

Huh? Why?

Also, I have one more request...

Wow, what a view!

Hey, Satoru!

An ant's so interesting?!
Come here and help!


Think this damp one's okay?

No problem. Here, Satoru.

Be careful.

Oh, no...

Let's take a look.

Stupid! It'll ruin it.

Is it true you had a marriage
introduction on Monday?

Who told you that rumor?

So, it is true!

Why's that Sumire here,
but not Kenta?

Don't know. But it's odd
you invited us all to go camping.

Yeah, Jun, did your attitude change?

Not especially.

After you grow up, you'll
have fond memories of this.

Sounds like an old lady!

Who's an old lady?!

- And he's like an old guy!
- That's true!

Wish Sumire hadn't come!

It's good!

Tastes better together!

Fresh air's great, too!

- I'll eat three more helpings!
- Really?!

- There was a worm in yours.
- What?!

Just joking!


Good, it's lit!

Careful, don't run with it!

Jun. Come here a minute.

What is it?

Come here.

This way.

What do you want?

Let's do fireworks here.

With you?

I bought these for us.
Like them?

Thanks! I'll take them.

Let's go!

What's so great about that robot?


Just die!

- Where we going?
- Exploring.

It's kind of dark.

That's okay. Dark is more interesting.

The stars are amazing!

Can I visit your home?

It's not interesting.
It's just a worn-out old apartment.

Your place, Satoru, not Hinokio's.

Why go there?

I want to meet the real you, Satoru.

What happens if we meet?


If you have something to say,
tell this robot, and I'll hear.

Today's our last chance!

Last chance?

Well, I mean...

I won't ask you that again.

It's a boring request. I cannot accept.

I want to see your face.

I really cannot accept that.

You're always running away!

Enough of your running!

It's not just you who's suffered!

Won't you just leave me alone!

Then you'll never change!

You don't understand how I feel.

Stay shut-in your whole life, fool!

"KUDO Jun"


I understand.

Okay, bye.

Jun's not coming. Let's go.

You don't talk at all.

Oh... sorry.

Why do you use this robot?

You can't talk without it?

Because I'm in rehabilitation.


Yes, what?

Why did you agree to meet
someone like me, anyway?

Jun asked me to.

I won't refuse anything Jun asks of me.

I owe my life to her.

After her dad died,
she was sent to live...

at her uncle's house.

She had problems there...

It was the same for me.

I hated every day,
and thought I wanted to die.

Then Jun said this to me...

If I really wanted to die
to call her, and we'd party first.

If she'd said to keep on trying
it would've been harder,

but really connecting with Jun
changed my thinking...

That's why I'm here now.


where is the real you, right now?

I guess some of you already know,

but Kudo Jun transferred today.

No way!

She didn't say anything!

She said that she
wanted it kept secret till today,

so that's why I didn't tell you.


What is it, Kosaka?

There's a bigger problem!


It's about Hinokio.

What about Iwamoto?

Please look at this!

It was on the Internet.

The company that made Hinokio,
Overlord Electronics,

is developing military-use robots!

Are you sure? I heard they make
nursing and medical-use robots.

On the surface.
But secretly they make these!

Identical to him!

Fighting robots that kill dozens at once!


It's not true.

It's true! I saw Hinokio beat up
three junior-high boys at once!

We can't have such a dangerous
thing coming to school!

Try throwing something at him!


He'll respond to threat.

Please wait!


Stop that!

Don't throw things!

Go away! Go away!

Go away! Go away!

Everyone be quiet!

Kosaka, back to your seat!

lwamoto, be seated.
We're going to begin class. Iwamoto!

Iwamoto! Iwamoto, wait!


He used to get bullied?


He had that accident
just before restarting school.

The doctor said his legs would
heal with rehabilitation...

But he gave up on that, too.

All I could do was encourage him
by telling him to keep on trying.

But "keep on trying" is really the
toughest expression to hear.


I know, I also stayed away
from school for a while.


lf, at that time...

someone had said don't keep on trying,
you don't need to go to school,

it would have been much easier...


You deceived me.

Satoru? What do you mean deceived?

You wanted to develop
military robots,

and I was the guinea pig.

Guinea pig?
What are you talking about?

Satoru, where are you?

You're observing me now, right?

Observing? Aren't you in school now?

I didn't tell you the robot broke down,
but you came to repair it anyway.

We need to know where
the 603 is at all times for safety.

For safety?

That's right.

In the event of breakdown
we'd need to rush to the scene.

I thought so, the safety of the robot
is more important than me.

What are you saying?!

I don't have any further need
for this robot.


Satoru. Satoru!

A sensory 'force feedback system' has
been installed in 603's remote unit!


In that case, if 603 is in danger,
Satoru could also be at risk!

Can't we cancel it?

Impossible! It's been locked.

Where is the real you, right now?

Stay shut-in your whole life!

Satoru, don't be rash!

Satoru! Hey, Satoru!

Satoru, open up!


Get out!

Preparing stretcher!

- Hurry! Oxygen!
- Yes!

Satoru! Hang on!

This way please!

Satoru, understand? Hear me?

Satoru, you hear me?

Can't be sure until
test results come back,

but it's possible that some
brain damage has occurred.

Can't be!

He won't regain consciousness?

We don't know the extent yet.

But please talk to him anyway,
it's possible that he can hear you.

- Tell me if there's any change.
- Yes.


Just going to your place. Didn't
even tell us you're transferring!


I made it back!

Right, Kenta came back from
the game world.

Joichi requested my release
at the Purgatory tower.

Now even you must believe, Jun.

That also... resembles
the Purgatory tower.

- You said the game's linked to reality?
- Right.

So, it's possible to go there from here?

Requests at Purgatory tower come true?

Right... I guess.
Jun, where you going?

Spooky chimney!

What for?

- To get Satoru brought back.
- Satoru?

Hinokio! Satoru could die
as a result of Hinokio's suicide!


Forgive me.

I just wanted you to have...

contact with the outside world.

But in the end...

I just made you suffer.

Welcome to Purgatory.

As the previous dive wasn't
terminated normally,

it's possible that some data
has been damaged.

Purgatory... tower...?

It does kind of look like one...

Jun, you're really going?

No choice, I guess.

Hey, you!

Wait! I told you to wait!

- Hey!
- Let go of me!

Let go!

Jun, hurry!

Come down, get down here. Hey!

Wait there!

It's dangerous!

Call the police!

What are you doing?
This isn't a playground!

Jun, keep on going!

Keep on trying!

Just remembered!
You need a 'Spirit Flute' to request!

Right. Jun!

Forgot something!

The 'Spirit Flute'!


I won't run from you again...

I won't run.

From now we'll be face to face,

and we'll really talk.

Get back!


'Spirit Flute'!

Lidocaine, 50mg! Hurry!

Satoru. Satoru.

- Cardiac arrest!
- Epinephrine!

Satoru! Satoru!


Countershock! Charge to 150!


Please leave during treatment.

- Call Dr. Kuroki!
- Yes.

Doctor, please don't give up.
Satoru's a strong boy.

It's okay, wait outside.

Satoru, don't die! Satoru!


This is lwamoto, Satoru.

Can it be that
you want to be one of us?

Beats the game!

Catch that huge fish!

Then you'll never change!

Idiot! You worried me.

- No response!
- Charge to 200! VF.






Dear God, please save Satoru.

I beg you, please save Satoru.



Congratulations, Satoru.

You can enter the
Purgatory tower with this.


- Satoru...
- Mom.



In the end, I did fail.


you're so strong.

I'm... strong...?

Yes, just like your father.

You don't despise Father?

I really love your father.

But me... my father doesn't...

Your father really loves you, too.

That's a lie!

I was so scared...

I lost your mother,

and I...

stopped believing in myself.

But, in his heart,

his love for you is strong.

So, please try to forgive your father.


want to remain...

here with you, Mom.

We are always together.

Is it okay
if I stay here forever?

For as long as you
remember me,

we will be together.

So, you must go back, Satoru.

To where?

To the place where you really are...









met with Mother.


said she really...

does love you.

Then she said...

that you also...

really love me.


Jun really amazed us!

Really. Sure there was a mat,
but just scratches from such a fall!

Miracle, right? Miracle!


"if you ever have tough times
and just can't take it,

"get in touch with me.

"No matter how far,
I will go and meet you.

"Then we'll have fun!

That's a promise!"

- Take care!
- E-mail us.


- Oh, Hinokio!
- He's alive!

The request did come true!

Satoru! Satoru!

- Satoru?
- Him?




Who's controlling him?!



Today, I'd like to introduce
a new student to the class.

Come in.

Introduce yourself.

I'm Iwamoto, Satoru.
Pleased to meet you.


Masatoshi Nakamura

Kanata Hongo

Mikako Tabe

Maki Horikita, Ryoko Kobayashi

Yuta Murakami, Ryo Kato

Sachie Hara

Riho Makise

Mieko Harada

Shoji Yonemura, Masumi Suetani

Takuji Ushiyama, Hidekazu Uehara

VFX Producer Masahiro Onda

Music Akira Senju

Production Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya

Cinematographer Masakazu Oka

Lighting Engineer Sosuke Yoshikado

Sound Designer Tetsuo Segawa

Editor Soichi Ueno

HINOKIO Prop Producer Masahiro Okano

Director, Screenplay, VFX Supervisor
Takahiko Akiyama

Translation by Paul Briden