Highway 13 (1948) - full transcript

Truck driver Hank Wilson is suspected of sabotaging a big transportation company in financial straits. Working with the insurance company covering the fleet, Wilson investigates the "accidents," hoping to prevent any further mishaps.

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The new contract for
Atlas Machine and Tool

is coming up in three weeks.

I suggest we get together on
terms as soon as possible.

Why Frank, what are you doing here?

You should have stayed
away the rest of the week.

And sit in that house alone?


Maybe you got a good idea there.

You know, keep yourself occupied
here among your friends.

Hello, Mary.

Good morning, Frank.

We were just going
over the weekly report.

You'd like to look in?

No, thank you.

But I would like to have a
few minutes with you alone

if Mary doesn't mind.

Certainly not.

You know Henrietta's
father was my best friend.

Also my partner.

I remember when she was born.

They say those favored
by the gods die young.

I didn't exactly come here
to talk about that, sir.

Oh not, of course, my boy, excuse me.

I brought this matter
up at a board meeting

a couple of weeks ago.

It's about these so-called accidents.

I thought we decided that issue, Frank?

I'm sorry, sir,

but I still think someone is
trying to wreck this company.

You don't seem to realize it

that what happened to
Henrietta was meant for me.

Oh now you've been under pressure, you-

I'm going to get whoever got my wife.

I can't imagine anyone
doing anything like that.

All right, all right then.

Perhaps there was some mad man.

I don't know.

But you can't deny the fact
that we are losing money.

But the insurance covers our losses.

The loss of those
trucks doesn't worry me

half as much as they
loss of our reputation

for dependability and promptness.

But we agreed
that nothing could be done.

Yes, yes, the board agreed by vote,

but I didn't happen to vote that way.

I felt then, and I still think
that we ought to investigate.

Investigate? Who? Our competitors?

Yes, yes, if they seem guilty.

Oh, I know all of our competitors.

They're decent people.

The insurance man has
been snooping around here

for the past week.

And believe me, if they take over

you really got a problem on your hands.

That's why I proposed

that We'd get to the bottom
of this thing ourselves.

How are you going to do this?

I've already got a man in mind.

A chap I met in the army.

He's quiet, steady and dependable.

He's an investigator,

but this sort of thing is his specialty.

You'll get along all right my boy.

You know, you've got what it takes.

Of course, it's kinda
hard for an old like me

to admit it, but you're usually right.

Thank you, sir.

How about a cup of coffee, Frank?

I don't mind if I do, sir.

Hiya, pops.

- Terrible.
- That's bad.

I didn't say bad, I said terrible.

What's the matter?

I'm expecting heartburn.

Stop expecting heartburn.

If I didn't expect heartburn,

I'd expect something
worse and that'd be awful.

Pure fearful coffee.

What are you drinking it for?

Well, the girls pour
it and I can't waste it.

You own the place.

Why don't you fire 'em?

I own it all right, but they run it.

Don't let it get you down, Pop.

Check the rig will you?

Might need some oil.


Hiya Joe.

You come up Highway 13, Hank?


Terrible that guy losing his wife.

Yeah sure was.

Oh looking for someone, Hank?

How'd you guess?

Where is she?

She heard your engine

before it topped the grade
and ran to powder her face.

You know how women are.

No, wow are they?

- Same as per usual?
- That's right.


Who's is this?

Right here, miss.

As if you didn't know.

Why Hank Wilson have you been
sitting there all the time?

I'd stopped playing so
hard to get shall we honey?

And put some a la mode on this.

How you can eat a la mode

for breakfast every morning
is beyond me.

Honey, when you push a
rig all night like I do

everything is upside down
backwards, including your stomach.

What's the matter?

That nine haul too much
for you to handle?

What do you mean too
much for me to handle?

You're complaining about your stomach.

I'm not complaining.

My stomach's fine.

If it wasn't, how could I eat
pie a la mode for breakfast?

There you are, you're
admitting it's bad for you.

I didn't say that.

Honest fellas, did I
say anything like that?

Okay, okay, I'll take the oatmeal.

Bowl of oats.

And we're not even married yet.

There you are.

Eat it all up like a good boy.

Thank you, mama.

- Can I have a spoon?
- Uh-hmm.

Everything's okay, Hank.

Thanks, Bob.

- Give me coffee, Doris.
- And pie.

No pie.

Yes, pie.

No pie.

I see you made the trip
up and back in one piece.

Games don't seem to bother you none.

Not me, pops.

I am so lucky, you'd
think I had good sense.

Now, don't go pushing lady
luck around too hard, honey.

I never heard yet of anybody
being vaccinated against death.

What's all this gab about dying?

I feel bad enough already.

You ought to, it's
your 10th cup of coffee.

See what I mean?

Always at me.

I was reading the other
day where somebody said

accidents don't always just happen.

People that have accidents want 'em.

I wonder what that lady

who got killed last
night would say to that.

Say, wasn't she your boss's wife?


That outfit of yours doesn't live right.

Maybe you oughta work for somebody else.

And let that jinx know I'm afraid of it.

Not me, honey.

Let's change the subject matter.

Accidents give me the willies.

You said it pops.

Would madam care to
see me to my limousine?

I'm busy.

Would you like for me to kiss you

right in front of all these eggs?

Why not? Ashamed?

All right, irresistible.

I'd like a word with
you in private anyway.

See what I mean fellas?

A firm, strong hand
right from the beginning.

Yeah, he'll find out
about the weaker sex.

They're all muscle.

What's the matter with
your uncle lately honey?

Seems like he's always in the dumps.

I don't know.

Aunt Mert's worried too.

She thinks maybe he's sick
or something and won't say.

Hank, I'm worried about us.

Nah, nah, you got
nothing to worry about.

In a couple of months I'll
have enough for down payment.

Honey, just the other day I
saw the sweetest 20 ton rig

over in Bakersfield you ever saw.

It's a fire engine red and the guy said-

I know Hank, you told
me last time through.

By the way, did you ask for the raise?

Well, no.

It's like this honey,

with the company having
all those accidents

and those guys getting hurt and court-

It sounds to me like you've got them

just where you want them.

Now's the time to ask.

But baby.

I'm not kidding.

If you don't ask for
that raise, I'll, I'll-

Hey, you really are sore, aren't you?

In that case, I guess I'd
better ask for that raise, huh?

That's my boy.

- Bye.
- Bye, see you soon.

I think you've got a lot of crust

asking for a raise at a time like this.

If I don't get it now I never will.

I'm curious.

What makes you think you deserve more?

Well, hasn't a man a right

to wanna go somewhere else and down?

Oh, I suppose you wanna be president.

Why not, they're always talking

about Mr. Norris being a self-made man

and how he rose from behind a
truck wheel to be president.

Yes, that's true.

But Mr. Denton went to Princeton.

Miss Hadley, I don't care if
Mr. Denton went to Princeton,

Harvard, Yale, or all three.

All I want to do is get
a little dough ahead.

I'm glad Mr. Denton went to Princeton

and it's all right with me
if he rolls from number four

on the polo team to a soft
job in the trucking industry.


But it wasn't so easy
and it isn't so soft.

And my game was hockey, not polo.

I didn't see you standing there.

Would it have made any difference?

It might.

I could have talked to you direct.

Had I come up from the ranks,

I probably wouldn't know
your name, but unfortunately.

Wilson, Hank Wilson.

If you'll just use the phone,

I can pick up my check and my
walking papers on the way out.

Just a minute.

Aren't you the man that found my wife?

I'm sorry, Mr. Denton.

I guess everybody thinks
nobody else has any troubles

but his own.

Oh, don't apologize.

Is there anything I can do?

Yes, there is.

Here, sit down.

Did you notice anything
unusual about that accident?


I just wanted to find out.

Frankly, it looked like
just another accident to me,

but I get what you're driving at.

I'm beginning to think
that this isn't just one

of those ordinary run
of the mill jinxes.

For one thing, its batting
average is too high

and for another, it consistently
favors the same territory.

Do any of the other
men have the same idea?

Well, I'm no mind reader.

But they talk about it?

Yes, but nothing definite.

Well we better not talk
about jinxes anymore.

The morale is bad enough as it is.

All I'm asking of you
is to be extra careful.

Give him a $15 raise.

Well, that's all I
wanted to see you about.

Thank you, miss.

Hadley's the name, Mary Hadley.

- So long Miss Hadley.
- So long, Hank.

Well, I guess that's
the picture, George.

Well, it's all right, Mary, come in.

George Montgomery, this is Miss Hadley,

our personnel executive.

How do you do?

This was the chap I was
talking Mr. Norris about.

He's going to see if he
can figure out this jinx.

Well, I wish you luck.

Well, thanks.

He feels the best way for him to operate

would be to act as one of our drivers.

Sounds good.

I want George here
to go through channels

as though he's applying
for a legitimate job.

That's easy.

And as usual, We'll put him

with an experienced driver first.

What about Hank Wilson?

Well, he's got ideas and he's alert,

but for your purposes,
the best man you can find.

Well, I guess that's it.

From now on Ms. Hadley
will take care of you

and anything you need, just ask for it.

I'll be seeing you around, Frank.


Oh, don't forget.

- We don't know each other.
- Right.

You're doing all right.

I thought you said you'd
never drove a truck before.

I did some driving in the Army.

Army, where?

Burma Road.

Burma Road, huh?

I heard about that, must
have been pretty rough.

Yeah, they never did get
around to paving that road.

You in the Army too.

Sure, who wasn't?

- Driving trucks?
- What else?


Europe, 3rd Army.

Not the Red Ball Express by any chance?

Yeah, that's right.

Brother, that must've been something.

Oh, I don't know.

The roads were paved.

Go on, you know what I mean.

No wonder you're not afraid
of a little thing like a jinx.

You can push trucks through that mess,

you could push them anywhere.

The Clover Cafe's just around the curve.

Let's pull in and have
a cup of Joe, huh?

Good deal.


Oh now don't get so excited.

You want everybody to know
you're in love with me?

Don't worry, nobody'd
ever think I'm that dumb.

Doris, this is George Montgomery.

George, this is Doris my number one gal.

The others all have false eyelashes.

Pleased, I'm sure.

George will be dropping in from now on.

I want you to take good care of him.

But not too good, understand?

That all depends.

Oh, is that correct?

Did you get the raise?

Raise, what raise?

Oh, you mean the raise.

You should've seen me I was terrific.

- Did you get the raise?
- Sure, I got the raise.


Honest engine and cross my heart.

You can set the date
anytime you want to.

I'll let you know next
time you're through.

Well, now that we've
got that all settled,

how about something to eat?

George, what'll you have?

Whatever you say, Doris.

There's an intelligent man.

From now on you're a dead pigeon.

As soon as you bring
him his oatmeal darling

you might bring me a nice large piece

of Aunt Mert's delicious
apple pie a la mode.

Hey, that sounds good.

On second thought, I'll
have the same as him.

- Anything else?
- Coffee.

And while we're eating,
can you fill this up.

We've got a long haul ahead of us.

Two bowls of vegetable soup.

Okay, dear, you bet.

Pops, I want you to
meet George Montgomery.

George, this is Pops Lacey,
Doris's uncle.

- Hiya Pops.
- Hi George.

George will be working his
own rig in a week or two,

so give him a break.

Why sure.

You check the rig?

Everything okay?

She's okay till you have an accident.


Yeah, Pop's just a nice,
bright, happy playboy.

Darn that coffee.

I might well be drinking plain mud.

Hey, tell me Hank,

what's this jinx
I've been hearing about?

I don't know.

You know as much about it as I do.

Some of the boys seem
to think it's sabotage.

Could be.

Couple more weeks and those
oranges will all be in bloom.

I've narrowed it down
to a place in Fairview,

25 miles out of town, Clover Cafe.

I know the place man, named Lacey.

Runs the garage too.

What else do you know?

The company has him on retainer

to check out outgoing trucks.

He belonged to a
Midwest gang in the '20s.

You know that?


What can you prove by a man's past?

I can't prove anything,
but it's a good lead.

Anything else?


I hit on a pretty good motive.

Takes us right back inside the company.

You know I don't like to
cast dispersions on nobody,

but since you asked me,

it's no more than my duty to tell you.

And you can't remember his name, huh?

It seems to me his name was Norris.

Doris, what was the name of
the driver Hank brought in

a couple of weeks ago.

I don't remember.


Well, you oughta know him.

He's one of your drivers.

Oh yes, I think I know whom you mean.

Why you suspicious of him?

Well, sir, I never met a fella

that could ask so many darn questions.

I even caught him
snooping around my garage.

We'll check on it.

I didn't expect you'd give
us much help, Mr. Lacey.

We're just doing a little
snooping around ourselves

where the accidents occurred.

No, no, Mr. Denton, I
couldn't think about it.

- Drinks on the house.
- All right.

Thanks old timer.

We better hurry along Miss Hadley.

- Night.
- Good night.

What's the idea of making a heel out

of a perfectly nice guy like George?

I gotta be polite to the guy, haven't I?

Sees as how he pays me
to check his trucks,

I got to act like I wanna help.

- It's okay, Pops.
- Right?

Back again, Miss Hadley.

How did you guess?

Oh, it's you.

What do you want?

Here's a manifest on
that load of sodium.

Hmm, how'd you get all
that stuff on one load?

Better use these Mac,
you'll get in trouble.

I've got 20/20 vision.

Then use it.

Get out of here.

It's beautiful, Hank.

You like it, honey?


What about that fire engine
red job over in Bakersfield?

A couple of more weeks won't hurt.

Anyway, Hank, I'm glad you'd
rather wait for the truck

than for me.

Bye honey.

Yeah, another thing that
gets on my nerves around here

is all the time wasted
with this lollygagging.

What did she get you?


Yeah, I can get that from your coffee.

What you'd need is a nice piece of pie.

Rest your arm, Mert.

- Hi Hank.
- Hi George.

But I tell you it's the truth.

Ask Mac, he can tell you.

I couldn't have been
gone from that warehouse

more than five minutes.

And what's more, I know I set
the brake and left it in gear.

I always do, it's a habit with me.

Now, son, take it easy.

Take it easy.

You're accusing me
of criminal negligence

and telling me to take it easy.

How else could you explain it, Wilson?

The poor devil was
obviously checking a load

when your truck rolled
back and crushed him.

Oh no, it's not as simple as that.

My truck would never have rolled back

if the break hadn't been released.

You're not suggesting murder are you?

I'm not suggesting anything.

Well, I'm suggesting
we discharge this man

and consider the matter closed.

Oh no, you can't brush me off like that.

You can hardly expect us to keep you on.

If I were you, I'd get
a job in another state.

Oh you would, would you?

And have this thing follow
me around wherever I go?

Oh no.

If I'm gonna be the patsy,
I'm gonna find out why.

We're not gonna postpone anything, Hank.

We're going ahead just as we planned.

What a way to start a marriage.

Weak start, strong
finish my dad used to say.

We might at least wait
until I was cleared.

Either the date stands as it is

or the whole thing's off.

You know, of course,
you're marrying a criminal.

Stop talking like that.

Don't you see, this gives me a chance

to stand by you to help you fight.

You wouldn't want to cheat
me out of that would you?

You know, honey, the
more I know about you

the more terrific you get.

You better get back.

I don't wanna face those guys in there.

Oh Hank, you're not gonna
go dodging around in alleys.

Come on.

I'll fix you some pie a la mode.

- Pie a la mode?
- Uh-huh.

- Hi Hank.
- Hi Pete.

Can I help you>

Just a cup of coffee, please.

Same here.

By the way, you happen
to know anyone around here

with the name of Hank Wilson?

My name's Hank Wilson.

I'd like to have a little
talk with you in town.

Why, what gives?

Suspicion of homicide.

You'd better come along.

You bet I will.

The sooner this gets
straightened out, the better.


Don't worry, honey.

Let's go Wilson.

He probably had it coming to him.

You can forget all about that
permanent wave I promised you.

- Doris.
- Hank.

The papers say he was
a private detective.

They say he was murdered.

Yeah, that's a big deal, isn't it?

Why don't you tell them
you were good friends?

Why don't you tell them
you weren't even there

when it happened?

Because you can't do
it that way, darling.

You have to clear the proper channels.

They send some guy in to talk big to you

and get you all confused,
and first thing you know

he's got you believing you did do it.

Hank, stop that.

I'm sorry, darling, But it was my truck

and I was the last man to see him alive.

Until they find out who
did it, I guess I'm it.

Could have been an accident.

It was no accident.

Somebody released my handbrake.

Here's a man who wants
to talk to you Wilson.

Alone, if you don't mind.

Goodbye, darling.

Drop by and see me on your way out.


My name is Keller, I'm an attorney

for the insurance company
carrying most of that Norris load.

Oh, for a moment I
thought you were someone

with good news.

I might have it that

if you would go from our proposition.

Thank you.

I'll be as brief as I can.

I know you're not in any rush, but I am.

So here's the pitch.

You're in the clink here on suspicion

of having murdered George
Montgomery, a private detective.

That's a lie and you know that.

No, thanks.

Sure I know it.

Montgomery got in touch with
us as soon as he took the case.

His report puts you in the clear.

So we're working on the
assumption that you really are.

Why don't you tell that to
the man that's got the keys?

Well, we'll have them
hold you here for awhile.

Tell the newspapers it looks bad for you

and then one day soon,
we'll let you out.

Thanks a lot.

We can get your old job back for you.

Special recommendation from
old man Norris himself.

What's your angle?

If I can prove murder, maybe I can prove

that these accidents
were criminally arranged

and not the fault of the
equipment or the drivers.

If I can do that. I can save my company

about a half a million.

Is that big enough?

Okay, what happens when
I get back with Norris?

Well, it's this way.

The guilty party will figure
that you've been reinstated

for the reasons you
have been reinstated.

So they'll be wanting
to know what we know.

So they'll be coming around
to you sooner or later

to ask questions.

I get it.

I knew you would.

But I don't like it.

Did Montgomery's report give any leads?

Yes, but it'll work better
if you don't know them.

We have definite proof against a party

outside of the company.

What we'd like to do is get the motive

behind all of this destruction.

Okay, I'll do it.

Anything's better than
it's stewing in this jail.


So that young lady who was here,

that's your girlfriend?

Yeah, we're gonna be married.

Well, let's not tell her
anything about it, huh?

No use worrying her any
more than we have to.


Everything's just as it was before.

Nobody's acting any differently.

You're sure?

Think now, any little thing
I don't care how far fetched.

The day I checked in,

I kind of thought that Hadley
dame was making a play for me.

Is that bad?

You could hardly find a prettier lead.

Wait a minute, you
don't think she's mixed up

in this, do you?

I don't think anything.

All I know is that something to work on.

Maybe she likes you.

Maybe she's just curious.

How do I know?

It's nice work and you can get it.

Has it occurred to you
that I'm gonna be married?

Remember business before pleasure.

- Match?
- No thanks.

Okay, first chance I get.

But right now I've been a load
of mining machinery in back

that has to be in Bishop
by tomorrow morning.

I'll be back tomorrow night.


Oh, good evening, Mr. Denton.

Hi, Beck.

Oh, Wilson.

What's that?

If I think hard enough
it's supposed to spin.

Just by thinking about it?

That's what the book says,
but you got to concentrate.

Concentrate huh?

Can you do it?


My mind's too weak.

You can say that again.

Here's the receipt for
that mining machinery.

See If you can make it file itself.

You drivers are all
alike, no imagination.

Miss Hadley still here?

What's it to you?


Why, Mr. Wilson, what brings you here?

I was just checking
in and I saw your light.

Oh I see.

And you were concerned
about me, is that it?

Well, yes.

You want to know something Hank?

I was just thinking about you.


If you're staying, close the door.

Thank you.

Now tell me the truth, Hank.

Just, why did you come to see me?

I don't know.

Just sudden impulse, I guess.

Now that's not a bad reason at all.

As a matter of fact,
it's rather flattering.

At least you weren't sent.


Why should I be set?

You're engaged, aren't you?


How do you know these things?

I always know everything possible

about the men who work for us.

And who interest me.

She's rather cute.

Oh, you seen her.

I told you, I make it a
point to know everything.

What goes on here, I just
dropped in to say hello.

And that brings us right
back to where we started.

Why should a man
who's engaged to one girl

drop in on a sudden impulse
to say hello to another?

Is this the reason, Hank?

No wonder it won't work.

You'se two dope's been
thinking wrong purposes at me.

We're going this way, see?

Oh, the other way.



Thank you.

Okay, honey I give up.

Yeah, you and me both.

You really are sore, aren't you?

Never nevermind about me.

Just give me your order.

I get it.

You're mad because I
didn't come right out here

as soon as I got out of jail.

Do you want me to take
your order or don't you?

But I phoned you and
told you I was busy.

Then they sent me on a run up north.

Give me a hamburger and some coffee.

One burger with.

Oh no use, boys, I guess
I'm not in the mood today.

Holy mackerel, look at that clock.

Hi Hank, I gotta run boys.

So long.

Well, let's not act like this, honey.

I'm sorry.

And I promise it'll never happen again.

Well, okay then let's have it out.

If there's one thing
I can stand in a woman

it's a great mysterious silence.

All right, go talk to your Miss Hadley.

Maybe she'll hold your hand for you.

Oh, so that's it.

Has Sam been talking?

He and half a dozen
others from your outfit.

And what they have to say?

Oh, you oughta know.

You're the one who's been going places

and doing things with her.

Believe me, honey.

Don't tell me she met nothing.

I saw her.

She meant plenty.

Listen, honey.

It's no use.

I know what I know.

Well, if you don't trust
me now, you never will.

That's exactly what I mean.

I tell you it was very
important for me to see her.

It's strictly business.

Do you have to think
that low to get ahead?

That's not it.

What then?

I can't tell you now.

It's top secret.

Oh, Hank after all.

It's the truth.

It's no use Hank.

I'm only glad I found out
before it was too late.

What's eating him?

I broke off our engagement.

Get me a cup of coffee.

And give me a piece of pie.

But hand it to me.

If you ask my opinion,
you've done the right thing.

I'm not asking your opinion.

Ever seem funny to you

that Hank ain't never got
mixed up near these accidents.

Not particularly.

But with his luck and my prayers.

Why, what are you driving at?

Well, it's kind peculiar.

He was the first to find that woman

who was killed at Wolford.

And he was there when that
private dick got harassed.

Seems like Hank's always

Don't be ridiculous.

- This yours?
- Yes.

I mean, no, it's his.

He forgot it.

You know that private dick
seems more interested in Hank

than any of the other fellas.

That'll do Pop.

I don't wanna hear any more about it.

Maybe you shouldn't have

busted up with him so quick.

If anybody could find out
what Hank Wilson's up to,

it would be you, wouldn't it?

You made her cry.

I ain't done nothing.

Stop picking on me all the time.

I tell you there's nothing
to that Hadley angle.

All it's doing's messing up my life.

The way I've been hanging around,

she naturally thinks
I'm in love with her.

Is that so bad?

No, but my gal's got the
same idea and that is bad.

I tell you, Miss Hadley
doesn't know a thing about it.

All right, forget it.

I have a better angle anyway.

You say your girl is Doris Lacey.

I didn't say, but that's her name.

Do you know that George
Montgomery's report

is strongly suspicious of the
Clover Garage on Highway 13?

You mean Pop's place?

Oh no. you're way off the track.

Am I?

Well then listen to this.

Good morning.

Am I out of the dog house?

No, but I've been thinking over

what you said about trusting you.

You won't be sorry, honey.

Honest, you won't.

I know Hank. but married
people shouldn't have secrets.

Things are getting a little
easier to explain now, honey.

The picture's beginning to change.

Look I can't talk in
front of all this mob.

I'll be back at 11 tonight.

Could I see you then?


- Bye.
- Bye.

- Hiya, Pop.
- Hi Hank.

Nice going.

Hey miss.

How about some syrup on these hot cakes?

Yes, sir.

I had to see who made the first move

and it happened to be Miss Hadley.

As it turned out, she
was only making a pass

but I had to stick around.

You can see that can't you.

Oh knowing how thorough you are,

I see that part all too well.

Of course you'll have to take my word.

I got away as quickly as I could.

I suppose.

It's funny your telling
me about being suspicious

of those accidents.

Pops were saying almost the same thing.

He said that?


He even thought you looked
rather suspicious yourself.

Pop suspicious of me, huh?

I thought we were friends.

He says that you
never got hurt yourself,

but you're always somewhere around

when the worst ones happened.

Had it ever occurred to you.

That Pop looks pretty
suspicious himself?

Oh, now really.

Well, after all, what do
you really know about Pop?

You've only worked there for a year.

Well, I used to live in the same town.

I've known them practically all my life.

What kind of work did he do back there?

He worked for somebody, I think.

People usually do.

He drove a car for somebody.

I used to hear him mention
his boss's name

when he talked to dad.

There you are, for all you know

he might've been a gangster.

Oh no, not that.

It's funny, I can't remember exactly.

You're lying.

I'm what?

I said you're lying and you know it.

Don't use that tone with me.

It's my turn to use any tone I want.

You said we weren't gonna
lie to each other anymore

and the first thing
off I catch you in one.

You're out of your mind.

Do you mean to tell me
you lived all that time

in the same town with your uncle

and didn't know he was mixed up

in two robberies involving murder?

I never knew any such thing
and I don't believe it now.

It's on the record.

Pops was never in jail.

Sure, he was smart enough
to beat the rap all right,

but he was there.

Yeah, he drove a car.

He drove the getaway car
for the West Side Gang.

And what's more, he
still mixed up with them.

Only he's not driving anymore.

He's fixing the cars

for the poor suckers
who work in my outfit.

Just who are you anyway?

I'm Hank Wilson.


You know what I mean?

Who are you and what
are you trying to do?

Right now I'm trying
to give you a break.

The sooner you talk, the
easier it's gonna be for you.

For me?

Come now.

Don't tell me you don't
know what's been going on

in Pop's garage?

I've had just about
as much as I can stand

for one night, Hank Wilson.

Gee you look man, what happened?

Well, he certainly didn't
act like a guilty man.

Just the opposite.

He turned right around and accused you.


Yes, you.

Let's you and me have a snack.

What did he say?

Give me Stan Hirsch,
four, six, oh, six, oh.

Lazy speaking, you around Mary?

Hank Wilson talked to Doris tonight.

I don't know about you,

but you got me pinned
to the wall and labeled.


I'm gonna blow.

I had my doubts about you
until I heard that phone call.

Who's Mary?

Mary Hadley?

What I can't understand
is why you did it.

Why did you do it, Pop?

Nevermind about that.

It's you and me.

I think it'll be a lot easier for you

if you tell the cops.

My truck's down the road.

What's wrong darling?

Do you want to tell Aunt Mert about it?

It's for keeps this time.

Now, now.

It'll all blow over.

He pretended to be in love with me

so he could spy on Pops.

I'm beginning to think he
isn't even a truck driver,

but a detective in disguise.

But why should he spy on Pops?

He said Pops was the
cause of all those wrecks.

He said Pops has a
criminal record in Chicago.

That isn't true, is it Aunt Mert?

Is it Aunt Mert?

Where's Pops now?

Well isn't he in bed?


What's wrong?

Nothing darling.

You be a good girl and
get some sleep, eh?







Oh my boy.

Are you crazy?

I had to.

Oh I knew this would happen.

I knew it.

Cut it out.

Help me get him out to the truck.

Don't do it, Bill.

Haven't you enough on
your conscience already?

Get up, get up.

What are you gonna do to him?

Oh, wait a minute I've
got to see it through.

Come on and help me get him outta here.

What you don't know
you can't be held for.

I'll go this alone.

Operator, please give
me the police and hurry.

Calling sheriff substation 22.

22 go east and west on Highway 13.

Stop North Express panel
truck for questioning.

You sure this is the road?

I'm not sure of anything.

The old lady said they
were headed this way

on Highway 13.

This fits in with you case,

so I thought maybe you
might like to come along.

Kid must've walked right into it.

Yeah, that's what we figured.

That must be the place.

How you gonna do it?

Drive the truck to the top of the grate,

set the throttle, pile
out and send it on down

with him inside.

I'll follow and pick you
up in Mary's car.

I'll be waiting at the top of the hill.


That oughta make it look real.

Any more nights like this

and I'll have the willies for good.

It didn't bother you so much

about what happened to my wife.

I told you we wouldn't get away with it.

But we did get away with it darling

and we are getting away with it.

The two men in that truck ahead

are the only ones alive
who can prove anything.

In a couple of hours when the
cops find their dead bodies

it'll work out just like I said.

All we have to do is
tell the cops our theory.

That Hank Wilson wreck the trucks

because his mind was injured in the war.

And he blackmailed Lacey
into doing his dirty way.

You think they'll believe that?

Of course, they will.

Keller Hirsch says so.

Why are you so sure he will say so?

Because that's the only way
he can make sure his company

will get out of making payment.

That's all he wants really.

He'll leap at it.

Even make it stand up in court.

Maybe that's the trouble.

You always did make it sound so easy.

Lowering the stock value
by the accidents,

buying up the controlling
stock with my dead wife's cash.

And you and I darling.

That's what I've always wanted.

Hank, wake up.


Oh Hank.

Look out!

There they are ahead of us.

Well, Hank, it looks like

you'll have a nice little
reward out of this.

I can think of a lot
easier ways of making a buck.

You're not by any chance thinking

of that fire engine red
job over in Bakersfield?

Well not for the last
couple of hours anyway.

Then you better get started.

I can't think of a better
way to spend a buck.

Can you Mr. Keller?



Lucky guy.