'He's Watching' (2018) - full transcript

Angela has it all - she's on the partnership track at her prestigious wealth management firm and she is engaged to the perfect man. But things take a turn when her college boyfriend, Kyle, ...

Look, I've got a lot riding
on this deal.

I'll do whatever it takes

to develop this property.

What's unclear about that?

Yeah, well, push back harder.

Don't wanna hear from you
until it's done.

- Mm. Your lawyers?
- Mm-hm.


- Mmh.
- Wait. Wait, wait.

You're gonna spill it.

Mm. Mm!




Oh, my God.

- Stop, Richard!
- What?

No. No, wait.

Wait, wait. Stop!


So, what I
was thinking is that, we...


I haven't started yet,
Ms. Romero.

Every firm I ever fired,

I fired because they never
lived up to the presentation.

We do things differently here.

I've heard that line
before, too.

If I'm going
to share the wealth,

you're going to have to sell me
something new.

I will always listen
and understand

your financial goals
and aspirations.

Now, let's not dwell on the past

and let's focus
on your future, Ms. Romero.


Well done signing Eva Romero.

I expect you to be at the
partners' meeting tomorrow.


Go home.
Celebrate with Michael.


It doesn't matter what state
I'm in, every opposing counsel

in this case are jerks.

No class in class action suits,

That's a partner texting.

It better not be the one
that looks like Salma Hayek.

No, Penelope Cruz.

Oh, and I gotta do deposition
prep all night again.

Oh, I guess that means
we can't celebrate

with FaceTime sex.

Celebrate what?

I made partner.


Some of your luck
will rub off on me.

It wasn't luck, Michael.

I-I didn't mean it
like that, Angela.

I'm sorry. I'm just...

I'm just fried from this case.

I am, I'm really happy for you.

- Really.
- Thanks.

Um... I gotta go.

We'll, uh,
we'll celebrate later, okay?

I miss you.

Miss you, too.

- Hi, Don.
- Angela.

Come by
the conference room

for a VIP meet-and-greet.

Yeah, of course.

Just expanding my portfolio
this year, okay?

Hi. Ange.

Kyle? Hi!

Eh, it's been a while.

So you two knew each other
from college.

Yeah. Yeah. We do.

Kyle's manager
is a college friend of mine.

And when Kyle found out
you worked here...

I told Don
there's only one person

that can convince me
to become an Apex client.

Let's not prove him wrong.

- Welcome.
- Thank you, Don.

All right.

This is so strange.

In a good way though.

How are you?

I'm... I'm great.

I'm living my dream.

I'm a photographer.

- That's amazing.
- Yeah.

You always wanted to do that.


I did not mean
for this to be that awkward.

- I'm sorry.
- No, I'm just...

I'm just surprised.

Look, let's just
think about this

as business between old friends.

You don't need to sell me. Okay?

The last manager I had
that was dealing with my money

was a complete scumbag,

so all I need now
is someone I can trust.

Well, you came
to the right place.

So, um, you know the drill.

I need all of your
financial statements

and then we can go from there.

I hope that includes
catchin' up.

- I can do that.
- All right, cool.

Uh, sorry, how is this
gonna work logistically,

with you traveling so much?

Well, that's easy.
I'm moving back here.

Wow, it was really great
to see you again.

You too.

Would you stop it?

Don't tell me
you have never Googled

or friended him.

I haven't.

God, when you said you wanted

to move on, you weren't kidding.

You know
it wasn't an easy breakup.

Yeah, well, that's why
I never mentioned

that I followed him.


Did you know
he was moving back, too?

All you had to do was look.

he's a big deal now, Ange.

He has been around.

Oh, and still available.


That's my favorite
E.E. Cummings' quote.

Well, somebody didn't move on.

Hey, baby.

You're getting
an early start, too?

Yeah, I couldn't sleep.

So I'm picking you up
from the airport tomorrow?

Oh, damn, uh,
I meant to tell you.

The depo schedule in Detroit
got moved up.



I know it's been brutal
with my schedule, Ange.

But I promise you,
it's short-term pain,

long-term gain.

Is that what it is?


So, um, Kyle Miller
moved back into town.


Yeah, he's an Apex client.

He wants me on his account.

- Oh, great.
- So you're fine with that?

I don't care what you two
had back then, I...

I only care
about what we have now.

Besides, you imagine
all the money

you're gonna get
from his trust fund.

Ah, damn.
I, uh, I gotta go.


Tsk, I'll catch you later,
all right?



Hi! Can I get a large coffee
to go, please?



Oh, hey, Angela!

- Kyle. Oh.
- Hey, come join me.

Yeah, uh,
just for a few minutes.

I've got a busy day.

This was our place, remember?

I know, it's hard to imagine

that this place used to be
a greasy spoon.

Yeah, I know, right?

You know, what I can't get over

is you in the business world.

I know, and somehow
that is how it worked out.

What happened to you
becoming the next

great American novelist?

Ah, well, um...

After school I couldn't pay off
the student loans.

So I got an assistant job
at Apex

and a few years later,
they offered to pay for my MBA.

So, here we are.

Man, you sure did have
a way with words.

I think the literary world
will be fine without me.

Ah, their loss.

So, um, I have to go.

But... let's set something up
for you to come into

the office
and go over everything.

Yeah, lookin' forward to it.


- I'll see you.
- Okay.

Do you think
Michael's having an affair?

Tsk, I guess I would be
the expert in that department.

No, Laurie, I'm not judging you
for your past relationships.

I know, I know, um... Tsk.

I think Michael
is more seduced by success.

Besides... he knows
that if he cheated on you,

I'd kick his ass.

That's true.

I have a question for you.


What does Kyle think about you
being with Michael?

So, Kyle,
I'm recommending

some significant tactical tilts

in your portfolio
so that we can take advantage

of short-term discrepancies
in the market.


- Listen to you.
- What?

You just don't sound like
the English major I once knew.

Do you ever write anymore?
For fun?


Ever think about it?

Uh, it's just
not really where my mind is.

I have clients to think about.

I also think that
we should go modest overweight

to high yields because
they're attractive right now.

- Is that what they are?
- Yes.

How attractive can a yield be?

Barring a recession
and low oil prices, very.

Oh, hey, look at that high yield
over there.

- Check that out.
- Kyle.

What's the status here?

See, now this is exactly
why I couldn't

study with you in school.

Well, I can focus
when I have to.

Answer the question.

Michael is my boyfriend.

That wasn't too hard now,
was it?

- How'd you two meet?
- At a bar.

It was a karaoke night,

Oh, he must have
loved your voice, huh?

I only sing decently
in the shower.

- That's true!
- Kyle!

Couldn't resist.

So what does Michael do?

He's a lawyer
at a class action firm.

He travels a lot.

So what about you?
You have anybody special?

Oh, no. No.

I haven't been
anywhere long enough

to really commit to anything

other than work, you know.


But, that's why
I'm moving back here.

Gonna settle down
and plant my roots.

Excuse me. Hi!

Just wanted to remind you
it's one o'clock.

Okay. Just wrapping up.

- Sorry, I have another client.
- Oh, that-that's okay.

Look, let's just
keep this simple.

And, uh, make sure

that I get
a decent single-digit return

and preserve principal.
Do whatever you want.

You're in good hands.

I know.

Oh, I have gallery exhibit
on Saturday night.

Laurie's coming, too.
You should bring Michael.

I'll text you the details,
all right?

You work fast for just
moving back.

Eh, I'm in demand.

♪ Hello now ♪

♪ Hello now... ♪

I can never figure out
what to wear.

I really need your help
right now, babe.

You think that red's too much

or that black is

too gloomy?

I don't know.

What are you doing tonight?

Ah, team's going out
for a late dinner

so I'm calling now.

Everything okay?


What're you doing?

Um, Kyle invited me and Laurie

to his photo exhibit.

College reunion, huh?

He invited you, too.

The firm was thinkin'
of doing

new corporate headshots.

Maybe I should give him

a call when I get back.

He's an A-list
photographer, Michael.

Yeah, whatever.

And Laurie's pick me up soon,
so have fun tonight.

You, too.

Yeah, red.

Can't look away, huh?

Thanks for coming.

Hey, strangers.

Kyle, I am beyond impressed.

You didn't think that about me
in college?

I only felt that way about me
in college.

Still does.

you see that guy over there?

- Uh-huh.
- He was checkin' you out.

So I gave him
the elevator pitch.


I only do elevators
on the second date.


You're right.
She hasn't changed

Where's Michael?

He's out of town.

Oh, I was looking forward
to meetin' him.

Next time.

He should see your work.

You like it?

Yeah, it's... arresting.

Oh, arresting.

I don't really have
the words, Kyle.

It's... It's so different than
anything you did in college.

What inspired the style?


Hi, I am Mary and unfortunately,

it's my job to keep this boy
in line and make this show pay.

I have some serious buyers
I need to introduce you to.

All right. Okay.

- Please excuse us.
- Mm-hm.

Don't go yet, all right?

I know. I am so sorry
for keeping you waiting.

No. No, no, no.

I had no idea
it was gonna take that long.

- Fine.
- But everything's sold.

- That's great. Congratulations.
- Yeah. Thank you.

Thank you. Let's celebrate.

More money
for my new wealth manager

to move around.


It's like you took snapshots
of people's lives and dreams.

And every one's so spontaneous.

How'd you do it?

Oh, it's complicated.

See, I try to establish
a relationship

with my models
as quickly as possible.

Strategy I perfected
freshmen year.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

No, I just think that...
people are more spontaneous

when they're comfortable
in their surroundings

and people they trust.

What do you think?

I think you have a point there.

That's what I remember
about your stories actually.


The spontaneity in your writing.

You were just always able
to capture

this moment... in time.

- You remember that?
- It's hard to forget.

It was also been really hard
not being able

to talk to you all these years.

I-I was just
trying to respect what you said.

I don't know
what I was saying back then.

I understood that it was hard
on you to talk to me.

Look, I know I didn't handle
things very well back then.

I guess I was just coming
to grips with the fact

that we were over.

But I'm glad we can have

a different kind of future now.

I'm-I'm really happy
you said that, Kyle.

To new us.

Nice house.


Speaking of which,
we should discuss

you investing
in some local real estate.

I'm a step ahead of you.

I already started
movin' into a new spot.

You sure you really need
my advice?


Look, um...

I know we're just doing
business stuff now,

but can I ask you
a personal question?


What do you remember about us?


Everything with us was just...


It-it was unhurried.

It was like we had
all the time in the world.

And I, um...

I felt things differently.

And I always imagined

how you would see things
and feel things.

Me, too.

I am sorry, ahem.

- Shouldn't have done that...
- No, no, it's...

It's not you.

So you'll send me the numbers
on the new house?

Yes. Mm-hmm.

I will.

Thanks for the ride home.




Everything okay?

Yeah, yeah, everything is fine.

I, um, I...

I just thought I'd be tired
and I'm not.

So I was thinking, um...

I should come check out

that real-estate investment
you made.

So, I'll work out of here
once I get the studio set up.

That's good.
It's another business write-off.

So this gets the Apex Wealth
Management seal of approval?

- Definitely.
- All right.

Are you okay?

I am fine. Uh...

I never...

got a chance to tell you that...

how much...

hurting you upset me.

Don't feel guilty.

Forget about that.

I was to blame, too.

Listen to this...

It's because of you...

that I drop fragments
of my emotions

wherever I walk.

That everywhere I go...

and no matter where I am...

I feel like it'll always be
a part of us.

No, see, you are one
who has the way with words.

No, those are your words...

from one of your stories.

I can't believe
you remember all that.

I-I remember
everything about you.

I think about us.

How good it was.

Tell me to stop and I will.

Don't stop.




- Good morning.
- Sorry.

I didn't mean to scare you.

Where'd you go?

Oh, I went out
to get us breakfast.

That's good. I'm starving.

Um, you know what,
give me a few minutes

and I'll come downstairs?

- Yeah, sure.
- Okay.

There she is!

Just like that summer
when we were in Paris.

Except for the cat at the bistro
that kept hopping on our table.

You remember that?

Uh... I don't-I don't know
what to say.

It's complicated.

Because of our past?

Yeah, not just our past,

but our present, too.

Is it 'cause I'm a client now?

T-there's that.

And your boyfriend?

- Duh, yeah.
- It's fine.

I don't see
any conflict of interest

in trusting you with my money,
and as far as

Michael's concerned, well...

I should go.


I'll walk you out.

I just need time to think.

Yeah, I get it.
Take your time.

But not too long, all right?

I never stopped loving you,
you know?

I saw these roses arrive this

Clearly, Michael's got the whole

bells and whistles thing down.

Yeah, they are somethin'.

After you settle,
we gotta talk structuring

that NBA buyin' opportunity

for the Hoffer family.

Hey, Ange,
your phone's goin' straight

to voicemail and I'm
back-to-back all day, so, um,

I guess I'll have to say this
in a message.

As crazed as I've been lately,
I didn't want you to think

that I'd ever forget
the anniversary

of the first time we met.

Karaoke night.

Some day in May
2000 and something.

I-I still don't remember
the date exactly

or the lyrics at all.

But I do remember that

it was the best night
of my life.

We gotta do it more often.

Listen, uh,
I have to back in there.

I love you.
See you soon.

♪ Broken heart
and I'm holdin' oh ♪

♪ 'Cause when love doesn't feel
worth the risk ♪

♪ When you can't find a way
to unclench your fist ♪

♪ When you break under
the weight of all you miss ♪

♪ Remember there'll be
better days than this ♪

♪ There'll be better days ♪

♪ There'll be better days ♪

♪ There'll be better days ♪


I've been thinking
about things, and, um...

I think the other night...
was just... old feelings.

You know it was more
than that, come on.

It was a nice trip
down memory lane.

Are you serious?

You said that you were
okay with us

having a different
kind of future.

I want us to be friends.

I wanna keep working for you
as your wealth manager,

but... that's all it can be.


I'm glad
you see it that way, too.

So, uh, let's try this again.

To a new us.

You know what,
I got a lot of deadlines

I need to catch up on.

I'mma call it a night.


- Okay.
- Another time.

I'm... I'm glad
we figured this out.


I'll call you soon.





I thought you're gonna be later.

I felt bad, so I caught
an earlier flight.

And, uh, fever, apparently.

- Aww. You're burnin' up.
- Mm.

Let's get you into bed.

I appreciate the offer,
but would you believe me

if I told you I had a headache?

Come on, let's get you upstairs.

Yeah, I know
it's real short notice,

but one of my models didn't show

and I need a replacement
right now if you can?

Yeah, I'll send you over
a picture of the look.


Can I get you anything
before we start?

I'm good, thanks.

So, what did you have in mind?

You know my work.

Relax, you'll dig it.

So... you believe in soulmates?

Yeah, totally.

Found yours yet?

No, but I keep looking.


Have you found your soulmate?

- Oh, yeah.
- You're lucky.

I am.

I want you to read
every word of that letter.

That's it?

That's it?

"February 14, 2004.

Dear Kyle.
Happy Valentine's Day, Sexy."

- You stopped.
- Isn't this personal?

What did I ask you to do?

Read every word of this letter.

And what the hell is unclear
about that?


Go on, please.

"I say the words

"I love you" so much

that I wonder sometimes

if you take for granted
the feeling

that is behind them.

Or maybe
there's nothing I can say

that can express
my feelings for you.

Just know, Kyle,

that you've touched
a place in my heart

and made me come alive.

Love, Angela."

She's the one?

She's the one.

You want me to read it again?


Oh, Mr. Miller,
you pay my agency

and then they pay me my fee.

Oh, it's just a little bonus.

Oh, thank you so much,
but for what?

For letting me call you Angela.

So, in your mouth

or somewhere else?

I'm a little too sick
for that joke.

How was your trip?

It was good. Productive.

But too long. I missed you.

Me too.

Let's see. Hm?

Your fever's gone down.

Must've been a 24-hour thing.

Well, lawyers bounce back fast,

You just take it easy
and stay in bed.

Call me at work
if you need anything.

You know, being away
this time made me realize

that I have everything.

Flattery will
get you everywhere.


Wanna eat dinner?

Yeah. That'd be nice.

All right.

You've been listening

and I like what I'm hearing.

Do it all, Angela.

Well, you wanted to play it safe

at home and take risks abroad.

So, we'll remain in U.S. banks

and then we'll increase
your presence in Asian markets,

specifically with the Chinese
Yuan denominated bonds.

Sounds perfect.


I was in the neighborhood.

Thought I'd stop by and say hey.

Eva Romero, Kyle Miller.

Kyle is an old friend,
and client.

We both have excellent taste,

Angela is the best.

I think I recognize you.

You're a photographer,
aren't you?

I read a piece about you
in one of the Sunday magazines.

You know, I love art.

We should discuss
adding you to my collection.

Call me.

I need you to make
an appointment before you

come into the office, Kyle.

What? No exceptions
for old friends?

Or did I use that up?

Listen, I'm available to you

as a wealth manager
and as a friend.

Please tell me that
we understand each other.

Tsk. Okay.

But let me buy you
lunch at least.

I've been reading about some

emerging technology

that I wanted
to pick your brain about.

I have a lunch.

But I would be happy to schedule

something with you.

She's a good person to know.


Thanks for the introduction.

Well, looks like

got their appetite back.

I got all my appetites back.

Oh, yeah?

Maybe we should, uh,

move on to dessert.


I just wanted to say that I know
I get wrapped up in work a lot

and it seems like
I'm not here for you,

but I love what we have

and I wish we had more of it.

So, I would appreciate it
if you wouldn't go anywhere.

- Okay?
- Okay?

'Cause this is only gonna be
a little while longer.

And, um,

just to make sure...

Would you marry me?

Of course I'll marry you.

Do you wanna
just go home?

- Yeah. I'm done. Yeah.
- Let's get out of here.

Excuse me, uh, can I get
the bill, please?

Oh, the gentleman over there

already took care of it.

- Is that...
- Mm-hm.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You must be Michael.
It's great to meet you.

I've heard a lot about you.

Oh, all good things, I hope.

Mm-hm, of course.

Uh, thank you for paying
for the food.

What's the occasion?

Oh, it was obvious.

Congratulations, lovebirds.


- Appreciate it.
- Yeah.

I don't need to tell you
how lucky you are, huh?

Uh, we were actually just
talkin' about that.

You know what?

How about I take
your engagement photo?

As my gift?


Breakfast was enough.

That's, that's fine, thank you.

No, I'd love to do it
for you, really.

No, it's too much.

Angela, it's not every day
a A-list photographer

makes an offer like that.

I know, baby, but, um,

Kyle's just a very
important client.

And I don't wanna impose.

Listen to the lawyer, Angela.

She can be a little stubborn,
sometimes, right?

I'll call you.

Are you okay?

Of course.

I don't know, you've been
a little quiet since breakfast.

Maybe I just have
whatever you had.

You sure that's it?

Why don't you tell me what you
think is wrong, Michael?

Everything was fine until we
ran into Kyle.

Kyle hasn't changed at all.

He's exactly
who he's always been.

And now, he's a client.

I just think I forgot
that he can be

a bit much sometimes.

I mean, he paid for our
breakfast, he's taking

our engagement photos,
so what's the big deal?

You don't know him like I do.

You told me
that his parents died

when he was a kid.

Well, what I know
about psychology, uh,

can't really blame
the guy for being

a little eager to please.


don't we all just need
to be needed?

You do look a little flush.

Phew, oh.

You feel hot.

What to do? What to do?

I think I'm gonna have
to do a full examination.

Do you think I'm being
paranoid about Kyle?

Tsk. Mm. Whoo!

I mean, it sounds like
he's been a good guy

and a mensch.
Maybe he really did change.


Anyway, you've more
important things

to worry about right now.

That's true,
I have a wedding to plan.

I'm talking about
the bachelorette party

that I'm planning.


- Please?
- No.

The last thing I need
is a last hurrah, Laurie.

Ange, get over yourself.

Studies show that
the bachelorette party

is actually
for the bride-to-be's friends.


So strippers are just definitely
out of the question?


Maybe just, like,
one stripper for me, just...

We could have a relaxing spa day

and a nice quiet dinner.

That's it.


- I love you.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- I love you.
- I'll take another.

- You look great.
- You too.

You also look like
you're about to get deposed.

My ex is taking
our engagement photos.

Look at it like this,

these photos they're gonna
capture our love

and they'll be
genuine works of art.

They will.

So, um, where are we
meeting Kyle?


- What?
- His idea.

He said that we'd be
more natural

and relaxed in our own home.

And that's him.

- Are you ready?
- You just give me a minute.


Okay. Get in closer.

Michael, you're a blinker, man.

Every time.

Angela, give me a real smile,

All right.

Michael, you asked Angela
to marry you.

Angela, you said yes.

Now, I know it was outside,
but come on,

let's try and relive
the moment, all right?

Like you mean it.

All right, time out.

Michael, you gotta loosen up.

Relax, man. Calm down.

- Get rid of the jacket.
- Okay.

Probably burning up
in that thing anyway.

You don't mind, do you?
If he just loses the coat?

He's uptight, huh?

It's looking good, guys.
We're almost there.

Wait, wait.

Right there,
that's the perfect light.

Angela, uh, stand next
to Michael right there.

That's it.

Angela, turn around.

All right, Michael, put your
hands on her waist.

Okay, perfect.

Now, get your face
a little closer to her neck.

No, no, um...

You guys mind if I demonstrate?

We are a shot away
from perfect posterity here.

Fine by me.

All right, all you gotta do
is look through the viewfinder.

- Here.
- Okay.

All right.

All right.

Right, hands over my hands.

There you go.

You see all the shadows
on us right here?


Okay, close your eyes.

Please. It'll make the photo.

All right?

All right, Michael,
this is what I'm after, okay?

All right, take the shot.

All right, great, now re-create
that with you two. Good job.

I just need a minute.

Don't let her
take too long, okay?

I think we'll just make do
with what we have.

Michael, I don't just
push a button,

this is what I do,
this is how I work.

I appreciate that, but...

This is not working out for us.

Do you think Angela's
gonna accept anything less?

We're done here.


I'll get you what I got.

Thanks for openin' up
your home, Michael.

You did a great job today.

I'll clean this up and post.

- I'll be in touch with you?
- Yeah.

I'll let myself out.

You were right.

That was a super dumb idea.


I'm so sorry,
by the time I realized

what he was doing,
it was already done.

I should've stopped it.

Look, I know that he's your
client right now,

but I really think
you should have another manager

take care of him.

It's not that easy.

He's only a client
because of me.

Yeah, but not at the cost

of making you feel

If anything else happens,

I'm gonna sic my lawyer on him.

I'll tear him to shreds.

Hello, Kyle.

You sound upset.

You sound like you know why.

Look, I didn't mean
to rock the boat.

And what do you call it?

Being an artist. You used to
understand what that meant.

You gave us a very
thoughtful engagement gift,

but can we please
just leave it at that?

It's not that easy.

Look... I get it.

But I thought that we understood
each other.

I thought we did too,
the other night.

In my bed.

That's not
what I was talking about.

Listen, I just wanted
you to know

that I emailed you the photos.

You should look at 'em
before Michael does.

Oh, that's my agent
beepin' through.

So, I gotta go.

Had a rough day,
I'm gonna go for a swim.

All right, you go ahead.

Just gonna keep drowning

in these depo summaries.


why'd you take my towel?

I didn't take your towel.

Then how did it get on the bed?


Babe, what is it?

Angela, are you okay?


Yeah, baby, I'm, uh...

I just pricked my thumb
with this safety pin.

Could you get me
a Band-Aid from the kitchen?

Yeah, all right.

We need to talk.

I'm afraid you'll need to make

an appointment
with my assistant.

I want you to stop.

- Stop what?
- You know what, Kyle.

I want you to stay out
of my personal life.

And my house.


What about my financial life?

As long as you can
keep it business,

I can move forward.

But I don't wanna go
through this again.

Moving forward, I want
you to put more of my money

in the high yield ETFs.

Well, I would
advise against that.

We'll agree to disagree
on what a newly minted partner

is willing to do to
keep a healthy book of business.

See, sometimes you have to move

to move forward.

That's from a writer
I once knew.

Oh, and, unlike your fiancé,
I don't blink.

Kyle, can I use your charger?

Crazy how much
you two look alike.

I'd like to request that you
take over Kyle Miller's account.

I no longer feel comfortable
working with him.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

I know this is not easy,

but any inappropriate behavior
on his part

and he is done as a client
at the end of this conversation.

No, it's-it's nothing like that.

I-I'm just trying to
get ahead of this.

Look, I, I know
that this is a big account.

And I don't want
the firm to lose him.

I don't care
about that right now.

You are my main concern.

Look, you have the relationship
with his agent,

and I think just
as long as he and I

are not interacting,
he'll be fine.

You want me to handle
the transition talks?

That would be great.
Thank you.

Let's be very quiet now.

You always did forget
to lock your car door.

You used to tell me everything.

Do you tell Michael everything?

Oh, just so you know,
I'm okay with

Don handling my account now.

You could've told me
yourself though.

But then again,
you always were a...

cold, heartless bitch

when you were taking
your insecurities out on me.

I don't need a lens to see

that Michael's not right
for you.

I could feel it.

I have
nothing more to say to you.

Ah, you don't get the last word

this time, Angela.


I can't control now

what's going to happen later.

Sound familiar?

♪ You thought you knew ♪

♪ Who the hell I was ♪

♪ But you were wrong ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Just like Judas ♪

♪ Got carried away ♪

♪ Yes I will betray you ♪

♪ Kiss of Judas ♪

♪ Upon your face ♪

♪ For thirty ♪

♪ Pieces ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Just like Judas ♪

♪ Got carried away ♪

♪ Yes I will betray you ♪

♪ Kiss of Judas ♪

♪ Upon your face ♪

♪ For thirty ♪

♪ Pieces ♪

You were tossing
and turning all night.

A lot on your mind?

It's just the engagement

and the partnership.

We need to get away.

Pick a weekend. I'll plan it.

It'd be nice.

I, um...
took your advice

and asked Don
to take over Kyle's account.

Great. Something
not quite right there.

You know that guy never
sent me the engagement photos?

Yeah, that's weird.

I gotta go.

At last. Here you are.

- Hello.
- Come in.

Thank you.

Make yourself at home.

I'll get us some champagne.

It's beautiful.

Great view.

This kind of reminds me
of my parents' house.

Don't tell me I remind you
of your mother.

No, you do not.

Here's to art.

To art.

So how's Angela doing for you?

So far so good.

But I'll be the first to admit

I'm hard to please.

- Hmm.
- Are you happy with her?

Honestly, there're some losses

I'm not too crazy about.

- Is that right?
- Yeah, junk bonds.

She threw me into 'em
after I told her

I wanted
nothing to do with them.

I don't like the sound of that.

Just check your account
statements very carefully.

That's all I'm sayin'.

I always do.

Enough about this business.

Follow me.

I've been looking forward
to this.

So have I.

I'm always happy to get involved
with new clients.

And I have walls to fill.

I see that.

I hope you're patient, Kyle.

When it comes to art,

I don't make hasty decisions.

Oh, I take my time, Eva.
With everything.


I'm just getting some water,
babe. Can I get you anything?

What the hell are you doing
in my office?

Relax. I'm waiting for Don
to finish a call.

Then we're going to go catch
a basketball game.

It's called client relations.

Say what you want to say
and let's get this over with.

Believe it or not
I'm trying to help you.

You're hurting me.

You're lying, Angela.

To yourself.

To Michael.

We belong together.

That's why
you couldn't show Michael

that one engagement photo
I took because one look at that

and he will know the truth.
I know you didn't.

You know a lot about me, Kyle.

But you don't know everything.

I have a lot of work to do,
so please leave.

Look at what's happened to you
since we've been apart.

You turned into this practical,

premeditated, predictable
shell of yourself.

You played it safe
and you became everything

that you were afraid
you'd become.

Hell, the only time you actually
felt alive all these years

was when we made love
that night.

I felt sorry for you.

Save me the pity party
abandonment bullshit.

You didn't stay with me because
my parents killed themselves

and you have regret.

I asked you to marry me, Angela.

You said you needed to know
that you'd be able to be happy

by yourself
and not just with me.

Well, how happy are you now?

Stop throwing old words at me.

Just because you couldn't
handle, it isn't my problem.

Oh, we'll see
who can handle what.

And... action.

What did you just do?

I just let you go.

- Hey, baby.
- Hi, babe.

Ugh, I'm so glad
that day is over.


Everything okay?

Hope you had a better day
than I did.


What happened?

Oh, my God.

If I, if I hadn't seen that,
would you have told me?

I've been trying to find a way
to explain, I...

It was a yes-or-no question.

It's more complicated than that.

The world peace is complicated.

This is black or white.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry. I...

It didn't mean anything.

Don't you see? He's,
he's trying to tear us apart.

Well, it worked.

You can stay here
as long as you want.

- Thanks.
- Relationship advice sucked.

No, I did it to myself.

I can't believe
Kyle is so unhinged.

I mean, I know
he was a little possessive

in college sometimes,
but nothing like this.

Look, once Michael cools off,
you two can work this out.

I really would
like that, but I don't know.

What did I do, Laurie?

Hi, Don.

I need you
in the conference room.

Be right there.

Don, I need a full explanation
of what's happening.

Hi, Eva.


What's going on?

You tell us.

This isn't right.

You had power of attorney.

If you didn't take the money
and I didn't take it,

then where is it?

I don't know.

All I know is that it's not

where it's supposed to be.

Eva... Don, there has to be

some sort of logical explanation
for this.

Well, until we know what it is,

I'm gonna have to put you
on suspended leave.

Mike will escort you out.

Are you happy now?

Is this the payback
you've been waiting for?

Look, Ange,
you're overreacting, okay?

This is not
what you think it is.

What am I supposed to think?
You ruined my life.

- I saved you.
- How do you figure that?

Because I know you better
than anybody else.

You always used to
beat yourself up

'cause you didn't follow up
on your dreams.

Well, now you can.

You're free of your job.
You're free of Michael.

My job?
How do you know about that?

- Are you listening to me?
- Yeah, I'm listening.

I've literally traveled the
world searching for another you,

but I can't find one.

You really can't let me go,
can you?

I'm not gonna lose you again,
Angela, stop fighting it.

I'm sorry.

You know how I get
when I'm in limbo.

Yeah. Of course I do.

This is all just happening
so fast, Kyle.

I need a little space.

Some time to think.

Okay. Yeah.

That's my girl.

Always thinking.

That's me.

All right,
I'll call you tomorrow, okay?


- Bye.
- Bye.

You sure about this, Ange?

Kyle hacked into my life.

I'm gonna hack into his.

Well, I'm not sure about this.

Since when have you
ever said no to anything?

Since hacking into
Apex's computer system

is totally illegal.

I thought you said you could get
in and out without a trace.

Now you're using my past
against me.

Kyle is using my past
against me, Laurie.

I'm not gonna get him
out of my life

until I use something
against him.

All's fair
in love and war, I guess.

God. There's no love lost here.

Laurie... I think
I found something.

"Richard Miller death, 1997.

Died in double suicide.

Deadly cocktail of medication.

Financial woes caused
millionaire to hide assets."


"Obituary, Katherine Miller.

Devoted wife of Richard."

Uh, it was only a year before

It's really fast
that he remarried.

Hey, you.

Uh, I've been thinking
about things.


We have a lot to
talk about.

Yeah, yeah. Whatever it takes.

Um, I'm staying at Laurie's.
Could you come here?

Yeah. You won't regret this,

I know.

Uh, rise and shine.

You can go now.

You were right.

I wasn't being honest
with myself about you.

But I wanna know that
I can trust you again.

Look, I know I did a lot of
things that crossed the line.

You broke into my house,

and my car, and you
left the dead roses.

You filmed our night together
without me knowing

and then you sent it to Michael.
Then there's...

Yeah, I... Look.

I went scorched-earth.

I'm sorry. All right?

It's just that I would literally
do anything to get you back.

I don't want there
to be any suspicions

or secrets with us, Kyle.




Tell me about your parents.

Well, I-I didn't come here
to talk about my past.

The past is what got us here.

Do you wanna salvage
this relationship or not?

Yes, but you already know

what happened to them.

I know some of it.

You didn't tell me that Megan
was your dad's second wife.

That your mother died of cancer
and he married Megan

really soon after that.
That had to be kind of weird.

I was 12. All right?

I don't really remember.

She was just... a trophy wife.

That's all.

Why'd you think your parents
killed themselves,

especially if your dad
was about to close

some big real estate deal?

I don't know, I heard

he was staring down
a lot of debt.

Maybe the pressure got to him.

And he blinked.

But he had plenty
of life insurance

and a trust fund set up for you.

My old man didn't talk to me
about me. Okay?

Let alone his finances.

What are you doing, Angela?

Trust-building, Kyle.

The autopsy report said that
your parents

overdosed on
some sort of medication.

Oh, I'm glad
your writer's imagination

is coming back to you.

But I wasn't a suspect.
I was a victim.

But you found the bodies?

You're gonna spill it.



Oh, my God.

- Stop, Richard.
- What?

No. No, wait.

Wait, stop.

What are you doing?

- Please, Kyle.
- Shut up.

Did you finish your drinks?

Yeah. I found the bodies.

But I was a victim.
Not a suspect.

Let's talk about your guardian.

I Googled him, too.

And he was declared
a missing person

right around the same time
that it was found out

that he was stealing
from your trust fund.

Which is right when
you left for college.

Yeah, well,
that's what happens to people

who don't wanna face their past.

I'm your past, Kyle!

But you're not going anywhere.

You stole Eva's money,
didn't you?

Why would I do that?

I've got money.

I know the time and date
the money was transferred

out of her account
from her computer

and I know which offshore trust
account it was transferred into.

You can't prove that.

Yes, she can.

Well, I mean, I can.

Or did you forget
what I did in college?

Why are you doing all this,
Ange? Huh?

Why the hell are you doing this?

I did this for you!

So that I can be free of you.

You can't do this to me again.

Don't even think about it.


Uh-huh. Okay.

Wait, you're letting him go?


Well, if you're gonna let
that crazy bastard out there,

you're gonna need this
more than I do.


Once the DA's office hears this,

maybe his past will
finally catch up with him.

I wasn't being
honest with myself about you.

But I need to know that
I can trust you again.

You didn't ask for the ring
back, or the house keys.

So I... I was just hoping that
maybe there's the chance

that we could pick up
where we left off.

Unless helping me with the DA's
all you're willing to do.

I'm willing to do more.

We have a lot
to work through, Angela.

I know.

I don't mind starting over.

How do we do that?

It's karaoke night
at a bar I know.

Oh, we don't have to take it
back that far.

Plus, I have, um, motion
I have to argue, so I have to

save the golden voice, you know?


We could just, we could
just start with today?

I can do that.

We could pick up dinner.


Sounds good.

Hey, Ange.

Hey, honey.

Angela was a hell of a writer.

You ever read anything of hers
that wasn't a grocery list...

or a quarterly report or...

X's and O's scribbled on some
stupid generic greeting card?


I asked you a question,

- No.
- No.

You missed out.

See, Michael, that's the
best thing about first loves.

You get the best version
of that person

before life dulls them down

and snuffs out the spark.

Listen to this.

Listen to this, Michael.

"When I think about us

I start thinking
in these narrow tunnels,

these tunnels that block
everything else out

except you and me.

Nothing else seems to matter.

And that scares me because
of how strong the feeling is."

That's from the heart.

Words from the heart.

Not about you.

Say it!

Say it.

"From the heart."
Say it!

From the heart.

You didn't mean that.

- Say it!
- From the heart.

Oh, hey, um, yeah.


You read the next one.


"I always wanted
to be with you.

And now when we're apart, I...

I hate feeling
this way, so much

long-range plans..."

Stop, right there.

You hear what you just said?

Long range plans, Mikey boy.

Consider yourself
completely X-ed out of those.

You're not gonna
get away with this.

I won't?

We'll see.

I always do.

Keep reading.

Go on.

"You're a beautiful person
to come home to.

I can see myself
being so amazingly happy

and, and, and content

if we both have our jobs

or school or whatever,
ever in the end of the day

it'll all be over and,
and you will be there

and it would be like...
having everything."

Now, does that
sound like somebody

who doesn't want to spend the
rest of their life with me?

I've changed.

Step away from Michael.

You've changed?

You won't.

Just stop it, Kyle.


What we had

it's still real, Angela.

I'm not gonna spend
the rest of my life

wondering, "What if?"

If I can't have you,

neither can he.

Are you okay?

Oh, my God.

I'll kill you.


Baby, are you okay?

Oh, my...
Baby, are you all right?

Michael, I am so sorry.

Well, that was a great read.

But you know, I'm actually
a, a little taller,

a bit cooler and way hotter
than Pamela's boyfriend.

Baby, it's a work of fiction.

Any resemblance to persons,
living or dead,

or actual events
is purely coincidental.

Who's your lawyer?

Some awesome
solo practitioner dude.

Ooh, this might be
a settlement offer.

- Uh, do you mind? Okay.
- No. Go, baby.

Excuse me.
You're Angela Pierce, right?

Uh, yeah. I am.

Could you please
sign this for me?

It's for my mom.

She's a fan.

Oh, of course.

Do you need a pen?

Yeah, I do.

Uh, what's your mom's name?


That's a pretty name.

She's a pretty lady.

I, I think
she kinda looks like you.

That's very sweet of you to say.

Thank you, Ms. Pierce.


Please, Kyle.
Shut up!