Hero Dog: The Journey Home (2021) - full transcript

Chinook the Alaskan Malamute must lead a shipwrecked blind man out of the wilderness, while the man's children launch a rescue mission of their own.

So I'll lead you down
to the boat.

Great. Sorry
to be such a pain.

Normally, I can find my way
around pretty well,

but here, I feel like
I might just take a swim.

Don't worry about it.
It's no problem.

- All set?
- All set.

That's a boy,
that's a boy.

That's a boy, all right.

Okay, your captain today
is Fred Boggs.

He's old, but he knows these
waters like the back of his hand.

There we are,
you stay there now.

You stay there,
that's a boy.

- Ahoy, Captain Boggs!
- Oh, there you are.

And you must be
my passenger, Mr. Davis.

Indeed it is. Royce
will be fine, though.

Is that Chinook I hear?

Oh, is that your dog?

No, no, he's my sister's dog.
Isn't that right, Chinook?

Well, I heard he just
flew in from Africa.

Yep, this dog has had some
pretty incredible adventures.

I've heard all about it
from my niece and nephew.

I just wish he could talk,

I could deal with this tales
all the way on the trip up.

Let me take your bag.

- Okay.
- Okay. Just come a little forward.

I got the bag, all right.
Now, watch your step.

Now, what I'm gonna do

is I want you to take
your left hand here

and put it on this stanchion.

Okay, now I got us.
You got the step?

Over... yeah,
that's it, man.

- Careful.
- Good. You got one step, hold on.

Yeah, you're good.
One more step down.

- Oh!
- There you go.

- There we are.
- Hey! Welcome aboard.

Thank you. Oh.

Sorry, sometimes this
can get a little awkward.

I'm afraid I'm not gonna be
much of a deckhand around here.

You're gonna do just fine.

- Now let me get you a seat here.
- Okay.

And all you have to do is turn around
because you're in the stern seat, okay?

Got it. All right.

- Okay.
- And there's Chinook next to you there.

- Now, sit, you're fine.
- Hey, boy.

There you go.

- Hey, hi, good to see you.
- Here is your life jacket.

Just put that around
your arm there.

- Okay, got it. Got it.
- You got it? Okay, that's fine.

- How ya doing, boy?
- Now, if he's gonna be any bother,

I can put 'im up forward.

Oh, no, no, no, Chinook and I
are old friends. Aren't we, boy?

All right, okay.
All right.

- Hey, Aunt Susan.
- Hi, sweetheart.

What time are we
picking Dad up at?

I think his boat gets in around

I can't wait to see him again,
he's been gone so long.

I know.

Your dad hates being away from
you and your brother, you know?

And since the mine closed down,
he's gotta go where the work is.

I'll let "His Highness" know.

No annoying
your brother.



Open this door
or I'll break it down!

I'd like to see you try!

What is going on
up there?

Erin came in
and threw water on my back!

what did I say?

What, it's only water!
it's just a joke!

All right, we'll talk
about this later.

Max, go back
to your own room!

I'll get you later!

Everything okay back there?
Need anything?

No, everything's fine.
Just enjoying the ride.

I guess you experience things
in a completely different way.

You could say that.

The scenery sounds beautiful.

The sun feels beautiful
on my face.

Never thought
about it like that.

When one... one sense
stops functioning,

the other ones tend to
compensate to an amazing degree.

You mind if I ask ya,
were you born with blindness?

No. No, it was a roadside
bomb in Afghanistan.

I was 19 at the time.

- Oh, you were in the military.
- Yes, sir.

Army Engineers. We were assigned
to build schools over there.

They sure had a heck of a
way of saying thank you.

I... I don't carry around
bad feelings anymore.

I mean, it was a war zone
and I did volunteer.

- Are you married?
- I was.

My wife died
two years ago from cancer.

I have a boy and a girl.
One tween and a teen.

I'm sorry about your wife.

It's been tough
on all of us,

my sister's
been a godsend.

Taking care of my kids while
I had to be away for work.

Yeah, you gotta rely on family
in times like these.

Well, I'm...

I'm not in my 13-year-old son's
good books these days.

Uh-oh, why is that?

We had to move to the city for
my work since the mine closed,

and he's an outdoorsman,
hates the city.

He's like my boys,
they love the north.

- My wife and I raised six.
- Six!

Wow, you don't see too many families
with that many kids these days.

No. No, you don't.

Well, things were
different back in those days.

They're all grown up and doing
their own thing.

One thing, as long as you
have your kids,

stay close to them
while you can.

Oh, I intend to.

That's why I can't wait
to get back.

I've been away
far too long.

All right,
off to pick up your dad.

Yay, I can't wait
to see Dad again!

I hope he brought my new
video game from the city.

That's all you care about,
those stupid video games.

They're not stupid.
You haven't got a clue, lame-o.

All right, you two, absolutely
no fighting when we see your dad.

Nice, happy family.

Nice, happy family,
that's right.

What is it, boy?

Captain Boggs,
is everything okay?

Captain Boggs?

Captain Boggs!

Captain Boggs!

He still has a pulse.

I gotta get to the controls.

Just call your dad real quick
and see how far out he is.

Hm, that's weird.

He should
be close enough by now.

Chinook? Hey, buddy.

Hey, Chinook.
Hey, boy, go get Captain Boggs.

Captain Boggs!


Hey. Captain Boggs?

Hey. Hey, buddy.

Captain Boggs?

Captain Boggs?

Okay, he's still
got a pulse.



Hey. Hey, pal.

Call home.

Oh, come on.

Got no signal.

Call home!

No signal.

Hi, David, this is Susan
Wade, Royce's sister.

Yeah, I'm just wondering
if you can confirm for me

that Royce left the office
and is on his way,

uh, on his way back home.

He did.


No, I'm a little bit worried.

I'm here at the dock
in Port Moody

and he hasn't shown up yet.

I think he was supposed to be
here about an hour ago.

I'd appreciate that,
David. Yeah, thank you.

Call me back as soon as you can.
Okay, thanks.

Where's Dad?
Shouldn't he be here by now?

They're gonna find out the name of
the boat captain bringing him up here

and get right back to us, okay?
We'll just wait here for a little bit.

Okay, okay.


It won't be long before we're
declared past due, okay?

Someone will come find us.

We'll be fine.

I found my stick, buddy!

What's that, boy?

I got water.
I got water, pal!

Chinook, buddy, come here.

Come here, you thirsty,
bud? Come on.

That's a good boy.
Drink up.

Good boy. Yeah.

That's it,
yeah. Yeah.

Okay. I just hope
help gets here soon.

Unless we're
in a cove or something.

I think it's gonna
get cold. I mean...

I'm gonna have to look
for some blankets.

I'm guessing by the feel
of your coat,

you're not gonna
need one, huh, bud?

I know there are
some here, right?

Yeah, yeah, okay.

Yeah, this'll work.

Oh, hey.


I bet you'd like a piece
of this, huh, bud?

There you go.
No, I gotta save it.

What else
have you got in here?

Here you go,
here you go.

What's this?

Okay, well,
that might come in handy,

provided I can load it
and fire it up in the air.

Okay, got it.

Maybe I can signal a plane
or something.


- Hi, are you Susan?
- Yeah.

All right, no word
from your brother?

Nothing, no.
Every time I call,

it just goes straight
to voicemail.

Okay. Well,

we've let search
and rescue know,

they're trying
to reach the boat by radio.

Best thing I'd recommend
is for you and your children

to go home and wait
for word from us.

You should know
my brother's blind.

He won't be able to last
in a survival situation

the way
a sighted person would.

Okay, good to know.

I'll let them know right away.
Thank you, ma'am.

Thank you, thank you.

I've just been
informed that Mr. Davis...


What about Daddy?
Where is he?

They're gonna find the boat and
they're gonna let us know, sweetheart.

We'll go home
for now, okay?

He's still alive, Chinook.

But I don't know if he's
gonna last the night.

I'm guessing
with this weather,

they've called off
the aerial search, buddy.

I don't know, buddy.
I don't know.

We gotta keep up
our strength, pal.


Call home.

Call home.

Mayday! Mayday!

Does anyone copy?



Do you read me?


- Come in, come in.
- Mrs. Wade.

Captain Walker, it's good
to see you again.

Thanks. Please.

I wish this reunion was
for very different reasons.

Do you have any information
about my brother or the boat?

I'm afraid not, Mrs. Wade.

We were not able to get
the boat on the radio

and we're not able to launch
the choppers in this weather.

Now, the skies will begin
to clear at 0600,

and then we plan
to launch the choppers

and search the entire route
that they should've taken.

What do you think happened?
I mean, they can't just vanish.

I really can't say.

I mean, Captain Boggs
is an experienced captain.

He knows these waters
very well.

If they ran into trouble,
he would have sent out

a distress call from the
boat, and so far,

we haven't heard a distress call
from anyone along the coast.

Is it possible they hit
a rock and went down?

Yeah, that is
a possibility, yes.

So my brother's either drowned or floating
around out there in the middle of the night?

Now, let's not
jump to conclusions.

We are going to launch a full-scale
search first thing in the morning.

Look, he's blind.
He can't survive out there!

We're doing everything we can
to rescue your brother

and Captain Boggs
as quickly as we can.

My base camp is
five minutes down the road.

You and I can be
in constant contact.

Thank you.

Hey, boy. Hey.

Good boy. Good boy.

You're a good boy.

It's okay,
he's still with us.

It's okay.

We're gonna be fine.

Have they phoned
about Dad yet?

Not yet, sweetheart.

What if they never find him?

- Aunt Susan...
- Hey, hey.

That's okay. That's okay,
they're gonna find him.

They've got the helicopters up
looking for him right now.

- Shh.
- They should've called by now.

Well, it's gonna
take a little time.

What if Dad is dead?

Hey... Don't you even think
that, okay?

Come here, come here.

Shh, shh.

He's gonna be okay.

Captain Walker?

Captain Walker.

The first of the boat units
headed out 30 minutes ago.

Okay, great.

We're gonna have to search every nook
and cranny of those inlets, right?

- That boat could be anywhere.
- Yes, sir.

Of course, if it struck
a rock and went down,

we're gonna need
a submarine to find it.

Not just a helicopter
or a boat.

That water's over
400 feet deep in some spots.


I fear we could be doing
a recovery operation,

not just a rescue, James.

I heard the passenger
on the boat is blind?

That's correct.
If this isn't hard enough,

we have that to deal
with that as well.

His poor family must be going
through a terrible time.

And he has two kids.

Captain Boggs' wife
is beside herself as well.

Well, if that boat
is still on the surface,

we'll find it.

Hey, buddy.
Hey, there you are.

We gotta give Captain Boggs
a fighting chance.

Okay? He may only have
a few hours left.

You're gonna be
my seeing-eye dog, okay?

All right,
we're gonna be a team.

Okay, we're gonna do this.

Come on.
Come, Chinook.

Okay, we can
do this, buddy.

Here we go.

Come on, buddy, come on.

Come on, boy, come on.

Come on, come on.

Come on. You can do it.

Come on! Come on.

You got it, buddy.

Come on, come on.

Good boy, good boy.

We gotta help
Captain Boggs.


Come on, buddy, come on.

Come on. That's it.

Come on,
we're gonna get help.

Come on in, Mrs. Wade.

- Anything?
- Not a trace.

What am I gonna
tell the kids?

That the search is
far from over.

Every boater in the area has been
alerted to be on the lookout.

He'll turn up,

Provided they haven't sunk.

This is like something out
of the Bermuda Triangle.

I'm as baffled as you are.

You see,
if they went down,

you would think that one
of our boats or helicopters

would've seen some
floating debris.

And no radio contact,
no phone contact?

How could they
just vanish?

See, the boat's emergency
beacon was never activated,

and I don't know why.

If they went down,

the beacon would activate
on contact with water.

And if they ran aground,

Captain Boggs could've
activated it manually.

- And nothing.
- Nothing.

Okay, go home, boy.
Let's go home.

Let's go, okay.

Good job, buddy.

You'd be better at this than me,
even if I could see.

Hey, okay, okay.

Good job, boy, good job.


Just a little bit, okay?

Buddy, we gotta
ration this.

You know, I've never
even been camping before?

My son, on the other hand,
is obsessed with the woods.

I think he must...

be some descendant of Davy
Crockett or something.

Okay, now I know why I've
never been camping before.

Hang on, hang on.

Good boy. Good boy,
come here, come here.

Come, come.


Hang on. Hang on.

Oh... Yeah, we don't wanna
forget our bag.

It's got our treats,
all right?

Okay, go home, go home.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, okay. Whoa, boy.

No, no, come here. Come
here, Chinook.

I don't know how deep
this is, buddy.

Or how warm.

What are we gonna do?

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where'd you go, buddy?



Hey, buddy.

Hey, Chinook.

Hey, boy, hey.

Mrs. Wade, I came
as soon as I could.

This morning,
a local fisherman found the boat.

- It went aground.
- Oh!

Thank goodness.

- And my brother?
- He wasn't there.

Wasn't there?
What do you mean, he wasn't there?

- Did he fall overboard?
- Here's what we know so far.

Captain Boggs suffered
a heart attack

while they were
heading up to Port Moody.

Now, he was found
with the boat,

in critical
but stable condition.

Your brother left a note,

saying he was going
to get help with the dog.

- So my dad's alive?
- It appears he is, yes.

That's right.

Chinook was being brought back
up here to us.

With everything going on,
I completely forgot about Chinook.

Here's what we think.

Your brother decided to hike
out using the dog as a guide.

So he's lost out
there in the woods?

Can you show me exactly
where the boat was found?

Sure. Yeah.

Right about here.

That's a whole lot of
wilderness out there, son.

So now what?
What do we do?

My teams have begun a
full-scale search of the area.

Unfortunately, we don't know which
direction they could be heading.

But at least now we know
what happened.

And my teams have a general area
in which to begin the search.

My brother won't last
out there in the wilderness.

- It'd be hard for a sighted person.
- I know, Mrs. Wade, I know.

We're gonna need
a fire, buddy.

I'm not even allowed to start
the barbecue at home.

Gotta find some sticks,
okay, buddy? Come on.


It's okay. Yes.

Come here, boy. Come here.

Hey, come here.

We're gonna start this, okay?

Come here, boy,
move out of the way.

We searched the entire
first sector

in all directions radiating
out from the boat site.

- Nothing?
- Not a trace.

He can't be
moving that fast.

What if he's already landed
at the bottom of a ravine?

Well, let's hope that dog has sense
enough to keep him away from ravines.

- Is it a seeing-eye dog?
- No, just a family dog.

But he's a big
Alaskan Malamute.

What do you think
his chances are?

Not good.

Are they gonna
call tonight?

Captain Walker said
he's gonna call

around seven
with updates.

They should've found
Dad by now.

I'm sure they're doing
their best, Max.

They have helicopters
and search dogs!

And they're not gonna stop
until they find him.

- They aren't doing enough!
- Max.


Not bad for a blind guy, right?

Hey, bud.

Erin, wake up.

- Leave me alone!
- Erin, wake up!

What? What's happening?
What time is it?

- I'm gonna find Dad.
- You're going to do what?

I'm gonna find Dad.
No one knows these woods better than I do.

That's crazy! Aunt Susan
will never let you go!

That's why I didn't ask her.
I left her a note.

- Now, are you coming or not?
- It's too dangerous.

I don't think you should.

I already lost Mom.
I'm not losing Dad as well.

Now, do you love Dad or not?

Of course I do, I just...

- I don't know.
- Fine, suit yourself.

But I'm gonna find him.

Max, wait!

Max, wait!

I can't let you
take all the credit.

I can survive out there
just as well as you can.

Okay, fine,
but I'm the expedition leader.

What? You never
mentioned that.

Every expedition
has a leader.

Well, this expedition
as two leaders.

Come on.




Okay. Easy, boy, easy.

What is it, boy?

What is it?

What is it, Chinook? I don't know what...

What is it, boy?
I don't know what to do.

Just coming towards you,
okay, buddy?

I'm just gonna take
another step, buddy.

Okay, I think
I get it, buddy.


You okay? You okay?

You're a good boy.

You're a good boy,
you're a good boy.

Thank you.
That was the police.

I was just making sure they had
a full description of the kids

and the pics you sent me.

I can't believe they
would do this.

First my brother
and now the kids?

Mrs. Wade, we need
to stay calm here.

Do you have any idea which way
they could be headed?

Max has that map, I'm sure they're probably
headed to where they found the boat.

Your nephew can navigate
in the woods that well?

Yes, I think so.

Um, he's always been
really good at orienteering.

Well, he's probably thinking

he can cross paths
with your brother that way.

It's a good thing,

in the sense that now
we have a good idea

of where they're gonna
be heading.

Come here.

So this is your house,

and this is where they found the
boat, all right?

Now, at a walking speed of approximately
two miles an hour over rough terrain,

we have a pretty good idea
of where they could be.

I gotta get out there and look
for them.

Mrs. Wade, I already have
three members of your family

lost in the wilderness,
I do not need a fourth.

No, you'll stay with me.

They can't have got that far.
We'll find them.

Hey, wait a second.

How do you know
what direction to go?

I'm using my compass.

Okay, and what direction are
we going using the compass?

Plotted a course to where
Dad's boat was found.


Okay, we're just gonna bump

- into Dad at some point?
- Yeah.

Max, Dad could be headed
in literally any direction,

and no one has any clue
where he is!

He's coming home.
I know he's heading for home.

Well, I hope this Chinook is
some sort of wonder dog, then.

We've both heard stories
about Chinook.

I believe in him.
Even if no one else does.

Over there, boy. Hey.

What is it boy, huh?

Where is it?

Where is he, boy?

Hey, buddy.

Good job. Good job.

I've identified
an insertion point

where we can begin searching
for the kids on foot.

I agree, Captain Walker,
that's an excellent plan.

We're hoping
to cut your kids off

before they get any deeper
into the wilderness.

What about my brother?

Well, our policy is
to make minors the priority.

Quite frankly, the kids
are now drawing resources

away from the search
for your brother.

But we can't just
give up on him.

Oh, no, no, we're not, Mrs.

All the teams
are gonna keep searching.

What are you doing?!

If Dad's anywhere close,
he'll hear that.

And what, he'll just answer back
with his own air horn?

Next time you do that,
warn me first, okay?

You almost blew out
my eardrums!

Oh, dear!
I'm sorry, princess.

Would a princess be out here in the middle
of a forest with her annoying brother?

No, so don't start
that with me, okay?

I'm getting really hungry and I
hope you brought a lot of good food!

We'll be hiking
for another hour or so

and then we'll set up camp.

Do you have any idea
where we are on the map?

- Sure, I have an approximate idea.
- Approximate idea?

You mean
we're lost already?

When we set up camp,
I can review the map.

Don't worry.

I worry, I worry...

Why didn't I just stay home?

There, perfect.

- Are you sure that thing won't blow over?
- Quite sure.

I can't believe I'm gonna share
a tent with my brother.

You can always
sleep outside.

Why don't you sleep outside
under the stars, survival man?

- What do we have to eat?
- Bologna sandwiches.

Ew, are you serious?
That's it?

What'd you expect to eat on a
rescue mission? Five star cuisine?

No, but I thought you would have at
least brought better food than that.

Nope, you travel light
and you eat simple foods.

Bon appetit!

Ha-ha. I wonder
what Dad's doing right now.

He's okay, he can
take care of himself.

At home, at the office, sure,
Dad's amazing with all of that.

But out here?

He's okay, Erin.
He's okay.

Still mad that he's
making us move, though.

Max, Dad only moved us up here
so he could work at the mine.

- I hate the city.
- I know you do, Max.

I'm gonna set up
the sleeping bags.

Hey, I think there's
something in here.

Stop! Stop!

Come here! Stop!


Get it away from me! Ah!

- It's not funny.
- Oh, yeah, it's funny!

I've never seen anything
so hilarious in all my life!

I could've been sprayed!

Well, survival man,
you just had your first encounter

with the local wildlife.
Is there a merit badge for that?

- Shut up!
- You know, haven't they ever told you?

Always zip up the tent
when you're not in it,

or an uninvited houseguest
might just walk right in.

You can sleep out here tonight.

All right, why don't you two
take the north ridge, sweep down?

Why don't you come in from the east
and you link up with him on the west?

Mrs. Wade, you and I
will take the south ridge.

- Any news from the aerial units?
- Afraid not yet.

How could they have
just vanished like this?

Look, your brother and the kids
could be anywhere by now.

The most important thing for us is to
maintain an organized search pattern.

Let's go.




All right.

Hold this and throw it
to me when I get across.

- All right.
- Okay?

All right.

Okay, throw it!

You've gotta be kidding me!

I'm sorry! It was
too big, it slipped!

That was all of our stuff!
Now what are we gonna do?

We can try and get it!

It's gone!

It's gone!

Our rescue mission's done!

Jump over!

Come on, jump over!

I can't believe
you did that!

I'm sorry,
it was too heavy!

Why don't we just go back now?
We tried our best.

Because I don't think
I could get us back!

Well, don't you still
have your map and compass?

Yes, here in my coat,
and my hatchet. That's it!

We have no matches,
no tent, and no food!

I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, Max!

It's okay.

It was an accident.

Sorry I yelled.

It was really my fault.
I should've gotten across a different way.

Okay. Well,
what do we do now?

I'm not sure.

Let's try and find
the boat Dad was on.

We know where it is,
and we know there's gonna be food there.

That could be another day
or two, if we can find it.

Well, we don't have
much choice now, do we?

Come on.

I don't know if I can keep
going, boy. I'm exhausted.

Wait. You hear that, boy?

Hey! Hey, I'm down here!


Hello! Hey!

I'm down here! Hello!



- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah.

I'm a little banged up,
but I'm not seriously injured.

No, you're cut
really bad.

Yeah, let's hope that wolf
had his rabies shots, huh?

We gotta get you
to a hospital.

Here, here.

I wanna thank you
for what you did there.

That was
some quick thinking.

Base, I've been attacked
by a wolf on the south ridge.

I'm okay, Mrs. Wade is okay.
No life-threatening injuries.

Say again, Captain Walker.
Did you say a wolf?

I said a wolf. Over.

Roger that, Captain Walker.
Medical team is being dispatched to you.

Evac on standby. Over.

No, no, no.

Don't take any resources
away from the search.

We can walk back
just fine.

Are you sure?

We'll be back at base
in an hour. Over.

Well, I've been thinking
about upgrading anyway.

I've had this one
for a month, right?

That's the money piece. Next time a
helicopter comes by, we're gonna signal it.

Do you know where we are?

Well, this is the Bow River
right here,

but it has
so many tributaries,

I have no idea which
one this is.

Oh, great!

Well, at least we have
plenty of fresh water.

That's key
in any survival situation.

What about food?

Well, the bears downstream are
enjoying our bologna right now.

Are you just gonna keep
going on about that?

Did you see that? Fish!

Yeah, okay, cool,
but we don't have any fishing gear.

We will soon enough.

All right,
let's give this a try.

All right.

Oh, see that?
I got one!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God, I can't
believe it!

That was amazing!

Can you start a fire?

I've never done it
without matches before.

Well, you can rub two
sticks together, right?

I've read how to do it,
but I've never actually done it.

- Okay, what do we need?
- Two very dry, straight sticks.

All right.


Quick, small sticks!

Captain Walker, I can't tell you how
sorry I am for what happened today.

There is no way
this is your fault.

If you hadn't been there,
things could've been a lot worse.

It's my kids that ran off.
I can't help but feel responsible.

I do not want you feeling
responsible in any way.

Taking risks is part
of my job.

Royce has been out there
for a long time now.

If he has food and water,
he can survive for a long time.

Well, what happens if they
encounter a wolf, like we did today?

In 30 years
of doing this job,

I have never seen
a wolf behave like that.

Normally, they avoid
contact with humans.

- Normally.
- Normally, yes.

Well, with habitat loss
and climate change,

we're seeing human-animal
conflict on a much greater scale.

They're coming into areas for
food that they usually avoid.

Mm, not bad!

Bologna sandwiches would
have been a lot less work.

- Here we go again.
- Sorry.

Aunt Susan must be
losing her mind by now.

We shouldn't have
run off like this.

I know. I was just
so desperate to help Dad.

Me too.

Well, you got
your wish, Max.

- What's that?
- You're in a real survival situation.

Well, so far, so good.


Hey. Hey, boy.

I'm hungry too.


You want a little bit?


Show me where to go,
buddy, let's go.

Ah, so many bugs!

- Here, here's some pine.
- What?

Pine needles.

Rub them on your hands
and rub it on your skin.

I just wanna get out of here.

Any idea
how much further?

Like I said,
it's gonna take a while.

I'm so hungry. Last night's
fish wasn't enough to hold me.

I'm hungry too, Erin.
Come on.

Keep going, buddy.
Keep going.


Come on, you gotta be
kidding me!

Hey, boy. Hey.

I know, boy,
I know. Hang on.



Wow, amazing.

Yeah, but now what?
We can't get down.

Dang it. We're gonna have to go back
for a while and try another way.

That map
isn't much use.

I just can't get my bearings,
even with the map!

I'm sorry, Max,
I know you're trying.

Yeah, yeah.

Please. Please see me.

He's going away.
He's going away.

It's okay, boy, it's okay.
There'll be another one.

Captain Walker,
one of the teams found this

washed up on the bank
of the Bow river.

Oh, no!

Mrs. Wade, is this
your nephew's backpack?


That doesn't mean they're dead.

They could've lost it
crossing the river.

It means they're out there
without supplies and without food!

Hang on, is the map
and compass in there?

No, I can't find it.

Well, that means your nephew
still has a way of navigating.

James, show me on the map exactly
where the backpack was found.

- Right here, sir.
- That doesn't give us a lot to go on.

They could've crossed anywhere
and then headed north.

What I wouldn't give
for just one piece of good news.

I'm sorry.

Hey, wait up.

You okay?

Hiking through the woods with
no food or water is hard work.

- Who knew?
- Can you keep going?

I just need
to rest for a while.

What are we
gonna do tonight?

- I could build a lean-to.
- What about water?

There's gotta be a stream around
here someplace. All right?

Oh, well... Okay.

Hey, buddy.

I can't keep you here
anymore, buddy.



You gotta go home now.

Go. Go on, go!

Go on, boy!

Mrs. Wade,
is there anything I can do?

It's okay.
Just talking to my mom.

I'm sorry.
We're doing all we can.

I know.
I know your team are out there

risking their lives to save
my brother and the kids.

You know, it may seem
hopeless right now.

I just didn't get a chance
to say goodbye to anyone.

You know, I've been involved in so
many of these operations that...

that end
on a positive outcome.

- You okay?
- Tired.

Max, it's a wolf!

It's not a wolf,
it's a dog.

- Hello.
- Hey, where'd you come from, boy?

Max, this is Chinook!

The famous Chinook!
We meet at last.

- Dad must be close!
- Come on!

Come on!

Wait up!

Hey, wait up!

I wish we had a leash.

Chinook? Chinook!

What are you
doing back, boy?

Hey, hey,
what are you doing back?

Hey, where are you?

- There he is!
- Dad!

- Max?
- Daddy!

- Erin!
- Dad!

Hey! Hey, guys.

Hey, what are you two
doing out here?

We came to find you, Dad!
Chinook led us right to you!

- Where's your Aunt Susan?
- Well, Max had an idea

to come out here and find you.
So I came along with him.

What? You guys came out
by yourselves?

We had to, Dad.
We had to.

Your Aunt Susan's
gonna be a wreck

when she finds out
all three of us are out here.

- We found you, Dad.
- I know you did, buddy.

- Uh, Dad, do you have any water?
- What?

What? Yeah, I mean,
I have some, but here.

This is it, kiddo.
We gotta make it last.

You guys... you came out here
without water or food?

I mean, do you
have supplies?

Yeah, we had a bit
of an accident

and lost all of our gear.

Turns out I'm saving
you guys, huh?

Wait, I could still start a fire,
Dad, and I have my map and compass.

Hey, Max, do you think
you can guide us out of here?

- Yeah, Dad, I can do it.
- Okay, good.

Okay, but I'm not going
anywhere right now. My...

My leg is wedged in here
and it won't budge.

Erin, come on.

- No, hey, okay.
- This log is too heavy!

I can't move it!

Look, uh...
Hey, Max!

Do you know what a lever
and a fulcrum is?

Yeah, Dad, I can
cut down a tree.

Okay, yeah, yeah,
and use a rock as a fulcrum.

All right!
Erin, help me!

Just stay close, guys.

How's it coming, Max?

That's it.
I can feel it, guys.

I can feel it.

Okay, try now, Dad.

That's it, that's it!

You two are amazing.

I thought I was
gonna die out here.

Never, ever say that,
Dad. Never.

- Luckily, Chinook was with you.
- He saved you, Dad.

Yeah, he sure did.

Hey, did you guys happen to hear anything
about the boat captain who was driving me?

They said he was found alive, Dad.
He's in the hospital.

That's amazing news.

I can feel the temperature
starting to drop, guys.

It's gonna get dark soon.

Hey, Max, you think you
can get that fire going?

- Yeah, Dad, easy.
- Really?

I mean, I had to use
a flare gun.

Captain Walker.

I've been waiting.

Please, no,
it's all right.

Please. Sit down.

Just so desperate
for any sign of them.

If I'd been paying
better attention,

Max and Erin would have never
gone off without me knowing.

Hey, there's no point
in blaming yourself.

These are good kids.

They believed they were
doing the right thing.

Look, why don't...
why don't you go home and get some rest?

We'll see you first thing
in the morning.

I wanna... I wanna stay
in one of the trailers here.

I wanna be available
the second any news comes in.

Yeah, of course.

James here will make
sure you're comfortable.

Thank you.

- What do you think?
- I think we need a miracle.

Or, at the very least,
a lucky break.

We'll get one, sir.

Hey, guys,
you know what?

I think it's dinner time.

- One piece of jerky each.
- That's it?

We have
to ration it, Erin.

- What about Chinook?
- Yeah, of course he gets one.

Here you go, buddy.


We're having
a campout, Dad.

Yeah, I guess we are.

Max, listen to me.

Nobody was happier to hear
your voices today than I was.

But now you two
are in danger here too.

Your Aunt Susan...

She'll be worried sick
about us.

Yeah, exactly.

But we saved you, Dad.

You sure did.

But next time
I go missing in the woods,

can you just leave it
to the professionals, please?


- Hey, Dad, you know what?
- What?

Max set up the tent,
and when he wasn't looking,

a skunk walked right inside.

And then he went in
and he started screaming.

It was the funniest thing
I've ever seen.

I wish I had been there
for that part.

The rest, I could skip.

You never liked
the wilderness, Dad.

Come on, Max,
we've been through this.

- My job...
- I'll hate the city.

You can go there
without me then!


Max, come back here!

It's okay, Dad,
he can't go far.

He'll come back
when he calms down.

- Good morning.
- Oh, good morning.

- Did you sleep well?
- No, not a wink.


This morning the teams
will have new search areas.

They'll be converging
from north to south.

Look, we're running
out of time.

We have to find them.

- Did you eat yet?
- No. No, I can't.

You have to keep your strength up at
a time like this. It's very important.

Now, go get some breakfast.
That's an order, Mrs. Wade.

Maybe a little.

- Where's Max?
- Just over there by a tree.

- Can you please take me to him?
- Of course.

Thanks, kiddo.


- Max, please.
- What?

Listen, bud,
we gotta get moving, okay?

So whatever bad feelings you
have towards me right now,

you gotta set 'em aside so
we can get out of here, okay?

Fine, but I'm not
moving to the city.

How we doing, Max?

Gotta keep
heading southeast.

Can you tell how far away
the house is based on the map?


Navigating through the woods is
a bit harder than it seems.

It's okay, Max.

You're gonna get us home,
I know it.

And Chinook here,
he's great at finding his way.

I've always dreamed
of having a dog like that.

Me too. He's the perfect
dog for the wilderness.

Well, I can guarantee you he's happy
not to be towing me around anymore.

Don't hit the tree, Dad,
don't hit the tree.

It's right there.
Please don't hit the tree.

So you have
to go down a little.

Yep, that's safe ground.

- All right, boy.
- All right.

Chinook's right in front
of you so be careful.

Oh, great. Another river.

I don't have much luck
with rivers.

This is
the Bow River, Dad.

We didn't have much luck
with it either.

All right, look, Max,
do you think you know

where we are now
that we have a landmark?

Uh, the Bow has
so many tributaries,

I have no idea
which one this is.

Okay, well, let's just try
and get across, all right?

- Yeah.
- I don't feel like going for another swim.

Okay, Dad,
we can get you across.

You're not gonna
push me in, are you?

It's tempting.

Take the lead,
puppy. Uh, the rock there.

Here, right here
is the rock.

Uh, step a little closer,
tiny step.

Tiny step forward.

And the next one
is gonna be right here.

Max is there, I'll go right
after you, okay?

Take my arm.

- Chinook!
- Next one is right here.

Looks like Chinook's
going ahead for us.

- Okay, thanks, kiddo.
- Okay.

All right, next foot,
just keep going to the front.

- Keep... just in front again.
- Okay.

- There we go.
- I'm gonna stay behind you now.

- Okay.
- There we go. All right.

- On your back.
- Okay.

Erin will help you
with this one.

So, all right, move forward
on this rock, right here.

Yes, Dad, move
forward, one more step.

Right, now you're good.
Keep going. Somewhat good.

Here, the next one is here.

- There?
- There's one a little closer.

Yeah, oh, oh, oh, oh!

in the water, Dad.

- Erin, look!
- I think you can feel water.

So this rock
kinda goes under.

- I thought you would go a little bit farther.
- Okay.

There we go, a little bit
farther this time.

- Okay.
- Keep going straight, Dad.

Straight. Right here.

- There we go.
- Oh...

- Are you okay? You look...
- Oh, wait, no!

That is totally not
where you're supposed to go.

I'm feeling like
you're punking me.

- I feel it all right, bud.
- All right.

Don't step right there,
track it with your cane.

All right, there you go,
just keep your balance right there.

Don't move your other foot yet.
All right.

- Go!
- There we go.

All right, next to shore,

and then we have to climb
up the ledge, okay?

So just walk forward, keep
walking forward.

- I got you.
- A little bit.

- Watch out, Erin.
- Hey, how far are you?

- Right there. Right here.
- Okay.

And... there we go!

We did it!

That was scary back there.
Talk about a leap of faith.

- It must've been so hard for you, Dad.
- Oh, it's okay.

I couldn't have done it
without you two.

No more tributaries,
please, Max.

- It's not my fault.
- Sure.

It's okay. Guys, come on,
let's just keep on moving.

We all set, Max?

Yeah, it's just
a little bit farther.


Erin, help him
not bump into any sticks.

He's okay.

Wait, stop.
Do you hear that?

- I don't hear anything.
- What, Dad?

Just listen.

- It's a plane, I hear it!
- Max, Max!

Take this, try
and signal the plane.

- Where'd you get this?
- Don't worry about it, buddy.

Just try
and signal the plane.

Does it see you?
What's going on, bud?

Max, does it see you?

- He flew away.
- We're never gonna get out of here.

It's okay, Erin, it's okay.
We're gonna be fine.

Where did you get this?

I got it
from my cell phone.

You smashed it?
You just got that phone!

- I know, buddy, I know.
- How'd you know it was in there?

I heard about it
on the news.

An IT worker got stranded
in the mountains

when his car broke down.

He used the mirror
to signal help.

Pretty smart survival technique for
someone who hates the wilderness.

Let's just keep moving,
all right?

- What's the news?
- A local pilot just radioed in.

Said he thought he saw a flashing
on the ground from this location.

Is it them?
What did they see?

He was too low on fuel
to circle back around,

but he radioed the coordinates
to us from the air.

It's them.

It's them,
I know it's them.

We don't have any teams
in the area,

quickest way there
is by helicopter.

Chopper's warming up.
Let's go.

Wait, wait.

What is it, boy?

It's a helicopter, guys.

It's a helicopter and it's getting closer.

Now this is as far as the pilot
can get us into these coordinates.

He's gonna set down
and we'll walk in from here.

Come on!

- Easy.
- Let's go.

This way.


- Did you hear that?
- Yup!

Come on!

Aunt Susan! Aunt Susan!

- Max?!
- Aunt Susan!


Aunt Susan!

Max! Oh, my...

I thought we lost you!

Where is Erin?
Is Erin okay?

Yeah, she's okay.
And in fact, we found Dad!

Your dad's okay?
He's alive?

- Aunt Susan!
- Hey!

Oh, sweetheart!

Oh, you're okay,
you're safe.

Oh, sweetheart.

You're safe.
Oh, you're safe.


I thought I'd lost you guys.

Thank you
for coming for us.

You've always had
my back, sis.

How did you find him?

We had an entire army
of people looking for him.

Well, Chinook here
led us right to him.

Chinook gets to be
the hero again, huh?

He should live with us now.

We'll see him
again, Erin.

- Aww.
- You know, can we just...

can we just all go home so I can
sleep in my own bed for a change?


- Hey, bud.
- Come on, Chinook.

Put that over there.

There we go.
Everybody good?

We're gonna have these three taken
to the hospital, get 'em checked out.

- Just to be safe.
- It's okay, I don't have to go.

- Oh, you're going, mister.
- Max.




For real?

Dad, he's ours now!

Well, the good news is,
your aunt and uncle

can come visit him
any time they want.

Hey, Dad,
I've been thinking.

After this experience,

I now know that there's
nothing more important to me

than you and Erin.

And Mom would always
want us to stick together.

I'm sorry for the things
that I said.

I don't wanna move,
but I will.

So we can stick together.

Max, you know, I had a lot of
time to think out there too.

We don't have to move.

Yeah. I can get a different
job or I can telecommute.

It's all the rage
now anyway.

But listen to me. You and I are
gonna spend

a lot more time
out there together.

Really, Dad?
Can I get all new gear?

Well, I guess you're gonna have

Yeah, you can help me
pick it all out.

A backpack,
a sleeping bag, a tent.

Okay, first thing
we need to do

is take the house
off the market.