Here We Are (2019) - full transcript

A young writer attempts to escape his slacker surroundings for the great American unknown by checking himself into a medical research facility to pay off his debt, fix up his RV and finally hit the road. When he meets a mysterious young woman with whom he shares a true connection, he thinks may have just found the co-pilot on the road of life he's been looking for all along. However their pasts and personal fears threaten to ruin a good thing before it even begins. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(video glitching)

(group chattering and singing)

(typewriter clacking)

(upbeat folk music)

♪ I'm empty like my refrigerator

♪ I'm empty like my head ♪

♪ I'm empty like a tow-truck
driver ♪

♪ I'm empty like my bed ♪

♪ I'm not full like my family ♪

♪ I'm not full like my friends ♪

♪ I'm not full like my calendar

♪ It has days and days ♪

♪ I've never seen a city ♪

♪ With wooden horses
blocking the streets ♪

(radio tuning)

- [Woman] A plane crashed
in Des Moines Iowa.

- [Man] Healthcare is
hiring, that means jobs!

(radio tuning)

(light guitar music)


(mariachi music)

-[Waitress] Hola, cómo están?

-[Andy] Bueno.

- [Waitress] Bien?
- [Andy] Yes.

She's doing a thing.

Okay, and I'll have the
pachuga empanalizadas.

- [Waitress] Okay.

Flour or corn tortillas?

- [Andy] Uh, flour.

- [Waitress] Chips and salsa?
- [Andy] Sí.

- [Andy] Gracias.

(mariachi music plays louder)

(dog barking)

(rap music)

- Don't drop the ball on this

because if it is what I think
it is, it's gonna set us up.

Sweet, new U-Line.

We need more shelvage
in the warehouse, stat.


How was it?

- [Andy] Awesome.

- 2,300 more, with interest.

- Yup.

- [Ben] You ever follow up
with that trampoline guy?

- [Josh] Yeah.

- [Ben] All right, well don't
let that get away from us.

Could be a good one.

- Hey, Nana wrote us, man.

- Oh yeah? How's she doin'?

- My dear boys, I hope all is
going well with your lives.

I would say you're moving right

and in the right directions.

Life moves on, except now
it is without our Phillip.

Last Saturday night he
went out to clean a pool,

had a massive heart attack, and
fell in.

He never wanted to retire.

He wanted to die a working man.

Phil got his wish.

We all should be so blessed.

Well dear boys, get yourselves
a hot dog or something,

eat it thinking of me and
I will feel your thanks.

Love and hugs, Nana.

- Uncle Phil died?

- [Josh] He fell in a pool?

- He was a pool cleaner.

- I'll be able to like
3D print myself a new one

in like 3 years.

- [Travis] I don't know if
you'd want that, dude.

I couldn't live without my dick.

- I mean maybe, but being brain

- Hold on, ask Andy.

- Andy, would you rather have a

or get your dick cut off?

- A lobotomy?

- [Travis] See? That's what I

- [Man] But y'all wouldn't
know what to do with it.

- You don't know what
to do with it anyways.

Can I bum a smoke?

(phone ringing)

- [Andy] Um, yeah.

- Yeah!

- Hello.


Yes, ma'am.

I will be there ready to go.

- Say God bless.

- Okay.

Okay, God bless.

- What the hell was that, dude?

- That was the blood
bank telling me I need

to eat a full meal before
my appointment on Tuesday.

- Is it for good or for money?

- For money.

- [Andy] How much?

- Like 30 bucks.

We're mostly doing it to
find out our blood type.

Need the blood type to
go to the sperm bank.

- [Andy] How much is that?

- Like $200 a sploosh.

- Hey, that's long money, man.

- [Both] Yeah!

- You guys have the same blood
type 'cause you're twins?

- Same egg, bro.

- You guys have the same penis?

- [Both] Yes.

- [Man] Hey, did you ever get
that pizza

you were wanting to get, man?

- That was yesterday, man.

- Oh yeah.

Do you still want to get a pizza

- [Brother] I could get a pizza.

- Do you guys want to get a

- Nah, I already had pizza

- I don't have money for pizza
today, man.

- I think we're gonna go
get a pizza at Pizza Land.

- [Both] Laters.

- [Travis] See ya, fellas.

- [Andy] Later.

- So how was it, dude?

- Miguel got paint on
Esteban's favorite CD

and then they blamed it on me.

I tried to stay out of it

and I think they think
I'm a shitty painter.

- Are you?

- I'm all right.

- What did you do all day?

- Man, I hung around here,

I took down a few wasps
nests, I ate lunch, pizza.

I did some writing, I
beat off, that's about it.

- Yeah, what'd you do last

- Man, I went to see about this

- [Andy] Which one?

- The one I met at the gas

- [Andy] How was that?

- Weird.

I think I'm just done with this
whole tear I've been on now.

- Yeah?

- And I think I'm just done
blowing loads in general too.

Maybe like, the emergency ejac

for like maintenance purposes
or to make myself pass out.

- Yeah.

- I gotta keep that shit in,

It's good for my work.

- All right.

- Yeah, well.

I'm gonna go to the bar.
You want to go?

- I got 20 bucks.

- [Travis] Nice.

Should we ask your brother?

- No.

(light banjo music)


- [Travis] All right!

- Let's go!

-Man, if I could do it all over

I think I'd be an OBGYN.

- Why?

- Just think about it, dude.

- Like that's an actual job

and you're bringing life
into this world every day.

You're like a safecracker.

- I mean, you could still do

- Nah, it's too late.

(dogs barking)

- Please don't get a dog.

- Why?

- Please. You don't need one.

- Yes I do.

They'll love me unconditionally.

It won't put earplugs in its
ears, dude.

- Yeah, but you can't
take care of yourself.

How are you going to take care
of a dog?

- Oh, good one.

- I'm just saying.

Who are these people in our

- Hey baby!

How are ya?

(sighing deeply)

I don't think we've met.

- Travis.

- Remy.

Come, come.

This is Rose and...Marlo!

- Rose and Marlo, hello.

I've never seen you girls

You guys come here a lot?

We live up the street.

- [Both] Us too!

- [Travis] Awesome,
cheers to being neighbors.

- [Remy] So how you been, man?

What you been up to?

- Not much man, just trying
to figure it all out.

- I hear that.

- [Rose] So what do you do?

- I'm a writer.

- No shit.

Like what do you write?

- You know, poetry, short

I'm also working on a novel.

- [Rose] No shit!

- What are you doing for money?

- I'm just trying to get it

Trying to look for work

Hey, is that fence dude looking
for people because I could--

- No, no, but I did just get out

of this medical research
facility for the last nine days.

Remember how broke I was?

Now I'm flush.

- How much did you make?

- Five grand.

- What?

- Yeah, Medico baby.

- How do you do it?

- Basically, you have to
be like a lab rat.

You take pills, get your blood

just sit in this facility
for days and days.

- But you just--

- Just show up.

Every morning, 10 a.m.

They do introductions.

- Wow, damn.

- [Remy] You know anybody
renting a room?

- Uh, no.

I don't think so.

- I'm sleeping around right now,

I just need to find something
before I take off again.

- Well, I got the RV, man.

- I got money.

- It's gonna be hot.

- I got a fan.

- All right, let me ask my

- My man.

- I think America really hasn't

on it right yet, you know?

- Totally.

- And I plan on doing it right,

it's cool, I'm excited to do it.

- Cheers to your novel.

- [Travis] Yeah, thanks.

- Well ladies, you ready
to get out of here?

- We're gonna hit the bathroom.

- Okay.

- [Marlo] Bye guys, nice to meet

- Bye.

See you around the neighborhood.

- [Rose] Yeah, I'll check out
your blog.

- Yeah, do please, definitely.

- Are you still dating, um,
what's her name?

- Don't worry about it.

- Easy baby, easy.

Let me know about that camper.

- All right.

- What the hell was that guy?

- That's Remy.

- Remy?

He seemed pretty cool.

- It's just short for Jeremy

- Seemed pretty cool to me.

She's still got half a beer,

(footsteps approaching)

- Is that guy really gonna live
in here?

- [Andy] Maybe, man.

- Who is this guy?

I gotta know about this guy.

- People say he was raised by

in Eastern Europe then they left

and he taught himself how to

- What?

- Yeah, it's bullshit, man.

- What's he do?

- A whole lot a nothin,
like everybody else, man.

- My kind of dude.

- I gotta get the fuck outta
here dude.

- Yeah? Well where you gonna go?

- [Andy] Anywhere.

I left home so I wouldn't
become a townie there,

I'm not gonna become one here.

No offense.

Ya know, I gotta keep going.

- Yeah, it's the velvet
coffin thing, I get it.

- Yeah, you know it's
a nice place to live,

but I ain't trying to die here.

I'm trying to die a lot farther
away than here, you know?

- Well alright - what are you
gonna do, man?

- I'm gonna fix this RV up and

like me and Haley have been

She's got money saved up for gas

and once I get this thing going,

and I'm gonna, we're out of

- Well what are we gonna do
tonight, man?

Are we going to that show or

- Yeah.

- 'Cause I don't know
if I can drive, dude.

- [Andy] What time is it?

- I don't know.

- [Andy] You wanna take the

- That'll be weird, let's do it.

(thunder rumbling)

(light folk music)

♪ You're gonna have to
lose what you have ♪

♪ To get what you want ♪

♪ Wouldn't it be nice ♪

♪ To have it both ways? ♪

♪ But if you're gonna leave ♪

♪ You know you can't stay ♪

♪ If you take the heart out ♪

♪ Carve it in four ♪

♪ Leave three quarters in Texas

- She really is good at that!

- What?

- She's really good at that!

- I know!

It's kinda funny to watch, huh?

- [Travis] What?

- It's funny, to watch it

- [Travis] What?

♪ Someone has to die
to make this count ♪

♪ Put me in a hole ♪

♪ I won't make a sound ♪

(crowd cheering)

(punk music)

♪ Stand up straight and run
along ♪

♪ You're just another ♪

♪ It's not needed ♪

(phone vibrating)

- I really like what you guys

I think it's pretty awesome.

You got your own styles and

- They can't really talk man.

They're doing this simulation

and some are actually deaf too.

(both laughing)

You want another beer, man?

- Yeah, sure.

- Hey, does anyone want a beer?



(girl laughing)

Thanks, man.

- Alright, man.

Stupid car.

- [Travis] See ya later!

- You comin' in?

We could just go to bed.

- [Travis] That party fucking
sucked, man.

- [Andy] Yup.

- And this Trevor guy,
Jesus, what the fuck?

Fuck him!

- What?

- Did you not, dude, he's
trying to steal your girl.

- No, no, that's how
they communicate, man.

They're a very touchy-feely

It's part of the process.

- Did you not just see all that?

- He's deaf, dude.

- Yeah well, he's really good

- So?

- And she's like really
into the deaf thing.

- I know.

- [Travis] She's like, all about

- You just said that!

- What are we gonna do?

- About what?

- I'm broke.

- [Andy] You'll be all right.

- No, and the government's not
giving me

any more money until I start
paying back

all these student loans.

- Well, didn't you say
that if you didn't finish

that last credit you
wouldn't have to graduate?

- Yeah, fuck it.

I just won't graduate.

- But doesn't the debt just
keep getting bigger and bigger?

- And how would I go to grad

- You think Fitzgerald
went to grad school?

- It's either that or war.


- It's kicked!

- Ah, dude.


- [Andy] Oh, fuck.

- Oh, there's a hit left in
this, man.

(Travis coughing)

- [Andy] What the fuck am I
gonna do?

- [Travis] About what, man?

- I got the school debt

and I gotta pay Ben back like
two grand.

I fuckin' hate living
here with that over me

and him fucking yapping and
shit, man.

- You should just be writing.

You should be focusing on that.

You should just write every day.

- Yeah.

- You just don't do it anymore.

Your short stories are good.

Your poems are good, man.

- [Andy] What? Which ones?

- Like that one, man, about
the lawyers that go to lunch.

- Three Lawyers at Lunch.

- Yeah!

- Yeah, I wrote that shit.

- Yeah, it's really good.

And the one about the town

that smells like a bathroom

and everyone has to drive
through it real fast--

- The Town of a Thousand Urinal

- Yeah, you're really good.
You just don't do it anymore.

- I'm just worried about
money right now, all right?

- What about the poetry contest,

That's 15 grand.

- Yeah, well I haven't
heard back from them.

Plus that shit goes to
like MFA shitheads in Iowa

or some old lady in New England.

People like you and I don't
win that kind of thing man.

- What about the Census thing,

That's 18 bucks an
hour - that's good money.

- Yeah, but that's once every
ten years.

- Hey, weren't you gonna be a

Like I'll do it too, man.

We could put a sign on
the front of the house.

Take this thing, go mobile!

Go town to town signing things,

- You need to know people.

- I'm pretty sure you don't.

I'm pretty sure you just go

- I'm saying you need to know

who need shit notarized.

Do you?

- No.

- [Andy] Me neither.


- You could do that thing Remy

Be a hamster on a wheel, make
some cash.

- Yeah, maybe I will.

- Yeah, go down there tomorrow.

- Yeah, and then Remy
could rent this place out

or my room for like $250,
that's good money man.

- Yeah dude, do it.

- Yeah, I will.

- So go.

- Well, yeah.

Will you give me a ride?

- [Travis] Of course.

Maybe I'll do it too.

- Alright.

- Probably get a lot of writing

- Probably.

- Nah man, I'm gonna stick
around here.

I'm really finally getting
to it around here, you know?

Someday we'll be so rich, we'll
never die.

- Yeah, well.

(light country music)

- Dude, come on!

- What?


I'm sleeping!

- We gotta go!

- Go where?

What the hell is wrong with you?

- To Medico, dude.

I'm late.

- Oh, gross, dude.

- What? It's my snooze booze.

- We gotta go to the place!

- Oh yeah.

- I'll just figure it all out.


(percussive trumpet music)

- Hey, they got Waffle House up
here, man.

- [Andy] This is where you turn

- Right here?

- Yeah.

How do we get in here?

- [Travis] I don't know.

- Stop, there's a hole.

Stop, stop, stop!

I'm getting out.

- Hey, I'll be at that Waffle

- I'm here for the initiation.

- We've already started

and we don't let anyone
in once we've begun.

- I'm only four minutes--

- Yeah, no latecomers.

It's our policy, guy.


- [Receptionist] You can
come on back tomorrow.

We'll get you in if all the
spots aren't filled up, okay?

- Well is there a chance?

- There's a chance.

Some people don't pass the
health test.

- And some are late.

- [Receptionist] Here, take this

- Thanks.

(tejano music)

- [Misty] Fuck!

(engine sputtering)

Come on!


- You need some help?

- What?

- Do you need help?

- Do you know how to fix cars?

- No, not really.

- Then why would I need your

(engine starting)


(horn honking)

- [Andy] I see you.

(light rock music)

(phone vibrating)

♪ Hold me by the hand ♪

♪ Let me walk with you out in
the field ♪

♪ Talk about what we think ♪

♪ What we see, what we believe ♪

♪ Can it be ♪

♪ Beautiful and something sweet?

♪ Green leaves growing on a tree

♪ Blue skies and perfect nights

♪ Just a little bit ♪

♪ Just enough to feel ♪

♪ Walk around the park ♪

♪ A night under the moon ♪

♪ A little piece of peace ♪

- [Receptionist] You just
made it, fill this out.

(light rock music)


(knocking on door)

- Come in.

- Hey man, I gotta talk to you.

- Yeah? About what?

-'s a job.

(phone vibrating)

- A job?

Hang on.


Yeah, $225.

He didn't even look under
it, fucking jerkoff.

What about that other thing?

All right, that's good, sounds

Listen, let me go, I got
my brother over here.

He's about to lay some shit on
me again,

I can see it coming.


- We got this big deal going
down tomorrow

with these coolers, knockoff

Could be a good hit.

So, a job.

What kind of job?

It better not be a weed farm
thing again, I swear to God.

- It's not, it's um, in
pharmaceuticals, so--

- Pharmaceuticals?


Well hey, walk with me, talk
with me.

- I only got one.

- It's all right.

- So what is it?

- Well, it pays $4,500
for like a week of work.

- Doing what?

- I don't know, like testing

and, I don't know, giving blood
and shit--

- Whoa...I heard about this,
you're not doing that.

- Why?

- Because, that's like we
gave this shit to rats,

now we're giving it to
humans kind of shit.

You don't want to do that.

- Yeah, I do!

And that dude Remy has
done it a bunch, man.

- I'm doing it. Tomorrow.

And I'm gonna pay you back!

- Not happening.

You're selling me the RV for 15

and giving me six, call it a

- I'm not selling you the
fucking RV, Ben.

- It doesn't even run!

- Yes it does!

- It doesn't.

- It will!

Same difference, all right.

- "Same difference, all right!"

- Fuck you, man.

- It doesn't run.

- I have to put in a new
carburetor and fix the battery.

- Yeah, and I gotta do it for

- Oh, wow!

Who cares!

- All right, you sell
me the RV for two grand,

I erase your debt, it's a sick

I sell it to a guy on a deer

or I rent it to you, you live
back there.

- [Andy] No!

No fucking way!

- Why not?

- It's the only way I'm gonna
get the fuck

out of here and onto everything

I'm ever supposed to do!

- I'd love to know what you've
got to do.

What you think you got to do out

I give you a sweet place to
live for 385 bucks a month,

all bills paid, okay?

I let you keep your little
camper back there on the land,

I don't charge you for it,
you're my brother, it's fine.

You eat my food, all the
time, I know you do it,

I buy more because of
you, you little bastard.

I keep fucking toiletries for

You and your little
buddy come in at night,

you take my weed, smoke it.

I know you do it, you think
I don't notice, I notice!

- Yeah, I'm sure you do.

- What does that mean?

What, like I'm a bad guy?

I love that.

I'm the bad guy!

- You're not a bad guy.

- That's just human beings, man.

You do, you do, you do
and what do they do?

They resent you.

- I'm just sick of owing
you this fucking money, man.

- What do you want, man?

You want to be like your
little buddy back there,

collecting unemployment for
being a waiter for two years?

- No, that's not what I want.

- Dad will slap the shit out of

- That's not what I want.

- [Ben] I hope not, man.

I didn't set you up here for

- And I'm not lazy.

That's why I'm going to this

Alright, so I can pay you back

and finally get going so
I can figure my shit out.

(door opening)

- Beer?

- I can't.

- [Travis] Why not?

- I gotta go in tomorrow

and they said no food or drink

- [Travis] Cha-ching,
cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching!

- The mediocrity with you is so
thick. baffles me.

- [Travis] You don't mean that,

- Also, that Remy dude is
gonna stay here while I'm gone.

- What? For how much?

- $250 to stay in the
RV - that's strong money, man.

- Make it $325, he can stay in

- Alright.

- What? I was gonna try and stay
in the house.

- You're an outside guy, man.

(driving music)

(harmonica plays)

♪ You're gonna die in this room

♪ In your twin-size coffin tomb

♪ When all your friends have
bailed out ♪

- [Ben] What is this place?

Is it governmental?

- [Andy] Probably.

- [Ben] If it sucks or
people are fucking with you

or trying to fuck you,
you're leaving, okay?

- Okay.

- I'm serious.

- Alright!

(Ben sighing)

- Later.

- Later.


- Outpatient!

Michael Schlosser.

- Hey, baby.

- What are you doing here?

- [Remy] My follow-up
blood draw and my check

- [Andy] Nice.

- Yeah, that's that long money.

What are you doing here?

- Checking in.

- Want me to show you around?

- Are you allowed?

- They love me in here.

Denise, I'm gonna give
my little friend here

the nickel tour.

- All right, baby.

- All right, come on!

(light, curious, disembodied

- This is the cafeteria.

Last time, they served this like
barbecue rib sandwich thing

three nights in a row.

People were fucking pissed.

- This is the movie room.

They play some pretty
decent stuff sometimes,

usually comedies.

Nothing too exciting.

- You can't watch any porn but
it's better than nothing.

This last time, there was
a guy studying for the GRE.

He was taking exams the entire

He was pretty cool.

- I suggest you get a top bunk.

People fart a lot in
here, especially at night.

I think it's like the meds and

They don't like you doing
too much physical activity,

but I like to do some push-ups

and sit-ups just to keep it all

Watch your shit.

Some of these dudes are
pre-release from prison,

some of these dudes are
straight up veterans,

they've been doing this shit
since 'Nam,

like for the government.

You're not trying to make
any friends in here, man.

It's pretty much bottom
of the barrel here.

(breathing deeply)

But you'll be fine!

Come on.

- And this is the day room slash
rec room,

you can hang out and play games
and shit.

There's this pool table, but
kinda fucked and the sticks


this, this is the window.

It's good to get your sun.

- [Andy] Can you go outside at


- [Remy] No.


(tone chiming)

And that, that is the tone of

That is your God.

It's probably your first blood
draw, we should see about it.

Can't be late.

Don't ever be late.

- [Man] Hey, what's for lunch?

- [2nd Man] Yeah, when
are we eating, dammit?

I'm starving!

- This is it, man.

I'm outta here.

- Thanks, man.

- Good luck, baby.

Hey remember, just do your own

(tone chiming)

- Oooh.

- You okay?

- [Nurse] One more.

- Treetop.

- Andy.

- [Chester] Is that fish?

I can't eat fish.

- Why not?

- 'Cause they're gross.

I don't want to eat a fish, man.

- You tellin me you're not gonna
eat that?

- No, no way.

- Let me get that then.

- Yeah.

- All right.

- Thank you.


- You're missing out, this is

- Oh, I'm sure I am.

- Hey.

- So I know y'all did not
just eat this man's fish?

- [Both] Mm-mm.

- [Ray] Nope.

- No.

- [Ray] Wrong table.


- Okay people, let's listen up.

I bet we're glad to have finally

We were hungry?

- Yeah, mm-hmm.

- Well good.

I heard there was an
incident with the fish.

I'm not naming names,

but if anything like
that would happen again,

strikes will definitely be

There is to be no sharing of

Do we understand?

- [All] Yeah.

- We're here together for awhile

so let's all get comfortable

and do our work and respect
each other and the process.

In your packets, you will find
all the known side effects

of the drug and you must sign

that you understand them

It's an experimental
medication for syphilis.

The study is to test how the
healthy body

responds to the drug.

Please read your packets
thoroughly and sign.

If you are late for any
meals, you will be docked.

If you are late for any
doses, you will be docked.

If you are late for any
blood draws or ECGs,

you will be docked pay and given
a strike.

Three strikes and you're out,
so watch your time, people.

If for any reason you exit
the study within its duration,

you will forego the
$2,500 completion bonus,

you will however retain your
day rate for all days completed.

Your first dose will be in
half an hour, do not be late.

Thank you, people.

(dreamy jazz music)

- Open your mouth.

Lift your tongue.

Now, pull your cheeks like this.

- Good boy.

- Hey, anybody ever tell you
you look like the guy

from the show Scrubs?

- No.

- Well you do.

Are you him?

- Nope.

(phone vibrating)

(light rock music)

- [Remy] Do you have a beard

I gotta get rid of this hospital

- [Ben] I do.

- [Remy] Can I use it?

- You can.

But I will tell you that I
do use it to shave my pubes.

So that's up to you.

- I don't even have one.

- [Remy] You got a scissor?

- [Travis] Yo, we're out
of coffee filters, man!

- Use some toilet paper.

- We don't have any of that
either, man.

We've been using the coffee

And I bought both of
those things last time.

- All right, I'll go, dude.

- [Remy] I'll grab them, don't

You want to hit this?

- [Travis] All right.

- [Ben] What are you so dressed
up for?

- About to go on a date with
this chick I met on Craigslist.

- [Ben] Oh yeah?

- Oh yeah!

- [Josh] Is she a babe?

- Could be, man.

She's got like piercings
and tattoos and shit

and I'm into it.

- [Josh] Nice.

- Maybe I'll marry this one.

(all laughing)

- [Remy] Man, I really
wish you didn't tell me

about the beard trimmer.

- [Ben] Why not?

- Well, 'cause I knew it, we
knew it,

and if we hadn't talked about
it, I would have used it.

- Well you can use my brother's,

we don't have to talk about his.

- I just did!

(all laughing)

(tone chiming)

- [Woman] Morning, gentlemen.

(toilet flushing)


- [Ray] No man at home.

If you know, it's okay.

You can always come snuggle up
next to Ray.


- [Nurse Don] You're late.

- Yeah.

- [Don] What's your number?

- B-7134.

(keyboard clicking)

(cats meowing)

- Yo Scrubs, you want to shoot

- Nah man, I'm not that good.

- Jesus ain't that good.

- Maybe later, all right?

- Yeah, all right.

You trying to hustle me Scrubs.

- I'll play you!

- Okay everyone, marathon blood

starting in 15 minutes.

It'll take about three hours.

Do not be late.

(pool balls clattering)

(tone chiming)

(group chattering)

- So, what's your blood type?

- I'm A positive.

- I'm Andy.

- I'm Misty.

What's your blood type?

- Uh, A minus, I think.

- [Nurse] You're A positive.

(group chattering)
(dreamy jazz music)

(insect buzzing)

- You want me to talk to her?

- No, no.

- She seems very nice.

- Yeah.

- Alright, would you
guys rather have a lobotomy

or get your dicks cut off?

(all laughing)

- Shit, I'd rather blow
my fucking head off

than get my dick cut off by some

Are you crazy?

- Would I have a super evolved

- Without a dick?

- Yeah, yeah probably.

- I need to think about that,

I need to think about that,
that's heavy.

- You're a weird guy, Scrubs.

(all laughing)


(gagging and choking)

(whistle blowing)

- Hey, that guy probably
had syphilis, man!


(light guitar music)

(muttering prayer)

- Amen.

- Hey.

Can I sit with you?

- Okay.

- Okay.

- So do you come here often?

- No, this is my first time.


- Yeah, mine too.

I came for the food.

I'm staying for the money.

- Me too.

- Do you think this is
the guy from yesterday?

- That's not funny.

- [Andy] I'm not kidding.

He just disappeared and...

- Are you a vegetarian?

- No.

- Well, apparently our bloodline

is really old and our
people only ate like nuts

and berries and fruit and stuff,

so we don't have the
proper digestive enzymes

to, you know, digest meat.

- We're kinda like old souls

- Sure.

- So I've been eating the
wrong food every day of my life?

- Are you tired a lot?

- Yeah.

- Feel weighed down all the

- Like I have the weight
of the world on me.

- Do you sweat a lot when you
eat meat?

- Yes, meat sweats!

I get em!

- There you go.

This is disgusting.

- So why are you in here?

- For the money?

- I mean you're--

- What?



- I just mean any guy would

be really lucky to take care of

- Fuck that!

- Hey, come on, that's not what
I meant.

- That's why I'm in this fucking

- Goodnight.

- Goodnight.


(tone chiming)

- You know, there's a part of me

that still says I should go
back and get my PHD.

Ya know?

But I don't know.

With the healthcare game
so volatile right now

I don't know if it makes sense.

I mean, look at this place.

And then there's part of me

that wants to go back and be a
golf pro.

You know, say I tried it and I
did it.


- Yeah, golf's pretty volatile

(imitating crowd cheering)


- What's up?

- [Andy] I just had a bad dream.

- [Misty] What happened?

- [Andy] Come on.

Nobody ever really wants to
hear other people's dreams.

- I do.

I love dreams.

(tone chiming)

- Some other time.

(glass squeaking)

- So what do you do?

- About what?

- Everything?

Work, money, work.

- You're looking at it now.

- Ugh.


- [Andy] So what do you do?

- [Misty] About what?

- [Andy] Money, you know, all of

- [Misty] Well, I don't
want to do any of the things

that I used to do for money.


I was a bartender.

And I did...vfoot stuff.

- Okay...

What is that like?

What does that entail?

- Like guys would get a hotel

or invite me over to their house

and they'd play with my feet
or take pictures of my feet.

- That's weird.

- Yeah.

- And sometimes they
would bring these toys

or they'd build model towns and
bake cakes

and shit and have me walk all
over them and destroy them

and they'd videotape it.

- How'd you know you wouldn't
get like hurt though?

- It was through a service.

And anyway, my ex would drive me

and he'd wait for me and
then he'd take me home.

- Like a pimp?

- No.

- And he didn't care?

- No, in fact he preferred
it to me bartending.

That drove him crazy.

- Well, he sounds like a great


- [Misty] Yeah.

- Well what do you want to do?

- Well, I write a lot.

And I know everybody says
that, but I actually do.

And I think I'm pretty good.

And I want to travel.

A lot.

And I know everybody says that


- It's just everybody does say

"I want to travel.

I want to travel."

I feel like everybody
just does the same shit.

You know, like they go
backpacking through Europe

or they travel to Latin America

and then they come back

and think they're Latin
people or something.

You know?

Or they cheat and carry out
these affairs

just to feel more interesting.

Cause they don't do anything
real at all.

They fuck around and they get

or they do too many drugs.

Or they try to make a lot of

and accumulate wealth like
a bunch of dumb idiots.

And they do it because
they're not good at anything.

So they go on doing
these interesting things

and telling everybody about them

as though people actually
care cause they want people

to know about the things they do

than they care about actually
doing them.

And it's all the same.

It's just so...desperate,
always, with people. They...


It's just something
I've been thinking about

in here and shit.

- You're crazy for thinking
that anything you do

is gonna be some novel thing.

It's just not like that.

- People are alive, Andy, and
they have to do things

that they think they should do.

If you don't, you're a dead

And that sucks.

(tone chiming)

- I want a double-meat,
double-cheese Whopper, man,

- Hell yeah, with fries?

- Large fries!

- And a shake!

- I wish I had a pussy to eat
right now!

- That's breakfast, lunch, and
dinner bro!

- After this shit man,

I'm gonna eat all the
fucking pussy in the world.

Shit, with this kinda money.

Think about it.

- [Nurse] Okay, lights out.

Goodnight gentlemen.

- [Sam] Goodnight.

(door closing)

- [Domingo] Dios te salve,
Maria, llena eres de gracia

el Señor es contigo. Bendita tú

(Ray farting)

- [Ray] Night Scrubs.

- [Andy] I write too, you know.

- Do you?

I haven't seen you write the
entire time you've been in here.

- Yeah, well, I got a
lot going on in here.

- You should write me something.

- What?


- Yeah.

- Nah...

- Write me a picture.

- A picture?

- A picture of anything.

Whatever you want.

- [Andy] A picture.

- Read it.

- What?

- Yeah.

- I'm gonna go home and draw
a picture of two trains.

One's gonna have pretty eyes.

That one's gonna be you.

The other is gonna be blue.

That one's gonna be me.

(tone sounding)

(light rock music)


(machine beeping)

(machine beeping faster)

- Let's go again.

- Alright.

- I called winner!

- Nah, we said best two out of

- [Ray] Wake up, man.

Always sleepin'...

- I just wanna smoke a fat
bowl and eat tons of shit.

You know what I mean?

This fuckin' sucks, wake
me when it's bedtime.

- It ain't so bad, man.

- [Ray] Yo Scrubs, you want

Yo Scrubs!

- What?

- You want winner?

- Nah, I'm good.

- Oh, okay Scrubs, okay, I see
how it is.

- Man, I will play you!

(soft, orchestral piano music)

(laughing while crying)

(music growing louder and more

(toilet flushing)


- Well look who's late to the

That's a strike.

(water running)

- Get on the bed.

- [Nurse] Shirt off.

- Now, lay down.

- I told my mama to go get the

She was just lying there
on the ground next to him.

Rocking back and forth, back and

all shocked, crying in the

Couldn't do nothing.

So I had to strangle him to

'til he stopped his moving.

While my mama she just cried and

- Oh my God.

- And I still miss that dang

Five, Jimmy.

- I think the best part is,

I come from a small town called

It's W-Y-N-O-T, if you ever-

- Goodnight.

- Hey, can I walk you?

(light piano music)

- Yeah.

- Shall we?

- Yeah.

- Meet me in the movie room
at twenty-four hundred.

- Goodnight.


(distant chattering)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- I'm scared.

- I think we'll be okay.

I've been thinking a lot
lately about being human.

- It's a difficult way to live.

- Yeah, and about how there

isn't any original thing you can

Yeah, okay, people fall
in love, people travel.

Or they can live to some
other kind of standard,

like they could become a
Buddhist monk or something,

but even that's been done to

That's why, really all there
is to do, is to try and create.

And I don't mean make babies, or

everybody does that too.

I mean, I mean, you have
to try and make good work.

Try and make something that's
your own.

- Personally.

- Yeah, your own.

Your experiences.

You just gotta make sure your
having the right experiences.

- Movie time is over.

Oh, it's Nurse Don.

Is he gonna give us strikes?

Yeah, he is.

Strike, strike.

Come on.

One more and you're
both out of here, right?

- Hey, it's my fault.

- I'm sure it is.


Come on, Romeo.

(soft rock music)

(rock music playing from a


- So I was thinking...

- You were thinking?

- [Woman] We could...

(music slowly building)

(music drowning out all other


- What the fuck, man!


(door slamming)
(music stops)


- It's okay, big guy.

(tone chiming)

- [Nurse] Good morning,

- They want our blood again.

- Okay.

I'll be right out.

(Misty sighing)

- That's some good shit, homey.


Hey, you don't want no
part of this, Scrubs.


- Hey guys!


What do we have going on here?

- Bitchass.

- It's tropical punch!


And I'm pretty sure this is
your last strike, huh, guy?

- Hey, man, chill.

He ain't even hit the
motherfucker, all right?
He didn't even hit the
motherfucker, all right?

He was just looking at it.

He ain't never seen one before.

- Yeah, I ain't ever seen one

- Right, right.

You expect me to believe that?

That's all three of you getting

- Hey fool, I said he
didn't hit the motherfucker.


Look, I'll take the strike, it's

You smelling my shit?

- Yeah, I smell it.

And you're getting two strikes
for this!

- That's fine by me!

- Thanks man.

- That sucks.

It was like 80 bucks!

- [Andy] Wanna go to
the movies again or what?

- Okay.

(soft orchestral music)

(tone chiming)

(music crescendos)

(music fading)

- I'm not...

- What?

- Anything.


- [Nurse] Hold that
there, I'll be right back.

Okay, one more.

Huh...Two more.


- That's really nice.

- Thank you.

It's come a long way.


- Totally.

- I do them all over the

It's a landscape.

I do ones outside too.

I do all kinds.

- That's nice.

(tone chiming)

(melancholy piano music)


- Go to her.

- Hey, fuck that!

Hey, man, you look like shit.

- I feel like shit, man!

It's this fuckin' medicine
and the air in here, man.

I can't fuckin' breathe it

I need to go outside or
something, man.

- Well listen, you can't act
sick in here.

If the screws find out,

they gonna kick you out of the

and you're gonna lose that money
you been working so hard for.

You smellin' my shit?

- What do I do?

- Keep your fuckin' mouth

Put on a good face.

Go get cleaned up.

Look we got one day left
in this shit and that's it.

So eat your fucking breakfast,

(dreamy jazz music)



- Drink it all.

Make sure you get some more.


- Ladies and gentlemen, it is
almost time

for your final dose.

You did it.


(all clapping)

- Ain't my fault your wife
went and got pregnant.

I'm going to Myrtle.

The Masters, baby!


(door closing)


(door opening)


(camera clicking)

(vomiting and coughing)

- The hell are you doing in

You're sick, man.

I'm tellin'.

- I wouldn't do that if I were

I saw you, you fuckin perv.

- Saw what?

- What you just did.

In here.

- Who cares?

- I care.

- Bro.

- Don't you dare fucking
'bro' me man, or else.

- Excuse me?

Or else what?

- Or else this isn't gonna
look to pretty for you.

And this whole weird place.

I don't think it needs any bad
light shining on it, do you?

- What do you want?

- Erase all our strikes.

Mine, hers, and all the guys.

And see to it that none of
our wages get docked at all.

Got it, bro?

And clean this shit up.

Gimme these.


(tone chiming)

(dramatic piano music)

♪ What if I die tonight ♪

♪ Out on the porch ♪

♪ Out in the wind ♪

♪ In the moonlight ♪

♪ Thinking about nothing ♪

♪ But loving my friends ♪

♪ What if I said I didn't care ♪

♪ What's the matter? What's the
problem? ♪

♪ To think is boring. ♪

♪ 'Cause we all know it's
just a bunch of stuff ♪

♪ Just a bunch of things in our
hands ♪

♪ Holding on ♪

♪ Letting go, looking back ♪

♪ Juggling knives and chewing
glass ♪

♪ Giving in way too fast ♪

♪ Giving in way too fast ♪
(thunder rumbling)

♪ Talking too much ♪

♪ Driving too much ♪

♪ Fucking around ♪

♪ Waiting for your luck to run
out ♪

♪ For your brain to burn out ♪

♪ Trying too hard ♪

♪ It's freaking you out ♪

(Andy sighing)

- A'ight, Scrubs, I'm out.

You be good, okay?

- I will, man.

- And good luck out there, man.

In all this shit.

- Thanks, you too.

- Alright.

- [Chester] No.

Don't do that!

- Chester!

- [Chester] No don't, please!

- Chester!

Hey! Hey.

It's all over.


- [Chester] Hey Andy.

I'd get my dick cut off, man.

I need this shit.

Everybody else will be walking

like zombies with their dicks
still on.

But I'll be running shit.

- Alright.

(light rock music)

Has a girl named Misty
checked out of here already?

- Misty?

(keyboard clacking)
(Andy coughing)

I don't have a record of
a Misty with us at all.

- What?

Are you sure?

- I'm sure.


(dreamy music)

- Hey, little buddy.

(harmonic playing from RV)

A guy owed me a favor and I took

It was the carburetor - I was

- [Andy] Thanks.

(harmonica music growing louder)

(horn honking)

(dog barking)

- Hey, bud.

Good to see ya.

You movin' back in there?

- Nope.

(door opening)

- Hey, I got this power
I ran you from the house.

Where are the holes?

- There's a thing, it's right
around there.

- Alright, you're all set.

- Thanks, man.

- You hungry?

- No, not really.

I think I'm gonna take a nap.

- [Ben] Alright, well,

let me know if you need
anything, alright?

(door closing)

- Hey man, let's go to this

It's gonna be huge.

- [Andy] Nah man, I'm
not trying to do that.

- Come on man, we'll find some
chicks, get em to love us.

- I got one foot out the door,

I'm just trying to mind my
own business, alright?

- [Travis] What do you mean?

- [Andy] I mean I'm not
trying to see people.

I'm leaving, alright?

Just go by yourself, dude.

- I don't wanna go by myself,

Hey, you got third place
in this poetry contest?

- Yeah...fuck that thing, man.

- What do you get for third

- Nothin'.

- Alright, well even more of a

to come celebrate, ya know?

One last party, one last hurrah.


(upbeat rock music)

- [Travis] Cheers!

- [Girls] Cheers!

- You guys live around here?

- Mmhmm, yeah. We're not far.

- [Travis] Nice.

What do you guys do?

- Just chill.

- Yeah, we just chill.

- [Travis] Just chill?

- What do you do?

- I mean I chill, I write,
I do a little this and that.

- Oh yeah? What kind of writing
- You're a writer?

- Yeah, I mean, you know, I
don't like to
talk about it much, but--


(rock music)

♪ I want to buy a condo downtown

♪ I want to buy a condo downtown

- I know we never really that
close, man,

but I'm gonna miss you.

- What do you mean, man?

We hung out like every day.

- Yeah, true.

I'm really gonna miss you, man.

- I'll miss you too.

You'll be all right.

- And you got third place in
that thing man, that's huge!

They want to see more of your

I haven't gotten third place in

- Well do you submit your stuff
to places?

- No.

- Yeah, you gotta do that.

- Nah, I gotta get better first,

I think I'm gonna go to grad

I'm gonna get that
financial aid going again

and, depending on the MFA

that's like another three years.

You know, I just gotta take the

- I think you mean G.R.E., man.

- Yeah, right, whatever, G.R.E.

- You ever heard of a J-O-B,

- Hey, remember me?

From the party?

- What the hell, man, when
did you learn to speak sign?

- Dude, my Aunt's deaf.

Second language.

- My number one hire.

I never stop learning new
things about this guy.

- Whoa.

Oh, look who's here, man.

- Aw, what the hell.

♪ Get me out of here ♪

♪ This moment! ♪

♪ Yeah! ♪

- Alright, I'm getting out of
here, man.

- Alright, I'm gonna stick
around, dude.

I think this chick over
here is feeling on me.

- Which one?

- The one with the half shaved
head and the neck tattoo.

(can crushing)

- All right, do you.

I gotta go.

- [Travis] All right, be safe.

♪ I wanna buy a condo downtown ♪

♪ I wanna buy a condo downtown ♪

- Fuck you!

- Oh, thank you, man.


- Scumbag.



(car approaching)

- What?

- Did you just throw up in that

- No.


What are you doing, are you

- No.

Come on, get in.

I'll give you a ride.

- Nah, I'm good.

Thank you.

- Andy.

- [Andy] What?

- Please, just let me.

(sighing deeply)

(car door closing)


- Hey.


Hey, listen.


Look you're not deaf, okay?

You're not.

You're just not deaf.

It's okay.

You're probably never gonna be

You're gonna be all right.

You're gonna move past all of

And me.

I mean, you're gonna do better
than me.

Not to me, but to you.

And people like you.

You'll be better off.

Believe me.

How do you say goodbye in sign?

(door slamming)

(melancholy guitar music)

(rain falling)

(reverse guitar music)

(door slamming)

(birds chirping)

(door opening)

- Hey, man.

How'd you do?

You guys know each other?

Small town.

Well, we're gonna get some

You wanna come?

(door slamming)

(light folk music)

♪ It's been hard out on the
highway ♪

♪ In my mind I'm in Lafayette ♪

♪ Life was made just to be a
memory ♪

♪ So I'll take all I can get ♪

♪ All I hear are echoes ♪

♪ Echoes of days gone by ♪

♪ Like an old familiar song ♪

♪ Echoes of days gone by ♪

♪ Those days are gone ♪

(knocking on door)

♪ All I hear are echoes ♪

♪ Echoes of days gone by ♪

♪ Like an old familiar song ♪

♪ Echoes of days gone by ♪

♪ Those days are gone ♪

(dryer starting)

(crickets chirping)

(distant train horn blowing)

(dryer rattling)

(train horn blowing louder)
(dryer rattling louder and

(knocking on door)

- What?

- Hey, you wanna blow some
grass and listen to The Eagles?

- Nah, man.

I gotta do some more
organizing around here.

- Alright, well let me
know if you change your mind.

I'll be out back.

- I will.


(knocking on door)


(knocking on door)

What's up, man?

- Hey.

- Go away.

- I'm not leaving.

- [Andy] Well, I am.

I'm leaving tomorrow.
So just go, all right?

- [Misty] I'm leaving tomorrow

- Cool, well, you can leave now.

Thanks, see ya!

- [Misty] Can I please come in?

- [Andy] No!

- [Misty] Why not?

- Cause I don't need
the emotional overhead

of all of that right now.

- Of what?

- Of you, all right?

Of all of this.

I need me and this RV.

That's it.

And maybe a dog that we
find somewhere along the way

to love us.

- Andy.

- Of all the beds you
could have ended up in

in this town, you had to end up
in mine.

- Look, I'm just glad that I
found you.

Aren't you?

- Look, I went back with my

my ex-boyfriend, and it
was a huge mistake, okay?

So I fled.

And then I met him out and
we just started talking

and he was being really
nice and I was exhausted.

So yes, I went home with him.

I did.

I did that.

Look, I'm leaving tomorrow.

Where are you going?

- I don't know.

Anywhere that's not fucking

- Can I please come in?

I won't hurt you or anything.

- Yeah, okay, Misty.

Oh wait.

That's not your real name.

You gave me some fake stripper

or something like the whole
thing was a fake thing for you.

- No, no, no it wasn't.

It was real.

That's why.

That's why I got scared.

And because I didn't want to let
you down.

- I'm Sarah.

- Sarah?

- Yeah, Sarah.


What? That doesn't fit your
whole weird idealization of me?

You can't do that.

- Do what?

- Idealize me like that.

Like you did.

- I can't help it.

- Well, it isn't fair.

It's like I'm this
sacred, virgin lovething,

or something, that I'm not.

I will never live up to it,

cause I'm just a person,
like you, who likes you.

And I loved your poem, so much.

And your blood.

And, not like this matters,

because I'm not your girlfriend

and you don't have any
claim over me or anything,

but nothing happened with him.

- What?

- He just cried a lot and--

and I cried too.

And we -- I don't know, we just
cried together

until we fell asleep.

And so what if I fucked him?

I've fucked a lot of guys!


Can I please come in?

- What's the point?

- 'Cause I heard about this

and we should go do it,

- What thing?

- It's a sleep study in Paris.

And they just want to monitor
our dreams.

And our brain activity.


It's 10 grand!

Per person.

For two weeks.

And they fly you out there

and you could stay up to like a

before they fly you back.

And they want couples.

And I don't know, maybe
it will work between us,

maybe it won't, but at
least we'll get to see

about each other and see some of
the world

and it'll be an adventure.

We just gotta get to Florida.


I like you.

And I want to go on an adventure

with you.

So what do you say?

Can I come in?

Or what?


- What's that? My money?

- Yeah.

- [Ben] Keep it.

- Really?

- Ah, gimme half.

- Really?

- No, man.

Definitely not.

It's the real world. Gimme my

And what's up with her car over

Is it going to sit there
the rest of my life or what?

- [Andy] I don't know.

- [Ben] I'll give ya $250 for

- What do you think?

- About what?

- About the car?

I'll give you three for it.

- Three what?

- $300.

- For my car?

- [Ben] Yeah.

- It's all yours, man.

- Make it four and we'll call it
a day.

- Deal.


For some food and gas and
stuff for you and her,

you're gonna need it.

- Really?

- Yeah.

'Cause you came through on that

And I like ya.

- [Andy] I love you too, man.

- You're a good boy.

She seems all right.

Be careful.

- [Andy] Alright.

- Later, man.

- [Andy] Later.

- Don't be takin any wooden
out there while you're sellin'
your soul.

- I won't.

- [Travis] Oooh, yeah.

- [Both] Ah.

- [Andy] God.

Y'all be good, alright?

- We will.


- Bye guys.

- [Ben] Hang on, Andy.

(sighing deeply)

Hey man, you let me know when
you get

wherever the hell you're going,

- I will, man.


- [All] Later.


(car sputtering)

(car starting)

(Sarah laughing)


- Here we go.

(horn honking)

(Sarah laughing)

(upbeat rock music)