Her Sketchbook (2017) - full transcript

Mami doesn't have a job and is closed off in her own world. Her father Eisuke struggles to strike the right distance from her and worries about her future, so he finds her a job debugging ...

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How's that?

They just fired you like that.

I am just a nobody.

You shouldn't get hurt like this.

Got injured outside.

They won't even compensate you.

The world is just like that.

What about next?

Don't you worry.

Take it slow.

I say, Mami works hard.

Gets up everyday on times.

I want to go the factory and
take a second look.

How's the part-time job?

It's done.

You've been working for a long time.

Can I come in and read the First-Step manga?

Who do you talk with on LINE?

My dad.

He's just there.


Not your dad here.

Regarding her part-time..

Why not just talk with her?

I know.

I am talking with her.

Face to face.


New part-time job.

What new part-time?

Finding bugs in games.


Those job are just keep playing games and finding bugs.

Just a legwork job.

I say.

Most of jobs are legwork.

You keep saying that so you're jobless.

Ah, sorry.

Why are you reading manga here?

I always read it here.


I say Mami likes to play games.

So this is a game-relate job.

Wow, your dad even finding job for you.

What does mom say?

I just called her.

I told her not to worry.

She didn't say anything.

Just take it if you want.

Or skip it.

It's fine.

No no.

I'm not asking you.



Can I helo you?

Check the typos, too.

Checking list's on our server.

Just fill a report if you found something.



That's great.

Just ask Yasuda while in doubt.


That's a bug.

Fill a report and bypass it.



She works with a bunch of young guys.

She will make friends.

Is that why you called me out?

Actually I'm not want to see you.

You always saying I'm not a reliable person.

If Mami living with me she would be much better than now this.

It was you that left us.

How's your new job?


Still getting used to it though.



Could you make the working agenda?

I know.

I'm working on it.

Gotta go.

- Password.
- You don't even know your own password?

Come one.

You can't work like this.

I said many times.

Add a black hat.

Be more realistic.

I know what you mean.


The blade gotta be forward.

Give it highlighted, and
the dress needed to be folded.

Just more lively, the whole thing.

And need to change the appearance.

Moe is fine but..

But we want bigger boost meaty stuff.

And, could you finish within tomorrow?


Just add a black hat!



Sir, you sure don't want to change then?

What is special?

Those guy and my creative work are conflicting.

But we're already behind schedule.

Wouldn't Yabe be crying?

Let him cry.

Gotta let him learn cruelty of life.


I got it fixed.

More waving hair.


I don't see that.

Does Mabu agree?

He said will do it.

That's great.

We can't afford another accident.


The dress needed to be folded.

Just more lively, the whole thing.

And need to change the appearance.

I just got it, will work on it.

Really? Thanks.

Good morning..

Get a drink after work?

- Bill's on you right?
- Of course.

But next time you gotta pay.

What's on the menu?

- Use your imagination.
- Mabu.

Thank you very much.

That's great, you even added a dragon.

I couldn't imagine that.

You're badshit.

You changed it so good why not
just tell me in the first place?

Ah, just some improv.

Thank you very much.

I thought I got hung.

Keep a healthy life.




But that's not Mabu's email.


This is not.

Then this is..




Please fix it

Hair more thick and speedy

Clothes brighter

Add more small thingy on it

thick and speedy clothes

brighter but not change color

Be quick.

Be quick.

Is that true?

I'm sure.

Although don't who's behind that.

But it was a quick fix.

Now we're saved.

Already happened more than once.

Give job to someone who's in shadow.

Isn't that a bad idea?

We might get blackmailed after that.

This is a skilled drawing.

Those lines and shadows.

Newbie couldn't draw like this.

Welcome back.

I'm home.

I'm coming in.


How's the new job?

Used to it?


Keep working.

Keep working.


Do you know her?

She's Konuma Mami in Class 3.

Always finding things in trash.

Why, I wanna puke.

What's in her mind?

No idea, let's go.

Go go go.

The trash you collected.

I threw them all out.

They're so dirty you don't need them right?

Mami skipped school, why?

Just leave her alone.


Should we discuss with someone else?

With whom?

No idea, like some child care advisory council.

But those are government stuff.

Survival game
We want fighters!

Everyone got that right?


This is for our production apartment.

Survival game?

That's meaningless to play PC games
and play this real life games at the same time.

Those're for full-timers.

How about you?

Sorry, I'm frail.



You skipped that..

And Konuma..

How about you?


Where're you going?

Survival game.

Survival game.

What, sarva?


What's survival game?

Hi, I'm at work.

Survival game?

What's that?

Why are you telling this at this hour?

I'm full of energy.

What's her problem?

We're short of hands.

So I got one from debug apartment.

That's her.

Looks like she lost in
the rock paper scissors thing.

What's your name?


Sorry, the thing we just said.

rock paper scissors..

I lost.

Really? That's bad.


But actually a funny game.



How does feel pain while we got hit?

No no.

Pain like hell, man.

You better not got hit.

She's just a newbie don't act like this.

Why she's coming?


It's dangerous, bullet comes out.

This is assault rifle.

Automatic or semi-automatic are switchable.

Press here you get..

One bullet after one..

And this is automatic, know it?

While not aiming your target,
don't put your finger on the trigger.

And hold your gun down.

Got it?

Alright, let's move.

Red vs Green, kill to win.


Unlimited time.

Let's go.


Just die.

Just die.


Yabe, this is Temo.

Temo, what's up?

I know they sent those emails.

I checked the email list of our company.

Who's that?

Debug apartment, Konuma Mami.


I got hit.

Are you OK?

Although it's a small accident.

But I'm really sorry.

Nothing, nothing. No need to worry.

- This is for you.
- Thank you very much.

I need to thank you for
taking care of her in the company.

No, we're not in different apartments.

- Head of production apartment?
- Yes.

Wow, at now this age?

Nothing, just a small director.

Ah. Guess what.

They ambushed me at the HQ.

Now I'm working at sub-company.

I'm also a director.

The workplace feels super freely.

Well that's good.


Stop eating, come here and talk.


This kid doesn't have special skill.

Is she working hard?

No, she has skill.



You fixed those drawings.

That's you right?

What's that?

She helped to fixed some character designs.

Draws so well.

Mami, drawing?

So well?

This is you drawing.

Mami made this?

No, you get it wrong.


You helped me out a lot.

That's you right?

No no, lying is not good.

Look at these.

So many sketches, that's crazy.

When did you draw all these?

They're just good.

You have such a great talent.

Can I ask you a question?


Why you got it fixed at that day?

I know reasons are not important.

No chance to give it back.

No chance to give back to you.

So gotta do something.

Although I don't know what you mean.

But thank you.



Then we will follow our own direction.


Ah, Yabe what are you saying about the the drawings?

Still drawing by Mabu right?


We got a new illustrator.

But Mabu is working on this since day one.

A new excellent illustrator.

Mabu is out-dated.

He's slow, price's high, and he has no respect.

These three are killing me.


How's the style and consistency?

We're heading a new direction.

New drawing, the dog do whatever you like

Punk haircut, old Punk, with leather?

Sense of universe, and speedy

Legs could be stronger
Peg? Dog? Money?
Please quick!

Like a dream.

She just skipped during high school.

And staying at home for 5 years since.

I thought she's helpless and gave up.

But now she's drawing.

Doing things she likes and earning money.

This is particular.

U turn.


Mami, would you take good care of her?

I'll give it a shot.

A shot?

I want you to take care of her.

What's your problem?

I don't know either.

She will work hard.

Alright then.

Do you have LINE?


Shaky Shaky.

Let's go.

Have you seen me?


Where's this kid?

Working at production apartment seems like.

Why's that?

Who knows.


I'm Yabe.

How's your work?


By the way.

The girl dress could you change the style?

Just changed the dress.


Could you send the drawing that
you're currently working on?

Marketing guy are bitching me.


Let's have lunch after finishing.


Don't like?


You have such a talent.

The girl dress could you change the style?

Could you send the drawing that
you're currently working on?

Let's have lunch after finishing.

You there?

Are you there?

Open it.

Say something.

Open it.

Ah, what's that?

What are you doing here?

Who are you?

I'm her boss.

At workplace?

What does work mean?

You now a worker?

Couldn't you just be quiet?

I came here to check the project.

Let me have a look, what are you drawing?

- Enough man.
- No.

- What you mean no?
- What, what?

Just some works.

Why are you so proud of having a job?

I'm not proud.

You look super-proud.

Wait, where're you going?

Is this OK, breaking into someone's house?

No time to worry.

The marketing guys are killing me.

How could Mami draw things for you.

Of course she could.

This is the sketchbook.

It's blank.

What's this?

It's good.

But she already got hired.

It's great.

What did you do this week?

Can't you see that she drew this during the week?


Talk to me,

why wouldn't you do that?


I don't need your sorry.

Could you just finish it?

I can't.


But why?

I wanted to, but..

I only know how to imitate.

Just draw whatever you want.

The things you want.

Draw it freely.


No, this is a job.

Tons of planing plus deadline.


Don't sorry me.

Please draw it.


It's fine.

I'm here.

You can do it.

You have talent.


Wait a sec.

Manager would you take a look at the import list?

OK then.

Do your own work.

You could be a good manager at last.

People will keep doing better.

Like Mami.

Let's say.

I didn't know Mami was drawing.

And keep drawing while staying at home.

Didn't waste a sec.

Because of that she draws so good?

She has talent.

Who gave her this talent?

I have no idea.

But the drawing thing's real.

Just don't worry.

You sound like that's all
because of you.

What have you done to help her?

I'm her royal dad.

The young folk from the game company called.

Hi, thanks for contacting me, Yabe.


What's that?

What does it mean, refuse to draw?




I heard.

I told you that.

I'm worried about you couldn't draw it well.

And it happened.

I don't think you have this special talent.

Just forget it.

Find a common part-time job.


Your dad just don't know nothing.

He said you're special.

He's a just a run of mill guy,
but he saying you're special.

Just don't believe those nonsense.

The world's full of this crap.

When a man saying you're special.

They're just lying.


Are you there?

Forget everything.

Yes, know your limit.

My limit..


Hello Mami?

Sorry, gotta go.

So good to see you.

I always want to apologize since that day.


You have no special relation with that guy right?


I thought you two are getting together.

If I going out with him,
then you shoot me with guns?

Yes, I will.

It's complicated between us.

Let's skip that part.

What's your job?



I have a part-time job at game company.

Then you're not leech but freelancer.

Where do you live?

You make me worry.

But kinda special.

You're funny.

- Is that so?
- En..

Well well, are you out of your mind again?

You just said that you have better choice.

Faster worker and cheaper, and no complaint.

- I didn't say that.
- You did.

Everyone told me that.

I did said that, I'm sorry.

And who was my successor?



It's a girl.

The drawings you refused, she fixed it all.

That girl..

Because of that you thought she's having more experience?

You're an oldbird already.



Wait a sec.

Your dad's worrying about you.

I'm living at friend's house.

You have friend now?

We just met.

Who's that?

- I'm back.
- Welcome back.

I feel so good.

I beat my client out of shite today.

Trying to do some sexual harassment.

You alright?

Not my fault anyway,
if they gonna fire me just do it.


You need to just follow your own will.

You draw for that man but
now you can't draw anymore isn't it?


Come on, just forget that guy.

Draw whenever you want.

Don't need to care about someone else's opinion



If you can do the cleaning
you could stay here as long as you want.

Why would I need to do that?

You don't like cleaning?

How about cooking?

I know how to make fired eggs.

Forget it.

She sent me a massage said that
she's staying at friend's home.

Where is here?

She said the same thing to me.


Who's that?

Who knows.

She's improving, even made friends now.

What's that guy doing?


Who's that?

Mami's classmate since elementary school.

She's always the one lagging.

Call your own daughter lagging isn't good thing.

Hey, you.

Why not come here and drink together?


You standing there by your own,
I can't bear to look at the image.


- Hi.
- Hi.

You need to get a job.

Is that so?

Are you happy doing your job?

I say, working happily is just nonsense.

I'm happy doing my job.

Ah, really happy?

I think so.

Sometimes you got fucked but I like my job.

He's different.

May I?


- Is there?
- There..


Alright, arrived.

Thank you.

Don't thank me, it isn't finished yet.

Let's take off your shoes.

Great, and this.

We're done.

Who's that?

You her friend?

What a long road.
It just exhausted like hell.

You two know each other?

Just acquaintance down at the bar.

- I say, how do you thin' about that?
- What?

Come on.

You're thinking me doing that thing.

Let's talk it loud.

I gotta dig her deep otherwise
I wouldn't going this long way here.

And now she's like this.

Even if I don't care but she's like..

What the hell am I doing here!

Who knows.

- How about you?
- How what?

You just let me do it.

So you're helping your friend.

Why not just go back?

Definitely going back once finished.

Why not just stop running?

This is expensive.

You're not drunk now.

I want to see what's going on.

You're evil you know, pretending to be drunk
and let your friend suffers.

You're the one about to make her suffer, you're evil.

I'm so tired, I have nothing going this far.

You guys don't know that's a punchline?

Give me a water?

Shut the hell up and back your own home.

Thank you, you're good-hearted.

She's so good-hearted so people looking down at her.

And teased her, she stays at home for a very long time.

And keep staying?

Now she isn't.

I see.

What's that?

You're into these kind of girls?

Of course not.

Please help me out.

- Are you free tomorrow?
- And?

Hello, I am..

- Are you Konuma Mami?
- Yes.

We're waiting for you, this way.


This way and straight.


Talk three: talking about the youngster

- Hi.
- Hi.

Here we go.

Come here.

It's a miracle she's leaving home to here.

- Hi everyone.
- Hello.

This is the third section talking today.

We have Konuma Mami, 5-year home stayer.
And she got it over with it.


Konuma will tell her own story.

And sharing the key to solve it.

I believe this talking will change everyone's similar problem.

First of all, why were you staying at home?

Eh.. Ah.. Well..

I was..

What do you want?

What're you trying to do?

Doing what?

That's your house isn't it.

Look at those weird stuff around here.

What's the problem?

Why you keeping her?

Revenge on me?

She had no place to go.

So I let her stay.

Are you hating me so much?

How had I done?

You know what you done.

You lost you mind?

Just skip my part.

That job was a great chance for her,
now you doing this?

I don't think this is good.

Chance? You just using her.

Then why you let her stay at your place?

I'm using her.

She's cleaning house.

You force her to do the cleaning?

For the rental.

I work at day, we both have our own world.

Is that so?

Unfortunately I have my own consideration.


No idea, I might do some outrages things if this goes wrong,

That's it, what're you gonna do?

Longing to it.

Which means.

Konuma suddenly..

No longer a home-stayer and leech.

She became a freelancer.

That's right.


I wanna know..

Why you chose that first job,
working at the mechanic factory?

Well, that's a job without speaking.

也就是 循序渐进地融入社会

That's her meaning.

How could you left home..

I mean what was the reason that put you out of your house?


Ah, my dad was fired.

Stayed at home for long.

It was weird at home.

So I left and found the job.

Well, that means..

Using father-at-home as a chance,

you had to do some job to support your dad..

That was your thought right?

Any other questions?

- Next.
- Here.

What is that?


I didn't overcome anything.

But now you have a job.

And you're talking in public like this.

Which means you're already cool with it.

Now you're drawing which you love.

I can't.

Can't what?

If someone makes me to draw, I can't draw at all.

If someone says that I can draw whatever I want..

I can't draw it too.

I'm just some home-stayer and lagger.

You give it to me?


In busy.

Well then.

Are those your drawings?

Just keep drawing, then we show them to the world.

Right, I know somebody.

Boss of a design company, Yanagita.

This guy knows guys.

We just let him have a look.

He gotta be surprised.

You scared me.

Well well.

We will meet Yanagita the day after.

We take the drawings together.

What's up?

It's gone?

What's gone?


It was just there.

And disappeared?

It must be taken by someone.

I know who took it.

Son of a bitch.

Let's go, we will get it back tomorrow.

I'm sorry, who are you guys?

What's going on?

Move on.

Go away.

What's that?

- Give it back.
- What?

Don't act dumb.

You gotta shoot.

I'm fine.

What do you mean?

Her sketchbook.

sketchbook, what's that?

I really don't know nothing.

Where were you at 3 pm yesterday?

3? I was in a meeting.


I didn't.

- Is that right.
- Yeah.

I swear it's true, just ask around.

- No one fooling me?
- No, we was in a meeting since 2:30 pm.

I told you.

- So what happened?
- I don't know either.


Why do you think I'm the thief?

But you just followed her on Twitter.


This is Mami's dad.

Her classmate Hiroki.

And this?

No idea.

I think someone tracked her location through Twitter.

And took her sketchbook.

Which means, the culprit is among these three?

Why are you thinking that's me?

It's so noisy.

You turned here upside down,
you want me to get fired?

I did had that idea..

You're so stubborn, because of some small thing.

Some small thing?

What did Yabe do?


He had a trash-game called My-Ex.

And he put my poem in that game.


Is that poem..

Listen to my poem you will have gift


My heart is a red ballon

My love is twisting rubber-on

Ballon and rubber-on is so similar

The loving you and the disgusting me.



That's from my notebook from high school.

You used my embarrassing thing as entertainment.

I thought that was funny.

Don't you laugh at me!


If that's all, we get back to work.

What do you mean that's all?

What do you want me to do?

Put an end to it.

Put an end to what?

Erika you're always like that.

Like what?

I forgot your b-day gift and you keep mentioning that.

That's because you mixed up my b-day with the White Day.

All my fault then?

Come one, just shoot me dead.

You said that, I will pull the trigger.

Just pull the trigger.

What're you doing out there, come on in.

We haven't met in a long time.

The things you said on phone..

I have no idea, what sketchbook is?

Give it back.

Couldn't find it.

You said I took it?


That's me.

That's the proof that I took your sketchbook?

Is that it?

Leave me alone.

If Mom leaves you alone, who's caring you then?

Why I became like this..

are all because of you.

Because of me?

You always against the things I wanted to do.


How could that be?

I wanted to learn piano at elementary school.

And wanted to go to private high school.

Those are just excuses.

All because Mami have no confidence in yourself.

So I said why not just give up?

All things you've done are failed isn't it?


Look back at your life.

Is there anything you done are successful?

But I always care about you.

Take it.

Hi it's me.

I know who took your sketchbook.

A Mabu guy.

He got envy of you and you took his job.

What a small man.

No that's not it.

Just doing some personal checking on her skills.

Truly sorry.

Don't worry, we will keep it safe.

Well, see you then.

How's that?


Sketchbook has been found.


Treating innocent person as criminal..

You need to make a good apology.

I'm Sorry..

I'm Sorry..

I'm Sorry..

I know.

I'm Sorry..

Come down and sit.

Your drawing talent is not coming from your parents.

That's your own talent, all by yourself.

But you're blaming me for your staying at home.


Isn't it?

You're good at drawing right?

But your dad and I both have no drawing DNA.

It was a gift.

Having talent is good.

Mom haven't seen any of your drawings yet.

I have an idea.

Why not move in my house?

Instead of living by your own,
How about living together?

You shouldn't be living without mom.

That's good.

Just move in.

Thank you.

For what?

For everything.

What're you doing, looks like a farewell.

Manager, look at that cripple.

Excuse me, Napoletana pasta.

Napoletana pasta should mine.

- Sorry.
- This is not Napoletana at all.

I'm sorry for that..

No problem.

I'm sorry, it's coming..

He will got better.


That's all I want.

Thank you for that.


We're here to visit you.

Working hard aren't you.

Thank you.


Could you draw the line for me?


And, this place.

How about adding two piece of Idiot Hair?

I think one's enough.

Well, do what you want.

Mabu your next job..

I think that guy couldn't live without you.

is this.

Don't be a assistant at this place.

Going solo.

It's fine.


Step by step.

Is that so?

We're also going step by step.

You numby.

From now today the world belongs to you.