Hello (2022) - full transcript

An emotionally unavailable flight attendant meets a potential love interest and later finds out that her "perfect guy" has ulterior motives. As the clock ticks down on New Year's Eve, she must fight to keep her murdered ex-boyfrie...

♪ I've been alone with
you inside my mind ♪

♪ And in my dreams I kiss
your lips a thousand times ♪

♪ I sometimes see you
pass outside my door ♪

♪ Hello, hello

♪ Hello

I am so sorry.

Oh my God.

I'm so sorry.

I just could not help but
to notice your screen.

Isaiah Horford, I sell
custom made coffins.


Oh, absolutely.

When it's too late to
make a first impression,

make a greet final impression.

I have heard of custom rims.

I have even heard
of custom cabinets,

but I have never heard
of custom coffins, ever.

I mean, is there even
a market for that?

Oh, people are
dying to get them.

It's a business joke.

For instance, this is a Pope
John Paul the second coffin.


It's a near exact replica
of the simple cypress coffin

the Pope was laid to rest in.

It's a big ticket item
among the Catholics.

I moved over a 100 of these
units last quarter alone.


Thank you.

Never underestimate person's
desire to feel special,

even in death.

That's why all of our
coffins are custom designed

and hand built.

So what do you do, Miss?

Alicia, Alicia Gregory.

Actually, I'm a
flight attendant.

See, there's a
strong possibility

you may need one of these.

I mean, we're all going to die.

Sorry, that didn't sound right.

What do you say
you give me your email

and I'll send you a brochure.

For the coffins?



- Yeah?
- Yeah, sure.

But can you just
excuse me for a moment?

Oh yeah, no problem.

No problem.

You don't even have to get up.

Just stay right there.
You sure?

Yes. I'm positive,
stay right there.

I'm gonna shimmy on out.

You have got to be kidding.

Alicia, cool.

I'm starting breakfast service.

I'm not working.

I am a passenger.

Okay. Don't go exorcist on me.

You are a flight
attendant and my roommate,

and I need your help.

Why did you sit me next
to that man right there?

What's the problem?

He's in first class.

So I'm sure he's
making decent money

and he's not wearing
a wedding ring.

He sells coffins for a living.


At least you know
he's got a job.

No, no, no, no, no.

You not hearing what I said.

I said the man sells custom
made coffins for a living.

Okay. Okay.

How many times do we
have to go for this?

Nobody, nobody is perfect.

I don't need him
to be perfect. Okay.

And I'm not even knocking
the man's job, I'm not.

But he sells coffins.

Do you know what's
amazing about dumb people?

What? Are we taking a poll?

Look, they don't even
know that they're dumb.


Nicole, don't hook
me up with anyone else.

Please, just don't, stop.


Alicia, we all have bad dates.

What's the worst
that could happen?

I'm not doing this with you.

I'm not doing this with you.

And what are you
over here eating?


Are you high?

It is New Year's
Eve and I'm working.

That's good.

Look, what do
you want from me?

I'm not flying the plane so.

No problem.

Well, I'm gonna go
to the bathroom.

I'd like for you to go
get my stuff from my chair

and move it to another
one or I will kill you.

Who's gonna pay the
other half of the rent?

You didn't think
about that, did you?

Move my stuff.

It's okay, go to the back.



I'm sorry, did
you say something?


Obvious, "Hel-" Yes-My-Yes.

I'm sorry. It's my
rock bottom song.

Rock bottom.

Yeah. You know how
sometimes in life

you feel like life is just bad

and it's not gonna
get any better.

And then suddenly
you hear a song

and then gives you some hope.

Well, "Hello" is my
rock bottom song.

Yeah, I know that feeling.

For me it's Eminem's
"Lose Yourself."


"Lose Yourself," I see that.

What is that like a
battle cry for going hard?

I wake up every morning
with that attitude.

I'm gonna make it
happen no matter what.

Daniel James.

Alicia Gregory.

Alicia, you from LA?

No, actually Detroit,

but my family moved to
LA when I was a kid.

Yeah. Where are you from?

Bay area Monterey.

But my mom got remarried
and moved to LA.


So are you spending New
Year's with your mother?

She's having minor
surgery at Cedars

so I'm flying down for that.


Looks like I'm up.

It was really nice meeting you.

- You too Alicia?
- I'm up, yes.

All right, take care.

So which "Hello"
song am I listening to?


Well, there are a
lot of "Hello" songs.

Which song do you
think I'm listening to?

Well there's Karmin's.

Martin Solveig did one,

but yours is by Lionel
Richie, Motown girl, Detroit.

I'm deep from the D exactly.

Okay. Okay.


Hi. Excuse me.

Excuse me, the beautiful
young lady who was here,

she's not coming back?

She was having
some stomach issues.

So we moved her closer
to the lavatory.

Okay. Okay.

So you know a little
something about me.

Well, I'd like to know more.

Visiting hours at the
hospital are over at seven.

What you feel about
having dinner with me?

A date?

Not exactly, but yeah.

Well, it's New Year's Eve.

I know a place that
makes great Mojitos.

Yeah. It's still
New Year's Eve.

You said that.

It's new Year's Eve.


You have plans.

And now I feel like
an idiot asking,

which is a feeling I'd like to
go away as soon as possible.

I'm sorry.

Listen, you have said nothing

to make me think
you're an idiot.

I am actually getting flattered.

So dinner isn't a definite no?

Yes, It's a no,

but you can kinda categorize
it in your brain as a maybe,

and maybe that'll
make you feel better.

We are now
beginning our descent

into Los Angeles.

The captain has turned on
the fasten seat belt sign.

So please return to your seats

and remain seated until we land.

A flight attendant will
be around momentarily

to collect any last minute
items you may like to discard.

Well, if you change your
mind, here's my number.

Is something wrong?

Do you always walk around
with your number on a napkin?

You've never seen a
business card like this.

They're very popular in
clubs, restrooms, on planes.

Okay. We'll see.

I see you found yourself a
little in-flight entertainment.

His name is Daniel James

and he's from the Bay area.

And he's young.

Yes, he is.

He asked me on the date.

Oh, so where are
you guys going?


I mean, I told him no.

Alicia, he's hot.

How did you turn him down?

I don't know.

I mean, he's white.

I've never dated a
white guy before.

Have you?

Yeah. Yes.

Latin, Chinese, Jewish, Arab.

Look, my nana is likely the UN,

it happily accepts all
races and nationalities.

I'm not doing this with you.

You're going to hell.

Look, you're not a slave

and he's not a slave master.

So just let that go.

It is New Year's Eve and
you don't have any plans.

I'm working, you're
gonna be home alone.

Don't do that to yourself.

Just go to dinner with him.

Then count down to
midnight, have a kiss

and then ride him
like a rollercoaster.

Come on, Alicia.

Please live in the
moment for once.

You know I want to,

but I can't live in
the moment, girl.

That means
irresponsible decisions.

And that's the old Alicia.

Please, please,
please, Alicia.

Oh, what do you
mean please Alicia?

What is that mean?

You have not been
in a relationship

that has lasted longer
than a week, since Troy.

Stop, stop.

Don't do that. Okay.

Because I've dated.

Okay. Kill time conversations
with random losers

doesn't actually
constitute as dating.

Whatever, just
land the plane. Okay.

Actually keep on talking.

'Cause at this point
it's just the music.

I'm going to do my job.

Go head. Go.

We ask that you turn off all
of your electronic devices,

stow your tray tables
and bring your seats

back to their forward
and upright positions.

Please be careful as you open
the overhead compartments,

as things may have shuffled
during the course of the flight.

My name is Nicole.

I hope you have a very safe
and prosperous New Year.

♪ Yeah, up and down the
pacific coast highway ♪

♪ San Diego to San Fransisco

♪ We livin' here,
we livin here ♪

♪ Crying here, you
know what I mean ♪

Good afternoon, Ms. Gregory.

Happy holidays, Matt.

Auntie, I'm gonna step
outside for a second.


So I'm the worst
photographer ever,

but I can still
picture us together.

Look, you know my situation.

But I almost had
you for a minute.

Oh, absolutely.

There was a little second,
like a half a second.

We were there.

It was, it was.

Pardon me?


Alicia. Thank you. Hey.

So you ready for the new year?


Well, it's coming whether
I'm ready or not, right?

You ain't never lied child.

Am I gonna see you
at my party tonight?

It's really gonna be something.

I don't know. I
have to run, okay.

No, you really gotta think
about coming to the party.

There're gonna be a lot of
nice young guys there your age.

Look you know
I love you, right?

No, I didn't know that,

but what does that have
to do with anything?

It's the guys, the kind of
guys that come to your party.

I just-

- And what kind
of guys are those?


I worked for the police
force for 22 years.

They're nice guys.

I'm sure they are.

Look, just do not feel like
you are obligated to invite me.

You're not.

You don't have to. Okay.

I am not gonna complain
about the noise.

I am used to your noise, okay.

Suit yourself.

But look, I need a favor.

I don't have enough
room in my refrigerator

for all the cases of champagne,

can I put a few cases in yours?

Oh yeah, sure.

Oh great. Thank you.

All righty.

All right. If I
don't see you again,

have a happy New Year.

Happy new year to you too.

Be safe sweetheart.

And you too.

Happy New Year.

All right. Take
it easy, right?

So is Alicia
coming to the party?

I don't know.

Maybe, why?

No reason.

That's a little boy answer.

Is it possible you wanna
usher in the New Year

with my beautiful,
young neighbor?

So I talked to her
a couple of times,

but she's still on the rebound
of some dude she used to see.

Well, you might get somewhere

if you stop using those
lame pickup lines.

Women don't go for
that nonsense anymore.

Yeah, you.

Auntie, yes they do.

So what is your best line?

Let me hear it.

I have a bottle of champagne,

some crab and some garlic
noodle for the table please,


Oh, I ain't mad at that.

All right auntie I'll
see you in a minute.

All right, all right.

♪ I dare you to take me to you

♪ I'm gonna make my
dreams come true ♪

I don't know.

Mr. Daniel, I don't know.

Let's see.

No, no, no, do not touch it.

It is not yours.

That is Ms. Valentine's champagne
and you are safeguarding.

But you are doing her a favor.

I mean, it's just one
bottle of champagne.

I mean, she really
gonna miss it.

How would she know?

But just be a
woman of your word,

whatever, whatever I'm
getting the bottle.



Okay, Miss V.

That's good.


So Daniel, this is your
business card, right?

Let's see what you're doing.

No, you don't need to
see what you're doing.

Why not?

What will it hurt?

Let's see.

This is Daniel.


Hey, Daniel.


Hi, this is Alicia Gregory.

I'm not sure if you
remember who I am.

Motown girl, hello?

Yes, actually that's me.

What's going on?

Well, I was wondering if you

still didn't really have
plans for the evening.

Do you wanna get a drink?

I mean, if you
don't have any plans.

Meet me in
Angelo's in an hour.

You know Angelo's
is my favorite spot.

Imagine that, I'll
see you there then.

All right.

Yes, yes, yes.

She's got a date.

I'm going on a date.

Nicole, you don't know my life.

I'm going on a date.

Thank you very much.

At least you've
got the night off.

What's going on?

Half dozen, small
dinner parties.

And we got the one big
party at Miss Valentine's.

Property management
gonna be up your ass

if anything goes wrong.

Hi, I'm so sorry,
but it's New Year's Eve

and you've been waiting for
your guests for a while now

there's a couple that would
love to have this table.

Oh, oh, okay.

Do I need a date
to sit at the bar?

No, ma'am.

Okay, well then
I guess they can have my table

Thank you.


I'm leaving, okay.

You're late.

You're over an hour late.

I don't need this
shit in my life.

Are you gonna throw
me under the bus

without a chance to explain?


There is nothing to explain.

I get it, it's fine.

You got stuff going on.

It's cool.

I don't need it.

Come on just
lemme talk to you.

Oh, you wanna talk?

You wanna talk now,

you should have been
here over an hour ago.

Can you find us a table?

Do not find us a table.

Thank you.

No thank you 'cause
we're not doing this.

Where do you
get that attitude?


Right, I forgot.

Well, this is L.A.

So you can give the tough
girl act a rest, okay.

Wait. Okay.

Let me get this straight.

You're over an hour late,

but I'm the one
being unreasonable?

You know what?

I do not like being humiliated.

Okay. I am sorry.

I can explain, please.



You hungry?

I ate.

Could you bring us two
mojitos, a sampler platter,

a couple oyster shooters.

Now you're ordering, okay.

Look, I know you, I
dated guys like you.

You Daniel, are what I
like to call an asshole

You're right, I'm an asshole.

But not for the
reason you think.

Oh really.

My mom took a turn for
the worst, I got into it.

My stepfather and things
took longer than I thought,

I'm an asshole for not
calling or texting,

but my phone died and
I wanted to change.

I wanted to look nice for you.

You wanted to
look nice for me?

Things happen.

I really do.

How is she?

She got a little antsy,
had a panic attack.

That's terrible.

She's all right.

I don't see her very often.

So when I showed
up she was good.

You're a good son.

I try to be.

It's not hard she's
my mom I love her.

You do know what
they say about sons

who don't want their mother?

They're assholes?

Okay. Okay.

You got me on that one.

That was good.

That was cute.

This is where we do the thing.

If we're both so wonderful,

why are we alone
on New Year's Eve?

Enlighten me.

I met a woman, Ayesha.


No, but it was a lot
like a marriage situation.

She had a one year
old when we met

and I raised her daughter.

Oh wow. What's her name?


Her mom and I were
together for seven years.

Dare ask what happened?

She ruined me.

It was over after year two,

but I stayed in it
for another five

because I love Giselle so much.

Just going through the motions.

That's not a reason to stay
in a relationship though.

That is true.

But you only know what
you know when you know.

Anyway, mom's
married to a cop now.

Do you see Gisele, often?

I wish, but her mom said I
have to meet this cop first

and I didn't have a
problem meeting him.

It's just, she made
it like this mandate.

Gisele's not my
biological daughter,

so I don't have any rights.

I don't have
anybody complain to.

My ego got in the way.

And I felt like I was
asking this cop's permission

to see the child I raised.

You want another drink?

Thank you.

I did not graduate
from high school.

I didn't even know who I was

then I met this guy
and he was great.

Really, really nice guy.

I fell for him out
the gate, I did.

What did he do?

Oh, like a little of
this, a little of that.


Talk about knowing
something's wrong,

but still doing
it anyway, right?

We've all been there
one time or another.


Anyway, he and I,
we we're going good.

Now things are moving fast.

And I must say in the midst
of all that was going on,

he taught me what love is.

Been out of nowhere he
gets popped by the feds

for drug possession eight years.

I was at my own.

I didn't know what to do.

I didn't have anyone to call.

I had no education.

I was almost lost.

Is he still inside?


No, he died.

He was killed by a prison riot.

So I guess I should ask this
the correct way this time.

What is it that you
do for a living?



You know what that is?

Kinda like, is that where
you sell and buy money?

Pretty much.

I take advantage of the
instability of two or more markets

combinations of deals
are made to capitalize

in the imbalance,

the profit being the difference
between the market prices.

I'm sorry.

I'm trying.

I have no idea.

I have no idea
what you just said.

Either do I.

I'm sorry.

You wanna get outta here?

I feel like this is the moment

where two people that want
healthy relationships,

I feel like this is the
moment that they try to avoid.

It's New Year's Eve.

No one's looking for
a healthy relationship

they just looking
for a good time.

All right, you know what?

You're right, you're right.

Let's do it.

Poppin New Year's
party at my spot.


Let's do it.

Let's commemorate
the moment first.

All right, let's do it.

All right, let's go.

Hey, Rigo.

It's a police
convention in here.

Yeah. My neighbors having
a New Year's Eve party.

So this is what happens when
all your friends are cops.

I can't imagine
that's gonna be any fun.

Well tonight's talent night

so law enforcement is
here in full force.

All right. Look, I
wanna warn you now.

I am doing a little remodeling
so my place is really messy.


You want a drink?

What have you got?

Let's see what I have.

I have some vodka and vodka.

I will have vodka.

Vodka, it is.

This nice little
collection of vinyl.


My ex-boyfriend got
me into collecting.

So what do you
take in your vodka?



Just ice.

It's amazing how quiet it is

with that party
going on upstairs.

Yeah, thank God.

Ms. Valentine has
this party every year.

Every year.

How does she
know so many cops?

Well, she was one for 22 years

on the police force, LAPD
so that's most likely why.

You know I don't
like cops, right?

Why? Because of Gisele.

One of many reasons.

What do you think?

I think that
you and I, Daniel,

I think we're gonna have a
fabulous night despite them.

Plus, I mean, no one
really likes cops

unless you're getting robbed
or killed or something.

There you go.

Happy new year.

Happy new year.

That is good.

What is in that?

It is a vanilla vodka
and a pomegranate lemonade.

It's like a sweet tart
thing I like to do.

You like it?

Yeah, it's good.

Thank you.

Do you mind if I
just step in my room

and change my
clothes really fast?

Not a problem.

I'll watch.

I'm joking.

Very funny.

I'll be just a second.

You okay out there?

Yeah, just having trouble
deciding what color

Yeah, my roommate and
I have yet to figure out

which one we want to go with.

I had a roommate once.

Couldn't agree on anything,
glad those days are over.

Yeah, well we're
both flight attendants.

So we are rarely here
at the same time.

She actually doesn't even
get home until tomorrow.


I would like to
live in the moment.


But just so you know,
I don't go to parties

I'm not invited to.

Well great because
you are invited.

Daniel, I'm sorry.

I have to tell you something.

What's wrong?

Did I do something?

No, no, you're
actually perfect.

Then what?

Look, I can be
really defensive

and meeting you
it's like fresh air.

It's just the song...

It's the song Troy
played on your first day.

Oops, I got carried away.

I probably shouldn't
have said his name.

How are you?

Mila, look at you.


So glad you made it.

I know
it's straight from work.

Hey that, you look wonderful.

You look like you're ready
to bring in new year.

My loves to...

Oh my gosh, that
looks amazing.

Excuse me.

Of course.


Well that was movie
star's entrance

and you looking just
like Billie Holiday.


That's what I was going for.

Did you want me
to run to Alicia's

get the rest of the champagne.

Are we outta champagne?

Thought of get
ahead of the game.

You wanna get something
more from Alicia

than some champagnes?

She has to kiss somebody
at midnight, right?

Chief Collins seems like
he's having a good time.

I wonder who invited him?

Chief of police, he must
have been on the list.

Thank you for that tall glass
of bullshit but I am full.

Okay. Auntie, I invited him.

Why on earth
would you do that?

We've been doing all this
talking about finding someone.

I thought you might need some
help getting back out there.

I don't need help.

And I knew you
two used to date.

That's exactly why
he wasn't invited.

Oops, my bad.

Who knew?

So you want me to
go kick him him out?

I will.

That could be a problem.

Thing is how everybody in here
works for him, including you.

That is true.

And he's having a good
time, leave him alone.

Make sure I ruin that
before the evening's over.

Auntie behave.

This is good.

It's really good.

But I have to admit
it is tarnished

my girl next door
perception of you.

It calls your
character into question

and this whole innocent
thing you've got going on.

Why are you doing this?

You're a flight attendant
and you fly the plane,

but you're responsible
for the passengers on it.

It's not like crack or heroine.

It has to impede your
judgment in some way,

not to mention you have like
five cases of champagne,

the good stuff, but you
didn't offer me any.

Again, it goes to character.

If you're capable of that,
what else are you capable of?

Did you hit me?


As a rule, I don't hit women

because my dad used
to smack my mom around

when I was a kid.

Obviously I made an
extreme exception here.

I used my forearms.

So it would land flush
to not make a bruise,

but you can never really tell.

This is not an exact science.

No, no bruise.

Help, help.

I am being patient

but you're gonna have to
cancel that shit right now.

Just relax.

Let it melt, swallow.

No one can hear you anyway,
not with Miss Valentine's party.

What are you gonna do?

Are you gonna rape me?


If you recall, we
were moments away

from the emotional throws of
carpet burn, head-banging sex.

I have to admit it was tempting.

Well, you traipsed out
here looking so sexy.

I could have married
you then and there,

but that is not
part of the plan.

You planned this?

You think I didn't.

You couldn't have planned this

because I met you by
accident on the airplane

and you were late
to the restaurant.

So had I left then none of
this would even be happening.

I was right up the block.

See, I had scored major cool
points with you on the plane.

If I show up on time,
it's too good to be true.

Conflict breeds passion.

I created enough drama to
get you angry and drinking.

Draw off your judgment
story about my mom

made you think you
could trust me.

So your mother
isn't in the hospital?

My mother died eight years ago

I'm not just a bad date,

I'm a bad everything.

The captain has
turned off the seatbelt sign.

Please feel free to
move about the cabin.

Do you think that they'll
cancel our next flight

because of that storm?

One can only hope.

If that joker rings
his bell one more time

I'm going to kill him.

I wouldn't go that far.

I'll piss in the
next drink he orders.

I'm surprised there isn't
a video out of that by now

It could be my film debut.

And then you can
get the airline sued

for millions of dollars
to lose your job

and end up living
alone with a cat.

Well, this is an area where

I probably want as
much cover as possible.

Then get somebody
else to do it.

For real?

Look at my face.

Hey, hey, this is some
kind of joke, right?

I mean, okay, for a
TV show or something?

Running out of items on your,

what the hell is going on list?

Look, this side of you is
not gonna help you get girls.

I do all right.

Why are you
doing this, Daniel?

My name isn't Daniel,

but for the purposes
of our relationship,

let's keep that going.

This is a nice bag

What's it cost?

Couple grand?

I don't know it was a gift.

By the way, what is
with all the champagne.

I like to party.

I bet.

Well, let's see
what we've got here.

Oh, little lady, big gun.

What do we have here?

Smith & Wesson 38
titanium revolver.

Nice, expensive.

My roommate gave and
sent me for protection.

How's that
working out for you?


I'm gonna hang onto this
with my own protection.

So much better since
they improved the camera.

Say cheese.

No? you know I always wanted
to be a photographer.

Photographers get all the women.

There is almost nothing
you can't get a woman to do

if you've got a
camera in your hands.

That could be your
new pic for the gram.

You know, it's amazing to me,

how many women claiming to
be into the Lord or whatever,

and have half naked pictures
of themselves on their pages.

I get it.

It's not complicated.

Women like attention
and the regular photos

don't get as many likes
as the butt naked one.

So even the most
conservative prudent women

will post a pick from the
beach wearing a bikini,

which is really just
a bra and panties.

Check out my hot ass that
I'm showing you accidentally

on purpose.

Like me, love me, comment.

Tell me I'm hot.

They all live.

And their little
narcissistic side shows

laced with a bit of hypocrisy.

That's not all women.

No, just 99%.

Don't get me started
on sex tapes.

I mean, who loses a video of
them riding the high hard one?

Maybe we should
live stream this.

We should.

There are a lot of people
that are into bondage.

The police.

Nice try.

Anyway, let's get back to
the virtuous, Alicia Gregory.

You know, it's funny,

it's New Year's Eve and you
have not gotten one call,

not one person wishing you well.

No one even ask you out, but me.

Should have got a cat.

I know much care for cats.

More of a dog person,

a dog will protect its owner
with no rhyme or reason.

How long are we gonna do this?

Gum, lipstick, makeup remover,

Q-tips, lotion, M&Ms.

Look you did all of this
just to go through my purse?

Dramamine, what kind
of flight attendant

gets motion sickness?

You try going up and down
30,000 feet several times a day

tell me how you feel?

Minus the 30,000 feet
sound like a hooker.

Most people take
terrible pictures

on their driver's license.

I'm one of them, but
this is really good.

Look, if it's
money that you want,

then just take my purse.

Okay, you can sell it.

I have at least
$160 in my wallet

and I know I have
$200 on my nightstand.

I already found the
200 along with this.

I guess your nights have
been a little lonelier

than I thought.

I should have
kept them that way.

Well, all those years
watching Cinderella

growing up can really throw
off a girl's judgment.

Why are you doing this
you sick fucking bastard?

I've been drinking
champagne, vodka, smoking weed,

drunk and high at the same time,

and you're testing my patience

Stop it.


Oh, I get the munchies.

Chief Collins.

Miss Valentine.

I'm empty, would you be a dear

and get me another champagne.

This is a police
friendly environment

and I hate to interrupt
your schooling

of the younger generation,
but we need to talk.

Do we have to?

My house, my rules.

You are killing
in that outfit.

It's a disguise.

Yeah, as what?

Someone who invited
you to my party.

Of course I should be.

Is that your solution
to everything, running?

Well, you should stop
being so mad at me.

I had just found out
I was pregnant by a man

who was going through
a nasty divorce

and whom I happened to
work for so excuse me

if I needed to clear my head.

How do you think I
felt going through it

while being suspended
for fraternizing

with a subordinate officer.

I thought Linda was a friend

I had no idea she'd
tell the world.

She was a bullhorn
and you knew it.

You think I told her
to hurt your career?

Think you told her to hurt me.

Thank you, sweetheart.

I dig this cranberry tuna,

costs about $20 a quart.

Must be nice to afford this
small luxuries in life.

Of course women will
buy anything they think

will help 'em lose weight,
tuna juice, salad, whatever.

It is amazing that
a group of women

have not beat your ass yet.

Many have tried
it yet here I am.

I've got something you
want, your life and freedom.

You've got something I want.

I'm your host,
you're the hostage,

let's play our game.

Where are the diamonds?


Where are the diamonds?

What are you talking about?

Where are the diamonds?

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

I was in prison with your
boyfriend, Troy Nelson.

Well, if this has
anything to do with Troy,

then I don't know what
you're talking about.

Look, Troy's dead, okay?

And before that he was in
prison for three years.

Yes, a real loss
to the planet earth.

But before Soul
Train met his demise-

- Who the hell is Soul Train?

Troy Nelson also
known as Soul Train.

And it's not because
he could dance

it's because he was black
and had a prosperous career

as a drug dealer,

shuttling product
from Mexico to LA.

I already told you,
Troy was a drug dealer.

Let's keep that
circle of truth going.

And you can start by telling me

where the 2.7 million dollars in
diamonds that Troy Nelson was paid

for his final transaction in
pharmaceutical distribution.

$2 Million in diamonds?

Don't act surprised.

You think that
I have $2 million,

but you don't want
me to act surprised.

2.7 million and do not
act like you don't know

what I'm talking about.

I have done a careful search.

I've tried not to
break anything,

but I have not
found the diamonds.

I'm sure you haven't

and you will not find them
because they are not here.

Listen, I would help you,
okay if I could, but I can't.

I have not seen or spoken to
Troy since he went to prison.

Oh, there goes
our circle of truth.

You're being naive at best,

and disingenuous
at the very worse.

Did you just call
me a dumb liar?


I hope you rot on
your way to hell.


If you haven't seen Troy,
since he got locked up

explain these.

They're letters.

He wrote me.

I didn't write him.

That's kind of stupid

to keep writing someone
who isn't writing back.

Even for a convict.

I told you I cared about him.

Well, that's not what
you said at the restaurant.

I was drinking, but
I wasn't so far gone

that I don't remember
you saying you loved him.

I wasn't-

- He was a real nice guy.

Lots of money, great lifestyle.

Y'all did a lot
of stuff together.

I know what I said.

And why lie about it now?

Look, Troy was my man, okay.

He was good to me
and he helped me.

I was just trying to
respect his memory.

I admire your courage,
if not your loyalty,

but if you don't want to die,
you need to tell me the truth.

"Dear, honey."

That would be you.

Stop, I know what
the letter says.

I am sure you do, but I don't.

"It's tough in here, babe."

I guess he should
have thought of that

before he became a drug dealer,

but Troy was not
particularly bright, was he?

Really, moral superiority
coming from a man

who was also in prison?

"You're the first thing
I think of every morning

and the last thing I
think of at night."

But how much did
you think about him

when there was
another guy up in here

giving you the high hard one?

I never cheated on Troy.

Not once. Not once.

Unless you count our little
battery operated friend.

Okay, here we go.

"Thanks for the money
you put on my books."

Be careful how much you send.

I don't want people
to get suspicious.

"Love always, Troy."

People get suspicious.

I wonder what he meant by that.

He didn't want me putting
too much money on his books

because they would apply it
to the cost of his trial.

Why would you think
you have too much money?

I mean, I don't even
think Jeff Bezos

thinks there's such
thing as too much money.

And even if there was,
where did you get it?

I work.

Look, it was tight at times.

Yes, but I figured it out.

Look, I didn't visit him.

And it was the guilt.

But see, that's something that

you obviously know nothing about

considering you let
your ego keep you away

from your so-called
daughter, Gisele.

You make a great candidate
for a talk show host.

But maybe, I'm thinking now
maybe there is no daughter.

Maybe there is no Gisele.

Maybe you lied about that.

Yeah, you lied about your name.

You lied about your mother.

So maybe that's it.

Maybe it's all a lie
because I cannot imagine

if you really did
raise this daughter,

how you could be
doing this to a woman.

You don't get to
talk about Gisele.

I'm not talking about
Gisele I'm talking about you.

See if my man raised my daughter

the way you say you raised
her, kind and gentle-

- Shut your mouth.

Okay. Got it.

You aren't gentle.

You aren't kind, you weren't
none of those things.

You are a junkie.

You're an alcoholic.

Is that it?

Is that why Ayesha left you.

She was afraid of you.

She most likely went to the cop
to protect herself from you,

to protect Gisele from you.

She was scared of you.

I feel like I'm getting
somewhere closer now.

I mean, you know so much
about my life, Daniel.

Why not, tell me please.

My name is not Daniel.

I know it's not Daniel.

And you're would you say a
marriage type of situation?

Is that what it was?

You got a gang of words
coming outta your mouth,

but you're not saying a thing.

is it always the man's fault?

It's the easiest thing
in the world for a woman

to blame a man for her
overwhelmingly dimwitted decisions,

maybe Ayesha was so disgusted

with what she did
in our relationship,

she couldn't look
herself in the mirror

and so she ran into a cop

'cause that was the
closest thing to right.

Like the whore who
became a bible thumping,

doorbell ringing fanatic,

after she got gang-banged by
the varsity football team.

As if going into a room
of drunk horny teenage boys

to strip for money wasn't
a sign that something bad

might happen.

Or maybe she was a
born again idiot,

too stupid to graduate
from high school,

didn't know who she is,
going with the flow,

living in the moment,

which all of a sudden
makes dating a drug dealer

something cool to do.

Dixie cup size of peach cobbler

Great job.

Always leave them
beggin for more

What are you doing?


Where are you going?

I've done an adequate
amount of glad-handing,

and I know you
don't want me here,

so I'm leaving to avoid
any embarrassment.

No you're not.



Pardon me.

We are almost outta champagne.

Did you drink all of it?

Try as I might.

I cannot not.

Are you drunk?

Buzzed, flying to
just the right speed.


Go find a hand truck

and get the rest of the
champagne from Alicia's.

I'll handle it.

Do you like movies?

I like movies.

I especially like scary movies

I know none of it's real,

but what I enjoy about them
is that they could be real.

It could happen.

And the reason we believe
it could happen is because

these movies have something
called the ring of truth.

Now you're talking,

but everything you're saying
lacks the ring of truth.

For instance, if I had your
social security number and I do,

I could check your credit online

and see that you
haven't missed a payment

on your loft in six years,

you've got a credit
rating of 790,

but I'm sure you
already knew that.

Troy bought this place, but
the mortgage isn't cheap.

The flight attendant salaries
based on a number of things,

education, years of
experience, location.

So on and so forth.

You bring in $76,531 a
year, that's before taxes.

So let's knock that down to 55

after the government
takes their cut.

The mortgage on this place
is five grand a month.

That's 60 a year.

You're upside down five stacks

and that's before I've
added your car note,

wifi, food, designer handbags.

You know what I think?

I don't care what you think.

You better, honey, 'cause
your life depends on it.

You've been selling
the diamonds piece meal.


Well, one here, one there.

Losing the gap between
what you make, what you owe.

You're insane.

Look, if I had $2 million I
would not have a roommate.

She pays half of my rent that
gives me just enough money

to then buy food and pay my
wifi and pay my car note.

And my purse by the way,

it was a gift from a
pilot that I work with.

Well you just have a
clever answer for everything.

Yeah, well you
know it's not hard

when the person
you're talking to

is not as smart as
they think they are.

You know what I do know,

every deep, dark secret
you've ever pondered

because your idiot
boyfriend told them to me.

I know about your
crossdressing brother,

your alcoholic mother,
her boyfriend, Moses

who molested you until you
were 16 ran away from Detroit

that you turned tricks
for hot meals in LA

until Troy found you, and I
know about the fucking diamonds.

You don't know shit.

It is not important...

It is not important that
you believe me, Alicia

throughout this, I
have been kind, polite,

but I am done playing with you.

No, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Listen, listen, listen.

I promise, I promise, I promise.

Perky little buttons
and they are real too.

I've never been a breast man

So this is gonna be easy for me.

For you however-

- Please, please, please, I
promise to find those diamonds.

Don't say a fucking
word or I'll kill him

How are you doing?

Can I help you?

Yes, is Alicia home?

Yeah, but she's in the shower.

Oh and you are?

I'm Daniel.

Oh, well I'm her neighbor.

Ms. Valentine's
nephew, Steven.

She's the one throwing
the party upstairs.

Oh yeah, one with all
the policemen, right?

You a cop too?

I am.

She throws these
things every year.

Apologize there's
too much noise.

Oh, it's no problem.

We can barely hear it.


So you two are dating?

I'm not really into labels.

Well then can you tell me

when Alicia will be
outta the shower?

I don't know.

What's going on?

Well, we stored some
champagne here for the party.

It is your champagne.

Of course it is.

I mean, unless Alicia's
becoming an alcoholic.

Let me grab that for you.

I'll help you.

No, no, no.

I hope you're not mad at us.

Why would I be mad?

We drink a couple
bottles of your champagne.

I should hit you in the face.

No, I'm sorry.

I can pay for 'em if you like.

Forget it.

I'm just joking.

Consider a New Year's Eve gift.

Thank you.

So how long you've been a cop?

12 Years and counting.

Hold one second.

It's my aunt she's wondering
what's taking me so long.

I should be out.

Nice to meet you, Daniel.

Yeah, for sure.

And I will tell
Alicia you stopped by.

Before I forget,

happy new year.

Happy new year.

Is my shit together
or is my shit together?

It's new Year's
you should stay.

So why did your nephew
become a police officer?

You'd have to ask him.

But as far as I know,

it was to be in the
family business.

Well his mother and father
are doctor and a lawyer.

How does that track?

His grandfather was
in law enforcement

and so was his aunt.

He not just making that up?


He's not my son?


You know he'd be
about the right age.


How do I know you're
telling me the truth?

Because I lost your child.

You what?

I lost your baby.

But you took maternity leave?

I took a leave of absence,
but it wasn't to have a baby.

You lost the baby?

Two weeks after
you got suspended.

I am so sorry.

But you didn't say anything.

To who?

The only person I
trusted ran her mouth

and got you suspended.

I couldn't risk it.

But you did take leave?


I don't understand.

I needed time.

Time for what?

Time to get over you.

I lost the baby of the
man I loved more than air

and I couldn't face you.

So I left 'cause I needed
time to get over you

but it didn't work.

It didn't?

No, I know we
were forever ago,

but you had me and you
still got me and I hate it.

I never knew.

You know we were good together.

You were the best thing
that ever happened to me.

And there hasn't been
communication this bad

since the Cuban missile crisis.

Well, we can try to make
up for it if you want to.

I want to, I
want to very badly.

It'll be the first
time with this guy

and I don't wanna
come off as a slut.

There are exceptions
to the slut rule.

Is New Year's Eve one?

Yeah and birthdays and
Christmas and Valentine's day.

Basically anytime it's a gift.

And Halloween, when
you can just hook up.

This a final
boarding call to flight A47.

Does the new year officially
start at 12 midnight?

Or is there grace
period until sunrise?

Wait what'd you just say?

Just sort of left
brain sex joke.

I don't have anything
of value to add to this.

Due to bad weather

all flights going to Chicago

have been canceled this evening.

Let's get outta here before
they uncancel our flight.

That's not how it works.

I see you got the champagne.

Mission accomplished.

Couldn't convince
Alicia to come?

I didn't even see her,
she has a guy over there.

I am glad everyone's
having such a good time.

And we are just getting started.

So put your hands
together for Dave.

Stupid bitch, are you
out of your fucking mind?

Didn't your parents teach
you not to play with fire?

You are really, really
testing my patience.

If you think I'm
just gonna sit here

every chance I get,
I'm going for mine.

It's security, isn't it?

Answer me, it's
building security.

The smoke alarm is connected

to the building security system.

Otherwise they would've
called your phone.

Happy new year.

Hi. Sorry to disturb you

but this is Rigo
Hernandez in security.

Yeah. Rigo, the smoke alarm.

We were trying to get a
jumpstart on New Year's dinner

and I'm just for shit
when it comes to cooking.

Is Ms. Gregory
or Davenport there?

Yeah, Alicia's in the kitchen.

May I speak with her?

Yeah, sure, Rigo.


I have a confession to make,

I don't know shit about books or
arbitrage or fancy restaurants,

but I know a dozen
ways to kill a man.

So if Rigo, the security
guard comes up here

to investigate the fire alarm

I will cut his ass every
which way but loose.

Do you understand?

Say it.

I understand.

Start talking and make it good.


Ms. Gregory.


Hi, this is Rigo
Hernandez in security.

You sound out breath.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

I was making barbecue
in the kitchen.

I got something on my hand.

That's why I didn't
answer the phone.

We're fine.

I'm fine.

That's good to hear.

Oh and by the way,
what's your code word?


Okay. That's all I need
from you Ms. Gregory.

Happy new year.

Happy new year.

That was magnificent.

I cannot tell you how
happy that just made me.

It almost makes me forgive you

for lying about the champagne.

I especially like
your code word.

The voicemail
box you reached is full.

Please hang up and try again.

The long day and a long night.

It is almost new year
but before that happens,

you are going to tell me
where the diamonds are.

I've gotta pee.

I don't care.

You have been playing
games with me all night

and playtime is over.

Please let me go to
the bathroom, please.

Look, if you let
me use the bathroom,

then I will tell you whatever
it is you wanna know.

No, no, no, no

So would it be too much to ask

for just a little bit
of privacy, please?


I mean, you've been all
talk, the silent treatment.

Well it's fine, but
it's gonna take a while.

I mean, it took me months to
tinkle in front of my boyfriend

and you are a stranger
who's holding me hostage.

So just wait.

Look, it didn't
have to be this way.

Okay, I wonder if
circumstances were different

and you weren't convinced
that I had these diamonds,

I wonder what could
have happened.

How many times do I have...

I do not know-

- Shut up.

I'm hip to your game.

I'm hip.

You scare the shit out of
me and then reprieve.

That's your get down.

Amazing, the plan didn't work.

What are you now?

An ice man.

Cold and silent.

Trying to be scarier.

Play time is over sweetheart.

You're the dumb girlfriend, but
you're not the dumb girlfriend.

You know what I'm saying?

Are you trying to be scarier?

And it's not a threat.

It's a promise.

I'm on a clock.

If you don't tell me
where those diamonds are-

- Then what? Huh?

What you gonna do?

You gonna shoot me?

Right between those
pretty brown eyes.

No you not.

You not because if you do,

I can't tell you
where the diamonds are

and you can't scare me
enough into telling you.

So we have a problem.

Thank you for admitting you
know where the diamonds are.

I didn't admit shit,
but I do know who you are.

You know what I told you?

Nah, I know who you are.

Troy wrote me about
you in his letters.

Bitch ass CO, scared
of all the cons.

They made you their errand boy.

Is that right?

Would you say different?

Candy for em and phones and
drugs whatever they wanted. Huh?

So they stay off your ass.

You're outta your mind.

Who's running
from the truth now?

Blood stains on the
prison church floor,

your coward ass high
inside of a confessional.

That's why my man is dead
you couldn't kill shit.

Can't even kill time.

There are worse
things than death.

But you have to be
afraid to die for them.

I'm not scared.

Not scared to die.

I'm not scared of you, but I
really don't have to be do I?

Oh, smart.

Now let me go.

Untie me.

I'll forget this
shit ever happened.

There is something Troy
didn't write you in his letters

because he was dead.

I'm the one who killed him.

Now you are going to
experience the worst

that can happen.

Get off of me.

Get off of me.

Okay, everybody.

Here we go.

10, nine.

Six, five.

No, no, no.

Two, one.

Get off of me.

Nicole, Nicole run.

Run Nicole.

Is he dead?

Yeah. Yeah.

I think so.

This is a thing.

Wait, why are you here?

How did you-

- There's a storm in Chicago
and the flight got canceled.

I tried to call a couple times.

We should call the cops.

He's a cop.


Yeah, he's the CO.

He used to work
at Troy's prison.




We should still call them.

I know, I know. I know.

I need a second.

I need a second, Nicole.

Right yeah.

You should put some clothes on.

I need a drink.

You okay?


This was not
your fault, Alicia.

I don't even know what this was.

Look, the world is
full of crazy people.

But he wasn't crazy.

Excuse me.

No, he wasn't crazy.

Nicole, he was a thief.

He tried to rape and kill you.

Yes but he thought that I
had something that he wanted.

What did he think you had?

Two million
dollars in diamonds.

Alicia, two million
dollars in diamonds.

I know.

Well, you know you
don't have that.


I'm sorry.

We need to call
the police, okay?

Yeah, just gimme a minute, okay?



Yeah, I can't come out there.

It's okay.

He's still covered up.

He's right there.

Okay Alicia, I need you to
get yourself in a mental space

where you can explain to the
police what happened here?

You want something
to drink first?

Yeah please.

All right.

Here you go.

You can leave it on the table.

I think we should talk
before we call the police

to figure out what
we're telling them.

Have I done something to you

that makes you
think that I'm dumb?

What are you talking about.

Earlier today when
we were on the airplane

I remember you saying that,

dumb people don't know
that they're dumb.

So I'm trying to figure
out what have I done

that makes you think I'm dumb.

I don't actually think
you're dumb, Alicia.


Nicole, you're my best friend.

Shit, the money.

Why else?

So you set me up.

Yes. Yes, Alicia I did.

But I let you live with me.

Compared to the millions
of dollars in diamonds,

bitch, come on.

Okay. So this entire time

you have just been faking like
you my friend for diamonds.

Oh, well that was
Michael's or Daniel,

whoever he was
that was his idea.

But then when I
couldn't find them,

he wanted to take matters
into his own hands.

No, that doesn't make sense

because then why
would you kill him?

Well, this path
serves me right.

A 100% is better
than 50%, right?


Where are the diamonds?

They're in the living room.

Well, let's go
to the living room.

You know, you should
be ashamed of yourself.

And nobody should be
allowed to make red bottoms,

but Christian Louboutin.

It's behind the painting.


Open it.

No, no, no.

I mean, in case you have a
pistol next to the diamonds,

you know.

You know what I think?

I don't know.

I don't care,
actually nobody does.

I think you always
planned on killing Daniel.


And not because you didn't
want to split the diamonds

with him.

Oh, that's the thing.

I didn't kill Daniel, you did.

You wanted him dead

so that you can pin
my murder on him.

You bitch.

What happened?

Well, the detective
said your neighbor,

Alicia went on a
date with a guy.

Once she told the guy she
didn't want to sleep with him,

he went crazy.

Tied her up, was
about to rape her

until the roommate, Nicole,
came home and saved her.

Unfortunately, Nicole
and the assailant

were killed in the process.

I was in there.

I could have stopped him.

The things men do to women.

I've gotta see Alicia.

Hold your horses.

She's not in there.

What do you mean?

She's pretty frazzled,
and rightly so.

One of the officers took her
to a hotel for the night.

♪ I've been alone with
you inside my mind ♪

♪ And in my dreams I kiss
your lips a thousand times ♪

♪ I sometimes see you
pass outside my door ♪

♪ Hello, is it me
you're looking for ♪

♪ Hello

♪ Hello, hello

♪ Hello, hello

♪ Hello, hello

♪ Hello, I just got
to let you know ♪

♪ 'Cause I wonder
where you are ♪

♪ And I wonder what you do

♪ Are you somewhere
feeling lonely ♪

♪ Or someone loving you

♪ Tell me how to
win your heart ♪

♪ For I haven't got a clue

♪ But let me start by
saying I love you ♪