Heathens and Thieves (2012) - full transcript

In the Old West, lawmen, drifters, and hired gunman converge on an isolated ranch, believing its Chinese owners possess stolen gold.

[ Birds Tweeting ]

[ Horse Blusters ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Horse Whinnies ]

[ Gasps,
Breathes Heavily ]

[ Man ]
You see anything?

No, there's too many trees.

[ Sighs ]
Dry rot.

Starts small in the roots,
and then it spreads everywhere.

Only thing for it is...
dig it out.

Burn it.

When you're done gardening,
we can think about
this situation.

I am thinking, damn it.
[ Sighs ]

They'll find us by tonight.

Before, maybe.

Well, there's plenty of room
in these woods to hide.

They're better trackers
than we are hiders.


The trees.
[ Laughs ]

What're you gonna do?

Flutter down out of the trees
like the Blessed Virgin?

Sweep 'em off their saddles?
[ Laughs ]

Shit, boy!

Fine, Bill.
You got an idea?

Well, there is one thing.

[ Sighs ]

This is your plan?


[ Animal Howls ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Shouts ]

[ Shouts ]

[ Cocks ]

Drop the knife and you'll live.

I promise.

[ Knife Lands ]
[ Grunts ]

You son of a bitch.

After my promise!

Oh, I'm sorry.
I apologize--
[ Laughs ]

for saving your precious,
noble ass!

You said there'd be
no blood in this.

What do you think's
gonna happen...
you let a man like that go?

We were supposed to
net horses and guns...

to trade
for real compensation.

And somehow
we're out the herd,

we're out the guns,
we're out the money.

And now we're murderers,

You would have not gotten
very far in this business
without my expertise.


Now... we... are...
armed again, huh?

[ Sighs ]
And we got
two good mounts,

a couple of nice coyote pelts
and provisions!
[ Laughs ]

Now you listen to me,
boy, huh?

The Lord Jesus,

he beseeched all men to
play the hand they're dealt.

Every man's
gotta pull himself up
by his own bootstraps.

[ Laughs ]

That's all you can do.
[ Grunts ]

Yeah, maybe he said that,
and maybe he didn't.

He did.
[ Grunts ]

These are evil men...

hired to put us down!

And we ain't no murderers...

for sparin' this world
their depravities.

We are heroes! Huh?

[ Laughs ]

we are back in business!

[ Laughs ]

Fine, we'll be heroes.

I guess.

Till we reach
a hundred dollars each.

[ Metal Clanking ]

[ Woman ]
♪ Someone made off
with my horses ♪

♪ He rode 'em as far
as they'd go ♪

♪ Whatever became of
those dreams that I had? ♪

♪ A man, a man would know

♪♪ [ Woman Humming ]

[ Door Creaks ]

What level of hell
you reckon we're in now?

Seems God gave Orofino
its own special circle.

Is there a bartender

I suspect.

[ Laughs ]

For I was thirsty,
and ye give me drink!

[ Woman ]
Go find Pearl.

[ Bill Laughs ]

What now?

[ Bill ]
The angel of mercy,
at last.

You makin' all the fuss?

No, ma'am.
No fuss.

You can get on back to
whatever it is you're doin'.

Couple of dollars more,
maybe you can find out.

We been ridin' long and hard.
[ Chuckles ]

We could do
with some service.

Hands on the bar!

I better see
some hands!

Like to stir things up,
do you, boys?

Maybe steal things
that ain't yours?

They paid enough
for three bottles,

All right, Pearl.
Move on.

I'm gonna handle this.

Me and the sheriff.

Can we help you,

You boys done come
to the wrong place.

Now, I reckon you're gonna
claim you never heard
of Sheriff T. Ashplant.

[ Chuckles ]
I reckon.

No, we haven't.

We're a family here.

A strong family protects
itself jealously, boys.

And every family
has a good pa.

I don't tolerate thieves
and murderers...

and unprincipled bigots
that think they can skulk
in here for easy pickin's.

Aha! They's hidin'
intentions about
the Chinaman.

No, Deputy Clayborne,

I'm inclined to believe
these men...

ain't thinkin' on anything
in particular at all.

But word came down
from Callahan...

that we have a couple
of thieves and killers
roamin' the area.

And you two look
as good as any
to hang for it.

Well, Sheriff,
you're a perceptive man.

My friend here is indeed
a killer of men.

He's pointed his gun
at men young and old,

sent bullets through
their skulls and hearts.

Some of those men
he killed from long range,
hidin' in the shadows.

But he ain't no murderer.

The man you just so accused
is a hero, Sheriff.

Second Minnesota Sharpshooters
under Captain Mahlon Black.

And every one of those
sons of bitches he killed...
wore gray.

[ Sheriff ]
That so?

Maybe it's true,
maybe it ain't.
Deputy Clayborne?

We're gonna need this man's
heroic guns for safekeepin'.

You take it off him
real slow.

- Uh--- Go on.

All right.

Hands up. Slow.


Now, we're gonna ride on
outta here.

Take our
silver dollars with us.

Leave you and your,
uh, family be.


We might like
a little company
till we, uh, get outta town.

The deputy, I guess.

Not that half-wit.

We'd like to have
somethin' a little more...


- [ Bearded Man ]
What's your name?
- Pearl.

Pearl, don't worry.

You gotta admit...
that's a shame.

Come on.
[ Clicks Tongue ]
Let's go.

Come on!
[ Clicks Tongue ]

[ Clicks Tongue ]
Let's go, come on!
Come on.

- Ho! Ho! Ho!
- Gentlemen.

Ho, ho.

I'm in.

Ho. In what?

- The job.
- What job do you figure?

Will you let me
do the talking?

No luck.
We work solo, mister.

- Come on.
- Then I'll pay you
for the information.

What information exactly
are you paying us for?

It's the gold
that interests me.

The gold.

Maybe you better tell us
exactly what it is we know
that you don't.

Bankers got shorted on
investment returns
from the Sierra Gold Mines.

Stolen by railroad men
some time ago.

They think those returns
might be close by.

At least those are the whispers
going around Orofino
this morning.

How much?

Some $12,000 worth.

on the Gallagher Ranch,
up over that hill.

Might be one of those men
who bought the Gallagher Ranch
when he died last spring.

- The Chinaman.
- Chinaman's ranch?

The one that
deputy mentioned.

Why do you suppose
they just don't run him off?

Sheriff won't hear of it.
I guess you know
how he feels about family.

Well, now,
I reckon you squeezed us...

for just about all
the information we got.


you know we ain't going
to that Chinaman's ranch,
don't ya?

And we better not
see you there neither.

[ Bill ]
Come on. Let's go!

He stole it
from good Americans.

All we're doing
is taking it back.

He might have been

Nah, that idiot deputy
slipped it first, not him.

No telling how many
armed men they got
holed up in there.

[ Bill ]
That's a goddamn big house.

That Chinaman's probably
riding around on the backs
of his poor servants.

Like some royal pasha.

It just ain't fair.

No, his men see us both coming,
they might shoot.

You gotta ride in,
scout it solo.

I'll hang back here
in the trees.


We got tonight,
and that's it.

Word like this spreads.

You can bet other men
ain't far behind.

Speak English?

Excuse me.
You speak English?

You were sent
by the sheriff?

No, I came on my own.

I'm here to see the owner.

Mr. Gallagher's out.

With all his crew?

[ Sighs ]

I came about work.

He may not be hiring.

Well, I know he ain't.
Dead men don't hire.

So you
by the sheriff.

No. To tell you the truth,
he and I sort of got off
on the wrong foot.

Heard you bought this place
off of Gallagher.

Looks like you could
use some help with it.

I'm good with horses.

[ Sighs ]

What do you use that for?

Wild turkeys,
I guess.

[ Sighs ]

This place could...
use a few nails.

We had a hired boy
until a month ago.

He left with two
of our horses.

[ Sniffs ]

Trust is
very important to us.

Who's "us"?

You got partners?
Stay here.

Kun Hua! Kun Hua!

[ Speaks Mandarin ]

[ Speaks Mandarin ]


She's a very observant woman.

Good at telling
good man from bad.

Well, am I hired?

She said no.

Look, I, uh--
I got nowhere
to sleep tonight.

I could finish up
those fences
for room and board...

and be on my way
in the morning if
she won't change her mind.

She's not so sure
about you.

You ever overrule your wife?

[ Gasps ]

Sorry to scare you,

Just came to see
if you wanted help
fetching more water.

I don't.

So you do speak.

Not to men
who aren't my husband.

Back to work, please.

He's your husband then?

[ Sighs ]
What did you think?

Well, since you don't
seem to need my help,

maybe I ought to go
see if he does...

with whatever he's doin'
out there.

Your abilities
are better suited
for mending fences.

Then maybe later
you can chop wood.

Saul! Food.

[ Wind Blows ]

[ Baby Cries ]

[ Couple Speaking Mandarin ]

♪♪ [ Melody ]

[ Match Strikes ]

[ Clicking Tongue ]

Come on.


This is a man and his wife
and a baby.
Then they'll scare easier.

And what if they don't scare?
What then?

Goddamn it, kid.
We agreed, we're businessmen,
not butchers.

One more day.

Kid, if we got the whiff
of this, then you can bet
other men have too.

Worse men
than you and me.

And they'll be trailing this
like the Bethlehem star.

And when they get here,

it's gonna be a cold, black
birthday for baby Jesus,
you can bet on it!

[ Chime Tinkles ]
Damn it.
That's it.

Too late!
No, Bill, no.

I will handle this
and find it.


And that's it!

[ Gunshot ]

- [ Gunshot ]
- Son of a bitch!

It's me! It's me!

It's me.

- Who was that?
- I don't know.

I saw him from the bunk house.
I came down to chase him off.

What is he doing here?

Well, how the hell
would I know?

[ Whinnies ]

[ Whinnies ]

We would like you
to join us for breakfast.

Sit, please.

[ Speaks Mandarin ]

[ Speaks Mandarin ]
[ Speaks Mandarin ]


We would like to invite you
to stay on here permanently.


There's much to be
done here.

And we need
someone we can trust.

[ Saul ]
I'd planned on making it
to the coast.

There are much more
than horses and fences
to consider here.

I have a plan
I would like to share with you
after breakfast.

[ Kun Hua Speaks Mandarin ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Speaks Mandarin ]

Please finish.
I will start at the barn.
Join me there, hmm?

What's his name?


Morning, Katie.

- What's yours?
- Kun Hua.

Kun... Hua?

Look, I can't agree to stay...

without knowing
something first.

How does your husband
afford this ranch?

You're interested in money.

This ranch
is my daughter's future.
It will be profitable.

I assure you.

[ Saul ] So you're planning
to dynamite here to bring
more water through?

The rains will be coming.

More water means more feed.

More grains to grow
right here on the property.

More horses
to sell to the railroads.

They need my horses
and my mules.

They need me.

You work
for the railroads?

Right now we need to
buy more... things.

Imagine fruit trees
growing across the fields.

Imagine grain enough...

not for 40 horses,
but 500.

There's one problem
with your plan, Zhen.

I found some gold.

See the yellow color
under the bark?

Means some of your trees
might have dry rot.

You gotta dig out
the problem entire...

by the roots.

Otherwise it might spread
to your fruit trees.

But things
don't have to go bad.

I can help.

Maybe tomorrow...
we start blasting.

[ Gunshots ]

[ Gunshot In Distance ]

You're not a rancher,
are you?

Then what are you?

I'm in business.

May I?

Be careful where you
throw your ashes in here.

If my husband found out,
he'd be furious.

He doesn't like cigars?

He doesn't allow it
for me anyway.

Are you happy here?

Why don't you ask me
if I'm happy anywhere?

Have you been to
San Francisco?

No, I believe
you haven't.

Not a rancher,
not a very good

probably not a husband.

A soldier?

So you hired me for my gun?

Not for
your conversation.

Eat your lunch
before it's cold.

I better take a plate
to my husband.

[ Horse Whinnies ]

[ Piano Keys Chime ]

[ Knocking ]

[ Tapping ]

[ Item Clatters ]
If I were out to hurt your
family, they'd be hurt already.

I wouldn't let you!

A worse man than me
is coming here by sundown.

Now, I promise
I won't leave you
with nothing.

But if you don't tell me
where it is and tell me now,

come sundown,
I won't be able to save you
or your family.

Kun Hua!
[ Speaks Mandarin ]

What's he sayin'?

Men are coming.

What men? How many?

[ Speaks Mandarin ]
[ Answers In Mandarin ]

Four from the south.

[ Horse Whinnies ]

[ Speaks Mandarin ]

Is this
the Gallagher Ranch?

I'm sorry.
Do you "speakee" English?

Yes, to both.

Where's Mr. Gallagher?

He's in Fort Jones.

Rode there for supplies.

- Who's in charge?
- I am.

Well, God bless
Mr. Gallagher.

Trusting soul
if ever there was one.

Well, I'm Colonel
Sherman Rutherford,

and I understand
Mr. Gallagher
is a good patriot...

who puts up weary travelers
now and again.

That so?

[ Whispers ]
Where's Saul?

Where are these men
up from, boss?

I'm up from Salinas.

Taking my Mexican
colleagues here
up to Tacoma City.

Mr. Gallagher won't be
back till tomorrow.

He asked us to send
any visitors on to town
in his absence.

Well, I don't suppose
Mr. Gallagher intended
you should turn away a soldier,

who served in the U.S. Army
and protected men like him
in his time of need.

Your men can stay
in the bunkhouse...

[ Sniffs ]

[ Horse Whinnies ]

What business
you men in?


[ Knife Scrapes ]

[ Thunder Rumbles ]

Well, now, look at you.

I figured
they'd cut your throat,
not give you a shave.

Bill, I'm not sure
there's any gold here,

legal or otherwise.

Now you listen to me,

We both know
we ain't never gonna have
another opportunity like this,

maybe never
in our lives.

You wanna go back to
the way things were
when you got out the army?

You were wrecked,

like the Pharaoh's
wandering Jews.

You would've died out there
in that wilderness...

if I hadn't been there
to guide you through.

Now, ain't gonna be
too many more years now...

when old Bill is gonna
go meet Jesus.

what's he gonna say...

when I hang my head
and tell him,

the only blessings
he ever give me
I threw to the wind?

There's a patch of land
the owner aims to dynamite.

I ain't exactly clear
on why.

Show me.

[ Shovel Digging ]

[ Grunting ]

You're sure he was looking
this-a-way when he said
that thing about the gold.

This general area.

I don't know, Bill, I mean,

why bury gold somewhere...

then blow it all up
with dynamite
and gunpowder?

You think a Chinaman
gives a damn about
land improvement?

Crafty bastard.

So damn crafty,

I can't figure out
what the hell it is
he's up to.

[ Slurps ]

Then we're done.

That whole family could
be shot up dead by now.

We just gonna turn tail
on those weak souls
who've fallen to injustice?



Pack up.
I'm gonna go get the horses.

- [ Twig Breaks ]
- Easy!

[ Rutherford ]
You're already shot.
You don't even know it.

[ Panting ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Laughs ]

Paco, check the bag.

Now, I know what you
got in that saddlebag...

and the rightful owner
will be sure pleased.

Not here.

[ Groans ]

All goddamn night
you been out here diggin'
and don't say for yams!

go check on Bronco.

Can't say the word gold?
Gold, you village idiot!

Now you'll hang for the crime,
whether you can
pronounce it or not.

Your men find whatever
it is you're looking for,
you're free to take it.

[ Chuckles ]

So you're thieves.
You're just not
very good ones.

Hell, I'll hang ya anyway
just for that.

[ Whistles ]

You and I got a job to do.

Take care of your
partner tomorrow
if he ain't dead already.

All right, Ed's still inside,
which means those Chinaman's
eggs ain't hatched yet.

All right.
You're gonna go on
foolin' 'em, boy.

Okay? You don't know anything
about any stolen gold.

Keep their trust.

Tell 'em you can get 'em out
by morning or something.

they'll tell ya something.

Now you listen to me.
This is very important.

Long as they trust ya,
you're worth something to me,
but not beyond.

You hear me?

Do you hear me?

[ Footsteps Approaching ]

What are they
telling you, Ed?

They ain't sayin' nothin'.

No? Yes, they are.

Gotta listen. If you had
a dog to bark for you,

my Mexicans could understand.

But even they
don't understand
heathen speak.

I've had some training.

Hmm. He says he's never
even heard of any
stolen gold.

You believe him?

What about you?
You believe him?

Well, this simpleton here
says that he just does
what he's told.

Ain't nobody
told him nothin'.

What does the lady say?

I'm a lyin' whore,

too mercenary and too proud
to come clean, even to
protect my own family!

[ Screams ]

I'll kill you!

[ Grunts ]

Mr. Honorable here
seems to have a misguided
sense of loyalty!

[ Grunting ]

[ Rutherford ]
If you will maintain order,
your honor,

I would like to
introduce to you a grave
miscarriage of justice.

Your employer here--

He didn't steal from
some faceless bank. No.

The victim had a face
all right.

Look on it.

Look on it!

Look at it and the faces
of his wife and his kids.

That's tragic.

[ Blow Lands ]
[ Grunts ]

Now there's a man.

He's back in
New Hampshire tonight.

And he put his
entire life's work
into building up a bank.

A bank that
finances Americans,

and their homes,
and their farms,

and the railroads that carry
the food they grow to market
to feed American families.

And this poor banker's belly
is sick tonight
with pain and wor--

As is mine, truth be told,

after swallowing
that sacrilege
these Chinese call food.

[ Chuckling ]

I don't care what race
or religion you are.

But it pains me...

that anyone could take
advantage of a man...

who earned his money
the honest way.

I don't expect you to know
how this country works,

coming from the jungles
where you haven't had
this benefit...

of thousands of years
of civilization,
as we have.

If you will give back
to the bank
what's rightfully ours,

it's only proper
we call this
a lesson in citizenship,

and we'll leave you
and your family in peace.

Put 'em all in the bedroom
except him.

Women and children
should have no part in this.

This is for their safety
and yours.

You make her trust you,
or I'll make you drink your own
blood while it's still warm.

Anybody search that loft?
[ Paco ]

Paco, search it again.

I don't expect you want
to hear what I have to say.

Did my husband really
steal that gold?

I was hoping
you could tell me.

Did you tell your husband
I was in here today?

Not yet.

I can keep us alive
if the colonel thinks
you both still trust me.

Did he tell you to say that?

Yeah, he did.

But I won't help the colonel.

He'd hang me,
even if I did.

I will help you.

Either we trust each other
or we don't.

You don't have your head
shaved like you should.

And that long
China hair in the back--

Where'd it go?

[ Chuckles ]

You changed it up
to hide yourself,
didn't ya?

And you know you people
ain't allowed back home
without your China hair.

I'm home now.

And you're in my home,

Well, finding your voice.
That's a good start.

Let me lay it out for ya.

Yeah, you may think
you're at home,

but we got senators
back at our capitol
writing up laws that say...

that you people
can't take our property
nor steal our wages.

Now, I can help your family
find a place to live
when these laws come down.

You're a shrewd man...

and full of anger.

But I believe
you're also a fair man.

Just doing my duty.

It's okay.

I'm not really that angry.

What's on your mind?

If I told you
there was no gold here,

would you believe me?

Absolutely not.

So if I were to tell you
there is gold here...

and where it is,

what then becomes
of my family?

No harm whatsoever.

Well, then?

Your men will have to dig
in two places.

Time to dig.

[ Katie Crying ]

[ Speaks Spanish ]

[ Crying Continues ]

Ah, your kid will be
all right for a few minutes.
Let him nap.

Right here.


He says right here.
Deep down, right?


All right, Bronco.

You find me something,
you get three extra dollars
on Friday.

And you, your honor--

You find me something,
or it's your grave.

And the other half?

It's in
the horse pasture.

All right.
Ed, stay here and keep
a yoke on these oxen.

Paco, you take him
to the second location.

The missus
comes with me.

- [ Trigger Cocks ]
- Where are you taking her?

Oh, it's okay.
We're just gonna go
check on your kid.

We need to clear them out.

You do it. Quick.

Maybe I'm wrong, Bronco,

but all I know is...

12,000 three ways goes a lot
farther than whatever wages
you'll pull for this.

Why three ways?
Why not two?

I don't think
you have many friends,

and the one
you did have--

[ Chuckling ]

I was faster.

You gonna buy him
a thousand-dollar coffin?

[ Whinnying ]
Ho! Ho! Ha!


You think I wanna be out here
on the edge of creation
with a bunch of coolies?

Now your powerful banker
has you digging
in the dirt.

- [ Gasps ]
- [ Galloping Hooves ]

[ Whinnying ]

[ Whinnying ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ Whinnying ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ High-pitched Whinnying ]

[ Grunts, Gasps ]

[ Katie Fussing ]

[ Katie Crying ]


All right.
That's it, boys.

Think logistically.

[ Crying Continues ]

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

[ Clattering ]

Why didn't you run?

'Cause you'd be dead.


You wanna
end up like him?

[ Whispers ]
Can you help us?

Yeah, I can.

They're a man down now.

I just gotta get near
a weapon somehow.

Get me and my baby
out of this alive,

and you'll have whatever
you came here for.

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

You'd turn your back
on your husband like that?

He caused all this.


Chinaman! At least tell us,
are we hot or we cold?

Goddamn it.
I asked you a question!
Are we hot or we cold?

All night you've
had us out here, digging
in the goddamn dirt,

and I'm sick of--

Did your mother
drop you?

[ Thunderclap ]

[ Paco ]
Colonel makes a better wife
than you do.

If the colonel leaves
without killing him first,
I'll do it myself.

[ Chuckles ]
That's talk.

Sell me one of your guns,
and you'll see what talk is.

Keep your clammy
little claws
to yourself.

Show me how it works.

Are you afraid
I'm faster?

Not faster than Bronco--
the great gunman.

You think I'm a dupe?


You're just not
confident enough to humor
a lady when she's down.

Oh, damn.

You think those
railroads bosses
treated you unfair, huh?

That's why you did it.

You and whoever
helped you.

Only natural.
They beat ya.

You fought back.
You lost your eye
in the bargain.

That's just because
you Chinese ain't learned
the values here.

We don't suffer lyin'
and cheatin' and thievin'...

and all that kind
of injustice.

We value character.

All right.
So, you hold it,
like so.

You pull that back.

All right.

Try it out on me.

You'll be my husband.

If you want.

Both hands.

If it were loaded,
there would be a kick.

Hang on.

[ Trigger Cocks ]

It's a last request.

Now, I know you don't
wanna lose this land
or this-- this house.

It's dirty money
props it up.

It's dirty money's
gonna rot it through.

Now, I can get you some work
running errands for the bank.

I can get your wife
some laundry work.

You'll have everything
that you came to
this country for.

If not,
I'll have to hang her.

All right.


[ Clicks ]

Oh, pardon
my manners, boys.

[ Gasps ]

Paco, stay down!

[ Kun Hua ]
Saul, kill them all!

[ Thunderclap ]

Moses Burke,
deputy U.S. marshal...

for the northern district
of the state of California.

U.S. Marshal?

to be surrendered to me.

Marshal or not,
you're making a mistake.

Your mistake's bigger.

[ Gun Drops ]

You wouldn't happen to have
a partner here, would ya?

You wouldn't
happen to have a badge,
now would ya, Mr. Burke?

And who might you be?

Colonel Sherman Rutherford.
Retired. 24th Ohio Infantry.

I'll be relying on your help
till my partner arrives.

You're not alone?

River washed out
the McConnaughy Pass

My partner and I
lost our bags.

I rode on.
He'll be here by morning.

What was your hurry?

Well, it looks like
a good enough copy,
but I'm no expert.

Signed by a judge,

authorizing me
to search the premises
for stolen minerals.


And you just felt compelled
to serve it tonight, in a storm?

We got word
a couple drifters come by...

maybe to take
what wasn't theirs.

Fortunate, I say,
that we came along
when we did.

[ Katie Crying ]

Dead man in there.
That's bad for the baby.

Have your men
get him outta the house.

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Coughing ]

It's gold
you're looking for,
and we both know it.

Well, it happens
I have a pressing interest
in this matter.

You're in some trouble,
I think.

Did you take that gold?

If I had,

if I told him
where it was,

my family
would be dead now.

And if you hadn't?

[ Chuckles ]
Who would listen?


Take care of Kun Hua
and my Katie.

You get them out alive,

whatever you have to do.

You get them out alive.

See, I stand as
legal representative
and custodian...

of the owner's property
that's been forementioned.

This is a lucky meeting.

So what guarantee
do I have...

that this property's
gonna be turned over to me
when it's found?

The guarantee afforded
under federal law,

you are as you say.

I'm confident we can
establish the facts to
our mutual satisfaction.

Uh, Marshal,
there is another matter.

See, all three
of my Mexicans have...

suffered grave injury
tonight, one mortally,
as you witnessed,

all at the hands
of that drifter
over there.

I'll handle it.

[ Grunts ]

Thought you might have
found the gold by now.

I hoped you two
were better thieves.

Would've made
my job easier.

And what's in it for you?

I said,
where's your partner?

I don't know.

This is a federal

What if you sent us out here,
and we killed the family?

I don't act until
the law is broken, son.

Mrs. Hui.

You seem to be acquainted
with that marshal out there
in some way.

[ Panting ]
Is that what you think?

Don't you try to
convince me otherwise.

I know people,
and I know what I see.

Believe what you want.
[ Gasping ]

I believe what I know.
[ Grunts ]

But what I don't know
is how you know
Moses Burke.

Why would you trust
anything that I say?


'Cause if he's
really a lawman,

then he's the only thing
standing between you and me,

and you'd have
every reason
to tell me.

But if you tell me
that he's a con man...

and a thief
and a murderer,

then that must mean
that you believe...

he's a bigger threat
to your family than I am.

A bigger threat
than you?

'Cause I'm
a man of quality,

and I'm offering you
a promise he won't.

How good or bad a man
is Moses Burke, Mrs. Hui?

How big
is your promise?

It's big.

My baby.
No harm
will come to it.

will need a mother.

No harm will come
to its mother either,

but I can't let your husband
know that until he's squared
his debt with me,

and neither can you.

Now, I've promised
all I can.

He isn't.

Isn't what?

A marshal.

We were acquainted
in San Francisco.

He thinks I look familiar,
but he doesn't remember me.
I'm sure of it.

Another yellow face
in a yellow sea.

Goddamn you.

You know what happens to me
if I shoot a federal lawman
because some woman's word?

A man of quality
shouldn't have to depend
on a woman's word...

to see the truth.

That colonel
wants you dead.

Maybe he's right.

Well, I'm the only one
who might get an honest word
outta those two.

The wife's talking
about a deal.


Go on letting her
trust you,


don't you go trusting
that woman back.

Colonel, I'm ordering
all suspects into
the bedroom for safety.

Except him.

I'm not convinced
your methods are sound,

It's your own idea,
and it's a good one.

Post one of your men outside.

[ Grunts ]
[ Gasps ]

[ Door Closes ]

There's nothing
we can do now.

There is.

These men are bone tired.
No one's slept in two,
maybe three days.

Neither have you.

Well, I got a reason
to stay awake.

My husband trusts you.

Well, he shouldn't,

but you should.

Why didn't you
kill those men?

You've killed before.
I have.

I shot for my flag...

when they gave the order.

Sit by me.

You made a deal
with that marshal.

You've misplaced
your trust.

[ Thunder Rumbles ]

Now Mr. Hui's recovered,
shouldn't we get
to work on him?

Let him rest.

Ain't no good
he'll do us tonight.

We'll find it
come morning.

When your man arrives?

He's expected
anytime now.

He's no marshal, Saul.

He doesn't have a badge.

Did you tell
the colonel?



That might be the only reason
we're still alive.

How do you know this
about Moses?

If that's his name.

He came to me on business
back in San Francisco.

So he knows you?

There were many others
just like me.

He did business
with us all.

We all look the same
to a man like him.

So you know him...

real well.

Lots of business.

Don't act surprised.

I am married
because Zhen bought me.

He saw me once
and knew he could love me.

That wasn't enough?

It was enough then.

But it's not enough now.

My daughter.

She won't live
the way I have.

I want your word.

All right.

They all have to die, Saul.

[ Snoring ]

All right.

All right.
You'll cover for me.

Just keep talking
like we've been doing.


[ Snoring Continues ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Speaking Mandarin ]

[ Whispering In Mandarin ]

So you really think
that boy in there
can help us, huh?

I do, Colonel.
He's trustworthy,
in his own way.

I doubt it.

So far, he's done
most everything
I expected him to.

To tell you the truth,

I sent him
and his partner
here myself.

[ Gunshot ]

Well, thank you, Paco,
for clearing that up.

His honor,
get him.

[ Gasps ]

[ Katie Crying ]

[ Gasps ]

No está.

[ Gasps ]

[ Screaming ]

Evenin', boys.

[ Gunshot ]

Is that your partner
or the marshal's?
I don't know.

Did you hit him?
I don't know.

[ Crying ]

Kill him now?

- [ Rutherford ] No.
- Then what?


I'm gonna show you boys
how to cook a baby.

Hey, Bronco, go get me
those carrots over there,
would ya?

How does that sound,
Mr. and Mrs. Hui?

Nice, healthy breakfast?

Baby for breakfast!

Why not kill him now?

Well, because,
my learned colleague,

Mrs. Hui here
trusted this goddamned
vagrant and killer...

enough to set him free!

She untied him
and let him go.

That must mean
he's clear on their side.

[ Crying Continues ]

So now, the best baby meat
is right around the rump area.

Thinly sliced, like this.

Then you take
the fingers and toes
and you chop 'em up like so.

Throw 'em in a hot pan
with some fried apple.

Oh, then you take the ears
and the cheek scrapings,

and you pound
into sort of a dough
or a paste, if you will.

Fry it up,
serve it on the side
with some bay leaf.


First, we gotta break
its little neck.

Gonna hang it from a tree.

♪ Gonna chop him up
and slice him up ♪

♪ He'll taste just fine

♪ Dress him in the greens
and soak him in the brine ♪

♪ Drop him in the bread crumbs
and roll him like a rug ♪

♪ The baby in the pot
goes glug-glug ♪

♪♪ [ Piano ]
♪ Chop him up
and slice him up ♪

♪ He'll taste just fine

Sing with me, guys!

♪ Chop him up
and slice him up ♪

♪ He'll taste just fi--

[ Crying Continues ]

I said sing!

♪ Chop him up
and slice him up ♪

- ♪ He'll taste just fine
- ♪ Fine

♪ Dress him in the greens
and soak him in the brine ♪

- ♪ Drop him
- ♪ Drop him in
the bread crumbs ♪

♪ Roll him like a rug

♪ The baby in the pot
goes glug, glug ♪
♪ Like a rug

Ah, lookee there.
A new day!

Somebody find me a rope!

[ Crying Continues, Echoing ]

[ Crying ]

All right.
String it up.

[ Bill ]
You're number one.

You're number two.

And you--
God rest your soul--

You are number three.

[ Ashplant ]
What have we here?

Heathens, killers, murderers.
I said so.

I remember you saying
that, Sheriff.

M-Maybe I said it,
and you said somethin'
almost like it.

Sheriff, thank God
you're here.

I am sorely
in need of your help.

Tie him up.

All right, Mr. Hui.
It's your last chance
to talk.

One neck
for each chance.

And the fourth neck's

You already
dishonor yourself,

Now you'll be damned!

That ain't a good
hangin' tree.

[ Katie Crying ]

No, you idiots.
The gate!

Ah! Damn.

You don't gotta
drag me along
like some dead animal.

I remind you, Sheriff.

I have not been
convicted of anything.
You can't hold me like this.

Geez, take it easy,
will ya? Goddamn! Oh!

Easy there, nitwit.

And who might you be?

I'm Colonel
Sherman Rutherford.

And I'm about to hang
these felons right here.

There'll be no hangin'
without my say.

That there-- That ain't
a good hangin' tree.

Now where's
that marshal?


Um, there was somethin'
of a scuffle last night,

The man, Moses Burke?

He got himself
shot in the back
by this drifter over here.

Show me.

You say he was
a marshal, huh?

Left it under a whore's
pillow above the saloon
in Orofino.

Probably didn't know it
till he got here.

We was to meet him
here last night,
but for all the rain.


He was here
after stolen gold.

With him gone,
it falls on me
to take custody...

until it can be brought
to the proper

Now, I represent
the bank that owns
that gold, Sheriff.

- The gold
these heathens stole.
- That's a lie!

We've always been
good to you, Sheriff,
and you've been good to us.

There's some things
the law can't protect.

This house, property...

is gonna have to be taken
under the jurisdiction
of Orofino.

The bank has the claim.

- Sheriff! Sheriff!
A word! A word!
- [ Kun Hua Speaks Mandarin ]

Well, then?

Maybe we could all agree
on shared custody.

Boy, oh, boy.
I never heard
somethin' so dumb.

I'm talking about
a fair agreement.

Jesus always said,
"Fair is fair."

How would
this agreement work?

One share to the law,
one share to the bank.

Small finder's reward
for whoever brought the gold
to the table.

By "small," I believe
he once again meant fair.

What about when
the federals come, Colonel,

lookin' for their men
and their gold?

There's a simple answer
to that.

There's no gold here.

Have you seen
gold here?

Have you?

That's right.

No gold.

Not one ounce.

You and the colonel?

You did your duty.

Marshal came lookin'
and got shot for his efforts
by two drifters.


And they, uh--
they rode off
with all of it.

No evidence of that.

Well, then you'll have to
hang one of 'em.

Witnesses saw
the other one in town,
but not thereafter.

That part of the plan
needs a little work.

Heroes are born.

Colonel gets
a commendation
from Washington...

for... bravely
risking his life...

trying to protect
a federal lawman.

People come from
all around to Orofino...

to do business with
the sheriff who hung
a notorious villain...

who committed murders
across this country.

Nobody been murdered
that I know of.

Well, there could be.

Colonel, this man's
business plan...

sounds good and fair
all around.

Well, we're still gonna
need this finder...

to step forward.

How do we do that?

That's what I was doin'.

Bronco, get back
to stringin' it up.

I'll go first.


- One, two, three, four.
- No!

As sheriff, you hang
every goddamn one of 'em
until somebody talks!

Colonel, I ain't
hangin' that baby.

Its neck won't snap,
will it, Sheriff?

Shut up!
Sheriff. Sheriff.

We had an agreement!

Sheriff, Sheriff, Sheriff.
Come here, come here.
Look, um--

Last request.

Bad luck to talk
to a dead man.

Come on.
I'd do it for you.

We gotta go through with this
to scare that Chinaman,
all right?

Now, you and me,
as gentlemen,
I promise you--

[ Speaks Mandarin ]
[ Match Strikes ]

You sure you still
wanna hang me?


Come on.
That's a shame.

I'll do my best
to save that baby.

All right then.
Welcome to the family.

[ Angry Shouting ]

[ Crying ]


[ Grunts ]

[ Katie Crying ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Gunshot ]

- [ Screams ]
- [ Gunshot ]

[ Growls ]

[ Crying Continues ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Crying Continues ]
[ Gunshots ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Growls ]

[ Shouts ]

[ Fussing ]

[ Panting ]

[ Weak Groan ]

You have some
of that gold already.

You're smart enough
to know that,

then we can do business.

And what was
the old deal?

for protection...

so the Chinese family
could live in peace?

And half of what's mine
is now yours.

You don't hold up
your end of deals.


You too?

I can't, Saul.

I need the men
to stop coming.

They won't.

They will come
for you.

Was this worth it?

Was there ever even
any gold here?

[ Chuckles ]


in the barn.

Zhen's partner
was a blacksmith.
He made them.

[ Trigger Cocks ]

Good work, kid.


you pull that trigger,

I'll pierce
those little ears for ya.


Don't that beat all?

[ Laughing ]


It's a goddamned miracle.

[ Laughing, Wheezing ]

[ Kisses, Chortling ]

It's a miracle!

[ Laughing ]


Get out there now.

Go over there.

No, Bill.

I made a promise.

To her?

I made it
and I meant it.

Even after what she done?

Even after.

We can't leave
no witnesses.

After all this?

We'll never be safe!

It's a child
and her mother.

what we agreed?

Oh, goddamn it, kid.
I thought you learned
some sense.

We split the gold
three ways,
and that's that.

With that two-faced,
murderin' bitch?

She'll have her guts to hold
is what's what!

If you don't care
what's right,

why not kill me,

take my share?

Kid, right
ain't the issue.

You don't go throwin' away
your friends.

Or you go through
this world alone.

We let her live,

and we will never
have a chance!

And by goddamned Christ,

if I live,
she has got to go!

She had her reasons.

No, by God!

There's no way
around this.


All right.

Kill my baby first.

They'll sell her, Saul,

body and spirit.

Grind her down day by day,
man by vicious man.

She won't live
the way I have.

You gave me your word.

[ Cocks Trigger ]



[ Screams ]

[ Horseshoes Clanging ]


Saul. Saul!



♪♪ [ Woman Vocalizing ]