Heart Attack (2014) - full transcript

Varun (Nithiin) is a hippie vagabond wandering in Spain. He never believes in relationships and earns his living by working in part-time jobs, here he comes across Hayati (Adah Sharma), who arrived to Spain to meet her friend. In order to capture her attention, Varun pretends to suffer with a Heart Attack on pretext to get her phone number.


I have just spotted a fish.

It is no ordinary catch.

This gets everyone excited.

We'll have to get hold of it
before it escapes.

Leave me! Leave me!

Hey! Stop the boat! Stop.


Hey! What are you carrying in this boat?

Answer me. What do you have on this boat?

Prawns. Female prawns!


I said surrender!

Get in to the boat!

Today, we have arrested a Gang in Goa...

...who are involved in woman trafficking.

They kidnap girls...

...and sell them as slaves
to other countries.

However, we don't get complaints
against this because...

..90 percent of the girls....

....come to enjoy in Goa
without their parents knowledge.

These kidnappers
take advantage of that...

..and kidnap these girls.

Parents do not know...

...as to what has happened
to their children.

So, the complaints get filed
across different places.

We will soon trace
the ones behind this racket...

...and produce
them before court.

You don't have to strain so much.

My name is Makarand Kaamati!

I do business in the Port.

I have a lot of fishing boats.

I am King of this harbor.

But, all this is my part time.

My main business is selling drugs
and selling slaves!

I have been doing this business...

...since I was 10 years old.

Today, this sincere inspector...

...has come to put an end to all this.

I will kill you, you B*****!

Kill me!

Kill me!

Do we have anymore
sincere officers left here?


We will get in to big trouble
if we kill a Policemen.

He should never be able
to walk or talk after this.

You dog!

Hey! Turn him.

Turn him.

Let me break his legs.

Henceforth, he will remember only you,
each time he moves.

This is where brain is, right?

You policemen have caused
a lot of trouble.

Take that! Take that!

There are a number of
great men on this earth.

I am one among them.

Hey! Hey!

I am a traveler man.

- Give me the money!
- I don't have money.

- Wallet?
- Trust me, boss. I don't have wallet.

Check him.

Nothing is there.

What the F*** man?

Don't you have even one euro?

Not even a cent?


Take care, man!

Let's go!

Do you think you can leave that easily
after hitting me?

I want money!

- What is going on?
- I said I want money.


I want my money! Give.

Hey! Leave him.


Where have you kept all the money, dear?

Only 10 euros.

"Hear that! Know that!"

"Say that! Know that!"

"Hear that! Know that!"

"Say that! Know that!"

How much do you have?





Oops! I am sorry! Sorry!

Do you have money? Wallet? Wallet?

- No wallet.
- No?


Wallet! Wallet!

Ah! Thanks!

Is this vehicle yours?

Yes, man!

They mugged and tied me up.

- Oh!
- Hey! Thanks.

This wallet is mine, sir.

- Yours?
- Yeah!

- Take it.
- Oh! Thanks.


Take care, boys.

- Have a great day.
- Thank you!

- Thank you!
- Bye, brother.

When you get money to spend,
you must enjoy.

Hey dude!

Hey dude! It's all right, dude.

"Come on! Let's go!"

"Come on! Come on! Come on!"

"Come on! Come on! Come on!"

"Come on! Come on! Come on!"

"We have a small and beautiful life."

"Little of everything is suffice."

"That's right."

"That's suffice to lead
a happy and simple life."

"That's all right."

"That's all right."

"That's all right, dude."

"That's all right."

"You will never get this time,
hour, heart beat or enjoyment back."

"You will never get to
live this day again, dude."

"We'll all be gone someday, dude."

- "That's all."
- "That's all."

- "That's all."
- "That's all."

"That's all, dude."

- "That's all right."
- Yeah!

"Wake up everyday,
do everything the same way."

"Life is not easy,
you got to push it all the way."

"Check in all the good box,
skip all the bad box."

"Let's get started now! Go! Go! Go!"

"We have a lot of thoughts."

"We have big dreams."

"Yet, we do something else, dude."

"In the fight to sustain our job..."

"...we lead our lives in full tension."

"This life has no sequel, dude."

- "That's all."
- "That's all."

- "That's all right."
- "That's all right."

"A mix of little brains, craziness,
kissing, missing, cunning, running."

"That's enough, man!"

"What do you say?"

"Why do you hold on to all this, dude."

"We will all be gone someday."

- "That's all."
- "That's all."

- "That's all."
- "That's all."

"That's all, dude."

"That's all right!"

"We have a small and beautiful life"

"Little of everything is suffice."

"That's suffice to lead
a happy and simple life."

"That's all right."

- Bye, dude!
- Bye!

I have to find a job immediately.

I am Varun.

I need a part time job.

Thank you so much.

I hope you respond quickly.

I just need some job.


"Hey! Check the damsel!"


"Heart and soul!"



"Check the damsel over there."

"Heart and soul. Chelsea."

"She has arrested me, Angel."

"She can't arrest me anymore."

"Check the damsel over there."

"Heart and soul. Chelsea."


- Excuse me!
- My God!


What happened? What happened?

Heart Attack!

Priya! Come fast.
He got heart attack.

Thank you! Thank you so much.

Please. Stop talking.

You shouldn't talk
when you suffer from heart attack.

We'll reach hospital in few minutes.

- Number.
- What number?

Please call my brother.
Please start dialing.

Yeah. Yeah.
Hey! Please dial this number.

They will hold us responsible
if anything goes wrong with him.

Shut up and dial this number immediately.

We can't risk with his life.
Tell me your number.



- 424.
- 424..?


Amidst all this tension,
I think you have given me your number.

Please give me your brother's number.

Mom, dad, brother...
I play all these roles.

Thanks, dear. This is enough for the day.
I'll text you tomorrow.

- You stupid, idiot, get up now.
- Get out of the car now.

- Get out!
- Oh! Oh!

You stupid, idiot.

How dare you fool us?

Foolish Priya. If someone
asks you for your number...

- ...will you give it to him?
- Why should I?


If a girl like you refuse to give it...

...this girl who looks real beautiful like
a Cinema star...

...do you think she
will give me her number?

- Hey!
- Hey! You wait.

Priya seems little short tempered.

- What is your name?
- Like I'll tell you.

I'll give you my address too.
Do come.

Oh! You are short tempered too.

- Shut up!
- My name is Varun.

Excuse me! Tell me your name.

- Please, ma'am!
- What a waste of time!

- Please tell me your name.
- Rogue!

- Miss! Please tell me your name.
- Miss! Miss!

Hey! Please tell me your name.

Get lost!

Yes! I am lost.

I don't like your way of working.

You have made me responsible for...

...ISKCON. (International Society
for Krishna Consciousness)

Isn't it enough if the person
in charge manages it on his own?

Why involve someone else in all this?
That creates problem.

Krishna! Please trust me and make me
solely responsible for entire ISKCON.

I will make sure to spread you fame...

...across this globe.

Rukmini! Rukmini!

- Lord!
- Where is she?

- Lord!
- Where did you go?

Don't you know that you have to fall
at my feet and take my blessings.

- Forgive me, Lord.
- Useless fellow.

- Where have the children gone?
- They--

- What is it, dad?
- Nothing, dear.

I want to fall at your feet
and seek your blessings.

Please bless me, dad.

Though, your body seems to respect me,
your mind doesn't share the same.

Where is your useless sister?
Where is she?

She has gone to receive her friend.

Friend eh?

Has she gone to receive her
boyfriend or girlfriend?

Hi uncle!

Oh! So good to see you dear.
When did you come?

- Just now, uncle.
- How are all at home?

Uncle, please give me
your blessings before all that.

Oh! Please prostrate.

This is why I like you a lot, dear.

Our blessing will always be with you.

Why do you look at her?

By our blessings,
I was referring to Lord Krishna and me.

You come and take blessings.

Bless me, dad!

I wish you get married in a month's time.

Are you getting married?

This is why I wanted you
to come here immediately.

He keeps talking
about my wedding everyday.

Get married.
You will be done with one responsibility.

How can I get married?

I am in love with someone.

- What?
- Hmmm!

I am in love with someone.

Love eh?

Will your dad accept to it?

I don't think so.

He will kill me
if he comes to know of this.

Then, what are we to do now?

This is why I called you here.

He talks properly only to you.
He has high regards for you.

I don't know as to
how you will convince him.

But you must make him accept to this.

Thank you so much, Senorita!

- Hello!
- Varun?

- Yes. Varun here.
- Are you looking for Part time job?

- Yup!
- Come to Ibilona!

- Phase III.
- Sure. Thanks.

- I got a job man!
- Yeah!

What is your boyfriend's name?


Haridas eh?

I hope he isn't like that old Haridas.

Hey! He is a singer, lyricist, musician...

...and he works for Broadway.
Do you know that?

Wait. I'll get it.

Have you come here too?


Stop over acting and get out.

Hello! I am not here for you.

It is my good time and luck,
that I got chance to deliver this here.

What is the delivery?

Who is Shriya? Is she Priya's sister?

- Shriya! Shriya!
- Hey!

Oh God!

Wait. Shriya will come.

That's okay. Please tell me your name.

Shriya! Come and collect your delivery.

I am Shriya! Where should I sign?

Do you like her?

Is it your sister?

She is more like my elder sister.

- What is her name?
- Hayati.

Hayati eh?

What kind of a name is this?
Doesn't matter. It sounds good.

Hey Haayaathi!
I got to know your name.

It's not Haayathi.
It's Ha-Ya- Ti.

Yes. Haayathi.

It is Hayati.

Don't irritate me.

Oops! Your sister seems to
be way too short tempered.

What can we do about it?

Why don't your order something everyday?

Why can't you bring something
free of cost everyday?

Whether I bring something free of
cost or not, we can become friends.

I will break your teeth
if you keep talking to him.

My sister is here.
Let's meet sometime later.

Okay. 5 Euros.


Master! Why are the girls so arrogant?

They look all soft and docile.

However, if we happen to touch them,
they bark like dogs.


This gets worse with Indian Woman.

We will go insomniac,
if we see such kind of girls.

Insomniac. After that, memory loss.

When we see a new girl,
we will forget the old one.

What is this? Anyway, all that our hero
Pawan Kalyan says is true.

All ordinary figures show
extraordinary attitude.

Okay. We'll let that go.

She kind of over reacted
and refused to tell her name too.

She acts like as though
it is some Victoria Secret.

She fusses so much about the way,
I pronounce her name too.


- Oh God!
- What happened?

Don't worry, brother.
It is a mild heart attack.

Okay, man!

It would great if you understand Telugu.

Only a man will be able to understand
another man's feelings.

- Ah!
- I need you to swim.


My dad seems to be in good mood.


Do something while
he is still in this cinema mood.

- Please.
- I'll handle it.

We will be able to convince him soon,
if he has this mind set.

Promise me now, Rose.

Are you watching Titanic, uncle?

Yes, dear.

Are you watching it
for the first time, uncle?

No, dear. This is the 25th time.

Do you like watching love stories
like this, uncle?

- Me?
- I hate love stories.

Then, why did you see
this movie so many times, uncle?

I love to see how Titanic is destroyed,
how it sinks.

How everyone on the ship dies?

All that interests me. Not just me...

...everyone in this world watches
this cinema for the same reason.

While, all on Titanic ship hoped
to have happy and safe journey...

...their bad luck Jack and Rose
were there on the ship.

They were in love with each other.

"Where to, Miss?"

They kept dancing, cuddling,
drawing and all such things.

It is because of them. They were
responsible for the ship wreckage.

Why do you blame them, uncle?

Is it because of me, then?
Tell me. Am I responsible?

Hero and Heroine were up
to some mischief in the car.


Did they stop with just that?
They went up.

They went up to the deck
and started romancing in the open air.

Driver saw that.
He got distracted and confused...

...and hit the ice berg.

Titanic was completely destroyed.

It is only because of them
and their dumb love...

...lot of families were destroyed.

So. Please listen to me.
Please don't fall in love.

Also, don't support or
encourage anyone else in love.

That's how I have raised my children.

You can learn from them you know.
Do you understand?

Look at my luck.
If James Cameron gets to know...

...my dad's view on Titanic,
I am sure he will commit suicide.

We might have missed his Avatar movie.


It is not Haayathi...
It is Hayati.

It would be easier
if you had a simple name.

How can we help
if you have an uncommon name?

I want to talk to you.


Do you know what my name is?

I don't remember your name.


For some reason,
I wish to tell you more about me.

My name is Varun. I am traveller.

Do you know who hippies are?
I am one like them.

I keep moving from
one country to another country.

I am a free soul.

No one is there behind me.
I have just you before me.

Right from when I saw you...

...I am unable to sleep.

- My heart is beating faster.
- We don't need to know any of this.

If you don't mind, I need a small favor.

Yes. What is it?

I want to kiss you.


I need a deep lip kiss.

What are you looking at? Slap him.

- Why did you slap me now?
- Do you realise what you asked me to do?

- Just kiss, right?
- Just kiss eh?

How dare you ask a girl to kiss you?
What kind of culture is this?

Don't you have any decency?

Oh! One minute.

Excuse me!

- What?
- Hey! I am Varun.


Do you know I am following you
from the last 4 days?

Following me?

- Yeah.
- Why?

Because I find you very beautiful.

Thank you.

I feel like I wanna kiss you.

Kiss me? No way.
I can't kiss you. I have a boy friend.


Thanks for asking me, Varun.
I feel it's like a compliment.

Well, I can't kiss you.

But, I can hug you.
Do you want a hug?

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

I will not let go of
anything that comes free.

Thank you, Varun.

- Yeah!
- Bye! Take care!


Do you mean to say that
neither of us have culture...

...or you don't have one?

I am unable to explain
how much you mean to me in words.

Hence, I asked you to kiss me.

Why do you make
a big issue out of this, ma'am?

"Hello.. Oh Girlo!"

"Hello Girlo. Kiss me on my lips."


"Oh yeah!"

"Hello Girlo.
Stop being with your head low."

"Come on, Girlo! Kiss me on my lips."

"I like you so much."

"I am unable to explain it in words
and asked you for a kiss."

"Oh yeah!"

"Oh yeah!"

"I like you so much."

"I am unable to explain it in words
and hence asked for kiss."

"If you like me, you can kiss me."

"It is fine if you don't wish to do it."

"But, how can you slap me for this..."

"...in the presence of everyone?"

"I like you so much."

"I am unable to explain it
in words and..."

"...hence asked for kiss."

"Oh yeah!"

"If you felt shy or different."

"Why don't you give me
a lip to lip kiss to set it right?"

"My heart beats faster,
my age does not let me stay calm."

"All I need is a Masala Kiss."

"Single is boring,
how can you stay single?"

"Share a kiss me with me,
you will feel great."

"Though you understand everything."

"Why do you pose
a Kindergarten face?"

"I like you so much."

"I am unable to explain it
in words and..."

"...hence asked for kiss."

"There's some kind of magic
in your lips and gets me all excited."

"They seem to hook me with kisses."

"This is too good,
if you feel the same way."

"You can master it,
by practising it with me."

"Why do you need a cell phone
without a SIM card?"

"Why do you need a life without a kiss?"

"I am telling all this for your good."

"Kiss me! Kiss me as soon as possible."

"I like you very much."

"I am unable to explain
it in words and..."

"...hence asked for kiss."

"I asked you for a kiss."

"Come and kiss me."

Hey Hayati!
My Hari has returned from...

- ...Cadiz only last night.
- Cadiz eh?

Why did he go there?

Didn't I tell you that he was a DJ?

Is he a DJ too?

- What do you think he is?
- Wow!

Hey! Do I look good in this dress?

You have already asked me this
a 1000 times. You look great.

Hey! Please be careful with my Hari.

He is too sensitive
and gets hurt very easily.

Why will I hurt him?

I will ask few questions
just to know him better.


Look at him! Just like a huge buffalo.

He is giving flying kiss to us,
useless fellow.

Don't scream at him.
He is my man. He is Hari.

Haridas, my baby.

What are you saying?

Please, Hayati.
Don't say anything.

Are you in love with this guy?

- Hi!
- Hi sweetheart! How are you?

God bless me!

- Meet my friend.
- Yeah!

I told you, right. Hari.

Hi! This is Hari. Haridas.

Hi! I am Hayati.

Hayati! Nice meeting you.

She has told me a lot about you.
Would you like to go for a coffee?

- Yeah. Let's go.
- Yeah.

My baby! What happened?

You are not even in touch
with me on Whatsapp.

I was busy practising. I am sorry.

- I missed you.
- I missed you too.

Stop it.

I haven't found my prince charming yet,
while you happily romance here.

We haven't seen each other for a week.

My baby! My sweet, sweet baby!

Do you have any plans of getting
married or will he just leave you?

Do you think we are like Indians?

Didn't that guy ask you for
a kiss immediately after seeing you?

Do you know what my man asked me?
He asked "Will you marry me?"

- My baby! My sweety, sweety baby!
- Yeah.

I can't live without you.

Even I get tensed looking at this baby.

Then, how will Ramana Babu react?


Why does everyone
address you as black beauty?

You aren't black.
You are in blue colour.

Romantic blue.

Praises to Krishna!

- Where did you girls go?
- We went to market, uncle.

What is this?

- What is it, dad?
- What is the colour of your shirt?


Don't you know that
I don't like black colour?

I will throw you out
if you wear clothes in black.

- What does black mean?
- Nalupu (Means black in Telugu)

"Nalupu" indicates
Lord Shani (Saturn).

The ill effects of saturn will not
spare you for years to come.

Stupid fellow! Throw that shirt away.

- Hey!
- Dear!

You please help her in throwing
all black colour clothes away.

Don't hesitate.

You are only the person who can
understand me positively on the earth.

- Hmmm!
- Ah!

If he reacts so much for
a black shirt...

...I can't imagine his reaction
for black son in law.

Oh God! I can't tell him.
He'll kill me.

I don't know how you will do it.

But, you have to get me married to him.

I can't live without my baby.

Brother! Amo's call from Spain.

Amo! Tell me.

The load has arrived.
It is all ready in the van next to me.

Where should I deliver this?

- Write it down.
- Yes, tell me.

Alanda, Siera, 29 Puso.

Please deliver it
to this address carefully.

I'll arrange for your return
in flight from there.

- Okay.
- Amo! Be careful.


Restrict yourself
from roaming in local areas.


What? Is your sister in love?

Despite all restrictions, is your sister
in love with that black guy?

So, Hayati has come here to convince
your dad for this marriage.


Oh God! You tell me.
Do you think your dad will agree to this?

No chance. Even if Lord Krishna
directs my dad to accept, he won't.

- Why did you stop here?
- Someone will be waiting here for me.

I am just looking for him.

- Amo!
- Yeah!

Hi Varun!

Were you the one who applied
for part time job on the net?


You have to deliver the load
in that van to this address.

- Cool! 50 Euros.
- Yeah.

29, Puso. Okay.

- Be careful.
- Thanks.

- Shall we leave?
- Who is she?

- My friend.
- Why do you need her?

Why do you need to know?

I won't go without her.
I am scared.

- I know this address.
- Oh! Cool.

"Hey! Just a invite.
We'll set the party."

- Where is it?
- Left! Left! Left!

- Sierra?
- Yes.

Why you people are carrying guns?

- What?
- I saw the gun.

Show me.

What is it?

You assigned this work to me.
Why did you follow me here then?

Your job is done.
So leave immediately.

What is there in this box?

What is this? Is this salt or cocaine?

If it involves shooting,
it is definitely cocaine.


Call the police.

Hey! Hey! Stop.

It's done.

- Varun!
- Stop.

Hello Police! I need help here.

Alandra, 29, Puso

Why are you still seated here,
like on a throne?

Don't you like fighting
or aren't you good at it?

I am talking to you.

- Hey!
- Ouch!

Oh God! Police force have come.

I have missed the chance returning
your favour, you fat rogue.

Everybody down. Don't move.

If anybody tries I'll shoot.

- Who is he?
- I don't know who he is.

Why did you give him the load then?

You asked me not to go around in local.
Hence I hired him.

He has no better job
than calling me, I guess.

She has no job to do.
Why can't she attend call?

- What is it?
- I am in police station now.

They are saying that if a local person
signs on my behalf, he will let me go.

Please come along with Priya.

- Why are you in Police Station?
- Something related to a drug case.

Is it? That's the right place for you.
Stay there.

- Hey!
- What?

Does he expect us to come whenever
he calls. Tell him we won't come.

- We aren't coming.
- Please give the line to Priya.



If you don't come to police station
immediately with your passport...

What will you do?

...I will tell ISCKON Ramana Babu
all about your black beauty.

- Which Black beauty?
- Your Hari. Haridas.

Our black baby.

How do you know all this?

Now, do you agree to come? Else--

Do you need just my passport
or will you need my photos too?

How did he get to know
about our personal stuff?

I am have the same doubt.

- Do you know him?
- He is my friend. More like a family.

Yes! Me, Hayati...

ISCKON Ramana Babu, Haridas...
we all are one big family.

- Right?
- Okay!

How dare you tell him all our secrets?

See what I do to you when
we get back home. I'll kick you.

Okay. Now that everything is over...

...you go your way,
we'll go our way.

We have set the scores right.
We'll finish this.

No more blackmailing.

I am very tired with all the fighting.

I need some entertainment.

So, turn around and show me your back.

What? I will not do that.

Priya! I guess it is your bad time now.
Ask your friend to cooperate with me.

Okay. Please, dear.

- See! See! Have you seen it? Is it okay?
- Hey! What are you doing?

This shirt is too long
and covers everything.

- Can you lift it a little bit?
- I will slipper you.

ISKCON Ramana! Ramana!

Please! Please! Please!

- Please do as he says. Please.
- No!

"Right from when we are born..."

"...we face a lot of tension."

"BP. Sugar."

" Protests. Fights and Wars."

"Amidst all this confusion,
when I see my damsel's face."

"When I look at her innocent eyes."

"Then, when I see her smile,
her walk."

"I am at peace.
There's peace everywhere."

"So, Please show it to me."

"Show it to me."

"Please don't hide it."

"Please show it to me."

"My heart is beating faster,
I don't understand all this play."

"So many good looking woman! Yeah!"

"I have lost my sleep,
come and help me out."

"Do you want me to wait till you come?"

"Hey Mangoes, My dear angels."

"We all are your fans."

"We are here to see you walk,
run, turn, all of it."

"Excuse me! Can you..."

"...please show it to me?"

"Don't hide your beauty."

"Please flaunt your beauty
and change this world."

" Beautiful girls are like Oxygen."

"We'll lose our breath without you."

"Your smile can stop all the wars."

"The entire world is waiting to catch
a glimpse of your side glance."

" Your are wonderful beings
like Goddess Sita."

"Show us some kind of emotion."

"Please show it to me."

"No matter how colorful your dress is..."

"...it won't look good unless
you are in perfect shape."

"Please hit the gym and work out."

"Please show it to me."

"Please show it to me."

"Please don't hide your beauty.
Please flaunt your beauty.

"Please show it to me."

"Change this entire
with your beauty."

"Please show it to me."

"Please show it to me."

"For the welfare of this world."

"All girls get fit and ready."

Stop it!

- What do you want?
- Didn't you get me? I want a kiss.

I need it for one whole hour.

One hour ?


- What are you going to do?
- With just one kiss...

...I wish to burn 3000 calories.

Sky and Earth should come together
and everything else must shake.

Why are you angry with me?
I haven't asked for anything big.

All I asked for is a small kiss.

- What does kiss mean?
- It's just two lips coming together.

With the pressure of the lips coming
together, we can find out if it is love...

...or lust, friendship or gratitude.

We can get to know
different feelings like this.

It is pure lust,
if you ask her to kiss you for an hour.

Priya! Stop giving unnecessary

As a matter of fact,
why should I kiss you?

- Are you going to marry me?
- I don't like to get married.

- Are you in love with me?
- I will never make that mistake.

All along you have been following me.
I thought it was out of love.

Isn't it?

Hello! We should never burden
ourselves with relationship.

I asked you for a small kiss.
Why do you mix this with love, wedding...

...and in turn make me
pay your bills for a lifetime?

- How?
- Won't you pay?

So, do you mean to say that you
will leave me once you work is done?

Oh! Have you interpreted it this way?

I am not going to leave you.
I am asking you to leave me.

All boys are like this.

In the name of new logic,
they confuse the whole thing.

- Priya! Stop blaming the boys.
- Why should we stop it?

All boys are like this.
Every other useless fellow is like you.

You can't think of
anything else other than this.

Yes. Are you going to kiss me or no?

I won't kiss you.

In that case,
I will tell everything to Ramana.

How dare you?

You have been blackmailing us
for 4 days now. Who are you to tell?

I will go tell everything to
Ramana directly.

Hey! Don't do it. Please.

Do you love that black guy or no?

- I do love him.
- Don't you have guts to face it?

I have.

Will you give in to
this useless fellow's blackmails?

- No. I won't.
- Come. Let's go tell your dad then.

- We'll tell him.
- Do what you can!


Poor Ramana! Ramana!

- This boy is looking good.
- Are you talking about this one, Lord?

- He looks good!
- He looks good, lord.

Come, dear. There are few photos here.

- Please come and select a good proposal.
- Stop with all this nonsense, uncle.

- What?
- No questions.

Priya is not interested in
any of these proposals.

- Why?
- Because...

...she is in love with someone.

Love eh?

Yes. It is love.

She is in love with no ordinary person.

It is black and white love.

- Black and white eh?
- Yes.

She is in love with a black guy.

Hey! Don't you love that black guy?

Answer. Are you in love with him?

Yes, dad!

Tell us his name.

His name is Haridas, dad.

Since when have you been
in love with him?

4 years, dad.

This isn't over yet.
You are about to see him now.

Brave yourselves.
You must learn to be strong at such times.



Hello father in law! How are you?

Sir! I want you marry your daughter.

We are in deep love.

Krishna! Krishna!

Lord! Is this what
I get in return for all my prayers?

I pray to you every second.

Didn't you think about me
even for half a second?

She says this has been happening
for last 4 years.

Why did you encourage them, Lord?

Everyday, I light lamps and worship you.

Why have you pushed us to darkness, Lord?

How can I accept that black guy
to be my son in law, lord?

No! No! No!

I don't accept him
as my son in law, Lord.

I don't accept.

My house...

...ISKCON... I am leaving
all this behind for you, Lord.

I'll give it you.
You can do what you want with it.

Do as you please, Lord.

- Uncle!
- Dad!

Krishna! You didn't expect me
to drink poison in your presence, right?

Are you going to stop me?
Can you do it?

Won't you stop me? Won't you even try?

I know your attitude, Krishna.
You cannot stop me.

You cannot stop me, Krishna.

- Dad! Dad!
- Lord, don't do this. Please.

Lord! Open the door, please.

Nothing to worry.

- Thank you!
- Your welcome.

- Baby!
- Don't cry.

- My daddy!
- He will be fine.


How is Ramana sir doing now?

- He is out of danger now.
- What?

- You told me he drank poison.
- Yes. He did.

But, he consumed poison beyond
its expiry date. So it didn't work.

All this happened because of you.

- What if something had happened to him?
- Hey!

Did I make him drink the poison?

You are responsible.

It is all because of your blackmailing.

I got irritated and
blurted out everything.

- It is all because of you.
- Hey! You also did a bit of overacting.

What is this?
Why are you taking his side now?

- I did all this for your good.
- Quiet!

Everything is over now.

Now, let's go plan what to do next
and how to convince him.

Baby! Please sit down.

Thank you!

What next, Priya?

- How is Ramana sir doing?
- He is doing good.

First, you tell us your plan.

Last night, I kept thinking about
Ramana Sir and studied his nature.

Though, there are various other
ways of committing suicide...

...he opted to drink poison.

From this, we can understand that
he is a man with high ethical values.

Can you come to the plan directly?

I am coming to it.

If I have to explain it
in just one sentence...

...I'll go incognito
and attack Ramana Sir...

...with a knife while
he goes to the temple.

Your baby will have to come
at that time and save him.

Ramana sir will be impressed
with all this...

...and will get you married to your baby.

Is this your plan?
Do you call this a plan?

We have seen this scene
in almost every movie.

Exactly. This plan has worked
in almost all films.

Ramana sir belongs
to the previous generation.

We must do something he understands.

If we try something new,
he may get confused.

It is your call after this.

Are you seriously considering
his dumb idea?

I am okay with this plan.

I have a gut feeling that this plan
is likely to work.

- Yes!
- Oh God!

- Yes!
- This plan will work out...

...and both of you will get married.

But, once that happens...

...this has to happen too.

- What is it?
- You will have to kiss me.

Hey! Why will I have to kiss you
for her getting married?

Please kiss him. Else, karma of
hurting him will not let you be happy.

See! Learn it from her.

Though, I appear to be
angry on the outside...

...I keep smiling for
all that Varun does.

I try and control my smiles,
as he will take my smile to his advantage.

He may seem like an indecent guy.
Actually, he is a very decent guy.

Hello! So many women fall in love
with useless guys. Don't you like me?

You don't have to see the good in me.
Look at me like a useless fellow.

Just like every other useless rogue does,
I'll kiss you.

You have already kissed me.
But, I won't tell you.

I get very excited when I see you.

You sleep all alone in cold night
with nothing to cover you.

In fact, I have come three times till
now to meet you. But, I won't tell you.

If I happen to tell you, I am sure you
will become rogue of the first order.

- "I am in need of your..."
- Praise Lord Krishna.

- Oh God!
- "There is no--"

"Can't you come--"

Hey! Stop!

- What is this?
- Give me the money.

- Money eh?
- Yeah!

No money.

No money? No money?

I will kill you. Give me the money.

- Give me the money.
- What is this?

Don't worry, father in law. I am here.

Hey! Don't come near me.

Hey! I know. This is all drama I know.

You only send him. He came.
You both are quarrelling.

They have used this trick in old day
cinemas to convince heroine's dad.

Are you trying to use the same
trick on me? Do I look like a fool to you?

How did my dad get to know all this?

I have seen a lot of dramas like this.

- How are you here?
- Who is he then?

How will I know?

I got late by few minutes.

He is hitting my baby.

- Go! Go!
-Okay! Okay!

I know everything.
Who is this new guy?

Take that!

Hey Black Beauty!
Do you think I don't know your plans?

Going by this situation...

...I am sure my daughter
is somewhere here.

- He has seen us.
- Please come here.

Come here immediately.

Do you want me to come and drag you?

Dear! I am sure you didn't understand
anything that happened here.

- No, sir.
- Taking help of this wild beast...

...my own daughter...

...has planned to attack me, her dad.

If you are falling in love, make sure
to love a chocolate boy like him.

- Thank you, sir.
- It's all right.

Dear Hayati, I had deep faith in you
and let you go out with my daughter.

However, you have encouraged
her love for him, dear?

If something goes wrong,
who will face the brunt of it.

- It is not like that, uncle.
- No, dear. Don't.

I hate explanations. I hurting.

I hurting. I am continuously hurting.

It is only because of you,
uncle has lost all his regards for me.

You have destroyed the good relationship
I shared with uncle.

How will I face him after this?

You don't seem to understand.
He has got a fair impression of us.

This is more than enough
for our next plan.

We don't need you or your plans anymore.
Let's go.


- Praise Lord Krishna.
- Praise Lord Krishna.

Hey hero! Why are you here?

I am have come to seek
your blessings, master.

May all your wishes come true.

- Master!
- Yes, dear?

- I have a small doubt.
- What is it?

Is it possible for us to do something
without Lord Krishna's knowledge?


You and me are no Lord,
to do things as we please.

We are just actors.
He is the director.

All that he does...

...has a purpose and
message for the world.


Who has such a melodious voice?

I don't know, master.

"Krishna asked his mother Yasodha."

"Why is Radha fair,
while I am dark?"

"Why is Radha fair,
while I am dark?"

"Mother Yasodha smiled
and replied to her little one."

"Mother Yasodha smiled
and replied to her little one."

"Because you were born on
a dark night."

"Oh darling Kanhaiya! You are mine."

"Oh darling Kanhaiya,
my black beauty."

"This is why you are dark."

"Why is Radha fair,
while I am dark?"

- Who is this?
- He is the same guy.

Both are one and the same.

Master! This ain't any drama.

He loves your daughter so much that
he has agreed to change from...

...Will Smith to Haridas.

He has enrolled as a member of ISKCON.
He is learning Hari Bhajans.

He is doing all this to make you happy.

He somehow wants to get
your consent for the wedding.

If you don't change your mind even now,
he will sing another song.

Hey! Sing another song.

I love Priya.
Please bless me, Father in law.

I need your blessings.

- Please, father in law.
- Please, master.

What is all this, Krishna?

I know your plans.
If he becomes my son in law...

...you think it will be easier for me
to establish ISCKON in South Africa.

What is the need for all this?
Instead, you could have told me...

...all your plans directly.

It would have been better,
if you told me all this clearly.

Why is there a communication gap
between us?

Instead, why did you plan
all this without my knowledge...

...and made me look like a fool?
What is this?

You can dictate me.
I am your servant, you know.

I am your servant.


My dad has consented to get
my sister married to her lover.

Thank you so much, Varun.

I am so happy.
I don't know whom to hold now.

Thank you so much, Varun.
You have made my life.

- That's okay.
- Thank you very much, Varun.

- I really appreciate it.
- Anytime, brother.

Only because of you this happened.
You are really great, Varun!

I wish to talk to you.

- Tell me about yourself.
- What do I tell?

What is your goal?

To lead life without any goals,
is my only goal.

What do you wish to become in future?

I don't wish to be anything else.
I want to be like this forever.

Do you own a house?

I don't own one.
Neither do I need one.

- Money?
- I hate savings.

I don't have a bank account.

So, you are roaming like a beggar.

Yes. But, I don't beg.
I do odd jobs to earn my living.

All of us eat, work and die someday.

Donkeys and dogs lead this kind of life.

Do you mean to say that there is
no difference between them and you?


If you are going to be like this,
no girl will fall in love with you.

I don't need them or their love.

I will not cry for anyone.

I don't want anyone else to cry for me.

You want a girl to kiss you.
Yet, you don't want her love, is it?

- Yes.
- Who will accept to this?

If the girl likes me, she will kiss me.

No one will like you,
if you are going to be like this.

I am completely fine with it.

I'll tell you a secret about boys.

We see a girl.

Next, we exchange glances.

Thereafter, we exchange numbers
and send texts like "Miss you baby".

"Aw! So cute."

We keep texting like this on Facebook,
Twitter and Whatsapp.

Then, we spend sleepless nights,
drown in candle light dinners.

We literally die
when we get chance to kiss the girl.

Even before this relationship breaks up,
they will go behind another girl.

The entire process starts again.

If you look at it,
the moral of the story is.

Guys love the process, not the girl.

However, you girls think that
we are in love with you.

Do I tell you yet another truth?

Even girls love only the process.

They don't love the guys.

Please understand this at least now.

In our relationship, what do you
want me to do, to get a kiss from you?

Please tell me.

Just go die.

Hayati! Please think over it.

I will be here for just 3 more days.

After that.

I will go to another place. Then, from
there I will go to yet another place.

Why are you waiting here for 3 more days?
Leave immediately.

"Oh dear heart!
Don't brood over this good bye."

"Don't dream;
as this is never going to be true."

"Where will this distance end?"

"When will I break
this silence and speak out?"

" I am shedding tears for you."

"What do I do now?
Why should I think about you?"

"Whom do I blame, for this moment?"

"Oh dear heart!
Don't brood over this good bye."

"Don't dream;
as this is never going to be true."

"I believed that you
will always be with me."

"I thought even you like me
as much as I like you."

"Neither did I invite you to be a part
of my life, nor did I ask you to leave."

" I have been made
a puppet doll in this game."

"If you refuse, deny to come back,
there's nothing more between us."

"What do I do now?
Why should I think about you?"

"Whom do I blame, for this moment?"

"Oh dear heart!
Don't brood over this good bye."

I didn't know that you sing so well.

Neither do I know, if I will get another
chance to listen to you sing.

I am leaving tomorrow.
Tomorrow is the last day.

You will definitely forget me. However,
lets meet one last time before that.

I will wait near the arena tomorrow.
So, please come.

I won't come.

Whether you come or no,
I will wait there.

What, master? You seem
to be busy with your relatives.

Busy eh?

Please come this side, dear.

I have a small doubt.

How will my grandchildren look?

Master! Please fix on this.

They will definitely be born
in dark black colour.

Dark black eh?

Will they not be of whitish shade too?

Please fix on the fact that they
will be born in dark black colour.

Please don't brood over this. Okay?


I know how much you like him.

He is really a sweet guy.

If you don't go for him now,
you will never be able to see him again.

Please listen to me.

- Amo!
- I have found that guy. Do I kill him?

Who is he?

He will escape by the time
we collect details. Do I kill him?

Don't you know what you have
to do if you see him?

Aren't you ashamed to be
asking me all this?

Kill! Kill him! Kill him now!



Why are you being a third wheel?
Who are you?


Looks like you have
a romance programme now.

Can we have our plan now?

- Otherwise, we'll never find time for it.
- Why confusion?

We'll finish our dealing first.

I am not sure,
if I can find you again.


We have a previous balance already.
What do we do?

- Varun!
- Hey!

I haven't become serious yet and
hence kept playing with that cloth.

But, if you dare to do
lay your hands on that girl...

...I will break your bones and kill you.

If you stay here, I will kill you.

Do you want to see the entire cinema
or leave half way?

- Hey! Hit him.
- Hey Sierra.

- You hit him! I am going.
- Hey Sierra!

Varun! Can you promise me something?

What is it?

I will give you what you want.
But, you have promise me something.

No. Tell me what it is now?

Why? Are you scared of promises?

No. I am just scared,
if I won't be able to keep up my word.

I won't ask you to marry me
or stay with me.

Apart from that, I am fine with
anything else you ask.

I don't like to give false promises,

If you expect too much out of me,
you will never get it.

I am here today,
will leave tomorrow.

Yet again, I wish to be open
and frank with you.

It is your call after this.

"Hello. Oh Girlo!"

"Hello Girlo, Kiss me on my..."



"Oh yeah!"

"Hello Girlo.
Stop being with your head low."

"Come on, Girlo! Kiss me on my lips."

"I like you so much."

"I am unable to explain it
in words and asked you for a kiss."

"Oh yeah!"

"Oh yeah!"

"I like you so much."

"I am unable to explain it in words
and asked you for a kiss."

"If you like me, you can kiss me."

"It is fine if you don't wish to do it."

"But, how can you slap me for this..."

"...in the presence of everyone?"

"I like you so much."

"I am unable to explain
it in words and..."

"...hence asked for kiss."

"Hence asked for kiss."

I thought, I will be able to convey
how much you mean to me with my kiss.

But, I just realised how much
I mean to you with this kiss.

You said you wanted a promise.
What is it?

Tell me.


What is it? Tell me.

Varun! All along I have been angry
with you, for all your naughtiness.

But, with the course of time,
I have fallen in love with you.

I don't understand
if I have to feel happy or sad about it.

I know this will make no sense to you.

As you don't understand emotions
behind love or marriage.

So, please give me this promise.

What is it?

Please don't come before me anymore.

I don't wish to meet you.

I love you.

We'll have to leave to airport in
an hour's time. I hope you are ready.

Has Varun left already?

- I don't know.
- Did you try calling him?


Do you want me to go check?

No! I don't want him anymore.

I don't wish to see him again.

"Oh dear heart!
Don't brood over this goodbye."

- Is Varun working here?
- "Stop dreaming."

- No!
- "As this is never going to be true."

Do you know where he is?

- I don't know!
- "This distance."

- Did he give any number?
- No!

"When will I break
this silence and speak out?"

- Bless me, uncle!
- "I am shedding tears for you."

- I'll take your leave, uncle.
- Be careful, dear.

Bye. Take care!

"What do I do now?
Why should I think about you?"

"I don't know whom to
blame for this moment."

- Where is he?
- Who are you talking about?

Where did that useless guy go?

- Which useless fellow, dear?
- Where is he, dad?

Whom are you talking about?
Who is this useless fellow?

Hey! Hey!

Oh God! She is high and drunk!

Who the hell are you man?

Varun! Varun!

How dare you drink and drive
as you please?

- Me?
- Yes. You.

Dear! Hello!

How do my lips look?


My body?

- Way too good!
- You have enjoyed enough.

Help me get up!

- Do you have driving license?
- I have an international license.

Possessing a license does not give you
right to drive as you please.

- I'll keep that in mind.
- I am canceling your license now.

- Please do!
- You shouldn't drive anymore.

Sure. I won't.

If I get to know that you are driving,
see what I do to you.

- Bye!
- Bye!

I doubt if she will reach home.

Oh God! You must save sexy figures
like her from accidents.

I can't handle everything on my own.

Please take care of these sexy girls.

Thank you!

- Varun!
- Hi! This is Laurie.


Pool is over there.
Go and clean the pool.

- Yeah. Thanks.
- Never mind!


It will be great
if I get this beach, pool...

...and a super figure beside me.

I don't have anymore requests.

Hey Varun! You cleaning the pool?

What are you doing here?
How do you remember my name?

Weren't you drunk last night?

I remember well only when I am drunk.

- Come here.
- Yeah.

Does this swimming pool belong to you?

No. It's a common pool.
I stay right over there.


Yeah! I am Chitrangadha.

- Chitran.. gadha!
- Nice to meet you.

Nice name.

It is my habit to tell what I feel.
I am outspoken.

You know, I really like you.

- Thank you!
- Is this your job?

- It is this for today.
- What about tomorrow?

- I don't know yet.
- What are you doing tonight?

I am free. Let me know
if there's some work. I'll do it.

"Oh yeah!"

Why aren't you leaving my hand?

- I don't think it is right.
- I am not the one holding your hand.

Go do your work.

"Are you going to give it to me?"

- Varun!
- Yes!

- Come to Malis tonight.
- Malis?


- What is Malis?
- Just come.

I have a gut feeling that
this will work out.

"Will you come?"

"Are you coming?"

"Sweet looking girls
with beautiful hearts."

"Come and see them."

"She likes you and yearns to stay
with you, come and enjoy."

"Life has brought me to you,
I don't know what more can I say."

"Listen baby yeah! Let's go! Come!"

"Hey! Won't you come with me
and give me what I ask for?"

"Hey! Won't you come with me
and give me what I ask for?"

"Sweet looking girls
with beautiful hearts."

"Come and see them."

"She likes you and yearns to
stay with you, come and enjoy."

"Will I be stuck with militants?"

"Or I will wither away like a flower!"

"Come and look at me."

"I want you immediately. Else."

"I will do anything to get you."

"Oh baby! It is heaven
when we unite together."

"Hey! Won't you come with me
and give me what I ask for?"

"Oh yes! I will come
and give what you want."

"Hey! Won't you come with me
and give me what I ask for?"

"Oh yes! I will come
and give what you want."

Is it wrong for me to accept your
invitation and stay in your room?

I don't have any such ideas, dude.

You are not as innocent
as you seem to be.

Why do you pull this poker face,
you rogue?

I am like you.

I am a free soul.

I don't like any strings.

I don't like to be controlled.##

You know, I want to kiss you.


I need a deep lip kiss.

"Will you come?"

Oh God!
I thought only I was like this.

But, now I realise that
you are good at piracy.

Thank you so much!

"Will you give what I ask for?"


Hey! Look at me.

Hey! Look into my eyes.

Look! Who am I?

Chitra! Chitrangadha!

Yes, Chitrangadha.

Look into my eyes.

Kiss me.

- Who is she?
- Who are you talking about?


It is not Haayathi.

It is Hayati!


- How do you know?
- You told me her name.

Who is she?

- Friend.
- By friend, you mean?

Friend means just friend.

Do you see her the way you see me?

Yes. Both are same.

I got introduced to her just like
I got introduced to you.

- Do you love her?
- No!

I haven't fallen in love with anyone.

I have told this to her clearly.

I don't want any relations in my life.

We met on the road and went our way.

But, she took everything seriously.

She made me promise,
that I will never meet her again.

She told me this and went her way.
Why will I go meet her?

Do you realise that you are crying?


Do you realise that
you are actually crying?

Why will you cry for
someone you met on road?

You don't realise that you are crying.

Similarly, you don't realise
your love for her too.

No! I don't love anyone.

In fact, I don't have
to think about her too.

I don't know where
or how she is.

I missed you so much
in this last one month, dad.

Ramana uncle kept enquiring
about you everyday.

He has offered to take you to
Spain for advanced treatment.

He has been like this for years now.

He has lost all his senses except
vision and hearing.

I don't approve of this,
as this a costly affair.

We need a doctor to come from America.

The minimum cost will be
around Rs. 20 Lakhs.

Even after all this...

...there is just 1 percent
chance for him to become normal again.

I know your financial status very well.

This is why
I didn't recommend for surgery.

Let's try even
if there is just 1 percent chance.

We will be more than happy
if my dad becomes normal again.

Ma'am! All these properties are
involved in court case.

There are no clear documents.

So, we don't advance money
on such properties.

However, there is someone in Goa
who advances loan on such properties.

Makrand Kaamati.

If he agrees to advance money...

...you may not get Rs. 50 lakhs
like you expect.

Instead, you might get
about Rs. 20 lakhs.

Why so low?

- Our house is real big, sir.
- Let's do this.

Let me value your house, one more time.

It can help you get some more money.

Varun! Please come here.

I have slowly fallen in love with you.

You may not understand
my feelings right now.

Please don't come to see me anymore.

But, I love you.

- Hello!
- Priya! It's me, Varun.

Hey Varun! How are you?

Can you give the line to Hayati,

- She is not here.
- What?

Where is she now?

She has gone back home.

- Which country?
- Why?

Priya! I need her number please.

I am sorry. Please don't mistake me.

She is not interested
in meeting you anymore.

I don't know what happened
between the two of you.

But, she does not want
to meet you anymore.

Priya! Please. Please listen to me.


- Priya!
- Varun asked you for her number, right?

Why didn't you give him the number?

Please give it to him.


- Whom do you want to meet?
- We are here to meet Makarand.

That police officer's wife
and daughter are here.

Which police are you talking about?

Greetings, sir.


I am Madhusudhan's wife.

His health has been deteriorating.

I did hear about that.

- I heard he has become bed ridden now.
- Yes, sir.

We need money for his surgery.

We are planning to pledge
our house to get money.

So, I have brought
the papers along with me.

You have to help us. Please.

Sure. You leave.

I'll come home tomorrow
and we can talk in detail.

- Sure, sir. We'll take your leave.
- Thank you, sir.

Come, dear.

I didn't know that
he had such a beautiful daughter.

Why didn't you tell me this before?

We haven't seen her before.

Hey Varun!

- Can you hit me on my face?
- You mean slapping?

- Yes.
- Okay.

I deserve this for leaving her.

I was born in America.

My parents died in an accident.

I was orphaned.

Right from then,
I have led a nomadic life.

Is it wrong if I wish to be on my own?
I didn't want anyone.

I never knew that
I will go in search of...

...love and good company.

However, I have come this far leaving
behind love and a good companion.

You were the one
who made me realise, what I lost.

Thank you!

I am going to meet her,
no matter where she is.

That's all.

I want to give you a big hug.

God bless you, Varun.

Varun! You will definitely find her soon.

Make her your wife!

- All the best.
- Thank you.

- Bye.
- Take care, Varun.

- Greetings!
- Greetings!

Greetings Madhusudhan!

Do you remember me?
We have met before.

He does remember you,
but he can't express it.

How much does the surgery cost?

Rs. 50 Lakhs!

See, I can't advance
so much money for this house.

However, I will give full amount,
if you agree to give me your daughter.

I don't understand what you are saying.

I like your daughter.

If you agree to get her married to me,
I'll bear the cost of surgery.

Then, not just operation,
your entire lifestyle will change.

I am not ready to marry you.

I have thought about it.

You please give this a thought.

You talk to her in private
and make her understand.

Please go!

Hey! Don't you like to see me
getting married to your daughter?

Brother! Look! He is getting angry.

Will you refuse to get her married to me?

Right now,
there's no one other than me...

...to help your family.

- No, mother.
- Please understand.

He has expressed his interest
in marrying you.

All our problems will come to
an end with this wedding.

Your dad can become normal again.

Please listen to me
and agree to this wedding.

My daughter has consented
to this wedding.

I knew that you will
convince her into this.

- Priya! Priya!
- Hello!

They are not at house.
They left to South Africa.


They left to South Africa.

- When will they come back?
- I don't know.

I know you will come here.

Do you want Hayati?

Go Goa Gone!

"Only for you."

"I exist here."

"Only for you."

"I am alive."

"Only for you. Only for you."

"I wish you stood before me
this moment and if it happens to be true."

"My heart would stop right here."

"You are the one in my heart."

"You are the one in my heart."

"You are the one in my heart."

"My heart is filled with your thoughts."

"I exist just for you."

"Only for you."

"Just like a magic spell,
you have shadowed my consciousness."

"Oh my beloved one! Please save me."

"I see you in everyone,
I meet on my way."

"Won't you come to see me?
Please come soon."

"I didn't realise what love was,
when you were beside me."

"I realised what love is,
only in your absence."

"I am completely lost in your love."

"You are the one in my heart."

"You are the one in my heart."

"You are the one in my heart."

"My heart is filled with your thoughts."

Lift, sir! Lift! Sir!

Hello! Lift! Lift!

"Roll up your mustaches."

"Wear glasses like big brother!"

"Mix tender coconut and lassi."

"Come on! Let's get in to the mood."

"Roll up your mustaches."

Who are you, man?

You act as though
your dad owns this road.


How dare you?

I will cut you to pieces
and throw you away.

Do you stab a person
who asks you for lift?

Lift, eh?

Is this how you ask for a lift?

You must ask like this. Instead, why
do you dance like Kamal Hasan on road.

- I tried asking like this.
- No one bothered to stop.

Come. Let's talk as we go.

Hey! Where do you want to go?

Goa city!

Hey! Take your stuff back.
Take it out.

- Brother!
- Brother, eh?

How dare you call me your brother?

I am already tensed and worried.

It's love matter.
I have come in search of my girl.

I don't know anyone else in Goa,
apart from you.

Don't you know anyone else here?

Are you trying to fool me?

Hey! Take your bags and leave.


What is it, Naina?

He says that, he is here for love.

Please help him.

Come along.

I am agreeing to this only because
my Nayantara approves this.

Are you happy now?

Thanks, ma'am!

Start the car!

My lover is hot headed during the day.

During night, he gets *******

Do you have to tell all this to him?

What's wrong?

Engine is quite weak!

"All the Rajni fans."

"Don't miss the chance."

- "All the Rajni fans."
- Brother!

- Brother!
- What is it?

Have you seen this girl before?

Take it away.

- Please see, brother.
- Take it away.

Look at the photo.

Why are you pulling a drama for it?

Have you seen this girl before?

I haven't seen her before.

We'll have to set this quickly.

- Brother!
- What is it?

- Which area is this?
- Baga beach!

Oh! Are you going to park
the vehicle here?


- Will you be here tonight?
- Yes.

Oh okay! I just want...

..your phone number
and Rs. 500 cash.

You asked me for lift, I agreed to it.

You asked me for address,
I told you my address.

Now, you want me to give you
Rs. 500 and my number, right?

Will you need just my number
or my phone too? Do this.

Take her along with you! Take her!
Get lost!

Brother! I didn't mean to irritate you.

I don't know anyone else in Goa,
apart from you.


I don't have money to even
go around the city.


I'll go find that girl and come back here
in the evening.

I will clean the canteen and work here.

Then, all of us can sleep here at night.

- You asked for Rs.500, right?
- Yes!

- Are all of us going to sleep together?
- One minute.

What is all this?

- Keep this.
- Thank you!

Naina! Don't give him the money!

Why did you give him the money?

I'll come back in the evening.
Wait for me.

Oh God! Why did you give him Rs.500?

Have you called him to join us
for the night?

How can you talk like this?

If we continue to stay here, he will
definitely come back for us. No need.

Location shift. Let's go. Come.

- Go man!
- Why do we have to go?

- Oh boss! Did you see all this?
- Why shifting?

- Location shift!
- No! No!

Your mother had just called.

She said we have to deposit
money at the hospital.

- How much?
- Rs. 20 lakhs.

Brother! Your wife looks very beautiful
in this dress.

Why do you hesitate to touch me?

Please let me go.

- I have to go the hospital.
- Why should I leave you?

Let's go inside for sometime.

Please let me go.

Why do you refuse?

4 days later...

...I will be your husband.

Do you understand? Do you get it?

These lips.

Have you kissed someone else
before me?

How many people have you gone out with?

I don't have any previous affairs.

Not even one?

Are you sure?
Have you never been in a relationship?

Even if there was one...

...I will kill him.

Have you seen this girl?

- Excuse me!
- Yes.

Do you know her?

Hayati! I'll kill you.

- What do you think?
- Excuse me!

- Excuse me!
- I'll call you back.

- Yeah!
- Hayati?

- Yeah!
- Do you know Hayati?

Yeah I know!

Where is she?
I have to talk to her immediately.

She has gone to Switzerland
for her honeymoon!

- Did she get married already?
- Yeah!

- When?
- 3 days back.



Were you talking about her?

No! No! No! I wasn't talking about her.

Have you seen this girl before?

I am not from Goa. I am from Mumbai.

- Sorry!
- Okay. Thank you.

- Hello!
- Varun!

Did you find Hayati?

I know she is somewhere close.

But, I am not sure as
to how far she is.

Varun! Search with all your heart.

The universe will help you
find her quickly.

Don't worry.

Hayati! Where are you?

- Is it Rs. 10?
- Yes

- What do you want?
- Do you sell Idli?


- Please pack 2 sandwich.
- Okay.

Poor thing! I am not sure
if he found her yet.

Hey girl!

You seem to be reacting
more than him. I'll hit you.

Concentrate on your work.

- Take this, ma'am.
- Thank you!

Thank you!

She hasn't taken the ketchup packet.

Hello! Hello! Hello!
You have left the Ketchup packet.

I don't need it.

Okay. Good for us.

Have you seen this girl before?

Hey! Hey! That guy has been
looking out for this girl.

- This girl, eh?
- Yes!

I didn't know about it.

How will you know?

You refused to see her
photo that day.

Nor did you give him your number.

- You have shifted the location too.
- You fool! Go and stop her.

- Go! Go immediately.
- Okay. Okay.

Where did she go?

How do we reach that guy?

He might be there in that
Baga beach. Let's go there.

Okay. Wait here.

Hey! Hey!

What is this, bro? You said you
will be here. Why did you lie to me?

Oh my dear! Only because
I shifted there, I got to meet that girl.

- Which girl?
- Your girl.

- What?
- That girl.

She is the same girl,
you showed us on your phone.

- Was it that girl?
- Yes.

She got 2 sandwich from here.

She left by the time
we realised who she is.

- Where did she go?
- She went this side.

Did she come by car?

She came walking...

...and she walked back this side.

Where can she go walking?

Is there any college near by?

College.. Yeah!
There's one college this side.

Come! Come!

- Hello! Hello!
- What?

She may not be in college now.

- How do you know?
- I mean...

...you get sandwich in canteen.
Why will she come here to get one?

There's a bus stand close by.

Let's go check there.
She may be traveling.

Come. Come quickly.

How will we know which side she went?

- Hey! Hey!
- What now?

- I don't think she is traveling now.
- How do you know?

This is a local bus stop.

Why are you so tensed?

Looking at you,
I am getting tensed too.

Please wait for a minute.

She is not in college.

She is not here in bus stop too.

She can't carry sandwiches
to the temple.

- Ah yes!
- What is it?

- That is--
- What is it?

She had a flask on her hand.

What if she had a flask with her?

I think she must be
in the hospital. Go check.

- Come!
- Yes. Run! Run!

Whom do you want
to meet, dear?

Sorry, aunty.



What are you saying?

I told him this already.

- Hold on!
- You go home.


What did I tell you?

You should have called me earlier.

Do you want me to bear the loss now?

Don't you understand what I say?

Hey! Hey! Listen to me.

I am giving you the guarantee.
Stock will reach you.

You give him the line.
I want to talk to him.

I don't understand.
What are you guys doing there?

Can't you understand?

Hey! Listen to me.
Do what I say.

I told you not to come and meet me.
Why have you come now?

I want you.

Why do you need me?

I can't live without you.

I have realised it.
I am here to take you with me.

You have come really late.

A lot has happened now, Varun.

Do you see that man?
He is my would be.

He is going to marry me.

He didn't ask me to kiss him,
like you did.

Instead, he asked me to marry him.

He came home and spoke to my parents.

Do you understand?

I don't care who he is.

- Come. Let's go.
- Leave my hand.

How dare you ask who he is?

He is my husband.

Husband, eh? I'll kill him,
if he weds you. Do you understand?

Come. Let's go.

What makes you feel so arrogant?

You! Having you beside me.

I love you!

I hate you!

"Why are you hurting me like this?"

"Why are you going away from me?"

"My heart beats for you."

"My whole life revolves around you."

"Yet! Will you push me
into sea like this?"

"What do I do?
Why should I think about you?"

"I don't know whom do
I blame for this moment."

"Why are you hurting me like this?"

"Why are you going away from me?"

"You are all I need right now."

"All that I have left is you."

"If you don't want me
or don't wish to go with me."

"Tell me that you will find
your own way."

"Don't you have memories of us
gushing in your heart?"

"What do I do?
Why should I think about you?"

"I don't know whom do
I blame for this moment."

"Why are you hurting me like this?"

"Why are you going away from me?"

"My heart beats for you."

- What did she say?
- She asked me to leave.

- Why?
- She is getting married it seems.

She refused to accept me.
But, I will have to do something.

I am not planning to return before that.

I will have to end all this
and finish him.

What? Did you just say that
you will finish him?

Have you gone mad?
Do you know who he is?

Makarand Kaamati.
He will slit you from head to toe.

I am sure your time is good
as he didn't see you there.

Brother! Please listen to me.
Please try to forget that girl.

You know him well.

But, you don't know anything about me.


Nothing in excess, nothing short too!

Hey! What are you looking at?

Inject it.

Any fish entering Goa...

...will fall in our trap.

Russian fish!

- How many girls have we kidnapped so far?
- Just 8.

If we are able to kidnap 2 more girls,
we can send the load.

Make sure that the
other 2 are in this range.

While you kidnap, please be
selective and bring the right one.

Hey! Hey! What are you doing?

Get in!

- Hey! Hey! Are you abducting her?
- Yes.

Oh! You asked me to stop the car.
I didn't know that this was your plan.

I am doing all this to marry her.

This is the only option left. Leave.

Hey! You don't know anything
about Goa Police.

- I don't need all this.. Oh God!
- Star the vehicle.

Someone is abducting your fiancee.

Who has the guts to kidnap
my Fiancee, in my town?

I committed a big mistake of
letting you go.

It's my mistake to have fallen for you.

Do you mean to say that
you don't love me now?

No. I don't love you.

Earlier when you met me, you gave me
a tight slap. That is suffice...

...to prove how much you love me.

At least for that,
I will not let go of you.

What will you do?

I will abduct you.

Everything has gone beyond control.
How do you expect me to come?

I am not as sharp as you girls are.

I am a foolish, useless guy.

All this happened even before
I could realise my feelings for you.

Can't you give me some time?
I am a human being too!

Who is he?

Who is he?

- I don't know.
- Oh! Oh!

Why will you come this far
with a stranger...

...and keep talking to him like this?

What kind of relationship
do you share with him?

He is no way related to me.

Don't you know him?


Hey! Why do you shake
your head like this?

Don't you know me?
Don't you? Look at me.


I will kill you, if you lay
your hands on my fiancee.

Hey! Are you getting married to her?

Did she tell you this or
are you assuming all this on your own?

What is this?
Don't you know me? Look at me.

From where did you come all of a sudden?

Okay. Do you at least know
who this guy is?

Amo! I fought with him in Spain.
Do you remember now?

- So, you don't remember him too. Right?
- No. I don't remember him.

Hey! This girl doesn't seem
to remember both of us.

- You hit me one more time.
- What?

Hit me one more time, dude!



How do you remember my name now?

All girls are like this.

You are ready to do anything
while in love.

When there is problem,
you turn everything upside down.

- Who is he?
- It is because of him...

...we had to lose our customer in Spain.

It is because of him,
we are at loss today.

I have seen both of
them romancing in Spain.

It is just as I expected it to be.

Didn't you kiss him?

Did you kiss him or not?

I did kiss him long back.

What are you going to do now?
Tell me.

Just as he did...

...I'll do the exact same thing.

What the--

Please. Ask them to stop. Varun.


She is crying when these guys hit me.

Shall we check if she cries
the same way, when I hit you?


Leave me!

Stop! You don't kill him.
I want to kill him. I have to kill him.

Give it to me! Give.

Please! Ask them to stop hitting him.

Please ask them to stop.

You daughter is in love with someone.

Do you know about it?

I have brought her back while
she tried to go away with him.

If you dare to step out of here...

...I will kill both of you.

Wake him up! Wake him.

- Hey! Get up! Raise!
- Hey!

- Did he get up?
- No, brother!

He will get up. He must.

I want to shoot him down. One bullet
on the leg and one to his heart.

I want to shoot him
and throw him in this sea.

Hey! I have been waiting
for 3 hours to hit him.

I want to take revenge.

He will get up!

Who is she?

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Excuse me!
Someone is lying unconscious there.

Can you please help?

- Where are you taking him?
- Hospital!

Hey! Take her away!

Help! Help!

Let me go wake him up.

How dare you try bull fight
with me in Spain?

How dare you hit me like that?

I will shoot you down the moment you
open your eyes. Get up!

Hey! Hey! Get up!

Hey! Do you recognise me?

Can you see me?

Okay? Is it okay?

Did the bullets pierce through you?
I am asking you.

Did it pierce?

Is it okay?

You jobless fellow!

That lady seated there.

Are you Hayati's mother?

- Yes.
- My name is Varun!

I like your daughter very much.

Please tell me.
Why is your daughter marrying...

..an useless guy like
Makarand Kaamati?

She is doing this for her dad.

However, if you agree to get
your daughter married to me...

...I'll bear the surgery cost.

It is for her father's sake,
I made her agree to this.

Tomorrow is the operation.
Please don't trouble us now.

Please leave my daughter alone.

- Where is your daughter? Hayati!
- Please, dear. Don't do this.

Your daughter is important to me,
as much as your husband to you.

- Dear! Dear!
- Hayati!

Why didn't you tell me before
that you are doing all this for your dad?

Why should I tell you?

Because, I love you so much.
Won't you tell me?

If you truly love me...

...you will understand my problems
on your own. I don't have to tell.

You must lead a very happy life,

Please don't waste your life on me.

I don't want you to suffer
because of me.

Sir! You don't know who I am.

But, your daughter means the life to me.

I have come here for her.
I haven't earned a penny so far.

But, I am confident that
I can keep your daughter happy.

No matter how much I tell,
your daughter doesn't seem to trust me.

She is always asking me to leave her.

However, I will be more than happy,
if you believe in me.

Please believe me.

I'll go talk to him right away.

He has advanced money to us.
That's it, right?

Okay. Once we repay that money,
we won't have anymore ties with him.

Am I right?

Okay. I'll leave now.

- Are you coming along with me? Do come.
- Don't do this, dear.

- Let me handle him.
- He will kill you, dear.

- Dear!
- Okay. Bye.

Hey! How did he come here?

Didn't I tell you to kill him?
Why did you spare him?

Bro! Amo had asked me to leave.
He said he will handle this guy.

So, I didn't kill him.


- Where is Amo?
- Hey! Where is Amo?

He is in the beach.
He won't come here.

He does not want to meet you.

Why not?

I don't know all that.

I will repay the Rs. 20 Lakhs to you.

You must leave Hayati.

Okay. Give it to me.

I don't have any cheque leaf
to just like that sign and give it to you.

Then, are you repaying in cash?


Please tell.

I have not decided
on the mode of payment yet.

Stop confusing me.
I'll give you your money.

Please tell me when you need your money.

I'll give you a day's time.

If you fail to return the money,
I'll marry her.


But, if you try to act smart,
I'll finish you.

Don't try to threaten me with this knife.
All your men beat me up.

Yet, I have come here
all alone to meet you.

Even if you amputate both my legs...

...I will come and kill you.

I am quite occupied with money
arrangements. Don't disturb.

- Ouch!
- Why did you let him go, brother?

He has assured to bring Rs. 20 lakhs.

Let's kill him after
we take the money from him.

Why are you guys following me?
Are you going to kill me?

I have to repay Rs.20 Lakhs,
pay Rs.30 lakhs at the hospital.

There will be expenses after that.
All together, I will need Rs.70 Lakhs.

Master! Do you have any idea as to
how I can earn 70 Lakhs in a day?

- Idea eh?
- Yes.

I won't be working here,
if I had such good ideas.

Useless one!

Why did you roam around all this
while without earning money?

Who will give me money now?
Where will I find him?

- My daughter has been kidnapped.
- What?

Someone has abducted my daughter.
She is kidnapped.

How do you know?

Three men took her away.

See! Nothing like that happens in Goa.

Hey! I am saying it has happened.
How can you deny?

This boy had seen them taking
my daughter away.

He found her mobile on the ground
and called me from it.

She has been kidnapped
from Arapol Beach in Goa.

Whatever you wish to say...

- ...please write it down here.
- I don't have so much time.

Do you know who I am?

You don't have time for it. Call the
commissioner and tell him I am here.

Do you have internet here?

- Open! Open!
- I want my daughter.

I want money.

I will give you what you want.

I am ready to do anything.

- Hello!
- Who are you?

- Varun!
- Come to the Panjim Station immediately.

Young boys are reacting faster.
It is better to trust internet over you.

Sir! Please don't worry.

Our forces have began the search.
Please give us some time.

But, I don't have time.

Sir! Were you the one who called me?

This is my daughter.

- Hayati! I'll kill you. Let me.
- Excuse me!

- Yeah?
- Sir! I have seen this girl before.

- Where?
- I saw her near Baga beach.

Hey! Please rescue my daughter.

I will give you one crore.

Sir! I will definitely bring her back
and I just need Rs. 70 lakhs.

Hey! I am ready to give you crore.
Why are you saying Rs. 70 Lakhs?

If you help me,
I will give you much more.

Rescue my daughter.
I will give you Rs. 2 Crores. Please.

I will bring her back. I will.

Look! You asked me for time.
Look at him.

Hey! Why are you tensed?

I agreed to rescue someone's daughter.

But, I don't have any idea of
that gang's whereabouts.

Oh! That's it, right?
I'll help you find a solution.

Boss Rajni!
Please give us a good idea.

Yes! I have got an idea.

We'll send a sexy figure to the...

...exact same place,
from where that girl was kidnapped.

That Arapol beach is not a safe area.

A lot of abductions take place there.
So, I am sure they'll come to kidnap.

What do you think?

Where can we go find a sexy figure now?

What are you thinking about?
Go find a sexy figure.

- Is this one okay with you?
- No need.

- Brother!
- What is it?

Can I use your girlfriend
for this operation?

Hey! What is this?

Why do you always keep asking me
for something? Why trouble me?

Why I am the one to be stuck
with you always?

Brother! Brother!

- Please, brother. Please!
- No! No!


- What is it?
- I love Bikni.

- See!
- Is it?

Don't you realise that you are risking
your life? You and your ice cream!

There is a small fish out here.

Oh God!

I am sure no other person
will offer such help.

You are using my Nayantara
as your bait.


Brother! We are short of one girl.

If we find one more girl,
we can dispatch our load.

You need one more girl, right?

Yes, brother.

Bring my Fiancee here.
We'll send her along with them.

I know Makarand Kaamati
heads this racket.

Where do you take these girls
after abducting them?

I don't know.

You don't know?

I know.

- Where?
- Highland.

- How far is it from here?
- Very far.

- Can we take a boat there?
- Yes. We can.

Get in!


Have you brought sister in law here?

Do you have any idea of
what happens here?

I am involved in trading
these fishes (Girls).

Do I give you one more flash news?

Do you think that your dad is immobilized
because he met with an accident?

- I am the one responsible for it.
- Hey! I'll kill you.

Brother! Hold her tight!

Brother! Kiss her. Kiss her like
they show in Imran Hashmi's movie.

- Hey! Who is it?
- Go and check who it is.

- Who is it?
- Who is it?

Who is it?

Run! Run! Run!

Hey! Who are you?

Where are you?

- How did you come here?
- I am here to settle your balance.

I just realised that I have to clear you.

Hey! How dare you?
Whom will you kill?

Mind you! If I hit your ears...

...you will sweat in different colours.
You rogue.


What are you staring at?

Let me give you a small shock.


How dare you hit us?

Look! Look at her for
one last time and enjoy.

Once I dispatch her in today's load...

...I will sell her.
You will never find her.

Varun! Kill him.

Will you sell her?
How dare you sell her?

You rogue!

You can fight only till
this starts working.

You won't be able to do
anything after that.

You won't be there to see it.

- Line clear! Line clear!
- Over!

- Line clear! Line clear!
- Over!

No need!

Stop this.

I said stop it.

Is he dead?

With all this drug effect,
I am not sure if I slit him. I don't know.

Let's think about it when he comes back.

Why am I feeling so dizzy?

You have a flight to Switzerland
at 7 PM tomorrow.

From there you can go to London
and Paris for a week...

...after that you can visit
Niagara falls.

This is your honeymoon trip.

Why are you talking about our
Honeymoon, sir? We aren't married yet.

Your flight is at 7 PM tomorrow.

You can get married after lunch,
if you are free then.

Else, you can get married after
you return. Who is stopping you?

- Who gave you all this idea?
- Prakash Raj, uncle!

His work is over. So, he will be
ready to send you to places.

You cancel your honeymoon trip
and come to South Africa immediately.

Master! All along
I have led a nomadic life.

Now that I am married,
I can't lead such a nomadic life.

So, please give me a job in ISKCON.
That will help me settle down.

Oh! Can you please wait for sometime?

I am tensed with my daughter's delivery.
You don't get me started now.

Uncle! Congrats.

Dad! Sister has delivered a boy baby.

All that is fine.
Is he of fair complexion?

No. I don't know the exact term
for dark black colour in English.

He looks very cute.

It is just as I expected.
It is all our ill luck.

Master! Please don't get tensed.

Next time, your daughter
will deliver a girl child.

It will look exactly like your daughter.

Again congrats, uncle. It is twins.

- Twins eh?
- She has delivered a girl child now.

Dad! Girl looks very cute.

I am not worried about how cute she is.
I am worried about her shade.

She looks like a small Janet Jackson.

Thick dark black. Same!

My ill luck!

Master! Please don't feel bad over this.

What is there in colour and complexion?

Lord Krishna will protect them.

My son in law is responsible for this.
What will my Krishna do?

All my ill luck!

It's okay, master.
God is great!

Black fellow!

"Oh yeah!"

"Hello Girlo,
Stop being with your head low."

"Come on, Girlo! Kiss me on my lips."

"I like you so much."

"I am unable to explain it in words
and asked you for a kiss."

"Oh Yeah!"

"Oh Yeah!"

"I like you so much."

"I am unable to explain it in words
and asked you for a kiss."

"If you like me, you can kiss me."

"It is fine if you don't wish to do it."

"But, how can you slap me for this..."

"...in everyone's presence?"