Hawk the Slayer (1980) - full transcript

Hawk, having suffered the ignominy of watching both his father and fiancée die at the hands of his brother, Voltan, sets out on a quest for companions to aid him in his fight to stop his brother's reign of evil and free the Abbess.

The secret, old man.

Tell me, and I shall let you live!

It is my right as your eldest son.

I demand the key to the ancient power!

The ancient power must never fall into
the hands of the Devil's agents.



Then let the secret die...





The prophecy's fulfilled, my son.

The evil I have spawned...

...will now pollute the land.

I have much to tell you...

...and so little time.

Take the pouch from my neck.

The Great Sword.

Place it... between us.

Empty the pouch into your hand.


...look into the heart of the stone.

Quick! The coldness of death
is in my limbs.

The last... Elfin Mindstone...

Think... of the Great Sword in your hand...

...and it will be so.

The Mindsword is now yours, my son.



You will die!

By the Sword.

Quick! Sister - help me get him inside.

Sister Monica - help me
to remove these rags.

- Oh!
- God in Heaven!

What's happend to his hands?
He's got no fingers!

Left on some battlefield - with
the rest of the hand.

With the help of God -
and a sharp knife...

...we may yet save the rest of
the arm from infection.

Come, Master Ranulf. It is
time for you to eat.

Where am I?

You are under the protection
of Caddonbury...

...with the Sisterhood of
the Holy Word.

How did you know my name?

You were delirious for a long time...

...and you spoke of many things.

Some... so terrible they passed
our understanding.

I could not save the hand.

But the arm has healed.

What happened, my son?

...village to the south was attacked by
raiders - led by the devil himself.

That devil...

...burned our homes to the ground...

...and as the men, women...

...and children...

...tried to escape from the flames...

...they hacked them to pieces...

...laughing, as they did so.


How they laughed.

I... was the only one to escape.
God forgive me.

What sort of man...

...would kill innocents?

I heard them call his name.


The Dark One!


Help me!


You promised me all...

...in return for my...


Enter, Dark One.

The pain - it gets worse.

Each time it gets worse.

Your face does not heal.

A strange malady affects the flesh.

It is beyond all skill...

...to render a permanent cure.

Steel yourself.

Your face will
not pain you for a while...

...but you will need the crystal again.

There is one who
stands between us...

...and the final victory.

You will prepare
the way for his death!

We pray for care and compassion.

For the love that is freely given
and joyfully received.

Blessed is the Word...

...and doubly blessed are the true---

This is a house of God.

Your weapons have no place here.

I am told, woman...

...that your Church holds you
in high esteem?

I am but a humble servant of God...

...like my sisters here beside me.

We are here solely to assist those
who most need our help.

We would like you to help
us, old woman.

My son, Drogo, speaks true.

How can I help you?

What do you want?

I, Voltan, want you...

...old woman.

I know your name.

Killer of women and
innocent children.

You are a servant of evil.

But in this church, we
have no fear of you.

I am pleased that you
know of me.

It will make my task
that much easier.

Seize her.


Let her go.


Leave him.

He will live to serve
my purpose.

Our lady is needed here.

Why do you take her from us?

For the gold that lies in the fat
coffers of your Hon Fortress.

Go tell them...

...for two thousand pieces of gold
they can buy her freedom.

I shall return when next
the moon is full.

The gold had best be here.

If not---


You are a warrior.

Tell us what to do?

Pay the... the ransom.

That is impossible.

The Church has decreed
that no ransom...

...can ever be paid to
any of its order.

What happens to us
is the Will of God.

Will of God?!

I know this man!

I've seen what he can do - he'll take great
pleasure in your Lady's death.

Oh, God, help me. I know
not what to do.

You saved my arm...

...and skullface must pay for
the death of my village.

Somehow... I'll get help.

Then you must go...

...you must go to the Holy
Fortress at Danesford...

...and speak to the
High Abbott, himself.

He will tell us what to do.


A warrior has come from our
church in Caddonbury.

He bears grave news.

Feed him and let him rest.

Then bring him to me.

The price to be paid is two thousand
gold pieces - or she will be killed.

If we pay the ransom for just
one of our people...

...then... all of us are at risk.

It would be one more victory for
the powers of Darkness...

...if she were no longer among us.

There is one...

...who... who has helped us before.

A warrior who fought on
the side of light...

...during those dark years.

If he could be found...

...he might help us.

News has reached us
of his passing...

...through the northern territories
a few days ago.

Now, if you should find him...

...give him this.

He'll know... that his
help is needed.

By what name is this warrior called?

He is called...



She's gonna burn!

You're gonna burn, eh!


Burn! Ha, ha!

Why do you treat the
woman this way?

If it's any of your business...

...she's a witch!

And was caught practising
her foul arts...

...on one of my fine hogs.

Does he speak the truth, woman?

I sought only to cure the
animal of its ills.

She lies.

The pig died an hour after
she touched it...

...with that devil stick!

Had you let me tend it...

...the creature would have lived.

Enough of your chatter.

This will put an end to it!


Well, witch...

...it seems that you'll have
company when you burn.

Kill him!

He may run like a dog...

...but not I.

Go in peace with your friend.

Or else...?


"Or else" what, my fine friend?



Use your sword, pig!

Do not mock me!

The time of playing games
is OVER!!!

You go in peace.



Help me.

My cave is there - in the woods.

But first...

...hand me my staff.

By what name are you
called, Lord?



Yes... many times I've
heard it spoken.

You fight for good.

It's the way I have chosen.

You saved my life today
and I am in your debt.

How can I repay you?

I need no payment.


Let me look into the fire.

It shows these dead
eyes many things.

A one-handed man seeks you.

He carries a token.

I also see a man who wears
the mask of death.

Beware of this man.

He is filled with hate.


Where do I find this
one-handed man?

Go south, quickly - for he
rides into danger.

Ranulf is his name.

You will need me again.

For the final battle has
yet to be fought.

No, friend - that's not necessary.

We're travellers.

And we would know in what direction
the village of Burnby lies.

To have killed our friend was
a very bad mistake.

A mistake that will cost
you more...

...than these few, paltry coins.

Your friend...

...was about to stick me
with his arrow.

What punishment is fitting for
this one-handed murderer?

Something different.

It's been a dull day.

I'm no murderer.

I was... I was protecting myself.


Silence... scum!

A contest?

I'll wager two silver pieces
that I can get closest...

...without drawing blood.


The first two pieces of silver...

...are mine.


And this time I'll raise the
hairs on his head!

Cut him down.

It's you...

...who will be cut down.

The contest gets better!

What manner of man are you?

I'm called Hawk.


I have this for you.

You're from the Fortress?


I've been looking for you
for many days.


Tell me of the rumours again.

I swear... I swear I, I know nothing.
Nothing - nothing...

...for sure. But they say...

...that a one-armed man is
searching far and wide.

Searching for what?

I know... I know not.
H swear it.

You will tell us immediately
that he comes here?

Oh, yes...


When you are in the
presence of Voltan...

...you do not continue to eat.

Nor do you sit on your
greasy backsides!

I rise to no man - save the man
who pays my wages!

Who pays your wages this night?

My master is Sped - the Hunchback.

We are slavers on the River Shale.

And we do not take kindly
to strangers...

...trying to teach us good manners!

Watch your mouth, dog!

No! I like a man with spirit!

But remember this - and
remember it well.

Voltan owns everything.

The table, the chairs - the
very food you eat.

I own everything - including
your useless life.

Remember it well.

Your friend has lost his
appetite, it seems.

The Hunchback will have
something to say about this!

The Hunchback may have
many things to say...

...but you have already
said too much!

Cut the tongue from his
head - it tires me!

I trust you have learned
something from this?

I expect to be kept informed...

...of any strangers passing this way.


...of any unusual occurence.

Do you understand?

- Yes.
- Yes. YES!


Tell me again of the
Dark One's demands?

Two thousand pieces of gold for
the Abbess' safe return.

Have you ever crossed
swords with him?

A fine thing for us to do
on our wedding day.

The guests will wonder
where we have gone.


You're not enjoying
the festivities?

How could I enjoy them when
these festivities...

...should have been for my
marriage to Eliane?

Eliane was never your betrothed.

She had a free choice.

While I have fought alongside
our father, you were here...

...turning her love for me to hate
with your silvery tongue.

You and I were friends.

Nothing more.

I love your brother -
as he loves me.

Cannot you find happiness in
your heart for our marriage?



You were mine once -
and will be again!

Take care, little brother.

Watch for me in the night.

He has changed.

And it frightens me.

His mind has turned
in on itself.

Wear it.

It will protect you.

When I had Voltan
in my sights...

...I should have fired.

The black ones protect their own.

Our horses have rested enough.

We have others to find.

Comrades who have fought
by my side before.

We have little time left.

There is one who will
find them for us...

...but the way lies through
the Forest of Weir.


The shortest route, my friend, is
often the most dangerous.

Beyond those gates will be
as darkest night...

...but the Mind Sword
shall light our way.

Leave this circle of light and I may
be powerless to help you.

The ones we seek are
the last of their kind.


...a giant from the mountains
at the edge of the world.


...an elfin bowman from
the Silver Forest...

...now burnt and blackened.

And Baldin...

...a dwarf from the Iron Hills.

The land has changed.

Wolves hunt where there
were none before.

This was once a green forest -
full of sunlight.

Now it's a place of
darkness and evil.

Ride! Yah! Yah!


Enter, Lord Hawk.

And bring the one-handed
one with you.


I need your help.

With the help of my powers...

...you shall journey to where
each man is.

...and if he is willing...

...he will return here with you.

First the giant.

I kept my side of the bargain.

You've drunk enough of
my ale for three men.

Part of the bargain.

First, the beer.

Then there was a price of
two pennies mentioned.

When the task was completed.

You 'aven't even started yet.

Pay up, rat nose.

Ah. Well now, you see, I, uh...

...I-I never carry any
money with me...

...002, like, there's all
them thieves about.

Ah. Uh... I'll give you the
money tomorrow.

All right? Yes -
I'll 'ave it 'ere...

...first light - yeah. You
can see to that.

Bag of dirt!

You strike me - you get nothing.

I'll have it here tomorrer.

Some time.

On the other 'and-—-


You owe me nothing
now, pick-nose.


I demand justice!

Look what this great ox has
just done to my wares!

Am I an honest citizen, to
be treated that way?

The ale-seller is right.

Now be a good fellow and clear
up the mess you made.

I'd sooner eat cow dung.

Well... that could be arranged.

You can wash it down with your
own blood if need be.

So be it.



Consider this the luckiest
day of your life, toad.

Next, the elf.

A strange individual,
to be sure.

I've never seen his like before.

Well, whatever.

He's got plenty of gold, and the way
he inspects those points...

...no doubt, he fancies
himself as a bowman.

I'm not so sure about this one.

This has never failed yet.

Listen. You play your
part, as always...

And we'll have our pockets lined with
his gold before the end of the hour.

Well, go on - get rid of the blacksmith.

Good day to you, master Blacksmith.

I have a hard, but
rewarding task for you.

Our wagon lies with a broken
wheel a mile down the road.

If you will repair it and return
it here before sunset...

...you shall be paid handsomely.

Part-payment in advance.



My friend and I could
not help but notice...

...the beautiful bow and arrows
you tend so lovingly.

Might one enquire if you're bound
for the tournament at Brackley?


Permit me to introduce ourselves.

This is Ralf of Coggeshall,
master Bowman...

...and I am his humble
companion, Fitzwalter.


To whom do I have the pleasure
of addressing myself?


Maybe our friend only
cleans bows?

Oh, dear!

I do believe my impetuous
friend is challenging you.

He wastes his time and mine.

Oh, gentlemen, gentlemen - calm
yourselves, I beg of you.

Our friend here's not interested
in children's games.

He requires more serious inducement.

Now, for a small wager...

...we could make it
worth his while.

What do you say, sir?


Name the target.


We shoot from here.

Whoever cuts their mark cleanly.

Our friend will take the
red mark, Ralf.

Bows to remain couched and arrows in
their quiver until I give the signal...


Is that understood?

Right, gentlemen.




Leave the odds as they are.






My arrow hit first.

The devil it did! My arrow
left the bow first.

- There's only one way to settle this.
- I forbid this.

You stay out of this, Fitzwalter.

Well, little man?

Has the quake in your belly
stopped your mouth?

I am ready.

Right, Fitzwalter.

Count us down.





I never even saw it.

I knew it! I knew it!!!

I knew your tongue would be
the death of you!

God's blood!

I've a mind to take your gizzard
out and throttle you!

Look into the flames for the
last time, Lord Hawk.

One more and we are complete.

The Table of Five.

The dwarf.

Hosa me.

Hosa me.

Hosa me.

Hosa me.


Cut me loose, dogs!

Then I, Baldin of the Iron Hills...

...will show you what to do
with your puny bows.

Be still, ugly one.

It is a great honour to
you to die this way.

When the raft burns...

...your ashes will mingle with
the holy waters of the lake...

...and you will become a part...

...of its sacred oneness.


Here I am, about to roast...

...and I sit upon enough water to
put out the very fires of Hell.

Damn your holy eyes!!!


Lay down your bows.

By all the Gods - Hawk!

Oh, well.

This warrior is needed.

You do not understand.

By dying this way...

...he will be purified, and his
soul forever cleansed.


...I prefer him exactly
the way he is.

Unwashed, but alive.

Wench'. Water'.'!

I never did like the stuff.

Greetings, Hawk.

And how did the mighty Baldin
come to be in this...

...sorry mess?

Too much wine.

A friendly fight or two.

You know how it goes?

A crack on the skull from
a sultry wench...

...and I wake to find myself at the
mercy of these chanting fools.

There's a hole here as large as the
Pit of Gimri in the Iron Hills.


Your diet has improved little
since we last met.

Ah! But the eye is just as quick.

Think again, ugly one.

Great glory could have been thine.

I'll give you "great glory"!

Ah! Brethren!

Now, you all know the
fate that awaits...

...the Abbess of Caddonbury...
if we fail.


Voltan has many men
and we are few.

If it comes to battle...

...it will go hard on us.

Since last I fought by your side...

...time has hung heavy.

And that's not the only thing
that hangs heavy!

I yearn for the old days.

I'm with you.

The Iron Hills are no more.

If I am to die...

...why not amongst friends?

Voltan will want his gold soon.

We do not have enough riches
to fill a chamber pot!


How are we to tempt Voltan...

...if there is no wine in the cup?

A days' march from Caddonbury...

...is the River Shale.

Once a month, traders
come with gold...

...to buy slaves from the
Hunchback, Sped.

It would be fitting justice...

...for his ill-gotten gold to be used...

...for the ways of good.

The end truly justifies
the means if...

...the Lady Abbess is returned
to her flock.

I have reason to doubt
the word of Voltan.

I feel...

We are as one, my love.

But you're so silent.

Father worries at the news
from the north.

The country is being put to
the torch, and soon...

...we may be defending
our own lands.

If there is to be fighting...

...then my sword will
stand by yours.

Tomorrow at first light, we leave
for the church at Caddonbury.

Welcome! Welcome!

Thank God you have returned safely.

This is Hawk.

He's been sent by the Lord
High Abbott to help us.

Come and sit. Get some food
and drink for our friends.


...tell us - how do you propose
to raise the ransom?

A day's ride from here are men...

...who will be only too happy
to meet our needs.

This is good news, indeed.

Once the gold is here our
Lady will be returned.

Would it were that simple.

I know Voltan as well
as I know myself.

The next one will send you
to Hell, little brother.

...what sweet revenge to
tell our whining...

...peace-loving father
of your death.

Then will he heed my bidding!

Look well, little brother!

The last thing you will ever see
is the woman you love...

...in my arms!

I will still be his!

For I would rather be dead than have
your snake-hands touch me.

I loathe each breath that
keeps you alive!

Sister, there is no guarantee he
will return the Abbess...

...even if the ransom is paid in full.

No, no - you must not
say such things.

He gave his word.

Once the money is paid...

...our sister will be returned.

What you say is too awful
to contemplate!

Her head moves in
the clouds, I fear.

I'll try to make her understand.

Thank you, Sister.

That will be sufficient for me.

Now, please - some food
for my friends.

What is it?


Enjoy the food.

It probably won't affect
you, in any case.

Do you know something,
dwarf, that I don't?

Out with it.

It's not really important.

The food will taste just
the same to you...

...believe me.

Little brother...

...you're trying my patience.

Unless you want to end
up even shorter...

...your tongue had better
speak quickly.

Why do you say “it will
taste the same“?

Very well, then, longshanks.

So be it.

We are in a monastery.

Surely that's clear?
Even to you.


Well, all I'm saying is...

...that might be holy food.

Dammit, little brother! What does
that mean, “holy food“?

Holy food has a flavour that...

...some find not to their liking.

Is this...

...holy food?

How should I know?

You'll find out soon enough -
when you finish it.


You find out - you're the expert.

- I don't want to eat it.
- Oh!

But why not?

What are companions for, if
not to help one another?



Can't be sure.

Little brother...

...if I thought for one moment
that what you...

...told me was a lie---

Sister of the Faith?

Tell my ox-like friend, here...

...would you describe this
food as being “holy"?

All food is holy -
it comes from God.

I hope I have made the
right decision, Ranulf.

My mind is sorely troubled.


...the return of your Lady is
Hawk's first concern.

We could have offered what
little wealth we have...

...and asked Voltan for
sufficient time to...

...pay the rest. I'm sure we could
make him understand.

The Dark One understands nothing
but the spilling of blood.

I'm a warrior.

And I know that your salvation
from Voltan...

...lies in having the strength of someone
like Hawk to protect you.

My son - God protects us.

He was protecting the Abbess...

...and look where it's got her.


...your words flirt with blasphemy!

My words are just as
true, nevertheless.

It's impossible to talk to
the woman sensibly.

She will find her own counsel.

Our first concern is the gold.

Tomorrow we arrange a welcome...

...for the slavers of the
River Shale.


Welcome, friends!

Welcome! Good to see you!

I have many fine slaves...

...for you to buy today.

All lovely and clean for yer!

Fine! Look at that lot there, eh?



Did I mislead you?

Aren't they a fine bunch?

Blood it cost me to collect
these fine specimens!

They don't call Sped the finest...

...trader on the River Shale
for nothing!

"Play square with me and I'll
play square with you"...

...that's what I say.

But play foul with Sped...

...and may God help yer!

Not as good as last
time, Thomas.



Whaddya say?!

Look at the fine biceps on this
one, here. Look at that.



I don't know what you're
doing here...

...but you've chosen the
wrong time to do it.

My apologies.

I have an urgent request to make.


I find myself in need of
two thousand gold pieces...

...and have been told that that boat...

...contains sufficient for my cause.

I shall need your help to unload it.

This a jest?!

It's a good one!

It's no jest.

Will no-one rid me
of this madman?

Cut him down!


Release them.



Take this and return
to your homes.

What about fat man, here?

I'm sure you'll think of something.

Put me down, you over-stuffed fool!

It'll be a pleasure!

Damn you, eater of dung!

I'll make you pay double for this!

You still haven't learned the lesson
of humility yet, have you, worm?

Get me my club and I'll
crack your head...

...like the putrid egg it is!

Since you set such store by this...

...club of yours, you've
given me an idea.

Let me loose!

Open wide!

Bite hard, my friend.

Now, prattle-tale...

...I advise you to stay silent.

One word from that foul
mouth of yours and...

Or perhaps one of your
bought slaves...

...might happen along and find you.

No doubt he'll want to exchange
fond memories with you.

The sort that will make
you laugh loudly.

Our thanks, brother, for
the bountiful gifts...

...you have bestowed upon us.

Some people can never keep
their mouths shut.

Let me raid the fat lords
in the north.

I will send cold fear
into their hearts.

All I ask...

...is you give me command of some
men to prove my strength.

My blood is forever on the move!

It needs excitement!

If I were to press
one more inch...

...your backbone would snap
like rotten wood.

Is this not excitement?

Is not the fine choice between
living and dying...

...more than enough to make your hot
blood race through your veins?!

We will talk of this no more.

My face pains me.

Draw your dagger out one more
inch, and you are a dead man...

...be you my son, or not.

I know the art of curing.

Shall I tend your face?

There is no cure for this face...


Only periods of relief.

What filthy animal have we here?

I beg you - have pity on me!

I barely escaped with my life.

You may not escape so easily
from the hands of...

...Drogo, son of Voltan.

If you are who you
say you are...

...we are brothers under
the skin.

I buy slaves on the River Shale.

You dare to call me "brother"?

A slaver?

God's teeth! Listen to me.

I have words of great
importance for you.

Your news had better be very good.

Would the news that a
certain Hunchback...

...is no longer master of the river
slavers be important?



That a band of warriors led
by a certain man had...

...taken possession of the
Hunchback's gold.

What man? Get to the point!

All right... but you're choking me!

He is a strange warrior who
wields a mighty sword.

A warrior?


It must be.

Quickly, where is he?

Such information would
be worth much...

...to the right person?

Well, it didn't make a
lot of sense...

...but as I hid in the bushes I heard one
of his men speak of a sanctuary.


...he helps the Sisters find
my father's ransom.

Now this must stay a secret...

...between you... and me.

Not only will I bring back the
head of this Hawk...

...but I'll have the gold as well.

And then, Voltan...

...we'll see who is the
Lord of the Dance.

You have done well...

...and will be richly rewarded.

But first, you must swear you
will tell no-one of this...

...chance remark you overheard.

Today is the day...

...that Drogo comes of age...

...my father.

Has the one we seek come?

Not yet.

Hurry! The pain grows worse!

Soon my tormentor will
be in my grasp.

Then shall he endure...

...double the pain that I have
suffered these long years!

Prepare yourself, Dark One.

It is truly a miracle.

Our Lady is saved.

Not yet.

And Hawk still believes that
when the gold is given...

...the Dark One will kill her.

But he gave his word.
We must trust him.

To trust him is to trust
the Devil himself.

We stay until the Abbess is safe.

It will anger Voltan if
he finds you here.

You must go!

We stay.

Our Sister has great faith
in Voltan's word.

One that she may live to regret.


Check to see if this place could
be held against attack.

No way in, there.

A small door leading to
the outside - barred.

It will hold against many men.

The rest is... as you see.

Always stuffing yourself...

...and never a thought of offering
your companions anything.


...they're rather special, that's all.

Special, are they?

Too good to share with a
friend, are they?

No... it's just that dwarves seem
to be the only ones...

...who appreciate the special flavouring.

Are you insinuating that your people
have better taste than mine?


What are they? Some kind of fruit?

"Fruit“, he says?

Well, what are they then?

Those are the finest sugared
turkles money can buy.


Mmm, you long lummox. Turkles.

What is it you call them...?

Lizard's eyeballs.

You needn't worry.

Actually, they're sugared nuts, but
if I'd told that to the big one...

...in no time at all this bag would
have been as empty as his head.

Armed men - moving towards us.

- How many?
- A dozen.

Please - give them the gold?

They shall have it when the
Abbess is returned.

Now go to your cells.

That's far enough.

State your business.

You know my business.

I am Drogo, son of Voltan.

I come for the gold.

The gold will be given when the
Abbess is released.

Tell Voltan it's here.


I did not make myself clear.

I came for the gold.

I am no messenger!

But I will give you a message...

...the message of death!

Take him to Voltan.

Tell him Hawk awaits the return
of the Abbess.

Why did you not give
him the gold?!

That is all he wanted!

Now you will bring the death of
the Dark One upon us!

He came for the gold AND Hawk.

If he'd got them...

...your Lady would not have
lived beyond the dawn...

...and this place would have been
burned to the ground.

You should have given
him the gold!

He would have returned the Abbess
and left us to live in peace.

The peace of the dead.

I wanted...

...to prove myself.


Hawk... where?

He helps the nuns.

The gold...

...is in the church.

I tried!


My son lies dead.

Yet you live.

Give them weapons.

It is fitting my son dies with...

...dogs at his feet!


Or you die where you stand!

Have you lost your courage so soon?

Pick it up!

Pick it up!!!

Soon, Voltan will be here.

The gold is here...

...and I am here.

One man.

On a horse.

This is Voltan.


I have words for you.

I will go.

I know you hide the one
called Hawk...

...behind your doors. Hear me!

And hear me well.


...when the moon is high,
I shall return.


...and the gold will be
given to me, or...

...you shall have your Lady back...

...with her innards tied around
her scrawny neck!

And this place shall be wiped...

...from the face of

We will all die because
you killed his son.

There would have been no ransom
gold were it not for Hawk.

You should have paid!

And now we must all suffer because
of your quarrel with this man.

I shall ride for help.

There's... no time...

...my beloved.


...goes to destroy your father.

You must go.


Don't think badly of Sister Monica.

She's frightened and confused.

She blames you for our
coming here.

I know.

What now?

We are few and Voltan has
too many men.

If you're being stung
by wasps...

...you can either cover
your head...

...or you can search
our their nest...

...and destroy it.

Then let us find ourselves a nest...

...and bring the odds
in our favour.


Find the woman - I need her help.

Woman - we need the use
of your magic.

There is no sign of the Abbess.

I am ready.

Take one more step and
her throat will be slit.

The smoke is thinning - we must go.

We've done enough!

Move out - the smoke's thinning!

Let's move out!

They will be here soon enough.

Let us rest.

This is where the final
struggle will be.

Why have you come?

I have a plan that will gain
you the ransom...

...and Hawk.

I only ask... that you spare the
Abbess and the church.

Sister! I forbid you to speak further!

I must.

Your life and the church are
all that matter.

The end cannot justify
the means!

Then tomorrow will be the
judge of my actions.



Make sure all the doors
are barred.

Ah, little Sister.

Some welcome food before
I retire - perfect.

We have sat waiting,
like this...

...many times before.

Sometimes I tire...

...of the fighting and killing.

At night...

...I can hear the call
of my race.

They wait for me.

Once I join them, we
will be forgotten.

Your people will never
be forgotten.

All is secure.

It would take a thousand men
to enter here, now.


To warm you against
the night air.

Thank you.

Mmm! Beer!

And a fine brew, by
the smell of it.

Thank you, Sister.

You and your ladies have
been most generous.


Great warrior you may be...

...but against so many swords
at your throat...

...I fear the fight would be short.

A little help from the
good Sister.

Tie them up.

You said no blood would be
spilt inside the church!

I kept my side of the bargain!


...you will not live long enough
to realise your mistake!

First you took the woman
I loved...

...then you slew my son.

Your death will be slow
and painful.

As will be your friends'.

You will know how I have suffered
through the years with a face...

...that no woman would
look upon!

Forcing me to take another man's
child to call my own!

You say you loved Eliane...?

And yet you killed her.

- You killed our father!
- Enough!

Where is the gold?

Where you will never find it.

Dear brother...

I think you and your friends...

...can be persuaded
to tell me.

They don't know.

Only I can tell you
where it is.

Well, then...

...they shall watch you suffer!

And when I have finished...

...they will accompany you
down the river of death.

Fetch me fire!!!

Bring all the wine and food
in your stores...

...counter of beads. I have...
thirsty work ahead.

Little men with pointed ears.

I shall trim them for you later.

And the giant.

Felled by a pinch of powder!

You will give us great sport
before you die!

I shall give you a crushed head if
I can get my hands free.

You and I have met before -
that time I let you live.

You used your “second life“ well...

...fetching my saintly brother.


...I have no more
use for you.

And the dwarf.

You should never have
been allowed...

...to dig yourself out
of the earth!

Bring the Abbess!

I think it fitting that such
a holy woman be...

...present to give them Absolution...

...before they die.

See how it glows, brother?

Soon you will feel its touch.

And together...

...we shall seek out the hiding
place of the gold.

Leave him, skull-face!

I can tell you where the
gold is hidden.

Speak then, misshapened one!

It is buried beneath me.



You will die by my hand!

Guard them!

He's still alive.

Only just.

We MUST free ourselves.

Quick - the crystal.

The pain is great.

Has HE been found?

Yes. Yes - he dies this
very night. Quickly!


My bonds are as immovable
as yours.

If we are not free by the time
Voltan returns, we---

You have need of
my help, Lord.

You've been looking into your
fire of magic, Mother.

Go quickly.

Voltan's men return
with the Abbess...

...and the Dark One will not be
at his ministerings long.

This will make them dream
a little longer.

Even my powers cannot save him.

He waits at the Gate of Death.

I am sorry...

...not to be with you for
the final fight.

I die as I wanted...

...among my friends.

This will protect the grave...

...from wild beasts who
would disturb it.

The dwarf shall sleep peacefully.

What now, Hawk?

I go to avenge my friend's death...

...and pay a debt long overdue.

How do we get back
into the church?

I will give you the way.

I beseech you once more...

...release my Sisters!

If Hawk is not in my hands
by dawn, they will die.

And I will tear this sanctuary
down - stone by stone.

Pray hard, woman - that
he may hear you.

Have no fear...

...my magic powers will
not harm you.

But, just for a short time...

...my powders will create a
whirlpool of flying...

...firebolts to blind their eyes.

Take her away - I may
yet need her!

Hawk! The Abbess - they're
taking her!

Giant! Behind you - beware!


Sweet little Lady.

Wait here.

Now, Hawk...

...this is the moment
of my revenge.

At my command they
shall all be hung.

And your friend will have
his heart skewered.

What do you want?


Always you.

Let the Sisters and
Gort go free.

I shall be your prisoner.

You... still don't UNDERSTAND!!!




And your vestment.


If you have a god to pray to...

...pray to him now.

Enough! You have prayed enough!



...you have found the
power which is...

...rightly mine.

Ten thousand times have I dreamed
of killing you - slowly...


And now---



...I shall... wait for you...
at the Gates of Hell!

Your friend will soon recover
his strength...

...but I grieve for the
others who died.

I know you will see that
they rest well.

There's a lot of good eating and drinking
money here, my friend.

I don't suppose we could-—-

We have further
need of you, Dark One.

Your sleep of death...

...will not last long.

My heart is heavy at the loss
of your friends.

It is a high price to pay.

The price is always high.

Use it well.

Where will you go now...

...Lord Hawk?

Gort follows his own path.

As do I.

I've heard talk of fat barons...

...with great stores of winter food
and wine to protect.

It seems that... I am the
man for that work.

Then may God go with you.

The Dark One is no more.

But, even as we speak...

...the wizards gather in the south.

Follow your destiny!

When you get that look
in your face-—-

You did say "south“, woman?

Ah, well.

Who wants to work with fat
old barons, anyway?

South it is.

We shall meet again...

...bearer of the Mind Sword.

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