Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010) - full transcript

Voldemort's power is growing stronger. He now has control over the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts. Harry, Ron, and Hermione decide to finish Dumbledore's work and find the rest of the Horcruxes to defeat the Dark Lord. But little hope remains for the Trio, and the rest of the Wizarding World, so everything they do must go as planned.

These are dark times,
there is no denying.

Our world has, perhaps, faced
no greater threat than it does today.

But I say this to our citizenry:

We, ever your servants...

...will continue to
defend your liberty...

...and repel the forces
that seek to take it from you.

Your Ministry remains...


Hermione. Tea's ready, darling.

Coming, Mom.

Come on, Dudley, hurry up.

I still don't understand
why we have to leave.

Because, uh, it's not
safe for us here anymore.

Ron, tell your father
supper's nearly ready.

Is this in Australia?

Looks wonderful, doesn't it?

Three and a half thousand
kilometers along Australia's east coast.



I was beginning to worry
you had lost your way.

Come, we've saved you a seat.

You bring news, I trust?

It will happen Saturday
next, at nightfall.

I've heard differently, my Lord.

Dawlish, the Auror, has let
slip that the Potter boy...

...will not be moved until
the 30th of this month.

The day before he turns 17.

This is a false trail.

The Auror Office no longer plays any
part in the protection of Harry Potter.

Those closest to him believe
we have infiltrated the Ministry.

Well, they got that
right, haven't they?

What say you, Pius?

One hears many
things, my Lord.

Whether the truth is
among them is not clear.

Heh. Spoken like
a true politician.

You will, I think,
prove most useful, Pius.

- Where will he be taken, the boy?
- To a safe house.

Most likely the home of someone
in the Order.

I'm told it's been given every
manner of protection possible.

Once there, it will be
impractical to attack him.

Ahem. My Lord. I'd like to
volunteer myself for this task.

I want to kill the boy.


Have I not spoken to you
about keeping our guest quiet?

Yes, my Lord.

Right away, my Lord.

As inspiring as I find
your bloodlust, Bellatrix...

...I must be the one
to kill Harry Potter.

But I face an
unfortunate complication.

That my wand and Potter's
share the same core.

They are, in some ways, twins.

We can wound, but not
fatally harm one another.

If I am to kill him...

...I must do it with
another's wand.

Come, surely one of you
would like the honor?


What about you, Lucius?

My Lord?

"My Lord?"

I require your wand.

Do I detect elm?

Yes, my Lord.

And the core?

Dragon. Ahem.

Dragon heartstring, my Lord.

- Dragon heartstring.
- Mm.

To those of you
who do not know...

...we are joined tonight
by Miss Charity Burbage...

...who, until recently, taught at Hogwarts
School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Her specialty was
Muggle Studies.

It is Miss Burbage's belief that
Muggles are not so different from us.

She would, given her way...

...have us mate with them.

To her, the mixture of magical and
Muggle blood is not an abomination...

...but something to be encouraged.


Severus, please.

We're friends.

Avada Kedavra!



- Hello, Harry.
- All right. Wow.


- You're looking fit.
- Yeah, he's absolutely gorgeous.

What say we get undercover
before someone murders him?


I thought you were looking
after the Prime Minister.

You are more important.

- Hello, Harry. Bill Weasley.
- Oh. Pleasure to meet you.

- He was never always this handsome.
- Dead ugly.

True enough.

Owe it all to a werewolf,
name of Greyback.

- Hope to repay the favor one day.
- You're still beautiful to me, William.

Just remember, Fleur, Bill takes
his steaks on the raw side now.

My husband, the joker.

By the way, wait till you hear
the news. Remus and I--

All right. We'll have time
for a cozy catch-up later.

We've got to get the hell
out of here. And soon.

Potter, you're underage, which means
you've still got the Trace on you.

What's the Trace?

If you sneeze, the Ministry
will know who wipes your nose.

We have to use those means of
transport the Trace can't detect:

Brooms, Thestrals and
the like. We go in pairs.

That way, if anyone's out there waiting
for us, and I reckon there will be...

...they won't know which
Harry Potter is the real one.

The real one?

I believe you're familiar
with this particular brew.

No. Absolutely not.

I told you he'd take it well.

No, if you think I'm gonna let
everyone risk their lives for me, I--

- Never done that before, have we?
- No. No. This is different.

I mean, taking that,
becoming me. No.

Well, none of us
really fancy it, mate.

Imagine if something went wrong, and
we ended up a scrawny, specky git forever.

Everyone here is of age, Potter.

They've all agreed
to take the risk.

Technically, I've been coerced.

Mundungus Fletcher,
Mr. Potter.

- Always been a huge admirer.
- Nip it, Mundungus.

All right, Granger,
as discussed.

- Blimey, Hermione.
- Straight in here, if you please.

For those of you who haven't taken
Polyjuice Potion before, fair warning:

It tastes like goblin piss.

Have a lot of experiences
with that, do you, Mad-Eye?

Just trying to
diffuse the tension.



Wow, we're identical.

Not yet, you're not.

Haven't got anything a bit
more sporting, have you?

I don't really fancy this color.

Well, fancy this, you're
not you. So shut it and strip.

All right, all right.

You'll need to change too, Potter.

Bill, look away. I'm hideous.

I knew she was lying
about that tattoo.

Harry, your eyesight
really is awful.

Right, then. We'll be pairing off.
Each Potter will have a protector.

Mundungus, stick tight to me.
I wanna keep an eye on you.

- As for Harry--
- Yes?

The real Harry.

- Where the devil are you, anyway?
- Here.

You'll ride with Hagrid.

I brought you here 16 years ago when
you were no bigger than a Bowtruckle.

Seems only right that I should be
the one to take you away now.

Yes, it's all very
touching. Let's go.

Head for the Burrows.
We'll rendezvous there.

On the count of three.

Hold tight, Harry.




- Which one?
- Where are you?

He's on your right!

He's over there!


Hagrid, we have to
help the others!

I can't do that, Harry.
Mad-Eye's orders.

Hang on.


Hang on, Harry.


No. No.


Harry. Hagrid.

What happened?
Where are the others?

Is no one else back?

They were on us right from the
start, Molly. We didn't stand a chance.

Well, thank goodness
you two are all right.

The Death Eaters were
waiting for us. It was an ambush.

Ron and Tonks should've
already been back.

Dad and Fred as well.


Quick. Into the house.

Oh, my boy.

Oh. Oh.

- Lupin!
- What are you doing?

What creature sat
in the corner...

...the first time Harry Potter
visited my office in Hogwarts?

- Are you mad?
- What creature?!

A Grindylow.

We've been betrayed.

Voldemort knew you were
being moved tonight.

I had to make sure you
weren't an impostor.


The last words Albus Dumbledore
spoke to the pair of us?

"Harry is the best hope
we have. Trust him."

What gave you away?

Hedwig, I think. She was
trying to protect me.


Deserves that.
Brilliant, he was.

- I wouldn't be standing here without him.
- Really?

Always the tone of surprise.

We the last back?

Where's George?

How you feeling, Georgie?


Come again?

Saint-like. I'm holy.

I'm holey, Fred. Get it?

The whole wide world of ear-related
humor and you go for "I'm holey."

That's pathetic.

Reckon I'm still
better-looking than you.

Mad-Eye's dead.

Mundungus took one look at
Voldemort and Disapparated.

Head for the Burrows.

This is beyond
anything I imagined.

- Seven?
- Seven...? A Horcrux.

They could be
hidden anywhere.

To rip the soul
into seven pieces....

- If you did destroy each Horcrux....
- One destroys Voldemort.

Trust me.

You lied to me.
Lied to me, Ollivander.

Going somewhere?

Nobody else is going
to die. Not for me.

For you?

You think Mad-Eye
died for you?

You think George took
that curse for you?

You may be the Chosen One, mate,
but this is a whole lot bigger than that.

It's always been bigger than that.

- Come with me.
- What, and leave Hermione?

You mad? We wouldn't
last two days without her.

Don't tell her I said that.

Besides, you've still got
the Trace on you.

- We've still got the wedding--
- I don't care about a wedding.

I'm sorry. No matter whose it is.
I have to start finding these Horcruxes.

They're our only
chance to beat him...

...and the longer we stay
here, the stronger he gets.

Tonight's not the night, mate.

We'd only be doing him a favor.

Do you think he knows?

I mean, they're bits of his soul,
these Horcruxes. Bits of him.

When Dumbledore destroyed the
ring, you destroyed Tom Riddle's diary...

...he must have felt something.

To kill the other Horcruxes,
we have to find them.

Where are they?

Where do we start?

Ready when you are.

Please pay attention! It's your
brother's wedding. Buck up.

Zip me up, will you?

It seems silly,
doesn't it, a wedding?

Given everything
that's going on.

Maybe that's the best
reason to have it...

...because of everything
that's going on.


Come on, keep up.

All together now.

One, two, three.

How's it looking at
your end, boys?


Bloody hell. What's the
Minister of Magic doing here?

To what do we owe
the pleasure, Minister?

I think we both know the answer
to that question, Mr. Potter.

And this is...?

"Herein is set forth the
last will and testament...

...of Albus Percival Wulfric
Brian Dumbledore.

First, to Ronald Bilius Weasley...

...I leave my Deluminator...

...a device of my own making...

...in the hope that, when
things seem most dark...

...it will show him the light."

- Dumbledore left this for me?
- Yeah.


What is it?


"To Hermione Jean Granger...

...I leave my copy of
The Tales of Beedle the Bard...

...in the hope that she find it
entertaining and instructive."

Mom used to read me those.

"The Wizard and
the Hopping Pot."

"Babbitty Rabbitty and
the Cackling Stump."

Come on, Babbitty Rabbitty.


"To Harry James Potter...

...I leave the Snitch he caught in
his first Quidditch match at Hogwarts...

...as a reminder of the
rewards of perseverance...

...and skill."

- Is that it, then?
- Not quite.

Dumbledore left you
a second bequest:

The sword of Godric Gryffindor.

Unfortunately, the sword of Gryffindor
was not Dumbledore's to give away.

As an important historical
artifact, it belongs--

To Harry.

It belongs to Harry.

It came to him when he needed
it in the Chamber of Secrets.

The sword may present itself
to any worthy Gryffindor.

That does not make it
that wizard's property.

And, in any event, the current
whereabouts of the sword are unknown.

- Excuse me?
- The sword is missing.

I don't know what
you're up to, Mr. Potter...

...but you can't fight
this war on your own.

He's too strong.

Hello, Harry.

I've interrupted a deep thought, haven't I?
I can see it growing smaller in your eyes.

Of course not.
How are you, Luna?

Very well. Got bitten by a
garden gnome only moments ago.

Gnome saliva is very beneficial.

Xenophilius Lovegood.
We live just over the hill.

Pleasure to meet you, sir.

I trust you know, Mr. Potter,
that we at The Quibbler...

...unlike those toadies
at The Daily Prophet...

...fully supported
Dumbledore in his lifetime...

...and, in his death,
support you just as fully.

Thank you.

Come, Daddy. Harry doesn't
want to talk to us right now.

He's just too polite to say so.

Harry Potter.

Excuse me, sir?
May I sit down?

Mr. Potter. By all means. Here.


I found what you wrote in
The Daily Prophet really moving.

You obviously knew
Dumbledore well.

Well, I certainly knew
him the longest.

That is, if you don't count
his brother, Aberforth...

...and somehow, people never
do seem to count Aberforth.

- I didn't even know he had a brother.
- Ah.

Well, Dumbledore was always
very private, even as a boy.

Don't despair, Elphias.

I'm told he's been thoroughly
unriddled by Rita Skeeter...

...in 800 pages, no less.

Word has it that
someone talked to her.

Someone who knew the
Dumbledore family well.

Both you and I know
who that is, Elphias.

A monstrous betrayal.

Who are we talking about?

Bathilda Bagshot.

- Who?
- My God, boy...

...she's only the most celebrated
magical historian of the last century.

She was as close to the
Dumbledores as anyone.

Oh, I'm sure Rita Skeeter thought
it well worth a trip to Godric's Hollow...

...to take a peek into that
old bird's rattled cage.

Godric's Hollow?

Bathilda Bagshot
lives at Godric's Hollow?

Well, that's where she
first met Dumbledore.

You don't mean to say
he lived there too?

The family moved there after
his father killed those three Muggles.

Oh, it was quite the scandal.

Honestly, my boy, are you
sure you knew him at all?

The Ministry has fallen.

The Minister of Magic is dead.

They are coming.

They are coming.

They are coming.

They're coming!

Nice meeting you, Mr. Potter.

- Ginny!
- Harry! Go!


Here you go, sightseeing tour?
Leaves in 15 minutes.

- Where are we?
- Shaftesbury Avenue.

I used to come to the theater
here with Mom and Dad.

I don't know why I thought of it.
It just popped into my head.

This way.

We need to change.

How the ruddy...?

Undetectable Extension Charm.

You're amazing, you are.

Always the tone of surprise.

Ah. That'll be the books.

What about all the
people at the wedding?

- Do you think we should go back?
- They were after you.

We'd put everyone in
danger by going back.

- Ron's right.
- Ahem.


- A cappuccino, please.
- You?

- What she said.
- Same.

So where do we go from here?
Leaky Cauldron?

It's too dangerous.

If Voldemort has taken over the
Ministry, none of the old places are safe.

Everyone from the wedding will
have gone underground, into hiding.

My rucksack with all my things,
I've left it at the Burrow.

You're joking.

I've had all the essentials
packed for days, just in case.

By the way, these jeans,
not my favorite.




Petrificus Totalus.



Lock the door, get the lights.

This one's name is Rowle.

He was on the Astronomy Tower
the night Snape killed Dumbledore.

This is Dolohov. I recognize
him from the wanted posters.

So, what we gonna
do with you, hey?

Kill us if it was turned
round, wouldn't you?

If we kill them, they'll
know we were here.


Suppose he did Mad-Eye.
How would you feel then?

It's better we wipe
their memories.

You're the boss.


...you're the
best at spells.


How is it they knew
we were there?

Maybe you still have
the Trace on you?

Can't be. Trace breaks
at 17. It's wizarding law.


We didn't celebrate
your birthday, Harry.

Ginny and I, we
prepared a cake.

We were going to bring it out
at the end of the wedding.

I appreciate the thought, but given
the fact that we were almost killed...

...by a couple of Death
Eaters a few minutes ago....



We need to get off the
streets, get somewhere safe.

What was that all about?

Probably Mad-Eye's idea, in case
Snape decided to come snooping.

Homenum Revelio.

We're alone.

I believed another wand-

You lied to me.
It makes no sense.

I believed a different wand
would work, I swear.

There must be another way.

Harry? Hermione,
where are you?

I think I've found something.


"Regulus Arcturus Black."


"I know I will be dead
long before you read this.

I have stolen the real Horcrux
and intend to destroy it."

R.A.B. is Sirius's brother.


Question is, did he actually
destroy the real Horcrux?

You've been spying
on us, have you?

Kreacher has been watching.

Maybe he knows
where the real locket is.

Have you ever
seen this before?


It's Master Regulus' locket.

But there were two,
weren't there?

Where's the other one?

Kreacher doesn't know
where the other locket is.

Yes, but did you ever see it?
Was it in this house?

Filthy Mudblood.

- Death Eaters are coming--
- Ron.

- Blood traitor, Weasley.
- Answer her.


It was here in this house.

A most evil object.

How do you mean?

Before Master Regulus died,
he ordered Kreacher to destroy it...

...but no matter how hard
Kreacher tried, he could not do it.

Well, where is it now?

- Did someone take it?
- He came in the night.

He took many things,
including the locket.

Who did?

Who was it, Kreacher?


Mundungus Fletcher.

Find him.

My father will hear about this.

Hey, losers.

He isn't here.

As your new
Minister for Magic...

...I promise to restore
this temple of tolerance...

...to its former glory.

Therefore, beginning today...

...each employee will
submit themselves...

...for evaluation.

You have nothing to fear...

...if you have nothing to hide.

- How much?
- Two Galleons.

Come on, time is
money. Cheers, pal.

- Snatchers!
- Move out of the way.

- I told you.
- Get out.

Squash him.

Be a bit gentler.

They have flesh memories.

When Scrimgeour first gave it to you,
I thought it might open at your touch.

That Dumbledore had
hidden something inside it.

Many of you
are wondering...

...why Voldemort has yet to show
himself now that he has vanquished...

...the most powerful symbol of
opposition to him and his followers.

Get off.

Harry Potter, so long it's been.

Get off me.

As requested, Kreacher has
returned with the thief...

- Expellliarmus.
- ... Mundungus Fletcher.

What you playing at? Setting a pair
of bleeding house-elves after me.

Dobby was only trying to help.

Dobby saw Kreacher in Diagon Alley,
which Dobby thought was curious.

And then Dobby heard Kreacher
mention Harry Potter's name.

- I just--
- And then Dobby saw Kreacher...

- ...talking with the thief, Mundungus--
- I'm no thief.

You foul little-- Git.

I'm a purveyor of rare
and wondrous objects.

You're a thief, Dung.
Everyone knows it.

Master Weasley, so good
to see you again.

Wicked trainers.

Listen, I panicked
that night, all right?

Could I help it if Mad-Eye
fell off his broom?

- You....
- Tell the truth.

When you turned this
place over-- Don't deny it.

--you found a locket,
am I right?

Why? Was it valuable?

You still got it?

No, he's worried he didn't
get enough money for it.

Bleeding give it away, didn't I?

There I was, flogging me
wares in Diagon Alley...

...when some Ministry hag comes
up and asks to see me license.

Says she's a mind
to lock me up.

And would've done it too, if she
hadn't taken a fancy to that locket.

- Who was she? The witch. Do you know?
- No, I--

Well, she's there. Look.

Bleeding bow and all.

Right, remember what we said.

Don't speak to anyone
unless absolutely necessary.

Just try and act normal.
Do what everybody else is doing.

If we do that, then with a
bit of luck, we'll get inside.

- And then--
- It gets really tricky.

- Correct.
- Yeah.

- This is completely mental.
- Completely.

The world's mental.

Come on...

...we've got a Horcrux to find.

We flush ourselves in.

That's bloody disgusting.


You. Come.

- What? What?
- Come on.

- What did I do?
- Just keep walking.

- Are those--?
- Muggles.

In their rightful place.

Gotta tell you,
I'm starting to freak out a bit.

How long did you say this batch
of Polyjuice would last, Hermione?

I didn't.


It's still raining inside my
office. That's two days now.

Have you tried an umbrella?

You do realize I'm going
downstairs, don't you, Cattermole?

- Downstairs?
- To interrogate your wife.

Now, if my wife's blood
status were in doubt...

...and the head of the Department
of Magical Law Enforcement...

...needed a job doing, I think
I might just make that a priority.

You have one hour.

Oh, my God. What am I gonna do?
My wife's all alone downstairs.

- Ron, you don't have a wife.
- Oh, right.

Level 2.

But how do I stop it raining?

Try "Finite Incantatem."

Department of Magical
Law Enforcement...

...and Improper Use of
Magic Department.

This is you, Ron.

Finite Incantatem. Okay.
And if that doesn't work...?

Level 1, Minister of Magic
and support staff.

If we don't locate Umbridge
within the hour...

...we go find Ron and
come back another day.

- Deal?
- Yes.

Ah, Mafalda. Travers
sent you, did he?

Good, we'll go straight down.

Albert, aren't you getting out?


Accio locket.

All right, all right.
Let's calm down, shall we?

Let's get back to work, please.

Calm down.



Ron, it's me.

Harry. Blimey, forgot
what you looked like.

Where's Hermione?

She's gone down to the
courtrooms, with Umbridge.

Bloody cold down here.

I'm a half-blood.
My father was a wizard.

William Alderton.
He worked here for 30 years.

Perhaps you know him.
Always wore his jacket inside out.

No, there's been a mistake.
I'm half-blood, you see.

We must go back.
I'm half-blood.

- Mary Elizabeth Cattermole?
- Yes.

Of 27 Chislehurst Gardens,
Great Tolling, Evesham?

- Yes.
- It's here.

Mother to Maisie, Ellie
and Alfred? Wife to Reginald?


Thank you, Albert.

Mary Elizabeth Cattermole?


A wand was taken from you upon
your arrival at the Ministry today.

Is this that wand?

Would you please tell the court from
which witch or wizard you took this wand?

I didn't take it.

I got it in Diagon Alley, at
Ollivander's, when I was 11.

It chose me.

You're lying.

Wands only choose witches,
and you are not a witch.

But I am.

Tell them, Reg.
Tell them what I am.

Reg, tell them what I am.

What on earth are
you doing, Albert?

You're lying, Dolores.

And one mustn't tell lies.


It's Harry Potter.

It is, isn't it?
This'll be one to tell the kids.

Expecto Patronum!

Oh. Oh. Oh.

Mary, go home.

Get the kids.

I'll meet you there. We have to
get out of the country, understand?

Mary, do as I say.


Who's that?

Long story. Nice meeting you.

It's Harry Potter.

It's Harry. Harry Potter.

- There he is.
- Get him!

- Get him!
- Stop him!

- Watch out.
- Look out.

This way!


Oh, my God.

Shh, shh, shh.
It's all right. It's okay.

Harry. Harry,
quickly, in my bag.

There's a bottle labeled
"Essence of Dittany."

Shh. Shh.

- Okay, okay.
- Quickly.

- Accio Dittany.
- Shh.

It's all right. Unstopper it.

Hermione, his arm.

I know, just do it.

It's okay.

- Okay, it's gonna sting a little bit.
- What happened? I thought we meant...

- ...to be going back to Grimmauld Place.
- We were. We were. Shh.

It's all right.
One more, one more.

We were there, we were there,
but Yaxley had hold of me, and I....

I knew once he'd seen where
we were, we couldn't stay...

...so I brought us here...

...but Ron got splinched.

It's all right.

Protego Totalum.

Salvio Hexia.

What are you doing?

Protective enchantments.

I don't fancy another visit like the one
we had in Shaftesbury Avenue, do you?

You can get going on the tent.

- Tent?
Protego Totalum.

Where am I supposed
to find a tent?

Repello Muggletum. Muffliato.

You first.






What are you doing?

We have to keep it safe until
we find out how to destroy it.

Seems strange, mate.
Dumbledore sends you off...

...to find all these Horcruxes, but
doesn't tell you how to destroy them.

Doesn't that bother you?

A goblin by the name
of Gornuk was killed.

It is believed that Muggle-born
Dean Thomas and a second goblin...

...both believed to have been
traveling with Tonks, Cresswell...

...and Gornuk,
may have escaped.

If Dean is listening or anyone has
any knowledge of his whereabouts...

...his parents and sisters
are desperate for news.

Meanwhile, a Muggle family of five
has been found dead in their home.

You know the spell, Harry.

Tell me.

Tell me, Gregorovitch.

It was stolen from me.

Who was he? The thief?

It was a boy.
It was he who took it.

I never saw it again.

I swear on my life.

I believe you.

Avada Kedavra!

I thought it had stopped.

You can't keep letting
him in, Harry.

You-Know-Who has
found Gregorovitch.

The wandmaker?

He wants something that
Gregorovitch used to have...

...but I don't know what.

But he wants it desperately.
I mean, it's as if his life depends on it.


- It comforts him.
- It sets my teeth on edge.

What's he expecting
to hear, good news?

who long expected it, the
fall of the Ministry was shocking.

I think he just hopes he
doesn't hear bad news.

We promise to remain
your eyes and ears-

How long before he can travel?

bringing you news when we
can, from wherever we can.

I'm doing everything I can.

You're not doing enough!

Take it off.

I said, take it off now.

- Better?
- Loads.

We'll take it in turns, okay?

Finch does admit his invention
currently has one short.

And now, other news:

Severus Snape, newly-appointed
headmaster of Hogwarts...

...has decreed that all students
must conform to the latest house rules.

Hogwarts bears little resemblance to the
school under Dumbledore's leadership.

Snape's curriculum is severe,
reflecting the wishes of the Dark Lord...

...and infractions are dealt with harshly
by the two Death Eaters on staff.

What's that?

What's that smell?

- What you doing?
- It's heavy.

Oh, sorry. Do you
want me to carry it?

- Yeah, thank you.
- Don't be ridiculous. Pick it up.



Good to know your
enchantments work.

He could smell it. My perfume.

I've told you...

...Ron isn't strong
enough to Apparate.

Well, then, we'll go on foot.

And next time, Hermione, as much as
I like your perfume, just don't wear any.

And now for the names of
missing witches and wizards.

These are confirmed.

Thankfully, the list
is short today.

Jason and Alison Denbright.

Oh. Thank you.

Bella, Jake, Charlie,
and Madge Farley.

Joe Laurie.

Eleanor Sarah Gibbs.

Harry and Bronwyn Trigg.

Rob and Ellie Dowson.

Georgia Clark-Day.

Joshua Flexson.

George Coutas.

Gabriella and Emily Mather.

Jacob and Mimi Erland.

William and Brian Gallagher.

He doesn't know what
he's doing, does he?

None of us do.

Toby and Olivia Gleaves.

Katie and James Killick.

Elsie Valentine Schroeder.

Jennifer Winston.

Tamsin and lola Hillicker.

Scarlet and Kitty Sharp.

Oh, my God.


I'll tell you in a minute.

Maybe you could tell me now.

The sword of Gryffindor,
it's goblin-made.


No, you don't understand.

Dirt and rust have no
effect on the blade.

It only takes in that
which makes it stronger.


Harry, you've already destroyed
one Horcrux, right?

Tom Riddle's diary in
the Chamber of Secrets.

With a Basilisk fang. If you
tell me you've got one of those...

- ...in that bloody beaded bag of yours....
- Don't you see?

In the Chamber of Secrets, you stabbed
the Basilisk with the sword of Gryffindor.

Its blade is impregnated
with Basilisk venom.

It only takes in that
which makes it stronger.

- Exactly, which is why--
- It can destroy Horcruxes.

That's why Dumbledore
left it to you in his will.

You are brilliant,
Hermione. Truly.

Actually, I'm highly logical, which
allows me to look past extraneous detail...

...and perceive clearly
that which others overlook.

Yeah, there's only
one problem, of course.

The sword was stolen.

Yeah, I'm still here.

But you two carry on.
Don't let me spoil the fun.

- What's wrong?
- Wrong? Nothing's wrong.

Not according to you, anyway.

Look, if you've got something
to say, don't be shy. Spit it out.

All right, I'll spit it out. But
don't expect me to be grateful...

...because there's another
damn thing we've gotta find.

I thought you knew
what you signed up for.

Yeah. I thought I did too.

Well then, I'm sorry, but
I don't quite understand.

What part of this isn't living
up to your expectations?

Did you think we were
gonna be staying in a hotel?

Finding a Horcrux every other day?
Thought you'd be back by Christmas?

I just thought, after all this time...

...we would've achieved something.
I thought you knew what you were doing.

I thought Dumbledore told
you something worthwhile.

- I thought you had a plan.
- I told you everything Dumbledore told me.

In case you haven't noticed,
we found a Horcrux.

Yeah, and we're as close to getting rid of
it as we are to finding the rest of them.

Ron. Please, take--

Take the Horcrux off.
You wouldn't be saying this...

...if you hadn't been
wearing it all day.

Want to know why
I listen to that radio?

To make sure I don't hear Ginny's
name, or Fred, or George or Mom.

You think I'm not listening?
You think I don't know how this feels?!

No, you don't
know how it feels!

Your parents are dead.
You have no family.

- Stop. Stop.
- Fine, then go!

Go, then!



And you?

Are you coming
or you staying?

Fine. I get it.

I saw you two the other night.

Ron, that's-- That's nothing.


Ron, where are you going?

Please, come back.



Salvio Hexia.

Repellum Muggletum.

Salvio Hexia.

♪ Poor old Jim's
white as a ghost

♪ He's found the
answer that we lost

♪ We're all weeping now
Weeping because

♪ There ain't nothing we
can do to protect you

♪ O children

♪ Lift up your voice

♪ Lift up your voice

♪ Children

♪ Rejoice, rejoice

♪ Hey, little train,
we're jumping on

♪ The train that goes
to the kingdom

♪ We're happy, Ma
We're having fun

♪ And the train ain't
even left the station

♪ Hey, little train,
wait for me

♪ I once was blind
but now I see

♪ Have you left a seat for me?

♪ Is that such a stretch
of the imagination?

♪ Hey, little train,
wait for me

♪ I was held in chains
but now I'm free

♪ I'm hanging in there
Don't you see?

♪ In this process
of elimination

♪ Hey, little train,
we're jumping on

♪ The train that goes
to the kingdom

♪ We're happy, Ma
We're having fun

♪ It's beyond my
wildest expectation

♪ Hey, little train,
we're jumping on

♪ The train that goes
to the kingdom

♪ We're happy, Ma
We're having fun

♪ The train ain't even
left the station


Hermione? You were right.

Snitches have flesh memories...

...but I didn't catch the first Snitch
with my hand, I almost swallowed it.

- "I open at the close."
- What do you think that means?

I don't know.

I found something as well.

At first I thought it was an eye,
but now I don't think it is.

It isn't a rune, and it isn't
anywhere in Spellman's Syllabary.

Somebody inked it in. It isn't
part of the book. Somebody drew it.

Luna's dad was wearing that
at Bill and Fleur's wedding.

Why would someone draw it
in a children's book?

Look, Hermione,
I've been thinking.

I want to go to Godric's Hollow.

It's where I was born.
It's where my parents died.

That's exactly where he'll expect you
to go because it means something to you.

Yeah, but it means something
to him too, Hermione.

You-Know-Who almost
died there.

I mean, isn't that exactly the type of
place he'd be likely to hide a Horcrux?

It's dangerous, Harry.

But even I have to admit, recently
I've been thinking we'll have to go there.

I think it's possible
something else is hidden there.


The sword.

If Dumbledore wanted you to find it,
but didn't want it in the Ministry's hands...

...where better to hide it than the
birthplace of the founder of Gryffindor?


Don't ever let me
give you a haircut again.

I still think we should've
used Polyjuice Potion.


This is where I was born.

I'm not returning
as someone else.

Good night. Ha-ha-ha.

Harry, I think
it's Christmas Eve.


Do you think they'd be
in there, Hermione?

My mom and dad.

Yeah, I think they would.

"Ignotus Peverell."

Hey, Harry?

Merry Christmas, Hermione.

Merry Christmas, Harry.

Harry, there's someone
watching us. By the church.

I think I know who that is.

I don't like this, Harry.

Hermione, she knew Dumbledore.
She might have the sword.

This is where they died, Hermione.

This is where he murdered them.

You're Bathilda, aren't you?

Here, let me do that.

Miss Bagshot, who is this man?





Are you feeling better?

You've outdone yourself
this time, Hermione.

The Forest of Dean.

I came here once with
Mom and Dad, years ago.

It's just how I remember it.

The trees, the river, everything.

Like nothing's changed.

Not true, of course.
Everything's changed.

If I brought my parents back here now,
they probably wouldn't recognize any of it.

Not the trees, not the river...

...not even me.

Maybe we should just
stay here, Harry.

Grow old.

You wanted to know who the
boy in the photograph was.

I know.

Gellert Grindelwald.

He's the thief I saw in
Gregorovitch's Wand Shop.

Speaking of which,
where is my wand?

Where's my wand, Hermione?

As we were leaving Godric's Hollow,
I cast a curse and it rebounded.

I'm sorry.

- I tried to mend it, but wands are different.
- It's done.

Leave me yours.
Go inside and get warm.

I'll take the locket as well.

Trust me.


Accio sword.


- Hermione?
- Are you mental?

It was you?

Well, yeah. Bit obvious, I think.

And you cast the doe
as well, did you?

- No, I thought that was you.
- No, my Patronus is a stag.

Right. Yeah. Antlers.

Okay, Ron. Do it.

I can't handle it. That thing affects me
more than it affects you and Hermione.

- All the more reason.
- No. I can't.

Then why are you here?

Why did you come back?

Now, I'll have to speak to it in order for
it to open. When it does, don't hesitate.

I don't know what's in there,
but it'll put up a fight.

The bit of Riddle that was in
that diary tried to kill me.

All right.




I have seen your heart,
and it is mine.

I have seen your dreams,
Ronald Weasley...

...and I have seen
your fears.

Least loved by your mother,
who craved a daughter.

Least loved by the girl
who prefers your friend.

Ron, kill it!

We were better without you.

Happier without you.

Who could look at you
compared to Harry Potter?

What are you compared
with the Chosen One?

Ron, it's lying!

Your mother confessed she
would have preferred me as a son.

What woman would take you?

You are nothing.


Nothing compared to him.

Just think...

...only three to go.



Is everything all right?

It's fine. Actually, you know,
it's more than fine.


You complete ass,
Ronald Weasley!

You show up here after weeks,
and you say "hey"?

- Where's my wand? Where's my wand?
- I don't know.

- Harry Potter, give me my wand.
- I don't have it.

- How come he's got your wand?
- Never mind why he's got my wand.

What is that?

You destroyed it.

And how is it that you just happen
to have the sword of Gryffindor?

It's a long story.

- Don't think this changes anything.
- Oh, of course not.

I only just destroyed a bloody Horcrux.
Why would that change anything?

Look, I wanted to come
back as soon as I left.

- I just didn't know how to find you.
- Yeah, how did you find us?

With this. It doesn't
just turn off lights.

I don't know how it works, but Christmas
morning I was sleeping in this little pub...

...keeping away from
some Snatchers...

...and I heard it.


A voice...

...your voice, Hermione...

...coming out of it.

- And what exactly did I say, may I ask?
- My name.

Just my name.

Like a whisper.

So I took it, clicked it, and
this tiny ball of light appeared.

And I knew.

And sure enough, it floated
toward me, the ball of light...

...went right to my chest,
straight through me. Right here.

And I knew it was gonna take me
where I needed to go, so I Disapparated...

...and came to this hillside.

It was dark. I had no
idea where I was.

I just hoped that one of
you would show yourself.

And you did.

I've always liked these
flames Hermione makes.

How long do you reckon
she'll stay mad at me?

Well, just keep talking about that
little ball of light touching your heart...

...and she'll come round.

It was true. Every word.

This is gonna sound crazy...

...but I think that's why Dumbledore
left it to me, the Deluminator.

I think he knew that somehow I'd need it
to find my way back, and she'd lead me.

Bloody hell, I just realized,
you need a wand, don't you?

- Yeah.
- I've got one here.

It's a blackthorn. Ten inches.

Nothing special,
but I reckon it'll do.

Took if off a Snatcher
a couple of weeks ago.

Don't tell Hermione this,
but they're a bit dim, Snatchers.

This one was definitely
part troll, the smell of him.


What's going on in there?

- Nothing.
- Nothing.

We need to talk.

Yeah, all right.

- I want to go see Xenophilius Lovegood.
- Sorry?

See this?

It's a letter Dumbledore wrote to
Grindelwald. Look at the signature.

It's the mark again.

It keeps cropping up.

In Beedle the Bard, in the
graveyard in Godric's Hollow.

It was there too.

- Where?
- Outside Gregorovitch's Wand Shop.

But what does it mean?

Look, you've got no idea where the
next Horcrux is, and neither do I...

...but this, this means something.

- I'm sure of it.
- Yeah. Hermione's right.

We ought to see Lovegood.

Let's vote on it. Those in favor?

You're not still mad
at him, are you?

I'm always mad at him.



"Keep off the dirigible plums."

What is it? Who are you?

What do you want?

Hello, Mr. Lovegood. I'm Harry
Potter. We met a few months ago.

Could we come in?

- Where is Luna?
- Luna?

She'll be along.

So how can I help
you, Mr. Potter?

Well, actually....

It was about something you were wearing
round your neck at the wedding. A symbol.

You mean this?


That exactly.

What we've wondered
is, what is it?

What is it?

Well, it's the sign of the
Deathly Hallows, of course.

- The what?
- The what?

The Deathly Hallows.

I assume you're all familiar with
"The Tale of the Three Brothers."

- Yes.
- No.

I have it in here.

"There were once
three brothers...

...who were traveling along a
lonely, winding road at twilight."

Midnight. Mom always
said "midnight."

But "twilight's" fine.
Better, actually.

Do you want to read it?

No. It's fine.

"There were once
three brothers...

...who were traveling along a lonely,
winding road at twilight.

In time, the brothers reached
a river too treacherous to pass.

But being learned in
the magical arts...

...the three brothers simply
waved their wands and made a bridge.

Before they could cross, however...

...they found their path
blocked by a hooded figure.

It was Death,
and he felt cheated.

Cheated because travelers would
normally drown in the river.

But Death was cunning.

He pretended to congratulate
the three brothers on their magic...

...and said that each had earned a prize for
having been clever enough to evade him.

The oldest asked for a wand
more powerful than any in existence.

So Death fashioned him one
from an elder tree that stood nearby.

The second brother decided he wanted
to humiliate Death even further...

...and asked for the power to
recall loved ones from the grave.

So Death plucked a stone from
the river and offered it to him.

Finally, Death turned
to the third brother.

A humble man...

...he asked for something that would
allow him to go forth from that place...

...without being followed by Death.

And so it was that Death reluctantly
handed over his own Cloak of Invisibility.

The first brother traveled
to a distant village...

...where, with the
Elder Wand in hand...

...he killed a wizard with
whom he had once quarreled.

Drunk with the power that
the Elder Wand had given him...

...he bragged of his invincibility.

But that night, another
wizard stole the wand...

...and slit the brother's
throat for good measure.

And so Death took the
first brother for his own.

The second brother
journeyed to his home...

...where he took the stone
and turned it thrice in hand.

To his delight, the girl he'd once hoped
to marry before her untimely death...

...appeared before him.

Yet, soon she turned sad and cold
for she did not belong in the mortal world.

Driven mad with
hopeless longing...

...the second brother killed
himself so as to join her.

And so Death took
the second brother.

As for the third brother...

...Death searched for many years
but was never able to find him.

Only when he attained a great
age did the youngest brother...

...shed the Cloak of Invisibility
and give it to his son.

He then greeted Death as an
old friend and went with him gladly...

...departing this life as equals."

So there you are.
Those are the Deathly Hallows.

I'm sorry, sir. I still
don't quite understand.

Where's that pen I had?

The Elder Wand.

The most powerful
wand ever made.

The Resurrection Stone.

The Cloak of Invisibility.

Together, they make
the Deathly Hallows.

Together, they make
one master of Death.

That mark was on a grave
in Godric's Hollow.

Uh, Mr. Lovegood,
does the Peverell Family...

...have anything to do
with the Deathly Hallows?

Uh-- Uh--

Ignotus-- Excuse me. --and his
brothers, Cadmus and Antioch...

...are thought to be the original
owners of the Hallows...

...and therefore the inspiration
for the story. Uh-- Uh--

But your tea's gone cold.

I'll be right back.

Let's go down here.

Let's get out of here.

I'm not drinking any more
of that stuff, hot or cold.

Thank you, sir.

- You forgot the water.
- Water?

For the tea.

Did--? Did I?

How silly of me.

It's no matter. We really
should be going anyway.

No, you can't!


You're my only hope.

They were angry, you see,
about what I'd been writing.

So they took her.

They took my Luna.

My Luna.

But it's really you they want.

Who took her, sir?


Stop! I've got him!

That treacherous little bleeder.
Is there no one we can trust?

They kidnapped her
because he supported me.

He was just desperate.

I'll do the enchantments.

Hello, beautiful.

Well, don't hang
about, snatch them.


Tell me, Grindelwald.
Tell me where it is.

Grindelwald. Grindelwald.

Hello, Tom. I knew you
would come one day...

...but surely you must know
I no longer have what you seek.

- Tell me, Grindelwald. Tell me where it is.
- Ha-ha-ha.

Tell me who possesses it.

The Elder Wand lies
with him, of course...

...buried in the earth.


The Hallows exist...

...but he's only after one of them,
the last one. He knows where it is.

He's gonna have it by the end of the night.
You-Know-Who's found the Elder Wand.

- Don't touch her. Unh!
- Leave him.

Your boyfriend will
get worse than that...

Get off me.

...if he doesn't learn
to behave himself.

What happened to you, ugly?

No, not you.

- What's your name?
- Dudley. Vernon Dudley.

Check it.

And you, my lovely...

...what do they call you?

Penelope Clearwater,

There's no Vernon
Dudley on here.

Did you hear that, ugly?
The list says you're lying.

How come you don't want
us to know who you are?

The list's wrong.
I told you who I am.

Change of plan.

We're not taking this
lot to the Ministry.

Get Draco.


- I can't be sure.
- Draco. Look closely, son.

If we are the ones to hand
Potter over to the Dark Lord...

...everything would be forgiven.
All would be as it was, you understand?

Now, we won't be forgetting who
actually caught him, I hope, Mr. Malfoy.

You dare to talk to me like
that in my own house?


Don't be shy, sweetie.
Come over.

Now, if this isn't who we think it is,
Draco, and we call him, he'll kill us all.

We need to be absolutely sure.

What's wrong with his face?

Yes, what is wrong with his face?

He came to us like that.

Something he picked up
in the forest, I reckon.

Or ran into a Stinging Jinx.
Was it you, dearie?

Give me her wand. We'll see
what her last spell was.

Ah. Got you.

What is that?

Where'd you get that from?

It was in her bag when we
searched her. Reckon it's mine now.

Are you mad?

Go! Get out!

Cissy, put the boys
in the cellar.

I want to have a little conversation
with this one, girl-to-girl.

What are we gonna do? We can't
leave Hermione alone with her.




That sword is meant to be in my vault
at Gringotts. How did you get it?

What else did you and your
friends take from my vault?!

I didn't take anything. Please.
I didn't take anything.

I don't believe it.

We have to do something.

There's no way out of here.
We've tried everything. It's enchanted.

- Please! please!
- Shut up!

You're bleeding, Harry.

That's a curious thing
to keep in your sock.

Help us.

- Let her go.
- Shut up. Get back.

You, goblin, come with me.

- Aah!
- Dobby?

What are you doing here?

Dobby has come to rescue
Harry Potter, of course.

Dobby will always be
there for Harry Potter.

You can Apparate in and out of this
room? Could you take us with you?

Of course, sir. I'm an elf.

Works for me.

Dobby, I want you to take
Luna and Mr. Ollivander--

Shell Cottage on the
outskirts of Tinworth.

Trust me.

Whenever you're ready, sir.

Sir? I like her very much.

Meet me at the top of
the stairs in 10 seconds.


Who gets his wand?

I'm only going to ask you
once more, goblin.

Think very, very carefully
before you answer.

I don't know.

You don't know?
Why weren't you doing your job?

Who got into my vault?

Who stole it?
Who stole it? Well?

When I was last in your
vault, the sword was there.

Oh, well then, perhaps it
just walked out on its own then.

There is no place
safer than Gringotts.


Consider yourself
lucky, goblin.

The same won't be
said for this one.

Like hell.




Drop your wands.

I said, drop them!

Pick them up, Draco, now.

Well, well, well,
look what we have here.

It's Harry Potter.

He's all bright and shiny and new
again, just in time for the Dark Lord.

Call him.

Call him.


Stupid elf.

- You could've killed me.
- Dobby never meant to kill.

Dobby only meant to
maim or seriously injure.

How dare you take
a witch's wand?

How dare you
defy your masters?

Dobby has no master.

Dobby is a free elf.

And Dobby has come to save
Harry Potter and his friends.


You're all right. We're safe.

We're all safe.

Harry Potter.


Dobby. No, just-- Hold on.

Hold on. Look,
just hold on, okay?

We'll fix you.

Hermione will have something.

In your bag. Hermione?


What is it? Help me.

Such a beautiful place...

...to be with friends.

Dobby is happy to
be with his friend...

...Harry Potter.

We should close his eyes.

Don't you think?


Now he could be sleeping.

I want to bury him.

Properly. Without magic.