Hard Boiled (1992) - full transcript

Mobsters are smuggling guns into Hong Kong. The police orchestrate a raid at a teahouse where an ace detective loses his partner. Meanwhile, the two main gun smugglers are having a war over territory, and a young new gun is enlisted to wipe out informants and overcome barriers to growth. The detective, acting from inside sources, gets closer to the ring leaders and eventually must work with the inside man directly.


ls your wife worried about you?

She's used to it, but she still prays
every time I'm on a job.

Be good to her.


Good morning. Up so early?

- How many Playboys are you reading?
- I don't read the articles.

Be serious.

Are the 'bird men' here?

- Three are, but not the 'bird king'.
- Keep watch.

Lionheart, can you hear me?

What's happening over there?

Something big.

Stay alert.

This is the real thing.

Sponge pudding.

Have you thought about emigrating?

I haven't.

This is my home.
I want to be buried here.

I can't adjust to life abroad.

You can't get dim sum in the morning.

- You can get dim sum abroad.
- We've got the original.

Your son must be growing up.

He's seven now.
I'll show you a photo.


- We've been waiting.
- We were in Shenzhen.

Sit down.

- I've got some good stuff.
- How good?

Don't pay if it's shit.

I can't find it.

One shot and the cops
won't know what's hit them.

- So you say.
- It's a bargain.

Teflon coated rounds will pierce
body armor. Can't be beat.

Don't exaggerate.

We have nothing but the best.

We'll get rich together.

My treat.

Freeze! Police!

Stay where you are!


- Are you OK?
- I'm fine.

Move, you bastard!


Get down!

Old bastard!


Get down! Get down!

Don't come in!

Are you OK?

Get out of the way!

You're always the man,
aren't you?

You pull the trigger and
you take down the bad guys.

Do you know what you've done?

I'll tell you...

We were investigating them
until we had the evidence!

But now thanks to you,
we have nothing!

- What a pity.
- Mr Woo.

- What a pity.
- What is?

For every Triad we took down,
another sprang up.

I remember you were so
sensitive in cadet school.

And now... You've lost faith.

Did I go too far?

No, they went too far.

I lost a good partner.

In this life we make sacrifices.


Mr Hui wants to know
why you betrayed him.


I didn't betray Mr Hui.

Yes, you did.

Can you tell me what happened?

It happened so quickly.
Like a dream.

What's the story?

He's been dead two hours.
Point blank shot.

Very professional.

- Have you found the gun?
- Not yet.

I've seen the deceased
on the wanted list.

I want it in half an hour.

The deceased was a known
Malay Chinese munitions dealer.

Arms dealing in Asia and
North Africa, 78 to 81 .

Wanted in Malaysia,
Thailand and Singapore.

He joined triads around 85.

He was Mr Hui's main contact
with foreign arms dealers.

And then bought off by Johnny Wong.

The killer used a .32 equipped
with a custom suppressor.

A unique style, for sure.

That's all we've got.

What? HK$3,000 per square foot
in Sha Tau Kok!

I can't afford that!

If I don't buy a flat,
Madam won't marry me!

And I can't get government
housing because I'm single.

I'm going to be on the streets.

Stay at the YMCA.

HK $300 for one day and
discounts for a month.

That's not bad, considering!

I'll sleep at the Jazz Bar.

That's perfect.
You can play yourself to sleep.

Shall we investigate who's
sending flowers to Madam?

- It's been happening a lot.
- So what?

- Madam, flowers for you.
- Thank you.


I need your help.

Madam and I have are having
problems. Please help me.

And I'd appreciate a flat, too.

Have you been ill?
You've had so many flowers.

I'm sick alright.

Don't lose hope,

we might get back together.

I don't think so. I was stupid
and I've wasted my youth.

You like white roses?

- You didn't know?
- Have you ever told me?

I haven't even told him!
How could he have known?

The lyric.

He's asking if you're lonely
and if you need a man.

I just want to know how to sing it.

It's not 're re'.

It's 'la la ti le do'.

- Is that all?
- Yes.

Do you want some soup? No.

Your underwear.

Madam likes to get white roses.


L just found out.

If you like them,
you should buy her some.

Let's see how she behaves.

What song is this?

I can sing if I what.

What is it, boss?

Any news on the arms case?

Sorry, we don't have anything yet.

Keep at it.

Big Guy.

- Come here!
- OK.

Have some tea.

- What is it, Mr Hui?
- Eat.

- We've eaten a lot already!
- You can't work if you don't eat!

Hi, Long!

Mr Hui.

Beef jerky.

You did Well.

- So-so.
- I left the gun there, you know!

Very clever.

I told him to eat more!

Mr Hui treats us like children!

I'm an old man...

Loyalty is most important to me.

Is that right or wrong?

We wouldn't respect you otherwise.

Long, if I did something immoral,

how would you treat me?

There are worse people than you.

When you're free, we'll
go to Hawaii for holiday.

If you like it,
you can move out there.

Leave Hong Kong behind.

I do want to enjoy the time
I have left in this world.

But I still have responsibilities.

I can't leave now.

I just want you to take it easy.

- Siu!
- Morning.

- Mr Hui.
- Hi.

You're all dressed up.

Know who's on your side...
Be careful of him.

Sorry I didn't bring
anything with me.

Don't worry.


What is it?

Johnny wants to talk to you.

We don't have enough arms
for South America.

Then We get them somewhere else.

No one's tougher than us.

We keep a low profile and just let
the tea house shooting die down.

This way, please.

Johnny, how do you know
we can trust Long?

The reward is worth the risk.

We need to replace Sam
now that he's in the grave.

Hi, Johnny. Sorry I'm late.

- Johnny.
- This is Long.

- You know each other already.
- We haven't had a chance to talk.

I'm anti-social.

Have a seat.

I really admire you.

- Are you happy with Mr Hui?
- Yes.

But you need to look to the future.

You have the talent to go far.

My arms business is worldwide.

And I make a killing
wherever there's a war.

Many things go out of fashion,
but never the need for war.

You know how much money I make?

We all know you're successful.

Then will you work for me?

You know I'm loyal to Mr Hui.

That's honourable.
That's what I like about you.

I paid a fortune to get
Jimmy to work for me.

He organised a big deal for me.

And you killed him!

I can only admire your talent.
I won't take revenge on business.

I respect that.

I came here to be your friend,
but I'm not here to discuss business.

Fine. You're honest.
I'll be your friend.

- You got a lot of counterfeit goods.
- All thanks to you.

Who did this?

- Wait till I get that bastard!
- I'll kill his whole family!




You bastard!

Who do you think you are?

- What are you doing?
- Get lost!

It was your men who killed my partner.

And more than a partner,
he was my friend.

A lot of innocent people
have died because of you.

So I'm on to you.

And I will take you down,
you bastard.

Remember me.


Remember me.

This is not the best time.

Leave it.

What a waste!

Was it not big enough?

I'm waiting for the big one.

You know your stuff.
That's expensive.

- How much?
- HK $100,000.

The police don't have that.
HK $20,000.

I'm risking my life.
People are pointing guns at me.

- That's not worth 100,000?
- Spare me.

Take it or leave it.

My mum told me to
stay away from cops.

An address.

Johnny is raiding Hui's
warehouse tonight.

That bastard is ruthless.
Be careful.

Find me at the Jazz Bar if
you find Johnny's arsenal.


I put your mom into the nursing home.

Thank you.

Go and see her.

I'll go after when I've made it.

Hey, your money's in the bucket.

Madam, more flowers for you.

Call the armoury and ask
them to make preparations.

- We need them for tonight.
- Shall we ask the boss?

Say it's for me.

Hello, armoury.

The boss wants you
to prepare some arms.

We'll come down later.
Don't ask so many questions.

- Shall we call more people to help?
- No, it's alright.

You two, go outside.

Someone's stolen an officer's gun.
This is your case.

Don't worry about the arms case, OK?

I've been working on it non-stop
and now you're telling me to drop it?

Can't you do as you're told for once?

Do you have to shout?

Enjoying the show?

This is my office.
Can't you show some respect?

So what? The whole station is mine!
Now listen...

Do you have to get so worked up?

If you need a to take a shit,
just go to the toilet! OK?

Hello? Wait a minute. It's Long.


I need your help tonight.

You won't regret coming.

OK. I'll come.

I'll send a car for you.

Hurry UP-

- We're raiding my own boss' cache?
- Yes, and I want you to kill him.

I won't force you. I want to know
if you and I can be partners.

I've always admired you.

Either we're in this together...
Or you can kill me.

No regrets.

I have my own.

It's a raid!


Come here!

Get the guns!


Load up the car!



I've done my part.
Now it's your turn.

You've already ruined him.
Let the old man retire.

Do you think if he was here,
he would let me live?


In this world, the one holding
the gun in the end wins.

The old bastard is in the way.
I have to take him down.

He might not want to make money,
but I do.

His low prices are killing my
profits and I can't have that!

Don't blame me.

People admire success...
Not how you made it there.

Load it up.

It all depends on you.

When Mr Hui gets here...
If you can't do it...

I'll do it.

You know what to do.

Let's go!

Don't move!

Don't come any closer!

Long, you traitor!

How dare you? I'll kill you!

Drop your gun!

Drop it!

Drop your guns.

Drop them.

Drop your guns!


...I know I'll die tonight.

Mr Hui.

You've dropped your guns.
You giving up or are you just scared?

Drop them.

Drop them!

Drop your guns, dammit! Drop them!


if I am to die, so be it--

but what about my men?

- Johnny, do you want them all to die?
- It's not up to me.

You do what you want to do.

Johnny, you're a smart man.

I need to speak with Long, privately.

Is that OK?

What's the use of talking?


...life is like this.

Sometimes you have to do things
you don't want to do.

Like I want to quit, but I can't.

Anyone in this business
knows this day will come.

But I didn't think it would
be you who betrayed me.

I put my trust in the wrong man.
There's nothing left to say.

But I beg you,
please let my men go.

I'm happy to die for them.

It's better than dying at
the hands of those bastards.

Long, do as I say.

- Mr Hui.
- Shoot.


Just do it!

There's no way out! If you
don't kill me, I'll kill you!

- Mr Hui!
- Don't move!

- Mr Hui!
- Don't move!

Mr Hui! Mr Hui!

- Boss...
- Kill that bastard!

Kill him! Kill that bastard!

Boss, get out of here!

- Let me kill him!
- It's not worth the risk!

- Be careful.
- OK.

Who is he?

Why didn't he pull the trigger?

I told you to leave this case alone.

Tell me who he is!

- A criminal?
- A criminal.

You say he's a criminal,

I hope he's a criminal.

Because the next time I bump into him,

I won't hold back.

Hold on. Stay where you are!

Legally, I'm not obliged
to tell you anything.

But I have to tell you something.

If I hadn't run out of bullets,
I know I would have killed a cop.

You're overreacting.

But back at the tea house...

...you did kill a cop.

Yes, I did. I know.

Cops have killed other cops before.

You're wrong.

You should have said, he wasn't
the first cop to sacrifice his life.


Is that what you call it?

You better tell me who the cops
are and who the triads are...

...and why you want us both dead?

What's with all the questions?

You're a police officer.

Your job is to obey orders.
Not question them!

You want to know why?

You can't always ask why.

Why do we need search warrants
and the triads don't?

Why do we have to write reports when
we fire our weapon and they don't?

Why are suspects we catch in the act
innocent until proven guilty--

and why does the burden of proof
lie on us and never with them?


If I knew that, I'd be in your place.


I'll say this.

Lung was my best friend and
I lost him at the tea house.

So I don't care if I live or die...

...but I swear to God,
I'll arrest or kill Johnny Wong.

And God help anyone who
tries to stop me.


If something bad happens
because of you...

...your resignation won't be enough.

I'm shaking!

That's a cop's life for you.
We're never good enough.

I asked myself if I should
do the right thing.

But every time I read the newspaper,
I felt sick in the pit of my stomach.

I felt I had a responsibility.

After the job,
I forgot about being shouted at.

- And if you didn't solve a case?
- I was suicidal.

- That bad?
- Yes.

You should have given me a better
drawing. It turns out I know him.

He lives at Clearwater Bay.

You've come through.
What do I owe you?

Next time a better drawing.


If Superintendent Pang says he's
a triad, then he's undercover.

If you speak to him,

Tell him there's no need to
get killed for solving a case.

- Have you got a cop called Vodka?
- He's called Tequila.

And he's a tough cop.

I don't care who he is.
Tell him to back the hell off.

He's going to get me killed.

Do you want to go to another funeral?

Point taken.

I'll handle him.

And get that export license.

I need that shipment manifest
to find Johnny's cache.

Give me a day, OK?

I'll deal with customs.

- Just wait for my call.
- And my Swiss bank account?

It's sorted out.

What about the house in Guam?

Does it have a garden?

Don't bother with that.

If it's too dangerous, you can quit.

I'll hold you to that.

I knew you'd be like this.

You know I'll get the job done.

It's your birthday today.
Did you forget?

It's for you.

I had forgotten.

Birthdays aren't important when
you don't have a real identity.

Only you know when my birthday is.

And don't you forget it.

What? You're still upset
and you want to get revenge?

What are you?
It's hard to call you a triad.

It's even harder to call you a cop.

What rank are you?


Inspector? Joker?

Should I salute you?

If you like.

To you, I'm a criminal.

To my mother, I'm a son.

To the triads, I'm a boss.

- Should I salute you?
- You've got the gun.

I'll go and milk a cow if you want.

Sorry, I don't drink milk.

Why the paper cranes?

Are you lonely?

Do they keep you company?

I've always hated making them.

But now I make one each
time I take someone's life.

Do you like them?

I'll make you one.

Thank you.

Who will make yours when you die?

Why don't we work together...

and make one for Johnny Wong.

You make it on your own.

I don't have the time.

I'm meeting someone.

I hate going to cops' funerals.

Every time a colleague dies...

...l play a song for them.

I don't want to have
to play a song for you.

Go! Johnny Wong's coming!

- How do I get in touch?
- I'll send you a crane.

Take care, mate.

You traitor.

And that cop...

Check the place.

It was only a matter of time
before he found me.

You're one of us now.
No one will dare to make a move.

Get him to hospital!

This is my hospital.
You'll get 24 hour protection.

- I'll be alright.
- Don't worry. It's best to be safe.

Thank you.

Nurse! Nurse! Nurse!

- Where did it happen?
- At the building site.

Can you get a doctor?

They'll take care of you first.

- Why are we still waiting?
- Sit down!

It's not your turn yet!

- This is a deep wound.
- Nurse, can I speak to you?

I don't want any record of this.

No one is to know he's been here.

We know Siu betrayed you.

He gave your address to Hui's men.

I'll deal with him.

- I can handle it.
- You rest. You've earned it.

I'll sort him out.

Are you sure it was Siu?

He's been working for the cops
while working for me.

He's the one who told me the
location of Hui's warehouse.


Does he know where you keep your stash?

If he does, then he knows too much.

I have to kill that two-faced bastard!

Let me do it.

How much have you told the cops?

There's no point in this.
I haven't told them anything.

You bastard!

Stop lying!

If you kept your mouth shut,
how did they knew about the raid?

Why me?

It's all about money these days,
not loyalty.

Who can you trust?

Mr Woo, I have a good friend.

It doesn't matter if he's right or wrong.

He's in serious danger.

If you were me, would you save him?

If he was my friend,
I would do what I can,

whether he's right or wrong.

If I was a cop,
I would still save him.

- Then you're a martyr.
- Not me. It's the man up there.

Siu! Siu!

- What happened?
- Are you OK?

- Johnny's arsenal is at...
- Where is it?

- It's at the Maple Hospital.
- Maple?


Call my girlfriend and tell
her to meet me there?

Thank you.

Who brought him in?

I brought him in.

Inspector Yuen, CID. I'll register
him later. I'm responsible.

Hold on a second.


- How's his blood pressure?
- Low.

80! 50.

And his pupils?


Nurse, give him some oxygen.

Boss, that cop took Siu to the hospital.

What's happened?

Siu's still alive. That fucking
cop took him to hospital.

What if he rats?

- I'll sort him out.
- You?

Don't worry, I'll finish it.

You can kill that cop, too.

Something's not right.

Send some extra men--

Make sure it's done.

This patient is my witness.
What is his condition?

He'll live. The slug hit a
lighter in his jacket. Blind luck.

- Can he talk?
- No, not yet.

How are you feeling?

- Cig...
- What?


You wanna blow up your oxygen?

Turn it off.
Just turn it off.

You're half dead and smoking?

I'm screwed.

I want to prove... I was one
of the best before I die.

You've proved it already.

You've done enough.

Johnny's arsenal is hidden in
the basement of this hospital.

Am I good or what?

If I solve this case,
you'll get double the old fee.

I won't live to spend it.

It's up to you to put on a good show.

Come on now.

Don't smoke.

Get some rest.

- Who's been smoking?
- Me.

Don't you know it's dangerous?

- That's why I put it out.
- Don't do it again.

Time for your injection.

Hey, don't let her put me out.
They might try to kill me.

Don't you worry,
I'll keep an eye on you.

The man outside gave me this.

- Where are you taking me?
- To a nicer room.

I have a colleague here
questioning a witness.

- Which room is he in?
- Room 301.

White roses again.
Was there nothing else?

What's the problem?

You're a bad undercover cop.

It's a matter of taste.

White roses every time.
Even my mom knows what's going on.

Where's Siu?

Next door.

- Do you know where the guns are?
- I must have forgot.

I don't have time to joke.

Neither do I.

Where does he keep his guns?

I risked my life to keep Sui alive.
And I've worked hard these five years.

The law thinks I'm a killer.

If the Triads find out who I am,
I'm a dead man. There's no way out.

I've been forced to do
things you can't imagine.

If I die, I die...
But I want to end this thing.

And you're joking with me?

I don't know how to joke.

So let's say you manage
to solve this thing.

The police will give you money
and a passport...

but then what do you with your life?

Where are you going, sir?

You've got an operation.

If you die in the line of duty,

they won't recognize what
you've done for them.

I knew that going in.

That's fine, then. Come on.

- What's going on?
- Nothing.

Just walk the other way.

- Look out for anyone suspicious.
- OK.

Be careful.

Let's go back up.
I've an appointment to keep.

- Tequila!
- Have you been here long?

Let's talk inside.

Do you have any news?

The morgue has steel reinforcements.

It took over four months to construct.

- That's what Siu said that before he died.
- Siu's dead?

I was too late.

I forgot to introduce you.

She's my girlfriend, Teresa.

It's time you said hello.
You've been sending her flowers.

- The flowers were lovely.
- Thank you.

I picked them randomly.

- She doesn't like white roses.
- Actually I love them.

- Are you not getting on?
- Not really.

Couples argue all the time.
We'll be alright.

Call the Superintendent and tell him
to get over here. Wait for me here.

At my signal, get the patients out.

- How will we signal her?
- We'll send her flowers.

- Flowers?
- Yes.

You, send me flowers?

I taught him that.

I just picked it up.

Thank you.

Look for my flowers in a
half hour or less.

You're smart enough
to know what to do.

Shall we go?


Superintendent, you need to get to
Maple hospital right away?

- Are you new?
- Yes.

- What's your name?
- Ng Yue Lum.

- I'd like to see a doctor.
- What's the problem?


Who have you got there?

No, you don't want to look at him,
he died horribly.

His guts are everywhere.

- Wasn't my timing perfect?
- Not bad. Theirs was better.

Teresa Chang, it's your turn.

Let another patient go first.

It's OK, I'm feeling better now.

- Miss, you should see a doctor.
- I said I don't want to!

Stay calm. Don't forget...
We're all cops.

Where are they?

In the morgue.

Look, these four are empty.

M ,2,3,4.

Are you crazy?
How are we going to get back out?

I've got no intention of leaving.

What about Long?
Has his cover been blown?

Everything depends on him.

I hope it's not all for nothing.
May God keep him safe.

Tequila's down there too.
You haven't even mentioned him!

He's risking his life too.

You're so biased against him!
You never give him any credit.

He's a good cop and you don't see it.

I didn't realise you still cared.


- What did he say?
- He said to wait for his signal.

When he sends me flowers,
we evacuate the patients.

What's the matter?
Can't open a door?

Why don't you try it?

What are you complaining about then?
You're not helping!

This isn't even your case!

It's not my case?

I got this far, right? I think
this is more mine than yours.

If all cops were as selfish as you,

Hong Kong would be dead.

Don't take it out on me.

Let me open the door.

Which year did you graduate?
Who was your teacher?

Are you testing me?

I'd just like to ask your teacher--

how he managed to produce
such a stubborn cop.

Pang said you don't waste bullets.

Are you testing me?

What the hell!

We killed Siu, but Long
and that cop have gone.

Call all units now.
That's an order.


We need to evacuate the patients!

L just found it in my pocket.

Get the team.

They're in the basement.
Sorry, sir. It was our fault.

There are two groups of people I hate.

Cops. And dogs who see fit
to betray their master.

You bastard.

If we do as you say it'll cause
panic and patients could be hurt.

- Who will be responsible?
- I will.

I'm in charge here.
The patients are my responsibility.

I can't evacuate unless
there's a real threat.

What's going on?

It's a false alarm! Calm down!

Return to your rooms!

Doctor, by law you have to
evacuate if there's a fire alarm.

You said it was secure!

- Turn the coolant on.
- OK.

There's no room for failure now.

We do what we must.

We have to move as
many patients as we can.

That bastard cop thinks he's won.

No one can challenge me.
I'll do anything to come out on top.

- What the hell's happening?
- CID! Evacuate these patients!

Over there!

It's just a drill.

It's just a fire drill.

It's OK. Everyone stay calm.

It's OK.

Everyone, it's just a false alarm!

Go back to your rooms.

Are you crazy?
Don't get in our way!

I'll arrest you!

- This is abuse of power!
- There are lives at stake here!

I'll castrate you!

Be careful.


- Why don't you take them out?
- Everyone's gone.

Get some help!

Boss, all the men are here.

We must evacuate!

- Doctor?
- Carry on!

The patients are being evacuated.

- Cut the mains. Stop them.
- OK.

Get the babies!

- They're shooting the patients!
- I hear it.

- You did this!
- Just get the patients out!

Doctor! Doctor!

Stop! I'll shoot!
Come back! Come back!

Get out!

Did you hear me?

It's OK, CID!

Come back!

Police! Drop your gun!

The cops have us surrounded.

Take the patients hostage.

Cops are just ordinary people
underneath their uniforms.

They've got guns...
And so have we.

They've only got .38s.


Down! Get down!

Don't move!

Get out! Put the babies down!

Put the babies down!


Did you hear me?

Lower your voice!
You'll scare them.

Be good. Don't be scared.

Now he wants to blow up the hospital.

- How will you send the flowers?
- I already did.


She doesn't realise that
I go through hell for her.

Do you think you can escape?


I admired your talents.

I treated you as a friend.

But I never imagined
you'd betray me.

You're such a disappointment.

You'll be even more disappointed
when I kill you.

This it for you.

But why a hospital?
Do you enjoy killing the helpless?

I like the odds.
I've got hundreds of hostages.

And I've got an
arms cache down there.

Make me angry...
and I'll blow it to hell.

- Try it.
- I mean what I say.

Maybe next time I'll store
my arsenal in a police station.

That'll be fun.

There are possibly hundreds of
patients being held hostage.

The police haven't been able--

- Please don't!
- Get down!

Unit 3...
No filming!

The Wall's cold.
The morgue must be on the other side.

Good, that's handy.

They can stick me in there if I die.

There are two of us in here.
There's no time for self-pity.

I wanted to protect the innocent.

But I've had to kill
in cold blood to do it.

I couldn't be a regular cop.

I wasn't recruited for that.

I went undercover in the triads.

Keep quiet.

- Do you have any dreams?
- I do.

I want to move to Antarctica.

What for? It's freezing there.

At least I can finally
come out of the dark.

There's daylight, 24 hours a day.

You can't just talk about it.
I have dreams, too.

I wanted to be in a band,
but instead I became a cop.

If only I could change the past...
Come on.

Don't move!

This guy's a cop.

Johnny, you've got the winning hand.

Why not let the patients go?
It's just us against the cops.

Are you scared?

I'm not scared.

I've been around a long time, but
I know when things have gone too far.

I don't care about too far.


- Don't move!
- Go and have a look!

Don't move!

Get down!

Get down!

I've got the cop!

Bring him here!


Police! Get down!

Get down!



Help the patients!


The nursery is filled with babies!

I'll go with you.

- There's so many of them.
- Quiet! You'll wake them.

- Put cotton wool in their ears.
- ls that necessary?

Don't shoot! I'm a cop!

Do you want as many babies as this?

I'm not a machine!


- Are you ready?
- Yes.

Inspector Yuen.

Help Madam. Get the babies out.

Over there.

Be careful.

I'm going to help Long.
You're in charge here. Be careful.


Madam, the exit's blocked!

No! He's one of us!

Get the babies!

Go and help!

- Take the curtains down.
- Yes, Madam.

Be careful.


- I'm dropping the baby!
- Pass it to me!

- Over there.
- Put them in a safe place.

It's OK! It's OK!

Are you hit?

- Can you hold on?
- Yeah.


L just killed a cop.


- I'm sure he was a cop.
- He wasn't!

He had a badge!

You were hallucinating!

How many times do I have to say it?
He wasn't a cop!

You are your own worst enemy.

If you can't conquer your fear,
how will you get out of here alive?!

Take this!

I killed a cop in the course
of this investigation.

Pang told me.

I didn't realise until afterwards.

How did you feel?

You know how I felt.

- Then he really was a cop?
- Yes!

God dammit!

Go and save the babies!

Be careful.

- Catch!
- OK, pass him to me!

No reaction.

Whose baby is this?

Go and help!

Pass it to me!


Is this your baby?

Someone's coming!

You bitch!

We need help up here in the nursery!

The situation is out of control!

- I'll go.
- I'll deal with One-Eye.

Don't get killed.

Don't be scared. We'll hide in here.



Go quickly.

I left one of the babies!

OK, I'll get it.

- Look after her.
- Be careful!

Put these all around the hospital.

Madam, hold on!

Quiet now.

Quiet now. Be good.

Be quiet!

Be good. I'll rap to you.

I know I can't rap...

...so you don't have to pretend.

Don't watch.



All this bloodshed
was in a good cause.

You're so cute.


Take the patients out.




Are you crazy?

Why did you have to kill them?

I'll kill whoever gets in my way!
No one question me...

- Shoot!
- Drop it!

Come on, shoot!

I'll blow this place up!
You want to take that risk?

We'll all die together!

I can't be beaten! You won't win!


It's too dangerous.

Get the baby out.

You won't make it.
Come with me!

I'm a cop, too.

Don't go!

Get the injured out of here.

We're going for a ride.

Your peepee saved the day.

Thank you.

Over there!

- Tequila, any more babies?
- Thank you!

- My baby!
- Thank you!

Thank you!

- Are you OK?
- Where's Long?


There's a cop upstairs.

Get up!

Drop your guns!

Drop your guns.

Drop them!

Move back!

The hard boiled cop.

You're still here.

We've both lost men today.

You more than us.

I'll Win if l kill him.



I'll blow his head off.

Don't shoot.

You're impotent.

I thought you were a superhero,
but you're just an ordinary dick.

Slap yourself.

And the other side.

Say, 'I'm impotent.'

I'm impotent.

Kneel down.

Drop your gun.

Do you enjoy being humiliated?

A .38.

Take your trousers off, cop.

You bastard, eat shit.

It's for you.

I had forgotten.

Birthdays aren't important when
you don't have a real identity.

Only you know when my birthday is.

Don't you forget it.

- Do you have any dreams?
- I do.

I want to move to Antarctica.

What for? It's freezing there.

At least I can finally
come out of the dark.

There's daylight there, 24 hours a day.