Har Kisse Ke Hisse: Kaamyaab (2018) - full transcript

Sudheer is an actor from the heyday of Bollywood. Years after his retirement, he realizes that he 'retired' on the verge of accomplishing a unique record. He decides to come out of his retirement to complete the round figure of 500.

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

Place your hand on this
holy book and swear that

you will tell the truth and
nothing but the truth, so help you God.

The night sky shines bright full of stars
But do you see them all?

These stars have been around
For a long time

You've seen them, maybe here,
Maybe there, maybe everywhere!

There are countless stories
Spanning centuries

And these stars
Have been a part of every story

Welcome, dear viewers...
to another episode of your beloved show...

Journey with the Stars!

Let's get a glimpse of the
career of our guest for the day.

Where's my stuff?

The package has
reached Madh Island.

The cops have seized our stuff.


He's getting better, sir.

I don't need the money,
you silly girl.

I just need some love.

No! No!



Tonight's a full moon.
And tonight--

Uncle! We're not scared
of your silly ghost stories.

We're stuck here because
our car broke down.

Why don't you guys freshen up?

I'll get some food.


How is he, Doctor?

-I'm sorry we couldn't save him.

the rich father of the bride...

Or sometimes,
the butler.

Our guest for the day
could play any role.

But his most popular
role was that of

-Daaga's henchman, Shera.

Mr. Daaga, I only have one principle...

"Just enjoying life,
you got a better option?"


"Just enjoying life...
you got a better option?"

Just enjoying life...
you got a better option?

A traitor deserves death!

You can enjoy your
life up in heaven.

I can't think of a
character he hasn't played!


And their lives shine as
brightly as the stars do.

So, we're here today...

to get a glimpse
of this heavenly home...

this life filled with happiness...

...and this effervescent character.

A star shining
brightly in our city's skies

who has brightened up our lives.

We welcome...
Mr. Sudheer.

-Hello, Mr. Sudheer.

Look here!


Can you please recite
your iconic line for our audience?

Just enjoying life...
You got a better option?


-Mr. Sudheer...

why do you think this
line has become an iconic line?

I've no clue.

There was nothing special about it.

But Mr. Sudheer,
do you know...

this line from your
film Band of Robbers...

is still a rage on

People, even today,
put up Facebook stories on weekends.

"Just enjoying life...
You got a better option?"

I guess it's just
dumb luck that it got so famous.

I don't think it
was that special.

You're being modest, Mr. Sudheer.

"Dumb luck" does not fetch you
hundreds of films.

Those days "potatoes"
were in great demand.


I mean...

Character actors like me were
called "potatoes" back then.


Potatoes compliment everything.
Veggies, chicken and even soup.

Whether it was a comedy,
a thriller or a romance...

no matter who the lead actor was...

potatoes like me
could fit anywhere.

But Mr. Sudheer...

the audience still loves you.
They still remember you.


The audience only
care about the "Heroes".

I am a nobody.

-Cut it.
-Oh, come on!

No, no.
My mood is perfectly fine.

Sir, our show is meant
to inspire people.

Now if you say, "I am a potato",
"the line was dumb"...

how can we inspire anyone?

So, what do you want me to say?

Tell us some stories from
the many films that you did.

I have a list of 490
films that you've done.

How many?

Sir, you know better. Here.

It's 499!
Not even 490!

I've never counted my films.
How do you know?

Sir, this list is available online
on IMDB.

IMDB is a website.

and of all the people
who work in films.

I got this list from the website.

This is the list of all
the films you've done.

Your debut film in 1978.

-What is it called?
-499 films?


It also mentions the name
of the character you played.

Beside Heera and Moti
in Hong Kong it says...

That was you, right?

Your actor friend...
Mr. Manmauji...

he entered the Limca Book
of World Records last month.


for featuring bald in
300 films back-to-back!

International journalists
had come to India to cover him.

A world record?


Can we please read
these resumes later?

-Let's shoot. We're losing light.
-Yes, come on. Let's shoot!

-Hello, friends!
-Sir, wait a minute.

Check the focus.

We're rolling.

Hello, friends!

Hello. Namaste. Good evening.

Let's go!

-Mr. Sudheer...

Many wish to come to Mumbai.

Any advice for them?

Bombay is full of colors.
It's a world that enlightens--

-What happened?
-The power--

This doesn't happen
normally in Mumbai.

-Is it a power cut?
-Yes. Just give me two minutes.

Please be seated.

Manisha, what the hell is this?

-Hey, Yadav! What's wrong?
-What's wrong?

-He says--
-Sir! The sun is going down.

We'll have to pack up
soon if there's no power.

-No, no. I will fix it right away.
-Sure, sir.


-Come on, guys!
-You have no manners!

Yadav! How long will it take?

Just give me some time, sir!

There's a problem!

Sun is almost about to set.
Hurry up!

I'll kick you out of the society!

-I knew this would happen!
-What happened?

He's not talking to anybody.
He's doing both the voices.

I can hear everything!
There's nobody down there.

He'll be done soon.

-I've an idea! Let's have some tea?
-No, no.

Superstar Amjad Khan
was addicted to my tea.

Sit. Sit. I'll make some tea.

Sit here and enjoy the tea!

Would you like black tea?

-What the hell!
-It's good for health.

We can't shoot like this!

There is no light.
It is tough to shoot.

-Get the mic
-Can I keep this file?

This one?

I'll take it when I
see you the next time.

Goodbye, sir.

-Thank you, sir
-Thank you.

I'm free on the weekends.
You can come for the interview.

Okay sir! I'll give you a call.

-Okay. Bye.
-Bye, sir!

The code word is
Operation Black Cobra!

Alright, Shera Partner!

What are you having for dinner?

How come?

I'm allowed to
drink cola as well!


Is that Grandpa?


Can't I miss you guys?

-Generally, you don't.
-But today I did.

Then, you should have visited us.

I will come on the last
Saturday of the month, as usual.

It's not a doctor's appointment, Papa!

You should come every week, meet us.

Come on, Mrs. Complaint Box!

I called you to give
you some good news.

I have some good news as well.

Ashok has been promoted and
they've made him the All India Sales Head.

Wow. Good.

Best wishes for Ashok.

Best of luck to him.

So, what was your good news?

No, nothing.

I just said it...
just like that.

Are you drinking again?

No, absolutely not

I heard some glasses clinking.

Can't I drink some milk?

Yes, milk is very important.


Someone's at the door.

I'll call you later.

Who was that?

Did you ask about moving in?

Yes, but he ignored it,
as usual.

That's amazing, Sudheer!

I wish I could delete
some films from that list.


There are howlers like,
"Lonely Honeymoon"...

"The Tall Mafia", "Passionate Revenge".

They keep a record
of every single film!


But, Sudheer...

Why did you stop at 499?
Why didn't you do one more?

How would I know.
I never kept a count.

I would've completed 500 otherwise.

So, why not now?

Why don't you round it off!

After all these years?

How will I get a role?

Why wouldn't you?

Some are dead,
some have joined politics.

Some are doing theatre
and others are ranting on Twitter.

Sudheer, your path is clear.

I could make it to the
Limca Book of Records as well.

Of course.

What a great
accomplishment it would be?

I would finally feel like
I've achieved something.

Just do it, Sudheer.

I promise you...

this one is going to be
your best role till date.

Maybe your most special one!



One, two, three, four...

One, two, three, four,
Five, six, seven, eight

We've seen this guy somewhere!

How's your hair so silky?

Acting is an emotion.

It's a feeling.

A passion!

My dream is to play a character...

with a multiple
personality disorder.

I'm yet to find it.

They offered me
the father's role.

Why would I to the gym?


Seniors, that side.

If anyone can change my destiny,
it's GCC!

Who's that?
Come inside.

Come inside.

Okay, action.

Yes, I drink. I am a drunkard.
Everybody's days are numbered.

Yes, I drink. I am a drunkard.

Remember me?
I'm Bachchan!

Were you born a Bachchan
or is it your screen name?

We played dacoits in
Gangs of Ganges!

I drink whiskey and I drink rum.

I can drink gallons!

The cops arrested me.

I told them to stop!
Even my father's an alcoholic!

I don't do auditions.

I'm here to meet Gulati.
Your boss.

Everyone out there,

is here to meet Mr. Gulati.
You are not special, sir.

-He is "The Sudheer"--
-Please, stop talking.

Just check my name
on the IMBD list.

Is your name on this list?

Bro, if you are an actor...

please give me my space.

Please wait outside.

I'm Mr. Lonely

I have nobody for my own

My guru! Am I dreaming?
How are you?


I owe it all to actors like you!

Come... I'll show you the office.

Mr. Gulati...
one chance!

Sir, where have you been?


I'm told you're now a
big-shot casting director.

Are you still acting,
or just casting?

That David sir's film,
was my first and the last as an actor.

-Since then, only casting.

Ever Heard of Steve Bucknor?

He used to be a batsman.

He saw that batsmen around
the world were facing injustice.

Any idiot umpire would declare
them out, just like that.

So, he gave up batting
and became an umpire.

They call me the Steve
Bucknor of this industry.

I take care of all the actors now.


It's about the casting we spoke about.

Dude, he's like family.

Sir, we have a code.

Whenever an actor bothers me,
he pretends Mr. Sighania has called.

Sighania sounds like the
name of a big producer, right?

Actors realize it and they leave.

He's always been a sly rascal.

That's how I welcome my actors.

An applause is what
an artist lives for. Right?

Come, sit.

What will you have?

I think after veterans
like Lalita Pawar...

Mr. Pran, Shakti Kapoor...

and that south actor Prem Nazir,
you might be the only one.

I know, right?

Gulati, man...

I need something big for my 500th film.

People should remember my last
film as my most special role.


I will figure something out.

Hold on!
I'll talk to him!

Yeah, alright.

Sir, remember we cast Mr. Avtar Gill in
the remake of that South Indian film?

The film is about to release next week.

Mr. Avtar's scenes need to be dubbed right
away but he's vacationing in Thailand!

What the hell is he doing in Thailand?

Is he still alive and kicking?

And ever since Thailand has
started giving subsidies

every idiot from Mumbai shoots there.

This Avtar Gill still calls
himself a "Bhatt camp" actor.

But I've gotten him every
role he has done for the past 10 years

What do we do now?

Weren't you good
at imitating people?

Come on...

That was ages ago.

Sir, let's give it a try.

-No, come on.
-Yes sir, that's a great idea

No, no.
Definitely not for Avtar.

Sir, please do this for me.

And I'll get you your 500th role.

A solid, fabulous and memorable one!

Please, help me, sir.

Mr. Sheikh...
this desert refuses to end!

I think we might be lost!

Have faith in Allah, Habibi.

I will get you actors who look
more tribal than the forest tribals.

Yeah, okay.

Isn't he that actor?

From that C-grade film controversy?

What happened?

Some cheap-ass film.

The director asked
him to do a few push-ups.

And he inter-cut it with
shots of that bikini model, Shehnaz.

Push-ups inter-cut with the
model's face and her expressions.

-Can you visualize?
-Hey! Hey!

What are you?
An encyclopedia?

Stop gossiping about
such a senior actor.

Go for it!

I have a suggestion.


We'll get caught.
Think about it.

We got five scenes to do.

There are five scenes, sir!

I can do ten scenes in that time.
And we'll have some tea as well.

Now that's an old school actor!
None of that digital nonsense.

Yes. Yes.

Have faith in Allah, Habibi!


Why did you have to run out?


Yes, why?

-You live in this building, right?
-Yes, why?

Do you have a locksmith's number?

No, why?

I ran out to get her
and locked myself out.

I left my phone inside as well.

Did Mehra get you this apartment?

I'll call him.

Mehra, can you come here?
102 needs a duplicate key.

He lives nearby.
He'll be here.

No, no.

I have her for company.

What's the "company" called?

Because I'm from the city of Roorkee.
She reminds me of my city.

Okay, bye.

"You got a better option?"

I'm an actress as well.


Who's making this film?

It's not a film.
It's a show on YouTube.

The duplicate key is here.

Okay, bye.

Do you have what it takes?

Yes! That's all that matters!

And the name is...

Film Stars can only
do one film a year.

But character actors
can break records!

They're more sought-after
than Kim Kardashian!

Here we present...

What's my schedule for the day?

First up, a period drama.

Then, a motivational speech
at a Senior Citizen Center!

Then, dance rehearsals
for a wedding song.

A premiere screening in the evening.

Hear that?

Acting and actors,
now have a newfound respect.

We support the entire story.

We're not "Side Actors", the ones
who can be kicked away at any point!

No more playing nameless cops,
and faceless Doctors.

"Drop your weapons!"

What about that, sir?

I hope he never wakes up!

Throw away the lab coats,

the lawyer's robes,

the politician's suit,
the business blazer, the butler's shirt,

the helpless father's coat and
the villain's sidekick's hideous scar!

Wow, sir!
What a dialogue!

But this is your
script for the day!

But this is your
script for the day!

But this is your
script for the day!

Am I talking to Mr. Sudheer?

Sir, I'm Raju Hirani,
the director of 3 idiots and Sanju.

Gulati told me you
are back in the game?

Yes. Yes.

Sir, I have a role just for you.
I need your dates.

Oh, Raju! I mean--
Come on! You're embarrassing me.

Tell me where do we meet?

Sir, I am here to meet you.

Just step into your balcony.

My balcony?

Right. Of course.

-Two cups of tea, quick!

Asshole! Come here!

You moron, you pissed over
my 20 days of hard work!

I ran up and down in the furnace of
that desert till I broke my back!

And now the bloody producer refuses
to pay me because you did the dubbing!

Avtar, man!


I was shooting in a no network area.

-I just did what Gulati told me--
-Shut up!

Did Gulati ask you to
dub it in your own voice?

You could've at least mimicked me?

No! You wanted
the industry to know that...

Mr. Sudheer is back!

Get your ass here,
you English clown!

Come on!
Why are you recording this?

Sudheer, he's calling you.
Come down.

What are you recording?
Is this a circus?

Mind your own business!

You could have come upstairs.
We could have talked.

Give me my money.


The same way you got the
balls to do my dubbing.

Or, I will drag you to Actor's
association for the fraud.

He is in a meeting.

-Now he'll slap!
-No, he won't.

What is this?
Some tip?

-Don't block the view!
-Move on!

-Is this some tip?
-Stop touching me?

Let me go.
I'll give you the money

Go inside!


Hey, Guruji!

Avtar insulted me
in front of everyone.

And they recorded it!

What will people think of me?

I have some self-respect.

I promise that no one
will tarnish your name.

Have you heard of
The Prince of the Battle?

-Who's that?
-Hey, pass me the tabloid.

Had you been there,
I would've thrashed you!

Look at this, sir!

Superstar Rahul
Chopra's next film.

Holiday release.

Would you like to
play the prince's father?

-Will they stop the shoot if I say no?
-Of course, they will.

You have your own style when
you take these potshots as well.

Have this.

After all,
the 500th role is about to begin.

When's the audition?

Your audition will be on
Saturday at 02:00 p.m.

No, I won't--

I told him shortlist 50 if you want!

First you got me to dub,
now auditions.

Come on.

-Buy a bucket of paint.
-What for?

Because you are going
to paint the town red!

Mr. Manmauji,
show them your photo with the award.

-Come on!
-Right away!

This is the photo.


-That's nice!

-A superstar!
-Yeah! That's a great picture!


Manmauji, what happened to
that monster movie?

I passed it on to Birbal.


Don't remind me of that movie.

I have grown old
waiting for that payment.

Back then we were paid on time
and there was always work.

Now everyone wants
us to audition first.

Why are you afraid of auditions?

Everyone has to go for auditions!

Do one thing. Bribe the
director with some expensive liquor.

-You'll get a call back!

I could never fathom how
Avtar keeps getting work?

The producer that he is sitting
with has been accused of molesting.

Also, he's thick with that Gulati.

Beware of Avtar.

He can steal anyone's role.

Come, let's have a drink

Where to?

Code word is, Black Cobra!

-What's this?
-The witch's mane!

-This hair looks real.
-This is real as well!

This will be our secret.

But isn't your birthday next week?

Today is the dress
rehearsal for my birthday.

Just like the ones the
have for your school play.

What's happening?

-Well you've surprised us today!

Last night Ashok
and I were talking...

about fixing your bedroom wall.

-The one at the back?

Come on, that looks like Modern Art!

Please, Papa!
It looks really shoddy.

Mehra Uncle must think that the
daughter lives like a queen.

And treats the
father like a peasant.

Why don't you
move in with us?

Here we go again, Mrs. Complaint Box!

Tell your mother that your
grandpa has his own life.

He's here to tell you that he
won't be visiting you this Saturday

as he will be working.

-What work?
-Some work.

Like what?

Like when I had quit,
I did not know that I had done 499 films.



-Rahul Chopra?
-Rahul Chopra!


get Anu ready.

Go with her.

-Come, baby.
-Come on, go with her.

We have to get ready
for dance class.

Of course.

You remember what
happened during your last film?

This is not that kind of a film.

This is a big film.

It has Rahul Chopra. Chandra Barot.
It has a big holiday release.

Once I do this...

I would be amongst legends...
Lalita Pawar, Pran, Shakti Kapoor.

But you promised me, you'd quit.

Why do you need to do it?

Do you really need money?

For myself.

It has always been about you.

Here's the rent from the store.

And this is for you.

Dp they still sell these?

Why did you call these
two at the same time?

I had called them half an hour apart.

Sudheer sir must've come
early because he's excited?

Should've called them
half a day apart.

Now handle it!

So, Mr. Dubbing artist?

Mr. Sudheer,
Mr. Gulati wants to see you.

Devika, please cast him as my side kick.

See, I still look out for you.

The kingdom of Mewar still bleeds
from history's wounds...

Sorry sir, for the other day.
I didn't know...

Are you here to kill me?

No sir, this is to get you in the zone.
Wear it.

Now's the right time...

Just a second

Where do I look?

Not in the camera.

-What is that place?
-Mewar, sir.

The kingdom of Mewar still bleeds
from history's wounds!

Remember! Mighty wars are won

not by valor--

You're just warming up, right?

What was this?
Warm-up, right?

Let's do one more.

Yes, sure.
A little softer, sir.

Ready? Ready.

The kingdom of Mewar still bleeds
from history's wounds!


Mighty Wars are won

-not by your valor--
-Sir, just one minute.

Sir, this is a conversation
between a father and son.

The son is eating an apple,
you're having a drink.

It's a conversation.
Just a conversation.

I thought we're going for a war!

But before the war,
they must eat as well, right?

Gulati, isn't the screenwriting
a little off?

Maybe this is what they call
"realistic writing".

But this is what the director wants.

So just communicate.

-Father-Son. Conversation.


-The kingdom of Mewar still bleeds
-No, no! Cut! Cut!

-from the wounds of history!
-One minute!

Might wars are--

You're a sophisticated king!

But the dialogue is so heavy.

Heavy dialogues need a soft
touch to leave a deeper impact.

Just have a conversation, sir.
Less is more.

Give me two minutes, Gulati.

Man, this old shoe won't fit,
no matter how much we shine it.

Keep the camera rolling.

-Yes, sir. Please come.

You see this sword?

Look at its shine
and say your lines.

-Yes, dialogue.

Forget the son.
Just look at the sword.

We'll just try a rehearsal and let's
see the impact. We'll record it later.

Just say the lines.


The kingdom of Mewar still bleeds
from history's wounds!

Mighty wars are won not by valor,
but by those who hold their nerve.

Victory comes to those who
wait for their moment.

But today...

the situation isn't favorable.

Cut, Got it!

-Come here, sir.

But I didn't do anything.

Play it.

You recorded this?

from history's wounds!

Look at the goosebumps!

Victory comes to those who
wait for their moment.

But today, the situation isn't favorable.

-That's your, natural?
-Yes, that's natural.

-Soft and subtle?

Okay, let's do another take.

But sir, I got it.

Sir, this is what I want.
It's done.

I'll give you another one.

What about me?

What about the
actor's satisfaction?

Your daughter isn't wrong either.

If my wife was alive,
she would get me.

It is impossible to
talk to my daughter.


Your wife's favorite
radio still works?

You haven't scrapped it yet?

Mehra, all things old are not useless.


Did Marlon Brando ever wear a wig?

It's open.

My fridge screwed up,
can I please get some ice?

We might be short on
whiskey but never on ice.

In the freezer.

Why don't you
come join us at the party?

No, my dear.
We oldies will bore you guys.

-Yeah, that's true.
-You enjoy, my dear.

My boyfriend, Jai,
is a die-hard fan your movies.

You know what's common
among all of them?

They play guitar?

Every single one of them
committed suicide, exactly at 27.

Mass suicide?

No, individually.


It's a mystery...

You mean, we're useless,
if we don't die by 27?

How old are you?

Whenever I am asked, "What's up?"

I always say "Enjoying life...
you got a better option?"

I remember a rare film of yours.

-Which one?
-Earth meets the Sky.

Don't you love that film's song?

-These clouds, this season...
-To be in love, we need no reason

He always sings it.

It's my favorite film.
I loved you in the film, sir!

He had these facial scars...
Everyone thought he was the killer!

But in the end, he turns
out to be the good guy!

Earth meets the Sky?

-That film was a flop.
-You know why? Because it wasn't typical.

Why did they always
cast you in typical roles?

The producers would
do it to save the film stock.

They would call artists like me and say,
"Mr. Sudheer...

just repeat what you
did in the last film.

Yeah, ditto. Totally!

And then they called us
"One Take Artists."

They saved film stock, we got roles,
"You got a better option?"

That's just amazing!

Mr. Sudheer...
there's a small problem.

The Director liked Avtar Gill's audition.


I insisted that he watch your audition.

But he said I don't
want any confusion.

I forced him...

Sir, you still alive?

And just as he saw you
performing he started jumping!

He started screaming
"I have found my king!"

He Said,
"Gulati, you've found a rare gem!"

Sir, you've been selected!

This is your 500th role!

Gulati, you aren't pulling
a fast one on me, are you?

No sir. The Producer wants you.

Congratulations. Party hard!

I'm sending you the script.

An old oak tree had faded

Out into the oblivion

Out of the blue

There's a bud budding

Seeing the bloom

Its withered branches
Have started to unravel

This new hope
Has brought in fresh ideas

This hope's writing a new story

This new hope
Has brought in fresh ideas

This hope's writing...
A new story

Lonely dark nights

Have discovered cheerful days

The tired sun...
Which was about to set

Has awakened with hopeful rays

Yes, it's bright and sunny out there!
Come see it

The grumpy postman
Has a spring in his step as well

It's late.

Come join me
Come on

Yes, tell me?

It's midnight and it's your birthday.

What are your plans
for your birthday?

I'm shooting tomorrow.
I had told you, right?


With Mr. Pawan Chopra.

Can we do it tomorrow?

Papa, will you be done by evening?

Yeah, why?

Because we're throwing you
a birthday party at our place.

Okay, I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Okay, Papa.


This new hope
Has brought in fresh ideas

This hope's writing...
A new story

This new hope
Has brought in fresh ideas

This hope's writing...
A new story


I said the break is over!

You feed bloody sandwiches to
stuntmen and say, "Break's over."

I'll get you some more on the set.
Let's go now.

The sword in my belly
is making me starve.

You promise us a lavish
meal and feed us sandwiches.

Come on, please.
The break's over.

Is this the set
of The Prince of the Battle?

Yes, but the lunch is over.

Please come. I'll take
you to the makeup van

Yes, sure.

It's a pleasure to work with you.

You're on the right track.

This country needs good directors
more than doctors and engineers.

Good. Make sure you
give me your number.

Sir, please come.

Hello, sir!

Remember me?


We worked on The Yogi's Robe?


-Sir, is this the same old wig?


-How're you?
-Good. Good. What about you?

I'm doing great.

We know how to hide wrinkles,
how to shine dimples.

You're right.

Old age is such a bitch.


The comedian from yesteryear.

What happened to him?

His body was found after four days.

No one noticed he was dead.

He used to live alone.

That was the right thing to do.

You live alone as well, right?

Hey, Rahul!

I'm good sir.
I've your blessing with me.

Yeah. Yeah.

Come in. Come. Come.
Have a seat.

No sir. Please,
finish your make up.

And, I'll have a smoke and come.

How respectful was he?

-Sir, your shot is ready

Let's go.

Shot is almost ready.
Come on set in five minutes.

-Trim it a little.
-What's going on?

Look here, sir.

No, sir.
Please have a look.

What's this?

Wow! That's Ms. Tun Tun!

I got to know you
are playing the king.

Hey, that's Bob Christo!

Keshto Mukherjee!

That's me!

He remembered all the dialogues
from the 70s and 80s films.

Your dad has an invaluable
treasure for you.

Sir, one autograph?

Take five man!

The selfie generation
is asking for an autograph.

And that of an artist
and not the star.

Where the hell are you?

Kesto reminds me of...

-Do you have the scene?
-Yes, sir.

What was your name, Dheeraj?

Shibu Das!

-I'm from Orissa.
-Same thing.


Can you score a 30 ml for me?

I mean, I am back on set
after a long time.

And this book got me excited.
I just need some.

-Just get some.
-I'll ask the production controller--

No! Stop!

Let me try.

Just some whiskey.

Get it?

Of course, the food will be over
if your guys eat lunch twice!

What are talking about?
You're feeding them sandwiches!

-I'll do something.
-Mr. Lucky...

-Yeah, tell me?

Mr. Sudheer is asking for a drink.


It's 02:00 p.m.

-What do I tell him sir?
-Say "No."

Are you crazy?

Yes, tell me.
What do you need?

Step behind. Please.

Oh, wow!

Cinema is blessed to have you back!

In fact, as soon as
I saw your audition...

I saw my king come
alive on screen!

So, the first shot...

-It's the moment right before

-your son goes to the war.

Sir, the thing is...

First, we'll do your close-up.

-What happened?


Then, Rahul's close up.

Then, exactly at sunset...

Not there. Here.

As the sun sets,
I will take a wide shot

That's a great shot!
I mean... I love it!


-Let's go! Ready?
-Go where?

how're you?

We met last year at Diwali!

Let's go, guys.

-What about my close-up?
-After him

He behaves as if his
father owns the film.

But his father does own the film.

Can you give me my script?

Hey, somebody give
him the lines, please!

Leave it!
Here, sir!

Always keep the script handy!

-Sir, your phone?

I hope it's on silent mode.

And keep it with you.

Come on. All set?

Come on, guys ready?
Going for the take.

My brave son...

the moment to crush
your enemies is here.

Those cowards have challenged
the brave hearts of Avantikapur!

Your victory will be
the resolution to this war!

Take this royal sword!

What the hell!

Sorry, the sword is stuck.

Superb shot sir,
let's do one more.

Someone check the sword!

Now it's fine.

-You are comfortable, right?
-I'm good sir.

Come on, reset!

My brave son,
the moment is here...

My brave son...

the moment to crush
your enemies is here!

Those cowards have challenged
the brave hearts of Avantikapur!

Your victory will be
the resolution to this war!

Take this royal sword and--

This horse is too loud!

Someone ask the horse to shut up!

What's the problem?

It's his fault.

Sir, we got your entry.

Will continue from here, ready?

My brave son...

The brave hearts of Awadh--

Avantikapur, Sir.

My brave son...

Please get him some water.

-Yes, obviously we will have to.

My brave son...

-City of Avantikanagar--

Brave horse!

People of Avantikapur--


Crush the enemies.

-This old man...

was asking for alcohol
just before the scene.

What are you saying?

Rehearse it. No worries.

The brave hearts of Avantikapuri--
Avantikapuri-- Brave hearts...

Come on!

Barot, make sure
he knows his lines!

Get an assistant to
stand in for Rahul.



Yeah, just go!


Mr. Sudheer.

I mean take Mr. Sudheer's close-up!

Let's take the shot,
Mr. Sudheer!


We're losing sunlight.

Excuse me,
make up check.

Come on.

Move, move.
Let's get going.

Here, our family sword

It's an honor father!


-Why so less?
-It's just the conveyance.

And for my work?

For your work...

Hey, Lucky, settle his dues.

Send him here.

Sir, he'll talk to you.



No. No.

The shift would be the same.
There was an issue today

Hold on a second.

Yes, sir?

We'll talk to Gulati and let you know.

What does that mean?

The Producer
wants you to adjust.

What do you mean?

What do I mean?

Were you there?
Or somewhere else?



I haven't even started
disrespecting you.

I'm talking to you politely
just because of your age.

-Otherwise, I would have shown you!
-Behave yourself!

Do you know the mess you've made?

-Yes sir?

Speak up.

What did sir ask for?

Tell everyone that
he asked for alcohol!

Can't do a shot and
he's behaving like a superstar!

-This Gulati sends the worst idiots!
-Shut up!

-Behave yourself! What do you mean?
-What do you mean?

-Is this the way to talk to senior actors?
-What senior actor?

If only you had shown this energy on the
set we would have completed the film!

-Bloody senior actor!
-I've been working the whole day!

Complete my film first!
Keep your hands to yourself!

And lower your eyes as well!

Hey, you shut up!
Bloody old prick!


Bloody... idiot!

Is this the way to talk?

I mean he's right!

He's just doing his job.

-What are you doing?
-I'm doing my job as well!

You can't even
remember your lines!

Have you lost your mind?

And you're fighting
him like a thug?

If you don't care about your
reputation at least care about GCC.

I've some reputation here.

500th role! 500th role!

I got it for you, didn't I?

I got you such a fabulous role!

This film would've changed your life!

It's the biggest hit of next year!

You can continue dreaming
about your 500th film.

They're firing you.

They were casting
Mr. Avtar for this role.

I begged them to
give you a chance.

I fought for you, sir!

-Thank you. Thank you. No, thanks, man!
-You just broke my heart.

There is a limit!

That's how these shoots work, sometimes.

Hey. Wait! Wait!

Always the small roles!

All my life!

-All my life!
-Sir, you're drenched!

Always on the sidelines
of fame and success.

-Drowning my sorrows in whiskey!
-Do you know him?

Not even on the poster.

-We'll drop you home, sir.
-Not even...

Hello, Shera Partner!

Mom is mad at you.

She must be kidding.

-Why didn't you come yesterday?
-Because I--

Because he's too busy...

for people like us.

Come on, let's go.
Enough with the goodbyes.


Please hear me out, dear.

You've made enough
scenes in your life!

I lost track of time
while shooting.

Lost track?

None of your friends
lost the track though.

Ashok missed his work,
just to decorate the house!

But you lost track of time.

Anu was waiting all night.
But you lost track of time.

It's not like I forgot your birthday.

Do you even remember my birthday?

You please jot our names down
because soon you'll forget us.

-It's just work.
-What work?

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

Oh, my God! Are you a record holder now?

Papa, even if you do a million films...

you'll still be a
blink-and-you-miss-it sidekick.

You keep showing up for shoots.
When will you show up for the family?

This is what killed Mom as well.

Once I achieve this record,
I'm telling you--

Who cares about this record?

Who cares about this record...

except some sad teenager
collecting film trivia?

"Who was that guy who
did 500 films? Sudheer!"

People won't know your name either.

You've disappointed me a lot.

Don't do that to Anu as well.

-Please, stop crying.
-Come on. Let's go.


To the suburbs, please.

Hold this bottle.

The suburbs.

Turn left.

What happened?

Lost the keys?


What happened?

Jai broke up with me.

I had won
India's Next Star 2012.

I thought I had made it.

And I left my city.

I fought with my family
and came to Mumbai.

What a terrible city!

It rejects you every day.

Sorry, all my friends were busy.

I didn't want to be alone.

The coffee was nice.

Is that your wife?

Was she an actor as well?


Chaya loved music.

Her favorite song was,
When things go wrong.

One day she found out this song
was copied from an English song.

It broke her heart.

Finally, I found the original
song's cassette for her.

When things go wrong

My love

My love

There was no one
Neither will there be

No one but you

Hello, Bhavna.

Please don't call me again!


-You want to wait inside?
-No, no.

Shera! God will punish you!

My son will avenge us!

I'll be waiting for him!

He started this game.

But we will finish it.


I told them...

"Just enjoying life...
you got a better option?"

Martin, give this half note to Simon.

First, he stabbed him,
next he dragged the corpse.

You're a killer!

Got a better option?

Push-ups inter-cut with the
model's face and her expressions.

Papa you had promised
that you would quit films.

You said, this is your last film!

Papa, aren't you ashamed?

I never knew that this is
how they would show it in the film.

Here, isn't this
what you needed that day?

Have the whole bottle
but finish my scene!

You'll have to work selflessly.

You're Avtar's sidekick.

Every time he snaps his fingers,
you appear.

Try to re-dub your life,

You're done!

Have you completed 500 films, sir?

500th role! 500th role!
I got it for you, didn't I?

I got you such a fabulous role!

500th role!
Oh, my God!

But you wanted
to tell the industry

that Sudheer is back!

Except some sad teenager
collecting film trivia.

Papa, even if you
do a million films...

You'll still be a
blink-and-you-miss-it sidekick!

This is the limit!

There is a difference between
an artist and an idiot.

You are being an idiot now!

I haven't done
my 500th role yet.

"The most memorable role."
You said it yourself

That was a mistake!

Now it's me saying...
let it go!

Sudheer, why don't you try a TV show?

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

It might lead to the role you want.


Here's a contact for you.

Their shoot is known
to re-launch the old actors.

Just try it.

You might start getting work.

Just give it a shot.

Sometimes a handful

-This is done for.
-Sometimes a pinch

I can't repair it.

You'll be left with

Uncle can you please give
these keys to Uncle Mehra.

You're moving out?

I'm headed to the mountains for a break.
And I'll visit Roorkee as well.

And what about this Roorkee?

Cat Café will look after her.

She'll be bored in that orphanage.

She has a home upstairs.

Give me.

Sorry! Take care of your hand.

And bested the mightiest of warriors

Life has betrayed...

And bested the mightiest of warriors

Yeah, I know.

Tell her I'm in the bathroom.

Hey, Anu!
It's you!

Grandpa is in the bathroom.

Yes, I'll tell him, sweetheart.

Hey, Sudheer...

it was Anu.

She was inviting you to
her annual day on Saturday.

And bested the mightiest of warriors

This Saturday?

Yes, Saturday.

And bested the mightiest of warriors

The journey from fat
to fit is now very easy

Here's the new and improved--

Pull the bottle's
going out of frame.

Welcome, sir! Welcome!

-When Liliput informed me

that you are interested.

Trust me, sir.
I'll revive your career.

Just watch,
you'll shine on every TV screen!

-Sunita, script please.
-Yes, sir.

-Come, sir.

Look it's Superstar Sudheer...
slumming it with us lowlifes!

Did you lose your way?


Where have you been?

What are you shooting for?

You've lost so much weight!

Yeah. But I lost weight by working hard,
not by these capsules.

Ma'am, your shot is ready.

Is it ready?
Just one minute.

Mr. Avtar...
please watch my phone.

Please get her quickly.
It's getting late!

You can never trust
these Tele products.

I wouldn't be surprised if they
invent a syrup for patriotism as well.

"Earlier I used to have
anti-national thoughts.

But after this syrup,
now I'm a true-blue patriot!"

Want some?

Go ahead.

I don't drink at work.

Mr. Sudheer, this is your costume.

Be ready in 15 minutes.

Mr. Avtar, your shot is ready.

I'm coming.

Mr. Avatar, action!

Herbs that make you
grow taller and taller!

When I was young,
I wasn't very tall.

But now look at the
magic of Giant Capsule!

Great, Mr. Avtar!
The same in right profile, please.

Giant Capsule is made of
herbs like ginseng and aloe vera!

Herbs that make you
grow taller and taller!

When I was young,
I wasn't very tall.

But now look at the
magic of Giant Capsule!

Great work, sir!

-Hey, Sunita.
-Yes, sir?

Please call Mr. Sudheer.

He's not here.

We'll do it later.
First wear the bangles.

Look at that, it's drooping!

Mom, Grandpa said
he'll come to see me dance.

Just focus on your steps now.

Do you remember your steps?

If I forget I'll copy Tina!

-Did you forget?
-I remember, Mom!

Turn around I'll put this on.

-Ma'am we've a problem.

Rahul isn't here yet.

I just spoke to his manager,
he's stuck in traffic.

We'll be starting soon.

Excuse me, my grand daughter
she's performing. Has it started?

No, the function hasn't started yet.

Go straight up.

Okay, thank you.

What brings you here?

But he's late.
So, I have a small request for you, sir.

Can you engage the
audience till he comes?

I'm just here to see Anu's parents.

-And I haven't been keeping well.
-Please, it's a request.

Hey, my baby partner!
You look so cute!

Mom said you are busy.

I was busy...
but I made it, didn't I?

You made it...
but Rahul Chopra is late.

They might cancel our dance.

No, they won't.
I won't let them!

Can I share this?

Yeah, good mornin--
Good afternoon.

Just a few minutes, sir!

The audience is very restless.

Please help us out.

Why is the Principal calling you?

Sir, just for few minutes.

Sir, we need to announce your name.

What should I say?

Hands up!

If anyone tries to move an inch,
I'll shoot this kid!

-That's my daughter!
-Shut up, you old hag!


Stay back!

My men have surrounded this place.

If you want to save this kid...

tell the government to handover
five million rupees to my den!

-Five million?

Anu, quick!

I'm sending this kid to you Mr. Daaga.

Lock her up with
all the other kids.

Okay, Shera!
Go! Get moving!


But for the love of God,
please, let my son go!

Laugh all you want, Shera!

But soon you'll be crying.

You'll cry because my
son will come rescue me!

And he'll give you hell!

The old hag doesn't realize
that her son is already in hell!

Boss, didn't we bury him yesterday?


You scoundrel!

Take that!

Every time the evil raises
it's head on this planet...

a son like me is born!

If you touch my mother...

I'll kill you!

That's what they
say in the movies!

Didn't I tell you, you rascal?

My love has brought my
son back from the dead!

Had your father been alive today...

He would've been really proud!

Tell me who killed my father?
Or I will...

Feed you to the dogs!

Take that!

Yeah! Come on!

Mr. Daaga...

you know my principle.

Just enjoying life...

-You got a better option?
-You got a better option?


I never was Shera.

I'm not Shera Partner either.

I'm Babulal Chandola.

And now...

I'm back where I belong.

The treasure is hidden under a rock.

Take it! I don't have much time.


Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain