Happythankyoumoreplease (2010) - full transcript

Six New Yorkers juggle love, friendship, and the keenly challenging specter of adulthood. Sam Wexler is a struggling writer who's having a particularly bad day. When a young boy gets separated from his family on the subway, Sam makes the questionable decision to bring the child back to his apartment and thus begins a rewarding, yet complicated, friendship. Sam's life revolves around his friends-Annie, whose self-image keeps her from commitment; Charlie and Mary Catherine, a couple whose possible move to Los Angeles tests their relationship; and Mississippi, a cabaret singer who catches Sam's eye.

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Hello There is no one available
to attend.

Please leave a message
after the beep.

Sammy! Today is the big day!
It will be excellent.

Call me after the meeting.
Will you use that blue shirt?

It happens every time
I do a party,

I prepare to understand

I'm not so good
as I thought.

Put the sweater inside!
Do not forget.

This is strange, Sam.

I'll Admit
a strange party.

While I am speaking,
you should have gone.

- I hope you call me. Hello?
- This is bad.

- What? What?
- I slept too much.

- Sam, there is still time.
- Why am I afraid of success?

- What are you talking about?
- How screwed up yesterday.

You can come early today?
I'm sure nobody will come.

- Wrong, arrive early.
- When?

- First. I blew it!
- Sam, breathe, breathe.

Well now, listen:
you will do well, you know why?

- Why?
- You are the voice of our generation.

- It's too much pressure.
- Sorry.

See you tonight.

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and Caesar's Son

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It's okay.
We will ....

You'll be fine.

This boy is lost
the mother on the train.

- So?
- I have ... What do I do?

- Take it to the police station.
- Thanks. Come on.

What are you doing?
They will help you.

I have to leave you here, man.
I do not know what to do with you.

Do not swear at.

You know your address?

Help, man. I'm late.
What is your name?

My name is Sam.

It's bad to talk to strangers,
but I am a good citizen.

I'm trying to help you!

The subway is two blocks.
Good luck.

Hi I'm late for
the meeting with Paul Gertmanian.

- What is your name?
- Sam Wexler.



While I'm there,
Keep an eye on it?

What's his name?

He likes to talk.

Susan speaks very well

He said a
its characteristics

is always on time
for important meetings.

Well ..

It's light, fun ...
The characters seem real.

But ...
How can I say?

- The protagonist, Alan ...
- Alex.

I do not know whether people
love him or hate it.

He's a bit ambitious,
rather mature.

He is a bit of everything.
Novels are complicated.

Susan finds her stories

but it seems that you are not
entirely suited to the format.

The novel requires a commitment
different tales.

One minute, please.

Where'd you go?

One question:
who is he?

He is ...
Only one boy.

Thanks for coming.

- Bye, Rasheen!
- Bye.

- Where are we?
- For the toy store.

Just kidding. I'll take
back home.

I am not responsible for you.

Come on, man.

Not cool, man.

Let's stop running?
I'm almost 30 years.

Look, obviously you
have family problems.

But so what?
It's childhood. This will pass.

Do not look at me like that.
You screwed ...

You ruined a meeting
very important to me.

It has been more than enough.

I'll take you home.
His mother must be worried.

It is not my mother.

The woman on the train
was not his mother?

They were his brothers?

Where's your mother?

What happened? Was living
with that woman?

He was a foster home?

Come on.

- I'm thirsty.
- I know.

I'll take you where you have
the best water in town.

Come on.

Well ..
Make a cute guy.

Come on.

That's it.

Sorry, I spoke loudly.

It was not to go out like that.

- Is it open?
- Not yet.

- It can take water?
- Yes, of course.

- So who is he?
- He is my brother.

Not really.

I am his brother as
a big brother or irm?zona.

- These things, you know.
- Good, good.

This, very well.

Nice to know that there are still
good men in the world.

- They are hard to find.
- Flannery said that, do you?

- What is your name?
- Mississippi.

- This is your real name?
- It's what everybody calls me.

- I assume that is where it is.
- Yes, sir.

Wow, what are the chances
that happening?

Come here much?

Unfortunately, yes.

- Enough. Thank them for their water.
- Thanks for the water.

- Look.
- Sure.

Fine, then let's ...

Let's go.
It was nice knowing you.

Then I come back here
and drink, you know, alcohol.

- It would be nice.
- Great.

- I am Sam.
- Hi, Sam.

- Are you hungry?
- Yes.


Let's make a snack.

After you bring home.

- Why can not I stay?
- You can not stay here.

- Why not?
- Why not.

- Why can not I?
- Because I said so.

But I want to stay.

We make it very clear,
can not stay.

- Please.
- No.

- Please, please.
- No.

Really want to stay.

- We can have fun.
- I'm not listening.

- Please.
- I'm not listening.

Do not swear at.

Let's go.

Meaning early afternoon.

- Sorry.
- I forgive you, come here.

Wait, this is the Rasheen.

Hello, Rasheen, I'm Annie.


- Explains what?
- Yes.

How was the meeting?

Okay, talk to you later.
Go get drunk.

Nothing for the kid.

- Hi, Sam.
- Hey, beauty?

Can I get a cookie?

It's a party,
can get 10 biscuits.

Make the party.

- Hi
- Hello

- What the hell.
- What, he is a child.

Rasheen, my cousin
Mary Catherine.

We are not really cousins.
Our parents are super friends.

He looks hungry.

What's happening?

I'm just watching
him for a while.

And he thought,
"I know that children love,

I will bring it
for a party. "

- Almost. How are you?
- Rubbish.

Where's Charlie?

She's in Los Angeles.
Come back tomorrow.

- I like that Charlie.
- Me too.

I'm a wreck without it.

This is weird.
Why do you have a child?

Let's mix.
It was good to see you.

I'll call you tomorrow.

I promise I will not take.

It's an excuse for
I love getting drunk with.

To get a little
more fun,

when someone says,
dunno ...

We can all drink!



The first thing you notice
in me is the fact that ...

It's tasty!

Yeah, right!
I'm super hot.

And also super drunk
and bald.

Unlike some here,
I have not shot with wax.

I have a disease
autoimmune angry

everyone will learn
right now.

The word "alopecia"
comes from the Greek word ...

Could please
turn off your cell phone?

I'm so sorry.

- Sorry.
- What? That's rude!

I need a drink.

My God, love.
Wish you were here.

I'm with Dave's Jeep,
I'm driving on the road.

The sun is almost setting,
is unbelievable.

- How's Dave?
- It's amazing.

I have not seen a mosquito
since I got here.

It seems an area
no mosquitoes.

They are outlaws in-law,
or whatever.

Charlie, come home.
I miss you.

Love, the connection is failing.



Is everyone having fun?

Thanks for coming.

Great party.

I never noticed that he was bald.

- Really? Never mentioned?
- No.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

Say "Cheese".

Do not worry;
'll delete it.

Let me try.


Night of heavy?

I have a question.

Why are we not
best friends?

I did not know
we were friends.

I think we'd give
very well.

The name of my best
Sam's friend, Sam.

How a girl Sams
can have in life?

Call me
2 Sam.

It looks like a continuation.

"In a world of Sams,
Sam 2 is much better. "

That was tacky.
Can I?

Help me here,
Sam number 2.

He has worked in legal,
is not it?

Work yes.

On the seventh floor.

Why is peer
down here?

What, you all know
that the party is in the fifth.

Philanthropic gift!

Could ...

That was good.
Very good.

Got it.

My God.


Listen, what they will do
is to take you home.

If they questions,

says that only paced,
do not speak my name.

Do not want to meddle
into trouble.

It was nice knowing you.

Dave said he will make
the business take off.

- That's great.
- Yes.

Have not seen him so happy
is a good time.

Los Angeles seems
agree with him.

- Really?
- Yes.

He said he does not miss
New York.

I knew he would flee.

He was very weak
to stay here forever.

You know what I want?

- An omelet.
- Wait, I'm curious.

Why so much hate
Los Angeles?

Why is the epicenter
everything that is bad?

Wait. Dave told me
something cool about Los Angeles.

No, listen.

He said the city
is a huge white screen.

Everything that you bring
is all that should be.

It's a random collection

where it's always sunny
and basically reflects

everything back to you.

If you're happy,
LA is great.

If not, LA is crap.
But it has nothing to do with LA.

Why, look:
it does not exist.

E. ..?

That's it.

If you do not feed me,
I will eat your face. Come on.

What's going on?
Dave said what?

He wants me as a partner.
Half and half.

But ...

We would have to be there.


At the end of the month.

And you want?

What's missing?

A great theme.

Because the new novels, you know?

I base that I in?

- I do not know.
- Exactly.

My shame as a writer

is that I am the one suburban
with great parents.

I had food, clothes,
ride ...

- He was full of perks. You know?
- Totally.

You, with your situation,
is a gold mine.

You have pounds of material.

A whole life experience.

What is your age?

I do not know.

Do not know your age?

When is your birthday?

Do you
so afraid of?

I fear that
my brain melted.

I'm afraid of never
walk to a place.

I'm afraid
do not turn things over to

but to open markets.

- And pilates classes.
- Are the best classes.

- There is no order there.
- This is ridiculous.

They have no culture.
New York has it all.

The best restaurants,
theaters, museums.

And how many museums you go,
in a typical week?

- I'm just curious.
- This is not the issue.

What's the fun of living here,
if ever enjoyed?

It is better to live anywhere else,
sometimes visit and things to do.

Go to McDonalds, one concert
Broadway at the Carnegie Deli.

"What a great sandwich.
Do not know if anything like that. "

- I Love NY.
- You are very unhappy.

But is not the fault of New York.

NY is ...

A home.

You're asking me
to leave my home.

He knows he is
My work is not it?

I have to sit here
and write.

It is not easy with you
staring at me.

Sorry not to have television.

What do you like?
Like art?

Like to draw?

Draw a TV for you.

Great, is not it?

Are you sure you do not like
them because they have their pictures?

No. But I seem
incredibly beautiful.

This here.
Look at me.

I'm a doodle

What do you think
What was happening?

I do not know. Something bad.
And he does not want to go back.

He is very cute.
Come stay with him.

Just kidding.
We can not stay with him.

- Sam, do not get it.
- I will not stay.

Calm down.

Sorry for the ball.
It is the only one I had.



I thought that would
would happen.

It's the end?

I'm fine.

Did you know that my best
financial year in NY,

were when
I smuggled marijuana?

You do not need Dave,
or a bad city,

to do something big.
I believe in you.


You're my man.

You are my great and funny
hairy man.

No need to predict everything,

You will find their niche,
and we have money one day.

- This is how it works.
- No. Not here.

Not always.

I just want to feel that everything
I passed by ...

I do not know.

I'm just tired.


I'm not the type that will
for Happy Hour, but ...

Sorry I can not.

It's a weekday.

- Bye.
- Okay, bye.

Two stumps.

- Hi, Beth.
- Hi



- What?
- How so?

Why would both
see me?

Must be a reason?

I do not know.
I still ...

Whatever ...
It's been awhile.

Take a drink with me?

- She hated me. I hated it!
- Not true!

She does not hate it. Just think
I needed a haircut.

I could not be
more gentle with her.

I bought flowers to put
my shirt inside.

- Shockingly not have worked.
- None.

I am her daughter.
She did not want me to hurt me.

But I think she
I was wrong about you.

No, wait!
She was totally right.

- Stop it.
- Why are you always right?

I hate it.

I support his mother
hate me.

Not bear to think
you hate me.

- You're back!
- I gave my word.

- Mississippi.
- Sam.

- M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I.
- Very good.

How is your brother?

- Who?
- The kid.

- Great. He's fine.
- It's cool you do that.

You have a job
very good.

I have?

I watched what you do.
You're good.

Should be a great actress,
because I hate my job.

- Are you an actress?
- No.

What is out there?

- I sing.
- Do you sing?

- Music?
- Yes, music. Cabaret.

- What do you do?
- I write.

- Address?
- Yes words.

You sing.
You're good?

Come hear me
and then tell me.

- I can see you sing.
- Why not?

Because I like you.

That makes no sense.

He is happy to see me?

Not sure yet.

This is bad.
I have to work in the morning.

Some people work.

I work.

Play bass in a band bad
and consider a graduate

is not working.

Do you think the band

You stood in front
all shows.

I was his girlfriend.

It was practically required
to be his fan.

It seemed that you
I was always having fun.

I was.

I had fun.

Let's do it. Say.

When, Mississippi
you left the Mississippi,

- And came to New York?
- When I was 17.

When was that?
Two years ago?

- Cool.
- Wait, where's your accent?

Always here.
When I need.

Drink this.

Yes, ma'am.

Damn, man.

Why do not you come
hear me sing?

- Want to know?
- Yes.

I wanted to go out with a girl
in college

desperate to be an actress.
She just talked about it.

Finally went to see her
a piece ...

- Bad?
- She had no talent.

It was incredible.
I had to break up with her.

Why was it
bad actress?

I did not care
if it was good or not,

but she believed
it was.

Made it look like
not known.

I think you're terrific.

I think. So
can not hear you sing,

because it can change
what you think.

- What if I'm amazing?
- And if not?

- And if it's bad writer?
- I'm not.

You're trouble.

I'm calling

because you are responsible
for not letting me fall.

This happens
do not be angry.

Because you are not given,

it seems the universe
want to end it with me.

I'll call tomorrow to confess.



I had bad news today.


I am a loser.

Damn, I've been


Previously, meetings

I was unbeatable
Little Sammy Wexler.

I bet you were.

Okay if I
it says nothing, is not it?

I just want to talk.

I always talk.

You will have to restrain myself,
otherwise I will continue.

I will not stop ...

This way.

You can have a boy
black on the couch.

- We must be silent.
- What?

Certainly has
a black boy on the couch.

We must be silent.

Look. It is my room.
Not legal?


- I will not sleep with you.
- Of course it will.

- I can not.
- Come on.

This is bullshit.
You can do whatever you want.


They get so much from you?

I love being home.

Sam, seriously.
I will not sleep with you.

It has something to do with Jesus?

I made a decision in the new year.

- Why?
- Not to be a piranha.

And how are you doing?

I hardly know you.

All I know is that you have
theories are idiots.

I will not spend
the night with you.

Okay. Also I think you
should not spend the night with me.

You think?

I think you should go
the next three nights with me.


Seriously. Stay with me three days.
I have extra keys.

You can enter and exit

I knew that taking the last dose
would be a bad idea.

It'll be nice.

I totally agree.
Spending a night is very bad.

- So you want me to be three?
- Yes.

- This is your singing?
- No?

You said it
the other girls before.

I never thought about before.
I am a genius.

This is the worst idea.

If you stay here for three days,
who knows what will happen.

If a sleep time

the probability is I
not call you.

You said it

Come on.
More me three days.

My mother warned me
about guys like you.

It will be an adventure.

Let's cook

we do many
love scenes,

playing with the adorable boy
on the sofa ...

It is for real?

We just met.
Will not it be weird?


You will not want me here
for three days.

Now you want,
because they're drunk.

- You'll be drunk for three days?
- Possibly.

- You're crazy.
- You will live with me.

What are you doing?


Paperwork, terms.

I can not choose the terms?

What are your terms?

If I stay for three days,

need you to be nice.

And I need
it gets naked.

I've been a little fragile
these days,

must be legal.


Subscribe here.

We should do it again
any day.

- You think?
- Yes.

Many times.

- Because it always works.
- Seriously.

Anger, because I
torture me?

- Come here.
- Gotta go.

May be delayed a little.

I do not want to get hurt.

No longer do we overcome all that?

We're great together
we should ...

It is a bad idea.

I'm seeing someone else,

What makes it be safe.

So do not cling,
was the problem last time.

We are not unique
then I can ...


Always making me
be wrong.

- 5206?
- 5208.

- Drugs.
- What?

I thought I had more keys.
You work today?

- I'll sing.
- Great. Where?

- I go on stage at 22h.
- When does it end?

Great. I'll make the keys,
and then call you.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- That girl is gone?
- Yes.

- Did she say anything?
- No.

- Do you like French toast?
- Yes.

Let's do it.

We will definitely see.

- Okay?
- Everything's fine.

Can I do anything
for you?


Was not
with that outfit yesterday?

- Please go away.
- Sure.

He has a mental age of 12 years,
this is what he has.

That's all I meet.

If you have a guy who looks
take 12 years to 30m from me,

I find it
and sleep with him.

It's my gift.

And they do not care, just send
messages. All of them.

"Hi, how are you do not see you
long time, want to come have sex? "

Go get fucked.

I'm tired of optimism.
It's exhausting.

I understand.

Why care about what
Ira thinks people like you?

Be concerned with what
I think people like you.

And you're a great person.
I always thought that.

All who love you
think so.

Are you listening?
I love you!

Now, go out there to e. ..

- And there goes!
- It will be philanthropic.

I lost my lunch hour.

We will decide on
the boy today.

This is getting ridiculous.



You do not need
look good all the time.

Everyone would love a bald
that will not stop crying.

- I do not like so much this blouse.
- Why?

I'm your boyfriend.

This shirt makes me ill,
do not want to look bad.

It has nothing to do
with you.

Who else
are you doing?

It's nothing.
Who cares?

And the one that says:
"I Love Nerds"?

- I love nerds, really.
- It makes me feel weird.

Chuck, if you find a blouse
"My boyfriend is Stallion"

we are close to Christmas.

Just do not know what
you mean.

That's it.


Go through the jacket over the top?



Have you heard the Clash?

Do not know the Clash?

So much to teach.

Hi, Sam.
It's Mississippi.

Remember me?
The girl from yesterday.

Just wanted to remind you
I'll sing today at 22h.

I promise not to be bad.
No pressure.

You have not talked
about the key.

So I guess I'll see you at night.




I'm here.


And how are you feeling?

As if he were naked.




I just had a conversation
with Rasheen.

Asked if it was his big brother,
he knew nothing.


He said he met
on the subway.

What the fuck is going on?

Calm down, wait.

Who is he?
Why are you here?

He was separated from ...
Got nowhere to go.

- How old is it?
- I do not know.

- Not even he knows.
- E. ..

do you like little boys?

What? No!
He is in foster care.

Went through seven
foster homes.

There's something happening,
he does not want to return.

- Why did not the police?
- I went.

Look, I know I'm in big trouble.
But I do not know what to do.

I'll let it stay here
until I find something.

- How long is he here?
- Three or four days.

Did you find a child on the subway
and think you can keep him here

without anyone knowing
where is he?

And you left here
when it came out the other night?

He was fine.

Leonard Cohen put it,
and he went out.

I have a bad
taste in men.


Wait, I have some ...

It's okay, honey.


Can you ...?
I'm not good with blood.

Congratulations, Sam.

You became a man
less attractive in the world.

- Are you really going away?
- Yes.

- Why?
- I am not a babysitter.

- It is well-behaved.
- I was talking about you.

You have to tell someone
where he is.

I'll say.

- Today?
- He is ...

He is a child.

I can not get involved
it, Sam.

I want to organize
my life.

Do not mess it up more.

Sorry I lied
for you.

I am a good person.

I'm trying to do
the right thing.

- Will take care of him?
- Now ...

You are a disaster.

You do not need
of a project?

I am also a disaster.


So let's organize.

Bye, Sam.

Appear soon.

Are you crazy?

Why is he
with you?

I am helping him.

I'll talk to my friend
a social worker.

According to the law,
you kidnapped.

Are you okay?
Miss their family?

He feeds you?
What are you eating?

No answer that!

I understand that this is a great
subject for a book.

White man sensitive
Lessons learned

after adopting
a black kid.

- Do you think ...?
- Are you writing about it?

This is serious.

You can not stay with him.

He is not a toy.

You have to tell someone
where he is.

Look at this.

I would like to see
what would happen

if I gave more
than two hydrocory.

Please solve this.

Mom would be upset.

And he would call my mother,
and my mother would call me.

And I have no energy.

It's alright.
I'm in control. I promise.

- Everything you need.
- Great.

- Rasheen, thank you!
- Thanks.


Come on.

- Sam.
- Yes.

- You attended Los Angeles?
- Yes.

- You like it there?
- It's cool.

- Would live there?
- No.


Do not believe it was
so bad.

He has done the best
films in the world.

Only he does a lot.

One each year.

Why not every one
two years?

Take a vacation,
walk a little.

Having a quality time
with his wife and daughter.

Go around.

Live a little.

You understand?

Marry me.

- What?
- Let's get married.

- What?
- Marry me.

Be my wife.


Seriously, let's do it.

Sorry ...

You're asking me
in marriage?



- Will you marry me?
- Totally.


I'm not believing ...


- There is something odd about it.
- What are you talking about?

This came to mind now
a minute ago?

No. I have thought very
about it.

And I think ...
We should do.

You have, you know, a ring?

I will.

I mean, you will have.
Has a ...

I did not think you
would call the rules.

C'mon, Mary Catherine,
are not those people.

- Just say yes.
- If you're not,

then why marry?
We mock people who are married.

And I told you,
how we met?

I think we should never

- I come from ...
- Comes from a long ...

Line separate people.

I am not genetically
able to marry.

And you said you felt the same,
so why this now?


You really
either end, is not it?

I'm trying
abandon the idea

that we have to pay the joy
with sadness or tragedy.

That there must be
some kind of balance.

Seems to be that way,


You are very intelligent.

I do this thing ...

I do not believe
I'm counting.

When you want bad stories
about me, I have several.


A year ago,
was in that taxi.

And the taxi driver, an Indian
started talking about various things.

He was watching me
rearview mirror,

and said happiness.

Happiness is your right

And I kinda like this:
45 with Madison?

And he said you have
great potential in this life.

The secret to life
is gratitude.

You do not thank

I asked
how to do that.

He said it was simple.
It was just to say thanks.

I asked when.
He said he always now.

He said that after
say thank you,

I have to say:
More, please.

"Thank you, again, please?"

So with gratitude, the universe
is abundant forever.

So I took a chance
for gratitude.

"Thanks, more please"

"Thanks, more please."

- I sound crazy.
- No, think.

Did you notice the difference?

- No.
- No?

I mean, yeah, whatever ...

Anyway, what brought him
to be a photographer?

I would not call a photographer.

What would you call?

I shoot.

Why did you shoot?

When I see something
I like to look ...

Can I keep looking.

There should be flattered
I had come back.

- Why?
- Riddick.

The men who fell in love
were wicked and cruel.

If I'm here,
you must be one of them.

I like to have you

That's cool.

For the record,
still do not trust you.

You should trust me.

Why should I?

Because someone has to rely on.

He had since I was
in second grade and received

These drawings of Santa Claus
white to color.

So I painted his clothes
the way he wanted.

My teacher, Mrs. Porter.
She was this ...

Suffering wife.

He took my paper from my desk,
showed to the whole class.

And said Samuel painted
Santa's pants to blue.

And we all know
that his pants are red.

She tore the paper,
gave me a new,

- And made me start again.
- Mrs. Porter!

I know. I went home
crying and screaming,

I told my parents
what happened.

And my father ...

He was with me
to school in the morning,

entered in the staff room
and yelled at Mrs. Porter:

who said of the pants
Noel has to be red?

- Yeah, Dad!
- It was great, great.

And became a rallying cry
in my house.

Who said the pants
Noel has to be red?

- Who says?
- It was amazing.

This is my father.
And your father like?

- He's great.
- It's great?

He is the best.

I'm here.

- It was pretty cool. Thank you.
- No, thank you.

More, please.

See you at work.

Man, this is really good.

- Sam?
- Yes.

You're my best friend.

Thanks, man.

You too.

How can I help you?

I have some questions
on foster homes.


I am interested in receiving
or accepting someone.

Okay, are you married?

- No.
- Works?

Well, freelance.

Look, I do not know
how it works;

but I want to have someone
I have stayed in foster homes.

He is with me;
was not very good.

Wait, this child
this with you now?

- Yes.
- A child who is

in social welfare
New York?

- Yes, but ...
- He lives with you,

but it is not his guardian.


And where is this child
while talking to me?

No, no.

I'm a writer, I just got ...

Some questions
the adoption process.

Mr. Wexler, this is your
current address?

thanks for your time.

Mr Wexler.

It seems he was doing
balloon animals at parties.

Because I need to be
the guy with the balloons?

You do not have to do anything.
He looks great!

That's it.
I want you to be happy.

And his name is Sam.
What is, is a strong name.

This from the guy who likes girl
with pierced navel

- Tattoo on the back ...
- This is absurd!

That only occupy
with spinning classes.

And I know that Alabama
is a homely girl

- With a great personality.
- Mississippi.

Red States.


You said you'd deal
with the boy yesterday.

Everyone is getting

I will.



Mississippi, Annie.
This is the famous Mississippi.

- I'm not famous?
- Shut up.

- It is a pleasure to meet you.
- You too.

You're from Mississippi.


How is that?
Do not reply.

I'm talking too much,
and now I'm leaving.

- Bye.
- Bye.

She's hot!

- Hi, I have not seen you sit.
- Hi

Remember what he said to me
the night we kissed?

I was using
a black dress.

It was pretty neat
for the party.

But I thought I could use.

Type: So I just put,
no biggie.

But the truth is ...

I was so excited
to see you.

And you sat
beside me on the table.

Do not even remember that?

You looked at the dress,
and said:

where are you going?

- Sorry.
- No, it was perfect.

Because finally
you appeared.

The guy who did not leave
pass anything.

I always thought that time
you came into focus.

As ...

Here was you.

And now ...

Looks like you
is out of focus, suddenly.

Since returning, each time
more blurred for me.

And I ...

I'm sad to see
you go.

I do not know if I will.

You know yes.

Arrive early. I'll try
reserve a table.

But there is half full
I do not want to stand up.

So get there early.

- Arrive early.
- Right.

Sure you know
where to go?

Not so hard.
We've got it.

I'm very excited.
I'm kinda excited.

- I'm totally excited.
- We do too.

- Okay. Goodbye.
- Bye.

See you tonight.
I have broken my leg.

What we say
if it is horrible?

Tell her she is beautiful.

Great idea, mate.
We will do this.

- Sam Wexler?
- Yes.


- What is it?
- You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say
can be used in court.

- What?
- You have the right to counsel.

What will happen
with the boy?

Okay, okay.
Rasheen, everything will be OK!

He did nothing bad.

I read many
books, okay?

I never stop

Continue drawing, right?

I promise.

In 20 years,
I will go to their exposure,

but I did not buy anything.

But you'll draw something for
me and I'll be rich, right?


So okay.

I am Sam.


Do not want you to stay with me
if you want to go!

I want to be happy,
even if I'm not.

I will not be the person
who ruined his life

holding you to a city
or a woman who does not want!

My God!
I'm feeling lousy.

It's looking a manipulation
and should be a happy thing.

But I'm desperate
and have no one to tell.

And you're my best friend

Want to breathe, please?


Now sit down.

Now tell me, what
is going on?

I can not. I'm afraid
what will happen.

Can you tell me

You threw a vase at me
3 years ago and did not go away.

- You deflected.
- Sure. I have good reflexes.

So I say,
I can handle it.

Whisper to me.

I shall dwell wherever you want.

- I'm going to Los Angeles.
- We'll be here in New York.

- We can go to Los Angeles.
- Or in Iceland!

Damn! Come to Poland.
In Beirut, I do not care.

Did you get my message?

I got a 12.
He was over?

- Do not know what else to say.
- I do not care who has not gone.

- What you want from me?
- I want you to go away!

It's making me sad
and I want to leave.

Know how long
we met?

One week.

Only a week.

When we were playing
the house was cool, but ...

Sorry about Rasheen.
What did you expect to happen?

I noticed what the problem is.

You write short stories.

And guess who likes to live
short stories.

But I'm ready to
live a romance, you know?

We will want
red or white?


We need to talk.

That conversation where I'm cool,
but you can not get involved.

And it's not me, you, and you
is damaged and could not be.

I refuse
to have this conversation.

So, either red or white?


I'm not good for you.


Are you happy?

No, I'm not happy!

I can make you happy.

Seriously, let me love you.

I am willing to do that.

Actually, I've started.

- I can not;
- No, no, no.

Please do not run from something
that has not even started.

Look at me.

I understand, right?

I understand it.

I'm not the guy who thought
for you.

And if you do not know
what is best for you?

- And would you know?
- I believe so.

- From where you came, Sam 2?
- Westchester.

Want to know why
I'm on the 5th floor?

The first time I saw ...

My God, I thought ...


The girl
with panels on the head.

I want to stay with her.

I do not usually talk like that.

- But I'm crazy about you.
- Stop. Shut the fuck up!

- Why?
- Stop, please. Do not say that.

You can hear it!

Close your eyes.

- What?
- I just want to listen.

Help, please.

It is not easy to be adored.

You should also find
more difficult, I understand!

But I wanted you to try.
Look at it as an experiment.

I promise to be wonderful
to worship her, Annie.

It is an area where I think
I have a great talent.

You are worth this worship, Annie.
You're worth.

And the fact that you do not believe
do not be true or not.

It's true for me.

And that's what matters.


A writer I know
I said a great thing.

He said that every five years realized
the jerk who was five years ago.

Every five years,
he says:

"Man, I was so lame
five years ago! "

If we accept this, all
we think, feel

and we now say, in five years
will be shameful.

- This talk?
- The worst!

- We hate this talk.
- I hate it.

Let's hate in four years.

Played a sport
as a child?

- Yes.
- Remember "comes out of this?

No matter what.

Even if your eye
going out,

the technician would come,
you looked and said:

"You okay, son.
Snap out of it. "

And I know that sometimes,
I was really hurt,

but only in having this idea
out of this,

as a way of,
I dunno, heal me.

It worked.

I left that shit.

Lately I feel ...

I'm more resistant
than I thought.

But who knows?

Maybe I feel
different in five years.

Who knows?

Leave a message
after the tone.

Right. I think that's,
but it is sad

and not to bother. But
I have a story to tell.

And you need to hear.
So listen well.

The scene. Dinner with the No. 2.
Trying to get rid of him.

No such luck.
Then, look at that.

You know what to say
Beauty is inside?

But that's a lot of shit.
Beauty is overseas.

And I love a beauty.
Who does not?

But here's the crazy,
Sammy Boy

I'm listening to Sam, 2,

Because he made me close
eyes, so exciting!

And he makes a case for me
and him being together.

And as he spoke,
it was like

the molecules of his face
must have neat,

because I opened my eyes
and nothing, I am in front

the handsomest man
and wonderful.

How crazy!
Whoever thought?

2 Sammy! And you were right.
It's a strong name.

So, here's what you want
tell me the beep before cutting.

Sadness go away. Let's be
people who deserve to be loved.

Why are worth!

We are worth it!

You tell me that for years
and now I can say back.

You're a Good Man,
Sam Wexler.

Go be loved.

That's it.

Hello, Jill.
Sam Wexler.

I think Mary Catherine
said I'd call.

They moved
to another house.


That last song ...

It's a happy song.
On a happy song.

That's what I need to hear now.

Thank you all.


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