Happy Together (2008) - full transcript

Come on, sleepyhead.

Wake up, Yoo-jin!

Breakfast is ready, Yoo-jin.

I'm coming.

Are you coming home for dinner, Yoo-jin?

I'm not sure.

I'll call you.

By the way, have you thought about it?

About what?

Stop pretending like you don't know.

You must feel bad
for lying to me all the time.

I don't.

Please help me graduate. All right?

My breasts are too saggy
to be taking nude pictures

and my thighs are too thick.

Plus, I have a potbelly.

That's why I want to photograph you.

What's wrong with you seniors?

I won't let you graduate if you don't
submit your project outline today.

Thank you.

-Try some.

Jeong-im, how do you
make a living these days?

Well... I'm still...

I'm still getting by on the alimony.

The food here is not bad.

Yes, it's delicious.

So you've received quite a bit of alimony.
Wasn't that whole marriage a scam?

How did he hide that from you
for 20 years?

What do you mean by "scam"?

I mean, he sure took his time.

Didn't you hear the rumors?

Jeong-im's husband and a young boy...

What part of your body do you use to eat?

Shut up and eat.

You must still be living alone, Jeong-im.

I'm jealous.

I'm just waiting for the day
when my husband dies.

Are you going to live with that young boy
once he dies?

At least I'm not like Gyeong-mi.

She gets into all kinds of trouble
and she's always causing a scene.

Her novel is basically porn.
She must have earned something from it.

-Hey, come in.

The writer is here!

-Sit here.
-Come in.

Have a seat.

It's been a while, Jeong-im.



You're heavy. Get off me.

Think about how heavy you are
when we have sex.

You have no right to say that.

Were you there again yesterday?


I don't like that place.

I don't like it either.

Then, don't go.

I need to make a living.

I'm only there to do set-ups.
You have nothing to worry about.

I don't like other girls touching you.

Don't worry.

They can't touch my heart.

I'm not joking.

Who said I was joking?

That's what I'm afraid of
more than you are.

Hurry up and tell me it's okay.

Then just work on weekends.
You have to graduate.

You're here.

-Did you come from school?

The rooms are full already
even though it's a weekday.

Who's going in the room at the end?

Don't even mention it.

Those girls look gross.

You won't be able to do it.

Assign it to me.

But you don't do that.

I need to make some money.

-Come on.

-Have a drink.
-Stop it!

Isn't my ass pretty nice?

Good evening.

He's the best we have.

-You won't find a better guy.
-Look at him.

You should have brought him sooner.

-Enjoy your evening.
-Look at his pretty face.

-He's quite young.
-Take a good care of her.

I wear this often.

You have a really nice skin.
It feels like that of 20s'.

-It's really soft.
-Come on.

Look at her. She's so nervous.

One more shot.

-I need more drinks.
-Here! It's so delicious.

Here, eat this.

Where are you going?

You've taken enough from those women.
You should leave.

Shouldn't you go home as well?

Are you joking?

Do I look like I'm joking?

Quit making a fuss.

Be careful.

Thank you.

-Watch your step.

-Watch out.
-Did you enjoy yourself?

-Then come back more often.

-How about...
-Watch out.

-Hey, honey!

What are you doing here? Let's go!


Go on without me.

I'll get going then.

-Good night.
-You can take this car.


-Good night.
-Get home safely.

-Come back soon.

-Wait, Jeong-im.

This is Gyeong-mi's book.

Right, I almost forgot. Thank you.

I had fun.

You hit the jackpot. Get in.

All right.

She's lonely. Take care of her.

-Driver, you can leave now.
-Hold on.

I'm going home.

-Get home safe.
-Get home safe.

-Get home safe.
-Come back soon.

Ms. Park.

What's wrong?

What should I buy her?

Think about your husband
messing around with that boy.

You should have some fun too, you idiot!

Shit, I'm screwed.

You can leave if you want.

How old did you say you were?


I'm 23.

You are younger.

At my age,

there's nothing special about this.

I was hesitant at first.

But I have been craving for a while.

Do you have a portable one?

This is bigger than I thought.

Big? This is just the right size.

Words don't do it justice.

My goodness! The ecstasy!

It's worth the price.

How long does the battery last?

-This one was too short.

What was too short?

The length or the lifespan?

Just how many times a day do you use this?

-I gave it to my girlfriend as a gift.
-My boyfriend is just a snack.

-The noises...
-He's the main dish.

To celebrate our graduation,
we each bought one.

Report this bear to the zoo.

This bear is killing people.

For the lonely Ms. Park.


Cats are not allowed.

Where did you find him?

Excuse me.

Do you usually take two guys at once?

He's my son.

Do you want some toast?

Is that really your mom?

Damn, I'm really sorry.

It's not like she has
"Byung-suk's Mom" written on her.

Come on.

Byung-suk, don't get mad.

We only did it three times.

I'm telling the truth.

God damn it.

Byung-suk, I'm sorry.

Cut it out.

Why do you work at a place like that
when your mom is so rich?

Do I have to ask permission
for this kind of thing too?


Then what's wrong?

I can't watch this anymore.

Where were you?

Why do you want to know?

Did you go to a host bar?



How was it?

-How was it?
-It was fine.

I heard that the ladies would talk trash
about their husbands there.


But you don't have a husband.

You're right.

I complained about you instead.

Did you like playing around
with little boys?

Do you?

Tell me.

Did you only talk to them?

Why does this apartment
hold resident meetings on a Sunday?

Mom, aren't we out of butter?

-Can you take out my wallet?

Did you buy this?

No, I got it somewhere.


Can I read it first?

Sure, go ahead.

That's 52,000 won.


What are you looking at?

-They asked for your signature.

You're back. Hello.

Yes, hello.

Do you know about the meeting today?

-Yes, it's in room 902 at 8 p.m.

Please do come.
You'll have to pay a fee otherwise.


Take this.

You don't have to...

-Keep up the good work.
-I will. Thank you.

I have to do a new interview

with the head of each household.

-I'll conduct interviews every day.
-I see.

I'd like everyone here

to either put their stamp here

or sign this paper.

Please take a look.

-Do I sign here?

Why do people keep moving?

It's so annoying.

He sure is late.

I'm sorry.

You're from room 1202.

We're done with the meeting.

Have a seat over here.

All right.

Come in. Have a seat.

This man just moved into the 12th floor.

Introduce yourselves.

-Nice to meet you.
-You too.

You said you live alone, right?



I'll get some more muffins.

You should try it too.

No, I shouldn't.

This year...

-You're good at it.
-No, it's tough.

How does his face look just like yours?

It's because he was abandoned.

Quit tormenting yourself.

Are you embarrassed
that your mom slept with your friend,

or is it because your mom
goes to those kind of bars?

It's obviously both.

You're so selfish.

You're messing around with me.

Why should your mom have to stay celibate?

I wish my mom would go enjoy herself.

Don't worry.

Your mom is taking care
of herself just fine.

I know my mom.

There's no way she is.

If she did,
she would tell me all about it.

Don't trust her so much.

You know...

Damn it.

Don't trust me either.

The ax you trust hurts more
when it cuts you.

Hold me.

Should we live together here?

You can be the mom and I'll be the dad.

The cat will be our child.

I want to be the daughter.


I guess that's true.

That hurts too.

Come here. I'll make you feel better.

Where does it hurt?



Where else?


I heard about you.

Bad news spreads

quickly around here.

It's already been a year. It's not quick.

What's the big deal?

It's nothing.

I think I saw you for a moment

at the grocery store earlier.


Why didn't you say hi?

I saw your daughter
in front of the apartment.

I almost called her Jeong-im.

Do we look that similar?

It's not about how you two look alike.

It's just the way she carried herself

reminded me of how you were in college.

Why didn't you call me
if you were going to be late?

You knew that I was waiting for you!

I'm sorry, I forgot because I was busy.

It's normal for her to come home late
at that age.

Coming home late is not the problem.

You didn't call me.

I'm sorry.

Let's talk later since you have a guest.

You two enjoy yourselves.

She usually comes home on time.

She has been out late these days
because of her graduation project.

Did you read Gyeong-mi Lee's new book?

It's really interesting.

I'm hungry. Let's go out.

You pig.


Did you pick a subject?

I can't hear out of that ear.

-Do you think you can avoid me?

Damn it. Wait for me!


What are you looking at?



It's just been a while
since I've seen anyone.

Let's hang out more often.

If someone stays
cooped up inside too much,

they would become stiff and depressed.

I guess you haven't changed.

You still like Western food.

Not at all.

As people age,

their taste in food would change.

Nowadays, I like to eat

thick, boiling soybean paste soup
with some fresh rice.

We should have gone
to a Korean restaurant then.

It's our first date.

Those places don't have
the right atmosphere.

Do you still play guitar?

It's been a while since I've played.

That was so long ago.


That's too bad.

There were times

when I wanted to hear you play.

Hey, you live in room 902.

Come here.

-Yes. You live in 902, right?


You have quite a few packages.

I see you're still popular.

Well, the thing is...

Ninth floor.

I'm waiting in line for you.

I'm sorry for cutting the person
who gave you flowers.

You're so cheesy.

Good night.

Good night.

Congratulations on reaching

the 49th year of your life.


He sure behaves like a gay.

He used to come off as considerate.

What should I do with it?

Give it back to him.


Send it back to him.

It will make him stop.

I'm not a messenger for you two.

What is this?

That's a dildo.
You can call it your faithful bear.

It's your birthday present.

You bitch.

Just because you mess around
with your boyfriend,

you expect me to play with this toy?

That's no ordinary toy.

The reviews are great.


Or you can get married
if you think you still have game.

Was his name Seung-rok?

He didn't look too bad.

He's just a friend from college.

Let me know what you think of the dildo.

I might buy one too.

Byung-suk: Mommy.

Yes, honey.

Have you eaten?

Stop reading her book, will you?

Why do you hate Gyeong-mi Lee so much?

It's gross how she sells her pain
for cheap sympathy.

This is too much.

I think that's going too far.

That's my style.

You always hang out with your mom.

That's my style. Oh, right.
I've bought a really pretty condom.

Let's give it a try tomorrow.


What are you doing in here?

Our show is starting.

Don't you know how to knock?

What are you talking about?
Since when do we knock?

Hurry on out.

What brings you here?

Have you seen

Tae-hoon Noh?

You must be Yoo-jin.

It's great to meet you.

I'm Young-jae Yoon.


Come in.

Mr. Noh.

Mr. Noh.

Hurry up and come here.

Mr. Noh, hurry up.

Look who's here.


Quit sending this kind of thing.


We're not family anymore.

Did you see your dad?

We didn't talk.

But yes, I saw him.

There's still something to resolve there.

Or else you wouldn't see each other.

That's true.

We're not family anymore.

Why do I have to see him

and feel crappy all day afterwards?

It's because you're still family.

I'm glad

I don't have to feel ashamed around you.

Is this your final piece?

No, I still need my mom's help.

Your mom?

This could be my mom

or it could be me.

My body

came out of my mom's body, after all.


You're popular.

Room five wants you.

Quit this job now.

I already talked to your manager.

I'll take care of you.
Forget about this line of work.

Are you listening to me?

You do whatever you want.

Why won't you just listen to me?

Do you have to be like that to hurt me?

"Hurt me"?

I don't know who is hurting who.

Don't you feel sorry for me?

Yes, how can you live like this?

Find someone who truly loves you.

Don't crawl to a place like this

and beg for love from children.

You're not still waiting for him, are you?




Goodness no...






She sucks at acting.

She prayed for her husband's death.

Some people will always be fake.

Get in.



Aren't you going home?

You both live in the same building.

I heard.

Get in already.

Take care of Jeong-im and drive carefully.

All right. Good night.


The heart can't turn back time.

Wait and see.

Is that love?

You surprised me.

I'm hungry. Let's go eat.

What have you been doing
that you didn't get a chance to eat?

Don't they feed their workers?

Follow me, you pig.

It's okay. My mom is not home.

Take your time.

I'm so upset.

Should I quit working there?

If you tell me to quit, I will.

You know you're acting weird, right?

I want to quit because you told me to,

and not for some other reason.

I must really like you.

Just eat.

Is your daughter still coming home late
these days?



Did you say something?

Even if I were to jump into that water,

for some reason

I feel like I could make it out alone.

If I had known...

that you jumped into the water
on purpose back then,

things would be different now.

Did you...


I didn't know.

I guessed it

from reading Gyeong-mi's book.

I see.

I don't care.

It's all in the past now.



Let's do it.


Stop it.

I have to call my mom...

Please forget about your mom today.

It's been a while.

I'm not that good.

That's the reason I moved.

I wanted to see you.

Hold on.

It's okay.

You're still pretty.

Why are you laughing?

You're quite the housekeeper.

It's to get on your good side.

Ninth floor.

Did you come to see me?

I didn't know you lived here.

I see.

Come have a bite with me.

I'll come eat with you some other time.

First floor.


I live

on the 12th floor.

It's room 1202.

Are you...

dating her?


Right, yes.

Are you awake?

What time is it?

I want

to do it.

No, that's good.

You look pretty.

Sit still.

You look pretty.

Turn your head

slightly this way.

Try looking over here.

There you go.


I'm done just now.

It's okay.


I'll see you tomorrow.


Are you working late again tonight?



I'm going home.

Try to come home early.



You were great today.

The person you called is unavailable.

Please leave a message after the beep.

Come on.

You know that I really hate
not being able to reach you.

Especially after we just had sex.

I love you.

Call me.

If I had known
that you had to get back to work,

I would have taken the bus.

I feel bad.

I can't let you do that.

This is part of how dating works.

If you really feel bad,

maybe you can cook for me sometime.


Is there anything better than
a home-cooked meal when you live alone?

We'll see if you've earned it.

Drive safely.


Byung-suk Choi.

It's not here.

Hey, kitty.

Your mom is here.

I brought snacks.

It's all for you.


Tell your dad that when he gets back,

he's going to be dead.

What brings you all the way to the office?

I brought a gift for you.

Is it my birthday?

Even better.


you're free.

Why did you suddenly change your mind?

It's because I know you've slept
with Jeong-im.

Can't you just lie to me?
We're getting divorced either way.

If I...

could pull off that kind of trick,

we wouldn't be here now.

You're so shameless.

I guess you always have been.

Does this make me more of a fool?

I went this far only to find out
that you've always liked Jeong-im

before finally giving you up.

I'm sorry...

for making you lonely.

You don't need to be that sorry.

My book is a bestseller thanks to you
and it didn't cost me much pain.


I guess today is not all bad.

Honestly, I just really wanted
to see a young guy today.


I can't believe I'm on a date
with the cutest guy in the world.

I like stroking your hair like this.

When I do this,

I feel at ease.

-I feel the same way too.
-I know.

I remember when you were still inside me.

Whenever you would start kicking,

I could pat you like this

and you would calm down.

I'm sorry, Byung-suk.

I'm sorry that things turned out this way.

I'm sorry.

Good job.

You did well.

What are you doing? My word.

You're a baby now.

Yes, I'm a baby.

I need more love.

Let me have some of your milk!

That tickles!

Why did you hide this talent of yours?

What talent?

You're too much.

Acting modest is a form of bragging.

Do you know how pretty you are?

You're even prettier naked, Ms. Park!

What's with you?




Are you sick?

Is that Ms. Park?


You saw them all, didn't you?
You're so sneaky.

How did you know my mom's name?

You said this book was interesting.

Gyeong-mi Lee is my mom.


Seung-rok Choi is my dad.

She called him "Seung-ho" in the book.


Jeong-im Park is "Jeong-ae Park"
in the book.

That's your mom, right?

Their dirty love triangle
made a best seller book.

It was supposed to end
with Gyeong-mi as the winner,

but instead it ends

with a passionate love
between Seung-rok and Jeong-im,

the one he could never forget.

Then there's Seung-rok's son, Byung-suk,
and Jeong-im's daughter, Yoo-jin.

That's you and I.

What are we?

I was really fucking anxious
to find out what we were.

It turns out we were nothing more
than a cheesy, third-rate scandal.

What are you trying to say?

Let's break up.

No matter what happens,

we're done today.

You must...

have been so hurt.

Should you be worrying
about other people right now?

It looks delicious.

You'd make a great wife.

I'm newly single, you know.

I'm a divorcee too.

We signed

the papers.

Eat up.


You don't have to walk me out.

-But I want to.
-You don't have to.

These are for you.

Up first...

Have you eaten yet? I'll get changed
and make something for you.


Are you dating someone?


I thought

you hated flowers.

I am...


Should I stop?


You look happy.

It's Seung-rok Choi,


No, well...

If it's him,

I'm okay with it.

Good luck.

Yes? What is it?

No, it's okay.

I wasn't asleep.

I mean...

You just surprised me.


Where were you?

I heard you were leaving school.

I thought about it.


That's just it.

We're not related,

and they're not married.

Isn't it okay?

Why do you have to be so hasty?

If you're okay with it,

I'm okay with it too.

Hey, Byung-suk!

-I said I'm okay with it!
-I'm not!


Are you hiding something from me?

There's definitely another reason.

What is it?

It's nothing.

Did you suddenly lose interest?

Tell me.

Is that it?

Stop it.

Then did you

sleep with another woman?

It's okay. I don't care.

You don't care?

You're trying so hard to act cool.

I'm not acting cool.

It just happens sometimes.

You could have gotten too drunk.

-Or maybe...
-Your mom was one of my customers.

What are you talking about?

Don't you know where I used to work?

She came to the bar with my mom.

What are you talking about?

Fuck. Can't you hear me?
I slept with your mom!


You said it wasn't that kind of work.

I told you

to not trust your mom.

I told you to not trust me.

The ax you trust hurts more...

You're right, it does hurt more.


She passed out.

I'll send her home tomorrow.



-How is it?
-Let's take a shot.

-Let's go.
-We're going to another bar.

-Let's go.
-Where are you going?

Let's go.

Why are we going somewhere else?

How could you keep pouring for her?

I thought she would have a high tolerance

like her dad.

Refusing to give her drinks
would make me look like her stepdad.

Cut it out.

Why did you leave the shop then?

She must be really upset.

They always come to their dad
when they're upset.

Doesn't that make you feel good?

Where did you go, by the way?

Who did you meet?

You finally woke up!

Do you know how much trouble I got in
with your dad yesterday?

I gave you too much to drink.

Where is he?

He went to the pharmacy
to get something for your hangover.

He loves his little princess so much.

Where is the bathroom?

Hold on.

Does this need more salt?

Hurry up! I made this for you.

It needs soy sauce.

Soy sauce?

This is good.

You used to hate cooking,
but you've gotten better.

I called your mom yesterday.

Can I stay a few more days?

Of course. You can do whatever you like.

Can you talk to Mom for me?



Broccoli is good for you.

Have some.

That bitch!

Come here, kitty.
Dad needs to give you some medication.

Come here.

I said I was sorry! Come here.

Come here. Ow!

Take a break.

I'm earning my rent.

You don't need to.

I don't want to burden you.

Doesn't he look like Hyun-jin?

Indeed, he's ugly.

Tell the truth, Mr. Noh.

You feel inferior to left-handed pitchers.

Why would I?

Do you watch baseball?

We play together once a month.

He's our fourth batter.

The fourth batter is the team's ace.

But if he bats
against a left-handed pitcher,

he strikes out every time.

Hey, I don't always strike out.
Sometimes I get four balls.

That's why he hates Hyun-jin.

He's only a rookie but is
the best left-handed pitcher in Hanhwa.


Hyun-jin is calling me.


I just hate Hanhwa.

You like Samsung.

Am I right?

-Good night.

Let's hit the next bar.

No way!

Good night.

Excuse me!

Do we look like perverts?


You were yelling about us
at the owner here yesterday.

I was?


not perverts.

Oh... I see.

Are you still here, Hyun-jin?

Off you go.

Good night, pretty lady.

Good night.

Let's go in.


I'm sorry.

Were you serious?

I thought you were just drunk.


You see,

who slept with who is not as important
as why they slept with them.

I guess you were drunk for that.

It was just an impression.
Let's go inside. It's cold.


How could she?

I'm scared of water.

I'll get our friends.

Don't go!

It's okay, Seung-rok.


Are you hungry?

I'm friends with Yoo-jin.


Her phone isn't on.

I have to talk to her
about our final exam.

In 1965?

Yes, I see.


It's me. I need to cancel our plans today.

Do you?

That's good.

I have something I need to do as well.

Yes, let's meet up later.

Okay. Bye.

Where is Yoo-jin?

Did you come for her?

She just left.

Did you send her home?

No, she's traveling.

Where was it?
It was somewhere from a book.

It was Gyeong-mi's book.


Yoo-jin said she wanted to see
the lake from that book.


You let her go there alone?

She's all grown up.

She looked like she needed
a place to think.

I gave her some money
before she left, so don't worry.

You're as irresponsible as ever.


What on earth happened?

She didn't tell me.


am dating someone.

Thank you for taking care of Yoo-jin.

Does it feel weird to hear she's dating?


I'm Yoo-jin's boyfriend, Byung-suk Choi.

I'm Seung-rok Choi's son.


How much

does she know?

She knows everything.

Are you still scared of water?

There is nothing scarier

in this world

than losing someone you love.

There's something

that everyone knows but you.

This might sound like an excuse,

but I didn't know anything

back then.

I didn't know

how your mom felt or even how I felt.
It's the truth.

Do you regret

meeting my mom again?

I have enough to regret in my life.

I don't want anymore.

I don't want to live with regrets either.

That's why

there's something we need
to overcome together.




go home.

There was no such sadness
that couldn't be overcome.

The lake that swallowed
all the lies and years was serene.

Who is it?

Byung-suk, what brings you here?


What is it?

My cat is Mom's cat.

You want me to feed it?

Hello. Nice to meet you.

Good boy.

This is easier for me for now.


You're here?

Do the dishes, punk!



You're moving today, right?


Okay, take care.

-Don't walk me out.
-Bye, Byung-suk.

Just like Ms. Lee wrote,

there was no such sadness
that couldn't be overcome.

We threw everything away
into that cold lake water

and came home.

The freezing winter has finally passed,

and spring slipped up on us unawares.

Thanks to the nude photo shoot
Mom had the courage to do,

I completed my graduation piece

and just barely graduated.

Don't scratch that.

-Put that in that room.

-Carry this, too.
-Yes, ma'am.

Mom raced around the house
with excitement about moving,

but she didn't move a single box.

She wanted to appear feminine.

Whenever she was in front of Seung-rok,
her ability to act weak was revived.

Her shyness started to leak out naturally.

Look at that acting.

I'm a bit embarrassed.

What do you mean?

Please consider my piece
like you would any other art.

It should make you breathless

and start a silent conversation.

Why are you laughing?

My word...

-Come in.
-Where were you?

I'm sorry.

Byung-suk always dreamed of having dinner

with all of his family regularly.

We realized things that other people
consider boring were precious moments.

That's why we decided
to live together under one roof.

I don't know how long this will last,

but at this moment, I love these people

who laugh and cry with me.

Subtitle translation by Christopher Shea