Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi (2018) - full transcript

When Professor Harpreet Kaur lands in Shanghai, the last thing she would have on her mind is getting kidnapped. A crazy comedy of errors unrolls as the 'Happy' gang - Bagga, Guddu, Happy ...

Thanks To Siddhart Sahani
Song & Symbol Colored by novabros

I can divorce you peacefully now!
we're both going to be rich.

I can buy all of China.

And the king's palace and Shanghai too.
Shut up! Let them wolk.

Let me drive today!

“That do you thin]: is in there?
Cocaine'? Guns'? Bang Bang!

Shut up!
look ahead and drive!

I'm going to find a new husband"

"once I'm rich!

Damn! I need to go to the toilet.



B3883, Wail. Bagga, wait.

Bagga, wait.

This is not Pakistan, buddy!

That is quite evident seeing
the development here.


Look...someone's shipped us to Japan.


Welcome to China.

That day

Brother Guddu.

The cat has arrived.
It has?

Hurry up, Happy.

OI we'll run into traffic in Delhi.

Let's go, I am ready.
I can see that.

The blue bag's already
stuffed with food, stuff more!

No need to interfere in my work.

Those people serve snakes fol meal,
you know.

“Thy did you agree
to do a show in China'?

Does anyone even know Hindi out there?

Aemso politely they invited me
"with wife"

And Ranjeet was saying that
all the shows would he houseful.

Yeah, right.
Because all you: shows go houseful.

Why do you keep bringing
up Harman's show?

It rained that day.
Sit down.

I've 8000 followers on Facebook,
and you know that.

Your friends liked it too.

So brother, the Air China
gate is in Delhi's T3 terminal.

Don't take them
to Korea one instead.

You Stupid!

Those people look similar
not the airline gates.

Brother Guddu,
precaution is better than cule.

Last time we had parked the
truck on the wrong side by mistake.

Don't you remember what
mess we had gotten into'?!

They had burned down my dad's truck,
you know sistel-in-law.

Because not every driver
is as stupid as you.

Such negative talks in the morning.


Listen. Look aflel the house.

Okay, bye.


Listen, don't forget to
get rue one of those camera phones.

I've heard they ale
available fol cheap in China.

Get lost!

It's cold.

Let's get out of hele first.

Yeah...could be the air-conditioner.

Let's go this way.

Happy I'll he hack in one minute.

What now?
I'll he hack...

HaxQXeeK Km“.

No Guldeep Singh?

No Guldeep Singh!

HaxQXeeK Km“.

No Guldeep Singh?

Who Guldeep Singh?

HaxQXeeK Km“.

No Guldeep Singh?

Will you go quietly
ol do you need a whack'?


How ate we going to understand
0111 name in their language?

I was just joking.

It must be here...

It must he in English...

Somewhere . . .hele ...

There! There! There!

Hey stupid.

Why are you holding that upside down?

Hold it straight.

And it's not spelled P R O F.

Guddu is spelled with G U D D U.

Guddu. HQPPY-

Gulleen. It's Happy.

Did you leach safe and sound?
Yes, don't worry about me.

Just don't let father
get his hands on this number.

Of course. Of course.

And what am I going to say
if someday he asks fol your numhel?

uncle, Nluxnbafs code got tad bigger.

Please manage, Gulleen.

Only fol a few days.

Okay, fine, don't worry.

And listen,
I've come outside the house.

Speak with uncle.

Uncle. It's Happy-



Hello, father.

How are you?

“That's wrong with rue'?

I am absolutely fine.

You just take care of yourself.

And don't worry about me.

Work hard and make
a name for yourself, dear.

Here, talk to Gulleen.

God bless.

Yes Happy tell me...

Ginny, father should
never know where I anl.

I know.

He was getting emotional
that's why I took the phone.

Once you find that bloody fool,
give him a few on my behalf as well.

I will. promise.


Excuse me.

How much time to leach university?

Shey Shey! Shey Shey!

No, no, how much time
does it take to get there?

Shey Shey! Shey Shey!

How much time will
it take to get there?

Shey Shey! Shey Shey!


This is a great place.




What's this?

Do it. Do it.

Is anybody listening?

Why did you
dump me in this furnace?


You speak Chinese?



Hello mister,
there's a misunderstanding.

“Thy have you got rue here'?

“There is you: husband, Happy'?

What? Husband?

Whose husband?

And since you understand Hindi,
let me make one thing clear.

I am Harpleet.


Stop pointing that gun. Put it down!

I am Harpleet Kaul.

And I don't have a husband.

Just return my passport
and bag and let n1e out of here.

Harpleel Kaul, Happy!

Age-26. Amritsar, India.

Arrival in China.

Ail China CA890.

There's been no
misunderstanding, Happy.

We invited you: husband
Guddu to come here and sing.


Who Guddu?

“There is this old couple taking us'?

What am I going to sing fol them?

It's their cultule, Guddu.

A way to welcome their guests.

Just keep walking.


My name is Shell.

And I am your tlanslatol.

You're what'?



Intemmu. .'.7

I see...

So, MI. Translator,
where is the stage?

The stage...

The stage is outside.

Please, this way.

This way.

Just follow him.

Guddu isn't going to sing,
because we don't run an event company.

We were going to keep
Guddu here as leverage...

...and make you run an
errand for us in Lahore.

You have friends in Lahore.

Bilal Ahmed and Javed Ahmed.

Last year Javed Ahmed
paid a visit here.

He promised a company to get them
Lahole's hydro-power plant project.

But this year,
as soon as he came in power...

...he canceled that deal.

You will go to his
house like you did earlier.

And you will convince Bilal Ahmed to
gave that project to that same company.

And in return you'll get to live,
and so will Guddu.

Are you high on drugs'?

First of all,
I am not the Happy y0u'Ie looking fol.

And even if I was,
it's such a stupid plan.

You should've abducted
the guy's father or his son...

...hut no, you abduct
that finthefs son's Indian...

...friend instead and want
her to do this job for you.

Are you really a criminal,
or is this just you: side-business'?

We are not stupid to lay
a finger on a politician's family.

Just tell us where is Guddu.

My God, not Guddu again.

I don't know any Guddu.

I am Happy. Harpleet Kaul.

I teach Horticulture .

Talk about Lahore, and I've
never set foot out of Ludhiana.

You're looking for Guddu, aren't you'?

Then go look fol him,
I'm S1118 you'll find him.

But Imus! get to the
University immediately.

Madam, please climb up on the stage.

Huh? Why?

Why will madam climb up on the stage?

Mr. Interpreter,
I will 'clirnb-up on stage'.

Yes, he will do it.

Why you?

Because I am going to sing, hlo.

Are you going to sing'?
Of coulee I will.

Do you have a doubt?

You can sing.

But aflel madaufs speech.

Stop troubling my wife.

Why does madam have to give a speech?


It's okay, Guddu.

It must he their cultule.

There's no sound, no stage...

wand, I don't see
any live musicians.

He's brought us amongst
a bunch of school kids.

And won't stop
muting about some speech".

Calm down, Guldeep Singh.

It will all be over in ajiffiy.

Come on.

Come, madam.


Let's go.

This way please.

Here. You wear it.

Come on.

I want to ask,
what is the futule of Bonsai in China?

Mrs. Kaul, this boy wants to
know the futule of Bonsai in China.

Bonsaimwill glow.

Little by little

Enough fooling around, Happy.

If you don't do my job,
I can go to any litnit.

Amritsar! Lahore!

Everywhere there will
be people in trouble.

I don't give a damn!

First of all, you've brought n1e here
instead of someone else.

Every other girl in every other
street of Amritsar is called Harpreet.


I am not the Happy
you are looking fol.

And what do you want?

You want rue to go
to Lahore for you fools.

Give up my life fol no reason.



Now I anl not responsible
for whatever happens afiel this.



Are you going to
just wield that around'?

File it now.
It's you: brother's wedding.

Here it goes!

What happened?

“That the . . .powel-cut.

You guys always
mess up my wedding.

Is someone going
to check the lights now?

Check the geni, Rajindel!

Yeah brother I'm going to check.

Power's back .

“There has he gone?

Stop dancing
you fools, where has he gone?

You fools.

“There is he'?

“There is he'?

Go look fol him.

Gentlemen, this beautiful
gathering has been arranged...

the honor of
that Police Officer...

...whose acts of bravery
shall always remain

as an example fol LaJmle's
Police Deparhnent.

This is definitely
had luck fol Pakistanis.

Two Afridjs got
Ietiled hack to hack.

Shahid from Cricket and Usrnan
from the Police Departnlent.

I would like to honor
the Police Officer...

...who makes everyone feel safe
in the city by his mere existence.

Whose mele existence sends
chills down the spine of crime.

His mere existence...

His mere existence...

Sit is nowhere to be seen.

Now, today

So that's the reason to
bring you both back together.


You will help us find Guddu.

And you will take Happy to see Bilal.

And do my job.

I was on my wedding horse.

Listen, Bagga.

Get down bro!

To hell with Bagga and screw Bro!

“There's the logic? these twits
abducted n1e off damn wedding horse!

I had distributed
sweets all over Amritsar.

Even sent out a wedding
Invitation the to the Captain.

You: brother even booked hitnself
a honeymoon package for Canada.

My brother?

No, that's not what he means.

But my Chinese brother,
this isn't fair.

You know, political espionage
is illegal in every way.

Andml am the Law, you see,

I was an ASP in the
Lahore Police Departnlent.

Now I am Ietiled.

That's why I've been
trying to tell you.

You two don't have much time.

If you want to get hack to
your wedding, and your Ietiled life...

...then go upstairs and explain Happy.

Move aside.

What happened?

Did Happy agree?

So Happy...

'W'here did she go'? 'W'here did she go'?
Go find her!

You idiots.

Go...go...go...fi_nd her.

So Lollypop,
do you want to catch Happy agailfl?

Now you will send
us hack in a private jet.

Shut up.

No one's going anywhere.

Nlakaju will go with you.

Buy some new clothes.

New clothes?

We're not on a picnic.

Look, brother, send us back home.

And, don't let her name fool you.

She will make you unhappy in life.

Explain him Bagga.

Bloody lollypop, why don't you get it?

That Happy got you: brother's
wedding canceled twice.

But I don't have a brother.

That's not what he meant.

You're rny brother.

My brother, right'?

Please say yes.

Please send rne back to Lahore,
Chinese Brother!

My name is Chang,
and I'm not you: Chinese brother.

And we will catch Happy.



♪ Weird questions! ♪

♪ Creating a stil. ♪

♪ A pair of eyes casting a spell. ♪

♪ Always on the run. ♪

♪ Nowhere to go, nowhere to run. ♪

♪ Goes here, goes there. ♪

♪ Isn't that amazing. ♪

♪ Put on your shoes. ♪

♪ Tighten your laces. ♪

♪ Put on your shoes. ♪

♪ Tighten your laces. ♪

♪ She's going to make
you run for you: money. ♪

♪ Happy is going to 11m away. ♪

♪ Happy is going to 11m away. ♪

♪ She will break the border. ♪

♪ Happy is going to 11m away. ♪



Water. Give rue water.

Ni Han

How, water.




My name is Khuswant Sing]: Gill.

I work in the Indian Embassy.

And this here is my favourite song.

♪ I know you love rue... Don't say no. ♪

♪ You'Ie crazy about rue...
Don't say no. ♪

♪ I know you mean
yes... when you say no. ♪

♪ is love. ♪

♪ Say yes... stop saying 110. ♪

♪ I know you love rue... Don't say no. ♪

Hello, mom.

Hello, son.

How are you?

Just great, morn.

How about you?

You: father is watching the match.

While I am doing catdio
on the treadmill you sent fol me.

Are you driving'?

Did you have dinner'?

Yes, I did.

A friend of mine Lhlew a party.

And I ate a lot.

Stop hanging out with your friends.

I've said it a 100 times
find a nice girl for yourself.

Please, mom.
Stop worrying about my marriage.

Be serious now.

If you wander out
alone even at this age...

...then you'll get possessed by
some spirit ol ghost, a Chinese Ghost!

M0m...I am getting
a call flom a friend.

I'll call you later.

Listen to me.

I'll call you hack mom.
You'll get possessed.

Listen, Satdalji.

What the...

Help Me!

Help Me! Help Me

Ghost! Spirit.

Help Me! Help Me!

Who are you? Who are you?

Have you lost your mind?
Shush with the Chow Mein!


Are you Indian?

Do I look German to you'?

How did you get in my cat? You thief.

I'll have you arrested.

Who are you?

“That did you eat for dinner, Sardalji'?

Will you stop screaming
and listen to me?

My name is Happy . HaxQXeeK Km“.

I teach Horticulture .

I just recently got appointed as
a professor at the Dadong University.

Show me your passport.

I don't have it.
I see.

A professor without a passport.

Horticulture .

You are no professor of any cultuxe!

You're an illegal immigrant,
aren't you'?

You got in the country Lhlough Nepal.

Y0u'Ie lying, aren't you?
I am not lying.

I am a horticulturist.

I just wanted to
get to the University.

I saw you at the hat and
thought you will help me out.

I was abducted, and they have my hag,
my passport, my money!

Oh please,
I've heard such stories before.

I work at the Embassy.

And without documents, there's no
difference between a horticulturist...

...ol a wanted terrorist.

You can't con me. I am a legal man.

Don't try to get rue involved
in you: terrorist activities.

And get lost.

OI else...

OI else...

OI else...

What is that?

My Plume.

And I have the Police's
number is speed dial.

I will call them.

I am going. I don't need your help.

I made it this fa: alone,
and I can take care of myself.

And let me clear one
misconception fol you.

Y0u'Ie not legalmyou are a wimp.

And stupid as well.

You can lie about your pathetic
social life to your mother.

Sing Hindi songs for these
Chinese and endule their abuses.

But you can't help
a Punjabi gill in trouble.

Idiot! Was trying to
scare me with the phone.

I was stupid to get in your cat.

Hello, pro fess or.



I didn't mean to call you names.

By the way,
I am Khushwant Sing]: Gill.

I know.

You said it at the hat.

Didn't you get too personal?

Is it? I'm sorry.

So you've no idea
who this other Happy is'?

Okay, this guy who
was Lhleatening you...

...how did he look?


Just get me to the University,
once I get this job...

You're such a weird gill.

You: life's under thleat.

And you're worried about your job
instead of trying to save your life.

It's important.


But, whether it's the
University or the Embassy...

...it will reopen on Monday.

And what about the
guys who are aflel you.

You know what,
you can go sleep in that room.

There is a very influential
guy from out community.

I know him.

I'll take you to him in the morning.

Maybe he can help.


Can I get another one'?

Yes, of course!

So many female clothes?

Is it you: sister's'?


Doesn't look like
you: mother's clothes?

I wear them when I am alone.

Just put something
on and get some sleep.

We must leave early morning.

Take this.

Doesn't look like
you: mother's clothes!

Pro fess or.

Still worried about your job?

Take my advice.

You should worry about home.

I am telling you
this out of experience.

This is Shanghai and not Patiala.

Don't you miss Patiala?

Have you ever been to Patiala'?

Only once.

To attend a wedding.

Can I ask something?

You definitely don't weal
women's clothes when you're alone.

So why don't you clear them out?

It takes me only 30 seconds to
know any plant's history

...by just looking at its branch.

And branches don't even give a hint.

Do you know what your type is?

Please, Happy-

I don't want to know my type.

We're altnost there .

Whom are we meeting with?

Admm Chow. He's a sweet guy

Is he dead?

"You'Ie a free bird."

"You'Ie meant to soar the skies."

"There are other skies
waiting for you to explore."

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

He's still alive.

"Don't let the earthly bonds and
desires tie you down or confuse you."

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

"Gone are the days when
I was alone in company."

"Now I have many confidantes."

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

I understand the entile situation.

But I still didn't understand
how this lady met you.

We met at the hat...

Admm sit.

She wanted to get to the University.

I see.

We met on the way,
and she asked fol my help.


Okay, Happy-

Those scoundlels,
who were holding you captive.

Can you identify anyone?

No identification...

...but there was a guy
called Chang with them.

And anyway,
they all look the same to me.

Then tomorrow you might
not recognize n1e either.

It was a joke. A joke.

It's so sad,
mac's Happy and othefs Khushi

and they both can't understand a joke.

So the University will
confirm with the Embassy...

mwhich will open only on Monday.

Until then you must stay safe.

Khushi, where's she going to stay'?

A place to stay is
not the problem, sit.

She is staying with me.

But if you can speak with the Embassy.

Sit, my job is much mole
important than the Embassy.

I just want to get to
the University once.

You know what, Khushi.

I'll text you from a
different number, save that.

This is a very delicate situation.

You see,
although my name is Admm Chow...

...but, unfortunately,
the Chinese treat rue as...

wand fol the Pakistanis
I'll always he Chow.

You know, I couldn't
find God ol my beloved types...

Well then, it's better to stay
at home until I don't find something.

See you then.

It's time fol me to paint.

Do it, sit.

Hex name is Hatotem Knox.
You heal anything you cal! me, okay.

Bagga, how can you
eat at a time like this?

From my mouth'? “Thy?

How do you eat in Urdu'?

Spare rue, Lord.

You should eat too.

We have to do as he says.

And it's hard to follow
orders on an empty stomach.

I won't eat.

I wonder if that's even 'Halal'.

These are Noodles, not 'Halal'.

Don't you get noodles in Lahore?

These are dangerous people.

I think Happy is in
some kind of trouble...

Don't mention her name.

She gels everyone else in trouble.

She can't ever be in trouble

And, listen, bro. Spare us.

Let us go home.

“Then you: brother couldn't find hel,
then you can't either.

We found Happy.


We found Happy.

Found her'?

Straight, Pudong Bay.

These bloody twits are really fast.


Are we going to eat
noodles today as well'?

Let's order some food
from an Indian Restaurant.

There's Happy, near that black cal.

You two will approach her filst.

And try to explain to her.

But if you try to he wise guys...

Did Happy get a plastic surgery'?

Well, gills are
getting one these days.

But isn't that a dlastic makeover?

And since when did Guddu
start wearing a tulhan?


This is confusing.

Tell that fool.


That's not her.

She doesn't look like her.

Go! Go! Go!

What's that stupid doing?

He's a Chinese,
I don't think he can understand.

That's not her.

Bagga, let's try that.

_ Th“ filmy game.

That A fox Action, B fox Ragga,

C fol something.

M onopoly.

Ya that poly.


First wold.

Is 'Happy' in English or Hindi'?

Definitely English.

It can be in Urdu as well.

Shut up.

The first wold, English.

How do we show Happy?

Look happy-

She is not Happy.

What the...

He's so dumb. Can't understand
such a good pelfonnance.

She is not Happy.

I think they don't
play this game in China.

Let's go take a look inside,
fol ourselves.


You are not Guddu.

I told you he's not Guddu.

'$37110 is Guddu, mister?

He's not Guddu, but where is she'?

'$37110 is where?

“There do you thin]: you're going'?

What is this nonsense?

Who the hell are you?

I am Damzm Sing]: Bagga.

Punjabi to English,
non-stop top speed.

“Thy you really be Guddu,
when you really no Guddu'?


Who are these people?

I don't know who they are.

Crazy people -

I thin]: they Ian away from the zoo.

That's not her either.



Why am I not? I am happy.

Who are you?

I am ASP Usmzm Afridi.

He's Dunn Singh Bagga.

This country is China.

And this man is not Guddu.

I nevel said I am Guddu.

Now get out of here.

Wait a minute.

How do you know Guddu and Happy?

Let me...

Let me tell you.

It was my wedding...

Shame on him.

Happy was to marry his brother.

His brother?

To hell with brother.

I am telling you she is not Happy.

I am Happy, but not that Happy.

DilflPy was right.

About what?

You can get a replica
of everything in China.


Do you know her'?



This uncle knows you?

Wait, Khuswant,
just shut up fol a minute.

We said we don't know her.

And she is not Happy.

Who says she's not?

She is Happy.
These people don't know anything.

And you Indians know everything,
don't you?

I know.

You can talks to me.

You can chats to me.

Hands up.

What the...

That's the guy Chang.

Don't be scum! of him.

He's with us.

What are you doing, Happy?

That's my gxmflpis hockey sick.

Don't worry, he will understand.

These two are in cahoots with him.

We're not in cahoots with anyone.

In fact, we are not even together.

I am Indian,
and this old man hele is Pakistani.

Happy, call the Police.



No need to call the Police.

Khushi, what's the police's number'?

It's on the speed dial, hurry up.

We don't have passports or other documents.
Shut up.


Bagga my 8“-

Why are you calling the Police?


Why are you calling the Police?

My gun.

I am not your servant.

Why should I give you your gun?


Is he dead?

No-no, I think he's just unconscious.

Then check him,
the way you guys check.

Check if he's breathing.

I don't understand.



Check for a pulse or something.

I never touched dead bodies
even when I was in service.

Dead body?

You said he's unconscious.

They can't he trusted, you know.

They are Pakistanis.
They just say anything.

You're an Indian, aren't you'?

You check. You check.

You check him.

You check.
Check him.

Am I the officer or are you'?

He's dead.
Check him.

He's dead.

You guys killed this
Chinese in my home.

Now I'll he jailed.

I'll lot in a Chinese
prison fol the lest of my life.

And never go back to Patiala.


Look, mister.


Are you going to get that kite?

N is pink.

Careful. Careful.

It's torn.

It's torn.

It's torn.

You tole my pink kite.

Pink kite.

I told you to he careful.

Is he talking in code?
You tole my pink kite.

Snap out of it Khushwant.

You tole my pink kite.
You haven't done anything.

These two killed that Chinese guy.

Listen, lady. I didn't kill him.

No, you are right.

He died aflel slipping on his 'Halal'.

But you tripped him.

I may have tripped
hitn but he pushed the guy.

So it's clear, he killed this guy.
This duplicate Guddu.

Yes, I pushed the guy.

No, no.
I pushed the guy.

Yes, he did. He killed him.

Now I'll go to jail.

No, Khushwant.

Like Bhagat Sing]: went to

You are not Bhagat Singh,
Freedom shall soon be 0111s.

You are Khuswant Singh.
Wake up.

♪ Colol my lobe in saffron,
O motherland. ♪

♪ Colol my lobe in saffron,
O motherland. ♪

Oh damn!

Sing with me, everyone.

I called the Police.
rench rue. . .'

What have you done?

Look. . .don't worry.

I will tell the Police
that he killed the guy.

Not again.

The struggle for freedom will never
forget the names of their martyrs.

It's calling out to us.

Shut up! Everyone's gone crazyl!
♪ This country belongs to young brave-hearts... ♪

The Police will be here any minute.

And I am not going to

Khushwant, I said get up.


You killed him.

You killed him again.

He's unconscious.

He's just unconscious.

Hurry 11P-

Police will be here any minute.

Get him up.

Come, bio. Om county is flee.

Come on.

Let's go.

Let's go.

0111 nation is flee now,

But what about this Kashmir?

They are the people who
abducted me flom the airport.

I wonder how they found you: house.

You guys have ruined my life.

I was an employee. I had a job.

But now I'm feeling like a criminal.

I didn't understand one thing.


If these guys are
looking fol that Happy...

...then why are they afiel this Happy'?

Because according to
them this Happy is that Happy.

If she is that Happy,
then who is that Happy?

It doesn't matter who is she

“There is she'?

Okay, so where is she'?

They weren't you: kind of crowd.


Silly People.

All they did was talk about plants.


Who cares?

We'll have another honeymoon.
Go sightseeing.

Do some shopping.

And hack to Amritsar.

This is not the Happy
you're looking for,

The Happy you were supposed
to go afiel, is this.

But where are we going, Khushi'?

Same place where you came in my life.

Your life has become so exciting
in the last Z41101115, Khushi.

I can't understand anything, Fa.

Those guys landed up in my home.

I can't run or hide.

What people?

We can't expect any
help from Lahore either.

I talked to Sit Junior.

He's saying that he'll
talk to the Embassy here...

...and try to find
out the other Happy...

...hut at the moment
he's in Kabul himself.

Even the Afghanis
are fleeing from Kabul.

“That's he doing out there?

Mind your language, B3883-

That's no way to talk.

What about these two now?

If you hand over the
girl to the immigration...

...then they will send
hel back home safely.

Is he talking about us?

Pardon me, but you are"?



That's a very foamy name fol a guy.

All the names in China are like that.

Maybe, but I anl sule you're addressed by
some name in the place you hail from.

I anl from nowhere.

I am a Chinese.

And your surname?



Fa! Q!

Please...can get we get to the point'?

Admm sit.

Yes, six.

Khushi, I believe
I have some had news fol you.

But I don't know how to say it.

Doesn't matter, sit.

Can't he worse than my situation.

Okay, then heat me out.

The place where I conduct
Pakistani Cooking Classes...

...I have a student who
wolks fol the Airport Police.

While learning the recipe
to make 'Bilyani' he was saying...

mthat your friend,
I can't mention hel name now.

Sorneone's filed a report
against her at the Consulate.

She's involved in some
kind of illegal drug trafficking.

It must be those rascals, sit.

Their boss landed up in my home.

Your home?

Be careful,
it's Bilyani, not sticky rice.

Don't stay at your home?

No, sit.

I am at my friend's place.

You know what, you and that
girl come over to my place tomorrow.

Let's send hel to India first.

And the other issues
Can be resolved later.

Okay, sit.
Take care, kid.

Thank you.

Those rascals made sule we
don't go to the Police or the Embassy.

What them.

But you don't worry, Happy.

Adnan sit will arrange
for you: safe return tomorrow.

Hey man!

Look at her.

She's so beautiful.

Look at her eyes, beautiful.

Hey beautiful, how are you doing?

Hey beautiful!

Who is he now?

Let's go from here.

Come on, let's go.

“That was going on here'?

What do you want?

Look Khushi, I can't go hack home.

It's really important
for rue to take up this job.

Do we look stupid to you?

All 0111 lives are
at stake because of you.

And you're lying to us.

Do we look crazy to you'?

So don't he crazy.

Let rue go my way,
and you can all go back home.

This is my problem
and I will handle it.

“That is the problem?

What can he the reason that
you can't g0 hack to your own home?

Just tell rue you: problem.

“That else can be the problem,

Why can't you clear
out your closet at home?

Why doesn't life move on?

When something is lefl incomplete.
When it's not finished yet.

Tell me.

I told my father that
I got a job in Muxnbai.

I never lied to my father.

I had no reason to.

Halpleet was father's reason to smile.

That's why he used to call me Happy.

Call Happy, I don't care.

What's wnmg? Who made him Bamum?

He did that himself.

And he's saying he is not coming down.

But why?

What are you doing?

Get down.

Uncle, come down.


Be quiet everyone.

“That are you doing, father?

Get down.

I don't have a problem with Amzm.
He's my friend.

We've known each other
since we were in diapers.

Then why don't you aglee
to marry him?

Oh, God. Not again.

I had to burn the midnight oil
to become a professor.

And do you expect me to leave
everything behind and g0 to China?

And what about you?
Who's going to take care of you?

Take care of me?


Listen, everyone.

She's started a rumol...

mthat she doesn't want to get
married because she is worried fol me.

My traditional suifs
been in Mohan Dry cleaners...

...wh_ich is right next to
her college for thlee months now.

But she couldn't collect that.

I will get it tomorrow. Promise.

But marriage cannot he my punishment
fol not getting your dless.

Come down now.

It's not easy to mend
broken bones at this age.

If you're stubborn,
then I anl your father.

Then stay there .

I wouldn't even leave
my neighborhood for anyone.

Ifhe wants to marry me,
then let him come down hele.

“That if Arman decides to stay here'?

He's been rotting
there for 6 years.

Do you really thin]: he'll come now'?

What if he does?

Then Iwfllrnarryhjln.

Did you all heat? Everyone?

She gave rue her word.

She has given me tongue.

Wait, dear, just a minute.


'$37110 cares where I am'?

Just tell Happy what
you told me about your son.

Yes. Talk to later.

Catch this.

Very good catch.

Hello, uncle.

I see...


Yes. Yes, uncle. Thank you.

I'll call you hack.

What now? Speak up.

Speak up.
Say something, Happy-

Y0u'Ie in such a hurry.
Why don't you marry him?

To hell with marriage.

He's tugging on the cable tv wile.

And they are showing
a Varun Dhawan movie.

011 god!

She said yes.

♪ Whele are you going, my dear? ♪

♪ We're going to miss
you when you're gone. ♪

♪ Whele are you going, dear? ♪

♪ We're going to miss
you when you're gone. ♪

♪ Breaking news the girl's engaged. ♪

♪ Hel lovers are feeling betrayed. ♪

♪ There's a sale for
broken hearts at the bars. ♪

♪ And there's silence
in all the homes. ♪

♪ I am gonna fly away. ♪

♪ Become an NRI. ♪

♪ Everyone's going to remember
just one thing in my wake. ♪

♪ You: earrings make
out hearts skip a beat. ♪

♪ Can't handle the swag
of that Amritsar gal. ♪

♪ You: earrings make
out hearts skip a beat. ♪

♪ Can't handle the swag
of that Amritsar gal. ♪

♪ “mi 'SH gal». ♪


I'll just join you.

What happened?

You dance really well.
Very well.

Was that a compliment ol a condolence?

I'll be leaving tomorrow
morning right afiel the engagement.

So I thought...

Yes, but you are coming
hack in two weeks.


♪ Those who strolled down you: lane,
showing off their style. ♪

♪ Are now on you: side,
they have become you: friends. ♪

♪ All those innocent promises,
made in the college, will stay here. ♪

♪ You'll make this happy
world lonely again. ♪

♪ She's madly in love...
and she'll get what she deserves. ♪

♪ Everyone's going to remember
just one thing in my wake. ♪

♪ You: earrings make
out hearts skip a beat. ♪

♪ Can't handle the swag
of that Amritsar gal. ♪

♪ You: earrings make
out hearts skip a beat. ♪

♪ Can't handle the swag
of that Amritsar gal. ♪

♪ mthat Amritsar gal. ♪

♪ mthat Amritsar gal. ♪

♪ mthat Amritsar gal. ♪

♪ Hel decorated hands have
been adorned with bangles. ♪

♪ Hel father's dancing with joy,
and he feels proud. ♪

♪ Soon these lanes,
this neighborhood will be lonely again. ♪

♪ But the memories will stay. ♪

♪ I am going to leave all this behind. ♪

♪ And never come back again. ♪

♪ Everyone's going to remember
just one thing in my wake. ♪

♪ You: earrings make
out hearts skip a beat. ♪

♪ Can't handle the swag
of that Amritsar gal. ♪

♪ You: earrings make
out hearts skip a beat. ♪

♪ Can't handle the swag
of that Amritsar gal. ♪

♪ mthat Amritsar gal. ♪

♪ mthat Amritsar gal. ♪

♪ mthat Amritsar gal. ♪

♪ mthat Amritsar gal. ♪



Get out of here.

Out of my house.

Get these out of here.

Tell these guys to leave.
I will, uncle.

And take these empty chairs outside.

And why is that light still on?

Tum it off.

Just a minute.

Let rue just send them away.
Leave it, father.

I said go away.
Someone else will do it.

Let's go, father.


My child!

Forgive me.

That day he didn't
Iajse his hand on me.

I am hele to get
the guy who actually deserved it.

My childhood friend.

Amzm Sing]: Wadhwa.

My father doesn't smile anymore.

I am hele to find his smile again.

For two years I kept
following up on Arman.

But still no news.

Then I found out that he's
working in some factory in Hunan.

And I worked hard day and night.

I finished a year's
course in 6 months.

Only because...

...no one in that neighborhood could
Iajse his voice in front of MI. Sodhi.

I just want Arman Wadhwa
to say Forgive rue, Sodhi sit."

"I made a mistake".

Who knew I would get in this trouble?

They think I am your Happy.

As long as you two are not with them,
your Happy is safe.

You two should get
out while you still can.

To your homes, your Embassy.

But I won't leave this place
until I've restored my father's honor.


I know you can manage on your own.

But what if I want
to help as a friend?


You clap when I hit, okay'?



Kancha China. (Sino)

I saw it in Lahore, Agneepath...
Keep Quiet! That's MI. Adnan.

He makes the Chinese applaud fol
everything they don't know how to do?

What have you got yourself into,
Khushi my boy?

“There is Happy?

And who is this gentleman?

I am ASP Usmzm Afridi.


“There is Happy?

That's a long story, sit.

I just came over to say
that in a couple of days...

...l']I take this gentleman, Damzm
Sing]: Bagga, and Happy to the embassy.

Don't even think about it.

There's a report against them.

Unless those scoundlels
don't find their Happy...

...it would be dangerous
to go anywhere.

Pray that they find him.

We can't play fol that, Admm sit.

She's 0111 friend too.

Her too'?



But, we're heading to Human for now.

“Thy Human'?

That's a long story as well.

"This is a long story."

"That's a long story."

"That Happy is a friend,
this Happy is a friend."

Is everything all right, Khushi?

You've made mole friends in fOIII
days then you did in fOIII years.

I am shocked myself, sit.

But right now we must get to Humm.

Please help us.

There's a guy called
Arman Wadhwa out there.

Some 30-year-old.

He works in some toy factory in Hunan.

If you can find him
hefole we leach.


But I hope you know what
you're getting into, my boy.

I don't know what I am doing, sit.

But I am finally doing something.



Sorry, we didn't
get introduced properly.

Me, I am Damian Singh
Ragga fmm Amxitsax.

Colpolatol, from Ajnala side.

You know me?

You came to 0111 college once.

I see...

You also gave a speech in English.

The entile hall cleared out
before you could finish your speech.

Except fol my cousin.

She is a big fan ofyouls.

I must he UJIdBI stress that day,
otherwise, you knows me, I am a very...

Dalnan, you should speak
in Hindi or Punjabi.

Desi suits you.

Thank you.

Stop staring.
It's considering indecent in China.

I see.

Back in 0111 country it's called Love.

Only the Chinese understand their way.


Come here.


Those are the guys who kidnapped me.

“Tho, them'?
Over that table.

Are you sule it's them'?

I was kidnapped,
of course, I would know.

What happened?

Damzm, those guys kidnapped me.

Hold these, I'll show them.

Those bloody...
No, no, no violence in my nation.

I'll get my ca: from the ca: park,
meet rue at the main gate.


That too.

Let's go.

Your hag. Your hag.

Your hag.
My hag.

I lefl the hag.

I'll just go get it.
Forget the bag, run.

Let's go, Let's go!
Come on.

Your hag. Your hag.


Your hag.

Listen to me.
Why are you getting down?

What's going on?

“That's going on here'?
Get in.

What happened, Fa?

Don't know.

They are aflel us
like Akbar was aflel Anatkali.

It will take us 2 days to get there.

Keep updating us if you have any news.

Don't worry.

And bring that Idiot with you!

“Thy don't you find
a way to find the real Happy'?

Once we find that Happy,
it will he the end to 0111 troubles.

I will try my best, just leave.

See the map, Guddu!

Map is in Chinese as well.

Who is he?

That guy.
Yes, ask him.



How to get to Shaolin Temple'?

I am Chinese, I don't know Hindi.

What language ate you
speaking now? Persian?

Go away.

You Indians .
Crazy man.

Go away.

You look straight out of Delhi.

Go away.

He's crazy.

Even my wife is mole Chinese than you.

Go away.

♪ It's all right. ♪

♪ The path of life
is filled with burdens. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ Life's a race,
or are we racing for life. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ Dreams scattered
in a million pieces. ♪

♪ Strangers are closer than relative. ♪

♪ My luck's pretty good,
but my problems have better luck. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪






Same Hapvy'?

No, this Happy-

No, this Happy-

No, this Happy-

No, this Happy-

Shut up!

Go find her.

Find her!

♪ Now Let rue tell you
a story of a bird... ♪

♪ A bird. ♪

♪ As she took to the skies,
the world was in trouble. ♪

♪ In Trouble... ♪

♪ Things messed up. ♪

♪ Things messed up. ♪

♪ Things messed up. ♪

♪ Things messed up. ♪

♪ Let rue tell you a story of a bird... ♪

♪ A bird. ♪

♪ As she took to the skies,
the world was in trouble. ♪

♪ Things messed up. ♪

♪ Although the paths are unfamiliar. ♪

♪ And she has a long way to go. ♪

♪ The story sounds pretty simple... ♪

♪ ...but it's actually
very complicated. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

Gulle en.

What happened, dear?

Nothing, uncle.

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ The path of life
is filled with burdens. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪


Her name was Elli.

The closet gill?

Four years ago I got a job
as an interpreter in the Embassy.

But pretty soon I knew
that my life was ruined.

Then I met her.

I didn't know how could
I get so much happiness at once.

Even the noodles she made
tasted like homemade patathas.

Then why did she leave you?

Did she find someone else?

No, no.

She just wanted a trade-license from the
Chinese embassy for a massage parlor.

Once she got that,
she lefi fol...Noida.

Em was a masseuse'?

Why? Don't they have a heart?

She made a fool out of you.

“Thy have you still kept her clothes?

What if she comes hack fol them?

Nepenthes Attenholoughii!


A Iale species amongst plants.

Your type.

You're the Nepenthes
Attenboroughji of men.


Food is served. Come on.

Come on.

And what are you looking at?
You also come.

♪ I know you have a
question on your mind. ♪

♪ You do... ♪

♪ But if you can get that question out,
then you're amazing. ♪

♪ Amazing. ♪

♪ Such are the ways of fine... ♪

♪ Brawn is bigger than brains. ♪

♪ Flex you: muscles
or rack you: brain. ♪

♪ This is just another race. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ The path of life
is filled with burdens. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ The world's in a hurry, or are we. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

♪ But its all right. ♪

Bless you, son.

Come, Ginny, get me some dilmel!

Come, dear.
Yes, father.


Uncle, there's something I wanted to say.
Go on.

Happy's phone is unleachahle.

That's all right.
It must he switched off.

Try again aflel some time.

But her phone's unleachable
for six days now.

Six days?

And you're telling rue now.

Yes, Father?

Bring my pulse and my cane.

When will you glow responsible, Ginny?

I'm taking the next train to Delhi.

And I can catch the
Rajdhani Express from there.


And where does Sujit stay in Munlbai'?

Siam, isn't it'?

Uncle, Happy is in Shanghai.

How fa: is Shanghai from Sion'?

Happy is in China.


China, father.


Yes, six.


Okay, sit.

Thank you.

Happy, that was Chow sit on the line.

Arman doesn't work in a toy factory...

...he works at an adult
toy factory in Hunan.

Adult toy?


What is that?

I guess even the authors of Urdu won't
know what to call adult toy in Urdu.

Afier ruining father's reputation
he's making adult toys out hele.

Bloody fool.

But Happy, what is an adult toy?


Happy, don't worry-

Once I get my hands on him,
I will set him straight fol good.


Can I say something?

Go ahead.

Owing to my experience
in these situations...

mnonnally aflel a boy apologies to the
gill, he always has the first chance.

And I come on second.

You're playing for Bronze,
so don't try too hard.

You don't have to worry.

All is fair and Lovely
and love and war.

Get it?

Bus...' am a Gill.

And there's nothing
that Gill don't understand.

You're a Gill'?


You're actually Gill'?

Yes. I am.

If you are a Gill,

then I am a Shelgill.

Bro. . . Bronze.

What place is this?

This is the addxess.

And what are these ladies wearing?

Let's get down.

There it is .

Wait here.
Happy and I will go check inside.

Why you?

Come soon.



Now, do you understand
what's an adult toy?


The atnlosphere here looks precarious.

This place...

Hey, Kuchi Kuchi! You want massage?
Listen, lady, I'll have you arrested.

I am ASP Usmzm Afridi.

He's Policeman, he likes handcuff i.


“That handcuff?

What is it?


Stay away.
Oh Kinky Kinky! I bring Handcuff!

“That handcuff?

Hey come, come in.

You no mood?
What mood?

It makes mood.

Makes you China power.


Hey Kayloole!

Kaylo ole


“There were you'?

I wonder what she made rue smell.


See this!

That guy behind the
led lantern.


Doesn't he look like Chang?

Since we got here,
everyone looks like Chang.

I even forgot how he really looks.

If he's Chang,
then why isn't he Chang too?

Yes, you're right.

That's not Chang, it's someone else.

But that guy is coming towards us.

Not every guy coming
towards us has to he Chang.

Yes, you're right.

“There are these two'?

This place is hell.


This is a dangerous place.

I am telling you this Satdat is definitely
up to something competing fol silvel.

Bagga. He's Chang-

Who is Chang?


Look, Chang.

It's not 0111 fault.

Oh Sh“

If those noodles had been 'Halal'...


You thlee go there!


Hey. Kayloole!

You should've been more clear.

Run on foot.


Run Happy, he looks furious.

What the...

Please leave him,
this is not the time.

Leave me.
Leave him.

I love you, lady.


Excuse me, madam. Excuse me.




Come in my arms, baby.
Come in my arms, baby.


Kaylo ole!

What are you doing?

How did you recharge your batteries?

I wish they were in Pakistan.

Let her go.

Don't put a taint
your old age with lust.

Let's go.



There! There!

Go inside.

That way!

Run HaPPY -

Sorry, Sister!

“There were you, Saldal'?

Get the cat quickly, Bagga.

Who is this lovely lady?

Let's go.

There! There! There!

Come, you!

Kayloole, Come on.

Stop . STOP -

Stop this fooling around.

Come on.

My hail!

Stop! Stop! Get in quickly.


Go straight and take a right.

Fine, but what about that Amzm.
The guy we came hele fol.

We have his addless.
It's 4O kilometers from here.

40 kilometers?

But first, we must take
this Pervert to the hospital.

Why hospital?

That gill made him smell something.

What something?

You call Chow.

His number is on the last dialed list.

Take a lefi from here, brother.

I'll take a lefl, but let's
take him to the hospital first.

We must get out of hele first.

Cm him Happy!

"I can g0 to any limits."

"People can get in trouble."

What happened?

Why do you have Chang's
card in your wallet?

Sorry, sit.

Happy Ian awn)'-

Run HaPPY -

But we'll catch you.

Now, what?

What kind of a country is this?

I mean people are trying to
taint the reputation of an honest man.

Think about Admm first.

We're still miles away from...

...and we've already told
hitn about all out whereabouts.

It's hard to believe.

A guy like
“Thy can't you believe?

I told you that Kancha Cheena (Sino)
cannot he trusted.

He abducted me by mistake.

But the next day we made it pretty
clear to him that I wasn't that Happy.

Then why?

Because you recognized their logo.
And his men.

You even know his name.

Maybe he wants to stay hidden.

He has a pretty clean image out hele.

Hold on.

So he's been lying all
the time just to abduct me.

That mean...

Meaning, he's the one who
lied to the Police and the Embassy.

But what about that Bruce
Lee's nephew who is still aflel us?

One, two, fluee, fem.

One, two, fluee, fem.

One, two, fluee, fem.

One, two, fluee, fem.

1600 billion.

That's the money that
China has invested in Pakistan.

And we were getting a
small profit of 4.7 billion.

But no...

I spent a lifetime trying to bring 'Bilyani'
on the same level as 'Sticky Rice'.

But before I could
perfect the ingredients...

...both the countries
toppled my cauldron.

Javed Ahmed.

Finally I found out one
small mistake made by his son...

wand made a simple plan to trap him.

What is your opinion, Chang?

How did this simple
plan become complicated?

Sit, I...
Dance. Dance.

Sit, two Happy...

Yes, Haw!»

As usual, India interfering
between China and Pakistan again.

India is calling, Chang.

Sit, Khushi speaking.

Khushi, all well?

You didn't call. I was worried.

Unfortunately, those rascals
followed us all the way to Humm.

What are you saying?

They followed you to Humm, Oh dear!

And, what about the Axum'?


Amzm is dead.



No, sit, he's gone...sornewhere
fa: away from here.

He's in Guangzhou.

What's he doing in Guangzhou?

He's wearing bangles...


No . . .handcuff is .

He's been handcuffed
and put in



Arman is in Guangzhou's jail.

Arman is in Guangzhou's jail.

Oh no!


Let me know if you need
any kind of help.

Okay Khushi, call me.

Yes, six.

Now go to Guangzhou.

Now we'll first get Amzm
and head straight to the Embassy.

You're having a good time'?


So am I now.


Thank you, Dunn.

There couldn't have been
a better plan, you know.



This seems to he the addless.

That one where its
written in Mandarin.

Shall I come along?

Khushi, please.

I've been wailing fol
this moment fol Lhlee years.

I don't need a pep
talk to face this idiot.

But Happy...
Please Bagga, stay here.

I will g0 get him.

Isn't she taking too long?

Stay here, Bagga.

She is not a child

And the guy she's
meeting is her fianc.

What fianc?

The girl's heart-broken.

And he's getting Chinese massages.

What the...

He's running away,
running away.


Catch him!

You broke the wedding!

I'll break your bones!

Wait a minute.

Is Arman Wadhwa Chinese'?
Doesn't matter.

Beat him.

But Happy was saying
he's from Amritsar.

What are you doing?

Is Amzm Chinese?

This is not Amzm.

Who is he?

He was stealing at
that old lady's place.

You idiots! who you think you are!

Sorry. Sorry.
I'll see you!

Sorry, bro.


So where is Arman'?

She said he's in Changde Chang Ywu..

Changde Chang Ywu!

Changde Chang Ywu..


Yeah, where is it'?

It's in Guangzhou.

And what is it?

A prison there .

Oh damn!



Do you want breakfast
filst or the plan?

First the plan.

We can't work afiel a meal.

It's an old habit.

Let's heat the plan. The plan.

What plan?

The plan to break in the prison.

Have you all lost your mind?

Do you all want to end
up getting killed by Chow?

We'll travel from one city to another,
break into the prison without passports.

And no mac's going to catch us.

Who do you think you are?


We're Punj abis .

Two from Amritsar, one from
Patiala and another from Lahore.

So the thing

I was on my wedding horse...

His hloLhefs wedding was
canceled fol the second time.

When Happy Ian away fol that Guddu,
she ended up in Pakistan.

And back then not her, not Guddu, not
his sit, not hitn, not his brother...

...thought before taking the decision.

We're crazy people, HaPPY-.

Trying to be wise
is not out cup of tea.

Listen to your heart.

And the heart says that
he must apologize to you: father.

That's it!

So this is Changde Chang Ywu.

The most dangerous prison out here.

Let's go in the room.

These people are watching.

He's talking in Hindi.

He's slow. Because he's Pakistani.

You're not Shoaib Akthal yourself.

Usmzm, please.

So tonight at 10.30,
we'll go to Changde Cheng Ywu.

But first, we'll visit
a Muslim neighholhood out hele.

Muslim neighholhood?

Why is that?

You will know.

Get down dear.

May lord keep you safe.

Happy, let me out.


All the best, brother.

Happy, take care of yourself.

This way. This way, Happy.

This way.

Ready, Kayloola?

Get in you: character.

Rehmanullah Khan.

Open the window,
whom do you want to meet?



Me. Damzmullah.


Rehmanullah, Rehmanullah Khan.

Me, son of Ambassador, Pakistan.

Corning from Shanghai.

Open door.

Inshallah, Mashallah, Kayloola

She's my twig.


My wife.

Youljailol, MI. Chin Lee.

Chin Lee!

He affair my wife.

He affair my wife.

Open door.

He affair my wife.

Atleast get one language right, Bagga!

Open your face.

You bloody twit!
You don't touch.

You don't know he radically,
Islaxnically, pardanashili. Yeah.

Call Chin Lee. Open door.

Come on, Khushi, let's climb up.

Have you lost your mind, Happy?

We'll use this to climb up.

And not yet.

When Usmzm sings like a hummingbird.

Those two are going to
mess it up hefole they can sing.

You know?

I've heard that the Chinese
tortule their inmates.


No...its just a rulnol.

Bagga will handle everything.

Listen...what was that talk about
'bronze' in the car'?

Not Bronze, I said prawns.

He wanted to eat prawns.

Now he quiet and let me heat!

I wish we had a prison
like this in Pakistan.

These lights! Poles! Flags!

She is a woman.


Chin Lee is a woman.

Satdat got us in trouble.

We're not playing.
This is not a plan.

Are the guards watching this way yet'?

Should we give the signal?

No, not yet.

All the guards are
not watching this way.

So, MI. Khan, I am Chin Lee.

And I am having an
affair with your wife?


You affair my wife.

You make her lib. . Jibran. labradog

You have Labradog affair with her.



You mean lesbian.

Yes, that.

You come back door of my house.

You make bird noise.

What that bird?


Do you know Hummingbird?


Do hummingbird!

What's that?

Was that Usman?

He was supposed to
mimic a hummingbird.

He sounds mole like a hull.

“Thatever, Khushi. Throw the rope.
Shall I'?

I've heard they pluck out nails.

It's completely his fault.

He can't even thlow a rope properly.

Knocked offa Chinese even before
clitnbing over the wall.

Don't try to he a wise guy.

You guys ruined the plan.

It was that guald's fault who couldn't
stop laughing and moved from his place.

We decided on a hummingbird.

But uncle here sounded like
a donkey on a honeymoon.

It was a wild hummingbird.

You even made me emotional
and got me in this mess, Satdat.

We should've just
asked for permission.

I got us in trouble?

Of course.


you're not who you
say who you are, afiel all.


My name is Khuswant Sing]: Gill.

Ma'am can you please help us?

We are looking for a man, who could be
here, his name Arman Wadhwa.


Yeah, perfect. Right.

Amzm Wadhwa?

Yes, madam.

My flame.

I have to meet him, please.

Take these clowns to him.



♪ They call me Chin Chin C1111. ♪

♪ They call me Chin Chin C1111. ♪

♪ In this moonlit night,
just me and you. ♪

♪ Hello mister, how do you do. ♪

Do you want his apology?

♪ I've come all the way from China... ♪

♪ ...with a heart like one of them. ♪

♪ My body's like Singapore... ♪

♪ mwhile my attitude
is like Shanghai. ♪

♪ Hold youl hearlmol
you might lose youl mind. ♪

♪ Hold youl hearlmol
you might lose youl mind. ♪

♪ They call me Chin Chin C1111. ♪

Look, I understand that...

I will break you: jaw.

Just stay quiet.

Alleast heat me out once?

Afier making a scene out
of my life you're dancing for them.

Uy attitude is like Shanghai."

At least heat me out once.

Afier all, we're childhood friends.


Amzm, I am very furious right now.

I'm gonna slap you know!

Go ahead!

If I had told morn and dad that
there's this side of Arman as well...

mthen, they would've
slapped me too.

Is that why you ruined
my father's life'?

That wasn't my intention at all.

I didn't want to get engaged as well.

But dad and morn looked so happy,
and you were excited too.

I couldn't tell anyone the truth.

I oflen thought of coming
up to you and talk to you.

Plus he got arrested.

You know, I had to literally
beg my way in here.

Just so I can take care ofhim.

Do you have to take care of this ox'?

What did she say?

Keep that hack inside.

Quiet! Wait a min!

Did you even thin]: about the pain and
humiliation you caused your parents'?

They've face humiliation every day
because their son is a deserlel.

I came here because I wanted to take you
back and make you apologize to my father.

Just to bring his smile hack.

BM Axum...

You owe a lot mole apologies hefole
you can apologize to faLhel and me.

I don't want you: apology.




honestly speaking
I didn't go back...

...because I didn't
want to ruin you: life.

You know, people will first
talk about me and then forget.

Then it's all over.

But that's not how it all ends,

at least not in the friendships.

Now, Let's give it a proper ending.

What say?

But I will return in a week.

Jackie will be released on parole.



I thin]: the gold player
just forfeited the game.

I guess it's just the two of you now.


It's just you: brother


I got Arman a room.

We'll leave fol
Shanghai in the morning.



I'll take you
straight to the Embassy.


aflel Amzm apologizes...

You know what, Happy.

We'll set up a hunch of
loudspeakers on Haathi Gate...

...and make Arnan apologies over that.

What do you think?

I thin]: we should have dinner.

That's right.

Get lost.

♪ Heat me o beloved...
I am madly in love with you. ♪

♪ Heat me o beloved...
I am madly in love with you. ♪

♪ Following you wherever you go. ♪

♪ Heat me o beloved...
I am madly in love with you. ♪

♪ A beautiful gill melted my heart. ♪

♪ She made n1e go down the lane,
I never expected. ♪

♪ A beautiful gill melted my heart. ♪

♪ She made n1e go down the lane,
I never expected. ♪

♪ Since the day my eyes fell on you... ♪

♪ ...even in this digital age,
I got spent like loose change. ♪

♪ Listen, dear,
your attitude had this effect on me. ♪

♪ I couldn't stop smiling. ♪

♪ Listen, dear,
your attitude had this effect on me. ♪

♪ Heat me o helovedml
am madly in love with you. ♪

♪ Following you wherever you go. ♪

♪ Heat me o helovedml
am madly in love with you. ♪

Glory to...
Damzm Sing]: Bagga!

Glory to...
Damzm Sing]: Bagga!

Glory to...
Damzm Sing]: Bagga!

Glory to...
Damzm Sing]: Bagga!

Glory to...
Damzm Sing]: Bagga!

Glory to...
Damzm Sing]: Bagga!

Glory to...
Damzm Sing]: Bagga!

Glory to...
Damzm Sing]: Bagga!

Glory to...
Damzm Sing]: Bagga!

♪ I searched high and low fol you. ♪

♪ Marry rue, sweetheart, because
I can't live without you anymore. ♪

♪ I searched high and low fol you. ♪

♪ Marry rue, sweetheart, because
I can't live without you anymore. ♪

♪ You'Ie my Juliet, I am your Romeo. ♪

♪ Say yes, and I'll feel
like I'm on top of this world. ♪

♪ I will keep you in my heart... ♪

♪ wand the wolld will
witness a Jan's insanity. ♪

♪ Listen, dear,
your attitude had this effect on me. ♪

♪ Listen, dear,
your attitude had this effect on me. ♪

♪ I couldn't stop smiling. ♪

♪ Listen, dear,
your attitude had this effect on me. ♪

♪ I kept asking the
seasons fol your name. ♪

♪ Them as no cue in
this wax“ fox my pain. ♪

♪ I kept asking the
seasons fol your name. ♪

♪ Them as no cue in
this wax“ fox my pain. ♪

♪ Your touch is so tendel. ♪

♪ Even you: smile is a killer. ♪

♪ Whenevel I look at you,
my heart skips a heat. ♪

♪ And that's the truth, sweetheart. ♪

♪ Listen, dear,
your attitude had this effect on me. ♪

♪ Listen, dear,
your attitude had this effect on me. ♪

♪ I couldn't stop smiling. ♪

♪ Listen, dear,
your attitude had this effect on me. ♪

♪ Heat me o beloved...
I am clazily in love with you. ♪

♪ Following you wherever you go. ♪

♪ Heat me o beloved...
I am clazily in love with you. ♪

“any ~ ' '

I was thinking that when
I go back... That closet,

I'll clear E]]I's
clothes flom the closet.

Don't try to twist your wolds, Satdat.

The road from Patiala to Amritsar
is pretty straight.

This time you: brother
made a dash for it.

From Bronze to Silver.

And now fol the Gold, bloody...

Why do you fall fol this
unpleasantness called love?

Who are you calling a peasant?

You were running afiel those innocent
Chinese gills like a hungry peasant.


Not, peasant.

It's just another word
for what's unbearable in 'Urdu'.

Is it?


So now you're rubbing
Urdu on my wounds'?

Urdu .

Finish your drink.

Wasting time!

Tell me something.

“That is bad luck called in Urdu'?

Bad luck?

It's called...

In Urdu...

had luck.

Bad luck.

Your hlothel was going
though had luck.

If only you were in Pakistan.

Then I would've found a
beautiful Pakistani bride for you.


You're rny brother.

You're rny brother.

You're rny brother.

You really are drunk, Bagga.


You are calling a
Pakistani you: brother.


Curse this thing.


Your brother's bad phase
started from Lahore.

All because of you: Sit Junior.



An unfamiliar gill comes
out of a basket.


Didn't know who she
is or where she was going'?

But he handed hel over to that Guddu.

Why did he have to do that?

Don't mind, Bagga.

But that love story
was unpleasant as well.

Don't blame him unnecessarily.

Don't blame him?!

Don't blame him?!


Call him now.

I want him to talk him.

I want him to talk him.

He's in Kabul.

If he's in Kabul,
even you: brother is also in China.

Call him now.

I want him to talk him.

It's rinsing-

It's ringing.
Let it ling.

But no mac's picking up.

He isn't answering my brother's phone.

Don't yell, Bagga-

People will get disturbed.


'$37110 will get distal-bed'?

'$37110 ever.

Wh0evel is sleeping, PlaYi-“g-





These poor guys are
carrying some stuff.

Chinese Coolies.

You want help?

No, no, no, it's okay.

Get up, let's help them.

You and you: bloody help.

It's okay.

Why 0k?

We'll help you, young man-

We belong from very helpful countries.

He's Indian, I am Pakistani.

And both together,
very helpful people.

What's in it?

Very heavy-

It's okay! They will do it.
We help, we help!

What's in it?

I thin]: its oranges.

What is it?

You looks like my friend, you know.


Doesn't he look like Chang?

Everyone looks like Chang to you.

We love China, but China no like us.

No like us.

We l.i.ke Hakka Noodle, we
I.i.ke Bruce Lee, we l.i.ke Jackie Chan.

I don't like Jackie Chan.

We like...

This is your cat?

Your cat.

It's your cat? Wow! Wow!

Wow! Wow! Wow!
Slley! Shey!

Thank you.

Shey Shey.
Wow cat.

Shey Shey.

Okay Welcome.

Shey Shey.


You were pretty deep in sleep, Khushi.

And why wouldn't you?

You're unaware of one of my secrets.

I'll tell you,
you: enemy Chang works for rue.

I've known fol some time, sit.


But I could never imagine
you could do something like this.

And how could you?

You're not a businessman.

Anyway, the story is again in
the same place where it all started.

We have your Happy
in 0111 custody again.


Since last night.

I was pretty sad thinking
I've employed fools.

But last night I was happy to know that
even you have a hunch of clowns with you.

Last night... you?


And now for out Lahore Job.

So wake up you: loser friends, and find out
Happy from wherever she is in China...

...and bring her to us,
and take you: Happy back.

Usxmm» B"1%%"L.

What the...
Wake up.

What happened? Did India attack?

'$37110 was here last night'?

Here'? No one .

Chow and his men were hele.
They took Happy.

And you two were fast asleep.

I was telling you he's Chang.

I was telling you he's Chang.

You got rue drunk last night.

It's forbidden in out religion anyway.

Stop it, brother Usrnan.

I'll get the cat in l0 minutes.

Meet me at the main gate. Quickly.

We're up. We're up.

Good morning.

Some coffee?


What do we do with him now?

What language is this?
Uncle, taxi.

Hurry up, Ginny-


But we'll have to wait in the queue.

This is not done.

I've lost my daughter,
not these Chinese.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

My daughter.

Help. Help.

Find. Find.


Will someone tell
rue what's the matter'?

It's almost sundown.

Who took Hapvy'?

Will you tell him, ol should I?

You tell him.

I don't understand
why we hlought him along.


Do you Pakistanis
ever understand anything'?

He's the reason why we got in this mess.
How could we leave him behind?

And you Indians are very wise,
aren't you?

Isn't it?

Like running away from weddings,
or getting lost in different a country.

I know that Chow is
responsible for all

wand he's half Pakistani.

Chow is not Pakistani,
he speaks Chinese.

Who is Chow?

Chow took Happy.

Why do you keep scolding me?

If we don't find the first Happy,
then we won't get second Happy.

And if we don't find the second Happy,
then we won't find the fi1st one.


Father used to say that
Khushi will find his happiness.

He's getting fits again.

You took father's
motorcycle in the fields.

Harnanl took father's bike.
I didn't take it.

Whose hike did Hamaam take?

“Thy did you take Father's Bike in the fields?

The tiles will get
stuck in the fields.

Try to understand, bro!

Khushi, snap out of it.

Khushi, snap out of it.

♪ The wise don't know... ♪
He's an Indian Idol!

He started again.

♪ ...what it means to be in love. ♪
Khushi, there's a cal ahead.

Bagga, take the stealing,
everyone will die!

He's holding it tightly.
What can I do?

But who is Hamam?

He's my father!

He got lost when I was a kid!

Now shut up!

And Make him sniff your shoe.

But I am wearing a sandal.

Did I tell you to wear it?

Then make him sniff
your sandal only, idiot!


He almost got us killed.

“That's he doing in there alone?

He's been talking to himself
fol the last 5 minutes.

I think he's in shock.

So finally, my son's been possessed.

I am being serious,
mom, and y0u'Ie cracking jokes.

I wonder, what's his past!

Tears kites, Rams motorbikes.

I don't know how I will do it.

Life is giving an ordinary guy like you
an opportunity to do something special.

And you are hacking out?!

There is no looking back.

Go! Get it done!

He's looking at us.

Is he going to run over us'?

He will.

We got drunk and lost Happy.

Now he won't stop until
he hasn't killed us.

He's getting down.

He's getting down.

Come, brother.

It's another half
day's drive to Shanghai.

You go ahead Khushwant.

We'll take a taxi.


Mono, Mono rail.

We'll take a Mono.

And no one will leave
until we don't find Happy.

I won't go to Lahore,
he won't go to Amritsar.

And he won't go back to jail.


Brother, I'll get them to Shanghai.

You don't have to worry.

Only Chow will have to worry now.
I promise you that.

Now let's go.

Hey. . .on one condition.

His brother will drive the cal.

You have a brother?

Forget what he said.

Yes, you're right.

Professor Halpleet did come here.

But she quit hel job on the
same day and lefl with hel husband.


Who did she leave with?

Her husband, Guddu.

Guddu? Who Guddu?

Sit, Happy doesn't have a husband.

But she does.

Guddu. He's a good singer.

You said she came
here looking for Arman.

She got married afiel coming here.

I am going to lose my mind.
Just a minute, uncle.

Brother, is Guddu Chinese'?

He's not Chinese.

He's an Indian.

And she didn't get
married afiel coming here.

She was already married
when she came hele.

What is this confusion?

Just a minute, uncle!

Are you talking about her'?

This is not Prof. Halpleet.

Very good. This is not her, uncle.

This isn't Happy?


She is married?


Her husband is a singer'?


And you are a professor'?

Hold this.

What are you doing, uncle?

You're not a professor, you're a fool!

You gave me a heart attack.
Let's go.

Sit Junior has spoken
with the Embassy.

There is no problem.

If Happy is with us then we'll
get out papers for a safe return.

Which Happy?

The professor, of coulee.

The other Happy must have
hel return ticket with hel.

Bro, if we want to find Happy,
then we must find Guddu.

Who is Guddu?

HaPPy's husband.

Will you stop asking questions?

What does Guddu do?

. Naming-
. Naming-

He must do something.

I don't know.

They say he has a great voice.

He's the Justin Biehel of Amritsar.

Happy fell fol his voice...

Oh yes!

Happy» Haw!»

Happy was saying that
they invited him hele to sing.

Which Happy?

Shut up.

We're trying to thin]: and
you're playing 2O questions with us.

I'll shove this in
if you say another word.

Just a minute.

Then we can get to
Guddu though music.

“That are you going to do'?
Announce over the Radio?

Not the radio .

You think he's listening
to FM radio out hele?

Not the FM.

But Guddu came hele because
he thinks he's got a show hele, right?



“That if we can somehow deliver this
news that he's actually got a show here'?

And how will we get this news to him?

That's what we got to think about, Fa.

And how will we know where
is Guddu in this huge Shanghai?

The newspaper...


Because he doesn't hear
the radio but reads the newspaper.

Why don't we send a message
though a pigeon, that will he fastel?

Wait. Wait.


Private number'?

'W7ho's calling rue
from a Private Number'?

How are you, Dimpy? It's me.

You called so it is you speaking.

But who are you?

You bloody quack, it's rue.
You: brother, Daxnan Singh Bagga.

Brother, it is you.


Brother, you lefi the wedding.
And didn't even tell rue.

I didn't leave.
I was abducted because of you fools.

Now listen carefully.


I am in Shanghai.

Japan, brother.

Its China, you twit.

Now listen.

Go right now and get some
pictures of Guddu flom uncle's house.

And send it to this email addless.

Hurry 11P-

Yes, brother.

Even the Chinese
are looking fol Guddu.

What happened?


You're on Silver now.

Now we've to mange a show fol Guddu.

You've asked me not to speak,
but I want to say something.

Spill n.

I can mange a show.

I think so.

Hello Happy-

I apologize for keeping
you here like this.

Wheleas it's completely their fault.

But soon it will all be over.

Khushi will give us 0111 Happy.

And you can leave with him aflerwatd.


Khushi had a lot of respect for you.

You seem to have
understood him pretty well.

I know that anyone who
deceives him can't he a nice man.

Its good to see care
fol him in your eyes.

But I hope you and he will understand
someday that we didn't have an option.

Other than kidnapping
someone for you: business?

You're not a prisoner, Happy.

Just tell them what you want.

Except fol running away,
you are flee to do anything.

Chow sit.

My locket fell down in the
grass when they wele bringing me hele.

Get it, Chang.

Yes, six.

There you go.

Have a pleasant stay,
and sorry fol the inconvenience.

Yeah. . .go ahead.

There .

“There is it'? I can't find it.

Bend down stupid.
You won't strain your hack.

There . There .



This? This?

Found it you, fool.

Bring it to me.

Itch glass.



Hello, son.

Hold this.

Son, this is my daughter,
she is lost in China.

Have you seen her'?

“That is her name'?


Why are you laughing?

Keep the phone hack.

You: daughter isn't lost,

She's run away .

What are you saying?
She Ian away.

I'll leave, or my wife will run away too.
“That are you saying'?

Yes, I hope she does.

You run away, you insolent.

China. Wow.


It's hooked.

There's a cultural program
the day after tomorrow.

I've hooked a show fol Guddu in that.

And the publicity will start tomorrow.


Why do you look worried?

But there is a problem.


The Shaw's been hooked.

He will sell tickets fol the show.

Great, that's good for us.

But if Guddu doesn't show up,
we'll have to do the show, Otherwise...

Otherwise, what?

he'll get the money out of us.

What do you mean by that?

He'll get it from Guldeep'?

This happens in China.

No need to worry.

This is a show.

Guddu won't miss singing
at a memorial service.

♪ Come down my lanemsomeday too. ♪

♪ Come down my lanemsomeday too. ♪

♪ Come down my lanemsomeday too. ♪

How does it look?


Buy some mole.


In different colors .


I thin]: you: face
resembles some actor here.

So it does.

It does.

That looks like rue
from the annual day.

Guddu. That's you.

Yes, that's me.

Guddu, that's you.

Guddu, there's one there.


This poster Arman made is just amazing.

Quality is amazing,
even Guddu is looking handsome.

I'll give my election
contract to them.

You're going to contest the elections.

What say?

I say you are stupid.


It's all in Chinese.

How will Guddu understand?



We were saying the same thing.


Nice. My face.

Do you know what's written here'?

What's written?

I don't know Mandarin, I am Kolean.

What a strange country?

Indians don't speak Hindi.

The Chinese don't speak Chinese.

I was making kebabs
and reminded rue of you.

What about my job, Khushi?

You will get your Happy,
I promise you.

But you won't harm my Happy.

What are you saying, Khushi?

HaPPy is my guest.

It's just that time isn't on 0111 side.

Just get my Happy
tomorrow at any cost...

...so that I can make Lahore
agree to my conditions.

But tomorrow'?

You'll have to do it.

My fimders are very cruel people.

They don't understand emotions.

Pardon rue,
or my kebabs will get burnt.

What are you doing, Fa?

Getting some positive energy.


You called, Happy?


I want to take
a stroll on the roof.

You know we can't...

I can't go.

I knew it.

Come here, I want to talk to you.

Sit down.

Sit down!

If you had listened to
me on the day you abducted me...

...you would be looking
for the right Happy.

And not facing rebukes from you: boss.

You know what, Chang.
Clime is not fol you.

I mean you were going
to die by slipping on noodles.

Imagine what your slime
story would've been.

And, even now I just want
to take a stroll on the roof.

You could send some of
your guys with me, but no.

You will call your boss,
djstulh him who has alteady said...

...that I should be allowed
to do anything I want.

Because you like getting yelled at.

Get embarrassed in
front of these amateurs.

Just leave.

This is not you: cup of tea.

Just go.

I don't want to go on the roof.


Fine. You can go on the roof.

Axe you sue'?

Now you sound like a Don.

Just go and have you: walk.

I am going.

Let's go.
I'm done seeing the weather.

C'n1on let's go.
Okay, come.

Fa, did Guddu arrive?

There is no Guddu.

And that bloody Amzm lefl
me with this giant to get a waxing.

I sent him fol that.

Do you have a thing
for Happy or her fianc'?

Fa, let it he.

We're coming. We'll do something.


Guddu hasn't arrived yet?

What if he doesn't show up?

I'll give it in writing.

He will show up.

Come! Come!

Guddu. Guddu.

Oh thank god.

Welcome. Welcome.

Is this your show?

We met you the other day.


I asked you fol
directions to the temple...

wand you said you don't know Hindi.

Not just Hindi, now I know Russian,
Persian, and much mole.

People are dying to heat you.

See, Haw!»

Come, come.

Sistel, I'll sit
in the first low, okay.

Help rue, Lord!

Admm Chow!

Sorry fol the inconvenience.

“There is she'?

“There is she'?

Come, see! That's her yellow cloth!

She must be there.

Go and catch her.

♪ Happy will run away. ♪

♪ Happy will run away. ♪

♪ She will break flee. ♪

♪ And she will run away. ♪

♪ She will run away. ♪

♪ Soul's still pule. ♪

♪ The flame keeps getting higher. ♪

♪ And there's no one
who can douse it now. ♪

♪ W-Yhether it's the world or Heaven. ♪

♪ The Moon or China. ♪

♪ No one can get their hands on hel. ♪

He isn't sloping?

♪ She's careless. . .and carefree. ♪

♪ This gust of
chase prayer... ♪

♪ H challenge the skies. ♪



I told you.

He'll keep singing until people
don't start bleeding from their ears.

Someone take the mic flom his hand.

But how, brother?

Even the organizers
are dancing to his tune.

♪ She will break flee. ♪


Shanghai City?

Yes, India.


Yeah, Dangal, will you go now'?

Let's go.

♪ She will break flee. ♪

There's a saying in Chinese.

If you can't heat them, join them.

♪ Brother of mine, stop singing now. ♪

♪ We must go and save Happy now. ♪

♪ Listen to what the
Sudan's trying to say. ♪

♪ Singing anymore
will cost you dearly. ♪

♪ There's a voice ca]]_1_n' g
out to you from Lahore. ♪


♪ Listen carefully, Guddu. ♪

♪ Both the countries
have never been... ♪

♪ ...Jhxough such a
difficult phase before. ♪

♪ My wedding got canceled twice. ♪

What them.

♪ But still I got no sympathy. ♪

♪ My wedding got canceled twice. ♪

♪ But still I got no sympathy. ♪

♪ Your friend's lefl
all alone in this world... ♪

♪ ...now stop this game. ♪

♪ Beloved. ♪

♪ I wonder what magic
will or union spell. ♪

♪ Now I can't live a
moment... away from you. ♪

What do you trying to say?

You want rue to hand
over my Happy to some goon...

...fol the sake of you: Happy.


That Happy shouldn't
actually he in that place.

Poor thing has been enduring
my share of pain since she got here.

But how can I...

Usmzm, why don't you talk to Bilal?

Give them whatever they want.

Thousands of jobs are at stake, Guddu.

it would've never come to this.

And it's not like I want to hand
over you: Happy to get my Happy back.

I have a plan, but only if you agree.

When Happy's ready,
who wants his pennission?

Shut your mouth, Bagga.

I should shut up too?


I was on my wedding horse.

You've got hel, he'll get hel.

Have you ever thought about
what's going to happen to his brother?

Horse, card...

Shut up you two.

Usmzm is right.

He's right.

We won't do it if you don't agree.

Let's think of something else.


what's the plan?

Do you have you: passports'?

Khushi. I was beginning to wonder that
maybe you don't want you: Happy back.

Chow sit,
get to Po Po Carnival in two houls.

Po Po Carnival. “Thy?

Your Happy is with me.

You can take you: Happy
from Po Po Carnival in two houls.

Oh_h...that is wonderful news.

I knew it, you will find Happy.

Mm you my My»

Thank you.

Six, Hum

Ian away.

“That's the matter, Chang?

Last I checked you worked fol me.

Then why don't you do your job?

Do you know where is Po Po Carnival?

Do you know Khushfs Bat?

That guy with tulhan...

“There are you flora'?


Fa Q! Sorry, God.

“There you want to go'?
“There you want to go'?

Fan's Bat in the main city.


Don't worry, everything will he fine.


You think I amjust saying?

You feel like you'll get sc***?

I felt the same way.

Believe me.
Everything gels all right in the end.

Yes .

I really appreciate .

But right now you're not helping rue.

Bagga, let's stop running around.

I'll find a nice,
beautiful bride for you in Lahore.

every time you try to get married...

...you']I always fall
in some kind of trouble.

But I didn't create any of this.

These Chinese twits abducted rue,
otherwise, you: brother had settled down.

we were in a sitnjlar condition.

See, Bagga was chasing us. Okay.

Usrnalfs ca: broke down.

We got married along
with 100 mole couples.

We were in a mess.
Guddu, Quiet!

Don't irritate him.

True Story.

How much longer are
you going to drive?

Will you take us straight to Pakistan?

We are just going to the Embassy.

Stop bothering me and let me drive.

Do you know the risk of
getting married in Pakistan?

This is only China"

Hey Khushi!

Fast! Fast!


“There are you going' Sardafl?
I Ian away!

He's here .

“That's the matter, Khushi'?

We don't see 0111 Happy.

What is he saying?

Speak loudly.

Sneak loudly!

He couldn't hear,
you'll have to speak louder.

“That's the matter, Khushi'?

We don't see 0111 Happy.

Guddu is right here.

Handover my Happy,
and I will give you yours.

Don't you trust us, Khushi?

No, we don't want fritters.


Not fritters.


HaPPy is in the cat.

Whose satee?

In the cat.

She's in the cat.

Get Happy out of the car,
and there's you: Happy.

Give us out Happy,
and we'll leave this ca: here.

As soon as my Happy starts walking this
side, she will go over to you: side.


I am coming.


Hele I am.

You Run, Happy!

Go, get her.

Not her.

Go get your Happy.

That HflPPY-

♪ Like the morning breeze... ♪

♪ ...ike the blowing winds. ♪

♪ She sous in the skies. ♪

♪ She's hard to find. ♪

♪ Except fol tales. ♪

♪ A sweet poison, and a little bitter. ♪

♪ Never ]_istens...she's very stubborn. ♪

♪ Youth once lost.
never comes again... ♪

♪ ...then how can she. ♪

♪ Happy will run away. ♪

♪ Happy will run away. ♪

♪ She will break flee. ♪

♪ And she will run away. ♪

Come, you fools!

♪ Happy will run away. ♪

Come! Come!

Who is driving your cat?

That's Guddu!

Hurry 11P-

Come on.

Have you guys lost your mind?

“There are you going'?

Those guys are chasing Happy.

Tum the cat around, Guddu.

“That's wrong'?

No, the U-tum is coming up.

Hello, Pro fess or.

HaxQXeeK Kan'?

Same to same.

Nice to meet you.


Who are those fools chasing?

She is heading fol the airport.

Not just her,
they are all heading for the airport.

Faster, Chang .

If we lose this gill, then
I won't let you live in China anymore.

And tell everyone that
you're originally from Ghaziabad.


This is h'?

Did you get an appointment?

Yes, I did.

Ginny, this officer is
going to speak hindi or chinese'?

Hurry 11P-

You took half an 110111.

Now we've to go over
to you: Embassy too.

It will take only 5 minutes.

Who the hell comes to 0111 country?

0111 ofiicials just
swat flies ol play ludo.

That's why China is best.

Stop it already.

He looks like Indian.


My daughter is lost.

Spare us, uncle.
We had already lost two.

And it took us great
pain to find them.

You lost two?
We are in hurry.

Give me the phone.

Take it hack.
Why did you take my phone?

Mister, my phone!

She's you: daughter?

He took my phone.

She looks like 0111 Happy?


This is Happy.

You are"?

You are"?

Happyk father'?


You're Daxnan Singh Bagga, aren't you'?

You do knows me?

You came to my college.

She knows me.

How do you know him?

You gave a speech in English.

Yes, I did.

“That are you doing here'?

I was on my wedding horse.

To hell with your wedding horse.

Stay up there .

Happy is with us. Just stay there.

Happy is with you?

Stay up!
' Th“ thing's going down.

If It takes you to the hell,
you'll tag along?

Stay 1111!

My Plume.

They found Happy.

And mobile as well.

Nice cat.

I am speeding 11P-


What happened?

Somethings wlong.

Happy, look.

Stop here .

Will you drive it into the sea?

Come on.

So, Pro fess or,

we had a fleeting introduction here.

But let's have a mole
chilled meeting in India.

One second.

Chow must he still following you.

The Police will he following him.

I informed the Embassy
when I made that plan.


Thank you.

Now you're being too formal.

Happy, you took on
my share of troubles.

There's no need of
my sorry or you: Than]: You.

Get it?

K Khan's me case,
then you owe me a nee.

Then, We'll know whether you need to
say sorry, or I need to say than]: you.

Now that's like Happy.




She must be here soon.

“There else will she go'?

She will have to go thlough here.

Excuse me, guys.

Is this the gate fol Ail China?

Get lost.

Ask the Inqvily-

Uncle is angry, huh. Never mind.


If we don't find her today, I

We'll find her. We'll find her.

Than]: you so much.
You're welcome.

Wow'. Sudan, you axe 'amazing.

Amzm will come straight to Amritsar,

to meet you: father.

Call me when he
apologizes to your fizthel.

You never gave rue you: number.

You never asked.

I don't know about Patiala, but guys in
Amritsar give their number themselves.




My child.


What did you do, dear?

You came here without telling rue.

Sorry, father.

Doesn't matter.

Are you all right, dear'?


He's Khushwant. He helped me out.

Great. bless you, son.

I wish such Happy were in Pakistan.

“Then you go home.

Have a plate of Kebab fol
me as well in Johan Town's Alkahah.

Johan Town?

Fakruddjn Quleshi.



“There is Bagga?

All that happened with me.

The first time the
cards wele distributed.

The second time I
was on the wedding horse.

MI. Damzm,
why do you try to get married first?

You should try filling in love first.

Bagga, stop worrying
about getting married.

Those whom you couldn't marry,
only have a husband.

But you have sympathy.


♪ You look stunning when you dance. ♪

♪ Come sit next to me beloved. ♪

♪ You look stunning when you dance. ♪

♪ Come sit next to me beloved. ♪

♪ Your eyes cast a spell on me.
Now I've lost my mind. ♪

♪ I'll feel blessed
if you enter in my life. ♪

♪ They call me Chin Chin C1111. ♪

♪ In this moonlit night, just rue and you. ♪
♪ Hello mister, how do you do. ♪

♪ They call me Chin Chin C1111. ♪

♪ In this moonlit night, just rue and you. ♪
♪ Hello mister, how do you do. ♪

♪ I've fallen madly in love with you. ♪

♪ You stole my heart,
congratulations to you. ♪

♪ You: body's like Singapore...
while my attitude is like Shanghai. ♪

♪ Hold youl heart...
ol you might lose youl mind. ♪

♪ Hold youl heart...
ol you might lose youl mind. ♪

♪ They call me Chin Chin C1111. ♪

♪ In this moonlit night, just rue and you. ♪
♪ Hello mister, how do you do. ♪

♪ They call me Chin Chin C1111. ♪

♪ Whele are you going, my dear? ♪

♪ We're going to miss
you when you're gone. ♪

♪ Whele are you going, dear? ♪

♪ We're going to miss
you when you're gone. ♪

♪ Breaking news the girl's engaged. ♪

♪ Hel lovers are feeling betrayed. ♪

♪ There's a sale for
broken hearts at the bars. ♪

♪ And there's silence
in all the homes. ♪

♪ I am gonna fly away. ♪

♪ Become an NRI. ♪

♪ Everyone's going to remember
just one thing in my wake. ♪

♪ You: earrings make
out hearts skip a beat. ♪

♪ Can't handle the swag
of that Amritsar gal. ♪

♪ You: earrings make
out hearts skip a beat. ♪

♪ Can't handle the swag
of that Amritsar gal. ♪

♪ “mi 'SH gal». ♪

Thanks To Siddhart Sahani
Song & Symbol Colored by novabros