Happy New Year (1987) - full transcript

Small time crooksters Nick and Charlie have an elaborate plan to rob an exclusive jewelers store. Using a variety of disguises and posing as rich old men and women they begin the set-up, but then Nick falls for the owner of a neighbouring antique store and things get a little complicated.

I guess it all started that day
when Nick called

and said that the perfect job
he had set up
was gonna fall through.

He told me his new partner
got hit by a bus.

Now, that was kind of unusual.

Nick never talked much
about work before,

and we go way back, you know?

That's right, all the way back
to reform school.

So when he called me up
and said the perfect job

just might fall through
because his new partner
got hit by a bus,

I was pretty surprised.
And interested.

You see, I always wanted
to work with Nick,

so I says, "What about me?"

He didn't know.

But I begged, and I told him
I'd be real good.

So finally he says okay.

But between you and me,
I always kind of felt
that it was, you know,

against his better judgment.

I remember Nick always saying,

"Jewels and dames:
If you get one,
you got the other."

And he's right.

We have been
chasing skirts forever.

So anyway, we get together,

and he tells me he's investing
500 grand of his own,

everything he made
on the Newport job.

So he says to me,

"Listen, kiddo,
we'll walk away with at least
a million and a half.

And the train leaves tomorrow."

Nick doesn't fly.
Too many things can go wrong.

You see, when you get
to know a guy good,

you get to know what he likes.

You can tell
what he's gonna do.

Well, you see,
that's where I was wrong.

I never figured it would
turn out like it did.

She was a...
different kind of broad.

Not his kind of dame.
Certainly not mine.

Anyway, he said that he had
worked out the perfect
psychological heist.

I had to look that one up.

Uh, pardon, monsieur, excusé.

I think I lose
my wallet.

What? You say you lost
your wallet?

Oui. Yes.
My wallet.

Maybe you move. Oui?

Yeah, sure, yes.
What color is your wallet?

It's a black wallet.
Black, huh?

Sorry for me.
I lost a black wallet once.

It have a lot of money, huh?
Oh, that's it.

Oh, that's--
Traveler's checks or cash?


This come from Cleveland?

That's what the guy said.

When did it come in?

When'd you want it
to come in?

One, two,
three, four.

Not exactly
a bargain.

Ain't no bargains
no more.

How many miles on it?

How many you want?

Nice to have known you.



Would you like your bags
in here, sir?

Yeah. Here.

Buy yourself a house
in the country.

Thank you,

Hey, Nicky.


Nothing wrong with this.

I could get used to this.

Will you take a look at this?

Reminds me of Orchard Beach.

Stupid bastard.

Lifting a wallet
on the train like that.

You in a bad mood
or something?

Hopeless goddamn juvenile.

The car?
Safe and sound.

Yeah. We check out
the store.

It's uncrackable.

Three salesgirls,
one manager, one doorman.

Moser alarm system,
the best there is.

It's very well hidden,
probably hooked up directly
to police headquarters.

It's a fortress.
Forget it.

8:45, the manager arrives.

Make a note,
he enters by the rear door.

Enters by the rear door.

8:50, the front gate
is opened.


front gate opened.

salesgirls arrive.


Three of them.


Salesgirls. Pretty, huh?




All employees are
in the store.

9:30, the jewels are
in the display window.

The store is
on daytime security.

Store is ready
for business.

Ready for business.

doorman arrives.


Ba-doom, doorman arrives.

Underline that
for me.

I underline that for him.


Ooh. I like that.

He likes that.


I could get in trouble
over that.

I thought we were knockin' off
Harry Winston's?

We are.

But your binoculars are not
by that Harry Winston's.

Did you ever hear
of parallax?


Let me see your parallax.


She's a blonde, you parallax.




Whatever you say.
I don't give a shit.

Now, Nick has, what you call,

a real good power
of concentration.

Problem is,
you never know what he's gonna
be concentrating on.


That's uncrackable.

The jewelry store...

but not the jeweler.

It's uncrackable.

You know, in life there are
two kinds of people:

There are the customers
and there are the merchants.

And the time has come
for the customers to start
screwing the merchants.

Oh, good day, sir.

You understand that,
you understand everything.

We're not customers.

Yeah, but only you and I
know that.

But these are pretty, too.
How much are they?


Fifty thousand.

Well, almost.
Yes. Heh, heh.



Oh, you have
a charming smile, my dear.

It's nice to be near you.

Thank you, Debbie.

Good afternoon, sir.
May I help you?

Oh, good afternoon, sir.

Yes, I do have a problem.

You see,
of all the pieces,

I prefer
the least expensive one.

Don't be upset about that,
my dear sir,
this is a lovely piece.

I mean, look at the color.

Uh, no, she's--
She's very particular.

Without wishing to pry,
may I know the sort of lady
for whom you intend...

My wife.

Oh. O-of about what age?

My wife?

Well, she's in the hospital.

Well, her condition,
it's not good.

She's deteriorating.

She gets worse every day.

But she's 86 years old,
and we expect the worse.

I'm so sorry, sir.

Now, you say
this one is 50,000?


Oh, well, that's
very annoying!

Why would you quote a price
with so many nines?

When one comes to Harry Winston,
one expects round numbers.

It's absurd.

Yes, I'm sorry, sir.
But New York decides the prices.

It is.

Good. I've decided
I'll take that.

The ruby ear clips?
Yes, that.

I need a chair.

Debbie, help the gentleman
with this chair.

Oh-- Oh,
here's the chair.

Because I'm going
to write a check.

I need a pen.

Uh, I have a pen.

Oh, well,
thank you very much.

Thank you, darling.

You know, I knew Harry Winston
in his old days.

a wonderful man.

Say hello to him
for me.

He was
the king of diamonds.

Unhappily, sir--

Yes. And very aptly named
because he's still the king.

Unhappily, sir, Mr. Winston
passed away three years ago.

Harry Winston.
Is gone?

Oh, yes.

Yes, indeed, sir.
That's not possible.

No. Harry Winston?


But then who is running
the business?

His son Ronald.

But little Ronald
is only 12 years old.

Actually, sir, Ronald Winston's
in his late 30s.

Oh, my God.

Oh, dear, how time has flown.

And Harry Winston is gone?


Um, y-you wanted a pen, sir?

Oh, this manager
is made in heaven.


CHARLIE: Sorry, sorry.


This guy is perfect,
this phony weasel.

Of all the...

two-faced, hypocritical...

You know, they get a percentage
of each sale, these guys.

And, oh, does this guy
love money.

He's not
the only one.

And here are
the specials of the day:

rognon de veau,
blanquette de veau,

moules, un salle,

filet de sole,
ravioli langoustine.

Any of those, uh,
corned beef and cabbage?

Uh, no, sir. Heh,
I'm afraid not, sir.

Let's deliberate.
Don't be hasty.

Everything is superb.

Excuse me, please.


Well, my dears,
how is everything?

Did you enjoy those scallops?
Delicious. Thanks, Sunny.

Listen, darling,

how much do you want
for that little 18th century
miniature I saw in your window?

Oh, no, Sunny, I'm not selling
you another thing

until you sell me your little
Louis the 16th table.

I love that table.

That's a family heirloom.
You don't sell family heirlooms.

Not even to
your dear old friend?

Not even to
my dear old pal.

Now, darling, enjoy
your mouldier.


Well, have you decided, sir?

No, not quite, uh...

would it be possible
for me to speak to the owner?

I'm the owner.
Is there any trouble?

Oh, no, none at all.
No, uh...

That little table you have
against the wall there,

could I ask you
about that table?

Oh, it's contagious.

How much do you want
for that table.

Oh, no, I'm sorry, sir.
That table is not for sale.

It belongs
to my father.

And where is your father?

In the cemetery, sir.

You have decided, yes?

Yeah. A sirloin steak.

Sirloin. That's
a very good choice.

Isn't there some way, madame?

Uh, cremated.

Excuse me.
Just a moment, please.

And that comes
with pomme de terre.

Well, isn't there some way
that I can talk to you
about buying that table?

I'm sorry, sir,
there's absolutely nothing
to be said about this table.

It's just not for sale.

It's not for sale.
That's correct.

So you have absolutely
no interest in selling it.

Not the slightest.

Regardless of how much
I might offer?


So I have no chance.




Can you believe it?

Paying 7 grand for something
to put your feet on.

I don't mind telling you,
I was worried.

Excuse me, madam.

Oh, may I
help you, sir?

Uh, yes. I'd like to
sell this table.


That-- That's
Sunny Felix's table.

Oh, you know
Mrs. Felix?

I know her all right.
Yes, um...


Why are you laughing?

N-Nina. Nina, come here
a minute, quickly.

It's Sunny's table.

You know
this table?

I most certainly do. Yes.

You know, I get the feeling
that I've come in here with
a bag of potatoes or something.

Why is everybody laughing?
Is there some joke here
that I don't know about?

Is the table a fake?

How did you know that I am
in love with this table?

Well, I didn't know it,
but I'm very glad to hear it
because I wanna sell it.

She sold it to you?

I don't believe it.

Only yesterday she refused
to part with it.

I can only say that, uh...
it wasn't exactly a bargain.

Oh, I see.

So now you've come here
to sell it to me
for a little bit more.

No, no, no, I'm not
interested in that at all. No.

No, but...it's a present.

It's a present
for a lady,

and the lady left
this morning.

You have a lovely smile.

Do tables always
make you smile like that?


Well, this one. Yes.


It is lovely, isn't it?

Yes, it is. Yes.

And I'm glad you like it.

Do you have the certificate
that goes with it?

Who needs a certificate?

This table is signed,
and what a signature.

Lien N'avril,
the Enemy of Lecoca.


Oh, I'll get that.
Excuse me.

How much do you want for it?

Nine thousand dollars.

She made you pay
$9000 for this.


Well, you know when you buy
a lady a present,
the sky's the limit.

You give beautiful presents.

Ah, presents are
never expensive.

Well, I can't at that price.
I'm not interested.

Not interested?

No, I'm not.
I'm very sorry.

Ah. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

What a shame.

WRCH Palm Beach...

Good day.

...three days till Christmas.

How appropriate.


C'est la vie.

What happened?

I lost it.

And on consignment, ma'am.
What about that?

Would you take it
just on consignment?

Yes, I'm quite willing
to do that,

but it's really only as
a favor to you because I--

Well, that's very kind
of you, very kind.

Uh, I'm staying
at the Breakers.

I'm just here
for the season holidays,

And the table might as well
be here as in my hotel room.

Okay. Okay, I'll--
I'll try, but--

I'm in room 510, ma'am.


Room 510.

Now that's very kind of you.
Thank you very much.

Quite all right.

I really appreciate that.

Don't get too much sun.

Oh, I'll be careful.

Well, goodbye.





Good morning, madam.
How are you today?

Good morning.

may I help you?

Uh, well, I'd like to
see the manager, please.

Thank you, darling, thank you.

You wanna hear something
amazing, Charlie?

Yeah, I would.

It's an amazing thing
that a banana like you

is gonna participate

in the most stunning
psychological heist
this town has ever seen.

When the cops
got us surrounded,

I hope you remember
to bring your psychology.

You wanted to see me,

Oh, y yes, uh,

you see, during the week, uh,
my brother, Mr. Phelps Graham,

Uh, you are the manager,
aren't you?
I am, yes.

Yes, well, my brother was in,
Mr. Phelps Graham,

and he bought some ear clips
for his wife, Ethel.

Oh, yes, Mr. Phelps Graham,
lovely man.

Yes, well, they won't do.
They're just not right.

Oh, I'm sorry.
What's the problem?

Well, she doesn't
like them.
Oh, I see.

Well, unfortunately, madam,
once goods have left--

Well, I can't
return them.

Oh, I beg your pardon.
You want to exchange them.

No, I can't
do that either.

Oh, may I have a glass
of water, please?

Oh, surely.
Um, we, uh--

Susan, a glass of water
for the lady.

Here they are. Yes.
You see, my problem is,

I don't want my brother
to know that his wife
didn't like the clips.

I'm very close
to my brother,

and I don't want to
see him hurt.

Of course not.

So, what I thought
I'd do is,

I'd just tell him that she
adored the clips,

and we'll get
a bracelet to go with it.

What do you think?
I think that's a wonderful idea.

Good. Well, that's very good
for you, isn't it?

I suppose it is, yes.
Yes, yes, it is, yes.

Uh, now, the problem's
going to be to find
something to please Ethel,

which is not going to be easy,
but we'll do that.

Oh, I'm sure we will.
Yes, we will.

I'm so nervous
about all this.

Now, there's no need
for that, madam.

Yes, well,
you'll help me.

We'll choose something

Oh, thank you.

It's very difficult.

I suggest, madam,

that we eliminate
the gray Tahitian pearls.

She's very sick,
you know.

Yes, I heard.

But she's always
been fussy.



Yes, it must be
quite a strain for you.

Well, I don't know
where to turn.

Very difficult.
But I-I'm sure you manage.

Well, I do my best.

It's a family trait,
you know.

My father
was that way.

We never knew what
he was going through.

Well, I'm the same way.

I keep it all inside.

People don't wanna
hear your troubles.

Th-that's a lovely piece
you're wearing.


Thank you.

My mother's.


It's French, you know.
Is it?

Yes. It's a Dufawn.

It is?
Very rare.

And who is Dufawn?

Well, he's a famous
French jewelry maker.

And well-known is he?
Oh, indeed he is.

Oh, wonderful.

I didn't recognize the name,
but I do know quality.

Oh, and it shows.


Oh, thank you.

And what is your name?
Edward Saunders, Madame.

And may I call you Edward.

By all means.

I knew an Edward once,
but I don't want to
get into that.


Uh, now where was I?
Well, I was suggesting, madam,

that we eliminated
the gray Tahitian pearls.

You know, it used to be
so much simpler.

At one time, Ethel's
only passion was ice cream.

Oh, really?
Well, I can appreciate that.

Yes, but a pint of Rocky Road
costs less than a star sapphire.

Yes, madam, very good.

And, madam, uh,
it's a sweeter investment.

You're witty.
Very witty.

Uh - I don't want to
sway you unduly, madam,

but my feeling is that
the diamond bracelet that you
were originally attracted to--

Do you think so?
I do.

Well, I'll take that one.
It's enough dallying. It's done.

An excellent choice, madam.
Yes. How much is it?

Sixty thousand dollars.

Well, round numbers
this time.

R-round numbers?
Yes, round.

Oh, your brother.
Oh, he told you.

He did. Yes.
Oh, he felt so badly.

Well, you know, he wanted me
to apologize to you for him.

Madam, I understood perfectly.

What did I buy?

Well, for Ethel,
this beautiful diamond bracelet.

Oh, yes, the diamond.

Now very important,

my brother must never know
that his wife didn't like
the ear clips.

Madam, you can rely on me.

Because he would be very hurt.

He loves her.

Don't ask me why.

Madam, it can be our secret.


Your lovely, madam.
Thank you so much.

I do hope your sister-in-law
likes the bracelet.

Oh, I'm sure she will.

Bye-bye now, madam.

My best wishes
to your brother.

Thank you.
Thank you very much.

Thank you so much.
Thank you for your courtesy.

Thank you, madam.

Excuse me for interrupting,

but I must tell you what
a pleasure it is to look at you.


Now that you're beautiful,
that goes without saying,

but you have quality.

Thank you.
How very nice of you.

The way you've done your hair,
and that lovely blouse
and smart skirt.

Very rare these days.

And I think I can say
the same for you.

Well, never mind
about that.

And the smile,
quite lovely.

Well, Merry Christmas,

Same to you.

Oh, a Louis the 16th table
and quite nice.

I must tell my brother
about that.


As my father used to say,
you're the real McCoy.




Point number two:
13 seconds,

passing the Epicurean,
it's a restaurant.

Point number three,
33 seconds, passing Gucci's.

It's a nice straight line
now, step on it.

Go ahead, hit it.

Point number four,
passing the Eloquitz.

Point number five:
55 seconds, marina guards.

Point number six,
one minute, 17 seconds;
you arrive at the boat.

Point number seven:
one minute, 32 seconds;

stow the jewels
and anchors away.

Now, this is what
I'm waiting for.

Nick on the job,

like a... A fine-tuned clock.

He was something.
All concentration.

But he wasn't listening to me.

I still think you
should split when I do.

Let me see.
Give me the watch.

See if you can tell time.

It's 1:15.

1:15, 1:15 and 2:10.

That's 3:15,
that's 3:25.

That beats
any alarm system. Good.

Let's go home.

Still say you should
go when I go.

Yeah. Tell that
to Red Colors.

You know Red left
the manager tied up.

The guy found a hidden button,
he pushed it with his nose.

Red's doin'
12 to 20.

Well, like I said,

he, um...

He wasn't listening to me.


I'll get this.


This table, ma'am,
how much is it?

A rare and beautiful piece,
at an exceptional price, too.

Ahh, isn't that

But do you have
a certificate?

Oh, this table
is signed, sir.

Oh, but you know signatures
are made to be copied.

Oh, yes, I know that
Louis the 16th was copied
under Napoleon the Third,

but it would be very difficult
to imitate the style and
perfection of Etienne Nagril.

Ahhh, Etienne Nagril.

Oh, ha ha ha ha.

Oh, the enviable

Oh, you're
a connoisseur.

Well, when it comes
to Louis the 16th,
yes, I do know my onions.


Now, how much is it?

Ten thousand.

Ten thousand?!

Not including the two chairs.

Well, I don't understand.
What do you mean by not
including the chairs?

Well, you see, I'd like to sell
the three pieces together

because they're...family
of the same period.

Oh, what a pity

because I'm only interested
in the table.

Oh, that is a shame

because you can see how well
they go together, can't you?

What a pity.

Yes, I'm truly heartbroken

because it's
a beautiful work of art.

It is.

Something like yourself.



I think at my age,
I'm permitted to say that.

That's very sweet of you, sir.
Thank you.


e-excuse me. Sir.

It's a sacrifice, but...

all right,
you can have the table.

Just the table
for 10,000.

All right?

Oh no, I couldn't.
Thank you very much.

But they are a family,
and they do look well together.

No, no,
no, no.

No, I can tell
that you're a connoisseur

and I know you'll look
after it.

No, really, I couldn't

because it's just not right
to break up the family.

No, no,
no, no,

no, I'd...

I'd like you to have it.

Well, now...are you sure
you don't mind?

I'm positive.

Oh. Well, then,
I'll take it.

And what we'll do is,
we'll have the chairs
visit on the weekend.


Yes, we'll do that.

Oh, my God,
they cut off his head.


he king, Louis the 16th.

No shit.
You know where they did it?

They did it in a public square.
There were 20,000 people.

Yeah, I heard.

He was married,
you know.

To Marie Antoinette, the most
beautiful woman in France.



Hold on.

Louis 16?

It's for you.

Oh, who is it?
Marie Antoinette.



Oh, hello.
It's Carolyn Benedict.

Oh, well, hello.

I think I have,
uh...good news for you.

Now, it's taken a lot of
time and effort on my part,

and I put ads in the paper,

and I've called
all my dealer friends.

Lovely thief.
And I think

I found a buyer for you.

But 8000 is about as high
as he'll go.

Well, that sounds good.
Yes. Mm-hmm.

Now, look, why don't
we at least get together
and talk about it?


So you found somebody
to buy my table?

Mm-hmm, but he'll
only pay $8000.

Ah, yes, you told me.

So I'm gonna lose
$1000 on this deal.

Not quite.

If you'll allow me,
I'd like to buy the dinner.


I can hardly refuse
that offer.


I'll write you a check.

You know, there's
no rush with that.

We can deal with it
later on.

We're not on the clock.

Isn't this
a business dinner?

Absolutely. Business, yes.

Wanna make that out
to "cash"?

Well, now...everything

Oh, everything is just fine.

Come here, old pal,
I want a word with you.


You sold my table
to a perfect stranger.

Ah, no.

It wasn't a selling,
it was...a killing.


I robbed you,
didn't I, sir?

Well, not exactly because
I let myself be robbed.

Oh, thank you.

Nine thousand dollars?
Sunny, you're shameless.

Nine thousand dollars?

Well, let's just say
that was the asking price.

Oh, you watch out
for him.

He's really charming.

He got it for 7000.



You had the nerve.

So, now I'm the one
who loses $1000.

Well, not quite, because now
I'm gonna pay for the dinner.


I don't even know
my own business.

You mad at me?

Oh, yes, I'm furious.

It's very becoming.

The second one, the American,
lived vicariously.

You know, he prayed
with St. Augustine,

he suffered
with Tennessee Williams

and argued with Kerouac,

and I couldn't take
another minute of it.

He sounds like
a bit of an oddball.


So who's the intellectual
in your life now?

He's a curator.



Well, anyway, uh...

you look like anything
but a married woman.

How am I supposed to
take that?

How're you supposed to
take it?

Well, tomorrow night's
Christmas Eve,

and I can't think of anybody
that I'd rather spend
Christmas Eve with than you.

Oh, I can't.

Tomorrow night
the museums are closed.


And I don't think
my dinner guests, uh,
would amuse you.

Intellectuals, huh?
There'll be a lot of quoting.

Now, suppose, uh...

we move Christmas Eve
ahead 24 hours.

The hotel has
plenty of champagne

the suites are
very comfortable,

and the orange juice
is fresh.


What a pity.

I have a felling
that I, uh...

You did.

...went a little too far.

Just a little.

I'm curious. Was it
the champagne or the suites?

The orange juice.

Ahhh. Slip of the tongue.
I just tilted my hand.

It's a mistake.
It'll never happen again.

Well, I hope not.

Well, why don't
we just drop it and...

maybe pick it up
again later?

No, no. I live here.


Oh, I didn't realize.

Yes, I live upstairs.

Well, I'll bet it's a lovely
place. I'd like to see it.

Well, good night.

Thank you.

You horse's ass.

Orange juice.

You had to throw in
orange juice.

Orange juice.

When he got back
to the hotel that night,

I reminded him how he ended up
in reform school
in the old days.

He was 16, doing his first job,
and taking along this bimbo.

Well, he didn't pay attention
to the job, and he got nabbed.

So he tells me
not to worry about it.

Says he's got it under control.

Sure, Nick.

That's the best
you can do?

Don't look bad.

Talk, try and
disguise your voice.

Don't you think
I look more intelligent?

Talk, we're trying
to change your voice.

Yeah, but don't I look
more intelligent like this?

Change your voice.

[NORMAL] Don't you--
I said your voice.

Don't you understand
what I'm saying?

I changed it.

Look at me.
I am.

Turn around, look at me.
I am.

Look at my chin.
Come here.

Try and talk without
moving your lower jaw.

Like this. Look,
look at me, look at me.

Like this is

Now say,
"Good morning, sir."

Good morning, sir.


Good morning, sir.

Count to five.

One, two, three, four.

No, no, you're talking

Try and change
your voice.

One, two, three,
four, five.

All right, forget it.

I think it's better
if you talk normally.

Yeah, I prefer that.
That's better.

Yeah, I prefer that.

I got an idea.


If I don't speak at all,
it'll be better still.

Now you're talking.




Oh, yes.
Um, m-may I help you?

I'm here for
the little table.

Oh. Oh, yes.

Here, let me help you.
No, no it's fine.

Thank you.

And, uh...

here's the balance.

Thank you very much,
and I'll get you a receipt.

Won't be a minute.

"The rare and beautiful
belong together.

"Old men are allowed
notes like this.

Your ancient admirer."


Such a dear.

Thank you.

* We wish you
A merry Christmas *

* We wish you
A merry Christmas *

* We wish you
A merry Christmas *

Merry Christmas.

* And a Happy New Year

Oh, thanks,

What happened
to your pocket?

You rip it?

Wanna buy a couple
of girls tonight?

Oh, not tonight.

Midnight Mass, if you want,
but no girls.

Yeah, you're right.
You're right.

I bet you think
that's a watch.

Yeah, it's a Timex.

That explodes.

It explodes.


Here. Let me show you.

You see the back part
is magnetized, huh?

That goes up
against the safe.

Now here's
how you set it.

You push this,
and this goes to zero.

Now you push the red button,
that activates it.

And you got
30 seconds.

That'll take out
a whole safe.

I'll be damned.

What's this?


Authentic Louis 16.

that's beautiful.

Marie Antoinette kept that
under her pillow.

You blew
a fortune on this.

Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Nick.

* Silent night

* Holy night

* All is calm

* All is bright

The last time I went
to Midnight Mass
was in '62...in jail.

* Round yon virgin
Mother and child *

* Holy infant

* So tender and mild

* Sleep in

* Heavenly peace

Look, the issue is

not whether the traditional
ossified ceremony
we witnessed this evening

is devoid of meaning.

Nor is the issue whether
I'm some kind of pious agnostic

guilty of charming

The issue is,
must we choose between
a ruthless scientific empiricism

and an equally blind
religious fanaticism.

Is this the only choice?

God, I hope not.

You know, talking
about fundamentalism,

did you know that
Jenny Blakely was born again?

Jenny Blakely?


We are living
in an era

of a deliberate cultivation
of ignorance.

Well, now, did you read, uh,
Madame Kundaer's

Copenhagen address
last month?

He talks about
Flobear's discovery

of stupidity in the 1860s.

Huh, you know,
it is a permanent factor.

It's not gonna go away.


Tell me, um...what do you
think of all of this?

You haven't said
a word tonight.

Oh, well, you know,
I don't go to church much.


We're considering

a handsome retrospective
of London next year.

Do you know Hansen's work?

Uh, no, I don't.

Dwayne Hansen
the American sculpture,
you must've seen it.

Life size, super-realistic,
plastic models

of American tourists
in those tacky clothes.

Oh, no.

Also, if you
get the chance,

the German expressionist show
is really something.

Unless you've seen that

Uh, no.

Well, it's had terrific reviews
across the country.

Do you bother with reviews?

No, I don't.

Well, then, um...how do
you choose an exhibition?

The same way
that I choose a woman.

I take a risk.

Look, uh...don't be offended
by the question, but...

how did you two
ever manage to meet Carolyn?

Well, I'd like to change
the conversation.

I've had enough of this one.

Thank you for dinner
and Merry Christmas.

WOMAN: Merry Christmas.
MAN: Good night.

Thanks for inviting us.

It's been real nice.



I'd like everyone to leave.


No, I mean it.

I want you all to go.

Carolyn, they have
no sense of humor,

but not you, not us.
Just be nice and go. Please.

Look, it's
getting late.

We probably should.



Christmas tomorrow.

Merry Christmas.
Good night.

Helen, talk to you.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas,

See you

That was unfair.

This wasn't Christmas Eve,
it was a courtroom.

I didn't like the questions
or the people asking them.

I want you to leave too.

You can go back to New York.

What has gotten into you?

I wanna feel something
for a change.

And I wanna be with someone
who knows who he is.

Merry Christmas.


I remember thinking

when we got back
from that wonderful dinner,

well, now at least Nick
can forget about Carolyn
and her fancy friends,

and get back to work.

I got it.


So I was wrong.

Charlie, who is it?

Who do you
want it to be?


I just called
to tell you that...

I should've spent Christmas Eve
with you and you alone.

And I wanted you to know that.


Hey, Nick, come on.

Is the girl
really that special?

I wish she wasn't.

Mr. Phelps Graham's sister's
here again.

Good afternoon, madam.

How are you?

Oh, good afternoon.

We'll, I'll manage, but I feel
very badly for my brother.

His wife is
much, much worse.

Oh, I am sorry.

Yes, the doctors
are very worried.

Oh, dear, oh, dear.

As a matter of fact,
that's why I'm here today.

He wants me to get her
a last present.

I see.

Yes. But it has to be
something very beautiful.

Of course,
he doesn't know what.

Tell me, madam,
did she like the bracelet?

It doesn't appear
that way.

No, no. No.
She didn't.

Madam, why don't we
step inside,

make ourselves really

and see what we can find.

Yes, but it has to be
something very beautiful,


a last present is
a last present.

I don't know.
I don't know.

I just don't know.

You see, I'm doing
the same thing my brother did.

I'm drawn to
the least expensive piece.

But, madam,
$130,000 is hardly--

I'm so sorry
to hesitate like this.

Please, excuse me.

But at these prices,
it's perfectly natural.

Tell me...

you don't happen to have

photographs of these
necklaces, do you?

Photographs of these?

No, madam, I'm afraid
they haven't been cataloged yet.

Oh, what a pity.
What a shame.

Because then I could've
taken them to Ethel,

and that way she could've
chosen them herself.

Oh, I see.

And furthermore,

she would've had the pleasure
of participating, don't you see?

I-I, see. Yes, yes.
Yes, yes.


I see.

Tell me...

would it be possible for me
to take pictures?

Would you permit that?


Well, i-it's most unusual,

Oh, Edward.

Most unusual.

Please, is it possible?

Well, for you.

Oh, thank you, Edward.
Thank you so much.

I'm so grateful.

It means so much to me.

Not at all.
Thank you, darling.

Just thank you.

Everything all right?

Oh, yes, yes.
Everything is fine.

This is so kind of you,
so kind.

Now, what I'll do is

I'll drive to the hospital
immediately and show her
the photographs.

Then later this evening,

either myself or my brother
will be back to get
the one she chooses.

Oh, yes, but please don't come
any later than 7:30.

For security reasons,
quite easy to understand,

we have to close
at 7:30 precisely.

Well, never fear.

We'll be prompt.

It's a family trait.


No, it doesn't look as if
she's going to make it back.

I'm afraid she won't.

Good night.
Good night.

That's it, ladies.
Closing time.

So when'd you meet him?
The other night.

Yeah? Go to a movie?

We never got that far.

I had a really good time.

I bet you did.


Is he married?
I don't think so.

But they never tell you
the truth anyway.

That's the truth.

Good night.
Good night.

Good night, ladies.

Good night.

Mind how you go.
We will.

Good night.
Good night.

Oh, hello.
Harry Winston here.

Would you connect
the night alarm system, please?


Thank you.


It's after 7:30.
Thank God, we're on time.

What, with the traffic,
I was terrified we'd be late.

There. This one. Yes.

This one. The most
expensive one. This one.

I'm sorry, sir, but all
the necklaces are in the safe.

The store's
on night security.

I did say 7:30.

Yes, yes, yes, yes.
I do understand.

But this is
so important to me.

I must tell you something.

The doctors say
this may be her last night.

I don't know what I'm
going to do without her.

Maybe you can
do this for me.

I beg you.
You must understand.

Very well.
Oh, thank you.

Look, I've...
Thank you.

...got to ask you
to wait here in the car.

Yes, fine.

No one's allowed inside
while the safe's open.

Yes, fine.
Just give me five minutes.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

When I saw her at the window...

well, I can tell you
I almost lost 20 pounds.

Good night, Edward.
See you tomorrow.
Good night.

And if she sees you-know-who
in the back seat,
you can kiss Rio goodbye.


Hello, Harry Winston's here.
I need to get into the safe.

Could you disconnect
the night alarm system
for a couple of minutes?

Of course.

The sea is calm,
and all is well.


Thank you.

Hello, Harry Winston's again.

You can reconnect
the night alarm now.

The sea is calm and all is well.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Please come in,

Thank you very much.
Not at all.

You're very kind.

Not at all.

Yes, I'm sorry about
all these precautions,

but after 7:30,
it does get very complicated.

No, no, no, no, no.

It is I who should
apologize to you.

Not at all, sir.

I-is this the one?
Oh, yes, yes.

Oh, yes, this is the one.
The blue.

Yes. How much is it?

$170,000, sir.


Yes. Very good.

Now, if you have a pen,
if you don't mind.

Oh, how stupid.
It never occurred to me.

What is it? What?
I didn't think.

Well I can't possibly accept
a check at this hour.

But why is that?
I should've told you in the car.

But you've already accepted
checks of mine...

Yes, I know.
...without any problem.

So why can't--?
I have indeed, sir.

Well, you see, over $10,000,

I have--
I have to call the bank.

After 7:30,
that's simply not possible.

Oh, my dear.

Well, what...?

Well, what if
I gave you cash?

Cash? Oh, well, then,
there'd be no problem.

Oh, that's good then.

Yes, would you call
my chauffeur, do you mind?

Ask him to bring
my attaché case.

Yes. Thank you.
Sir-- Sir, even--

even though we're on
night security, I can't,

I absolutely can't leave you
alone here in the store.

Oh, that's ridiculous.

No, I'm sorry, sir.

New York gives the orders,
you know.

I'm only the manager.

But it's absurd to
an older person.
Well, it is.

It is, I quite agree.

Richard, my case.

Yes. And hurry please.

We must hurry because...

Oh, my goodness, I'm afraid
we won't get there on time.

We'll be as quick
as we can, sir.

Yes. Oh, that would be
just terrible,


Oh, I think of you,

You should've seen her face
when she saw the picture.

Oh, how lovely.
Oh, it's.. It's beautiful.

Well, it is beautiful,
yes, sir.

She's going to be
immensely pleased.

I'm, uh, sorry, sir.

I didn't know
which case you needed.

Ah, yes, Richard.
Uh, the black one, please.

Put it just here.

Excuse me.

Ah, very good.

Thank you, Richard.
That will be all.

Off you go. Yes.

Hold this for me.
Very well.

I don't like Richard
to see so much money.

It's not good.

Ah! Yes, there we are.

Now, you said, uh,
170, yes?

That's right.
All right, yes.

Forty thousand, 80,000,

120, and 160

and ten is 170. Good.

Now, you better count that

Oh, I'm sure that
won't be necessary, sir.

Oh, please.

I'll put that
in a pretty package for you.

Oh, no, no.
Just put it in here.

What? I-in the case?

Yes, in the case because...
Oh, yes.

we don't have time,
you see.

At least let me...

Oh, she's going to be
so happy with that.

Thank you very, very much.

Not at all, sir.
I do hope she likes it.

Now I must rush.

Yes, I think
she will like it.

All right. All right.

Off we go.

She will like it, you know,
because, you see,
she picked it out herself.

Oh, she did indeed, sir.

And I'm so sorry for
all these complications.

I am but the manager.
It's no trouble.

Well, good night, sir.
Good night.

My prayers go with you.


Hello. Harry Winston here again.

Look, I've just received
an important sum of cash,

and I want to put it
in the safe.

Could you disconnect
the night alarm system for me?

Of course.

The sea is still calm
and all is well.


Thank you.


This is a stickup!
Don't touch a thing.

Don't step on any buttons or
ring any bells, or you're dead!

You got it?!

Yes. I got it.

Here! Catch!

Everything out of the safe
and into the bag!

Come on!

Get to work,
you friggin' nitwit!


Let's go a little faster!
What do you say?!

Don't look at me!

Let's go!

Come on,
the next shelf.

Let's speed it up,
I haven't got all night.

I said,
don't look at me!

All right,
the next one.

Come on!

This gun is getting
real heavy.

Real heavy,
you know what I mean?

I'd hate to mess up
that pretty suit.

Come on, those pearls
in the back.

Be a good little boy and put
all our money in there too.

Come on.

Is that all of it?

All right, stand up.

Stand to one side.

Okay, that's it.
Come on out.

Take it easy.

Turn around.

Turn around!

Gimme the bag.

Come on, let's go.

On the floor!

Gimme the keys!

Come on, come on!




Point number three,
all is well.

Point four, all is well.

Point number five, all is well.

Point number six,
all is well.

Point number seven,
everything's okay.

Point number eight, everything
looks very, very well.


What's wrong with this door?

Why won't it open?

Why won't it open?!

Why won't it open?

You gonna tell me why?!


This is Lieutenant Stillman,
Palm Beach Police.

It's for you.

The party's over, pal.

Look, we know you're in there
robbing Harry Winston's.

You're gonna be surrounded
in 30 seconds.

You don't have a chance
of getting away, pal.

Be smart, give up.

Don't make it worse
on yourself.

Nobody has to get hurt.
I promise you.

That son-of-a-bitch.

You do the right things...
It's not what you think.


When the door to the vault
and the door to the safe

remain open for longer
than two minutes,

that locks the doors
to the store...

...and signals the police.

It can't be true.



Get everybody back!
Everybody back!


Come on,
get inside.

Why. What--?
What's going on?

There's been a robbery.
Come on, please get inside.

You have five minutes
to come out with your hands up.

Five minutes.


Yes, I wanna speak
to Mr. Fields.

In four minutes,
we move in.

Well, the only way
I can get outta here

is to go out
with the manager as a hostage.

What do you think?

What do you want me
to tell you, Nick?

Well, you're the lawyer.
Tell me what to do.

No, it's too high a price.
How high?

Don't take a hostage, Nick.
I beg of you.

It could give them
an excuse to shoot you.

Now, look, you'll automatically
get 12 and a half to 25
if you take a hostage.

Go out there without
firing a shot, no hostage,
and it's six to 12.

And I might be able to get you
four and a half to nine.

Okay. Nice knowin' you.

Okay, there's no way out!

The doors are being released.


All right,
let's go.

Get some air.


Shall I open the door?


All right, sergeant,
hang back.

Okay, let's go.
Come on.

Hands on the wall.

Put your hands
behind your back.

Doin' real good.

Come on,
let's go.

Come on,
lighten up.

You'll be out
in 10 to 15 years.

Watch your head, pal.

Well, when I first heard
about it,

I naturally figured it was her.

Then I got it straight.

Turns out she was
a real stand-up broad,

the real jewel in this job.

She went out
and got him the best lawyer.

All through the trial,
she stuck by Nick.

And even when
the cops grilled her,

Carolyn never fingered me.

It's the first time
in my life

that I can't touch
the man I love.

This is complicated.

The Feds got involved.

I'm gonna be extradited.

New York.

We'll manage.

So she moved up and moved in.

She was quite a lady.

Me, I laid low,
fenced the jewels

and waited for Nick to get out.

I've redone
your apartment.

I hope you're going to
like it.

I'm living there now.

You changed your hair.

Don't you like it?

Well, when a woman
changes her hair...

it usually means
she's changing men.

Well, I I did change men.


Are you jealous?


I got the time in here.

At the trial,
I only had eyes for you.

And I still only have
eyes for you.

I love you, Nick.

Don't you know?

I can't stop
thinking about you.

You're the only one I want.

The only one I've ever wanted.

I love you.

I love you.

Well, I think I have

a very pleasant surprise
for you gentlemen.

The parole commission
has granted you three

a conditional
New Year's parole.


Tonight you'll be able
to go home

and celebrate New Year's Eve
with your loved ones.

Now, when you leave
my office,

you will receive a folder
containing the name...

Nick smelled a rat
and he was right.

The cops were getting a lot
of heat on the Winston's job,

so...they stuck a tail on him

and figured he'd lead them
to me...and the jewels.

As soon as he got out,
he calls me.

We hadn't talked
since the disaster.

I wanted to get to him first so
I could tell him about Carolyn,

you know, try to
make him understand.

But when he called,
I couldn't hear nothin'.

Ever since the phone company
sold itself

or whatever the hell it did,

the damn things
don't work no more.

Say something.


Come on, Charlie,
we're gonna be late.

Last chance.

Who's that?


Do you want this tie
or the other one?

I'll let you know.


Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

Hey, Pa!

Happy New Year.

No, the white.

Here you go.

Hey! Happy New Year!
Heh, heh.



Hi, love.
Look, I'm running late,

so just put some ice
in the bucket

and I'll be there.
I'll be there soon. Okay?


Hello? Steve?





You home?


Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.

Is Frankie G here?

No. He should be here
shortly though.

All right, I'll just
wait at the bar.

* 'Cause I only have eyes

* For you

* Dear

* Don't be cryin'

* But I can't see

* A thing in the sky

* Cause I

* Only have eyes

* For you

* I don't know if

* we're in a garden

* Or on a crowded

* Avenue

* You are here
So am I *

* Waving millions of people
Goodbye *

But the

* But they all disappear

* From view

* 'Cause I only have eyes

* For you

And I have you *

* I only have eyes for you




It's been a long time.
How are you?

I've been better,

When'd you get out?

I've haven't been out
a couple of hours.

I got your call.
I got a tail.

Two guys at the end of the bar.
Don't look now.

I'm gonna ask you a favor.

I'm gonna put you
on the spot.

It's okay.

They pretended to
let me out tonight.

It's not true.

They're following me to get to
my partner on the Winston job.

When they see me here
talking to you,

they're gonna think
you're my partner.

I want it to stay
that way.

Keep 'em on that track
for a couple of days.

Then all of a sudden you can
remember that December 1980,
you were...

You got it.
You can count on me. Huh?

You're a good man,

Good luck, Nick.


Gentlemen, your tab.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Charlie.

Hell of a party,
hell of a party.

MAN 2:
Hey, Charlie,
happy New Year.

Oh, Charlie.


MAN 3:
Happy New Year!

Yeah, I wanna speak
to Charlie.

Which Charlie?

The round one.

The round one?
Who's calling?

Louie 16.



Thank you.
Who is it?

Louie 16.

Louie who?

Louie 16.



Happy New Year,

Where are you?


Jesus Christ.

What the hell are you
doing here?

They let me out.

They let you out?

To get to you.

You got a tail?

Yeah, but I'm clean
for a few hours.

Son of a bitch.

You made it.

You made it.

You were right.

Thank God you're out.


You're not gonna start
bawling, are you?


How you been?

I'm okay.

How are you?

I'll be fine.

I'm really glad
to see you.

I'm glad to see you, too.

And Carolyn,
what about her?

Have you seen her


I'm asking you,
have you seen her?

The guy, who is he?

How should I know?

There's nothing new

She always lived
like a guy.

You knew that
from the start.

You told me.

Like a guy is one thing,

With a guy,
that's something else.

In a few days,

you'll see things

Is this the first time I eve?
saw you open a safe with a key.

I'm versatile.

Some broad told me that
the other night.

There you go.

Isn't that a pretty sight?

This is everything?

That's it.

How much?

Your share,
a million-one.

I thought it'd be more.

Hey, we both did.

But after you got busted,
there was a lot of heat.

Our guy took a walk,
so I had to get another fence.

You know what I mean?


Now we're goin'
to the airport.

Will you stop
with the airport?

I'm telling you,
the girl still loves you,
no matter what she's up to.

Don't you get it?
I said the airport.

You don't get it,
do you, you nitwit?

You got a girl
who loves you.

You got a pal here who'll
go out and rob with you.

You're gonna be bored stiff
down there in Brazil.

You can't even samba.

Freedom hasn't helped
your mind.

No, uh...luggage stub,

Uh, no.
No luggage.

Come on. Wake up.
It's 1987.


Girls do that now.
Just like you and me.


It don't mean anything.

It's a great way to live.

You board in
five minutes, sir.
Have a good flight.

Five minutes.

Thank you.

Okay, okay.

give me a week,
I'll dump everything here...

and I'll see you
in Rio.



What about her?

What should I tell her?


That's not nice.

Have a good trip.

I remember thinking
after I left him,

poor guy, sittin' there
with a sack full of loot,

on the lamb,

but runnin' from the best thing
that ever happened to him.





Yes, hello.

Oh, my love...

where...? Where are you?

Did you escape?

Oh, hurry.

I'm waiting for you.


Guess I better get
my coffee downstairs.

That'd be a good idea.

Sure you wanna do this?

Absolutely. Look.

Steve, I never lied to you
about the situation.

Now, did I?

No, you never...lied.

Listen, I'll, um...
I'll need the key.

Oh, right.



You take care
of yourself, okay?

Yeah, you too.




There he was.

She was hugging him,

and he was still
stuck back in the '40s.

I told him, "If it had been
you waiting for her,

"you would've had three broads,
all different
and doing handstands.

Nick, she's human."

See the changes I've made.

I don't suppose
you recognize a thing.

So, what do you think
of the kitchen?

It's completely

It's better now,
don't you think?


Well, sit down.

Oh, and I got rid of
the cockroaches.


All right, I'll get us
some coffee,

some real coffee.

And it's fresh.

Aren't you gonna
take your coat off?

It was...

my way...

of waiting.

To keep from dying.

It was my way of
staying alive.

You know,
nobody's perfect.

And we both got caught.



I love you...

and nothing else matters.




Would you like
some champagne, madam?

Oh, no, thank you, young man.
I'm high on life.

I can see that.

And it's all your fault.
I'm in love.

Well, really!

Oh, it's all right, ma'am.

She's been with the family
for years.

Oh, Nick.

So that night we were
all on the plane to Rio.

Carolyn opened
an antique store.

Me, I'm in
the export business now.

Beef and wallets.

And Nick tells me
Harry Winston is gonna open
a place down here in May.

Some people just never learn.