Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo! (2020) - full transcript

Scooby-Doo and the team gather again to solve the mystery of gigantic proportions and save Crystal Cove.

- [festive music playing]
- [people cheering]

[parade singers] ♪ It's the
spookiest night Of the year ♪

Good evening, everyone. It's me,
that classy lassie with the sassy chassis,

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.
Happy Halloween.

♪ We've got ghosts
We've got ghouls ♪

♪ We've got bats We've got
witches With big pointy hats ♪

♪ Crystal Cove has it all
It will be our downfall ♪

♪ But we have just gotten
Used to that ♪

- [device beeping]
- [grunting]

♪ Boo-diddle-diddle
Boo-diddle-diddle Boo-boo-bee-doo ♪

[rapid beeping]

We got him. Banh Mi Shop.
Second floor.

[Velma over comms] Covert operations
are the quiet ones, Freddy.

[softly] Oh, right.
I got excited.

Anyway, we got him.
[loudly] Banh Mi Shop. Second floor.

[Velma sighs wearily]

He's got to know
we're coming now.

Let's go, guys. Places ASAP.
At Start Of Project.

[Shaggy] Like, man,
I'm not going out there and getting eaten.

Guys, we're here to prove
that there is no monster.

And P.S., we have
a flawless track record.

[Shaggy] You don't
understand, Velma.

I'm like the boy
who cried wolf.

I keep warning you, but like, you won't
believe me until I finally get eaten.

I don't think you guys were
listening when I told you that story.

Point is, being afraid is a waste of time.
Monsters aren't real.

- [people screaming]
- [laughs maliciously]


Excuse me,
we don't know these guys.

Are you serial?


[laughs maliciously]

[people continue screaming]

All right, gang.
Let's solve this mystery.


- [explosion]
- [laughter continues]

- [siren blaring]
- [people screaming]

[1960's bubblegum
pop song playing]


[both laughing]

♪ You and me were meant to be
I knew it from the start ♪

♪ Sugar sweet You were like a
thief The way you stole my heart ♪

♪ Perfume
Just like butterscotch ♪

♪ A smile, oh, so fine ♪

♪ Seeing you, I somehow knew
I'd make you mine ♪

♪ Oh, look at us now ♪

♪ Nothin' that
We can't overcome ♪

♪ Always down
To have some fun ♪

♪ Oh, look at us now ♪

♪ Never thought this could be
But look at us now ♪

♪ Kisses sweet as caramel ♪

- ♪ Laughter sweet as cake ♪
- ♪ Sweet as cake ♪

♪ I've got a sweet tooth
For your love ♪

♪ One that'll never ache ♪

♪ You and me were meant to be
I know you know it's true ♪

♪ And there is nothing sweeter
Than when I'm with you ♪

♪ Oh, look at us now ♪

♪ Nothin' that
We can't overcome ♪

♪ Always down
To have some fun ♪

♪ Oh, look at us now ♪

♪ Never thought this could be
But look at us now ♪

[blows raspberry]

Your days of scaring people on Highway
13 are over, Haunted Scarecrow.

Or should we call you...
[grunts] Regular Scarecrow?

Whoa. I guess you should.

Aren't you sweaty in there?

Not just any scarecrow,
but the Scarecrow.

AKA Dr. Jonathan Crane,

former professor of psychology in
Gotham City turned supervillain.

And recently, an escapee
from Arkham Asylum.

[whistles] Nice work. That's a mighty
big fish you kids trapped there.

It wasn't a trap.
It was an app.

They're totally
different things.

Still. This one's wanted for
crimes all over the East Coast.

I can already feel the paperwork
burrowing into my skull.

Any last words before the law
throws a book on you?

"I would've..."
Come on, say it with me...

"I would've gotten away
with it too if...

If it hadn't been..."

Oh, but I am getting
away with it.

- Drones.
- A dead man's switch.

You shut down the signal I use
to control my gas grenade drones,

but that same signal is the only
thing that stops my friends here

from plunging this entire town into
76 hours of unmitigated terror.

And so the fate
of Crystal Cove was left

in the capable hands of
the Avocado Toast Generation.

- I... I gotta let him go.
- [Velma] Wait!



[Shaggy yelling]

[Shaggy continues yelling]

Shaggy. Shaggy, it's over.
You got them all.

I know. I'm just rewarding us
for a job well done.


- Ralvsies?
- Ralvsies? Rabsolutely.

[both laugh]

[annoyed groan]

- [people cheering]
- Special thanks to Mystery Incorporated,

for proving once again
that most creeps

are just regular guys
with bad gas and worse ideas.

- [all cheering]
- [laughter]

- All right. Let's see some dancing up in here.
- [upbeat music playing]

Elvira's Halloween Highway
of Horror Parade is back on.

- [siren wails]
- [music stops]

Um, no, sorry. That's not true. This is, uh,
this is sort of a federal crime scene now.

This isn't possible.

I was in hiding until you
meddling young adults came along.

How could you have
known where to find me?

We're Mystery Incorporated.
This is who we are. This is what we do.

- Word.
- Okay.

We've always solved mysteries
and we always will.

Nothing but net!

Frankly, taking you
down was easy.

[Daphne] Basic.

I found traces
of an unknown substance

on a piece of fan mail
sent to Elvira.

Analysis confirmed it to be
residue from a toxic gas

derived from
the Tibetan Blue Poppy,

the signature weapon

of the 53rd most infamous
supervillain in the world.

How about a little
sick burn, Scarecrow?

From there, we assumed
you'd strike during the parade

and tracked your gas leak
with an air quality meter.

I wrote the app to counter the signal
used to control your gas grenades myself.

Womp womp.

Just one problem.

I only steal
Toe Omni-Tech gear.

It doesn't leak.

- [siren blares]
- [vehicle doors open]

Get him in the truck.

I'm not afraid of you, Crane. Fear is an
illogical reaction to an imagined threat.

Fearless, then. Intelligent.
Proud and stubborn.

You remind me very much of the one
person in this world I care about.

For that reason,
I'll do you one favor and tell you...

that while I might be
the one in chains,

I believe we are both caught
in the same trap.

- It was an app.
- Wait. What's that supposed to mean?

[door slams]


Guys. She's gonna be okay.
She told me.

[door creaks]

Guys. Check this out.
My arms aren't shaking.

And I feel super weird.
Like my heart's beating in slow motion.

Yeah. Me too.

[both] Internet medical site.

No! You guys just have a temporary
case of "not being scared."

Probably because we finished our
Halloween mystery before dinner.

Well, then, like, what are we waiting for?
We should be celebrating.


Scooby-Doo, old buddy,
we need to be trick-or-treating

right now while
the trick-or-treating is hot!

- Trick-or-treating?
- Aren't you two too old for trick-or-treating?

No. Oh! Shoot, though...
We don't have costumes.

I would need
the perfect costume.

We didn't think
we'd need costumes.

Last year we were up past midnight
chasing the ghosts of The Three Stooges.

[mimicking The Three Stooges]

[objects clattering]

Like, necessity is the mother
of invention.

All we need to do is
chew up some candy like so.

And we chew it to produce
a sticky resin, thusly.

- [humming]
- [groans in disgust]

Sprinkle some happy little
wrapped candies,

and top it off with
a couple of buckets.

And boom. We're, like,
spilled Halloween candy.

[ethereal music playing]

Oh, my.

But sort of brilliant.

If you already had
all that candy,

why do you want
to trick-or-treat?

This is, like,
our seed candy, Daph.

You gotta have candy
to make candy.

Like, we'll meet you
at the Corn Maze.

[chuckling] Scoob. We did it.

This is the mother lode.
[laughs raucously]

Scooby Snacks.

This totally makes all the itchiness from
the candy drying on our skin worth it.

[both] Phew.

[distant whirring]

[both] Hmm?

[both gulp]

[gasps] It's like one of those
drones we shot down.


[Shaggy] "Tot-alli Frame."

Totalli Frame, man!


Scoob, those pumpkins
are, like,

drinking up a mixture of toxic
waste and concentrated fear gas.

Like, we need to get these Scooby Snacks
as far away from here as possible.

[grunts in agreement]

[sinister laughter]

I think we need to get us
out of here, too.

[sinister laughter]


[grunts] Giddy up, Scoob!

Oh, no. You giddy up.

- No. You giddy up.
- No. You giddy up.

- You giddy up.
- No. You giddy up.

- [rumbling]
- [cackling]


Okay, we both giddy up.

Double giddy up,
on the double.


[both yell, grunt]

[both gasp]

[Shaggy] Run, Scoob.


- [cackling]
- [yelling]

- [yells]
- Huh.


[both laugh]

- [howling]
- [both gasp]

Oh. Run. Run!

- [all laughing]
- [Sheriff clears throat]

Ever since you kids unmasked
the Trash Monster of Scranton,

it's me who's been warning you
not to mess with law enforcement.

I want you kids to remember that whatever
happens next, you brought this on yourselves.

But we caught the villain.

You're in over
your heads on this one.

Just go home
and leave it to the pros.


Jeepers. I hope
we did the right thing.

Of course we did.

[chuckles] Thank you
for saving Crystal Cove.

Happy Halloween, pardners.

Oh, my gosh. Thank you?

Oh, little girl,
you don't have to do that.

It's cool. She wanted to do
it, so I told her it was okay.

Aw, well, thank you both.

No problem. I'm Mike.
This little cowpoke is Michelle.

You guys really
did save the town.

You ever need anything,
just ask.

Maybe I'll buy y'all
a caramel corn later on.

Hey, nerds.

Oh, you all turned around?

Well, it turns out
these reporters

want to interview you
for capturing the Scarecrow

instead of me for being the hottest Grand
Marshal this side of the River Styx.

No accounting for taste.

Who? Us? On TV?

This could be big, guys.
This could be our moment.

[reporters clamoring]

One question at a time.

Victoria Hasselbaum from
Newsy McNews Face News.

Is this all of you? I was told there
were five. I see less than five.

Scooby and Shaggy
were right here.

They're always nearby.
Just usually hiding.

- [both panting]
- Those are the ones.

Toxic waste
and fear gas combo.

Like dogs, but pumpkins.
They're pumpkins.

They were like jackals,

only they were like

Jackal Lanterns.


Only terrifying.

And they're coming this way.
You gotta believe us, man.

Have you caught sight of these
Jackal Lanterns? I never heard...

Uh... This is
Shaggy and Scooby.

They're, um... really into
the Halloween spirit.

This isn't cosplay, Velma.

Halloween's turned
upside down and inside out.

The pumpkins are trying
to eat the people.

We need to go
somewhere to hide.

They're perfectly sane.
From a certain point of view.

They're... they're just wired
up on candy, I think.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

But does that young man
have an owl stuck to his butt?

- [owl hoots]
- Who? Oh, my gosh.

They mean you, Mr. Owl.

Okay, tell... tell you what.

Let's do this a little more
formally somewhere else.

It's been a crazy
night and...

Velma. This is real. I'm crying wolf here.
You have to believe me.

No, I don't!

You guys are a mess.

You've eaten
way too much candy,

we've already
solved the mystery,

and you're talking nonsense.

You guys locked yourselves

in the Mystery Machine
instead of helping.

Maybe you can
just skip this part too.

- [hooting]
- [yelling]

Just... [sighs]
Go get cleaned up.

But, Velma... [grunting]

Come on, let's de-owl you.

[Daphne] ♪ From the shores
Of the chocolate fountain ♪

♪ To the peak of the rock
Candy mountain ♪

♪ I've been seeking
trick-or-treating for your love ♪

♪ Well, when it's time
To wash an owl ♪

♪ And you wish that
you had a towel ♪

♪ But you don't have a towel ♪

♪ So you got to use
Your sweater ♪







[Daphne] Oh,
what a cute little baby.

Oh, you're just such a cute little owl.
Ah, who's cute? You are.


- Man, what a... [screaming]
- [hooting]

What a night.

If you guys are cool here,

I've got this amazing plan to score
the perfect costume. All I have to...

- No, we are not cool here.
- Uh-uh.

Did nobody hear what we said about
toxic flying monster pumpkins?

Jackal Lanterns?

We've fought some dumb monsters,
guys, but that's just dumb.

Well, I'm not making it up,
so it's reality that's dumb.

Why you gotta be
like that, reality?

Well, you said these things were right
on your tail, so where are they now?

What if these things turn into
monsters too? Help me out, Scoob.

We need to, like, squash
every squash that we see.

[both grunting]

[Velma] I mean,
we've been doing this forever.

Since we got a pup named Scooby-Doo.
Anyway, we make a heck of a team.

There is no "I" in
Mystery Incorporated.

Except for the obvious one.

[Velma] Thank you.

They're gonna have to tow the old girl to
the body shop, and the bill ain't pretty.

I figure maybe we can get
dishwashing jobs to earn money.

[phone ringing]

[Velma] It's Bill Nye.

Now, that Bill is pretty.

Velma, Fred. Hey, I was just
watching the news and I saw you guys.

I just wanted to call
and say congratulations.

Thanks, Mr. Nye.

Hey, no problem.

But this isn't that sort of
"thank you." I got you something.

[engine whirring]

- An air drop?
- Before the mic drop.

[loud thud]

[tires screech]

[both] What is that?

[Nye] It gives me great pleasure to
introduce the future of mystery solving...

The Mystery Machine X.

Whoa. Electric.
Massive touchscreen.

An autoclave.
This thing has it all.

Except a soul.

Hello, Mystery Incorporated.

Welcome to the
Mystery Machine X.

Where can I take you on this
invigorating Halloween night?

Whoa. And you made the nav
computer look like you.

Better. This actually is me. I'm just
talking to you through the vehicle now.

I'm chillin' at home tonight handing
out candy to trick-or-treaters,

but I do have a costume.
You're sitting in it.

I'm like a nav computer,
a science resource,

and a friend, all wrapped up
in one convenient package.

Being a hologram
is highly entertaining.

Hang on, Nye Riders.

[both gasp]

So you're going to... what?

Ride around
and solve mysteries with us?

Why not?
It sounds like fun.

What about when
trick-or-treaters show up?

Or if you have to go
to the bathroom?

Well, there's a real computer
inside this thing too,

although it's not
as charming as I am.

Just press the "Bill me now"
button to summon me

and "Bill me later"
to switch to autopilot.

Wow. This is so generous,
Mr. Nye. Thank you.

Fred, we don't have to worry about
fixing the Mystery Machine anymore.

This night just
keeps on giving.

The Mystery Machine doesn't need fixing.
She said she's gonna be fine.


- [Fred] What happened?
- It's... it's Victoria Hasselbaum

from Newsy McNews Face News.

Something... The pumpkins.
They just came alive and took her.

Took her where?


Hank, can you unhitch
this thing from my car?

I mean, I don't want to have to
pay double toll on the highway.

[Daphne] Elvira.

Oh. Hey, girl.

I just wanted to say that
I love your look. Gaultier?

Oh, Gezundheit.

Same with my scarf.

Have you ever considered
mentoring anyone?

One of me
is more than enough.

Or so the legends say.

I don't want
to be you, silly.

Just to look and think like
you, but still have free will.

Have you ever
done circus work?

You know? Like,
getting shot out of a cannon,

wrestling a bear,
breathing fire...

Not officially
for a circus, no.

All right. You're in.


But remember, you're getting
an education, not a job.

First thing you need to know is how
I like my luggage packed into my car.


[tired grunting]

[both panting]

Maybe Daph was right.
Maybe we imagined the whole thing.

- You think so?
- I don't know. Maybe.

I mean, if they were real,
then where did they go?


Like, zoinks!

Oh! Help, Scoob.
I've got a pumpkin butt.

- Hello? Miss Hasselbaum?
- It's Mystery Incorporated. We come in peace.


- Uh-oh.
- This is what Shaggy and Scooby were talking about.

Is this even possible?

- [rustling]
- Huh?

[straining, mumbling]

Miss Hasselbaum.
It's me, Fred.

- We're here to rescue you.
- [thudding]


[Victoria] My glasses.

- I can't see without my glasses.
- [snarling]


I didn't want to see that.

Oh, no. Victoria Hasselbaum.



This isn't happening.



[Fred] Run!

Fred. This is so dumb. It's the
dumbest monster ever. It can't be real.

Oh, I believe you, Velma.


I just don't think
my legs do.

- [cackles]
- Oh!



Wow. You're a regular
Mary Sue.

Now step on it, Elvira!

[straining] I'm trying.

Parade's back on.

Oh, no. They got Hank.

They zombified him,
only they pumpkified him.

[slurps, snarls]

[distant snarling]

- [both sigh]
- [electricity crackling]

They turned the power off.

How could they turn the power off?
They're vegetables.

[both panting]


It's, like, the Alpha
Jackal Lantern.

[both screaming]

[motor whirring]


One more thing I don't like about
that big orange guy. He cheats!

Well, if you can't beat 'em...


[both] Phew.


[people screaming]

It begs the question,
is this a natural occurrence,

or perhaps another problem caused by the
so-called "Information Superhighway"?


Guys, over here.
Come on.


[honking horn playing
funeral march]

[mimicking honking horn]

[tires screech]

[Elvira] Coming through.

[both sigh]


[both gasp]

Mike. Hey, Mike.
We need your help. Remember me?

I'm Fred,
from Mystery Incorporated.

Yeah, now's not
a great time, man.

It's just that Michelle
said we saved the town,

and you said you owed us one
because we saved the town.

Our friends need a ride.

I said caramel corn.

Fine. Get in the back.
Come on.

[terrified gasp]

Mr. Nye, get us out of here.
Ludicrous speed. Engage.

- Huh? [gasps]
- Whoa.

You know what's terrifying?
It's so messed up, I'm not even hungry.

Y'all cowpokes want some
of this here licorice?

[both] Yes, please.

Wow. You guys are having
a wild Halloween.

If I weren't virtually right
here, I'd be jealous.

Pumpkins that were mutated
by toxic chemicals

and can bite people and turn
them into other pumpkins.

In what world
does that make sense?

[gasps] She's still back there.
My love.

No, Daphne made it out with Elvira.
They're right up ahead.

No. No.
The Mystery Machine.

We left her back there
all alone.

It's okay, Freddy.
We got the X now,

and it's got way more tech
than the old one had.

We're gonna crack
this mystery like a gourd.


Ah, what a hideous night
for a drive.

Ah, so hideous.

- Is everyone okay?
- [Shaggy] Like, no.

Heck no. Look, I don't
even live out this way.

It's been a crazy night,
we're all tired,

and these guys smell like the bottom
of a trash can in a candy store.

And I kind of have to go.

And my little girl
kind of has to go.

Sorry, Mike. Let's pull over at the
next exit and we'll sort it all out.

We already solved
the Scarecrow mystery.

I can't believe that this...
event is a coincidence.

It's not.

You saw what the toxic waste and the
fear gas did to that pumpkin patch.

Did I? What do you think,
Mr. Nye?

Do you have any science-based
wisdom to impart?

Well, Velma, if you stacked
every ruler on Earth,

end-to-end between
the Earth and the Moon,

they would all drift away

before you could
measure anything at all.

Okay, yeah. I mean science wisdom
that applies to our current situation.

Oh. Well, no, then. Nothing yet.
No idea on the pumpkins.

The town should definitely
not have collapsed, though.

There are no fault lines
in the area.

There was talk of underground

lithium mining
a few years back,

but it was shut down

over concerns about
the impact on the environment.

Hmm. Crystal Cove
gets its name

from the stalactite anthodite
crystals in the area's sea caves,

but none of those caves
extend this far inland.

Anthodite crystals are, by the
way, my sixth favorite crystal.

Daddy's had about enough of
Halloween night. Yes, sir.

What the...


[heavy metal music playing]

No way.

Mr. Nye. More RPMs, please.

[both] Whoa.

Hey, I thought
we were stopping.

Speed up. Go, go, go.

Really? It's a parade float.

Um... Mentee of the Dark.

Yes, Mentor of the Dark.

I don't suppose
you've ever disconnected

a parade float
from a car going

eighty miles per hour before,
have you?

Um, of course I have.
Do you have a cutting torch?

Duh. Of course I do.


Daph, hurry. The Jackal
Lanterns are coming in fast.

I know what
I'm doing, Freddy.


Do you want me
to come over there?

I think you're supposed
to hold it like...

Frederick Herman Jones.

Do not torchsplain to me when
I am carrying a torch for you.

I mean... [grunts]

No, yeah. I'm sorry.
It's just...

- [Daphne grunts]
- No. You do you. You do you.

- [gasps, grunts]
- [tires screech]

[chittering, screaming]

Whoops. Butterfingers.

[metal scraping, clanging]

Fire extinguisher?


Ha! The old
"hotsy coldsy" trick.

Nice. Check this one out.

Light 'em up, Mr. Nye.


[all scream]




- Yes.
- Yeah.


They're still coming?

Well, at least we bought
ourselves some breathing room.

[sighs] After all that,
I'm starting to wish

there was more breathing
room in this corset.

Ooh, ooh. Can I wear it?
Thanks for the assist back there.

No problem. But now
we need to solve this mystery.

The trouble is,
we can't slow down

to collect clues
with those things chasing us.

Do we even know
they're real pumpkins?

Mmm. Stringy. Seedy.
Smokey aftertaste.


- Mmm.
- [both] Delicious.

Definitely real pumpkins.

The fear gas.
Maybe we've been exposed to it.

Nope. The first thing I did
was check the air quality.

It's remarkably clear
out there.


Velma, are you scared too?

Of course not.

There's got to be a logical solution
to this somewhere in my mind palace.

Wow. You live in a palace?

No, it's a mind palace.
It's a place I can go in my imagination.

It's where I keep
all of my memories

and store the clues
for the cases we solve.

Eh. That's not as fun.

Normally it's a lot of fun.

[groans] I just can't seem
to find anything in here today.

It's because she's scared.

Scared? I'm not scared.

You sure?

Because I can never find what I'm
looking for and I'm scared all the time.

I'm not scared.

You can't be scared
of something that isn't real.

- But they are real.
- Real pumpkin.

But not real monsters.

Aw. There's no shame
in being scared, Velma.

Well, good. Because I'm not.

Now can everyone be quiet so
I can focus on my mind palace?


Now. What do we know
about these Jackal Lanterns?

They can turn people into other monster
pumpkins, like zombies in the movies.

Like, they'll eat your pants
right off your butt.

Uh-uh. No joke.
Right off your butt.

They smash real good.

We know that chemicals generally don't
cause mutations this extreme in nature,

so these Jackal Lanterns probably
aren't what they appear to be.


You're saying there's a chance these things
are really monster pumpkins for real?

As scientists, we can't discount
anything without evidence.

Even the seemingly impossible
is possible, technically.

Man, I thought science was supposed
to make people feel better.

Nope. Science is a means to get to the
truth, and sometimes the truth hurts.

[distant cackling]

Right now, truth is that I don't
know what to make of any of this.

[cackling continues]

Occam's razor suggests
that the solution

requiring the least explanation
is the best solution.

Uh, usually.

Oh, great.

Pumpkins are tired of getting
smashed, and now they want revenge.

And we all fell into their trap
like hair in a drain.

[gasps] A trap.

A trap?

Shaggy, I could kiss you.

- Oh...
- [chuckles]

Whoa. Like,
that escalated fast.

Not literally.
But you just reminded me.

Dr. Crane said that he and I
were caught in the same trap.

I couldn't figure out what he
meant, but... [gasps]

Mr. Nye. Step on it.
We need to catch up to the Scarecrow.

So you're the sheriff
in these here parts?

- Howdy, Sheriff.
- You kids!

What are you doing
all the way out here?

Sheriff, we need to speak
to Dr. Crane.

Have you completely
lost your minds?

It's, like,
about the Jackal Lanterns.

The what?

Orange. Freaky.
Aggressive drivers.

What is that?
What's happening?

Sheriff, please,
we don't have time to explain.

And we can't explain. We just need
you to patch us through to the truck.

Look, Crane isn't my prisoner.
He belongs to the Feds.

I'm lucky they even
let me drive behind.

I'm just trying to have a cool
sheriff moment here, and...

Are those pumpkins
driving cars?


- Please, Sheriff.
- What have you done?

I gotta call this in.
Don't do anything.

[fearful babbling]

Mr. Nye, can you think of a way
I can communicate with Dr. Crane?

- Of course, I can. I'll just need to check...
- [doorbell ringing]

Hang on one second.

Wait, what? Mr. Nye?

[children] Trick-or-treat!

[Nye] Whoa. All right.
Those are some amazing costumes.

In real life,
in order to exist, of course,

Aquaman would
probably need gills.

Your version is accurate
to the source material.

But the source material
is somewhat unreliable.

He's handing out candy.

Hey. Let's go see Bill Nye.

[siren blaring]

Get out of here, son.
Leave this to law enforcement.

We can help, Sheriff.

No. You stay safe.

As much as I grumble
at you kids,

I feel almost like you're
the only family I've got.

But we've only talked,
like, eight or ten times.

- [cackling]
- [screaming]

[Sheriff] The horror.

Sheriff! No!

Mr. Nye? Hello?


[automated voice]
Engaging autopilot.

What are you going to do?

[automated voice]
Activating seat adjustment.

Adjusting seat position
to exterior of vehicle.

- [beeping]
- [Velma] Whoa!

Oh, Bill Nye.
What have you done?


You brilliant, lovable man.

I'm okay.

Speak for yourself. Finally found
the flaw in this thing, I guess.

[Nye] Well, yes,
but the pressure in Atlantis

would have to be over
35,000 kilopascal.

And that's on top
of the social pressures.


You... monsters.



[giggles] Daddy,
this ride is fun.

That's right, baby.
It's all a 3D motion control ride.

- None of it's real.
- [cackles]

- [grunts]
- [engine revving]

Daddy just ate too much pizza and
fell asleep with the TV on again.

It's that
pepperoni-Westworld combo.

- Velma's got the right idea, Scoob.
- [thudding]

It's, like, safer in the armored truck.
Time to eject.

You guys comin'?

What? Are you
offering me dog treats?

Get out of here with that.



Pepperoni Westworld.

[knocking on door]

Happy Halloween, boys.
I realize that this isn't normal,

but extenuating

Don't worry.

He's behind three inches
of reinforced laminate.

We'll be right here
if you need us.

[both breathe deeply]

Ms. Dinkley. I didn't expect
to see you again so soon.

So, you know who I am now,
Dr. Crane.

I may be the 53rd

most infamous
supervillain in the world,

but I'm still
fairly resourceful.


You weren't in Crystal Cove
to attack Elvira, were you?

What makes you think that?

Motive. You don't seem
like a crazed fan,

and you recently escaped
from Arkham Asylum.

Why risk your freedom to attack a
celebrity at a high-profile event?

Need I remind you that I am quite mad?
I am also a fan of Elvira.

I did write her a fan mail,
so technically I am both crazed and a fan.

But you are correct.

I had no plans to attack Elvira
or to do anything tonight

other than watch
the Halloween parade.

You said we were
in a trap together.

I thought that maybe you were speaking
figuratively, but you weren't, were you?

Tell me...

Are you frightened yet?

- No.
- [both trembling]

You said that fear was an irrational
reaction. You are incorrect.

Fear is ancient.

Fear knows the answer
before you do, Ms. Dinkley.

So, yes.
I was speaking figuratively.

But we are also both
in a very literal trap,

as I'm sure you've surmised

based on the nature of this
unusually desperate little visit.

But, dude, who would be out to get
the Scarecrow and the Scooby gang?

It's true that we do not seem
to have anything in common,

but logic dictates that
there must be a link.

Someone went
to a great deal of effort

to track me down
and to lead you to me.

Do you think this is all linked
to the "Jackal Lanterns"?

- The what?
- [loud crash]


Mr. Nye, this is Fred.
Come in, Mr. Nye. Over.

[Nye] ...and that's on top
of the social pressures.

You know, dolphins have
kind of a mean streak...

[man] Seriously, Mr. Nye.
Thanks again.

It's past their bedtimes now,
so maybe we could just wrap this up.

[Nye] Oh, no. No problem.
Have a happy Halloween, everyone.

[sighs] Great.
Power steering's gone.

This thing is tight!
Hey, we should just switch outfits.


Think about it. You're famous, so naturally
the monsters will try to eat you first.

If I'm dressed like you,
I can act as bait while you stay safe.

I've heard of being hungry for
fame, but this is ridiculous.

- [cackles]
- [window squeaks]

All right. I'm up for anything.
Give me your scarf.

- [cackling]
- Huh?


[Fred gasps]

- Computer.
- [automated voice] Acknowledged.

Mike and Michelle
need our help.

[automated voice]
Initiating rescue protocols.

- [screams]
- [laughing]

Lasers. Computer,
use the lasers on the pumpkins.

[automated voice] Activating type 1-4
UV laser defense system, patent pending.

[powering up]

All right.
Now we're talking.

- [alarm blares]
- [powering down]

The power's down.

[yells] And this whole
thing's electric.

Game over, man.
Game over.

Ha! Found the flaw.

- [loud crash]
- [all yelling]


- Daddy?
- Yeah, baby.

Now I really have to go.


[both scream]


[honking horn playing
funeral march]

Come on. Hurry.

Get in the car, Velma.

I can't leave
Dr. Crane in there.

Yeah, you can. It's easy.
I already did it.

"Don't worry. I won't sting you,"
said the scorpion to the frog.



Whoa. [screaming]




I'll need my personal effects.


Extenuating circumstances.


Freddy, Mike,
Michelle, grab on!

A little help, Dr. Crane?

Dr. Crane? Dr. Crane?

[exhales] What did you
expect, Velma?

Hang on.


Be brave, baby. Be brave.

There is no time
for bravery.


[all screaming]


- Ow!
- Freddy!

[Fred yells]





I love your work.
Big fan.

Oh, with an outfit like that,
you'd better be.



[gasps, screams]


Um, I don't want to be a party pooper
or anything, but we're out of gas.

[engine sputtering]

Uh, now what?

Jeepers. It's the creepers.

Like, man, I vote we run.


[sighs] I'm sorry, everyone.
I failed.

What are you talking
about, Velma?

I got cocky after we captured
Scarecrow. Before, even.

Like the Sheriff said,
he's been warning us

that we're in over our heads since we
caught the Trash Monster of Scranton.

The poor Sheriff.

I assumed we couldn't fail,
and that I couldn't make a mistake.

Because of that,
I didn't listen to Scooby and Shaggy.

Now we've had someone
arrested for a crime

they didn't commit, and we're no
closer to solving this mystery.

And we lost a shoe
and some good luggage.

And we're on the run
for our lives.

It's these dumb Jackal Lanterns.
They're unstoppable.

That's not true.
We've stopped a lot of them.

They smash real good.

Yeah, but there are
so many of them.

And that alpha pumpkin seems to disrupt
anything electrical that gets near it.

We don't need gadgets, Velma.
We have me.

What are you going
to do, Freddy?

I'm going to do
what I do best.

I'm gonna do traps.

[distant howling and cackling]

[battle cry]

Ugh. These Jackal Lanterns
are like a force of pure chaos

that resists every attempt
to apply order.

If I can just get a few quiet minutes in my
mind palace, maybe I can puzzle this out.

Well, if Scoob and I
were in your mind palace,

we'd help you look.

And I'd be the handsome
prince who lived there.

[chuckles] I wish I could take
you two into my mind palace.

We'd just break something.

Seriously. Sometimes I think I don't
appreciate what you guys bring to the table.

We wouldn't have a Scooby gang
without a Shaggy and a Scooby.

- Well, there is a way.
- A way to what?

A way we can join you
in your mind palace.

[Scooby-Doo reading]

Scooby Snacks?

[Scooby-Doo gulps]

What are you... [sputtering]

Hey. These actually
aren't bad.

Scooby Snacks
bring people together.

And they're delicious.

And now that we've all shared
Scooby Snacks together,

a part of us will be right there with
you when you go to your happy place.

- Mind palace.
- That too.

Thanks for the gesture, guys.
It was really sweet.

Okay, think, Velma.
Think like your life depends on it.

Okay, Ms. Dinkley.
Time to review the facts.

- Like, for some reason I thought there was going...
- [yelps]

...to be a lot more
math floating around.

You guys are really
in my mind palace?

- As advertised.
- It's the Mystery Machine.

Weird. Your mind palace looks
like the Mystery Machine.

For some reason I thought
it was gonna be a hobbit hole.

Yeah. Nerd stuff.

It can look like
anything you want it to.

I guess this is just where
I feel the most comfortable.

So, like, what do we do?

We just drive through
my memory and look for clues.

Let's start with
the Halloween parade.


Drive a little further.


Scarecrow's equipment.
He said it was stolen from Toe Omni-Tech.






Come on. We need to hurry.

Oh, boy. [nervous laugh] This is
starting to creep me out, man.

Like, we shouldn't have come.

Shaggy, Scooby.
You were in the pumpkin patch too.

What did you see?

We, like, saw
the Totalli Frame drones here

and then the pumpkins
started to come to life.

Totalli Frame?

Yeah. That's what it said on the side.
It was spelled all funny. See?

Ah. Totalli Frame.

[Fred] Time's up, guys.
They found us.

[distant cackling]

- How'd the mind tricks go?
- Mind palace. And not great.

These things aren't real.
I just can't prove it yet.

I have no doubt that science
will prevail eventually,

but there's something I
trust even more than science.

- Bazookas?
- No, silly. It's you guys.

Now let's go smash
some pumpkins.


[nose squeaks]



Mystery Incorporated...

[all yelling]

♪ You and me were meant to be
I knew it from the start ♪

♪ Sugar sweet
You were like a thief ♪

♪ The way you stole my heart ♪

♪ Perfume
Just like butterscotch ♪

♪ A smile, oh, so fine ♪

♪ Seeing you, I somehow knew
I'd make you mine ♪

♪ Oh, look at us now ♪

♪ Nothin' that
We can't overcome ♪

♪ Always down
To have some fun ♪

♪ Oh, look at us now ♪

♪ Never thought
this could be ♪

♪ But look at us now ♪

♪ Look at us now ♪


- Stop.
- [roaring, cackling stops]

It worked. I'll admit it.
I'm afraid.

I'm afraid of failing.

Of failing science.
Failing justice.

Failing my friends.

But you've been using
those fears against me.

And I'm not afraid
of you anymore.

[Velma grunts]

[all] Velma!

[sinister laughter]

- [Velma] Freddy. The app.
- [gasps]

Punch it.

[all groan]

[giggles] Yay, high score.

[roaring faints]

- Velma?
- Velma?

Are you in there?

- It was a robot?
- Drones, to be more precise.

I owe that discovery
to Shaggy and Scooby.

[Scooby-Doo] Hmm?

Shaggy and Scooby noticed

that the Scarecrow's drones
had some writing on them.

Shaggy thought
it said "Totalli Frame,"

but the "Al" and the "Li" were written
like elements on the periodic table.

Aluminum and lithium.

The text actually read
"TOT Aluminum Lithium Frame,"

meaning that the drone itself was
made from a lightweight lithium alloy.

Light, but strong enough to carry
something heavy like Scarecrow's gas tanks.

Or a pumpkin.

All drones. Go figure.

What about the Sheriff
and Victoria Hasenpfeffer

and everyone who got
turned into pumpkins?

They're still right here.

[all gasping]

Ugh, my ankles are swollen.


[Velma] Everybody got put
into the monster's mouth,

then their personal
possessions were switched

- to a Jackal Lantern drone and sent back out.
- Hey.

The big guy here puts out an electromagnetic
pulse which disrupts electronics

and makes sure that no one can contact
the outside world once they've been eaten.

The same would've happened to me if I
hadn't known what I was getting into.

So that weird Scarecrow guy
did it after all.

No. Dr. Crane
was telling us the truth.

He was framed to draw
us in and distract us.

Distract us from what?

Bill Nye reminded us that
Crystal Cove is rich in lithium.

The proposed lithium mine would
have run under Crystal Cove,

but it never happened because the science
said it would damage the environment.

Oh, man. Like the town
square collapsing.

That's right.

Someone decided to mine
the lithium anyway,

and engineered this whole
mess to cover it up.

Someone who's gotten to know us well
enough that he can push our buttons.

Let's see what happens
when we start pushing his.



I'll take the "big reveal"
from here, Velma.

- [Shaggy] Reveal?
- [Daphne] Who's that?

- [overlapping conversations]
- What's happening?

Who is that?

[all] The Sheriff!

That's right. But Sheriff who?
You never bothered to ask.

I kept telling you
ever since you unmasked

the Trash Monster of Scranton
that you were in over your heads.

I warned you that if you kept
meddling in other people's business,

that there
would be consequences.

It was me.

These last few years,
it was all me pulling the strings.

But why?

Because he's not
a sheriff at all.

This is Cutler Toe,
former head of Toe Omni-Tech.


Also known as the Trash
Monster of Scranton.

[overlapping conversations]

Um, I'm not seeing it.

[all] What!

That's right.

Once you exposed my plan
to make everyone think

a trash monster was causing
pollution instead of Toe Omni-Tech,

I went to jail and lost
half my stock.

To make things worse,

scientists said
my lithium mine

was going to pollute
the environment,

so I lost that too.

In prison, I'd learned
that Dr. Jonathan Crane,

AKA the Scarecrow,
was a fan of my tech.

So I did what anyone
in my situation would do.

I spent my remaining millions
to amass an army of drones

and moved to Crystal Cove to
impersonate a local Sheriff.

I used my position

as an authority figure
to get under your skins.

I'd tell you that you were breaking
the law to wear down your confidence,

and then tell you I supported
you to build it back up.

[Daphne] The old
"hotsy coldsy" trick.

[Cutler Toe]
Once the trap was set,

all I had to do was unleash
my robotic drills.

The robots would extract millions
of dollars worth of lithium

while I chased everyone
out of town

with my pumpkin drones.

And made you kids
look like fools.

And I'll bet the toxic waste
wasn't even toxic waste.

[Cutler Toe] Thanks to you, I'm not
allowed to have real toxic waste anymore.

So I spent another million
dollars to buy green glow sticks

and I snapped them
all into that tanker truck.

And you might've
gotten away with it too,

if it weren't for these
friends of mine.

Friendship's O-P.

Well, whatever.
Go ahead and celebrate.

Even you baby geniuses
can't arrest a hologram.

The real Cutler Toe
is in a very fast sportscar

packed with more money
than you dweebs will ever see

in your combined lifetimes.

I could be halfway
to Guam by now.

Not even the Feds
can catch me.

We'll see about that.

Right? What do you think,
Mr. Nye?

Did we keep him
talking long enough?

Perfect, Velma.

He's headed southbound,
still on Highway 13 by the Oak exit.

Hope that sportscar is as
swift as justice, Mr. Toe.

No! No!

That's Toe's car, all right.

He couldn't have gotten far.

Come on, it's not like someone
could just swoop in and grab him.

[crows cawing]

[engine sputtering]

[Elvira] Well, at least if the dead
ever come out of this graveyard,

they'll have a lot of
dead cars to choose from.

I can't believe it.
I think they're all wrecked.

[groans] These shoes
are the real monsters.

Well, they say
that the best way

to get to know someone is to
walk a mile in their shoes,

young Mentee of the Dark.


It is a nice night
for a walk.

Yeah, I'm not complaining.

Like, me either, Scoob.

All that sitting
and screaming wears you out.

Yeah, makes you hungry.

Hey, guys, check it out.
I did not lead us astray.


Dude. You are a lifesaver.
For real this time.

I'm... I'm still not sure I ever
want to see you again, though.

Happy trails, partner.

Keep in touch, Mike.

I don't think Calamity Jane here
would let me have it any other way.

Hey! You guys looking
for the Halloween party?

No. We don't have perfect costumes.
Can't you see that?

Oh. Well, I thought you guys were
dressed like those kids from the news.

The Mystery Teens
or whatever.

[Fred] Uh,
Mystery Incorporated.

Yeah, man.
Anyway, come on in.

We don't have an invitation.

Uh, well, good,
'cause we didn't make any.

Is there food?

Only if you count the sandwich
tray, cheese fountain,

the cookie station,
the ice cream bar,

Uncle Ernie's hot wings,
and the taco truck.

I can also make you some
pizza bagels if you want...


- What do you think, gang?
- Dancing? Looks like fun to me. I'm in.

I know I shouldn't ask, but,
really... can I have the wig?

It's not a wig.

Daphne, have you been trying to get
Elvira's outfit as a costume all along?


But that's a great idea.
Now we can go to this party.

Wait. Were you just trying to replace
Elvira and take over her life?

She's done this before.

[chuckles nervously]

We once solved three mysteries with Phyllis
Diller before we even figured it out.

You are one weird kid. And I'm
proud to be your Mentor of the Dark.

It's not a wig.

It's a macaque.

- [screeches]
- And her name is Meredith.

Go ahead. Put her on.
You've earned her.

After the day we've had, I'm not
even gonna ask. You coming, Elvira?

Nah. I'm afraid I'm due back
at my usual haunt.

Well, thanks again.
See you around.

Every couple of hours,
just stick a piece of fruit

or some nuts up in there.

And, like, maybe if you find a cockroach
or snail. But those are sometimes foods.

Got it.
You're the best, Elvira.

I know.

Well, there you have it,
my children of the night.

The true story
of the fourth weirdest

Halloween night I've ever had.
And what have we learned?

That friendship
is stronger than monsters.

That there's an answer
to every mystery.

And that there is nothing
to fear, but fear itself.

And maybe this.

[distorted voice]
Happy Halloween.


Ah. Ooh.



[heart thumping]

- She's alive. She's alive!
- [thunder crackling]