Happy Go Lucky (2014) - full transcript

Three sisters desire a Policeman, a singer and an NRI for their marriages. Realising this, three brothers, try to woo the girls by changing their identities and hiding that they are of the desired professions.

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"Whether he's from India,
or from Canada.."

"Happy go lucky...lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky!"

"Whether he's simple,
or he's smart."

"Happy go lucky...lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky!"

"Whether he's from India,
or from Canada.."

"Whether he's simple,
or he's smart."

"This is what every girl says,
and that's for sure.."

"The boy should be.."


"Happy go lucky...lucky,
lucky, lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky,
lucky, lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky,
lucky, lucky!"

"Happy go lucky..."

"Happy go lucky..."

"Happy go lucky...lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky,
lucky, lucky!"

"He should buy her a new
branded makeup kit every week."

"Though he might make
a fuss over my expenses."

"He should buy her a new
branded makeup kit every week."

"Though he might make
a fuss over my expenses."

"Whether he believes
in me or doubts me."

"But the boy should be.."

"The boy should be.."


"Happy go lucky...lucky,
lucky, lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky,
lucky, lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky,
lucky, lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky,
lucky, lucky!"

Sir, we've reached on time.

I'm sure they are
still serving lunch.

Shut up.

I no longer attend wedding
to just for the food.

Don't you forget that I'm no longer Parminder and Girls' company's clerk..

..that I used to be 15 years ago.

Now I have my own factories.

I think Mr. Gupta is waiting for me.

And wondering what Mr.
Brar hasn't showed up as yet.

Let's go.

Hello. - Hi.

Heartiest congratulations.
- Thank you, uncle. Thank you.

Son, where's your father?

He passed away 2 years ago.

Not possible.
I met him just yesterday.

I too dream of him every day.

He was a well respected person.

Every one used to respectfully
call him Mr. Sharma.

No, you are mistaken.

Not Mr. Sharma.
They called him Mr. Gupta.

No, they called him Mr. Sharma.

I think we have come
to the wrong wedding.

Really? Let's eat and leave.
- Shut up.

It's not right for us to eat here.

Congrats, brother-in-law.


You two make a lovely couple.

Thank you. If you want,
I can pair you up with Vicky.

He's a doctor.
Your future will be safe.

No! Doctor? Let me know
if you know a good inspector.


Happy is fortunate. - Yes.

I just saw my first daughter-in-law.

I think he would prefer Jas.
- No way.

I want a rock-star.

Oh really?!


"Oh my beloved!
I love the afternoon in your city."

Found one for the
second one as well.

We found one for
the rock-star as well.

If you want a singer then shall
we call brother Durga Rangeela?

Hello! - Let's ask the third one then.

What do you say, Mehek?

Don't even think about me!

I wish to go abroad.
I want to marry an NRI.



Found one for Lucky as well.

You three sisters are just too much!

They are sisters?

Very good.

We won't have to do
the work hard of hunting..

..for matches at
three different places.

Sorry, brother-in-law.

Your brother can't marry any of us.

Not a problem.
I'll find someone else for him.

Look, papa is here!


Mr. Parminder Singh.

This means they are his daughters.


Hi. - Papa.

I suggest you should..

..call the boys here and
get them married right away.

We'll save on catering. - Shut up.

Yes, it's a nice wedding.

Yes, it is. - Sir.. - I saw it first.

Hello, Mr. Bhalla. - Hello, Harneek.
How are you?

Everything's just fine,
with your grace.


I am really very happy
with the way you have progressed.

Thank you.

How's your family?

My family is doing great.
I have three sons.

All three of them are well-settled.

Your daughters are very beautiful.

Have you thought about
getting them married?

Yes, let me know if
you know some good boys.

Mr. Bhalla, I just told
you that I have three sons.

They are just like
what your daughters want.

One of them is a singer,
the other, an NRI..

..and the third, a police inspector.

What did you say?

You want to make my daughters
your daughters-in-law?

Think about your position
and think about what you are saying.

A manager working in my office
for a salary of Rs. 10,000..

Wants me to get my daughters
married to his sons.

Mr. Bhalla, you are insulting me.

Shut up.

Eat and leave.

Mr. Bhalla, you have insulted
me in front of all these people.

Get this straight.

Today, I pledge before you,
sooner or later..

If I don't get your daughters
married to my sons..

Then you can change my name.

Make preparations.

Dad.. stop crying and start eating.

I don't want to eat this.

Now I'll eat only when you three get
married to Parminder's daughters.

This means this hunger
strike will last for long.

Let me eat. It's nothing.

That's enough, father.

Let me cry.

I am talking about your drinks.

I will drink. I will drink more.

Being my sons you
don't listen to me.

Then being your father
why should I listen to you guys?

Dad, this is impossible.

How can we marry
someone we don't know? - Right.

Did I know your mother?

A day after the wedding
I realised her ears are twisted.

She said she was a wrestler.

I was insulted in
front of 200 people.

You were insulted, right?

His name is Parminder Singh,
right? - Yes.

I'll make a drug case against
him and arrest him.

You can wear a constable's
uniform and hit him.

I don't want to insult him,
I wish to save my honour.

Sir, your honour will be saved.

But if the girls are off tune, then
our life's function will be ruined.

Yes. And you sent
him to America to study..

Just so that one day our
father fights with someone..

..and gets him married?

Yes. - True.

reason it out with him politely.

And if he doesn't listen
then you can use your own ways.

Let go of the glass.
- Spare some for us as well.

He is stupid.

But both of you are smart.

You guys are the kind
of boys these girls want.

Okay, so we are just
the kind of boys they want.

But are they just kind
of girls these we want.

That's what matters.

Son, you are smart.

All three of us are smart.
You are acting foolish.

My bottle!
- A stupid is what a stupid does.

God, if you would've given
me three daughters instead of sons..

Then today I too could've
insulted someone at a wedding.

Sir, its here I saw them..

..pretending to be cops
and taking money from people.

Go, find and nab them.
- Okay, sir.

Okay, sir.

Yes? What are you doing over here?

We came here for a stroll.

They came here for a stroll.
Is this a garden that you came here?

Then what else is it?

Give me Rs. 500.

If I had Rs. 500,
I would've gone to a movie theatre.

At least there is
an air conditioner in it.

You are arguing with
the Chandigarh police?

Will you give me Rs.
500 or should I arrest you?


Which police station?

Who are you to ask me that?

Inspector Harwinder Singh.

Show me your licence.

Licence? Am I driving a scooter?

You tell me your belt number!

Must be 26 or 28.

I don't wish to buy
jewellery for your waist.

I said tell me your police belt number!

Hit him, brother. He disturbed us.

You are taking expensive
tuitions over here?

Go away!
- Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

I'll make you a
policeman out of you!

I'll make you a
policeman out of you!

What are you doing?
Don't you have any shame?

You are raising your hand
on a policeman. Bloody hooligan.

A hooligan?

Who? - You are. Who else?

You started hitting
a weak policeman.

Do you wish to kill him?

And you?
What have you done to yourself?

If you don't get food
then I shall send some to you.

Be strong.
Or I will lose trust in the police.

And you?

You guys always keep
troubling the common man.

And now you have started
troubling cops as well.

Apologise. - Huh?



Not to me, to him.

Forgive me.

You don't need to apologise,

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much, sister.
- It's okay.

What times have come!
One needs to save a cop.

And you...!

"Why am engulfed in your hue?"

"Why does my heart seek yours?"

"Neither do you know, nor do I."

"My eyes seek you.'

"I stay awake.."

"I stay awake while
the world sleeps."

"God knows what's happening."

"God knows what's happening."

"When I saw you,
I saw the path of love."

"Now I don't need this world."

"I got refuge in you."

"After finding you my heart.."

"After finding you,
my heart keeps losing itself."

"God knows what's happening."

"God knows what's happening."

'Bloody hooligan. - A hooligan?'

'Who? - You are.'

Have a sip.

I brought it especially for you,
from America.

No, my little brother.

Once you get the high of love,
no other high suffices.

Didn't I say so? That's good.

We would be in trouble
if we would've agreed with dad.

You have booked your program.

And he was about to book
another program for you.

Wouldn't it be a problem then?

Son, you three aren't
going to listen to me.

And I am proud of you for that.

But still,
I have brought their photographs.

If you could just
have a look at them..

No. No, father.

Your son is arrested in love.

Now there shall be no bail.

Take your lawyers back.

Still son, look at the
lawyer's photograph just once.

Perhaps we might
have to fight the case.

Just once.

This beautiful girl's
father insulted you?

Yes, son.
- My father..

I will marry her before
your insult is forgotten.

Thank you, son. - The handcuffs
came off quite easily.

Oh naive one, she is the one
who handcuffed your brother in love.

Show it to me. - Forget about
his girl, look at the ones for you.

Here, have a look.

She looks fine.

Has she modeled
for another song?

No, son. - Fine.

What do you have to say, Lucky?


I think she is fine.

Let it be then. - I mean..

She is not bad either.

But still,
I would like to meet her first.

Sometimes the trailer
is good but the song..

Same here, dad.

I mean how can you marry
somebody off of a picture?

Son, why don't you speak in Punjabi?

It's okay.
You can first assure yourselves.

The girls will like you.

Like the elder one
liked the inspector.

No. She doesn't like me as yet.
- Why?

I am the one who likes her for now.

Why? He said she likes policemen.

I was beating someone up.

I wasn't wearing my uniform.
That fool thinks I am a goon.

Then clear the picture tomorrow.
Then she will agree.


If she starts liking some
other inspector then I will regret..

"I wish that inspector was my son."

Father, God has blessed
you with good face.

Please also say good things.

Even if I clear it up with
her that I am an inspector..

Then she will like
the inspector and not me.

That means you are not
an inspector but a constable?

Where's my belt?

I am an inspector,
but she doesn't like me.

Stranger. You are an inspector
but she doesn't like you?

It means there are two of you.

Where's my gun?

I mean she is will like
the inspector's job and not me.

I want her to like
me in the situation I am.

Even if I happen to be a hooligan.

That's right, inspector.

If we go to them as it is,
then they will like our image.

I mean they should fall
in love with us, right?

Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. - Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


Let's meet them pretending
to be hooligans.

This isn't a parade
that we have to be the same.

Come up with your own ideas.

Look son, I will find out and let
you know where you can find them.

But no matter how you do it,
get married to them by next Monday.

That's it. - Hey! - Dad!

Isn't he asking for too much?
- Monday?

Yes. Monday is too late.

'It's a beautiful song.
You'll need a different tune to sing it.'

'Get ready.'

Yes. More openly.


What a "Sensational"
musical atmosphere!

It will be great if
I learn to "Fing" from here.

Hello, "Fir".

Who are you?

"Fir", I am a "Finger".

I am a big fan of Gurdass Mann.

I have a "fream",
I want to be a "finger".

You made a mistake,
you saw a "fream" and not a dream.

For people it's difficult
to hit the S note..

..but for you it's just not visible.

That's not a problem,
I'll hit the "F" note right away.

Here I go. "Fa".

Forget about the "Fa".

Look there are "Feven" notes.

The rest of the
"Fix" are fine, right?

That means 90% of them.

This isn't mathematics, son.

Don't waste our time. Please leave.

Please don't do that, "Fir".
Teach me how to "Fing".

I am helpless.

I used to love a girl. She left me.

What did she do?

She left me. I mean she left me alone.

Son, you cannot say "S",
and the girl has already left you.

But you still haven't lost hope.

Please don't make me lose hope, "Fir".
Please teach me.

Please. Please.

Sir, it's for love.

Why don't you teach
him when he is insisting?

"Faw?" The one with a beautiful
face also has a beautiful heart.

Fine. Get a five kilo sugar
crystals and a turban tomorrow.

I'll "Furely" get them, "Fir".

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

What is your name?

- Jaf.

Your name is a very difficult one.

- Yes, brother?

Mehek studies here.
Where can I find her?

I saw her going to the canteen.
Go and check.

The canteen? - Yes.

Fine. Thank you. - Okay.

"You go to club to dance every day."
- Cheese burger. Cheese toast. Cheese pizza.

Do you how many calories
there are in it? - No, madam.

"I wait for an opportunity to dance.."

Can't you make a salad?


Isn't there anything
healthy in your canteen?

Is there anything healthy in lunch?

Do one thing..

Get a cup of coffee without sugar.

It contains fewer calories,
right? - Okay, madam.

Chotu! Get half a kilo milk,
loaded with calories.

Yes. Fine.

It should contain so much sugar that
I spoon can stand with its support.

- And a bland coffee for madam.

You keep looking at my lunch.

Come, sit and eat with me.
- Shut up.

"I said hello!" You are Gippy's fan?

I too am his fan.

There will be no problem during the wedding.

We'll have to call just one person.

Who are you? - What?

Who are you?

Okay, so you really
want an introduction.

Very fast. I'm Lakha Singh.
I own 65 acres of land.

I have a courtyard. I have a maid.

We don't want dowry. But you
have to gift a ring to my father.

And you'll have to make sure that the
wedding guests are well taken care of.

You are proposing to me? - Yes.

Bloody rustic. - Why?
Don't rustics ever get married?

Shut up. Go to hell. - Where?

Go to well.
- Yes, we have one. Let's go.

Get this straight. If you follow
me then I'll be your worst enemy.

Bloody rowdy.

Now what should I tell you?
I will surely follow you.

Vicky! I'm sure you've
heard the name before!

Vicky? It's such a common name.

There are about 20
Vicky in one locality.

Where have you heard of that name?

I have beaten many
like you for teasing girl.

And today, I am taking
training tease girls.

She works here somewhere.

Listen, do I look like a hooligan?

Just a minute. A handkerchief.

A handkerchief?
I am not going to seek blessings.

Nor am I going to seek
blessings then tease a girl.

Put it around your neck.

I should try it around my neck?
Why? Do I drool?

Only teach me what
I have asked you to teach.

It was a nice top, right? -
It was nice. - Listen..

I'll go and do I rehearsal
of teasing girls.

You stay right here. - Okay.

If there is a commotion,
then you'll be blamed for it.


I'll be the one who
will beat you. Here.

It was my favourite colour.

Mine too. - But it was very expensive.


Let's go out for tea, sister!

What did you say? Sister?

Do I look like your sister?

He's so rude! - I got scolded because
I called her sister.

What's happening to
my Punjab's culture? - Idiot.

I feel like serving
free meals for weak cops.

Good that all shops have opened.


What? - Nothing.
Just making the flies go away.

Flies like you need sandals.

Such anger?

You got to leave early today,

Do you know whose mall it is?

It belongs to my dad.

Such greed?
You are working in your dad's mall?

Aren't you the one who was
beating a policeman yesterday?

It is difficult to forget me.

I hope I didn't give
you a sleepless night.


Not just rascal..

Rowdy rascal!

"I can't sleep. I feel restless."

"Your sight is magical."

"It is becoming difficult."

"My heart is ready to leave me."

"I can't sleep. I feel restless."

"Your sight is magical."

"It is becoming difficult."

"My heart is ready to leave me."

"I can't sleep. I feel restless."

"Your sight is magical."

"Tell me,
where you will find anyone like me."

"You will cry after I leave."

"You will eat corn all by yourself."

"Tell me,
where you will find anyone like me."

"You will cry after I leave."

"You will eat corn all by yourself."

"I am right here."

"I am right here.
Where are you going?"

"Who are you waiting for?"

"I can't sleep. I feel restless."

"Your sight is magical."


"It will pass away.."

"Youth will pass away one day."

"Come closer."

"Come closer and give me
something to remember you buy."

"It will pass away.."

"Youth will pass away one day."

"Come closer."

"Come closer and give me
something to remember you buy."

"Be mine. Don't delay it anymore."

"Life is short."

"I can't sleep. I feel restless."

"Your sight is magical."

"I can't sleep. I feel restless."

"Your sight is magical."

"I can't sleep. I feel restless."

"Your sight is magical."

Stop right here.

How much?

Rs. 100, sir.

Give it to me.

I should give it to you?

It's your rickshaw,
so will your father pay for you?

Pay up!

Here you go. - Give it to me.

I don't sit in anyone's
rickshaw for less than Rs. 200.

This is my first ride for Rs.
100. Keep that in mind for future.

Go. - I'm sorry. I made a mistake.


Please let me go, sir.

I taught you so many
things in the morning.

Who are you? - Sir.

How are you?
So you got yourself transferred.

You followed me here.

What can I do, sir?
I don't like it without you.

I might not be a biological
one but I am your forth brother.

Brother from other father-mother.

Watch out. I am an inspector here.

Okay! Let's drink tonight..

..then we will know who is the
inspector and who is the constable.


Didn't the youngest
one get scotch from America?

We will drink it together.

Excuse me.
Please let me meet my son.

Otherwise he will die.

Who is she? - Sir,
we caught an addict yesterday.

No, he is my son. Billu.

The one he is address as an addict.

Let me give me one dose.
Just one dose.

Otherwise he will die.

Do you think this can save him?

What's the use of saving someone
whose survival depends on this.

Let him die.
- Why? Why should he die?

Because he is poor?

Why don't those who make this, die?

Why don't those who sell it, die?

Why don't those under whose
nose all this happens, die?

Why should my son die?

Why should my son die?

Who is she talking about?

Gama, sir.



Who is Gama?

I am.

Are they your men?

All of them? - Yes.

All of them work for Gama.
This will be fun to tune you guys.

I will start from here.

You will tune us?
l- You give a lot of kisses.

Why should I?
My boss will. He is well rehearsed.

Please come, sir.
He wishes to see you.

Mr. Gama.

Welcome, welcome, inspector.

What will you have?
Tea, coffee or liquor?

Let's get to business.

We will soon get to business, sir.

I'll give you an offer.

Turn a blind eye to
all my illicit businesses.

Take Rs.
1 lakh from me every month. - Oh.

I'll give you a better offer.

Stop all your illicit businesses.

I will give you Rs. 10000 per month.

I will also get the school
fees waived for the kids.

Hey, I am the king of this area.

This area runs on my orders.

If you try to interfere,
you will lose your job.

You don't know who I am.

Many cops like you are my pet.

Do as I say.

You talk a lot.

But I'm paying no heed
to what you are saying.

But this doesn't talk, it shoots bullets.

If it leaves the gun,
it will take along a lot with it.

Sir, you get him to the police station.
I'll make the preparations there.

Mr. King, come, let me
give you a tour of your kingdom.

Hello, Seerat!
I just saw your prince charming.

What do you mean?

There's a new inspector.

The new inspector is great.

He got rid of Gama so quickly.

But where is he? Please call him.

We want to meet him.

Yes. Please, call him quickly.

Oh no!

What happened, sir?

Seerat is sitting down there.

Who's Seerat?

Your sister-in-law.


Listen, you made Gama scared
and you are scared of sister-in-law?

It's a long story. I do not want to
tell her that I am an inspector.

Ask him to at least
show us his face.

He has just been transferred here.

Let's see how he looks.

Sir, the press is getting eager.
We'll have to go there.

Just a minute.

You had a dream of becoming
an inspector, right?

Go Simran, live your life.

What do you mean?

Okay. Greetings all
the members of the press.

Hello, sir.

Now ask me simple,
constable's level questions.

Constable's level questions?

I mean short and sweet.
Objective type.

You are great, sir.

You arrested Gama.
No inspector could dare to do that.

Look, Gama brother is.. - Brother?

No, Simran..

Yes, respect.

He might be a criminal but he is
elder to me show I'll show respect.

If I have to shoot a criminal,
I shoot at his feet.

I give him respect
and kill him as well.

But you beat him in the market.

Yes. Why?

Why? Why?

Why, that the inspector
will say in his own words.

The inspector will say it?

I meant the inspector
will himself say it. - Yes.

I will. In my own words. - Okay.

I am responsible
for whatever happened.

It is my duty to tell you.

Now ask me. Now ask whatever
difficult questions you want to.

I will answer them.

Sir, how do you think
the crime rate can be reduced?

Very simple.

It answer is.. I don't know.

No. - What do you mean?

What do you mean, sir?

I mean..

Can anyone understand this?

Okay. Okay. Clapping?

Yes, clapping.

You cannot clap with one hand.

Exactly. Correct.

Press is very smart.

You should keep the
questioning to yourself.

The police will do its job.

Will just arresting
Gama reduce the crime rate?

One dirty fish in the pond..

I understood its answer
when I was in primary school.

Simple answer, the fish is
the queen of the water.

It survives on water.

Try to touch it
and it'll get scared.

Take it out and it will die.

What are you saying!

I think I said the wrong poem.

It's okay. We understood, sir.

You mean no matter
how big a criminal he is..

He will get scared
if you try to touch him.

And if you take him out of his den,
he will die.


Thank you so very much.

Thank you very much.

If you've any more questions
then you can tell me, I mean ask me.

Inspector, what do you when
there's a dangerous criminal than Gama?

No, when we come across such a
person then the constable gets angry.

The constable?

Constable, I mean the constables with me.
- Okay.

I am the inspector.

When the constable gets angry,
then I side them.

I too feel very angry.

I get so angry..

..that I teach that criminal
a lesson out of the streets.

I beat them so hard..

That he remembers his God.
I make him scream.

Hello. Everyone has left.
You are from which press..


Sir, I have become your fan..

You are just the kind of
police officer I had imagined.

Thank you very much.
It's nothing. It's police's duty..

Sir, SSP just called.
- It's okay. He can call later.

It's the SSP.

There's some urgency.
You can drop by later.

We'll do an interview.
Thank you very much. Bye.

Bye. - See you.
You are leaving, right? Bye.


I asked you to be Simran
and you became Amrish Puri!

"Fish is the queen
of water." - Stop it.

I barely escaped getting
caught for doing this drama.

It's the result of our own doings.

"Fish is the queen of water."

Love has made me a rustic, dear.

I too hold a Canadian passport.

Great, sir. Great.

Well done, brother.

I too am yearning to "Fing."

I too am yearning to sing.

S and F are messing up my life.

You just can't sing before her.

Here you can sing
all you want. - Yes.

Get your feelings out. - Go for it.

Oh really?
Let's go. - Let's go then.

"She was sitting in a
coffee shop with her friend."

"Her curly hair,
prettier than the clouds."

"She was sitting in a
coffee shop with her friend."

"Her curly hair,
prettier than the clouds."

"I sat on the table opposite to hers."

"I couldn't take my eyes off her."

"I kept sipping cappuccino
and looking at her."

"I kept sipping cappuccino
and looking at her."

"I kept sipping cappuccino
and looking at her."

"She was sitting in a
coffee shop with her friend."

"After a while her
phone started ringing."

"I feared, it might be her boyfriend."

"After a while her
phone started ringing."

"I feared, it might be her boyfriend."

"She kept on talking.
The situation was not in my control."

"I started praying."

"I kept sipping cappuccino
and looking at her."

"I kept sipping cappuccino
and looking at her."

"I kept sipping cappuccino
and looking at her."

"I thought of sitting on
the vacant seat next to hers."

"I thought of how
I should approach her."

"I thought of sitting on
the vacant seat next to hers."

"I thought of how
I should approach her."

"Looking into her eyes."

"I made a million plans
and built a one-sided dream."

"I kept sipping cappuccino
and looking at her."

"I kept sipping cappuccino
and looking at her."

Great voice.

Let's see who is singing.


- Thank you.

Thank you.

I think over there. - Straight ahead.

Let's ask them. Okay? - Oh hi.

Found them. - Hello.

How are you?

How are you?
- Mehek, good that I met you.

Jonita's boyfriend deceived her.
- Oh. Really?

Bad. - She is crying.

Let's go and meet her.
- Yes, we will surely go and meet her.

But tell me something..

Do you know where the
singer who was just singing is?

She got emotional after
listening to the song.

I think the singer is at the poolside.

Thank you so much.

Do one thing, you guys carry on.
I'll go meet him and come.

All the best, okay, bye.
- Come, come, let's go.

Sir, you sing so well. - Thank you.
Autograph please.

So sweet.

Here you go. - Thank you.
- Okay. God bless you.

Jas. Jaf! You!

Over here?

You were singing that song?


Jaf! You too got confused.

Those girls too got confused
hence they took my autograph.

The girl whom I loved was here.

I had told you about her. - Yes.

I did a drama to impress her.

Have you seen the movie 'Padosan'?

Someone sings and
someone else lip-syncs.

I was doing just that.

So who was singing?

Who was "finging"? - Yes.

Who was "finging"..
- Let's go. Talk to your brother.

He is always talking about gloves.

Yesterday he was telling
a beggar to wear gloves and beg.

Talk to him.


Meet Harpal "Fingh". A great "Finger".

He was "finging."

I was singing? - Wow.

Look, he agreed that he was "finging."

Okay, I agreed as
well that I was singing.


Look, I didn't know about
it and I agreed as well.

Stop your nonsense. I wasn't the
one singing. He's a singer. He sings.

Harpal, my brother,
she isn't the girl I want to impress.

Who needs to know that I'm "finging",
I know to "fing"..

You weren't the one "finging".

I want to tell her the truth.

You were "finging"
and I was just lip-syncing.

I cannot "fing".

If you need to tell someone the truth,
then first tell me the truth.

Yes, I am a singer.
I was singing in there.

You have a very sweet voice, sir.

Sing a song for me, please.

Isn't that enough that I agreed
that I was the one who was singing.

Now you want me to sing over here.
This is not possible.

I will think of something.

Brother, have you seen
'Padosan' (neighbour)?

People eye their neighbours
till they get married.

No, I mean have you
seen the movie 'Padosan'?

No, I haven't.
- That's it. We have to do just that.

In that too someone sings
and someone else lip-syncs it.

We too have to do that.

I will "Fing" and you
have to lip-sync. - Fine.

I mean you will "Fing"
and I will lip-sync.

First clear who will sing
and who will lip-sync. This is so..

One has to lip-sync and
one has to sing. Very simple.

Fine. Okay.
- Shall we "ftart"?

Come on. - Listen..

Brother on the 3rd
level strong. - Okay.

"I kept sipping cappuccino
and looking at her."

"I kept sipping cappuccino
and looking at her."

Why does it look like you
are singing and he is lip-syncing?


Do you think so? - Yes.

That's the talent.

Do one thing, close your ears.
Close your eyes and listen carefully.

Okay. - Yes, do it. Okay?

Shall we "ftart"?

"I kept sipping cappuccino
and looking at her."

"I kept sipping cappuccino
and looking at her."

"I kept sipping cappuccino
and looking at her."

Wonderful. He "fings" so well.

Actually I just sing in there
so there's a pressure on my throat.

His voice is "fuch" that
everyone goes into flashback.

Me too. - Oh.

You have a very sweet voice.
-Thank you.

Brother. Listen to me.

It is not good for an artist
to stand at one place for long.

Someone might want to click
your photograph. Let's go.

Let's go, brother. - Let's go.

Let's go.
- One more song, sir. Please.

No. Next time. Next time.

He is such a nice person
and he sings so well.

Let's go.
Hurry up. Let's leave. Come on.

What's the hurry?
Let's have dinner and then leave.

Brother, we have escaped
with great difficulty.

You do one thing. Talk to the waiter.

I'm getting the car.
Ask him to make a parcel.

We will get trapped.
- Okay. Okay. Okay.

I don't know about
you but I am already trapped.

You too haven't worn gloves.
- No.

Come on, no. Leave.


Stupid. I wonder where he is from.

He is making me crazy.

What did you say?
- It was not meant for you, ma'am.

I was talking about that NRI.

He keeps asking,
why aren't you wearing gloves?

Why should I wear gloves?
I am not doing a surgery.

Who is the NRI? - Over there.

Wear Dhoni's gloves
then he will be happy.

What is that rustic doing with him?

Where have you been?
What took you so long?

Forget the rustic, he is handsome.

I'll go and meet him.

He is strange.

I've never even heard a song
properly and he made me a singer.

Goldy is wrong.

Your family is trying
to make me.. - Hello.

Hello. Hi.

What are you wearing?

It's borrowed. Don't I look good?

You are wearing a coat.
I am wearing a coat.

You are from Canada?


No, the waiter was saying
that you wanted him to wear gloves..

The NRI who wants him to wear is..
- It's him. Him.

No, I am a singer.. - Singer?

Single. Single. NRI and single.

NRI? Single?

It's a pleasure to meet you.
- Oh really?

She was happy to meet the singer.

And you are happy to
meet someone who is single.

This is a very happy atmosphere,
isn't it?

What are you doing in the evening?

Sir, it's already evening.

No.. It's evening out here. I know.

My mindset is of Canada.
It's morning there.

It's still not evening.

I was talking according to Canada.

You are from Canada from
your accent is that of U.K.

Oh really?
- Tell her, you Canadian. Tell her.

My dad is from India,
my mom is from Canada.

And London lies in the centre.

For others it's mother-tongue.
For me it's mother-father-tongue.

Oh. By the way, what do you do?

I am a constable.

Constable? - Canadian police.

Yeah. You know. Canadian police.

A constable over there. - Yeah.

Like the head constable in Punjabi.

Over there it's constable.

In our area Punjabis
create a lot of ruckus.

So to control them they
have recruited a few constables.

Okay. Okay. - Yeah.

Where in Canada do you live?

I don't know that.

He is so funny. He is very funny.

Yeah, I like playing
pranks with you, right?

I like to joke. I was just joking.

Area.. there is a slope in Canada..

After that there is uphill road.

After going on stop
there is a big gate.

Inside the big gate
there is a small river.

Next to the river
there are big houses.

Amongst those big
house is our small house.

I have a big room in it.
- Yes.

You can say that I dwell
in other people's heart.

I had a dream of settling
in Canada after marriage.

Why had? You can still fulfil it.
My area is very nice. - Okay.

Where's Mehek?

You can settle there..

Canada is a very beautiful country.

As they say..

"No, oh no.
There is no country like Canada."

"Bye. Let's go away.
We will get beaten.."

Where were you? You know
I found such an amazing singer..

You know you too are late. - What?

I wanted to introduce
you to an amazing NRI.

He went that way.

"She was sitting in a
coffee shop with her friend."


His voice is so sweet.

I feel like sipping
coffee with him 24/7.

Morning, afternoon and night.

I will be in a bad state
for drinking so much coffee.

I am in a bad state.
He is so handsome. He is so cool.

He really looks like
a Canada-returned.

By the way,
we will have to agree to this..

We three found the
kind of boys we wanted.

But I am sure my guy
is more dashing than yours.

No way, the inspector
is the most dashing.

Stop it.

Excuse me, there is no
one more stylish than Americans.

Oh really?
We will see.

I don't know understand.
I am a constable. I am an inspector.

I am an NRI. I am a singer.
I am a cook. I am a rickshaw.

I am a petrol pump. Who am I?

One needs to change his
disguise for such things.

Even Ranjha disguised
himself as a shepherd.

He did so for himself
or Mirza, sir?

Trends keep changing.

First there was bell-bottom,
then baggy pants and now jeans.

Bring about some change.
- For pants it's okay.

But you guys think
I am a piece of cloth.

Everyone is trying
to cut me into his size.

This is strange.

No, brother.
Forget about them. Do it for me.

Why? Did you clean my
bottoms when I was young?

You are my mother?
Why should I do it for you?

Everyone who comes.. yes, tell me.
What do I need to be for you?

Who are you having an affair with..
Oh uncle.

Tell me what do I need to be for you?

Why would you need
to be anything for me?

You need to be someone
for your parents.

Listen to me. For my sake, help them.

You are elder to me, uncle.
How can I listen to you?

I know a little about
being an inspector.

But what do I know about singing?

I don't even know how many
keys there are in a harmonium.

I don't know how to beat a drum.

If the girl asks me where is America,
I won't be able to show it on the map.

All of you will get constable Harpal
Singh arrested under section 420.

Please excuse me. I am leaving.

Harpal! - Harpal!

Should I get you
transferred to Fazalka?


It's not that I got scared
by the threat of Fazalka.

It's like we love each
other since childhood.

I will do as you say.
It's not a problem.

Think about me as well.

I am getting older day by day.

I pluck 3 white hair and 6 more grow.

Don't worry about that.

I will arrange for that
one that papa uses for his hair.

The dye. - I don't want a dye.

Brother, I want a wife.
This is a limit.

Tell you what,
no good lies in marriage.

A single person enjoys his life.

What single life should I enjoy?

I should go at the
lake and watch the ducks?

I heard they lay eggs.

Don't worry.
I am going to the gurudwara.

I'll ask for a life-partner
for you as well.

Forget a life-partner,
I don't expect a soap from you.

Come on, Lucky. Do something, man.

She might fall for Harpal.
I wonder what will happen.

Are you Lakha? - Yes. What happened?

First of all,
this is the last warning.

Stay away from Mehek.

And I love Mehek a lot.

Okay, so you love her.

So you have.. where are you from?

I am from India.

And I work for Gama.

Then that means she doesn't love you.

I know that. She is crazy about NRIs.

But I will put an end to her craze.

I have been trying
to do that since two years.

Two years. Oh, God.

Brother, what will happen to me?

Hi, Rocky.



Why are you wasting
your time with this rustic?

Come, let's go for classes.

33% is enough for rustics like him.

Even if I get 33%,
my land always comes first.

I have 65 acres of land.

"You sit on the front seat.
I am a back-bencher."

"You go to college every day.
I keep bunking college."

"You sit on the front seat.
I am a back-bencher."

"You go to college every day.
I keep bunking college."

"This is the only
difference between us."

"I score 33%..."

"You score 100 out of 100, dear!"

"I score 33%..."

"You score 100 out of 100, dear!"

"I score 33%..."

"You score 100 out of 100, dear!"

"I score 33%..."

"You score 100 out of 100, dear!"

"I am ultimate. I stay up-to-date!"

"Every one knows. I am talked about."

"I am ultimate. I stay up-to-date!"

"Every one knows. I am talked about."

"You look rustic."

"You work on the fields."

"I want to marry an NRI boy."

"I score 33%..."

"You score 100 out of 100, dear!"

"I score 33%..."

"You score 100 out of 100, dear!"

"I score 33%..."

"You score 100 out of 100, dear!"

"I score 33%..."

"You score 100 out of 100, dear!"

"You look unique every day."

"Come a little closer to me, please."

"I am hero in everything else."

"I am just weak in studies."

"You look unique every day."

"Come a little closer to me, please."

"I am hero in everything else."

"I am just weak in studies."

"You are weak in English."

"You show off your rustic style."

"It's useless for you to follow me."

"I score 33%..."

"You score 100 out of 100, dear!"

"I score 33%..."

"You score 100 out of 100, dear!"

"I score 33%..."

"You score 100 out of 100, dear!"

"I score 33%..."

"You score 100 out of 100, dear!"

Listen! - Yes, brother?

Don't accept money from her. - Okay.

She's your sister-in-law. - Okay.

No sister-in-law, let it be.
- Hello! Sister-in-law.

I'll get your arrested.

Brother? Arrested?

Brother? You've scared
people here as well?

Hello, madam!

They aren't scared of me.
They respect me.

Goons and hooligans are not respected.

Why aren't they?

The famous dacoit master Mr.
Jeona Morh Sahib.

He was so well respected.

Jeona Morh, who is he?

You don't know about Jeona Morh?

Then you don't know
Robin Hood either. - I know.

You know about foreign dacoits.

You don't know about Indian dacoits.

What's wrong with my
beautiful Punjab's culture?!

Master Jeona Morh used to..

..steal from the rich and
distribute it amongst the poor.

I too am from that same category.

Goons and hooligans
don't have a category.

Why don't they?

There are different types of them.

Good ones, bad ones, fat ones, thin
ones, government run, private ones.

Helpless ones.
- Just a minute. Helplessness?

Helplessness doesn't
make anyone a hooligan.

It made me.
I was happy being an inspector.

An inspector?

There used to be an inspector.
He deceived me.

He stole from me the girl I loved.

She too was a fool.

She wanted to marry a policeman.

A policeman can only make
a few of your tickets go away.

What else can a policeman do?

Ever since then I
am against the police.

I feel angry when I see a policeman.

If I don't find them outside,
I go to the police station.

The police are scared of me.
- Yes, I can understand. - Huh?

I can understand that quite well.
- So quickly?!

I understand everything!

No one becomes a hooligan
just because a girl left him.

Oh really?
You will know when a girl leaves you.

A girl?

You catch each and every tiny mistake.

A boy.

Aunt, can't a boy become
a hooligan if a girl leaves him?

Yes, he can. Why can't he? - Tell her!

You know your uncle Bishna.. - Uncle?


The one with the fence.

They deal in wood. - Yes.

I'll tell you what happened with him.

Let's go and sit somewhere.

There's a bug in your hair. There's you and me..

Oh shit!

Oh no!

Yes. No, not this one. Another one.
I'll do that and I think..

Come on! Where is it stuck?

Hey! What are you doing?

They slipped out of my hands,
I'm trying to..

You are committing suicide?


Yes. Yes!

I am committing "Fuicide!"

Why should I live in this "Ftupid" world?
- No, Goldy. Stop.

I don't want to live.
- Are you out of your mind?

"Ftupid"! - Are you mad?

It's a beautiful life!

How is it beautiful, Jaf?
How is it beautiful?

It is beautiful for
those who find love.

How is it beautiful for
those whose love leaves them?

How? - I didn't get you.

Let me explain.

The girl I love has now
started loving someone else.

She has someone else's
photo on her Whatsapp.

Now tell me, who should I live for?

Who do I have?
- Don't lose hope, Goldy.

I will talk to her about you.
I will meet her.

'What the hell!' No, no, no, no.
It's not a problem.

You don't need to meet her.
I'll forget her.

You don't need to forget her.
- No, I will forget her.

Introduce me to her.
- Listen to me. I will survive.

I said I want to meet her!


Fine. As you wish.

Tell me when you want to meet her.

Right away.
- How I create her right away?

Huh? - I mean how can
I introduce you right away?

She won't agree.

Fine. Tomorrow.

I think we can't delay it anymore.

It won't be right for you.

I am here for you.
You will get your love.

You just don't lose hope. Don't worry.

Now I am trapped.

God knows what will happen to Goldy.

I'm telling the truth. I swear.
Miss Chandigarh was my girlfriend.

Go. I forgive you. Go.

She used to tell me,
I shall settle down only with you.

Otherwise I shall renounce the world.

She begged me to get married to her.

Oh please. If it is so
then why did you come after me?

What should I say?
I didn't like her, so I left her.

Fine. You win, we lose. - Yes.

We lose.

I think you guys are not convinced.

Do one thing.
If such a girl doesn't exist..

..you'll never come
to this college again.

Right? Is that fine? - Thanks, Rocky.

You told him that he should
never come to this college again.

'What has she done!'

'Lucky Singh, what have you done!'

This is how your uncle
Bishna became Jagga, the dacoit.

Stop it, aunt. Stop it.

Stop it, aunt.

You stop it.

It's okay, dear. Don't stop the tears.

It makes you feel lighter. Bye.

You two keep crying.
I'll go and meet Bishna.

He became Jagga,
the dacoit, because of me.

This is how helplessness
makes someone a dacoit.

Fine. I understand.

You call that girl. - Which girl?

The one that deceived you. - Okay.

I will meet her and try
to reason it out with her.

So that you mend your ways
and the police are safe again.

Let's meet tomorrow.


Now from where should I get the girl?

Fine. Fine. Fine.
Everything else is fine.

I needed a girlfriend. No, a fake one.

The one who ditches.

You don't know about
girls ditching boys?

The ones who use boys for
mobile recharges and then ditch them?

No, for real..

How can I forget you
after I become an inspector?

I should say your full name?
Yes, I remember your full name.

Sonia. And a fried bread... Bhatura.
No, no, no.

Puri! Sonia Puri!

Monika. Right!

Sally? Yes, I have come back.

Are you free for a few days?

No, I want to make you
my girlfriend for a few days.

I want to make you my girlfriend
and you are acting like my aunt.

Really? You have been
married for 6 years?

You didn't tell me. Okay..

Okay. You have a
5-year-old son as well.

Rimpy, I wanted a
girlfriend for a few days.

Okay, you have a boyfriend.

You had a little sister, right?

Nisha, can you be my
girlfriend for a few days?

Oh auntie. Hello, auntie.

I seek your blessings.

Hi, Chintu. How are you?

Yes, I am your uncle.
Yes, we were classmates. Yes.

I am not your maternal uncle.
I am your paternal uncle.

I wanted you to be my girlfriend.

You are on your honeymoon?
When will you be free?

When will you come back?

Hello, Gurpreet? Will you
be my girlfriend for a few days?

Oh brother, it's you.

Fine. But why did you say yes to me?

I told you not maternal,
I am your paternal uncle.

Gurpreet? Wrong number. - Hello?

Monika, your kids are very rude.
- Will you be my girlfriend?

You haven't brought them up well.

Strange. It's so hard to
find a fake, ditching girlfriend.

Boys are defaming girls for no reason.

All want to be a girlfriend for real.
- Yes.

Thank God my beautiful
Punjab's culture is still alive.

What's wrong, sons?
Why do you look so upset?

How can I help you?

Yes, I needed a girlfriend.
A fake one.

Do you want to be one?

A girlfriend who has a moustache?

Make Grover's daughter
your fake girlfriend.


Go and cook.

He's suggesting Preeto!

Preeto! Preeto doesn't look
like girlfriend from any angel.

She looks like a little sister. - Huh?

Someone else's.


By the way, even if we
three find a fake girlfriend..

Don't you think we are
creating a problem for ourselves?


It's like buying a ticket
for the bus you won't travel in.

I have a solution for that as well.

Fake encounter.

We should die?

Don't make me kill you.

Let me finish.

We will make Harpal the lover
because of whom they left us.

Harpal will be out of their life..

..and the fake girlfriends
will be out of lives.

I have to act for him, him and him.

If you want me to act so
much then why don't you trap..

..a property dealer in Chandigarh
and make a Punjabi film for me?

Just do what you
have been asked to do.

What should I do?
I cannot understand your mess.

I don't know what this algebra is.

Give me a pen and
a paper to write it down.

I cannot do all this.


You know line duty is very tough.


I love you guys so much
that I can never say no to you.

Yes, I know.

I'll do it. It's not a problem.

But I have a condition.

I first want to meet the girls.


I will be meeting her in
the evening at the coffee house.

I will make you meet her. Okay?

That's great.
Even I have called my girl there.

Fine then I will
ask her to come there.

Let's go. - Let's go. - Let's go.

Let's go.

Where are you going?
What about the work I told you to do?

Father, we are working
on the program you want us to do.

Hats off to such a father..

..who asks for a report
of his sons' love life every day.

Right? - Bye.
- Let's go before he starts again.

Great. You three brothers could find
only me to make your fake girlfriend?

I didn't know all of
us are going to call you.

Don't you have another female friend?

We have. We have plenty, Preet.

But who will be ready
to do such a job? - What?

You are our childhood friend, right.

Yes. - I thought you asked me to
come here to celebrate my birthday.

Oh yes. It's today. - Yes, it's today.

"May you live a thousand years
where each year has 20,000 days."

Okay. Okay. Thanks. Thanks.

She agreed. - She agreed.
- But..


But how can I be the girlfriend
for all three of you?

Not all three of us. You can be mine.

No. Why yours? Be mine.

Mine. - Mine. - She will be mine.

Mine. - Mine. - Mine.

Preet, try to remember. In primary school
you used to eat my lunch.

I used to drink just tea.

Did I ever complain? I used
to be hungry but I never complained.

Preet, remember,
I cleaned the orange candies..

..which fell near the
gutter and gave them to you.

I never had them. Try to recall!

Preet, you forgot I
used to try your plaits?

When did you tie her plaits?

Fine. Fine. Okay. Wait. Wait.

Let's do one thing.

One by one, I'll pretend to
be the girlfriend of all three of you.

One by one? - That's fine.

That's fine. - Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday.
- Thank you. But, who are you?

You must take the cake.

Let me tell you.

I wish you a very happy birthday.

He is the one for
whom you will ditch us.

Harpal, she is the girl you
have to pretend to be in love with.

Just pretend.

No. That deal is now cancelled.

Now this will be true love,
and nothing else.

Hello! What are you saying?

Let me explain.
They won't say anything.

Harpal, don't cross the limit.
We discussed that you will act.

We must have. But I cannot
pretend to be in love with her.

You cannot do this. - No. No.

Hello! Listen to me. I.. if you want acting..

Ask someone else to do it.
- This is not right.

I am leaving. - Hello!


He's back. - Look..

What happened? - What happened?
Why did you return? - You're back.

Death surrounds us
disguised as angels.

See for yourself.

Oh no!

Why is Jaf coming here?

Either stop them or hide me.
Otherwise I will get caught.

If I get caught,
everyone will get caught.

Then you can get
engaged in Tihar Jail.

Run! - God bless you!

Oh no! Run!

You see that pretty girl?
You say this purse is yours. - Okay.

Okay? And you dropped Rs. 500.

You need to distract her. - Okay.

Go. Go. Go.
Good. Good. Good.

Do you see that girl in the red top?

Do you know what you have to do?

You need to bang into her
and throw the coffee on her.

And here you go.

I don't need the money, brother.

If you say, I'll bang into her for free.


Go! - Okay.

What have you done!

Where is the washroom?

Over there.

What are you doing here?

I came to meet her.

You know many girls.

As if that is making you sad.

Hello! - She is that girl. Preet.

Preet? Who? - Helplessness. Hooligan?

Oh. Okay.

Can I talk to you for two minutes?

Two minutes will be a lot.
Can't you hurry up?

Look, he is in such a hurry.

He knows I want to
talk to you about him.

So what should I do?

Whose purse is it? - It's mine.

It has Rs. 500 less in it.

Look.. - First count
your money. - I am.

I won't let you go. Rs. 500 is missing.
- I am standing over here. Count.

What happened? - She slapped me.

I paid you Rs. 500 for the slap.

Go. He wanted to bang into her for free.

Excuse me. If you like him so much,
then you can have him.

I have found my inspector.

She is angry. Now she will leave.

Go. - Okay.

She is very arrogant.

She fights over petty things.

She gave you a good
advice before leaving.

Now there is no one between us.
- There is.

An inspector.

She has an inspector.
You have an inspector.

All the police in
the world are after me.

Don't they have anything else to do?

Tell me that you are lying.
- It's true.

I asked you to lie. You should
listen to me at least sometimes.

I want to meet him. - Fine.

Come to the police station
tomorrow at 12:00pm.

Don't back out. - The newspaper! - Oh no!


I'll introduce you two right away.

Where did he go?

What are you doing over here?

What are you doing over here?

I had some work.
But you, in this uniform?

Policeman will wear a police's
uniform. Who else will wear it?

But in a constable's uniform?

Yes. Actually, the thing is,
I'm on duty. A secret mission.

I needed to come in a disguise.

So being an inspector,
I came as a constable.

But why a constable?

Actually I got scared.

I thought of being a sage,
but people are anti-sage these days.

Then I thought I should
go as a constable..

Why should I get beaten
up by people for being a sage?

You do your work so sincerely.

Yes, yes, yes.

Who are you signalling?

No, actually. I was with
the traffic police for some time.

I am used to giving signals,
go here, go there.

Signals. - Traffic police? Signals?

Yes. Actually.. you didn't get me.

Whether or not you understood,
I'll have to go. I'm on duty.


Count properly. I haven't touched it.

I am telling you Rs. 500 is missing.

Wait here. Take Rs. 500 from me.

My purse?

I'll go and get it from my car. Wait here.
- Okay.

I got saved!



Yes. I sent her to the bathroom.

My girl has also left. She left.

Before your girl returns
from the bathroom, let's leave.

Let's go. - Yeah, let's go.

My car. - This is not the right way to park the car.

What have I done?

Oh no!

Your girl went to the bathroom in her car?

When you don't know how
to drive then why do you even try?

Let's go. - Let's go, kid.

I won't go. - Go!

What will I do? - Will you
go or should I take out my pistol?

You too will face such a situation soon.

What have I done?
You have parked your car wrong.

I am wrong? I didn't park my car right?

You don't know how to drive. - You..

What have you done?
- People say that..

..women can't drive
because of people like you.

Who will pay for this?
- What have I done?

Listen to me.
- You see how you have parked. - Jaf.

Preet. - I have parked my car right.

You don't know how to drive.
- Listen to me, Jaf.

Jaf. She is Preet.

What does that have
to do with hitting my car?

Jaf, she is the same Preet. My Preet.

Oh. Okay. Goldy, you want
to marry her? She cannot drive!

Look, what does my marriage
have to do with a car?

We will keep a driver.
Please "ftay" calm.

Why don't you marry him?
You know how to drive, right?

What has a car have
to do with my marriage?

What does it have to do with it?

Tell me something? You left him?

This is my personal life.
I don't share it with anyone.

I love a singer.

Preet. Preet. Preet, please.

For God's "fake!" Preet!
Preet! Don't go.

Please come back.

Don't worry, Goldy. Don't worry.

She has destroyed my car.
I will destroy her ego.

Now I will teach you how to sing.

One day you will sing so well,
that she will apologise to you.

"Feriously" Jaf? "Feriously"?

Yes. - I cannot tell you how happy I am.

You will teach me.

Of course.

Jaf, I think I left my wallet inside.
I'll go and get it.


Cat caught your tongue, eh?

Meet Miss Chandigarh.

She is crazy about me.

Like shah Rukh was crazy about Paro, right?

Devdas type. I think she sometimes
drinks because of me.

Okay, Lucky.

Just because Miss Chandigarh
is crazy about you..

..it doesn't mean you
will show off to a few normal people.

Just marry me and
take me to your village.

This is not possible, my dear.

I now belong to someone else.

How is that possible?

And what about the camp I joined
to learn how to milk the buffalos?

I thought after getting married
to you I'll have to milk them.

Instead of making you do
that I would rather sell them.

Lakha! - Leave!

Excuse me, in spite of being
so well-educated you are crazy about this idiot?

I am an idiot?

What to do? Love is blind.

One doesn't think
before falling in love.

Yes. Go. Please.

I am leaving for now. But don't
think that I'm going out of your life.

I think she got too emotional.

What you are doing
with her is not right.

And what about what
you are doing with me?

My only mistake is
that I am rustic, right?

Yes, of course.
Rustic, show-off, uneducated..

Come what may,
I will make you milk the buffalos.


"She was sitting in a
coffee shop with her friend."

"Her curly hair,
prettier than the clouds."

"She was sitting in a
"Foffee" shop.."

F.. I can't say F.

You can show this F to someone else.

From the first day itself
I knew that you can sing.

Sir.. sir,
if you knew then why did you lie?

Just a minute,
you lied that you can't sing.


I will tell you the truth
if you don't tell Jaf..

If you don't tell Jas.

Oh, so this is because of Jas.

But she wants to marry
someone who can sing.

Why are you going the wrong way?

Sir, the thing is, I like Jas.

I want her to love me and not
my image. She should like me, love me.

Hence I am doing all this.

You have taught me
something new today.


It shouldn't be that you stay
off tune and she finds someone else.

I am no less, sir.
I am fully prepared.

I have a scheme, but I need your help.


What you did was not right.

I won't spare you.

Strange. I keep sparing you and
you say that you won't spare me.

Go home, kid. Daddy is waiting.

Don't take your hand
out of the window.

Start counting your days.

I am scared, man.

Counsellor, what's the section
for threatening an inspector in the police station?

Section 186.

But you don't know how
much one is beaten for that.

Let's go.

Harpal, I had given you Gama's file..

You are still here?
- Where else would I be?

Sir, it will soon be noon. Become a hooligan.

You were to meet her at 12:00pm. - I forgot.

Thank you for reminding me.
- Leave. Go and get ready.

Sir? What are you doing?

I am making sweets. Want some?

Can't you see I am
pinning sir's photo?

But why are you
pinning his photo here?

When we visit someone's house..

The owner's photo is always there.

So who is the owner
of this police station?

He is!

When useless people's photo can be
here then why can't his photo be here?

Go and do your duty. - Okay.

So, how are you?

You are asking a chicken who is
about to get roasted, how is he doing.

Don't you know how I am doing?

Listen, I have some
important work with you.

I want you to meet the
singing teacher. Come with me.

You want me to meet
the singing teacher.

One comes scared saying,
meet my girlfriend.

Second comes says,
meet the singing teacher.

The third one will want
me to meet someone else.

What do you think I am?

Make three copies of
me and keep me in your purse.

Why? You aren't Pamela Anderson
that we'll keep your copies in our purse.

Come with me, it's urgent.
Very important.

It's urgent for everyone.
Wait outside for your turn.

Come when your number comes.
Go and wait. Leave.

Go. - Now I had to
hear that from you as well.

This is what was left.

I am waiting outside. Let me know.

My bad luck.

This? - See how feared I am!

How's that? - Shall we?




Most welcome. Please have a seat. Sit here.


I thought he'll be a big obstacle,
but he isn't even a pebble.

What are you saying about
the law in an unlawful manner?

No, I was telling him that I always
had a dream that a police officer..

If she has such a dream..

..then inspector, make sleeping
arrangements for her in the lock-up.

Oh, please. - No, she is also right.

Everyone has a passion.

I like the medical profession.
I wanted to have a doctor in my life.

That's why the girl I have
chosen to marry is a doctor.

Heard that? Shall we leave now?

No, why are you leaving.
My doctor is coming.

Meet her and then leave.
She will soon be here with my lunch.

There she is.
This is what is called love.

Hello. - Hi.

You? What are you doing over here?

Inspector, please arrest him.

Where did this storm come from?

Oh, God!

Inspector! Inspector! Inspector!

Inspector! I am ruined!


Inspector! Inspector! - Yes?

I am ruined!
We had a theft in our house!

In our house? - In your house?

There will be a theft in everyone's
house, the thief is on the way.

If we don't stop her then there
will be a problem. Let's go. Let's go.

Why are you winking at them?

Because the thief hit me in my eye.

Why are you so concerned about it?
Leave! Go from here!

Why is he saying that to her?

No, this is a police station.
Anyone can be rude to anyone.

It's nothing.

Anyway, she is my fiancée. Who
are you to mind if I don't mind it?

What are you doing over here?
Go home and take care of the kids.

Kids? - Kids? You shouldn't
take everything seriously.

Once we get married,
we will have kids as well, right?

Let's go or we will be doomed.
We will be doomed.

Jaf, you?

What are you doing over here?

What are you doing over here?

What are you doing over here?
- What are you doing over here?

I saw your car outside
and I got scared.

And I understood that you
have come to meet the inspector.

You are looking very smart, inspector.

How can any inspector not look smart?

The singer is also here. - Who?


It's a pleasure to meet you.

Everyone likes meeting singers.

Well said, my boy.

We are doomed!

A great singer from Punjab. - What a day!

We are doomed!
We are doomed! We are doomed!


What was stolen from you?

My harmonium was stolen.
I came here to report that.

That.. - We'll find it.

What that?
You said your life is ruined.

If something which runs your
house is stolen you are ruined right?

Yes. - Valid point.

Everything in my house was stolen.
My harmonium was stolen.

We are ruined. Now everything is lost.
Come, let's save the house.

Get the harmonium back.
Let's go. - Wait a minute.

Let me spend some
time with the inspector.

Sir, you are very brave.

I saw you hitting Gama.

Very strong.

Sir, one pic with you, please?

Forget the pic.
Come, let's save the house.

My harmonium was stolen.
- Just a minute.

Sir, I wanted to say something.

Yes, tell me.

Your voice.. - Voice?

We're ruined!

I too like his voice. Your voice.


Oh. My voice.

Look our voice matters
a lot in our department. - Yes.

If our voice is not strong,
people won't listen to us.

Oh, that way.

Yeah, by the way, that way.

Oh, that way.
I think I too should go and rehearse.

Let's go. - Bye.

Your sister seems
to be a fan of this singer.

He sings well.

She is fortunate.
She got what she wanted.

Yes, not like us.
We both didn't get the people we love.

Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

Stop. Stop. Stop.

What's inspector's
photo doing over here?

When we visit someone's house..

The owner's photo is always there.

So who is the owner
of this police station?

He is! If not his,
will a nobody's photo be here?

You don't know anything. Let's go.

Pay attention to your work.
I will handle that inspector.

Brother, he insulted
me in front of the world.

I'll kill his family on the streets.

He has messed with me.
I'll teach him a lesson.

Has anyone who has messed
with us ever survived?

No, right? He won't survive either.

We should make preparations
for the election.

Once I become a MP,
I will get him shot.

Look, a truck full
of drugs is coming here.

It should reach here safely.

Then the entire young
generation will be in our hands.

We will ask an addict to shoot him.

I will be the one to shoot him.

I think you don't love music at all.

I love it, please continue.

I am having a lot of fun.
He trapped me.

I don't know anything about music.

In our community singing
is considered a bad thing.

Your community considers
police a bad thing as well.

But they join the force, don't they?

Stay here. - Oh really?

Fine then, here goes the police.
Solve your next case on your own.

Sir, what are you doing over here?

I was seeking blessings
from sir and waiting for you.

You were waiting for me? Why?

He is a very old disciple of his.

So sir wanted to introduce him to you.

Sir never told me
that you learnt from him.

You sing so well, sir.

It is all thanks to him.
And your graciousness.

I am nothing.

Along his voice,
his style is also that of a singer.

The girl who marries this singer,
her life will be made.

You are over here?
I was looking for you.

She is back in your life?
- I too think so. Come to me, my baby

I was waiting for you.
- Oh. Thank you very much.

What is this? Don't you
have any "fhame"? You cheated me?

I used to call you brother and you..

You "fnatched" my love from me.

I mean I took the booking
and you performed in the show!

"Fhame" on you! "Fhame" on you!

This is not cheating. Love is love.

If it happens, it happens.
Let's go, darling.

Please give way. - Listen to me.

Bye, sir. - Listen to me!

Listen to me! - Bye, sir.

No one knows how one feels
when someone they love leaves them.

No one knows.
- Who says no one knows? I know.

Jaf, thank you for
understanding my pain.

Sir, I don't want
to learn from you anymore.

I am going. - Wait, Goldy.
Goldy, wait.

Jaf, you saw, I learnt
from the same teacher as Harpal.

But today, Preet didn't choose me.

Not you, the music.

What do you mean, Jaf?
Is music everything in life?

Ranjha wasn't melodious.

Mirza didn't have any performances,
did he? Tell me.

But they couldn't get their love,
could they?

Does it mean I won't get my love, Jaf?

Don't worry.
I will teach you how to sing.

And if I can't do that
then I will make you forget her.

No, Jaf. No one can
take Preet out of my heart.

I will. Give me a chance.

You are so nice, Jaf.

You'll turn the life of anyone
you choose into "Fhangri-la".

What? - Heaven. Paradise.

What is this nonsense?

This isn't nonsense, madam.

Now that your heart was broken,
you know how it feels.

Pick up that hockey stick.
Become a hooligan.

Actually, people will be
happy if you become a hooligan.

They will pay Rs. 500, Rs. 1000.

Shut up. I am already in a bad mood.

You don't need to spoil your mood.

We have 2-3 more options
of inspectors left.

Option 1: Inspector
Nichhatar Singh of Sector 21.

He is a little fat but..

You don't need to
find an inspector for me.


Does this mean you have fallen
for a goon or a hooligan, eh?

Stop acting like Amitabh Bachchan.

You can't act well.

There are a lot of inspectors here.

There is an inspector at every corner.

You keep finding mistakes in my acting.

Stupid, it's "There is a singer
at every corner, not an inspector."

You tell me to forget Preeto.

Can you forget that inspector,
that singer?

You can't, right?

It is very easy to preach, Jaf.

You will pair up with another singer,
whereas I'll remain single.

Don't worry.
We will pair up. - Really?

A singing pair.
- That's what I am saying as well.

That means I'll be like Mohammad
"Fadiq" and you, Ranjit Kaur.

That means I'll be like Amar "Fingh"
Chamkila and you, Amarjyot Kaur.

That means I'll be like "Fardool
Fikandar" and you, Amar Noorie.

That means..

That means you'll be like Miss
Pooja and I'll be the rest of them.

We will go on the "ftage",
people will scream..

Goldy! Goldy! Goldy!

What about my name?
- Your name is very tough, Jaf.

People won't be able to say it.

It must be difficult for you,
it's not for others.

True! People can easily
say our name! Fine!

Jaf! Goldy! Jaf! Goldy! Jaf! Goldy!

Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!

Rocky! Rocky! Come on, Rocky!

I know you can do it, Rocky! Come on!

Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!

Defeat him.

Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!

Rocky! Rocky! - You are the best, Rocky!


Now do one thing..

Go back to your village
and cook.

Because, you are not
strong enough to use a plough.

The one I wanted to see happy,
if my defeat makes her happy..

Then I didn't lose, I won.

- That's a nice excuse of losing.

Come on.

Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!

Rocky! I know you can do it again!

Come on, everybody!
Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!

Enough. Enough. Enough.

Get going.

"It ends here.
We have parted our ways."

Listen.. I wanted to talk to you.


How about a selfie before
we part ways? - What?

If that is difficult
then you cannot refuse a ride.

A girl never refuses a ride.

Our last ride before we part ways..

For the last time.
- Promise for the last time?

Yes, for sure.

I'll be right back.

You are a cop?

You too got mistaken like them!

But you showed him your I. Card.

I.. I am stupid.

The one I showed him like this, right?

Such I. Cards can be easily
made in the market for Rs. 500.

If you want I can get one made
for you as well. SSP Seerat Kaur.

But what was in that packet?

The one because of which you lied?


And that cop would've released
all those drugs for Rs.1000.

If lying can save many young boys'
future, then there's no harm in lying.

A hooligan is saying that?

No. Jeona Morh.

"I keep proceeding towards you."

"I keep walking away from the world."

"The things I couldn't confess.."

"Now my eyes speak them for me."

"My heart, with each breath.."

"My heart, with each breath
keeps treasuring the moments of love."

"God knows what's happening."

"God knows what's happening."

Tea time!


Seerat! - Yes?

What happened?
A penny for your thoughts?

It's nothing. - Have some tea.

I don't want it. - You are saying so?

The one who doesn't
wake up without tea?

It's not necessary that
what you like is the right thing.

I mean, it is possible..

..that something that I don't like,
like Roohafza, is better?

You are right.

To tell you the truth,
I have stopped liking coffee now.

And what do you think about green tea?

'I'm Lakha Singh.
I own 65 acres of land.'

'I have a courtyard. I have a maid.'

'We don't want dowry. But you
have to gift a ring to my father.'

Hey, what are you thinking about?

You have mentioned
Jeona Morh so many times.

I thought of finding out who he was.

Yesterday I read
about him on wikipedia.

What a hero he was. I am his fan now.

But you were a fan
of the police, right?

But the way they keep getting
beaten up, I've started hating them.

Not all cops are bad.

Like some goons are good,
some coops are also good.

I don't know.
But, Jeona Morh was Jeona Morh.

He used to steal from the
rich and distribute it to the poor.

I feel like doing just that.

You are taking this too seriously.

This is fine, just don't change your
attire and start living in the jungle.

These are just stories, you
shouldn't take them very seriously.

Don't change the way you are,
hearing about such things.

You might not mend your ways,
staying with me.

But I'll surely get
spoilt staying with you.

Okay, so you have decided
that you'll stay with me?

"I fear separation, sometimes."

"Forever we stay together, I pray."

"I treat you as my destiny."

"Today I wish to say,
what my heart hesitates."

"I fear separation, sometimes."

"Forever we stay together, I pray."

"Slowly our paths have crossed."

"You are my companion."

"You are the one I love."

"My day begins and ends with you."

"Ends with you."

"Now my love survives on your breath."

"Survives on your breath."

"I fear separation, sometimes."

"Forever we stay together, I pray."

What did you say?

You own 65 acres of land, right?
- Yes. I have. Why?

If you want a ring for your
father then you'll need that land.

That means you,
you are proposing to me?!

No. A friend of mine
was asking about you.

Okay. But didn't
your friend like NRIs?

Think about it. In villages
there are cows, buffaloes, milking.

Won't it be difficult?

No. She will manage.

Okay. So I consider
this as a done deal?

Let's have something sweet.

No, not like the NRIs.

Here, Punjab's national fruit.

Something sweet. Here, have it.

"My heart didn't start
beating until it met you."

"Now I come alive whenever I see you."

"I wish to hide you from
world and keep you in my arms."

"Keep you in my arms."

"I wish to love you a million times."

"A million times."

"I fear separation, sometimes."

"Forever we stay together, I pray."

I love the cappuccino and
sweet corn salad of this place.

Yes, I remember.

Preet used to bring me here
and order sweet corn spinach sandwich.


Did you notice something?

I can say S. How easily I
said sweet corn spinach sandwich.

Oh, my God. - Oh yeah. Wow. That's nice.

This is all thanks to Preet.

Then go be with Preet.
- Wait a minute!

Wait a minute! Listen to me, please. Sit down.

Can I tell the truth?
I learnt to say S because of you.

Can I say something else?

My heart skips a beat only
because of you. You know?

"I can forget all the alphabets,
but never your name."

"The thread of love
tied will never break."

"Now your dreams
have become my dreams."

"Have become my dreams."

"I am engulfed in just your hue."

"Just your hue."

"I fear separation, sometimes."

"Forever we stay together, I pray."

We have to do something so
that he gives us our drugs back..

And also surrenders
himself to us, over here.

What are you saying?

Do you want me to
invite him for dinner?

Why will he come here to die?

Everyone has a weakness.

Why are we here?

Come with me. - Don't make
a salesgirl at your dad's mall.

'Shopping! I think they're in love.'

Great. The ones to unite whom we two
got together are busy with each other.

And we are roaming here relaxed.

I suggest,
we two should think about something.

I know what you are trying to say.

But girls do have a choice.

So what's wrong with choosing me?
Instead, I am a multi-choice person.

Whenever you want I can be an NRI.

Whenever you want
I can be an inspector.

Whenever you want I can be a singer.

You can make chits.

Then whichever chit you choice,
I'll be that person.

Strange isn't it?

Other fathers make sure that
their sons aren't with girls.

Here I am making sure
that they aren't alone.



What are you doing here?

I came here to shop.

What are you buying?

I bought this mall two days ago.
- You?

Every shop belongs to me.
You can buy whatever you want.

And if you want a discount,
you can come upstairs.

My office is on the third floor.

I'll give it to you.

I don't think he will agree.

But it's okay,
his girls will convince him.

At least now tell me
why you have brought me here.

It's a surprise. Wait.

It's not as if you will
get me an Iphone cheaper.

I want to introduce you to someone.

I don't want to meet anyone.


Because now I don't
need to meet anyone else.

I want to say something.

We should get together
as soon as possible.

Naughty. Let's go.

Oh no.


What happened?

I cannot go any further. - Why?

Because today is Tuesday and there's a
shop serving non-veg food over there.

Tuesday? - So I'll go around it and come.

Oh! Jas! I need to..

I need to go to the washroom.

Yes, I need go to the washroom
urgently. I'll be right back.

I'll just go to
washroom and come. Okay?

Okay, I'll be right back.


What mess have we gotten
ourselves into today?

Now think what we should do next.

Strange. You need to think
what you need to do here?

Can't you keep quiet
for a few minutes, sir?

Don't wet your pants. - Forget
about him. Make a plan. A plan.

What should we do?

Look down and do it! - You've turned
this place into a conference hall.

Why are you playing attention to them?

You should never pay attention
to anyone at such a place. - Yes.

Let's go from here.

Let's go. - Oh no.
Why are they together?

Our aunts are standing outside.


Whoever they are. This isn't
the time to correct the relationship.

I was saying..
Guddy, will you marry me?

Boys like to blabber, but they don't
know how to say important things.

It's difficult to convince
a girl without a gift, a ring.

Hats off to you! You want a gift?

I'll gift this entire mall to you!

Okay. Stay here! Don't move!

I'll surround you with gifts.

Don't move. I'll be right back!

I don't know. It's been a long time.
- Seriously.

I don't know where he is.
- Come, let me introduce you to someone. Let's go.

Let's go.



How are you?

Bad. You know how it is.
How the situation is.

You know how much stress
there is at a police station.

I wanted to buy rights for a song,
piracy is..

You know the hard and
fast rules of America. - Oh no.

How's the doctor? - The doctor
is unwell since past 2-3 days.

What happened? - A doctor will
know what is wrong with the doctor.

How will I know? Tell me about it!

I don't know what I will do!

Leave! Leave! Leave!

You guys continue talking,
I mean shopping. I'll take your leave.

At least tell me
how the singer is doing.

How can the singers be?
You know singers are in a bad state.

I am not enquiring about the market,
I am talking about your singer.

Every singer is in the market. No
one hides under a blanket and sings.

The situation is the same all over.
It's very bad. I'll take your leave.

I am surprised. You two know him?

Hey, how can they not know me?

It's the same police station.

And you know that I have programs.

And U.S. isn't that far away.
It's very common.

He's that inspector..

Huh? He's that singer.

No. He's an NRI.


Who did you say was the inspector?

It's obvious she will address
only an inspector as an inspector.

Simple. - But you weren't here.
The singer was here.

You know what..

..you always think about the
singer hence you see him everywhere.

Now no one should say that I always thought about NRIs.
So I too was seeing an NRI?

This means you still
haven't forgotten him?



I mean not him, or him. The world.

Have you called us here to give
us a surprise or to interrogate us?

We don't want to play this game.
We are leaving.

Yes, we are leaving. - We are going.

Who called you here?

I did. - You called the inspector?

I didn't call the inspector.
- Are you out of your mind?

They are fighting!
They are fighting! They are fighting!

Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. - Stop.

Why did you call the singer?

I didn't call the singer, it's
not like I want him to sing for us.

I too didn't call this NRI.
He came on his own.

What's happening?
I can't understand anything.

It's better if you don't
understand some things.

Yes. What's the use of
understanding them. - True.

Just a minute. Seerat, you said that
the inspector is engaged to a doctor.

But he is with you.

There you are! I've been
looking for you all over the mall.

Oh no! - I thought you got scared
because you had to but me a gift. - Doomed!

She is the doctor who
is engaged to the inspector.

She has really gone crazy.
She's the one the singer likes. - Yes. Right.

No, she is the one whom the NRI likes.

But how can it be the same
girl for all three of them?

Right. - Logic.
- Point. - You have a point.

Logic is that she is the same girl who
met everyone as a different person.

It's okay. It's not a big deal.

Oh no. The girls and
the boys have come together.

Mr. Singer,
can I know what is this all about?

It's a small village Bilongi.
What is it called?

Daumanjra. - Daumanjra.

Why are you answering her?
She asked the singer.

You are an inspector.

No, he isn't an inspector.
He's an NRI.

What's wrong with all of you?
He's a singer.

How can one person
be at so many places?

Right. - Very good. - Point.
- Very good. - You have a point.

Very good. - Well done.
- One more point. - Shut up!

This isn't a point. It's a game.

Actually, I am an inspector. - I know.

But Seerat doesn't know.
- What do you mean?

It means that I am an inspector.

Now what is this new drama about?

all three of us are brothers. - Yes.

One of you tell us everything..

..otherwise there
will be more confusion.

I'll tell you.
Look, I am a singer. - I know.

But Jas doesn't know.
- What do you mean?

It means we three are brothers.
He, I and him.

Now tell us the truth.
What's happening here?

Actually, I am an NRI.

And I am Obama.

All of you are pretending
to be someone you are not.

Actually all three of us..
- Are brothers.

Now go on.

We also know that
you are an inspector.

You are a singer.
And you are an NRI.

Dear, it's not their fault.
They did this on my behest.

I am their father.

Uncle, aren't you the
one we met at the wedding?

Yes, dear.

He told us that you like inspectors,
singers and NRIs.

But we thought that if we met
you as an inspector, singer and NRI..

..then won't love us,
you'll just love our image.

Hence we met you as those
images which you don't love.

Just a minute. Just a minute.

That means you were
playing with our emotions.

You don't love us.

No, no. It's not so.

What does it mean when someone hides
his true identity and loves someone?

We would've agreed if you
would've told this to us sooner.

You are telling us about
it when you got caught.

They are still lying.

Dear, I insulted this
person at the party that day.

They are doing this
to seek revenge for that.

If they would've met
you in their true form..

..then you would've realised
that they are Brar's sons.

Hence they came after you in disguise.

Only to seek revenge for
the insult of their father.

They don't love you.

Our love isn't a lie, uncle.

How can a liar truly love anyone?

Mehek.. - Don't you
dare take my name again.

Jas.. Jas..

If you can do anything because
of your father's stubbornness..

Then we too can do anything
for our father's honour.

Let's go, girls.

Mr. Bhalla..


It's my fault.

You wouldn't have fallen in love
with them if not for me.

No, dad.

You cannot force anyone
to fall in love.

Once you are in love,
nothing else matters.

But we didn't know that
a heart break hurts so badly.

"This separation has divided us."

"It filled the dry eyes with tears."

"Why did my destiny left me?"

"Why did she leave me?"

"She gave me a place in her heart,
and then threw me out."

"Why did she throw me out of her out?"

"This separation has divided us."

"It filled the dry eyes with tears."

"This separation has divided us."

"It filled the dry eyes with tears."

"We fell apart before we
could come together forever."

"Tell me, did you really commit
or were you just deceiving me?"

"It's upset with God.
It no longer prays."

"It no longer prays."

"It lives a little
and dies every moment."

"It dies every moment."

"This separation has divided us."

"It filled the dry eyes with tears."

Hello, sir.

I had sent you a message
that I don't wish to meet you.

What are you still doing over here?

Sir, I apologise if
I have made a mistake.

But it's not a lie that
my sons love your daughters.

Harneek Singh, a lie is
a truth only till it's caught.

I don't think I should
share this good news with you..

But let me tell you
that my girls got engaged.

But sir, I..

And soon they will be
with their new family, got it?

"Now I am left with
only your memories."

"Now all I see is loneliness."

"You never realise
when someone goes away."

"You never realise."

"The journey of love
lasts only for a few moments."

"Only for a few moments."

"This separation has divided us."

"It filled the dry eyes with tears."

"This separation has divided us."

"It filled the dry eyes with tears."


Inspector! Inspector! How are you?

Who is it? - Gama.

I have good news for you.


Hit him!

Hello? Police station?

Hey! Let go of Girls!

What harm has these girls done to you!
Let go of them!

You have ruined everything for us.

For what else will you seek revenge from us?

Please stop troubling us.

Let us know if this
is another drama of yours.

No, Jas. I agree we lied to you but..

Let it be.
It's no use explaining it to them.

We don't want any explanations either.

Just do us a favour.
Get us out of here.

Don't worry.
Nothing will happen to you.

Ranjha was a shepherd, nor a killer.

That Ranjha wasn't an inspector.

Kill the girls.

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Stop, inspector! Don't hit me!
I am the one who called you. - Okay.

I called to tell you that..

Look, he is hitting Gama.


You called the police
to complain about the police?

You are smart. - Yes. Yes.

Come let's see how smart you are.

Get in!

Get in, damn you! - I won't spare you!
- You want to be my enemy?

Uncle, your daughters are
back with you, safe and sound.

We apologise for what happened.


I think we were wrong
and these boys were right.


Boys don't send the
girls back to their father.

They take them along.

Hey Washington guy,
you don't know us rustic girls.

I'll beat all your anger away.

"Finger", you are trapped. I
won't let you release a "Folo" album.

I won't let you do a duet without me.

Got it?

Now do you want me
to become a hooligan?

A helpless hooligan?

Like Jeona Morh?

Like Robin Hood?

And go against the society?

Oh, Amrish Puri.


I have just realised..

..a person might not be an officer,
a singer or an NRI..

One thing is for sure,
he should be "Happy Go Lucky!"

Harpal, I think I'll
have to get you transferred.

You can suspend me if you want!

"Happy go lucky...lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky, lucky, lucky!"


"Whether he's from India,
or from Canada.."

"Happy go lucky...lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky!"

"Whether he's simple, or he's smart."

"Happy go lucky...lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky!"

"Whether he's from India,
or from Canada.."

"Whether he's simple, or he's smart."

"This is what every girl says,
and that's for sure.."

"The boy should be.."


"Happy go lucky...lucky, lucky, lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky, lucky, lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky, lucky, lucky!"

"Happy go lucky..."

"Happy go lucky..."

Let's do this again.

"Whether he drinks liquor
from India or abroad."

"In the morning, he promises,
I'll never drink again, God."

"Whether he drinks liquor
from India or abroad."

"In the morning, he promises,
I'll never drink again, God."

"In the evening, breaking his promise,
even if he drinks again."

"But the boy should be.."

"But the boy should be.."

"But the boy should be.."

"Happy.." - Blah. Blah. Blah.

"Happy go lucky...lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky, lucky, lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky, lucky, lucky!"


"Happy go lucky...lucky, lucky, lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky, lucky, lucky!"

"Happy go lucky...lucky, lucky, lucky!"