Happy Ghost IV (1990) - full transcript

A group of college kids discovers the remains of an ancient evil warlord from an old cave and brings it to their dormitory, which ultimately awakens the warlord's ghost. It is seeking to ...

Late Ching Dynasty,
Po On County, Canton Province

There's a General name "Crazy"
Kwan Yeung

Using his military power
to suppress the people

Whenever people oppose him,
he orders a massacre

Suppress the riot. Kill them

Let me go

My spirit will never forgive you

Aren't you awake yet?

If I wasn't, how would
I hear your call?

I will meet Dad at 9:00 a.m.
for breakfast

Don't be late

What are you doing?

Don't push

Don't pull

Don't hold me

Good morning

Hows my English?

What are you doing here?

Helping you wake up.
I don't want you to be late

Please leave me. Let me
be a normal person

Please go


You are my next life
and I was your last life

I am also your guardian angel

If you need help,
I will certainly lend a hand

You can turn nothing into something
and something into a mega thing

When my car stalled last time,
you helped by pushing

You pushed it onto
somebodyls roof top

You helped me move

and you moved the toilet

The sewage pipes
in the building all broke

With you around,
I have nothing but trouble

Don't follow me, or
I'll get real mad at you

It's tough go be nice

Ha, we're there

Want some flowers?

Keep the change

Of course

Today is Valentineks day.
$150 each


Good morning, Marian

Hi, Lucky

Doesn't look like a man?

Good morning, Tai Hei

Call me Annie


We'll be late if
we don't move now

We won't. The appointment
is at 12:00

Then why did you want me
to be here so early'?

So you don't like
to see me earlier?

Dad has arranged for you
to teach in his school

He said Hong Kong people
have no loyalty

They all swim the"Frog Style"

Frog Style?

That means they leap as soon
as they grab the goodies

I don't. I do "Doggy Paddle"

I will swim until 1997

Valentine's gift

Is it beautiful?

It's expensive

Why did you spend
that kind of money?

You are still unemployed,

not qualified to
buy expensive things

Then I will asked for a re-fund

I said you were not sincere

Don't do it next time

Just doesn't look like a man

I'm sorry

I'll to find Dad first

Get out of my way, dog

Dad, he's coming

You must be Kwai

Yes I am. Uncle

He just finished school
in the U.K.



It must be Oxford then

It's Oxbridge


Just finished skiing?

Was it fun?

Lots of fun, cousin

Have some fruit, cousin

Crazy Bill, have some bananas

There must be gifts
in major festivals

100%, gold. Happy Valentine's Day
Thanks, cousin

This is...

This is my friend Kwai.
This is my cousin

Cousin Please sit

Kwai, do you like skiing?
Yes, I do

I ski in Switzerland very
often. How about you?

In Tai Koo Shing

Uncle, let me give you a light

Uncle, this is for you

100% gold also'?

Even I am getting a gift

Just a little something

How can I come empty-handed

Dad, Kwai has a present
for you too

You see

The Tiger-killer.
I drew it myself

Are you being sarcastic? Uncle
was born in the year of the Tiger

The Tiger-killer looks like you

So you want to kill my Uncle?

That's not what I mean

Don't be superstitious.
That's alright

I will help

Can you be a little more polite?

Where's my headrest?

Here, uncle

Please put it down

Our Saint Benson College

is a post-secondary institution
that maintains high moral standards

When you teach here,
Kwai you must be patient

You must also teach

our students to maintaina
high moral standard


Have some tea

That's too much

That's hot, this tea is very hot

Of course the tea is hot,
what do you want?

OK...Go to the washroom.
Wash your face

Kwai, please take off your glasses

Searching for my dream lover,

Who understand I'm being so aloof?

The most powerful person is always myself,

If you are scared tonight,
I'll keep you company

I'm not a great builder,

but I do have a kind heart

If you cannot find a partner,

I'll be a good choice for you

Beauty and wisdom I do possess,

Maybe you'll never find
another one like me

Even though you are so demanding,

I'll be a good choice for you

I am Man

lam Mo

I am Ying

I am Kit, I like this guitar

We are the best in this world,

Your mockery will not discourage us

To meet with you is our pleasure,

We are so lucy!

We are the best in this world,

That's not finished yet

Students, the canteen
is a place for eating,

not for singing

Hey, who are you?

I am the new Lecturer in
History, Hong Sum-Kwai

I will start counting

Alan Tam


Cherry Chung

Deng Sim-Ping

He quitted last year

Zhao Zhi-yang

He was dismissed

Li Pang

Dead already

Let's discuss some archaeological
discoveries on Lantao island

In Chek Lap Cape on Lantao Island

That is the site of our new airport

It was once a major city in
the estuary of the Pearl River

There must be a lot of
archaeological findings hidden there

Sir, why didn't the government
search it first?

That's exactly the same as you
hanging up your feet in the classroom

What does that mean?
That's ridiculous!

Put down your feet

No, the doctor said my
blood pressure is too low

If I put down my feet,
the blood can't reach my brain

I'd be foolish

If you don't follow
the teacher's instruction,

you are not giving him respect

Please calm down

Not respecting the teacher
means not respecting me

Go to hell!


Just like...

Murder, murder

It's a sunny day. Let's go
to the disco after work

Murder... Murder in the classroom

What happened?


A student has been wounded

Good morning, headmaster

Good morning officer

That's unreasonable

Student of our St. Benson College

wouldn't even harm a fly

Stand up

Take off your pants


No more murder now. But
there will be obscenity soon

Mr. Hong, come with me

We are giving him a hard time

For you

Spending money again.
Are you rich?

It's only chocolate.
I've got a job now

It's foggy, sir. Be careful

They're both red, but miles apart

This gold egg is for you

Why do you give me this gold egg?

It's an Easter present

Didn't he give you a present?


Cousin, chocolate is fattening

Crazy Bill, if you want to show off

Leave behind two pins

I said leave behind two pins already

You think that's easy

This is skill


Wrong posture


Wrong footwork


Mind your waist

You have a strike

He had this strike because I called him

Can you teach me'?

I was just lucky

He was just lucky. Let me teach you

No, thanks

I'll pick it up for you

I'll buy a new one for you next time

How're your glasses?
They're O.K. now


Why did you go to the other lane?

No gasses


I'll hold the ball for you


Strike again

Why did you hit the others?

What happened to you?

Let me go wash my face

Tough luck

What did I do wrong in my last life'?

Don't curse your last life

I told you not to follow me

My next life is so unlucky.
I must help

Even if I am unlucky,
I don't want to see you


Why are you still here?

I am taking a leak of course

Frankly, the last life has been
guarding the next life for too long

He deserves a vacation

Need some holiday

Can you finish it quick?

It's not as easy as you think

What do you think about
holidays at Pattaya?

Your thing is off-tracked a little

Let me move it back to the right place

Help Homosexual Rapist

You have caused me more trouble

That's not on purpose

But someone will do it on purpose

Next life, the way you
were insulted by the girl

I can live with that

Now you are being insulted
by the fellow

who attempted to assault your girl

I can live with that no more

It's none of your concern.
Mind your own business

He fools my next-life,

which fools your last-life

He can't live the rest of his life

Don't be crazy



Go to hell

What's that, cousin?


Terrific, Strike!

You can't have luck everyday

I strike again

Impossible. That's not possible

Cousin, do you have
anything wrong today?

I don't believe in superstitions

Last-life, stop fooling around

How can you push

my cousin down the drain?


It's not me. I didn't push him

He pushed me

He pushed me

You still deny it?

Don't run

Wait, cousin, wait for me

I'm sure she said

she would swim at
the Chek-Lap Cape Beach

If we don't see her we're in trouble

A nude swimmer


Here comes the baby

Hope you know by now

From the bottom of my heart

I love you

Your pretty eyes

Your sweet smile

I wish to embrace you

Your lovely face

Hand in hand we walk and talk

Like yesterday

you and me

All these nights I have been alone

No where to go

It was freezing cold

In the past,
I have been so self-centred

And never know

I have neglected your sorrow

I love you

Your pretty eyes

Your sweet smile

I wish to embrace you

Your lovely face

Hand in hand we walk and talk

Like yesterday you and me


Big deal

Who do you think you are?

Let's give up

We have to give up these girls forever

In an hour there will be
no more ferries to Kowloon

let's go!

If we don't catch the last ferry,
we'll have to stay here

Hurry up! It's too late already

No. I'm bursting.
I need to take a leak

Don't piss against the wind
or your pants will get wet

Excuse me, spirit, excuse me

That's a real pain in the ass

Look, it's bright over there

There's something down there

Stepping on dogs dropping?

No, come take a look

I don't want to look at dog shit

That's true, somethings really there

There must be some treasure there

Let's climb down along the tree

Go down

This one

It must be an antique treasure

Mr. Hong said there were
a lot of antiques here

I wonder how much it's worth?

It certainly wonhs money

There's something inside

Looks like someone is sitting inside

Let's take a look inside

I'll lead the way

This thing is worth something



I couldn't find it on the floor

It's be safer for me
to put back my hat

On your head

It's gone

Where is it now'?

What is this?

Inside my body

Plenty of rats here

Plenty of rats here

Plenty of rats here

What are you doing?


Run away, snakes!


Cool down, cool down!

You killed the snakes already

Alright, since the snakes are dead

Bring this armour back. We can sell
it in exchange for a Karaoke set


Why do I have to wash these
scrap metals?

While all of you are having
a goodtime. Some friend!

I have to do everything myself


Act on me, idiot!

Here we are, come over

Better than nothing

Where' s 'Hug?

Perhaps he's goine to rooftop
to collect the clothes

Is this real?

It must be an antique

Was I right? It must be 100 years old

Property of the dead. It's evil

How could it be?

Just to build up the atmosphere


Don't...I'm sorry.
It was just for fun

Please forgive me

Please don't ruin my guitar

Then we'll beat you instead

That's obvious. Beat him
with his clothes off

It's my fault. I am a jerk

To compensate,

I will make your beds for 2-months

I'll also wash your clothes, answer
the phone, water the plants for you

The three of you can have a goodtime

Don't worry about me

I am telling the truth

I can swear to that

Make fun of me?

Want to die?

Are you dead?

Cockroaches are good for
your health. Good for you!

I'll take a leak

Mr. Hong, try this magic robe

Wanna die


Tai Hei cousin

I think of you every festival.
Just a small gift

It was Easter last time.
So what is it this time?

Happy Ching Ming Festival

Merry Ching Ming

Save your speeches
for the grave visits

Not bad. That's beautiful

Madam, can you shoot
some video for us?


Crazy Bill, hold the camera
for Miss Annie

I'll take care of Mr. Hong

Wanna kill me, evil bastard

Teacher, you pushed me
into the drain last time

I can forgive you

I am generous

But if you want to take my girl

You are asking for trouble

The money I can make in a day

is more than your lifetime's salary

Leave Annie alone

Then I'll give you a chance

to make a fortune.
How about $100,000?

Once in a lifetime opportunity

Sorry, I'm not a company.
I can't be acquired

Teacher, that's enough

To beat you, is easier
than killing an ant

Oh my God, Annie must think
I did it on purpose


Let's take a look at him

Why are you sitting here?

Just sitting

Hows your stand?

It's ready

My lace is loose

Where's my cousin

Cousin? I don't know

Mosquito bites! That's itchy

You can talk to Dad here.
I'll walk around


ls the magic show ready?


Finding a new job

You just joined not long ago

No... After the magic
show I want to

dance again

Wanna join the opera too?

Oh yes, opera

That's marvelous

Mr. Hong

Let me introduce, this is the
new Discipline Master, Mrs Chu

Welcome, welcome

Mr. Hong is a good teacher

But his behaviour is
a little strange

Please comment

Why are you...

Where's Annie'?

She went over there

Over there?

I'll go look for her

The group who is going to
sing for us now

is a newly formed band of our school

Their name is "Behind"

A pair of hands that only
belongs to you,

The warmth of your touch,

You talked too much just
because you care for me,

I'm sorry I have overlooked

You do not appreciate
music the same way I do,

Nothing can replace
my love for my mother,

I'm determined to overcome
all obstacles,

To repay my mother's love

The breeze warm up my heart,

You give me everything
and look after me,

Your kind and reassuring smile,

guide me through rough waters

What so excited?

What's excited for?

Excitement not allowed!

How can I ever pay you back!

The greatest love of all--

Please let me say again
I love you

Behind... Behind...

Behave! Behave!

Behind... Behind...

Behind... Behind...

Behind... Behind...

Behind... Behind...

Are you ready?


Are you crazy?
Making fun of this thing

Take off your pair of glasses

Hi, greetings from next-life

It's you again, no wonder

Next-life, this is strictly man to man

How can we have interference from girls?

Man to man?

I have nothing to say to you


I have some good news
and some bad news


Bad news is I can't be
your guardian angel anyone

I have to say goodbye
to my next-life forever

Good! This is in fact good news

So your good news is in fact bad

What's it?

Mr. Hong, it's our turn

Up curtain, down curtain,
upstage, downstage

Next-life, you'd better go
upstage first

You'd better tell me
the good news first

Go upstage first, upstage...

I'm not sure if he's for real

I think he is for real

He learned one whole night

Idiot Shut up

Cheating. His magic is a con

It's only an illusion

The egg is here


The mill has one cup inside another

From this cup to another one

Yell at him



And flower

Phoney magic!

He's so stupid he must've
been a pig in his last-life


Big magic show

Change me, change me

Mr. Chiu, don't give me a hard time

Let me do my own show

Change me

I am most suitable

Change me, I'll be your volunteer


See what you can change this time

Ring a-ring roses...


Sir, are you alright'?

I know his tricks

I will tell everybody about it

My ass has moved to the front

Nobody ever told me
my ass was so big

My ass is in the front

It's itchy

He's driving me crazy

I itch all over

I itch all over

I itch all over

This damn magician

has moved my ass to the front

let's go!

I'll take revenge

How can I use the toilet?

Oh shit!

What happened to you, Mrs. Chu'?

Last-life, where are you?
Come out

Within 1-month,

your ass will return to
the proper place

Don't worry

Look what you've done to me

Try your very best

Next-life, you shouldn't
look at me like that

Why don't you listen
to my good news?

You did good things in
your previous life

God is therefore sending me
to heaven

I will not be a ghost anymore,
I will be an angel

Next-life, this is just
a souvenir worth nothing

Don't forget me

If you need my help
within the next 49 days

You can burn this feather
and I'll be back

The feather can work miracles


No good-bye

Hei, here comes trouble

Excuse me first

first ...

I'm so glad I'm released

How can you still smile?

Look what've you done to my cousin


Crazy Bill, I must take revenge

Actually this is good

You don't have to worry about
your backside when you pee

Shut up!

Oh yes, look in the mirror
while you pee,

that saves time

Crazy Bill

I will go for plastic surgery
in the States tomorrow

don't want to see that
teacher when I come back

If you want your car, your
house and your U.S. passport

Get rid of him

I will do it immediately


I know what you are thinking right now

You feel unhappy about me
losing my temper the other day

I should apologize

Never mind

You are wrong. I just saw
my cousin off at the airport

You should apologize for doing
that to him

Let me wash my hair first.
That's bright

Trouble maker

Wasting your money
again on this nonsense

Leaving so quickly?

Mr. Hong, I'm sorry

My wife wants me to tell you,

your rent will go up $400 next month

Go up again? Can we talk about it?

With women'?

Forget it!

Then I don't have it

That's right

All women are unreasonable,
especially yours

The whole neighbourhood knows that

She's a bit unreasonable,

but that's my problem

O.K., I'll make a decision.
How about $300?

I don't mind

But you know my girlfriend is tough

She will say I am too soft
and you are taking advantage

That's not right. If you can't
teach her well, scold her

If scolding doesn't work,
beat her up

Beat her up?

Beat her. Do you dare?

Why not

If she pushes me too far,
that'll happen soon enough

I am not as gentle as I look

When I lose my temper,
I'm dangerous

Don't worry,I won't kill her at most

I'll make her go to the hospital

O.K., no rental increase.
This is a haunted house


Last-life, show-up.
Stop fooling around

Fooling around my ass!

Asshole, you think women are week

Women are driving me crazy

Why are you here?

Waiting to be beaten up. Do it!

I thought you were gone

Why don't you simply ignore me

Take off your glasses


That's horrible

Too cruel

Do it right the first time.
Well done

The garbage truck is back

I want to see Miss Annie

Not home...You'd better go

Doesn't look like a man

That's pretty

As dark as my heart

Is that all?

That's real fun

You peeper.
This is the ladies' room

I'll kill you

Annie, I didn't mean
it the other day

This matter is not as simple
as it looks. Listen to me


This is a misunderstanding

Because of that feather

Because of that feather

Please come over here

I can demonstrate

Come over here

I'm demonstrating

Hei, look at me. Look!

Can't you see me'?

Don't run


My God, where is she?

Annie, can you give me
a chance to explain?

Alright. See you tonight at
the Middle East Restaurant


That's mine

You don't have to say anything

What you are about to see,
is something that can't be explained

When you see it, theses
no need to explain either

Now don't be afraid. Don't scream

Can you see me? I am invisible

Now you can see me again

Isn't it funny?

Let me show you something

Excuse me

Isn't it great?

You can use this feather to vanish too

Have some wine

That's sour

Two expresso coffee

Don't look at that guy.
He's crazy


Thank you

Do you know him well'?


But he is a maniac.
He tips very well

Let him enjoy himself for a while

It's me again

I want to go to the washroom

Can you see me?

What are you doing?

Have you seen my feather?

What feather? The one down below?


I don't know how to explain this time

No need to explain. You are just a nut


What kind of world is this?

Your Highest

This woman

Is that her?

She is tough

lady, let's give you a hand



There is a belief about
the power of pyramids

That the power can
preserve matter eternally

That's why all the Egyptian Pharoahs

would have themselves
wrapped into mummies

and put inside the pyramid

Because they believed their dead bodies

would be preserved

And when science
advanced in the future

They would have a chance
of being resurrected

There was once a scientist

who made a miniature pyramid

and put half an apple inside

Two weeks later

The apple hadn't rotted

It hadn't even turned drak

We'll examine the results in two weeks

Then we can prove whether the pyramid

PFGSGFVGS matter OF not

What happened to him?

He ate your poisonous apple

Then take him to the Clinic

You can continue your work

Put him down

How do you feel?

What are you doing?

Where is your fiancee?

Which one?

How many do you have?


Why are you looking for her?

Tell me

Tell me

Who are you?

Are you controlled by the triads?

If so, report to me

Mr. Hong, please tell us where Annie is

You want to kidnap me

Mr. Hong, if you don't tell us,
we'll remove all your teeth

I can't say anything

Can I write it down for you?

Write? Quick! Hurry up

Dead already

Where is he?

Where is he?






Not a man

Open the door, Annie

What's the matter, Mr. Hong

You are in danger

Man and the other three

are controlled by a man in
Ching uniform

They want to kidnap you

That's very creative

But the story is too complicated

That's true

They even wanted to take
out my teeth. Watch this

You think I'm an idiot

You don't believe me?

You must believe in this feather.
It will make you invisible

That will be safer


Wanna save the girl?

Open the door

You can hurt me.
But please leave her alone

Are you two finished?

Where did you find the
costumes for this chap?

Look at yourself.
What do you look like?

In this kind of weather,
don't you feel hot?

These kinds of nails,
I have plenty myself

Please do not dress like this


I killed someone



Don't be afraid.

L will help

Dead already

You run first

She has nothing against you

Why did you do this to her?

This girl caused my accidental death

My spirit is always around

I can reincarnate if I kill her


Is it done?

Is it done,Help...

Are you blind?

Don't move. Put up your hands

We're trapped

No. To the rooftop

Sorry Kwai, we were wrong about you

It's my fault

I shouldn't have attracted the ghost

Make yourself invisible
with the feather first

I'm not going
He will kill you

Let's die together then

I'll be alright

You're the one he wants, not me

You'd better go

Make yourself vanish first

Call the Police

Where's that woman'?

Where's the girl?

Annie, please run quickly

I don't want to fight
with the four of you


Weather is good

How about watching a video
at my place after work?

Police, somethings happening

You mean watching a video?
How can anything happen?

Someone tried to kill my
boyfriend on the rooftop


I am your teacher

They're still there


Calling the station. Someone's
throwing heavy objects from above



Don't, don't do it

Go to hell


Cool down. Let me handle this



He's dead...

He's dead...


Why did you kill Kwai?

I didn't kill anyone.
Why am I being arrested?

Madam, I did not do this

Please say goodbye to
Mr. Hong Sum-Kwafs body

Kow-tow again

Third Kow-tow

Please incinerate
the remains of the body


You can't just leave me like this


Why are you sorry about your last-life?

Your next-life will also passaway

How can you cremate the
body of my next-life'?

A western temple?

Let's go get back our photos

Kwai Ghost

Kwai, are you coming back to life again?

That's not proper
between men and women

Although I'm not a Saint,

I can't let a woman touch me

Please behave yourself, miss

Are you still angry with me?

I am a happy ghost.
How can I feel anger?

You're great.
So you're not angry anymore?

How can you pull my hand
like this in public?


I must teach her how to
behave the traditional way

This is a serious crime

Juvenile problems of Hong Kong

are getting more and more serious

Based on the submitted evidence

The jury has come to an
unanimous verdict

They found the 4 defendants

Guilty of murder

By law they are sentenced
to the death penalty

Wrong sentence

Wrong sentence

Your Honour, wrong sentence

What's the matter?

Your Honour

Please listen to me

Who are you?

Yes, sir, my name is Chu Kam-chun

Oh no, my name is Hong Sum-Kwai

I am the victim of the case

Crazy, if you are already dead,
how can you stand in front of me?

That's absolutely true

I have never died

Then how can you
sentence them to death?

That's right

Short-sighted fellow

I saw him being thrown to
the street by these 4 guys

This is just a misunderstanding

Nobody threw me onto the street

I jumped down by myself

What are you talking about?

Jumping from roofs.
This is my hobby

Nut. Police

Throw this fellow out of Court

Wait a minute

if your Honour does not believe
me, please let me demonstrate

Throw him out, hurry!

I am jumping

Mr. Hong

He's dead. He committed suicide

Thanks, everyone
Your Honour

I am telling the truth,
hiding nothing

Please consider the facts

Since there is no victim

I announce that

The defendants be released

That's great

Nothing now

The Court is adjourned

Thanks your Honour.
I'm leaving now

Jumping again?


That's weird

How can be still be alive?

Strange case.
This could set a new record

Why is my next-life studying
these vague things'?


What have you got to hide?

Please come in

Mr. Hong is so kind

You helped us despite
what we did to you

If I had not brought
the evil thing back

All these things would not've happen


You have done nothing wrong to me

You should feel sorry
for your Mr. Hong

I don't understand

I am not your Mr. Hong

And your Mr. Hong is not me either

I am even more confused

Your Mr. Hong is already dead

I am his last-life named Chu

I understood a bit at first

Now I am totally confused

Do you understand now?


A ghost!

Pressing on me

Aren't you dead?

Dead already?

No heart beat and no pulse

No breathing


You have to overcome
your own evil desire

Then you can beat the evil spirit

Since you ask for forgiveness

That means that you haven't
lost your consciences

Can we bring Mr. Hong back to life

His soul just left his body

Three days later when his soul
returns, we have a chance

A rotten corpse?

So many flies

The body can easily decompose

How can we keep Mr. Hong's body?




Do I know you from somewhere?

Please comment

That's a total failure

We learn from our mistakes.
Please go on

We're there

He's giving me a hard time.
I feel ashamed

Sit down

Sit down

Doesn't look like a man?

Kwai, are you here?

Nonsense. If you see me
that means I'm here

Gone already?

Since you saved me

I have decided to stay with you

Because I feel secure with you

You will not be secure
anymore after tomorrow

Because I will have to leave you

You want to leave me?

That's right!

I am here tonight to have
my last supper with you

I know I haven't been good go you

And I made you angry

Twist your nose

I'll let you twist me

I can't stand this romantic talk

Do cook something to
serve your husband


Don't call the maid

If you can't cook, how can
you be a good wife. Do it!

Enough. I've had enough

My dear next-life,
I treat your wife like this

All because of you

Behave yourself, chicken, don't run

A real man

Coffee, tea or me?

Foreign girls exposing themselves

I don't want to watch

Try me oyster sauce beef

That's delicious

My cooking?

No, it's only the oyster sauce

This oyster sauce belongs to my time

Women in my day

Would not be as
unreasonable as you are

Am I obedient now?

Making excuses

I am not eating this meal

Have you had enough?

The first time I ever
cook and you don't eat?

I am a man with dignity

I meant what I said

Sit down

Sit down

Let me tell you

Your husband has to make a long trip

Now that the evil spirit

Has vanished but it will be back

I'll give you this feather for safety

If anything happens,
make yourself invisible


Don't leave your home, understand?


That's a good girl

That's a lovely wife

I'm leaving



Next-life, you will be
free from worms here

I'll delay my plan to change to Buddha

Go ahead!

A trick

A trap


Expert my ass!

Where's it'?

You laugh at me?

One of us is gonna die

Wanna kill me

I'll squeeze you to death

I'll suffocate you

Not confirm

Poison you

Poisonous gas

Give you a shock

If you can still live, I'll be damned

A moving corpse

Him again

He's finished. He's dead

Is this your wallet?


Thank you, thank...


Can't believe this

On holiday in Pattaya

But I landed in an African desert

And for the body of my next-life

I will have to find a hole to hide him

Why did you bring me here?

This is the site of the murder

Let's study the case carefully

Sit down

Dear, I love you not
because you are pretty

But because you have a good heart

Will you still love me when I'm old

The older, the lovelier

You really look ugly when you're old

You're ugly too

Old woman, don't touch me

Disgusting man


I love you superman


Crazy Bill

Crazy Bill,
why didn't you meet me inside?

Sir, you are still alive?

Did you kill Hong Sum-Kwai?

Have you finished eating?

I asked whether you killed him or not

I asked whether you ate shit or not

Are you talking?

Am I farting?

Crazy Bill, you have something
wrong with your brain

My brain is no good? I eat brains

I love pig's brains

Respect the elders

I'd like to be a computer

I want to live forever

be your captive

I will live with you forever

Crazy man
come to the hospital with us

What? Being crazy is not a crime

Being crazy is a crime?

Being crazy is not allowed?
You are really crazy

Sir, what a coincidence!

So you are really alive'?

So your ass is back in the right place?

I've got a rich father

You can turn me upside down

Inside out, all over the place

I have the money to put it all back

Is that right? Taxi

I'll give you $1,000.
Don't take him. Move

Oh, where is my ass?

I am expanding

That's itchy

My ass has moved up to my chest

I must be dead this time!

Oh shit


Are you O.K.?

Of course I am O.K.

Mr. Hongks spirit will return today

As long as his body returns safely,
everything will be alright

Madam, are you O.K.?

Turn on the tap, turn on the tap

Hurry up. Wash the mud away quickly

hurry UP

Run, run,

hurry UP

hurry UP

Shit, who is so indecent?


In the outside

Close a door

Push hard

Let me out

Let them go now

Who's calling me

Stop it you evil spirit

I'll get rid of you first

Bite them

I am dead this time

Let me show you my secret weapons

It stinks

First weapon

2nd weapon

Sit down

Your saliva stinks

Kill him

Why are we fighting ourselves?

We'll fight him

I'm coming


A sad face

It's important to have fun

Mr. Hong is alive

Mr. Hong...

Mr. Hong, how do you feel?

Last-life, it's you

Next-life, I have settled
everything for you

Time's up. I have to go to heaven

Gentlemen, see you another time

Mr. Chu

Madam is awake

Kwai Annie

Kwai, if you are O.K. that's great

What have I done wrong?

It's not your fault. It's my fault


What are you doing?

Don't be too good to me.
I am not used to it


We've had enough!