Happy Ghost III (1986) - full transcript

A young, unsuccessful singer, after committing suicide, is to be reincarnated, this time into a musical family. Her spirit must get to the hospital where her future mother is currently ready to give birth to her, so that she can enter the womb and be born. Unfortunately, she misses her appointed birth time, twice, due to the accidental intervention of a young man, Mr. Hong. At first she is angry and makes life hard for him, but eventually they fall in love, although she can't stay around long as she has one last chance to be born.

Feng Ah»Y an!

It's your turn for reincarnation.

See you in the next life!

This is dreadful!

Lau Yat-Feng, it's your turn for reincarnation!


Tsui Boon-Heung.


I've found a good family for you, god-daughter.

I'll reincarnate as long as it's good.

Otherwise, I'd rather have another


When I was born, the timing was bad.

No matter how I sang, I never got popular.

Even if I didn't die from suicide, I'd die from

Alright.. .so you want to be a pop star-. -...

I've found someone from a musical background
to be

your father. I guarantee you'll be able to sing.


The owner of this family is Koo Ka-Yan.

He won the most amount of songwriting awards.

His parents were Chinese opera singers.

His wife sings the soprano.

Corazon (lover)!

Hurry up, corazon!

Send me to the St. Mary Hospital right away!
Yes, madame.

I'm in labor!
Yes, madame.

Alright...you can be her daughter!

You're guaranteed to become a huge pop star.

Godfather, don't forget to pick a good hour for

Be ready to reincarnate at 8 o'clock sharp

You'll be more popular than Teresa Tang,

smarter than Anita Mui and better than
Paula Tsui.


8pm sharp.

Be punctual. Otherwise, all you'll ever be is
a chorus girl-.


If you run into any problems, just call me
at 123. Do you understand?

Thanks, godfather!

Now go reincarnate!

Don't forget! St. Mary Hospital!

Okay! I'll see you in the next life!

Good luck!

Taxi! Taxi!



You deadmeat. . . deadmeat. ..
Come back!

Come back! It's not “dead meat”,
it's “dead beat”.

Dead beat!


Dead beat! Hey, cab driver!

I'm not picking up any passengers right now.

Stop it, you dead beat!

Come back, corazon!

What has bothered you enough to
attempt suicide, lady?

No. I'm pregnant.

Has no one admitted to being the father?

I'm in labor, hubby!

Take me to the hospital right away!

I'm not your husband.
Just send me to the hospital. Pronto!

Stop pulling me.
Hurry up...and send me into the hospital, hubby!

Okay! Fine! I will...I'll send you to the
hospital! Hop in!

You're the one who's a dead beat!

Can't you read the sign?
It says “not for hire”.

Which hospital?


Sacred Heart Hospital, right?

Hurry up, hubby...it hurts...

It hurts a lot. Get the doctor- Quick!
I'm not your husband!

Hurry up, hubby! Hurry!

It hurts, doctor!
Stop then push again!


What are you doing? What?

I've got a date with my girlfriend.

Hurry up, hubby!

Get the doctor quick, hubby!
Don't pull!

I need to give birth now!
My shirfs gone wrinkly.

Get the docior right away, hubby! It hurts!
My girlfriend bought this shirt for me.

I have to wear this while seeing her.

Get the doctors right away, hubby! It hurts!

I'm going to be scolded by my girlfriend.

Hurry up, hubby!

${()p pulling!

Godfather, why can't I find my mother after

searching all over the hospital?

There's an idiot who sent your mother to the
Sacred Heart Hospital.

Go there and reincarnate right away!

Remember! It's room L8!

I got it! Bye!

You womanizer! You used her and tried to leave.

You got her impregnated and tried to abandon her.

You should be wary about getting hit by a car.

In a hurry to die, aren't you? Move it!



L8. This is the room!

Doctor, my stomach hurts.

I'm coming, Mommy!

My stomach hurls.

It seems like there's a baby inside.

A baby inside a man's womb?

Yes, it does seem like something is in there

and it wants to come out!

A pregnant man. This is a miracle in
medical science!

Get the matron here. Hurry!

It hurts.

Don't move.

I just had something blocking my chest.
I'm fine right now.

Let me check again.

Ouch! My stomach is still hurting.

Why is this happening, docior?

How would I know?
My stomach's fine.

How could you trick me, godfather?

My mother's a man.

That idiot got the room number mixed up.

Your mother's in the last room around the corner.

It's too late. Look at the time!

What now?

Wait for another 3 days.

A good time to reincarnate is in 3 days at 4 pm.

You can reincarnate again.

Pregnant man? We really need to research
on that.

It's all because of that idiot!

What's his name?

Hong Sum-Kwai.

Sorry, Mona. I came late.

Do you know how late you are?

I know. Just a minute from making it
an hour-long wait.

Luckily, I came in 5 minutes.

Otherwise, I'd be bored to death.


What's wrong with you? Did you get into a fight?

No. I went to a hospital.

It's because of the fight, isn't it?

No. I sent a pregnant woman there.

What's your relationship with her?

There is none.

If there wasn't any, why did she
tear off your shirt?

Kwai, you should think of a better story even
when lying.

It's true. I'm not lying!

You did!

I didn't!

If you don't admit it, then don't ever see me

I admit it...

Do you admit that you're lying?

I admit it...

That's right. Even Washington was man enough to
admit about chopping down that cherry tree.

Oh dear! I've hit the iron barrel.

Come on! Let's run!

Do you want me to copy Washington by doing

something wrong and deny it?

Washington's not as dumb as you are.

You've got to be more adaptable!

You should start the car when no one's watching.

Do you want the cops to catch you?

Start the car!

Mr. Hong's car.

It is!

Well done, Mr. Hong!

He sure has style!

That's embarrassing.

I'm dead meat this time.

That kid just greeted me.

You'll suffer as my student.

Stop...stop...you went out of tune.

Good. This is excellent!

Settle down...

Excuse me.

What are you doing in here, student?

Did you just call me “student”?

I'm obviously here to attend class.

I'm the new student.

What's your name?

Cheung Chi-Kit. Cheung as in “Leslie Cheung”.

Chi as in the “chi” in George Lam and Kit as
in Sam Hui's.

My English name is Alan.

Same as Alan Tam's name.

That's a pretty cool name.

I'm an easy-going person without any bad habits.

Except for my occasional smoking habit,
flirting with

girls, dating and betting on horses races.

Otherwise, I'm a good kid-.

I normally like going out to play snooker.

I welcome comparisons. Five bucks a frame.

Finished bragging yet, superstar?

If you're done bragging, then sit at the corner.

He deserved that scolding from the teacher.

Go. There's a spot over there.

Thank you, pretty lady.

So what's your name, cutie?

Not here. Sit over there.

And do what while I sit there? For luck?
I won't sit there!

If you won't sit there, then get out!

Just do what he says.

Otherwise, he'll have a heart attack-.

I've seen students far worse than you.

I will re-educate you.

So much Christian lectures!

How old are you this year?

I'm a year older than last year.

So what is your exact age?

I'm 19!

19 years old and still in Form 4.
Don't you feel shame?

Why did you transfer to another school?

You must have been expelled from school.

Why the expulsion?

It must be due to bad behavior.

Why the bad behavior'?

It must be due to your bad conduct.

Your assumptions in logic are remarkable,

So what plans do you have for the future?

Since you're so great,

you can keep making your logical assumptions.

You even require others to plan your future.

I see your future is going to be a complete

People like you have no ambition and no IQ.

Attention all students!

We must refer to Alan Cheung as the
polar opposite of a proper role model.

Alert yourselves from now on and study hard.

Teacher, you say I have low intelligence.

Do you think you can answer three simple

questions in the shortest amount of time?

Sure. Go ahead.

First question. VWthin a year, which of these
months have 28 days?


Wrong. There's at least 28 days in every month.

Second question. A bicycle is heading east

with winds blowing from the north-east.

Which direction will the smoke go?


Wrong. Bicycles don't emit smoke.

Even a village idiot can

answer these two simple questions.

I see that your intelligence is indeed
above others, teacher.

Are you finished yet?

I'm not. There's one last question.

Which human organ would change in size

under influence of stimulation?

I refuse to answer such a ridiculous question.

The correct answer is the pupil.

Once the pupil get stimulate from elsewhere,

it will dilate seven times its normal size.

My goodness! I'm on a different track of
mind too.

Teacher, you refused to answer.

What exactly were you thinking?

Why are you so angry, Mr. Hong?

Don't mention it.

I've been played around like a water balloon by
a student.

What do you mean?

I've been messed around by him!

It's nothing. I'm just hitching a car ride.

You can drop me off at the corner.

Kwai, you should be get married at your current


To find a companion, vanity isn't an important

It's more crucial to find a potentially good wife
and mother.

It is.


Do you think I look like a good wife and mother?

I can't see anything.

Sorry! Where's my glasses?

I'll wipe it clean for you. How about that?

It's clean now.


Kwai, do I look younger when
I'm wearing these glasses?


For some unknown reason, I just want to have
a family.

That's why I've been learning how to cook.

Look at this book.

This color is beautiful.

This should look very tasty when cooked.

When you come to my home next time,

come try my cooking.

We'll see. We're at the corner now.

I'll keep this book for you.

Pick a dish you'd like to try.

Come to my home. I'll teach you!

You forgot the egg rolls.

It's for you.

It's your favorite snack.

Stop.. -stop! Please wait here.

Are you trying to attempt suicide, buddy?

No. My wife is in labor right now.

You again?

You guys know each other?


I sent her to the hospital last time.

She couldn't give birth last time.

Please send me to the hospital again!

My car broke.

Don't board my car. I'm in a hurry!

Yeah. So am I!


Start the car!

Hurry up, hubby! It hurls.

Get her hands away from me. I'm running out
of breath.

Sorry.- -that's the way she is-.

She thinks every man is her husband when she's
in pain.

Please drive faster.

I'm driving as fast as I can.

What happened?

Flat tire.


Don't just gasp here! Hurry up and help change
the tires.

Godfather, why can't I see my mother?

She went to that idiofs car again.

And they just got a flat tire.

What do we do now?

Fly over to the taxi for birth.

And be born in a car? That's embarrassing!

To be born at the right time, that's the way
it's gotta be.

You'd better go or else, it'll be too late!

That's aggravating!


Start the car right away. I have to give birth
right now!

Don't panic.

Listen to some music and relax.

Alright, listeners. It's time for a classic from

Just in time...

...a singer who's been ignored by everybody.

Her name is Tsui Boon-Heung.

This singer was never able to meet her potential.

No one appreciated the songs she sang.
No one asked for her album.

No one has ever dated her either.

She got into depression and died from carbon

At the time of her death, she was only
21 years old.

Who gave her such a name?

“Boon Heung” (half dead). She's halfway from

We now present you her only song.

“One Crescent Moon”.

Her voice is awful. It's like the chirp of
a Chickadee.

No wonder she never got popular.

Not really. She sounds fine.

That's your opinion. I can't stand her!

Hit me again and that's it for you!

Quiet down!

Let's just quietly listen to this song.

From the viewpoint of my professional experience,

her singing isn't bad. However it is

Unfortunate about what?

She was born too early.

If she was born in this era,

she'd be more popular than a lot of singers

It is now 4:01 pm. Time for another news

Please listen to the traffic conditions
concerning Kowloon and New Territories-.

It's time!

Please do me a favor and help her off the car.

I screwed up again, godfather.

I couldn't reincarnate again.

That's too bad.

It'll be a month for a good time to reincarnate

Why don't you come back and do it next time?

No way!

That idiot ruined things for me again.

This month, I must torture him.

Mona...I'm sorry.

Give me your excuse for being late again.

I was sending a pregnant woman to a hospital.

Is there a lot of pregnant woman in Hong Kong?

It was the same one from last time.

Not long after delivering her first,

she has to give birth to another in less than
a week?

These medical matters are things I don't
quite get.

Kwai, you really don't know how to use your head.

You couldn't even think of a better excuse.

It's not an excuse. It's the truth!

You're giving me bullshit!

No, I'm not! You are!

I'm not! You are!

I told you. I'm not.

Say that again and I'll leave.


Do you now admit that you're bullshitting?

I admit it!

If you admitted it all along, this wouldn't have

Now start the car.

Rock Hudson!

I'll call you, okay?


Since when did you know this homo?

What homo?

He's my elder cousin from America.

Couldn't he find a better name than Rock Hudson.

He'll get AIDS sooner or later.

Tell him to get a name change.

He'd rather change his family name than his
given name.

I'm not that superstitious anyway.

Why is it so windy?

Kwai, why are you reading this kind of material?

It's not mine. It's the principal's.

It belongs to the old lady?

She's developed an interest in this stuff lately.

She even told me to choose some.

She said she'll teach me a bit when I visit
her home.

Does this also belong to the principal?

It does. She took it off when she got on
the car.

She forgot to take it away when she left.

Why would she take it off when she got in
the car?

Because there was powder on it.

So I took it off and wiped it clean for her.

You took it off for her?

She wore a newer looking pair of glasses

She even asked me and said “Kwai, do I look

younger when I'm wearing these glasses?”

Wasn't that funny?

Funny? You wish!

Why did you suddenly get so angry?

It's normal for me to do so.


You don't need to tell me that the principal
left it there.

No. She gave it to me.

Gave it to you?

She knew I'd like to eat it.

You eat?

Yes. It's very delicious.

If you don't believe me, you can give it
a try too!

Stop the car!

Tong Sum-Kwai, not only are you an obsessive

you are also obsessively deranged.

Don't ever talk to me again!

How can eating egg rolls be deranged?


AW4546, it's you again?


I'm going to hitch a ride from you!

It's my girlfriend's birthday so I'm in a hurry.

I had to spend over 3 days and 3 nights,

all because of your box of egg rolls.

How can she be so narrow-minded?

Happy birthday!

I'm going to cut the cake here.
You sit over there.


No need to bring it over.

Come here. I've got something to show you.

What are you doing, Kwai?

Face me when you propose to me!

I love you, 0' previous life. Please grant me
your powers!

What are you doing?

I love you.

Okay! Since when did you know magic tricks?

This isn't magic. This is supernatural power.

Supernatural power?

It's because I was a happy ghost in my
previous life.

He's done many good deeds when he was alive.

That is why I was born with these powers.

This is fun. Let's do that again.


I love you!

This is fun!

I hate you.

Sorry, Mona. I didn't mean it.

Kwai, you tricked me on purpose.

I didn't!

You're jealous of my cousin.

I'm not.

How could this be possible, Mona?

Don't leave, Mona. I'll explain it all to you.

Yellow card!

How? What's there to do by explaining so much?

Penalty kick for player number 2.

St. York! St. York! You will lose like rotten

Have some eggs, principal!

She's really eating eggs right now!

We must win, Kwai!

You play in the second half.

I can't guarantee any victory.

If you don't win, I'll fire you.


No but if you lose, don't blame me for lack
of mercy.

I beg you!



I love you, 0' previous life!

What are you waiting for, teacher?

Where are my glasses?

Weren't you wearing them?

I'm looking for my gloves. Now go!

Go for it, Mr. Hong!

Go for it!

Wong Tai Sin...Wong Tai Sin...
Give us a goal, Wong Tai Sin!

I can't lose.

I can't keep the students disappointed.

You're all I've got to depend on, superpowers.

Previous life! O' previous life! Grant me the

Grant me the power, o' previous life!

The ball's coming in!


Bravo, Mr. Hong!

Looking so confident, huh? You'll know what's
coming to you soon.

Provide fortune, 0' heavenly courts!

Disperse all taboos!

What's going on? Another lost goal!

Twelve yards!

Provide fortune, 0' heavenly courts!

Disperse all taboos!

Teacher, why are you holding on to that shoe?

We've lost again!

I can't bear to watch this. Let's go.

Pass it over.

It's hers! It's his!


Let's go to the movies after school, honey!

Sorry but I'm busy tonight.

I've got a date with my girlfriend.

I didn't write that note, teacher.
He did.

So you do have a special hobby!

Asking teachers out for a movie and calling
them “honey”.

He's not asking you out, teacher.
He's asking me.

No. He's asking...

Asking for who?


No. I'll clarify this. Alan wanted to date
the prefect

Alright.. lake a seat...

I don't care who's asking who out.

But in class, you should concentrate on your

Nothing else!

The prefect did a good job.

You should take the prefect as a good example
from now on.

The teacher's right.

I'm your good example.

You should do whatever I do!

Right now, I want to sing and dance.

You guys would have to come along with me.

Okay! I'll do what you do.



I want.

I want.

I want you...

I want you...

I want you too!

I want you! I want your love!

Why don't you come over?

Dai Cheuk-Yee.

How can you behave so
improperly in the classroom?

Come see me in the principal's office.

This is an outrage. I want you expelled!

She's always been acting on good behavior,

I believe she was forced into this.

What do you mean by being forced into this?

I suspect she was possessed by a ghost.

Possessed by a ghost?

Kwai, we work in the education field.

We should stand on the belief of science and

As a teacher,

how could you say such an irresponsible thing?


If this ghost is so fierce,

why hasn't it possessed me?


I want.

I want you...

I want you! I want your love!


Why don't you come over?
Stop this!

I'll stop you!

Why did you hit me?

You were possessed.

You've just revealed your butt. Shame on you!


This is bad! It's been seen by others-
What can we do?

No. I've got to figure out a plan to

deal with this naughty ghost.

But how?

I've got to talk to Happy Ghost!

Happy Ghost?

So the temple of my previous life had been

Perhaps he prefers living in a bungalow instead
of a temple.

Happy Ghost!

Hey. Happy Ghost!

Are you here, Happy Ghost?

Where are you, Happy Ghost?

What's the rush, Happy Ghost?

Come in, Happy Ghost!

Are you okay, Dai Cheuk-Yee?

Did the principal penalize you yesterday?

No but she went crazy in the office-.

You did the same thing yesterday.


Come for a joyride, ladies!

I'm going. What about you guys?

If the class prefect goes, I'm going too!

Me too!

I'm not going-

Don't spoil the mood!

VvhY don't You hop in'?

That's better!

Get in the car!

I'm not interested in taking joyrides.

If we do go, we should go somewhere more

Alright! I'll take you girls to a place that's

exciting, fun, and can even make you money.
How about that?

Take us back first so we can change our clothes.


What kind of establishment is this amusement

It's a whore house!

$10 for one kiss.

Lady Killer Kit brought in some new girls!

So you're a lady killer!

Where's the boss?

In the room.

Come in. Have a seat!

This is scary. What do we do now?

Don't worry. Let's go in together.

I'm scared.


You're really something, kid!

You've tamed all 4 girls on your own.

They said they wanted some excitement.

This place is very exciting.

We guarantee you'll all earn over $10,000
per month.

I don't want it.

No one's forcing you.

You can give it a shot.

If you like it, come again!

I'm not doing it.

V\Ihat's the matter?

That creep bruised my thigh.

Send her to another client.

Boss, the other ladies won't go for it.

Let me do it.

Don't gag!

You've got money to make. Why worry?

You've got guts, girl. Bring her to the table.

And pay her double.

Come with me.

Don't go.. .
Class Prefect!

Brother Shari, here's a new girl for you.

What's your name, mister?

Come here. My name is Romeo. What's yours?


That's such a nice name.

Nice legs. That's a new girl indeed!

Her thigh is really flexible.

How dare you play tricks on me?

You little tramp! So you came here to make
a ruckus!

Beat her up!

Tramp! You came to mess my party

from just knowing a little bit of kung fu.

I'm sure you're longing to turn into a ghost.

How are you, boss?

Grab the weapons and beat her up!
Yes, boss!

I'm going to smack you!

Boss, didn't you tell us to grab the weapons and
beat her up?

Shut up! Open the lights! Open it!

You lousy men! You're all despicable!

This is my first time coming in here!

You can't even leave mercy for a 14 year old

I'll have you all taken to the police!


Don't call me that. I'm not your boss!

I'm your aunt.

Call now!



You little tramps.

You don't study hard and fall into this

Selling your dignity just for a few measly

And you've got no shame in that!

I'll call the police and send you girls to the
correctional centre-.

Get the phone here!


But what?


Get the phone!

You want to leave? Don't even think about it.

Let them go. Let them go!

Let gm!


What about me, auntie?

Eat shit, you!

Go shit!

Add some ketchup if it tastes awful for you.

Here's the phone, auntie!


Hello. Is this the police department?

Yes. This is the Jade Amusement Centre.

Not only do we have serving prostitutes,

we even hire underaged girls.

You should send in a couple of cars over
because there's a lot of people here.

Let's get out of here, auntie!


Who's the host here?

Me! I made the phone call.

Arrest these bastards!

Arrest me too!

Take them away!


Why are there so many cops?

You called the cops, auntie.

I called the cops?

It's true, auntie!

Go to hell!

It's true, auntie!

Discuss this over at the station, auntie.

Even though this frog is already dead,

its nervous system is still functioning-.

Once it gets electrical stimulation,

it will react.

Okay, class. Back to your seats!

Now, write down a report for me.


The frog just said “Hello” to me.

How can a toad speak in English?

It's true.

Okay, class. Anybody want to give it
another try?

L do!



What's going on?

You're all dismissed except for the prefect.

You'd better show yourself.

Who exactly are you?

I'm me!

If I don't give you a lesson,

you wouldn't know when to be scared.

I love you, Happy Ghost!

Grant me the power!

I love you!

I hate you!

Provide fortune, 0' heavenly courts!

I wouldn't have thought you'd know this trick.

Who are you?

I'm Chu Kam-Chun, a scholar from the Ching

People call me the “Happy Ghost”.

I am his previous life.

He is my reincarnation.

I don't care who's the previous life or

But anyway, you shouldn't meddle in our affairs.

Don't take a small problem and blow it to

It'll never end.

Forgive him.

No way. He interfered my chance for

I must take my revenge.

Disperse all taboos!

Provide fortune, 0' heavenly courts!

Since you leave no mercy, please don't blame it
on me.

I've always shown care for the ladies.

However, I have to make an exception this time.

I don't want to do this.

As long as you promise not to harm the living,

then I shall let you off.

Disperse all...


Damned scholar, the game ends for now.

I'll deal with you next time.

Happy Ghost!

I'm so glad to see you, o' previous life.

I'm not so glad to see you, my reincarnation.

My pigtail's been torn all because of you.

With my pigtail gone, my powers are as good
as gone.

V\Mhout my powers, I can no longer help you.

What about my powers?

If the previous life lost its powers,

how would its reincarnation have any?

What are we going to do with her?

Beats me!

Nobody told you to delay her reincarnation twice.

Then, I'm a dead man.

She doesn't want you dead.

She just wants you annoyed.

Then, that's worse than death.

Think of a solution for me, previous spirit.

I've got it!

V\fin her heart with love.


She has never fallen in love before.

If there was a fool who'd be willing to love her,

it may resolve this hatred.

I've got a girlfriend. Besides, she's a ghost.

Don't even mention her. You pamper her so much.

And yet, you're so scared of her.
Even I'm ashamed of you!

Don't forget. She reincarnates in a month.

No matter the love is real or fake,

you've got to express your love for her.

All your troubles will be over in a month.

For the sake of you and your students,
start listening

to her records and fall in love with her music.

Like the crescent on the sky.

Hanging alone in the air.

VWsh you could join me in the darkness.

With you, the sky shall lighten up.

Now the crescent has disappeared.

It is hidden behind the clouds.

Time's up...hurray...

Where are you going after class?

Anywhere you like!

Let's go see a movie!

And watch what?

Yiu King!

Have you seen Dai Cheuk-Yee?

She's alone in the hallways.


Hoping that one day, I'll be the moon.

To light up the sky.

At this moment, I am in such despair.

How will I fight against the misfortune?

Look at the crescent moon.

Tsui Boon-Heung.

So you finally know who I am.

Stop disturbing my student.

She's innocent.

If you want to make disturbance, do it on me.

So do you really want me to disturb you?

Yes, Heung!

These flowers are for you.

Did you know that I've gone through

many struggles to obtain your album and posters?

Every night, I listen to your songs until I lose

I stare at your poster to the point that I have

That is until I finally figured out that I've
fallen for you.

Ma'am, do you know where Hong Sum-Kwai is?

Who are you?

I'm the principal.

I'm Mona, his girlfriend.

Something terrible is happening, Principal!

V\Ihat's the matter?

Mr. Hong is deceiving a young girl and

doing something immoral to her!

Disturb me!

Possess me. Love me!

What about your girlfriend?

I never really cared for her.

She has mental problems.

How about the principal?

Her love is only one-sided.

I don't think she'll ever get married.

She's bound to be an old maiden.

If you really love me,

show me something in action.


Kiss me.

If you don't kiss me,

that proves what you've said is a lie. Kiss me!

How dare you, Kwai!


You're a teacher and attempting to seduce
an underaged girl!

Do you call yourself a man?

You're a beast!

Listen to me. I'll explain!

Now I know why you heckle me often!

It's because you want to pull my leg!

If you can treat the prefect like this,

why can't you give me the same treatment?

It's unfair!

You've all misunderstood!

No need to explain. We're through!

You don't need to come here and teach anymore.

Don't go. Listen to my explanation!

You're torturing me now.

Are you satisfied yet?

This week's number one song in the pop charts

is “One Crescent Moon” by Tsui Boon-Heung.

This is an old song that was never noticed
20 years ago.

It's a miracle that it could become so popular.

In fact, there's a story behind all of this.

Just about a month ago,

I introduced this song in my oldies program.

A fellow listener by the name of Hong Sum-Kwai

liked the song very much.

He's even come down to the station

and asked me to sell the record to him.

Out of curiosity, I listened to the song again.

Then I finally noticed that it's a wonderfully
unique track.

So once again, I'm re-introducing this song
to everyone.

Never have I thought that the response was

Like the crescent on the sky.

Hanging alone in the air.

VWsh you could join me in the darkness.

You've made me lose my job, and my girlfriend.

Now I can't even get a decent shave.

I don't know what exactly you want from me-.

Don't...don't come over!

I want...

Don't come over here!


In fact, I didn't intend to put you through this.

I had no bad intentions.

I just wanted to heal your wound.

Just don't ever disturb my student.

I won't...

I won't!

Well, that's a relief for me.

Calm down with a sip of wine.

I'm haPPY-

My song became popular all because of you.

I don't even know how to thank you.

You don't have to.

Just stop playing tricks on me.

I won't. I won't!

I swear I'll never..

I'm sorry. Let me help you.

I can do it myself.

It's pretty strange that your song become so

Do you think it's good?

It's good.

Didn't you say that my voice is like the chirp of
a Chickadee?

The chirp of a chickadee sounds nice once it
grows on you.

Don't drink alone.

Let's get something to eat.

Take it as a token of apology.

I haven't gone to the food stalls for
a long time.

My girlfriend doesn't like it. She thinks it's

Not really. I think it's pretty traditional.

Table for one?

For two.

Two? Where's the other one?

Only one at the moment.

You should do a shamanic charm on them

so they can see you.

Otherwise, they'll think I'm crazy.


It's okay now!

Your girlfriend's here.

What do you want?

You make the order.

Fried beef with vegetable.

Egg and tomato.

Spareribs with black beans.

Anything else?

That's all for now.

Okay! Coming right up!

Stop looking around.

Isn't there a seat right here? Right!

Actually, you don't necessarily have to
reincarnate at the right time.

A person's success depends on the amount

of effort that you've worked hard for.

Who says that?

Why are some people born to be king

while others are born to be beggars?

Anyway, I think your belief in this timing thing

is nothing but superstition.


That man's talking to himself.

Is he crazy?

Have a slice of tomato.

No he's not. That's his girlfriend over there!


You're pretty nosy.



That man must be crazy!

You forgot to do a shamanic charm on these

Do a shamanic charm on them.

You're so nosy.

This is for you.

Which one?

The lunatic wearing the strap-on pants.

You're the lunatic!

The man is serving food to his girlfriend.

Then, something must be wrong with my eyes.

You should take me to the docior as soon as

I told you not to watch too much World Cup

That's cute!

Happiness is romancing in the rain.

Trying to be innocent with the wind on my face.

Happiness is whispering to a lover at night.

Not to fear or worry.

Happiness is swimming together at night.

Tear off the masks and frolic on the sand.

Happiness is sitting alone in the rain, missing
an old companion.

Sadness and joy are filled with tears and
full of life.

Everyone is nicely dressed.

Help yourself with whatever you please.

Nice legs behind the long skirt.

Dancing crazily without fear.

Lovers leave foot-steps on the sand.

Why do these steps chase after us?

It makes my soul dance onto the heavens.

It is fun to be so happy.

Be happy while you're young.

Send all your loneliness away.

Try to understand what happiness is.

Send away your despairs.

Send all your loneliness away.

You will forever be in a state of fantasy.

Be happy while you're young.

Send all your loneliness away.

Try to understand what happiness is.

Send away your despairs.

Send all your loneliness away.

You will forever be in a state of fantasy.

Be happy while you're young.

Send all your loneliness away.

Try to understand what happiness is.

Send away your despairs.

Send all your loneliness away.

You will forever be in a state of fantasy.

It's such a pity that he turned insane because
of me.


How are you, boss? Tomorrow's a brighter day.


The boss is not in a good mood right now.

That little tramp caused my place to close down.

She even made me face a month-long jail term.

I must take my revenge!

I suspect that girl knows witchcraft.

Perhaps she was even possessed by a ghost.

This cross can exorcise all evil beings.

It can also diminish the charms.

Then, you can use this axe to stab it to
her heart.

She will disappear into thin air.

Never to be reincarnated again.

Go through the back door, prefect

Don't exit through the front entrance.


Someone is waiting for you.

Then we'll go through the back door!

When bad people ask you to go through the
back door,

you must walk out through the from door.

Let's go! Through the back door!

P refe ct!

Get in the car, father!

What do you want?

You've cause so much trouble for me.

I must make you pay for it!

What does it have to do with me?

You asked for it. You deserve it!

Shut up!

Let's see what else have you got to say?

You are the scum of society.

A cancerous defect of humankind.

The beast of all beasts!

It's networking.

She's so furious.

Let me try.

Boss, my cross seems to be more effective.

Don't get so arrogant, little girl.

Give her an injection!

I want her to crawl to me and beg for mercy

when her poison kicks in.


Don't do this, boss!

Go away!

I haven't even settled the score with you yet.


I'm sorry, boss!

You bastard!

Give her another injection.

Boss, we're out of needles.
This is the last one.

That pin is still in your ass!

You're all imbeciles.

Go and get me that basket of pins!

I'm starting to like you a little more.


If you help me to mend all these torn trousers,

I'd say you'll be even more likeable.

I'll treat you for a soda.

I love you!

Sorry about cutting off your previous spirifs

Now, you've lost your powers.

You want to open the freezer, right?

Here! I'll give you some powers.

Now your hands are filled with magnetism.

You can pick up anything with metal.


Open the freezer.

Soda POP!


That's terrific!


Who's coming?

Please hide up for a while.

Are you okay, Kwai?

I just bought a chicken to brew it into soup
for you.

I'm fine!

Go! Go!

Look at you, Kwai.

You look so tired out because of me.

I specifically came here to brew that chicken
for you.

Who is she?

You. ..get out! Go!


Who is she?

That. . . is my mother!

My mother was a professional singer.

That's good.

I'll prepare the soup for you.


I'm praciising tai-chi.

I beg you. Please hide in the bathroom.



Stop playing!

I'll pour you a cup of hot tea to calm yourself,

Use your powers again, Kwai,

and I'll never see you again!

I'll fetch you a tower so you can clean yourself.

Stop fooling around!

Why is there a woman's voice inside?

It's nothing. It's just water tapping.

Move it!

I've just turned on the water tap for a shower.

I misunderstood you, Kwai!

In the bedroom!


Are you hiding that mistress, Kwai?

She's not a mistress!

She's a...she's a ghost.

You're still lying!

I came to give you one last chance.

You've disappointed me.

I've decided that it's over between us.

I'm going to go to America with my cousin.

Let me explain, Mona.

Tsui Boon-Heung, you've gone too far.

Just because you know a few magic tricks,

you'd assume you can do whatever pleases you!

You're jealous, conniving and narrow-minded.

You are not cute at all!

Do you actually believe your song is any good?

It's all fake! Your chickadee chirp gets on

my nerves so much that I get nightmares from it.

Do you think I really like you?

That's fake too!

I was only playing along with you so

you can reincarnate quicker!

Stop bothering me!


Don't go! Come back!


Heung...Tsui Boon-Heung...
Start the car!

What I said isn't true.

I like your song!

You're cute!


It's you!

Mr. Hong, the prefecfs been kidnapped!

You should hurry up and save her!

Take me there right away.

Come on!


God-daughter, tonight at 10pm is a good time.

It's time for you to reincarnate.

There's only one hour left.

If you lose this chance,

there won't be another chance.

Choose a big one for her.

This way, Mr. Hong!


Right here!
Slam the door!

No. I've already called the cops.

We'd better wait for them.

It'll be too late by the time they come.

We should get in there right now!

I didn't mean it, boss!

Mr. Hong!

Don't worry. The police are arriving soon.

Let her go!

You bastard! Throw him down the street!

Yes, boss.

Mr. Hong...

Throw him down!

Shut up!

Mr. Hong!

Go to hell!

Mr. Hong!


If I didn't come in time to save you,

you would've been dead!

Alright! We'll fly over to save them!


Beat him up!

Provide fortune, 0' heavenly courts!

Disperse all taboos!





I'm scared, boss!

What are you looking at? Untie her. Quickly!

How is this possible, Mr. Hong?

You've been saved by the ghost who possessed you.

Where's the ghost?

Over there.

You can't see her.

Only I can.

Say no more. Let's get untied first.




I've had enough fun. No...

That was painful.


Don't come over here, you bastard!

You too!


No...don't come down!

We're really seeing ghosts tonight, boss.


Hurry up and get out of here!


So you've finally shown yourself.

Go to hell!



This is bad, god-daughter.

Why did you miss your final chance?

Godfather, I...

Say no more.

You must get to the Sacred Heart Hospital
before 12.

Otherwise, not only will the pregnant woman die,

but you'll be in danger as well.

Heung! How are you, Heung?


Godfather, I can't fly.

Help meg

I can no longer help you.

I've now broken the rules by letting the
secret out.

You guys should think of an alternative plan.


What happened?

I must get to the Sacred Heart Hospital by 12.

Otherwise, I can never reincarnate-.

Don't worry!

We'll send you to the hospital.



Excuse me.

Excuse me please!

There's 7 minutes left. Drive faster!

I'm going as fast as I can!

What's wrong?

The car broke down.

Try it again!

Mr. Hong, look at her!

What do we do now?

Her face is turning pale.

Stop trying!

I'll go get a cab.


Buddy, can you get to the Sacred Heart Hospital

within 7 minutes?

Are you crazy?

Do you want me ticketed for speeding?

It'll take, at least, half an hour.

Get out of the car if you don't have the guts
to speed.

Get in the car, Mr. Hong.
What are you doing?

Let gm!

Drive as fast as you can.

Hurry up, Mr. Hong.
This car is mine.

Why are you taking my car?

Go through the short cut, Mr. Hong.
This car is mine.

Let gm!


Officer, they're stealing my car.
We just want to borrow your car.

I'm being carjacked, officer!
We've got to get to the hospital.

This car is mine!
Lend it to me.


Officer, someone is stealing my car.

Which car is yours?

The taxi in the front.

Hop in. Let's get them!

Drive faster! Drive as fast as you can!
Drive as fast as you can!

Go away!

You two are nuts. Move it!

How the heck do you drive?

Lucky I put on my seat belts.

Yeah! The seat belts saved you.

There's a car coming behind.

Help me get rid of this damned belt!


You...don't move!


Get out of the car!

Get out of the car now!

Don't gag!



After him! Go!

You've got to stay strong, hubby.

You can't die yet!


Carry him up.

What's wrong with you?


What's wrong with you?

Are you take my life? Crazy!

Attention all units.

We now have a suspiciously

dangerous madman who has carjacked

a taxi car with the license plate number C0328.

He is now driving towards the southeast

If anyone discovers this taxi car,

please have him surrounded immediately.

That's the car. Get them!

Be careful!

What's happening to your hands?

When my skin color is completely dissipated,

I will vanish forever.

Attention, all people in the car.

Get out of the car and surrender now!

Be careful. The car's pulling back!

Don't gag!

If I didn't come out, you would be in trouble.

Happy Ghost?

I really didn't expect that my powers would

by making two pigtails.


Honey, I must be having problems with my

Driving license please.

You've gone too far by ticketing me like this,

What's wrong with you, offlcer?

You didn't give a ticket to that car up there

but you're giving me one.

This is terrific!

Two minutes left, Happy Ghost.

No worries. We'll take the short cut.

By flying?

No. We dig underground.

We'll have to do a o-section if the baby can't
come out.


If we do o-section, I'll have a scar on my

If you don't operate,

your stomach will not only scar but it'll mince.

Only one minute left.

Hurry! Take her in for reincarnation.

Thank you, Happy Ghost.


What is that man doing?

Excuse me. Please!

Which room are you looking for?

Please excuse me!

Are you in a rush for reincarnation?

I am in a rush for reincarnation!

Thank you, Kwai.

I should thank you.

For the sake of saving me,

you sacrificed your

Don't mention it. You were right.

A person's success does depend on the amount of

effort that you've worked hard for.

I have to leave. Take care.

Wait for me in 18 years, Kwai!

I will definitely marry you by then!


Heung is reborn!

Hey, buddy. Has my wife given birth yet?

It's a girl.

Congratulations, Mr. Koo.

It's a girl.

It's her!

She's really Heung!


That lunatic.

I'll wait for you in 18 years, Heung.

Are you insane?

He is absolutely out of his mind.

Take him to the asylum.

Take him to the asylum...

I'll marry your daughter.