Happy Ghost (1984) - full transcript

A group of girls go on a camping trip and take shelter from the rain in an abandoned temple. One of them, Bonnie, takes a rope she found in the temple back with her not knowing that in the rope lies the soul of a fallen scholar from the Ching Dynasty. The ghost, Bindeye Pik, tries to help them with some of their daily trials and tribulations but then unwittingly gets them into trouble.

There's a bunch of boy's
camping over there.

What a shame! We chose this haunted beach.

To avoid other people
how come they're here too?

They are approaching, what shall we do?

Don't worry, no one would dare
to take advantage of you.

But I'm afraid I can't control myself!

Mad nutcase!

They are afrom our neighbouring school.

I wonder why they're
here is it because of...

Certainly not because of you!

Right, because of me!

Because of you?

What so funny? Look at the guy in blue.

He beseeched me earnestly
for hours yesterday.

But I just answered him briefly.

What did you say?

Mainly about you!

He tried to gather information about you.

So I told him we're camping out here today.

So it's because of our lovely Juliet again!

Look, how many wolves and
mad dogs you have attracted.

Pretty girl like me is always
the source of troubles!

I'm terribly sorry...

Mad nutcase!

Hey, your chicken wing is burning!

I'm busy, you take it!

Dumb jerk, you don't seem to
show any response.

Are we going to sleep in such a big place?

Big? Why don't we invite them to join us!

Mad nutcase!

Look, the 5 boys are pitching five camps.

What are they driving at?

Very simply.

They want us to sleep with them.

What shall we so then?

One of us will flirt with them.

They'll be out of their minds and
may even sleep here.

Gosh, my chicken wing's burning!

Same here!

He's singing loson, country bumpkin!

I don't understand why
he sings mandrain song?

Maybe he only speaks mandarin!

Wrong, because our Juliet likes
to speak mandarin!

Gosh, you think it's going to rain?

The weather forecase says it won't.

It's raining, what now?

Keep calm, lets get into the camp.

He's still singing in the rain.

He's a Romeo in real life!

Romeo? I think he's a mad nutcase!

I hope the wind will
blow away his umbrella.

I can't stand it!

Same here!

What are you doing?

The rope is loosen!

Tighten it up. Follow me!

There's a temple in
front, let's go in there.

Okay... I'll be right back!

Are you ok?

Watch out! Get up are you
sure you're alright?

What sort a temple is this? So horrible!

God, I'm wet all through!

I wonder if there's a caretaker
to lend me an iron.

I don't thnk there'll be
anybody except ghost!

Don't frighten us or I'll get mad!

Same here!

The radio says today'll be a sunny day.

I told you to change the damn old radio.

What has it got to do with the weather?

I'm talking to her
what has it got to do with you?

You think the boys will come in?

Sure... I bet they will!

- Let's go in to take shelter.
- Alright!

You think the boys will
take advantage of us?

How are we going to take advantage of them?

Let's disguise ourselves as ghosts!

No way. They will be scared away.

What shall we do then?

To tell ghost stories to them!

I'm sure they'll hold us tightly
if they're scared.


I've never been hold by a woman before!

Let's find a favourable place.

Excuse me, may we share the table?

Oh no, share the temple!

God ahead. Abunch of hypocrites.


So boring, can you entertain us?


Let me tell you a romantic, loving,

touching and sentimential love story.


Are you trying to scare us away by
telling ghost stories?

Right, a ghost story!

One dark and windy night,
a flash of lighting

just like now...

A bunch of people ran
into a ghost in a temple

all of a sudden...

- It's horrible!
- Are you scared?

A rat, a big one!

A real big one!

What a coward! He's even scared of a rat!

Let me tell you a more
horrible ghost story.

Great, go ahead!

Listen, ghosts hate people
sitting on their table.

None of my business.

I smell something strange,
there must a ghost around.

When his spirit isn't settled
it will become an ill wind

you know the proverb,
an ill wind brings chills.

My hair's standing up on one end!

My legs are like jelly!

My grandma says the ghosts
will find a substitute.


Depends on one's luck.

If you have bad luck,
the ghost will get hold of you.

This is what we called possessed.

Your eyes will be blurred.

As if the ghost is forcing you
to do what he has done.

Bonnie, what are doing?

I'm demonstrating how a person's possessed.

To these six cowards.


1,2, 3,4, 5, 6!

But there were only five of them.

How come there are six now?

Are they altogether six people now?


Yes, five in front, and one at the back.

See with you own eyes if you don't believe!


A coward! Don't try to scare us by
telling ghost stories.

They screamed
while they are watching at our back.

- Perhaps...
- Don't frighten me.

No ghost. Turn around and see with
your own eyes.

Turn around and look!

Why me?

Comeon, you have guts!

No way...


Alright, I'll do it.

I told you there's no ghost in this world.

Are you sure?

See with your own eyes
if you don't believe.

Are you sure?

A bunch of cowards!

The ghost won't kill you for just
a little glance.

It stops raining, let's go!

Yeah... packing up

it's mine

Get the stuff. Come on, let's go!

Ok... got the lights on here!

Wait for me!

Hurry up!

Gosh, we're here in this prison again.

God, I haven't finished my homework yet.

Work on it now!



What's the matter?

I'm in deep trouble!

You haven't finished your homoe work again?

Come on, give me a hand!

Alright I'll finish it for you by tomorrow!

You'll take care of the doggie for me.

The warden's going to
check the rooms today.

Leave the doggie here and take
it back afterwards.

Thanks a lot!

Mad nutcase!

Hi! Honey!

Mad nutcase!

Honey... that rope moves...

Hang on!

I saw it crawling down from the desk.

You must be joking!

I think it's because you
read playboy too much.

Fortunately twiggy has fed you!

I'm sorry...

Bobby, are you alright?

Are you tired?

I'm exhausted, I want to sleep.

Darling, go to bed!

How indecent, I don't want to see it!

Su no evil!



What's the matter?

Who's attacking you?

I saw a man in manchu costumes.

He just looks like a rampire.

Which part of your body did he attack you?

The bottom of my feet!

Come on, don't try to make a fool of us!

I'm serious, it's true!

Where's he now?

He disappeared in the air.

Still thinking of
the ghost story in the temple?

You'll have nightmares
if you're over-exhausted!

Go to bed early!

I just don't understand!

You... who are you?

I beseech thee not to get panic-stricken.

I'm very sorry to intrude
upon your privacy.

Are you trying to Rob me?

I'm not a burglar, I'm...

I'm not a human being!

I know you're not a human
being you're a beast.

How dare you sneak into
a girl's room at night?

And touch the bottom of my feet.

You're a sex maniac!

I'm not a sex maniac.

I'm a ghost!

You're an extra in the movies.

Ridiculous, I don't
believe you are a ghost!

Don't be so sure,
since you haven't seen a ghost before!

How do you know I've never seen a ghost?

Believe me, I'm a real ghost!

I think you're just putting one foot
in the grave!

Why are you hitting a kind man?

So you admit you're a man!

I'm a ghost!

Alright, you're a ghost!

Since you don't believe,
I'll show you something.



Keep your fingers off my clothes!

You're a magician?

Wrong you are...

So you're a real ghost?

Right you are!

Help... a ghost! Please help me out!
Help... a ghost!

Stop yelling, it's already very late!

You're a ghost, please leave me alone!

I don't want to scare
you, you brought me here.

Only a dumb jerk did!

So you're a dumb jerk!

I hanged myself with
this rope in the temple.

And this rope becomes
the abode of my spirit.

So you brought here
my spirit together with the rop.

Yet I am not trying to harm you.

What I did is just to prove my identity.

Pardon me if I have intrude upon your time!

Oh my god, I'm scared to death!

The game's over, you may go now!

You want to get rid of me?

You're insulting my dignity.

Actually I'm a scholar official
known is bindeye.

Binding your eyes?

You mean binding your neck?
Don't get confused!

This is neck, not eye.

This is eye, not neck!

You died cos you bound
your neck & hang yourself.

You don't seem to know anything about
human structure.

But you know nothing about Chinese history.

Bindeye is the secound place
in the imperial exams.

One after the winner, one above the thired.

I was a bindeye in the ching dynasty.

My job was in the archives.

Stewart pik's my name,
I'm known as scholar pik.

I think you're a stupid pig.

So why did you commit suicide?

It's a long story!

I don't want to listen to it.

I'm very tired, what do you want?

Please bring the rop back to the temple.

No problem, after our sports day tomorrow!

Thank you from the bottom
of my heart, adieu!

Does it mean I have tough luck?

You look so pale?

I ran into a ghost last night!

Why did you come here?

I just walked in to get changed.

Why did you follow me?

Are you kidding? We came here before you.

You're a ghost, please leave me alone!

Why are you following me everywhere?

I don't want to be bored to death.

I want to see this wonderful world.

You're just disgusting, I can't stand you!

Can't stand me?

What does this mean?

Someone's coming, you
want to scare them away?

Get lost immediately!

Yes, ma am!

Are you Bonnie lam from the red cotton?

This is she!

You're the most promising
representative in f.5?

I don't deserve it...

Of course you don't deserve it
it's just ridiculous!

So you brought the rope to hang yourself?



you know what will happen
when the race starts!

Are you alright?

She weighs tons!

I... I just can't stand her!

Hurry up and get changed.



It's ok, we're had our close encounter.

Only you will see me and they won't.

First call for all the contestants.

It's almost time!

Alright, we're coming!

Oh my god.

See no evil!

Come on, warm up yourselves first!

Speed up... red cotton...

Speed up... red cotton...

Speed up?

Blue Rose speeds up the pace
blue Rose wins the race!

A big bird! A giant bird...

Oh my god, I'm scared!

The final of discus will
start very shortly.

Bonnie lam represents the red cotton.

Tarzan ko represents the blue Rose.

Blue Rose will be the champion!

This is the final of gavelin.


Blue Rose will lead the race!

Last call for 100 metres spring.

The blue Rose is still leading the race.

Speed up, Bonnie!

On your Mark!


Over there

I made it...

Blue Rose is still leading and
red cotton the last!

We'll be the emperor's eunuch again.

What does that mean?

Our prime time has passed!

Blues are tops, reds are flops!

Pole vault, this is Tarzan ko's game!


Bonnie made it! It's a miracle!

Bonnie is terrific!

Reds are the best. First in every test!

I object, I really did jump over!

I don't believe it, I really jumped over!



Bonnie won many extra points
for the red cotton!

The next game is "long jump"

Less than 1 metre!

That's enough...

It's not long enough!

Reds can burst. Always the first!

It's a miracle,
Bonnie broke the world's record.

The red cotton is getting near!

Always the first!

Shot putt!

Ko specializes inj shot putt
see how far she'll get to!

Only 1 metre!

The lowest record!


I don't believe it, its incredible!

Reds are strong, reds jump long!

The blue Rose is only a few points ahead.

4-people relay, the red
cotton's last chance!

Chance is not good because of their
height difference.

On you Mark!


Hurry up!

It's game over.

Please give me a hand!

The blue Rose is leading the race.

What is she holding?

A bottle?

A hotdog?

This way...

Hurry up!

I can't hold her any longer!

Reds are winners. Move over, beginners!

You're just terrific, you're the champion.

A fairy friend helped me out!

But he looks a bit weird!

I think there must be
something wrong with ko!

I don't force you the believe me!

What are you doing here?

Waiting for you!

This is a ladies bathroom, get lost

I like the atmosphere here!

Come here!

I'll bind your eyes sooner or later.

Mencius said, food and sex is man's nature.

This is said by confucius.
What's the matter?

Are you really going?


Don't go away, please stay!

I'll be friend with you.


That means we'll be
intimate and bosom friends!

Intimate and bosom?

Human being & ghost can't be friends.

Besides, I'm afraid.

What are you afraid of?

I'm afraid we'll fall in
love with each other.

Don't worry, I won't!

But I'll.

Doesn't matter, I'm a
very conservative girl.

I won't easily make love with you.

Make love? What does that mean?

That mean we'll make friends!

So make love means make friends?

How can a ghost make friends with a girl?

A wicked ghost!

A good ghost!

No problem. You're not a ghost to me.

You're a...

A fairy!

Ths most intelligent fairy in this world.

Honestly I'm very intelligent.

If not, I wouldn't have become a bindeye.

So you should stay and help me out.

You can help me to solve out many problems.

My pleasure, helping people is
the source of happiness.

Actually I feel very
happy after helping you.

Right, you should stay
and I'll make you happy.

Come in, I'll teach you how to
play electronic games.


What the hell is she doing?

What's the matter?

There must be somebody inside.


Don't lie to us. Is there a boy inside?

Across my heart, there's nobody in my room.

He's not a human being.

You mean he's a foreign devil?

So you're going out with a foreign devil.

Don't get me wrong!

Introduce him to us in
the school ball tonight.

I'll give you 3 minutes.

To bring him to our room and meet us.

If not, we'll disclose
the fact to everybody.

Foreign devil?

Scholar pik, come with
me to meet my 2 friends.

Nonsense, I'm a highly
esteemed ching officer!

They should come to see me instead.

Don't be so aloof, they'll trick you!

Only the ghost can trick man
not the other way round!

Mothing is impssible in this world.

Right, unless you burn my rope.

Alright, I'll meet your 2 friends.

Who is it?

I've brought him here!

I warn you: Don't be scared.

Come in!

Your boyfriend is a gutless coward.

Look, he's sacred away.

Come out!

Come out!

What are you doing?

Come out or I'll burn it!

You have to keep calm.

A 1000 year old antique
will appear at your back.

How are you?

Good day, ma'am!

Oh, it's only a dumb jerk!

Are you a cantonese opera singer?

Or a singer in the open-air market.

I'm not a bit-actor! I was nearly
the topscholar in China.

Dressing up?
We don't have a costume party tonight.

Did you do anything
indecent in Bonnie's room?

I didn't... I'm a scholar.

I'm well-versed in poems,
and I know the rules.

I'm a highly esteemed and learned bindeye.

How dare you condemn me
as a thired rate actor.

I'm angry for you accused me
of imposing as topscholar.


You even accused me of indecent assault.

I'm innocent...

Are you singing catonese operea?

This is not human language.

Please don't talk like a smart ass.

Be more straight forward.

Okay, I'll be more straight forward.

If you have no objection.

I'd like to make love with both of you!

You're really very straight forward!

I think he's out of his mind.

I have already made love with her.

Why can't I make love with you!

So you have made love...

He doesn't understand english.

Actually he is a ghost from ching dynasty.

But he's not a harmful ghost.

I don't get it.

Right, a ghost can't be so dumb.

I told you the fact but
you don't believe me.

Show something to them to prove yourself.

Alright, right away!

That's the end of it.

It's very dangerous to
be friends with a ghost.

If you're possessed, you're done, right?

I don't know. What do you think?

At least there's I advantage-during
the sports day.

It's because of his help.

That I won the champion!

At least there is some benefits!

Is he coming tonight?


You'll be able to see him.


Here comes your prince charming!

Boys, this way!

Dumb jerk!

The girls are very charming.

This is sashimi, may I dance with you?



brazano trovaski!


May I have the pleasure to dance with you?

Oh, how to solve it!

You attracted so many boys
you really need his help!

Let me give you a hand!

You give me a hand?

Ask my advice
when you're looking for a boyfriend.

You can't judge a person
by this appearance.

Some people may be a wolf
in sheep's clothing.

You won't be able to distinguish
you're human being.

What's your trick then?

I have a secret weapon, behold and
you will not see!

Sit down and look at the boys over there.

Why is it like that?

Well, every person gives out some light.

Look at the short-sighted boy
he has a yellow light.

That means he's a sex-maniac.

Keep away from him!

What about the green light?

That means his eyes are blurred!

He always makes mistakes.

I'm sorry...

What about the orange light?

Simply because he drinks
too much orange juice.

Does the black light mean
he drinks too much ink?

Not really, the black light means
he's unlucky, look.

He hasn't got any light?

That means he's colour blind.

What about the rainbow colour lights?

That means he's colourful man.

Is it good or not?

Excellent, that means he's diversified
and interesting.

I bet he's the right guy for you!

Welcome, the ball will start very shortly.

Just feel free to dance...

No, you have to behave yourselves.

Don't turn off the light,
behave yourselves.

Sister, let's go out and leave them alone!

Alone? I'll keep an eye on them.

May I...

What a boring party!

Let's get out of here!

No way, bindeye pik!

Bindeye pik!

Here I am!

We're bored to death,
do you have any tricks?

Because of her?



I laught the most.

Happy ghost! Happy ghost!

Do you want woe?

"Oh no! Oh no!"

"Playing the fool,"

"happy ghost! Happy ghost!"

"That's why I'm cool."

"Happy ghost!"

"Time rushes by and disappears."

"What will be left here?"

"Happy ghost!"

"As long as you have no worries,"

"take note."

"You'll always be merry!"

"Happiness is the most,"

"happy ghost!"

"Hihi haha be it so."

"S 0 or no go?"

"Let's all dance,"

"happy ghost!"

"So crazy, not by chance,"

"happy ghost!"

"Time rushes by and disappears."

"What will be left here?"

"Happy ghost!"

"Just throw your worries out,"

"hear me out."

"Be happy you're about."

"You'll be so lonely if you're sad."

"So much worries, you'll go mad."

"To be happy is not bad."

"Live a great life and be glad."

"Happy ghost!"

"Time rushes by and disappears."

"What will be left here?"

"Happy ghost!"

"Just throw your worries out,"

"hear me out."

"And be happy you're about."

"Do you want woe?"

"Oh no! Oh no!"

"That's why I'm cool."

"Happy ghost!"

"Happiness is the most,"

"happy ghost!"

"Hihi haha be it so."

"S 0 or no go?"

Who moved me to the toliet?

Nobody admits?

Ok, boys this side, the girls over there!

This is the end of the ball!

The game's over!

What a shame, we've just warmed up.

You're not going to take
me back to the temple!

We're busy!

Who is this transvestite?

Transvestite? He's boy
George quite a hit now!


Smells as good as my wife's shortcakes!

So you're married?

What did she look like?

Was she good-looking?

Of course, she ws good looking!

She was known as the
queen of the shortcakes.

Did she sell shortcakes?

Right, she sold shortcakes
while I studied hard!

I was even known as the
prince of shortcakes.

So your wife supported the family?

That means you're a bum!

Don't insult my dignity or I'll be angry.

Fame is very important to a man.

People study hard to get a name.

If I were the topscholar
my wife would be the first lady.

Just imagine how glorious it would be.

I think to be lady bindeye is good enough.

It should be good enough.

Don't stand in the way, follow me!

Let's go!

Let me take a look.

Nothing spectecular, move on!

Stop pulling me!

Why are you here?

Nothing. I just want to
say good night to you.

Ok, go ahead!

- Good night!
- Good night!

May I come up to say good night?

No way, I'll be punished by
the warden if she sees us.

Go away!

So long, I'll come again another night.


Bye-bye! See you.

Why don't you climb up
the water pipe smart ass!

What are perfect couple!

What a perfect couple!

Can you stay a little bit longer?

No way, I got to attend the class today.

Are we going to get married?

We'll talk about it after I graduate. Bye!

You're a bird who takes away my heart.

I'm left alone to sigh.

Sigh... I love you so much!

Love you with all my heart
love you in the nights.

What is this? Doesn't make any sense!

Love is over... what is love?

Love is blind? Thank you bindeye pik.

Bindeye pik? I always thought dr
slump is the hit.

What series is bindeye pik in?

I hate to be mistaken as an actor.

So this is the writing
skill of a f.5 student?

Work harder and pay more attention!


Very good shot!

Come over here!

To send you out means you
can go home earlier.

To retain you means I
have to keep you company.

To hit you means I'll be accused
physical punishment.

Ok, stand there!

Well, you hit me with the chalk.

I'll do the same thing to you, fair enough!

You'll realize how painful it is!

Bindeye pik, come and help me out!

Yes, ma'am!

Sister, what's the matter?

Sir, she hit me with the chalk!

Sister hit me with the chalk!

Who is the one that hit first?



You're all accomplices.

Get out of here!

Sir, I'd like to check their uniforms.

Your hair's too long, you
have to stay behind!

Why did you Polish your nails?

Take your hans out!

Stay behind after school!

Why did you put on lipsticks?

Because my lips are too dry...

No excuse. Stay behind.

Your uniform is too short.

Yours too!

Your uniforms should be long enough
to cover your knees.

I have to see your parents.

Aren't you ashamed of
wearing such short skirt?

You're students,
you have to respect yourselves.

You shouldn't expose your body.

You're just like Teddy girls!

Your uniforms should be as long as mine.

Take me as an example!

Stop laughing!

That's funny joke, I
guess everybody's happy.

That's why I say bindeye pik is very smart.

Not really!

He is nasty, wants to see her legs.

Why are you hitting me?
You're so ungreateful!

Venus, your phone call.

Thank you, fattie.

You two carry on!

Come back soon, he doesn't
know how to play!

Here are so many excitying games
in the human world.

Is it what you called dog dog ball?

Ping pong ball!

Yes, I knew it already!

I know everything, from
astrology to gergraphy!



Not like that. I'll teach you how to play!

Since you are so learned,
please help me in the exam.

Examination? What sort of examination?

It's a school certificate examination.

If we fail in the mock exam,
we'll be disqualified.

You ask me to help you in the exam, how?

You'l help me to cheat!

You'll be my spook.

No way, I hate to do this sort of thing.

If I had cheated,
I would have become the topscholar.

Just help me then!


You sure you won't?


Well, if you won't help me.

I'll bring the rope back to the temple.

Don't try to threaten me, I won't play.

A ghost! A ball!

Honey... the ghost is
playing ping pong ball!

Mad nutcase,
I told you not to read playboy again.

Look, Bonnie is playing
ping pong with nobody.

A ghost!

My dad asked me to go home
I won't join you to study.

Why are talking about ghost all the time?

Your eyes must be blurred.

I'll burn all your playboys, let's go!

I did see it.

Do you know why I asked you to come here?

Sister Lee called me this morning.

And compained that you
have been very naughty.

Is it true?

The exam is drawing near,
don't fool around!

You should concentrate on your studies!

I don't want to give you pressure.

I won't blame you
if you don't achieve good results.

Your sister is a lawyer, your elder
brother's a doctor.

Your younger brother is in Cambridge
with scholarship.

Doesn't matter if you can't make it.

Try second a ttempt if you fail this time.

Or just get married.

Don't give yourself a hard time.

Don't listen to what your dad says.

He's just talking nonsense
because he's exasperated.

You have to work hard and pass the exam.

Do this for your beloved mother.

Are you sure you'll take
me back to the temple?

Of course, unless you promise to help me.

No way, even ghost has his principle.

I'm a ghost of dignity.

Driver, get off!

You're so nice for not talking me back!

Let's get back to the hostel and have fun!

Where are you going?

You won't have fun there!

The doctor says the
abortion fee costs $5000.

You got only $1000, that's not enough!

This is what I've got.

Besides, it'll be very dangerous.

You have to think out some ways.

I'm not the only person who's reponsible.

So you think I should be responsible.

You're no longer a little girl!

You should take precaution.

What are you going to do?

Are you fed up with me?

I didn't say so!

Someone saw you dating with Judy.

You're not my wife.

You have no right to intrude
upon my private life.

Stop crying, I'll call you up
when I got the money.

Godamnity, what an ungrateful bastard.

It's your hard luck to have run into me!

It's our hard luck to know you stupid pig!

What has her pregnancy got to do with me?

Of course you have to bear the responsible!

The ungreateful guy was chosen by you.

You bet he's interesting
trustworthy and productive.

Juliet is pregnant,
he's really very productive!

Don't worry, Juliet!

Don't try to kill your little baby!

I'll bear the resonsibility if Joe doesn't.

What? You want to be the
father of the baby?

No. I'm going to teach Joe a lesson!

Bindeye pik!

Let's take a ride!



sit tight!

I'm scared!

Don't be scared, its very safe.

I'll strangle you to death!

Wow, fantastic!

Do you feel happy when you are with me?

Well, sometimes!

Do you like my swimming suit?

I bought it from Tokyo.

Very nice. It just fits you.

What a bulky and puffy body!

I beg your pardon? Did you say I'm bulky?

No, I didn't.

He said it.

What do you think of me?

You're charming, very feminine.

And energetic.

You got beautiful eyes.

Your nose goes well
with the shape of your face.

And a bloody big mouth.

I beg your pardon? Did you say I'm bulky?

I didn't say it.

He said it.

Alright, how are you
getting a long with her?

Are you going to break up with Juliet?

She'll comiit sucide if I leave her now.

But believe me, you're the only one
I really love.

Oh really?

Yes, I love you with all my heart!

And disappear after making love!

Sir, your cake!

Get lost!

Toast? How many orders?

Don't pretend to be a smart ass.

If you interrupt again while I'm talking.

I'll throw you into the water, mad nutcase!

I don't understand what
you're talking about.

You son of the bitch!

What's the matter?

Why did you kick me into the water?

I didn't. You jumped down yourself.

You know I'm Peter from the ntk gang!

I'm sorry I don't know!

I'll get some help, don't go away
if you have guts!

You're really a mad nutcase!

Why are splashing water over me?

Why is my hand out of control?

Why are you splashing water over me again?

It's not my fault. Someone held my hand.

Are you alright?

I'm sorry

what are you doing?


What are you doing?

You're a wolf in sheep's clothing!

It's not my fault, my hand...


Excuse me, miss...

You son of the bitch!



I can't move my feet!

Joe chan!

Are you frightened!

I'm a ghost, a happy ghsot!

An upright and fair happy ghost!

You won't be able to break up with Juliet!

You're doomed!

You've touched different girls.

Now it's time for you
touch the boiling water.



What is he doing?

You hypocrite, get married with Juliet.

Bring up you child and educate him.

Be a good husband.

I beg you pardon?

Please let loose my feet and let me go!

Let you go?

Unless you kneel donw and
kowtow to me 3 times.

Say sorry and call me father
then I'll let you go!

Impssible, people will laugh at me.

Doesn't matter. I'll disappear
if you don't do this!

You'll be standing here for
the rest of your life.

Please let me go!

Alright, I'll do what you say!

That's the son of the bitch. Beat him up!

Father I'm very sorry.

He calls you father. Forgive him! Let's go!

Father, I'm very sorry!

Father, I'm very sorry!

Clever boy!

Terrific, someone calls me father!

Boy George!

Do I look great?

Don't turn around, get yourself prepared.

Don't be scared by me!

You look fantastic!

Why didn't you cry?


Why did Juliet & Venus
cry when they saw me?

Juliet's heart broken, Venus is
worried about the exam!

You just look great!
Where did you get this?

From lene... lene Crawford!

I feel so great after
teaching Joe a lesson.

I want to change my image,
so I went shopping!

Doesn't work, you're still the happy ghost!

Don't laugh at me!

I've helped you to win the champion!

Well, if you're a friend in need.

Help me to cheat in the
Chinese history exam!

I'm not your doggie that
cures your stomache.

You're afraid you don't know the answer!

Nonsense, I'm well-versed in all subjects!

I'll burn your rope, you'll have
nowhere to turn to.

Let me think about it frist!

- Good morning!
- Good morning.

You look so pale, are you alright?

I studied overnight, and
didn't sleep at all.

You must be well prepared. I'm done!

I haven't finished
studying all the subjects.


Why did you tie the rope round your waist?

I'm... I'm on diet!

The doctor advises me to tie
a rope round my waist.

So that I can abstain from eating too much.

You're always full or tricks, sit down.

Yes sir!


Please check your papers.

There should be 3 question sheets
& 5 answer sheets.

Raise up your hands if
you don't have enough.

You may proceed!

Bindeye pik,
see if you can answer the questions!

Let me see!

What sort of examination is this?

I just don't understand the questions.

I chose to answer the questions
on ching dynasty.

You were born in that are, how come
you don't understand?

We were examinated on the classics.

Let me take a look again!

Analyse the casue of the
fall of ching dynasty.

Comment on the high-pressure ching policy!

I can't answer these questions or
I'll be executed!

I can't answer them...

You're not going to
answer the questions, right?

What are you doing?

Take a look at others paper and
tell me the answer.

See you!

Concentrate on your work!

I'll find out who did this sooner or later.

My memory is completely blank, why?

I studied overnight,
but nothing comes to my mind?

Gosh, I'm running out of time!

I'll just have a quick glance...

Don't do that! If everybody
cheats in the exam.

It'll be unfair to honest
people like myself.

No way!

Give the book back to me.

What are you doing?

Venus, get out of here!

Everybody stops writing!

Remain on your seat
until you're asked to leave.

What now?

You may leave now!

Bonnie, what are you doing?

You claimed to be a learned bindeye.

And a highly esteemed
scholar official, bullshit!


you're not a friend in need!

What are you doing?

None of my business!

You don't even know how to answer
such simple questions.

And you too!

I won't need your help
if I know the answer!

I wonder how you become a bindeye.

You're insulting the
diginity of your friend.

What good do I get to be friend with you?

I teach you english, and how to enjoy life.

You are very ungrateful.

I don't want to see you again!


She's out of her mind
from studying too much.

Poor Venus!


Venus was crying
as she was heading for the hostel!

Don't bother me!

Venus may do something silly!

Venus, get down!

It's very dangerous up there.

Come down!


Venus, don't be silly, come over here!

Life is so miserable, I don't want to live.

All my sorrows will be gone if I die.

Don't come near me!

What shall we do?

God knows?

God? Bindeye pik, please come out!

Bindeye pik, come out!

Don't be so narrow-minded
I didn't mean to scold you!

Venus, please come down!

I'll inform sister Lee
if you won't come down.

Right, go and tell sister Lee!

Doesn't matter, go ahead!


Juliet, don't frighten me!

I don't want to die yet, Bonnie!

Hang on a second, I'm coming!

To resuce her!

Bindeye pik, don't let Venus die!

Venus, I don't mean to harm you!

A ghost! Balloons, balloons again!

Fly away... the little space shuttle...

Bindeye pik, where's Venus now?

Don't worry. Just follow me!

Balloons... last time is ping pong ball
now balloons!

What balloon?

A flying bird, oh Venus!

Venus has turned into a flying bird!

What are you talking about?

A ghost!

I'm sure this hostel is haunted.

I've withness with my own eyes.

The girls are mingling with a ghost.

Bonnie, you're not a friend indeed.

Why didn't you tell me you're going
to commit suicide?

Will death solve any problem?

Who taught you this?

Life is so miserable.

Maybe I'll be relieved after death!

I don't think so!

How do you know since you
have not died before?

But I have.

I apologize for plunging you into
such deep trouble.

I don't blame you, it's my fault!

I'm sure
you don't want to disappoint your parents.

Actually, I'm trying my
best to please them.

However my memory is getting worse.

It became completely blank.

I couldn't help but to check!

It's all your fault!

I'm ashamed of what I have done!

If I died, I don't have to
force myself to study.

Actually I've thought of
committing suicide too.

I felt so frustrated
when Joseph rejected me.

And I don't know what to do with my baby.

Stop crying!

Bindeye pik, are you crying too?

Actually I'm not a bindeye!

Alright... you're the topscholar them...

Okay, you're an emperor!

I'm not a bindeye.

I have never been a bindeye.

This hat was stolen from a bindeye.

I have never been a scholar official
except in dreams.

I became a scholar at 16,
and after that year.

I failed in the open exam, for 14 times.

I sat for the exam at the age
of 17 until I was 37.

So you're even worse than myself.

My father had high hopes on me!

My wife prayed everyday that
I would pass the exam.

So that she would be the lady topscholar.

And she wouldn't have to sell shortakes.

What happned finally?


Every scholar aims at getting a name.

But I failed every time.

My father when I failed
for the seventh time.

At his death bed, he asked me.

To keep working hard to attain
the position of topscholar.

When I failed for the tenth time
even my wife cursed me.

That I would have to feed on
her shortcakes forever.

At the 14th time, I though I would make it.

Unfortunately, I failed!

Finaly my wife stoped with somebody.

I was a cuckold husband.

So I brought along a piece of rope.

To hang myself in the temple.

I thought I would be released after death.

Because I had grievances, my spirit.

To become reincarnated
I ended up a roving spirit.

Such a lonely and sad existence.

You hear that! Lucky
both of you didn't die!

Venus, I think we're both very silly.

We have been the slave of examinations.

Right, I'm not silly, I have brains.

You wasted a lot of time
you've no ambition in life.

Actually you have your parents
who care for you.

You've the chance to
receive good education.

And you got good friends
you should be contented.

Do you agree?

Bindeye pik!

Don't call me bindeye pik!

Just call me scholar pik.

We're going to sit for
the exam again tomorrow!

So you have to work harder
and try your very best.

Even if you fail, you won't feel sorry.

Ok, you'll make coffee for us.

You'll mend our socks and clean our rooms.

Is this an order?



Good boy!


Give me your school bag.

No, I've got some
confidential documents inside.

I'm doing this for your own good.

This rope helps me to abstain
from eating too much.

Right, there's something strange
about this rope.

No wonder you brought it to the exam hall!

Apart from keeping a doggie
you want to keep a ghost now!

Burn it!

Please don't...

Get lost!

All of you!

Watch the door.

Scholar pik.

Get out of here! Go and jog for 1 hour!

No wonder I slept in the
toilet the other day.

My shirt was pulled up for no reason.

Now I know the tricks.

He's our good friend, he won't harm us.

Sister, please don't burn him.

No way!

Why don't you go out and start jogging!

Or you'll be kicked out from the school.

Keep running unless I ask you to stop! Go!

Keep running!

Get up!

Keep running, or I'll fail you in the exam.

I'm very worried about him.

We can't be so ungrateful,
we have to rescue him.

It was destroyed!

You should concentrate on your
studies from now on.

Scholar pik.

Scholar pik.

Scholar pik.

Scholar pik.

Where are you?

Scholar pik.

Please come out!

You're a good friend to us!

You promise to make coffee for us.

And you promise...

Scholar pik, it's all our fault!


Scholar pik, our good friend forever!

Let's go and burn him!

Scholar pik.

God, we thought you were dead.

Why didn't you show up earlier, damn it!

Man will die, but not the ghost!

You told me you'll die
if the rope is destroyed.

Now I know you're deeply affected to me.

I'm not!

But we did hear you screaming for help.

Are you sure you're alright?

At first I thought I'm done.

When they were burning the rope.

I was so scared that my spirit flew away.

You're really ok?

From the time I be friends
with three of you.

All my woes is gone forever!

I'm no longer so narrow minded,
I realized something!

What have you realized?

It's more exciting to be a human being.

Because they have ups & downs.

They have ambitions to crave for.

So I made up my mind to
reincarnate as a man.

Great, I'll give you my spiritual support.

Not only that.

I need your physical support.

Now the rope's burnt,
my spirit's attached to a bamboo.

You have to take this bamboo out.

So that I'll have a chance to reincarnate.

Where are you carrying the bamboo to?

We just want to hang the wet clothes.

You must be joking, there's no sunlight!

You must be talking nonsense
because of the ghost.

Are you alright?

I have a meeting with the headmaster.

We decided to give you another chance.

We'll give you private tuition for 2 weeks.

Ok, go ahead with hanging your clothes!

Watch out!

Hang on!

What's the matter?

I'll teach him a lesson, let's go...


You so of a bitch, reading
the playboy again.

I'll cut you into pieces!

Here it is!

I've got to go at 12:00 pm sharp.

We won't be able to see each other again.

Keep an eye on the new born babies.

- Maybe I'll be one of them.
- Right!

Promise me one thing!

In the coming inter-school
100 metre spring semi-final.

I hope you'll try your best to
win without my help.

Impossible, tarzen ko will win over me.

You'll succeed if you persevere and
have confidence.

I'm sure you'll win.

I'll give you my spiritual support.

It's time for me to go!

Good bye, my 3 darlings!

Scholar pik!

Scholar pik!

Scholar pik!

On your Mark!


Try your very best, I'm
sure you'll make it.

Scholar pik...

I made it!


- One more!
- Here!

Although I have worked hard
I still failed in the exam.

However I'm very excited.

For I will represent Hong Kong.

In the Asian youth olympic games.

I am studying in teachers training school.

My ambition is to become a good teacher.

Besides, I met my better half.

Finally I got married with joesph.

He's working as a clerk in the central.

I gave birth to a 9 lb baby boy!

Look at your baby, he looks so weird.

Right, why is it like that?

It's very strange?

He looks like scholar pik!

Is it the reincarnation of scholar pik?

Bindeye pik!

Bindeye pik!

Call me dad!