Happy F'K'IN Sunshine (2020) - full transcript

A teenager growing up in a poor industrial town struggles to create a better life through music .


The mill.

It was basically the
whole fucking town.

Everybody's dad worked
there, us poor kids anyways.

The year those fuckers went
on strike, like the big one,

it was like the whole
town went on strike.

They even had to shut
the schools down.

That was the year I
bought Will the guitar,

and he started
that fucking band.

[music - 999, "homicide"]

(SINGING) I believe in homicide.

I rest my case.

Don't cast a sigh.

You'd better believe it.

That's the truth of it.

Take it or leave it.

Resign to it.

Homicide, homicide.



Homicide-- cide,
cide, cide, cide.


Homi, homi, homi, homi,
homi, homi, homi, homi--


Homi, homi, homi, homicide.


Post that shit.

Fuck yeah.


(SINGING) Oh, well, I'm sorry.

I'm not sorry that
you have said goodbye.


Look at us, Will.

We're fucking union men.

Living the dream.

Mom gave me $20 to make sure
my old man stays on the picket

line and not at the bar.


Get out of the car.

Get the fuck out of here, scab.

Turn the car around.

Fuck you!

[interposing voices]

Let's go fuck this guy up.

[interposing voices]

Hey, fuck you!

(SINGING) --say,
darling, and it would not

be true that I'm sorry
that you and I are through.

Where the hell are
all your customers?

It's the fucking fall, man.

Routine's not the same.

People will come.

You just gotta wait.

You said you could
move this shit.

It'll fucking move.

What's your problem?

Business has gotta
do business, Ronnie.

If you stop doing
business, you're just

somebody with a lot of drugs.


Business is just fine.

Do you want your cut now?

Don't be a fucking heat bag.



Kill yourself for being ugly.

Hey, ladies.

What you doing just--

Get the fuck out of here, Artie.

You guys ever listen
to Iron Maiden?


Bruce Dickinson from Iron
Maiden came into my store

and bought a guitar.

Bruce Dickinson doesn't
play guitar, asshole.

Yes, he does.

He does.

Just not all the time.

Porter, you need to
take a walk before I

knock your fucking teeth out.

All the them.

Whatever, man.

Gotta get to band
practise anyway.

[guitar music]

Eddy, what's up?

Did your moms call?


How's your dad?

He's good.

I fed him before I left.

Wanna jam?

You know I can't, kid.

The owner don't like kids
hanging around the store.

You listen to the new
Motley Crue album?

I don't like that LA stuff, kid.

It's too shiny.

Yeah, but Nikki
and Mick can play.


I don't know who that is.

Go spend some time
with your friends.

They probably miss you.

Yeah, probably.






Hey, Will.

Hey, Artie.

What's going on?

Not much.

I was just talking
with my Uncle Eddy.

We're going skydiving with
Slayer again this weekend.

Sounds fun.

Shit, yeah.

The last time we went,
Kerry King from Slayer

tried to bitch out
at the last minute.

But I told him, don't
be a bitch, dude,

you totally gotta jump.

Then he jumped.

So now you know him too?

You know my Uncle
Eddy, Fast Eddy?

He works at the music stories.

He's been in, like, every band.


Look, I'm just going home, so--

What kind of guitar
you got in there?

You've been playing a lot?

Hey, I play too, you know.


You wouldn't happen to know
any bass players, would you?

Fast Eddy totally
lets me use his bass.

Fast Eddy has a bass?


He lets me play it all the time.


You think he'd-- he'd
let me look at it?


That's a pretty good bass.

Can you play it?

[bass lick]

That's not bad.

Try this.

[guitar strumming]



So you're hot shit, huh?

All right.

Try this one.

[guitar strumming]

How did you even
keep up with that?

Practise, I guess.

Come on.

I want to show you something.

Holy shit.

Yeah, man.

Eddy records bands and
stuff in here all the time.

Last week, Corey
Taylor from Slipknot

came by and let me try
on his mask and shit.

Just don't tell anyone, because
he gets all weird about it.



[rock and roll music]

We're holding.

You in?

Nah, I'm good.

What do you mean you're good?

Guy down at the
park, he toked me up,

so I got a bag off of him.

He just offered it up
right there in the park?

Yeah, man.

Smack dab right there.

It's real dank.

You guys wanna smoke?

A little toke?

Free trees, you
know what I mean?

You guys are walking away.



Check it out.

5,600 views, bitches.

When'd you post this?


Fucking dope.

This shit's going to go viral.

I can already tell.

I'm thinking it's time
I get an electric.

Since when the fuck
do you have money?

I, uh-- I don't.

But you know, maybe I
can work something out.

We have a pretty decent
set together already,

and people clearly like us.

Hey, my shot.

"Homicide," "Drive,"
"Ain't It Fun," "Pogey"--

it's still a bit light.

I got a few more songs.

Now, if I can get an electric
and we find us a bass player,

we're ready to start gigging.

Uh, who the fuck
plays bass in town?

Maybe there's a guy.

I don't know, let me work on it.

You should do it.

The world needs to
hear more of our gifts.

(ON TV) The guy who
gave them to me,

there were a couple
of people with him.

(ON TV) Good enough.

I'll give you 200
for the watch--

Oh, good.

You're home.

Come set the table.

Your sister's joining
us for supper.

So how was everybody's day?

I was thinking of getting a job.


Oh, yeah?

What kind of job?

Just something so I can afford
an electric guitar and an amp.

Well, maybe you can work with
your sister doing landscaping.

I don't think we're
hiring right now.

Nobody's hiring right now.


So I was, uh--

I was thinking, you guys
could lend me the money,

and then I'd go buy it and
then I'd pay you guys back.


Yeah, I know how bad things are.

It's just, the
band's ready to go.

And it doesn't have
to be that expensive.

Ask me again, I'll
fucking drop you.

Like you could even
throw a punch right now.

Fucking drunk.

Say that again.

Fuck yourself, Frank.

Get the fuck out of my house.


You don't have to
provoke him, you know.


Just wish I didn't
miss his face.

So you wanna buy
an electric guitar?


Me and Vince and River and
maybe Artie are starting a band.

Artie Porter?

I know.

He's unfortunately
really good at bass.

Do you have your phone on you?

Take a look at this.


Look at the view count.

Holy fuck.

If I can get an
electric and do an EP,

I think we can blow that up.

Like, big time, even.

What if I said I'd
buy you a guitar?

Since when do you have money?

I make good tips landscaping.

Yeah, landscaping
your weed crop.

Yeah, that's him, for sure.

All right.

Here's 200.

Fucking pay attention.

You're going to go up to him
and ask him an O, got it?

Why can't you guys just
do this yourselves?

Because I'm buying
you a fucking guitar.


And Will, don't give him
the money until he gives you

the fucking weed.



What's up?

I'm looking to buy an O.

And what do you need
that much weed for?

I just like weed.

For real?

My mom is sick.


With what?


It's a-- it's a type of cancer,
so the chemo makes her just--

You're fucking kidding me.

Do you think this
guy is connected?


Have a seat.



What the fuck?

You guys what the fuck!

I told you not to give him the
fucking money until he gave you

the fucking weed.


He seemed like an OK guy.

He even knocked $5 off
for almost ripping me off.



How many guys were in there?

I don't know.

I think it was just him.

Did he have any tattoos?


He had, like, a
whole sleeve of them.



What the fuck did you
just send me into?

What did his living
room look like?


There was some furniture.

I don't know.

How many locks on the door?

I don't know.

He's just some fucking dude.

Jesus Christ, assholes.

Holy shit.

Help you find something?


You can help me find--

We're good.


Will, you Practise hard,
man, you get good enough,

I'll buy one of these
for you one day.

I still need a guitar, though.

Which one do you want?

This one might not be too bad.

Fuck that.

Which one do you really want?

Be honest.

This one.

That's a mean looking fucker.



You look out for your
sister, your sister

looks out for you, all right?

Are you fucking serious?

Fucking right, I am.

Will, get my change.


Ain't you gonna try it out?

I'm pretty sure it's excellent.

Yeah, it's excellent.

What are you running it through?

My laptop.


Come here.


Try that.

[guitar playing]


Fuck, boy.

You're a regular Eric Clapton.



You play good.

Real good.

Oh, thanks.

You're Artie's uncle, right?

I am.

Artie said we could use your
bass to jam with and maybe

record an album
in your basement.

Did he now?

You like it?

It's incredible.

I'll tell you what.

I'll give you wholesale
price on the amp, $50.


You and Artie can play in the
basement any time you like.

No fucking way.

Any other dude.

Literally any other
dude in the world.

Who's that?

We need a bass player.

He's, um-- unique.

Yeah, like fuck he is.

We're going to be a pro band.

People are going to look at
him and think we're as fucked

up as he is.

Look, we just gotta get
him to keep his mouth shut.

Is he really that bad?

Last year he went
around telling everyone

that Axl Rose sucked him off.

And Mark Hoskenin told him
take it back, and he wouldn't.

Dude, we literally beat
the fuck out of him.

And I so happen to
know a young man

with the name of Will Weston
who threw in a boot or two.

Yeah, I know how bad he gets.

But I say we still try it out.

Stupid fucking idea.

It's pretty cool of Eddy to
let us jam in his basement.

Eddy's a cool guy.

There's-- there's probably some
ground rules we should cover.

Like what?

Like, you can't tell
your stories, you know.

This is your band now.

What, I'm supposed to
just sit there silent?

No, you can talk.

Just don't tell any
of your usual lies.

What lies?

The main thing is don't
embarrass yourself.

So you're worried that
I'm going to embarrass you

in front of the almighty Vince?

If you piss Vince
off, your head's

going to get rammed
through a wall.

At least I don't
go around telling

people I'm some kind of wizard.


He told everybody in
my geography class

that he's a minister
in the Church of Satan.

Vince just says shit like
that to try and get laid.

He also said that
he has satanic magic

and that he can place
curses on people.

Well, that's kind
of what you want

your lead singer to be like, you
know-- put a face on the band.

What's the bass
player supposed to do?

I don't know.

Stay sober, write good
lyrics, be a stand up guy.

Porter in the flesh.

So, when was the last time
you jammed with Pantera?

It's been a couple of weeks.

How's your coven?

It's good.

You should come sometime.

Oh, shit, dude.

How the fuck does
a shit bag like you

get a guitar like
that brand new?

Does it matter?

If it's stolen, somebody's going
to murder you and take it back.

It's not stolen.

Seriously, dude, if you go
out on stage with that thing,

everyone's going to
see you've got it.

I bought it for him, fucker.

Let's do, uh-- let's do "Drive."

Let's fucking do it.

[music - "drive"]

(SINGING) It was a Friday
night down Westfall Road.

I put a man down with
a couple of blows.

He was flat on his face.

I said, you're a disgrace.

He looked up at me,
had nothing to say.

So just drive.





Just drive.


Baby, yeah, drive,
drive, drive, drive.

[bass lick]

Artie fucking Porter.

That was fucking rad.

You know any Megadeth?

No, but I could learn
some by next Practise.

Fucking sick.

All right.

We Practise four--
no, five times a week.


You're our manager now?

That's exactly what I am.

You got a problem with that?

Didn't think so.

From the top.

So, I can play.


I am not apologizing, faggot.

From the top.

I'm not a faggot.


Listen to me, Porter.

The only reason why I haven't
put your head through a wall

yet is because
Willy boy behind me

asked me real nice to
let you jam with us.

So, shut the fuck up.

You wanna jam here?

Then I'm not a faggot.

And I get to talk
whenever I want.

From the top.

Artie, we just
talked about this.

No, man.

Fuck you.

You gotta respect me.

I ain't gotta do shit, Porter.

You want to record here?

You gotta help me move my stuff.

Move your stuff?

Will can help you
move your shit, man.

From the top.


It's got to be Vince.

Just say you'll help
him move his shit, man.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


And from the top.

[drumsticks banging]

[slow guitar groove]

Nice guitar.

Where'd you get it?

Now, I want you to take a minute
and think hard about the answer

you want to give me and
what I'm going to do

to you if I find out you lied.

Ronnie bought it for me.

She bought it for you?


Look me in the eye.

You went into the store,
and you watched her buy it.


How much did it cost?


And the amp?



How'd she pay for it?

Just cash.

We'll talk later.

[beer can opening]

[indie pop music playing]

I can't believe he
fucking ripped Will off.

That's it, then.

You got a guy dealing
in your territory,

you've got to go
burn his house down.

He's just some dude.

I'll go tell him this
area is spoken for,

and if he doesn't stop
selling, then I'll

just fucking deal with him.

Some drug dealer you are.

I'm the sensitive type.

Bowl's empty.

Where's the rest?

Under the sink.


[door opening]

What the fuck?



You think you're
pretty fucking clever?

[punching and screaming]

[door slamming]


[car starting]

Good morning.

That's a nice
guitar in your room.

The union is killing this town?

The union is the god damn town.

You can keep the guitar.

Where's your shit?

Sit with my dad.

Show him this picture if
he asks what's going on.

What the fuck is going on?

My dad sometimes
forgets who I am.

If he sees me walking
out with stuff,

he's going to think
we're robbing him.

Your dad forgets who you are?

That fucking sucks.

He had brain surgery, Vince.

Where's your mom?

All right.

I'm going to tell
you this, but you

gotta promise this stays
between you and me.

We are not fucking
friends, Artie.

She took off.


Right before my dad's surgery.

What a heartless bitch.

Don't talk about
my mom like that.

Look, man, we can be
in a band together,

but you've got to sort
your own shit out.

I don't even know
where to start.

Just keep him busy.

Dad, this is my friend Vince.

He's going to hang out for a
bit while I grab some things.


Tell your mother to grab a pack
of cigarettes on her way home

from work.

So what you watching?

Are you someone I'm
supposed to know?

A friend of your kid.

I know who my son is.

So you had brain surgery?


You took a chunk of cancer out.

I took it out?

Yeah, because I'm a
fucking brain surgeon.

You're too young to be a doctor.

Dude, you are so fucked.

You watch your mouth
in my house, mister.

You know your wife
left you, right?

Who are you?

Artie said I could just--

Artie, you watch your mouth.

And you tell your mother--

[chuckling] I really
think it's time

you sit in the garage
with the car running, man.


Did-- did I rotate the tires?

You did.

We'll go for a spin once
mom makes us dinner.

What do you say?

Grab the pack-sack by the door.

Later, Dad.


Sitting by yourself in the park,
cruising for kids or something?

Just moving a little green.

You looking?

See, that's the whole
fucking problem.

There's already someone
selling around here.

Oh, I hadn't heard that.


I come back, you better
not fucking be here.

Yeah, OK.

What you got for me?

What the fuck happened to you?

Dog attacked me
in the back lane.

Fucker came out of nowhere.

No shit, huh?

You should see the fucking dog.

How are the lyrics coming?

They're good.

I'm going to change
them, but they're good.

Let's give the chorus a try,
and then we'll change it up.

Count me in.

[music playing]

(SINGING) You be the
judge judge judge

judge You be the judge
judge judge Yeah!

Not bad.

What are you calling that?

"Death Shroud."

"Death Shroud"?

I should have known.

It needs a little, uh--

[keyboard playing]

A little energy, hm?

2, 3, 4!

[playing song on keyboard]

You be the judge!

I'm a little rusty.

So, what are you lads
calling yourselves?

Happy Fucking Sunshine.

That's the worst fucking
name I ever heard.

You got something better?

You want a name to be
an invitation, right?

To your shows, to your music.

You want something that sounds
poetic but don't mean shit,

like Righteous Dawn.


Fuck no.

Suit yourself.

We have, like, 30,000 people
watching us on YouTube.

I think we should release
an album soon for them.

I was wondering if you
could help with that.

An EP will get you
in the game for sure,

but you've got to be
building your fan base,

getting your name
out there, right?

Otherwise there's no one who
cares when your music drops.

The real trick is to get
the trades and the bloggers

talking about you.

You know those kinds of people?

I know all those people.

You ask anyone, any studio,
Toronto to New York,

tell them Fast Eddy send you.

You keep at it, get yourself
some solid tracks together,

I'll see about getting
some big eyes on you.


You could hook us up?

So you think he'll
actually do it?

What the fuck else
is he supposed to do?

Why the fuck would he stay
in a shithole like this

if you could play like that
and know famous musicians?

Maybe he needs the
money or something,

or he slept with one
of their girlfriends

and now he can't
go back to Toronto.


Either way, I think
he's seriously

impressed with our shit.

Fucking right he is.

Over there.

That's him?

Yeah, that's him.

Hey, pal.

Wanna get fucked up?

[hard rock playing]


Ronnie, calm the fuck down.

All right, all right.

[hard rock music]

Dude, are you fucking crying?

What the fuck?

I was just leaving.

This is just fucking sad.

Let's go.

I think you broke my nose!

Ah, he's faking it.

[hard rock music]




[continued knocking]

[door opening]



Mom sent me.

She asked me to ask you to
come shooting with me and Dad.

Shooting, eh?

Bet Frank put her up to this.

That's what I was thinking.

Hunting in September?

That's fucking rich.

Dad doesn't want to
admit we're broke.

Meat's expensive.

Proud asshole.

I don't get you two.

This is Frank's fucked
up version of an apology.

Plus he knows the
two of you can't

carry a moose by yourselves.


(SINGING) Again, in my
dream, I'm holding her tight.

Outside, the neon sign
keeps flashing off and on.

And I miss her in Chicago.

Lord, I want to go home.

You know, your grandfather
used to work the port.

Back in the strike of '85, he
brought me and your Uncle Jack

out here on the lake.

We fished all night long.

The next morning we went
down to the picket line

handing out buckets of
fish, like god damned Jesus.

You really are the
most union guy ever.


Grandfather was way
more union than me.

He put the bucket in my hand.

I was 10.

Are we going to have to hand
the meat out at the picket line?

Back then they gave
you everything.

They had to build a town
around the new mill.

They gave you a house,
gave you a car, wages.


For fuck sakes, Ronnie.

Wages were good.

They were guaranteed.

So what happened?

Economies go up.

They go down.

'93, they shut down the mill.

They opened it again in '96.

2007, they shut it down again,
said it was done for good.

But a new company bought it,
opened it up again in 2008.

So what happens if
a bush cop comes?

We just cap him?

Because I'm pretty
sure he's going

to know poaching
when he sees it.

Anybody asks, we were just
out here target shooting.

So this Eddy thing's
a good opportunity,

but I keep thinking
we should start

setting up some local gigs, kind
of be entrepreneurial about it.

Since you're our manager, do
you think you could set us up

with a show?

What if I threw a
party this weekend,

and you guys played it?

Yeah, that's a great idea.

You OK?


I just need to find a shrub.

Hey, you got some--



Dad, I think Ronnie's
still down there.

From now on, you stay the
hell away from your sister.

You read me?

Say it!

I'll stay away from Ronnie.

In this truck.

How is she getting home?

She can hitchhike.

Wait for me!


In the truck.

Don't fucking leave me!

You fucker!


[country music playing]

You fucking get back here.

Fuck you, Frank!

Piece of shit motherfucker!


[door opening and closing]

Holy shit.

Dad didn't send you, did he?


He's asleep, I think.

You better fucking hope he is.

I'm sorry.

Things will be different
once this record is done.

And I mean that for everybody.

You know, we got this truck.

We could leave town tonight.

You've got Frank's truck.

He'd hunt you to the
end of the earth.

When that fucker dies, I'm
gonna shit in his ashes.


Let me hear that bass line.

[bass lick]


Then what you doing?

[drums start]

All right.

Come in.

[guitar playing]

Bring it in.

Bring it in.

Bring it in.

And in that chorus, you're gonna
go, (SINGING) Yeah, yeah, yeah!

3, 4!

(SINGING) Yeah, yeah, yeah!

That's it.

Get freed up.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

One more time.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

[keyboard playing]

I think we're ready.

Fuck yeah we're ready.

That shit was tight.

I like how you do that
finger-picking, dude.

What can I say?

I know how to finger.

Like hell you do.

So we got a couple hours.

We should probably pick
up your dad's lights.

I don't know about that, Will.

A show needs lights.

Your dad's work lights
are the only ones

we have that are bright enough.


But they're, like,
big shop lights.

They need, like,
special electricity.

Artie, every single time that
I think you're not so bad,

you make me want to
fucking kill you.

We're getting those lights.

If it fries the fuse box,
we'll deal with that shit

when it comes.

Fucking idiot.

None of these are working.

I think it's all car keys.

Quit stalling, Porter.

The key must be in the house.

I don't see any fucking keys.

Where's your dad?

He probably went to buy smokes.

Does he know how to get back?

His ID has his address on it.

Got it.

This opens up the shed.

Holy shit.

You guys gotta come here.

I know this sounds
super fucked, but we

can't tell anyone about
this until tomorrow.



Think about it.

If the cops come, we'll be
giving statements for hours.

We won't be able
to play our show.

I don't know.

Vince might be right.

Are you high?


Artie and I need to talk now.

If you gotta cry, just cry.

I don't feel anything.

Are we really just gonna
leave that body here?

Your dad's dead.

Things are fucked,
and you're confused.

You know what?

That's a good thing.

That's a fucking awesome thing.

You're gonna use all of
that energy in there,

you're gonna fly on
that bass tonight.

You're going to
fucking fly tonight.



I just gotta play.

That's right.

I've just gotta play
to get through this.

That's right.

You're going to fucking kill it.

Fuck yeah.

[hip-hop music]

What's up, fuckers?

No fucking way.

This is all custom.

You guys like it?

I call her Delilah.

Got it from a guy for a thing.

Check it out.

There's a fucking bed in there.

Hey, are there going to be
more fucking people or what?

Don't worry.

People will trickle
in around midnight.

When the bar closes at 2:00 is
when the party really starts.

Hey, you fellas all turned up?

You need me to run the PA?

Eddy, doesn't it
bother you that you're

going to be the oldest one
here by, like, 150 years?

Oh, you think I'm going to
embarrass you at your party?

Seems you lot don't know
Fast Eddy, not at all.

I know you.

You're the guy that throw
darts at the Duck Inn.

Hey, fuck off.

This man's a rock
and roll legend.

Yeah, that'd be me for sure.

I'd just like to say what
a nice place you have here.

I'd like to offer you
a housewarming gift.

"Big Dipper Rum."

Never heard of it.

Newfoundland's finest.

Sweet as an angel's kiss.

But it'll fuck you
like your stepfather.

What the fuck, Ronnie?

I told you to wake
me up at night.

So I let you have a nap.

Nobody's here anyway.

Nobody's here because
I was supposed

to call Charlene two hours ago.

Well, that was a
dumb fucking plan.

This is your fucking
party, Ronnie.

I don't give a fuck
if nobody shows up.

Should we just start playing?

Yeah, play if you want.

["death shroud" starts]

Come on, you didn't actually
want to throw a party, Ronnie.

You wanted to sit
in the basement

and do drugs with
your dirt-bag friends.

It's not my fault
no one showed up.

Who'd you call?

I don't know.



Give me their names.

I'll call them right now.

You can't hold your liquor.

Fuck you.



Pardon my language,
but what a bitch.

I don't know why
she does anything.

[chuckling] She's on the
road to becoming a junkie.

And you better watch.

That shit's catching.

What are you saying?

Well, it's impolite
to note, but a girl

like you gets her head in
that stuff, it's all downhill.

I'm fine, thanks.

Oh, yes.

Today you look very fine.

But tomorrow you start
thinking only about yourself.

And next thing you know,
you can't even fuck no more.

(SINGING) I'm going on pogey.

Going on pogey.

Going on po-- po--
po-- po-- pogey.

Going on po-- po--
po-- po-- po-- pogey.

[bass plays sour notes]

Dude, your bass player
is all fucked up.

Can you play?

Uh, I just--

Hey, you got this, Porter.

You can do it, Artie.

["drive" starts]

I was thinking maybe you
give me boy Artie a go.

He's never been with
no one, I don't think.

Oh, hell no.

You are a dirty old fuck.

I've been called worse.

It's not really a rock show
unless one of the musicians

gets with one of the fans.

Fuck off.


(SINGING) Drive.

Baby, yeah, drive,
drive, drive, drive.


Thank you.

We are Happy Fucking Sunshine!



I respect what you did tonight.

But dude, you gotta learn
to roll with the punches.

Yeah, man.

When Metallica's first bass
player died, what did they do?

They just got Newsted
and came back heavier.

I always play better when
I'm jamming with those guys.

Oh, for fuck sakes.

What guys?


You jam with Metallica?

We try to get together
at least once a month.

They say I got good finger work.

Dude, get a grip.

He's fucking nuts.

No way.

I play with those guys, and
they-- they like my playing.

If you ass munchers
could play like me,

then more bands would
want to jam with you.

Porter, it's time
to shut the fuck up.

I am tired of you always
talking to me like this.

Axl doesn't push Duff
around like this.

This is fucked up.

You gotta respect me.

You don't know Axl Rose.

Fuck you!


You don't know Axl Rose.

He sucked my dick.

It's just a garage show.

No need to get excited.


Be relaxed.

Fucking relax.

He's not sane in the head.

Then don't talk to him.

And don't go beating him out
here where everyone can see.

That's disrespectful
to me and my home.

Yeah, whatever.

It's time to go home, Porter.

I didn't even do nothing.

Call it a night.

I'll see you at
the next rehearsal.

Grow the fuck up!

Fuck you, bitch.

Let's go party.

Go easy on that stuff.

Road to ruin.

You know, it takes
a special kind

to make this work,
this kind of life.

Hey, look at me.

I got the talent, but I
never had the discipline.

Hit the water too hard?

Oh, everything but.

And River, she can
tap, but obviously got

money, which means
she got options,

which means she'll be the first
one to go when things get hard.

Vince, he got the charisma
but he don't got the talent.

Me boy Artie--


I guess that just leaves you.

You really want
to make this work,

you gotta be the
one to carry it.

Well, I sure as shit ain't
getting a job at the mill.

There's a reason why everybody
walks right out of high school

into that mill.


It's easy.

Music is a great hobby,
but it's a shit life.

Most of the time all
you end up with is

a lot of good memories,
a lot of bad habits.

Was it worth it?

Don't ask me questions
like that when I'm sober.

[party chatter]



Aren't you going
to apologize to me?


All right.

I think I'm heading out.

Well, fuck that.

The party is just
getting fucking started.

You want to be a rock star,
you gotta learn how to party.

Your fucking shot!

Hey there, guitar hero.

Come have a drink with me.


There's a six pack
in the fridge.

You can help yourself
if you'd like.

I just want to thank you for
bringing all these people out

to Ronnie's place tonight.

I don't want to
talk about Ronnie.

You OK?

You look like you've maybe
had too much to drink.

Yeah, probably.

Do you know how to
put a condom on?

Never mind.

You sure you're OK?

Shut the fuck up.


If you were a union member, the
cheapest place in town to rent

was the union hall.

Even if you were dead.

And with so many mill workers
dying before retirement,

they were making enough money
to put in a fucking bar.

This is fucking awkward.

I don't know what you expected.

It's a funeral.

I think your dad
actually likes it

when people die because he gets
to throw a big union party.

That is a fucked up
thing to say, dude.

You gonna tell me I'm wrong?

That's not the point.

You know, it's impolite to
be over here not mingling

with the guests.

I don't see you mingling.

They're not really my crowd.

This all going to
the wake later?

Is that like an Irish funeral?

Not really a funeral, lads.

More like a place where you
go to get fall down drunk

and tell dirty jokes.

I think we're good.

Well, it's your loss.

Who the fuck is that?

Jesus Christ.

That's my fucking sister.

This is like a
fucking soap opera.


You look like shit.

I just come to pay my respects.

You abandoned your fucking son.

Let me be.

I want to talk to Artie.

And what the fuck are
you going to tell him?

Nice to see you, how you
been, but make it quick,

because I'm on the
3:15 back to Kenora?

You don't understand.

I don't need to
fucking understand.

Fuck you, you drunken
junkie son of a bitch.

Oh, fuck you.

No, fuck you!

Fuck me?


As I raise your headcase
son while you're off doing

whatever the fuck it is you do?

What, I done wrong now?


I done wrong?

Fuck the lot of you.

OK, then.

Ladies and gentlemen, I
just have one announcement

I'd like to make.

I'd like to offer my condolences
to the Porter family.

Alan Porter was a
dedicated union brother,

and we will miss him.

Let's take a moment
of silence for him.

So we've been on
strike for six weeks.

What the hell can I say?

Negotiations with those
bastards have broken down.

They closed the mill, and
they're pulling out of town.


So all I can say is,
fuck them, right?

Fuck them.


How you doing?

What the fuck could
they be talking about?

I was going to quit
school next year

and pick up shifts at the mill.

We need to start getting
serious about this release.


(SINGING) You know I love you.

I'm your flame.

You know that I need
you night and day.

Hey, hey, hey, baby, why
did you leave me this way?

But how--

Mrs. Currente.

Can I help you?

Is River home?

And you are?

Will from the band.


You-- you do that scream music.

Yeah, she's in the living room.




Nice place.

Saw the for sale sign
in your front yard.

My dad's transferring to the
corporate office in Chicago.

He says with the
mill gone, this place

is gonna turn into a ghost town.


[kettle whistling]

What's your family doing?

I don't know.

My dad is just going to try
and ride it out, I guess.

I don't think that's smart.

I think we should bring
the band to Toronto.

Will, this is fun,
but I don't want

to hang out in shitty clubs
playing cover songs for drunks.

Well, no.

That's just, like,
the first step

to make money and Practise.

You know, we've almost got
enough material together

for an album.

And then we take that on a tour.

We already have a fan
base, and our subs

are growing every week.

What about school?

What about school?

Aren't you going to college?

I don't know.

I freakin' hate school.

So you go get your
degree in Chicago,

you come back to
play shows, and then

we can start gigging in Toronto.

It's not going to happen, Will.

I'm sorry.

We can keep jamming
and stuff for now,

but once the house is sold--

you know?




Hey, Will.

You missed one hell of a wake.

Have you heard from
Artie recently?

He's not answering
any phone calls.

His ma took off again.

He's not taking it too good.

Listen, I've been giving
it a bit of thought,

and I think we should take
the band to the next level.

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.

But I'm worried
everyone is just going

to take off unless
something big happens soon.

I got an idea to polish up
the tracks, shine the hooks.

Did I ever tell you, I used
to play with Jimmy Spine?

Who's that?

He runs one of the big
labels out of Toronto.

I think I could get him up here.

You could get someone like
that to come listen to us?

What'd I tell you?

Toronto, New York-- everybody
in the business owes Fast Eddy

a favour.


Talked to Eddy today.

He said he wants to
record some of our stuff.

Oh, yeah?

Said he's going to show it to a
big Toronto producer he knows.

I know how things are
right now, it's just--

You gonna tell me this
shit feeds our music?


I just want to tell you, we--

we need you in the band.

Eddy believes it.

Believes in us.

Believes in you.

You know?

He's willing to put
himself out there

to help us get to
the next level.

I think this is our shot, man.

So we know that a band's gotta
have a sound and an image,


You got that.

You got your music, and
your look is authentic.

Important on the
first EP, though,

that we give them
some variety, right?

We need something a little
slower, a little more


Ideally that becomes
your second single, hm?

I wrote a little ditty for you.

Let's see what you
think about this.

[clears throat]

[keyboard playing]


That's the general idea.

We repeat that, we
orchestrate it, we build it.


That's dope.

Thank you.

I think I got some lyrics
that might work with it.


(SINGING) First time that we
bought it, when they caught us,

made us believe.

Only when we spotted, it was
rotted, we started to see.

(SPOKEN) That works.

(SINGING) That's how it's gonna
be. (SPOKEN) That works, too.

(SINGING) That's
how it's gonna be.

For all that we've
tried to swallow,

we're still hollow,
and digging deep.

The dust that you left
when you went down south,

ended up stained
on all our mouths.

And that's how it's gonna be.

That's how it's gonna be.

That's how it's gonna be.

I can see that working.

We'll punch it up when we get
in studio and record, yeah?


We're on.

Count it in.

[phone ringing]

Who's this?


It's me, Eddy.


For real?

Fast Eddy?

That's right.

How you been?

[chuckling] I'm doing good.

Where you calling from?

A couple hours north of town.

Listen, I may have found a
band you'd be interested in.

It's rock, not too
heavy, girl drummer.

What do you think of that?

I was wondering if you'd like
to come up and have a listen?

We can do a little catching up.

You'll be a star up here.

Get you laid so often
you'll be walking funny.

It'll be a decadent
time, I promise you.

You're serious?

As the grave, Jimmy.

As the grave.

All right.

Let me-- let me
look at my schedule.

I'll get back to you tomorrow.

All right.

I'll talk to you soon.

My man.

There you go.

And that, me boys,
is how it's done.

Porter, I swear to fucking god,
if this is some more bullshit.

how it's gonna be.

That's how it's gonna be.

That's how it's gonna be.

That's how it's gonna be.

Jimmy, allow me to present
Happy Fucking Sunshine.

You guys ain't too bad.

I mean, Eddy told me a lot
of cool things about you.

You know, I want
to see what you're

gonna do in front of a big
crowd at Shaggy's though.

You guys got us
booked at Shaggy's?

Friday night.

I'm looking forward to it.

That's not what they're
gonna wear, though, right?

No, no.

They're just stopping
by to say hello.

This is casual.

No disrespect, but
when you perform,

you want to make an experience
for everybody, you know.

You've got to show respect
to yourselves as well

as the crowd.

Don't worry, Jimmy.

We'll gussy them up
real good for you.

All right.


So, you guys go way back, huh?

Me and Eddy got a history, yeah.


All right.

Get the fuck out.

Jimmy and I got some
more catching up to do.

[saw whirring]

Grab me a bag off
that shelf back there.

You know, the-- the band's
got a show coming up.

You getting paid?

A bit, yeah.

I just wanted to tell you
in case you or mom wanted

to come to the show.

You know, I heard you playing
that Jimi Hendrix song

the other day.

It didn't sound too bad.

Give me my beer.

[saw whirring]


Come in.

Is that?


Taylor and I have
got some business.


Um, did you hear Eddy's friend
is in town from Toronto,

and he got us a gig at Shaggy's?

I don't care who books the
gigs, as long as I get my cut.

Yeah, you'll get your cut.

I just wanted to make sure
you're going to be there,

because this is pretty big.

I'm your fucking manager.

Why wouldn't I fucking be there?


Well, show's tomorrow.

I know.

Anything else?




See you tomorrow.

[door closing]

Where the fuck is she, hm?

She's only, like,
30 minutes late now?

Yeah, 30 fucking minutes.

[door opening]

Where the fuck were you?

I had shit I had to do, fucker.

You sluts ready?

What's your fucking problem?

What, your legs
don't fucking work?

Come on!


You're going to make us late.

What's up?

Come on.

Hurry up.

Move your shit, and let's go.

[rap music]

(RAPPING) What's up?

What's up?

What's up?


What's up?

What's up?

Hey, Ronnie, I think
the bar's that way.

Like I don't know how to drive?

Fuck you.

You don't know where
we're fucking going.

We're going this way because
we've got to do something.

We've got to make a stop.

I'm not sure there's
going to be enough time.

We have to set up
all our equipment.

You don't got time to do
your sister a fucking favour?

It's important.

What's with the gun?

What do you mean,
what's with the gun?

This is the north.

You gotta keep your
fucking gun close by.

I mean, there's no trigger
lock on it or anything.

The fucking bullets are all
the fucking way up here.

It's fine.

What, you think I'm going to
shoot my brother or the fucking

band, like some
Greek tragedy shit?

Hey, uh-- isn't this where
the biker clubhouse is?


I got a dude that
does some shit for me.

Get out.

Pick it up.

You and you.

Fuck no.

Just do it.

Don't be a pussy.

Ronnie, I don't think that's
going to fit in the van.

It has to.


Johnny did a good job.

Yes, yes, yes!

A million times
motherfucking yes.

This goes behind you
guys when you play,

and everyone's going
to be like, these guys

are serious-- because you
guys are fucking serious.

Fuck yeah!


[ambient country music]

What up, Will?

Ready for the show?

You know where, um, Eddy's at?


Eddy won't arrive for a while.

Let's just say, he went
on a bit of an adventure.


Afraid so, kid.

Knock 'em out!

Well, Jimmy's out there, and
there's a pretty decent crowd.

But I guess Eddy's
not going to make it.

What do you mean?

I don't know.

Jimmy was kind of
vague about it.

It-- whatever, it doesn't
really matter that--

Of course it matters.

Eddy's got to see us.

It's OK, Artie.

Eddy set this up so that
Jimmy could see us play.

I gotta talk to him.

Can I use your phone?



What the fuck?

Uncle Eddy?

Um, we're about to go
on stage for our show.

But, um, you're not here.

So-- so just go play
the fucking show, Artie.

I don't know if I can.

Any idiot can play the bass.


Eddy's not going to make it.

Yeah, that's what I told you.

So maybe we could play tomorrow.


Artie, we gotta play tonight
because Jimmy's here.


You'll be fine.


We play tonight for Jimmy,
and then this useless fuck

is out of the band.

All right, fuckers.

Let's do this shit.

Hello, Shaggy's.

Let's fucking hear it!


All right.

Let's give a big, warm welcome
to the next big thing--

Happy Fucking Sunshine.

Thank you.

We are Happy Fucking Sunshine!



This song is called "Pogey."

["pogey" starts]

(SINGING) I used
to have a job, man.

I worked it every day.

Recession hit this town
hard and took my job away.

Money's running low now.

Them bills are stacking high.

I'm filling out
those forms, man.

I'm going on EI.

Going on pogey.

Going on pogey.

Going on po-- po--
po-- po-- po-- pogey.

Going on po-- po--
po-- po-- po-- pogey.

I strolled up to the window.

I said, where's my check?

Man said he didn't
have to look at me.

He said I looked like a--



What you gonna do when
the check stops coming?

12 more weeks, and then
you've got nothing.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

[rhythmic drumming]

To those with rust
on their hands

to those with dirt
on their knees--

[muffled music]


[music stops]

Artie, what are we
doing here, man?

Get out of the way, Will.

Vince is an asshole,
but not this.

I don't want to be
out of the band.

You're not out of the band, OK?

Vince was just mad.

We all want you to stay.

You're a fucking
monster on that bass.


Yeah, I'm pretty great.


Right, Vince?

Oh, for fuck sakes--

Put the gun down.



It wasn't even loaded.


[blues music]

(SINGING) Mm-hmm.

Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

All right.

Listen here, now.

To be left alone, oh, is
such an awful thing, baby.

But make me yours.

And I believe we can
soothe each other's pain.

Oh, misery loves company.

And I know, I know , oh, baby,
oh, baby, don't pass me by.

And I know, I know , oh, baby,
oh, baby, don't pass me by.


Ooh, my, my, my, my.

All right.

Don't pass me by.

Don't pass me by.

Whatever you do.


Where's Eddy?

Eddy's not in today.

Are you looking to sell?

I want to return it.

When did you buy it?

I don't know.

Like, two months ago.

Sorry, kid.

It's not happening.


Then I'm looking to sell.

Guitars don't do well on resale.

I can only give you $75.


I'm afraid so.

Fuck you.


I, uh-- didn't see
you at Shaggy's.

Guess you had more
important things to do, huh?

Artie needed you.

I gotta to be the
one to carry this?

I carried it.

I know what I done.

Well, where the fuck were you?

So this is it--

no band, no record, you
falling down drunk in a bar

at 11:00 AM, my dad
in a fucking box!

That's showbiz, kid.

[phone ringing]


You're still alive, huh?

No, it's-- it's Will Weston.

Oh, Will, hey.

Yeah, that was quite
a show you put on.

You're probably calling
about the video, right?


Yeah, I should have called
you before we posted.

Just figured we should get it
up before anybody else does.

Holy shit.

40 million views?

Also known as internet gold.

Well, I can be in Toronto
in a couple of days,

if you want to talk about that.


All right.

You little hustler, huh?

Look, text me when
you get in town.

We'll chat then.




I guess you owe Fast
Eddy a favour after all.

Are you sure you
won't come with me?

Toronto's a big city with
real drugs and gangs.

How long do you think I'd last?

So just stay away
from that shit.

You could do whatever you want.

Just be a manager.

I don't know.

You just-- you gotta
get out of here.

I belong here.

Besides, I don't think Mom
could hash it out on her own.

Then I'll come back.

Don't you fucking dare.

And, uh, promise me you'll visit
Artie if they ever let him out.

Fuck no.

Jesus Christ.

Frank was right about one thing.

The economy goes up, and
the economy goes down.

But they never opened
that fucking mill again.


(SINGING) All right, all
right, all right, all right.

Walking, I walk to the shop,
I bop and take it steady.

Fighting with my
sisters in the house.

She's on the couch.

She don't move much.

And my tea in my hand, and
I'm trying to do stuff.

I woke up, I slept,
and woke up again.

Deal wiv it.

And this life don't
ever fucking change.

Deal wiv it.

I went to the pub and asked
for a pint for three quid.

Deal wiv it.

He said, it's a fiver.

Well, that's
gentrification, you prick.

Deal wiv it.

Walking back through
my old estate,

I see my mates that
ain't my mates,

and they don't want to say safe.

They say you've changed.

Fucking deal wiv it.

1, 2, 3, 4.

Deal wiv it.

Deal, deal-- deal wiv it.

D-- d-- deal wiv it.

Deal wiv it.

You're punishing yourself, mate.

Deal wiv it.

1% on my phone ain't getting
me home, so I'm bopping.

Hey, no options in this
life give me nothing.

Every second you waste
is a second closer

to the pearly gates.

Oh, that's deep, isn't it?

It's deep, mate.

I woke up, I slept,
and woke up again.

Deal wiv it.

And this life don't
ever fucking change.

Deal wiv it.

People say I'm a nuisance.

Well, what's the problem?

Deal wiv it.

People say they're busy.

Well, fuck off.

Deal wiv it!

Just fucking deal wiv it.

Deal wiv it.

So walking back
through my old estate,

I see my mates that
ain't my mates.

And they don't want to say safe.

They say you've changed.

Oh, you've changed.

Oh, you've changed.

Oh, you've changed.

Fucking deal wiv it.

1 2, 3, 4.

Deal wiv it.

Deal-- deal--
deal-- deal wiv it.

D-- d-- d-- Deal wiv it.

Fucking deal wiv it.

Deal-- deal-- deal wiv it.

D-- d-- Deal wiv it.

Life is hard, but
it's quite exciting.

Spin around.

It's your white light.

They say I can't speak my
mind or vent my frustration.

Fucking deal wiv it.

Say, life is hard, but
it's quite exciting.

Spin around.

It's your white light.

They say I can't speak my
mind or vent my frustration.

I wouldn't change
it for anything.

So walking back
through my old estate,

I see my mates that
ain't my mates,

and they don't want to say safe.

They say you've changed.

D-- d-- d-- deal wiv it.

Fucking deal wiv it.

Deal wiv it.

[music - "deal wiv it"]