Happy Ending (2018) - full transcript

Helle has been waiting for her husband Peter to retire. Her dreams are crushed when Peter comes home with a big surprise; he is pursuing a new career as a wine importer and has invested all their savings in a vineyard in Austria.


Hi, Mom.

- Hi there, sweet little girl.
- Hi, Gran!

- You look amazing.
- You, too.

Yuck, Mom. There's grass
sticking out of your mouth.

- Looks great, right?
- No.


Now there's no way around it, Peter.

As you all know
Peter has been the king of all this

for almost 40 years.
40 years.

Peter started...

It's nothing short of a life's work
Peter has achieved. Give him a hand.

We have arranged
a small farewell token.

Peter and Helle, join us, please.

Here you can sit
in peace and quiet -

- and enjoy life's golden years
with a nice bottle of Beaune Ramonet,

together with Helle, who must be more
than pleased to have you back home.

Thanks for letting us
borrow him, Helle.

I think we should take a trip.

A couple of months away from it all.
Like when we'd just met, right?

When we traveled Europe by train
with nothing but our backpacks.

Remember Crete?

- The two...
- Any cars behind us?

It's clear. The two police officers
who wanted to arrest...

- Any cars behind us?
- It's clear!

Okay, I'm not deaf, Helle.

Or we could go to one
of those luxury retreats.

- Like...
- Why don't you take a trip with Linda?

Please! No.

I think you and I should explore
the world together.

I just think it's important to hold on
to doing things separately.

That's how you keep a marriage vibrant.

So, you keep a marriage vibrant
by not spending time together?

No! That's not what I said!

I just think that this is our time.

We can finally enjoy each other
without constantly

being squeezed by your
stupid 60-hour workweeks.

My stupid 60-hour workweeks
paid for this house.

How do you stay so slender?
I eat nothing and look how I'm bulging.

- Argh, you're gorgeous.
- Dieting since 1992 and yet...

- Come on.
- Look at this.

- We'll miss you out here.
- Then come with us.

Buy a place in the city.
Come on, Helle. It would be great.

- We're never selling this house.
- It's time to try something new.

- You must have some sort of plan.
- Sure. I have!

But Peter is so...

He bit my head off
when I suggested we take a trip.

Retiring is tough on men.

They have no more battles to fight, so
suddenly they don't know who they are.

Just give him some time
to get used to it.

It's a primal thing.
Luckily, we don't need to understand it.

This one is more acidic. Maybe it
needs to breathe. Or longer storage.

- It's okay to be angry.
- I'm not angry.

Of course you're angry.
They retired you against your will.

I'm not retired.
I'm just getting started.

- On what?
- I have new plans.

Big plans.

- Is this just what Peter wanted?
- Yes.

- Farther in?
- Yes, all the way.

- A break!
- Come on.

Oh, here comes trouble.


Howdy there, as they say.

- No one says that.
- Hi, Helle.

- Hi, Linda.
- Hi, Jess.

- I'll be there in 5.
- Yes.

- Jess has sclerosis.
- Oh? That really sucks.

His leg's a mess.
He says he can't "feel" it.

- Would you mind checking him?
- I can't keep checking him.

- But you're a doctor.
- Yes. Ear, nose, throat.

- Just tell him there's nothing wrong.
- Can't Helle do it?

I don't know anything about diseases.

- You worked for a dermatologist.
- Yes. Answering the phones.

You learn from that, too.


So, Peter, what now?

- What?
- What now, Peter? Has he gone deaf?

Yes, and his memory is gone, too.

- Because Linda mumbles.
- You do, sweetie.

What's next, Peter?
With life!

- With you two?
- We'll see.

- It's all wide open.
- Oh? What is open?

As long as it isn't your fly.
As they say.

- No one says that.
- Typical Jess.

- It works every time.
- Is someone at the door?



- Oh?
- Why did you order all that wine?

I thought it wouldn't be here
till next week. Need a hand?

Are you able to?

Why shouldn't I be able to...?

Lime, apple, very fresh
and with a nice acidity.

Austria has this certain something
due to the terroir. The soil.

A certain minerality in its structure.

And you can hardly taste the coolant.

Yeah, yeah. That was in the 1980s.
We shouldn't dwell on that.

- May I have a look?
- Why a pallet of Austrian wine?

- I'd like to know that, too.
- Yes...

I was going to wait to tell you,
but the wine beat me to the punch.

So I may as well tell you now.

You asked what will happen,
Linda, with life.

Well, I have bought a share

in a winery called Garten Eden.

Garden of Eden.

About 50 hectares, and these bottles
are samples from the winery.

- You own a winery!
- No, I own a share in one. We do.

I have obtained exclusive rights
to selling this wine in Denmark.

- Isn't it a bit of a risky business?
- No, no, no.

This is a huge opportunity.


I've taken Viagra.

Well, then...

Hang on.

What's up?

- But... I just changed the sheets.
- Ah, never mind that.

That's easy for you to say,
you're not the one washing them.

I thought this was supposed
to be a new chapter.

It is.

Not there... further down, yes.

So will you be working
as much as before?

It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

How much was the share?

- Let's talk about that tomorrow.
- How much did you spend?

- What it cost.
- From our joint savings?

Can't you trust
that I know what I'm doing?

- Why won't you tell me?
- You were never interested in finances.

No, I won't stand for it!

You could access the balance online.

Peter handles all that.

I wouldn't even know
how to go about it.

- But you have joint finances?
- Yes, we've been married for 49 years.

I'd like to know the balance
of our savings account.

- You know?
- I do.

- Wow.
- Pardon?

What did you buy?
No, that's none of my business.

You're not being blackmailed,
are you?

Oh my God, imagine if
that were the case.

How much has been withdrawn?



And 600,000.

And... then 800,000.

So, all in all, 1.8.


Million... kroner.

The balance is 113 kroner.


- You spent all our savings.
- No, I invested it.

- You never even asked me.
- No... you'd have said no.

- That money was for us.
- Yes.

But if we're to be entirely honest,
I was the one who earned it.

And it's not like we're in need of them
at the moment, right?

And we have plenty with our annuities,
and the house is paid in full.

- Do you realize what it's worth now?
- You want to sell the house, too?

- No!
- Then what?

I don't know. Maybe. Why should we live
in such an expensive house?

- That house...
- Don't you ever dream of a change?

Of a more exciting life?
There's so much more out there!

Stop talking nonsense.
Get out of that stupid investment

and get your money back!
You must be able to do that!

That stupid investment
brought back the spark of life.

I feel alive!

I haven't felt this happy
in a hundred years. I'm...

I'm good at this!
It's time I build something of my own.

You're 71,
you're not about to build anything.

- What should I do then?
- You're done working!

- No!
- Yes, you are, my love!

It's our time to travel together.

- You and I.
- We can do that when we get old!

Peter, we are old.

- No, we're not.
- Yes, we are. We are old.

We are old.

I think we should...

I think we should take a break.

You don't take breaks
when you're married.

It's something I've been carrying around
for some time.

- I'll find a place to sleep tonight.
- No...

- Yes.
- No, you're coming home with me.

We'll talk about it some other time.
When you've calmed down.

- He wants to take a break.
- I see.


... from me.

Isn't that what you do when you're 20
and clueless about the world?

No. Filthy things.

Take a really deep breath.

- I got divorced two years ago.
- We're on a break.

I shouldn't have let him go. I should've
forced him to come home with me.

I did all the things you shouldn't.

I was an idiot.

Nothing good came of that.

- I think I'll call him.
- No! Don't call him. Give me that.

This is my number. So before
you burn down your house,

cut up his clothes or send seedy
photos to him at night, call me.

And get up. You've been
sitting here for long enough.


- Hi, Mom.
- Hi...


Mom... he's here.

Who's here?


Dad's here.

What... is he doing here?

He asked if he could stay
a couple of days.

What would you have me do?

Mom, stop!

I'll get Dad.
We'll work this out.

Dad, come.

Dad, come on.


Talk to each other, okay?

It's just silly to take a break.

You're too old for this mess.

Dad, go home with Mom
and talk it through.

- We're not taking a break.
- No, we're not taking a break.

I think we should get a divorce.

No... no, no.
No, you shouldn't.

- You want a divorce?
- Of course not. You don't, Dad.

I'm sorry, I accidentally said break,
but that's not what I meant.

It's for your sake, too.

You're not happy either.


Can't you sleep either?

Don't go.

I have to get up at 6
to make lunches.

Won't you sit with me
for a little while?

Have you met someone new?

No. It's nothing like that.

Then what is it?

It's just...

- It's everything.
- I'm going to bed.

I don't want to sit in the garden gaping
at birds and flowers like your mom.

She's not that boring.

I know her inside out.

Every time she opens her mouth,
I know exactly what will come out.

You say the same things
all the time, too.

I can predict every little twitch
on her face...

Mom has waited her entire life
to get you home

and then you thank her
by leaving her?

No one asked her to sit around
and wait. She chose that life.

And I've given her everything
she's ever asked for.

If you say so.

She wanted a nice house
so she got one.


She was the one who wanted children.
I wasn't that interested.

She was going to leave me if I didn't
give her a child. Did you know that?

It was practically blackmail.

And then we had you.

And I never regretted it.
You know that.




Helle! Are you there?



It could be a lot worse.
He could've bought a motorcycle

or traded you in for a 43-year-old
with curves all over the place.

How would that be worse?

- We're getting divorced.
- No...

Of course you're not getting divorced!
He's just having a 70-years crisis.

It'll pass. And men that age
can't handle being alone.

- He'll be back.
- When?

Give him a year to find out he isn't
Tarzan, and he'll come crawling...

If I have to feel like this for a year,
I'll die.

- Sweetie! No, you won't.
- Yes, I will.

I wake up in the middle of the night
and remember he's gone

and I get so upset
that I can't even cry.

You know what I do when I feel
Claus and me drifting apart?

I send him one of these,
and he's home within the hour.

What are you wearing?

It's Burlesque.

- There. I changed it.
- What?

I changed your Facebook cover photo.

- Isn't it nice?
- Yes, it looks great.

Do you want to write something?

What to write...
"New adventures await." Write that.

- There!
- Great. Let me show you something.

This is a Riesling.

It comes from Austria,

from the Garten Eden Winery.

The one I hold shares in.


You swirl it around a bit
and smell it.

Yes. Residual sugar. A Riesling
should have some sweetness.

- This would go well with foie gras.
- Isn't that animal abuse?


Isn't that when they force-feed ducks
with a tube until their liver swells?

Yes. And geese.
But they hardly feel it.

- But it's still abuse...
- Why are there wet towels on the jetty?

- There's water everywhere.
- Oh-uh, we're in trouble, Ida.

- Sorry! It's just a bit of water.
- Yeah, relax.

- Be happy we even bother swimming.
- Why would I be?

- Won't you come swimming tomorrow?
- No. I have to work.

And tidy... after you, I might add.

And cook and do your laundry, Dad.

- And, and, and.
- Nanna-mouse, come on!

We'd love for you to join us.

- Why?
- Why? Because you're my daughter.

I can't drop everything just because
you have time all of a sudden.

- Mom, he's trying.
- Fine. It's a bit late, that's all.

- Granddad...
- Have you heard from Mom?

- No.
- She's not picking up her phone.

- Let's take a new profile picture.
- Are you drinking wine?

Well, uhm... I'm just teaching Ida
about the different grapes.

- She's 13!
- It's just a little sample.

- And now it's gone.
- Gross. Don't drink from my glass.

Oh my God!
Gran wants to say something.

- Turn it off!
- Why is she sending that to you?

Turn it off.

That's so gross.

- Oh! You look gorgeous and piquant.
- No...

- Yes!
- It's so hard to tell about yourself.

It'll pay off for sure.
What did he respond?

- A winky face.
- A winky face?

- Okay, that's a good sign.
- It is?

Yes, yes, yes. If he wasn't interested
he'd have sent a thumbs-up.

- And that would be bad?
- Thumbs up is like "okay"...

But that doesn't cut it.
There's more spunk in a winky face.

You're home safe!

Is it him?

- No, it's Birgitte and Jess.
- Have you heard anything?

- Does Claus say anything?
- He changed his Facebook profile.

He's put a ship on there.
A big lump of a thing.

What does it say?
"New adventures await."

What adventures?

- Howdy there, as they say.
- No one says that.


Jess. Go to the kitchen.

Hi, Birgitte.

You can smoke out the window.
There we go.

- Jess has cancer now.
- Oh, that sucks.

- Bummer.
- Yes, bummer.

- He has some thingy on his back.
- Oh?

He says it's grown.

Could you?

It's Helle's turn.

No, no.
No need to take your shirt off.


- So, where is it?
- Down there. On my back.

- Okay. Is that it right here?
- Yes.

No, skin cancer doesn't look like that.

- It's nothing.
- Everything is something.

Not this.
Put your clothes back on.

There's another one in my armpit.

- No...
- Can't you feel it?

- No, I don't think so.
- Sure...

- No...
- You must be able to feel it.

- This?
- Yes.

It's just some loose skin.
I have that, too.

Everyone has.

How about here?

No, that's a...
It's supposed to be there.

No... it tickles.

Put your clothes back on, Jess.

We've always had great chemistry.
Yes, we have.

That spark between us.
It never fails.

No, Jess, we've had some good times,

You shine, Helle.
You're a movie star.

- I can't believe Peter would leave you.
- He didn't...

Hey, hey! Kiss me.

- No, Jess...
- Helle!

Jess, for God's sake!

- It was just a skin flap.
- Did he try something?

- Like what?
- He kissed you, didn't he?


- You have my permission.
- To do what?

- Sleep with him if you want to.
- No, thank you.

- He can go on for a long time.
- Yes?

It doesn't do anything for me.

I'd rather watch TV.


I told him he can go to a prostitute,
but he doesn't want to.


The sperm has to come out.

I think it's great that you can be
in the same room.

A lot of people get "divorced"
and then it's warfare from day one.

We have no reason to fight.

Besides, you don't just stop
loving each other, right?

- How's the wine business?
- Yes, how is it?

Orders are slowly starting to tick in.

And I have plans to take part
in the harvest. If they can use me.

- Stomping grapes with your bare feet?
- It's all automated.

- But the atmosphere is amazing.
- I'd love to see it! How about you?

And Claus, we have plans
of producing an Eiswein.

- Okay.
- An Eiswein?

Eddie! Come. Eddie?

- Eddie!
- So is the dog yours now, Helle?

- Yes.
- No.

- We haven't discussed it yet.
- No, but it happens to be my dog.

- It's our dog.
- Eddie's staying with me.

- He was born in that house.
- Eddie was born in a Swedish kennel.

- You two! Can't you...
- Linda.

You feel the same way, Claus!

You two have had
an amazing life together.

Don't you see that?

Peter, can't you see that?

- You don't know everything.
- Yes, I do. Helle tells me everything.

- Not everything.
- Sure, you do.

- Honey...
- Not everything. I don't.

Am I the only one who can see

that you're destroying
what's left of your life?

... because I love you,
and you know that.

- You know that!
- We love you too, honey. Sit down.


Come, Eddie.

Jess kissed me.

Come on, Helle.

He did. We kissed.

- Don't do this.
- Why won't you believe we kissed?

- Because that's not like you.
- Yes, it is.

Hi, Eddie.

Come home with me. Okay?

- What have I done wrong?
- You didn't do anything wrong.

Hi, Eddie.
Hi, little doggie.

You know what, Peter?

Let's forget about the winery.

It means nothing. Right?

You can work all you want.
You can do whatever you feel like.

I shouldn't tell you what to do.
Just as long as you...

Just as long as you come home.

- It's too late.
- No.

- Yes, it is.
- No, it's not too late, Peter.

It's not.

Helle, get up.

Get up from there.

We'll take the stairs.

Helle, come on.
Get up from there.



I want to bite him in the face.

Have you ever been dumped
like this?

- At 69?
- No.

It's been two years now.

We'd been married for 10 years.
Then one day it was suddenly over.

From one day to the next.

That whole first year
I thought I was going to die.

But then ever so slowly,

I started breathing again.

- How old are you?
- 52.

Oh, my. 52.

If only he'd left me when I was 52,
then I'd still have a chance.

- You talk as if your life is over.
- Well, what's left?

What do I have to look forward to?

Other than arthritis, stiff joints
and bad breath?

You're beautiful.

- You're full of...
- I'm full of old.

You're not old.

You're just miserable.

The last time I took the bus, two people
got up and offered me their seats.

Two! One wasn't enough.

- That's how old I am.
- Yeah, okay.

Keep telling yourself that,
stare at the walls and grow old.

And then you'll die within 5 minutes.

Do you think I could be that lucky?



Dear Peter Molbak, Congratulations
on your profile on SeniorDating.dk.

- Ready?
- Yes.

Lean against the car.

No over it. With your arm.

Now open your arms wide.
Open your arms.

- And now like you mean it.
- Sure.

Yeah! Now sideways and with a bit of...

It's as if...

- You look a bit chubby like that.
- Chubby? I'm not chubby!

- No one ever called me chubby.
- What's going on?

- We're just taking some photos.
- Is that Carsten's clothes?

Just be thankful it isn't yours.

- Whose car is it?
- Mine.

I've always dreamt about this model.
I gave Mom our car.

- Dinner's in 15 minutes.
- Yeah, yeah.

- Okay, lean in.
- Like I'm fond of it.

Not that fond.

It's weird to see your own clothes
from a new angle.

- Carsten, we...
- We needed new photos of Granddad.

He didn't have anything to wear
so we borrowed yours.

Dad, please put down the phone.

- Ida's on her phone, too.
- Ida.

- Come on, Dad.
- Hand it over.

- She's very warm.
- She's just been outside all day.

- Know what I dreamt last night?
- She has a fever.

- I dreamt I killed a monkey.
- A fever?

Instead of hands I had axes...

- She can't go to day care tomorrow.
- I split the monkey down the middle.

- Can you take her with you?
- No, I have 200 bookings for lunch.

- Right down the middle!
- I have two wedding cakes to make.

Are you even listening to me?
I killed a monkey!

There's nothing worse
than other people's dreams.

- Can you stay with her tomorrow, Dad?
- There's nothing wrong with her.

Oh, right.
You're the great fever expert.

- I can tell when someone's sick.
- Did you ever look after me?

I don't even remember you
from my childhood.

There's just a giant black void
where you should've been.

You remind me of your mother.

Accusations and snide remarks
about stuff that happened ages ago.

Please show my wife some respect.
You live in our house -

- eat our food and wear my clothes,
talking about killing monkeys.

- So you did hear me!
- Stop. Everybody, stop!

- Yes, stop!
- You, too!

- I'm going to the gym.
- So am I.

It's not gonna fall!

What's that?




Can I have some?

What's your setting?
Your setting. What is it?

- Interval.
- What?

- Interval!
- Okay, I'm not deaf! Interval.

Okay, I'll take it from here.

Happy 60th.
It was a great party.

I'm in just as good a shape
as a 60-year-old.


Carsten, something's wrong.
It's kinda slow.


Walk. Run. Walk. Run.

Walk. Run.

I knew that!

Feeling tired?

From me to you. Thanks.

For saving me.

- It's one of Peter's.
- You didn't have to. How's the hand?

I'm sure it'll heal.

- I'm just having a hot flash.
- Oh right.

- But thanks. So sweet of you.
- When does it stop hurting?

- Sit down.
- No thanks. No, I'm...

- I don't want to intrude.
- It'll take a long time.

- You must focus on something else.
- But there isn't anything else.

Why don't you go away on a trip?
Do something out of the ordinary.

No, thanks.

I jumped into my car
when I was dumped.

I just kept driving for three months
without knowing where I was going.

I can't drive.

I haven't driven in 30 years.
Peter gave me the car, the idiot.

- I'm gonna sell it.
- No, don't.

- Having a car gives you freedom.
- Freedom? No, thanks.

- You just have to learn to drive it.
- No. Too little too late.


Press start.

- What if I hit the umbrellas?
- Then you hit the umbrellas.

- What if I hit someone?
- There's nobody here.

- What if I wreck the car?
- Then you wreck the car.

- What if...
- Just drive.

I'm driving.

You can drive.

Stand there.

You're standing in the exact spot
where we buried Nanna's placenta.


We did so many strange
things back then.

I wanted a flock of children,
but Peter didn't want any at all

so I was allowed the one.

He's living at her house now.
Crazy, isn't it?

I brought her up,
and now he's living with her.

- Do you have children?
- No.

- It's not for you?
- Sure, I... love children.

- Let me.
- Can you?

- Fold the knife or you'll cut yourself.
- That would be stupid.


There you go.

Well, we...

We did try for many years
to have children.

Finally we gave up.

We went through hormone therapy

and were in and out of hospitals...

It was tough.

It ruined our marriage.

And then she went
and had children with someone else.


Anna, my ex-wife.

- Yours?
- Yup.

She met another woman
right after me

and then she got pregnant
right away.


Life doesn't always turn out
as you'd planned.

Life sure can be strange sometimes.

- Cheers to that.
- Thanks.


Hi, Eddie, you ugly little devil.

- How did you get in?
- I used my key.

Excuse me,
but what are you doing here?

- It's Trine.
- I know. She's my bank adviser.

- Our bank adviser.
- Hello, Peter.

- I didn't know you socialized.
- There's a lot you don't know.

About you?

- Is that my wine you're drinking?
- There's no other wine in the house.

- Good, isn't it?
- I bet it is.

- Where are you going?
- To get my Hugo Boss suit.


God damn it!

Have you lost your mind?!

Get out!

- Get out!
- What...

- We should have done this 20 years ago.
- No.

We should have done it 40 years ago.

- Dad, you've been in there for an hour.
- Give me two minutes.

- I have to change her diaper.
- Two minutes!

Alright already.

Hello, sweetie.
Do you need to go to the bathroom?

- Where are you going?
- To dinner.

- Who with?
- Nobody. Bye, sweetie.

You could've told us.
Carsten's cooking.

Who's going to look after Eddie? Dad!

He can stay here.
It's Eddie, he sleeps all night.

You're home anyway, aren't you?

- Nice place.
- Yes, very.

- Have you been here before?
- Many times with... someone else.

Oh, so this is where
you bring all the ladies?

- You're the first one.
- That's what they all say.

- So what's your story?
- What?

What's your story?

Are you divorced
or... did your wife die?

Let's start somewhere else.
All that belongs to another life.


So what do you do?

I've made an investment.

- In what?
- Good evening.

Good to see you. I've taken the liberty
of bringing a Pinot Noir from Oregon.

- Would you like to try it this time?
- Fascinating.

It's a 2013.

A Pinot Noir from the Ponzi Vineyards.

Made from the best cuvée.

Am I right in saying...

- French barrel?
- Spot on.

- And I'm picking up white pepper notes.
- Absolutely.

- Would you like some more?
- Please.

- We'll go with that.
- Enjoy.



- Do you like it?
- Yes, very much.

It's fabulous.

- You sure know a lot about wine.
- I'm a wine importer.

- How fascinating.
- I just invested in an Austrian winery.

How about you?

Well, how about me?

- What a lovely evening.
- With a lovely woman.

- Back to my place for some vino fino?
- Hi, Peter.

- Hi there.
- Hi.

- Linda. I'm Helle's friend.
- Alice. I'm just Alice.

- How do you know each other?
- We just met.

Now or a long time ago?

Does Helle know?

You're married?

Yes, well... in theory I am.

- I'm going through a divorce.
- In that case I'll say goodbye now.

No, Alice, wait.

I'm sorry.

I'm new at this.

We just split up and we should
have done it 20 years ago, or 40.

I don't know what I'm looking for
right now.

All I know is I should have been
more honest with you.

And I know that...

... you're very, very lovely.

- Where's the bathroom?
- Down there.





I feel quite embarrassed to serve this
to a wine importer.

- You never go wrong with a Mateus.
- I know. It's so nice and fresh.

You're the first one I've brought home
since I went online.

- How long have you been online?
- A couple of years now.

There aren't a lot of decent
60-year-old men out there.

They either want someone
10 years younger or...

Well, they all do.

It's so brave of you to hook up
with someone your own age.

Well, I...

What are you looking for in a woman?

I haven't given it a lot of thought.

- How about you?
- I haven't thought about it, either.

As long as he's honest...

... and brave...

... and smiling...

... with an interesting job
and healthy finances.

- And a clean record.
- Right.

- In good shape. Do you work out?
- Interval.

And I wouldn't mind if he had big
silvery hair and was called Peter.

That's pretty specific.

I guess it's like that when you finally
find what you've been looking for.

Hang on.


Wait, wait...

- I love you.
- What?


Oh, I love you, I love you!

I think...

What's the...

- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.


- Look, I'll call you, okay?
- Right.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Dad!
- Fucking hell!

Dad, get out, will you?

Dad, get lost!

We used to have so much fun
the four of us.

Have you heard anything?


- Don't you know anything?
- Well, sure...

- Well, sure what?
- No... Nothing.

Yes, I can tell that you're lying.

What do you know?

We met him with someone...

Me and Claus met him with another
woman. Her name is Alice.

- Alice?
- Claus says he's got a dating profile.

Peter got a... dating profile?

He's got some nerve!

What did she look like?


Fuck him.

Fuck him!

Linda wants to know if you're bringing
a date on Saturday.

- Who would I bring?
- I don't know.

- She says Helle's bringing someone.
- Helle?

- But she doesn't know anyone.
- Well, apparently she does.

Where is she gonna meet someone?
In the garden? He's a gardener?

- Don't be stupid.
- Come along, Eddie.


Of course I'd call you back.
I told you so.

See you. Bye.

Come on.



Hi, Peter.

- This is Alice.
- Oh, hello.

- So this is Alice.
- Yes.

And you brought Trine?

- Trine is Peter's bank adviser.
- Well, and Helle's as well.

- Quite funny.
- Yes.

You've taken up smoking?



- Have fun.
- Bye.

Have fun.


Dearest Linda, Linda, Linda.

That's the name
I've said most times in my entire life

and every time I say it,
my heart fills up with love.


Yes, I've heard that word
quite a few times, too.

We met June 23rd, 1966 -

at the Dance Hall in Tivoli.

I spot a blonde woman
wearing her student cap

and I think:
I want to dance with her.

So I march across the dance floor
to her table

and bow to ask her for a dance.

And there you are, Linda

beautiful, blonde, wonderful, wise
and amazing Linda

in your student cap

and a dress so short
that I can see your panties.

And I've loved you ever since.


- You have my permission.
- What?

Jess, my husband.

You have my permission
to sleep with him.

I'm a lesbian.

Oh? I don't think he'd mind.

Hi there.

- Shouldn't your guests be watching?
- No...

They'd just see my disappointment.


If I want a new salt shaker,
I'll buy myself a new salt shaker.

Oh... Well, that explains it.

I'd better find Alice.

Come on.

- You think she's here?
- Peter...

Crazy Linda.

My feet are killing me.

- I thought Helle was bringing someone.
- Oh no.

I told Claus to lie.

I thought seeing each other with dates
would make you jealous and make up.

That's how corny I am.

And now your date has taken off.

So much for this matchmaker.

I miss you guys, Peter.

I miss you.

- We sure had some good times.
- I miss being young.


Back then everything was fascinating.

- And we dreamt of mad adventures...
- We still can.

We're all falling into decay,
decay, decay.

Remember how beautiful I was.

I was so very beautiful.

Everybody wanted to sleep with me.

I should've enjoyed it more.
I should've screwed them all.

- Well, you did.
- No, not all of them.

I didn't.

Come along, Peter.
We're going for a swim.

Get dressed.



Linda, get dressed. Come on.

Get dressed.

It's not gonna happen.

What's not gonna happen?

- You didn't seriously think that I...
- Linda, get dressed, for fuck's sake!

Christ! As if I'd ever consider
sleeping with you.

No fucking way!

Dream on, Peter!

You fool!

- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

Can't Jess join in?

In what?

Oh come on, let him join in.

No, he can't.

That's mean of you.

Some friends you are!


- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Did you sleep well?
- Yes.

- Birgitte says that you and Trine...
- What does Birgitte say?

That she went down on you.

- Why would she...
- Helle, don't be embarrassed.

- If I were into women...
- I'm not into women.

No, I didn't say that.

- Who knows?
- Peter.

Pure glee in a honey pot.

- What did he say?
- He... Oh hi.

- Great party.
- Glad you think so.

I don't know...

About last night...

I'm really sorry.

I'm not used to drinking so much,

I'm sorry if... you thought...

If I thought what?

Because I'm not into women.

- Okay.
- So I'm sorry...

You don't need to apologize.

You thought that I thought we were going
to be an item because we slept together?

Well, we're not.

My ex-wife is 42.
You're an old lady.

And you're not my type at all.


I'm sorry.

- Would you like something to eat?
- No.



What's up, Dad?

- I think I've made a mistake.
- Do you want me to call Mom?

Too late.

She's become...

... intimate with a woman.
They were together at the party.



So does that mean that Gran is...

... bisexual?

I can't handle it.
I just can't handle it!

Mom, chill out.

- Mom...
- For fuck's sake!

- There's no need to yell.
- Yes!

Why can't you just behave like adults?!

- We have a right to be here, too.
- Yes.

- But don't take up all the space!
- We're not.

Your generation has
your head up your own ass!

I don't think so.

Hi, Eddie!

Where did you come from?

I see you.
You can't hide anymore.

- Did you take up smoking, Mom?
- No.

- Hi, sweetie.
- Hi, Mom.

I slept with a woman once.


- Does Carsten know?
- Yes.

It was his idea.
It was his only birthday wish.

He just sat there watching us.

It was kinda hot.
It's so different with a woman.

- It's soft and wet at the same time.
- That'll do.

I don't need to hear more.

I just thought you'd like to know.

Did Dad say something?

Are you in love with her?

The woman you were with.


- There, Peter.
- Stay as long as you like.

- I've never lived on my own.
- And you won't now.

No, of course not.

Who the hell can that be?

Go home and apologize to Helle.

Tell her you made a mistake.

I messed up everything.

And now she's converted.
Or whatever you call it.

- Peter...
- Claus!


How's the winery doing?

Great, actually.

The 2016 Chardonnay was awarded
a score of 90 by Parker.

You must be thrilled.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I...

- Would you like a glass of wine?
- Now? For breakfast?

Yes, why not?

Yeah, why not?

No, let me.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

It's delicious, your wine.

It is good.

- It didn't turn out as I'd planned.
- What?

I said that it didn't turn out
as I'd planned.

The two of us.


No. So it turned out
to be something else.

- We had some great years.
- And some bad ones.

Some go through their entire marriage
saying ugly things to each other.

It's better not to say anything.

I agree.

And so many stay together
because it's too difficult to split up.

Even though they hate each other.

I've never hated you.

And I've never hated you, Peter.

You've been a good mother.

I've always respected you for that.

I loved you, Peter.

I loved you so much.

I couldn't have asked for
a better life than the one with you.



Goodbye, honey.
Can I still call you honey?

Of course.

- There's something I need to tell you.
- I'm in a meeting.

Okay, I'll wait here.

- We could take a break if...
- No, it's fine.

What do you want?

I know that I'm an old lady

and that I'm not your type at all.

And there's something I need to do,

but I'll come back.

And I hope you won't be gone by then.

You're totally my type.