Happy End (2017) - full transcript

A well-to-do French family deals with a series of setbacks and crises.

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Spitting out.



Spitting out.




Putting the hairbrush back.

Putting on a night cream.

Screwing the lid on.



And going off.

Lights off

Hello everyone.

This is Pips my hamster.

I've had him a year and a half now.

I just put the same tablets in his food

my mum takes for her depression.

Let's see what happens.

I really can't stand her any more

with her non-stop moaning.

She blames everyone.

Dad ran away from her years ago.

Because he couldn't stand her instant
moaning 24 hours a day.

Now she's letting it all out on me.


It seems to be working.

She says he stinks,

but that's not true.

I always clean up his cage.

Yesterday Lise was here.

She told me your mum doesn't actually
talk to you at all.

She asks you for something,

and when you reply she does
something else or walks away.

She only talks about herself.

and nothing else interests her.

How can you stand that?

When Lise was gone,

I tried to talk to her about it.

She said I have no idea what you want.

How easy it is to make somebody quiet.

I'll call the ambulance now.

She's not stupid any more now
and knows better.

Happy End
A film by: Michael Haneke

# If you want we'll go #

# We will be just you and me #

# Near here or there #

# Without proper rules nor faith #

# When you want, you'll go #

# When you want, you'll go #

Three days before the beginning
of the Euro football,

on Friday with the match the opening,
the blues vs. Romania.

Ten meetings will take place in our region
in Lens and Lille,

The first card will be at Bollaert
Albania and Switzerland.

Sunday, there will be Germany vs Ukraine
at Stade Pierre-Mauroy

If you do not have the chance to attend
these matches, no worries. The Fan Zone

of Lille, the fourth largest in France,
can accommodate 25,000 supporters.

Walking the road Together..
Traffic connections are good...

The highway A16 is perfectly fluid

from Dunkerque to Boulogne-sur-Mer,
There is problem for traffic.

Be careful before the highway A25
reduce the speed...

near the Chapel of Armentieres

because the traffic is heavy there.
- Shit!

Weather with Pascale.

Temperature this Tuesday must be fair..

With some light clouds in the sky,
which give..

the impression of having beautiful weather
with that nice appearance of sun.

We will keep seeing that until the evening,

So what do you think I should do now?
Should I turn around?

Because I already passed the road.



- It's OK. I just wanted to tell you.
- So which hospital is he in?

He's here. I called Thomas. he's in Lille,

- But he was in the block.
- Yes, so what?

Are you there?

- Where?
- In the hospital!

- Yes.
- And then?

And then nothing.

They can't say anything now.

Things aren't looking very good.

OK. I'll see what I can do.

Thank you.

Thank you, Jamila.
We'll clear the dishes away ourselves.

- Goodnight.
- Good evening Madame. Good evening sir.

Good evening.

It would be nice, if you could control
yourself, my dear.


- Hmm?
- Mum, please!

Don't you think I have good reason
to say that?



No, I don't think you have good reason
to say that.

What's this all about?

I'd be grateful if you could manage to
leave all your bickering..

until after the meal.
Would that be possible?


It's not bickering. I'm worried.

I'm sorry if I'm on edge like this.

- Sorry. You know why I'm trying to say.
- Yes. I know, mum.

This morning I went into Paul's room.

He was already awake.
He gave me a big smile and said: "Daddy!"

Isn't that delightful?
That's this second word now.

Thomas will be thrilled.

It was ages ago. We flew to Kenya once,
I don't know, five or six years ago. Why?

And did you take any preventive treatment
against malaria at the time?

I can't remember. Why?

As well as the anti-depressant overdose,

the lab tests also indicated poisoning
by this type of medication.

These tablets are prescription-only.

Do you know whether she had any left
over at home?

Eve.. Do you know if mum keep
such medicine at home?

I don't know.

I'm ready.

Do you still need something here or there?

No, thank you. Everything there is OK.

I'm ready.

Do you want to join us?

No. Thank you.

Let's do. I'll come with you.

Hold on!

Good night. Sleep well.

You'll see, everything will be OK.

Don't worry either.

Good night.

Come in.

Just put your things over there.

Set yourself up.

Sorry. I've had to improvise a bit.
Tomorrow you'll get your own room. OK?

It's OK, dad.


I'll leave you alone.
Would you try to sleep?

If you need anything,
we're in the next room.



Good night.

Good night.

- Shall I turn the light out?
- Yes.

Where's the lemon marmalade?

Good morning, Rachid.

Good morning, Madame.

Just in case you haven't noticed yet,
we had a visitor last evening.

My brother's daughter from his first
marriage will be living with us at present.

It'd be nice if Jamila come over and help
Anais to set up the room for the girl.

Of course, Madame. I'll tell her.

- As soon as I get back.
- Thank you.

And can you introduce the girl to the dog?
He hasn't met her yet.

- I will, Madame.
- Thanks.

I talked to Maitre Barin,
and he thinks we should try to..

Come in.

Good morning, sir.

Good morning, Rachid.

- Thank you.
- Are you well, sir?

I guess so.

Thank you.

- Have you heard, sir?
- Of what?

Here we store the materials.
It is not a work place here.

- Why did they go up then?
- To take something

- How many were they?
- Four, if I'm not wrong.

- So, it's a place of work.
- I tell you it's a deposit.

It happens that in a deposit,
one comes to serve!

How comes the toilets are over here?

What is wrong with that?
They're a deposit too. Can't it happens?

- That's enough, Pierre.
- What's the matter?

What are these questions?

You know very well that even when a deposit
is closed, we come to work sometimes.

These are questions about security,
specially on any edge of such a trench,

It was secure, the gate is closed.

They only open to pick up the materials.

Besides, nobody could have guessed
that there would be a landslide.

Nor that this idiot was going to use the
toilets which just stored here.

How can he know that they
were just stored?

Because it is a deposit here, for God sake.
Any idiot knows that, right?

Pierre, please.

Mr. Van Thamen..

I apologize, my son is very affected
by the incident.

It was obviously a chain of
unfortunate events.

Certainly, Madame.

Such landslide doesn't happen just because
of a guy doesn't piss where he must not.

It was like the earthquake yesterday.

There must be another reason.

That's exactly what we've been checking
since yesterday.

As you can see, the deposit was
half cleared to check the tie rods.

If you want to insinuate that we committed
negligence. Well, you need to prove it.

I'm not insinuating anything, sir,
I'm doing my job, that's all.

I say you have to check everything
before you allow the recovery.


I'm glad the others where staying
near the truck.

And how is your man doing?

I went to the hospital, he is conscious.
We'll know more this afternoon.

We're really sorry,
I can not tell you anything else.

Yes. It is terrible.

You can be sure
everything is done right here

Certainly, Madame.
I guess.

- We are waiting for the final report.
- Certainly.

But in the meantime, you will not let
anyone enter this field again.

- Why all this?
- What?

Your behaviour!

Your behaviour!

Eve! Eve!

It was on my way.

I thought, maybe it's good if I pick you up
on the first day.

I thought you were at the hospital!

Only till 4:00.

Is this bothering you?

No. No.

So? How was it?

Was it tough?

What are the others like?

I don't know.

I can't say. Quite nice.



Eve, don't cry.


I'm sorry.

No. It's over now. It's OK. Sorry.

I'd so like to help you.

It's OK.


I'm not used to having a daughter any more.

I'm very inept to this.

Forgive me.

Shall we drive on?

How old are you?


I thought you were older.

She'll be thirteen in two months. Right?


Why do you ask her that?

I'm interested!

Have you been here before?

- Here in Calais?
- Yes.

We came here for a visit together once,
when I was still in Arles.

But you were very little about three.
Don't you remember?



What is the strange?

That she's here now.


Are you staying here?


Her mother's in hospital.
I've already told you twice now.

Serious drug overdose.

Eve is staying here till she's well again.

Sorry, I'm senile, I know.

So, you're not staying here.

I get it correctly now.

Still, welcome to the club.

Lying on my back, indolent and half asleep,
my hand between my legs,

I dream of what you did with me
in that ugly room

which was so beautiful because
I lay in your arms.

I wish you would destroy
the porcelain doll that I am.

and abase me, that you would put it
in my ass and fuck me until

my whole body is dripping with sweat
to the point

where one thinks one is dying,

you know, but you don't die
with your hand in mine.

that you would pee in my face,

smiling all the while,
I love your smile so much

Hand in hand, I would do all that to you
or that both of us would do all

At the same time, and all kinds of
other things too, something crazy and ...

Ask for the house number and just go there.
It's important.

If they get the feeling we don't care
they'll only bother us more.

- We haven't got a strong set of cards.
- I know.

You've got us into trouble,
now please be kind enough to deal with it.

No. I talked to Maitre Barin.
You can't rely on that.

I talked to the insurance.

What is it?

Excuse me, Madame,
but Mr. Georges isn't there!

How is that?

I went to his room, with his breakfast,
but he wasn't there.

What does it mean if he's not there?
Maybe he's in the garden.

I've already looked everywhere.
He's not found.

Excuse me, I'll call you right back.

What's that supposed to mean? He can't just
disappear. Have you asked Thomas?

Mr. Thomas went to Lille early
this morning.

Madame Anais is still asleep,
and so is Miss Eve.

Did you look in their rooms?

Of course, Madame.

Well. Hold on.

Can't he be in your room?

Hi. This is Anne Laurent.

Can I speak to my brother?

When will he be finished?

Can you ask him to call me right away?
It's urgent.

Yes. Thank you.

Have you looked to see if his stick
is upstairs?

Look at this haircut. It's horrible.
It's so shitty.

Take care, They are from 2001.
Too much!

Look at me, it's a child who has
distance look to the infinity..

And beyond!

Thinking about his future. On the other
hand, I have an asshole mouth here.

# Dreams are my reality #

Oh, no! Look at this little one!
Look at this ridge!

Exactly he looks like a cock!
The joke comes back from the year 2000.

look at me, this head.
look at me, this head.

That's enough! Well?
I am speaking to you. Pay attention.

Look at this beautiful figure of hip-hop,
Dunno even if we can call it hip-hop.

In fact, it was the only figure
I knew how to do.

At last,
it's still the only figure I know to do,

I thought I was doing something "sick",
you see...

I'm sorry, I was on the toilet.

Why are you still up?

- Come here.
- I was waiting.

Has dad called yet?

They're in Calais already.
They should be here any minute.


Apparently they're looking better
than first expected.

What does that mean?

I don't know. Thomas kept it short.

I think that's him.


Good morning, darling.

- Good morning.
- Good morning


Like what I said, it doesn't look too bad.
He could have been dead.

Sorry. I must eat something;
I haven't had a bite since early morning.

He crashed head-on into a tree.
The police say it was deliberate.

There are no brake marks.

Do you believe that?

I don't know.

Anne thinks it was deliberate too.

But why?

Well, you know all about his Swiss escapade
last December.

And what are his injuries like?
Were you able to speak with him?

No, No.

His ankle is broken.

Fractures of the tibia and fibula.
The shoulder is a contusion.

Two ribs broken and that's a good deal of pain.
They've sedated him.

What a story!

Anne is completely distraught.

- Should I go down to see her?
- No. No.

She said she'd take two Triazolam
and go straight to bed.

I'm going to do the same.
I have to leave the house early.

Where is he?
At your place?

In the emergency ward. The accident
happened pretty close to Lille.

Sorry, my love.

- Your dad is terribly unsettling for you.
- No, no. It's OK.

I'm sorry.

Don't worry.

It's all a bit much for you.
Your mum, and what's going on here.

We should all go to bed. It's late.

Go ahead. I'll be with you right away.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight, dad.

Clair: An hour without you
my skin is still red from you.

My cunt hurts I smell of you nobody
in the world is as happy as I am.

Don't think, stop thinking.
I read in a stupid magazine I had once

that you were my king I was your princess

I drank my fill from your eyes, your skin,
your cock, your cum that was YOU

I found you finally that's living.
No, more than living

Whatever happens, even if you forget me
some day. I am YOURS for ever.

I can't see properly..
Everything is full of tears, my wonderful.


I'm thirsty for your tears
and don't want you to cry

But I want to see you pee with pain
and be able to console you.

I want to hurt you because
I can't see inside you, right inside you.


Don't hide anything from me..
your dark.. darkest sexual desires.

It's a gift.. it has to be used.

I do promise! promise!!

That's good my dearest.. that's good.

Those were the most beautiful days ever
bestowed on me in my entire life.

I swear.

In your hands, in your smell, in this crazy
desire.. all my fears are as if washed away

the only thing left of me is skin, flesh,
blood and bones.

Happy to love you.

Happy to give you my heart,
my ass and my soul.

Happy to live.

Yesterday evening..

Damn you!

Don't show your face around here again.

If you came back here, I'd break your head.

Fuck off!

Are you hurt, sir?
Can I help you?

- Everything's fine. Everything's fine.
- Are you sure?

It's nothing. Thank you very much.

I was 5 years old when my brother died.

It was pneumonia.

He was two years older than me.

it was terrible.

I loved him very much.

I missed him dreadfully.

Maybe this is his replacement.

Another brother.

This time I'm the oldest.

It's nice.

He just put on her sweater, and left.

Didn't she try to stop him?

She told Mr. Hougron,
and he called in the guy's parents.

Ah! OK.

And then?

I think they were mortified.

Of course he brought the parka back.
But I reckon it's pretty dreadful.

It's not laughing where you are, right?


Ice tea, please.

What would you like?

No idea.


One moment. One moment.

It is the hospital.
Nothing works without me!

Here. Get whatever you want.
And get...

Another ice-cream for Anais as well, lemon,
and a bottle of Evian.

- Thank you.
- Four Euros, please.

And this is to be five.
Thanks and good day.

- Good morning.
- Good morning -

One Ice cream cone..
And one ice-cream lemon.

- And a bottle of Evian, please.
- No Evian left. Badoit, is it OK?

And that's for you.
3.70, please.

Thank you.

OK. Here is for four.
And the is for five. Thanks my friend.

Thank you.

- Good morning -
- Good morning. We'll take one Magnum and..

- Cornetto. Isn't it what you told me?
- Yes it is, too.

- Cornetto and Magnums?
- Yes.

Thank you.
Five Euros, please. Thanks.


I'm sorry.

Did you get everything?

Yes. They didn't have any Evian
so I got Badoit.



Do you love Anais?

Of course I love Anais!
She's my wife.

My mother too was your wife.

That's true.

You're wiser than your age!

What is required?
Of course I love Anais.

That's OK.

- Then why?
- No reason.

- Do you know how I met Anais?
- No.





You are right, please.

OK. Stop it.

Well then?

I don't know what to say.

So, just don't say anything.

You can't just disappear like that!

Can't I?

Let me look at you.

It could only happen to you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

No. I think it's great you went there.

Nobody could have known that crazy guy
would be lying in wait.

Mum, please!

But then why did you just run away?

Instead of going straight to the police?

That could have been in our favour
if we got them to agree on a settlement.

But why did you run away from
the construction site?

Are you ashamed because
you've got a black eye?

You can't just drop everything like that.

Well, I can, as you see.

And how do you think that's going to work,
if I may ask?

You have considerable credit, Pierrot.

You're my son and you're the future boss.

But as you know, it's not all set in stone.
So.. So kindly make a bit of an effort.

because your excesses and this whole accident
won't help my attempts to rescue the firm.

That should be clear for you, right?

Can you stop please, mum?


What is going on?

Since when have you been drinking?
I didn't notice at all.

I do not drink.

What am I to do? Can I help you?

Are you overworked?
Are you scared? Do you need medical help?

I just don't know! Since you moved out,
I have no idea what you're up to!

Have you got a girlfriend?
Do you have love problems?

Talk to me!

What do you do in the evening after work?

Aren't you talking to me any more?

I come and sleep.

You come and sleep?

What else am I supposed to do?

What do you do?

I work..

- Pierrot, dear. You need to accept help.
- Mum!


Mum, what?



I'm nothing.


I'm nothing.

What kind of nonsense is that?

You exactly think the same yourself.

Stop all this drama, you know very well
I'll never take over this fucking business.

So what are you going to do instead?

Nothing. Why should I do anything at all?

Stop degrading for yourself.

Stop behaving like a sulky schoolboy, just
because someone punched you on the butt.

- What's the point of that?
- Now you act more like the mum I know.

Why don't you want to come back home
and carry on with your work?

You are really useless!

You said it, mum.

Give me a shout-out!

- Hello? Are you OK?
- Are you OK?

Are you OK?

I am Thomas Laurent.

My ex-wife, Nathalie Laurent,
arrived here today.

- This is her daughter, coming to see her.
- But we're closed to visitors now.

I know. I telephoned. But you can make
an exception. I'm head of surgery in Lille.

And my daughter hasn't seen her mother
in more than a week.

Who did you speak to?

To doctor.. I don't remember her name.
I'm sure we can find her.

It's Florence from the reception.
Here I've got a Mr?

- Laurent. Dr Laurent.
- Dr Laurent.

He wants to visit the new lady
who arrived today.

He says he called some doctor about getting
permission to visit but can't remember who.

- Come, dad. Let's go.
- No. No.

He's here with the patient's daughter.


OK. Bye.

- You may enter.
- Thank you.

- Room 223. second floor.
- Thanks a lot.

Let's go.

I'm looking for room 223, please?

- End of the corridor on the right.
- Thank you.

You're welcome.

You, come!

Just to the left.

Guest room is there.

- It's facing south, right?
- Yes.

I'll go first.

Can you hold on for a second?

The room of my daughter Eve.

- Hello Eve.
- Hello Madame.

- What nice room!
- Yes.

Very bright.

Did you overcome what happened?

Are you sad that you have to go away?


- How old are you?
- 13 years.

So, you're not going to the 4th, right?

Since the death of her mother..
I have her with me in Calais.

She is going the the school there.

Will we continue?


Goodbye Eve.
Glad to know you.

Goodbye Madame.

Should we go on?

The bedroom.

The bathroom.

Here is where my office was.

We can go back down by this staircase.

We turned two houses into one.

That's why there are two stairs.

Do you have the plans?

The interested person always need
to see photos.

This was difficult, it's been a long time.

A friend has, guess.

- How many square meters is it?
- About 200.

You can go now, Rachid.
I don't need you any more.

As you wish, Sir.
If you need me, just ring. Please.


Now I've offended him.

He shaves me every day. He doesn't like it
when someone else lays a hand on me.

But I'm hardly touching you, sir.

How are you?

Well, my profession keeps me busy.

Your profession?

And what does your profession consist of?

But you know that, sir.
I cut your hair.

I cut the hair of many people.

I cut the hair of Mr. Delamare..

I cut the hair of Mr. Franck..

- I cut the hair..
- You're getting on my nerves, Marcel.

Yes, sir.

Excuse me.

How much do you earn each month?

That's not a kind of question to ask, sir!

Don't you need any money?

- Everyone needs money.
- Absolutely.


I don't understand you, sir!

How long have you been coming here now?

Oh! Over ten years.

Almost twenty.

You should learn how to count.

I might be a trash, but I know what I say.

But I'm not that old!

You could do me a favour.


I'll pay you a decent amount.


Stop this comedy!

I'm sorry.

I'm stuck here.

I drove into a tree, but I wasn't
clever enough to do it properly.

- But sir, they told me it was an accident.
- Yes!

That kind of thing doesn't look too good.

My son is such a fool.

I asked him to. He's a doctor.
it would have been so simple for him.

But he's pig-headed.

Last year, I was in Zurich.
They refused me.

I seemed too healthy for them.

Now, I'm a prisoner in this bloody chair.

Do you understand?

Even I can't even run away.

If you get me a pistol..

And some bullets..

It won't hurt you.

But sir..

A shotgun or a big enough quantity of
tablet would work too.

I've got money here.

I can make you rich.

At least rich enough so you don't have to
carry on cutting the hair of elderly fools.



I don't know what to say.

How am I supposed to get you that
kind of thing? I'd be suspect at once.

- My God!
- And why do you want to do that?

Is that you take me off guard.

What would you do in my position?

I don't know. But you feel well, right?

Are you as naive as all that?
Or are you just afraid?

Of course I'm afraid.

How could I do something like that?

I can't do that.


- honestly.
- Don't scare yourself shitless!


Forget about it.

I was a fool to ask you.


I can't.

Feel free to carry on.

Thank you.
Thank you.

We are touched. Thanks a lot.

Dear friend..

I'd like to thank you warmly, on behalf of
our family for your acceptance..

at such short notice and in such numbers,

our invitation to celebrate with us
dad's 85th birthday.

As some of you have no doubt heard, the
last few weeks have been pretty turbulent.

But tonight we're all glad our birthday
hero has recovered so well and so quickly,

and we are full of hope that he
will soon be back to full health.

After all, what is it you always say..

"Weed always grows!"

And on top of that, we have some good,
to rejoice..

Many do not know, but after Paul's birth,

Our new comer.

our family has grown even larger,

This time with quite another
unexpected addition..

Thomas' daughter from his first marriage,

who has come to join us..

and share our lives.

Eve, we're very happy to have you with us.

So. Now I don't want to take up
any more of your time.

Miss, I'd like to thank you
with all my heart,

for your awesome playing.
I know you have given dad great joy.

After such spiritual pleasures, no need
to keep you any longer from earthly food;

The nice weather is with us.
The air in the garden is exquisitely sweet

As if it was a special request
for dad's birthday.

The champagne and buffet are waiting.

I wish you all a wonderful evening.

- How are you?
- Good! Very good!

I'll remove my plaster in a month.

It's very kind of you to come.

The theologian, who says he tries..

- I'm glad I find you here.
- I am here for this evening only.

I came for weekends, but..

- I'm in Germany during the week.
- It's magnificent.

Since then?


Saturday, it will be just 3 weeks.
It's ridiculous.

No, why?

- Do you think that's stupid?
- No. There is no reason to think so.

- So it's possible?
- I'll arrange that for you.

- Yes.
- I don't know what to say.

Tell me. Shall we go and plunder
the buffet, cousin?

If you'd like to.

What is there? Don't you feel hungry?

I know. I know.

Let's go. Come on.

The pool.. it's up to 8 or 9.

- Yes, in the luxury category.
- It will go down thanks to the English.

Places which face south
don't make me comfortable.

- We sweat and incapable of thinking.
- Good idea

But she is Valerie, don't you,
the one with the loud voice.

- I can't comprehend..
- She sold it all hoping to get children.

She is not able to swim anymore because of

What would you like then?

I'll manage it myself.

How old are you?


That's it. Well..

Excuse me..

Look what tempts you. I'll get a drink,
then come back.

I think I am hired because of I qualified.

Are you in job because of quota system?

Are you where you are because you're
competent, not because you're a woman?

- Are you that naive, or just acting so?
- Look who is here!

What a nice surprise!

Jamila and here rice dish.

You should all try it.
It is a real pleasure.

Jamila is our Moroccan slave.
She is a real pearl

For us she is our gift from the sky,
she cooks like Alain Ducasse.

It's a matter of fortune that
we have her to serve us.

Bravo Jamila!

Would you come, love?

It'd be nice if you'd congratulate grandpa.

Come here.

.. that operation is planned to get place
in 2018, in autumn or summer...

.. I am just..

- Dad, may I interrupt you for a moment?
- Yes?

Eve would like to say something to you.


- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.

Well? Aren't I getting a birthday kiss?

Who are you then, sweetie?

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

Let me thank you all for coming today.

First of all, may I just once again
express my clients' regret

over the unfortunate accident.

As you know, the official investigations..

that began immediately after the accident
didn't indicate to any culpable conduct

or fault on the part of the firm of
Laurent group.

So we may assume the public
prosecutor will soon will close

the file of criminal proceedings
which were automatically commenced.

I would also add that, in my view,

neither is it possible for my clients
to be accused of any civil wrong.

However, naturally Mr and Mrs Laurent
are fully aware,

quite apart from the tragic
nature of the incident,

the difficult financial situation
arising for your family,

particularly in view of the
fact that your young children

who will be dependent on
you for some years to come.

In theory,

you could now try to claim whatever
through the courts.

That is your right to do

for compensation on the basis
of civil responsibility,

However, as I already said,

I do not consider that this
would have any legal basis.

Nevertheless, our clients are willing to
support you in this difficult situation,

and pay you a substantial
sum totaling EUR 35 000,

in order at least to lessen
your financial distress.

Though they are not obliged to do that.

Certainly, you don't have to decide at
once whether or not you accept this offer.

so you avoid court proceeding later.

You can simply discuss that with
a lawyer of your choice,

and then kindly get back in touch with me.

As for the incident that took
place in front of house,

which we found a witness for it,
Mrs. Delorme,

she also resident at the same address,

The public prosecutor need
not hear of the matter.

And it is up to you to let
him know nothing about it,

So then, no need not be any claim
proceedings. Am I clear enough?

I don't know.

Why didn't you say anything?


How what?

That you're unhappy..

that you miss your mother,
that you're alone,

I don't know what else.

We can not be in your place.


So what?

You're so far away.

I love you so much.

You must believe me.

I'm inept, but.. I love you.

Will you take me with you,
when you leave Anais?


Will you take me with you?

What kind of nonsense is that?
Why should I leave Anais?

I've got another four
years till I'm an adult.

I'm not going into care.

What kind of thing you're saying?
Why should you go into care?


What do you mean by OK?

Are you out of your mind?

I love you.
Nobody wants to put you in care.

How can you even think of such an idea?!

Will you take me with you,
when you leave Anais?

I'm not taking you anywhere with me,
because I'm not leaving Anais. OK?

Can we get back to talking sensibly?

I heard what you said on the phone..
On the beach.

And I read everything..


And I read your e-mails.

What e-mails?

Dad! Please.

Stop playing this comedy.

I know you don't love anyone.

You didn't love mum,

you don't love Anais, you don't..

You don't love this Claire,
and you don't love me either.

No problem about that.

I just don't want to go into care.

Why did you take mum's tablets?

There were still enough left over.

- What about the rest? You hid them?
- Yes!


Few drops of your scent drive me crazy,
make me alive again.

My God Thomas! I'm not myself any more.
you mustn't leave alone me that long

Come fill my mouth, cunt and ass with cum.
I beg you to call so I bathe in your voice.

But what can we say to each other on phones
Maybe I'd be speechless like the other day.

It'll take hours and hours, one inside
the body and others inside the soul.

to repair the damages of this separation.


Poor darling, you can't imagine what this
separation means for me. I count the days.

Ten times a day I look at your photo on my
mobile, your wonderful body,

makes me crazy with desire.

Something stupid happened.
My daughter looked around on my computer,

and discovered our e-mails.

She tried to take her own life.
Thank God without success.

I had to delete all our e-mails, and..

from now on I can't keep anything any more

I don't know what else
she might think of doing.

We need to agree times when we can..

Dad says you want to speak to me?


I don't actually.

Would you like some cheese?

No. Thank you.

It's not bad.

I don't like cheese.

Well then..

You need to decide. In or out?

Or do you want to keep
standing in the doorway?

Now close the door, princess,
and sit down by me.

Are you scared?


Then come here.

Now come on.


Your father was fibbing.

I don't want to talk to you

He asked me to do.

He thinks you don't trust him and
he's worried.

Why did you try to kill yourself?

I'll tell you something.

You can stay on your feet, or you can
sit down. It's entirely up to you.

You didn't know your grandmother.

You were here once, when you were small.
You won't remember it.

Or do you?


Come here.


Look at this.

She was a beautiful lady.

Don't you think?

When you were here, she was already ill.

You didn't see her at all.

She was lying crippled in her bed..

and couldn't speak any more.

I took care of her.

I gave the business to your aunt
so I'd have the time for her.

In the end, after three years of suffering.



I suffocated her.

It was the right thing to do.

I've never regretted it for one moment.

That's the whole story
I wanted to tell you.

Will you tell me your story?

What story?

Why did you take the tablets?

Do you think I'm too dumb to understand?

Sit down, then.

I tried to poison one
of my schoolmates once.



not exactly poison her.

Mum put me in a holiday camp,

when dad disappeared.

They gave me Lexomil to keep me quiet.

I was supposed to take two tablets a day.

I didn't want any tablets

There was a girl there I didn't like

Everyday I mixed my tablets into her meals.

It was funny to see how she
got quieter and quieter.

One day, she collapsed.

They examined her,
and that's how they found out.

And? What happened?

Nothing. I had to leave the camp.

And came home?


And after that?

Were you sorry?

Not very.


Yes, I was sorry.

Too late.

The girl wasn't nice,
but it wasn't her fault.

The other day,

I was looking into the garden here,
and I saw by chance..

How a bird of prey..

ripped a little bird to pieces.

It caught it in flight, shook it..

It shook it immediately..

And then,
tore it to shreds on earth with its beak.

Really tore it to shreds.

The feathers were flying about and landed.

It looked as if snow had fallen.

Then a car drove past and
the bird of prey flew off.

Apart from the feathers, there was
hardly anything left of the victim.

At least that's how it looked from here.

Ironically, if you see something like that
on TV, you feel it's normal.

That's how nature goes.

But seeing it in reality,

will make your hands tremble.

Why did you do it?


The tablets.

I don't know.

I don't know.

And here? Does that hurt?

He only nipped her.

How can you say that?

He bit her!

She ran away and cried!

She was playing. She called him..
So he followed her and nipped her.

It's not as bad as all that.

You should have watched out better.

Is it bad?

No, no, It's fine. It's fine.

You're a very brave girl

So.. Don't worry.

I will give your mum an ointment,

She'll put some on it for you, and tomorrow
you won't feel anything any more. OK?

Well, it is not bad, but..

You need to keep a closer eye on the dog.
After all, we don't have him to bite us.

Do you have a paper?

I'll write her a prescription.

- Well, how is she?
- She is OK. It was more like a shock.

- Here, that's for you.
- Thank you.

Let's take a look.

Well, that doesn't look so bad after all,
does it?

Well, look here

Every time it hurts a bit,
you can have a chocolate,

and then you won't be ill at all.


Now, have a good sleep.

It's late already.
And tomorrow's another lovely day.


Thank you.

Luckily, it is not bad.
I was beside myself when Anais called me.

Yes, it was terrible.

She cried so much.

Rachid, you must the go under
better control. Otherwise we'll get..

I've told him already!

here is a cream. Apply it gently at the
morning, so it doesn't get more inflamed.

I'm coming. I'm coming.

Will she possible get sepsis?

No risk of that.
Do not worry about this either.

- All congrats, Madame, if I may say so.
- For what?

Madame Anais told me, for sure.

But what did she told you?

It's gonna be alright.

You mean the engagement!
Yes. That's kind of you, thank you.

- Isn't it, Selin?
- Are you finished?

Yes. Well..

Twice a day, morning and evening.

I'll drop by again tomorrow.
Good bye. Good evening.

- Good evening.
- Good evening., Madame

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Madame?
- Yes?

Are you moving away from here?

And what is the point of your question?



Ah! You are here?

I need to get something from town and wanted
to ask you kindly to keep an eye on Paul.

What were you doing in Thomas' room?

Nothing. I just...

My tablet is not working at all.

And I wanted to look on dad's laptop to see
how I could fix it. But it didn't work.

- He's got a new code.
- What?

Nothing. It's too complicated.

I see. Well, you can ask
him when he gets back.

Are you going to stay here?

I won't take a lot of time.
He's asleep anyway.

Sure. I'll go and sit with him in his room.
No worries.


Shall I get you anything?
I'm going to the supermarket as well.

No. Thanks. I don't need anything.

Excuse me, Madame.
Well you go right to the main course or..

- Or you'll take a little break?
- Good question.

No, do it. It's too hot.
People will not stay here for a long time.

Sure. Very good, Madame.

Are you all right, dad?

Do you feel OK?

I feel very good.
Perfectly good.

Excuse me.

Sorry to trouble you about it right now.

We have to head off
straight after the meal,

- So I have to talk to you right now.
- Yes. What is it?

Could you lend me your babysitter tomorrow?

Because mine has gone home and won't
be back for another15 days..

And our stand-by has a bad cold.
You know how it is.

Yes. It should be possible.

Tomorrow, I'll... Hold on...

Yes, fine. But just tomorrow,
because the day after..

Excuse me, mum.

I'm truly sorry I'm so late.

But first I had to get changed
for the festive occasion!

I hope I'm presentable enough!

No doubt your official speeches were
amazing, and I sorely regret I missed them.


But to make up for that mistake..

And above all, to make you happy,

- Who's the one speaking?
- I have brought along some extra guests..

who'd be pleased to join your..

Your engagement party.

Please excuse me, ladies and gentlemen..

It's OK, Thomas, you can sit still.

I want everyone to pay attention to me..

By the time the main dish is server,
everything would be finished.

This wouldn't take a long time.

May I introduce my new friends, please?

- What are you doing?
- Go back, please.

Well, this is Mohammed. He's from Nigeria.
His wife and two kind

- burnt to death in an attack of Boku Haram.
- Will you get me out of here, love?

He took a year to get here.

And now he's been trekking out of the
jungle to the tunnel every day for months,

in the hope of finally getting a ride.

He hasn't lost hope yet.
You know, hope is the last one dies.


So this is Youssouf,

Without a lot of words, he..

- Listen to me!
- Good day, mum!

Come on!

Come on. Here. Come on!

Stop it!

I'm sorry, but what else could I do?

Come. Let's go.

Ladies and gentlemen..

I apologize.. I'm very sorry you
had to witness this terrible scene,

My son has problems,
He's having medical treatment.

He can't be blamed, anyway.

But my son is a good person..

I am really..

So dreadfully sorry.

So, please do take your seats..

For the sake of our longstanding
friendship. Please do sit down.


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