Happy End (1999) - full transcript

Bo ra, a successful English institute manager, has became the financial pillar of the house since her seemingly much older husband, Min ki, once a successful banker has lost his job. Her boring, stressing, without passion,.... life has driven her to her former lover, Il bom. This movie is story of a hell that she has made for herself and her two man and their not so happy ending!

Conceived by Chungnyun Film

Co-Production Seoul Movies

A Myung Film Production

CHOI Min-sik

CHUN Do-yeon

and JOO Jin-mo

Cameo Appearance by JOO Hyun

Director of Photography
KIM Woo-hyung

Lighting Director
PARK Hyun-won

Production Designer
KIM Sang-mahn

KIM Hyun & KIM Yong-soo

Sound Effects by KIM Seok-won

Music by CHO Young-wook
& KIM Kyu-yang

Line Producer
PARK Soon-hong

JUN Chang-rok

Co-Executive Producer
PARK Moo-seung

Executive Producer
SEOK Dong-jun

Produced by LEE Eun

Screenplay & Directed by JUNG Ji-Woo

Come on in

Was someone here?


Happy End

Do it to me

Do it to me now!

Do it to me

Do it to me now!

You have a great body

I can't forget you

I hate to be alone. You know

Hey, haven't you had enough?

Look. Why don't you finish up?
This is not a library you know

Geez... This is a business

You're wearing a suit,

for God's sake!
This isn't a charity

Where do I put this?

- You change your mind?
- Yes

No good?

Well... It's closer to a mystery
story than a love story

I'm sure you know

But a real love story,
it's so sad it breaks your hear

Now that stuff is really good


Well, life's always that way
Here, let me see

Go straight to the middle
You know, in the middle & on

the right, where the high school
books are all stacked up


If you take 4 steps over,
the mystery books are all there

Put it over there

Yes, Sir

And that book you were
looking at before

You're just going to buy that one?

You're not going to
buy the one you've been

looking at all this time?

I think I have to read
it a little bit more

You've almost finished
the whole thing anyway

Too bad there's no chair,
your feet must hur...

Mr. Seo! I forgot

It's past Yun's feeding time,
let me feed her

That's okay,
I'll do it when I get home

It'll only take a minute...

Alright, sweethear

Wait, just a moment...

Are you Min-ki?

LEE Mi-young?
You're Mi-young, right?

You live here?

Yeah... I've been living
here for a few months

- You live here, too?
- Yeah

What apartment?

- Is that your boy?
- No, it's a girl

I've been living
here for a few years

I'm in apartment ♪909

- Really? Small world...
- I guess so

Introduce me to
your husband sometime

We should have dinner together

- Here?
- Thank you

This is my son, Ji-woon
Say hello now

- Hello!
- He's very handsome

Just a second...
Daddy's going to get your milk

- Wait...
- Stop...

Give me this picture!

God! You have more pictures
of me than I do...

What's this?

It's something you wrote

You've been keeping
it all these years?

You know,
I've never taken off the ring

So you can come to my place
when I'm not there

Is that you?
What time did you get in?

Let's talk later

You're hungry...
It's time to feed now...

Here's delicious milk...

My baby, my sweet baby...

Stop cooking and let's eat

We were discussing investment
problems for the business

Sorry. I came in late

What did you do all night?
What's wrong with your voice?

I think I over did it
at the karaoke bar...

You don't want your milk, sweety?

Thank you for applying
to Sehwa Group

Please enter your
application number

We're sorry
You've not been accepted this time

"We at Sehwa Group hire qualified
applicants every..."

Why don't you
take a look at this one?

There was this writer that
used to live next to me,

he dumped a bunch of books
when he moved...

There are a couple of
romance stories here

A writer, selling his books...

What's this?

This one Who wrote this...?

What Money...


- What's item ♪17?
- Mushrooms

- Which one looks best?
- All three look fine to me...

I think plaid really
looks good on you

Since you got home
first you could've

picked up the baby, you know...

Sweet baby...

Seo's residence Hello, Hello?

- Who was it?
- Prank call

Come here sweethear...
Did you miss your daddy?

I know that it's wrong
for me to do this

I know that there's no time for me
to complain like this, too

People are huring,
but like an idiot...

I try to calm myself,
but I can't

Honey, could you
turn down the TV?

I wanted it that way...

But I knew that it wouldn't
work out in the end...

You chose me to make time
for the two of us, right?

Would you turn it down!

Even though we lost this chance,
don't do anything rash

Who is it?

Hello? Hello?

What's the matter with you?

The soap opera is
that interesting?

What are you, a housewife?

I told you
I was expecting a call!

And why don't you look after
the baby when she cries!

Why don't you take care of her?

I'm working now

Why do you have to
bring work home?

What? I work at home
because I have to

You think
I want to work at home?

And I have to watch
the baby, too?

Hello? Yes... just a moment
It's for you!

Hello? Yes

Hey, are you watching it?
I can't help but cry

Those kids should be happy
Should we call the station?

Is it a bad time to talk?

Yeah, a little

I understand if you
take it easy for a while

But isn't this just too much?

You're not even working
on your resume, are you?

Say something...

The water's boiling


I go out and earn money

If you really want to
stay home all the time,

then it's your job
to watch the stove

Do you know which store has
the best juice prices...

Or which store has the best bread?
And what time it is freshly baked?

Hate to think about it, don't you?

You know you hate it,
so why don't you star working again?

Why are you sitting there
acting like a loser?

Bo-ra! You don't have to remind me
that you make money and I don't

So? I don't know
what's wrong with you

You just keep buying used books,

keep going to Pagoda Park
to read all day

Hey, watch it!
Why are you picking on my hobbies?

What's more,
it's not called Pagoda Park,

it's called Tapkol Park!

Ouch! Wait, my head...

Is it Okay?

You like it?

You know what I like
about sex with you?

You're gentle

What am I, a volunteer?

Because they learn directly
from a native speaker,

the children aren't
afraid of foreigners,

Plus they have fun...
Wouldn't you say?

If you say "circle," the children
don't really understand

But if you cut out
a circle with a pair of

scissors, then,
to them it's a circle itself

It becomes a circle
"Donggurami" is a "circle,"

"Kawi" are "scissors,"
and "Jareugi" is "cutting"

They learn English this way
without using Korean

They just learn the words
as "circle" and "scissors"

Well, let us think about it
a little more,

and then we'll make a decision

Alright. And this is the
web designer for our institute

I forgot to mention this...

- Hello
- Hello

I missed one thing

We send children's progress reports
by e-mail every week

You use the Internet, don't you?

Don't smile at everyone

- Yes?
- Mr. Seo is here

- What?
- He's waiting in the lobby

- Just tell him to wait...
- Yes

- I'm not finished here yet
- Okay

I don't think we can
have dinner today

Say hello to my husband

- Care for some tea?
- No, thanks

What are you doing here?
The children are all gone

Are you finished here?

You know him, don't you?
This is KIM Il-beom

Hello, it's been a while

Nice to see you
I heard a lot about you

You've been very helpful, apparently

No, I always get claims

So... shall we have dinner?
What do you think?

II-beom, what do you think?

I have an appointment

That's too bad

You seem tired recently...

You always take your shoes
off at the office?

Geez, you could be a taxi driver

The brake pads have worn out

When was the last time
you changed them?

Well, they seem fine to me...

Women tend to use the brakes more,
so the pads wear out faster

I said it's fine!

If you go to a small garage,
it'll cost around $20

It'll be about $25
at the auto repair shop though

You're such a banker, you know

Are you going or not?

Watch the road, the road!

I won't be too late

Open up! Open up!
Open the door you bastard!

Why don't we go out
for some noodles?

I came here because I wanted
to see you again... Look!

What happened to your key?

I promise I'll bring it
next time...

Ouch... It hurt!

Let me take a look

- How many do you need?
- Give me ten


Don't leave me... Bora,

Toll Gate Receipt

Why didn't you answer...
I was worried

Are you sick?

Are you alright?

There's nothing I can do for you
You know that

Have I ever asked for anything?

When did we star seeing
each other again?

I love it when I come here
I feel so free

Something wrong?

- Why did you buy the toothbrush?
- Toothbrush?

That new toothbrush over there!
Why did you buy it?

I just did...
Get up, please

I told you the first time
I came to your place...

That it would be best if there
was nothing of mine here

Okay. I got you! I heard you!
Now get up!

I can use your stuff,
like I am just a friend

I don't want you
to get hur again

I'm okay. Forget it

What are we going to do?

What should we do?

Um, this smells funny...

Are you tired?


Bora, are you
enjoying your life?

This soup is really good
Do you want some?

This soup is really good
Do you want some?

Good? Good? Good...

Wait, are you feeling okay?

There are no romance novels there
They're over here

That's the mystery section now...

Baby's gonna wake up soon

I prepared her milk,
so you can just heat it up

I'm leaving now... Aren't you even
going to look at me? Bye, then

Bora! CHOI Bora!

You think, they can live
until we arrive in Seoul?

Yes, of course

Thank you

- Goodbye now
- Goodbye

KIM Seo-yun

What the hell were you thinking?

Did you open it?

I thought we should
star preparing...

Just take it home
if it bothers you...

What's this...

I gotta stop this...

Forget about it, Bora

- Need any help?
- Just watch

If you want to,
you can set the table...

Ooh, sweethear, you ate a lot
didn't you? Such a good girl

Should we raise Yun
to become a singer?

She cries so magnificently

I've been acting a little crazy
these days, didn't I?

I've had a lot of things
on my mind

But it's OK now
Everything's completely cleared up

I... our Yun...

I'd be happy if you were
a good mother for our baby

How about I get a loan
and star a business?

And the money?

Well... we could
morgage the apartment

Fine... Who knows,
might beat being a salary man

I could use the rest of
my pension money...

Yes, Seo's residence... Hello?
Yes, this is a household...

- Who was it?
- He asked if it's a photo studio

I took a message for you...
Someone passed away

They took him off the respirator
this morning

They said you know him

Yes, Seo's residence...
Hello? Hello?

Give me your keys
I'm going to the auto center


- Hello...
- How can you do this to me?

Hey! Do you have any idea
what you're doing now?

I'm pissed off, too!
You think you can

just kick me out of
your life like that?

I can't understand how you
can dump me so easily

Let's talk later... Later!

What's really on your mind?

What you told me at my place,
what was that?

It's not that...

Have you been drinking?

You're drunk, aren't you?

Bora, I need just time
to for a coffee

Please don't do this...
I can't just leave my daughter here

- You can bring her with you
- Listen!

So what are you going to do?
I'm in front of your apartment

You... You've completely lost
your mind...

OK. Just 30 minutes

There's a cafe called "Tower"
in front of the apartment...

No, no... That's too close

Go out of the gate and
then you'll see a cafe

called "La Vie en Rose"
on your left

Wait there for me Go right now!

I know I shouldn't do this...
But I can't pull myself together

What should I do?

Don't do this to me...!

I just don't understand you

Didn't you make up your mind when
you took off your wedding ring?

This might be our last chance

Get a grip on yourself! Look,
I'm a wife and a mother!

I know, but you told me
in the hospital when Yun was born...

That our daughter is beautiful
Our daughter!

You're crazy!

Really crazy!

Since when did she have a fever?

A few hours maybe... Doctor,
I'm afraid I don't know...

- Did she consume anything strange?
- I'm afraid ants got into her milk

Ants? Take her blood test and make
sure she gets plenty of fluid

Yes, doctor

- Il-Beom, shall we die together?
- Why not...

Since we often see this kind of fever
convulsions in infants,

Take her home for now,

and I'll refer you to
a pediatrician tomorrow

Go... Go now...

Hello? Yes, this is
the English institute

The director is out right now

Yes... Just a moment. Yes,
go ahead. Yes... Taegu?

Coming back right after the
funeral? Yes, got it. Goodbye

If he was a teacher,
he must have been nice...

But he just suddenly died?

God, even people our age
can't be safe

Do you have insurance?

I got cancer coverage
2 years ago when my uncle died

They guarantee
the principal, too

You pay them
in monthly installments

And it gets deducted

so you don't even
have to bother with it

Mi-young, go over to the west side
station, would you?

- Hello...
- You did it, didn't you?

- It's you, Bora...
- Didn't you put the pictures here?

- What pictures?
- Our pictures are...

I don't know
what you're talking about...

Hello? Hello?

Hello? Hello? What is this?
What are you talking about? Bora!

Bora!... Bora!

Bora!... CHOI Bo-ra

Didn't know Bora was here...

No, this is my house!
Do you understand?

No, You can't

Let me go! You bastards!

My wife is dead...!

Sons of bitches! Let me go,
let me go!

This is my house!

He forced off the ring
and broke her finger

- Are you alright?
- Yes...

Sorry. It's par of my job
to ask you questions

after something like this

Where were you on the day of the
incident from 2AM to 5AM?

Sorry, but I need
to ask you a favor

I can't get in touch
with Bora since last night

Yun's still at the playhouse,
and I called them...

So could you please
take her milk and diapers to

"the playhouse this morning? Thanks
I'll call later..."

On average, how many
times per month did

you two engage in
intimate relationship?

Then I go

How many time a month
you go out with her?


Did you engage in
sexual intercourse

with her on the day
of the incident?

What are you looking at?
Fucking bastard... Fuck...

Sign the deposition here
That exercising your right

to remain silent can be
disadvantageous to you

I know how hard it is. When my wife
was hospitalized years ago,

I had to watch the kid alone

I never had to do anything
so hard in my life

How are you gonna raise
the baby all by yourself?

Anyway, thanks

They might ask you to come in again
to confirm a few more things

- Finish up now
- Okay. So long then...

- Who's that?
- I am coming to check the gas!