Happy End (2011) - full transcript

A fairytale for adults. It's about five people with an important liaison to one another. The characters are all avoiding being truthful about the realities of their lives and waiting for some miracle to happen. Instead of optimistically continuing their efforts, they find asylum in lies and falsities. The name suits the plot as all the main characters are wishing a Happy End to their existing problems while not doing much practically to improve their Present. This movie is 3rd in sequence of Björn Runge's Trilogy of Liberation. The two earlier movies are "Daybreak" and "Mouth to Mouth" respectively. The main idea behind these 3 movies is to portray the lives of people who are trying to liberate themselves from destruction.

Have you checked to see
if there's anyone behind you?

That's good to know
when it's this steep.

-A tractor right in the city.
-It was going fast.

-You're giving it too much gas.

-Control it with the clutch.
-I'll switch off the indicator.

-It switches itself off.
-It's a bit..


That's a puddle.
A pedestrian would have been splashed.

Take the next one right,
remember to do a wide turn.


Think about the speed. Yes...
The speed!

I had to intervene.

-Because of the speed?
-No. Mainly because of the distance...

-...to the pavement.
-I saw that.

I realise that.
We don't want to ruin the tyres.

Tuesdays and Thursdays
is that risk course I told you about.

You can sign up
for that when we are done.

I feel that we need to talk
about something before we start.

I've had my license for 30 years.

Of course I never normally drive
after drinking.

But once I had a couple too many at
a party, and got stopped by the police.

My aim is to get my licence back
quickly, I need to drive for work.

So we can skip the bit about giving way
and changing lanes. I know all that.

Let's start and see how we go.

-Did you check the mirrors there?
-I checked...

-First there and then there.
-Well done.

Hi, honey.


I didn't have time to buy food.

Could you leave us for a bit
so we can talk?

How are you?


Here you go.

How are you?

Peter. Can you talk to him?

Yes, sure.

He's not eating.

He's up all night and...

-Is he painting?

I can't talk to him.

As soon as I say something,
he tells me to shut up.

I'll try and talk to him.

I'm exhausted.

I'm going to my parents this weekend.
So he'll be on his own.

I'll call him and talk to him.

I will.

The wedding?

Hi, Peter. It's mum.

I'd like to see you. Have a chat.

Maybe do something this weekend?

Call me. Please do.

God, I'm so full.

Was it good?

I can tell.

I'm a bit too full.

What's so funny?

-What's so funny?
-Nothing, I'm just smiling.

What's so fucking funny, Katrine?

Can you tell me
what's so fucking funny?

I just think you look nice.

I look nice?


What do you mean by that, exactly?

-What the fuck does that mean?
-I don't know.


You just say these things, Katrine.

You say it to put me in a better mood
because you feel sorry for me.

I'll tell him he looks nice,
and he'll believe me

the fucking loser.

I just think you are nice.

You look so nice.

I'm an idiot.

I'm a complete fool.

I'm ashamed.

I'm ashamed about
the cafe and the money.

It's just that I really believed in it.

I thought we'd make money
so I could give you a proper life.

It wasn't my fist.

Just a little slap.
That's no beating, is it?

Can't even tell.

You're staring at me, so I mess it up.

There are too many mirrors.
I know how to parallel park, OK?

Yes, but you have to go wider,
the angle is too tight.

Go back to the starting position
and try again.

My God...

-Should there be sirens now?
-No, that's strange.

Maybe they're testing them.

That's usually done on Mondays.

-Is it Monday? No...

Maybe the end of the world is nigh.

-Shall I try again?
-Yes. Hang on, I just have to...

I have to get it.

Hi, Nina.

Yes, I'm coming.
Get out, I need the car.

Get out! It's about my son.

Yes, all right!


He's asleep.

-What did he take?
-I don't know.

-Hello. Kristian Hovman.
-Jonna Weber, Peter's mother.

Peter's asleep now.
He's stable, so it's OK.

He was dizzy after
the stomach pumping

so we gave him
something to help him sleep.

-What can we do?
-Like I said, it's all OK now.

Nothing to worry about.


Well, it's not the first time
he's here, I understand.

I think we should talk about
how we might help Peter in the future.

Why haven't you told me?

What do you mean?

I can't take it anymore.
It just keeps getting worse.

No, it's not getting worse.
He's not ill in that way.

-I don't care, I can't do it.
-Nina, surely you don't mean that?

He takes a load of pills
he finds here and there.

It's nonsense, it can't kill him.

It's all nonsense,
and he'll be himself again soon.

I don't want this anymore.

-Let's go, I'll drive you home.
-I want to lead a normal life.

You've been together
nearly three years.

You live together,
you're getting married in two months.

You have to explain to him.

Explain that I can't take it anymore.
Tell him how sad I am.

I understand,
you have every right to be.

And you have to pick up his stuff,
it's my flat.

-It'll be fine. I'll take care of it.
-I'll make my own way home.

-I brought you a plant.

I nicked this from him.

He brought it back from Moscow.

Very expensive, nice vodka, he said.

So I nicked it, of course.

-Shall I open it?
-How else are we going to drink it?

Say when.

Say when.

Let go! I can do it!

How are you, little sis?

I'm just so sick of cleaning.

-So very sick of it.

Do you want to compete?

About who is worse off...

-What the hell have you done?

To your hand.

Did you clean that wound?
You might get an inflammation.

Do you keep plasters in your car?

That's his girlfriend.


Is Asger in?

He's probably out.
Hello, Zidane. Over here.

He's probably sorting out
some things, and stuff.

-So much to organise.
-So much!

Will you say hi to Asger from us?

Hey... Hang on.
You have to respond when I talk to you.

Otherwise, this is no conversation.

Open up.

Open up.

Open up!

Open up! That's it. Yum.

You tell Asger
that Rickard and Zidane said hi.

Take the bike.

How much do you owe them?

-Quite a lot.
-Why borrow from those types?

The bank didn't want to
lend me any more.

-Who are they?
-Types you go to when the bank says no.

I was trying to save the cafe.

I was trying to save the cafe.

Don't give me that look.

-What might they do?
-I don't know.

I'll work it out.

I'll get some cash and sort this out.

And don't get involved, Katrine.

We gave him acetyl via IV
and vitamin K.

We've continuously monitored
his liver count

and everything looks all right.

I can see that you're admitted here
in an affective state now and then.

Can you tell me
what triggers your crises?

I need a piss.

-I assume you want to keep him in.
-We'd rather discharge him swiftly.

-He lives with his girlfriend?
-I've promised to help out for a while.

We are not able to keep him here
for more than a few days.

But if he's a danger to himself...

...we can make sure
he gets properly admitted somewhere.

There we are. I'll get some bedding.

Would you like
anything in particular for dinner?

What do you think?

-Do you think I care what I eat?
-You have to eat something.

Give me something, then.

I'll make some coffee.

-How much does he owe?
-He doesn't want to tell me.

Micke sold the summer house.
So I'll get some money.

-Does he hit you?

-I can't believe you let him.

-He doesn't hit me.
-Leave him, please, just leave him.

He's had such a hard time
with the cafe.

-That's just rubbish.
-Do you know much he's done?

-Just leave him.
-He's really tried to make it work.

I would never have
made it without him.

He will find something else.
I know that.

I know he'll work it out.

He was there for me.

Now I want to be there for him.

Who are you?


What are you doing here?

I live here.

Only Jonna lives here.

I'm her son.

I'm staying here temporarily.

-What's your name?

I work here. I clean the house.

How is Nina doing?

I spoke to her a couple of times.

-Why doesn't she come here?
-She's still at her parents'. Thinking.

-That's right.

Don't you know what that means?

-The cleaning girl came today.

I scared her to death.
She thought I was an intruder.

I should have called her
and mentioned it. It's been so busy...


You have to excuse
what happened last time.

-That's OK. I made it home.
-I'm very sorry.

-What was it that happened?
-It was an emergency.

Now we've got a double lesson,
which of course you're not paying for.

Then I'd like to decide where we go.

It might be good to try some
bigger roads in a double lesson.

We'll see.

My wife died last summer.

Cancer, of course.

That's when I started drinking.

I was always drunk. Even at work.

It felt good when I got caught.

I've been sober for three months now.
I go meetings, the AA.

My name is Marten and I'm an alcoholic.

Nice view.
I come here sometimes when I...

...need to think.

-What's your son's name?

He's sensitive.
He went back into hospital again.

Took some pills.

But it's fine now, he'll make it.

-What's this?
-My stuff.

-What's the meaning of this?
-Nina doesn't want me there anymore.

-What's that?
-Nina doesn't want me there anymore.

Her brother and another guy
brought the stuff.

-She sent along a letter.
-Which said...?

That it's over.

Just forget her, Peter. She's gone.

She was pretty,
but she was a useless girl.


It's good that we're rid of her.
Let's not waste our tears on her.

She's just gone.
Gone for all time.

Are you going to help me
carry the stuff? Right.

-It's no wonder.


It's no wonder you can't sleep at night
when you sleep all day long.

-Do you want to argue?
-I'm not arguing.

Now you got me out of bed.
Fucking unbelievable.

Do you understand that I've got
some things on my mind?

Can you grasp that?

That I'm a tad worried about those
psychopaths that are after me?

You're such a cunt, Katrine.





No, not the face!

Come into bed. Come on...

Come, honey.

Come back into bed.

It's that bloody money.
I don't know how I'll get hold of it.

There we are.

My head just starts spinning.
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, honey.

I'm sorry.

Don't look at me in that way
when I'm saying sorry.


Can I draw you?

-I'm an artist.

-That's what I do. I draw and paint.

-Why do you want to draw me?
-Don't know.

There's something in the way
you're wiping that table.

Something about your hair.

I can't, I have to clean.

I'll do it for you.

I'll clean when we're done.

Sit astride it.

You can talk.

What about?

You can only use the white soft soap
on the wooden floors.

The bottle marked bathroom
can be used in the kitchen, too.

It doesn't matter that it says
bathroom. It works in the kitchen.

-Are you wearing anything underneath?
-A vest.

Turn around.

I want to see your shoulders.

Turn towards me.

That's it.

Your cheek looks nice like that.

I'm a model.

A model?

-Peter drew me.
-Did he...

And then he cleaned for me.

-He's so nice.
-Are you in love?


-Are you nude?

Well, my little one. Just you wait.

He'll get your clothes off soon.


My little sweetheart.

-My aunt used to live there.

It feels good
to freshen up the whole thing.

-Freshen up...
-Well, I've forgotten a lot of theory.

That's right.
Have you signed up for the test?

How's your son?

Not too bad.

Doesn't he have a father?

He's dead.
He died when Peter was 12.

He wasn't ill or anything.

He was out for a run,
then he collapsed.

And was dead.

Ever since then, it's been Peter and I.


-Would you like scrambled eggs?
-Yes, please.

How nice to see you...cooking eggs.


-I've been drawing.
-You have? Great.

Is that Katrine?

They're bad.
I haven't done anything for a while.

No, they're nice.

This one might be something.

I want to draw her again.

I can sit for you. I'd be glad to.

She's got something.

She probably doesn't have time
to sit for you.

I guess I could always pay her a bit.

I'll pay her to be your model.

I liked the film.

Liked that it didn't have
a very happy ending.

Hold her! Hold her, I said!

-Do you have something for me?
-Yes. I'm sorting it out.

I don't have it,
but I promise I'll sort it.

Make her shut up.

We have to add to your debt a little.

We are going to add...
Make her shut up.

We are adding 10,000.
You have to stop pissing in my face.

I won't beat you anymore for now,
but next time I'll be pissed off.

I'll be really, really pissed off!

Asger! Baby...


I've got a good deal going on.

A few trips down to Holland and back.
It could be really lucrative.

That would be cool. Really.


I don't know
what I would do without you.

My sister had two budgies.

They just kept flying
round and round in the house.

Dad hit us
because they shat on the sofa.

-Why did he hit you?
-Not sure.

I guess he thought we needed that.

One day, we got home
and he'd killed the budgies.

They were at the bottom of the cage.
Mum said it was a rare bird's disease.

But their heads were at strange angles.

We buried them in the garden.

Then they died, too.
Mum and dad.

They died in a car accident.

The strange thing is...

...that he was sober when it happened.
He collided with a truck.

Is that what I look like?

You're beautiful.

I'd like to ask you something.

Would you get undressed?

And lie on the bed.

I paint people in the nude, men too.

Lie on your back to begin with.

-Are you really going to paint me?
-I have to decide what to paint first.

Will your mum pay me
even if it takes time?

Raise your arms above your head.

And the other one.

Am I doing it wrong?

I haven't touched anyone for a while.

Does he make a living as a painter?

He gets the odd grant.

He sells some.


So it's not just his mum
who finds him talented?

You can keep straight on.
No, can you...

-Shall I stop?
-Pull over.

-Will you be OK?
-How are you getting home?

-I'll take a bus.
-Thank you so much.

Go and have a rest.


Why don't you know anyone?

You don't have any friends.

What do you mean? I do have friends.

Lisa and Magnus. I just see
less of them since they moved.

I socialise with people at work.

Do things after work.


And Mia.

She died.

I'm rotting away here.

What are we going to do?

We'll wait for a run to Amsterdam.

What are you going to do there?

What do you think?

What the hell do you think, Katrine?

It's your go.

Well... You're probably wondering why
we're meeting here.

Obviously, it's Peter
I want to talk about.

I don't want to interfere
in what you two are doing.

You're both adults.

But I want you to know that...

...Peter isn't like other guys.
He's not that strong. Not right now.

He can't handle ordinary things.

-Just everyday things.
-Like what?

Girls, for instance.

He can't handle the things that
grown men can handle.

-He's not himself yet.
-How do you mean?

Peter tried to kill himself recently.

And then his girlfriend left him.

Why did he try to kill himself?

I care about him. Do you understand?

-You must make sure you don't hurt him.
-He told me to take off my clothes.

I don't know why we are sat here.

I don't know what I want to say to you.

I want him to be happy - draw, paint
and get back to his old self.

What do you mean by that?

I think he needs you.

He needs you to be with him.

I'd like to pay you to do that.

I'm not a whore.

No one's saying that.

-I won't do it for 100 kronor an hour.
-I'm sure you're a nice, sweet girl.

He can't handle anymore setbacks now.
He needs time to become himself again.

-How long will that take?
-Of course you should be paid more.

100 kronor is not enough,
of course you need more.

-Can we agree on that?

Of course,
Peter will never find out about this.

We're going left here.
I forgot to tell you!

So your test is on Friday.
You'll do well.

I can't wait to get that licence back.

But... I will miss our lessons.

-Well, I wish you good luck.
-Thank you.

I've been thinking about
your son's paintings.

I was wondering if
I could take a look at them.

-I have a keen interest in art.

I do, actually.
My wife and I got into that.

I don't think he's got that much
to show yet. Or right now.

It would be good to have a look.
Now that I know his mother.

Yeah. Let's see.

Micke is moving in with his girlfriend,
I might rent his flat.

There's no rush.

It's cheap.
Good location, by the cathedral.

Why won't you sell the house?

Why do still live here?

-Are you remembering to take the pills?

I've stopped.

-It slows me down!

Do you want to sell
the paintings you've got here?

What else?

-One of my students wants to come look.
-They can look all they want.

-How much do you want for them?
-No less than 15,000.

I'm good.

-Aren't they a bit...creepy?
-A bit.

-Is he at home right now?
-No, he's at his friend's private view.

-I thought I'd get to meet him.
-It's a good sign. He's painting.

And meeting his friends.

-What kind of fish are they?
-Saltwater fish.

We started keeping fish
when Peter was a boy.

I was thinking of putting
the tank in Peter's room.

It might make him more harmonious.

What do you think?

I wanted to ask if
I can take you out sometime.

Yes, to a restaurant
or perhaps a museum.

-Just have lunch somewhere.
-Are you hitting on me?

-Maybe I am.
-You don't care about the paintings.

I will not go out with you, Marten.


It's not going to happen.

Then maybe I should...

Come and have look.

Shall we do something later on?

I can't.

We could go out together.

My sister's really ill.

I have to look after her.

I told you.

She's got no one but me.

How about on the weekend?

She's got no one but me.

I like you...
I really do.

You can't even fuck in this caravan!

My God. No, no, no...

-I can suck...
-No, no...

I don't know if I can go to Amsterdam.

I'm stuck here.
I'm stuck in this caravan.

I'm stuck here.

Where are we going to wash?

We'll have to sign up
to the table tennis club.

If you sign up at the sports centre,
they let you use their showers

and changing rooms.

Do you know how to play ping-pong?

What does it fucking matter
if I can play ping-pong?


I want more money.

Do you know what this kind of thing
costs on the street?

It's expensive. Really expensive.

I thought you liked Peter.

I like Peter very much.

-You're just doing it for the money.

I have a boyfriend.

It's not like this is about cleaning.

Peter wants to see me tomorrow.

We're done now, Katrine.

We're done.


-I'm not hungry.
-Still, you have to eat.

-Has she been in touch with you?
-No, she's not been in touch with me.

Let's not talk about her anymore. She's
probably not the most stable of girls.

I bought strawberries.

How fucking touching
that you manage to drop by.

I clean.

-I work.
-I sit here and rot.

One of us has to get some money, right?

What did you say?

"One of us has to get some money"?

They're going to cut off my fingers
with bolt cutters.

And all you do is mock me?

Are you making fun of me because you
know how to clean a fucking toilet?

-Why won't you answer?
-Does it matter what I say?

-What's that supposed to mean?
-You're going to hit me anyway.



Why the hell are you making me do this?


Let me go!

Let me go!

I'm not going to hit her!

I just want to talk to her.
Let me go. Let go!


I can't get hold of her. Do you have
another number or an email?

They're dead.

-It must be the salt levels.
-Does she have another number?

-I forgot to check.
-Does she have another number?

No, she doesn't.

Her surname is Hall, right?

Oh, my God.

Would you like an ice-cream?
A cup of coffee?

I'll have some coffee.

What do you want?

What's happened?

My boyfriend.


Boyfriend? Why are you seeing me
if you have a boyfriend?

I'm not seeing you.

Your mum has been paying me.

Paying you for what?

To be with you.

I'm not in love with you.

Has my mum been paying you?

You'll have to talk to her about that.

I'm just a bit tired of
cleaning for other people.

But you're a good painter.

Really good.

Here he is.

Close them.

-I've packed my bags.
-Close them, damn it!

-What are you on about?
-I'm leaving you, Asger.

I can't take it anymore.
I can't take your shit anymore.

You grassed me up.

You grassed me up.

Don't you think I get that?

You fucking bitch.

If you touch me once more,
I will kill you.

I can't take your shit anymore.
I've got new friends to help me.

-You've gone completely insane.
-That's right.

-Go to hell.
-That's just what I'll do.

-You'll be back.
-You can keep hoping.

You'll be back.

Because you're so fucking ugly.

You're so ugly that no one but me
wants to touch you.

You're so ugly, that I'm the only one
who wants to fuck you.

I look all right,
lots of others want to.

You're so ugly, Katrine.
So disgusting that I feel...

...nauseous just from looking at you.

You're the most disgusting, ugly cunt
I've ever fucked,

and I have fucked
some really awful birds.

You are the most disgusting thing
I've ever put my dick in.

I'm not ugly.

You're a fucking whore.

Have a nice life, Asger.



Why didn't you reply?

You paid her.

You paid her to fuck me.


I don't know what I paid her to do.

You wanted to paint her,
and keep seeing her.

That's really not what I'm talking
about. It really, really isn't.

-I mean that you paid her to fuck me.

To be nice to me.

I don't know what...

It just ended up that way.

I've bought pizza.

Why don't we sit down, eat the pizza
and talk like two grown-ups?

Sure. That's a great idea.

-He's a fucking swine.
-I'm never going back.

-I promise you.

-He really is.
-A swine.

Just look at us.

No job.

No boyfriends.

Nowhere else to sleep
other than this amazing...


We're not worth much, are we?

Come to think of it, I think we should
move to the rubbish tip.

I've already been there.

-But don't we belong there?
-No, we don't.

-Here's to the rubbish tip.
-I won't toast to that.

It's going to be fine.

Are you sure of that?

-Things will be fine for both of us.
-Is that true?

-I know it will.

-I just know.
-Then let's drink to that.

I am your mother.

I'm only your mother
and I do the best I can.

I love you, I just do.

It's only love.

I'm scared that something
will happen to you.

I do my best.

I love you.

I really do.

It's the only thing I can do, Peter.
It's all that...

All that I can say.

I'm going to bed.

-Don't do anything stupid.

I'm just going to sleep.

-Do you promise?
-Don't worry.

-I am your mother. Promise, promise...
-I promise.

I won't do anything stupid.

Sleep well, mummy.

Good night, mummy.

-Hi, there.

I'm sorry to come here
so early in the morning.

-Has something happened?
-I have to tell you something.

I'd better do it now.

I didn't see you before.

I couldn't see you before.
Do you understand?

-No, not quite.
-Well, I couldn't see you.

Now, I can see you.

Well... That was it.

-I don't know what to say.
-You don't have to say anything.

I came here and rang your door bell.
I'm going now.


I'm glad you came by.

And I still want to take you out.